Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two LTTE boats destroyed - Pooneryn

Naval Commandos of the Special Boat Squadron destroyed two medium sized LTTE craft near the seas off Pooneryn around 11PM last night. SBS units mounted the attack once they detected the LTTE boats bound to Kalmunai point from Pooneryn coastline. It is believed that all 8 cadres on board were killed in the incident but there is no confirmation yet on this claim. SBS units suffered no casualties.

Meanwhile sporadic fighting was going on in Wanni front near Akkarayankulam and Kokavil areas. In Kolinochchi, tigers have moved most of their offices elsewhere. Confirming previous intel reports, majority of the civilians in Kilinochchi have also been forcibly moved to Puthukuduiruippu and VIshwamadu areas. Gains in Kokavil are significant as the area has been under LTTE control for more than 15 years. Kokavil once housed a small SLA base which the tigers overran in 1990. It is in this battle Capt. Saliya Aladeniya died a heroic death fighting for hours while being outnumbered, outgunned and without reinforcements.

Meanwhile SLAF jets struck a LTTE position north of Vennerikulam yesterday evening at 4PM. SLAF have intensified their Air attacks as intelligence information is now more readily available as a result of army advances deep inside LTTE territory. In other news, Tiger sympathizers across the world have been greatly worried about SLAF’s new weapon; the FAB or the Fuel Air Bomb. SLAF used FABs to engage LTTE targets in Wanni last week, causing panic among tigers and their supports around the globe. Although FAB will not be ideal for Decapitation strikes (due to LTTE safe houses usually built deep underground), it could be used to destroy elite LTTE formations which form the back bone of LTTE’s military machine.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Explosion near Malwaththa Road – Colombo Fort

An explosion occurred in Malwaththa Road, Colombo a short while ago. According to available information 6 vehicles have been damaged in the incident. No human casualties have been reported so far.

It is believed that the bomb was placed inside a parked vehicle.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 dead, 9 injured in LTTE suicide attack in Vavuniya

A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber blew himself up in Vavuniya town today, causing 1 death and 9 injuries. A three wheeler carrying police personnel seemed to be the target. Driver of the three wheeler (a civilian) was killed and 9 others including 7 security forces personnel and 2 civilians sustained injuries. The suicide bomber appeared to have used a bicycle to reach the target. This incident confirms previous intelligence reports of LTTE leadership commanding a group of Black Tigers to carry out a series of attacks against ‘smaller’ targets such as troop transports, in public areas.

Meanwhile a group of LTTE fighters raided a TMVP (Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal) base in Thikiliveddai, Batticaloa today (28th) at 2AM in the morning.  2 TMPV cadres were killed and a further 7 were injured in the incident. Pro LTTE media incorrectly stated that “a joint military and paramilitary camp” was attacked. DefenceNet can confirm that there was no SLA presence in this small TMVP base which was located deep inside jungles north of Batticaloa.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Explosives found in Negombo

More than 150KG of C-4 explosives were uncovered in Kudapaluwa, Negombo yesterday during a search operation. A suicide jacket, detonators and a pair of night vision goggles were also found along with explosives. This latest discovery comes on the backdrop on intelligence warnings on increased Black Tigers activity in Colombo and suburbs. MI warns that several black tiger squads have already infiltrated Colombo to carry our attacks on VVIPs and economic targets as tigers face increasing pressure on the Wanni battlefront.

Meanwhile the army’s 57 division saw the addition of 57-4 brigade as forces prepare for a major push towards Kilinochchi. 57-4 brigade will be commanded by Lt. Colonel Senaka Wijesuriya; a veteran soldier whose leadership played a significant role in the recent capture of Mulankavil and Palampiddi. There are already 3 brigades attached to the 57 division 57-1, 57-2 and 57-3 which have all played their role to perfection in Wanni operation.

Meanwhile the Air Force continued to aggressively engage LTTE targets in Wanni. The latest LTTE facility to be hit in a series of SLAF strikes is a target identified as a black tiger training facility under direct coordination of Pottu Amman. The base was located in Rathnapuran, north of Iranamadu. LTTE casualty details in this raid are not available as of now.

1 soldier was killed and two more were seriously injured when tigers directed artillery fire towards Gurunagar yesterday morning. Both parties exchanged artillery fire for nearly 45 minutes after LTTE shells fell on SLA held territory in Jaffna.

www.srilankanwarheroes.com – In tribute to fallen heroes

There are plenty of sites  that report and discuss current military affairs (DefenceNet included) but there are only a handful sites dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives in the name of the motherland. A new site, srilankanwarheroes.com, dedicated to soldiers who excelled in battlefield and to those who made the supreme sacrifice, went online last week. In addition to information on War Heroes, the site also hosts an Image Gallery.

Click here to visit SriLankanWarHeroes.com.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

LTTE targets near Pooneryn and Kilinochchi hit in SLAF night time bombing raids

The Sri Lanka Air Force was at one point heavily criticized for it’s inability to conduct night missions. Since then, from night time bombing raids (SLAF have been flying night missions for a while now) to an aerial interception of a tiger Zlin at 4AM, the Air Force has definitely improved its night flying capabilities. On the 23rd and 24th of this month, SLAF hit two LTTE targets in Pooneryn and Kilinochchi under the cover of the night; A LTTE safe house in Piramantalkulam, Kilinochci was bombed by Kfir bombers at 8PM on the 23rd while MI-24 gunships raided what was believed to be a LTTE radar installation in Nagavanthurai, Pooneryn yesterday night at 10PM. There are no confirmed details on LTTE casualties in these raids so far.

Meanwhile several civilians in Colombo panicked after mistaking a low flying SLAF PT-6 aircraft for a Zlin143 which the tigers use in their ‘bombing missions’. This was in fact yet another test conducted to verify the proper functioning of the air defence radar system and was nothing out of the ordinary.

In other news 13 bodies of LTTE cadres killed in battles at Akkarayankulam and Mallavi were handed over to the ICRC yesterday. According to SLA sources, more than 40 LTTE cadres have been killed in the past two days on these two fronts alone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Airstrikes continue as troops inch closer to Kilinochchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force continued to pound LTTE targets north of Kilinochchi to support infantry divisions advancing towards the town. 3 targets located north of Akkarayankulam and Vennerikulam have been raided by SLAF bombers in simultaneous bombing missions. Meanwhile ground troops have been inching close to Kilinochchi despite heavy LTTE resistance. 57 division units are currently only 3.5km from the borders of Kilinochchi town and Special Forces units are operating even deeper inside LTTE controlled territory. In Vennerikulam, the 58 division has taken under their control large parts of the massive earth bund the tigers had built earlier. These gains however did not come easy. Both parties have suffered casualties in battles south of Kilinochchi that raged on for the past two weeks. Even bloodier battles are to be expected as troops close in on the de facto capital of the LTTE.

As reported earlier, the LTTE has called in several units deployed in the national front to defend Kilinochchi. SLA’s 55 division, who are also deployed in the same area, have been conducting limited operations although not much publicity was given. For the last 3 days, small attack teams of the 55 division would venture into LTTE front line in Nagarkovil/Kilali and launch hit and run attacks on enemy bunkers on the FDL. On top of continuous pressure mounted by the SLA, recent demise of LTTE’s Kilai area leader has only made matters worse for the LTTE in this front.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Misinformation surrounding gas attack

On the 16th of this month, 16 soldiers of the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) deployed on the frontline were evacuated from the battlefield after they showed signs of breathing difficulty. Initially it looked as if the tigers had used a chemical weapon on the advancing troops. It was later revealed that what the tigers used was CS gas, a non lethal agent that is even used in riot control.

Meanwhile several media institutions published a different story regarding the incident. The following is quoted from The HIndu: “However, a Special Forces soldier in the northern war zone told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a group of his comrades were hit by what appeared to be a burn agent loaded into a shoulder-fired rocket during a battle in the Kilinochchi district on Monday.”. We at DefenceNet would like to confirm that there is no truth whatsoever to this media report. No SLA deaths were caused due to a chemical attack and even the 16 soldiers affected by CS gas have returned to battlefield.

However the fact that LTTE has not used a lethal chemical so far does not mean there is no risk from such an attack. LTTE has repeatedly proven that they will take whatever steps necessary to ensure their organization's survival. Therefore precautions must be taken to face such an attack (if it ever materializes). Gas masks have been issued to several units (but not all) on the Wanni frontline following the CS gas attack. Whether the currently issued gas masks would be effective in the event of LTTE using a more powerful chemical remains to be seen.

Meanwhile more than 25 sea tigers have been confirmed killed in yesterday's sea battle. Sea tigers lost 3 large vessels and 7 smaller craft at the hands of Navy’s SBS (Special Boat Squadron) and newly formed RABS (Rapid Action Boat Squadron). RABS was formed with the intention of boosting Navy’s capabilities to execute rapid attacks in shallow and deep waters. RABS uses fast and easily maneuverable locally built craft in most of their operations. Apart from the ability to execute quick attacks, RABS will be an immense help in combating one of the deadliest weapons of sea tigers – Explosive laden boats manned by suicide cadres.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sea tigers and Navy clash near Iranathivu Island as ground troops make progress in Akkarayankulam

An LTTE boat movements near the Iranathivu Island off Nachchikuda were attacked by SLN patrol craft today (18th) at around 11am in the morning. According to available information 10 sea tiger crafts were destroyed in the confrontation. This includes 3 large attack craft of the tigers as well as 7 smaller craft. The sea tiger flotilla lead by an individual identified as 'Kadar' began to retreat towards LTTE controlled coastline when the fleet sustained damages due to SLN fire. The purpose of the LTTE boat movement is still not known.

Meanwhile 12 SLA soldiers were killed and 30 more were injured during fighting that took place yesterday (17th) and today (18th) in Akkarayankulam, located west of Kilinochchi. Troops have managed to secure the Karambakulam tank bund in the process. Two LTTE bodies, 5 T-56 weapons and 1 RPG left behind by the tigers have been recovered by SLA. More than 40 LTTE cadres have been killed in these fights and a similar number have been injured.

In other news pro LTTE media accused the 'DPU' of army of blowing up a civilian transport along the A9 today. This is usually a telltale sign of an impending LTTE attack on a civilian target in the south. The Sri Lanka Army does not despatch the LRRP, one of it's most valuable resources, to hunt down random civilian targets.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LTTE safe house bombed - Vattakachchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) conducted a bombing raid on a LTTE safe house at Vattakachchi, Kilinochchi at 6.30AM today (17th). According to intelligence reports the safe house was frequently used by LTTE leader Velupillei Prabhakaran. Damages caused by the raid are not known at this time. It is also not known if Prabhakaran or any other senior LTTE leader was present at the safe house at time of bombing.

Meanwhile pro LTTE media have been constantly posting news reports of SLAF raids that target civilian settlements. These reports are not accurate. The LTTE however has the habit of placing their military installations in densely populated areas. One of the most recent examples is that their intelligence HQ located in Kilinochchi west was placed between offices of several Non Governmental Organizations (NGO). SLAF raided this spot on the 9th of September and the pilot reported that he was able to accurately target the LTTE installation without causing collateral damage. Further confirmation of the pilot's report came from aid workers placed in the area who later returned to government held territory as per new directives.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Explosion in Horton Place - Colombo 7

An explosion has occurred in Horton Place, Colombo 7 few minutes ago. According to available information the bomb was placed inside a bus. However, the timely detection of the suspicious parcel which was on one the seats at the back of the bus, has averted disaster.

The explosion occured inside a CTB bus bound from Moratuwa to Mattakkuliya (Route 155). An alert passenger who noticed the suspicious parcel had notified the conductor.There were no people inside the bus when the bomb went off.

4 people received minor injuries in the incident. One of them was admitted to the Colombo National hospital.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fighting erupts south of Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were locked firefights south of tiger stronghold of Kilinochchi since yesterday (15th). This front has been relatively quite for the past week, after both parties suffered casualties in major confrontations in Akkarayakulam and Vennerikulam. Fighting was reported in Vennerikulam North, Akkarayankulam, Pannei Kandamadu and Vannikulam when LTTE fighters resisted limited attacks by SLA's 58 division. Fighting was also reported in Andankulam in Mullaithiv district where the 59 division has been conducting operations. Around 20 LTTE cadres have been killed in these clashes and a similar number have sustained injuries. 4 SLA soldiers have been killed and 24 more have been wounded.

Meanwhile several of the remaining Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Kilinochchi have notified that they will cross over to government held territory by today. It is also reported that LTTE has forcibly captured some of the heavy vehicles and supplies from several NGOs that exited Kilinochci in the past few days.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

LTTE's Kilali area leader killed

LTTE's area leader for Kilali was killed along with 3 other cadres during a confrontation with SLA soldiers early morning today (11th). The group of LTTE cadres was attacked by a small attack unit of the SLA operating ahead of their forward defense line. Although not given much publicity, small attack teams from the 55 and 53 divisions have been constantly engaged in small scale skirmishes with LTTE cadres along the National Front for the past few weeks.

Meanwhile an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of SLAF was forced to make an emergency landing in Anuradhapura Airbase today. According to available information the reason was a technical fault.

In other news SLAF has been bombing LTTE targets in the Wanni several times a day for the past two days (9th and 10th). MI is still trying to determine the actual damage caused by these raids specially about the raid on LTTE intelligence wing HQ in western Kilinochci, which was bombed on the 9th.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Explosion in Mount Lavinia

A small explosion has occurred in mount Lavinia a short while ago. The cause of the blast is suspected to be and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) being set off. The blast has occurred in close proximity of the railway tracks beside De Seram road in Mount Lavinia.

There are no casualties however the rail tracks have been slightly damaged.

The truth about Vavuniya attack

When it comes to suicide attacks, LTTE's Black tigers rarely disappoint the organization. Today was one of those rare days on which LTTE's primary weapon disappointed its leadership. 10 Black Tigers (5 male and 5 female) were mercilessly gunned down by elite troops deployed at Wanni Security Forces HQ while they attempted to beach the installation's defenses under the cover of the night.

For the first time in the history of the Eelam War, tigers launched a combined attack using their ground units, Mortar regiment and air tigers on the Wanni SF HQ. The black tigers were tasked with the destruction of Indian made Indra-2 radar installation while the mortar regiment and the air tigers kept SLA personnel 'busy'. The flaw in this seemingly brilliant plan was that the tigers did not know SLA  intelligence units had warned the base of similar attacks (in fact of a series of possible attacks) beforehand. Therefore the security had been tightened and elite troops had been deployed in the Wanni SF HQ.

10 members of LTTE's 'Black Tiger Commandos" were annihilated 200m from their target by a group of Special Forces soldiers deployed at the base. The SF unit hunted the hunters to perfection and did not suffer any casualties in the process. Although the Tamilnet front page proudly displays a group photograph of Black tigers, it was LTTE's mortar regiment and the air attack that did actual damage to the base premises and radar installation. The LTTE fired more than 60 artillery rounds which fell in and around base premises. In addition to these, two LTTE aircraft dropped two gravity bombs each weighting around 25KG. Speaking of damages, the Indra 2D radar installation sustained minor damages after being hit by shrapnel from exploded artillery shell or a gravity bomb. Several other structured in the base have also been slightly damaged due to artillery fire. 10 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 30 more security personnel have been injured. All of the injuries are due to artillery fire. The damage is nothing catastrophic as pro LTTE media claim.

It is believed that around 20 LTTE cadres had managed to infiltrate the FDL and stealthily move near the SF HQ. 10 of these were suicide cadres and the rest played support roles such as artillery spotting. SLA has recovered 11 bodies of LTTE fighters, including the bodies of all 10 suicide cadres. The rest may have escaped.

The other setback LTTE suffered in this attack came when one of their light aircraft was shot down over Mullaithiv skies. One recently acquired F-7G fighters managed to score SLAF's first air to air kill at around 3.50AM today when it shot the LTTE plane down. According to F-7 pilot and 59 division soldiers deployed on Mullaithivu frontline, the Zlin crashed into dense jungles south of Mullaithivu after being hit.

Despite the interception, one worrying factor that the SLA/SLAF should immediately address, remains. This is the ineffectiveness of ground based anti aircraft guns. LTTE aircraft managed to evade AA fire from the ground yet again and would have safely returned to Wanni had it not been for the interception by the F-7. SLAF cannot afford to allow the Zlins to deliver their payload as there is the remote possibility of LTTE aircraft accurately bombing the target unlike in previous attempts.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LTTE aircraft intercepted over Mullaithiv

LTTE launched artillery an air attacks on security forces HQ and adjoining airbase in Vavuniya early morning today (09th) at around 3.15AM. LTTE artillery began hitting the the area surrounding the base just before two incoming aircrafts were detected on SLAF radar. 10 soldiers have been killed and 18 more have been wounded in the incident. 3 policemen and 5 civilians have also been wounded. Injuries and deaths are said to be caused by exploding artillery shells. The Indian donated Indra2 radar which detected LTTE craft also sustained minor damages from one of the shells or bombs that fell near it.

More than 25 artillery shells and more than 40 mortars fell in and around base premises and the artillery duel continued for nearly two hours after the air attack. SLA have been countering LTTE artillery fire with Multi Barreled Rocket Launchers and other long range artillery guns stationed in multiple locations in Vavuniya. Special Forces (SF) units of the Sri Lanka Army have now been deployed in the are to hunt down any remaining tigers who managed to infiltrate the FDL last night.


Image: Some of the weapons captured from LTTE during Vavuniya attack. Source www.army.lk 

The LTTE had coordinated the attack so their aircraft would commence bombing just after the artillery strike diverted the attention of the base personnel. Several LTTE cadres including artillery spotters and suicide cadres had managed to infiltrate the FDL and sneak close to the base. Ground troops, amidst heavy artillery fire, have successfully engaged these cadres and around 10 LTTE bodies could be observed scattered near the base premises. SLA sources suggest that the LTTE death figure could be well above 20.

Two F-7G interceptors of the 5th Jet Squadron were airborne from Katunayake Air Base immediately after the LTTE planes were detected on radar. According to SLAF pilots , they have managed to shoot down an LTTE aircraft over Mullaithiv while it was returning from the aforementioned raid. The plane, after being shot down, had crashed into LTTE held territory in Mullaithiv district to an area some 20km away from Mullaithiv town.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Explosion in Colombo Fort

At least 9 people have been injured in an explosion that took place in Colombo Fort area a short while ago. The explosion has occurred in front of a hotel near Gasworks Junction (Gaspaha handiya). The injured have been admitted to Colombo national hospital.

It was a minor explosion and may have been caused by a hand grenade.

SLAF increases air attacks as tigers dig in to fight

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has been frequently bombing LTTE positions in the Wanni for the past week. LTTE positions in Nachchikuda, Kilinochchi, Mankulam and Pooneryn have been hit during these aerial raids. Not only have the Air Force deployed its bombers but increased use of gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron was also noticeable.


Air attacks have increased at a time when the LTTE has showed willingness to engage in close quarter fighting against advancing troops. Battles in southern Kilinochchi in the last 10 days have seen the LTTE deploying their experienced cadres heavily to the front line. The move was anticipated by the army and was only a question of 'when' the tigers would resort to this strategy rather than 'if'.

SLA troops closing in on Kilinochchi experienced fierce LTTE resistance in Nachchikuda, Akkarayankulam and Vennerikulam last week. The 20km long and 6 feet high earth bund the tigers have constructed runs between these areas. Both parties have suffered casualties while the SLA tried to breach the LTTE defense line. The tigers have managed to hold off the army advance on two occasions but these have not been 'flawless victories' as pro LTTE media claim. Military Intelligence has the names of 60 LTTE cadres killed in last week's fighting while the SLA has breached the LTTE line at more than 5 locations. Around 4KM of the LTTE line (at various locations) is now under SLA control.

Tigers have been reinforcing their defenses in Nachchikuda and Vennerikulam using cadres previously deployed in Muhamalai/Nagarkovil axis. They cannot afford to overdo this as SLA has 55 and 53 divisions deployed on the national front ready to advance south at any time. MI estimates the LTTE manpower on the Muhamalai/Kilali/Nagarkovil axis to be around 800.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heavy losses for both sides in Wanni fighting

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has lost around 30 soldiers in Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam during the last three days fighting. LTTE fighters broke through the SLA FDL in two locations initially before the army was able to halt the advance. The LTTE itself has lost around 50 of its fighters during the counterattack against SLA forces advancing north. In addition, they've managed to capture a substantial amount of arms and ammunition as well.

The LTTE has handed over the bodies of 19 SLA soldiers fallen during battle at Nachchikudah and Akkarayankulama via the ICRC. The SLA has handed over 22 bodies of LTTE cadres earlier yesterday including the 12 killed in eastern province and 10 more killed in Mallavi.

Even larger battles will erupt between the two warring parties as SLA inches closer to the LTTE strongholds in Kilinochchi and Mullaithiv.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pro LTTE media, after starving for days without war news ended the trend yesterday by grossly exaggerating SLA casualty details in  Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulama. The following headline is from Pro LTTE Tamilnet.com; "Tigers locate 29 SLA bodies, 75 SLA killed, 100 wounded in Vanni". The actual SLA casualty figures are nowhere near what this report indicates.

The Sri Lanka Army has lost 15 soldiers in the fighting while 32 more received injuries. Tigers have captured the bodies of 7 soldiers. 17 LTTE fighters are confirmed killed and over 60 have been wounded. The SLA operations to the north of Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam continue despite heavy LTTE resistance and desperate counterattacks.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Troops move into Mallavi town

57 division infantry units moved into Mallavi town at approximately 5.30PM today (1st). The town was attacked from three directions by the 57 division for several days despite fierce LTTE resistance. Around 20 LTTE cadres are believed to be killed in the latest round of fighting in the area. Search operations are still being conducted to hunt down any remaining LTTE resistance in the area.

Image: Sri Lankan flag hoisted in Mallavi town center.

Meanwhile the LTTE sea tiger base in Nachchikuda was hit by multiple air strikes today; Once by Kfir bombers and later by MI-24 helicopter gunships.

Mallavi under siege

Sri Lanka Army's 57 division has overrun a part of LTTE's defence line west of Mallavi and has taken control of several outposts in the area. 57 division infantry units backed by armor and heavy artillery moved forward from their positions yesterday morning despite heavy LTTE resistance. Mallavi is being attacked by three different fronts and SLA units are currently only 2km from the city.

The probable fall of the city will negate a strategic advantage held by the tigers as A-9 and A-32 main roads connect through Mallavi. Mallavi is one of the largest cities in LTTE held Wanni and is located along the road which connects Vellankulam and Mankulam. Although the city had a large civilian population, the LTTE forcibly moved the civilians further north towards Kilinochchi before the army laid siege to the city. According to Military Intelligence, civilians in Kilinochchi are now being transported towards Vishwamadu and Puthukuduirippu in Mullaithiv district.