Thursday, June 26, 2008

Massive air strikes on LTTE positions

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has attacked more than 4 LTTE positions in the north during yesterday (25th) and today (26th).

The first air attack of yesterday was on a LTTE bunker line around 2km ahead of the Weli Oya forward defence line. Air Force used helicopter gunships to attack the target in this instance. Around half an hour later, SLAF bombers attacked 3 LTTE artillery positions south of Muhamalai FDL. Intelligence sources indicated that an LTTE artillery expert identified as "Iniyawan" has suffered injuries in this air raid.

Two more aerial attacks on LTTE positions in the northern front was launched today (26th) morning. Helicopter gunships attacked a small LTTE based located North of Andankulam at around 6am while bombers raided an LTTE training facility north of Vedithalaithivu. LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment.


  1. DN,
    It is said that after reaching thannimurrikku, a 3kM X 10kM open paddy fields could be to the Greater advantage of the Ltte...
    What keep the forces from going round it?
    Isnt this open paddy fields something our forces encountered in the Mannar front?
    What make this plot of land simmilar to Muhamalai geographycally rather than a Mannar field?
    Snippers Mortars & Anti tank Weapons from distance would make it difficult to cross through...But why not round?
    (I dnt know much of the Geography of the Area...)But I think waterways & tanks have something to do with it...
    Can you give more insight?

  2. the right mix of gunships and jets.

    andankulam area seems to be a very important place given by the number of air strikes it had from last year (more than 6??).

    SLAF has definitely improved on ground support. the way to go.

    however, to increase effectiveness attacks should be co-ordinated when there is an active battle raging on.

  3. refers to some air attacks at muhamale.

    The overall strategy for the war should be to keep brims burning.

    It is like a wick in a coconut lamp. The wick burns until oil is there in the lamp. Once all the oil is consumed the flame goes off.

    To enable this strategy we must make use of our advantage of air superiority and build on it.

  4. Thanks Defencenet,

    You made my day! And I am not alone.

  5. Guys,

    Mother Of All Miscalculations

    Take your Casio scientific calculator out, type in -2 and square it, pressing down the corresponding button; you get -4 and it is wrong. Because the square of a negative number must be positive.

    Now, tell this to your mate, who sits next to you. If he is a chap who tries to outsmart you, he might say, "Oh, you should have typed in that like (-2) and then squared it." I bet, he says that only after, the guy, himself making the same mistake. Casio manuals don't say that nor do the buttons indicate it.

    So, folks, beware of calculators, if you rely on them too much at the expense of inherent mental faculties.

    Calculators make mistakes and in calculations!!

    Sir Clive Sinclair, the British genious, invented the calculator, in seventies. He pioneered quite a few inventions and ran his own enterprise, but not very successful though.

    As far as his buisness is concerned, it was a failure. He was good at inventing, but not good at marketing the products. When did you last hear a calculator, made in Britain, with an eye-cathing brand name?

    He did a miscalculation too, folks. That's why he failed in his buisness mission. Someone else thrived and you know who - the Japanese.

    Sir Sinclair is a head of an organization - MENSA - with people who have an IQ, that is higher than of the ordinary folks - not necessarily educated folks: make the distinction between the educated and intelligent, please; they are not the same; look around you, if you need further proof.

    Poor Qrious was, once a member of this organization, but lost the membership, for not renewing it for two consecutive years. Qrious did a miscalculation too and lost the connection with this mildly-prestigious body.

    Are there any other folks who do miscalculations? Yes, a lot of them. So, who are they? Please, be patient folks.

    Banks in Europe and America are going through the worst financial crisis since the great depression in the 1920's. The experts coin two phrases for it: sub prime mortgage crisis and credit crunch. This is serious stuff, guys. Take the bloody technical terms, that the so-called experts throw at you off and it just boils down to this: you lent money to folks who can't pay it back, while knowing very well that it is the case; then you moan about it and scratch the head when you can't balance the books; it is as simple as that. Most of the major banks in Europe now go cap in hand to their share holders, both minor and major, begging of money to boost their depleting reserves.

    Financial experts and bankers do miscalculations too and of gigantic proportions.

    Kids, especially in the west, were given a free ride in the recent past: pressure for study taken off, based on expert advice that says it hinders juvenile growth; they ended up being lazy, obese and TV and game addicts. Now the authorities try to reverse this trend and it proves very costly. When the West sneezes we normally catch the cold; parents are warned against blind emulation!

    Child experts do miscalculations too.

    Can you think of anyone who did a miscalculation who makes the above all just the specks of dust on the table top, folks?

    Yes, there is one. "Where does he live," you may ask. "In a bunker," I would say. "Why does he live like that?" you may ask."By pure choice," I may reply.

    The chap in question is our dear old Prabha - the folk who entertain us with his own brand of fireworks. He is a man credited with so many perfect calculations - Rajive Gandhi, President Premadasa, Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam, to name but a few.

    However, this is how he got caught in his big miscalculation:

    A few years ago, in the presidential election of his his neighbour - Sri Lanka, the country next to where he is the Head of State - he acted as if he was in favour of one candidate. The candidate, buoyed by the support from this powerful source, pin his hope on this gentleman who was not that gentle, up until last minute, only to find out, that he has actually been decieved. As far as this politician is concerned, it is his greatest political miscalculation; it cost him reputaion, dignity and a sizeable section of party stalwarts.

    However, the man who instigated all this is paying even a higher price.

    He played the same old game: ceasefire was violated and put the blame on the security forces; the army chief was attacked and the foreign minister was murdered and denied they were behind it putting the blame squarely on Ellalan, whatever that means; Mavilaru sluice gates were closed leaving thousands of acres of paddy field dry; he did all that while his mouthpiece, a chap called Thamil Chelvam, was issuuing the thinly-veiled threats of consequences of apocolyptic scale. And above all, this time, he played this trick with a man who was a tower of charisma and has a firm backbone.

    When the radial distance to his hide-out from the army FDL gets smaller and smaller, I can just imagine the kind of things that cross his mind. I can just think of one thing, among thousands of others. He may be thinking he did a miscalculation last time around.

    Yes, he did and it is the mother of all.

    I think god Murugan is going to tell him this time, "Time is up, little man; be prepared."

    Call it transition or annhilation - according to your camp.

  6. Brace yourselves for another civilian massacre:

  7. A thought..

    Could the LTTE use carders who die in the war front to set up scenarios like this to discreadit DPU and use thier dead carders even after death.

    Anyway its only a thought because looking at the age of the dead its brings that doubt in my mind.

  8. This is what I understand looking at tamilnet reports of DPU attacks:

    SLA sends its most skilled, best trained personnel deep behind enemy lines with the most advanced weapons and equipment available to the SLA.

    Primary objective:
    Launch claymore attacks on clearly identified civilian targets. At least one target must be engaged per week.

    Secondary objective:
    Ensure no LTTE cadre gets injured or killed in their attacks. All DPU personnel must take extreme care when choosing their targets and make sure the selected target is 100% non-military.

  9. Guys,

    The IGP is to retire soon; any idea about the potential replacement for the curiosity of an expatriate?

    I assume and pray that the seniority is not the only criteria the Ministry of Defence look at.

    Our police has a lot of catching-up to do, if they ever want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other service commanders.

    Please respond with your own thoughts. This is a blog, after all.

  10. we hide our causalities to public, they publicize their "Maha weerars" with snaps... they do update their death tool in detail ya.

    Ape soldaduwo gena api adambarawenawa.

  11. Chamal-
    Wonder why DPU units has to go that far to attack civilians.
    I think Tamilnet writers trying for a new job as a Joker.

  12. Crimewatch,
    [Ape soldaduwo gena api adambarawenawa.

    You cant call members of LTTE as "soldaduwo".

    Kohomadha oya adambara wenne?
    Because of "Weerawanakkam" Title?? LoL :)


    Periyamdu falls to SLA..


    Thank you for the updates.

  14. [Ape soldaduwo gena api adambarawenawa.]


    Every soldier and their loved ones affected by this fake cause, are entitled to free land from Elaam, aka Doomzahm... Tha't more that a poster!

    The project is now gathering momemtum... just be prepared to pee in the pants.... when that fairytale homeland lands on the laps of our troops.

    Thank you for all your support and opportunity to Srilankanize the the entire NE which is waking up the daydreaming Tamil separatists for good.

  15. "Wonder why DPU units has to go that far to attack civilians.
    I think Tamilnet writers trying for a new job as a Joker."

    Well the hilarious part is they sometimes call regular infantry teams as DPU. There was a time when every small attack team of SLA was a DPU in Mannar front. However the stories all ended up with LTTE 'defeating' the 'DPU'.

  16. And there is this huge confusion on why the Indian delegation came to SL. From what we know, they mainly came here to discuss the security of upcoming SAARC summit. That suicide blast near WTC and some latest arrests confirmed some findings by the MI and this may have triggered the arrival.

  17. CrimeWatch

    Ape soldaduwo gena api adambarawenawa

    Of course, you do. I think you go much further than that, mate!

    You admire their footware, attractive uniform and the style of their walk too.

    I doubt you stop at that.

    If you admire the footsoldiers that much, I can only imagine your admiration for its founder and his attractive wife.

    I am sure you wouldn't share your admiration between the two equally. Come on man, you must be having a poster of hers in your bedroom.

    Fancy her, and neither Prabha nor Pottu will catch you, I gurantee.

    When you engage in that business, we will watch crime and you watch yourself. Let's just swap our roles around.

  18. LTTE die-arse-pora is falsely shouting saying 'Sinhala government is doing Tamil genocide', in order to hoodwink naive IC.

    Hey, in the recently liberated East also Tamils are a large portion of the population.

    If the LTTE claims are true about Tamil genocide, then the Sri Lankan government should be going and killing Tamils in the East and the other parts of the country too. But why it is not happening?

    That shows itself what a load of BS that LTTE is giving to the naive international community.

    The Amnesty International, HRW, BBC, UN, IRC and many other international bodies are being infected and infested by LTTE stooges. They carry out false discrimination, genocide, disappearances campaigns against the Sri Lankan government. These international bodies fall into LTTE vermin's bullocks and issue statements against Sri Lanka.

    On the other hand, the LTTE use those statements that have been generated out of IC bodies' own ignorance and naivety to creating more buzz and obtain more mileage against Sri Lanka.

    The process is as follows,

    1. LTTE draft the anti-Sri Lankan PR campaign
    2. They chart all the parties that they need to include in the agenda
    3. They create all the false allegations, artiles, letters, documents etc and push through various LTTE front-end organisations in consorta.
    4. The multi-pronged massive push confuses and shatters filtering mechanisms of UN, IRC, HRW, IA, and the foreign governments they have put in place to veto such claims
    5. Then the sheer pressure push them to responds in ways of statements, threats, visits etc etc.
    6. Then LTTE use these statements, threats, visits of 'recognized' international bodies as legitimate sources and push their agenda further. By this time, everyone has forgotten the initial source of these claims. This second round of push seems highly legitimate to the naive outsider, because now this secondary claims coming from 'recognized' international bodies.
    7. Then LTTE call that PR campaign a success and move onto the next steps.

    The recent HR charges against Sri Lanka exactly followed the above path. These attacks comes in waves. They come in waves because they have been pre-planned and the whole stockpile is unloaded at once. The stockpile pass through as a multi-pronge simultaneous attack.

    The slow period is being used to plan and stockpile the next attack.

    Initially, it came as personal attacks to President, then it came as personal attack to Gota, then it turned personal attacks to Basil. Fortunately, the general masses of Sri Lanka did not fall onto those traps.

    Then the Muttur massacre case came as a big wave - when it was found from the enquiry that ACF itself to be blamed this attack withered aways and ACF pulled out hiding the actual reasons.

    The next and the biggest the mightiest of all was false HR violations accusations against the GOSL (any government who fight against ruthless terrorists would have to 'balance' HR issues as most important is the lives of the general masses than an individual).
    However, Sri Lankan government withstood all these massive attacks that came wave after waves so far with moderate success.

    Now the next wave is brewing about Media Freedom. This was in the back burner for some time, burning little like a small candle, now LTTE has brought this to the front as a part of the overall HR campaign.

    Even though it is very very slow, GOSL is learning and responding to these LTTE orchestrated well crafted anti-GOSL, anti-Sri Lankan PR campaigns. But it is slow, and still weak.

    That's why the general masses who live abroad can expose these LTTE false propaganda by appropriately replying to them. Please do your part too.

  19. "Well the hilarious part is they sometimes call regular infantry teams as DPU. There was a time when every small attack team of SLA was a DPU in Mannar front. However the stories all ended up with LTTE 'defeating' the 'DPU'."

    I'm sorry DN, I have to disagree with you. Tamilnut editor is correct by saying every member of ours are belong to DPU.
    If you get the map out which we had 12 months ago, all of our army members are deep into LTTE Ex-Controlled area now :)

  20. Crimewatch

    "we hide our causalities to public, they publicize their "Maha weerars" with snaps... they do update their death tool in detail ya"

    First of all I am confused whom did you referred to as “We” here. By any chance if you are talking about SLA I think you have got it grossly wrong.

    Do you think that these posters of dead LTTE terrorists are pasted all over Vanni? I do not think so. These posters have been created for their internal information purposes. Probably for the LTTE itself to know that that the terrorists in question have died. There is no public information campaign as such from LTTE. The chances are that the SLA scared the daylights out of the terrorists and all had to run for their lives leaving these docs.

    On the other hand SLA casualties are not hidden from the public. All the concerned / affected individuals/relatives of the fallen heroes are well informed and given the highest honor. The forces are doing the best they can for the fallen heroes.

    As for publicizing of information putting aside government media, the other best examples are DN and DW. Both the sites have been giving out most accurate details over a period of time. And, face it that’s why you are hanging out in these two sites as well.

    And today “We” have one more reason to be cheered up ! Periyamadu is captured.

  21. Guys,

    Tiger sympatheisers show a range of odd behaviour: some get drunk; some drink their urine while thanking late India premier, Mr Moraji Desai; some leave their girl friends in favour of prostitutes; some beat up their wives for any trivial reasom imaginable; some massage the data - casualty with death and vice versa.

    Judging by this catalogue, you may think a psychological aberration of seismic proportions, is about to break out. And you want to run away from them too.

    Don't be alarmed folks. It is not that.

    This is what our old sages always warned you against; this is simply haunting.

    There is a limit to how long you can go on committing bloody acts and then glorifying them. Then the reverse starts and you find no respite.

    Inevitable dualism bisects the world around us: man-woman; good-evil; ugly-pretty; ambitious-modest; day-night; left-right; up-down. The list goes on.

    If Prabha and his henchmen think they can dictate that too, they are not just wrong, outright stupid and ignorant too.

  22. [The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Vanni told reporters Thursday that their fighters confronted the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) from 8:30 a.m. till 3:20 p.m. at Paalamoaddai in Vavuniyaa claiming that 8 SLA troopers were killed and 24 wounded. Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Army officials in Colombo claimed that their troops have brought Periya Madu in Maanthai West of Mannaar district, under their control. - TAMILNUT ]


    The fearsome LTTE 'Command and Control Centre' is no longer there in Mannar? Only 'officials' in Vanni doing the talking on behalf of the LTTE 'fighters' in Mannar?

    Oh my money!

  23. Qrious,

    As you correctly say, the square of a negative number (say -2) is equal to a positive number (-2 x -2 = +4). If your Casio gives you a -4 then there is something wrong indeed with your calculator. My Casio gives me an accurate +4. I argue that modern calculators are accurate.

    Not trying to be ”the chap who tries to outsmart you”, steal your thunder or negate the point you’re trying to put across…

  24. "The fearsome LTTE 'Command and Control Centre' is no longer there in Mannar? Only 'officials' in Vanni doing the talking on behalf of the LTTE 'fighters' in Mannar?"

    There is a change of the type of language used in tamilnut.... even in the article that defencenet pointed out, it says 'TE police said' instead of 'LTTE said'. It's like they are trying to make it look more 'official', that they have a formal kind of system in their territory.

  25. looks like tamilnut has dropped Z.


  26. [And there is this huge confusion on why the Indian delegation came to SL. From what we know, they mainly came here to discuss the security of upcoming SAARC summit. That suicide blast near WTC and some latest arrests confirmed some findings by the MI and this may have triggered the arrival.]

    LOL! day by day, DN is adding silverware to his hall of fame career.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. pakka lanka,
    try -2 then X to the power 2 button. Seems it takes - seperately then square of 2 which is 4 giving
    -4 !!!

  29. defencenet, your blog is full of shit, according to your ur army is incapable of making a single mistake and would not even think about touching a civilian, you started this blog in a descent manner and now have just changed into another, at least defencewire has some sort of objections towards some things the government and SLDf does and does a much better job of reporting. Your reporting is just another pro government one sided crap blog.

  30. Thiru ,

    You are absolutely correct . can you do us a favour . please stop visting this site and commenting since this is crap . so you will feel happy . we will also be happy :):)

  31. Since DN started to cook stories and numbers, some folks are having mathematical problems here such as square of -2.

    Do not be hard on DN who possibly a son of some military colonel, may be, he attends A/L classes. His father is grooming him for next legend..LOL!

  32. Stupid Tamilnut once published a story of Balasinham apologizing for murdering Rajiv Gandhi. After few hours that article disappeared from Tamilnut.

    Likewise zeebra conspiracy has vanished in no time. :-)

  33. [ Prabha gets personally involved

    Military Intelligence has observed a higher level of involvement of LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in organising LTTE defensive and offensive formations in recent times. Analysts accredit this to two factors, the first being the importance of this war to the organizations survival and the second being a dearth of experienced cadres.

    The same degree of urgency and determination is not being demonstrated by some quarters of the Army. Although Lt. Gen. Fonseka has a good plan and ample confidence in his own ability, appointment of certain stooges into crucial positions may prove futile at the end.

    COs of a battalion have demonstrated more courage and determination than some of the present-day Brigade Commanders in the Army. Some of them are reluctant to take risks or formulate bold plans. COs, who have command over only one battalion have taken the initiative over some Brigade Commanders despite the latter having command over three battalions.

    The region hardest hit by the dearth of leadership is Weli Oya and the 59 Division. The stand-by or battle-preparedness of certain Brigade Commanders is very low, which is starting to slow the pace down in this crucial area. What happens in Weli Oya is directly connected to the East and what happens in the East is directly connected to the South.

    The area the 59 is concentrating on is much more crucial than the areas of operations of the 57, 58 and Task Force 2 (58 is Task Force 1. Task Force 2 is operating east of the A-9). A Task Force is smaller than a Division, with around 3000 troops. A Division in the Sri Lanka Army has around 7000 troops). The terrain, the defence-in-depth and the strategic importance of Weli Oya cannot be easily ignored.

    Another issue plaguing the Military in this area is a lack of understanding between the Sri Lanka Army and the Sri Lanka Navy. Alampil and Kililai Lagoon are important strong-points of the LTTE Sea Tigers and any attempt to capture these areas must be done from both land, air and, of course, the sea. ] by Defensewire

    We should have our THE BEST guys commanding the division in this critical time of need!!!

  34. [Another Eastern Insurgency?

    LTTE is preparing for a long insurgency campaign in the Eastern Province again. Details of this plan have emerged with a recent speech given by the LTTE's 'Special Commander' to the East, Keerthi. Random sporadic attacks have also increased.

    Keerthi, in his address had claimed they were waiting for an opportunity to launch a massive attack on military installations and targets of opportunity in the East. This threat comes in the wake of renegade LTTE fighter and present-day Chief Minister of the East, Pillayan alias Kubeiran and his followers have removed themselves from the war effort and are spending much of their time inside small camps in the interior of Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa or engaging in political campaigns.

    Last Sunday, the Sri Lanka Army overran a landing point of the LTTE situated inside Pulmoddai Jungles and recovered a wide array of survival equipment, dry rations etc. Jungle paths from the landing point had led into the Somawathi Wildlife Sanctuary. From here Tigers would cross into Kumburupitiya/Kmburupiddi and cross the Trinco-Habarana/Habarana-Kantale road in small groups at night.

    Military Intelligence claim that some Muslim woodcutters are engaged in a racket, particularly in Batticaloa, of transporting various goods to Tigers hiding inside the jungles of Paduwaankarai. The Sri Lanka Army, except for a few Military Intelligence units, has removed itself for the most part from the East. The Special Task Force and the Air Force are in control of much of Batticaloa and Ampara.

    The Sri Lanka Navy handles security in the Trincomalee Town and Gravets area, but the Sri Lanka Air Force is in control of the vital Habarana-Trincomalee road. A key strong-point of the Tigers has been the village of Thampalakaamam/Thambalagamuwa, whose Tamils are still mainly pro-LTTE.

    Tiger crossings from the Naval Headworks Sanctuary to Sittaru is allegedly facilitated by LTTE contacts at Thambalagamuwa. A few weeks ago, an LTTE Intelligence head called Palilan was shot dead in this area by MI.

    Sources told this site that less than 30% of the villagers in Thambalagamuwa had participated in the recent election in the East. It is estimated that several hundred Jeyanthan Brigade cadres have arrived in the East in small batches, thanks to this network of jungles and safehouses. ] by Defensewire

    We should be careful of major attack in East with the help of pro -tiger cells inside. We should keep a good eye for all pro-tiger sympathizers in the East.

  35. Anton Balasingham on Rajiv Killing

  36. Theru & to other LTTE loosers do something useful go and XXXX your self. We dont have time to read your stupid long articles.
    srilankan friends we have the every reason to enjoy the success of our brave forces at the moment. Looking forward to the day that pig rat praba will be captured by the Army.
    How they going to kill him when he 's been captured ?
    cremating alive!!!

  37. Theru & to other LTTE loosers do something useful go and XXXX your self. We dont have time to read your stupid long articles.
    srilankan friends we have the every reason to enjoy the success of our brave forces at the moment. Looking forward to the day that pig rat praba will be captured by the Army.
    How they going to kill him when he 's been captured ?
    cremating alive!!!

  38. Pakka-lanka said,


    As you correctly say, the square of a negative number (say -2) is equal to a positive number (-2 x -2 = +4). If your Casio gives you a -4 then there is something wrong indeed with your calculator. My Casio gives me an accurate +4. I argue that modern calculators are accurate.

    No, hard feelings, mate; it is a perfectly legitimate fact.

    However, in the part of the western Europe where I live, all most all Casio calculators, make this mistake and it is unofficially official - school kids are warned about this problem, when they use them in exams. It is not the only mistake it makes - there is a catalogue of mistakes due to hastily-arranged algorithms. I didn't include them in the post as I just wanted to add a flavour to my argument in the post.

    su used the calculator in the intuitive way, and he proved my point: -2 and use the button for squaring it x. We still get there.

    Bhairav said,

    Since DN started to cook stories and numbers, some folks are having mathematical problems here such as square of -2.

    You are drunk, I conclude. Who said that squaring -2 is a problem?

    You may not have a mathematical problem. But I can give a mathematical index for a problem you are facing right now. It is fear, mate, it is fear, no matter what gloss you are going to put around it. It is fear.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, your index of fear now stands at 7. It is inversely propotional to the distance between the FDL of the army and the central bunker of the LTTE: the shorter the distance, the higher the index.

    Standing on index 7, you get headaches. Wait till it gets to 8, you are going to get migraine, I warn you.

    What happen to you when it gets to 9 and 10 is bloody scary.

    On the second point, what are you going to say? Give facts. You just accuse the DN without a trace of evidence.

    Make your accusation clear in such a way that he can clarify if he got something wrong. He has done it in the past; I have seen it.

    You started off with -2 and then on DN. You were all over.

    Sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas. This is what happened to you all, who come here to intimidate us. You got it wrong, mate.

    Go to your wife or girl friend and have a violent session of sex and relieve of yourself silly attitudes too with that special liquid, along an alternate passage.

    It is much more honourable than making a contribution to multiplying the wrong species.

  39. Good to see the Mi-24's engaged in CAS. Air support is such a huge advantage for ground troops.

  40. LTTE rebels sourcing explosives from India


  41. Regarding alleged DPU activity ...

    I believe the more reasonable explanation is that the locals are running into defensively placed claymores. The ltte would not wish to report the truth or risk alienating the population and the diaspora.

  42. bloodyrav,

    can you please translate the crap (bcos of its source) so that we will all know the "secret behind the current vanni operation".

  43. Bhairav can u translate it for us... :)

  44. Bhairav,
    I have some respect for you as you show some inteligence intermittently like a tube light trying to light fully. My only hope is that you will be a full tube light one day.

    In the meantime, can you please give a summary of that article in English for us.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. In the first para they say,
    [SLDF have started Liberating the Wanni on 22.02.2007. now it is more than 16 months and still there is no progress.. and we can say they have started another Jayasikuru..]
    + Bullshit

    Don't worry guys. This is only for Tamil Diaspora for funds.

  47. a good situation brief published by, you all should read.

    it has stated all 13 division's details/ where they are in now, what and what captured by SLDF... etc etc

    still reading..
    i wish if some body can translate it to english will be better

  48. DN,
    The Muhamalai LTTE FDL was attacked by using about 10 jets some time back(I think a couple of Months back). LTTE used Dozers to dug out their dead.
    Before the Air strike you know what we did right?
    This was like an English War movie.

    DN, What if we move forward from muha FDL and Naga FDL?I know the terrain is open but with a massive air strike cant we move towards kili?

    What are your thoughts about it?

  49. Off topic but very interesting. A guy at German Tech in Rathmalana has invented an equipment which can use water instead of fuel for vehicles.

    What talent we have in this country. Government should help these talented guys to come out and deliver amazing things like these.

  50. miliya

    Must protect him, u know
    mr kulasekara? OUR Govt didn't give him a proper support to him, Said "Pissa", Now trains are running on a concrete platform na.

    said person can make sri lanka a gem.

  51. I am really afraid of whether SLA is ready to face the coming LTTE onslaught in the Manal aaru region.

    Something big is planned by Prabhakaran. DPU and airstrikes attacks must increase to kill senior figures and also to disrupt plans. They should also destroy all culverts and bridges to slow down the movement of LTTE vehicles.

    Also to those who are curious.

    Prabhakarans children all live in wanni.

    Dwaraka is studying in Vannitech in Kilinochi

    Balachandran is studying in the international school in kilinochi town

    Charles Anthony is leading LTTE air wing.

    I really hope they get killed soon because they are hard core eelamists

  52. Hey, why are we talking about Sri lanka?
    if this is true and practical do you know how it will change the whole world?
    1/ This guy is going to be filthy rich (The next Bill Gates)

    2/The world economy is going to be changed like never before(Transport , prodution costs and other stuff gonna come down)

    This july i am going to Sri Lanka then i will meet this guy.

  53. kaati,

    thanks for the info.

    what you say may be the otherside of the DW story. VP has a history of mostly successes.

    re: dwarka,
    what i heard was that she was against the movement now. anyway all info. about them are not 100% accurate.

  54. Katikuduppan/Mole,

    Agree with you mate. Few peoples death can save thousands of lives.. Hope DPU/SLAF take them early. It will be the gift for innocent Tamils who have forcefully recruited.

  55. Prabharan is like a one man super computer. A real genius.

    I think the killing of his kids or wife will make him really angry and make a hasty move rather than the well calculated one he is going to do now.

    Dwaraka is a hard core eelamist and is going to get married to the son of Colonel Shankar

  56. pundey eelam
    b4 the experts chime in, i doubt we have the capacity to clear vast areas of terrain with our existing SLAF equipment and armaments...
    we don't have the aircraft to "carpet bomb" and clear terrain to enable an easy advance for out ground troops...
    And with present tactics and machinery all we can do is take out specific targets that are spread over a designated area...
    And also chances are, ltte must be well dug in with reinforced bunkers, tunnels etc etc that can take some beating

  57. on second thought... cant we use Napalm on these FDL's????

  58. After heavy fighting at Chiraddikulam Vavuniya (24) LTTE bodies recovered by Army with a lot of weapons on 26

    imagine that on a ltte fdl...
    I'm sure our Migs can carry these bombs and drop em from a quick low high speed pass over fdl's..
    anyone have any idea why we no longer use Napalm?????? Is it banned or summin???

  60. Well i think IC dont like use of Naplam & carpet bombing though Americans use it

  61. Siddique Islam - AHN South Asia Correspondent

    Colombo, Sri Lanka (AHN) - At least 69 Tamil Tiger rebels and two security personnel were killed in heavy fighting in the country's restive northern region, the military said on Thursday.

    Clashes since Tuesday left 69 Tiger rebels and two government troops killed in separate clashes across the districts of Vavuniya, Mannar, Mullaitivu and Jaffna, the defense ministry claimed.

    Mi-24 helicopter gun-ships were deployed on Wednesday to hit the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) positions, while ground troops kept up their advance in the coastal Mannar district, the ministry added.

  62. B#1

    where did u get that info?


  64. OMG that's ideal for FDL.. WOW


  65. Malin,

    SMS received from Lankapuwath.

    Can we have brief idea about this Oddusudan area please?

  66. malin
    that info is available on too

  67. Crimewatch,

    As you can read Sinhala, please translate this song to Tamil and tell all of your friends who support LTTE.



  68. guys
    one good thing with Napalm is it gets the job done faster ultimately "saving" many lives from both sides of the fence...
    I don't see why we shouldn't try it to break ltte's failing morale and wipe out their frontline defences..
    psychologically it's a damn effective weapon although it's obviously "inhumane"... but then again we're dealing with the ltte so if it's not banned by the IC don't see why we shouldn't use it...

  69. Tamils need someone on their side, not on their back

    Liberation can come in many different forms. The JVP started as Peoples Liberation Front and so did the PLO

    The question is about what these people really liberate.

    The poor get poorer and the gap between have's and don't-have's is widening. The JVP has been in existence for well over 40 years and the poor didn't see the promised land.

    It is the same with the PLO. Internal squabbles, nepotism and corruption stopped it in the tracks towards liberation. The Palestinians are much worse off now than its founder, late Arafat, was alive.

    Those who say they were going to liberate the Tamils like tigers prove no different.

    There is tragic news about the fate of a family who tried to escape Mulathive by boat.

    This is the tip of the iceberg. There may be hundreds of thousands who suffer the same, but in silence.

    It is ironic that no political telescope ever catches that galaxy of torture. Are they - ordinary people, farmers, street vendors - not smart enough to be caught in their lens?

    When liberators are on your back, when they should be on your side, makes a big difference. It is pain all over.

  70. Wow we.... Looks to me we are going for the faster clean-up process.

  71. (Colombo-Lankapuvath-June 27)

    Troops capture Periyamadu area after 24 years
    Security forces have captured the LTTE stronghold of Periyamadhu in the Mannar front yesterday (26).

    According to the sources, the troops have taken the full control over a 7 square km area in Periyamadhu after 24 years and the security forces are presently conducting operations in the liberated area.


  72. napalm is not banned. however we can simply use burning which is cheaper and achieves the same result.

    MiG27s can carry fuel bombs (not refering to thermobaric ones). these are also very effective.

    I'm sure terrorists have no answer to this type of an attack.

  73. I remember SLAF used Crude oil bombs (something similar) which do massive damage and killed many LTTE also but it came under heavy IC scrutiny at that time because I ve heard after it was dropped it spread oil all over the place and burnt an huge area.

  74. Was it Tar Bombs dont remeber...

  75. I have only one question.
    Where are the following divisions,
    1)The crack black tigers mechanised div
    2)white buffalo div
    3)Pink kangaroo div
    ..have the member of the above immigrated to Canada by showing Canadian immigration pics of the sacred hindu festival of self torture?

  76. B#Anna,

    Every body's wish is that, but want come true with this politicians, these people want let the war end anna. wait and see.

    A average peoples will want come true till these politicians "thanhawa" leave away from them.

    its a default scenario with politicians.

    api nikamma nikang kikammu. sunil edirisinha uda pena pena kiwwath echcharai.

  77. B#1 Anna,

    Listen to Sunil Pereras Song as a return. "lankawe ape lankawe"
    "aruma puduma minissu innawa oi" song
    (sargen Nallathambi type of)

    Owath ahanna sahodara...

  78. Guys,

    The blog is relatively idle today; this is despite the big news that some of our folks highlight, with very high casualty figures.

    According to my man in the defence establishment, the flank towards VIDATTALATIVU is making a significant headway. Other fronts make steady progress that in no way tantamounts to a stalemate, as Defencewire sees it.

    This Defencewire guy emulates Athas; he just blows hot and cold. Very unreliable.

    He doesn't update the site for ages and then comes up with some frustrating news, only to disappear again, and tell us it is his ritual.

    I don't whether it is hide-and-seek or seek-and-hide-and-seek-again. Very puzzling, though.

    For me, he looks like the bandit who raises his head over the parapat wall. Motives cannot be very genuine, with the people who do manouervers of that kind.

    In the absence of big news, let me talk about something topical, to beat off the boredom.

    Going with the flow

    Prabha, the head of the Tigers, send children to military bunkers, after a short initial training: he pinned a tag on them, which is, effectively a passport to their grave, not to the revised homeland - eezam.

    We, folks in the south, say it is child abuse and then condemn it.

    Parents in the south send their kids, aged just three months, to montesori, effectively robbing them of their childhood, and we glorify it.

    We live in a land of contrasts!

    Prabha is a man who had a lot of friends, both national and international. He is the most famous ex-Sri Lankan: everyone knows him; dictionaris have a slot for him.

    Have we produced anyone like that before? "Yes, Mrs Bandaranayake, the first woman prime minister in the world," you may say in defence.
    "Is everyone interested in politics, to recognize her?" the counter argument catches up. We are getting into a very ugly debate. Let's avoid it.

    Praba's friends, dear-and-near ones leave him in droves - fund collectors, over-religious catholic priests, his own daughter, a lass called Duwaraka, according to our mate Moshe.

    So, I decided to extend my hand of frienship to this beleaguered guy. Call me a traitor, if you want, I can live with it.

    However, I am not going to fight for him. On the contrary, my help comes in a different form: it is a tip-off and it is as follows:

    "Tell the UN that the people in the south are also engaged in child abuse - sending kids to montesori, when so small. Just exaggerate the age, and the UN not only loves it, but also thrives on it, mate."

    That is my first tip to the man whom once I hated, but now have a little soft for, purely because people desert him, at the hour of need. This is unfair, folks; grossly unfair.

    What should I say to Prabha, if he ever raises the issue with me?

    "I say the ambition," and Prabha might ask "whose ambtiion?" for which I reply "both kids and parents."

    He might ask how come little kids become ambtious at such a young age. I say the pregnant mothers in the south swallow a capsule of ambition, when the foetus is growing in the womb.

    Prabha might say "I give capsules to our kids too," for which I say "that is of a diffent sort."

    Prabha may say that both lead to destruction. I beg of him to differ.

    I say the first, the cyanide one, is for enforced destruction; and the latter, the montesori, for self-destruction.

    Prabha smiled and absorbed it straight into his soul, pushing the suction pump, to second place.

    This man, who just got the hand of friendship from unexpected quarters, begins to show his true colours. He has an insatiable appetie - for tips, I must insist.

    I begin to feel I held onto proverbial tiger tail - give up and go downhill or hold on until it eats you up.

    My presence of mind came to my rescue at the eleventh hour; I had a brain wave.

    I pretended to be the nicest Sinalese he ever came across. I am in the process of pursuading him to hand over his exact bearings of the place he lives in.

    I will then pass it on to the mates at the air force. So they can come all the way from Katunayake and shower him with rose petals.

    I followed our beloved NGO's. The English calls it going with the flow. Embrace the underdogs first and then destroy them slowly.

    A proven strategy.

  79. Crimewatch,

    Aparadhe... Thamil Chelvam jeewathun athara hitiyanan ne...? :(

    Thanhawata gihin wechcha dhe....

  80. 70 or more LTTE dead-SF

    looks like a major defeat for the LTTE

    DN any info ?


  81. B#1

    Ei yako Panapitin CBK?

    Kotte, Rs. 320 a perch

    Owwa tho wage ponnayonta penne ne bang. tho thoththa baba...

    tho hithuwada Thamil chelvam mage mama kiyala. thopilata thamai ona p*kak preethi wesak.

    Mama tho wage awajathakayek newei.

    kiyanna onawata monawahari type karala sathutuwena ponnayek. tho wage me blog eke benung ahape pa*ayek thawa nethuwa ehi.

    kata deela p*ka narakkaraganne nethuwa, denade kala wenawde balagena hitapang, thoge nuwanata hurui. (sry, umbata nuwanak nene)

  82. For all LTTE supporters

    GOSL Punnakku....enjoy!!!

  83. 25 bodies recovered

    At the present ground situation the recovery % of the dead bodies is less than 10% of the total death. Day by day this percentage will be increase.

    So, my guess is LTTE has lose big number of carders, may be more than 200.

    I think Moshe will come up with a better formula than this.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. "At the present ground situation the recovery % of the dead bodies is less than 10% of the total death."

    Not really. This would be the case if it was a very long battle, and they had sufficient time and cover to extract the wounded and dead. But these days most of the battles are not fought for long, the LTTE withdraws after offering a small resistance. And talking about the present ground situation, I don't think it's too easy for the LTTE to bring vehicles into the battlefield these days, which means that recovering bodies during a battle is almost impossible. And they wouldn't even think about recovering bodies after the battle - how can they, when they can't even recover a square inch of lost ground? It would be sacrificing some more cadres instead of any bodies being recovered. So I'd say that the LTTE recovers far less bodies than the number they leave behind.

  86. Tangara,

    No. Its about a kidnap happen last night at Batikalo.

  87. Crimewatch,

    Who is the dead LTTE leader?

    Can translate the link I gave.?

  88. B#1,

    fighting is raging towards "legendary" andankulam (SLAF has bombed this place at least 6 times for the past 7 months).

    some reports say it has already fallen!!!!

    this shows the significance of it as a LTTE gathering place. obviously they must be coming from a number of directions to gather here.

    so the real casualty figures can be much higher. but 10% recovery rate is somewhat too low, i think. but on the other hand, even SLA cannot recover some LTTE bodies where heavy mortar/arti. fire has been used. and don't forget that even at the prime of jayasikuru or riviresa, we didn't collect a large number of bodies.

    interstingly SLAF jets had flown over killinochchi on monday and tuesday nights without attacking anywhere. what might be their objective?

  89. Chamal,

    You might be correct.

    But we should consider that most of those belonged to the Charles Anthony Brigade. Part of their training is recovery the bodies since leave behind them is biggest victory to the enemy and no propaganda can make against the enemy's victory.

  90. Now, ANDANKULAM Town in Army Hands

    2008-06-27 18:40:05
    MANNAR: Giving a further severe blow to the terrorists fighting for division of the country, triumphant troops of the Army wrested the complete control of the ANDANKULAM town area of about 4 sq km on UIYLANKULAM-NEDUNKANDAL Road, about 2 km north of KARUNKANDAL, MANNAR Friday (27) evening, just two hours before this report was compiled.

    Friday evening’s (27) fall of ANDANKULAM town into the hands of brave soldiers came less than six hours after troops dominated CHIRADDIKULAM area (LTTE 54-Base) in MULLATTIVU district decimating scores of terrorists amidst heavy fighting that continued since Thursday (26) evening. (See Day’s Situation Report, Photos & Highlights)

    The fight for supremacy in ANDANKULAM town area resulted in the death of about 11 Tiger terrorists. Three valiant soldiers sustained injuries and were admitted to hospital. It is believed at least another dozen of terrorists were injured and taken away by pockets of fleeing terrorists further towards the north. Troops have so far recovered one dead body of a terrorist as the dusk fell after the bout of fighting.

  91. Moshe

    Flying unopposed over enemy territory is the same as pissng in his face. It creates a vaccuum of power in areas where the enemy once boasted to hold sway, and it tells the civillians who the real boss is.
    Once the message is trasmitted and received, it is very difficult to change.
    It also reminds Velu and the other cowards who hide behind civillians for protection that we are coming and there's no place to hide.

  92. Interesting opinion by Tropicalstorm.

    I thought it is more related to MI. i.e. to monitor communication networks, and tiger movements inside kili.

  93. TS,

    got a point there. but i sense that there would have been BIGGER expectations.

    should have shed some droppings on the mouths of the MFs.

    it is not SLAF procedure to allow jets to take-off without assigning a target due to very high cost of flying them.

    were they after TAF crap based on some intelligence reports?

  94. Could somebody please tranlslate this. ? Extracted from

    மட்டக்களப்பில் இளம் தமிழ் யுவதி ஒருவர் கடத்தப்பட்டார்
    வெள்ளி, 27 ஜுன் 2008 [நிருபர் அ.மயூரன்]

    நேற்றிரவு 7.45 மணியளவில் மட்டக்களப்பில் இளம் தமிழ் யுவதியொருவர் கடத்திச் செல்லப்பட்டுள்ளதாகத் தெரிவிக்கப்படுகிறது. மட்டக்களப்பு பார் வீதியில் வைத்து இனந்தெரியாத நபர்களினால் குறித்த யுவதி கடத்தப்பட்டுள்ளார்.

    கடத்தப்பட்ட யுவதி தொடர்பில் எவ்விதத் தகவல்களும் இதுவரையில் கிடைக்கப்பெறவில்லை எனத் தெரிவிக்கப்படுகிறது. சமீபகாலமாக கிழக்கில் குறிப்பாக மட்டக்களப்பு பிரதேசத்தில் இளம் தமிழ் பெண்கள் கடத்தப்படும் சம்பவங்கள் அதிகரித்துச் செல்வதாக பிரதேசத் மக்கள் விசனம் தெரிவிக்கின்றனர்.

  95. Pundey Eelam,

    About running a car from water. If the cost of input is lower than the cost of output and the cost of input is lower than the other energy costs per unit basis, then we have a case.

    If the above is true, then the first thing that this guy should do is obtain funds from the Presidential Fund for innovations and obtain a Patent for his invention. A good patent lawyer should draft the patent covering 360 degrees of the invention.

    Then he should try to commercialise his invention. That would not be an easy task at all.

    If I were to believe the conspiracy theorists, this guy's life would be in grave danger if his invention is a true ground breaker -he would be killed and his invention would be destroyed by the Global Oil companies. Therefore, he has to do all his ground work in secrecy too, and should not disclose to every Tom and Dick.

    Have you watched the film call "Who killed the Electric Car?". Worth watching.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.


  97. Guys,

    I highly valued the local guys effort.

    Motor vehicles running on Water has been around for the last 2 yeas or so..
    If you go to, you can buy the conversion kits for about 1000 US dollars.

    There is a down side to this ..The Engines will tend to corrode quickly than under Petrol..

    go to google and type, running car on water..

    You will find thousands of links..

  98. Observer,

    Check the B#1's comments...
    It is BS...

  99. Both Rasaiah Illiantharan and Pulithevan have been arrested by Tozi..

    All their close associates have been denied any access to them.


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