Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Air raids target LTTE positions in Paranthan, Kilinochchi

A minor explosion was reported a short while ago in Rathmalana area today (29th). It appears that an electric transformer was the target of the explosion. The transformer itself was undamaged in the incident. There were no casualties and no arrests have been made so far.

Meanwhile in the northern front, Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) flew 5 bombing sorties on LTTE targets in Paranthan and Kilinochchi. The air sorties were made as ground troops inching closer to Paranthan continued to face heavy resistance from LTTE cadres. Two of the sorties were flown in the morning, two in the afternoon and then another one in the evening. Exact LTTE casualties in these aerial raids are not available as of now. Despite LTTE resistance, SLA units have now advanced up to 2.5km from Paranthan junction.

Meanwhile the LTTE has handed over 17 bodies of SLA soldiers fallen in Mullaithiv battles today. Around 30 soldiers from the army’s 59 division were killed in fierce fighting at location 5-6km south of Mullaithiv town on the 27th.

In other news around 250 Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel passed out after completing training today. The passing out parade was held at Katukurunda STF training base.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Task Force 4 captures Nedunkerni

Soldiers of the Task Force 04 were able to capture Nedunkerni in Mullaithiv district today (21st).  Nedunkerni is of strategic importance as it’s one of the main townships located along road which connects Vavuniya and Mullaithiv. Troops have been laying siege to this town for 2 days and were able to take complete control of it by today morning.

Map picture

Meanwhile the LTTE launched a large scale counterattack in northern front yesterday (20th). The counterattack originated from north of Iranamadu and it was evident that the LTTE had used it’s best cadres equipped with body armor and helmets. SLA units fought valiantly but had to abandon half a kilometer stretch of land (which was recently captured). Around 30 soldiers were killed in this incident. Confirmed LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment. As mentioned previously, SLA have been expecting LTTE counterattacks from direction of Iranamadu. Despite these attacks, SLA operations are continuing in this area.

Meanwhile LTTE radio transmissions have revealed that two of their senior female sea tiger cadres had gone missing on the 19th, after the SLAF conducted an airstrike near the Nayaru lagoon. Both were regional leaders of the LTTE and were identified as Siran and Suhandini. The LTTE also lost a vessel used for arms transport last week.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heavy fighting in Paranthan, Kilinochchi

Heavy fighting has been raging in Paranthan and Kilinochchi regions in north where both the SLA and the LTTE has suffered heavy casualties. The army lost around 100 soldiers in Kilinochchi and Paranthan fighting  yesterday - 80 soldiers were killed and another 24 have gone missing. Total SLA casualty figures for the past two days stand at around 145 soldiers killed and further 300 being wounded. This includes casualties incurred from the Kilali offensive.

Bulk of the SLA casualties on Kilali operation were caused by artillery fire which rained on advancing troops. On Paranthan and Kilinochchi fronts however, close quarters fighting has been going. Despite heavy counterattacks by elite cadres, LTTE’s Paranthan line remains breached in several different locations. Tigers have also lost a good number of experienced cadres in these operations. Military Intelligence estimates LTTE casualty figures to be over 175 (this figure does not include casualties caused by 15+ air sorties carried out by SLAF).

Although the resistance is fierce and the casualty figures are higher, SLA has no intention of stopping the offensives. Some pro LTTE media have already declared the SLA operations have been ‘repulsed’. On the contrary, more large battles of similar scale are to be expected with LTTE fighting for its very own survival.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Casualties in Kilali fighting

Fierce fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) near Kilali/Muhamalai forward defence lines today (16th). Fighting erupted when troops from SLA’s 53 division moved ahead of their positions in a fresh attempt to storm LTTE’s second FDL in the national front. Around 30 SLA soldiers have been killed in the fighting and 10 more have gone missing. As of this moment, troops have fallen back to their original positions. First LTTE FDL in this area was captured by SLA on the 20th of November.

Meanwhile heavy fighting also raged in several locations in and around Kilinochchi. On some fronts, forces have moved in further past the LTTE built earth bund and there has been close quarters fighting going on inside buildings and other structures. SLA’s 57 and 58 divisions have been conducting the majority of these operations. The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), flew more than 16 air sorties targeting LTTE positions in Kilinochchi and Paranthan (earth bund included) in the past two days alone (13th and 14th). 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ampakamam falls to Task Force 03

Another LTTE held village in the Mullaithiv district, Ampakamam, was captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on today (15th) morning. Ampakamam was an strategically important village for the LTTE and it was used for a number of military purposes including cadre movement and logistics transport. Small attack teams from VIR (Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment), SR (Sinha Regiment), SLLI and GR (Gajaba Regiment) attached to the Task Force 03  have been targeting LTTE fortifications in Ampakamam for a few days until the tigers were left with no choice but to flee.

Meanwhile, several pro LTTE media have been celebrating ‘victories’ achieved by the LTTE on the Kilinochchi front. One such article claimed that LTTE fighters killed over 120 SLA soldiers and injured another 250 or so troops. Actual SLA casualties are less than half of these figures and the SLA were not pushed back in any of those fronts. As reported earlier, Terumurikandy junction is under SLA control even as of this moment. Some humorous articles even suggested that SLA operations were being halted due to shortage of troops. These are not true. The army is actually planning to deploy another new division – The Task Force 05 – to the Wanni theater of battle in the coming days.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Terumurikandy junction captured

57 division units operating south of Iranamadu today overran the strategic Terumurikandy junction. Fierce fighting has been raging in this area since yesterday (10th) where the tigers resisted the army advance for hours. 57 division units suffered casualties while trying to overrun the LTTE built earth bund yesterday with over 20 soldiers being killed and around 60 more being injured. LTTE were able to capture 12 bodies of SLA soldiers fallen in yesterday’s battle.

However, 57 division units who fought relentlessly despite casualties, overran the Terumurikandy  junction today (11th) afternoon. Experienced LTTE fighters manning this bunker line withdrew toward Iranamadu, unable to resist the two pronged attacked launched by the SI formations. LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment. Clearing ops are still continuing in the area.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Troops move into Alampil

Infantry formations of the 59 division have entered Alampil area where a major sea tiger base is located. Alampil is located around 10km south east of Mullathivu town. As of now this area is practically surrounded with SLA units moving in from north and north west of the town. To the south and south west of Alampil lies the Nayaru lagoon and to the east is the sea. LTTE base located in this area plays a major role in LTTE operations in Mullaithivu district not only because this is a known sea tiger launching pad but it also is a major logistics hub of the tigers. Anyway supply line from Alampil to Mullaithiv has now been cut off by the 59-1 brigade.

Map picture

Meanwhile infantry units of the 57 division demolished an LTTE boat in the Iranamadu lake last evening (3rd). The boat with an unknown number of LTTE cadres on board, was close to the tank’s southern bank when it met its doom.

Monday, December 1, 2008

57 division captures Kokavil

Kokavil, a major LTTE stronghold along the A-9 highway, has been captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 division. Fighting has been going on in this area for quite some time with both 57 division (north of Kokavil) and Task Force 3 (south of Kokavil) been engaged in frequent firefights with LTTE cadres. 57 division units who moved southward from their positions south of Kilinochchi yesterday, were able to take control of Kokavil area by today morning. Kokavil town and the area where a former Rupavahini transmission tower is located, is now under SLA control.

Meanwhile Nedunkerni, a major LTTE stronghold in Mullaithiv district is facing increased pressure. Army’s 59 division who recently captured Otiyamalai, are around 4km from Nedunkerni. Task Force 3 is also advancing east of Mankulam and a possible link up between the two divisions could prove to be disastrous for LTTE cadres in the area.

In other news the SLA is planning to add yet another new division to the Wanni theater of battle; Task Force 4 (TF$). Task Force 4 will be raised as a semi offensive division. The area where this division will initially be deployed is unclear as of now.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Troops move into Kilinochchi

Infantry formations of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 and 58 divisions have entered Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)’s celebrated political capital; Kilinochchi. As we reported earlier, pitched battles have been raging across the town’s western, southern and south western borders since the 23rd this month. By the 27th, troops had made inroads into the town by breaching the earth bund spreading from western to the southern borders of Kilinochchi, despite heavy LTTE resistance and bad weather conditions. Since then small groups of SLA commandos and intelligence units have been operating inside Kilinochchi town.

LTTE did attempt to prevent SLA from entering the town and also to regain lost areas several times. However, infantry units of the 57 and 58 divisions with the support of Commandos have been able to hold them off in almost all their attempts so far. Obviously, there have been casualties for both parties but we do not have the exact casualty figures with us right now.

The army has not officially declared the capture of Kilinochchi yet. Perhaps they are waiting till every last inch of the town is searched and declared safe and any LTTE resistance lingering in the area is hunted down. They may even be considering the possibility of an LTTE counterattack from the direction of Iranamadu jungles. Currently, search and defensive ops are continuing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kilinochchi under siege

Two of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s offensive formations (57 division and 58 division) are now moving towards Kilinochchi in three directions. Heavy fighting has been raging across the southern and western borders of the town since Sunday (23rd). Both parties have suffered heavy casualties with around 50 SLA soldiers being killed and 120 more being injured. 10 other SLA personnel have gone missing in action (MIA). Exact LTTE casualties are not available as of this moment but intelligence units believe them to be over 50 KIA and 100+ WIA. Casualty figures are likely to rise as operations progress.

Bulk of the SLA casualties were caused by heavy weapons fire, mines and IEDs. In addition, advancing forces had to withstand several large scale counterattacks launched by the LTTE. Earlier, LTTE had deployed a significant number of experienced cadres to this area in a bid to prevent the fall of their de facto capital. Even amidst heavy resistance, forces have reached the newly constructed earth bund around most part of Kilinochchi. This is being attacked from the direction; Pudumurippukulam south, Akkarayakkulam north and Murukandi.  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

15km of Pooneryn-Paranthan road (B-69) captured

After their recent capture of major LTTE stronghold of Pooneryn, Task Force 1 (TF1) units are now moving towards their next objective; the Paranthan junction. So far, they have managed to capture around 15km along the Pooneryn – Paranthan road (B-69).

Meanwhile several media (including pro LTTE web sites) have reported that SLA suffered high casualties in the capture of Pooneryn town. This is not true. In the actual operation that lead to the capture of Pooneryn town center, 4 SLA soldiers were killed and 29 were injured. 12 of the injured were SLA’s elite Special Forces units. At the time this operation was launched there were around 150 tigers still trapped in Pooneryn. Some were killed and some managed to escape via sea route. A large haul of weapons and ammunition was captured from the tigers. Images of the captured weapons will soon be released to the public.

On the other hand, SLA casualties were comparatively high during the recent SLA advance on LTTE’s Muhamalai FDL. This was expected. The thin stretch of open terrain at Muhamalai always gives the defender an added advantage. Nevertheless, LTTE had to fall back when SLA units from the 55 and 53 divisions stormed their FDL amidst a rain of bullets and heavy weapons fire. It was here the tigers felt the loss of Pooneryn for the first time – usual artillery barrage from LTTE’s 130mm howitzers stationed in Pooneryn was not available. However the tigers still managed to inflict heavy casualties on SLA units mainly through the hundreds of mines and booby traps laid practically everywhere ahead of LTTE FDL. They also used gas attacks on advancing forces. Amidst this fierce resistance, SLA have so far captured an area of 9-10 square kilometers including the first defence line of the tigers in Muahmalai/Kilali. In addition to the usual three defence lines, MI has received information that the tigers have built a fourth line further south. SLA operations are still continuing in this area.

Meanwhile 3 soldiers were killed and 13 more were injured in an incident during a training exercise near Nochchiyagama SLA training base. Around 300 soldiers from the 10th Sri Lanka National Guard (10 SLNG) were being trained on searching civilians when gunshots were fired from behind a nearby house. It is still not confirmed if this was sabotage or was an unfortunate accident.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tiger airstrip captured as Troops overrun Muhamalai FDL

Troops of Task Force 1 (TF1) advancing towards Paranthan have captured a smaller airstrip used by the LTTE. The airstrip was around 10m wide and 200m long. As of today, TF1 units are currently around 8km away from the LTTE held town of Paranthan. Another small airstrip located south of Mankulam was captured by the 57 division back in early October.

Meanwhile troops of the 53 and 55 division broke through LTTE defences and overran their first defence line in national front. With this move the army have now advanced roughly 1KM into previously LTTE held territory. Whether the offensives will immediately continue further south or whether the troops will remain in their current positions is still unknown. These gains however did not come without casualties. Nearly 50 soldiers have been killed and around 275 have been injured during fighting in national front (Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali axis) in the past few days alone. The army had previously attempted no less than 4 times to overrun this bunker line, until they finally succeeded today. Exact LTTE casualty details are not available as of this moment.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sea tigers suffer setback in Nayaru

Sea tigers, the sea going arm of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suffered a setback yesterday (19th) morning when naval commando units of the SLN engaged a flotilla of sea tiger boats near the seas off Nayaru. A total of 7 LTTE craft were observed by units of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) who engaged them. The sea battle which started at around 6AM lasted for nearly 1.30 hours. At around 7.15AM SBS units observed two LTTE boats going up in flames. Another sea tiger craft was damaged and this is when the tigers decided to flee. Two Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) MI-24 gunships were deployed to pursue and attack the fleeing LTTE craft. No exact LTTE casualty details are available. Naval units did not suffer any casualties.

Meanwhile at around 9AM yesterday (18th), a group of LTTE cadres towing two large sized sea tiger craft towards the coast were again attacked by the SLAF. Although no exact LTTE casualty details are reported, pilots confirmed accurate hits on the target.

In other news both parties have suffered heavy casualties in battles that raged during the past week. Nearly 30 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 100 more have been wounded in fighting in National front (Muhamalai/Kilali) and Mankulam in the last 4 days alone. The tigers too have lost a number of their experienced fighters however exact LTTE casualty figures are not available as of now.

Video : Api Wenuwen Api Song

Click here to view the video. Full credit to original uploader.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kumunamalai falls to the army, troops advance towards Mankulam

Troops from the army’s 59 division today captured the formerly LTTE held fishing village of Kumunamalai. Small attack teams of the army have been operating in this area for about 4 days but it was only today the army moved in to take complete control of the village. The tigers resisted the army advance for 7-8 hours before they retreated further north into LTTE held territory. 3 LTTE bodies were recovered while a vehicle belonged to the tigers was destroyed in an ambush.

Meanwhile Task Force 3 have made significant gains in the Mankulam region. TF3 units have been advancing towards Mankulam since yesterday dawn and by 17th (today) noon have advanced up to the Mankulam junction which connects A9 and A34 roads.

Map picture

Meanwhile it seems that the recent fall of Pooneryn has severely affected the morale of LTTE fighters. SLA units intercepting radio transmissions could hear groups of LTTE cadres blaming each other for not being able to save their former stronghold from the advancing army. SLA advance on the town was so swift that several groups of LTTE fighters deserted their ranks as Pooneryn fell. SLA’s morale on the other hand now seem to be at an all time high. Over 2500 army deserters have rejoined the ranks in the two days since the fall of Pooneryn. 

The LTTE however had previously moved their heavy guns towards Kilinochchi and Elephant pass before the army reached Pooneryn. Army’s 53 and 55 divisions have started limited operations on LTTE’s frontlines at Muhamalai to advanced further south to choke the tigers even more. 58 division on the other hand is now in complete control of Pooneryn, Nallur and are poised to advance towards Paranthan. And 11kms south east of their current position lies Kilinochchi, another major stronghold of the tigers which is already being besieged by the 57 division. It must be said that recent military gains did not come easy. There have been casualties for the army in both Muhamalai and Pooneryn. Casualty evacuation is not easy and most of the time injured soldiers need to be transported by tractors before they are airlifted.

Meanwhile the Air Force has been playing an active role in the army offensives in the past week. Their bombers and MI-24 gunships have been frequently raiding LTTE armories, gathering points and military bases in Muhamalai, Pallai, Pooneryn and Paranthan.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Troops move into Pooneryn

Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 58 division, spearheaded by commando units, have moved into the LTTE stronghold of Pooneryn. SLA units have now entered the Pooneryn town area and several groups of LTTE cadres have fallen back further north towards Kalmunai Point (K-Point). Fighting is still going on.

Map picture


Meanwhile the 57 division operating south of Kilinochchi have reached the town’s outer borders. On another front, Task Force 3 have made advances into Kokavil area.  More updates as we get them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palavi falls to Task Force 1

Soldiers of Task Force 1 (TF1) spearheaded by commando units today captured Palavi area. Palavi is located several kilometers west of A32 highway and south west of LTTE stronghold of Pooneryn. Troops entered Palavi at around 11am in the morning and are currently engaged in clearing operations in the area. Kiranchi, another LTTE held village south of Palavi, was captured by TF1 yesterday (10th). Fall of LTTE strongholds west of A32 now puts even more pressure on LTTE cadres stationed in Pooneryn, as their supply lines are being cut off by advancing troops.


Meanwhile Task Force 3 kicked off their operations in Wanni battlefront by annihilating a group of Charles Anthony cadres south of Kokavil last Friday. Although exact casualty details caused to the LTTE are not available as of this moment, TF3 units were able to recover 7 bodies of Charles Anthony cadres scatted in the area after the firefight.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fighting in Akkarayankulam, Nagarkovil

Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 division advanced further into Akkarayankulam area today in a multi pronged assault on LTTE positions. The captured region is located some 9kms south of Kilinochchi and housed many defensive structures constructed by the LTTE. This area was attacked by western, southern and eastern flanks by 57 division units as LTTE resistance retreated further north towards Kilinochchi. 58 division units operating Kovikaduvittal were also locked in firefights with the LTTE today, and have captured an armor plated tractor used by the tigers. Meanwhile soldiers from the 53 and 55 divisions deployed in the national front broke through LTTE defences yesterday (5th) and overran 8 bunkers located on their Nagarkovil front line. Confirming our previous report, two brigades of the Task Force 3 (soon to be officially raised as 63 division) have now been deployed to Wanni theater of battle supporting 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61 and 62 divisions already deployed there.

Meanwhile a rather extraordinary incident happened last week when SLA casualties were being airlifted from Wanni front line. Several soldiers were injured when the SLA made a push into LTTE held territory in Wanni and they were airlifted to Anuradhapura hospital for further treatment. To the surprise of many at the hospital, one of the transported casualties turned out to be a female tiger who had been left behind when the LTTE fled the SLA attack. Apparently she had been mistaken for an SLA casualty and was airlifted along with other SLA soldiers. However it proved to be a lucky mistake on the tiger’s part; her condition was serious and she was later transferred to Colombo National hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile the SLAF radar in Vavuniya AFB detected at least one unidentified aircraft flying towards government controlled territory early morning today (6th). The aircraft was first located over Iranamadu area and had proceeded some 2km into government held territory when it disappeared from the radar.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sea clash off the coast of Nagarkovil

A major clash erupted between the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) and Sea Tigers off Nagarkovil coastline early morning today. A large number of sea tiger boats including suicide craft were detected moving north in the seas east of Vadamarachchi by SLN Attack Craft at around 5.20AM today (1st). A firefight erupted between naval craft and LTTE boats and soon several Arrow gunboats from the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) joined in. 4 suicide boats were destroyed and the LTTE has officially admitted the loss of 7 black tigers. SLA believes at least 10 more regular sea tigers were killed in the confrontation but this has not been confirmed yet. 5 sailors of the SLN were injured and a naval craft was slightly damaged in the incident. Additionally, the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) conducted a bombing raid on a sea tiger launch pad in Championpaththu at around 8.30AM today. Pilots have confirmed the destruction of two LTTE craft and LTTE casualty details (if any) in the aerial attack is not known yet.

Meanwhile two friendly countries have offered their support to Sri Lanka to provide solutions for the threat from Air Tigers. This move comes after the tigers managed to bomb Colombo and fly back to Wanni while ground based air defences failed yet again to shoot them down. One of the countries that extended support for Sri Lanka is home to the company that makes Z-143 aircraft which the tigers have modified with locally built bomb racks.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Task Force 1 captures Nachchikuda

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) is now in full control of Nachchikuda. Troops from the Task Force 1 (58 division) moved into the village today (30th) evening, after breaching LTTE defenses around the area by yesterday afternoon . Nachchikuda once housed a major LTTE sea tiger base however the guerillas have been moving military hardware further north since the SLA began to gradually surround the area few weeks ago. Small groups of LTTE cadres have also managed to escape, some via sea routes, to the LTTE stronghold of Pooneryn. However a number of remaining cadres did put up a stiff resistance to the SLA advance till the TF1 units stormed their defence line yesterday.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force resumed air strikes on LTTE positions after a long silence. The air strikes come in the wake of another LTTE air attack during which the tigers managed to escape unharmed. According to our information no fighter jets were scrambled during the air raid even though two LTTE aircraft were detected on radar before they entered the skies over Colombo. SLAF later deployed bombers to attack possible landing sites of the Zlins however it was too late and tiger aircraft were then untraceable.

Some may argue about the inaccuracy of the Zlins and minimal structural damage caused by the bombs dropped, but had the bombing on Kelanitissa been even slightly more accurate, the destruction would have been catastrophic. By now the Air Force should have understood that its ground based air defence system is ineffective. Although AA fire from ground did prevent the Zlins from reaching the intended target on several occasions, there is no plausible evidence to suggest that an LTTE aircraft was ever harmed by ground based AA fire after the 9 or so air raids. So far the only success the Air Force has had with the Zlins is the aerial interception on the 9th of September.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LTTE air attacks in Colombo and Thalladi, Mannar

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) light aircraft bombed locations in Mannar and Colombo a short while ago. According to our information bombs have fallen near Thalladi, Mannar where a Sri Lanka Army base is located. At least 1 soldiers was injured in the attack in Mannar.

Meanwhile the air defense system was activated in Colombo and parts of the city was placed under a blackout upon detection of a suspicious aircraft at around 10.45PM. LTTE aircraft managed to drop at least one bomb near Kelanathissa power plant. Resulting explosion triggered a fire which caused damages to parts of the coolant system connected a gas turbine which was currently not in operation. Power supply to other parts of the country continued without interruption.

Reports of smoke and explosions from other areas such as Colombo Harbor and the Kerawalapitiya plant are due to the air defense system being activated. There were no LTTE attacks on any of these locations.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Army to deploy Task Force 3 to Wanni battlefront

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) will soon deploy Task Force 3 (TF3) to the Wanni theater of battle which is getting heated up by the day. TF3, which is raised with both offensive and defensive capabilities in mind, will mostly likely be deployed in areas recaptured recaptured by the army’s 57 and 58 divisions. Deployment of TF3 will no doubt increase SLA’s ability to defend a possible LTTE counterattack similar to the unceasing waves.

Meanwhile the operations to capture Kilinochchi and other areas are continuing at a slower pace, partly due to torrential rains and due to heavy resistance from the tigers.


Image: Transportation of supplies to the frontline and casualty evacuation have become difficult due to torrential rains

Despite the bad weather, soldiers are determined to continue their advance, even at a slower pace. Fighting erupted yesterday (26th) north of Akkarayankulam, Adampamudai, Kalmadu in Kilinochchi (58 division), general area Kokavil (57 division) and north of Andankulam in Mullaithiv (59 division). Increased CS gas attacks by LTTE on advancing troops could be observed in the past two weeks, specially on Kilinochchi front. More than 50 soldiers were affected by these attacks and around 20 had to be hospitalized for further treatment. There were however no deaths from gas attacks, contrary some media claims.

Meanwhile military intelligence believes that senior LTTE leader Bhanu suffered minor injuries when his based in Kilinochchi was hit by SLA fired artillery shells yesterday (26th). At least 5 other LTTE cadres are believed to be injured as well. This report however is not confirmed as of yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Suicide attack on KKS – One ship damaged

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched a sea borne suicide attack targeting two merchant vessels Ruhuna and Nimalawa near KKS (Kankasanthurai) at 5AM today (22nd). Three explosive laden boats manned by suicide cadres were engaged in the attack. SLN personnel on board Nimalawa and Ruhuna successfully engaged the suicide boats and destroyed two of them before they could reach their target. One of the destroyed boats exploded near Nimalawa, causing damages to the ship. The other boat engaged in the attack was captured by SLN. According to our information there are no SLN casualties in the incident.

At least 3 suicide cadres are believed to be killed in the attack. Search operations are continuing in the area. Both the targeted vessels were transporting food to the Jaffna peninsula by sea.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fighting rages south of Kilinochchi

Heavy fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) today and yesterday when SLA forces moved further into LTTE territory south west of Kilinochchi. Troops from the 57 division have captured large parts of the LTTE built earth bund at Akkarayankulam, overrunning 19 bunkers in the process. Meanwhile 58 division units were able to gain control of Vennerikulam region, including the Vennerikulam tank, amidst heavy LTTE resistance today. However fighting is still going on in north east of Vennerikulam and Adampanmoddai where small groups of LTTE fighters are still at large.  On the Mullaithivu front the 59 division units at Andankulam captured a 100m stretch of land ahead of their FDL.

Both parties have suffered heavy casualties in the renewed rounds of fighting with nearly 30 SLA soldiers being killed and around 140 being wounded in the past two days alone. Although the LTTE has not issued any official statement on casualties, their casualty figures are much higher as per intelligence reports. Similar bloody battles are expected as troops now seem to be mounting a full scale advance on de facto LTTE capital, Kilinochchi. 

Meanwhile there is still no confirmation on whether Cheliyan was killed in the LRRP attack last week. What is confirmed is that a senior LTTE leader was killed along with two other cadres. No precise intel has been gathered on the identity of the senior leader so far.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tigers protest during Canada T20 tournament

LTTE supporters in Candada showed how desperate they are by dragging cricket into their ‘freedom struggle’ during the T20 Tournament recently held. Extremist elements in Canada supporting the Tamil tigers staged protests several times during the tournament. Protests were held near the stadiums where the matches were being held. Apart from the Eelam flags and usual banners against GOSL, there were several banners targeting Ajantha Mendis; LTTE supporters plead other countries to stop playing with a “Killer from the SL Army”. Ironically, the Sri Lankan team went on to win the tournament and Ajantha Mendis was named the man of the series for his good performance throughout the series. The Sri Lankan cricket team is a symbol of ethnic harmony with players from many races and religions play as a team for one country. Although there was no official statement from LTTE regarding these protests, tigers did officially ask other countries to boycott the SL sports teams (link via proxy for SL users) back in 2007 during the Cricket World cup.

Meanwhile it seems that the LTTE has done some modifications to the suicide belts worn by their suicide bombers. Investigations have revealed that suicide belts used for Major General Janaka Perera’s assassination as well as for the attempted assassination of Minister Maithripala Sirisena contained 2-3KG more explosives than the usual amount. In addition, these belts seemed to do more area damage than the previous versions (iron balls spread in a 360 degrees direction as opposed to 180 degrees in earlier blasts) including to the face of the suicide bomber. More similar suicide bombings are to be expected as the tigers face increasing pressure in the Wanni front.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Deputy leader of sea tigers killed in LRRP attack

Out of all the units in the Sri Lanka Army, the LTTE perhaps fear the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) the most. Their fears were renewed today when LRRP took a price target deep inside LTTE held Wanni. The target was the deputy leader of the sea tigers, Chelian. Chelian and two others are believed to have been killed when the double cab they were travelling in was blown up in a roadside claymore explosion. The incident occurred today at 6.30AM, deep inside LTTE held territory in Mullaithivu.

Chelian once commanded the sea tigers at a time when Soosei was critically injured due to an explosion.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Suicide bombing in Boralesgamuwa, Minister safe

A Tamil tiger suicide bomber detonated an explosive laden suicide jacket targeting the escort of government minister Maithripala Sirisena. The minister has not received any injuries in the incident but one of the vehicles in the escort was damaged. 3 security forces personnel in the vehicle were injured in the blast and one civilian was killed.

The incident has occurred at 1.15PM, near Piriwena junction in Boralesgamuwa.

Explosion in Priwena junction, Boralesgamuwa

An explosion has been reported in Piriwena junction (Piriwena handiya) in Borlesgamuwa a short while ago. 2 people injured in the incident have been admitted to Kalubowila hospital as of now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SLAF gunships raid LTTE targets in Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi

Offering continued support for the ongoing ground offensives, SLAF gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron attacked at least 5 LTTE targets in the north today (8th) and yesterday (7th). The targets attacked today include LTTE gathering points west of Nayaru lagoon, Mullaithiv. An LTTE build up north east of Akkarayankulam was attacked yesterday.

While the air strikes are continuing, ground troops are preparing for a major push towards Kilinochchi. It is expected that the LTTE will dig in and fight to prevent their de facto capital from falling and casualties are expected for both sides. Fighting raged across the FDL south east of Kilinochchi today and yesterday when LTTE launched counterattacks on SLA units on the front line. 12 SLA soldiers were killed in these battles. More than 25 LTTE cadres too are believed to be killed and an unknown number have been wounded. The LTTE has captured a small quantity of arms and ammunition from the SLA. Tigers have deployed its hard core formations on this front in a last ditch effort to save the town from falling. SLA Operations are still continuing despite resistance.

Meanwhile intelligence units report that the Kilinochchi hospital (which is now void of civilian patients) is now entirely being used by the LTTE to treat its cadres wounded in fighting with the SLA.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Major General Janaka Perera killed in suicide blast

A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber detonated himself in a civilian populated area in Anuradhapura today at 8.50Am ,killing over 15 and injuring over 50. The explosion has occurred while the opening ceremony of the United National Part office in Anuradhapura was underway.

The target is believed to be Major General Janaka Perera, opposition leader of the North Central Provincial council. According to available information, Major General Janaka Perera, his wife, and Dr. john Pulle are among those killed in the incident. Major.Gen Perera was a veteran soldier in the army who had been awarded Rana Soora, Rana Wickrama and Vishishita Seva Wibhooshana medals.

Explosion in Anuradhapura

An Explosion has been reported in Anuradhapura. According to available information the blast has occurred near the old bus stand.

Several being have been admitted to the Anuradhapura hospital due to injuries received in the blast.

Update: According to unconfirmed reports, more than 50 people have been injured. The explosion has occurred during the ceremonial opening of new United National Party (UNP) office in Anuradhapura. Opposition leader for North Central provincial council, Major Gen. Janaka Perera was attending the event according to informed sources.

Friday, October 3, 2008

SLA launches 4th phase of recruitment campaign

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has launched the 4th phase of its recruitment drive for the year 2008. The aim is to recruit 14000 more soldiers for the army by the end of the year. More than 10100 new recruits have already joined the army under this program in the last three months.

Latest recruitment drive comes as the siege on LTTE held Wanni continues on multiple fronts. Troops have advanced deep into LTTE held territory in Mannar/Vavuniya fronts and are now only 3.5km from Kilinochchi town. In Weli-Oya, 59 division units have advanced up to Andankulam. Large stretches of land have been captured during the troop advance and to defend the captured localities, more manpower is needed. There have also been casualties in the daring operations that have been continuing day and night for the past several months. For the year 2008, nearly 850 soldiers have sacrificed their lives and over 5400 have been wounded. This is in fighting across all fronts. 

Meanwhile the Air Force bombers continued to pound LTTE targets in the north. Among the targets bombed today are LTTE’s de facto police HQ and a safe house frequented by LTTE intel wing leader Pottu Amman. Exact casualty details of these attacks are not available as of now. Meanwhile UAV footage of SLAF raids on Charles Anthony HQ and LTTE logistics base at Piramanthaikulam are now online. You can download the the video from here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

GPS devices found in food lorry bound to Wanni

22 GPS devices were found in a lorry transporting food to civilians in LTTE held territory yesterday evening. The discovery was made in UN office premises in Thekkawathaha, Vavuniya while the lorries were being checked by SLA personnel. GPS devices were carefully concealed inside 22 jaggery sacks; one GPS device in each of the sacks. 2 suspects have been arrested regarding the incident. Another suspect was arrested on the 30th when explosives and a large amount of batteries were recover from another food lorry. 9 out of the 51 lorries bound to Wanni are being checked thoroughly for any suspicious items, based on the information revealed by the arrested personnel.

Meanwhile the Air Force continued it’s aggressive bombing sorties on LTTE targets in the north. The latest target to be hit was the LTTE’s de facto administrative HQ 2km north of Kilinochchi.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SLAF bombers raid Charles Anthony HQ

The Sri Lanka Air Force launched multiple air sorties on identified LTTE targets in Kilinochchi today morning. A location identified as the headquarters of LTTE’s elite Charles Anthony brigade as well as a LTTE base manned by female cadres was also attacked. There are no verified reports on LTTE casualties in either of these attacks yet.

Meanwhile at least 3 LTTE cadres were killed and 12 more were wounded when a tractor transporting LTTE reinforcements was attacked SLA units east of Akkarayankulam. The tractor had around 15 cadres on board at the time it was attacked.


Source: MOD

Meanwhile the army’s 57 division captured a smaller LTTE airstrip located in Panikkankulam, 7Km south of Mankulam, yesterday. The 500m long and 50m wide runway did not appear to have been used frequently. The military believes that LTTE has built several of similar smaller runways in Mullaithiv to facilitate emergency landings of their Zlin143 light aircraft. 

In other news a senior official of the WFP (Word Food Program) based in Sri Lanka is suspected to be part of the plot to smuggle in explosives and batteries to LTTE held territory. More than 28000 batteries and 2.5KG C-4 explosives were found by K9 units yesterday hidden inside a WFP lorry bound to Wanni. One suspect was arrested and the other escaped evading capture.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two LTTE boats destroyed - Pooneryn

Naval Commandos of the Special Boat Squadron destroyed two medium sized LTTE craft near the seas off Pooneryn around 11PM last night. SBS units mounted the attack once they detected the LTTE boats bound to Kalmunai point from Pooneryn coastline. It is believed that all 8 cadres on board were killed in the incident but there is no confirmation yet on this claim. SBS units suffered no casualties.

Meanwhile sporadic fighting was going on in Wanni front near Akkarayankulam and Kokavil areas. In Kolinochchi, tigers have moved most of their offices elsewhere. Confirming previous intel reports, majority of the civilians in Kilinochchi have also been forcibly moved to Puthukuduiruippu and VIshwamadu areas. Gains in Kokavil are significant as the area has been under LTTE control for more than 15 years. Kokavil once housed a small SLA base which the tigers overran in 1990. It is in this battle Capt. Saliya Aladeniya died a heroic death fighting for hours while being outnumbered, outgunned and without reinforcements.

Meanwhile SLAF jets struck a LTTE position north of Vennerikulam yesterday evening at 4PM. SLAF have intensified their Air attacks as intelligence information is now more readily available as a result of army advances deep inside LTTE territory. In other news, Tiger sympathizers across the world have been greatly worried about SLAF’s new weapon; the FAB or the Fuel Air Bomb. SLAF used FABs to engage LTTE targets in Wanni last week, causing panic among tigers and their supports around the globe. Although FAB will not be ideal for Decapitation strikes (due to LTTE safe houses usually built deep underground), it could be used to destroy elite LTTE formations which form the back bone of LTTE’s military machine.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Explosion near Malwaththa Road – Colombo Fort

An explosion occurred in Malwaththa Road, Colombo a short while ago. According to available information 6 vehicles have been damaged in the incident. No human casualties have been reported so far.

It is believed that the bomb was placed inside a parked vehicle.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 dead, 9 injured in LTTE suicide attack in Vavuniya

A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber blew himself up in Vavuniya town today, causing 1 death and 9 injuries. A three wheeler carrying police personnel seemed to be the target. Driver of the three wheeler (a civilian) was killed and 9 others including 7 security forces personnel and 2 civilians sustained injuries. The suicide bomber appeared to have used a bicycle to reach the target. This incident confirms previous intelligence reports of LTTE leadership commanding a group of Black Tigers to carry out a series of attacks against ‘smaller’ targets such as troop transports, in public areas.

Meanwhile a group of LTTE fighters raided a TMVP (Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal) base in Thikiliveddai, Batticaloa today (28th) at 2AM in the morning.  2 TMPV cadres were killed and a further 7 were injured in the incident. Pro LTTE media incorrectly stated that “a joint military and paramilitary camp” was attacked. DefenceNet can confirm that there was no SLA presence in this small TMVP base which was located deep inside jungles north of Batticaloa.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Explosives found in Negombo

More than 150KG of C-4 explosives were uncovered in Kudapaluwa, Negombo yesterday during a search operation. A suicide jacket, detonators and a pair of night vision goggles were also found along with explosives. This latest discovery comes on the backdrop on intelligence warnings on increased Black Tigers activity in Colombo and suburbs. MI warns that several black tiger squads have already infiltrated Colombo to carry our attacks on VVIPs and economic targets as tigers face increasing pressure on the Wanni battlefront.

Meanwhile the army’s 57 division saw the addition of 57-4 brigade as forces prepare for a major push towards Kilinochchi. 57-4 brigade will be commanded by Lt. Colonel Senaka Wijesuriya; a veteran soldier whose leadership played a significant role in the recent capture of Mulankavil and Palampiddi. There are already 3 brigades attached to the 57 division 57-1, 57-2 and 57-3 which have all played their role to perfection in Wanni operation.

Meanwhile the Air Force continued to aggressively engage LTTE targets in Wanni. The latest LTTE facility to be hit in a series of SLAF strikes is a target identified as a black tiger training facility under direct coordination of Pottu Amman. The base was located in Rathnapuran, north of Iranamadu. LTTE casualty details in this raid are not available as of now.

1 soldier was killed and two more were seriously injured when tigers directed artillery fire towards Gurunagar yesterday morning. Both parties exchanged artillery fire for nearly 45 minutes after LTTE shells fell on SLA held territory in Jaffna.

www.srilankanwarheroes.com – In tribute to fallen heroes

There are plenty of sites  that report and discuss current military affairs (DefenceNet included) but there are only a handful sites dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives in the name of the motherland. A new site, srilankanwarheroes.com, dedicated to soldiers who excelled in battlefield and to those who made the supreme sacrifice, went online last week. In addition to information on War Heroes, the site also hosts an Image Gallery.

Click here to visit SriLankanWarHeroes.com.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

LTTE targets near Pooneryn and Kilinochchi hit in SLAF night time bombing raids

The Sri Lanka Air Force was at one point heavily criticized for it’s inability to conduct night missions. Since then, from night time bombing raids (SLAF have been flying night missions for a while now) to an aerial interception of a tiger Zlin at 4AM, the Air Force has definitely improved its night flying capabilities. On the 23rd and 24th of this month, SLAF hit two LTTE targets in Pooneryn and Kilinochchi under the cover of the night; A LTTE safe house in Piramantalkulam, Kilinochci was bombed by Kfir bombers at 8PM on the 23rd while MI-24 gunships raided what was believed to be a LTTE radar installation in Nagavanthurai, Pooneryn yesterday night at 10PM. There are no confirmed details on LTTE casualties in these raids so far.

Meanwhile several civilians in Colombo panicked after mistaking a low flying SLAF PT-6 aircraft for a Zlin143 which the tigers use in their ‘bombing missions’. This was in fact yet another test conducted to verify the proper functioning of the air defence radar system and was nothing out of the ordinary.

In other news 13 bodies of LTTE cadres killed in battles at Akkarayankulam and Mallavi were handed over to the ICRC yesterday. According to SLA sources, more than 40 LTTE cadres have been killed in the past two days on these two fronts alone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Airstrikes continue as troops inch closer to Kilinochchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force continued to pound LTTE targets north of Kilinochchi to support infantry divisions advancing towards the town. 3 targets located north of Akkarayankulam and Vennerikulam have been raided by SLAF bombers in simultaneous bombing missions. Meanwhile ground troops have been inching close to Kilinochchi despite heavy LTTE resistance. 57 division units are currently only 3.5km from the borders of Kilinochchi town and Special Forces units are operating even deeper inside LTTE controlled territory. In Vennerikulam, the 58 division has taken under their control large parts of the massive earth bund the tigers had built earlier. These gains however did not come easy. Both parties have suffered casualties in battles south of Kilinochchi that raged on for the past two weeks. Even bloodier battles are to be expected as troops close in on the de facto capital of the LTTE.

As reported earlier, the LTTE has called in several units deployed in the national front to defend Kilinochchi. SLA’s 55 division, who are also deployed in the same area, have been conducting limited operations although not much publicity was given. For the last 3 days, small attack teams of the 55 division would venture into LTTE front line in Nagarkovil/Kilali and launch hit and run attacks on enemy bunkers on the FDL. On top of continuous pressure mounted by the SLA, recent demise of LTTE’s Kilai area leader has only made matters worse for the LTTE in this front.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Misinformation surrounding gas attack

On the 16th of this month, 16 soldiers of the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) deployed on the frontline were evacuated from the battlefield after they showed signs of breathing difficulty. Initially it looked as if the tigers had used a chemical weapon on the advancing troops. It was later revealed that what the tigers used was CS gas, a non lethal agent that is even used in riot control.

Meanwhile several media institutions published a different story regarding the incident. The following is quoted from The HIndu: “However, a Special Forces soldier in the northern war zone told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a group of his comrades were hit by what appeared to be a burn agent loaded into a shoulder-fired rocket during a battle in the Kilinochchi district on Monday.”. We at DefenceNet would like to confirm that there is no truth whatsoever to this media report. No SLA deaths were caused due to a chemical attack and even the 16 soldiers affected by CS gas have returned to battlefield.

However the fact that LTTE has not used a lethal chemical so far does not mean there is no risk from such an attack. LTTE has repeatedly proven that they will take whatever steps necessary to ensure their organization's survival. Therefore precautions must be taken to face such an attack (if it ever materializes). Gas masks have been issued to several units (but not all) on the Wanni frontline following the CS gas attack. Whether the currently issued gas masks would be effective in the event of LTTE using a more powerful chemical remains to be seen.

Meanwhile more than 25 sea tigers have been confirmed killed in yesterday's sea battle. Sea tigers lost 3 large vessels and 7 smaller craft at the hands of Navy’s SBS (Special Boat Squadron) and newly formed RABS (Rapid Action Boat Squadron). RABS was formed with the intention of boosting Navy’s capabilities to execute rapid attacks in shallow and deep waters. RABS uses fast and easily maneuverable locally built craft in most of their operations. Apart from the ability to execute quick attacks, RABS will be an immense help in combating one of the deadliest weapons of sea tigers – Explosive laden boats manned by suicide cadres.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sea tigers and Navy clash near Iranathivu Island as ground troops make progress in Akkarayankulam

An LTTE boat movements near the Iranathivu Island off Nachchikuda were attacked by SLN patrol craft today (18th) at around 11am in the morning. According to available information 10 sea tiger crafts were destroyed in the confrontation. This includes 3 large attack craft of the tigers as well as 7 smaller craft. The sea tiger flotilla lead by an individual identified as 'Kadar' began to retreat towards LTTE controlled coastline when the fleet sustained damages due to SLN fire. The purpose of the LTTE boat movement is still not known.

Meanwhile 12 SLA soldiers were killed and 30 more were injured during fighting that took place yesterday (17th) and today (18th) in Akkarayankulam, located west of Kilinochchi. Troops have managed to secure the Karambakulam tank bund in the process. Two LTTE bodies, 5 T-56 weapons and 1 RPG left behind by the tigers have been recovered by SLA. More than 40 LTTE cadres have been killed in these fights and a similar number have been injured.

In other news pro LTTE media accused the 'DPU' of army of blowing up a civilian transport along the A9 today. This is usually a telltale sign of an impending LTTE attack on a civilian target in the south. The Sri Lanka Army does not despatch the LRRP, one of it's most valuable resources, to hunt down random civilian targets.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LTTE safe house bombed - Vattakachchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) conducted a bombing raid on a LTTE safe house at Vattakachchi, Kilinochchi at 6.30AM today (17th). According to intelligence reports the safe house was frequently used by LTTE leader Velupillei Prabhakaran. Damages caused by the raid are not known at this time. It is also not known if Prabhakaran or any other senior LTTE leader was present at the safe house at time of bombing.

Meanwhile pro LTTE media have been constantly posting news reports of SLAF raids that target civilian settlements. These reports are not accurate. The LTTE however has the habit of placing their military installations in densely populated areas. One of the most recent examples is that their intelligence HQ located in Kilinochchi west was placed between offices of several Non Governmental Organizations (NGO). SLAF raided this spot on the 9th of September and the pilot reported that he was able to accurately target the LTTE installation without causing collateral damage. Further confirmation of the pilot's report came from aid workers placed in the area who later returned to government held territory as per new directives.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Explosion in Horton Place - Colombo 7

An explosion has occurred in Horton Place, Colombo 7 few minutes ago. According to available information the bomb was placed inside a bus. However, the timely detection of the suspicious parcel which was on one the seats at the back of the bus, has averted disaster.

The explosion occured inside a CTB bus bound from Moratuwa to Mattakkuliya (Route 155). An alert passenger who noticed the suspicious parcel had notified the conductor.There were no people inside the bus when the bomb went off.

4 people received minor injuries in the incident. One of them was admitted to the Colombo National hospital.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fighting erupts south of Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were locked firefights south of tiger stronghold of Kilinochchi since yesterday (15th). This front has been relatively quite for the past week, after both parties suffered casualties in major confrontations in Akkarayakulam and Vennerikulam. Fighting was reported in Vennerikulam North, Akkarayankulam, Pannei Kandamadu and Vannikulam when LTTE fighters resisted limited attacks by SLA's 58 division. Fighting was also reported in Andankulam in Mullaithiv district where the 59 division has been conducting operations. Around 20 LTTE cadres have been killed in these clashes and a similar number have sustained injuries. 4 SLA soldiers have been killed and 24 more have been wounded.

Meanwhile several of the remaining Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Kilinochchi have notified that they will cross over to government held territory by today. It is also reported that LTTE has forcibly captured some of the heavy vehicles and supplies from several NGOs that exited Kilinochci in the past few days.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

LTTE's Kilali area leader killed

LTTE's area leader for Kilali was killed along with 3 other cadres during a confrontation with SLA soldiers early morning today (11th). The group of LTTE cadres was attacked by a small attack unit of the SLA operating ahead of their forward defense line. Although not given much publicity, small attack teams from the 55 and 53 divisions have been constantly engaged in small scale skirmishes with LTTE cadres along the National Front for the past few weeks.

Meanwhile an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of SLAF was forced to make an emergency landing in Anuradhapura Airbase today. According to available information the reason was a technical fault.

In other news SLAF has been bombing LTTE targets in the Wanni several times a day for the past two days (9th and 10th). MI is still trying to determine the actual damage caused by these raids specially about the raid on LTTE intelligence wing HQ in western Kilinochci, which was bombed on the 9th.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Explosion in Mount Lavinia

A small explosion has occurred in mount Lavinia a short while ago. The cause of the blast is suspected to be and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) being set off. The blast has occurred in close proximity of the railway tracks beside De Seram road in Mount Lavinia.

There are no casualties however the rail tracks have been slightly damaged.

The truth about Vavuniya attack

When it comes to suicide attacks, LTTE's Black tigers rarely disappoint the organization. Today was one of those rare days on which LTTE's primary weapon disappointed its leadership. 10 Black Tigers (5 male and 5 female) were mercilessly gunned down by elite troops deployed at Wanni Security Forces HQ while they attempted to beach the installation's defenses under the cover of the night.

For the first time in the history of the Eelam War, tigers launched a combined attack using their ground units, Mortar regiment and air tigers on the Wanni SF HQ. The black tigers were tasked with the destruction of Indian made Indra-2 radar installation while the mortar regiment and the air tigers kept SLA personnel 'busy'. The flaw in this seemingly brilliant plan was that the tigers did not know SLA  intelligence units had warned the base of similar attacks (in fact of a series of possible attacks) beforehand. Therefore the security had been tightened and elite troops had been deployed in the Wanni SF HQ.

10 members of LTTE's 'Black Tiger Commandos" were annihilated 200m from their target by a group of Special Forces soldiers deployed at the base. The SF unit hunted the hunters to perfection and did not suffer any casualties in the process. Although the Tamilnet front page proudly displays a group photograph of Black tigers, it was LTTE's mortar regiment and the air attack that did actual damage to the base premises and radar installation. The LTTE fired more than 60 artillery rounds which fell in and around base premises. In addition to these, two LTTE aircraft dropped two gravity bombs each weighting around 25KG. Speaking of damages, the Indra 2D radar installation sustained minor damages after being hit by shrapnel from exploded artillery shell or a gravity bomb. Several other structured in the base have also been slightly damaged due to artillery fire. 10 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 30 more security personnel have been injured. All of the injuries are due to artillery fire. The damage is nothing catastrophic as pro LTTE media claim.

It is believed that around 20 LTTE cadres had managed to infiltrate the FDL and stealthily move near the SF HQ. 10 of these were suicide cadres and the rest played support roles such as artillery spotting. SLA has recovered 11 bodies of LTTE fighters, including the bodies of all 10 suicide cadres. The rest may have escaped.

The other setback LTTE suffered in this attack came when one of their light aircraft was shot down over Mullaithiv skies. One recently acquired F-7G fighters managed to score SLAF's first air to air kill at around 3.50AM today when it shot the LTTE plane down. According to F-7 pilot and 59 division soldiers deployed on Mullaithivu frontline, the Zlin crashed into dense jungles south of Mullaithivu after being hit.

Despite the interception, one worrying factor that the SLA/SLAF should immediately address, remains. This is the ineffectiveness of ground based anti aircraft guns. LTTE aircraft managed to evade AA fire from the ground yet again and would have safely returned to Wanni had it not been for the interception by the F-7. SLAF cannot afford to allow the Zlins to deliver their payload as there is the remote possibility of LTTE aircraft accurately bombing the target unlike in previous attempts.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LTTE aircraft intercepted over Mullaithiv

LTTE launched artillery an air attacks on security forces HQ and adjoining airbase in Vavuniya early morning today (09th) at around 3.15AM. LTTE artillery began hitting the the area surrounding the base just before two incoming aircrafts were detected on SLAF radar. 10 soldiers have been killed and 18 more have been wounded in the incident. 3 policemen and 5 civilians have also been wounded. Injuries and deaths are said to be caused by exploding artillery shells. The Indian donated Indra2 radar which detected LTTE craft also sustained minor damages from one of the shells or bombs that fell near it.

More than 25 artillery shells and more than 40 mortars fell in and around base premises and the artillery duel continued for nearly two hours after the air attack. SLA have been countering LTTE artillery fire with Multi Barreled Rocket Launchers and other long range artillery guns stationed in multiple locations in Vavuniya. Special Forces (SF) units of the Sri Lanka Army have now been deployed in the are to hunt down any remaining tigers who managed to infiltrate the FDL last night.


Image: Some of the weapons captured from LTTE during Vavuniya attack. Source www.army.lk 

The LTTE had coordinated the attack so their aircraft would commence bombing just after the artillery strike diverted the attention of the base personnel. Several LTTE cadres including artillery spotters and suicide cadres had managed to infiltrate the FDL and sneak close to the base. Ground troops, amidst heavy artillery fire, have successfully engaged these cadres and around 10 LTTE bodies could be observed scattered near the base premises. SLA sources suggest that the LTTE death figure could be well above 20.

Two F-7G interceptors of the 5th Jet Squadron were airborne from Katunayake Air Base immediately after the LTTE planes were detected on radar. According to SLAF pilots , they have managed to shoot down an LTTE aircraft over Mullaithiv while it was returning from the aforementioned raid. The plane, after being shot down, had crashed into LTTE held territory in Mullaithiv district to an area some 20km away from Mullaithiv town.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Explosion in Colombo Fort

At least 9 people have been injured in an explosion that took place in Colombo Fort area a short while ago. The explosion has occurred in front of a hotel near Gasworks Junction (Gaspaha handiya). The injured have been admitted to Colombo national hospital.

It was a minor explosion and may have been caused by a hand grenade.

SLAF increases air attacks as tigers dig in to fight

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has been frequently bombing LTTE positions in the Wanni for the past week. LTTE positions in Nachchikuda, Kilinochchi, Mankulam and Pooneryn have been hit during these aerial raids. Not only have the Air Force deployed its bombers but increased use of gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron was also noticeable.


Air attacks have increased at a time when the LTTE has showed willingness to engage in close quarter fighting against advancing troops. Battles in southern Kilinochchi in the last 10 days have seen the LTTE deploying their experienced cadres heavily to the front line. The move was anticipated by the army and was only a question of 'when' the tigers would resort to this strategy rather than 'if'.

SLA troops closing in on Kilinochchi experienced fierce LTTE resistance in Nachchikuda, Akkarayankulam and Vennerikulam last week. The 20km long and 6 feet high earth bund the tigers have constructed runs between these areas. Both parties have suffered casualties while the SLA tried to breach the LTTE defense line. The tigers have managed to hold off the army advance on two occasions but these have not been 'flawless victories' as pro LTTE media claim. Military Intelligence has the names of 60 LTTE cadres killed in last week's fighting while the SLA has breached the LTTE line at more than 5 locations. Around 4KM of the LTTE line (at various locations) is now under SLA control.

Tigers have been reinforcing their defenses in Nachchikuda and Vennerikulam using cadres previously deployed in Muhamalai/Nagarkovil axis. They cannot afford to overdo this as SLA has 55 and 53 divisions deployed on the national front ready to advance south at any time. MI estimates the LTTE manpower on the Muhamalai/Kilali/Nagarkovil axis to be around 800.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heavy losses for both sides in Wanni fighting

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has lost around 30 soldiers in Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam during the last three days fighting. LTTE fighters broke through the SLA FDL in two locations initially before the army was able to halt the advance. The LTTE itself has lost around 50 of its fighters during the counterattack against SLA forces advancing north. In addition, they've managed to capture a substantial amount of arms and ammunition as well.

The LTTE has handed over the bodies of 19 SLA soldiers fallen during battle at Nachchikudah and Akkarayankulama via the ICRC. The SLA has handed over 22 bodies of LTTE cadres earlier yesterday including the 12 killed in eastern province and 10 more killed in Mallavi.

Even larger battles will erupt between the two warring parties as SLA inches closer to the LTTE strongholds in Kilinochchi and Mullaithiv.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pro LTTE media, after starving for days without war news ended the trend yesterday by grossly exaggerating SLA casualty details in  Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulama. The following headline is from Pro LTTE Tamilnet.com; "Tigers locate 29 SLA bodies, 75 SLA killed, 100 wounded in Vanni". The actual SLA casualty figures are nowhere near what this report indicates.

The Sri Lanka Army has lost 15 soldiers in the fighting while 32 more received injuries. Tigers have captured the bodies of 7 soldiers. 17 LTTE fighters are confirmed killed and over 60 have been wounded. The SLA operations to the north of Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam continue despite heavy LTTE resistance and desperate counterattacks.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Troops move into Mallavi town

57 division infantry units moved into Mallavi town at approximately 5.30PM today (1st). The town was attacked from three directions by the 57 division for several days despite fierce LTTE resistance. Around 20 LTTE cadres are believed to be killed in the latest round of fighting in the area. Search operations are still being conducted to hunt down any remaining LTTE resistance in the area.

Image: Sri Lankan flag hoisted in Mallavi town center.

Meanwhile the LTTE sea tiger base in Nachchikuda was hit by multiple air strikes today; Once by Kfir bombers and later by MI-24 helicopter gunships.

Mallavi under siege

Sri Lanka Army's 57 division has overrun a part of LTTE's defence line west of Mallavi and has taken control of several outposts in the area. 57 division infantry units backed by armor and heavy artillery moved forward from their positions yesterday morning despite heavy LTTE resistance. Mallavi is being attacked by three different fronts and SLA units are currently only 2km from the city.

The probable fall of the city will negate a strategic advantage held by the tigers as A-9 and A-32 main roads connect through Mallavi. Mallavi is one of the largest cities in LTTE held Wanni and is located along the road which connects Vellankulam and Mankulam. Although the city had a large civilian population, the LTTE forcibly moved the civilians further north towards Kilinochchi before the army laid siege to the city. According to Military Intelligence, civilians in Kilinochchi are now being transported towards Vishwamadu and Puthukuduirippu in Mullaithiv district.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

LTTE infiltration squad attacked : Konketiyawa

Sri Lanka Army Special Forces and 22-4 brigade soldiers have assaulted a group of LTTE cadres near Konketiyawa in eastern province today (31st) morning. The army has managed to inflict heavy casualties to the LTTE and was able to capture a large haul of weapons and ammunition.

A group of Civil Defence Force (CDF) members were first to detect the the group of LTTE cadres early morning and immediately came under fire. The army then deployed Special Forces (SF) units to the scene who decimated the LTTE squad. SF units have located 10 LTTE bodies so far and are continuing search operations in the area to hunt down any remaining cadres. Among the military hardware captured are 7 T-56 rifles, 4 claymore mines, 5 IEDs, 20 detonators and 1 Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG). The LTTE squad looks like one of many teams deployed to infiltrate the eastern province gradually. MI estimates around 50 more cadres to be at large in the jungles surrounding Padaviya.

Meanwhile a Special Task Force (STF) commando was killed by an LTTE sniper attack in Roopaskulama, Kanchikudichchiaru.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Explosion in Colombo Fort

An explosion has occurred near the Central Bus stand in Colombo a short while ago at around 12.20PM. According to available information over 40 people have been wounded in the blast.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

200 soldiers hospitalized for food poisoning

Nearly 200 soldiers of the Sri Lanka National Guard stationed in the Hennanigala SLA base have been hospitalized due to what appears to be food poisoning. According to our information, 2 soldiers whose condition was critical were airlifted to National hospital, Colombo.

Doctors from nearby hospitals have been called to Dehiaththakandiya hospital to which majority of soldiers were admitted. The exact cause for the incident is not confirmed as of now but it is suspected that it is food poisoning.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LTTE aircraft drops bombs on Trincomalee SLN base

2 light aircraft belonging to the LTTE dropped bombs near Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) base premises in Trincomalee a short while ago. Contrary to pro LTTE media reports, damages caused by the air raid are minimal as the bombing was highly inaccurate and off target.

At least 2 bombs were dropped by the LTTE aircraft before they flew back towards Wanni. Although heavy anti aircraft fire was directed from the ground, the planes had flown back seemingly unharmed.

Please see comments section for updates.

59 division makes progress in Tannimurippakulam as fighting continues south of Kilinochchi.

Small attack teams of the SL Army's 59 division today brought under their control nearly a 1km stretch of land alongside the Tannimurippakulam tank. At least 8 LTTE cadres were believed to be killed in the process and SLA troopers who launched the attack have recovered two of the bodies. Tannimurippakulam is located around 10km north east of Nedunkarni, Mullaithivu.

Meanwhile 57 and 58 division units were locked in sporadic clashes with the tigers alongside the frontline south of Kilinochchi. Although SLA units are now only 11km from the de facto capital of the tigers, capture of the city could take some time and will require precise planning. In the urban areas, artillery and MBRL fire support will be limited and the same can be said for air support. The army and the LTTE will have to engage in close quarters fighting in the impending battle for Kilinochchi. One thing that can be predicted is that the casualty figures for both parties will definitely be higher during such times.

Meanwhile the Military Intelligence has warned the army of a possible LTTE counterattack similar to unceasing waves (they have already launched several medium scale ones and have had little success with them). It seems the tigers are waiting for the right time to launch the attack which could be their final hope. On the other hand, the morale of SLA troops on the frontlines is as high as ever and they are being lead by some of the best in the army.

Meanwhile the army will recruit 8000 more soldiers in the coming months as part of the latest recruitment campaign. The shortage of manpower is felt as the army moves forward daily, capturing new territory.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tunukkai falls to the army

Soldiers of Sri Lanka Army broke through LTTE defences today morning to capture the town of Tunukkai, despite LTTE attempts to reinforce the defence lines. Tunukkai was one of the larger towns under LTTE control and was besieged by the army 57 division for days. Special Forces (SF) units operating behind enemy lines assisted the infantry formations of the 57 division in the operation. Casualty details are not available.

Meanwhile the 58 division soldiers, assisted by commando units, were able to reach the first LTTE defence line in Nachchikuda, Kilinochchi where a major sea tiger base is located. Heavy LTTE resistance is expected in the coming days as this base is strategically important to LTTE operations in southern Kilinochchi as well as sea tiger movements along the North western coast.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LTTE deserters asked to surrender

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have asked its members who deserted the organization to surrender by the 20th of August. The announcement was made via LTTE's official radio station 'Voice of Tigers'. According to the announcement. deserters were asked to report to LTTE's political headquarters by the 20th August.

Voice of tigers radio is broadcast via Fm 98.0 from LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

LTTE expands secondary runway : Mullaithivu

Latest UAV footage suggests that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are expanding their smaller runway in Puthukuduirippu, Mullaithivu. The exact reason for this is still unknown but the situation is being closely monitored as per MI warnings.

Intelligence reports from the Wanni indicate that as much as thousand more new tiger recruits are being given combat training in hidden jungle bases in Vishwamadu. LTTE has increased it's forcible conscriptions as SLA troops inch closer to their major strongholds in Kilinochchi and Mullaithiv. Current position of one of the brigades of the army's 58 division is now just 14km north east of Kilinochchi town and 18km south of LTTE stronghold of Pooneryn.

Meanwhile SLA's 57 division is continuing their march towards Tunukkai. Small squads from the army's special forces regiment are also active in this area. Forces are facing heavy resistance as the tiger try hard to save both Tunukkai and Mallavi from falling to the SLA. These areas are heavily mined and booby trapped hence the operations are continuing at a somewhat slower pace.

In other news defence.lk has posted video footage of a rescue mission conducted by the SLAF. The video shows a gunship and a transport helicopter with reinforcements rescue a group of Special Forces soldiers who were on a LRS mission deep inside LTTE held territory in Kilinochchi district. 2 SF members were lost and one of the bodies was captured (and later retrieved via ICRC) by the LTTE. The rest of the group who valiantly held off the tigers until help arrived, were saved in the daring rescue mission. You can view/download the video from this link.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two LTTE controlled villages in Kilinochchi district falls to the army

The Sri Lanka Army took control of two more LTTE controlled villages in Kilinochchci district yesterday. 58 division soldiers spearheaded by Commando units, took control of Mulankavil located 8km north of recently captured Vellankulam. And LTTE graveyard and a radio communications station in the area were also take under army control. The latest advancement by the 58 division puts further pressure on LTTE sea tiger base in Nachchikuda.

The LTTE continued to offer fierce resistance to the 57 division units marching towards Tunukkai, one of the largest towns under LTTE control. Despite resistance, troops were able to capture the village of Kalvilan located 3kms southwest of Tunukkai. Despite LTTE resistance and heavy artillery fire, operations towards Tunukkai are still continuing.

Meanwhile the official LTTE propaganda machine, Tamilnet.com posted an interesting article on the 12th August. After accusing the SLA 'Deep penetration Unit' for every single claymore explosion in the north during the last few months, Tamilnet now claims that a 'tiger penetration attack' killed 21 SLA soldiers on the Kilali frontline. The article however is cleverly worded. According to Tamilnet, "The SLA sources attributed the ambush to 'Deep Penetration Units' of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileealm (LTTE)" while never quoting any official statement from the LTTE; "The LTTE is yet to issue details on the latest episode in the Northern Front". Regardless of Tamilnet's word games, we can confirm that such a 'penetration attack' never occurred as the article claims.

Monday, August 11, 2008

15 LTTE cadres killed in Kilali fighting

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are facing increased pressure from the army as Wanni is now surrounded by 6 SLA divisions. Of these 57, 58, 59 and 61 divisions have seen the bulk of the action and have made much progress in the past several months. Although not given much publicity, small squads from the 53 and 55 divisions of the army have been launching attacks on LTTE defenses in Muhamalai, Kilali and Nagarkovil on a daily basis, in an attempt to prevent the LTTE from launching a massive attack on Jaffna peninsula.

On yesterday (10th) dawn, units from the army's 53 division stormed the LTTE FDL in Kiali, killing at least 15 LTTE cadres and overrunning several bunkers in the process. SLA units returned to their original position after razing the captured bunkers to the ground. Military Intelligence has warned of a possible LTTE thrust upwards as the pressure on LTTE strongholds such as Mullaithiv and Kilinochchi is increased. LTTE has a 1000 strong troop concentration in Mahamalai/Nagarkovil/Kilali axis, majority of them being experienced and battled hardened cadres.

Friday, August 8, 2008

UAV makes forced landing : Anuradhapura

An Unammed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) belonging to the 11 UAV flight of the Sri Lanka Air Force was forced to make an emergency landing in Anuradhapura today. The UAV, after encountering a technical fault, landed in the Nuwara wewa area in Anuradhapura.

Damages caused to the UAV are yet to be assessed.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Both parties suffer high casualties in Mallavi fighting

Fierce clashes erupted between the Sri Lanka army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on Friday (1st) when the tigers resisted the SLA push towards Mallavi. The tigers mounted an attack on soldiers constructing defenses on newly captured areas south of Mallavi. 21 SLA soldiers were killed and 55 were wounded in the clash. At least 20 LTTE cadres were killed and over 30 were wounded.

Some pro LTTE media reported that a Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) of the army was captured by the tigers in this battle. This claim is inaccurate but the tigers did capture a jeep transporting SLA casualties from the front line. 3 SLA soldiers on board the jeep were killed and their bodies were captured by the tigers.

Despite high LTTE resistance, SLA operations in south of Mallavi and Tunukkai are still continuing. High resistance in these areas is understandable as the fall of wither town will effectively bring the de facto capital of the LTTE, Kilinochchi, within SLA's artillery range. The LTTE has deployed fighters from their Imran Pandiyan and Charles Anthiny regiments to Mallavi and Tunukkai to face the regular infantry units of the 57 division.

Friday, August 1, 2008

LTTE lose another 'Lt Colonel' as army enters Kilinochchi district

Yet another 'Lt. Colonel' ranked member of the LTTE was killed by the Sri Lanka Army in a confrontation that took place north of Kiriibbanwewa today.The female fighter, identified as 'Kumawei Thangeiamma' was killed while trying to resist the advance of the army's 59 division. Another 'Lt Colonel' of LTTE's women fighter wing was killed by the army on Tuesday (29th) north of Weli-oya.

Meanwhile infantry units of the 58 division and the 2 Commando regiment crossed the borders of Kilinochchci district last evening marking another significant milestone in the Wanni operation. The 58 division units secured an area of around 5 square miles and recovered bodies of 7 LTTE cadres as they laid siege to LTTE held Vellankulam.

In another front, small groups of soldiers from the 57 division kept hunting LTTE cadres south of Tunukkai. The 57 division aims to capture the town of Tunukkai, which plays a vital role in handling supplies between sea tiger bases in the western coast and LTTE bases in Wanni.

With forces breaking through LTTE defences into Kilinochchci district, the Wanni operation enters a more decisive phase. The army has achieved much progress in the operation so far but it has not been without sacrifices. For the first six months of 2008, nearly 650 soldiers have laid their lives for the motherland. A further 4400 suffered injuries. The LTTE has suffered from much higher casualty figures during the same period. According to LTTE released figures, the number of LTTE deaths for the first 6 months of 2008 is somewhere around 1100. According to military intelligence, the figures is a lot higher. The loss of cadres has prompted the LTTE to take forcible recruitment to the extremes; in some areas of Wanni military training is mandatory for all civilians between the ages of 18-60.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

8 LTTE cadres killed in fighting : Palamoddai

At least 7 LTTE fighters were killed in fighting that ensued between the Sri Lanka army and the LTTE yesterday, in Palamoddai region. 8 bunkers built by the LTTE in the are have been overrun by the troops. 58 division infantry units moved into LTTE held territory moments after a heavy artillery barrage pounded the area.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) flew a bombing sorties on an LTTE position after nearly a week long silence. The target was a suicide bomber training facility in Thirivaiaru, located 3 kilometers south east of Kilinochchi. You can download the UAV footage of the bombing from here (Source: defence.lk)

In other news another LTTE operative was arrested in Indian by the Thamil Nadu police intelligence unit. The LTTE cadres, identified as "Thambianna" is supposed to be a key figure in LTTE's supply network in Thamil Nadu. Five Yamaha 40HP boat engines ready to be sent to Sri Lanka were also captured by the police. Similar engines are frequently used by the sea tigers to power their medium sized craft.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Plans to recruit more Special Forces

The Sri Lanka Army plans to increase the manpower of it's elite special forces (SF) regiments to 8000. Majority of the new recruits will be drawn from recent and ongoing recruitment campaigns and the rest from existing formations of the army. Currently there are 4 operational Special Forces regiments with around 3000 personnel on active duty.

Meanwhile LTTE casualties from recent fighting in Mallavi are much higher than the initially claimed figures. The army has recovered 38 bodies as well as remains of at least 20 more. However the actual LTTE deaths are exceed 100 according to ground based intelligence sources. The number of LTTE cadres injured is not known. SLA casualties stand at 18 killed and 24 wounded. LTTE's claims of 26 SLA Special Forces units being killed in battle are false. Majority of SLA casualties are from the 57 division.

The army has recovered a haul of weapons during recent fighting in Mallavi region and these include a 120mm mortar launcher and two 81mm mortar launchers.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Heavy LTTE casualties in Mallavi fighting

More than 30 LTTE cadres including 2 Lt. Colonels of LTTE's elite Charles Anthony brigade, were killed in fierce firefights that raged in Mallavi today (25th). Fighting broke out when advancing troops of the 57 division were met with a medium scale LTTE counter offensive near Vavunikulam tank. 57 division soldiers, assisted by the army's special forces units, were able to successfully resist the LTTE attempt to regain control of area surrounding the tank.



Image Source: SL ARMY 

Troops have so far been able to find 33 bodies (27 male and 6 female) of slain LTTE cadres. In addition to the individuals identified as Pallawan (LT. Colonel) and Ambumanii (Major), 6 more senior cadres from the Charles Anthony brigade have been killed in battle. Troops have also recovered a large haul of arms and ammunition left behind by the tigers.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Navy  FACs attacked a LTTE boat movement off Mullaithivu coast yesterday (24th) evening. A group of 10 small LTTE boats were targeted by the gunboats and 3 of them submerged after taking damage. Naval commandos from the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) were also deployed for this mission.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Air Force raids LTTE training facility

A group of bombers from the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) 10th fighter squadron took to the skies from their home base in Katunayake yesterday (22nd) at 8.15 am. Their target was an LTTE training facility located north east of Uddayarkattukulam, Mullaithivu. Intelligence sources had previously suggested that a group of LTTE fighters were undergoing training at the target location. Fighter pilots confirmed that the target was accurately hit.

Air Force intelligence units now believe that more than 20 personnel from LTTE's notorious 'black tiger' suicide squad were killed in the attack. According to intelligence sources, these cadres were undergoing special training in a training facility deep inside the jungles of Uddayarkattukulam. Uddayarkattukulam is located 20kms east of Iranamadu, which is another tiger stronghold.

Meanwhile the sacred statue of Our Lady of Madhu has now been brought back to government controlled territory. The statue was moved further into LTTE held territory (to a church in Thewayampiddi) when the army closed in on the church.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tigers announce unilateral ceasefire during SAARC summit

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have announced an 8 day unilateral ceasefire during the SAARC summit 2008. The full statement including Pro LTTE media comments can be found here (If you are accessing Internet from Sri Lanka, click here).

Strangely enough, LTTE's latest move comes in after a series of defeats suffered at the hands of armed forces in the Wanni theatre of battle.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Army commandos kill 13 LTTE cadres : Murunkalayadippudi

LTTE cadres fleeing further north after the fall of their base in Illuppaikadavai were attacked by a group of army commandos in Murunkalayadippudi yesterday evening. 13 LTTE cadres have been killed in this incident. Murunkalayadippudi is located around 3km north of Illuppaikadavai along the A-32 road.

After the capture of Illuppaikadavai yesterday, forces have uncovered an underground bunker complex in the LTTE base. Base buildings were well constructed and it is assumed that 100-150 LTTE cadres were stationed there when it was fully operational. Troops have so far recovered 13 bodies of LTTE cadres who perished in battles in this region.

It was only two days ago the troops uncovered an underwater jetty in recently captured Viduthalaithiv sea tiger base south of Illuppaikadavai. The 150m long jetty could have easily concealed more than 100 small sea tigers boats anchored there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Army captures Illuppaikadavai while Air Force targets sea tigers in Nachchikuda

Sri Lanka Army's 58 division and the Commando regiment brought the town of Illuppaikadavai under their control today (20th) after a prolonged firefight with LTTE cadres in the region. Illuppaikadavai housed a large LTTE base which was used for multiple purposes by the tigers including land and sea operations. Regular infantry units from the 58 division as well as small groups of army commandos had surrounded the area by yesterday and moved ahead of their positions early morning today. LTTE retreated further north after suffering casualties at the hands of advancing forces. Illuppaikadavai is located around 10km north of Viduthalaithiv, where the tigers lost control of a major sea tiger base recently.

Map image

As we reported earlier, the Air Force has been continuously targeting LTTE cadres who retreated from Viduthalaithiv. A sea tiger boat movement was attacked by SLN patrol craft and by SLAF bombers today evening just 3km south of Nachchikuda. 3 boats were confirmed to be destroyed while another 3 more are believed to be damaged. Nachchikuda, where LTTE maintains another sea tiger base, is located a further 15kms north of Illuppaikadavai. It is believed that a large number of LTTE cadres who fled Viduthalaithiv are currently stationed in this base. It can be assumed that the 58 division will soon lay siege this base, considering the fact that they have already advanced two more kilometers north after the capture of Illuppaikadavai.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Air strikes continue on LTTE positions north of Viduthalaithiv

After the army's capture of Viduthalaithiv sea tiger base on early morning last Wednesday (16th), LTTE activity further north of the base has increased. This is due to the fact that some of the LTTE cadres who were manning the base fled in the face of the army advance along with some of the hardware on the base. Around 30 LTTE cadres are believed to have been killed in the battle during which the army took control of a well fortified 2km long defence line in close proximity of the base. Exact number of LTTE casualties are not known. The rest of the LTTE cadres manning the base have fled further towards the north along with some of the military hardware (while leaving behind some) in the base.


Image: Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army after the capture of Viduthalaithiv. One of the boats left behind by the tigers can also been seen. Source : www.army.lk

The air force has been actively targeting the cadres who managed to escape and who are now trying to station themselves further north of Viduthalaithiv. On the 16th, Mi-24 helicopter gunships attacked two boats around 5km north of the base. On the same day, SLAF's bombers attacked a medium sized sea tiger base some 40km north of Viduthalaithiv. On yesterday (17th), Mi-24s attacked another LTTE regrouping attempt in Iluppaikkadavai which is located 5km north of the fallen base.

The army will maintain a permanent presence in Viduthaliathivu due to its strategic importance in the defence of the western coastline of the island. Naval Commandos of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) along with other regular and elite infantry units of the army will most likely be stationed there once ongoing search operations in the area are completed.