Monday, September 1, 2008

Troops move into Mallavi town

57 division infantry units moved into Mallavi town at approximately 5.30PM today (1st). The town was attacked from three directions by the 57 division for several days despite fierce LTTE resistance. Around 20 LTTE cadres are believed to be killed in the latest round of fighting in the area. Search operations are still being conducted to hunt down any remaining LTTE resistance in the area.

Image: Sri Lankan flag hoisted in Mallavi town center.

Meanwhile the LTTE sea tiger base in Nachchikuda was hit by multiple air strikes today; Once by Kfir bombers and later by MI-24 helicopter gunships.


  1. A job well done. Looks like the LTTE again vacated the premises to allow the SLA tourists to move in without a hindrance.

  2. Go boys go!

    Settle the score with LTTE terrorists who killied 70,000 of our brothers and sisters for nothing... but for terrorism.

  3. Tactical Withdrawals Continues.....

  4. "Looks like the LTTE again vacated the premises to allow the SLA tourists to move in without a hindrance."

    Yes but they did resist for several days. After all it was one of the largest town under their control.

    Now for Mankulam.

  5. This is great news and most certainly a hard blow to LTTE’s morale. In the time of Jayasikuru, LTTE’s first press release after the fall of Kilinochchi came from their makeshift capitol Mallavi. That was the first time ever I came to know where Mallavi is. I hope that this is not just a chase-away strategy! What will our planners do next is anybody’s guess now? It is very interesting to see how SF and GR duo reclaim our homeland while earning the best harvest in Moshe Dayan’s terms.

    One more thing, any structure built by LTTE without the permission of the GOSL shall be bulldozed unless SLDFs has any utility values like the new naval base SLNS Manthota in Vidaththalthivu courtesy of LTTE supporters. Anything that glorifies LTTE terrorists and their savagery shall be razed down to nothing.



  6. DN,
    Cant be Serious..
    Wouldnt that cut off the A9 & give the So called Human Rights Groups who are waiting for a chance to Stepup and Say "Human Catastrophe..". How to ensure suply to kili (as We Feed them with Everything whether the receiver is ltte or the tamils),we may need some monthes to get through to the areas of the Civilians. As ltte will surely take them everwhere they retreat..

    just my thoughts..
    Anyway our Military has shown many Extrodinary & succesful Battle plans. So they will do the Best!!

  7. Not directly related to the main tropic, but interesting article.

    ‘U’ turn from Lanka e News. In future you will be able to see so many U turns wait and see.

    Mice flee from the sinking ship

    (Lanka-e-News, September 01, 2008, 7.45 PM)

    The security officials of Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe have begun to leave him whilst the United National Party (UNP) MPs are urging him to give up the post of party leader respectably.

    Eight Police Inspectors including Opposition Leader’s security Officer-in-Charge Chinthana Gunarathna who was in the security unit for 13 years, Chief Inspector W.K.D. Premasiri, IPs Manjula and Morawaka have left the unit so far. Some of them vacated the police service and went abroad. Around fifteen police constables have also left the security unit of the Opposition Leader.
    Reportedly, they have left the service since they have been urged to perform political work beyond the parameters of security duties. Dissatisfaction has been mentioned as the main reason behind their departure.

    The Opposition Leader has been provided the security of around 100 police personnel led by a Senior Superintendent of Police. There were complaints that some of these officials had been deployed in political intelligence duties as well. Reportedly, the Senior Superintendent of Police who is in charge of the Opposition Leader’s security has been summoned to the Colombo Crime Division to record a statement pertaining to the recent incident of assault in a bar in Dehiwala in which a security officer of the Opposition Leader and a security officer of another UNP MP were involved. However the Senior Superintendent of Police is evading being present to give a statement regarding the arrested security person of the Opposition Leader who had not signed in the Police Department attendance registry for a period around a month. The incident has led to a probe on administration blunde

  8. Our boys in 55 and 53 must be itching now to get a piece of action. However, the national front is not yet the best place to go on offensive .


  9. Herd that the Gov. decided to increase the age limit up to 62 for retirement for Gov. Employees. this includes the Armed Forces!! Am i correct? if so we could see Gen. Fonseka for sometime continuing his duties.

  10. Weldone. Keep up the good work.

    Now.. Where is the Clown Shyam. Waitting for your One ball research finding :)
    As (Koli) Kuttu says. He he he he he

  11. [re-post from previous story]

    Interesting point there about LTTE casualties, unless SLA is deliberately refraining from mentioning a body count. If not, is the LTTE simply engaging in a fighting withdrawal, preserving their heavy weaponry and experienced units until they can launch the much-anticipated counteroffensive?

    To launch such a counterstrike, they have to concentrate men & material incl artillery, ammunition, build mortar pits etc. Are our forces capable of spotting such a build up?

    If you were in the LTTE, you'd make very certain to keep all such movements secret including a strict prohibition on signal traffic.

    Do our forces have infra-red capabilities to locate LTTE build up areas and start lines?

    What's been done with the various LTTE cemetaries that we've found? Have they been bulldozed or kept intact?

  12. I am curious to know where qrious is? missing since the interview with rayappu and oao - wonder whether he snatched dwarka from asithri and vanished without a trail.

    this explains the absence of both

  13. Jayawewa!
    Great news...bless you all boys...

  14. DN

    thanks for the update

    good news

    next Manakulum !

    did we capture Mallavi in operation jayasiruku or in other operations ?

  15. typo

    operation jayasiruku

    should be

    operation jayasikuru

  16. mango,

    "To launch such a counterstrike, they have to concentrate men & material incl artillery, ammunition, build mortar pits etc. Are our forces capable of spotting such a build up?"

    The HISAR we lost in AAB attack was capable of detecting enemy concentrations. I hope that we already have the replacement unit at this point. If you are curious, you can read this wiki article which has the same HISAR system.

  17. Thanks for the update DN,

    Boys from 57th is doing us proud!! watch your flanks lads and give them hell!!

  18. All Patriots,
    While you rejoice the moment, I want to get your attention to the loved ones of the heroes who paid with their limbs and lives to defend our homeland. I hope that most of you contribute to Ranaviru funds already. If not, please grab this opportunity to help those needy families. They are the true owners of homeland by the virtue of selfless sacrifices made by their fathers and mothers. They deserve every bit of help you can offer. Please put your money where your heart is and contribute to a Ranaviru fund of your choice today.

  19. Vanni Bala dawanaya Venna Dumriya...
    Addaa Mallavi walata Athule Wunaa Bawwai....

    Is this the latest Dead List ?

  20. Sam, That HISAR type thing is exactly what I meant. If we don't have a replacement, can't we use a cheaper, commercially available infra-red system and hook it up to a helo or UAV or even buy satellite time from a 'friendly' power? I know its an obvious point to make and I'm sure that SLA intel are working on it full time, but we have to know where the LTTE are concentrating their forces.

  21. Mango

    China and other 'friendlies' provide real time aerial and even ground info. TVMP sources apparently still are a major source of very good info for LRRP strikes.

  22. The most interesting military action is likely to happen in the Trinco, Mullaitivu, Elephant Pass triangle.

    The LTTE will fight with everything they have tohold that area, and keep sea-route open as well. This is very important for them, also in order to prevent an amphi-landing to re-take E'pass from the eastern seas. The Long-ranger explained this prospect really well in one of his articles.

    So it looks like the final frontier will be in this area.

  23. Mallavi captured. Lion Flag is hoisted at Mallavi after 20 years. Wanni operation 1 st September 2008

    click here.

  24. Independent sources put the possible LTTE dead at abt 80+ in Mallavi.

    There is a YouTube vid on a mass funeral for LTTE cadres. Look this up, if you have a moment, without gloating. These are also young of our land, dead for a mis-timed, mis-understood and mis-bogotten conflict destined to end in failure. There will be many more of these scenes before it all ends, unknown and quickly forgotten. The surviving families will soon want to avoid the fact that their family members died for a cause the victorious majority hates. They will be left with only memories and a gradually subsiding sense of loss.

    The dead will be soon forgotten, as Sri Lanka hopefully moves fast to leave it all behind and create a new reality for her people.

    It will be necessary to erase all evidence of this struggle, bulldoze the cemetaries and wipe out all places and entities that can provide a hook to re-latch on to racist terrorism. The victorious need to write history on their own, in their own words. Bravery of the enemy may be known, even admired, but necessity demands erasure of their existance and glory permanently from record.

    Twenty years from now, it would be largely forgotten. A generation form now, none of it would even matter.

  25. SLA controls Mallavi town center and within next 2 days they will liberate fully the sorrunding areas too.

    It seems next target of 57D is Mankulam. Once Mankulam falls from Omanthe to Mankulam whole area along A9 will fall, and also breaks the MSRs to both K'chi and Mulathiv. (And also then the ezam bikini map will become a mini skirt.) Thus I think LTTE have to put maximum strength to protect Mankulam.

    It is also importent to find and kill the remaining caders who inflitrated to east.

    It seems 53D and 55D are quite silant. They need not to advance from there but need to keep LTTE busy along national front while reducing atleast 10 per day. But for last few weeks nothing much is going on along that front.

    The best whepon now LTTE has is the mass. (Whepon of mass destroction !!) SLA need to plan and implement a seperate operation to remove this civilian sheild.

  26. Ninja

    SLG needs to drive the ICRC like a wedge into a civiliian protection /extraction role. Also make some of the INGO assholes like the Norwegian funded ones to intervene and allow civies to move freely.
    If unable to do so, we wouldn't need to keep their Visas valid anymore.

    Air strikes in the Mullaitiv area seem very productive.

  27. TS

    Yes, this is about GSL ability to manage INGOs/ICRC etc. These HR heros always say their main concern is cilvilians protection. If so GSL now ask them to take nevassary steps to move civilians to more safer areas. I don't see any problem these INGOs to understand Vavnia is more safer than K'chi. Also, this is the time to influence int. media too. (Well, we know they are LTTE.)

  28. DefenceNet,

    Have we stumbled on Prabakaran’s hideouts yet? If so, please get a structural engineer from Peradeniya or Katubedda or KDA to study how it is built. We should turn them to class projects at KDA to understand the ways to destroy other hideouts. Not only that there should be some key features that can be associated with LTTE top ranking hideouts. Please get our Engineers to understand every aspect of such hideouts including structural design, layout, access hatches, ventilation systems, external approach, defensive mechanisms etc.

  29. This is what one terrorist called upul (aka revi) had to say after the fall of Thunukkai. If you check LNP you will probably find similar statement from Mavil-Aru to Mallavi.

    //I can also confirm from LTTE sources that Tunukkai has not fallen to the SLA. An attempt by special commandoes of the SLA was attempted, but the attack was thwarted, with heavy losses for the SLA. Two armoured vehicles including a T-55 were lost and LTTE has captured two dead bodies.//

    Sri Lanka's Tamils live in fear of security forces

    By RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press Writer Ravi Nessman, Associated Press Writer – Sun Aug 31, 12:10 pm ET

    This is what AP had to say after fall of Mallavi. This cader was talking about search operation happened in June 2007 but he writes like it happened yesterday.

    //..nearly 200 Tamils have "disappeared" from the capital in recent years, said Mano Ganesan, an opposition parliamentarian who heads a group that catalogues the disappearances.//

    //Veteran human rights activist Nimalka Fernando accused the government of ..//

    This is the same Mano Ganeshan who was questioned by TID for giving shelter for a sucide bomber.

    //'Build bunkers' civilians urged.

    The civilians living in rebel-held areas were urged by the Tamil Tigers to build bunkers as fighting with the government forces escalates.

    The leaflets, seen by the BBC, were handed over to the people in Kilinochchi by the Tigers days after Sri Lanka air force dropped leaflets urging the civilians to leave LTTE-held areas. //

    Finally BBC had found LTTE asked civilians to build bumnkers. LOL

    Yet to see what UNP/Kerialla has to say. "MR gave money to LTTE and take Mallavi... or what?

  30. SLA desserters & UNP

    Ofcourse its not possible to maintain a 100% pass out rate or a 100% retention rate. I don't have figures but obviously some give up in the training period and some give up after going to the battle field. The challenge is to keep both these rates minimum and stable.

    Accsing MR/GR for secrte talks with LTTE, an Indian influence of stop the war etc all aimed at demoralizing soldiers. UNP knows without man power MR is not going to retain captured areas or gain any more. Also, some ceasefire will complete the rest for LTTE.

    This is the main reason RW and his followers (Kerialla etc) always do this demoralizing campaign and anti-nationalistic media (DM/ML/SL/LeN etc) always give huge publicity. Their target is demoralizing high ranked SLA officers and troops who come to vilages on leave (expecting they won't go back.)

    Now it seems MR has overcome all the challenges from IC/INGOs/HR fronts upto some extent. (i.e. This is a continuous battle and not yet finished and there will be no end unlike physical battle with LTTE.) The only issue SLA has is manpower on protecting captured areas. GSL need to recruit more.

    On the other hand number of troops is not the only issue. Ofcourse, intel, tactics, brain etc are importent. But I think SLA still need more to protect whole north after libertaing it.

  31. Shan,

    Thank you for the concern mate; I am alive and kicking; I have been very busy with my work; but my contribution will be back on track - from tomorrow, all being well.

    Things are moving in the right direction; according to my man who wears military fatigue and walks with the rhythmic sound - tic tic tic - infiltration into the land of impregnable has begun in earnest and in full swing. Await great fireworks - both from without and within.

    Take care folks and be optimistic. I did my bit to keep the optimism over the ground; so did most of the patriots.

    See you soon.

  32. thanks DN.

    "Mankulam next."

    i have my doubts. 75% chance of a northwards/nort-east movement than manklulam (25%).

    this is so when considering the humanitarian issues i explained yesterday. omantahi and kili/mulaitivu link roads are unlikely to be disturbed.

    i'm with sam. if we assess the 4M (men, material, machines, methods) losses to the LTTE in recent battles, its not much. this is always worrying.

  33. what on earth is this?

    "Poonakari AGA office relocates documents due to SLA offensive
    [TamilNet, Monday, 01 September 2008, 12:57 GMT]"

    does that mean tigers are vacating nachchikuda and poonaryan areas as well??? 58 may come up with the good news soon.

    or is it about fortifying LTTE's human shields in kili?

    SF units should target fleeing tigers for a maximum harvest.

  34. Aha!

    Fantastic! All the Lion Flags will come down guys. Dont be in Euphoria.

    Wait and see. Tigers never announce their tactics like Ponnaiseka!

    Its going to be another 'Stalingrad'.

    Record my words!

  35. There is no point denying LTTE defence lines have completely collapsed. LTTE looks like its over streched or undermanned. From what I am hearing, Charles Anthony division fell into disarray defending Mallavi and have dashed to Mankulam. I think the samething will be happening in Mankulam as well.

    Loosing Mallawi is a big loss. It was the second or third largest town under Iyakkam control.

    At this rate all is going to over by November. Sadly Ponseka is right on track.

  36. At this rate it looks like SLA can walk into Killi and don't have to put up a fight.

  37. Upul

    how are you ?

    waking up to reality ?

    fake Upul or real Upul ?

  38. Expect Mankulam to fall by Sept. 15th or so. Same mirrored situation.

  39. good to hear from you Mr. Upul

    also it's good to see that you have landed on planet earth from dream world


  40. From what I understand artillery and mortar are in short supply. LTTE is out of ammo and able bodied men/women.

  41. From what I also understand is Rajapakse brothers and Ponseka are also under war crime investigation by the US state department. It seems if LTTE goes, down it will takes it enemies with it :)

  42. This is belated but much needed sustenance from the US for the Eelam struggle.

  43. notice no disturbances from indian fishermen trying to 'fish' in sri lankan waters ever since vedithalthivu was liberated and nacchikuda is under seige.

  44. US has declared eelam and sldf gonna hand over all the town captured by them :) :) :)

  45. Guys
    since we have asked civilians to vacate ltte areas, strongholds etc and also since ltte operational land area is reducing day by by day making their concentration high in their bases, frontlines etc.... can't SLAF use like napalm and cluster bombs etc to "harvest" max amount of enemies???
    These guys are getting away by withdrawing well before the main thrust of the ground forces reaches these towns and therefore delaying the result...
    we should find ways of neutralizing the maximum number of terrorists in all these ops...
    does anyone know why slaf don't use Napalm on tiger lines??? Don't think we have signed that treaty to not use napalm...
    it's a relatively cheap, low tech yet very effective weapon that can demoralize even the most hardcore tigers in minutes

  46. Watch this space, all
    Trinco-mullaitivu-Elephant Pass

  47. TS
    since you seems to be somewhat close to SLAF activities... any idea why we don't use incendiary munitions on identified/confirmed LTTE lines????

  48. Ruslan
    yep... now is not a time for change of leadership in the military. Mr. Fonseka has been doing a great job...
    let the man finish it :)

  49. //From what I also understand is Rajapakse brothers and Ponseka are also under war crime investigation by the US state department. It seems if LTTE goes, down it will takes it enemies with it.//

    What a attack from SLA ! Diaspora now don't know what they are fighting for. This is not a fight between MR and VP. This is a fight between Sri Lanka and LTTE. No wonder when you are terrosrist you think "I am dead. He is dead. Alas, solution." This the way all sucide bombers followed. But not good for diaspora. There are better ways to release frustration.

  50. I am back!

    Back from a sudden trip to my beloved MotherLanka...

    Traveled (with 3 patriots from other western nations) all the way up to the NCP and Sabaragamuwa to do our part to make damn sure RanilW the Ponna cocksucker did not win the elections. We did our own thing with our own money and we are in ecstasy that the ponna bitch lost this time too!

    We are not supporters of MR GOSL, but rather we were determined that Ranil would not win those elections and demoralize our troops and the majority of SL populace that is solidly behind MR GOSL to vaporize the LTTE motherfuckers - who Ranil the Ponna cocksucker has always embraced!

    We are firm believers that if RanilW wins even one election, then that will be a severe morale blow to our troops and until this war is finished, we are of the view that this Ponnna cocksucker must be kept out of power! We will gladly entertain any other leader of the UNP who is patriotic and stands firmly for ONE Sri Lanka!

    Had the pleasure of meeting some real cool bravehearts at all levels too...some who were in the throes of carrying out the marvelous wipe-out in the NE/NW theatres that we are seeing now!

    Some stories I heard first hand made me feel very proud of our bravehearts and others made me laugh and still other made me sad too undeniably (i.e. stories of how the LTTE FDL manned/womaned by young Tamil kids were being hamburgered to smithereens by our lethal firepower).

    Got to mighty haste.

    Catch you patriots later...

    OaO Asithri

  51. Asithri-
    Good to see you are back bro.

    Gathiyake Natuwa hittyee...ummba natuwa bang....

  52. Upul
    "Its going to be another 'Stalingrad'.

    Record my words!"

    Aney pala keriya yanne.. Goo kaapiya...


    UN map showing ltte human shied protecting killinocchi. ltte has settled IDPs in schools southwest of kili forming a neat little ring from where they can position their artillery. nobody is allowed to go anywhere south of iranamadu.

    UN is proposing moving these people out of the advancing army's way to camps west of paranthan

  54. Mr. Wijayapala,

    There are Tamils that live in Colombo because of inherited business ran by their grandfathers, and the extended families. Many live constantly in fear as they may be the ones disappearing the very next day as abductions and killings of Tamils are a daily occurrence in Colombo and Jaffna, or wherever the SLA or Sinhala racist masses run wild.

    How ever, you do admit there is resent when you say “there can’t be much resentment”

    “I'm sure you will agree that the pro-LTTE Tamils are no better when”

    ..stop right here.

    You admit that the Sinhala mass tries its best to deny the atrocities against Tamils and only look at the consequence which is the LTTE because it has become something Sinhala “racists” – not Sinhala honest people, sorely try to muffle and now is a crippling pain in the neck.

    Any intelligent academic knows to solve the problem (civil war) you have to find and resolve the root cause (Sinhala state racism, oppression and violence since 1948 – those of you reading this who don’t know about it and will soon post pathetic dribble, I suggest you research it, although it may be hard to find unless you speak to senior Tamil and Sinhalese people who are honest)

    “The bottom line is that the LTTE sucks at protecting Tamil people because it is not interested in protecting Tamil people.”

    -if that was the case, there would be no rebellion right now. It is a choice of :

    -die a slow humiliating death (in terms of lives, education, career, language, tradition, culture, self-respect via sinhala only act, racist violence, encroachment ) oblivious to the world and Sinhalese who do not know of the suffering,

    -or fight for freedom with self-respect.

    Ninja said...
    Sharp started with 'ninja said' and exposed his mind. This cleary shows how hard a person to accept or justifying being a part of terrorist outfit. Truth is diaspora knows what they doing by supporting LTTE is wrong. But truth hurts. So they live with lies, fantasy. Sharp tells us how hard is diaspora to fund LTTE without that bogus reasonings.

    - Crinja, You lack intellect and factual substance. Please educate, research and develop your mind. Come to grip with your racist emotions and ideals, that is the first step towards healing yourself and re-integrating yourself into human society.

    Tamil Diaspora = World-Wide Tamils = Tamil people who desire freedom
    LTTE= Tamil people who attempt to implement liberation for freedom

    All other Tamils unable to express their true opinion = Tamil people who desire freedom

    In other words, in the perspective of all “Sinhala racists” – any self respecting Tamil is an LTTE supporter. Tamils or Sinhalese or UN, or NGOs or Country Leaders who expose Sinhala State racism, violence and genocide is an LTTE supporter. Pretty soon and is happening, it’s going to be the World is an LTTE supporter except Sinhalese Racists. This dear fellows, is DENIAL by Sinhala Racists.

    Oa0 Sharp! :) :) :)

  55. Sharp

    When I wrote "diaspora..", I though one can understand I meant those who support LTTE among the (tamil) diaspora. Its not hard to get this for one who reads this blog for some time.

    Apart from word definition war you didn't deny the rest.

    You can live with 'sinhala only act' (in past) forever OR live in presnent (say 13th amendment) and go to a better future. Choice is yours.

  56. Bhairav,

    I am truly happy the way u think from recently, surely it shows u are more educated and understand the situations than many blind followoers of TE.

    Its true discrimination is present everywhere. But its not a problem unique to sri lanka oe sinhala people. Its everywhere!!

    I find the sinhala people the most friendly, warm and loving people, specially the village folks..

    I feel language is the biggest barrier that is keeping the communities away from each other.. i wish sinhala people learnt tamil and Tamil people learnt sinhala atleast to communicate amongst them. This is where the muslims as a community move fairly well with other communities as there is not much of a communication gap. If atleast the present generation learns the languages then there is hope that the future will be better.

  57. Sharp,

    Tamils will be suffer until they turn to be the true Patriots of Sri Lanka.

  58. Ninja,

    "You can live with 'sinhala only act' (in past) forever OR live in presnent (say 13th amendment) and go to a better future. Choice is yours."

    - Again, this is denial, wishful thinking in trying to sweep the attrocities which are the reason for today's civil war under the rug.

    Whatever has changed today in whatever remote way, changed because of the Tamil rebellion. If not, it would have been the total destruction of the Tamil people, slowly and covertly.

    Even your former president Chandrika has admitted it.I hope you will be able to find videos of her interviews atleast, although it would be hard given the media restrictions by the government. Try it in google in youtube videos and try speaking with honest authorities, they will give you a clear picture mate.

    P.S I find it strange that one ninja is "Ninja" and another replier is "ninja".....

    Blogger B#1 said...

    Tamils will be suffer until they turn to be the true Patriots of Sri Lanka.

    - It is things like you who are getting blown into bits n pieces and have it all coming back to you 1000 times over.

    I am sure there are many Sinhala and Tmail posters in here who disagree with your view, as it is dictatorship/totalitarian/un-democratic like.


  59. Capturing Mallavi is a great victory indeed. From Mallavi now troops can focus kili to north, mankulam to east, pooneryn to west.. Options are endless.. So far we have seen SF take some amazing decisions, and the next stop is anybody's guess..


    Re: 4M thinking of yours..
    Mallavi was protected mostly by CA pussies, And some unofficial reports say 80+ perished, and maybe more.. the true figures we will never know.

    Method and Material
    I guess the method was pretty effective too. Our troops showed a lot of resistance and in turn the pussies had to use more firepower than what they would have liked. So more materials spent here.

    Whats the use of machines without the above three

  60. Guys,

    Victory March

    Despite the advances in science and technology, people still believe in age-old superstition. I am one of them.

    For instance, if someone sneezes when I venture out, my instincts freezes my limbs and make me instantly static. If the folks around me raise the eyebrows at my reaction, I will not heistate to make the silliest excuse stick to my guns - I will not move under any circumstances until I get the signal from my inner-meter to the contrary.

    If we still rely on auspicious times to start our projects, there is nothing wrong in taking into account the negative aspects too.

    I know folks who get upset if a black cat or dog get in their way, when they venture out. The funny thing is it is exactly the opposite of how Europeans see the same thing: they think the encounter with the same beast is a sign of prosperity. This is food for thought, anyway.

    If we apply the law of superstition to our bloody tormentor for thirty years - Velupillai Prabhakaran - I see a very clear pattern; it is the pattern of impending defeat.

    His attack on the army commander and the subsequent failure signalled the mission failure. Since then, his every move just created what I call the Soda Bottle Phenomenon - furore fizzled out leaving boring plain water.

    The Soda Bottle Phenomenon took various forms, in the past, I must say:

    There was the attack on the Anuradhapura base that created a lot of heat and sound until Tamilselvam was decimated;
    then came the nail biting vote on the budget which could have brought down the government that worked out in favour of the patriots;
    the UN Human Rights Commissioner started make noises with lots of warnings and they came to zero too;
    some folks started drawing paralles with Kosovo and that died down too;
    economic card was then played out in earnest; since countries without wars are in the same predicament, that did not catch on either;
    Mano Ganeshan started making his silly dry jokes about the vaporization of citizens for being Tamils in Colombo which died down too;
    The arrival of Indian defence team generated a bit of anxiety as the traitors took the opportunity to create the scene of them reading the riot act to the government.

    So the list goes on and on. None of them had the desired effect.

    Yes, it is true we were lagging behing in the war of propaganda. In a way it is good; at least, no one can point a finger at us for spinning. The Tigers and their supporters have been doing the spinning all the time.

    Since the spinning did not win the international community over, we can draw comfort from the age-old dictum: the truth triumphs.

    The catalogue of disasters experienced by the LTTE shows they have reached the point of no return. The terrorism that they spread in our little island will be over soon.

    Let'salute our heroes!!

  61. Sharp,

    Please stop posting your BS. Atleast now accept TE project is only but a big daydream. VP has taken u for a big ride around the park and still u believing him is utter foolishnes.. very soon diaspora will leave him like how how the mice flee from a sinking ship

  62. Expect SF to tour Mallvi very soon.. Await more surprises for pusssies..

  63. Its good to see rapid development already taking place, first in East and now in Mannar.. a massive development project in Giant's tank and so many construction machinery already on the way to build the infrastructure in mannar.. Looks very good signs indeed..

    As mboi pointed out whatever happen to Indian Fishermen who not so long ago were a thorny issue.

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  65. Sharp

    First I made a comment claiming a normal person need (atleast) imaginary justification to be a terrorist or support it, based on a comment from you. You replied with definition clarification of 'diaspora'. You took langauge example as a new tpoic. I said it was over now. Now what you are saying? What denial?

    By 13th amendment language issue was solved (legally). If both tamil and sinhala are official languages now, that means previous mistake was corrected. Then where is a denial?

    Your next point: //Even your former president Chandrika has admitted it.//

    OK, Now do you want me to admit it as well? You think I am higher than CBK? Sri Lankan president admitted there were issues related to tamils and she proposed her solution as well. What you or LTTE did?

    Unfortunately you don't understand or you can't understand what I was saying. You are comfortable with living in your own world rather than understanding rest of the world.

    PS: There is one ninja here (so far). Check the profile number.

  66. PNG arrests suspected Tamil Tigers

    Papua New Guinea intelligence officials have arrested twelve Sri Lankan men, alleged to be planning to go to Australia using falsified documents.

    Our reporter in Port Moresby, Firmin Nanol, says the men are aged between 30 and 35.

    PNG's National Intelligence Organisation, or NIO, arrested them in a Port Moresby hotel.

    The NIO says they were planning to travel to Ausralia via PNG's Western province near the PNG-Australia border.

    Intelligence officers have questioned the men, who they allege arrived in PNG this week on falsified tourist visas.

    The NIO claims the men are members of the separatist Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger movement, and that they were on the run from a major offensive against the Tigers by the Sri Lankan government.

    The Tamil Tigers have been fighting for a separate homeland for over 25 years.

  67. Very serious development about poisonous food eaten by soldiers …
    SL forces have to be more vigilant on this matter in future…

    There are some easy methods to test poisons stuff in the food to avoid such things happen in future, government must take immediate precaution measures on this…

    See the link…

  68. Upul,
    Sadly your right.We singhalese belonging to the "buddist chauvenistic singhala govt" are idiots who know nothing of the world beyond SLanka.I hear that the Hon president and Gen Fonseka have been pleading with 19 y.o white caucasian human rights pussies since 2005 to take them off the list of war criminals without any success.As a result they have decided to "sue for peace" with the mighty LTTE and stop offensive action.The govt has prepared a list of its own which it will put forward to the war crimes tribunal.Seems like the unofficial war against the LTTE will last much longer than the military offensive.
    The mighty "charles anthony brigade/divison" in disarray.??.I dont believe it!!You mean the pride and joy of the LTTE supporting thaamil diasphora,the favourite topic of conversation at dinner parties and a legend for its military skills in disarray.??.i dont believe it because members of this division can sprout wings and fly at the first sign of trouble.

  69. Upul,
    They become "innocent civilians" after killed if that is ever possible.No upul this war will go on after the military offensive is will have wonderful articles in newspapers nameing names and addresses LTTE supporting thaamil disaphora simply for the consumption of the local population and for whoever is interested you know...the poor stupid singhala "modayas" will love it.

  70. Asithri,
    Nice to have you back bro.Hope you enjoyed SLanka.As you know if there is a change of U.N.P leadership it is only done for purpose of "money,prestige and power" by winning election as usual and not to help the normal person on the street.We cannot run SLanka according to political science classes in the U.K like some of these U.N.P buffoons appear to think and ignore the poor or less welloff.

  71. Saj,
    Thanks for the info mate.I hope they are deported to Slanka under armed guard.These are the LTTE "big shot" buffoons we need to get our hands order to question them.

  72. Riyaz,
    Bro..we really dont want to kill members of the formidable "charles anthony brigade" who have the ability to sprout wings and fly.I assume most of them are youngsters who have their whole lives ahead of them and are fighting a war who benefits a minority living overseas..I just hope they surrender.the guys we have to catch are those like in the comment by saj because i get a really bad feeling that these guys have contacts in Australia and know much more than normal cadres.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. lankaputra,

    yes it is a VERY serious thing. cyanide poisoning was a nasty attempt by some terrorists to kill as many soldiers in the east.

    this should be looked into and all invoved must be handled VIOLENTLY. what is important is to DETER future recurrence.

    apparently 155 are still in the hospital!!!

  75. This is going to be a headache
    -Small LTTE Group operate in East.

    STF Sergeant, Home Guard Shot in Potuvil
    A Police Special Task Force (STF) Sergeant and a Home Guard attached to a sentry point at Panama Road in Potuvil were shot dead by an unidentified group this afternoon, the Police Media Spokesman said.

  76. following map got posted by Pulutta in DW.
    It has lot of info.

  77. Sept 02, Colombo: It is reported that Government Analysts Department has found cyanide mixed with the meals taken by the trainee soldiers at the Henanigala army camp who were hospitalized following food poisoning...

    Full Story

    So what I suspected seems to be accurate, though some bloggers disagreed at the time.

    See my comment posted on
    August 29, 2008 2:09 AM

    In war even basic food hygiene is a rare luxury. Soldiers are trained to eat for survival and therefore show a higher level of immunity even to nasty bugs. To take down 200 soldiers all at once it has to be something extraordinary, as indeed the analysts have confirmed.

  78. Tamilnet:

    Fighting intensifies at Vannearikku'lam

    what is this Vannearikku'lam ?

  79. Lkdood,

    It could be Vannivilankulam which is west of Mallavi.

    According to Tamilnut the LTTE have been “thwarting” all SLA advances from way back in Mannar. However, Tamilnut now admits in their latest story that the last “thwarting” took place in Nachchikuda, which means that despite all previous “thwartings”, SLDF have successfully advanced up to Nachchikuda. So much for LTTE “thwartings”....

    I have never seen Tamilnut ever admitting to a single LTTE cadre actually being killed in action (except for big wigs like T’selvam). The graves of thousands of LTTE we saw in pictures and video footage must be those they buried alive (because they never died)!

    It amazes me that even now Tamilnut actually expects anyone with an iota of sense to believe that the LTTE is winning. It is insulting its readers by publishing the rubbish it does. If they have an ounce of self-respect they would publish reality. The stories they publish are a mirror image of pie-in-the-sky Dreamllam® the LTTE are wasting their lives on. The idiotic diaspora supporters swallow the garbage hook, line and sinker.

  80. Vanni - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) counter attacked the Sri Lankan security forces (SF) in Nachikuda area as SF troopers tried to advance into the LTTE held area using heavy artillery and mortars on Monday. LTTE counter attacked fiercely the SF troopers and repulsed them and recovered at least seven dead bodies of the SF troopers and many warlike items, many dead bodies are scattered over the battle area according rebel sources.

    SF troopers tried to advance from the LTTE held area using heavy artillery and mortars on Monday afternoon 2:00 pm, the LTTE resisted the move fiercely and killed at least scores of SF troopers, captured 7 dead bodies of the SF troopers and injured scores of them. Fighting in the area continued till 2:00am, SF troopers withdrawn to their original position.

    Close to 200,000 civilians were internally displaced due to the latest fighting in the Vanni area, and these people are living under the trees, schools, churches and many other temporary shelters with limited or no access food, medicines and basic essentials, sources in Vanni told TNS.

    Three decades old civil war in Sri Lanka killed at least 215,000 people according to the surveys done by the UN World Health Organization.

  81. Blogger Pakka-Lanka said...


    It could be Vannivilankulam which is west of Mallavi.



  82. Vanni - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) counter attacked the Sri Lankan security forces (SF) in Nachikuda area as SF troopers tried to advance into the LTTE held area using heavy artillery and mortars on Monday. LTTE counter attacked fiercely the SF troopers and repulsed them and recovered at least seven dead bodies of the SF troopers and many warlike items, many dead bodies are scattered over the battle area according rebel sources. (Source TamilNut)

    SF troopers tried to advance from the LTTE held area using heavy artillery and mortars on Monday afternoon 2:00 pm, the LTTE resisted the move fiercely and killed at least scores of SF troopers, captured 7 dead bodies of the SF troopers and injured scores of them. Fighting in the area continued till 2:00am, SF troopers withdrawn to their original position. (Source Kuttu)

    Close to 200,000 civilians were internally displaced due to the latest fighting in the Vanni area, and these people are living under the trees, schools, churches and many other temporary shelters with limited or no access food, medicines and basic essentials, sources in Vanni told TNS. (Source TC form haven)

    Three decades old civil war in Sri Lanka killed at least 215,000 people according to the surveys done by the UN World Health Organization. (Source WHO Hoo)

  83. killing 20 ltte means fierce fighting???? they gonna rape those inf division carefull

  84. Lkdood and Pakka-lanka,
    Vannerikulam is situated around 5-10 km North east to Nachchikuda.

  85. this is how OP barbarossa had been taken guys watch some documentry about the Stalingrad before you enjoy u'r advances, i hope our Gen. studied those...

  86. 10 army bodies brought to Ki'linochchi from Naachchikkudaa ??


  87. Twenty LTTE Dead Bodies handed Over to LCRC

    Twelve dead bodies from PADAVIYA in WELIOYA, five dead bodies from PALLAIMODDAI in VAVUNIYA, one dead body from MALLAVI in MULLAITTIVU and two from TRINCOMALEE were recovered by the troops during past two days.

  88. Bandara,

    Stalingrad is entirely the wrong battle to use as an analogy for His Glorious Fatnesses' problems.

    The Battle for Berlin is a far more accurate comparison. All the factors are there, for instance:

    – Genocidal tyrant megalomaniac (GTM) holed up in bunker commanding an ever-shrinking number of fighting troops, with supply problems.

    – GTM's troops fighting to the bitter end, street by street, knowing that their cause is lost.

    – GTM hoping for last minute intervention from outside forces, in 2008 IC and Norway, in 1945 conflict between Allies and miracle weapons.

    – Attacking forces pushing through simultaneously on multiple fronts.

    – Attacking forces determined to totally annihilate GTM's cause, ideology and war-making potential, down to the last bunker and building.

    I'm sure others will be able to add to this list.

  89. [Stalingrad is entirely the wrong battle to use as an analogy for His Glorious Fatnesses' problems.]


    I agree with you. In history of war, Stalingrad was the most bloodiest battle ever fought by anyone up to this point. The Russians killed 850,000+ Germans in just 45 days, mind you, they did not even add the German casualties who died from the severe Russian cold winter in this 850,000+. Isn't that mind boggling number? Missile defence system and NATO expansion won't really matter to Russians if they felt that Russian motherland is in dire danger. It is always better to avoid tantalizing the Russian Bear.

  90. Bhairav,

    Glad you appreciate the difference between the two battles.

    For the SLA to be caught in Stalingrad-like encirclement, they'd have to occupy K'nochi, then be surrounded and double encircled by hitherto unknown fresh divisions of the LTTE. Not impossible, but highly improbable.

    I'd say that SLA's Stalingrad was the destruction of Mulattivu base. If you recall, the SLA desperately tried to breakthrough to help/rescue the defenders, but were unable to do so, before the base and all its' defenders were wiped out.

    On a digression about Russia, I agree and think the US and West are making a huge mistake in trying to encircle Russia with Nato 'allies' and generally treating the Russians with contempt. Haven't they (except the Germans) learnt anything? :)

  91. Bhairav, the Germans only lost 146,000 as KIA, Russians had 500,000 KIA.

  92. pakka-lanka,
    well said mate.I think it is fair to say that the armed forces have "thwarted" all these "thwarting ops" so far.I just feel sad for the tamil civilians caught in between.We have to capture the LTTE "big shots" at any cost.however them committing suicide is o.k.If it is o.k for the cadres its o.k for them i'm sure.

  93. uthum,
    your estimate sounds more likely.A lot of germans died due to the weather.Anyway this is about SLanka and the difference with stalingrad is that the germans could have killed russian civilians en masse which we cant do.we can't kill our own people.

  94. Bandara,
    i am sure the gen has fought with the LTTE in real life.however in hisotry we had a load of "huttthige puthas" who joned the army to attend parades only.I suspect that SLanka is going to be a veryy different country compared to the past.I like to see more people from the central,eastern and northern provinces join the "hilton" lunch crowd.The doors are always open anyone who does not like SLanka can immigrate overseas.We are not keeping anyone against their will in SLanka.Sadly right now the war is not felt by the "hilton" crowd..sadly..we have to share in the pain of our forces..

  95. GOSL need to send a clear signal to all concerned... that whenever a soldier protecting our country is killed by separatist terrorists.

    Just issue freehold title deeds to ratify ownership of at least two acres of land from Mullativu and Killinochi to the families of the killed soldier... every time a soldier is killed.

    We have to raise the stakes in this conflict to match or exceed those of the LTTE. Our action so far have brought excellent results... but more novel, effective methods / systems need to be invented and implemented.

    All our actions must make stupid Tamil Diaspora look and feel stupid and LOST.

    Those who FOUGHT TO LIBERATE the NE must be rewarded as the true owners of what they liberated.

  96. win

    As I stated in my previous post.

    Dont enjoy this tragedy of these poor boys of the poor country.

  97. [Bhairav, the Germans only lost 146,000 as KIA, Russians had 500,000 KIA.]


    I may have got the figure from the combined OPs of Uranus and Saturn where it says 850,000+ Germans were KIA or wounded or PoW. The figures differ according to various scholars.

  98. Ranil

    By 'incendiary' are you referring to napalm?

    I do not know whether SL possessed such weapons, and even if we did, whether we'd venture to use them and precipitate an international backlash.
    As demonstrated many times over, we do possess the ability to hit a target with a great degree of precision and even dumb bombs do the job pretty well when put in the right place at the right time.

    Our greatest needs right now are greater real time surveillance and air craft with a loiter capability to be called upon in a hurry.

    Something like a C130 Super Spectre would do a number in this theatre. Whether the much talked abt Mig29s will do this job or not remains to be seen.

  99. 75 SLA KIA/ 100 WIA - Tamiznut

    This shows how bad they feel about fall of Mallavi (also, 22 bodies were to be handed over to LTTE, yesterday from Omanthei.) And this is for daispora and not for us. (We were not upset of fall of Mallavi and waiting for some pain releaving message from LTTE, right?)

    DW said 12 SLA KIA and 7 bodies gone. And LTTE 16 KIA. (In tamiznut, ofcourse zero LTTE casualties, this time not even usual one sligtly injured.)

    If we have to get any thing from tamiznut is their ability in propaganda. They got 7 bodies, make it 75 and sell it to diaspora. See how happy is diaspora now after fall of Mallavi.

    When SLA took Jaffna LTTE took Mullathiv. When SLA took Mankulam LTTE took K'chi. Thus this is common LTTE tactic when they were defeated in front they attack in another front. I think they tried same after loosing Mallavi and managed to get just 7 (or 10) bodies.

    It seems LTTE small teams are active in east, specially snipers. This is some thing SLA need to work on.

    Every one said some time ago heavy fighting and high casualties expected for both sides. I think we are now heading there.

    Given the desperate situation, LTTE may try to attack some areas in Jaffna using sea-tigers, tin cans and artilary, combined. LTTE may try to retake even Mallavi.

  100. Dear Sharp,

    "There are Tamils that live in Colombo because of inherited business ran by their grandfathers, and the extended families. Many live constantly in fear as they may be the ones disappearing the very next day as abductions and killings of Tamils are a daily occurrence in Colombo and Jaffna..."

    And how many abductions were there before this war started? How many killings?

    The Colombo Tamils I've met are scared most of all of an LTTE terrorist attack; if they don't get caught in the explosion, they'll be the target of any backlash. They have the most to gain from the LTTE leaving the picture, and nothing to gain if the LTTE wins as there's no way they would ever move to the N-E.

    "You admit that the Sinhala mass tries its best to deny the atrocities against Tamils..."

    Stop right there.

    The fact that I acknowledge that Tamils have suffered rather blows a hole in your theory that the "Sinhala mass (sic) tries its best to deny atrocities..."

    You on the other hand lack the ability to see how much the LTTE has contributed to Tamil suffering in Sri Lanka.

    “The bottom line is that the LTTE sucks at protecting Tamil people because it is not interested in protecting Tamil people.”

    -if that was the case, there would be no rebellion right now.

    But that is the case. You may not have noticed but the "rebellion" is losing its steam. The East is gone and I can tell you for all your pseudo-patriotic yammering that the eastern Tamils are glad that they don't have to fight anymore. The LTTE now has to rely on grannies to slow the SLA's march to Kilinochchi.

    "It is a choice of :

    -die a slow humiliating death (in terms of lives, education, career, language, tradition, culture, self-respect via sinhala only act, racist violence, encroachment ) oblivious to the world and Sinhalese who do not know of the suffering,

    -or fight for freedom with self-respect.

    Sorry to bust your wet dream but there's no self-respect for the families displaced from their homes in the Wanni. The last thing they want to do is fight, and they know that they don't have any freedom under the LTTE.

    The Tamils were not dying a slow death prior to the war. Despite all of their great social differences, they somehow had more political cohesion than the Sinhalese who were on the road to an elite vs. masses conflict. Eelam War stopped that trend.

    Thanks to Prabakaran, there's NO ONE out there who will step in to stop the SL govt., after the experience with the IPKF and the LTTE firing on EU ceasefire monitors. If you're upset that no one else in the world care about what the Tamils are going through (other than Sinhalese like myself), you only have yourself to blame.

  101. Dear Patriots,
    This lie factory Tamil Nut is run by some unemployed smelly ZTTE goons in soiled under shirts sitting around a dank basement dreaming up lies.


  102. "75 SLA killed, 100 wounded in Vanni, Tigers recover army bodies
    At least 45 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and more than 51 wounded in Naachchikkudaa when Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) confronted the SLA in a stiff fighting throughout Monday night, and on Tuesday, 30 more SLA soldiers were killed in another front, along 8th, 9th and 10th Mile Posts, located between Akkaraayan and Vannearikku'lam, where Tiger fighters confronted the SLA from 5:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m., LTTE officials in Vanni told TamilNet. More than 50 SLA soldiers were wounded in Vannearikku'lam. 10 SLA dead bodies have been brought to Ki'linochchi.
    - Although Tamilnet does not state there are Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam losses, there are ofcourse casualties,but that does not mean they deny it. Those losses will be completely stated after the racist machinery in the Sri Lankan part of the island is exinguished.

    However, it is important to take note on where resistance is provided in a highly defensive manner and then stopped so it allows SLA to advance.

    Contrary to some other places where they are denied to advance, ex. Muhamaalai, Nachikudaa.

    IF you fail to realize the int. Guassian-Yi pattern(don't bother googling it, you will not understand even though u read it, it has many applications) , you are helplessly headed towards another 1999-2001 debacle. - I am talking to Sinhala racists.

    However, it is inevitable now. See what happens before your neighbouring state leader's Speech.

    Sinhala Racism will never learn, it has to be taught the hard way, unfortunately at the expense of many killed Sinhalese brothers forced to join the army because of poor village family situations while the Sinhala racist ideals run rampid.

    This is why you have such a high deserter rate. Many peace-loving Sinhalese whole-heartefly believe this is not their war.

    But the Racist government and its supporters take advantage of the situation.

  103. Sha-rp your arse!!!

    Cool down LTTE motherfucker…you have gone completely deranged. Your raving and ranting remind me of the Nazi propagandists’ hollow cries that the Germans heard towards the dying days of the WWII…except you sound more deranged! LMSSAO!!!

    Give up LTTE mf….you and your cohorts are finished now. I just returned from SL and saw and heard first hand what is happening to your “great liberation army"…!!!

    Your filthy sons/daughters of ponnas and bitches are getting pulverized day noon and night! I mean literally pulverized with often body parts and pieces of flesh and bones – a common sight I am told after the RM-70 babies send their lethal volleys!

    Now I will tell you (and others here) something that’s a lesser known fact and you are going to laugh at me but keep in mind the laugh is going to be at your expense.

    That is, I heard first hand accounts of where the SLA attack units have reported a much higher LTTE casualty fig after having counted the LTTE dead bodied or what’s left of them (sadly, mostly 12–15 year old young Tamil kids I was told) and the MOD is known to have quite liberally pared down the respective figure when reporting! Why would the MOD do that you may ask but I will let you figure it out and you will if you have a half a pea-brain!!! LMSSAO!!!

    Funny that you should talk of deserters in the SLA now! The complete opposite is true…when I was there alone over 5000 former deserters rejoined the SLA and that number was snowballing at the time I left. The sheer patriotic fervor sweeping the nation ("south" in particular) is almost touchable – and is was accurately reflected by the recent election results in those two provinces!

    The masses there voted for not MR, BUT for the SLDF to wipe out you motherfuckers once and for all – as they know well enough (and we did our part to drill that into them) that if RanilW ponna won, then that would mean once again appeasing the LTTE!

    Your LTTE heroes – heinous killer motherfuckers to the rest of us Sri Lankans – are all but finished now as a “force to reckon with” as you bastards are in severe short supply of men (well in your case women, children, and grannies I should say!) and material to fight this war. You bastards are acutely short of ammo for your artys/mortars and helpless and hopeless re. any replenishments coming any time soon to save you from imminent demise! As well, you mf’s desperately wanted to sue for another (bogus) peace accord (to buy you time), but that too has failed and even Norway has now all but abandoned you!

    SLDF bravehearts are now poised to wipe out you mfs for good (read: mercilessly kill every single of you mfs – “with extreme prejudice” as OaOA says)…and they are going to do so by all accounts that I heard.

    Happy wallowing in your misery…

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Oh, btw, fuck Gaussian logic… I chewed all that for my masters at a level likely too advance for you to discern, but suffice it to say that I know it has nothing to do with how you motherfuckers are going to save your arse any time soon! LMSSAO!!!

  104. Perein, Srilankan, thanks bros for your kind sentiments...I am more humbled by them than ever!

    Chees, OaO Asithri

  105. Wijeypala

    Your analysis kinda sorta fizzled out in no-man's land. Even then, it is quite something to read.

    What you missed is that, all thru the conflict years, there was a moderate Sinhala middle class which resisted southern extremism and a call to negate all 'Tamil aspirations' by force. It was largely silent, neverthelss an unquantified force to reckon with.

    The on-set of the 'Final war' and the assasinations in Colombo, plus the attmpted water denial which led to the fighting busted all the myths the COlombo elite held onto stubbornly for a long time. The first result of that is seen in what's happened to the UNP and Ranil and the peaceniks. This bodes ill even for the Tamils who may have thought they could 'walk the line' and laugh behind our backs whenever the LTTE carried out attacks in Colombo.

    Today, the CMB elite have stopped caring even abt the 'decent' minorities. The attitude is more of a 'f-ck 'em all, before they do it to us. Let's get this over and done with, and to hell with the consequences'.

    There will be no one with sympathy to stand between the people who thought they could attack the majority with impunity, and the sinhala extremists. Those days are over.

  106. Qrious

    Someone told me there was an interview of OaOA with that Rayappu weasel and I just browsed through the earlier threads and found it!

    Truly hilarious man!!!

    I am afraid, yes, I did go for the interview with my baseball bat and did put it to good use...except not quite how you observed...but alas, we will not dwell into that "dark area" now I concede to maintain a sense of civility in this esteemed forum. LMSSAO!!!

    Another mis-observation on your part was the language yours truly OaOA used on the "reverend" but alas, that too I guess you edited to suite for "all audiences" lest you get accused of "uttering filth" like how yours humble OaOA is often raked over the coals is! LMSSAO!!!

    Thanks bro for covering that interview...despite some mis-observations! Truly LMSSAO!!!


    OaO Asithri

  107. sharp

    '... after the racist machinery in the Sri Lankan part of the island is exinguished..'

    Like we give a sh!t for your numbers. you realy need to quit playing with your dick fulltime boyo, or that remaining ball will also fall off.

    This may be news to you, but we don't really care. We are simply killing the monkeys by the dozen and definitely have no interest in an accurate body count. This is EndGame, played in no uncertain terms. Why do you think we even bulldoze the fancy cemetaries of the baby killers? That's becuase there's no place in history for such creatures and its best to relegate them into the mists of time asap.

    Let me put it in a nut shell to make it easy to get it between your thick years..You can't come even near us, let alone extinguish anything of ours. Guess why? Because that's exactly what's being done to you.

  108. Time to go check the fat mules' udders...


    Catch you patriots later...

    OaO Asithri

  109. welcome back OAOA!

    heard that you had done some good deeds in SL in the run up to the election.

    ela ela.


  110. Ass and trops

    - I sense fear and trembling in your facade of fearless ambitions and empty shouts.

    I understand, it is to keep your fellows spirits up...hopefully or unless some are already starting to catch on...

    Ofcourse Liberation fighters die, but they did in pre-1999 as well before well, you know..

    With zero media presence, it is easy for your Def Dept. to paint all numbers they want in big black ink. Disallow all private media.. why...

    But MR. Ass, while you were down therem I am sure you also found out how many Sinhala soldier pawns have died, how many are truly missing and how many are faceless and graveless for the sake of recruiting more Sinhala innocents with the promise of prestige and respect and glory.

    Why don't you share that number dead as well? - and what record level it is nearing almost surpassing a set amount before.

    Why don't you also explain to your fellows why there was such a round-up of ex-soldiers in extreme anger?

    It is no doubt Tigers died in the past as well but only to come out with major counter-attack which your Sinhala racists couldn't stand and went running back dropping their guns and underwear.

    I hope others reading this also realize how it is only the extremist racists Sinhalese in here who use course language in their replies to my posts and other intellecutals in here. - If what mr Ass says is really true, he would not be in extreme anger as she prances away on the keyboard.

    You would be ridiculing me dear sir, and laugh... however, your posts are filled with very apprarent anger... I hope I haven├Ęt blown your cover...

    Nazis in their dying days stomped about angrily and violently. I hope mr ass , trops, and other racists in here come to realize what their government is doing to them and how far up them the government propaganda has gone.


  111. Rana Bimen - 02/09/08 Wanni Situation
    click here.

  112. i see a tons of tons talking philosophy here.. why dont some of the philosophist go back to the country and do our comrades jobs or lead them with u'r tactics and talks huh.. no wonder we take more years and years of battle against these tigers, all we do is just talking and bashing each others , do some actions more than talks..

  113. It's wonderful to see Tamil racists getting ass fucked left and right :)

  114. sadly to many repliers, i meant to say stalingrad because .. we are the one doing the offensive+ we are the one doing the bombs everywhere, if you look at the war from outside, many of my university friends says we have some probs with the decent war!!

  115. Dear sharp,

    I hope you realise than 325 000 Tamils are running displaced in the Vanni? And that another 150 000 are in refugee camps in India? Before you start your Tamil jingoism and racism here take some time to contemplate the status of your community. Quite simply, you're community has been fucked - majorly. Not by the Sinhalese but by the LTTE. Tamils were 12.6% of Sri Lankan population in 1982. What would that be today?

    Here's what one Tamil, Noel Nadesan had to say:

    "Today we are facing the biggest humiliation in our history. We are on the verge of being defeated in a war that has brought no benefit to our people. Our people are forced to sacrifice their lives for what? Our people are far safer and much better off if we do not have a war. No body wants this war but we are scared to tell the world that we must end this war NOW and not later. Those who speak out against this war are attacked as being defeatists, cowards and traitors. Name calling is easy. But how is that going to help our people?

    We have looked the other way when our entire leadership was liquidated not by the Sri Lankan government but by our own people. We pretend not to know that our children are denied schooling and dragged out by our own people to fight in a useless, unwinnable war. We dismiss as propaganda when our own people are tortured in concentration camps. We think it’s heroic when our Tamil patients are forcibly taken from hospital beds and forced to fight in a war that has no end in sight. We laugh when our old men are scolded and pushed around by our podians for not doing guard duty properly t the war front. We can’t even go back to our homeland without paying ‘poojas’ to the one-man regime that has denied our people the fundamental freedoms. Our people cannot even speak freely without fear of being arrested by the ‘guard dogs of the Police state in the Vanni.’ Is this the Tamil culture we are fighting for?"

    Have a nice day!

  116. lol james isnt this guy killed by the EPDP, who are getting benefits from our government..

  117. James said...

    Dear sharp,

    I hope you realise than....

    - Funded for by SL defence( ethnic cleansing budget).

    Just like you have your traitors, there are ones on both sides.

    Hope you enjoy the upcoming next few weeks. After that, there wont be much in the present to enjoy and it will be a time of Reminiscing and reflecting - and hopefully a time of learning for Sinhala racists.


  118. Dear sharp,

    Don't you see? If there is any war of attrition in Sri Lanka, the Tamils will lose. The Sinhalese are the overwhelming majority in the island. The Sri Lankan Tamils will then only be found in history books. Is that what you want? Step back and consider that 325 000 of your people are currently destitute in the vanni. Roll that number in your head. It is a HUGE number of people. They are sleeping under trees and walking miles on a daily basis, only to be used as human shields by the "freedom fighters." Then consider that 150 000 of your people are locked up in refugee camps in Tamil Nadu - even the Indian Tamils don't seem to give two hoots about the Sri Lankan Tamils. Hundreds of thousands more have left Sri Lanka. Then consider all the child soldiers, suicide bombers, LTTE extortion taxes, high food prices, and it is no joke - the SL Tamils are FUCKED. The majority of your people have been displaced at least once in their lifetime.

    Tamils were 12.6% of the population in 1982. Today, no more than 7-8% I would say. I am betting that the Muslim community outnumbers you guys now. Once the war is over, and a real census is carried out, the number of seats you will get in parliament is going to drop SEVERELY. The Elections Commision has been going by the 1982 stats for every election even when it is pretty obvious that the Tamil community has shrunk.

    The story of your community is a story of stupidity. Despite the much vaunted "intelligence" of the Jaffna Tamil, it is pretty obvious that Tamils have never been as worse off as they are today. And they thought they had it bad when the were complaining about the Sinhala "shri" sign on carplates.

    Keep enjoying your Tamil jingoism while you can. At least that gives you the satisfaction of getting some attention :)

  119. Ho ho ho!

    Now looky here! LTTE is fighting (or not fighting) according to a Gaussian thingy!

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    (hee hee hee haa haa)

  120. The result of Gaussian Yi whatsitsname..

  121. To James: you are writing your thoughts like you are a arabian people, or Aerian people who mocked the Jews[israel] people, you are making our enemy and the ethinics by your writings , post your thoughts in commonly, not biases.. please..

  122. bandara, I will write however I wish to. Please preach the same to sharp, otherwise you will be the one with "biases"

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. Like I said, I will post however I want to. The fact that you are only complaining to me tells me it is YOU who is biased.

    Go back and look at the posts. Sharp was the one who came into this blog and started his ethnic rant.

    So how come there was not a peep from you about that?

    Rename yourself to "biased bandara"

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. Right, so you think sharp is not human? Wow, even I wouldn't have gone that far.

    And you're lecturing me about Arabians talking about Jews?

    LOL! Go fix your hypocrisy mate.

    You're a total ass.

  127. he seems constantly bashing the net for no reason.. and now you are??

  128. btw to james: so you do count those innocent tamils as humans like you too?, then why do you do crimes with the war then? y dont u allow the tamils what they want?

  129. Bandara u imbecile !

    go and jump to Kandy lake mate! Once ur short of breath u might get ur brain working again!

    U r talking utter rubbish!

  130. how hilarious, you go and delete the incriminating evidence in your post bandara. Stop with the act, please. If it's 'Tamil Eelam' that Tamils want, they're certainly not going to get it.

  131. now u are starting over bashing on me lol, i dont know who you guys supporting lol.., simple tactics can change your line from the real topics , you guys are really awsome, no wonder sharp get the upperhand here ;)

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Hey bandara, why did you go and delete your post? If you think Sharp has the upper hand here then you must also believe the LTTE has the upper hand :)

  134. what leads you to this?? btw you seems like singala kottiya to me.. you have to be watched..

  135. Asithri,
    Many thanks for your kind comments.Thankgod this LTTE shit will be seriously decapitated at least in my lifetime.30 yrs of these pathetic LTTE "excuses" is enough for anyone.I hope the govt will hunt these LTTE bastards to the ends of the earth once this military campaign is over.I am very pleased you live overseas Asithri.However sometime in the past the only "representatives" of the 20Mil people of SLanka were a bunch of LTTE buffoons who were "airlifted" from one location to another to engage in these so called "protest" marches...what a joke..

  136. Asithri

    Mate, a lot of folks enjoyed your interview; I have taken the comments on board. It was divine fun.

    Glad to see you back.

  137. A Review of Wanni Operations

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6

    srilankanlion Thanks for your great work :)

  138. Sri Lanka Defense Map

  139. Guys,

    Self-made Clowns

    The uninhibited temptation to call a folk who carries a pen and a paper to make a living, a journalist, is something that has the potential to embarrass you and I for a very long time.

    A good writer makes little effort in delivering a piece for his intended audience; he always sticks to Sydny's Maxim while writing :those who write to themselves, always write to an eternal audience. Once the topic is decided upon, the flow of words becomes effortless, for any gifted conscientious writer. When an effort - of the calibre of removing a constipated poo - is made, the very piece of writing spreads the unpleasant odour of bias and prejudice.

    This noble rule is only broken, when the writer in question allows his pen to be animated by the wishes of the publisher or other interested parties or his own racial or religious prejudices.

    The readership with a balanced mind sees the pieces written by these folks being coloured by the ugly interruptions. If they read between the lines as the next step, the pattern of writing gently lands on the familiar themes: misjudgement; gross misinterpretation; wild imagination.

    Iqbal Athas, D B S Jeyaraj and the man who claims to have a PhD - Permanent Head Damage - Jehan Perera fit the above description.

    The first man is a monument to pessimism as far as SLDF is concerned; he never sees a positive side in them; even a well-fought victory is dissected by the scalpel of extreme gloom.

    Jeyaraj, on the other hand, is a man on the fence with a political balloon; he is constantly on the look-out for the direction of military wind and does his writings accordingly. He started seeing the victory streak of the armed forces after months of warnings to the contrary.

    Jehan Perera who scared us to death by his ‘superior analytical mind’ against pursuing the military option has slowly changed his tune too. He is now lecturing us how to live in peace in the post-war Sri Lanka.

    Our rural folks say that when the hand cannot be chopped off, it tends to be embraced instead, by your enemy.

    The scribes who made a kill out of our misery are showing just that. I think this is the tip of the iceberg. The big rogues - BBC, AP, AFP and Reuters - may follow suit.

    Their irrational behaviour shows that there is a very thin line between a journalist and a clown. The gap can only be bridged by the language they very well understand - unwavering determination to do what is right.

    The government led by MR is doing just that. Folks brace you for a land awash with clowns!

  140. Bandara,

    Either u come down to Sri Lanka and post your comments after first hand experience or stop posting BS.Dont post comments without knowing the reality!!!

  141. Ok Bandara, u showed yourself a true kotiya now. If u cant spell sinhala and type singala that shows what u are!!

  142. If we can induct another division between 57 and 58 now, it will speed up things immensely.. This new division can act like a backup/support group for both the divisions, specially the 58th div.

  143. Guys did u watch the ATGM Misile attack on Alankulam using bakhtar shikan from paki, Wow now thats what u call a true force multiplier. The attack was so devastating that killed 6 leaders in one go, now how is that for a force multiplier.

  144. qrious

    A good writer makes little effort in delivering a piece for his intended audience; he always sticks to Sydny's Maxim while writing :those who write to themselves, always write to an eternal audience. Once the topic is decided upon, the flow of words becomes effortless, for any gifted conscientious writer. When an effort - of the calibre of removing a constipated poo - is made, the very piece of writing spreads the unpleasant odour of bias and prejudice.

    Cool... very handy
    Thank you bro.

  145. Guys,

    The last line of the first paragrph of my piece - self-made clowns - should be corrected as follows:

    you and I must be corrected as you and me.

    The error is regretted.

  146. Found some interesting map

  147. Defencenet,

    Please give us an update on LTTE couter attack.


    Mine hunting Robots by Moratuwa Uni.

    This is what the universities should do rather than engaging in strikes by the drop of hat.Good that political influnce on Universities by the JVP is deminishing..

  149. Hemantha,

    "Lkdood and Pakka-lanka,
    Vannerikulam is situated around 5-10 km North east to Nachchikuda.

    Thanks. Located the place on the map. As you said it is about 10km NE of N'kuda.

  150. bandara said...

    "...btw you seems like singala kottiya to me.."

    He he heee... I cant stop laughing mate.Guys look at this. You can figure out who is disguised here.

    BTW, why did u choose a sinhala name like "bandara" to post your scrap here my friend?
    Just curious. :)

  151. Asithri!

    Rumours were rife about your sudden disappearance from the blog. Some thought you got lost while on your way to one of your pongu dances. Others thought you were caught and locked up in a pongu harem (without internet connection) to keep the fair residents happy. 'Must admit I did believe the latter theory. But as we were to find out, the truth was better than both of them.

    Upon relentless investigations a reliable source, none other than our beloved LTTE spokesman Rabbadaiya Iliyathiran was (unusually) available for comment. He spilled the beans and let the cat out mate. Rabbadaiah told us everything, the whole truth as he always does. He said that you eloped with Duwaraka and was on your honeymoon in a secret paradise island love nest not far from Pukka Land. Cheeya…you naughty boy…!

    The lengths you go to for the love of the country is commendable though. Like in the olden days when kings gave their princes in marriage to would be enemy kings’ daughters to maintain peace, you too have done your bit to bring peace with extreme prejudice®.

    Anyway, let me be the first to congratulate you. Congratulations! How was your honeymoon with Duwaraka? (No fine details please). Hope you had a lovely time. Trust the dowry wasn’t bad either…aaahhh….tell us all about it.

    Welcome back to the blog. While you were at it (I mean while your were in Pukka Land) I am glad you managed to prise out an interview with his eminence Reverend Raa Appu too. Enjoyed it much, thanks to our in-house reporter Qrious.

    BTW I hope my e-ticket to Sakkilinochchi is still in date & safe with you. Our flight may be sooner than expected.

  152. SL Army Divisions

    11 Division - Panagoda

    51 Division - Jaffna

    52 Division - (Jaffna District)

    53 Division - Kilaly (Jaffna District)
    Mechanized Infantry Brigade
    Air Mobile Brigade

    55 Division - Nagarkovil

    56 Division - Vavuniya District

    57 Division - Mallavi, Tunukkai (Mulativu District)

    58 Division (Task Force 1) - Nachchikuda (Kilinochchi District)

    59 Division - Welioya (Mulativu District)

    61 Division - (Vavuniya District)

    62 Division (Task Force 2) - Navvi Palamoddai (Vavuniya District)

    21 Division - Trincomalee District

    22 Division - Trincomalee

    23 Division

    54 Division - Elephant Pass

  153. why do i need to worry about my spellings while im writings a blogs?

  154. you little truts making this up blogs and make your own mind happy, while the real media are cracked down by the srilankan pathetic gov. your puny boys can go in to vanny but they cannot come bac.. so pray to your buddha [who preached not beleive in god, which he eventually became a god] to save your boys from that Vanni.


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