Monday, May 18, 2009

The End

The war as we know it, is over. The conventional fighting force once known as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and it's elusive leader has been eliminated.

It remains to be seen whether or not the LTTE can survive as a guerrilla outfit, carrying out random terrorist attacks in the country. This however is unlikely now with the top tiger leadership being killed by the army.

"Awi gaththo awiyenma nasithi - those who live by the sword, die by the sword"


  1. we must remembered all the people who died for the country over three decades

  2. This is a great day for mother Sri Lanka.

  3. This is the THING we have been telling for 3 years!!! This is what we was planning to do!!! This is what we wanted to do!!! This is What we told we CAN DO!!!

    We Proved IT!! Now.. We tell you Tiger FUCKERS...




  4. well done SLA

    no words ! speechless

  5. EFT new article out too.

    DN Bros :)

  6. Guys and gals,

    mama dan search kala loke lokuma hostage rescue mission kiyana title ekata google eke hits. ape site tamaa enne. Eeth ee news ee site walin ain kalahama eeka yanawa. Wekipedia eke kisima article ekak ne ee gana. Ee nisa man kemathi yojana karanna ape daksha writerslata me heading ekata aluth article ekak patan ganna kiyala. Obage adahas monawada me gana.

    Ananada USA, Sam P, Moshe, really cold, perien, noltte, sujeewa kokawala, Mahen and others. Please initiate this. I think this is a tribute to all our heros.

    meka itihase liyawenna oonemai. anaagatha itihaasa potha wiki.

  7. DN,
    Thanking you very much for your excellent job done for mother Lanka.

  8. Thank you my brothers and sisters.

  9. Thank you very much your job. great work.

  10. JAYA WEWA..!!! For the first time in my life, I am celebrating the death of someone..! This basted deserved this..!

    I salute the the Lankan Forces..!

  11. May all the valliant soldiers who sacrifice their life for the cause of saving the mother lanka from the ruthless terrorist outfit, may attain Nibbana ! Rest in peace !

    Everyone who lost their limbs. . .we will not forget you for your sacrifices!

    We assure this very moment we will do what ever the things from our capacity to raise the lives of you and your dependants . . . !

    DEFENCENET, we salute you for the greatest job you tendered !


  12. DN Team,
    Thank you.

    Ayuu Rakathu Awada.

  13. Good riddance terrorists!

    This was the first blog of it's kind I found (over a year ago) and your reports kept us all informed of what was really going on. I greatly appreciate all the effort you've put into this blog.

    Thank you!

  14. I have to say that I am extremely extremely happy that the war is finally over and Srilankan army has managed to save their motherland.Ever since I was a young child we are seeing the srilankan war videos on TV.
    I am not a Srilankan but I congratulate the brave people of this beautiful land.
    I being Pakistani whose country is a victim of this kind of terrorism, wish all the Srilankan people very best in the future.

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  16. SM AHMAD,

    I know a few Pakistani's personally. I should say that it is the shared view of Sri Lankans that the people of Pakistan was with us in our darkest moments and brightest moments. We will never forget how your country helped us.


    Dear Patriots,

    Please share this joy with the loved ones of our fallen heroes today. For those who can afford, please let your money speak for your heart by donating money to a Ranaviru fund of you choice.

  18. We really appreciate what you have been doing all these years.

    This was my first defense blog.

    Thanks again.


  19. Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

    It is the time to kindly remind the scum of Sri Lanka that their days of redemption are coming ahead for all their treacherous anti Sri Lankan and pro-terrorist acts.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe
    Lakshman Kiriella
    Ravi Karunanayake
    Vajira Abeywardena
    Jayalath Jayawardena
    Mangala Samaraweera
    Rauf Hakeem
    Wickramabahu Karunaratne
    Kumar Rupasinghe
    Jehan Perera
    Sunanda Deshapriya
    Sunila Abegunasekara
    Mano Ganeshan
    R Sampanthan
    K Sivajilingam
    G.K. Ponnambalam
    other TNA sakkiliyas
    Duleep Chikera
    Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
    Rohan Edirisinghe
    Mithra Fernando
    Tisaranee Gunasekera
    Priyath Liyanage
    Rayappu Joseph
    Rosy Senanayake
    Sonali Samarasinghe
    Nimalka Fernando
    Sirithunga Jayasuriya
    Dayasiri Jayasekara
    Iqbal Athas
    Lal Kantha
    Anura Kumara
    Malik Samarawickrama
    Lalith Kothalawala
    S.B. Dissanayake
    Brian Seneviratne
    Sisira Jayasuriya
    Johnston Fernando
    Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe
    Sucharitha Gamlath
    Jayantha Senevirathna
    Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri
    Terrence Purasinghe
    Chandrapala Kumarage
    Yohan Devananda
    Patrick Fernando
    Kumar David

  20. Thanks for all your support.

    Well we haven't done 1/1000 of what our soldiers have done. Each and every one of them will be remembered in years to come. Those are the true heroes of this battle.

    Also remember folks, it was the LTTE that was defeated - not the Tamil community. Also dont forget that there are still thousands of Sri Lankans in IDP camps that may need your help.

    P.S. - We have not been that active lately due to various circumstances - sorry about that.

  21. This my first blog to this site any other blog. But I have been continuously logged in to Defencenet site to get the latest updates. People who were around this blog site had good knowledge about their talks... had good arguments, it was very important to discuss and understand the problems we are having. Except for some brain washed PEELAMISTS' foolish views we had good conversations... Any way it is great to see an end of this bloody war which is happening from our child hood. We were able to stop it within our generation without giving it for our childre.. We SALUTE our heroes, our general people who helped to to wipe out this CANCER. Thank you all the international community who behind us.. Thank you DN! HaVE A GREAT FUTURE!

  22. Defencenet,

    You are a patriot too.
    Many thanks for your hard work over the years and for giving everyone a forum to discuss defence matters.

  23. Well done Sri Lanka...Long Live Sri Lanka....

  24. Hi Guys.. Just out of curiosity, Why doesn't say what happened to Praba? Nor did Mr. Nanayakkara say anything about Praba's death.. Why is that?

  25. # Public rally to felicitate soldiers
    Link# Protest in front of British High Commission
    Link# Tamil Canadians react to war's end in Sri Lanka
    Link# Profile of rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran
    Link# Sri Lanka: As war ends, aid agency says four challenges face the country
    Link# SRI LANKA: Government must now end the operation of anti-terrorism laws

  26. Armed forces officials have positively identified 18 bodies of senior LTTE cadres

    :: Pottu Amman- LTTE's Intelligence Wing Leader
    :: Bhanu - LTTE military leader
    :: Jeyam- LTTE military leader
    :: B.Nadesan- LTTE political head
    :: S.Pulidevan- Head of LTTE's Peace Secretariat
    :: Ramesh- LTTE special military leader
    :: Ilango- LTTE police chief
    :: Charles Anthony- the eldest son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran
    :: Sudharman - aide to LTTE leader's son
    :: Thomas- senior intelligence leader an
    :: Luxman - LTTE military leader
    :: Sri Ram- senior sea tiger cadre
    :: Iseiaravi - LTTE female military leader
    :: Kapil Amman - LTTE deputy intelligence leader
    :: Ajanthi- female LTTE training in charge
    :: Wardha - LTTE mortar in charge
    :: Pudiyawan- Secretary to LTTE leader
    :: Jenarthan - Special military leader

  27. why not the fat pig in the the list?

  28. # DMK wants Centre to put more pressure on Sri Lanka
    Link# Tigers finished as military force
    Link# Tigers finished as military force
    Link# Bodies of 18 senior LTTE leaders positively identified; clearing operations continue
    Link# HE the president told "Task Accomplished"
    Link# TIMELINE: Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war

  29. # Prabhakaran enigma: Fighting for pride or Eelam?
    Link# Velupillai Prabhakaran, ruthless fighter for Eelam
    Link# The 'General' who ran out of moves
    Link# Sri Lankans 'petrified' after Sydney acid attack

  30. Folks.
    Work in progress. Pretty basic. But covers some unprovoked attacks against Sri Lankans by mad peelamists.
    Please comment. Few other blogs are coming.

  31. Patriots,

    Please hang on, don't go anywhere. Our warriors have carried the torch to one major point and it is ours to carry it on from here. We have a few more battles to fight in the internet front.

    As you see lingikawa-pethirena-asaneepa is already here to spread lies about yuda aparaaada we never committed but LTTE always committed. Instead of speaking of numerous war crimes by LTTE including the shooting of escaping hostages (we have video taped evidence), they are just accusing our leaders.

    Our soldiers went through untold suffering to get us this far. Also, our leaders faced so much of western terrorist supporters pressure. It is now our turn to counteract such negative propaganda with fact as figures. Lets get geared up for this while our intelligence warriors, legal warriors, and diplomatic warriors put the remaining terrorists out of business.

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  33. Hi Defencenet,

    Many thanks for your information for the years. Your defence analysis is unbiased and accurate. In may instances, we found lot of mis-leading informtion from other sites. But you always gave accurate and reliable info without falling into gov. propaganda. It is more than two years, I am visiting this site.
    Thanks again and our motherland acknoleges you and fellow SLDF for the service done at this crittical moment.

  34. DN

    You can be proud of what you did. Web was full of LTTE propaganda and even we were victims of tamilnut. You were the one who took first step filling he information vacuum from our side. You did most probably as a part time activity and became part of the winning team. Thank you for your job and wish you good luck for your future.

    We can't sleep from now LTTE elements abroad will come up with new way of fighting for peelaam which consists of mis-information propaganda on web so please think about the next step too.

  35. DN Team,

    Hats off to you sirs.
    Thank you.


  36. DN,
    Truly appreciated your postings over the years. Which have good credibility.
    Godd work mate (s)

  37. DefenceNet, thank you for starting a blog. We all appreciate the hard work you guys did.

  38. DN,

    Thanks for your effort. This is THE OLDEST blog I've followed news (and if I'm not mistaken, this is the first of this kind). But after that we saw many more blogs emerging.

    Well done !!

    Jaya wewa Sri Lanka

  39. Defencenet

    Thanks for all the work you did in the past few years.

    You guys were the first blog dedicated to SL defence matters.

  40. Defnet,

    Talk to me brother..where's Fatass VP ? I saw the KIA list of Pottu,Bhanu,Soosai,Nadesan,Pulliyan,CA & so where the hell is Fatass VP ?

    But, I like to pay my respects to all our brave SLA,SLN,SLAF & STF personel who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country ! God Bless You !

    Wow...this is we made History today !

  41. Defnet...I have to say been with ya for 4 yrs......ya are ok ! ; )

    Just wanted to thank Pakistan,China,Czechs Republic, Russia,Ukraine,Singapore,Japan & USA for all the supports military or political...we'll never forget ya folks !

    As for Norway,Sweden,UK Thailand ya can kiss my ass (for financing & providing logistical support for ltte )

    Fellas ....dont dont forget we have one V. important job left.....KP & all the ltte $ overseas !!!!

    God Bless Sri Lanka : )

  42. rajaratasurfer,
    ""Talk to me brother..where's Fatass VP ? I saw the KIA list of Pottu,Bhanu,Soosai,Nadesan,Pulliyan,CA & so where the hell is Fatass VP ?""

    He's gone and that's confirmed. seems to be reporting strange stuff these days. Perhaps they are waiting for the president to declare it tomorrow? but the whole country already knows and the whole world knows.

  43. DN team,

    Thank you very much!

    I have not written any comments in your blogs in the past, but I always came to DN blog to see credible news from your team.

    Thanks again.

  44. Defnet Thanks brother...nice work...have ya listened to KP's interview to Channel 4 " It's Hilarious,.....ltte laid down their arms...never surrendered.....VP is alive....blah,blah,blah...KP cant even speak english well ? What a jackass ? But, we need to get him & his $ too !

    Why is Solhiem mouthing off abt. ltte laying down arms ? He had all this time to tell his ltte friends to surrender ?

    DN...ya right Defence ministry needs a good PR guy there offence to my brothers....their word phrasing has whacky lines ; )

    Good Luck fellas !

  45. Thank you and well done !!!!

    Always appreciated your No BS approch. And I will never foget how you replied to pestering peelamists with a graphic detailed with how SL troops advancing when they were still near Vaunia.

    Meanwhile you proved you hate LTTE but a friend of Tamils, which made me vising your blog all this time.

    Thanks again. But don't go away so soon. I am sure there will be a lot of interesting revelations about past mysteriuos incidents of war times.

  46. That's true though DN.. says strange things about the death of praba.. In fact, the or any government/army official never said praba is dead yet.. But all the media including Rupavahini and Lake house have confirmed the death of the fat pig..
    In the mean time, tamilnet goes "PV is well and alive"... lol.. Well and alive in the hell (apaye interval eke)..

    I also think that the government is waiting for the president to address the nation.. 2 hours to go..

    Also, Let me thank DN and all the valued subscribers here who put their posts/comments and feedback.. The job of this blog is not yet over.. I think we have to keep the discussion on how to reconcile, reunite and bridge the gap between all sri lankans.

  47. Thank you Defencenet. You are an aspiration to all in the blogging community. True Son of Lanka!

  48. # Archbishop congratulates Armed forces on the conclusion of war
    Link# 53 and 58 Divs uncover over 350 LTTE bodies
    Link# Armed Force Commanders promoted to next higher ranks
    Link# LTTE supporters disrupt UN World Health Assembly session in Geneva
    Link# Japanese aid over Rs. 50 m for Vanni civilians
    Link# After the carnage

  49. # Sri Lanka: end of conflict could boost tourism
    Link# Alert in TN, coastal areas after news of LTTE chief's death
    Link# 'Determined massacre,' charges LTTE
    Link# India to send 25 tonnes of medicine to Sri Lanka
    Link# Ensure 'effective devolution of power': India to Sri Lanka
    Link# Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman's death would end trial in Rajiv case

  50. # Ensure power devolution for enduring peace: experts
    Link# Prabhakaran, dead or alive?
    Link# Prabhakaran's death: mixed feelings in Chennai
    Link# Victory was achieved with sacrifices of all – Kabeer Hasheem
    Link# Sri Lanka issue is sensitive, says Congress
    Link# DNA tests on body of Prabhakaran, Sri Lankan rebel leader

  51. Everything is ready to The Historic Moment. President's Addressing The Nation is 30mins Away. Watch it Live,
    Rupavahini LIVE:


  52. Praba's final words....
    "Kauda yako Mavil Aru wahuwe????"

  53. # 'New nonviolent group should replace LTTE'
    Link# Tears spill in London for Tamil leader
    Link# Kingsbury temple attacked again in 'suspected Tamil revenge attack'
    Link# US Ambassador pays farewell call on Foreign Minister
    Link# After The Tigers
    Link# France Calls On Sri Lanka To Seek Lasting Peace

  54. # Prabhakaran: Life of a ruthless insurgent
    Link# EU nations calls for Sri Lanka war crimes probe
    Link# Sri Lanka: Time to heal the wounds of conflict and war
    Link# Sri Lanka - the only nation to have defeated the LTTE & ended Terrorism
    Link# End of War and the Dawn of a New Era in Sri Lanka: A Time for Reconciliation
    Link# FM calls on UN to acknowledge Government’s success in rescue mission

  55. The president nailed this one:
    "There are no more minorities in Sri Lanka. Only two national identities - patriots and non patriots"

    Way to go Sir.

  56. # We have won the battle, but the war is not ended - Archbishop Oswald Gomis
    Link# Sri Lankan and Croatian Presidents agree to enhance bilateral ties
    Link# Sri Lanka and Jordan agree to expand bilateral cooperation
    Link# Sri Lanka to re-open its Embassy in Baghdad
    Link# More battles ahead for Sri Lanka
    Link# Lack of news frustrates local Tamils

  57. # Tamil demonstrators bring central London to a standstill as they protest against Sri Lankan military offensive
    Link# Outside Sri Lanka, Tamil Diaspora Not Ready to Surrender
    Link# Prabhakaran's cousin sister in Kerala 'deeply distressed'
    Link# End of the war
    Link# The making of a militant leader
    Link# Red alert in Tamil Nadu

  58. # End of a warlord & zealot
    Link# A cavalcade of deadly blunders
    Link# Witness to one extended roller-coaster ride
    Link# Many milestones before the fall
    Link# I knew he could never be caught alive: Kaarthikeyan
    Link# India asks Colombo to address root causes

  59. Patriots.. pls go in here and express your opinion

    # Does army victory mean peace for Sri Lanka?

  60. # Does army victory mean peace for Sri Lanka?
    Link# UN efforts focusing on plight of civilians in post-conflict Sri Lanka
    Link# Aid agencies scramble to help displaced in Sri Lanka
    Link# Tigers extinct, now what lies ahead for Tamils in Lanka?
    Link# Vaiko keeps LTTE chief 'alive', for his own ends
    Link# Sri Lanka defeats LTTE, time to win over Tamils

  61. Great News:

    Prabhakaran's dead body and offical statement by General Sarath Fonseka (video)

  62. # US Welcomes End of Sri Lanka War, Urges Reconciliation
    LINK# Now Tamilnet seeks to propagate terror in University and High School campuses
    LINK# By R. Bhagwan Singh
    LINK# Protect India from the debris of LTTE defeat
    LINK# Prabhakaran – The Tiger who stuck to his words
    LINK# Memories of War, Dreams of Peace

  63. # Don't ignore Tamil cry for self-government- Solheim
    LINK# Britain outraged over embassy attack in Lanka
    LINK# Police on high alert over racial animosities – IGP
    LINK# LTTE will never re-appear as a terrorist outfit: JHU
    LINK# Indonesia urged not to repatriate Lankan refugees
    LINK# No clearance for ’Aid Vessel’ says Govt

  64. # The thousand fathers and the orphan
    LINK# Patriotism is an obligation to make our country truly independent
    LINK# Ending a three decade old path of blood
    LINK# President Mahinda Rajapaksa - instrumental in annihilating terrorism
    LINK# Response to President Obama’s comments on situation in Sri Lanka

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  66. Almost an year ago, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, alias K.P, then the "provisional" head of the LTTE, announced the formation of what he described as a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. (

    KP appointed the then legal advisor to the LTTE, Rudrakumar Viswanathan, to head a committee set up to work out the details of this so called transnational government.

    Today, KP is enjoying caviar at the expense of the Sri Lankan government at Visumpaya, which earlier housed the current Minister of External Affairs, G.L.Peiris and before him, the former leader of the opposition and then speaker of the parliament, bon vivant Anura Bandaranaike.

    In KP´s absence, Rudrakumaran just got himself elected as the CEO of the re-branded provisional government, now called a "Transnational Constituent Assembly of Tamil Eelam".

    The whole sordid saga of this election process, where Rudrakumaran appointed his close friend and business partner, Ramsey Clark to oversee his own election, is reported in detail ( by D.B.S Jeyraj, whose insider information provides illuminating details of the power struggle between Rudrakumaran and other LTTE factions to take control of the pot of gold KP left behind.

    What he leaves out are or course the sordid details like how Rudra appointed friends and family to all the country working groups, or how the so called Independent Election Commissioners were all former or current associated of Rudra and his cohorts. While groups opposing Rudra did manage to get at least a handful of their supporters elected, more than 85% of the members of this fake government (for a country that does not exist) are all Rudra faithfuls, simply stuffed in there to give Rudra a semblance of authority and respectability, so he can go with his hand-out to get the hand-outs from friendly governments, NGO´s and of course, the collection from the much pressed Tamil Diaspora.

    Young Obi2canibe, a student of the East Anglia University, born in Jaffna and who is proud to identify himself as from Tamil Eelam, has been good enough to give us a detailed list of those who were seeking to be elected to this fake government and those who were finally elected here:

    All of these are in one way or another connected to an ruthless terrorist organization banned in many countries around the world. Now that we have these names out in the open, we need to find more details of who these people are and then bring them to notice of the proper authorities.

    Please help the people of Sri Lanka and its diaspora around the world to get rid of this scrooge once and all. Go to the wikipedia page, look at the names, if you have any information concerning any one of these, post them here or send us a private email at Lankans Against terro with the details. Please remember to give us any URL´s, and any published documentation which we can attribute so the information is credible and stands inspection.

    Join us in publicizing this page, our twitter account ( our user page ( and our anti-terrorism group page ( We will soon start petitions to be sent to governments, letters to major western newspapers and will start a major advertising campaign here in Facebook.

    We need every bit of help. Make it count!

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