Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Airstrikes continue as troops inch closer to Kilinochchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force continued to pound LTTE targets north of Kilinochchi to support infantry divisions advancing towards the town. 3 targets located north of Akkarayankulam and Vennerikulam have been raided by SLAF bombers in simultaneous bombing missions. Meanwhile ground troops have been inching close to Kilinochchi despite heavy LTTE resistance. 57 division units are currently only 3.5km from the borders of Kilinochchi town and Special Forces units are operating even deeper inside LTTE controlled territory. In Vennerikulam, the 58 division has taken under their control large parts of the massive earth bund the tigers had built earlier. These gains however did not come easy. Both parties have suffered casualties in battles south of Kilinochchi that raged on for the past two weeks. Even bloodier battles are to be expected as troops close in on the de facto capital of the LTTE.

As reported earlier, the LTTE has called in several units deployed in the national front to defend Kilinochchi. SLA’s 55 division, who are also deployed in the same area, have been conducting limited operations although not much publicity was given. For the last 3 days, small attack teams of the 55 division would venture into LTTE front line in Nagarkovil/Kilali and launch hit and run attacks on enemy bunkers on the FDL. On top of continuous pressure mounted by the SLA, recent demise of LTTE’s Kilai area leader has only made matters worse for the LTTE in this front.


  1. There is currently heavy fighting going on at Akkarayankulam, Mankulam and South of Kokavil. There have been heavy LTTE casualties as per SLA sources and around 8 bodies have been recovered so far. Airstrikes have been launched to assist ground forces and 4 locations where LTTE buildup was reported was bombed.

  2. thanks DN for the update.

    SLA seems to be taking advantage of LTTE's relocation of some cadres, weapons from the national front.

    SLA has launched a few bunker busting op.s in the north. although these have little harvest, LTTE's infrastructure has been damaged.

  3. For the last 3 days, small attack teams of the 55 division would venture into LTTE front line in Nagarkovil/Kilali and launch hit and run attacks on enemy bunkers on the FDL.

    Here videos,


  4. defencenet, how significant are the sla losses in these battles?

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  6. Tamil diaspora representative addresses British Labour Party conference
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 08:21 GMT]
    Leader of British Tamils for Labour, Sen Kandiah, on Monday, addressed the annual conference of the British Labour Party, in front of over 10,000 delegates and the British masses viewing the conference on BBC, urging the Labour Party to note with alarm the increase in violence and human rights violations perpetrated by the Sri Lankan Government against Tamils. He also urged the party to note that the policies of the successive Sinhala governments and the current Sri Lanka constitution, which was adopted without the mandate of the Tamil people lies at the heart of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

    Mr. Sen Kandiah, who is also a member of the British Tamils Forum, declared that recognising the Tamil people right to self determination is inevitable and essential in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka.

    Foreign Secretary David Miliband MP opened the afternoon of the Labour Party Conference on Monday, under the banner of 'Britain in the World Debate' in his speech which amongst others, stressed the moral duty of Britain and her Foreign Policy engagements in other parts of the World. British Secretary of State for International Development Douglas Alexander and the Defence Secretary Des Browne were at the stage. European Trade Commissioner Hon Peter Mandelson was also amongst the audience including Senior Labour Party Officials, Members of Parliament, Members of European Parliament, Business Leaders, former Cabinet Ministers and dignitaries.

    Sen Kandiah was called upon to speak on behalf of the British Tamils and pass a resolution around 3:00 p.m.

    Following is the full text of his speech:

    "Chair and Conference,

    "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present the resolution that highlights the sixty years of oppression of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

    "I am a British Tamil. In the last two years four democratically elected Tamil members of Parliament have been shot and killed by the Sri Lankan government. Not long ago, seventeen aid workers, who worked for the International Aid Agency, were gun down by the government troops.

    "What action did the government take? None!

    "I can tell you stories of thousands of Tamils who face the same plight. Sri Lanka has become the third country in the history after Soviet Union and Saddam Hussain's dictatorship to use indiscriminate aerial bombardment against its own citizens.

    "In Northern Sri Lanka the Government is carrying out genocide, uprooting and causing unexplainable pain and suffering. Tamils are internally displaced, living in fear without food, medicine or shelter.

    "The eyes of the world are not looking and no one is telling this tragic story.

    "The government of Sri Lanka is continuing this military strategy to resolve what is fundamentally, a political problem? Our Tamil struggle for justice and equality began with non violence. When our cry for justice and equality through non-violence was met with violence and oppression, the call for the independent homeland for Tamils became louder and louder. When it became apparent that non violence means were not working the Tamil people were left with no choice other than to pursue an armed struggle. More than one hundred thousand Tamils lives have been lost the last three decades.

    "Therefore, I ask you to back the resolution that calls for the conference to note with alarm the increase in violence and human rights violations perpetrated by the Sri Lankan Government against Tamils living in north and east of the country.

    "Secondly, we want the conference to note that the policies of the successive Sinhala governments and the current Sri Lanka constitution, which was adopted without the mandate of the Tamil people lies at the heart of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

    "Thirdly, to acknowledge that the time has come for the labour Government to recognise the Tamil people right to self determination is inevitable and essential in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka.

    "Thank you"

  7. PULI
    You think this is a big deal and Labour party will stop on going war against LTTE terrorism...man get a life ...labour will loose next general election anyway..and (with Keith Vaas) (already got corruption charges according to one national paper)...
    Conservatives know very well about the problem with (LTTE) and they will back any GOSL to finish LTTEs ...
    In fact they LTTE gangs are one of the biggest problem in UK now…
    You LTTE Tamils think when they put white man in front they will cane GOSL ….
    Human writes …it talks too much now a days…we all fed up…
    We need democracy in our land… not fascist racist terrorism …
    Let get on with what we do.. finish the terrorism from our country and talk and solve the problems with who live there not in UK or elsewhere in the world…

  8. Agreement to halt military operations in North? President meets Solheim –

  9. Mr Puli,

    Mr. Sen Kandiah, who is also a member of the British Tamils Forum, declared that recognising the Tamil people right to self determination is inevitable and essential in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka.

    did you say inevitable? to whom? to english?

  10. @ Pulenthi ammaan

    tamilnewsworld cites "unconfirmed reports" as to their sources.

    Check the AFP report on the talks. Nothing of the sort is mentioned.


    Methinks that the editors of tamilnewsworld need to get a grasp on reality.

  11. Solheim is not considered as a powerful politician in Norway. He is like Thissa witharana in SL whose party holding on to ruling party.

  12. Puli,
    Thanks for bringing this resolution of Sen Kandiah, or whoever as I've never heard about this person before, to the attention of all of us, who loves our mother Lanka.

    Its a fact that British Labour party is on the loosing track and its set to loose big time at the next general election unless they change their policies, views and attitudes.

    With people like Sen Kandiah as friends, Labour party needs no enemies to loose the credibility and popularity.

    It is highly unlikely, almost impossible, that Sen Kandiah's speach had made any significance or impression among the Labour party members or high officials. But, its significant that Labour party allowed jokers like Sen Kandiah to get into the main stage, just to propagate diabolical lies.

    Since, we've now been informed about this event, what we all can do now is to ask questions from Labour party and pressurise them to explain their reasons for allowing such a controversial figure to take the main stage to propagate falsehood.

    Everyone can easily contact and make complains to Labour party through their website, which is www.labour.org,uk. When they receive multiple enquiries or complains on an issue, they are usually forced automatically to explain their possition and hopefully, avoid similar situations in the future.

    I hope all of us here will take couple of minutes to log their protest on this speach. This is the least we can do, while our brave heros fighting our motherland risking their lifes and limbs.

  13. Folks

    watch this clip. note the ltte bunker at 1.26 and how it's decimated at 1.27


  14. well said meverick...

    Dear Friends in UK,

    Please vote conservatives, if you need peace in Sri Lanka !

  15. @Lankaputhra: We (myself and my wife) voted for Conservatives in the recent London Mayoral elections as Ken Livingstone the Labour candidate was garnering LTTE votes and had issued statements in support of the LTTE ,and was seen in public campaigning with LTTE UK Kingpins, so Labour has already lost our vote! We have always voted for Socialists (left wing) in the past and this is the first time we ever voted for Conservatives (right wing). I liked Ken Livingstone and the Labour party up until they started to go after LTTE votes.

  16. This is from the war front!

    LTTE is reinforcing gaps

    A large number of LTTE terrorists have been withdrawn from National Front to face the 571

    LTTE long range artillery now moved to parathan and east (122s and 132s most are mobile)

    We are waiting for the Migs to join action in Night operations, so terros have been able to work in night reinforcing and working on defenses.

    We also now have high ground

    We all think the objective is Killi - but that is not a military target!

  17. Any News About the Kataragama LTTE shooting incident ?

  18. As I said before, the Eagles have landed. Kili is definitely not a military target. A reliable source has told me that a major stronghold that nobody expected to be taken first will fall before Kili, I cannot disclose it here for national security reasons. Expect surprises in the coming weeks guys. The can of whoop ass has been opened!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Ogre,

    "122s and 132s most are mobile"

    It's 130, not 132. What do you mean they are mobile? All artillery guns can be moved, but they're not "mobile artillery" (self-propelled like MBRLs mounted on vehicles), but have to be pilled by some other vehicle. It's not clear what you mean by this??

  21. dn, thanks for the updates as always.

    this is just an aside. lankanews, great links. i particularly liked the second one because it reminded me how beautifully varied the sri lankan landscape is. those sand dunes and shrubs seem like another world. but hopefully soon it will be part of our world, if you get what i mean.

    it's also amazing how much water there is in the country - there's always a river, lake, pond, stream or waterfall as far as the eye can see from the top.

    apologies for straying from the topic, just feeling nostalgic!

    straight ahead, boys!

  22. hi all after long time...
    just got the news...7 blaack tigers arrested from the hill country..even the two handlers.there are so much tey were revealing.one of the best news to VP.
    mean time SLAF hit to LTTE int. center shot evry other thing than the pottu and daya.unbelivable shot.recent uav's shown the place its like manhatten after the 11/9 atack.its vanished.
    will update the story if i had the time

  23. pulenthi ammaan

    Are you dreaming brother, if you try to sleep during day time like this, very soon you will get Red Bird treatment from SLAF (do you know about new … 29) hi hi.

  24. times eye,

    Did you follow up with the family that fallen SLA soldier in your neighborhood? If time permits, I would like to know how he gave his life for our homeland along with his name (if it is ok with his family). More appropriate will be to help his family first and then erect a memorial for him in his village. It is quiet disheartening to see how the that committee treated a hero of Sri Lanka. I am very glad that you stepped in to overshadow those unsavory elements in the committee. Keep up good work.

  25. Kuttu,

    You are the fake Kuttu. Real Kuttu, please come back. We want to hear about red birds.

  26. chamal

    so machan about the typo, my ass will finished if i get caught here...bye bye now

  27. Guys

    It is not yet over. Worst is yet to come.

    Just to pose a question to your selves. Are you doing anything actively to help our heros (SLDF)who are fighting for us other that posting on this blog? If not its not late. At least visit the injured heros in hospitals. There are many who are in pain, wounded and crippled. Just speak and spend some time with them.Please don't ask war stories from them.

    Just a thought......

  28. lankaputhra,
    Well said mate.We are only interested in the peace loving Tamil population is SLanka.I was expecting LTTE crack commando divisions to counter attack the SLA and cause
    SLA- 10,000 casualties
    LTTE-10..wonder what happened?
    This shows you that the fellow who pasted this still thinks that we are living in the past and it is him who needs the security of LORD GOD IC.An LTTE buffoon working for a cash and carry has to be..has to be.. the rep who decides the foreign policy of 20+ Million people of SLanka.Has to be..Look at us fools(including me)..writing post after post to entertain this fellow during his coffee break....what a joke!this is a defense forum not an EELAM dinner party.Do you seriously think a man walking on the streets of london..is going to interrupt his "cupa tea" to seriously listen to this speech.?

  29. Stupid Eelamists

    At first, it was India that they went begging for intervention. It was partially successful until the Eelamists did what they really good at - blowing the very thing in the face. The Indian factor reached the peak with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

    When Indian interference stalled, they looked up to Europe. A myriad of lobbies was set up to influence the political parties from far-right to lunatic liberals. This gravy train also ran out of steam, as the years wore on. When Europe got cold feet about the Eelam, the folks did again what they are good at - bit the very hand that fed them. Credit card scams broke out every major European capitol up to the point that no European wanted to use a credit card in a store or petrol station manned by any dark-skinned South Asian.

    Then it was the turning for a Scandinavian politician with a questionable track record. He was partially successful on his mission, as some of our previous leaders were growing the spine at time. Using his financial sword as the sole weapon, he hacked into every layer of the messy wilderness of the government. Much to our relief, his excesses backfired as we had a leader with a spine by then. The Vikings were forced to back down after making a few threats on the economic front.

    Then it was turn of the man with the charisma of a broomstick - Nedumaran. He had a series of clashes with the Indian Central government and was forced to keep a low profile, apart from making his presence felt in a few gatherings. His comrade-in-stupidity, a chap called Vaiko took the international mission over and did not make any headway.

    After failing on all these weak fronts, they have turned to British Labour party. Labour party has so many problems of its own: its leader, the current Prime Minister is facing a serious leadership challenge; the party is 20 odd point behind the Conservative party in opinion polls; there is a serious debt problem in the finances to address which the Harry Potter author J K Rowling made a donation of 1 million Sterling Pounds. We don't know whether the Tigers lobby made a donation to get a slot for a speech. It it was the case and if the conservatives got the wind of it, Tigers are going to create more problems for the beleaguered party and its leader - very typical of Tigers. The MP's of the party have much better thing to do than protecting a dying species.

    So, the stupid Eelamists must learn one lesson after all these failed manoeuvres that span thirty years:

    None of the foreigners could help them reach the ultimate goal no matter how illusive it is. Some folks cashed in on the opportunity to make fortunes; some made political capital out of it. Eelamists were left in the lurch like a bunch of vultures.

    Instead, they should have turned to the majority with whom they used to live for centuries, to address the grievances, not the foreigners. The events have proved that it is the only way forward. To qualify for that game, the racist mindset must be kicked out – and for good. A lasting solution is going to be one of home-grown, not that of foreign-hatched.

    Victory against the LTTE wont be complete until such time that SLankans(of ALL ethnicities) are competing for jobs overseas.Lets give them some real competition shall we..

  31. [[Tamil diaspora representative addresses British Labour Party conference]]

    This is called LOOSERS' ALLIANCE!

  32. Qurious,
    Well said mate.Spare your efforts and dont waste your time bro.

  33. kuttu has started a war against LNP

    see the following link



    Please give him a support

    If you want to see the original document about LNP Pig

    This is the link


  34. kuttu
    I just saw the news on that web and thought you guys may be interested.
    I thought a halt is better too as a war only kills people and nothings else.
    Who cares you people kill each other. You know what... when you die you not going to take any thing with you.
    Neitha Prabha or Mahinda.. Both going to go as ashes and what ever left behind will suffer.
    You bluddy war monkers

  35. http://www.lankatruth.com/New/Full_Story_Page/2008/September/23/20080923_01.htm

    Either Tamilnewsworld copied the above or the above side copied Tamilnewsworld.

  36. Pulli
    You must get your people to vote for labour and they only need your votes and money but sad to say that landing of British forces in Vanni is just a dream that will never happens as SL is a democratic nation and how much of you guys jump up and down will never persuade the British government to stop the onslaught of the SL defence forces routing the terrorists in their boarders. Just as your millions that given to the western politicians and got nothing in retun,Your millions that were taken from your gullible Diaspora has done nothing to the downtrodden Tamils in the areas controlled by your liberators. I had a glimpse of your areas recently and it is a rundown ramshackle place only sign of any infrastructure to be seen is the funds given by the government of SL.If your guys have any heart for your people left behind, then there should be milk and honey flowing in Vanni with your collected money which I could not see. Your leaders are better suited to, be in T.Nadhu where the leaders plunder the state money where there’s only 1 toilet for a thousand families which they use the sea beach and roadways for their toilets and this can’t be allowed in our paradise.

  37. Only from BBC

    Nice story from Vanni

    'Pain' of Sri Lanka aid pullout

    Ruthless SLA and innocent LTTE...


  38. Guys, I have a question...

    Is the main gun on the arrow boats a 20mm or a 14.5mm gun?

    I know that a handful are fitted with 23mm guns, but what do the vast majority of them carry for a main gun?

  39. [Ruthless SLA and innocent LTTE...

    As far as BBC is concerned... there are no SRI LANKANS in Sri Lanka... only Sinhalese... Tamils...Catholics.... Muslims...

    Cunningly targetting unsuspecting minds.

    Old trick!

  40. Shyam

    LNP is yet another site owned by a sinhalese who also encourages dissenting views to be expressed openly.

    It is not surprising or strange that your type who cannot take an ooposing view with any civility would instantly revert to uncivilized behavior. After all that's where the LTTE's support base comes from; fear and hatred of opposing views.

  41. "that's where the LTTE's support base comes from; fear, hatred + MURDER + SILENCING + BULLDOZING + RIDICULING + of opposing views.

  42. If LTTE is ever planning to use biological weapons, this would be it.

    As suggested by many, even if LTTE has some such weapons, that would be for a limited attack. It seems now the fall of Kilinochchi is inevitable!

    All the creduts should go to our boys at FDLs.

    Hope to hear the good news soon...!

  43. Well well…the Prez is here in my neighborhood…got to be in my best behavior :-) and ...busy busy too…but suffice it to say,


    No further comment necessary other than to say one cannot be not impressed on the simplicity, piety that this man carries/exudes in speech, demeanor and even attire!

    This man is a far cry from Chandrika the Pompous but Docile Cow and Ponna-Ranil the ever-grinning Armani-Suit!

    Your Excellency President MR, kudos to you sire! Yes, you are indeed shaping up to be the modern day saviour of our MotherLanka!

    May the Triple Gem Bless and protect you sire!

    OaO Asithri

  44. Kevin, saw your earlier post ...you well articulated your concerns/views and I have no qualms in agreeing with you on your pov brother. I firmly take the view that politics/politicians are there to serve us and not the other way round...and as such...

    I have taken note of some of the more worrisome angles you have conveyed in your note and will try my best to see if they can be straightened (if they are indeed found "crooked" as you steadfastly maintain).

    Best to you brother...and yours!

    OaO Asithri

  45. Moshey my dear brother...

    I simply know not where to begin to commend you for your great contribution in this blog. I must say I have learnt a thing or two from reading your posts...so keep 'em coming malli!


    OaO Asithri

  46. TrueSL

    [Army heading for LTTE’s HSZs ]

    This is like saying one is finally ready to rape the neighborhood bully’s wife!

    I love it!


    OaO Asithri

  47. Boys, Thank u all for 5/5 rating for my latest book!!

    I read this absolutely garbage from a dim-bat called Culture Columnist Ak-azs-haam in TN.

    As always, I don’t like BS so did my research with Brahmi inscriptions found from the time of Playboy Ravana!

    Result: very sounding and concrete and even Mr. Paranavithana would be raped!

    Eezham >>> Eas-ham >>> easy-ham >>> lazy-ham >>> Lazy-Pig

    Thamizh >>> Thamisa >>> Thamusey

    Thamizh Eezham = Thamusey lazy pig >>>>
    In proper Sinhala: Thamusey kammali ura

    How to use these words in a sentence:

    Sinhala: Oii, Thamusey kammali ura puka denawada?

    Tamil: Oii, Thamizh Eezham a’nal kodu?

  48. AmmaG

    Brother you are indeed hilarious!!!!!!!

    See, I am into laughter-hysterics now...!!!

    Simply love 'em...keep 'em coming bro!


    OaO Asithri

  49. Got to run…got an early morning "important" mtg...with Eric Soleheim (he's going to tell me all about how to procure hookers in the Czech Republic at ½ price!)

    TC patriots...

    Keep that Champagne handy...we are almost there!

    OaO Asithri

  50. lol Thanka Bro, Asithri!
    Don't forget to tell me the hooker price! Don't want to miss when it is 1/2 price anyway! lol

  51. sam perera said...

    Thanks, i'll try to do my best....let me find his name is S Sridharan

  52. SLAF sources say the Mig-29s have arrived in Sri Lanka and will be deployed soon.
    The Mig-29 is a much sophisticated aircraft which has yet to prove itself in real combat, even though it has demonstrated superior handling compared to even the US built F-16. A few years ago, a contingent of Indian Air Force personnel surprised USAF air combat teams by beating the Americans at their own game with Mig-29s on a training course at TopGun. Nevertheless the Mig-29 has no real combat record and is of doubtful significance to the Sri Lanka's immediate needs. Additionally, the SLAF will have its own learning curve with these aircraft, while the need of the hour is for aircraft that our pilots and maintenance crews are familiar with, and which are suitable for our own unique situation.
    For More Info - http://srilankaairforce.blogspot.com/2008/09/mig-29s-arrive.html

  53. We are kept in the dark about the bloody battles going on for the past week or two.

    General public should get to know the real sacrifices made by SLDF, specially SLA. Many are dieing, losing limbs, eye sight, hearing, etc... for a worthy cause.

    People know that fights are raging, but they don't feel it from inside, from their heart.

    These details can not be exposed due to the political vultures lurking in the shadows.

    I just hope that these men will not be forgotten when this war is over, not by the authorities, but by the public.

    Stories about our generation of valiant sons of Mother Lanka should be taught to every school kid.

    This is the best opertunity to bring up the 'Nation before self' attitude which will be the only way to develop this country.

  54. http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2008/09/bahus-visa-to-canada-rejected.html

  55. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/7631365.stm

    I wish IF COLOMBO (south) turn in to this situ.. then the Big "M" will feel the war....

    till then clap..

  56. Tiger-The-IntelliGent ,

    If your bloody LTTE assholes allows are brothers and Sisters in Wanni to cross over to the Liberated areas, this wont happen. Is this what your Stupid Leader is going to give you all? Stupid Eelam.

  57. Breaking News!!,
    The British Govt has "donated" an aircraft carrier to the LTTE after listenning to Sen Kandiah's speech.Reliable sources say that the entire population of the U.K were in tears after listenning to his speech..so we are in for real trouble.The rumours are kandiah will be the next head of the U.N.O.!!

  58. Asithri,
    It is nice to read your comments inspite of your workload.Keep up the good work bro.It is tragic that we have had an exponential decrease in comments by these LTTE supporters recently..wonder why?.(I need them to improve my pathetic standard of english.LTTE di-ass-phora supporters are "world renowned" for their high standard of education which we singhalas and other peace loving peoples of SLanka can never ever achieve).According to my sources("highly placed" within canadian takeout chains) they are all applying for jobs in the U.N.

  59. Asithi

    Is he going to be Sir Kandhia or Lord Kandhia?
    Poor suckers!

  60. Kevin,
    have not been given "permission" by my "highly placed canadian sources" to say Bro.Sorry...at a guess it is even higher..Some title called the K.C.B.E..Knight Commander of the British Empire..pls feel free to correct me..

  61. I am worried that LTTE will use a 'massive bomb' targeting top VVIPs of the country, in light of the Marriot Bombing.

    VVIP security should be tightened.

    TID should impose more pressure on Tiger Cells based in the South - leaking confidential info to the newspapers won't eliminate terrorist problems.

  62. Noltte=peace,

    Your worries could very well become a reality, I hope our boys are doing the needful.

  63. Api Wenuwen Api:

    Sri Lankan Tri Services Cultural and Musical Shows


  64. noltte=peace,
    Bro the LTTE wil spend the remainder of their lives targeting VIP's even after the military campaign is over.These LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons will never let SLanka "off the hook" even after the mlitary offensive is over since they need "instability" in SLanka for "entertainment" purposes among other serious ones.Dont worry about it.The VIP's won't let a possible bomb threat in the future control their lives.

  65. SriLankan-

    Bro the LTTE wil spend the remainder of their lives targeting VIP's even after the military campaign is over.

    Bro, Just a matter of changing few letters here and there... Outcome could be diff too.

    The LTTE will spend the remainder of their lives targeting VP even after the military campaign is over.

  66. Srilankan-

    It is tragic that we have had an exponential decrease in comments by these LTTE supporters recently..wonder why?

    I think LTTE's clone brothers happened to write some comments which did not support LTTE could be a reason...
    As (Koli) Kuttu says he he he he ...

  67. pakka_lanka, shan, b#1 thank you all for the positive comments on my previous post.

  68. defencenet,

    was taking a look at the latest battle progress map on the defence.lk map and notice that there is a pocket of Tiger-held territory from omanthai down to just above madukanda to the east of vavuniya before curving up past talgahawela and padaviya.

    any particular reason - if you could mention - why the situation is seemingly quiet in this area as opposed to defencelines elsewhere which are moving into Tiger territory by the day?

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Saw what looked like a PT-6 doing a low level run around colmbo, the lights probed the sky looking for it! but no flak!! may be it was a drill.

  71. The Grinding Finale

    The ultra-nationalistic politicians in Tamilnadu are doing what they have been doing over the last thirty years, almost as a ritual, when their bastard brethren across the Palk-Straits are struggling for a breathing space - organizing Harthals and delivering boring monologues.

    They have an all-too-familiar theme: the accusation against the Central Indian government for not going far enough - a coded appeal for invasion - to protect the Tamils who, in their eyes, are at the gates of extermination.

    Funded and cajoled by the LTTE, they even wear the same shirts during a march this week – until huddled up in a police van for being in a unauthorized gathering. Among the crowd, you always see the usual suspect – Pasha Nedumaran.

    This wafer-thin w***** with an equally ludicrous beard reminded me of a cross between an animated broomstick and a failed revolutionary in a latrine; whatever he does attract police action and leaves a very bad smell. In the past, he threatened us with invasion with boats of relief supply and medicine. Without stopping at that, he threatened the Central Government with another hollow rhetoric - fast-unto-death that always turned out to be fast-unto-pursuation-to-give up.

    With those threats behind him, he is now manipulating another set of bankrupt oldies for yet another farce.

    It is all too clear that Nedumaran and his henchmen dance to the last tune of the brutes in Vanni and of course under tremendous pressure to do something to save the savages.

    With usual rhetoric gone, the jokers cut a troupe of monkey-performers on a grinding finale.

    When mosquitoes make an unwelcome intrusion into your nets at night, clap your hands while imagining the creatures that get sandwiched are what are left of Nedumarn’s circus. It is the most fitting tribune to a grinding finale.

  72. perein

    Don’t worry, we are waiting for them. Hi hi hi

  73. Kuttu

    Any problem brother, I am here

  74. addressing the UN in tamil is a small gesture but a very intelligent one.

    especially where the same assembly is addressed by hatred filled ahamadinajad, bush, etc.

    way to go.

    even in the REMOTEST of REMOTE case tamil elam comes into being or if tamil homeland (tamil nadu) gets independence, STILL history will have it that a sri lankan president addressed the UN in tamil FOR THE FIRST TIME.

    i can only imagine the grrrrr of VEZAPILLAI.

  75. Qurious,

    I just want to casually let you know that I always read all your posts and appreciate them every time I see them (even though I explicitly post any appreciations). They are very intelligently written as with many other patriotic chaps here.

    Keep up the good work.

    The country needs many of you guys!

  76. I was with a couple of US military personnel VERY informed abt the SL scene last week-end.

    They seem to think (these guys even know the cities and street names) that once Mankulam is taken, there would be quick progress, followed by a very dramatic confrontation and a collapse.
    There is high probability of an attack to cause SLDF heavy casualties elsewhere before this happens, since the LTTE knows that once it comes to that fight things are almost over, so will try to create a diversionary strike of massive scale. Nevetheless, even a thousand deaths would not be able to reverse the momentum already gathered and this now is a done-deal. The 'tipping-point' is already past.
    The pressure must be unbelievable on both sides, whose majority of the fighting men and women never really had anything to do with the root causes of this conflict. The only realistic solution is a military one for terrorism.

  77. For those who can help;

    Many lives have been lost due to blood loss on the battle field and first-aid material such as tournequest etc are in high demand.
    This includes SLA as well as injured LTTE cadres captured.

    If any of you are able to support, please provide these itmes to the military.

  78. Appropos LankaNewspapers.com;

    Whether Dulith Herath is a secretive LTTE supporter is at best debatable, while quite obviously he does not support any extreme views.

    His forum has allowed for dissenting views on both sides. It is easy for anyone to infer his intentions wrongly, due to this very subjective nature of the game.

    Some of the comments made on the forum Shyam points out, are made ignorantly. Lankanewspapers is not a business, rather it is the entertainment part of his business; "kapruka" which services many Sri Lankan community's needs.

  79. Grious

    You read the Nadumaran and Tamilnadu comedy wrongly.

    Political careers in T'nadu have been made on the SL issue. MGR was the first, followed by his mistress Jayalalitha. Both supported terrorism in SL, for the inferred threat it could pose to the central govt in New Delhi. That was at a time when the potential threat of a seccession by Tnadu was a scary thought for the Northern Indians.
    Following MGR's demise and Jayalalitha's self-destruction in corrupt games, Karunanidhi played the same game successfully. Mr.K could never seriously challenege MGR or JL while they were in power.
    At the same time, none of these 'benefactors' of SL Tamils ever came to their rescue. The TN politicos were always Indian first and secretively abhorred the cousins across the Palk Straits.

    The present day game is quite different. Karunanidhi is firmly in the seat, and the days of milking the 'tamil issue in SL' are decidedly over. In fact Prez Mahinda is more popular than any previous SL leader with TN's real power brokers, the guys who pull the strings that make the puppets dance.
    Karunanidhi will allow Nadumaran only so much leeway before he tightens the noose. Case in point; psycho Vaiko who is intermittantly seen in a fit and then disappears into insignificance.

    K'nidhi will not let another to steal his thunder. He has already agreed to the LTTE's elimination and will keep hings quiet while the job gets done. The LTTE knows this and had plans to kill him, which made the Indians promise a 'tactical nuke' strike if it ever came to that.

  80. Dear Chaps,
    Fat boy Prabha will leave his minions to face the music and try to escape soon. He has only one out now with the single surviving tin can. But there is no way to fit his huge posterior into the tiny cockpit of a small crate like this. So he has directed his terrorist engineers come up with an improvised 'fat leader' rack to be attached to the Zlin and he will be strapped to it before the crate takes off.

    But dear chaps, you know once this contraption is airborne the fat boy is going to soil himself and start passing noxious wind in mortal terror. Our chaps better be ready with gas masks to prevent breathing this stink if they want to live to see another day.


  81. As for the Dulith Herath Story, guess hes trying to bag some Die-ass-pora money before the show stops, by posting up some LTTE wannabe articles. this Dulith guy was part of Kapruka online as far as i learns. i see no harm by bag some die-ass-pora money and invest those in SL :)) (By posting LTTE wannabe articles in LNP, imagine how many hit rates hes getting from western countries)

  82. Well we did everything possible to make HE MR feel he had 200% of the patriotic support here to continue our own WAR AGAINST TERRORISM...and we are ecstatic that he made a specific address at the UN (as we quite expected) that SL will not continue to be a hapless victim of the LTTE TERRORISM, particularly when he said that peace talks are now ONLY possible if LTTE disarms!

    Kudos to you sire! You have shown the world that even a struggling developing nation can hold onto its dignity!

    OaO Asithri

  83. Moshey

    [even in the REMOTEST of REMOTE case tamil elam comes into being...]

    True, I guess even Hell can freeze over!


    OaO Asithri

  84. http://defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20080924_05

    Beautiful concrete work…finely sculptured granite stones…almost like a fine park…what a pity as soon the MBTs will traverse through it all, flattening it back to the muddy base…just hope they save the granite stones to fortify the SLA bunkers!

    Aha, in addition, what have we here? Looks like the hit “another one bites the dust” was taken literally as soul-saving advice by some monkeys! MOD: thanks very much of the pictures…a single picture of a fallen monkey is worth thousand pics of a whole kingdom of agitated, unwashed, unkempt apes!


    OaO Asithri

  85. Part 2 interview with Eric Soleheim on "how to get the max out of cheap Czech hookers" is on early tomorrow am...so got to run and get some Zzzzs now.

    :)) :)) :))

    Catch you patriots later...TC

    OaO Asithri

  86. Sarath Fonseka's claim, repeated brazenly to all and sundry, that SL belongs to Sinhalese is utterly racist drivel. All Sinhalese who hold such views are racists--pure and simple. I guess that would mean the majority of Sinhalese posting here are racists.

    The result is that even those of us who see the LTTE leadership as totalitarian and who see the defeat of its leadership as necessary for progress, will be forced to find ways to continue the struggle in other forms. I do not see how people can coexist when Army Commander's official position is that.

    Listen folks. You were all individually born in tiny plots of land in SL, and you are welcome to zealously guard your homes from attacks by anyone. But I will do likewise--my ancestors lived in SL no less than 500 years, if not 1000 years, and if you have an itch to intrude on my home and tell me that I have to be subservient to you--as Mr. Fonseka is doing-- it is my prerogative to fight back in any way I can. It is entirely upto me as to what shape or form my defense will take, and who my allies are in that fight.

    Fonseka and DefenceNet participants are giving ample ammunition for a renewed, more focused and clean Tamil struggle, unencumbered by the 'fascist' baggage of VP.

    Sinhalese need to look into their hearts and minds and rid themselves of their deeply ingrained racism. If not, SL will face endless conflict and be an economic basket case forever.

  87. Mr Fonseka's comments can be interpreted in many ways.

    The underlying message is simple.

    If you want, live in peace under a single flag. Else, face the consequences.

    He clearly says that "there is no room to divide this country".

    Simply, anyone who talks about a "Tamil Homeland" should go to Tamilnadu, which is in fact the Tamil Homeland.

    Else, everyone should live as Sri Lankans.

  88. nesan,

    Not the Sinhalese who should look into hearts and minds, but clearly the utterly racist Tamil Eelamists.. those are the ones who brought racism in every possible way into the society to make a meal out of it.

    If not for those suckers, the country would have been a paradise, which everyone live peacefully.

    I need to call Asithri to answer your comments, because my vocabulary is not rich enough!

  89. nesan

    Number of tiger experts visited this blog, tried hard to make us 'inteligent and non-rasict'. Finally failed and left. Beleive me, if not ask from any tiger here, we all are LTTE certified modayas and 100% racist. You 100% right and keep supporting 100% non-racist vezapillai. (SLA is currenly under a project study on how to build a non-racist in 100% non rasict peelaazhm.) Have a nice day.

  90. nesan,

    SF has made THOUSANDS of statements. do you analyse all of them?
    if not, why special treatment for this one?

    in MY opinion SF has talked bullshit at times (once he said LTTE had only 3,000 cadres, war will be won by december this year, etc.) there is no need to place toooo much importance to them.

    but there are a few facts which are not OPINIONS of anyone.

    1. ALL parts of SL belong to ALL sri lankans.

    2. there are NO tamil homelands in SL.

    3. tamil homeland is BY DEFINITION tamil nadu.

    4. when peace comes to SL, sinhalese, tamils and muslims will inhabit the north as they inhabit colombo and there is NOTHING that can stop it.

    5. one day WHOLE SL will be like colombo in EVERY PART. then there will be NO ETHNIC problem. how the ethnic problem gets solved? by satisfying tamil, etc. demands? NO.

    by FRUSTRATING tamil, etc. racial demands.

    6. after a political solution tamil demands (sinhala , muslim demands as well) will NOT be met. but economic, administrative, etc. demands without any RACIAL stuff will be met.

    what a disappointment for some ppl?

    those disappointed ppl will AGAIN try to resort to violence but then white vans, enough guns and bombs with SLDFs will make it impossible.

    any questions?

  91. Moshe,
    This EELAM in my opinion,started in 1948.This EELAM is all about power(ie:LTTE supporting di-ass-phora buffoons wanting to control the future of 20+Mil people of SLanka.)As for this Rasicm it is best for the di-ass-phora tamils to sort racism among themselves before they accuse others of racism.IF they were not rascist then they wont send their young to face MBRL fire and would have come to some peace agreement with the govt many many years ago.This LTTE issue is about them trying their luck to see what benefits they can get.

  92. Dear (Koli) Kuttu-

    "kuttu said...


    Don’t worry, we are waiting for them. Hi hi hi"

    Hi hi hi.... He he he....

  93. Ninja said...

    Number of tiger experts visited this blog, tried hard to make us 'inteligent and non-rasict'. Finally failed and left. Beleive me, if not ask from any tiger here, we all are LTTE certified modayas and 100% racist. You 100% right and keep supporting 100% non-racist vezapillai. (SLA is currenly under a project study on how to build a non-racist in 100% non rasict peelaazhm.) Have a nice day.

    thats a good one...well said mate...!!!

  94. Moshe,

    I don't think GenSF was BSing, rather he was puppeteering from the way I see it.

    Some of those statements did had a bad propaganda effect.

    At the same time it gave the impression that we haven't assessed the sitution properly. All the while a grand plan was underway with accurate assessments.

    He kind of shown the tip of the iceberg and drove the media on various goose chases.

    'kiyanna kese keewath, asanna sihi buddhiyen asiya yuthui'

  95. salang,

    i said,

    "in MY opinion SF has talked bullshit at times". its better if he had not made those statements, ME thinks. anyway as i said b4, there is NO need to place toooo much attention to these bcos these are exceptions.

    you are entitled to your opinion.

    this is utter bullshit, mate. any idiot can say this after BSing, especially politicians.

    "kiyanna kese keewath, asanna sihi buddhiyen asiya yuthui"

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. "Comments with racist remarks, personal attacks and misinformation will be deleted. Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more. We request all our readers to ignore such postings and continue the discussion without diverting from the theme of the blog."

    don't give any importance to unimportant conmen and imposters.

  98. This is another vital hurdle we as a country should strive to overcome. The LTTE must be hoping for us to loose our GSP+ status
    "Investigation Unnecessary and Inappropriate for Extension of GSP+" – FM

  99. Nesan,

    Listen folks. You were all individually born in tiny plots of land in SL, and you are welcome to zealously guard your homes from attacks by anyone. But I will do likewise--my ancestors lived in SL no less than 500 years, if not 1000 years, and if you have an itch to intrude on my home and tell me that I have to be subservient to you--as Mr. Fonseka is doing-- it is my prerogative to fight back in any way I can. It is entirely upto me as to what shape or form my defense will take, and who my allies are in that fight.

    How do you think we feel when we have been living on this small island for 2500 years and after 1000 years of living here, a minority of a 10% minority wants 40% of the land?

    You've just suceeded in reinforcing my gut feeling that this Eelam dream that "lives in your hearts" is just a grab for land, playing on our rich Buddhist heritage and culture for peaceful coexistence. Enough already... I too will fight back in any way I want... Given that I will give my life if I can kill one LTTE, after the war is over, the population of Sri Lanka will be reduced accordingly so that my children can live in peace.

    Bring it on brother or put down your gun and forever hold your peace. Because, right now you are looking at extinction in 10 years or less as an ethnic identity in Sri Lanka.

  100. For the Weaponology minded!

    Gents (& ladies if present of the blog)

    I have been holding this info back for a while due to obvious reasons, but now that the tigers have captured some examples (on several occasions, most of them the disposable tube) I guess the tactical intelligence importance is lost!

    The SLA has being fielding (with some good results) the Spanish made C90-C & CR range of Anti tank/fortification rocket launchers for "bunker busting" and to compliment the RPO-A series of Thermobarics & PF-89’s in use with our front like & specialist units.


  101. Vishwamadu going to be one of the most important areas of the battle.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Nemesis,
    Gents (& ladies if present of the blog)
    well, Dont keep any doubts...
    So the Forces are Equipped to the teeth, it seems.
    Just FANTASTIC!!!

  104. SU,

    A thousand apologies :) , it was vague to me if we had any of the better half of humans on the blog due to the nature of language used sometimes :)

    Thanks for you note!!

    Yes, our lads are well geared in most stuff.


  105. Hi Moshe,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    While i admire SF as a great war general, i do wish SF would not flirt with politics and make such comments.

    You could imagine the effect these comments have on the minorities at a time we need unity more than ever before.

    I would imagine these remarks would give them the perception that they were mere guests in Sri Lanka and further alienate them from truely feeling and believing that they too are Sri Lankans. It also raises interesting questions about a national identity.

    These type of comments would only go on to play on their insecurities and confirm whatever suspicions.


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