Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sea tigers and Navy clash near Iranathivu Island as ground troops make progress in Akkarayankulam

An LTTE boat movements near the Iranathivu Island off Nachchikuda were attacked by SLN patrol craft today (18th) at around 11am in the morning. According to available information 10 sea tiger crafts were destroyed in the confrontation. This includes 3 large attack craft of the tigers as well as 7 smaller craft. The sea tiger flotilla lead by an individual identified as 'Kadar' began to retreat towards LTTE controlled coastline when the fleet sustained damages due to SLN fire. The purpose of the LTTE boat movement is still not known.

Meanwhile 12 SLA soldiers were killed and 30 more were injured during fighting that took place yesterday (17th) and today (18th) in Akkarayankulam, located west of Kilinochchi. Troops have managed to secure the Karambakulam tank bund in the process. Two LTTE bodies, 5 T-56 weapons and 1 RPG left behind by the tigers have been recovered by SLA. More than 40 LTTE cadres have been killed in these fights and a similar number have been injured.

In other news pro LTTE media accused the 'DPU' of army of blowing up a civilian transport along the A9 today. This is usually a telltale sign of an impending LTTE attack on a civilian target in the south. The Sri Lanka Army does not despatch the LRRP, one of it's most valuable resources, to hunt down random civilian targets.


  1. SL Navy Rocks! Come On Boys! Kill them all, filthy terrorist bastard!

  2. I realise that its bad manners to intrude on the private grief of others, but I couldn't resist looking into the comments section of It gives an accurate reflection of the despair and delusional thinking of the LTTE supporting diaspora.

    It's a dirty job and someone's gotta do it, so here are some choice comments:

    "The Tigers are fighting this war against virtually the entire International community. For reasons best known to themselves no government is prepared to be on the side of justice. Very sad indeed!"

    "Our liberation can not be stopped by anyone let alone AK Anthony. India is not a super power and will never be one with corrupted politicians in ample all over India. Let us not worry about India and we march forward towards our freedom. LTTE are one and only representatives of Tamils of Eelam. FULL STOP."

    Anyone still thinking that the disapora can be constructively engaged with after the LTTE's military defeat?

    I doubt it.

    In fact these comments are classic indications that the LTTE diaspora are going through the famous Kübler-Ross stages of grief:

    “This can’t be happening to me.”

    “Why is this happening? Who is to blame?”

    “Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.”

    “I’m too sad to do anything.”

    “I’m at peace with what is going to happen/has happened.”

    Perhaps Qurious could expand on this further?

  3. good job sailors!! keep sending them em to Ol' Jhones :)



    Dictionary of Military Terms

    6000+ Terms

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  5. Guys, Where about is the Karambakulam tank please?
    Is it possible to point on this.

  6. Not 1, 10 boats destroied.

  7. Prabha yes more than 1 destroyed and around 20 cadres KIA. Awaiting confirmation

  8. LTTE boats beaten off Nachchikudha; 10 boats destroyed, at least 25 terrorists killed

  9. There's a report out that says one of VP's hideout's were bombed. Is this true?

  10. machan,
    That was earlier. Todays air strikes were on targets close to the frontline, direct assistance to advancing troops.

  11. MI has confirmed that a bus was actually hit by a claymore on A9 and 3 civilians killed.

  12. crimewatch,

    Yeah why wouldn't I be?


    Didn't know that was earlier. So no news on whether the fat pig died or not? Damn. That brings me to another question though, fat pig being roasted is nice but is the pig more valuable alive? If he is, then if our boys get ground intel on his where abouts they won't drop bombs on him right?

  13. Akkarayan Kulam is available under below link

  14. "So no news on whether the fat pig died or not?"

    Most likely he was not there at time of bombing. If there was such a high profile death LTTE would not have been able to cover it for this long.

  15. DN,

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    I hope they catch him alive, then we can put him on trial and make an example out of him to others around the world.

  16. Well done brave Sailors.... We do see a change in results in naval confrontations these days. Keep it up Guys!!!!!
    Guys.. Here is a an article I found a bit interesting about Kilinochchi town, and the would be effects of it's capture.
    Sri Lanka's push to take rebel HQ

  17. theres two obvious reasons why tamil tigers ambushed this bus near omanthai.
    1. they can scare the civllians to stay away from crossing into government terriotry.

    2. they will go back to idp's and tell the usual bullshit how the 'sinhalese army' wants to kill tamils, so you better stick with the 'sole representatives'

  18. true SL,

    I read that article. Usually BBC articles are *cough* "neutral *cough*.

    I like that article, its different, more neutral than their usual "neutral" BS.

  19. Moshe Dyan,

    I replied to your post in the earlier post. Have a look if you don't mind :-)

  20. Sea battle raging near Nachchikuda

    A confrontation with SL navy and Sea tigers reported at Valaipadu coast North of Nachchikuda. According to reports Fighting is still continuing in the Valaipadu seas and there are boats destroyed in both sides.

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  22. Sri Lanka

    The LTTE, the CIA designated foreign terrorist organization, also known as Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka has started using CS gas against the government forces in September 2008 as a chemical weapon

  23. Defencenet,

    Has the navy upgraded their weapons? Very severe damage caused to the LTTE, by the looks of it. Much more than what we are used to. And I suppose the SBS/Rapid Action squadron was involved in this?

  24. Fresh SLA advance repulsed in Vannearikku'lam - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 18 September 2008, 11:32 GMT]
    The Sri Lanka Army (SLA), which launched a fresh attempt to advance in Vannearikku'lam on Thursday suffered heavy casualties as the Tigers repulsed the move after heavy fighting that lasted for almost four hours, LTTE military officials in Vanni told TamilNet claiming that 25 SLA soldiers were killed in the fighting and more than 40 wounded. Two dead bodies of SLA soldiers were recovered and the Tigers have seized arms and ammunitions from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan military officials in Colombo claimed that their forces were engaged in a 3-hour sea battle from 11:30 a.m. with the LTTE Sea Tigers in the seas off Naachchikkudaa, claiming an equal number of casualties on LTTE side.

    Heavy fighting broke out in Vannearikku'lam region around 9:30 a.m. Thursday and lasted til 1:00 p.m., according to LTTE officials, who said a clearing operation was going on in the area, seizing arms and ammunitions left behind by the SLA forces that were pushed back.

    LTTE military officials also said the SLA was attempting to advance in the southern sector of the Ki'linochchi district on Wednesday amid stiff fighting. Around 10 SLA soldiers were killed in action on Wednesday, the Tigers said.

    The LTTE didn't release details on its own casualties and yet to release details on the said naval clash.

  25. "The LTTE didn't release details on its own casualties and yet to release details on the said naval clash."

    No surprises there. But I can imagine how the 'details' would be. Something like '2 cadres received minor injuries' and '2 Dvoras and at least 6 other crafts were completely destroyed by the sea tigers. More than 30 SLN personnel, including SBS soldiers are believed to have been killed in the battle. Two sea tiger boats also received minor damages.'

  26. PULI

    The Sri Lanka Army (SLA), which launched a fresh attempt to advance in Vannearikku'lam on Thursday suffered heavy casualties as the Tigers repulsed the move after heavy fighting that lasted for almost four hours, LTTE military officials in Vanni told TamilNet claiming that 25 SLA soldiers were killed in the fighting and more than 40 wounded

    since Madhu LTTE is repulsing army...he he he...

    funny bit...
    The LTTE didn't release details on its own casualties and yet to release details on the said naval clash.

    man you been so funny to copy all this crap here....

  27. My information is that 7 LTTE naval craft were destroyed for sure, with another 3 heavily damaged and thought to have sunk. Several of the other LTTE boats are known to have been hit.

    However, 2 of our attack craft, an IPC and a Dvora class FAC were damaged. IPC had to be taken in tow. No deaths amongst the navy crews, though it seems a few were slightly injured.

  28. According to, Arrows seem to have been used a lot.

  29. "However, 2 of our attack craft, an IPC and a Dvora class FAC were damaged. IPC had to be taken in tow. No deaths amongst the navy crews, though it seems a few were slightly injured."

    4 SLN injured. 2 critically.

  30. huh..LTTE officials? excuse me? how can some bata slipper wearers become officials???

  31. Well said Miliyaa.. Well said!!!
    I feel sorry for those guys. Cos their days are numbered.....

  32. SLA cheif speaks-he knows the reality so well

    Must read: Interveiw of GenSF (from TSL) and DailyNews defence column (from infinity.)

    //"There are over 3,000 cadres, and I don't think they will fight to the last man. When it comes down to a certain level, they will try to go and mingle with the people or resort to other tactics like they are trying in the east," Fonseka said.//

    //"Just now they are fighting face-to-face, because we are fighting the Kilinochchi defence line, so the killing rate is very high. So I don't know how long they can afford to resist like this," Fonseka said.//

    //Lieutenant-General Sarath Fonseka also said he had no clear timeframe for retaking territory held by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), because his aim was killing all of the insurgents rather than seizing ground.//

    He said earlier an insurency will last for number of years even after the end of war. Also 11,000 cadres are dead from MavilAru to now. In the way he talks it is very clear he see the full picture in large time scale and for sure he has a master plan.

    Wanni civilian movemennts

    Civilians in is the crucial factor in this war in next few months. Once GSL get all the civlilians to Vavunia the victory is pretty much sealed. Following is the bad news.

    DaillyMirror reported a picture of few civilians moving from K'chi to Mullathiv. I don't know how many do that. If these civilians move further into LTTE areas rather than to Vavunia, even after INGO withdrawal that means
    1.Those civilians are very loyal to LTTE OR
    2.They have no trust on SLA/GSL OR
    3.They are totaly brainwashed by LTTE OR
    4.Some other ridiculous reasons.

    TN reported 7 deaths in northen seas. I think this is the same incedent dailly mirror reported few days ago. Still the question is why "refugees" from tamilnadu coming to wanni where a war if faught an increasinly dangerously and the place they left due to safety when the war was not that bad at that time there? Can this be another LTTE trick for tamilnadu factor?

    SLN success story

    We observe now SLN is doing well in shallow water as well, after truimp in blue waters. What they have done is a simple development. Manufactoring small boats which can be used in shallow waters. In this war it doesn't matter whether you wear bata slippers or boots as long as you can kill the enimy. Some people didn't like SLA's small team tactic which delivered all the victories so far, in the begening, saying its a traditional army degrading to a guarilla outfit. If SLAF think in the same line by now all the zlins are down without thinking about expensive MIG29s.

    SLN recent battle shows now LTTE sea tigers who once dominated in shallow waters are now crippled. At the same time we see LTTE sea tigers are still able to fight with SLN for hours, though finally they were defeated. (i.e. They still have considerable amount of resources.)

    Commander in a meeting in Wanni SFHQ which was raised to dust by black tiger attack

    Despite tamilnut claim of 4 SLA bodies recovered no body was handed over to Red Cross so far. As they can play with photoshop, putting old pics or own cadres dead bodies as SLA's pictures on the web may not be the best way to confirm such a claim. But when they habd over the bodies and acceptence by GSL will confirm such a claim and even after 3 days nothing happened. Thus we may conclude the so called captured whepons also their own ones. They have recaptured their own whepons just to keep the inteligent diaspora happy.

    TAF what next?

    I think LTTE send the tin cans agian soon. Probably for short tours now. Probably for some where fighting is going on, targetting SLA ammo, artilary, MBRL or top commanders. Such a move may not be detected by Vavunia radar and SLAF also will not have time to intercept. Thus the best response would be to make sure ground troops downing it using AA fire or SAM or some missile. They just need to make sure they will not fire SLAF in any case and proper cordination required. SLA better have a seperate until deployed in suspected areas with high training in this job rather than just firing to the sky every where when they see the mosqito.

    Can some one answer these?
    1(a).Should SLAF momb civilian settlements?
    1(b).IF SLAF knows/suspects vezapillai is staying in a house in a house in a town/villege (so he is in civilian sttlement) should SLAF bomb that house?

    2.What should GSL do about the INGOs who left their heavy vehicles/ high tech com stes in wanni?

  33. Non defence...

    Berty Premalal accuses party men of sabotage
    Opposition’s choice is NCPC chairman

    specialforce (LNP) Aug23

    //While the govt is confident of Berty premalal's victory in north central the overwhelmingly unpopular ex chief minister is expected to land in the third or the fourth position in the preferential votes.

    all in all both the chief minister candidates are winning not on their own merit but riding on the popularity of the president.president mahinda rajapkse was initially reluctant to hand over the candidacy to berty in the first place,this was on the basis of his unpopularity and in the context of existing soured relations between him and the president over the lack of support president mahinda rajapkse experienced during the presidential race under the influence from chandrika kumaratunge with whom mr dissanayake had close relations.domestic compulsions drove the president to hand over the candidacy to diassanakaye in the 11th hour despite being fully aware of the his unpopularity...

    even if the govt wins the north central, an inevitable battle is expected to erupt,destabilizing the power balance of the council between the topper of the preferential votes and Mr berty dissanakaye... //

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  35. Sea Tigers overwhelmed, ten craft destroyed
    Army bags another LTTE base on Welioya front
    SLAF blasts base guarded by anti-aircraft guns

    //Had they been aware of the presence of a sizeable force spearheaded by ‘Arrow’ attack craft( over 30), they wouldn’t have confronted the navy, spokesman Commander D. K. P. Dassanayake told The Island.//

  36. bungu,

    my pleasure, mate and thanks for your valuable input.

    fully agree with your concerns. the new DN post (this one) justifies your point #1.

  37. 6 people died per hour. 2000 died per year. (60% youth) 50,000 injured per year. This is NOT by war. This is due to acciedents !! This is more than war casualties. (Lankadeepa)

    Why there is no single NGO to work on reducing accidents?

  38. //3 killed, DPU Claymore targets bus on A9-tamilnut//

    I think this is a messege for IDPs from LTTE. Don't travel in A9 (to go to vavunia).

  39. SLN's success rate against STs have been MUCH less than 50% in MOST instances. the post doesn't say how many ST boats were there altogether; it only says 10 were destroyed.

    it is damn good but its better to know how many ST boats were there altogether.

  40. Guys,

    Conspiracy Theory

    I don't see a single photograph of any senior Tiger figure now. We see Prabhakaran's photo, garlanding that fool, who committed suicide for nothing - Thileepan.

    My man in the defence establishment tells me that the photograph was a gimmick; the same has appeared in a previous commemoration, I was told.

    I begin to feel these senior cadres must be in disguise already to avoid the army. That is why we don't see them.

    For instance, Soosai can clearly disguse himself as Obelix - the legend who ate a wild boar for breakfast. Nadesan can do the same as Victor Perera, the former IGP. Balakumaran who started killing Sinalese civilians on bombing sprees is ideal for the role of the pied-piper.

    So, the victorious forces have a big job in their hand - to trace these fellows, before they slip through the net.

    Prabha can't do that. If he does it, he loses his authority.

    There are folks who supported the brutes while benefiting from them. But they are clueless at this crucial hour as to what to do.

    They must understand that if you sleep with the dogs, you get up with fleas.

  41. Dear chaps, Lieutenant-General Sarath Fonseka said the death cult criminals will go underground.
    What our good Lieutenant-General meant was was that the goons will go three feet underground in shallow graves.


  42. Good post Defnet,so do you have any photos from batle yet ?
    I hope SLA takeout as many ltte as possible before Thanksgiving !

    BTW: Why did Iqbal Athas fumble the INDRA II radars with the bogus story abt. "Indira" been named after Indira Gandhi ? Stupid isnt it ? He routinely miss ID's SLAF aircraft, for a Def Analyst that's emabarassig folks ! He's phony just want to make a buck !

    How far is SLA to the Pooneryn ltte Gun bunkers ?

    Keep up the good work fellas !

  43. Patriots, get a load of this…

    [Associated Press, Thu September 18, 2008 07:17 EDT . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) The Sri Lankan military says naval forces have sunk 10 Tamil Tiger boats and killed at least 25 rebel sailors in a major sea battle off the country's northwest.]

    No, I don’t mean the incident itself, but the fact that AP calls LTTE sea-guppies “sailors”…!!!

    I thought the term “sailors” in the context of accepted applicability today was for crew in merchant vessels, crew in naval vessels or even sports enthusiasts who just take to sailing!

    As such…

    To give the term “sailors” to members of a banned terrorist group, a heinous group consisting of mass and serial killers, including baby-killers, in my view is going too far!

    I guess even if a bunch of weed ingested (yes, that kind of weed!), mentally deranged, dark oily skinned monkeys were cast off on a boat from SL, AP would still call them “sailors”…??? Mmm one can never be sure I guess!

    OaO Asithri

  44. Georgia, you WERE on my mind...

    Pooneryn, you ARE on my mind...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  45. Hey anybody knows what happened to the hardcore LTTE motherfcuker "kuttu" who used to curse poor humble OaOA with accidents and death?

    I told to bugger not long ago that each time he cursed OaOA, something good happened to OaoA (like a career promotion not long ago soon after such a curse!) and since then the filthy weasel has disappeared! Wonder if the SOB got vaporized by any one of the recent SLAF crapping run!


    OaO Asithri

  46. Hi Sl,

    Saw an earlier post from you bro...great...simply great to know you are coming to NY and most certainly I will find a way to get a message out to you via the "pigeon route" (that I have used in the past…for obvious reasons, cannot elaborate here) so we can link up...

    Cheers brother,

    OaO Asithri

  47. [Norway provides emergency relief to Sri Lanka
    Sept 18 (CP) Colombo: Expressing concern about civilians affected by the conflict in Sri Lanka's north, Norway announced that it is providing NOK 36 million for humanitarian efforts in Sri Lanka.]

    How nice! I guess the guilty consciousness got the better of these white kooks!

    Errrr…salmon-lovers…let’s get one thing straitened out shall we…?

    this is not the Ponna Ranil or CBK the Cow’s regime that’s holding the reins today in our MotherLanka and as such any attempt on your part to send much needed relief supplies (military or otherwise) to the LTTE under the guise of “aid to civilians” is not going to pan out!

    Believe me when I tell you this as I specifically called “Colombo” today on this and was given that assurance from…well let’s stop at that!

    OaO Asithri

  48. raja-

    [Why did Iqbal Athas fumble the INDRA II radars with the bogus story abt. "Indira" been named after Indira Gandhi ? Stupid isnt it ?]

    Yep, bloody stupid in my view.

    This SOB once was a respected SME on this topic but over the years the bastard got to be too cocky and was one time behaving as if he was in charge of “National Security” in Sri Lanka…revealing all kinds of secretive information he is supposed to have garnered from “unnamed sources” and doing everything possible to damage the fine war effort from this present politico-military establishment.

    One cannot wonder if LTTE “got” to the bastard with handsome rewards, but he damn well near did some noteworthy damage with his cockamamie theories/suppositions (e.g. like the MiG29 deal) to destroy the morale of our fighting men/women in the SLDF.

    Time will come when we “settle scores” with this type of 5th col. treachery that actively sought to weaken our fighting forces when our very survival a sovereign nation was at stake …this indeed is a solemn promise from the “patriots who will never forget or forgive”…!

    OaO Asithri

  49. The level of foreign relations savvy demonstrated by MR and team continues to earn the respsct of some of their harshest critics.

    The way Norway was dealt with and is being handled is without par. From the position of a neo-Colonial dictator role, they've shrunk to whining sycophant waiting in line for a scrap. That certainly is the way to handle these bastards, but taking their money could dilute our outright control over them.

  50. OK looks like DN is almost the sole domain of humble OaOA as there are no other bloggers with rejoinders to agree, disagree, or even curse him with accidents or death!

    Anyway, I got to leave now as there is a solemn memorial happening here for the LTTE "sailors" who became the Indian Ocean sharks' "cavier" lunch today!

    Ratz...duty to go...

    OaO Asithri

  51. Yep we have to give them a shot of their Own Medicine..
    *SL ARMY>
    Small Combat Groups to fight the Small attack formations that they fought...
    *SL NAVY>
    Small boats to fight the ST small boat sets...

    These have given us the same leverage with their style & as our troops are Best at things they get the upper hand.

    *SL AIR FORCE> ...............

    Only if the Air Force also go with same lines and get smaller planes to be lift off near FDLs to counter the Takaran planes, then engage with a dog fight and get them down before it unloades. Currently we have only the slight advantage of engaging it on its Return Flight..( Next time they could be planning only Comming & hitting a Dam or a High riser...)
    Still have the time IF want to change...

  52. From Daily Mirror>
    CPC Chairman Asantha De Mel ruled out the possibility of reducing fuel prices in the near future despite the sharp reduction of petroleum prices in the international market, since the CPC had incurred a Rs. 52 billion loss during the recent oil crisis.
    He is hiding the truth & the the shouting UNPers also know the Truth..
    The Real Reason is the HEDGING concept. So even when the Price is low we must be paying a FIXED amount. It was certainly Great when the Oil Prices were Sky rocketing... But the Whole thing changes when the Prices go very low. Only the Indian Oil Company benefits for the time being & the gains for the Government are not worth mentioning..
    But Hedging is really suited to SL.

  53. India and Sri Lanka: How a village folk handling world super powers: Inside story of Indian security drama in SAARC: Read the comments, some Indians knows and understand reality in the region and the conflict much better than LNP LTTE experts. Every one who is worrying about SL president is not from Royal, Harward, Oxford ... better read this. click here game kollan thanakata avama, vada pennana kota, boho denekuta athivana sankava, irisiyava, thaman gana vana heenamanaya duru veva...

  54. Su hedging is nothing but gambling for me.

  55. Patriots in Sydney can take part in a SPUR-NSW public presentation on Saturday (20) @ 2:30pm @#15, Hunter St, Parra.

  56. AP reports!

    Tigers on defensive as Sri Lanka military closes in
    1 hour ago

    COLOMBO (AFP) — Tamil Tigers were once regarded one of the world's most ruthlessly efficient rebels, but they risk losing their mini-state as Sri Lankan forces make a determined push after decades of bloodshed.

    After months of bitter fighting, security forces have reached the outskirts of the Tiger political capital -- Kilinochchi -- the six-kilometre (four-mile) long township along the main A-9 highway to the Jaffna peninsula.

    Aid workers who evacuated Kilinochchi this week -- in line with a government order to leave ahead of an expected military show down -- said bombs and artillery shells were landing just within the political offices of the Tigers.

    "The military advance is getting closer to Kilinochchi and the Tigers may simply melt away," an aid official who declined to be named said soon after leaving the north.

    Sri Lanka's top brass had said they want to take Kilinochchi before the end of the year, but defence analysts argue that it must be done sooner as monsoon rains could intensify and render heavy armour ineffective from about October.

    For the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Kilinochchi is the show piece town where they hosted visiting foreign dignitaries and peace brokers.

    The Tigers also maintain their 'police headquarters,' their 'high courts' and their 'Bank of Eelam' which functions as the quasi monetary authority of the de facto separate state within Sri Lanka.

    The Tigers, who have been fighting for full independence for the island's Tamil minority since 1972, have warned that the vast Wanni region, encompassing 5,000 square kilometers in the northern part of Sri Lanka, could become a mass grave for security forces if they tried to capture Kilinochichi.

    There has been ferocious resistance along at least two of the six fronts opened by Sri Lankan forces, but so far the promised fight back has not materialised. Sri Lankan forces are vastly superior in numbers and fire power.

    "Unlike in the past, the army is moving in smaller groups and on a broader front," said retired brigadier general Vipul Boteju. "That is the secret of their success, but they need to take Kilinochchi before heavy rains."

    Boteju said downpours could make artillery and armour ineffective and force both sides to engage in close range fighting.

    Sri Lanka's top defence official, Gotabhaya Rajapakse, said the military is bracing for tougher battles, but remained convinced it could crush the Tigers.

    "The LTTE has never faced this type of pressure from all these fronts," he told the state-run Daily News in an interview last week. "Actually we have still not committed our full strength in the offensives."

    The exact strength of the Tigers was never clear, but local and foreign military intelligence agencies had placed the number of hard core Tiger combatants at anything between 5,000 to 15,000.

    Sri Lanka's military says it has killed over 6,000 rebels this year alone, while saying it has lost 645 of its own troops during the same period.

    Despite steadily losing territory in their strongholds, defence analysts believe that the Tigers may still have a large number of suicide cadres who could be activated to carry out devastating attacks elsewhere.

    The Tigers also have their own sea-going outfit and light aircraft that have been used in bombing raids as far south as the capital Colombo.

    They have also appeared to be on the brink of defeat in the past.

    In December 1995 they lost their hold over the Jaffna peninsula, which Colombo regarded as the fountain head of Tamil separatism in the Sinhala-majority nation.

    The army went on to take Kilinochchi, only to face a devastating counter attack in 1999.

  57. mango said,

    In fact these comments are classic indications that the LTTE diaspora are going through the famous Kübler-Ross stages of grief:

    “This can’t be happening to me.”

    “Why is this happening? Who is to blame?”

    “Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.”

    “I’m too sad to do anything.”

    “I’m at peace with what is going to happen/has happened.”

    Perhaps Qurious could expand on this further?

    Yes, mango, I certainly can. How about the following?

    Guilt My conscience is already full with it to the brim; taking a bit more, may spill it over across - may be sub-conscious.

    Melancholy When circumstances push me to the edge of the world in such a way I am on my own in this desolate spot while the world is turning its back on me.

    Despair I extended by wishful thinking by releasing the coil of daydream beyond the breaking poing. The extension is irreversible and I am streched beyond the limit.

  58. The arrows up grading is big step for the Navies R&D! It’s a great achievement, but I have my doubts in why the navy mounted a 23mm on one of them.

    The use of small boat tactics utilizes high speed, rapid maneuvering and the principles of swarm attack.

    considering the recoil of the 23mm round and stiff/crude gun mount which is a welded, and the crude iron Anti air craft type sights used and the constant bobbing as the bow pierces the waves and the wake left by others, I find it hard to believe that the 23mm would be of any significant combat use unless the boat is brought to a stop position and the gunner given ample time to adjust his aim..add to this the low rate of fire possible from such a platform for a weapon of such a caliber. And the limited number of 23mm rounds (which means accuracy matters but cannot be achieved to a level needed because of the mentioned issues) that can be carried and the restricted area for the gun to traverse makes it a cumbersome gun to place on such a small craft. The 14.5mm or even the old Oerlikon 20mm’s would have been a better choice, but I guess as the battles unfolds the necessary changes will be made if needed.

  59. ninja,
    game kollan / Kellan thanakata avama, vada pennana kota, boho denekuta athivana sankava, irisiyava, thaman gana vana heenamanaya duru veva...

    I also believe this has some Relevancy with the Success of the Army & Navy while the Air force lagging behind in great distances...

    Well about Hedging We Agree to the Price at the start, So It can be Called a Gamble with Future events, But We have More Power on deciding at the start..Just need to be Good at Gambling I guess..(Thats where High paid Central Bank Experts comes to play..)
    I dont have the Agreed price for this time period So dont know How much we are loosing (Enriching the Standard Charted bank as I remember..)while IOC is gaining a lot by selling at this Inflated Prices...

  60. nemesis,
    I dont have handon experience on this. but isnt the ship On the MOVE provide more Stability than the one which has STOPPED when the Force by firring causing a effect on the ship?
    (Considering the Small size of the ship..)

  61. Nice article with detailed events of LTTE aircraft interception:

  62. nemesis,

    Wouldn't it be ok to have some arrows fitted with 23mm, to provide additional firepower.

    If every arrow is fitted with 23mm, that could be a waste as high speed maneuvers will render them useless.

    Tigers must be hell bent on capturing a arrow these days.

  63. Voices in Harmony

    They said - quite unequivocally - that there was no military solution to the Eelam issue. And we - very reluctantly - tried to digest the formula that often resulted in indigestion of national humiliation.

    We were tamed to accept it while the stick of financial aid was being menacingly wielded in front of our helpless eyes.

    Defence analysts, NGO-funded peace doves have been bombarding us with the consequences, in the event of choosing the military option over political one that they formulated for us. Choices left for us for survival, were brought down to the choice left for a sufferer from constipation in a loo.

    Against all odds, the guardian angels of the nation brought together an alliance of brave hearts and installed them at the right places at the right time - a president with a backbone; a secretary of defence providing the gravitational pull to hold together the galaxy of committed generals of the armed forces and a section of opposition to stand by a noble cause despite the political differences.

    The team grew from infancy to adulthood defying its relatively short age, to form a formidable force to reckon with.

    They did not only prove distractors and critics wrong, but also made sweeping inroads both into once impregnable territory and terror psyche as well, in that order.

    The distractors, on realizing the inability to chop the hand off, are showing the signs of kissing the very thing, as a face-saving manoeuvre.

    Those who lionized the terrorists with an exaggerated aura of invincibility, now freely talk about imminent downfall; some even go further, to brand the act of civilian detention against their will as a war crime; these were taboo for the organizations, a few months ago, which once were the eternal protectors of the terror outfit. The much-trumpeted counter-attack did not materialize and the disproportionately high figure of civilian suffering did not set off alarm bells across the self-appointed policemen of international community.

    The failure of the terror outfit guarantees the descent of some folks into irrelevance. At the forefront of this regime are the peace doves, journalists who suffer from chronic Athas Effect and the foreign news organizations. They have to back down form their earlier analysts and assessments before the readership start picking holes. So, as a ploy for survival, they start singing in a voice that is stranger to them: military solutions do work in certain situations.

    Folks who used to scoff at our strategies at every opportunity, now voice the overtures of success; for inexplicable reasons, they all seem to be in harmony. Let’s celebrate their misery. It is the best way of turning the tables back on our enemies.

  64. Qrious,

    You are really a gifted individual.
    Keep them comming....

  65. Yet another smash hit Qrious..!

    Keep them coming !!

  66. Qriuos said…

    Prabha can't do that [slip through the net]. If he does it, he loses his authority.”

    Machang, losing his authority or not, he couldn’t slip through anything unless he sheds at least 75% of his body weight – the fatty!

    Humpty dumpty hid in a hole
    SL Army spotted the mole
    All defence forces with brave-hearted men (and women)
    Wouldn’t let Humpty to kill again

  67. Qriuos,

    Re. Voices in Harmony - Well articulated mate as always…well done!

    Regarding my previous post, I know you meant VP wouldn’t “disguise” himself lest he loses his authority. As I always do I just wanted take the mickey of our much abhorred VP, so I deliberately misinterpreted it to be “slipping through the net”. Hope you are okay with that.

    Say he does decide to disguise himself, what would he go as? A Sumo wrestler?!? :q)

  68. Good one Qrious.
    As a Physicist I’m sure you understand the science behind the Athas Effect. For these journalists( Athas, Priyath...), light and sound waves appear at a different frequency to us. They see and hear things differently to us. Recently Athas was travelling so fast (following the LTTE?), he got an offset antenna mixed up with Mrs Gandhi.
    So, your recent detection of a blue shift on some journalists is very encouraging.


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