Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LTTE safe house bombed - Vattakachchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) conducted a bombing raid on a LTTE safe house at Vattakachchi, Kilinochchi at 6.30AM today (17th). According to intelligence reports the safe house was frequently used by LTTE leader Velupillei Prabhakaran. Damages caused by the raid are not known at this time. It is also not known if Prabhakaran or any other senior LTTE leader was present at the safe house at time of bombing.

Meanwhile pro LTTE media have been constantly posting news reports of SLAF raids that target civilian settlements. These reports are not accurate. The LTTE however has the habit of placing their military installations in densely populated areas. One of the most recent examples is that their intelligence HQ located in Kilinochchi west was placed between offices of several Non Governmental Organizations (NGO). SLAF raided this spot on the 9th of September and the pilot reported that he was able to accurately target the LTTE installation without causing collateral damage. Further confirmation of the pilot's report came from aid workers placed in the area who later returned to government held territory as per new directives.


  1. Udaya nanayakkara was Denied about two Indians Injury at Vavunia. he said there is no indians or foreigners working with SLDF. he said to the reporters to as from india.. Lejjawe be. Hindutani Times reportrd the names of the Technical ppl or the Radar operators details.

    Ponnayek wage. He said I Don't KNOW!! also said Its a False News. IF so y keeping the Mouth shut while others reporting the same.

    "Kate thiyagena hitiyada danne ne"

  2. CriMeWatCh,
    Thanks for your intelligent inputs. We value your presence here. :D

  3. A must read:

  4. Boys, Thank u and appreciate the feedback! Part 2 is ready and will post as time permitted

  5. Bombing bombing bombing... Nothing Collapse... War Continues.. They Forecast live Radio TV etc even IT/Satellite Towers Bombed..(Proved in Mahaviru Day)

    I thing we are not getting the proper Intel..Watch and play sir.

  6. DN

    Do you know anything about gas attack by LTTE?

    It is Daily Mirror :

  7. Guys,

    Defencenet, thanks for the update.

    We are on the doorsteps of both Nachchikuda and Nayaru. With that, the sinking of Sea Tigers becomes complete.

    Killinocchi is just a stone's throw away and SLAF is pretty active. The activity and very successful hits reflect how far LRRP teams have ventured into.

    As this is the case, encouraging news will trickle in. In the mean time, I wish to focus on something that has become a global catastrophe - the bloody economy.

    Greed and Financial Gridlock

    The German ambassador has recently scoffed at state of the economy and blamed the government of Sri Lanka on the war it has waged against the Tigers. The big man, in fact, has talked tongue-in-cheek: he conveniently had ignored the fact that the German economy is also on the brink of recession - and without waging a war on its soil. It shows that war is not the sole factor that determines the health of an economy. The ambassador in question may have thought our countrymen don't read papers or don't go on line and take his words as gospel truth. I am not surprised if he was someone with that mind set - the exaggerated snobbery.

    The German economic growth has been negative for two successive quarters - the definition of recession spells out three of those - so have those of the UK, Spain and, of course, USA.

    Lehman Brothers, one of the giant investment banks has just collapsed in America and the biggest insurance giant in the world - the AIG - is on its knees, begging for federal intervention. It looks like the Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank may step in with an injection of cash.

    We were told the freedom from the government control is the way forward for a healthy economy. However, when these financial giants turn to governments for cash-hand-outs, the opposite seems to be true.

    A few months ago, a giant bank in the UK collapsed and the Bank of England literally bought it - nationalized the bank.

    With these developments, the much-hated phenomenon, the nationalization is about to make a come-back, at least to rescue struggling financial institutes that grow in number by the day.

    When all known indices fail to account for this less-than-graceful falls, sensible folks start talking about a less-smart factor that may have caused the fiasco – the greed.

    The US Presidential candidate Mccain already identified the greed factor in financial turmoil and politicians across the spectrum will follow suit.

    A banker employed by these institutes works for a livin, which is perfectly right. However, they can earn a huge bonus, if they walk the extra mile. That is where things can get dodgy.

    Sometimes, bankers walk extra light years to earn the handsome bonuses They indulge in dubious means to get it: forecast manipulation; cajoling and in the ludicrous scenarios, even gambling.

    In the face of all that, the government will be forced to intervene more vigorously in the day-to-day running of these institutes. That means more and more layers of bureaucracy and headaches for customers.

    Capitalism has an ugly face; uninhibited greed is one part of it. If we don't deal with it in a sensible way, the devil we collectively kicked out - the socialism - may try to stage a come-back, at least through the backdoor.

    Clever economists who got everything wrong so far, can at least make sure socialism is not coming back with blazing horns.


  8. Now this 6.30 timing of SLAF Ariel raids is becoming a norm..!

    If I can remember correctly the last man we got from a bombing between 6 AM- 7 AM time slot was Thamil Selvam.

    May be SLAF should change this timing to throw some better surprises. Night sorties would be ideal in opinion.

    I’m quite sure that between 6 AM to 7 AM in the morning all the pigs and rats might be hiding in their safest places

  9. observer,
    Maybe all the terror ideas are arising early in the morning. :)

    Lets hope a High Profile terrorists was there!

  10. Amma gahana ekak ne, Part2 ikmanata post karoth.


  11. Just imagine how many people must be wishing for this one person to have perished in today's attack. The whole country is waiting for such good news!!

  12. At least sixteen soldiers were hospitalized after experiencing breathing difficulties following an LTTE attack using what was initially believed to be some sort of gas in the Akkarayankulam and Vannivilankulam areas in the Kilinochchi district.

    Informed ground sources revealed that on Monday evening troops

    of the Task Force 2 in Wanniwilankulam, West of Mankulam were attacked using the gas which caused breathing problems to at least six soldiers.

    Last morning, soldiers of the 57 division operating in Akkarayankulam in the Kilinochchi district came under a similar type of attack. At least ten soldiers were admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties.

    The Military believes the LTTE may have used a substance similar to Tear Gas for the attack. However, there was no official confirmation about the attack.

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  14. Grious

    The Germans talking economics to us truly is a laugh. They ATE for years after WWII only because the US fed them. NOW they talk big.

    In the US where I live, people are clipping coupons to buy food. Many are losing homes and everything they've worked for for years.

    But unfortunately the reality is small countries like ours need to put up with some of that crap. But that limitation applies only to the government. So that is where guys like you come in. You can write to the newspapers and also write or call the embassy in question and give them a little talk-back. But be nice.

  15. Thalaiwar addresses black tigers after Vavuniya attack: for tiger lovers

  16. IF tigers had used a "GAS", SLDFs should also use the SAME "GAS" and claim that they struck an LTTE "GAS" warehouse, etc.

    otherwise IF the barbarians find that their "GAS" attack achieved the intended results, that will set a VERY DANGEROUS CYCLE in motion AND there is NOTHING SLDFs can do to stop it without risking ADDITIONAL manpower than otherwise.

    this got to be handled in the early stages DECISIVELY.

  17. SLA captured 1.5 km area of the LTTE bunker line in Karambakulam. 25 LTTE cadres and 4 soldiers kia.

    -Ada Derana-

  18. Folks regarding the 'gas attacks' yes some soldiers did actually experience breathing difficulties as reported in the article but there is no confirmation as to if/how a gas was used or what it was. MI however had previously warned of possible chemical attacks by LTTE.

    Meanwhile there is still very little information available on the raid on LTTE intel HQ on the 9th. Pilots observed a black colored Pajero reaching the scene of bombing within minutes of the incident. This plus the unusual radio activity and some ground based intel has lead to the speculation that a senior LTTE leader was caught in the bombing. However there has still not been any confirmation in this regard. What we can say for sure is that it definitely was not a civilian settlement as some have claimed.

  19. Tropicalstorm,

    Thanks for the comments mate. The situation in Europe is no better. Things are getting worse before getting any better.

    In Sri Lanka, people with vested interests put the blame on war when picking up missing pieces of economic jigsaw. They turn a blind eye on global factors to bring discredit to the government in the hope of coming to power on the shoulders of other's agaony.

    The cycle of boom and bust seems to be the same as cycle of Karma - unavoidable.

    We must find a foolproof way to live with it.

    I may write an article on foul-mouthed ambassadors on a patriotic site, to expose their double-game.

  20. SLAF has carried out 2 more air raids.

    however all air raids are crammed into daytime and tiger have almost 12 hours at night to do their business without being attacked by SLAF.

    we have the night strike capability but nothing happens. i'm sure tigers have scheduled all their meeings, etc. for night time. they on the other hand carry out their little raids at night!! one that they are VERY active at night!!

  21. SLAF's air raid ...

    i saw some posts on about the killing of a cow in LTTE air raid at Vavuniya now who's gonna care about these cows ...

    Good job SLAF .... Hey pilots slap on ur but for the successive air raid

  22. I know most people here and the overwhelming majority of SL citizens wish for VP's early and painful death. But, let's suppose he's killed tomorrow, I don't think it'll have a material impact on the LTTE cadres will to resist. They've shown no real intention of surrendering or disengaging and melting away.

    They'll have to be winkled out of their bunkers and foxholes and destroyed in battle. The second tier leadership (Pottu Amman etc) will keep the fight going 'till the bitter end. What other option do they have? Unlike Karuna and Pilliyalan, they've not shown any intention of entering the political mainstream. The last days of The Third Reich played out in tropical surroundings..

    Do others here think differently?

  23. Shyam,

    SLAF released video of the attack to media. i don't think those photos are from that place.

  24. karambankulam tank bund falls -

    Troops steps up offensives in all fronts

    these are some of the headlines. So with the breaching of the nachchikuda akkrayankulam trenches/bunds at several points troops are now moving on hitting hard.

    if you look at the map on it shows troops far ahead of the trench line that was.

    Moshe - another clash point is very close to the A9 just over kokavil

  25. Another 'copy & paste' job by Ruwan Weerakoon, 'defence correspondent' of 'The Bottom Line.

    Then read the original article:

    This is the third time that Weerakoon's plagiarised a blogger. He should be ashamed of him lack of originality.

  26. Probe finds LTTE had recently directed "CS gas" on some troops in the wanni. The gas is used mostly in anti-hijacker or hostage operations.
    -ARMY-Daily Mirror

  27. Prabhakaran's hide out?

  28. Black Tiger attack on Vavuniya cattle:


    The Army while reiterating its capacity to challenge any such threats in the future has already distributed gas masks among the troops fighting in the Wanni.
    It is also pertinent to note here that use of any chemical or gas in the warfare goes against UN stipulated Conventions and worldwide accepted norms, the Army said.

  30. CS gas is the common name for 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (also called o-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile) (chemical formula: C10H5ClN2), a substance that is used as a riot control agent and is generally accepted as being non-lethal.

  31. I am glad the authorities have destroyed the ganja plantation at Thanmanwila as they are linked to the underworld/terrorist gangs operating there. There’s much more to be cleared as the villages are forced or induced by these gangs, perhaps the recent 7 deaths are linked to it? I wonder what 7 people in a tractor doing there in that remote place, forced to supply provisions?

  32. SLA 58 Division Captures more area in Nachchikuda-Akkarayankulam LTTE FDL. Wanni Operation 17 th September 2008
    click here.

  33. If only we had consulted Athas, prior to deploying the 56/57th Division and Task Force1&2 in the wrong areas….

    "But we must remember it is not the centre of [the Tigers'] military power, it's the centre of political power… Military power is concentrated east of Kilinochchi, right up to the coast of Mullaitivu. So if they take Kilinochchi there's a long way to go thereafter."

    How it looks from my armchair, by Iqbal Athas. Typesetting by Roland Buerk

  34. no_mess,

    I agree. Athas with almost no militray experience can plan military operations better than real battle hardned officers in SLDF. It is also rumored that Athas will be hired by US DOD as a defence advisor.

  35. Athas never could predict anything with precision, he could only imagine and writings that were based on his imaginations were always detrimental towards teh SLG and biased towards the LTTE. None, never came true.

    Then came the rumor mongering. First it was supposed to have been based on 'information from sources who refuse to be identified within the military'. And so on and on..even to the point of trying to insinuate that he is in possession of information 'which cannot be divulged due to their sensitive nature'.

    This monkey has been persona-non-grata with people who have access to such info for a long time. What ever crap he picked up obviously was low-end stuff, some of which may have been disseminated to lower rungs, with confidentiality warnings attached.

    Guys, it is time to write the epitaph on Athas and relegate him and his warped imagination into the dustbin.

  36. No_mess,

    "If only we had consulted Athas, prior to deploying the 56/57th Division and Task Force1&2 in the wrong areas….

    "But we must remember it is not the centre of [the Tigers'] military power, it's the centre of political power… Military power is concentrated east of Kilinochchi, right up to the coast of Mullaitivu. So if they take Kilinochchi there's a long way to go thereafter."

    What part of Athas's remarks were wrong? And where does he say that the military deployed in the wrong place? I think Iqbal was the journalist who originally revealed how the SLA took Vakarai in a flash by infiltrating SF (as DN did not start until Feb 07).

    The govt's strategy in the north is not very different from what it did in the east- the only major difference is that the scale of fighting in the north is much greater. The military started in outlying yet important areas (Sampur which threatened Trinco, Mannar which threatened the South), then moved against populated areas (Paduvankarai region of Batticaloa, western Kilinochchi) before tackling the center of the LTTE's military power (Thoppigala, eastern Mullaitivu). By first attacking the LTTE where it was weak and not where it was strong, the SLA built momentum and more importantly shattered the illusion of LTTE invincibility.

    In early April 2007 after the relatively quick win in Paduvankarai (2 weeks), Iqbal could have said that the SLA still had a long way to go and he would've been correct. It took 3 long months and a division-sized force (Task Force I) to oust the Tigers from their last stronghold at Thoppigala. Yet if the SLA simply declared victory and did NOT take Thoppigala (as Ranil would have wanted), the LTTE would have had a base to launch a high-intensity guerrilla campaign in the east.

    Taking Kilinochchi would be an incredible strategic victory and would certainly tip the balance against the LTTE for reasons that DN and DW have already presented, but the greatest battles would remain to be fought in the Mullaitivu jungles, against a cornered Tiger.

  37. Wijeypala

    The fall of K'chchi is significant politically; it decimates all pretexes to a seperate state.
    It effectively makes the LTTE a guerilla organization and an illegal international terror organization on the run. No address, no mail.

    The battle will not be over, in fact it will become very much more difficult for SLDF on Mullaitivu terrain. That will call for special tactics and I'm certain those have been mapped over by now.

    This creates an interesting conundrum for people who have made sweeping statements abt SL and the way this govt has handled the anti-terror ops. The war ends before the battle finishes.

    It's a cart-before-horse situation in which the only grand finale predictable would be a fizzle out.

  38. A Sri Lankan politician supports handing over Kachchathiv to India and protecting Indian fishermen. TNA MP Sivajilingam said ... They are done with protecting rights of SL (tamil) citizens. These buggers will tell next year to handover K'chi also to India.

  39. "But we must remember it is not the centre of [the Tigers'] military power, it's the centre of political power… Military power is concentrated east of Kilinochchi, right up to the coast of Mullaitivu. So if they take Kilinochchi there's a long way to go thereafter."

    He may be right or wrong, but how does he know all these? This seems like saying "oya gahana gahilla loku deyak neme, oya hariye koto kohomath durvalai, ekath amaruven gahanne, balamuko oin ehata gahana hati, man nan hithanna in ehata gahala allanda puluvan kiyala...".

  40. Bear Sterns,Lehman,ML,and AIG are gone.

    Who is next?


    We are not done yet, the golden boy of WS,Goldman Sachs is also plunged today with Morgan. With more bailouts, major private owned companies are becoming state owned now, isn't that socialist economy? Mind boggling events are unfolding lately in WS.

    What the extraordinary event of today was the negative return on the government bonds, that means you have to pay government for holding their bonds.

  41. "But we must remember it is not the centre of [the Tigers'] military power, it's the centre of political power… Military power is concentrated east of Kilinochchi, right up to the coast of Mullaitivu. So if they take Kilinochchi there's a long way to go thereafter"

    i don't care who said this; IT'S 100% TRUE.

    i've ALWAYS preferred mulativu to kili bcos all tiger BIG infrastructure is in mulaitivu NOT kili. kili fell to SLA in 1998-99 but mulaitivu didn't. kili is JUST the LTTE's political capital, mulativu is the terror capital.

  42. shan,

    yep; no denying that now. SLA is just 1km from A9 and there is little doubt that they will cut across A9 contrary to my predictions. but that was in a situ where kili to omanthai A9 road was used as the MAIN "humanitarian" supply route. NOT ANY MORE! now its use has been VERY much reduced and disrupting it doesn't matter. after capturing kili, it is even more useless. then SLA should take the whole stretch as it is ridiculous to have the omantahi entry/exit point anylonger.

    fall of kili is going to be a MASSIVE blow to tigers. but i would have prefered they concentrated on mulaitivu instead.

  43. "fall of kili is going to be a MASSIVE blow to tigers. but i would have prefered they concentrated on mulaitivu instead."

    Interesting that while some people accuse Iqbal of quietly second-guessing Gotabhaya/Fonseka's strategy, others here openly criticize it.

    The military would have gotten bogged down if it concentrated in Mullaitivu. Jaffna would have been vulnerable to attack. There would probably have been floods of refugees going to Tamil Nadu and then forcing India to take action against SL.

    By first focusing on Mannar and moving towards Pooneryn and Kilinochchi, the govt has taken the initiative away from the LTTE and avoided getting bogged down. This war is probably more about psychology and morale than material factors. That is why the govt has correctly saved Mullaitivu for last.

  44. Mr. Bhairav BSc Finance. Phd Economics

    So, u r a Money man ha? Good on ya buddy! (Or r u a Polee Karaya? Ha ha )

    Good to c ur in to money not in to credit cards! Just kidding mate…

    I am not an expert on money but I work with other people’s money for living. What ur saying is true for some extent.

    Bear Sterns and Merrill Lynch bought/acquisition by Bank of America but AIG bail out by US Gov is bit different.

    80 billion US$ package by federal gov does not mean they acquired AIG. What US gov doing is providing funds to Re-Finance some of the debts (mostly short term) AIG have and this 80b is just a safety net only. AIG worth goes to trillion’s I guesses.

    Goldman Sachs is the least hit and will get steady soon and so Morgan Stanley. Fingers cross there won’t be too many big boys to go down soon.

    And for the sake of LTTE hope MasterCard and VISA will be doing strongly! lol

  45. [80 billion US$ package by federal gov does not mean they acquired AIG. What US gov doing is providing funds to Re-Finance some of the debts (mostly short term) AIG have and this 80b is just a safety net only. AIG worth goes to trillion’s I guesses.]

    Amma ghahi,

    AIG is too big to fail; its operations are so intertwined in the financial system as more or less every fortune 500 company does business with AIG. To avoid sudden liquidation of AIG, feds gives $85B lifeline to AIG, so that it will eventually liquidate its assets when the water is calm, you can say 2 years from now on. With the 79.9% stakes in AIG, feds are in the driving seat as AIG's current management board will be gone. AIG is not a trillion $ company, and its stock already plunged, now $3/share?, lucky they are not penny stocks yet. Once feds get its money back, the current shareholders will get peanuts.

    Even though Morgan Stanley had healthy quarterly profit, they are in talks with Wachovia, another US retail bank, to join with them.

    Anyways, I'm not a money man or investor. I gotta fly early morning tomorrow to clean up my US apt, see you in few days.


  46. prefering kili over mulativu is due to political reasons and the relative ease of capture. 59 that is advancing on mulaitivu was the slowest of the 3 advancing divisions for good reasons; mainly higher resistence from the LTTE. OTOH 57 and 58 compliment eachother making a broader front that has proved very strong. capturing what is EASIER to capture leaving what is more difficult to capture for future seems to be the case.

    the SHITTEST thing that can happen is to FORCE the LTTE to the negotiation table after capturing kili (which is their capital and SYMBOLICALLY signifies the END of the TE dream) without inflicting as much damage as it could have caused if mulaitivu was captured instead.

    this was CBK's plan and according to what the present govt says it is pursuing an extermination strategy which is the ONLY solution.

    when looked at it mathematically, i have both supporting and not-supporting evidence.

    war deaths.

    1983-94 - 50k (4,500 on average)
    1995-2001 - 15k (2,100 on average)

    the MAIN reason for the difference is the FOCUS. lalith, JRJ, IPKF, RP (though less) concentrated on killing the max while CBK was trying to force the LTTE to negotiations. capturing jaffna and kili were classic examples of this STUPID strategy.

    killing rate from 2006-2008 has been around 3,500+ which is in between. IF GOSL follows a "pressurising" approach after capturing kili, that will be the tragic end of this military campaign.

    mulaitivu has most LTTE fortifications untouched by outsiders for deacades.

    MOST of these bunkers, etc. cannot be relocated. capturing mulaitivu denies all this to tigers.

    from mulaitivu tigers can still mainatain links to TN, etc. whereas kili is not the case. in otherwords IF sea tigers can be effective, mulative can sustain itself in a battle; not like kili.

    IF mulaitivu falls b4 kili, tigers trapped in killi would be totally without additional supplies provided 58 closes the rest of the western coastline. then it will be a much easy (and a pleasurable) task ANNIHILATING them.

    ranil PONNAYA said there is nothing to CRWO ABOUT capturing a jungle when the thoppigala jungle was captured. little the PONNAYA realised that jungles are MUCH more important to tigers than towns!!

    the other RW (the PM) also boasted about capturing kili. he will celebrate capturing kili but when the FINAL battle is fought in the DENSE JUNGLES of mulaitivu WHILE HAVING TO RETAIN KILI would be his WORST nightmare.

    IF GOSL's main aim is to WIPE OUT tigers (the ONLY solution), it should not burden itself with the HUGE task of MAINTAINING kili AT THE SAME TIME.

    it also allows tigers to put in to action their LATEST threat - continue with a PROLONGED guerilla warfare for which they have no better place than mulaitivu.

  47. Moshe-Dyan,

    No one in the right mind want to clean up LTTE up to this much and turn back.

    Sri Lanka should be spot-cleaned of LTTE M*frs for the good of all the peoples.

  48. IF GOSL's main aim is to WIPE OUT tigers (the ONLY solution), it should not burden itself with the HUGE task of MAINTAINING kili AT THE SAME TIME.
    Yep. seems Forces are going to cut A9 on or above Kakavil. By dening access to sea from the western side, the pressure to the government from large number of refugees fleeing to Tamilnadu will be minimized.
    Things are going according to a Master plan & seems everything is Planned in this war against the ltte.
    Mr.Athas can be working according to a hidden Agenda, but when reading him we have to see Ourselves what prompts him to say those as well..
    Thats where our own judgements has to show us the way..

  49. noltte,

    yes; no one of RIGHT and SOUND mind.

    but how many ppl of UNSOUND mind have a stake in the war/surrender?

  50. Moshe,
    My non military mind says we should capture EPS after kili. Bring 53rd and 55th divisions in to the greatest battle of our time.

  51. bungu,

    the way it is going, yes; but after neutralising poonaryn.

  52. Until recently Athas thought that the main goal of the "Vavunia front" was to capture Madhu (I.e. a political war). Unfortunately some of you are thinking along the same line regarding Kilinochchi. Do not depend too much on political rhetoric. Kiyanna kese keewath asanna sihi buddhiyen asiya yuthu.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. hemantha,

    athas's agenda (he is paid by ranil's mother's newspaper company and he has many other cashflows) apart, BETWEEN KILI and MULA, it is the latter that should come first PURELY from a MILITARY comparison.

  55. Moshe,
    When the Vavunia front was at the initial stage of its operations the published goal was to capture Madhu (I guess you remember). But the truth is that they (political and military leadership) were creating a fog in order to hide the real goal. (Athas wasn't dumb. The fuck just used it for his mud slinging.)

  56. I think Mulathivu will be handled by 53,55 and 59. 57 and 62 might give a helping hand too.

  57. Guys check the site below. The pro LTTE singer MIA has been justifying the LTTE and now one of the rappers from SL has given her the reply. Youtube has banned our rapper due to a request by UMG. please read through and spread the word.

  58. DefenceNet,

    I don’t buy that the forces are "Ready" to face a NBC type attack from the tigers, the last one might have been CS but next time it could be HCN with a acidic compound which would eat away at the seals in the filter/canister and rubber seals of our gas masks (which are not issued in numbers that are needed).

    Saying ready to keep the civil sector clam is alright but we gotta take some strong steps to prepare, when i told that some thing like this or like kiran could happen in a more organized and possibly a lethal manner to top brass of the army and navy about 8 years back they laughed at it and laughed at the fact that the tigers could carry out a air raid..ahh i guess no one is will be laughing now eh??

    I just hope they will take it seriously at least now.

  59. Another bus attack is coming soon. Read tamilnut.

  60. hemantha,

    "I think Mulathivu will be handled by 53,55 and 59. 57 and 62 might give a helping hand too."

    yes. thats the plan going by the theory "capturing what is EASIER to capture leaving what is more difficult to capture for future".

  61. Moshe,

    I think chasing away tigers from Kili has many political advantages. Final battle will not take place somewhere densely populated.

    We have to think about Human rights factor of the war.

  62. Who ever placed the Recent bus bomb is yet to be caught..
    So with that failure, there could be another bomb to show their ABILITY to kill the innocent.

  63. Agree with bungu..
    & dont forget the Land Route to jaffna & the 53,55 to Enter fresh from Pooneryn...

  64. Taking the west coast seems far more important the the east coast. The east coast can be blockaded. That is far more difficult in the west due to the shallow waters and proximity to Indian waters and fishermen.

    Taking Ponneryn seems critical. It could be the equivalent of gaining one or two offensive divisions who are now not doing very much in Jaffna. Much of the naval and other units guarding against possible sea tiger raids now in the west can probably be shifted to the east.

    My prediction is that LTTE will collapse surprisingly quickly after Ponneryn is taken.

  65. also Navy can play an active role in the battle by guarding the Mullativ sea / coast line. Meaning army can push from north , west and south while Navy take on east.

    Of course SLAF will cover the skies.

  66. Guys,

    If you read all the repost written by Athas so far you can easily understand what he is doming. His reports are like TELEDRAMA scripts (rather than the report)…this guy is just a bogus war writer…when there was a time in Sri Lanka we had no good war report writers.. in that time he immerged as a writer and most importantly as an English Reporter so he wrote report (stories) there with the help of some senior officials in Army. What happened now ..people are more aware about the war trough different media e.g. Internet so that while he is creating his stories you and me all know what has happened in the battle field.

    See what he is saying now…(BBC)

    But we must remember it is not the centre of [the Tigers'] military power, it's the centre of political power… Military power is concentrated east of Kilinochchi, right up to the coast of Mullaitivu. So if they take Kilinochchi there's a long way to go thereafter."

    As you can imagine this guy just want to see war is going on..and army is beaten by Tigers then he got a story to tell…

    We must refuse this bias journalism in Sri Lanka…

  67. Lankadeepa Reports:

    people in Killinochchi moving towards further East

  68. About this Water Bottle Collection for the troopers on the Frontline....
    Just imagine, if Someone Give Water Packs with Poison...
    The Recent Suspected Food Poisoning was Later Confirmed to be Cyanide!!
    They can use Many other Water soluble Undetectable Poisons & who is going to Check Bottle by Bottle?
    So Even Army could have Collected the Money & buy from a SAFE TRUSTED source...
    After Collection, it would be difficult to find the Source & Well, after the Damage is done,NO USE in Inquiries to find >



  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Guys,

    Mullathivu front has been slower due to difficult terrain - the thick forest. It made them the movement of machinery next to imposible. However, the worst is now over, as far as this front is concerned.

    Mulathivu will be taken by n mixed-amphibious attack with some involvement of the Navy.

    Nacchikuda will fall very soon and with its fall the fate of Pooneryn will be sealed.

    Killinocchi is just four kilometres away now. The savages may be moving up north now, with the ultimate destination in mind - the deep front of the Indian Ocean.

    IDP's are on the move following the marching orders of the brutes. They seem to be remarkably calm and composed; may be a sign of relief that this nightmare will be over soon, even if there is a little price to pay. It is not a pleasant sight, though. Let's hope and pray that these human beings can live in a free society with dignity.

    The IDP's have a trustworthy companion - the domestic dog. It is very noble of them to take these fiercely loyal creatures with them, come what may.

    The kind of steps that the brutes are going to take in the coming days are going to bear all the hall marks of a comic drama.

    Using CS gas against a mask-wearing professional army is going to be the first episode.

    It reminds me of the proverbial stupid squirrel who wet his tail and then shook it off on the shore to dry up the ocean.

    Both the Tigers and greedy market traders made the same cardinal mistake - tampering with natural laws.

    The former has brought a decade-long fight to a stupid end and the latter has brought a decade-long prosperity bubble to a painful global bust.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Daily Mirror Reports:

    Sea battle erupts between Navy and LTTE

    A sea battle has erupted between Naval attack craft and LTTE in the coast of Valaipadu, off Nachchikudha, a few minutes ago.

    Heavy fighting is reported in the area, defence sources said.

    Latest reports reveal that, LTTE boats have received immediate orders to retreat from the confrontation as terrorists have sustained heavy damages in the duel. The LTTE boats were led by a senior sea tiger cadre identified as Kadar, military said citing intercepted LTTE communication. An LTTE boat has received damages and was observed towed after the initial interception, according to the sources.

    According to ground troops at Nachchikudha, terrorists are receiving a heavy beating by the naval craft.

    Initially 4 suspicious boats were detected off the Valaipadu coast North of Nachchikudha, and confrontation broke-out when the approaching naval craft were attacked by LTTE boats, defence sources said.

    Any news?

  73. bungu,

    That leaves LPPE one direction to move - six feet under.

  74. bungu,

    no mate. LTTE forces ppl to go with it even to mula.
    what you say about human rights is exactly the OPPOSITE!!

    by attacking kili we have destroyed humanitarian supplies already. this will be a BIG problem in time to come. had we concentrated on mulative instead, this would not have happened. NGOs operated from MOSTLY kili not mulativu.

    anyway now it is too late to change course. i'm really worried about HOLDING on to kili, the east & jaffna and at the same time entering the tiger terrain of mulaitivu. remember holding on to a captured area needs MUCH more resources including troops than capturing it.

    again the chase away strategy supports taking on kili than mula.

  75. bungu,

    also refer to the TIMELYT link lankaputra has given...

    Lankadeepa Reports:

    people in Killinochchi moving towards further East

    protecting ppl in mula is going to be HELL of a lot of difficult than kili. it has MUCH less infrastructure and aid access for PEOPLE!!

  76. Moshe and others,

    "people in Killinochchi moving towards further East"

    this is not something I expected. and it is bad if they herd people towards Mulative to use as a human shield.

  77. There are many aspects of the war. Could be too much for my non military mind to comprehend.

    These are my concerns:

    1. I would like to fully utilize my forces as a commander. Meaning Navy has to play a significant role as well. So final battle of my choice is Mullative.

    2. I thought LTTE would make another tactical withdrawal from Kili to Mula.

    However after Moshe pointed out I realize that humanitarian crisis in Mula could get worse than if it was in Kili.


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