Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is Velupillai Prabhakaran alive?


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Note: images may be disturbing. Credit to original uploader.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The End

The war as we know it, is over. The conventional fighting force once known as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and it's elusive leader has been eliminated.

It remains to be seen whether or not the LTTE can survive as a guerrilla outfit, carrying out random terrorist attacks in the country. This however is unlikely now with the top tiger leadership being killed by the army.

"Awi gaththo awiyenma nasithi - those who live by the sword, die by the sword"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

History in the making

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has just completed the largest hostage rescue mission in modern times with outstanding success. Last of the civilian human shield that protected the LTTE leadership thus far is now being evacuated from the conflict zone as we speak. Irresponsible international media reports that maintain 30000 civilians are still trapped inside LTTE held territory will soon have to eat their words. DefenceNet can confirm that almost all civilians held hostage by the tigers have now been rescued by the army. Search & rescue operations are continuing in search of the injured who are unable to move out.

Several tiger armories located in the new war zone close to civilian shelters are now blaze. The LTTE controlled territory in Mullaithivu district has now shrunk to less than 1square kilometer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

False propaganda reaches new heights as LTTE faces imminent defeat

With Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam facing imminent defeat at the hands of the Sri Lanka Army, tiger propaganda machines have kicked into high gear, screaming about civilian massacres by SLA. The very same web sites that used to boast about military victories by LTTE in the not so distant past have now turned into whinefests calling on the international community to save the civilians. Official online mouthpiece of the LTTE, Tamilnet.com is now full of fabricated stories and doctored photographs along with some staged drama.

Anyway DefenceNet can confirm that SLA had suspended all shelling and heavy weapons fire by now. However, limited air strikes had been continuing until recently but the targets were highly fortified LTTE hideouts where no civilian is permitted to go. Any shelling on the very small uncleared area surrounded by SLA units at this point would cause casualties due to friendly fire anyway.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Troops capture grounded ship Farah-3

A major headache for the army ended today with the capture of the grounded Ship Farah – 3 located around 500m from the Kariamulliwaikkal coastline. The wrecked ship has been used as cover by LTTE units for so long and has been a priority target of the army. Although the ship was subjected to an aerial raid by SLAF and was rendered unusable, LTTE cadres had used heavy machine guns and other medium caliber weapons installed on the ship to assault incoming SLA units. Farah –3 was a merchant vessel that ran into trouble in seas near LTTE held territory back in 2008 – the crew was rescued by the navy.

Meanwhile two loud explosions were reported from the civilian safe zone today evening. The source of the explosions and the damages to any LTTE units/civillians is not known as of yet.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tigers sink to a new low as endgame nears

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) identify themselves as freedom fighters and as sole representatives of Tamil people. Their actions however depict them only as terrorists. After cowering behind thousands of civilians in the government declared safe zone, tigers have sunk to a new low.  Their latest tactic – shed the LTTE uniforms, disguise as civilians and fire at the incoming troops while hiding inside civilian tents. Either way the LTTE military machine has no hope for survival as these tactics will prove useless against elite troops of the SLA who are highly trained at hostage rescue and anti hijack missions.

SLA is now in a position to deploy over 6000 elite troops to the rescue mission if the need arises. This figure includes units from 4 brigades of the special forces regiment and 4 brigades of the commando regiment and does not include units from the Air Mobile Brigade and the Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Further information pertaining ongoing military operations cannot be revealed at this time.

civillian rescue

Meanwhile the total number of civilians rescued from the grips of LTTE has risen close to 200000. Although the government is doing their best , it’s no secret that attending the needs of over 107000 new IDPs is a herculean task. So please do whatever you can to help these fellow Sri Lankans who are in greater need than most of us. Food, medicine, clothes or anything else that you donate will help fulfill the basic needs of innocents who have suffered countless days of starvation and oppressions at the hands of Tamil tigers. You are more than welcome to use the comments section of this article to share info of/organize relief attempts.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Troops rescue over 30000 civillians as suicide tigers attack

The Sri Lankan Army has rescued over 30000 civilians forcibly held by the LTTE within the course of a single day. This is the largest number of civilians freed in a single day in the history of the Eelam War. There are however heavy civilian casualties as three Liberation Tigers suicide bombers detonated themselves in a bid to halt the mass exodus. The civilian crossover was triggered when SLA units took control of a 2.5km long earth bund at Puthumathalan early morning today. In addition to 30k civilians who crossed over via land, over 1000 who escaped via the sea route were rescued by the SLN. Article will be updated later today..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Several photos of dead LTTE leaders released

Since some of our readers were skeptical about the claims in previous article on senior LTTE leaders being annihilated by the army, here are some photographic proof to back up those claims. More pictures will be released to the media once preliminary investigations by a special MI team are over.

LTTE Special Commander Theepan – Top right corner of the image shows Theepan with members of the SLMM (taken several years ago)

vithushaCommander of LTTE’s Malathi brigade – Colonel Vidusha – Top left corner of the image shows Vidusha at an LTTE ceremony back in the good old days  

Photographs were captured from the SLRC new video uploaded to YouTube by lkwebnews. Full video can be found here.

Entire PTK area captured, Senior LTTE leaders killed

Offensive formations of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) delivered yet another killing blow to the LTTE as the tigers lost the entire Puthukuirippu area today. SLA has recovered close to 250 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with a large haul of weapons of ammunition in today and yesterday’s fighting alone. Several high profile LTTE leaders have also perished in battle. According to our information female LTTE leader Vidusha, black tiger leader Durga, former eastern leader Nagesh, PTK east commander Theepan and Prabhakaran’s personal bodyguard Gadafi are among the LTTE leaders slain by the army. According to reports yet to be confirmed, senior LTTE leader Bhanu has also suffered injuries.

Troops surrounded the last 700 square meters held by LTTE in PTK three days ago and fierce fighting have been raging in the area since then. Close to 450 LTTE fighters were trapped by the army’s tactical maneuver however the LTTE leader Prabhakaran managed to flee into the No-War zone hours before the army moved in for the kill. A total of 420 bodies of slain tigers have been recovered by the army from PTK in the last three days.

SLA formations that surrounded LTTE in PTK include the 58 division, 53 division, Task Force 8, 1 Special Forces (1SF), 2 Special Forces (2SF) and Air Mobile Brigade.

Next phase of SLA operations will take the form of a massive hostage rescue mission aimed at rescuing several thousands civilians who are being forcibly held in the No-War Zone by the LTTE.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Army deploys Task Forces 5, 6, and 7

The Sri Lanka Army has deployed three additional Task Forces to the Wanni theater of battle. Newly raised TF 5, 6 and 7 are currently placed in defensive mode in areas recently captured from the LTTE. TF5 is deployed in Tunukkai/Mallavi, TF6 in Pooneryn and TF7 in strategic Elephant Pass – the doorway to Jaffna peninsula. The army has four more task forces deployed in the Mullaithivu region; TF2, TF3, TF4 and TF8. These are placed in offensive/semi-offensive mode and are actively used in the battle to free remaining area and civilians held by the LTTE. In addition to the deployment of Task Forces, two new brigades were added to the army’s 59 division (59-4 and 59-5).

With the recent changes, the army now has 8 task forces and 7 divisions (61 and 56 divisions based in Mannar and Vavuniya) leading the war against LTTE. Task Forces have lesser number of troops than a full division and are formed with a particular goal (task) in mind. These are later converted to divisions as more brigades/troops are added. For example the Task Force 1 which was raised back in 2007 is now known as the 58 division. In addition to task forces and divisions, decimating LTTE’s frontlines are troops from 1,2,3,4 Special Forces regiments who have done an invaluable service throughout the 4th Eelam War.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cruelty of disinformation – Tamilnet exposed

Given below are screenshots from three recent articles published on pro LTTE Tamilnet website. According to Tamilnet, these letters were issued by Regional Directors of Health Services (RDHS) for Ki'linochchi and Mullaiththeevu districts. However, simple translation errors present on the letterheads say otherwise. 

Article 1 - Dinghaya


TamilNet Original Article Link: http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=28741
High Resolution Image Link (hosted on Tamilnet): http://tinyurl.com/cts2gj

Article 2 – Oyage Ankaya


TamilNet Original Article Link: http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=28592
High Resolution Image Link (hosted on Tamilnet): http://tinyurl.com/dxtlml

Article 3 – Obe Angaya


TamilNet Original Article Link: http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=28728
High Resolution Image Link (hosted on Tamilnet): http://tinyurl.com/dhfomf

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Suicide blast in Godapitiya, Matara

An explosion was reported in a Muslim religious ceremony in Godapitiya in Matara area. The explosion occurred when a Liberation Tigers suicide bomber detonated inside a mosque attended by a large number of civilians.

Several people have been injured in the blast. According to our sources, government minister Mahinda Wijesekara who was attending the event is also among the injured.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Situation as of 08.03.2009

There is no truth to the rumors that are floating around which suggest the LTTE has pushed the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) back to Vishwamadu junction. Some pro LTTE media and gossip sites also reported that the LTTE had managed to overrun the Puthukuirippu junction. These reports are largely exaggerated.

Several small LTTE attack teams however have managed to infiltrate into SLA held territory and have launched several hit and run attacks. It is these isolated attacks that the pro LTTE media exaggerate with attractive phrases like overrun’ ‘breached’, ‘pushed back’, etc. The truth is that the LTTE has not been able to breach any of SLA’s forward defence lines and they are still boxed into an area of around 40sq.km.

Units from SLA’s 55, 57 and 58 divisions are positioned/advancing as below:

Division Location
55 South of Challai
57 North, North East and East of Vishwamadu
58 North, North East and East of PTK

Friday, February 20, 2009

Air Defence System Activated

At least two unidentified aircrafts have entered the skies over Colombo and the city’s air defence system has been activated. More information is not available as of this moment.

Update: One of the aircraft involved in the attack was shot down a short while ago near the Air Force Base in Katunayake. A body which is suspected to be of the pilot has been recovered.

Meanwhile a building of the Inland Revenue department in Colombo fort has been damaged. Around 25 people injured in the incident were admitted to hospital.

Update 2: Both aircraft has been shot down. Meanwhile the aircraft shot down near Katunayake has crashed inside the HSZ. It appears that the plane carried a large amount of explosives. Even the pilot himself seems to have carried several hand grenades.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Civilian casualties in suicide blast - Dharmapuram

Heavy civilian casualties have been reported when a LTTE female suicide bomber detonated herself near an IDP center Vishwamadu area. Several soldiers of the 58 division have also been injured. As of this moment, exact casualty details are not available. The blast may have been planned to discourage any more civilians from crossing over the the government controlled territory. For the past two days alone more than 8000 civilians have managed to flee LTTE control.

LTTE now seems to be heavily deploying their suicide cadres to attack the army. During the past two weeks more than 6 suicide attacks have targeted SLA FDL both at PTK as well as at Challai. Some of these attacks did inflict casualties on the army’s side. LTTE’s last ‘innovative attack’ to breach the army FDL south of PTK too turned into an unintentional suicide mission. Another 30 man ‘LTTE commando"’ unit was sent in an armor plated lorry to execute an attack similar to the one launched by the tigers on the 1st of February. The lorry along with around 30 tigers on board was pulverized by 53 division units before ‘LTTE commandos’ could fire a single shot.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chalai falls

Troops of the 55 division have breached the 3rd and final LTTE defence line at Challai and have advanced into LTTE’s last remaining major sea tiger base. Fighting has been going on this area ever since SLA units breached LTTE’s second ‘earth bund’ about a week ago. Soldiers of the 7 VIR (Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment) attached to 55 division today overran the 3rd and final earth bund at Challai and moved further into LTTE held territory. Heaviest fighting in this area was reported in the past two days, specially during the night. The bund captured today and the one captured last week were located about 2km apart from each other.

According to military intelligence, several senior sea tiger wing members have perished in Challai fighting. A deputy sea tiger leader identified as Vinayagam, a sea tiger special commander identified as Kannan and several other regional leaders are said to be killed in yesterday and today’s fighting.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fighting erupts south of Puthukkudiyiruppu

Heavy fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) when a group of LTTE fighters tried to breach the 59 division forward defence line (FDL) yesterday (1st) morning. 18 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 50 more have been injured in the fighting. Two main battle tanks (MBT) and a tractor transporting supplies to the front line have also been damaged. SLA units have recovered around 15 dead bodies of LTTE cadres. Sporadic clashes are still continuing in the area.

Meanwhile 58 division units yesterday recovered a large quantity of arms and ammunition from an LTTE base located east of Puliyampokkanal. Among the recovered weapons were three 120mm heavy mortars – a weapon with a 7km-10km effective range.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

58 division reaches Vishwamadu junction

LTTE’s defences on several fronts as collapsing. On one front the 59 division is extended their defences north of Mullathivu till Vaduvakal, a small village.On another front, 55 division units moving south of Chundikulam have breached LTTE defence line at Challai. Delivering yet another blow for LTTE, troops of the 58 division took control of Vishwamadu junction several hours ago. Two senior LTTE leaders identified as ‘Kobe Master’ and ‘Shanthan Kumar’ are believed to be killed in Vishwamadu fighting. Sporadic clashes are still continuing in this area.

Meanwhile the ‘Liberation’ tigers have fled further towards the recently declared no war zone.

55 division units move into Challai

Troops from the Sri Lanka Army’s 55 division moved into Challai yesterday (27th) evening. Challai LTTE defences (located south of Chundikulam) were breached in several places in the advance. SLA have not officially declared this area captured yet as search operations are still continuing. The large number of land mines and booby traps placed by the tigers have considerably slowed down clearing ops. Capture of Challai is significant to the army as it’s home to one of the last remaining naval bases of the LTTE. 55 division is commanded by Brigadier Prasanna Silva, a former Special Forces commander who chased LTTE out of Vakarai back in 2007.

Military intelligence (MI) earlier received information that LTTE had hidden its light aircraft in Challai region. So far however, no traces of such aircraft have been found.

Meanwhile a large group of civilians fleeing into government controlled territory were attacked by LTTE yesterday morning. MI estimates the number of deaths to exceed 20 in this incident alone.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Troops capture Mullaithivu

The Sri Lanka army (SLA) now has complete control of the Mullathivu township which had been under LTTE control for the last 12 years. SLA’s massive base complex in Mullathivu fell in July, 1996 when LTTE launched their first Unceasing Waves operation. The first SLA units to enter Mullathivu town last morning were from the 59 division. A number of LTTE cadres were killed in operations in and around Mullathivu town and bodies of 19 fallen tigers have been recovered by the army. 59 division started its operations back in 2007 from Weli Oya sector and have been continuously moving north into LTTE held territory in Mullathivu district.

Meanwhile a a lot of false information regarding the Kalamadukulam tank bund explosion are being spread by pro LTTE media. According to some of these sites, over 3000 SLA units were killed and another 5000 were taken prisoner by the LTTE. DefenceNet can only laugh at these claims. When the LTTE blew up the tank bund using explosives, water began to flood sections of the A-35 road, Ramanadanpuram, Dharmapuran and Vishwamadu (which is currently under LTTE control). 6 SLA squads from 57 and 58 division were caught in the flood water and had to battle their way out as LTTE cadres on board 5 boats kept attacking them. 3 of these boats were destroyed while two others escaped. Although the situation was not as severe as the SLA initially expected it to be, several units from the 53 division were deployed in the affected area as a precautionary measure. 53 division is kept as a reserve force to be used in the event of an LTTE counterattack. Even though the floods failed to inflict any considerable damage to SLA, it did however cut off several land routes which the civilians could have used to get into the ‘safe zone’ (also known as ‘LTTE artillery launchpad’). 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No fighter jets missing

Yesterday, pro LTTE media reported of a SLAF fighter jet which allegedly went missing in the ‘northern frontier’. According to Pro LTTE Tamilnet, a Mig fighter jet with three airmen inside was shot in the skies over Wanni. Part of the initial report is quoted below:

A Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) MIG fighter jet was shot in the skies over Vanni on Wednesday, according to initial reports from journalists outside Sri Lanka, who cited a highly placed source in Vanni Sri Lankan Forces Headquarters (Vanni SF-HQ). The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials were not available to comment on the reports.
There were 3 airmen inside the aircraft, according to the reports from the Sri Lankan side.

DefenceNet can confirm that this story is completely false. There were no fighter jets missing and MIG27 ‘Flogger’ variant bombers the SLAF possesses are not designed to fly with three airmen inside. Tamilnet, after realizing their mistake have now updated the article:

The exact model type of the MIG fighter jet was not revealed and the information on the number of airmen reported missing as three was also confusing, the journalist said.

Apart from fabricated stories such as this one, pro LTTE media carry stories of civilians injured by SLA artillery fire/airstrikes on a daily basis. Aside from the exaggeration in these reports, they fail to mention how the LTTE has placed its heavy mortars in close proximity of civilian settlements and how civilians fleeing to government controlled territory are shot on sight. Civilians are not the target of Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) or the artillery regiment. Had it not been for the human shield deployed by the LTTE, forces would have advanced even closer to last remaining tiger strongholds by now.

Meanwhile the SLAF today dropped leaflets over Mullathivu, informing civilians of the newly declared safety zone. It is doubtful whether the LTTE will allow free movement of civilians to this area.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

4 LTTE boats sunk, SLN FAC damaged in sea battle

Four LTTE sea tiger craft including an explosive laden suicide boat were destroyed in a sea battle that ensued east of Mullaithivu coastline. A SLN Fast Attack Craft (FAC) also sustained heavy damages in the incident. The exact number of LTTE cadres killed is not known as of yet. SLN units have recovered two LTTE bodies from the area after the battle.

It is believed that the LTTE flotilla was targeting one of the larger SLN vessels deployed in the Mullathivu seas. Luckily the boat movement was detected by FACs patrolling closer to the shore and SLN engaged the sea tigers before they could mount a surprise attack. A suicide boat tried to ram into one of the FACs but it was destroyed before it could reach its target. However, the suicide boat exploded in close proximity of the FAC and it sustained damages due to the blast.

Meanwhile troops laying siege to Mullaithivu recovered 9 more LTTE bodies yesterday (20th). More than 100 LTTE bodies have been sent to Vavuniya and Anuradhapura hospitals in the past two weeks alone. Around 75 of these have already been buried since handing them over to the LTTE via ICRC was is longer possible.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Troops capture LTTE runway in Iranamadu

The LTTE’s largest airstrip located near the Iranamadu tank, was captured today (15th) morning by Sri Lanka Army’s Task Force 3. The airstrip which was 1km long and 50m wide is now under complete SLA control. The premises was protected by fortified bunkers, landmines and booby traps. Buildings around the airstrip have been severely damaged by fleeing LTTE cadres. No traces of LTTE’s light aircraft were found. The Iranamadu airstrip has been subject to frequent aerial raids by the Sri Lanka Air Force. As per UAV footage , SLAF’s was successful in damaging the runway several times in the past. With the airstrip’s capture today, troops observed that the LTTE had managed to repair most of the damage caused by SLAF bombings.

Meanwhile with the capture of Chundikulam, the entire Jaffna peninsula is now under SLA control. LTTE’s last major base in Jaffa district was overrun yesterday by the 55 division. 55 division units have captured several heavy vehicles and over 100 small sea tiger craft during this advance.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two more task forces for Mullathivu battle

The Sri Lanka Army plans to raise two more task forces to aid in Mullaithivu battle. Task Force 5 and Task Force 6 will be deployed in addition to 53, 55, 57, 58, 59 , TF2, TF3 and TF4 already deployed in the Wanni theater of battle. Meanwhile Task Force 1 has now officially been raised as the 58 division in recognition for its invaluable contribution in the Kilinochchi, Paranthan battles. More than 50000 soldiers from 10 divisions/Task Forces are expected to join the assault on Mullathivu, the last major stronghold of the LTTE. Some of the formations will be tasked with holding onto captured territory while fully offensive divisions will lead the advance. The army does not want to spread too thin and run into a possible Jayasikuru type scenario again.

Meanwhile 48 bodies of LTTE cadres who were killed in battles in Mullathivu and Kilinochchi are still in Vavuniya hospital. The recent army advances on multiple fronts seems to have severely affected the LTTE’s organizational structure. No LTTE officials were to be seen since the removal of LTTE checkpoints in Omanthai and Oddusudan about two weeks ago.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Elephant Pass, A-9 Highway now under SLA control

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) now has the full control of A-9 (Jaffna-Kandy) highway for the first time in several years. The entire Elephantpass area including the former tiger stronghold of Pallei too is now under SLA control. The former EPS base complex which was manned by the 54 division and overrun by the tigers in 2000, too has been recaptured. An official announcement on the capture is yet to be made. Most of LTTE’s 1000-1500 strong force deployed in this area have fled towards their final remaining stronghold in Mullaithivu. The rest has been killed by the army.

There was however one incident reported yesterday in Pallei. Lt. Colonel N.Kumarasinghle of the SLA who was attached to the Air Mobile Brigade, was killed due to an IED explosion during a search and clearing mission.

DNT_SLA_PALLEI  Image: Mechanized infantry and ground troops at Pallei, Source: MOD.

LTTE fiercely defended the Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali axis on several previous occasions which resulted in many casualties for the army. However the SLA, with all the disadvantages on their side, were able to capture two of the tiger’s forward defence lines in these battles. With the 58 division’s capture of Paranthan and their entry into southern EPS, the LTTE fighters along the national front found themselves facing the wrath of 3 divisions advancing from three different directions. This is when LTTE’s final defences in the Muhamalai/Nagarkovil/Kilai axis collapsed and their fighters fled to Mullaithivu.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LTTE loses 2nd FDL in Muhamalai as 58 division enters Elephant Pass south

Units from the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 53 and 55 divisions have now brought under their control the second LTTE defense line in the Muhamalai/Nagarkovil axis. Tigers had no option but to vacate the FDL when special infantry units from two divisions advanced on them. Exact casualty details are not available as of now. 53 division is commanded by Brigadier Kamal Gunarathne while the 55 division is commanded by Brigadier Prasanna Silva, a former Special Forces commander.

Meanwhile the army’s 58 division (Task Force 1), have entered LTTE dominated territory in Elephant Pass (Alimankada) south. They have also captured two villages located south and east of the Jaffna lagoon. This progress of the 58 division further increases the pressure on remaining tiger presence in the Muhamalai/Nagarkovil and Kilali axis. 58 division is comprised of 11000-12000 troops in four brigades 58-1, 58-2, 58-3 and 58-4.

Map picture

Meanwhile SLA was also able to make progress in several fronts in Mullathivu district in the past 24 hours. A large portion of A-34 road to east of Mankulam have been captured by Task Force 3 and Task Force 4. LTTE dominated villages of Oddusudan and Thanniuththu are also under the control of these two divisions. Fighting was also reported in Preiya Uppukalamkaimkulamm and Keppal Aru south in Mullaithivu. 15 bodies of slain LTTE cadres have been recovered by the troops. LTTE has been continuous firing artillery from their bases in Mullaithivu targeting SLA positions in Kilinochchi as well as targeting advancing forces in 59 division.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oddusudan junction now under SLA control

The Sri Lank Army units operating north of Nedunkerni, Mullaithivu, have brought the Oddusudan junction under their control. Oddusudan junction is located along the A-34 main road which connects Mankulam and the tiger stronghold of Mullaithivu. Units from SLA’s newly formed Task Force 4 were the first to march into the formerly LTTE held township by today noon. Ground forces were supported by SLAF jets which raided LTTE positions north east of the town.

Meanwhile with the recent fall of Kilinochchi, tigers are now left with the control of only one major town in the North; Mullaithivu. The battle for Mullaithivu will not be an easy one and the army is not taking it lightly. SLA plans to deploy around 50000 ground troops from at least 6 different divisions (majority already deployed) for operations in the Mullathivu district alone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Explosion in Colombo Fort

An explosion has been reported in Bangasala street (Bangasala Weediya) in Colombo Fort area. At least two people have been injured. Several vehicles have been damaged.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kilinochchi now under SLA control

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has now taken full control of Kilinochchi, the de facto capital of the LTTE. Troops who entered the town from three different directions and have now converged near the town center. 57 division from the advancing from the direction of Iranamadu Junction, 58 division  advancing from the direction of Paranthan as well as commando units from the 2 commando regiment have now moved into the Kilinochchi town.

As of this moment, the entire township including the railway station, telecom office, main sports ground and the Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalaya are under SLA control. SLAF jets and helicopter gunships have been continuously targeting groups of LTTE fighters fleeing towards Mullaithivu since the fall of Kilinochchi. Operations in search of pockets of LTTE resistance lingering in the area are continuing.

Meanwhile several Pro LTTE media have admitted the loss of Kilinochchi- LTTE’s official mouthpiece Tamilnet.com claimed “The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has entered a virtual ghost town as the whole civilian infrastructure as well as the centre of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) had shifted further northeast.”. The LTTE leader however vowed not to let the town fall and promised to make it a mass grave for the army in his annual speech conducted only about a month ago.

Meanwhile jubilant crowds from various parts of Sri Lanka could be observed lighting firecrackers and waving national flags in celebration of security force’s latest victory.

Kilinochchi surrounded, Female Black Tiger HQ Falls

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) political capital is about to fall to advancing forces of the Sri Lankan Army. Several Special Infantry (SI) formations of SLA’s 57-1 brigade have already moved into the town and secured several parts of it including the railway station.  Majority of LTTE resistance in the area has either been crushed by the army or has been forced to retreat. Official announcement of the fall of tiger stronghold is expected anytime now.

Meanwhile even the LTTE’s primary weapon, the black tigers (aka suicide bombers), were not able to stop the army onslaught in this instance. LTTE’s Female black tiger command (9-3 base) located in Karadiyapokku (located on the northern boundaries of Kilinochchi town) was overrun by 58 division units several hours ago. A senior black tiger leader was among those killed in the battle.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sri Lanka Army captures Paranthan

After days of fierce fighting, the Sri Lanka Army infantry units have moved into Paranthan. Remaining LTTE resistance in the area was crushed in a pre dawn offensive spearheaded by commando units of the 2 commando regiment and special infantry (SI) formations of the 58 division. As of this moment, the entire Paranthan junction and the nearby area is under the complete control of the army.

Paranthan is perhaps the most strategically important area captured by the army during recent times. LTTE’s land based supply routes from their stronghold in Mullaithiv to Elephant pass, Kilali, Nagarkovil and Muhamalai  have now been effectively cut off. This also opens another front for the army to advance on Kilinochchi – Paranthan is located around 4km north of the besiged town.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force has been flying several aerial sorties per day to aid the advancing ground forces. Last evening, before SLA’s final push for Paranthan was made, SLAF jets and gunships devastated LTTE positions south and east of Paranthan junction in 4 different bombing raids. Last week however, an SLAF Mi-24 helicopter gunship suffered damage due to .50 caliber gunfire (aka five-zero) while providing close air support for advancing SLA troops in Mulliaweli, Mullaithiv. The gunship continued to destroy LTTE bunkers amidst cheers from SLA units on the ground. It completely destroyed part of the LTTE defence line before the pilot had to return to base due to damages caused to the rotor and hull. Although the gunship was hit by close to twenty 0.50 cal rounds, it’s in repairable condition.