Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pro LTTE media, after starving for days without war news ended the trend yesterday by grossly exaggerating SLA casualty details in  Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulama. The following headline is from Pro LTTE; "Tigers locate 29 SLA bodies, 75 SLA killed, 100 wounded in Vanni". The actual SLA casualty figures are nowhere near what this report indicates.

The Sri Lanka Army has lost 15 soldiers in the fighting while 32 more received injuries. Tigers have captured the bodies of 7 soldiers. 17 LTTE fighters are confirmed killed and over 60 have been wounded. The SLA operations to the north of Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam continue despite heavy LTTE resistance and desperate counterattacks.


  1. Thanks DN. Keep up the good work. What are our actual casualty figures? Thanks.

  2. Thanks DN for the update.

    Let DIE-ASS-PORA be happy !

    They need to save their tears for comming days !

  3. We all must remember something…this is a war both parties got arms so..what’s the big deal …up and downs.. it’s normal in any kind of have to remember our forces are fighting with most ruthless terrorist out fit in the world.. even though sometimes SLF got high causality numbers, what SLF have gained so far is great and invaluable …many reports quoted LTTE exaggeration while down playing capture of Malavi pointing that it could be another Jayasikuru. Whatever happened (bad experience) in Jayasikuru it is giving tremendous impact on Eelam war until now..but things have been changed a lot after Jayasikuru ..the hardware, the man powder most importantly the top brass in the forces… strategically I believe that this war will depend on decision maker in the top. So that I have big faith in wining the war against terrorism but end of the day building this country as one nation will depend on politicians and us who give them chance to do so….

    However scarified their life for our motherland will be written in history and they will be never forgot but me and you..
    May the triple gem bless you all..

  4. ok.. DN you are calling ,puthinam and Tamilnet websites are promedia , actually puthinam isnt, and they dont need to exaggerate the casualty, if they do , so do you!.

  5. Thank goodness we decided to fight the LTTE... The killings of our soldiers must be avenged at any cost.

    I hope and pray... that our leaders and all-time patriotic Sri Lankans would display the courage, patience and action to make sure that none of our soldiers died in vain. We all have to remember forever that what they fought for is respected and the fight is taken to the LTTE until the last terrorist is dead.

    When one looks at the whole picture, the future looks very bright... there have never been a better opportunity to harvest the LTTE criminals in spectacular numbers.

  6. SL Army Divisions

    11 Division - Panagoda

    51 Division - Jaffna

    52 Division - (Jaffna District)

    53 Division - Kilaly (Jaffna District)
    Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    Air Mobile Brigade

    55 Division - Nagarkovil

    56 Division - Vavuniya District

    57 Division - Mallavi, Tunukkai (Mulativu District)

    58 Division (Task Force 1) - Nachchikuda (Kilinochchi District)

    59 Division - Welioya (Mulativu District)

    61 Division - (Vavuniya District)

    62 Division (Task Force 2) - Navvi Palamoddai (Vavuniya District)

    21 Division - Trincomalee District

    22 Division - Trincomalee

    23 Division

    54 Division - Elephant Pass

  7. how many divisions have you guys have? how many divisions have experiences in jeyasiguru??

  8. Actually what ever cost we have to pay we need to save our country. Now, Tamilnet is publishing some photos about seized weapons. So..better to avoid talking about Army casualties. That will take care of our officials, because we have now excellent trust on them. There may be some set back, but we should stand up for aim. That is ONE SRI LANKA FOR ALL OF US.

  9. bandara sahodaraya, are you still dreaming about Jayasikuru?

    Please wake up....the times have changed :)

  10. [All State lands should be vested in the Lands Commissioner General and if the existing legislation is found to be inadequate, new legislation will be enacted, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa. ]

    Wink... wink.... hoooo.... hooo...

    Looks like a cure is found for that 'Tamil' homeland syndrome.

    Way to go, sir.. and thank you!

  11. It is very interesting to see that Tigers have seized a large number of rusted weapons from SLA in Vanni clashes. In addition, these photos prove that Tamilnet and LTTE can't count right either. In case you doubt, please count the number of LMGs and T-56/AK-47 in the photos. Of course, SLA guns corrode at unprecedented levels. It is almost unheard of any army in the world who is capable of fighting a ferocious enemy with such rusted guns and bare hands. Hopefully, the Tamilnet will cover these facts soon.

  12. High casualty figures are expected as Army pushed deeper into Pooneryn and Killinochi. unlike in the past the steps the Army have turn to minimize the losses have to be commended.

  13. 20 SLA bodies were handed over to ICRC (Photo)

    I am not sure If its fabrigated or not. But its looks like real people and real news.
    so sad to see all this life lost for nothing. Finaly one day we singala and tamil will shake hands but this victims not going to come back.

    I hate to see people celebrate about each other sides losses.. Come on boys.. Just imagine If you are on that plastic bags.
    Either tamil or Singala.... They all brother or father or loving husband for some one like us.
    Stop counting numbers and calculating victory based on the human lives.

  14. bandara,

    "how many divisions have you guys have? how many divisions have experiences in jeyasiguru??"

    My Kandyan Sinhala friend "banadara," why are you refering Sri Lankans as "you." God, Kandyan Sinhalese inseparable are part of uu, not them. Are you connected to Brian Senevirathna?

  15. Breaking News

    SLAF fighter jets targeted two LTTE craft sighted on the Nayaru lagoon in the Alampil area this morning (Sept. 3) at around 10.30. One Tiger craft was completely destroyed while the other suffered extensive damage, according to the SLAF.

  16. ICRC delivers nineteen mortal remains of heroic soldiers


    for more info

  17. [Finaly one day we singala and tamil will shake hands but this victims not going to come back.

    Easy, boy... easy. Your crocodile tears must be blurring your vision.

    We, as Sri Lankans are already living in harmony... and we don't care if anyone wants to dispute it.

    Just flush out that special 'Tamil' identity tag in the toilet.... and you'll do quite okay.

    We cannot find a solution for a problem that's not there.

  18. Tigers seize large number of weapons from SLA in Vanni clashes

    - This is ofcourse no big deal, compared to what they are capable of in the past and what’s to come.

    Note how in some places SLA is allowed to take over vs places they are not allowed to.

    It is safe for SLA to go places where they are allowed for now.. ex. whatever land they fought hard over several months with the loss of many soldiers for many whom have no graves because of the heartless government (Ask Mr. Assirhti who may have witnessed the real death toll of the SLA – if they allowed him to find out or even if she did travel there) who don’t want their Sinhalese people to know the truth.

    It is better to stick to those rather than think they can overcome Tigers who decide to fight back even in the defensive formations. Keep in mind, no real offensives have been launched and the LTTE force is dynamic, rigid and intact.

    Again, I kindly ask Sinhalese brothers/sisters to speak to their racially motivated and foolish Sinhala Racists who are living in the illusion that their evil will triumph over the liberation struggle.

    Right now, just like in the early days, LTTE has acquired weapons from their “ally” the SLA.

    LOL, many countries who are blind and fooled give SLA their most advanced weaponry but not to LTTE. So the LTTE borrows it from SLA. In a way, many thanks to SLA. They are the number one arms supplier to LTTE.

    Oh… and jets are on their way…every single one of em… ask mr asithiri, he may know about it if top military leaders let him know…. Ask him and you will know what I am talking about. Be prepared for air-air combat. SLA is missing one thing in all fighting, the brains which LTTE have.

    -SHARP -- -- - ->>

  19. Gringo
    I think you didn't get my point..
    You see thats its self a problem.

    till we dont get the basic realities.. This kind of things will go on.

  20. [Again, I kindly ask Sinhalese brothers/sisters to speak to their racially motivated and foolish Sinhala Racists who are living in the illusion that their evil will triumph over the liberation struggle.]

    Must be from a desperate 5 year old...

  21. DN put himself in real modaya's shoe by coming up with "exaggeration" title :)

    Even if Tigers did not kill any SLA, but come up with these arms, I will take it.

    Shit happens!DN, do not worry..I pass some napkins. LOL!

  22. [... SLA is missing one thing in all fighting, the brains which LTTE have.

    But a little bird tells me that LTTE left their brains, balls and the brawl in the East and 75% of the North?

    How come?

  23. [I think you didn't get my point..

    Why should I take your point?

  24. "DN you are calling ,puthinam and Tamilnet websites are promedia"

    We've never called anyone promedia.

    Why waste your time reading (and commmenting) on a 'modayas' blog?

  25. @gringo

    "We cannot find a solution for a problem that's not there."

    Well said mate !

  26. [Bandara]
    //ok.. DN you are calling ,puthinam and Tamilnet websites are promedia , actually puthinam isnt,//

    So tamilnut is pro-LTTE? lol.

    //how many divisions have experiences in jeyasiguru??// Jeyasiguru? I didn't know tamils has surname Bandara. !!

  27. Never beleive those LTTE photos of captured arms we don't want to learn rocket science to know that LTTE can add some arms from their hand to make those pictures big.
    And with dead bodies they should able to provide tags since everybody has a tag and it is impossible to loose those tags untill body is badly damaged.

  28. @bhairav

    "Shit happens!DN, do not worry..I pass some napkins. LOL!"

    No ... keep them with you. You will definitly need them not only to wipe out your tears but the arse as well !

    Days are numbered !

  29. [Why waste your time reading (and commmenting) on a 'modayas' blog?

    When the gloom looms... one has to vent the sadness & hopelessness.

    Have mercy on the subject.

  30. Gringo
    oooops Wrong person with wrong ideas.. forget it..

    You are 100% right. ( what ever you said.. and you will say for year to come)

  31. [bhairava,
    Why waste your time reading (and commmenting) on a 'modayas' blog?]


    Why do you avoid real questions? Do not you have stomach to absorb whatever the punches thrown at you. Just accept the truth that your thread contradicts from the real facts. Please show some accountability,my friend, other than whining like why you coming to my blog etc.

  32. [oooops Wrong person with wrong ideas.. forget it..

    Just trying match the great ideas of a pig-ass you worship.

  33. with respect to DN and u know what... I dont want to fill this blog with BS.

    Yes Yes... U are right Bro. Hope u are happy now..

  34. "in battles which raged across the vanni battle front agroup of soildiers who were unable to link up with troops reported back a few hours ago. about 79 SLA lost their lives in the fighting in thier journey towords pooneryn.

    the tamilnet article though dismissed by various sources as being an extension of its regular half truths,the latest report however was true.

    but what the ltte did not report was that 67 of its cadres were alse killed on the same the 18 unceasing waves which the ltte attacked with detrmined not to let the trench fall,the result of which will result in the inevitable fall of pooneryn and the western flanked attack on kilinochchi. "

    - specialforce LNP

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. "Why do you avoid real questions? Do not you have stomach to absorb whatever the punches thrown at you."

    You absorb what Tamilnet says too much, too soon.

  37. Previously Tamilnet posted loosely edited photos of VP with so called LTTE's tin can air force terrorists.

    Now they come up with exaggerated news article + loosely counted dead bodies.

    They can't do photoshop well and they can't count correctly as well.

    Has the LTTE's photoshop guy gone missing in a SLAF air raid?

  38. DefenceNet said...

    Why waste your time reading (and commmenting) on a 'modayas' blog?....

    we trying to save our native sinhala people from the fault propoganda which leads them for their end .. we care about the innocent sinhala people .....

    SLPF lost some anti tank missile too .. very nice to c those missiles....

  39. Bhairav,
    Those captured weapons are really insignificant even if all of them were captured from the forces.It is only for the benefit of the die hard LTTE diasphora.Now if they capture some missiles(which the forces used recently)then that is something.Ask yourself why Gen Fonseka is using missiles and not MBRL the closer he gets to killinochchi..why not just artillary..because he wants to save as many civilians as possible.He has a very special gift for the LTTE.He was a brave fighter during the hardest of times and we all know that he is waiting for these LTTE "thwarting operations-infinity-1)" to use the airforce.According to him the more of these "thwarting ops" the better.All this happened because a few buffoons thought that they can maintain the wonderful status quo of the 1950's to this day..this is the result and nothing to do with 1983.

  40. "we trying to save our native sinhala people from the fault propoganda which leads them for their end .. we care about the innocent sinhala people ....."

    Why do you folks always try to save 'races' and destroy 'races'?

  41. DefenceNet,
    Why is it that the forces are loosing so many weapons to the LTTE if they are all from the forces that is.

  42. Srilankan said...

    saving civlinas in rontlines... don't u have a bain to say this ....? may be SF board on killing civilians ... the final war will start with the assasination of SF ...wait and see

  43. Defencenet, what is this BDU, who wears it?

    Tamilnet photo

    This picture is now missing from the updated Tamilnet article but the link still seems to work.

  44. { Srilankan said...
    Why is it that the forces are loosing so many weapons to the LTTE if they are all from the forces that is.}

    Most of the time, if you are retreating then the weapons are an obstacle instead of saviors. So when it comes to life or weapon... Life comes first

  45. DN,

    Saving races is wat we do and destroying races what u r doing... don't forget about the killings of innocent tamil civilians by the SLPF

  46. Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) is the name of the military uniform that the armed forces of the United States have used as their standard uniform for combat

  47. 305 runners arrested by the SLF ..brig Udhaya nanayeKara ...

    the sad thing i they have arrested only 305 in (48000-12000=)36000

  48. Taminet is their to mislead ltte supporting tamil modaias(donkies)
    You dont need to know rocket science to figure out who winning the war, who's running for their lives and surrounded by sl army

  49. IC observing the Srinlanka in the carogery of WAR CRIMES ....Mahinda will become another Sadam husain

  50. Mahinda becomes another saddam !

    VP becomes another Nelson Mandela !

    Oh what a world! How sweet it is..!

  51. shayam,
    Lets wait and see..
    Many thanks.i agree with you.But loosing 79 soldiers is no joke.i assumed there was a back up group to support them...unless this estimate is over a period of several days.I am also very worried about how often soldiers are unable to "link up" with their main groups..

  52. LTTE Spokesman;

    We spent many months to collect some weapons and publish as seized weapons.

    But we were able to publish it ahead schedule because large no. of our cadres die everyday. So we could collect weapons from our own people.

    Now we have more weapons than men. We are thinking of selling some to our fellow terror outfits as our credit card business isn't doing well nowadays.

  53. SF on LNP reported that 79 soldiers were killed in battle near nachchikuda. Can someone confirm?

  54. Rats leaving the ship:
    ‘I came to this country by using the excuse of ‘genocide’ by the Sinhala, Buddhist people when in reality, I left the country with a passport issued by the Sri Lankan Government, and boarded a plane from her international airport’

    ‘I used the 1983 black July’ riots to justify my case and submitted may case though I knew very well that, no decent Sinhala person was even remotely involved in it’

    ‘First the Tamil diaspora began whispering these concerns. Now they have begun writing about them. Soon it will become be a huge roar. But will it be too late for our people ‘back home’

    Open the gates of hell - and let my people go

    Selva Gnanam - Melbourne

    Guys, Our resident rodents are too thick to realise this. They’ll go down with the dream.

  55. Bandara or bandaram (pretend to be sinhalese )
    your ltte is F*ckedup for good. Our army will capture Praba from the shit hole that he is hiding.


  56. Defencenet,

    May be the unidentified bodies of SLA soldiers are from the previously captured soldiers who were killed elsewhere and return to the SLA yeasterday.

    Why can't the army check this?
    Atleast one soldiers DNA from the unidentified bodies must be checked to verify this fact.

    It is costly but for the sake of those valient Sri Lankans, we must do it.

  57. LTTE removed malathi s from front lines and replaced elite caders. -Lakbima

    If true this is the time for harvesting, unfortunately there is no way doig this without own casualties.

    DN, can we have comment on what specialforce (LNP) has said?

  58. said 19 bodies received, 7 identified as MIA in Nachchikuda, 12 unidentified.

    It is possible LTTE killed 12 who were in LTTE prison and send the bodies.

    If SLA said 7 MIA and later received 7 bodies and identified no issue is there. But you get 12 unidentified bodies and no one is missing then it is a question.

  59. What I find interesting is the remarkable lapse of false bravado from pro-LTTE comments on this blog and others.
    This itself lends credibility that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces are making good progress in the battlefields of the north.
    I do hope that all of us, as Sri Lankans support and laud the military effort.
    The current government despite all the accusations of corruption must be commended if the military part of the LTTE is crushed.
    Jayawewa Sri Lanka!

  60. Dear Shart (you do know what a 'shart' is, right?)

    Crinja, You lack intellect and factual substance. Please educate, research and develop your mind. Come to grip with your racist emotions and ideals, that is the first step towards healing yourself and re-integrating yourself into human society.

    Given your inability to answer any of my points in the previous thread, one would conclude that your words to Ninja are best applied to yourself.

    Ofcourse Liberation fighters die, but they did in pre-1999 as well before well, you know..

    The minor difference is that when Brainwashed fighters died pre-1999, they would be replaced by eastern reinforcements. Today there are no reinforcements which is why Thalaivar is relying on Granny Brigade to slow the SLA.

    The first phase of the LTTE's 1999 counteroffensive which resulted in the capture of nearly the entire Wanni was led by Karuna. The momentum built by that phase led to Balraj leading the LTTE to victory in Elephant Pass.

    Last time I checked, Karuna was with the govt. and Balraj was in the Great Concrete Bunker in the Sky. So who will lead the great counteroffensive today??

  61. Dear Shyam,

    "we trying to save our native sinhala people from the fault propoganda which leads them for their end .. we care about the innocent sinhala people ....."

    That is very kind of you, but your efforts would be better spent saving the remnants of the Wanni Tamils from being led to destruction by the Liberation Pannis and ignorant/foolish diaspora Tamils who bankroll them.

  62. guys,

    news from the mannar front is bad.
    so far got NO info that 25+ SLA were KIA or MIA. BUT a large number has been "at least injured".

    SLDFs fired MORE (much much more) arti, etc. (than tigers) and carried out over 10 air raids in the surrounds of nachchikuda WITHOUT targeting to KILL THE MAXIMUM number of tigers.

    destroying tiger infrastructure is essential BUT the way we fired arti and carried out over 10 INTERMITTANT air raids in the surrounds of nachchikuda was FAR IN EXCESS of what is required to destroy the TARGET AREAS. they eventually were used to chase away and keep away tigers.

    (a friend told me about a night in the late 1990s somewhere in a "border" village. SLA had JUST fired a few arti from time to time supposedly to keep tigers at bay.)

    it is this that happened at LATER STAGES in nachchikuda. SLA did it again a few weeks ago in jaffna FDLs for many nights.

    anybody would have noticed the sheer number of arti stacked up and fired.

    what is needed is to HARVEST AS MANY TIGERS as possible than waste arti to chase them away or keep them away (from their death!!!).

  63. Some of you guys don't appreciate the TamilNut and it is not difficult to understand why.

    What you don't realize is that the T'nut editors start the day with the profound realization that somewhere out there is at least one podiyen, dejected to the point of erectile dysfunction, desperately in need of a dose of aphrodisiac only the unique imagination of the editorial crew of the TNut can provide them. It is an almost holy mission that the TNut guys carry out on a regular basis...

    But some of you guys lack empathy..

  64. [However, the rebel-affiliated TamilNet Web site, citing unidentified rebel officials, reported that 45 soldiers were killed between Monday night and Tuesday in fighting at Nachchikuda]

    So, TamilNet reported SLA casualty figures “citing unidentified rebel officials”….Wow! Wow indeed I say!

    Now let me guess who this “unidentified rebel officials” might be….I think they are none other than:

    1) Bala the Paraballa who copulated with a cheap white droopy udder hooker from the DownUnder

    2) ThamilChelvam the smiling Dracula who used, used feminine napkins as tea bags until the PrettyKfirs/Foxy MiGs spoilt his fun

    3) Balraj the Dog Sodomizer who enjoyed life until his heart beat faster than his stroke-rate on the Vanni stray-dogs

    Any other guesses…???


    OaO Asithri

  65. Shyam

    [we care about the innocent sinhala people .....]


    I will tell this to your mother tonight when I go “upside-down” and then “downside up” on her (remember the see-saw lullaby…it’s just like that!) and I am sure she too will tell me the same story! How nice…we have perfect ethnic harmony!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. LTTE about cursing me with an accident or death? Aha, I must tell you that the last time you did so, in one week I had promotion professionally! Ouch!!! LMSSAO!!!

  66. Moshey

    Calm down brother...I was told it is inevitable that the going will be tougher as we get closer to Sakkilinocchi as SLDF quite expects the LTTE mfs to throw everything in, including the kitchen sink (as it is then gone kaputs!) ...I myself am not privy to the grand finale secret, but I am told Sarath Fonseka has an Ace up his sleeve and if/when he plays it at the decisive moments of the Sakkilinocchi campaign, the LTTE bastards/bitches will be stupefied like zombies!

    Enough said...for now!

    OaO Asithri

  67. Ninja

    [It is possible LTTE killed 12 who were in LTTE prison and send the bodies.]

    Quite likely. This is nothing new. However, what the LTTE sons and daughters of whores need to keep in mind is that SLA will do the artful to more than balance the "Balance Sheet" and they have vowed to do it mercilessly (if only I could tell some of the stories I heard recently you will believe me!)

    OaO Asithri

  68. This undercover LTTE arsehole “Bandara” said:

    "DN you are calling ,puthinam and Tamilnet websites are promedia"

    To which, DN said:

    [We've never called anyone promedia.]

    Well said DN!!!

    May be you should tell this LTTE wet-behind-the-ears sinna-podiyen Jaffna goat-fcuker that you did not call anyone PRIMADONNA here either!

    Thundering Typhoons, Blistering Barnacles…!!!

    I love it…this Bandara is a bloody twisted LTTE kook…SLA/STF do not destroy this silly bugger…I want the bastard preserved for post-war enjoyment!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

    OaO Asithri

  69. Asithiri you son of dirty bith Kuveni

    i am just considering your innocent moma too man ... i herd your father didn't satisfy your moma and i am gonna help her on that way .. so how you gonna call me ... Dady or ...Ora dady....

  70. Shyam,

    "we care about the innocent sinhala people ....."

    Haven't I told you before not to post BS here? I don't know if you have changed or had a sudden attack of amnesia, but I remember that you were always threatening those "sinhala modayas" and swearing that they'll pay for denying tamils their 'rightful' homeland.

  71. PakaL

    Thanks for the kind words mate…yeah man, after that interview with Ra-Appu the pseudo man-of-God (actually at the interview, I could have sworn the bugger was high on Kassiya! Mmmm…now how could a decent lad like me know the smell of Kassiya…ooops!) I went and took the plunge finally…

    Yup, Durwaka was the cutie and the girl of my dreams…ever so attentive to my needs and me ditto…what a blissful marriage we have today…this my private life so please respect my privacy as I will not go into too many details.

    Anyway, I must say the dowry was somewhat of a surprise…what with 100 vats of Thalathel oil, 1000 scrawny Jaffna goats, and to top it all, a truck full of old and rusty T-56 parts from the old fat bastard…I felt I could have done better being the caliber of suitor that I am…but alas, what matters at the end is our matrimonial bliss…and we into it to the hilt (pardon the expression) and no one can take it away from us!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  72. Folks SLA has lost around 30 soldiers during past three days fighting. LTTE death figures are above 50.

  73. Shaym

    Now now don't blow a gasket my dear filthy LTTE motherfucker...I know the impending LTTE wipe-out is too much of an agony for you to bear (after all, who like to say they invested in a venture that gave them -500% ROR! LMSSAO!!!), how about you take a deep breath, go to the garden, dab yourself with a liberal dose of thalathel oil and then fcuk your scrawny Jaffna goat to kingdom come?


    OaO Asithri

  74. Shyam

    That is "negative 500% ROR" in case you misunderstood!


    OaO Asithri

  75. OK time to go browse the "Hot Vanni Poperties" real estate magazine as I am thinking of opening the first nudist colony there...any early takers for subscription? The first 50 will get their own ex-Maalathi personal hostess with a promise of her being “thread bare”…!

    :)) :)) :))

    Catch you patriots later….

    OaO Asithri

  76. Asithri

    What do you think of the McCain-Palin combo? She's a peach and they definitely offer no kisses and hugs to terrorists..

  77. Shyam

    Just stop bullshitin' ye dumbass..

    Your momma told me that you were born dickless and carry a carrot stock in your pants because of that...

  78. Sharp said...
    Ask Mr. Assirhti who may have witnessed the real death toll of the SLA – who don’t want their Sinhalese people to know the truth.

    hey try to find out about your casualties rather than worrying about ours..not like LTTE,we have enough solders to liberate our motherland..

    Sharp said...
    no real offensives have been launched and the LTTE force is dynamic, rigid and intact.

    if LTTE is so dynamic why are they keeping innocent people as a shield against SLA.?? why cant they fight like real MEN ??

    Sharp said...
    many thanks to SLA. They are the number one arms supplier to LTTE. somewhat misled..SLA is the number one ammunition supplier to LTTE. (you can dig them out form your dead buddies)

    Sharp said...
    SLA is missing one thing in all fighting, the brains which LTTE have.

    LOL..maybe that's why they still can't re-capture the areas from SLA..

    be ready to be a asylum for ever pal..ohh and please give a call to your LLTE buddies in Killinochchi/ may not get another chance to do it..

  79. Another Amen!

  80. SLA casualties could have been minimized if our soldiers had wearable Night-vision equipment -at least 3-4 for a platoon.


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