Monday, February 2, 2009

Fighting erupts south of Puthukkudiyiruppu

Heavy fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) when a group of LTTE fighters tried to breach the 59 division forward defence line (FDL) yesterday (1st) morning. 18 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 50 more have been injured in the fighting. Two main battle tanks (MBT) and a tractor transporting supplies to the front line have also been damaged. SLA units have recovered around 15 dead bodies of LTTE cadres. Sporadic clashes are still continuing in the area.

Meanwhile 58 division units yesterday recovered a large quantity of arms and ammunition from an LTTE base located east of Puliyampokkanal. Among the recovered weapons were three 120mm heavy mortars – a weapon with a 7km-10km effective range.


  1. Thanks for the update
    Enter thalivar's personal militia....
    At least 300 of them..mmmmm

  2. Now the LTTE are like...

    vedi karpu ooro.

    SLDF should expect the unexpected. This is the last push and pukka land will be rid of this LTTE cancer.

  3. Not just the tamil LTTE supporters, but also the western politicians, Keith Vaz, Simon Hughes, et al, who have no doubt have their pockets lined with Diaspora ill-gotten gains and who beg for tamil votes in their constituencies are like...

    vedi karpu ooro.

    HE the President, sir, do not give in to international pressure. Please carry this out to the end. This is the least we could do for each soldier who laid down their lives. We want them honoured for their selfless bravery.

  4. Thanks for the update DN.

    Pakka-Lanka is right. Terrorists are like "Vedi Kapu Ooro" now.

    However they may have asked for a bigger trouble by attacking troops. I wont be surprice if Puthu now fall to SLA during next 24 hours to finish the game.

    DW is reporting a plane land in Visuamadu area. Do you have any details where it's took off from :) because DW failed to reveal it.

  5. "Shocking thermo-baric PAINTBALL GUNS found!"

    SLA generals need to be educated.

  6. Dear President / Commander of the SL Army,

    Let me second what Pakka-Lanka has said in his post as below.


    HE the President, sir, do not give in to international pressure. Please carry this out to the end. This is the least we could do for each soldier who laid down their lives. We want them honoured for their selfless bravery."

  7. SLA Generals were well educated by the LTTE regarding asymetric warfare. The generals are grateful. Just to prove it, they are now teaching a thing or two back to the LTTE as a token of their gratitude.

    Incidentally they have become lessons the LTTE would never forget!


  8. Defencenet,

    How are you doing machans? Hope you are all fired up just like the rest of us to see the iminent end of the LTTE. I have been absent from your blog but have been doing my patriotic duties behind the scenes. I did send you some emails, hope you received them.

    Keep up the posts - soon we will raise our glasses to a LTTE-free Pukka Land.

  9. Defence net
    Guys here talking about a large-scale counteroffensive by the tiger at this moment, perhaps a bit of lose talk after yesterday’s big event, perhaps it’s bull shit as usual?

  10. Puthu-whateverthefuckistan is where the LTte's last hospital is said to be located. And there are said to be thousands of LTte cadres being treated. civillians were expelled from this hospital months ago.

  11. Putukkudiyiruppu is one of VP’s place of operation and habitat should it be taken interesting to see what will be found there.

  12. Now that KP has been appointed 'Global Ambassador' to the glorious republik of the gooky monkeypuram, how exactly is Prez Obama to contact him?

    Peter, where is His Excellency the Ambassador KP?

  13. DefenceNet,

    Can you please get the army to empty all the reservoirs in the conflict zone. Alll what you need is to open the sluice gates. No water, no floods it is that simple. Otherwise, we have to guard them all the time.

    Sam Perera

  14. tropical storm u have to be educated:
    because KP is weapon dealership person for tigers,
    SP is the one going to be as head of international relations
    so don't open you fucking mouth..educate your self first then come here to comment.

  15. Certainly paintball guns have been used for combat training (I love paintball).

    However, the Army have found another unused 8 Thermobarric weapons too.

    What puzzles me is why LTTE left their prized possessions -the Thermobarric weapons behind?

    Perhaps the In-charge of the weapons got killed and the others did not have the knowledge of those prized possessions.

  16. How to sponsor the education of a child of a fallen/disabled soldier

    1. You can now easily sponsor a child of a fallen/disabled soldier through the sevavaitha scholorship program

    2. Your contribution will directly go into the child's account (It does not go into a fund and there are no involement of 3rd parties)

    3. Stipulated monthly amount is US$10 (Rs750-1000). You can contribute more if you like.

    4. Duration of the scholorship can be decided by you. It can be 1 year or more.

    5. Sevavanitha will provide you with the child's details along with contact info. You can contact the family directly and verify all the details yourself before depositing funds. Process is very transparent.

    Please email me at for the application form and a detailed description of the process.

  17. why srilankan Army uses the artillery and the airstrikes on civilian places, to capture or kill 4000 tigers how many soldiers do you need?

  18. bandara,

    how many do you think?

  19. So LTTE was into Weapons of Mass Destruction...

  20. @TropicalStorm
    [So LTTE was into Weapons of Mass Destruction...]

    yes we are. do you think we are having water pistols, you singalam fool.

  21. Genoside- Our army already have genocide the uncivilised LTTE, you fool.
    you sakkilies look more like bunch of faggorts rather than fighters.

    you fuckers can only handle water pistols with young kids & child solders in the frontline.
    Now thers is only 400 LTTE not 4000.
    Our army killed over 14000 you motherfuckers over the past two years.
    All the very best for your thangatchees with no tamil men in srilanka.

  22. Guys I think Genocide ™ is from

  23. Guys; is the best website I have seen & still could stop laughing having a look at it!!!!

    The writer seems to have a great sense of humor as it's really mimic the made up propoganda stories of Tamilnet & the sarcasm is simply amazing.

    Keep up the good work who ever has done it & please continue

    I will give some publicity for people to watch it

    Pls make arrangements to contribute stuff from the readers

    Muthukumar the 100% certified Donkey

    Obama asking Nadesan "who the fuck is this clown' & Karunanidhi's ass problem ''''ha ha ha simply classic

  24. Shall we all call for a tribute songs towards our brave forces.

  25. Troops capture Prabakaran's main hideout: Terrorist to face inevitable defeat - Mullaittivu

    Sri Lankan Army troops of the 11th Light Infantry (SLLI) under the 58 Division led by Brigadier Shavendra Silva have captured a main LTTE hideout, what is believed to be a major residential site of the terror leader Prabakaran.

    The two storied underground built residential complex was located in a two acre coconut cultivated land which was well fortified, provided with all-round protection from adjacent gun positions and bunker locations. The entire area was brought under security forces control following heavy fighting that ensued between troops and LTTE since early this morning (Feb 2). At least 20 LTTE terrorists were killed during the confrontation that lasted for hours the sources further said.

    According to ground sources, the underground bunker runs 50ft deep, protected with a 3ft thick layer of concrete. The air force had bombed this location previously, which is in the center of cadjan houses 500m west of the Paranthan - Mullaititvu main road in general area Piramanthalkulama. The underground bunker was fully air conditioned which consisted of four furnished compartments and tiled floors, the sources said adding that surveillance cameras were also fitted at the entrance of the bunker complex.

    During further search operations conducted, troops have also found an oxygen plant inside a luxury compartment believed to be Prabakanran's room along with a M-16(new version) machine gun and an insulin container. Troops had also located a deep-freezer inside the compartment. "Four guard points were found located adjacent to the compartment which were manned by Prabakaran's personal bodyguards", a military official said. Three sound proof power generators were used to supply electricity to the residential site and the adjacent bunkers, the sources further said.


  27. !! Please Stop The War !!
    !! Please Please Stop Killing Civilians !!

  28. There is news on Rupavahini about VP house and photo showing real VP & fake Vp too. I just have an idea why don’t we take any finger prints of these places…then we can prove whether VP is alive or dead or otherwise.
    All these places must be sealed off and investigated to understand the terrorist tactics also we can acknowledged the foreign countries if they need…

    What you think guys?

  29. Guys, take a look at this video showing captured items from Visuamadu.
    1:34 into the video, you can see a nameplate from a mobile mast, with the following:

    Strumech Versatower Limited
    Tel: 01543 452321
    S/N: T25676

    Strumech Engineering is now called
    F&L International Ltd

    Versatower S/N T25676 - When was it sold…who was the buyer ….how was it transported to Eelam?
    We live in interesting times.

  30. patriots,

    LTTE BULLSHIT about attacks on hospitals is revealed!!


    take out a microscope and get ready.
    take a look at these pics that toiletnet uses to allege we shell hospitals.

    can you see a SINGLE spot IN and AROUND the hospital damaged/scratched/discoulered/burnt or otherwise bearing signs of an attack????


    NO damage whatsoever - proof #1

    NO damage whatsoever - proof #2

    NO damage whatsoever - proof #3

    who gives these proof?? not me! tamilnet; tigers themselves!

    they can prove it wrong but i bet they don't have ANY evidence.

    where are the damaged hospitals??? where, O where??

    no IDIOT can prove me wrong. tamilnet, prove me wrong if you CAN.

    we MUST take puthukkudiyiruppu (PTK) and udaiyaarkaddu hospitals. but there is no need to attack them to take them over! those are 2 different unrelated things. we tookover many hospitals without necessarily attacking them. this is yet another such event.

    therefore SLA should be TOTALLY undeterred and CONTINUE to do what they have been doing (PLUS newer methods to bring peace).

    cc: MoD
    cc: tamilnet

  31. Lankaputhra
    ‘I just have an idea why don’t we take any finger prints of these places…then we can prove whether VP is alive or dead or otherwise’

    I too was going to suggest this. We should have taken any fingerprints left behind by VP.They should find out any sign of damage to this area by Tsunami.
    It would be clever of them to fake VP to keep the Diaspora interest going as they need a figurehead. RAW has copies of his finger prints.
    It the tsunami had hit this area there’s no way he would have survived. But there’s credible evidence of people seeing him but the signature of his voice is a bit doubtful but it could be due to distortion caused by transmission.
    That 200 foot tower is of significance, perhaps they may have linked their communications to the Indian N/W in addition to the sat phones or to communicate within their areas of control.

  32. Guys,

    Prabha's bunker stirs up three distinct scenarios,in my opinion:

    1) It could be a deliberate attempt to mislead the army by leaving behind a few memorabilia to give the impression that he just left the place; one of the photographs in the bunker can be seen here

    2) He may have been in an advanced stage of acute diabetes, may be even not fully conscious, due to stress; the medical kit takes us in that direction. May be those who looked after him were only interested in taking him to a safer place as soon as possible, without caring much about his legacy; if it was the case, the loayalty to the leader must be at an all-time low; otherwise they would have ransacked the place beyond recognition.

    3) The determination of Tigers to hold on to Puthukudurippu hospital implies he may be in the hospital after running out of options.

    Body double is a mystery though. If it was true, they left behind it in haste. That is good news then. His options are disappearing fast.

    Most of the folks trust their instincts and they are right. The Big Beast is still there. Whether he is sane enough to swallow cyanide is yet to be seen. I doubt it, though.

    In this context, the agitations all over have a solid reason behind all that - rescue the man at the eleventh hour. Omens don't look for the beast.

  33. If LTTE does not let the trapped tamils go & surrander soon, would tamils will become the third minority in srilanka ??????

    Our army cannot garantee the safety of the tamils in the LTTE area.

  34. STF

    SL Tamils are the fourth minority already, behind the estate tamils and muslims.

  35. Tamilnadu 'scribe' says SLA will now move about on 'bullet-proof' bicyles in Jaffna, carrying sophisticated guns and equipment.

    TN 'scribes' should do the 'self immolating' thing, which they seem better at, than reporting.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. This is what is in store for us from the planned air show tomorrow for the independence day celebration.

    These aircraft flew by during this mornings rehearsal.

    3 bell 412
    3 mi-17
    3 mi-24
    3 y-12
    1 antonov 32 flagged by 2 c-130
    3 k-8
    3 f-7
    3 kifrs
    3 mig-27 (givings as the aerobatics!)

    Rupavihini better be prepared with cameras to capture all this tomorrow !

  38. RomeoAlphaFoxtrot,

    Thanks for the details. I saw only 2 MIG 27s with some fcuking sounds.

    [Rupavihini better be prepared with cameras to capture all this tomorrow]

    I also ready with my camera phone as last time I could record only the sounds. Its not that easy. :p

  39. B#1,

    3 migs mate.

    I'm not sure what the aerobatic maneuver is called. The three split into three different directions. Two planes turn left and right and the middle one climbs up.

    Looks cool !

  40. Dear Brothers,

    At this moment don't get upset, see how intelligent our VP is.
    Click 1
    Click 2

    Also don't worry about This

    We will achieve our Eelam very soon

  41. Breaking News from Sirasa!!!!!

    Piribaharan will be making a final public appearance at tomorrow's Independence Day Parade as MR's pet dog and will be put down soon after the parade due to a persisting rabies infection.

  42. Chena girls,
    There are only few hours left you to vote.
    Do the voting, do not start to cry after the results.

  43. Wait for a TAF ride tomorrow.

    Hope our guys will keep a close eye on our assets in the hill country..

    Something is up.

  44. Where are the MIGs to support Chalai?

    Chalai should not be purely a ground-troops' work. Trapped LTTE in Chalai should be taken care by Air.

  45. We must start to set up DNA & finger Print data bank using captured weapons and equipment used by LTTE terrorist and share with Interpol and other international organisations.
    I really insist this for national security for their future reference. Captured VP’s bunker is the most important than any other. I hope our Army Intelligence already take care about this side of countering terrorism. We can use science as a weapon to eradicate future terrorism from Lanka Soil.
    I hope our defence authority will take a note of my small idea.

  46. This is the place they displayed the corpses of Thamilchelvan and his men to pay last respect.

  47. This hoo haa about attacking a hospital could be due to most (if not all) patients are injured LTTE. Also, His Lowness The PIG himself could be there.

  48. RomeoAlphaFoxtrot !!!
    the air force show is the highlight of the event after the SF/Commando pass and the T55's
    i saw on news papers that all our big ships are also in display...i wonder if these ships are here...who is guarding the deep ocean in mulla !!!!

    and by the way there is reliable info that the captured sub will be @ dayata kirula

  49. updated

  50. India,

    Tie these dogs,

  51. While all the focus is in Colombo, we should keep our eyes on the Up Country and elsewhere especially the Dams. LTTE blasting a dam may create havoc, even though it may not stop the offensive against the LTTE.

  52. Hi hi

    Barack Obama VP ge Puke erala

    Mahen can you clean VP's ass, please brother, GR is waiting

  53. Repeat...

    I have a small request to make;


    This year would be the most fitting for it. I remember last year we saw the "Civil Defence Force" being included. So why not include our disabled heroes this year? They desrve to be part of it!

    DN or someone with direct contacts with the Military, please pass this message to the relevant people, if possible.

    Thanks in advance!

  54. Poll results are out. Thank you all.


  55. Defencenet,

    I sent an email.Please pass the message.

  56. Watch Independence Day Celebration Live

    04th of Feb from 8AM SL Time:

    Watch Live @ Lanka TV Live

  57. ",,They (Sri Lankans) will never be allowed to set foot in tamil homeland areas..." -

    Tamilselvan, addressing a group of international correspondents in 2004.

    These monkeys are soooo boring..

  58. Dear patriots,

    Wish you all a very happy Independence day.


  59. Qrious,
    well, couldnt this be just One of the hideouts of Praba?
    He too must be changing his hideouts and this could be a one of several which stand ready with Medical supplies...
    (But then again now the area is very small & possibility of many hideouts are also low...)

    just my thoughts

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Mahen

    Can you get your leader to make a speech for the 61st anniversary?
    CNN seems to be desperate to get an audience and viewers as the parent company TIME WARNER has lost $16 billion in revenue says the Wall Street and that’s why they are peddling falsehoods about the bombing of that hospital,any type of news to get attention.

  62. Mr.Obama says "..our GOVERNMENTS together will work towards establishing stability throughout Sri Lanka..."

    Mr.O may or may not be able to stabilize the US economy, but he sure seems keen to contineu with the tamil tiger terrorist anal expansion' program initiated by Mr.Bush.

    Tamil tigers, say 'howdy' to Mr.Bushama...

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    # APRC registering ‘good progress’ and ‘entering final stages’
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  65. where is that PULI Pakaya?..for gods sake?...hmm maybe be he is effing a causasian canadian single 'n' looking pussy perhaps?...way to go EEELAng..!!way to go..

  66. # Independence celebrations at Wanni: 58 Div declares open a 'peace park' for civilians in Pooneryn
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  69. We are delighted to hear that karua wants to join the mainstream political party SLFP.we should eventually do away with these religious,racial ethnic oriented parties in the island.

  70. # India orders return of 8 Lankan airmen
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    # Karuna to join SLFP
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    # Katubedda blast : Main suspect netted
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  71. # LTTE has lost opportunity to end ethnic crisis: Elangovan
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  72. # Prabhakaran has become irrelevant, no more appeals for surrender says Colombo: Rescue Mission for Tamil 'hostages' planned
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    # Sri Lankans' should know that they have a friend and partner in the United States – President Barack Obama
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  73. Very well said Hon Mr Obama.May the blessing of the Lord Buddha give you determination,purpose and peace of mind.

  74. Sri Lankan

    After two weeks in the White House, uncle Barack is starting to loose his shine somewhat. Very scarily, he's starting to look like what John McCain and hillary clinton called him earlier; an amatuer, who will not know what to do. Things are falling apart here in the USA and there is no visible solution anywhere. If Barack doesn't prove to be the solution within the next 90 days, he'll become a big part of a much bigger problem.

    And he'll probably blame it on everyone else.

  75. Hi all,

    we are the team of the "lankanews" aka "lkwebnews".

    As a lot of pepole know which is now suspended was updated by us.

    On 3 rd of february youtube has blocked 4 of our videos informing they got a third-party notification by "rubavakiny televison limited(govt)" claiming that those videos are infringing.

    As Vajira mentioned in comments (in DW), It seems like Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has not decided to take such a action.

    Now who the heck is "rubavakiny televison limited(govt)" ?

    Is it Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation?

    We had several discussions with youtube copyright team via email and they say we have to submit a DMCA Counter notice to them to verify the owner of the videos.

    more details about DCMA counter notice,

    As we are not the owners of those videos we cannot send a DCMA counter notice to Youtube copyright team.

    Only Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation can do that.

    If "rubavakiny televison limited(govt)" is same as the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, They will do not act.

    But we strongly feel "rubavakiny televison limited(govt)" is an impersonator who pretend as Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

    If so this "rubavakiny televison limited(govt)" will be a threat for all youtube videos which are originally owned by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

    our request is if anyone here who has direct contact with high ranking officers in Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation,
    please inform this impersonator action and ask them to file a DMCA counter notice.

    Otherwise they will also loose their ownership of their own videos.

    If "rubavakiny televison limited(govt)" is same as the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation then we would like to say something regarding our Channel.
    that is,

    we uploaded your videos to youtube as a tribute to our security forces, as an appriciation for the reporters at the battlefield (Such as Rama , Amal Samantha) and finally as a fresh news source. We expected nothing other than the above goals.

    It is easy to close down lkwebnews channel for us because it will save our time and other commitments we had for the lkwebnews channel.

    but thousands of people everyday watched lkwebnews and they shared their feelings , gratitude for our war heroes.

    Finally we have to say something about the traffic of our channel got.

    believe or not the second most traffic generator for our youtube channel was a Tamil language Website.

    Thank you.

  76. lankanews -

    We miss that site. Need sorting that matter out soon.
    Is there any chance you could start another until matter get sorted?

  77. TropicalStorm,
    Lets wait and see mate.I think the "super duper" rich are a bit nervous about Hon Obamas plans.They may feel that he is trying to make the average family on the street richer at their expense..

  78. "Where willt the final stand be?"

    1,000 Sri Lankan army soldiers killed in PTK counter offensive.

  79. the people of Sri Lanka could have contributed in a meaningful way to the betterment of life in this whole world had they not been hindered for such a long period by unnecessary insurgency. The island nation deserves its lawful place in the world.


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