Friday, June 27, 2008

Heavy LTTE casualties as 54 base falls to the army

LTTE's elite Charles Anthony brigade suffered one of their worst setbacks in the 4th Eelam war at the hand of army's 57 division yesterday (26) and today (27). Heavy fighting raged in Chiraddikulama, North of Vavuniya, when SLA mounted an offensive to capture LTTE's 54 base yesterday evening. Fighting continued till today (27) till the base finally fell to the army. Serach and clearing operations are still continuing in the area to defuse the booby traps and to hunt and kill any surviving LTTE elements.


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A large number of LTTE fighters have been killed in this battle (exact number unknown as of yet) and 25 of the bodies have been recovered by the army. Majority of the casualties are from LTTE's elite Charles Anthony brigade. The army has also captured an arsenal of weapons including a 12.7mm AA gun.

Intercepted radio transmissions monitored LTTE elements in the region repeatedly requesting permission for withdrawal even during initial stages of fighting. LTTE command in Wanni apparently turned down all the requests. The LTTE cadre in the area however resisted the army advance fiercely for many hours until they were finally overwhelmed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Massive air strikes on LTTE positions

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has attacked more than 4 LTTE positions in the north during yesterday (25th) and today (26th).

The first air attack of yesterday was on a LTTE bunker line around 2km ahead of the Weli Oya forward defence line. Air Force used helicopter gunships to attack the target in this instance. Around half an hour later, SLAF bombers attacked 3 LTTE artillery positions south of Muhamalai FDL. Intelligence sources indicated that an LTTE artillery expert identified as "Iniyawan" has suffered injuries in this air raid.

Two more aerial attacks on LTTE positions in the northern front was launched today (26th) morning. Helicopter gunships attacked a small LTTE based located North of Andankulam at around 6am while bombers raided an LTTE training facility north of Vedithalaithivu. LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Task Force 2 joins the battle

With Task Force 2 officially launching their first mission in the Wanni operation on the 17th of this month, there are now 5 divisions of the SLA laying the siege to Wanni from the southern border. The first offensive mounted by the Task Force 2 (TF2) was a success; the attack on the LTTE frontline on Mundirippu left 7 LTTE cadres dead where 2 bodies of slain cadres were recovered. Two brigades of the 61 division have also been deployed to battlefield.

The Special Task Force (STF) was able to arrest the leader of a credit card scam (identified as Nesanayagam Muruganayam) in Wellawatte last week. The suspect has confessed to have earned more than Rs 500 million from credit card fraud, of which the majority of the money was 'donated' to the LTTE. After the STF made the bust, the investigations were handed over to the CID. However the future of these investigation is not clear as suspect's links with several senior police officers in Mount Lavinia and Moratuwa have been found. There senior officers are allegedly discouraging the progress of the investigations. As we reported earlier, corruption on the part of  some high ranking police officials in Mount Lavinia and Moratuwa has only made LTTE operations in Colombo easier.

Meanwhile another senior LTTE operative was arrested in Colombo last week. This individual, who was once a director of the Film Corporation, is suspected to be a key figure behind all major LTTE bombings in Colombo in the recent past. Several more arrests were made following his confession, of which more details cannot be posted as of yet.

Friday, June 20, 2008

LTTE Intelligence wing leader for Trincomalee district killed

LTTE's intelligence wing leader for southern Trincomalee district was killed by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) yesterday. The LTTE cadre who was identified as 'Thangan' was shot and killed by the army in Neelapola, on the 19th. Although the LTTE does not have permanent bases in the Trincomalee region, members from their intelligence wing are known to maintain presence in the area.

Meanwhile the SLA operations into LTTE held Wanni are progressing gradually. The operations, continuing on 3 fronts (Vavuniya, Mannar and Weli Oya) are pushing LTTE defenses to their limits. Apart from the conventional units, army is using special forces and commando units to conduct deep battlespace operations. A week ago, a team of army commandos ambushed LTTE's Mannr district leader inside LTTE held territory. The leader, who was traveling in a motorcycle, managed to escape the blast however his bodyguard (who was traveling in another motorcycle around 50m away from the target) was caught in the explosion and killed.

Meanwhile more than 30 LTTE cadre have been killed in fighting in the Northern province for the last 3 days while 5 soldiers laid their lives and another 15 more suffered injuries.

Monday, June 16, 2008

12 killed, over 20 injured in suicide blast : Vavuniya

12 Police personnel were killed and nearly 30 were injured in a deadly Tamil Tiger suicide bombing near the SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) office building in Vavuniya today morning. The bomber, who was riding a motor cycle, exploded himself the entrance of the police station.

More such attacks are expected as the LTTE is facing increased pressure from the military in the north. It was only two days ago (14th) the police arrested 6 LTTE suspects (including one woman) with explosives in Wattala area.

Friday, June 13, 2008

27 child soldiers released - LTTE

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) today (13th) claimed that they had released 27 child soldiers who were previously recruited by the outfit. According to the LTTE, there are 30 more child soldiers in their ranks, whom they will be releasing in the near future. According to our information, the number of child soldiers still in LTTE's ranks is more than 100 times the number declared by the tigers. These somewhat humorous claims by the LTTE comes at a time when seven divisions of the Sri Lanka Army are in the process of surrounding LTTE's northern stronghold.

It is no secret that the LTTE engages in forcible recruitment to expand the manpower of the organization. It is believed that the manpower of LTTE is somewhere between 20000 and 30000, including the so called civilian militia. Child soldiers play a strong role in the outfit, completely different to the one partrayed by LTTE's claims today. When fresh fighting broke out in 2006, SLA units intercepting LTTE radio transmissions were able to monitor new LTTE formations with new callsigns, indicating that the rebels never stopped recruiting, even during the ceasefire agreement. Most of the less experienced and young fighters of the LTTE are assigned to forward defence line positions to face the battle hardened formations of the Sri Lanka Army. There have been occasions where the Army recovered bodies of child soldiers killed in battle and returned them to the LTTE. In such occasions, pro LTTE Tamilnet could be observed reporting "X number of bodies of youth, which the SLA claims are of LTTE fighters, were handed out" or in a similar format, while never directly accepting that they were in fact child soldiers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sea Tigers attack SLN outpost : Mannar

Sea going arm of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) mounted an attack on SLN detachment in Erukkalampiddi in Mannar today dawn. 3 SLN personnel were killed and another 4 more were wounded in the incident. Tigers lost one of their boats along with 4 of their members due to SLN retaliatory fire. According to available information 6 sea tiger boats were used in the attack.

Sea tigers who had control of the base for a brief period of time were able to capture few weapons stationed in the outpost including a LAW launcher, two 81mm mortars and a 50 cal machine gun. However the attacked outpost was not one of main SLN bases as claimed by some pro rebel media. The area was later secured with the help of SLN reinforcements. The tigers have been carrying out a series of similar hit and run attacks on naval outposts in the recent times.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force bombers have bombed the LTTE frontline at Muhamalai at least 3 times within two days. Many locations on the frontline were targeted and the raids have been declared a 'success' by the SLAF.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More troops to the Northern front as LTTE pounds on civilian targets

The Sri Lanka Army's ongoing operation into the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) heartland Wanni will be reinforced by two new divisions; the 61 division and the Task Force 2. With the inclusion of new divisions, the total number of SLA divisions taking part in the operation has risen to 7; 53, 55, 57, 58 (TF1) 59, 61 and TF2.

61 division will be commanded by Major General Athula Jayawardena while TF2 will be commanded by Brigadier Ralf Nugera. Already, two brigades of the 61 division ( 61-1 brigade and 61-2 brigade) have been deployed to the Northern front to assist the ongoing operations. SLA hopes to open new fronts in the Wanni battle through the latest deployments.

Meanwhile the LTTE has been blaming the army's 'DPU' for a series of attacks on civilians in un-cleared areas. Sri Lanka Army's Long Range Surveillance units did carry out several attacks in LTTE held territory during the past month. Special Forces units from the 3rd Special Forces regiment (3SF), Commando units from 3rd Commando Regiment as well as military intelligence corps took part in these attacks. However we have credible information that suggest that none of these attacks harmed civilians in any way. Deep battlespace operations are not easy to perform and each and every such mission has a specific, pre determined target. Being a conventional army, the SLA gains nothing by attacking civilians in deep battlespace ops (or in any other operation as a mater of fact) other than risking the lives of probably the best soldiers in its service. Usually the target of such ops is a senior LTTE cadre, intelligence wing member or a powerful regional leader.

Meanwhile the 59 division moving forward from Weli-Oya front was locked in fierce firefights and artillery duels with the LTTE fighters who are putting up formidable resistance. After the fall of Munagam base last week, LTTE's major military base in the area, the 1-4 (one-four) base, is now in 59 division's firing line. Infantry units have breached the forward defence lines in multiple locations during fighting which occurred yesterday and today. 10 SLA soldiers were KIA and a further 35 were WIA in these encounters. LTTE casualties are unknown.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Explosion in Kandy

A public transport bus was hit by an explosion near the teacher's training college in Polgolla a short while ago. The bus was traveling from Mathale to Kandy when the incident occurred.

Update: 2 dead and 9 injured.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have been carrying out a series of bomb attack against civilian targets (mainly public transports) in Colombo and suburbs in the recent past, in their campaign for a mono ethnic homeland.

Bus hit by explosion - Moratuwa / Katubedda road

A public transport bus ( 29 SRI 1895) was hit by an explosion today morning causing heavy civilian casualties. The bus was caught in the explosion while it was on the move on 255 bus route, at a location between Piliyandela and Katubedda.

Update: At least 20 killed and over 60 injured.

The blast bears all hallmarks of a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attack.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SLAF helicopter gunships attack LTTE bunker line : Periyamadhu

Mi-24 helicopter gunships of SLAF's 9th attack helicopter squadron launched an aerial strike on an LTTE bunker line in Periyamadhu region today morning. The aerial raid was launched in parallel to a ground troops advance of the army's 57 division in the same area.

Meanwhile SLA/ SLN casualty figures of the LTTE assault on Chi'ruththeevu island are now available. According to our information 3 SLN soldiers and 1 SLA soldier perished in the attack.

In other news LTTE has once again accused the Sri Lanka Army's "DPU" of carrying out an attack against civilians. According to pro LTTE media 6 civilians have been killed in the attack. Army's Special Forces and Commando units do penetrate enemy lines to conduct deep battle space operations inside LTTE held territory. The attacks are not carried out at random as pro LTTE media suggests. All targets (which include NO civilian targets as per our information) are verified several times using various intelligence sources before the actual assault is carried out. Carrying out random strikes in enemy territory may not only yield the desired results but will also increase the risk of covert unit blowing its cover.

Despite the credibility of this allegation, there is one more fact that needs attention. Whenever pro LTTE media has carried out a similar story, the LTTE has followed up with a devastating attack on a civilian target in the south. This time may not be an exception.