Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is Velupillai Prabhakaran alive?


Click here to see video.

Note: images may be disturbing. Credit to original uploader.


  1. of course he wasn't.

    KP is trying to tak Tamil Diaspora loosers for a ride ...

  2. the video could not have been released at a better time. KP just became an assclown in front of international media (well he always was).

  3. I don't reckon that we need further DNA test to prove it. this F*&K-FACE is more than enough. No one else has got this ugly face.

  4. Swarnavahinihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj7TNIxJJ7s

  5. Hi DN,
    And story get better with Piglet :)

  6. Please send Editor Badrinath there to do his analysis. Unless he confirmed no one will believe this. And Peter has promoted Charli koluwa to major for his 6.5 years service and he has decided to wait until net maha buuru day to decide about VP. What a patience! HIKZZ


    "The clarifications from Mr. Pathmanathan follow:

    Statement 1:

    I wish to inform the Global Tamil community distressed witnessing the final events of the war that our beloved leader Velupillai Pirapaharan is alive and safe. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom..."

    Suck shit tamilnet..

  8. guys breaking news...

    Charls Anthoney's DNA results came out just few hours ago and it match with the "Mahaththya's" DNA. thats explain everything why Praba killed mahathaya...

  9. Ok. Thought the video would be good enough proof but we were wrong. Brainwashing and stupidity apparently have no bounds.

    Video has given life to a whole new series of hilarious theories (duplicate prabha, wax prabha, it's a fake head, mask, etc).

    Wish we could tell you more but out of all the LTTE leaders that perished recently, only Theepan died like a man.

  10. This is the real thing .........i am so happy ...

    any idot can see it is not a WAX praba ... hi hi ... if we was alive this is the time to come out...

    hoops .. he cannot he is hell

  11. DN,

    I like your brevity in presentation. It is truly old military style.

  12. DN,
    Thanks for all the effort and thoughts you spend on all these time.

    Thank you very much.

    Bohoooooma sthuuuthi Weeewa...
    Take care,

  13. DN.., What really happened to VP? Did he die yesterday in an ambulance or today? The corpse that was shown today on TV had no burns and looked recently killed.. I thought some media reports are slightly contradictory.. Any info?

  14. Hi Defencenet,

    Thanks for your info. What a shame?
    They sent thousands of innocent tamils to the front. I am so sad about the dispora beliving that Praba as their sole surviver.

  15. The injuries on the bodies of all LTTE leaders show that they were sustained by close quarter gun fights, proving again that SLA didn't use artillery let alone excessive even after all civilians were removed from the area.

    Redemption at last, pro LTTE western media and government have to eat their bitter pill now.

  16. Hi Defencenet,
    Can you tell us exactly what happened at final stage. There are lot of mis-info.

  17. Patriots,

    Interesting thins you have heard else where.

    (1) 33 Bullet story: LTTE was started on May 6, 1976. LTTE was comprehensively defeated on may 18, 2009. 33 years and 12 days. He marked the end of his Eelam struggle with 33 bullets in LTTE flag. That is an amazing coincidence.

    (2) Prediction by astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena that LTTE's fate will be decided on March 6th or 8th of 2009.

    (3) Aluthgama Kande Vihare prediction (I don't have lots of information about it)

  18. Regardless of astrology, we have a Jedi in Sri Lanka. That is Vinayagamourth Muralidaran. He pretty well saw what is coming ahead. To me, that is Jedi instinct.

  19. Well said defencenet. It is made of special wax with flies in the mouth. And with flexible neck too.

    Not just KP made a fool himself. He dragged channel 4 into the same category. LMAO.

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  21. By looking at how his eyes and mouth is wide open, I can assure that this scum on earth has been shot through his a&sehole and the bullet has come out of his head.

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  23. NOLTTE=Peace (Condition Satisfied)

    "By looking at how his eyes and mouth is wide open, I can assure that this scum on earth has been shot through his a&sehole and the bullet has come out of his head."

    It is my dream to meet the brave Sri Lankan soldier who shot Praba while he was running.

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    LINK# Full text of the president's speech on 19/05/2009
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    LINK# Sri Lanka confirms Prabhakaran is dead

  26. Honorable Sam (I have lot of respect for your unwavering love for motherland and patriotism!)

    There was a time that UNP, LTTE, their International Goons like Norway, BBC, AFP, AI, HRW, many church shackles etc.. etc was saying not to "provoke" LTTE in order to maintain peace!

    And there was a time, it says give what LTTE asks in order to maintain peace. They were bringing theories on theories that "how peaceful it is when LTTE is on our side, so give what they ask".

    I can remember when A-9 was opened by Ranil and removing all the Army Check Points on roads, Ranil was saying "LTTE is now into Peace! We do not have to be worried to go to the market etc".. Also he was saying the whole Sri Lanka is heading for a rapid economic development under this pseudo peace!

    All those false claims made me to adopt my handle NOLTTE=Peace!

    I always believed (as with every patriot) that only when LTTE is no more on this earth that there would be real peace!

    Eliminating LTTE leadership is certainly the start to permanent peace. We have to eliminate all those thoughts that LTTE spread and planted on peoples' minds too.

    Hope it would happen with 'Ethnic Integration" in time to come.

    Equal Opportunities for all, and "NO mythical Homelands!". Anyone should be able to live and conduct their activities anywhere in Sri Lanka.



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  31. Sagarayak Meda, Punchi Rattak Atha/
    Ehema Rattak Thawa, Lokeya-wath Natha/

    Punchi wunath ratta, MAHA WEDA kara atha!

    We as a nation are grateful to our brave soldiers and courageous politicians for this achievement, especially within a climate of intense international pressure.


  32. DefenceNet-
    Thanks for being there during the ups and more importantly during the downs, and for being the most accurate site for SL defence matters.

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  34. DN,

    Fellas I have a big ? mates ....help me out here...will ya ?

    What the heck NOW do we do with the Tamil Diaspora (who gave $ to ltte & propaganda) ?

    Do we "forget 'n forgive or embrace them or "personna non grata" from Sri Lanka ?

    Whatcha think fellas ?

    FatAss is dead ! Long Live Sri Lanka !

  35. DN....Utube just pulled that video man ? I think those ltte diaspora idiots, made Utube do it !

    Morons...cant face the truth huh thumbi's !

    Kiss my Ass all you ltte fags !

  36. The TamilNut harps that EU must investigate Sri Lanka war crimes - Boston Globe

    1. Is Sri Lanka a member state of EU?

    2. Is Sri Lanka a Colony of EU?

    These f&cking losers and their paid stooges have no ounce of brain!

  37. DN,

    Use this video!

    It is immune!


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  39. Defencenet,

    Thank you very much for everything. I must say yours were the most professional in all the defense blogs. Although may be less frequent updates. :-) thanks again

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  45. Defencenet Team

    I humbly bow down in front of you all and thank you for the great service over all these years.

    Please continue your service to Mother Lanka.

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  48. # Mission accomplished
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    LINK# Kent HärIndia to offer Rs. 500 crore more aid to SL, Two special envoys to visit Colombo
    LINK# Kent Härstedt - Swedish Parliamentarian in Colombo
    LINK# India in touch with SL; Karunanidhi talks with Sonia
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  59. The fat assed pig was a true coward.

    He never intended to fight to the end, or commit suicide to avoid capture. Velu didn't carry any cyanide, maybe it wasn't good for his diabetes.

    There are whispers among some tamil friends that Velu wanted to surrender and was willing to sacrifice the lives of anyone opposed, including those who were defending him. But things were moving rapidly and there really wasn't time to work things out. Maybe the SL forces didn't consider a surrender offer trustworthy, or worth considering even. It could've only led to unending problems even into the future....

    Now there is a suspicion that his close cohorts in the LTTE itself killed him, when they got to know what he was planning. That was on the surmise that the sea-tigers had broken thru and a way was available for them to get into the jungles.Of course the war crazy diaspora will deny any part of this rumor.

    Maybe we'll never know the truth.

  60. Velu may NOT be dead.

    Velu's death was established by way of a DNA test done on the body of Charles Anthony, the eldest son of Mrs.Prabakaran.

    The bloated body which the sri Lankan govt attributed to the LTTE leader, has now been established as the biological parent of the dead Anthony.

    In the meantime, SLG is unable to account for Pottu Amman, whose body has not been declared found.

    For a long time, hidden voices speculated that Charles Anthony was Pottu's boy and not Velu's.

    So it now seems that the body shown as Velu's (did the SLA put a mask on it to look like Velu?) could very well be Pottu Amman, while Velu is hiding somewhere else just like overseas pro-tiger elements say.

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  63. Trpoic s...are ya sure mate abt. whatcha saying ? Please dont tell me Pottu is not kaput huh ?

  64. Pottu if not caught will continue this struggle. Perhaps he got VP and his family massacred to stay in power or to blame the security forces of war crimes.

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  75. DefenceNet and team,

    I just wanted to leave a personal note of gratitude for you and your teams pioneering efforts over the past two to three years.

    Your efforts filled a much-felt void and served as a counter-balance to the propoganda of the enemy.

    I am sure that, without the coverage you and other portals have given, the world view would have been more convincingly turned against the government's war efforts.

    Much heartfelt thanks from Londonistan.

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  79. # Healing the wounds in Sri Lanka
    LINK# Be aware LTTE shadow is penetrating in Liberal Party of Canada
    LINK# UNP should oppose war crime charges - Sajith
    LINK# TNA MP Kanagasabai passes away
    LINK# Guard of Honour: First serving General in Commander capacity honoured
    LINK# TNA MP missing in Vanni

  80. Hon. Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha Will Be Live On Thulawa @ ITN Tonight From 10PM
    Watch ITN Live

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  82. Gota is Live in ITN Thulawa Now

    Just Started !!!
    Watch ITN Live

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  90. Hey Guys,

    Just an old video, but really touching one. The best I would say.


  91. Ladies,

    Look what we have here.
    We will rest the case by letting all our ladies comment on these 2 images .

    These make our day brighter.

  92. National Heroes Day Celebration

    Live From Parliament Grounds & Campbell Park
    Watch Live on ITN

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  94. GOSL should work to initiate the ground work now to conduct a "General Census" of Sri Lanka covering the whole Island.

    It should not only take into account the number of Household Members, their Age, Gender, Marital Status etc., but also whether they are displaced during the past 30 years, Religion, and Ethnicity, Nationality Status etc.

    The Christian Fundamentalists are hell bent opposing taking census on someone's Religion, in order for them to erase any proof of conversions.

    In additions, during Ranil or Chandrika's time, they were successful in removing "Religion" from the Birth Certificate (even though the UN conventions that we are part to says that until 18 someone's religion should be their parents' religion).

    We need all the major statistics for monitoring purpose, so that we can do more for any groups that may fall into disadvantage positions through natural reasons.

  95. Defnet....

    yabity, yabity, yabity...that's it folks !

    So DN what do we do next huh ? Thanks for the ride man ! Ya been great & fun !

    My deepest symphathies to all those who died in the Lanka conflict specially our soldiers who gave thier lives so we could have a better life !

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  97. Hi all.. Check out this great article on BBC..


    How Sri Lanka's military won
    By Anbarasan Ethirajan
    BBC News


    Here is the ORIGINAL video clip of Praba's dead body as recorded by an Army Soldier.. Although we can't see the Hero who killed this ruthless barbarian, we can hear his voice..
    Thanks to dus0089


  99. PeAcE,

    That conversation doesn't make any sense. I listned to it many many times but any thing they said did not match the video. The voice seems dubbed.

  100. Sam.. Do you think so? But why would anyone do that?

  101. PeAcE;
    I watched the clip and it make perfect sense to me. Just there are two (main) seperate conversations going on.

    One between the photographer and the person helping him. And the other in the background.

    Details in the background converstaion matches what I have heard elsewhere. It was said that last group of people with Piraba was some what 40 - 50 including his family. Presummably their idea was to spend the day in hiding in the thin jungle and escape when nightfalls.

    As it happened women were seperated and guarded by Susei's personal bodyguards (all of whome were killed later). Piraba and the boy was guarded by four of his own bodyguards chose to hide in the swamp. But as the day broke it became apperant the place do not offer enough cover. At this point Piraba ordered his guards to accompany the boy to another part of the jungle, where he thought his other family members were safely hidden. (this is only an assumption).

    However soldiers heard a man (now we know as Piraba) shouting at a group of Tigers in uniform (now we know as his reluctant bodyguards) to go away from there. And within seconds all six got shot.

    It should be remembered that it was still almost dark and soldiers had no opportunity to recognise Piraba or differentiate the minor.

  102. URGENT!
    Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press is in Sri Lanka as a reporter covering the UN Secretary General’s visit. I cannot understand why the SLG allowed him in, after all the anti Sri Lankan stories he wrote in the past. See my next post for details.

    So far he has posted a steady stream of anti Sri Lankan stories today:
    UN's Ban in Kandy, Never Called It a Bloodbath, No Word on the Doctors.

    UN Shown Blown Out Land Devoid of People, UN Preaches Partnership Not Prosecution.

    In Manik Farm Camp, Children Forced to Sing to Ban Ki-moon, No Questions.

    On UN's Sri Lanka Trip, Holmes Did Not Favor It, NGOs Phase Out Work.

    In 16 Hours in Sri Lanka, UN's Ban To Overfly Zone of Carnage, Dine with President.

    I think his plan is to stay behind, after the UN visit and damage SL image during the Geneva meeting.
    But all is not lost; on his reports from SL, he states:

    Footnote / full disclosure: this reporter has been granted a visa, albeit for only two days, gratis by the Sri Lankan mission to the UN. A request for more than two days resulted in instructions to write a letter, which will be considered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombo “after a background check.” Watch this site.
    Please use whatever means, to stop him damaging our country’s image. He should be under observation from now on, and under no circumstance should he be allowed to extend his stay.

  103. Inner City Press(What I wrote approx 3 months ago.)

    Watch This Guy…..

    You must have noticed lots of anti SLG propaganda quoting “Inner City Press” - (ICP) lately. Just this weekend alone, I have seen ICP reports in Tamilnut, Sunday Times, Sunday Leader so far.

    I’ve done some research, and this is what I found about ICP.
    1) From Wiki:
    Matthew Lee is a public interest lawyer, author and founder of two non-profit organizations, Inner City Press and Fair Finance Watch.

    2) H. L. D. Mahindapala on srilankaguardian-
    A new phenomenon against Sri Lanka has emerged at the UN -- Mathew R. Lee of the Inter City Press. As an accredited media representative he holds a unique position: he is only a blogger with no leading newspaper establishment to back him. He has been badgering the delegates to the Security Council UN officials, the Secretary –General, Ban Ki-Moon and his officials questioning them as to why Sri Lanka has not been put on the Security Council agenda. He feels frustrated because the general consensus is that Sri Lanka is not in the same category of other crisis-ridden trouble spots.

    His partisan line of questioning has been so transparent that it is easy see through from where he comes. Obviously, the NGOs and the Tamil lobbies are feeding him with pictures and one-sided stories, which he peddles without any qualm.
    Gloves on at UN to beat mounting pressures of Tiger lobbies - H. L. D. Mahindapala

    3) He is a familiar face at UN press briefings. Very interested in Sri Lankan affairs. See him questioning the UN spokesperson at 16:30 on this clip.
    I think he was the guy who questioned The President of the Security Council, Ambassador Takasu, about Sri Lanka, last Friday.

    4) He appears regularly on bloggingheads.tv, discussing UN matters and lately Sri Lanka.
    See clip 1, recorded 12th Feb (SL from 11:30 onwards, you can click directly on the stories below the screen)

    And Clip 2, recorded 26th Feb.

    5) ICP Website

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  106. The Real TerminatorsA special gift to our Eelamish friends, especially that 'Peter' chap. I hate to say 'I told you so', but I did and none of you listened. With the inevitable consequences for Eelam.




    I trust that lessons have been learnt?

  107. PeAcE,

    Did you try to connect what the voice behind said. He asked if you are man, why are you walking down the road or something? Who is "he?" Can we expect LTTE fighter or VP to ask such a question from a SLA soldier in that moment? That dialog is very puzzling to me. Then the officer (assumed)asks who hit him (kawuda oluwata geheuwe). I assume that you are very familiar with SLA lingo based on your past claims. In SLA lingo the "hit" means basically shot. To some reason, clarity is not there in this dialog.

  108. I think what the soldier is saying is that "this guy" (Ooka) was yelling at people who were wanting to surrender (baara wenna).. (also trying to imply "don't surrender if you are a man")

    Honestly, I don't think it's a dubbed version.. Vocal expressions and backgound effects seem highly natural therefore It's extremely less likely to be dubbed..

    I kinda agree with Muru's reply because it sounds much more realistic.. Then again, we don't know what actually happened, and it's pretty difficult say really..

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  110. War Crimes - Hot News!http://tinyurl.com/q8mzsu

    Please send this to Mr Milliband.

    "Antony Beevor, the bestselling [British] historian, has controversially asserted that the British D-Day bombing of the French town of Caen [during the Liberation of France] was "close to a war crime"."French civilians, caught in the middle of these battlefields or under Allied bombing, endured terrible suffering.""...Weight [a Brit doing Caen battlefield tours] said he knew of no one from Caen who shared Beevor's views. "I don't believe there was another way of doing it," he said. "It was not good what they did, but I don't think by any one's estimation you could come close to branding it a war crime."So when the Brits bomb a town as part of their liberation of Europe from the foul, racist Nazi regime, it is "terrible" and "inevitable".

    But when Tamil civilians are killed by SL Army shellfire, as part of the liberation of Sri Lanka from from the foul, racist LTTE regime, it's a "war crime".

    If France in 1945 is too long ago, how about the Brits quashing an indigenous rebellion by the Kikuyu people of Kenya in the 1950s?

    "Blacker is the most expert demographer of this period, having worked on the Kenya census both before and after independence. His exhaustive analysis of the data suggested 17,000 "excess" adult male deaths."http://tinyurl.com/ptwnh6

    Only 17,000 excess death?

    Someone must inform Mr Milliband and ask for an immediate Human Rights Commission Enquiry to be set up, in Geneva.

    Any takers?

    Thank you and good morning from London, the War Crimes capital of the World.

  111. Refugees tell tales of horror.

    Refugees describe piles of faeces, knee-high, after the toilets overflowed and people were forced to relieve themselves on ….

    At least seven bodies are scattered outside…

    People sheltering …. say they have been robbed of their humanity

    "I don't treat my dog like that," 47-year-old …….said as he pointed at a woman who lay dead in her wheelchair outside….

    "We pee on the floor. We are like animals," 25-year-old …. cradling her three-week-old son

    There were two reports of rape, one involving a child…..

    "We got dead bodies sitting next to us for days. I feel like I am going to die. People are going to kill you for water,"

    "This is a national emergency. This is a national disgrace,"

    This is where they were told to come, but the authorities were woefully unprepared for the arrival of such numbers, who include the very young, the very old, and the very infirm.


  112. Guys this reporter wrote a bad article about Srilanka on news of the world web page.
    The LTTE supporters are making a feast out of it by posting comments .
    Guys you have to go write our comments to defend our country.

    I hope the government of Sri lanka will take necessary actions to prevent this guy from comming to srilanka to promote LTTE propaganda.

    REPORTER DAN McDOUGALL: First journalist to report from the Tamil refugee camps
    BEHIND THE WIRE: Tamil women and children are held in virtual prison camps
    BEHIND THE WIRE: Tamil women and children are held in virtual prison camps
    INNOCENT: Children living in fear
    INNOCENT: Children living in fear
    ORPHANED BY WAR: A forlorn girl at Uppuveli
    ORPHANED BY WAR: A forlorn girl at Uppuveli
    Image Flag

    By Dan McDougall, British foreign reporter of the year, 24/05/2009
    THEY squat in a circle, grinding their tiny hands nervously into the mud behind the six foot high barbed wire fence that imprisons them.

    And their little eyes stare wide open in fear at what lies on the other side.

  113. Tamil Tigers admit leader is dead
    Picture allegedly showing the body of Velupillai Prabhakaran
    The Sri Lankan army released pictures it said were of the dead leader

    Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have admitted for the first time that their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is dead.

    A statement issued by the Tigers said their "incomparable leader" had "attained martyrdom" and declared a week of mourning.

    A spokesman for the group also told the BBC that it would now use non-violent methods to fight for Tamils' rights.

    Sri Lanka's army last week released pictures it said showed Prabhakaran's body after its final offensive.

    The statement from the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) said he was killed "fighting the military oppression of the Sri Lankan government" last Sunday.

    The rebels had made a last stand in the north-east of the island after Sri Lankan troops cornered them in a coastal strip.

    The Tigers' defeat brought to an end their 26-year fight for a separate Tamil homeland.

    The statement was signed by the defeated group's head of international relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan.

    We have already announced that we have given up violence and agreed to enter a democratic process to achieve the rights for the Tamil (self) determination of our people
    Selvarasa Pathmanathan

    How Sri Lanka's military won
    Agony in Sri Lanka's refugee camp
    Humanitarian challenge
    Winning the peace

    It said that the LTTE had declared a week of mourning for their dead leader, starting on 25 May.

    The statement called on Tamils all over the world to "restrain from harmful acts to themselves or anyone else in this hour of extreme grief".

    In a telephone interview with the BBC, Mr Pathmanathan said Prabhakaran had died on 17 May but did not give details of the circumstances.

    Mr Pathmanathan said the Tigers would now use non-violent methods to fight for the rights of Tamils.

    "We have already announced that we have given up violence and agreed to enter a democratic process to achieve the rights for the Tamil (self) determination of our people," he said.

    Most of the Tamil Tigers senior leadership is believed to have been killed in the fighting.

    Conflicting reports

    Sri Lankan officials gave conflicting reports of the death of Prabhakaran.

    They initially said he had been killed in an ambush by commandos as he tried to break through government lines in an ambulance.

    But the army later said his body was found on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon and he had been shot in scrubland - probably during fierce fighting.

    Sick child in Manik Farm displaced persons camp
    Sick and injured civilians displaced by the war are crammed into camps

    Tamil Tiger officials at first denied Prabhakaran's death, insisting that he was "alive and safe".

    Sri Lankan officials have said that more than 6,200 security personnel were killed and almost 30,000 wounded in the final three years of the war. Estimates for Tamil Tiger deaths vary from 15,000 to more than 22,000.

    About 275,000 Sri Lankan civilians are still displaced because of the fighting, posing a huge problem for international aid agencies.

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Sri Lanka on Friday to see the situation for himself.

    At the end of his visit a joint UN-Sri Lankan statement said that the government had pledged to investigate claims of human rights violations committed during the conflict.

    But the government has rejected UN calls to allow aid agencies unhindered access to refugee camps.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa said authorities had to identify any remaining rebel fighters in the camps.

  114. TamilWhine now says ""We have already announced that we have given up violence and agreed to enter a democratic process to.... "What's that sound of flapping wings? An entire squadron of pigs just flew over my house.

    So, the LTTE have just discovered non-violence and democracy after having practiced the diametrically opposed concepts for the past three decades. It's more than a tragedy that 70,000-100,000 Sri Lankans had to lose their lives for the LTTE to arrive at this incredible moment of self-awareness.

    Yup, more flying pigs.

  115. Veddha Girls and Chena Boys,

    We are still around, new article published:


    Keep checking for updates, its not over till the fat lady gets off the stage, currently they are asking her for an encore.

  116. Veddha Girls and Chena Boys,

    Please vote in our new Poll, it has been created to garner readers' opinion on who should be the candidate for the post of Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister. The poll is on the top right hand corner.


  117. General Saranath Fonseka Will Be in ITN Thulawa Today From 9.30 PM

    Watch Live

  118. DefenceNet,

    Any confirmation of pottu being killed or his body found?

    Did not see about his fate in any report!!!

  119. Skywalker,

    Yes, Pottu being killed!

  120. “Implicit in all this bandying about of figures is the assumption that the Sri Lankan government is responsible for all these deaths and also the injuries. Yet, obviously, there are three things that need to be verified before we can start the process of apportioning blame, blame that will stick given the small size of Sri Lanka, as opposed to blame that wafts away on a breezy apology, which we have seen in more brutal conflicts in recent days.

    First, are the figures of dead and injured accurate?

    Second, are they all attributable to the Sri Lankan forces, or might some of them at least have been inflicted by the LTTE?

    Third, are all those who died or were injured civilians?”

    Foolishness or cunning – indiscriminate allegations about civilian deathsProf Rajiva Wijesinha

    Well-said Professor

  121. can any one summaries what happen in UNHRC ... ?

  122. Big victory for Sri Lanka at UNHRC


    The Sri Lankan resolution, expanded from 17 to 29 paragraphs titled ‘Assistance to Sri Lanka in the promotion and protection of human rights’ was adopted by the UN Human Rights Council by an absolute majority yesterday. It was a strong endorsement of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government’s efforts at routing terrorism and the successful handling of the world’s biggest hostage crisis, Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe who led the Lankan delegation to Geneva, said yesterday.

    Sri Lanka’s resolution, which was subjected to a vote, was adopted by the 47-member Council with 29 voting in favour and 12 against. Six other nations abstained from voting.

    Minister Samarasinghe who spoke over the phone from Geneva said “This is a clear message that the international community is behind Sri Lanka in its endeavour to rebuild the nation to provide our citizens with equal opportunities.”

    While hailing the verdict as a great victory for the country which the President was looking forward to, Minister Samarasinghe said that the international community also on the occasion and endorsed Sri Lanka’s open and transparent stance and its willingness to engage in dialogue to resolve allegations of human rights abuse.

    Also according to news reaching Daily News form Geneva, the UNHRC President too had commenced the Sri Lankan delegation for its willingness and co-operation in facing deliberations in a transparent and open manner.

    Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative at the UN in Geneva, Dr. Dayan Jayatillake responding to the outcome said it was “the best synthesis of the sentiments of the Human Rights Council”.

    Sri Lanka, which had earlier drawn a 17-point resolution presented an amended resolution at 7.15 p.m. Geneva time incorporating some of the elements of the Swiss Resolution.

    When the Council re-convened, Germany had, on behalf of the European Union, recommended a further nine amendments. However, this move was shot down by Cuba on the basis of technical and procedural irregularities. The Council had then decided to vote on the expanded resolution submitted by Sri Lanka. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rohitha Bogollagama, speaking on the outcome of the Session said that the efforts in Geneva constituted a major achievement in terms of Sri Lanka’s international relations in the immediate aftermath of successfully countering LTTE terrorism.

    “The final result, 29 countries voting for us and only 12 opposing, shows that Sri Lanka stands on top in terms of wide support from a states across the globe. This is again a reflection of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s astute leadership and the wide engagement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in seeking the support of the international community,” he said.

    It is reported that Sri Lanka’s expanded resolution was widely accepted by member-countries with the presentation of the Lankan delegation even convincing its foes to support the countries cause at the last moment.

    The second and third plenary meetings of the United Nations Human Rights Council 11th Special session on the human right situation of Sri Lanka was conducted yesterday with the request of 17 of the 47 members of the UNHRC.


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  123. The result of the vote was as follows:

    In favour (29): Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Uruguay, and Zambia.

    Against (12): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

    Abstentions (6): Argentina, Gabon, Japan, Mauritius, Republic of Korea, and Ukraine.

  124. South Africa voting for SL is a surprise as well as Japan not voting.

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. DN...I can understand S. Korea abstaining on the vote due to Mr. Boon & Ukraine,due to rift with Russia.Slovakia & Slovania due to rifts with Czeck Rep.

    But, Mexico & Japan not ? We voted against punishing Japan post ww II !
    Mauritius ? that's strange..but not suprising due to High South Indians living there !

    Other EU countries....not suprised wait till they need Peace Keeping troops or solving Piracy issues ! Who will they call for help....?

    Good Luck ya Eu hypocrites !

  127. DNA Matching between Charles and Prabhas report was public yesterday.

    Matching the DNA of Prabha and the living relative (Prabhas Father) will once and for all shut the mouths of the tamil diaspora.

    And there is a huge issue about not allowing NGO vahicle into the IDP camps. If they are really concerned about providing aid for the IDPs they can park the vehicles outside and travel by foot ?

  128. Online HypocrisyPlease read about the hypocrisy and bias of Times online on war casualty reports.

  129. Isn't it interesting to see that all the countries recently visited by Ranil W have voted against Sri Lanka.

    I am not suggesting anything. But it looks like either-
    * he has mislead them
    * they really dis liked Ranil they started seeing everything Sri Lankan in bad light after his visit.

    Or may be this is pure coincidence. Only he can tell us.

  130. it is amusing to see The Times (UK)screaming like a jilted old woman.

    Its over acting attract suspicions why they it is so important to them as to publicaly lie. The Times is not known to fight for humane causes, so defenitely a business should be in the cards.

  131. Hats off to dedicated journalistsIn the aftermath of the annihilation of the LTTE, various individuals who were peripherally involved in the battlefield, reporting the progress of the war on the electronic media, have been felicitated with public receptions usually reserved for the gallant soldiers in combat.
    Amidst this hoopla, all seem to have forgotten the more sustained role performed over a protracted period of time by a few dedicated and committed professionals in journalism who reported the events on the battlefield, the progress of the war, analysis of strategic issues and international responses. This small group of dedicated men consistently and persistently worked on the theme that the LTTE is a horrendous outfit of terrorists who must and can be defeated militarily. They countered the myth of invincibility of the LTTE carefully orchestrated on behalf of the LTTE by NGOs INGOs, the international community and unfortunately by some of our own political leadership prior to 2005. They kept faith with our Defence capabilities and in no small measure sustained the Nation’s confidence in winning the war.
    Foremost among these journalists was Prabath Sahabandu, editor of The Island, whose editorials on issues of relevance to the foregoing were absolute masterpieces. But that didn’t prevent The Island from taking on the government over many issues including presidential pardon offered to wife of a minister serving term of life imprisonment and two heroin carriers.
    Shamindra Ferdinando of The Island and Keerthi Waranakulasuriya of the Divaina are two others who never deviated from his belief that the LTTE could be defeated on the battlefield. There was no mudslinging or personal vilification or slander or devious attempts to create rifts within the defence establishment. The number of editorials of The Island reproduced by the army.lk is evidence of the faith the defence establishment had in UNL.
    The country should felicitate and recognise this elitist group of journalists who have done their profession and country proud.
    Merrick Gooneratne – Island, Opinion

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. The BBC admits LTTE staged a fake aerial attack!

    On 30th of May, BBC published the following story “Calls mount for Sri Lanka probe” with a photo of an aerial attack - caption “Pro-rebel groups accused government forces of bombing civilian areas”

    But the above photo was a well known LTTE fake, and on 31st May, the BBC was forced to remove it from their web site and add the following correction:

    Correction 31 May: An earlier version of this article carried an image purporting to show the immediate aftermath of an aerial attack. On closer examination, the picture shows clear evidence of having been staged, so it has been removed.
    Isn’t it time BBC and other media woke up to the fact that they have been taken for a ride by terrorists?


    Cc - Defence.lk / Island

  134. hey guys,
    in the V-day parade ,SLN fleet there were 2 vikram class vessels (simillar to slns sagara) has sln received another one from india?

  135. Do we know why that Ali ship was turned back ?

  136. SLAF in Air Forces Monthly

    The June '09 issue of Air Forces Monthly magazine contains an excellent 10 page article on the SLAF as it hastened the LTTE's demise.

    I've uploaded PDFs of the article here, contained in a Zip file.


    High-res squadron insignia (part of the article) can be found here, saved in .jpg file format.


    Current issue info here:

  137. So far the best article I've read about IDPs :)

    Written by Lt Col (Retd) Anil Amarasekera
    Lanka News

  138. Fellas....can someone translate this for me please ?

    It was left in my flickr photo site under VP's dead photo.

    பினிக்ஸ் பறவை போல் வருவோமட கோழைகளே, ஐந்து நாட்டு ராணுவத்தை வைத்து வெற்றிபெற்று விட்டோம் என்று சொல்வது உங்களுக்கு வெக்கமாக இல்லை.

  139. What a match it was three wickets in the first over them scoring only one run and I never thought that I would ever see so many SL flags just out side my office in Vauxhall where the local pubs were crowded with the Sri Lankans singing and dancing with the celebrity cry ‘jayaweva’I think Sri Lanka took over Vauxhall and intended Diaspora protest just didn’t materialize and some of them I observed bought the entry ticket from the touts outside and joined in and my mates noticed that their mood changed when the 3 wickets were taken and joined in the cheering crowds. I was told that this cheering too happened when the Sri Lanka won the world cup and the tiger hierarchy couldn’t stop their enthusiasm. Perhaps their leaders too ended in cheering SL.

  140. Defencenet

    Are you gone for good?

  141. Dear Friends

    I have tried to contact other members of our Ministry of Defense and the local police station but with no luck.

    Can you please helpy as National Security should always be paramount. The individual has family within the UK whom he is in contact with and they pass on sensitive information into the public domain through the media.

    As he is residing in Moratuwa, his activities are going on unnoticed.

    Kind Regards

    As a matter of National security I feel it is important for me to inform you of an individual who is closely linked to the LTTE and had been funding them from the U.K.
    Now based in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka he is now a key rebel contact to the UK Tamil community. I urge you to question him to resolve these issues. What is alarming is that his activities have gone unnoticed.
    He was deported from U.K in relation to card fraud earlier this year. Please see the links below detailing his fraud activities.

    Below is the individuals address and Tel No. Please take action immediately
    Address : B1-2/8, Soysapura Flats,Moratuwa,Sri Lanka.
    Telephone : 0094 772292383

    At a time of International scrutiny we as Sri Lankans must aim to highlight these crimes that individuals such as Mr. Kathirgamanathan commit. In the name of preserving our National security I urge you to immediately arrest and question this individual.
    The Kathirgamanathan family are known supporters of the LTTE within the Tamil community.

    It has been bought to my awareness that Brathaban has contacted Shami Chakrabarti, she is a director of Liberty, a British pressure group. She is widely respected in the British Parliament as a prominent campaigner against human rights abuses.

    In order to maintain our sovereignty as a nation I urge you please arrest and question this individual to prevent further International scrutiny.

    Kind Regards

  142. Guys,
    do you remember this SPECIAL FORCES team?

    back then, I assumed this is what prompted DefenceNet to write the following article;
    Special Forces Alpha Squad details revealed by media

    and now my doubts have been cleared...
    SF Alpha Squad

  143. Good that are our is rearranging it self.

  144. Was last seen heading towards the area where the LTTE leaders were hiding. And then there was that big blast...

    Good Bye DefenceNet.

  145. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

  146. Adios, DefenceNet.

    Thanks for your services to our motherland.

  147. Dear DN


    Hope you keep an eye on this jokers.

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  149. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dOMHqKAnT4

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  153. 唯有穿鞋的人,才知道鞋的哪一處擠腳......................................................

  154. Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油! ........................................

  155. 真正的友誼,有如健康失去時,始知其價值..................................................

  156. 我們不是因為快樂而歌唱,而是唱歌使我們快樂..............................

  157. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。...............................................................

  158. Almost an year ago, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, alias K.P, then the "provisional" head of the LTTE, announced the formation of what he described as a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. (http://tamilnational.com/news-flash/1327-transnational-government-of-tamil-eelam.html).

    KP appointed the then legal advisor to the LTTE, Rudrakumar Viswanathan, to head a committee set up to work out the details of this so called transnational government.

    Today, KP is enjoying caviar at the expense of the Sri Lankan government at Visumpaya, which earlier housed the current Minister of External Affairs, G.L.Peiris and before him, the former leader of the opposition and then speaker of the parliament, bon vivant Anura Bandaranaike.

    In KP´s absence, Rudrakumaran just got himself elected as the CEO of the re-branded provisional government, now called a "Transnational Constituent Assembly of Tamil Eelam".

    The whole sordid saga of this election process, where Rudrakumaran appointed his close friend and business partner, Ramsey Clark to oversee his own election, is reported in detail (http://www.dailymirror.lk/print/index.php/opinion1/11758-the-politics-of-transnational-tamil-eelam-govt.html) by D.B.S Jeyraj, whose insider information provides illuminating details of the power struggle between Rudrakumaran and other LTTE factions to take control of the pot of gold KP left behind.

    What he leaves out are or course the sordid details like how Rudra appointed friends and family to all the country working groups, or how the so called Independent Election Commissioners were all former or current associated of Rudra and his cohorts. While groups opposing Rudra did manage to get at least a handful of their supporters elected, more than 85% of the members of this fake government (for a country that does not exist) are all Rudra faithfuls, simply stuffed in there to give Rudra a semblance of authority and respectability, so he can go with his hand-out to get the hand-outs from friendly governments, NGO´s and of course, the collection from the much pressed Tamil Diaspora.

    Young Obi2canibe, a student of the East Anglia University, born in Jaffna and who is proud to identify himself as from Tamil Eelam, has been good enough to give us a detailed list of those who were seeking to be elected to this fake government and those who were finally elected here:


    All of these are in one way or another connected to an ruthless terrorist organization banned in many countries around the world. Now that we have these names out in the open, we need to find more details of who these people are and then bring them to notice of the proper authorities.

    Please help the people of Sri Lanka and its diaspora around the world to get rid of this scrooge once and all. Go to the wikipedia page, look at the names, if you have any information concerning any one of these, post them here or send us a private email at Lankans Against terro with the details. Please remember to give us any URL´s, and any published documentation which we can attribute so the information is credible and stands inspection.

    Join us in publicizing this page, our twitter account (https://twitter.com/Antiterroristas) our user page (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001137403792) and our anti-terrorism group page (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116291341745319). We will soon start petitions to be sent to governments, letters to major western newspapers and will start a major advertising campaign here in Facebook.

    We need every bit of help. Make it count!

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