Saturday, September 27, 2008

Explosives found in Negombo

More than 150KG of C-4 explosives were uncovered in Kudapaluwa, Negombo yesterday during a search operation. A suicide jacket, detonators and a pair of night vision goggles were also found along with explosives. This latest discovery comes on the backdrop on intelligence warnings on increased Black Tigers activity in Colombo and suburbs. MI warns that several black tiger squads have already infiltrated Colombo to carry our attacks on VVIPs and economic targets as tigers face increasing pressure on the Wanni battlefront.

Meanwhile the army’s 57 division saw the addition of 57-4 brigade as forces prepare for a major push towards Kilinochchi. 57-4 brigade will be commanded by Lt. Colonel Senaka Wijesuriya; a veteran soldier whose leadership played a significant role in the recent capture of Mulankavil and Palampiddi. There are already 3 brigades attached to the 57 division 57-1, 57-2 and 57-3 which have all played their role to perfection in Wanni operation.

Meanwhile the Air Force continued to aggressively engage LTTE targets in Wanni. The latest LTTE facility to be hit in a series of SLAF strikes is a target identified as a black tiger training facility under direct coordination of Pottu Amman. The base was located in Rathnapuran, north of Iranamadu. LTTE casualty details in this raid are not available as of now.

1 soldier was killed and two more were seriously injured when tigers directed artillery fire towards Gurunagar yesterday morning. Both parties exchanged artillery fire for nearly 45 minutes after LTTE shells fell on SLA held territory in Jaffna.


  1. Thanks DN, two articles in one day, great job!

  2. SLAF bombing on Black tiger training center

  3. Nalini was sentenced to death first. Then it was reduced to a life sentence. But now she is going to be released. Can some one tell me how a person sentenced for life in prison be released like this.
    Tamil Nadu set to release Nalini

  4. Great!!! A good days work done by our brothers in battle.. Keep going.. We love you all...
    Sri Lanka military: 63 dead in airstrikes, battles

  5. Several teams of BT is Colombo? We shall hunt them down immediately. Forget IC and HR, we should use all available means to track and exterminate the BT in Colombo. We should expect the worst from LTTE in Colombo now as we reach Killinochchi. We need act swift and smart to remove BTs.

  6. HAMBANTOTA: EXCHANGE of gunfire occurred between the troops and Tiger infiltrators in BLOCK 3, YALA Saturday (27) around 3.45 p.m., after soldiers on duty in the area opened fire at a suspicious terrorist movement in the jungle area.

    Terrorists, while firing at the troops, withdrew and disappeared in the jungle.

    One soldier who was injured due to Tiger fire later succumbed to injuries.

  7. VAVUNIYA & KILINOCHCHI: CONTINUING confrontations at NAVATHKULAM and north of PALAMODDAI in VAVUNIYA killed six LTTE terrorists Friday (26). One LTTE bunker and three trench lines north of PALAMODDAI also fell into hands of troops at the end of fighting. Troops recovered four hand grenades, two pouches, one hundred rounds (100) of ammunition and one terrorist cap from the area.

    In the meantime, troops launched an attack on an LTTE bunker line at AKKARAYANKULAM in KILINOCHCHI Friday (26) afternoon and destroyed one bunker. The incident killed seven terrorists and injured three more. One soldier sustained injury in explosion of a terrorist IED.

    Similarly, troops in KALAYAPARU area in KILINOCHCHI killed four more terrorists during fighting. Subsequently, troops recovered one LTTE dead body, one T-56 weapon, ninety rounds of ammunition, three magazines and one belt order from the area. Two soldiers were injured in terrorist fire and explosion of anti personnel mine.

    The same day, heavy clashes erupted in the general area of VANNERIKKULAM killing seventen terrorists and causing severe injuries to one more.

    Meanwhile, an LTTE attack on the Security Forces FDL (Forward Defence Line) in MANNIYANKULAM was repulsed by the troops who killed eighteen terrorists in the area. Two LTTE dead bodies were recovered by the troops during subsequent search. One LTTE dead body was recovered by the troops. Eight soldiers were injured in fighting.

  8. [Black tigers in Colombo..

    We should have the US threat level system used against terrorists.

    Then it is easy to inform and alert the public.

    I belive a massive truck bomb or a claimore mine might be the LTTE's weapon of choice.

    Expect this to happen in a most unusual place.

  9. shyam the LTTE terrorist,

    Isn't it funny that SLAF bomb just wounded some civilians and infants. I guess that SLAF bomb was a dud and it just emitted a puf of smoke on impact. No injuries or damages otherwise. I hope that your pea size brain works these days.

  10. Sri Lanka military: 63 dead in airstrikes, battles
    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - A wave of gunbattles, artillery attacks and air strikes across northern Sri Lanka killed 60 Tamil Tiger rebels and three soldiers, the military said Saturday.

    The fighting came during a major escalation of the nation's quarter-century civil war, with military forces pushing toward the rebels' administrative capital in the town of Kilinochchi and government officials promising to destroy the rebel group by the end of the year.

    Civil war in srilanka ....?

  11. Blogger Sam Perera said...

    Several teams of BT is Colombo?

    they are planning things not just one

    time to get them all

  12. Hello Shyam

    how are you ?

    long time no see ?

    i thought you joined the battle in Mallavi ??

  13. Shyam brother,

    Coming color no good, you better find a good rat hole to hide safely, but don’t go near VP’s rat hole, you will definitely get Read Bird treatment from VP, so be careful brother hi hi.

  14. Way to go! It must be a welcome relief for the 57th to have a new brigade join in!

    Vigilance is a utmost necessity.

    We must also prepare for a prolonged campaign of sabotage on key infrastructure like, water works, telecommunication, power and bridges/rail etc. This is the stage the tigers will seek to melt away in to the fabric of society and carry on their “struggle” in a more covert (urban terrorism) manner.

  15. lkdood-

    Hello Shyam

    how are you ?

    long time no see ?

    i thought you joined the battle in Mallavi ??

    No.. He was searching for the lost ball.

  16. The Sinhala People's moral is just changing now ....

    SF says that the country is only for majority sinhala people and he further said the minorities can live with them but don't even think about more rights ...

    SLMC have condemned for it nd it shows the the Sinhala people just going back to the early 1983...

    Ad the IC also condemned on SF for what he told to the BBC

  17. Well.... The number of dead rats for the day seems to be on the rise.. The whole area must be stinking of dead rat stench!!!
    81 rebels killed as fighter jets target LTTE stronghold: army

  18. "More than 150KG of C-4 explosives were uncovered in Kudapaluwa, Negombo yesterday during a search operation. A suicide jacket, detonators and a pair of night vision goggles were also found along with explosives. This latest discovery comes on the backdrop on intelligence warnings on increased Black Tigers activity in Colombo and suburbs."

    More than Colombo,KAB seems to be their traget.


    Best video I have seen in a while. Night time MBRL, day time MBRL, artillery, MI-24 and ground infantry!

  20. Sam P
    I think KAB will be one of their top priority targets. It would be possible to for them to get there by those tin cans and land at least 6 persons or just one tin can could smash in to 5 or six passenger air craft crippling our civilian fleet and few others getting there by foot and having a go at the AF crafts. These are fanatics that could be determined and desperate enough to have a such an impact.

  21. Kevin,
    Fully agree mate.Our best defense is the peace loving population.They need to keep their eyes open and ears to the ground and report any activity out of the ordinary.The best source of intelligence we have.At a guess this is only the tip of the iceburg..courtesy of the CFagreement..what a joke!!

  22. LTTE need another KAB type attack or removal of VVIP. If timed before the fall of K'chi it will delay the fall. After the fall of K'chi it will delay further advance. In either case make way for LTTE come back. Given the past behaviuor this is standard practice. Whenver LTTE was attacked badly in north, attack key positions in south.

    BTW, diaspora better stick to reading pro-LTTE media only. (BBC,AP,tamilnut etc) I hope these media will report the fall of K'chi in such a way that diaspora will be at a minimum upset.

  23. True srilankan,
    According to my sources..the bombs missed their target and destroyed a primary school while the incumbant students were engaged in knitting lessons...the 63 dead are all civilians...LTTE deaths=0

  24. As various areas are being liberated from the LTTE, the only development that are prominantly being seen are the elaborate cemetaries.

    As Karuna once said, the only thing the LTTE gave the tamils are cemetaries.

  25. Rebels Mobilize Foreign Aid Workers
    September 27, 2008: An Italian employee of a UN sponsored NGO in LTTE territory, reported to the UN that he has quit to fight for the LTTE. The government was not surprised at this, and has complained to the UN for years that many of the NGOs in LTTE territory were basically working for the LTTE, and helping obtain food and other aid for the LTTE.

    So far this year, 6,900 LTTE fighters and 680 security forces have been killed. There are several hundred casualties a week, and the army is now four kilometers from Kilinochchi, the LTTE "capital." The army is also fighting its way up the coast, where the LTTE still manages to get a few boat loads of supplies in each week. But even with that, there is a severe shortage of fuel, ammunition and everything else in LTTE territory. While the army has, for several months, said it would crush the LTTE by the end of the year, it now appears that the rebels will not be able last more than another few weeks. After that, LTTE diehards are expected to continue guerilla warfare and terrorist operations for as long as they can.

    September 26, 2008: Police found an LTTE bomb making cache 40 kilometers north of the capital. Among the items found were 330 pounds of military (plastic) explosives, detonators and two suicide jackets.

    September 25, 2008: The air force bombed an LTTE radar station, It's not clear what kind of radar (ground, air or naval) it was. The air force has a lot more targets as the LTTE controlled territory shrinks, and more refugees come out (who can be questioned about what is where back there).

    September 24, 2008: The army discovered a group of about 35 LTTE rebels operating in a national park near the southern coast. There was one clash, and now more troops are being brought in to find and kill or capture the rebels. This group is probably a remnant of the thousands of LTTE gunmen who used to control eastern Sri Lanka until last year.

    September 22, 2008: In the capital, an estimated 100,000 Tamil refugees (from LTTE controlled territory) are registering with the police. This unpopular order is another attempt to track down LTTE terrorists before attacks can be carried out. The capital has a population of 650,000, and nearly all the terrorists encountered are Tamil. Weapons and bomb making materials continue to be found in Tamil neighborhoods. The police believe many of these Tamil refugees still support the LTTE and their terrorism tactics.

  26. Srilankan
    Our biggest obstacle and opponent is the vast amount of wealth and money they have abroad which they will use to buy politicians and others of use to them. Likewise they will buy their way to places of strategic importance in places in SL.We must have the discipline of the Israelis where they are surrounded by the wealthy and powerful Arab neighbours giving support to annihilate the state of Israel. This fight does not end in Vanni just believe me. There’s some hope for us here as the next generation of the Diaspora is losing interest in the affairs of SL and only the hardliners who will inculcate their dogma and all the prejudices against SL will remain so we have much important task to overcome this in future. I wish if the President visited all folks in UK instead of going into the temple in Kingsbury, giving the wrong message to non Buddhist expatriates. This is poor PR on his side and ill advised, am afraid! He missed a valuable chance to meet all of us.

  27. Tropicalstorm
    Tell the truth there’s there nothing much of a infrastructure of civilian or military is there in the rebel areas and I can’t see the fuss we are making with this rebels. I was there in the liberated areas recently and I didn’t see much of any sophistication just a ramshackle place of primitive dwelling not fit to be considered a place of military importance. I amazed with our powerful military presence why we can’t overwhelm them and go the last 4 KM.We saw on TV today a captured Taliban military site supposed to be one of their HQ in NW province of Pakistan it was a heap of mud bricked walls broken down in places and battalions of well armed Pakistani troopers are tied to it. Unlike the true battles fought in Falkland islands less than a division of British troops over ran nearly 2 divisions of well armed Argentineans where they had a vast air and naval support from the main land where the British troops were nearly 7thosand miles away from their home. I suppose Britain has fought many wars and they know a bit better as they use small numbers in Afghanistan and we in SL is doing the same but our enemy is determined with very little facilities at hand. Their civilian areas are just as undeveloped as I saw to myself

  28. Could someone please explain what the hell Athas means by the following sentence;

    "..This week troops broke through a bund that the guerrillas had constructed at two different points. The locations cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons.."

    It seems like he assumes that the LTTE should not be allowed to know where this action took place. Since it is very likely that the LTTE already knows the SLA getting thru its defences, the presumed enemy in this case would be the general public and the readership.

    This guy seriously needs to see a shrink and Sunday Times needs to implement a sanity check on what this guy writes.

  29. Hello all,

    Pretty interesting times ahead for the Sri Lankan conflict. I have updated my portal accordingly.

    Dear admins, please feel free to share my map.

    Take care.

  30. TS,

    "This guy seriously needs to see a shrink and Sunday Times needs to implement a sanity check on what this guy writes."

    This is another attempt by Athas to pretend that he gets a wealth of inside militray information. Probably, that segment of writing falls in to fiction category or imaginatively enhanced already available information. What MIA should realize is that what ever he writes will be subjected to intense scrutiny after the cooked up story of "Indira Radars." I hope that MIA will appear again here to defend his garbage again and I am yet to hear from MIA as to why he cooked up such a sorryful piece. He further needs to fess up to all of his previous imaginative pieces.

  31. long ranger,

    Where is 57-4? Is it a reserve strike force? Don't bother to reply if it is sensitive. I would rather hear the news of 57-4 succesfully eliminating a good number of teras and the assets later than knwong their current role today.

  32. TS

    "..This week troops broke through a bund that the guerrillas had constructed at two different points. The locations cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons.."

    What's wrong with this? Athas says for "obvious reasons". Obvious reason for me is he doesn't know the location and he doesn't know actually that happened or not either.

  33. THERE'S great significance in taking Killinochchi.

    The media focusses generally on the fact that it would literally dismantle any pretexes to a seperate state by the LTTE, which is only a part of the larger totality. A more stark and brutal reality is about to dawn on the entire tamil extremist horde when this historic event happens; there will never be a seperate state, and all and every sacrifice made for over two decades has been for nothing, Zip, zilch, a big fat zero.

    The LTTE leadership would be hard pressed to show what they've accomplished, besides a rapidly increasing number of cemeteries. Media coverage from the liberated areas show economic depriviation and a primitive lifestyle for a people who've been forced to live under bestiality of a magnitude unknown elsewhere. The only construction visible in the liberated areas, besides the plush residences of the LTTE top rungers, are the elaborate cemeteries, in which the more recently dead have been buried en masse.

    Thirty years ago those who joined the movement would have done so out of a sense of youthful and ideological enthusiasm. Passage of time generally brings people into contact with realities of life and those who survived so far and even the thousands who joined more recently did seriously believe in the prospect of being able to live a normal civillian life at some point.

    The fall of Killinochchi would re-define their realities. The possibilities of internal rebellion by disillusioned rank and file just increased a thousand fold for the already paranoid LTTE leadership.

    Sri Lankan Defence planners would do well to consider these factors and look for opportunities in this evolving scenario.

  34. Very soon the rat will either will have to commit suicide or get killed. He should be caught, bought to Colombo and killed in public.
    Frantic Prabhakaran changes hideouts as troops close in

  35. This is one of the strongest points that LTTE has to their advantage. Right now we all know that they are not successful in launching attacks on civil areas in the southern part of Sri Lanka. In simple term, we don’t see bus bombs anymore, as counter attacks to offensive operation in the north. But is it really because that they don’t have that secret network (we know that army arrested all key player of this game) they used before or is it just one of their new strategy? What if they are waiting till a right moment to use their suicide squad in massive scales? What if they are preparing for a sudden major attack.

    It is like a chess game, if you get the king, no matter what, this movement will turn in 180 degrees tomorrow and go in the complete opposite direction. We need to have our intelligent units look in to these area as well. The question is what plan the LTTE is having, with their suicide bomber squad..

  36. tropicalstorm: that you have is a great writeup man, keep up the good work

  37. true sri lankan: That "Atthas" is not allowing to comment on his articles, right?

    I love to add a comment for him there..

  38. Nirosh,
    Yeah.. There is no provisions for us to comment on Atthas's columns. If he did I'm sure his pants will be taken off by the readers..

  39. Nirosh and others

    You can write to the editor of Sunday Times.

    The link is available on the website under "contact us".

  40. Unrelated yet relevant news;

    Somali pirates hijacked a ship carrying 33 no's Russian T-72 tanks and a big load of ammo. That's a very big change in the balance of power in the area, and these goods could reach terror groups who could easily raise the $35mil ransome demanded by the pirates.

    US and Russian ships likely to intecept, leading to a conflagaration in the area.

  41. TS

    You are saying about the hijcking happened few days ago (in which there was a SL guy in the crew)? or a second one?


    Aha, those sweet words of “Bad Boyz” and the kicker Reggae beat from the immortal maestro, Bob Marley!

    Only the “soosthiya” is missing at my side now! Aha, those good ole days in my beloved Colombo…seems eons ago...this rendition by “laktony” with the video-graphics of our Bravehearts gives a whole new meaning to this hit song!


    “You took it on that one…you took it on this one…you took it on your mother…and you took it on your father…and you took it on your brother…and you took it on your sister…and you took it on that one AND you took it on me..”

    Aha, those haunting, immortal words…how true they ring vis-à-vis the LTTE baby-killer filthy motherfuckers today!

    Enjoy…hopefully as much as I did!

    OaO Asithri

  43. Just like in Thoppigala, LTTE is keeping a deadly arsenal to attack SLA when it enters Killinochchi. That includes a couple of MBRL's, few dozen SAM's and other unknown number of weapons.

    I hope SLA top brass wil take every precaution to minimise the casualities.

    This is not a cake walk.

    LTTE only needs a single successful operation to distabilise the SLA.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    It is yet to come.

  44. Never mind the target “end of 2008” to clean up the LTTE from Sakkilinochhi, now the target is to try and clean up Mullativu and possibly EP by the end of November 2008!

    LTTE supplies will dry up soon - no question about it.

    The Western coast is all but liberated and cut off…and as for getting any supplies from the East coast (i.e. from TN India), good luck! LTTE motherfcukers, very successfully, did all the fine moves (one can only dream of I am told) to get themselves “BOXED-IN”…!!! WOW! I wonder which fcuking Tamil racist Einstein architected this GRAND FINALE for the LTTE MFs!!! Wonder if this whole maneuver was directed by a TMVP plant? LMSSAO!!!

    This is a realistic assessment from SLDF field commanders and not a politically driven target (like during CBK the Docile Cow’s time)…LTTE FDLs “woman-ed” by the raw recruits are getting pulverized and even though the so called “crack units” from “Charles Anthony” or “Imarn Padyan” cliques have been inducted to the front, they too have been crumbling like the pins in a bowling alley…So, based on my contact with honcho “Poras” from the front…the last 15 days evidently SLDF have liquidated over 500 LTTE motherfcukers although the “official count” is kept at around 150 – just to not piss off the hypocritical IC/UN too fast and too dramatically! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    Great going Bravehearts...what you don’t bag for “usefulness,” please do turn to “ashes on tires!” TERRORISTS deserve no less!

    OaO Asithri

  45. 53D and 55D advancing through Muhamale and Nagarkovil ???

  46. LTTE attack TMVP camp

    The LTTE attacked a TMVP camp deep in the Batticaloa jungles this morning killing one TMVP cadre and injuring at least eight others.

  47. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your comment.Did the hon President have a full schedule..i wonder.Kevin.. even though he missed an opportunity (like you stated) by speaking even a few words in tamil shows his state of mind.Kevin these LTTE diasphoa have been minting money for the past 30 yrs..even more because i firmly believe the accumulation of resources for the LTTE started way back in 1948.There is only one way to counter balance it..and that is more overseas employment for ALL the peace loving peoples of SLanka.We have to spread our wings..I am pleased to say that i see great times ahead for manifestation of this..if you can call it that..example for ages i heard only of the "wonderful academic performance" of the kids of our kind tamil friends as stated by their parent...Good luck to them..However now i know of young sinhalese boys who have passed out from good universities imperial Col,oxford,Mit,Harvard..i am waiting to hear of any from waterloo,Mcgill,Mcmaster etc..This makes me equally happy.Lets hope the military operation will be a success.then we have to spend time/resources on education and taking this war(non-military) to the LTTE overseas.Lets start educating our forces...they are not there just to provide lives for "cheap" for the U.N..they need education to enable them to compete in the overseas job market as well.If the U.N wants forces they can sent british troops..cant they?..The death of each britisher will cost them what a £100,00-150,000...? i remember..

  48. Kevin,
    This is what i would like my Hon President and those that follow to do..Once the military operation against the LTTE is use the LTTE supporting diasphora to rally ALL the peoples of Slanka for the next 100 years!!...towards better education etc..

  49. MD says,

    what's your source?


  50. Suicide attack

    suicide attack near Vavuniya bus stand

    One civilian killed and nine critically injured in suicide attack near Vavuniya bus stand short while ago. Three women Police, One police, Three Army persons among injured according to available information.

  51. Sri Lankan
    Once this battle for vanni is over we must reward our members of the forces with good jobs, specially in the diplomatic outpost where these people could work with as the next task will be to overcome the terror outfit working against the state from abroad.

  52. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your post.Fully agree bro..The 2nd task is a gigantic task..This is because some countries in this world are still living in the 17th century...They need they need 5 people from every country in this world to come and live there..According to them no one is a "terrorist"..the LTTE are just "good people with thaamilselvan smiles"..
    BTW ..these days no more news about georgia..what happened..did the people of georgia cease to exist? appears the people of Georgia have "human rights" only when some tart at the "Human rights office" says so..she has to "secure" her job at any cost...afterall how can you go on holiday without a job...??..what about your sun tan for gods can one live without a sun tan!!


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