Friday, January 2, 2009

Kilinochchi now under SLA control

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has now taken full control of Kilinochchi, the de facto capital of the LTTE. Troops who entered the town from three different directions and have now converged near the town center. 57 division from the advancing from the direction of Iranamadu Junction, 58 division  advancing from the direction of Paranthan as well as commando units from the 2 commando regiment have now moved into the Kilinochchi town.

As of this moment, the entire township including the railway station, telecom office, main sports ground and the Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalaya are under SLA control. SLAF jets and helicopter gunships have been continuously targeting groups of LTTE fighters fleeing towards Mullaithivu since the fall of Kilinochchi. Operations in search of pockets of LTTE resistance lingering in the area are continuing.

Meanwhile several Pro LTTE media have admitted the loss of Kilinochchi- LTTE’s official mouthpiece claimed “The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has entered a virtual ghost town as the whole civilian infrastructure as well as the centre of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) had shifted further northeast.”. The LTTE leader however vowed not to let the town fall and promised to make it a mass grave for the army in his annual speech conducted only about a month ago.

Meanwhile jubilant crowds from various parts of Sri Lanka could be observed lighting firecrackers and waving national flags in celebration of security force’s latest victory.


  1. Thanks Defencenet.

    What a day! What a year!!

  2. What's that BOMB blast news in Slave Island..?
    Does anyone know more.?

  3. Well Done Sri Lanka & and her mighty forces !

    A Jubilant day for all the Sri Lankans....!

    End of blood thirsty LTTE starts with the dawn of the New Year !

  4. Congrats for our brave forces..Now Ltte will try to explode some bombs just to divert the attention.We dont want to bother about that..

  5. suicide blast in front of SLAF office near Trans Asia hotel.

  6. It's too far too late sungoat your days are numbered..

  7. TN showed how SLA raised the Sri Lankan flag in Killinochchi.

    LTTE is running and SLA guys gave them a hoot...

  8. This is the greatest news we heard after long time…The achievement our forces made can not be's great for all peace loving people in SL.

    Now time has come to end the era of the terrorism and unite as one nation to build the country...

    I would like to congratulate Mister President, SF, GR and all our Forces for this invaluable achievement….

    Who scarified their lives for this.. May them attain nibbana !

  9. great news!
    as for ltte terrorists, they will explode bombs, in the same way that serial killers kill, even when they are reduced to a handful. they and their actions should be treated just like other killers. nothing more . that is they should not be given any political weight whatsoever

  10. How come SLA says, "MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES" is over?

    This reminds me President Bushe's statement regarding ending of major operations against Iraqi forces in 2003. We know what happened after that?

    This is not good in my opinion.

    There is no time to waste.

    Take over whole Wanni, that is my wish. Otherwise LTTE counter attacks will kill our boys.


    2009-01-02 03:51:57
    KILINOCHCHI: MEGALOMANIAC LTTE Prabhakaran's utopian ‘Eelam’ capital, KILINOCHCHI, for which, he, for over three decades, mercilessly butchered thousands of monks, clergy, breast-feeding infants, intellectuals, statesmen, including a Sri Lankan President and an Indian Premier, military.....

  11. This is good news capturing Killinorchi and Good show! I say. These terrorists are now on the plan B because I doubt that VP is in a state of mind the control his affairs properly and normally with the Sri Lankan defence forces breathing down on him.
    Perhaps the plan B is to control the terrorist activities from a control centre in the south or even from abroad,
    The money making crooks in the Diaspora will not stop at nothing to prolong this crisis to generate money for themselves and the value of the life of VP and his close associates are insignificant and expendable.
    My advise to GOSL is clear up Vanni secure with making garrison towns, give land to the people who fought for the freedom of the country, invest in secure south, bring back normality to the island and go after infiltrators with better intelligence and get rid of the absurd restrictions such as road blocks.
    With the infrastructure projects in the south give much needed employment to people in Vanni where they could come as guest workers and be harsh with terrorist infiltrators who might cause destruction in the South.
    Gosl must not sacrifice it’s limited resources in the war ravaged areas as they were not looked after well though the Diaspora had pumped so much to their coffers. They sole reps couldn’t do their rightful duty to their own people then why should the taxpayers in the south subsidize their lives in the North? As late Rajan Wijeratne said’ Winner takes all.’
    Wish everyone a happy and a peaceful new year.

  12. elephantpass will fall complete to army within next 48 hours, says rupavahini. it says army has entered into the area already.

  13. Short update

  14. The way the things are going at the moment... i dont think that SLDF will need much more time. Very soon leaders inside LTTE will start fighting for their own safety and will turn up against the leadership. Then the civilians will be able to come under SLA and without civilians under the LTTE,they don't have anything to defend or fight for... only the top 2 or 3 leaders will try to fight for the remaining land, the lower level leaders does not have a big dream about a separate state. most of them have to fight because they just have to fight, or else their families will be under a constant threat from the LTTE. soon the families will leave the LTTE held areas and so will most of the LTTE lower level cadres.
    I hope that with the fall of elephant pass, the northern area will also come under our control within 4-5 days maximum. Then it will only be a small stretch of land that the LTTE will be left to fight with. That will be able to conquer easily as we know that SLA is known as one of the best forces against guerilla warfare in jungle areas.
    Mulaitivu district will now come under siege from all around ( with the fall of muhamalai and kilali in the coming days) and if the SLN and SLAF can give support for the ground troops, it will be less than a month away( im talking about maximum time length).
    Hope our valiant troops capture that Praba pig alive... but its just icing on the cake... or rather extra icing on the cake...

  15. I urge Sri Lankan government to obtain a Court Order to arrest "Charles Anthony" for his LTTE declared involvement in Katunayaka and other air-raids.

    This warrant should be presented to the Interpol too.

  16. ....Let the cat and the mouse games begin!

    The bloody Tamil terrorrists' mass killings in civilian buses... on trains... places of worship... and THOUSANDS of other places etc.. and the wailings of innocent loved ones... must be ringing in the ears of all us... when we take revenge from each and every terrorist sakkiliya and their foriegn sponsor.

  17. Another short update @

  18. What a new year present to all true SRILANKANS. You have proved most people who talked against you wrong His Ex MR, GR, SF.
    We could't have achieved this victory without our heros in SLDF brilliently led by SF.
    We are proud of our great president MR,def sec GR who act ferm & tough to achieve the task.

  19. Patriots,
    To celebrate the great victory by our brave army chaps over terrorist barbarians I have come with a new drink recipe. I have named it ‘Lanka Patriot’ Martini. Here it is:

    - Three measures of Beefeaters’ gin
    - One measure of V.S.O.A. Arrack
    - Half a measure of dry vermouth

    Add the above to a cocktail shaker and shake very well until ice-cold. Then strain and serve "up" (without ice) in a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with twist of lemon. The twist of lemon is a strip of the peel, twisted to express volatile oils onto the surface of the drink.

    Please note that this drink is exclusively for patriots. Traitors and Terrorist supporters are prohibited from trying out this drink.


  20. Elephant Pass is being vacated and the LTTE forces are said to be moving in convoys along the only route to Mullaitivu.

    Why aren't we harvesting the migrating hyenas right now?

  21. Hi Konnappu
    We just tried that drink it only made me sneeze like hell and does it mean that I am a traitor? Just joking! I will consume it slowly, taste very lethal and I you her from me then you will know that’s ok.haaapy Neewyeeeeaar zzzzz to uouaaaaall zzz.

  22. hey dickelss Peter

    so you don't get anyone reading your crap, eh?

    By the way, now that we own killinochchi but don't really want it, I'm willing to sell your house back to you. May even return your wife as well...

  23. [We just tried that drink it only made me sneeze like hell and does it mean that I am a traitor?]
    kevin, dear chap, if you start sneezing take the unitary pledge again - "I pledge allegiance to the Lion Flag of Sri Lanka and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
    That should clear out any lingering problems.


  24. Miles to Pooneryn - 0
    Miles to Paranthan - 0
    Miles to Jaffna - 0
    Miles to Killinichchi - 0
    miles to ...

  25. [What a new year present to all true SRILANKANS. You have proved most people who talked against you wrong His Ex MR, GR, SF.
    We could't have achieved this victory without our heros in SLDF brilliently led by SF.
    We are proud of our great president MR,def sec GR who act ferm & tough to achieve the task.]

    Yes u r right we need people who love our motherland without been jerks.Doesn't matter where they come from.Today they r from UPFA. If tommorrow they come from UNP we should vote UNP.We should not stick into outdated party politics.

  26. same good news made u happy cheers. a 12 years ago, same old news came to u pals, relax war isn't over yet.

  27. Ado Tiger gonna from Sudbury'
    Where is the side walk cafes,well light payments and shopping malls in killinorchi?
    You guys are taking your disaspra for a long ride,you coniving thives and youd days of plunder in UK will be numbered.

  28. DC
    I think VP is either in the south or left the country.There is a command centre in the south.

  29. Konnappu’
    Yes point taken. This guy in Sudbury took me for a ride saying that there are side walk cafés, well light pavements and he even promised me place there to put a whore house thinking I am going to be another NGO so I am punished that’s why I was sneezing like a tiger supporting jack ass.So to cleanse my sins I will join the other patriots at the Kingsbury temple at 6 PM to day the Saturday. Lets hope patriots will remember and pray for the brave hearts that have given their lives for our island, So you guys be there, You hear?

  30. Where are those LTTE monkies PEE-EATER, mAhan, Sharp (as blunt),
    gay jet, ponna puli.

    Find Praba a toilet cleaning job whem he comes around to you.

  31. Konnapu
    Our prayer meeting at the Kingsbury temple is being disrupted by tigers throwing a m.coktail damaging the front of the temple. I am sure the Met police will go after all of them as the roads in that area have a good CCTV coverage.

  32. The worst of the fighting seems to be over, even though the LTTe managed to retain some of its fire power, according to independent observers. This is based on the fact that the SL military forces now have the ability to monitor and strike on real time intel on the closely quarantined enemy.

    The fighting however may continue for a period longer than predicted by the SL defence officials, since the LTTe still posseses a large inventory of arms which they may have been able to re-locate to a number of places in the country in preparation for a protracted insurgency. This is where human intelligence functions of SL military will be most useful, in flushing out arms caches and sleeper cells. The need to mobilize civillian watch groups neds to be emphasized to provide intel so that suspicious activity can be investigated in time to prevent attacks such as Mumbai from taking place.

    Sri Lanka also has the ability to proactively engage India on a military mission to extradite the criminals of the LTTE wanted in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi assasination. So far India has not been able to avenge any attacks carried out on her soil by foreign or foreign supported terrorists. This would be their opportunity to put that sordid reputation to sleep, if a little fighting and shedding of blood is not too much of a cost. Either way, Sri Lanka is showing her absolute determination in unquestionable terms and will wipe off the LTTE's military capabilities by herself, with or without Indian participation.

  33. Killinochchi's LTTE supplied inventory;

    Side walk pavements - flattened earth for the cripples and uneducated to beg on.

    Well lit - lit by oil lamp, the young, mutilated and very dead lie in their cheap-board coffins for one night, before burial.

    Malls - The term in tamil tiger vocabulary for the only visible construction, rows and rows of head stones, nicely laid out in vast cemetaries. This is where the teenagers are supposed to congregate, for the future promises them only what's in the mall, meaningless death followed by their only earning for everything they've done in a short life time; a headstone. And a chance to become a part of the MALL.

    Amusing and surprisingly sad at the same time.

  34. I am just worried that our troops are thinned out. It seems LTTE did not fight too much in Kilinochchi. They withdrew. Will they make major offensive and kill many soldiers?

    Can the densewire address this issue?


  35. SLA's quick move to qurantine the still infected area of Mullaitivu indicates the awareness of the military planners that the LTTE still retains some counter strike capability. At the same time the need to rest the combat fatigued troops need to be addressed.

    This is why it would become imperative for the battle planners to shuffle the offensive from the 57, 57 and 59 to 53, 55 and perhaps the 63 and the newly formed TF4, 5 etc.

    The conduct of the war so far should give a measure of confidence in the capabilities of our strategic planners. Even among heavy rains and daunting weather, even logistics were managed in a way that made a certain war planner here in the US say 'wow'.

    A lot of people may not be aware of it, but the Sri Lankans re-wrote the book on modern day anti-terrorism. Our guys disproved a lot of pundits and self-proclaimed experts by wide margins.

    After the proven success of the Russians' campaign in Chechnya, this will affirm to the world that terrorism can and must be dealt with militarily. The post script in this book will be written by the Israelis who just started their game, taking a page from our book.

    The world now knows better than what the fcking Norwegians and other liberal limpdicks used to proclaim; that terrorism needs to be pacified. The lesson we've established is clear and concise; give it a bullet in the head and put it out of its misery.

  36. My proudest congrats to all my SLDF brothers & sisters on a splendid victory defying critics & traitors.Now destroy all traces of ltte & hang fatass VP so he can day dream in hell.

    But,my deapest sypmpathies to all brave soldiers & their families who made this ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom & democracy.

    Tamilnadu can kiss my ass too !

    Defnet... love ya guys !


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