Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tigers protest during Canada T20 tournament

LTTE supporters in Candada showed how desperate they are by dragging cricket into their ‘freedom struggle’ during the T20 Tournament recently held. Extremist elements in Canada supporting the Tamil tigers staged protests several times during the tournament. Protests were held near the stadiums where the matches were being held. Apart from the Eelam flags and usual banners against GOSL, there were several banners targeting Ajantha Mendis; LTTE supporters plead other countries to stop playing with a “Killer from the SL Army”. Ironically, the Sri Lankan team went on to win the tournament and Ajantha Mendis was named the man of the series for his good performance throughout the series. The Sri Lankan cricket team is a symbol of ethnic harmony with players from many races and religions play as a team for one country. Although there was no official statement from LTTE regarding these protests, tigers did officially ask other countries to boycott the SL sports teams (link via proxy for SL users) back in 2007 during the Cricket World cup.

Meanwhile it seems that the LTTE has done some modifications to the suicide belts worn by their suicide bombers. Investigations have revealed that suicide belts used for Major General Janaka Perera’s assassination as well as for the attempted assassination of Minister Maithripala Sirisena contained 2-3KG more explosives than the usual amount. In addition, these belts seemed to do more area damage than the previous versions (iron balls spread in a 360 degrees direction as opposed to 180 degrees in earlier blasts) including to the face of the suicide bomber. More similar suicide bombings are to be expected as the tigers face increasing pressure in the Wanni front.


  1. Sheck out the comments section at the bottom in this article:

    Extremist Tamils are getting slapped by Indians of all kinds :)

  2. It's pretty sad how these Tamil extremists are trying to bring politics into cricket. They are so wrapped up in hate, bigotry and racism that I am surprised they haven't choked to death on it already. Apparently they even stoned the Sri Lankan bus and pelted it with eggs. Pathetic.

  3. Being a banned terrorist organization in Canada, how come they were able to raise the terrorst flags.

    I saw in some of the photos they arrest Sri Lankan supporters but not the terrorst supporters

  4. "how come they were able to raise the terrorst flags."

    Not only that, an airplane carrying similar banners circled the ground for about 45 mins.

  5. hmm...IF srilankans protest agaist a rights what will happen. organizer will be killed. IF somebody overcome against MR.. he who will die for sure.. now a days GOVT do hire suicide bombers too ya. Eg. Pillayans suicide bomber..

  6. crimewatch,
    dont write bullshit here.

    SL forces going to launch massive attack(mass scale) within coming hours on kilinochchi cities's air and ground combined attack will see what happening in coming days.

  7. thanks DN.

    so this confirms my suspicions unfortunately.

    i emailed you this a few days back; was too dangerous to discuss then. now it is out.

    probably tigers will increase the explosive strength and increase the number of shapnel as well. i won't be surprised if a tiger suicide bomber carries a claymore bomb tied to his arse or whatever!!

    buggers know that during the past bomb attacks, IF the target was travelling in a vehicle, their USUAL suicide bombs have failed but claymores have worked well.

  8. I see the T20 protest from different angle which damaged the credibility of Tamil di-ass-pora in Canada. I mean any one who loves the game of cricket knows that Sri Lankan team never involve with LTTE politics. I saw some news saying that some hardcore TLLE supporters threw eggs and stones towards the team bus.
    What they achieved? Nothing…end of the day you can do whatever you want in Canada but people watching you will decide who you are? I believe that Canadian Police might have watched closely about the protest as it not good for their country’s image.
    I have showed these pictures to some of my foreign collogues and they felt sad about Tamils not Sri Lankan cricket team…
    The good thing come out of this tour is we saw thousand of Sri Lankan flags flying in the sky..There may be lot of Tamils enjoyed the T20 with their sinahla brothers and sisters…
    That’s what you need…
    However I hope Sri Lankan authorities in Canada will act on these protesters…
    Finally sham on you LTTE racist Tamil di-ass-pora
    Well done Jayantha & Sanath & team.. bless you all

  9. Political parties In the shadow of LTTE

    Subramanian SwamyFirst Published : 15 Oct 2008 02:30:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 15 Oct 2008 08:11:48 AM ISTRecently there have been hectic efforts to get the Government of India to pressure the Sri Lanka government to end the ‘genocide’ of Tamils and to enter into negotiation with the LTTE. Is there genocide going on in Sri Lanka? No, if one goes by the United Nations definition of genocide. The 1948 International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide signed by 135 countries including India and Sri Lanka has elaborately defined the term ‘genocide’.

    By this definition that is available to any literate person by just going to the Google, we can say there is no genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    There are a large number of Sri Lankan Tamils who say that there is no genocide in their country, including well-known persons such as Anandsagaree of TULF, SC Chandrahasan of Ofer, Devananda presently a minister and Karuna MP. May be the pro- LTTE parties in India have a new definition of genocide, which is that if the Sri Lanka army kills then it is genocide, but if the LTTE kills then that is part of a freedom struggle. The truth is that the internationally banned terrorist organisation, the LTTE, is losing in the battlefield, and it is only a matter of time before its headquarters in the jungles of Jaffna is overrun.

    This has activated certain political groups in India who depend on the LTTE for monetary support.Why is the LTTE on the run? It is because of their hubris. These terrorists killed at will even Tamils who were not only for Eelam but also opposed tooth and nail Sinhala majority hegemonism: Gandhian leaders such as Amrithalingam, Yogeswaran, Neelam Tiruchelvam, and militants such as Sri Sabaratnam were eliminated.

    Obviously because the LTTE chief Prabhakaran thought he could get Eelam alone. He, of course, welcomes cheerleaders like Nedumaran and Veeramani because they slavishly serve him, but not independent Tamil leaders working for the goal of self-respect and autonomy for Tamils. Rajiv Gandhi sent 1,00, 000 troops to the island and de facto carved out a North and East Tamil area in Sri Lanka, with a full-fledged Tamil chief minister who was duly elected. The IPKF did not allow a single Sri Lankan soldier to enter the region.

    But that was not good enough for the LTTE because Rajiv Gandhi wanted political plurality and leaders to hold office via elections.

    Since the LTTE believes in a single party Marxist state Prabhakaran decided that Rajiv Gandhi should be killed. Hence, he decided to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi as soon as he found Indian collaborators who he mistakenly thought could protect him post the dastardly deed. That is hubris. His collaborators could not protect him however because Rajiv Gandhi had more courageous friends than he had thought, and Prabhakaran’s collaborators were cowardly. As a consequence, Prabhakaran is a now an internationally wanted criminal, a proclaimed offender for whom the Interpol is in search.

    Should India intervene to prevent the inevitable decimation of the LTTE? That is the question of importance for us. Now is the moment of truth for clarity and transparency.

    There is confusion now in our approach to Sri Lanka because of a hidden compulsion of the UPA government. The confusion is manifested in the following contradiction: On the one hand, the Indian government has banned LTTE as a terrorist organisation because of its murderous activities, including the killing of Rajiv Gandhi; on the other hand, despite the continuing assassinations by the LTTE of pro-Indian Sri Lankan politicians and its open interference within India by financing pro-LTTE politicians and training other terrorist organisations, the Indian government pontificates that the ‘peace dialogue’ of the Sri Lankan government with the LTTE must take place. This has in effect ended up legitimising the terrorist outfit and thus making the ban meaningless.

    We have to remove the fault line in our policy towards the LTTE, and secure our geographical neighbourhood. We have to regard the LTTE a part of the problem and not part of any solution of the crisis because of that outfit’s links with India’s terrorists such as PWG, Naxalites and ULFA, and with ISI of Pakistan and even al-Qaeda as well as with de facto separatist Indian political parties such as the DMK, PMK, Dalit Panthers and not to mention 38 paramilitary connected terrorists outfits roaming the forest areas of Tamil Nadu.

    I see five reasons why India has an obligation to assist in the elimination of the LTTE: First, India had trained the LTTE in the 1980s and created this Frankenstein’s monster. Hence, India must atone through actions to disband and unravel the LTTE.

    Second, despite enjoying India’s hospitality for years, the LTTE betrayed India by entering into a shocking alliance with the Premadasa government and killing more than a thousand Indian army personnel of IPKF sent to the island to enforce peace and create an autonomous North and East Tamil region. The betrayal and loss of lives of our valiant jawans have to be avenged to keep up the morale of Indian armed forces.

    Third, for assassinating Rajiv Gandhi, India is obligated to search for Prabhakaran and to teach the LTTE a lesson in a language it will understand, and to prevent it from engaging in any murderous and terrorist activities against India.

    Fourth, the LTTE interferes in the internal affairs of India by financing stooge Indian political parties, in providing training to Indian militant and extremist organisations.

    It also launders black money of Indian politicians through its illegal Eelam Bank in the Jaffna area. India cannot allow such erosion of law and order.

    Fifth, LTTE is part of the international terror network and is aided by the ISI of Pakistan to smuggle narcotics into India, circulate fake currency notes to buy medicines and diesel, to smuggle out antiques to Italy, and engage in passport fabrication and hawala operations.

    To discharge these obligations, India has to initiate action to assist the Sri Lankan government to take out the LTTE, and at the same time tell the Sinhala majority that following the end of the LTTE, India reserves the right to intervene militarily if they do not implement a proper devolution of powers for the Tamils under the Constitution of Sri Lanka. Second, India must assist and nurture the democratic elements among the Tamil population, those who have demonstrated capacity to stand up to LTTE such as S.C. Chandrahasan, Anandsagaree, Douglas Devananda and the breakaway LTTE group that opposed Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, viz., the Karuna group, to form a non-violent and democratic alternative to work out with the Sinhala majority a federal constitution that would serve the purpose of power sharing.

    The time is at hand for India to effectively contribute to the war against terrorism and in promoting democracy by targeting the LTTE. We must seize this opportunity.

    Let the pro-LTTE parties sing for their supper.

    We need to pay no attention to them !

    About the author: The writer is a former Union Law Minister

  10. Crimewatch
    It is absurd to say that MR is hiring Suicide bombers as he has no need for it because the well trained arm forces under him can overwhelm the terrorists besides he has no conflict with the civilians where the suicide bombers are being used by the terrorists. You may know more about Pillian and even Karuna still having suicide bombers under their command and that is the reason that we insist that these onetime terrorists have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they have renounced violence and are willing to truly accepted the democratic path under a united country.
    Tamil people who have happily settled in Canada has hot given up their hate campaign against the state and people of Sri Lanka and they seems to have planted their hate on to the generations after them. They have no place in SL and they must make do with the unskilled jobs they are being given in their promised land.

  11. From strategypage

    LTTE Death Watch
    October 15, 2008: Some 330 kilometers north of the capital, the army offensive has stalled about two kilometers outside the LTTE capital of Kilinochchi. To the east and west, troops continue to advance along the coasts. So far this year, the LTTE has lost about 7,500 dead, and the army about 750. Nearly a quarter million civilians have fled the fighting, or areas controlled by the LTTE (to escape conscription of their men and teenagers into the LTTE combat forces.) The army is apparently taking the path of least resistance, advancing where the opposition is weakest, while using their artillery and air power to hit the growing concentrations of LTTE fighters around Kilinochchi.

    In the southern India state of Tamil Nadu (where Sri Lankan Tamils originally came from), local politicians have decided to back the LTTE big time. This is mainly because the plight of the many Tamil refugees, from the fighting in Sri Lanka, is a hot topic with the Tamil Nadu media. The current head of the Tamil Nadu government has long been pro-LTTE, and is using Tamil nationalism to consolidate his political power in Tamil Nadu. But efforts to force the Indian government to shift their support to the LTTE will fail. It's all political theater. The LTTE is calling in all its political favors in a desperate effort to stop the Sri Lankan military offensive. But nothing appears capable of halting the campaign, and the LTTE is doomed. It's only a matter of time (weeks or months).

    In two recent cases, nearly 500 pounds of explosives disappeared from a police warehouse. It's suspected that corrupt police are selling the explosives to terrorists, or incompetent police can't guard a warehouse. Either way, the heat is on for an investigation and some changes. Corrupt cops have long been a problem.

    The army commando patrols into LTTE territory continue to cause casualties and lower morale for the rebels. But the main benefit of the patrols is information. For example, the patrols are finding sites where the LTTE is building new bunker lines, and getting the data to the air force, which then attacks the location, disrupting the construction, and damaging construction equipment.

    October 14, 2008: In the north, police found six pounds of explosives and detonators in the offices of a UN affiliated NGO. An employee of the NGO was arrested in connection with the explosives find.

    October 13, 2008: In a tourist area 150 kilometers east of the capital, police arrested a Tamil school teacher, who was caught with two ounces of military explosive and a detonator.

    October 9, 2008: Outside the capital, a woman suicide bomber ran towards a convoy carrying the Minister of Agriculture and detonated her explosives. She died, as did one person in the convoy, while six people in the convoy were wounded. The minister survived. The LTTE did not claim responsibility, but no one else on the island uses these tactics.

  12. Kevin,
    Dont waste your time bro..It is the tea/lunch break entertainment session is a shame that no one photographed these LTTE jonnies though.I think this is also about jealousy as some of these LTTE supporters want this wonderful "good life" in Canada just for themselves and no other person from SLanka.

  13. Lankaputhra,
    Very well said!!very well said!!

  14. Lankaputhra,
    As for SLankan authorities getting involved with LTTE protesters,,thats a definite NO..we dont want or need these LTTE fellows eve brother Kevin said let them enjoy "paradise" whereever they are in Canada.Our non-interference also shows the Canadians that we can "accept" protests.Even if we interfere we would have spent a lot of our time for little gain..since votes count much more than action against protesters.our aim is to infiltrate canada with people of education from SLanka..Does not matter if they end up at "presigious" cash and carys for starters.

  15. It is strange to see Sri Lankan Flag flying along with the Eeelam flag. Is VP sending us a message? Perhaps he wants to follow Karuna in to politics? I hear he always cheered the Sri Lankan cricket team.

  16. Lankaputhra,
    Why do i get this sad feeling that these LTTE buffoons wanted the cricket team to "verbally" abuse them..?just to show the canadians that we are hooligans..See they still think that we are of that "stereotyped" frame of mind..

  17. Kevin,
    Could it be possible that the flags were from tamil people in Canada as well?

  18. I would like to see increase of SLAF attacks when Bloody Indian Leaders say they going to quit/resign. :)

    Sri Lanka is our Motherland. We should decide what we should do. One foreign country can't change everything in SL as they want. This is a good example most of the TN politicians are uneducated and they don't know what they do.

    Gen. SF, finish your job the way you want. True patriots are always with you.

  19. Hunger Index

    Other countries like Bangladesh scored 25.2 points (70th place), Pakistan 21.7 points (61th), Nepal 20.6 points (57th), Sri Lanka 15 points (39th), Thailand 9.9 points (23rd), China 7.1 points (15th) and Mauritius 5 points (1st), it said
    (Sri Lanka with on going war)


    more details:

    TN please feed your own before you send us!
    your Hunger Index is alarming!

  20. Still.. when Sri Lanka won the match, some of those holding terror flags cheered for the Sri Lankan team.
    That says where their heart also belongs to.
    I'm sure most of these ppl were forced to do these things.

  21. Srilankan
    I think there is a mixture of Sinhalese and Tamils in that crowd. perhaps as Perrien say that some may be forced to carry the flags. I have come to know that people who took part in the recent demo in London has been forced to attended as they are working for shops and other business that belongs to the tigers and they had little choice as they could have been blackmailed..

  22. Perein,
    Bro you could be right and i fervently hope so..however their activites are far from random..Have you heard the saying
    "Kappanna bari atha sebema".I think they expected the cricket team to "riot" to show..sorry about this LORD GOD IC(Canada) in this case that we are and have always been hooligans who cannot be bargained with.Only solution for LTTE to kill us.Their biggest problem is the eastern province and messrs Karuna and Pilliyan.A master stroke by the Hon President

  23. Srilankan-

    "Kappanna bari atha sebema"


    "Kakuluwa nattane Wattura Nattankame Vittarai"

  24. Kevin,
    Yes i fully agree with you.However i think Canada and the U.K are somewhat different.Ask yourself inspite of these so called "police raids" etc on tiger hideouts why so many LTTE fellows conduct life in the U.K free of any hassle..

  25. Perein,
    :):)Exactly..this has been provided by LORD GOD IC.

  26. hah hah

    san said...

    dont write bullshit here.

    SL forces going to launch massive attack(mass scale) within coming hours on kilinochchi cities's air and ground combined attack will see what happening in coming days.

    what happened last week (3rd or so) then. they did the same in a massive scale.. but stopped at a sudden..

    My worry is the LIFE..Dieing in vain.

  27. Srilankan / Kevin-
    One other factor for LTTE to loose the popularity is, Sri Lankans in UK / Candada happened to be already into 2nd or 3rd generation, with-out too many relatives left back in up north of Sri Lanka.
    Therefore LTTE cannot threathen Tamil Sri Lankans as much as they did early days.

  28. Kevin really?

    suicide bombers are being used by the terrorists. oh yeh

    Karuna is in parliament on PA list..


    Kiri muttiyata goma demmama hattiyama goma wenawa-- goma kiri wenne ne.

    Karuna is a terrorist STILL so karuna is in MR Govt so MR is terrorist too (but hidden) so to grab modays mind they use karuna's suicide members to kill our own ppl to get the general public's attention. (Man that's what u call politics) not that MR is a Clean Ass..

    Modayas are modayas dont ever come to light. hellow some thing is going around politics its nothing to do with LTTE. that's the next election planning from now onwards.

    will see how long our ppl going to give their sons to die.

    MR ratatama P*ke erala thiyenne. kevin you are in a queue u may not know.

  29. hey guys check this out.. our super hero jayasuriya gave the eelam supporters a nice answer...

    Thousand marks for this...

  30. Sorry guys this the link for jayasuriya's answer

  31. Read the comments made by Indians regarding Pro LTTE Karunanidhi’s demand from central government


    Very interesting!

  32. Dont know who edited these but nice work :)

  33. crimewatch you sound like kumar rupasingam! ;-)

  34. Violated-
    Those are so cool. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Indian govt has limitations on Sri Lankan Tamils issue: Congress
    15 Oct 2008, 1942 hrs IST,PTI
    Print Email Discuss Share Save Comment Text:
    NEW DELHI: The Congress has said that it has conveyed the concerns of the Tamil Nadu parties to the Sri Lankan government but indicated that the I
    ndian government has limitations on the issue of Sri Lankan army offensive in the Tamil-inhabited areas of the island.

    "Those who make demands about other sovereign countries should know that India's sovereignty runs through the boundaries of India," Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said.

    Singhvi said the Indian government cannot interfere with the sovereignty of other countries.

    His comments came as a reaction to an all-party meeting in Tamil Nadu asking the Central government to ask Sri Lanka to end the offensive in Tamil areas within a fortnight failing which MPs from the state would resign from Parliament.

    Singhvi said issues of and conduct of foreign relations should be left for the Centre. "That is something in the exclusive domain of the Centre (foreign relation issue)," he told Times Now channel.

    He said "while condemning any violent act in another country, I do not think anything should be done or asked from the central government."

    Another spokesman Manish Tewari said the concerns of the parties in Tamil Nadu have been conveyed to Sri Lanka through the Deputy High Commissioner.

    "The parties should also understand that you are not dealing with a part of India but a sovereign nation," he said.

    Asked about the threat of DMK, Tewari said it should not be seen as a threat but a concern. "Their principal concern is civilian casualties," he added.

  36. Kevin

    "..It is strange to see Sri Lankan Flag flying.."

    This has nothing to do with the fat pig in the bunker. These kids are at a cricket game and the only side they instinctively support is the SL team, even if they are expected to rant and rave against them. It is pure and natural human behavior, which is hard to repress in the long term. I guess these kids were also similarly excited when SL won the match. I didn't get to watch it, so i don't know.

    This is a very big reason why Sri Lanka needs to work towards a permanent solution within which we all can live in dignity. It is beyond any doubt that there are a significant group of tamils who feel they do not really belong within a majority controlled country. These guys have two options; wither migrate elsewhere and learn it the hardway that that's how the world is, or learn to get along. At the same time, there needs to be greater devolution in the minority dominated areas to make those people have a voice in determining their future. I do not know how far this has happened so far (I've been out of SL for abt 10 years now) so it is upto the educated Sri Lankans to take an unbiased look and make things happier for all concerned.

  37. The Indian response.. Guys.. Read it carefully till the end. This is just the reply I was expecting. Have faith people... Be positive all the time.. This time we will not look back till we finish LTTE and the Fat PiG
    No military solution to Sri Lanka, warns Indian Prime Minister

  38. DN,

    Do our SOF's use Vs.58P like the indian SOF's? no reply needed if matter is gray :)

  39. guys many countries used the sports for the politics ... the Zimbabwe was baned in the Olympic cos of the ethnic cleansing ..there lot of examples like this ..even south africa too ... this nothing new ...but its new in srilanka ...

  40. b#1 said...

    Sri Lanka is our Motherland. We should decide what we should do. One foreign country can't change everything in SL as they want.

    Ya sure but ..if you wanna decide everything you want then you have to fight in your own ..not by the help of other countries .. the nations won't help you with out a purpose India controls the Srilankan Gov thats the hidden truth

  41. Tropicalstorm
    I am glad to think that the kids watching the match were supportive and perhaps proud of the Sri Lankan team. Perhaps that’s the reason for both flags flying together. I go to SL twice or thrice a year and I see complete harmony among the people. we need tough laws to protect every person from discrimination of any kind, It is the politicians and a certain sect of religion seem to be insensitive, rampant corruption and violence that make everyone feel alienated thus the minorities feel targeted or picked up by the big brother. I too feel like that when I am there, though I am tolerant and understanding.

  42. You can not access to tamilnet web site within srilanka. it has blocked by gov.

    But you can viit to tamil net by going to web site.

    Patriots are Greeted !

  43. Cricket politics in Sri Lanka

    When Russel Arnold was in his peak, Ranatunga was the captain of sri lanka. Russel was knocking the Sri Lankan team door heavily with big scores in the domestic arena. Rana had famously told Russel during a match in SSC to try and get in to the Sri lankan team as long as he was at the helm, if Russel was a true man. He hated Russel only because Russel was a Tamil. This is an open secret in Sri Lankan domestic cricket circle. Another potential Tamil cricketer who never got his chances is Nalliah Rajan. He was at one point the Royal College cricket captain.. (or vice captain) and was the most prolific school boy all-rounder in the circuit. He never got his chances to play in even the U19 team and he was frustrated out of the cricket scene. This ONLY because he was a Tamil. So much for ethnic 'togetherness' in Lanka. Bastards! Oh by the way.... you know how much Murali has to pay rather than bowl in Srilankan domestic cricket before he was drafted into the national side?? They are a very rich family and his father could afford that. Rana stood by murali during his troubled time, okay granted, but why? because Murali and Rana were in the same work place in union assurance. They were going to have a business together. It was a very popular in Colombo that they were goanna opens a new insurance company using their contacts. also Rana was doing it as a stunt just so that he could gain some publicity for his planned political future... (or so the story goes in Colombo cricketing circles). This might sound as speculations but all these are genuine stories that were being told in the domestic cricket in Sl. How do I know these??? cos ...

    I am a political observer. We were launching our credit card business and they drafted all the cricketers in to the dept to do our marketing. In short they had to bring in quality clients to the card centre. Now, to name a few who were with me... Mahela Jayawardhene, (present captain),chanmida vaas, thilan samaraweera, Dilahara fernando, Naveed Navas (he played a couple of matches for sri lanka), Lanka De Silva (the first wicket keeper to push kalu outta the team) koushalya weeraratne, Ian Daniels... Oh Ian daniels played for sri lanka A... a few times.. and HE is a Tamil guy, from St josephs! Hashan Tillekeratene .. was with Seylan and he then moved to pan Asia bank or somfin. Tamil cricket in Sri Lanka suffers a lot. Even the Tamil union club these days ... refuses to accommodate Tamils in their first team. Although murali, on the books, plays for Tamil union, its champaka ramanayake who runs the show there. him and chandika hathurusinghe hate Tamils so much that there hardly any Tamils at all who go to Tamil union. They, instead go to Bloomfield where if you had the right money .. and.. Talent. You'll get your place. It would help if you had a 'peter' name even if you are a Tamil. (like Ian Daniels for example.)

    Still more to come.

  44. Puli,
    What an all-round cricketer is this Nalliah Rajan. 30 first class games.
    Batting average=9.63

    Bowling: just two 5 wicket hawls. No 10 wickets.

    click here for more inf.

    Umba danna cricket. Gihilla choo kalla nida ganna, Puli.

    LTTE Terrorist tries to recruit Sri Lankan Cricket Team members for Credit Card Scandal!

    Mahela bro, can you put a name to this character?

  46. Pulli
    It is indeed sad to hear that there’s discrimination in cricketing industry in Sri Lanka.
    As a Christian sometime I feel a bit left out but one must expect that as we don’t live in an ideal world. I am not sure if you are living overseas? If you do then you might face it much harder. Your life could be in danger if you walk alone at night in some places in Europe where thugs of local population could be hostile. Many people have been killed over the years. Ask a Tamil shopkeeper how often he is been targeted by racists. Does this happen in Sri Lanka when you walk the streets in the nights. please don’t talk about the white vans and abductions as they are politically inspired and it’s victims are non Tamils as well. Past rebellions have given reasons and encouragements for people in power to intrude in to our liberties. So we must blame the people who started this conflict for the ills you mentioned and prior to that we lived in perfect harmony, where Muslims and Tamils singers sang songs that praised the Buddhist and Sinhalese culture. Listen to some old songs sung by Mohedeen begg,Lathiff Bhai and a Tamil name AJ Raj(I think that’s the name) where very classical songs were sung. This goes to show the harmonious society we had. Go to the Peradenya University and see the two of the halls that was named Arunachlam and Ramanathan.Does these gestures fit to a racist country? I don’t doubt that there’s a bit of stupidity in the country and which country that isn’t?

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. FYI...
    [] "LNP" domain is expired (The DNS-record for the domain is removed)

  49. Perein,
    Bro they could be 2nd/3rd generation..but the EELAM schools in the U.S are attempting to instill hatred in them just to "protect" the tamil identity and more importantly for future funding of course..Have you asked yourself why we bother to speak about this retard Vp instead of devoting that time to better ourselves?..why should we be bothered forEx about soosais,this grandfather or gay lover?.what for?

  50. Kevin,
    Bro..i understand your sentiments..pls believe me.when this is over SLanka is going to be a different place if the Hon Presidents plans are realised.

  51. Good work Hemantha.
    They'll use any straw to hang on to.

    Next pulli will discuss about discrimination that exists in the game of 'gil bola' (marbles).

  52. Srilankan
    Yes we must wait for MR to get rid of the terrorists, which was the root cause since 1935 with GG starting the riots in Nawalapitiya etc.After clearing the terrorist threat then we must get rid of the other cobwebs in the country that will pave the way to development and prosperity..

  53. Srilankan, Perien
    I met a young second generation Tamil lad at a function in the City where he works for a stock brokering firm. He says he hardly knows about our conflict and he will not part with his money for any Tamil cause, lives on his own I think he is going out with a non Tamil girl and will not visit Sri lanka and not too attached to his kin, just as any other youngster living in UK of the 2nd generation.He says this is so for many other youngsters from the same ethnicity. I rang him about the young appearing for the tigers in the demo and in Canada. His answer is that these are children of introverted families perhaps of the low skill jobs.
    So there’s some hope for us.
    Good night!

  54. puli,

    When you tell bullshit stories, read them once before posting here:

    "because Murali and Rana were in the same work place in union assurance. They were going to have a business together."

    If Ranatunga was a Tamil hater as you say, why the f would he agree to run a business with a Tamil?

    Believe me i am no fan of ranatunga, he axed many players in his time but i dont think any of those were based on the race. There are countless other sinhalese and muslim players who never got a chance in the team due to Ranatunga's arrogance. But of course you had the wisdom to see this as a Tamil only issue (like many others). Talk about whiny bitches and brainwashed fucks.

  55. Hi defenceNet

    Can you please give us a link in your webpage


  56. Puli-Gona:

    Ur Sl cricket politics story is as much as imaginative as ur Pellam story!

    U guys are very good at making up things ha? Mate, universe does not go around the Intelligent Tamil race. It is not about Tamils all the time! Some times it is about some other things.

    Russel Arnold and Ranathunga: Russel started playing 1st class around 93-94. When Russel hitting the peak Sl’n cricket was hitting the peak too. Remember we won CWC on 96??? On that time not only Russel even Peterson would not get in to the SL team. Russel played first Test match and ODI in 97! Who was the captain? Ranathunga! So, Puli-Gona, next time before u make up stories think twice.

    About Nalliah Rajan! Ha ha … I am sure u have red Hemantha’s post! Lol - Gon-Namba!!!

    Puli-Gona :” .... you know how much Murali has to pay rather than bowl in Srilankan domestic cricket before he was drafted into the national side??”

    No I don’t know how much? Do u know? Bet no! oh.. u can make up a figure anyway… Anyway, some dates for u to make it easy to make-up a figure.

    Murali left school 1990/1 and joined the Tamil Union and went to England A tour on 1991 and played first test in 1992. So….. yeh.. u were correct! Murali didn’t get bowl in domestic cricket much because he get play TEST CRICKET! So… what happened to the money?? Did u took it? lol Puli-Goan… Gon Haraka…

    Puli-Gona:” It was a very popular in Colombo that they were goanna opens a new insurance company using their contacts.”

    Mate, it was very popular in Colombo that u were visiting “Mala akka” in Nugegoda? Was it true? Oh…. man get real! I don’t know which cricketing circles u were in ? may be “Pellam Cricket Union”? But the cricketing circles I was in, knew it was not a stunt but it was instincts!

    Here is the biggest BS of all: Puli-Gona: “champaka ramanayake who runs the show there. him and chandika hathurusinghe hate Tamils”

    Mate, I am from Galle and I know Champaka well enough to tell u that unlike u he is not a Racist. U may be racist and a moron and an idiot and a plain brogan that has no knowledge of cricket but other hand Cahmpaka was exactly the opposite.

    So… keep going and make up stories about Tamils, Cricket and ur so called struggle!

    Oh… just one thing.. Can u educate ur Intelligent Tamil race “how to behave when watching a cricket match”?

    hemantha: excellent! Gr8 to c another cricket brain in this blog. People like Puli-Gona wants every Tamil to play for SL team and I am glad u dig-up the stats. That’s what wrong with most of the SL cricket followers. They always get emotional but never check stats. Do u read that clown who write to DN? Elmo? He calls him self a cricket analysis but never ever talk about stats. Every time he put garbage in DN I take time out to send him a feed back. All my feedbacks are constructive and most of the time very strong and to the point. But I have never got a response. Typical SL’n!

  57. Shyam said...
    “the Zimbabwe was baned in the Olympic cos of the ethnic cleansing ..”

    False, Wrong, incorrect, twisted! Another crap by di-ass-pora to justify the Peellam!
    Mate, don’t write BS and try to con people. Another ITR crap!
    Was it only Mugabe for opening ceremony? Olympic? 2008?
    Zimbabwe won 4 meddles @ 2008 Beijing Olympics!

  58. "Zimbabwe won 4 meddles @ 2008 Beijing Olympics!"

    ela ela!

    1 gold and 3 silver !!!

    tamil elam is also built on this type of crappy lies.

    if you want to see tamil elam, look in our toilet pit. if you find it there well and good, if you don't you will NEVER find it elsewhere!!

  59. Thana-moosi resigned before 2 weeks dead line. I guess LTTE has calculated they can sacrifice cadres to save K'chi only 2 more weeks. And LTTP need to save K'chi. And expect tamilnadu monkies do the job in two weeks and and by Indian influence GSL will stop the operation.

    We can expect execution style killings of tamil civilians in GSL areas and quick pictures in tamilnut. Tamilnadu 'fishermen' will also get beated and killed by SLA. Some 'kind' people (JayalathJ/ UNP/ NGO/ IC) will propose some ceasefire and peace talks.

  60. I don't wanna talk
    About the things we've gone through
    Though it's hurting me
    Now it's history
    I've played all my cards
    And that's what you've done too
    Nothing more to say
    No more ace (black tigers????) to play

    The winner takes it all
    The loser standing small
    Beside the victory
    That's her destiny

    I was in your arms
    Thinking I belonged there (no way!!!!)
    I figured it made sense
    Building me a fence (FDL???)
    Building me a home (fcuking tamil homeland???)
    Thinking I'd be strong there
    But I was a fool
    Playing by the rules??

    The gods may throw a dice
    Their minds as cold as ice
    And someone way down here
    Loses someone dear
    The winner takes it all
    The loser has to fall
    It's simple and it's plain
    Why should I complain.

    I don't wanna talk
    If it makes you feel sad
    And I understand
    You've come to shake my hand
    I apologize
    If it makes you feel bad
    Seeing me so tense
    No self-confidence
    But you see

    The winner takes it all
    The winner takes it all...

  61. //120 refugees were admitted after snake-bite during the past 7 days alone in Ki'linochchi district's hospital functioning at Tharmapuram.//-tamilnut

    Now our 'inteligent tamiz diaspora' will say snakes bite becuz those people were tamil. Were snakes also tamil?

  62. amma gahai/gahawi said...

    Check the Zimbabwe's Olympic history .. it was banned and now its removed ... don't be a chiled if u keep thinking like this definitely ur amma gahai ... .LOlzzz

  63. AmmaGG

    I am just curious.

    Are you working on new developments in tamiznadu? How saiko et al going to save vezapillai a$$?

    Did you do any research on tamiz people try to find tamizness in every thing? I think these tamizians think even sun and moon is tamiz.

    It is said tamiz diaspora is so determind and powerful so that they can fight for tamiz peelaam for another 200-300 years? Do you have any prdictions?

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. AmmaGG,
    Great posts mate. Keep up the good work.
    I have stopped reading Epillay column a while back. He had a habit of kissing asses of those whoever were in power. I don’t think he would change a bit. Agree with you. He used to be good at balancing BS. And the guy had good survival instincts.

  67. The human toll for Tamils across the island for September, dominated by the Government of Sri Lanka's offensives to wrest control of Ki'linochchi, is 68 killed, 38 disappeared, 87 injured, 454 arrested and 36,000 newly displaced, a monthly report released by the North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) Friday said. The total number of displaced since the military offensives by Rajapakse Government started in August 2006 is 190541 the report added.

    Of the total toll, seven civilians were killed in Ki'linochchi and Mu'l'laiththeavu by aerial bombing and shelling, and more than 40 injured, all of them treated at the Kilinochchi Hospital, the report said.

    "The targeted bombing of the infrastructure buildings in Kilinochchi during the first week of October," the report added. Co-ordinating center for Civil Administrative Services, Private Computer Services Centre, Annai Illam Counseling Center, Tamileelam Police Head Quarters, Political Head Quarters of the LTTE, a TRO store, Branch Office of the Center for Women’s Development and Rehabilitation (CWDR), Vetrimanai Home for the Mentally Ill, and the LTTE Peace Secretariat were buildings heavily damaged or destroyed by the aerial bombing, the report said.

    Despite the publicity of the 51-truck convoy carrying relief supply for Vanni IDPs during the first week of October, the report maintained that the supply was sufficient to provide only one week of allocation for the Vanni IDPs.

    196 schools and 88 hospitals have been relocated to due to the Vanni offensives, the report said. Several of the displaced schools are among the largest in Vanni withan enrollment of over 1000 each. The school authorities have appealed for new shelters to run schools, and said they can manage with the furniture transported from the displaces schools.

    Ki'linochchi District Hospital located along A9 near the town, suffered heavy damages due to shelling and aerial bombardment, the report said, adding, that the 2nd floor ceiling completely fell down forcing relocation of parents to other suitable places

  68. Shyam:

    Because my mum taught me to speak the truth nothing but the truth and don’t twist FACTS , misled or con people to get an advantage for any course (except when trying to pick up a chick) I am a better person today.

    But u r not! U and ur die-ass-pora gang would always twist FACTS and mislead and con people every time u can for ur Peellam course.

    Zimbabwe did not get banned from Olympic EVER! Mugabe, The president of Zimbabwe who is a real clown and a massive D#ckH@ad got banned/ asked to remain in Hong Kong?? and not attend Olympic opening ceremony.

    But, Rhodesia which declared independence (UDI) from Eng (and that pissed off Queen and PM) headed by white elite Ian Smith got banned from Olympics. But not for Ethnic Cleansing as u claimed.

    So, hopefully u won’t go down to the grade 2 academics level and try to prove that “that’s what exactly I am talking about”!

    SA got banned due to apartheid when it was run by, again white elites.

    U and ur Thamiza clowns use phrases likes of “Ethnic Cleansing”, “Genocide” and “Racist/Discrimination” very loosely, the value of these words are diminishing very fast. It is as same as the South Asian people in countries like Australia use the word “Racist” so often and wrongfully it kind of becoming a joke!

    machan, I was bit busy with advising Singapore gov and trying to fix the world economics crisis and trying to minimize the Global worming and also I got this 2 blond chicks I have to hump every 2hrs….. ha ha ha… I know u must be thinking... I am talking utter BS like Tamiza people do! Ha ha ha exactly!

    Thanks for the lead mate! I was kind of running out of ideas and hit a flat patch. This is a good topic to work on!

    Moshe gone soft! must be in love! Seems like he done a love song to a s@xy Thangachi! : )) Good one mate!!!

  69. by Peter Ratnadurai

    APPARENTLY, Sri Lanka’s civil war can be brought to an end if the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) entered the “democratic mainstream”. Sri Lanka’s incumbent president Mahinda Rajapaksa called for such a measure on 11 October; he isn’t alone, as various members of the International Community (IC) had previously suggested the same. Thirty years after the Tamil people voted to secede from the conjugation created by the colonials, does democracy exist in Sri Lanka?

    The Eastern province is a case in point. “Democratisation” of the province was a two stage process: firstly, local council polls; and secondly, electing the chief minister. The main opposition party, the United National Party (UNP), boycotted the first. The largest Tamil party in parliament, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), staid away from both. The ruling alliance was able to contest virtually unchallenged. State media, police and military campaigned wholeheartedly for the “rising of the east.”

    The TNA had good reasons for not participating in the elections: it had lost three of its elected legislators in the last two years. One was shot dead at a church, the other on his way to the parliament and the third while visiting his constituents. Another Tamil parliamentarian from the UNP was shot dead inside a temple in Colombo. Interestingly, a paramilitary group headed by the eventual chief minister “elect” of the Eastern province was suspected in all the murders.

    During the Eastern elections, one party, the one that won, had monopoly over violence. As the ruling coalition, it controlled the country’s armed forces and police. For unconstitutional violence, it maintained an armed paramilitary group. Popular opposition could not contest and smaller challengers weren’t even authorised to put up posters. Independent monitoring group CAFFE concluded that the elections were “not free and fair” and alleged that votes were rigged to shore up turnout count.

    Sri Lanka’s “parliamentary democracy” is nothing but a “tyranny of the majority”. The legislature is a mere tool for imposing the “will of the Sinhala people” on the numerically inferior Tamil people. Sinhala Only and Standardisation, amongst various other legislations, were imposed in the sole interest of the Sinhala people; such measures are only associated with tyrannical despots. Since independence from Britain, Sinhala parties have simply rotated power between themselves.

    In 1977, the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), a grand coalition, was formed to contest the parliamentary elections on a single agenda of independence for Tamileelam. It polled more than 70 percent of votes in areas claimed for the independent state. Even so, TULF could only make it to the opposition benches in Colombo. The government decided to ignore the mandate of the Tamil people, and instead decided to unleash Sinhala mobs in yet another round of “ethnic riots”.

    During 25 years of civil war, there have been plenty of repeated calls for a referendum to be held in areas claimed as Tamileelam. If democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” then, surely, allowing the people of the disputed region of Tamileelam to choose how they want to govern or be governed would be the ultimate form of democracy. Successive Sri Lankan governments have refuted such calls, but have never offered a full explanation.

    Sri Lanka has continuously managed to score brownie points in the international arena for “embracing democracy”, despite the fact that the country has passed very many legislations directly discriminating against a particular ethnic group. Likewise, Eastern provincial elections are being hailed as “successful democratisation” of the region despite the elections being neither free nor fair. The hard truth is that there is no such thing as a “democratic mainstream” in Sri Lanka for the LTTE to join.

  70. Shyam and Peter Ratnadurai: Dear Sirs/Super Intelligent beings and masters of the universe,

    I have developed a severe case of vomiting and diarrhea due to reading the same crap over and over again and trying to digest the garbage.

    Even Google is considering removing the sh#t (pls see below) from cyberspace due to over recycling!

    So, for the sake of AmmaGahai and other lesser beings can u please fcuk-off to some where else sires?

    “Sri Lanka’s “parliamentary democracy” is nothing but a “tyranny of the majority”. The legislature is a mere tool for imposing the “will of the Sinhala people” on the numerically inferior Tamil people. Sinhala Only and Standardisation, amongst various other legislations, were imposed in the sole interest of the Sinhala people; such measures are only associated with tyrannical despots. Since independence from Britain, Sinhala parties have simply rotated power between themselves.

    In 1977, the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), a grand coalition, was formed to contest the parliamentary elections on a single agenda of independence for Tamileelam. It polled more than 70 percent of votes in areas claimed for the independent state. Even so, TULF could only make it to the opposition benches in Colombo. The government decided to ignore the mandate of the Tamil people, and instead decided to unleash Sinhala mobs in yet another round of “ethnic riots”.

    During 25 years of civil war, there have been plenty of repeated calls for a referendum to be held in areas claimed as Tamileelam. If democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” then, surely, allowing the people of the disputed region of Tamileelam to choose how they want to govern or be governed would be the ultimate form of democracy. Successive Sri Lankan governments have refuted such calls, but have never offered a full explanation. “

  71. AmmaGG


    BTW these LTTE protests in Canada etc reminds me gay marriage protests...

  72. //crimewatch,
    dont write bullshit here.//

    Note: crimewatch writes BS only here.

  73. Guys,

    The war continues regardless of the farts that emerge from Tamilnadu. So, I decided to interview the old fox, the Cheap Minsiter of the state, Karuna-nidhi about his stance, policies that famous dark glasses and of course his lovely daughter.

    As usual, I dedicate the interview to CrimeWatch and Puli, who kiss the ground the old fox walk over.

    Here are the excertps:

    Q Rious: Good morning, Sir! How are you?

    Karuna-nidhi: Very well; we are very busy here. I mean really busy.

    Q Rious: It is full scale genocide, next door!

    Karuna-nidhi: Yes, yes. It is dreadful, isn't it?

    Q Rious: Yes, according to Vaiko!

    Karuna-nidhi: Don't believe him; I believe my daughter's figures.

    Q Rious: It is 36, 32,38

    Karuna-nidhi: Hey, young man. What are you talking about?

    Q Rious: Sorry, sir. I was quoting the wrong paper; those were her vital statistics. It is that thousands of Tamils are dying everyday.

    Karunanidhi: You were a bit naughty; you looked at the wrong side of my daughter. But you corrected yourself later. Good man. Yes, thousands are dying everyday.

    Q Rious: That means, in about a three months, there will be no Tamils left in Vanni, if things continue at this rate.

    Karunanidhi: Why did you bring the deadline forward?

    Q Rious: I did simple maths, sir. There are only 200,000 Tamils left in Vanni. If thousands die everyday, in 200 days, it is all over!!

    Karunanidhi: Just revise the figure, young man. Say about hundreds are killed every day.

    Q Rious: So, your daughter's figure was far too high!

    Karunanidhi: You know the issue of Tamils is very close to her heart. She may have stumbled upon the number while choking on emotions.

    Q Rious: Your daughter resigned from the Lokh Sabha.

    Karunanidhi: It is symbolic, though.

    Q Rious: What does that mean?

    Karunanidhi: She is coming back in three weeks.

    Q Rious: How come?

    Karunanidhi: Because, I re-appoint her. I am the leader of the party.

    Q Rious: It is a familiar family affair then. Jayalalitha may seize upon this as shambolic, rather than symbolic. Your comments sir?

    Karunanidhi: Bloody old bitch!

    Q Rious: She claims to be much younger than you are, sir.

    Karunanidhi: Of course, when she talks and acts like a teenager, she feels that way - very young indeed.

    Q Rious: But she has been consistent with the issue of Tigers; she just loathes them. But your position is changing all the time, according to your critics.

    Karunanidhi: You have to spell that out for me, young man.

    Q Rious: You famously said in the state assembly that the war against Tigers is not war against Tamils, very recently. Before that, you wrote a poem about Thamil selvam when he died.

    Karunanidhi: If I were too consistent, I would never have become a Chief Minister once, let alone five times. Then, what happens to people I represent? They become exactly like people in Vanni. I can't afford that to happen.

    Q Rious: The Tamil refugees already in your state, can't own a house. Why is that?

    Karunanidhi: Then they bring in more. NO. We want them to prosper in their own land, Vanni. It is positive discrimination.

    Q Rious: The Q-Branch keeps arresting Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Karunanidhi: Yes, just the trouble makers.

    Q Rious: Tigers?

    Karunanidhi: No, the other groups, you know. There are many groups.

    Q Rious: Do you and Velupillai have an agreement?

    Karunanidhi: Yes, I help him out with his dream and he reciprocrates later.

    Q Rious: Independence for Tamilnadu?

    Karunanidhi: That is happening everywhere. India should not be an exception.

    Q Rious: Mr Karunanidhi, your dark glasses keeps you at a terrible disadvantage over your rival Jayalalitha.

    Karunanidhi: What's that young man? What's that? Tell me.

    Q Rious: You tend to see everything in false colours, sir.

    Karunanidhi: What should I do? I don't want the bitch to come back to power to imprison me again in cockroach-infested cells.

    Q Rious: You do exactly same thing to her.

    Karunanidhi: How do I overcome the problem you mentioned?

    Q Rious: Wear a pair of clear glasses.

    Karunanidhi: Those glasses give me a headache.

    Q Rious: Then, dark glasses are going to give you migraine - and it will be perpetual.

    At this point, the old man wriggled a bit to break wind, giving me an opportunity to disappear from the radar

  74. Not only India, LTTE need some other countries HELP too.

    Please do help LTTE at this crucial time.

    Now or Never !

  75. Q Rious,

    Superb !! Funny!!

    Hak.. Hak.. Hak.. (copy rights Qrious)

    Keep it up.

  76. Good Job DN, (it should be singala)pro-ltte

  77. There’s something fishy going on.
    A BBC Sin reporter writes the story below, but it does not appear on the SIN site…

    Sri Lanka Tamils 'being arrested'

    Are they trying to get the message out to the British public, bypassing Sri Lankans?

  78. Srilankan-
    Bro, you have a valid point as below,

    "EELAM schools in the U.S are attempting to instill hatred in them just to "protect" the tamil identity"

    Let them protect the tamil identity, but as for the dream EELAM wont exists in Sri Lanka. As for those schools SL foreign
    ministry should inform the US autorities.

  79. No_Mess: Can we make Ambul Thiyal out of the fish?

  80. When US do it its called 'Mapping the Human Terrain' and its so high tech, when we do it, its discrimination.

    “We logged everybody who came in, took their pictures, thumbprints, all that kind of stuff,”

    Part I
    Part II


  81. Poor Asthiri got slammed at AsianTribune

    "Scorpion: In the Asian Tribune Forum readers expect intellectuals to post comments. They don’t expect cheap swipes on those who hold opposite views. Stop using indecent language when posting comments. Your comment is deleted – Administrator"

  82. Tiger puppets from Asian tribune have attacked Asithri's family and caused serious injury to them..our "human rights" have been violated!!..i mean violated..we have to take this incident to the U.N in LORD GOD IC..where nothing wrong can and will ever happen to us SLankans..

  83. Hey peter ;

    Do you know any www to read the PARAPARAPPU journal in online

    If you let me know the www ...

  84. LTTE (Tamilnet) need to tell the Tamilnadu leaders that Army is hitting them harder and harder and get any immediate action to rescue them, at the same time they cant say it since diaspora will be disappointed. :)

    "Unu nisa bonnath baha.. Kiri nisa ahaka daannath baha"


    Gota refused to halt the military campaign against the Tigers.

  85. srilankan,

    you mean the deleting of his comment by an idiot at asian tribune; or was there more?

    this asian tribune is run by KTR who is not a LTTE suporter but a strong tamil elam supporter like ananda sangari. they will remain with the govt until the LTTE is finished. then they will try to get tamil elam peacefully.

    AT and AS have (seperately) repeatedly ridiculed karuna and douglas devananda in the past who are truer sri lankans.

    so we should use them to get the maximum good and discard when useless.

  86. long live GOTA!

    may gota take vezapillai's remaining life span (if there was no war) and live even longer!

  87. @ Ninja said...

    dont write bullshit here.//

    Note: crimewatch writes BS only here.

    truth hurts!!

  88. moshe,
    Thanks bro.Well Asithri's "human rights" have been violated.Why should we not protest at the U.N?..O.K..O.k..we can produce some photoshop pics showing Asithri burnt and tortured..surely cant we?..well use ketckup and ask him to display the "thaamilselvan" smile prior to his torture..

  89. reports heavy figthing at Muhamalai, any news? Limited operations or full scale offensive?

  90. Looks like Karunanidhi's daughter Kamikaze has committed a Faux Pas by resigning from the congress. She may not win that seat again.

  91. GOta the Great!!!! At least now we have a leader in this country


  92. srilankan,

    yes, mate i remember the "smiling assassin". it has been almost a year since we handled him.

    kamikazi karunanidhi! LOL!

  93. moshe,
    This military operation in my opinion is only a small part of the LTTE war but very significant to say the least .the harder part is to use the LTTE to motivate ALL our peoples to "better things" in future.however this has been partly successful as demonstarted by the increase in youngmen joining the forces.Why should the University of "wathura-kakkussiya" or "sascatuwan"..not to mention McGill or Mcmaster be only accessible to these LTTE di-ass-phora filth?.they have not felt the pain&suffering of this war in the least..we have to ensure they sample this in all its glory..a promising way for us is through education..If they have 100 times more competition than now in getting those jobs that are "allocated" for want of a better word to black/brown skins in Canada.. that will be all the better..

  94. Moshe,

    Yes, I am afraid Kamikaze Karunanidhi has committed political suicide.

  95. moshe,
    this interest in "kamikazi karunanidhi" is only of benefit to reporters to ensure they sell their newspapers in volume.These reporters think we are idiots and play on it.As far as i am concerned these "injun" problems can stay in TNadu and they can have all the fun they like for the next 2500 yrs provided it does not affect us in SLanka.It shouldn't..since india is not our only friend in the region.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. @No_Mess,

    BBC Sinhala has also put the story up. Perhaps they read your comment.

    I have said this before...if all suicide bombers are Tamil, then Tamils would get arrested. If they have done no wrong, they will be released after being questioned. No big deal. There is a war on and there are suicide bombs going off. What would you expect the agencies responsible for national security to do? Play the fiddle?

    It is unfortunate for the innocent Tamils. The security of all citizens is more important than causing inconvenience to a few (innocent or otherwise). Wrong actions have bad consequences on a large group of people not just the perpetrator. Therefore, countermeasures to these wrong actions could also create inconvenience to a larger group of people. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    This is what Pukka Lanka has to say to BBC Sinhala and other LTTE boot-licking so called human-rights groups…

    Just grow up and get over it. Have you the courage to make the same noise when an LTTE suicide bomber kills innocent civilians in my Pukka land? When they massacre innocent villagers gathering firewood in the bush? You bunch of hypocrites!

  98. Check the following thread for comments of fellow Indians on the issue.

  99. SLA attempt to advance thwarted in Northern FDL - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 16 October 2008, 14:21 GMT]
    The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) on Thursday claimed that their defensive formations thwarted an attempt by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) to advance into their territory across Mukamaalai Forward Defence Line (FDL) in Jaffna. Heavy fighting that erupted at 5:30 a.m. lasted till 2:30 p.m., the Tigers said, claiming that more than 15 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and at least 40 wounded in the fighting.

    Two LTTE fighters were killed in action, the Tigers said.

    Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter bombers were also engaged by the Sri Lankan military in its attacks against the FDL positions of the LTTE

  100. Army captures Muankulam,,,,,but casualties in our side @ Muhamalai
    Unable to cross & back at Original position

  101. If it was an push to capture EP and LTTE stoped it SLA would have lost more than 15 men (thats with LTTE addon to actual count) most likely SLA was just testing the FDL keeping tiger in check, since they dont want them to move carders from this FDL to defende killi,

    But i hope its push to capture EP.. if thats the case, we can assume full throttle is given on the offensive

  102. puka-lanka said:
    "I have said this before...if all suicide bombers are Tamil, then Tamils would get arrested. If they have done no wrong, they will be released after being questioned. No big deal. There is a war on and there are suicide bombs going off. What would you expect the agencies responsible for national security to do? Play the fiddle?

    It is unfortunate for the innocent Tamils. The security of all citizens is more important than causing inconvenience to a few (innocent or otherwise). Wrong actions have bad consequences on a large group of people not just the perpetrator. Therefore, countermeasures to these wrong actions could also create inconvenience to a larger group of people. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    This is what Pukka Lanka has to say to BBC Sinhala and other LTTE boot-licking so called human-rights groups…

    Just grow up and get over it. Have you the courage to make the same noise when an LTTE suicide bomber kills innocent civilians in my Pukka land? When they massacre innocent villagers gathering firewood in the bush? You bunch of hypocrites!"

    Puka_Lanka, You consider arrest, long detention, torture and possible death to a person is inconvenience? I'd like you to go through a detention for just one day for an alleged offece that you never committed! You'll get the taste of it. You are the mother of all hypocrites!

  103. Tamil jeweler shot dead in Wellawatte
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 15 October 2008, 19:39 GMT]
    A Tamil jeweler was shot dead Monday afternoon when he was standing along Vihare Road in Wellawatte in Colombo by an unidentified came in a three wheeler. The jeweler has been identified as S.Nesarajah, 32. He was immediately transferred to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital where he was pronounced dead on admission.

    Police spokesman Ranjit Gunasekara told media that soon after the killing all checkpoints in the area were alerted to nab the suspect who fled from the scene.

    Well, most probably the killer would be one of those who are manning these checkpoints. Or;
    The checkpoints would have been alerted to just leave the killer escape and nab every other Tamil who happened to be there at that time. That way, it'll be double profit for the rulers. They get their man and the soldiers and the policce men get their moneyl. Clever deal indeed!

  104. abarip your 100% percent correct stay with that mentality for few more week.. you will see the light soon

  105. malin,
    no no mate for the next 5000 yrs..pass on to ones off spring..we need to use the LTTE to motivate ALL our peoples for better things in life..we need examples..

  106. malin,
    i agree with you.The entire idea of this muhamalai offensive may have been to distract the tigers so that small groups of troops can slip through the FDL lines or have these LTTE bastards redisburse their cadres in confusion across various FDLs.Where is the LTTE green walrus crack commando divison..??
    Fully agree bro.This is a defense blog..not a "Oh look at us being constantly discriminated against since the beginning of time" blog...what rubbish..we have had our share..none of these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons ever anticipated the volume of people who did/are joining the forces.They have forgotton the wonderful saying by LORD GOD IC.."you reap the seeds you sow" get used to it..

  107. //Stones pelted at Hindu office after article, 26 arrested - India

    Twenty six activists belonging to Tamil fringe groups and sympathising with the LTTE cause were arrested yesterday(Oct 15) when they pelted stones at 'The Hindu' office premises and attempted to enter the building to protest against an article carried by the English daily on the Sri Lankan issue.

    The arrested included some law college students, lawyers and workers, police said, adding that those arrested claimed that they were activists of Adi Tamilar Peravai and Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam.//

    This is all monkies know to do; throwing stones hak hak ha

    According to GSL fighting goes on 24/7. According to LTTE/tamilnut no LTTE cadres dies in fighting. LTTE repulsed all SLA attempts to advance. 100s of SLA troops are KIA and MIA while just 2 LTTE cadres slightly injured and it is SLA that secretly burried SLA bodies. Why LTTP/tamilnadu monkies need a ceasefire (in 2 week)?

    mewa ahala pana palayan labana pereda!
    Nobody dies due to war since today?

    //Lanka-e-News learns that the state has apparently stopped giving casualty figures of the war to
    media since today (16).

    The government has decided to release only the information about the places fighting take place and the details of LTTE military equipment recovered in these operations.

    The decision falls on the backdrop of the increased influence of the Tamil Nadu political parties to the central government of India.//

  108. T20

    from Sri Lankan spectator

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Dear Shyam,

    Nice cut-and-paste job. Nobody's interested in reading Petey's blog and so you have had to bring it to us. He should be grateful to have a minion such as yourself.

    I have some comments, although I don't think Petey has the balls or you the brains to respond.

    "The TNA had good reasons for not participating in the elections:"

    Actually the best reason for not participating was that nobody in the East is interesting in the TNA and its LTTE bootlicking. The eastern local and PC elections had the same turnout as their counterparts in the South. Looks like there were few takers to support the TNA's boycott. ;-)

    "it had lost three of its elected legislators in the last two years."

    It's rather hilarious to read such self-righteous language about TNA politicians getting killed while not seeing anything on the number of Tamil leaders killed by the LTTE over the last 25+ years, beginning with A. Duraiappah in 1975.

    "Independent monitoring group CAFFE concluded that the elections were “not free and fair”"

    And what did "independent" CAFFe (a fixture of the UNP) have to say about elections in "liberated" Tamil Eelam?

    "Sri Lanka’s “parliamentary democracy” is nothing but a “tyranny of the majority”."

    In the East, the "tyrannical" Tamil majority voted for the TMVP with an ample turnout, as mentioned above.

    "The legislature is a mere tool for imposing the “will of the Sinhala people” on the numerically inferior Tamil people."

    And in Canada, UK, Norway, Australia etc., the legislatures there are also a tool for imposing the will of non-Tamils on numerically inferior Tamil people. Why doesn't Petey whine about that?

    "Sinhala Only and Standardisation, amongst various other legislations, were imposed in the sole interest of the Sinhala people;"

    Perhaps we'll hear about a single diaspora country where Tamil is a national language?

    "Since independence from Britain, Sinhala parties have simply rotated power between themselves."

    Yes, this is called democracy unlike Tamil Eelam where one fascist armed group believes that the Tamils are too dumb to be trusted to vote (and it would be quite unfair to cite Shyam or Petey as representatives of the Tamils in this sense).

    "In 1977, the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), a grand coalition, was formed to contest the parliamentary elections on a single agenda of independence for Tamileelam. It polled more than 70 percent of votes in areas claimed for the independent state. "

    The LTTE murdered the leader of TULF in 1989! So much for the sanctity of TULF or Vaddukkoddai...

    "Even so, TULF could only make it to the opposition benches in Colombo."

    The above murdered TULF leader had been made Leader of the Opposition over the Sinhala opposition leader. What was this about tyranny of the majority...?

    "During 25 years of civil war, there have been plenty of repeated calls for a referendum to be held in areas claimed as Tamileelam. If democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” then, surely, allowing the people of the disputed region of Tamileelam to choose how they want to govern or be governed would be the ultimate form of democracy. Successive Sri Lankan governments have refuted such calls, but have never offered a full explanation."

    We've had a referendum in the East and the people voted for Sri Lanka, not for Eelam. Whining on the internet will not change this reality.

    "Sri Lanka has continuously managed to score brownie points in the international arena for “embracing democracy”, despite the fact that the country has passed very many legislations directly discriminating against a particular ethnic group."

    Yes, isn't it amazing how the LTTE's acts of terror and stupidity have drawn attention away from the SL govt? Pretty funny huh!

    Could somone provide a list of these "very many legislations (sic) directly discriminating against a particular ethnic group?"

  111. Pakka-Lanka,
    Soon after your post, BBC Sin took the story off ( not just pushed down the list, but removed it completely from the main page. BBC news still carries it?

    “That’s the way the cookie crumbles” – I totally agree with you bro, and he ought to get ‘a grip’ on himself.

  112. abarip,

    fantastic reasoning skills you got man!

    if so why not raape his wife and get away with her jewels too????? why not the same happen to thousands of other jewellers????

    the genocide claims is also stupid like this. if the govt wants to genocide the tamils, what the hell the army doing in vanni? they can do a better job in colombo.

    its your type of sakkiliyas who throw stones at the hindu office and try to scare malini parthasarathi, a sub-editor who has now become pro-sinhala, anti-tamil!!!

    the suck-&-kill mentality!!wow!

  113. Wijayapala

    Nice cut-and-paste job. Nobody's interested in reading Petey's blog and so you have had to bring it to us. He should be grateful to have a minion such as yourself.

    I have some comments, although I don't think Petey has the balls or you the brains to respond.//

    Actually if this kid shyam didn't write peter ratnadurai blog or whatever and just copy pasted then some people will read at least half of it. But as you said this kid is brainless.


    yes, truth hurts, may be for you..but please don't write BS.

  114. Ma Daughter is a terrorist Documentary

  115. Rajapaksa’s “war for peace” only bloody war

    When President Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power in 2005, he promised that he would teach the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) a lesson by military means. This policy was clearly repeated throughout the Presidential elections and stated in his policy statement and glorified election manifesto dubbed the Mahinda Chinthanaya.

    The Chinthanaya was initially seen by political observers as a tactical document of Rajapaksa’s political strategies to win the support of pro-Buddhist extremist elements that determine the success or demise of leaders in Sri Lanka. Even though he has political experience he has no intimate knowledge of the history of his country - a country facing a very difficult situation with the war raging in the north of the island. Further, the situation in Vanni is being used as an acid test for Rajapaksa’s Chinthanaya philosophy in relation to the capture of the LTTE, because, although he could claim that his armed forces captured areas controlled by the LTTE, such action would never bring lasting peace to the island. If at all, it would only prove to be a band-aid solution and not a cure for the malaise afflicting the country.

    The capture of Tamil areas in the North and East may have been seen as a way to address the issue expediently and with as little use of manpower and weaponry as possible, but it won’t be successful against the political, military and diplomatic strength of the LTTE. Capturing of LTTE-held areas will create further complications for the GoSL, result in greater casualties of its armed men, and lead the country deeper into disastrous economic conditions. Both Sinhalese and Tamil-speaking civilians will continue to suffer as long as the Mahinda Chinthanaya approach lasts. Rajapaksa will plunge the country further into chaos.

    Instead of eliminating the Tamil Eelam problem, Mahinda Chinthanaya has instead paved way for the creation of an independent Tamil Eelam with the support of the international community (IC). The IC is aware of the real situation on the ground and they are sick and tired of the promises given by the Sri Lankan State. They were very frustrated with the GoSL ordering the INGOs to leave the LTTE-held areas, leaving no way for humanitarian-aid agencies to keep tabs on the civilians trapped in the war zone. It is also interesting to note that the presence of the INGOs presented a deterrent against GoSL military attacks against Tamil civilians. With the INGOs out of the way, it’s open season on Tamil civilians for Rajapaksa and his Mahinda Chinthanaya.

    Quick military victory key to political victory

    Mahinda Rajapaksa wants a quick and immediate victory in the north, especially over the LTTE stronghold in Vanni, in order to win the minds and hearts of the Sinhalese by claiming that his government has taken control of LTTE areas. He would hope then to immediately call a general election with the expectation that he would sweep the majority of votes to gain a parliamentary victory.

    Blinded by the overriding ambition to retain his position of power at any cost, Rajapaksa refuses to recognise the dire consequences to the people who have been drawn into this military, political and economic morass. He is obsessed only with his own position and wants to remain in power to achieve his own personal goals.

    Fuelled by his own ambition and bolstered by his family members whom he has entrenched in prime positions of power around him, Rajapaksa needs only one more thing to put his ultimate plan in motion, the support of the Sinhalese, which he believes will come with the quick military victory in the north. He has however, failed to comprehend the thinking of the LTTE. Taking signals from the IC, the LTTE has exercised considerable patience in its retaliation against the Sri Lankan state in the hopes, in so doing, the LTTE would pave way for the freedom of Tamils. Many countries such as India, Japan, European countries and the U.S. are using their good offices to bring about a peaceful settlement to the ethnic conflict through negotiations without much success.

    Following great pressure from southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the central government in New Delhi is expected to play a vital role in ending the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. Although India had backed previous peace talks with the mediation of the Norwegian government, this time India is expected to take part direct role in the peace talks between the LTTE and the GoSL. This presents India with legal problems as Indian law prohibits the central government from holding talks with the LTTE. India will have no choice but to lift the ban on the LTTE in order to ease the tension in Tamil Nadu. This would serve as incentive for the IC to consider lifting the ban on the LTTE which would allow the LTTE and the GoSL to enter into genuine peace talks as equal partners.

    Mahinda does not want this happen. He prefers to crush the LTTE as quickly as possible. To this end, the Sri Lankan government has directed its armed forces to capture the LTTE-held areas and wipe out the LTTE. The GoSL has launched a genocidal war against the Tamils involving indiscriminate aerial bombing and shelling.

    In its drive for the blood of the Tamil people, the GoSL has failed to address the humanitarian needs of the civilians forced to flee Vanni. The vast majority of the casualties in this battle are the civilians. Over 230,000 people have taken shelter in safer areas in the north to escape the attacks of the Sri Lankan armed forces. The GoSL military attacks have taken the lives of thousands of people in Vanni and the government claims that they were killing the LTTE cadres. Since independent reporters are not allowed into the area and now that the INGOs have been turfed out, independent reports on what is actually happening on the ground are not available.

    Vanni ground situation

    The GoSL attacks cause more devastation to the civilian population than to the LTTE. And, with its focus on fighting the government’s forces, it is hard for the LTTE to ensure that tens of thousands of civilians are moved into safer areas. The LTTE, however, is making progress in moving civilians, using their experience from the early 1990s when the GoSL armed forces, led by Chandrika Kumaratunga, took control of Jaffna where more than half-a-million people were evacuated by the LTTE through Kilali lagoon.

    During the first week of October, due to an artillery attack by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and the aerial bombardment by the Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF), more than ten homes sheltering orphaned children, and mentally handicapped and elderly persons, located a few miles away from Kilinochchi town, were rushed to relocate to interior villages of the Vanni. One mentally handicapped person died at Akkaraayankulam upon displacement. Insufficient shelter facilities, inadequate health and basic amenities including latrines, and shortage of nutritional food supplies, continue to plague relief assistance.

    Even the main hospital in Kilinochchi town, now damaged, is being moved into a safer area. Maternity and surgical departments remain in the Kilinochchi hospital with the dedicated and committed medical professionals even though the hospital premises are in close proximity to fighting zone. Most patients, records and essential equipment is being shifted to and divided between two schools in Dharamapuram and Urthirapuram, and into two small rural hospitals in Vishvamadu and Pudukudiyiruppu. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that it was monitoring the situation, but has not made further comments because of pressure from the GoSL.

    Heading into the third week of this month, the ground situation in Vanni region has been very silent. Many displaced government institutions are operating in make-shift facilities including the Government Agent office at Kandawalai and banks at Tharmapuram. The GA expected food lorries to arrive, but that did not materialize. Truckloads of medical drugs were loaded for Kilinochchi on October 7, but the Sri Lankan armed forces did not allow the truck at Omanthai to leave. More than fifty-percentage of IDPs are living under pathetic conditions without even basic shelter. More than ninety-percentage do not have latrine facilities. A large number of cases of diarrhoea and snake bites have been reported. And, the hospital in Tharmapuram is heavily congested with patients. The onset of the rainy season will present further challenge to the IDPs in the region. These are the prevailing ground conditions in Vanni.

    Tamil Eelam becomes reality

    The situation in Vanni has been created by the GoSL to wipe out the drive for the creation of independent Tamil Eelam.

    So far, the LTTE has been launching only defensive military actions. The LTTE is relying on the in the area vast jungles to make it impossible for GoSL soldiers to return to their starting position. The LTTE cadres are very familiar with the jungles and have a strategic advantage over the “visiting” government forces.

    The GoSL has done nothing but hoodwink the Sinhalese people with their Mahinda Chinthanaya philosophy in a bid to call for urgent elections next year to get a majority in parliament. This would force Sinhalese civilians into great turmoil as their children, husbands and relatives would be enlisted into being actively involved in the conflict. The civilians would bear the brunt of Rajapaksa’s dream plan for Sri Lanka to fulfil his own personal ambitions. He has already made enough of his fortune off the deaths of innocent children on the island.

    Capturing the LTTE-held areas will never bring peace to the island. The only way for this conflict to end is for Sinhalese politicians to grant autonomy for the Tamils. The current situation will only lead the LTTE to gain further support from the Tamils and the IC. Finally, the LTTE would be regarded as freedom fighters and not terrorists, and this would contribute to the paving the way for the creation of an independent Tamil State. Until then, the LTTE should never stop its struggle for an independent Tamil Eelam knowing well that the government’s Mahinda Chinthanaya has helped to pave the way for this.

  116. It looks like efforts by LTTE goons in TN to intimidate the Hindu newspaper staff to tow their line seem to be having the opposite effect. Until Karunadhi tried his recent stunt at the behest of the LTTE, the Chennai-based Hindu and their sister publication, the Frontline Magazine were not pro-Mahinda Rajapakse in any sense. In fact they were fairly critical of the military gains and frequently highlighted bogus human rights problems. Now the tide has turned, and the Sri Lanka Govt has the largest English language daily in TN, and one of the best English language magazines in India, the Frontline, on their side. Wow ! What an accomplishment by President Rajapakse. The below article is an interview of President Rajapake by the editor of the Hindu.

    Friday, Oct 17, 2008

    Title: ‘I am committed to a political solution and ending Tamil civilian hardships’

    N. Ram

    Chennai: “I am firmly committed to a just and enduring political solution” to the Tamil question in Sri Lanka and “am clear that there are no military solutions to political questions,” President Mahinda Rajapaksa told me in a telephonic conversation from Colombo on Thursday morning.

    Addressing the humanitarian situation of displaced people and civilians affected by the military conflict in the Wanni, he reiterated that his government was doing its utmost to meet their essential needs: “We are sending them food. We are feeding the LTTE, in fact, we know that 70 per cent of the food sent by the government goes to them.”

    Going into some detail on the complexities of the situation, and certain problems that had cropped up in coordinating the relief work with United Nations agencies and international NGOs, Mr. Rajapaksa reiterated the assurance he recently gave to the All Party CoFront Page Printer Friendly Page Send this Article to a Friend

    ‘I am committed to political solution and ending Tamil civilian hardships’

    N. Ram

    Rajapaksa: I’ll sell it to the South after clearing LTTE-held territory nference that “all hardships faced temporarily by our brothers and sisters in the North will be brought to an end in a short time.”

    The Sri Lankan President, who has had discussions with High Commissioner Alok Prasad and adopted a conciliatory attitude, will be sending a special envoy to New Delhi in the near future to explain the overall situation and meet the concerns expressed by India in an October 6 demarche.

    As for the relationship between the ongoing successful military operations and the political solution, Mr. Rajapaksa made the point that the solution had to be given to the Tamil people, not to the LTTE: “What is the use of giving a solution to terrorists? They are not giving up terrorism.” As recently as October 11, in his address to the All Party Conference, the Sri Lankan President called on the LTTE “to lay down their arms and surrender and enter the democratic political process.”

    By all credible independent assessments, the LTTE has taken a battering as never before, faces a crisis of morale, and is confined to its strongholds in Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi districts. “As soon as we clear this territory,” Mr. Rajapaksa explained, “let the people [of the Northern Province] decide [in an election].”

    Mr. Rajapaksa pointed out that he had entrusted the All Party Representative Conference (APRC) with the task of evolving a consensus among political parties and democratic stakeholders in order to find an acceptable solution to the ethnic conflict. Such a solution could go beyond the 13th Amendment provided the parties could ensure a two-thirds majority in Parliament for the required changes to the Constitution.

    The 13th Amendment, the Sri Lankan President reminded political India, was what “India introduced to our Constitution.” It was not implemented earlier on account of “opposition in the South” but in the Eastern Province “we have shown we are interested in implementing it.” Elections were successfully held after all parts of the Province had been cleared of the LTTE’s military presence without any civilian casualties; he had appointed Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan as Chief Minister despite his being in a minority; and the new Chief Minister (a former LTTE child soldier) was “doing very well.” More than 1000 Tamil police officers had been recruited for the Eastern Province and some of them had been trained in India.

    President Rajapaksa expressed cautious optimism that once the LTTE-held areas in the North were cleared by the Sri Lankan security forces and the APRC came up with its final set of recommendations, “I will sell that to the South and implement it.” If it meant changes to the Constitution, he would need cooperation from the Opposition so that a two-thirds majority could be ensured.

  117. Yo Peter the LTTE Sakkiliya

    [Poor Asthiri got slammed at AsianTribune]

    So motherfcuker….this is a big deal for a coolie-boy like you uh? Did you just creep out out of your unwashed mother’s skirt to know this and then did you go and waker yourself in sheer glee – that someone slammed “Poor Asithri?”…. LMSSAO!!!

    Listen LTTE Sinna-podi Paraya…OaOA calls a spade a spade and it is quite expected by him that not all will agree with him. However, what’s different between the likes of OaOA pora from our proud Sri Lanka vs. your type of meek, shameless c-sucker, is that OaOA type will take a stand – whereas your type of c-sucker will bend in two and three and lick the very boot that kicks you! (e.g. like how your late Anton Bala the Paraballa did with the North “Hindians” asking for forgiveness for killing of RajivG )…

    So, what did OaOA do with the AT Administrator’s “slamming”…? Well, FYI, he posted the following just now in AT, in that same thread:
    [Dear AT Administrator:

    You said:

    [In the Asian Tribune Forum readers expect intellectuals to post comments. They don’t expect cheap swipes on those who hold opposite views. Stop using indecent language when posting comments. Your comment is deleted – Administrator]

    In my view, taking a “swipe” at someone (and I did it without profanity or “indecent language”) who is now doing everything possible to throw a lifeline to the LTTE terrorists of Sri Lanka, including by asking the Indian Govt. to invade Sri Lanka, is not “cheap” but rather a befitting retort and given that it was a news item that AT itself carried, I fail to see the reason for this admonishment.

    Additionally, although I am not affected or offended by your surprising insinuation that “only intellectuals” are expected to post in the Asian Tribune (yes, I have no qualms about it whatsoever as my own academic and professional standing today in one of the world’s leading economic giants speaks to my own convictions whether or not I am an “intellectual” and frankly that assessment alone is important to me) I must point out that your rather narrow view of what is considered “decent language” smacks of a pedantic, old-school dicta that simply is out of place with our 21st Century world today!

    I certainly would like to continue my membership in the Forum, but if you so choose to delete my membership on account of the above defense from me, then so be it!

    Scorpion aka OaO Asithri]
    Yo, LTTE coolie boy…go eat your heart out!


    OaO Asithri

  118. OAOA,

    you always have the patriots with you and we know you call a spade a spade no matter WHAT!

    never be disheartened mate.

    always be the MULTI BARREL ROCKET LAUNCHER that you are. there will always be targets.

    and my my...the targets will be in tatters!

  119. moshe said:
    suck-&-kill mentality

    Another good one.
    I wonder how many new words/phrases this blog has introduced to Tamiz culture.

    Just love it. :)

  120. Here's what I call LEADERSHIP!

    [Lanka not ready to order ceasefire: Rajapaksa, October 16, 2008.

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Thursday ruled out a ceasefire with the LTTE as demanded by Tamil Nadu politicians and vowed to continue the military offensive against the Tigers in the rebel stronghold of Kilinochchi.]

    Way to go Your Excellency, President MR! Kudos to you sire!

    Yes sire, you are showing the Tamil Nadu LTTE-supporting coolies that WE SHALL PREVAIL...We have prevailed over 2500 years of Tamil Nadu aggression against our Motherland and will continue to do so even if it takes FOREVER!

    Ranil the Ponna motherfcuker...hope you are listening...see how a "LEADER" must speak and act...yes, this is Leadership 101 for you I bet!


    OaO Asithri

  121. Moshey, thank matey....although OaOA is usually a lone-ranger, good to know you patriots are always around...!

    Yep, when the RM-70 shells starts to fly, wow, not even a bloody cockroach survives in a 2 acre radius! Speaking of which, a “source” told me that after a recent RM-70 down-pour in ,,,,, the boyz could not collect the dead LTTE carcasses intact as strangely, many had only the heads blow off (I guess when a 40-shell volley came in, the bastards/bitches ill-timed and poked their heads out of the trenches!)

    Way to go SLA!!!


    OaO Asithri

  122. //Lanka not ready to order ceasefire: Rajapaksa//

    Even strange; SL didn't sign the postphoned CEPA which was subject to JVP critisism of SL giving a blank check to India.

  123. //Vaiko's demands included the withdrawal of the radars supplied to the Sri Lanka Air Force..//

    Can some one tell this donkey that radars can not do genocide. It seems saiko thinks radar is killing tamiz.

    //Vaiko also indicated that the two sitting MDMK Members of Parliament would not hesitate to join the resignation campaign.//

    errr he has 2 members in 800+ members parliment. (0.25%)

  124. So, I was today talking to a patriot who lives in Canada and he told me that at the T-20 finals, some LTTE motherfcukers, in sheer frustration had shouted raw filth and had even spat at some of our Sinhela girls who were cheering the SL side. Can you fathom this patriots? Yes, can you believe it!!!

    These motherfcukers are the biggest bloody cowards…no, they would not do it with the Sinhela guy crowd at the match, but instead they went after some innocent girls for this attack!

    Shows what a brave lot these bastards are uh? Goes after females for attacks, but keeps away from the males!!!

    Just like how now the bloody cowards, after getting whacked from the SLDF, are putting pressure on TamilNadu to put pressure on Indian central govt. to halt the SLDF’s “liberation war” offensive – instead of standing up and fighting like the so called “braves” that they are supposed to be!

    More the reason why we must liquidate these MFs on burning tires soon!

    Anyway, I was told that at any future such event in Canada, these LTTE motherfcukers will have a surprise waiting for them – a surprise indeed it will be, I was told!

    OaO Asithri

  125. We all need to learn good & bad?

    Sadanand Menon: Who speaks on behalf of Lanka's Tamils?

    Sadanand Menon / New Delhi October 17, 2008, 0:56 IST

    The LTTE, by all accounts, seems to have been lassoed. The dreaded militant outfit fighting for an independent Tamil state within Sri Lanka, is said to be engaged in a last ditch battle from its encircled base in the Vanni region in Jaffna. The Lankan army claims to be a couple of kilometres short of the LTTE’s administrative headquarters in Kilinochchi.

    Reporters who have covered the decades-old nationality struggle in the island know that, in Jaffna, being a ‘couple of kilometres’ away really means nothing. The LTTE is the world’s deadliest deployer of World War-II vintage Claymore mines. Almost twenty years ago, the commander of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka, Lt Gen Harkirat Singh, had told reporters that after a 48-hour gun-battle, the IPKF would succeed in flushing a building across the road which had been occupied by LTTE snipers, but that to cross the road and occupy the building could take up to a week or more, as they would have mined every square inch of access to the building.

    So the din in Tamil Nadu the past days by political parties, many known to be fronts for the LTTE, for Indian intervention in Sri Lanka to prevent the “genocidal attack on the Tamil race” seem orchestrated by an invisible agency. The Centre has been served two-week’s notice to ensure a ceasefire on the island, failing which the all-party meeting chaired by Chief Minister Karunanidhi on October 14, has threatened that all 39 Lok Sabha MPs from the state would resign their seats.

    For at least a quarter of a century, crocodile tears over the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils has irrigated political arterial wells in Tamil Nadu and given heroic legitimacy to a section of its leaders who, otherwise, have no other constituency. MDMK’s Vaiko has, for long, built his political fortune in the name of speaking on behalf of Lanka’s Tamils. That he simultaneously bats for a ruthless and near-fascist organisation like the banned LTTE has not disturbed anyone in particular, as he continues to forge opportunist alliances with more mainstream parties.

    So too are the dubious claims to ‘Tamil interest’ expressed by one of the most undemocratic formations in Tamil politics is recent times, the PMK of Anbumani Ramadoss. Through the past twenty years of its growth, it has only exhibited caste sectarianism of the worst kind, so as to disqualify it from ever being able to speak on behalf of ‘Tamils’ as a whole.

    One has not come across any of these parties pleading the cause of a genuinely democratic political process in Sri Lanka, especially among the Tamils, which they consider their own undifferentiated constituency. Never once has the brutally militarist and supremacist ideology of the LTTE been questioned. The parties in Tamil Nadu have only obediently echoed what the master ventriloquist across the Palk Strait has made them repeat.

    While there can be no two opinions that Sri Lanka is today some sort of a rogue state and should be restrained from assaulting unarmed Tamil civilians, I am personally unable to categorise the move of the parties in Tamil Nadu, and the claims on behalf of Lankan Tamils, as anything but hypocritical, as I have been witness to one of the cruellest chapters in this saga which saw the marginalising, pauperisation and death of the almost 750,000 repatriates (people of Indian origin) from Sri Lanka during the ’70s and the ’80s.

    In two phases, under the Shastri-Sirimavo Pact of 1964 and the Indira-Sirimavo Pact of 1974, three-quarter of a million ‘stateless people’ of Sri Lanka — the descendents of the 19th and early 20th century indentured labourers to the tea plantations — were lock-stock-and barrel repatriated to Tamil Nadu in one of the most infamous instances of human engineering in recent times.

    The reception they had from fellow-Tamils was less than human. It has been documented that they were rapidly dispossessed of their meagre belongings. A few found ‘jobs’ in the exploitative special ‘rehabilitation’ schemes created by the state government. A conservative estimate by a fact-finding team surmised that at least 25% died within the first three years of landing in India, of starvation.

    It is a memory that cannot be erased. The claims now by Tamil Nadu’s parties on behalf of Lankan Tamils, rings hollow.

  126. Troops encircle Nachchikudha; LTTE on the verge losing Sea Tiger stronghold.

  127. Asithri,
    UNDER NO CONDITION must we respond to childish behavior from these canadian LTTE buffoons during matches because this is exactly what these buffoons expect us to do.It is their way of showing LORD GOD IC what "savages" we are and also destroying a happy event.Why should we for some LTTE di-ass-phora filth?If we rspond it reduces their frustration which is what we dont want..we want it to build up indefinitely till such time that these LTTE "Brave hearts" take the law into their own hands.

  128. Why this Tamil Nadhu Pressure now.

    When war Eelam war starts after LTTE broken ceasefire most of LTTE supporters thought that they would beat back SLA anytime even after collapsed of East…when that would not happen they thought monsoon rain would do….then Sri Lankan budget would do…then they thought planed suicide attacks would change the direction of the war ….once all that failed .. …when SLA just in front of LTTE door step…they need a help …
    It’s funny enough …In Tamil Nadhu thousand of people starving without food …no one cares …(according to Hunger Index) but they talking about Sri Lanka who are fighting against most ruthless terrorists in the world to establish democracy in the country….
    If TN politicians honestly want the peace or help to Tamils in Sri Lanka they must ask LTTE to allow Tamils to leave Killinochchi …This is just ball game to protect LTTE and to protect their political will …

    I hope GOSL will have power to stand against this political and Tamil chauvinism.

  129. Lankaputhra,
    We should not give a shit for indian politics..At this time however in order to keep good relations with the injuns we have to assist them with loads of "lip-service"..which they are expert at if history is any indicator to go by...

  130. Human chain protest against Sri Lankan ‘atrocities’


  131. UN to seek security steps before sending relief to Sri Lanka


  132. FACTBOX-India's role in Sri Lanka's civil war

    Oct. 17 (Reuters) - India this week criticised Sri Lanka's escalation of its war with the Tamil Tigers, after nearly 40 legislators told Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh they would quit parliament if he didn't stop the conflict in two weeks.

    Analysts say India's prior involvement in the 25-year-old Sri Lankan war rules out such an intervention, and will leave Sri Lanka free to prosecute a war it is confident of winning.

    Here are some facts about India's role in Sri Lanka:

    * Ethnic ties have bound southern India and Sri Lanka for more than two millennia. India is now home to more than 60 million of the world's 77 million Tamils, while about 4 million live in Sri Lanka. The Palk Strait, about 40 km (25 miles) wide at its narrowest point, is all that separates the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and northern Sri Lanka, traditionally the main Tamil area of the Indian Ocean island.

    * When war between Sri Lankan Tamils and the Sinhalese majority -- about three-fourth of Sri Lanka's 21 million people -- erupted in 1983, India under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took an active role. It hosted militant Tamil training camps in Tamil Nadu, from which the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) emerged as the most lethal group. India had both its national security and concerns about Pakistani, Chinese and United States influence in Sri Lanka in mind.

    * Historians say those concerns, plus India's growing desire to establish itself as a regional power, were behind a June 4, 1987, airdrop of relief supplies to the Tamil Tiger-held Jaffna Peninsula while it was under siege by the Sri Lankan army. Faced with the prospect of a direct Indian intervention, Sri Lankan President J.R. Jayewardene held talks with India that produced the July 29, 1987, Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. The LTTE, however, was excluded.

    * The deal, signed by Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Jayawardene, led to the deployment the following day of the Indian Peacekeeping Force (IPKF) to enforce a ceasefire. It eventually grew to almost 100,000 troops-strong.

    * But by October, relations between the Tigers and India fell apart, after Jayawardene threatened to redeploy the Sri Lankan army unless the IPKF took action against the LTTE. India agreed, and fighting with the LTTE erupted in full force. In January 1989, President Ranasinghe Premadasa -- elected on a platform to get the Indians out -- took power and in April gave the Indians three months to leave. He authorised a secret deal to supply the LTTE with weapons to fight the IPKF, according to a Presidential Commission report published after his death at the hands of an LTTE suicide bomber on May 1, 1993.

    * India withdrew in 1990, after Rajiv Gandhi's successor, V.P. Singh, deemed the plan a total failure that had alienated the Tamil constituency in India. More than 1,200 IPKF soldiers were killed and thousands were wounded in the mission.

    * A suicide bomber killed Gandhi on May 21, 1991, when he was campaigning for re-election in Tamil Nadu. An Indian Supreme Court ruling upheld the convictions of 26 people, including LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran, in the assassination. The Tigers have always denied it was them.

    * India since then has maintained a dual policy that urges Sri Lanka to reach a political deal to address Tamil grievances, while formally proscribing the LTTE as a terrorist group. Though few in Sri Lanka will talk about it, India does provide non-lethal military assistance to the government and has helped the Sri Lankan Navy intercept and destroy Tiger smuggling ships. Security experts say the Tigers continue to finance Tamil Nadu politicians and that the Tigers' gun and drug smuggling and other operations in and around Indian territory are viewed as a national security threat. (Writing by Bryson Hull in Colombo; Editing by Alex Richardson)

  133. Sri Lanka Navy initiates Agri-revival in Toppur in Eastern Province


  134. Saving Sri Lankan Tamils: destroy LTTE


  135. UN Food Convoy Resumes its Journey to Un-Cleared Areas


  136. ANALYSIS-India rumbles over Sri Lanka war, but to what end?


  137. A very happy event,
    The donation made by 2 sinhalese the "api whenuwen api" fund..Way to go gentlemen..way to go..especially at this time!!..say there are 2 singhalese belonging to the "Singhala buddist chauvenistic govt" living in LORD GOD IC!! which is reserved for LTTE EELAM di-ass-phora buffoons.whats happenning??

  138. Melamine in Lemon Puffs, Edna chocolate
    [TamilNet, Friday, 17 October 2008, 11:21 GMT]
    Sri Lanka's largest biscuit company, Ceylon Biscuits Limited, has ordered a recall of a popular biscuit, the Munchee Lemon Puff, after Swiss authorities found melamine traces in the product. The move comes amid an international health scare after milk tainted melamine, a poisonous substance used in the manufacture of plastic, led to the deaths of four children in China and made 53,000 thousand others sick. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has ordered a ban on the sale of Edna chocolate products, the BBC Sinhala service reported.

    Ceylon Biscuits said its decision to take its Munchee LemonPuff biscuits off shelves came "in the light of certain adverse news reports coming from overseas."

    Swiss authorities said Monday that they had found high concentrations of melamine in the cookies and have called on other European countries to withdraw the products from the market.

    Officials in the canton (state) of Geneva said tests also showed high melamine levels in Thai biscuits Milk Cookies S&P.

    Ceylon Biscuits says it does not use milk from China and its biscuits only contain milk products from Australia, Holland and Canada, the ABC radio in Australia reported Thursday.

    In Sri Lanka, melamine has been found in another product: the judiciary has issued an interim order against the distribution and selling of Edna chocolate products, the BBC Sinhala service, Sandeshaya, reported this week.

    The court order was issued after considering a petition by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) which said it is suspicious whether the company has used milk tainted with the toxic chemical.

    Colombo Additional Magistrate ordered the CAA to produce a report on its investigations on 28 October, Sandeshaya reported.

  139. Who in the right mind would want to hold hands with that orangutan Karuna Nidhi Kangaroo and his daughter Kamikaze Kangaroo. If you look closely, he does look like an orangutan, hair sticking out of his ears, orange dress, need I say more.

  140. Karuna faction overruns Pillayan's office
    [TamilNet, Friday, 17 October 2008, 11:42 GMT]
    The faction of the TMVP paramilitary, led by Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, alias Karuna, who was recently nominated by the Rajapaksa government as a national list MP, has overrun the main office of Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan, who was installed as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Provice by Mr. Rajapaksa. The attack on 'Theanakam office' in Koavinthan Road in Batticaloa city took place Friday around 12:30 p.m., initial reports said.

    Karuna's men have captured 13 Pillayan loyalists with T-56 assault rifles, according to initial reports.

  141. @No_Mess,

    BBC Sinhala goons sure do read this Blog it looks like. Some other LTTE bootlicker is also agitated by my post.

    Let me ask you a question bro; if you disagree with something in this blog would you give it more publicity or less? Not a trick question, no rocket science involved. Any sensible person with a single grey cell would NOT give it more publicity by re-posting the complete item in its entirety on the Blog, would they? But some imbecile clearly thinks otherwise – just like stupid LTTE mentality.

    I want the repeat post to stay on the Blog because it would give more circulation to my statement as well as display the idiocy of the LTTE diaspora. Let’s see if the stupid post would disappear “removed by the author” just like the BBC Sinhala did to their article after reading your post.

  142. hely Puli

    tamil di-as-pora all must be in hell by now b'cose they all love munchee...


  143. can anyone in Canada please tell me...
    all those supporters we saw on TV for T20 cup only sinhalese or including educlated tamils too?

  144. @ Srilankan,

    I acknowledge your kind comment, cheers.

    As you say the country is at war with “ of the most ruthless terrorist organisations in the world…!” During the world wars, Germans who lived in allied countries were treated with suspicion and had to undergo difficulties that prevailed at the time. No need to go that far in history, just a couple of years ago an innocent, unarmed Brazilian man who the police thought looked like an Islamic terrorist was shot to death in a public place by the government authorities. This was done in the name of “War against Terror” to protect the public. No one has been charged with murder or even manslaughter, no one has accepted responsibility. This is accepted as part of running the country in a hostile time period with imminent terrorist threats. No, this is not some 3rd world banana republic I am talking about; this is the United Kingdom of Great Britain!

    Sri Lanka MUST continue to arrest suspects, whether they are Tamil, Sinhala or any other race, to protect innocent civilians from being murdered senselessly. Suicide bombing is a radical way to create carnage and the countermeasures would therefore need to be radical too. Ask the UK Metropolitan Police.

    If the LTTE are truly concerned for the Tamils in Sri Lanka they would have stopped their aggression a long time ago, they would not have walked out of so many attempts by the GOSL to talk/negotiate a settlement, they would have been willing to compromise.

    Too late now. We have passed the point of no return and the people of Pukka Land will not stop till all 25,332 sq miles of Sri Lanka are restored to be the rightful homeland for all its peoples.


  145. Blogger Moshe Dyan said...

    welcome back lkdood!

    Hi Moshe Dyan

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. UPDATE:

    In a clear warning to Colombo, Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said the Indian government would ‘do all in its power to achieve this goal and to ameliorate the humanitarian conditions in Sri Lanka’.


  148. Get ready for a parippu and rice drop. I personally prefer if it is a buriyani and mutton curry drop.

  149. We should continue the Vanni offensive despite TN protests.

    - Rukman, SB

    Well done sirs.

    Mother Lanka really need a strong opposition with patriotic leaders.

  150. Why don't we ask India to provide facilities to transport civilians trapped in LPPE grip?

  151. @ Asithri,

    You have the ability to support your persuasions in a logical and sensible manner. You are able to articulate in no uncertain terms what you believe and why you believe it. With OaO Asithri what you see is what you get. That demands respect from friend and foe alike; whether one agrees with you or not.

    You may be a Lone Ranger but he too needs a bit of support from Tonto from time to time. Amongst others in this Blog I am in full support of you (though I do have major differences of opinion in the linguistics department) and watch with glee how you bash the bottoms of the senseless LTTE “maggies”. . . in your own way (while I and others in the Blog do the same in our different ways). We are all in this together and we will celebrate the fall of this fascist LTTE menace which plagued our nation for 25 years.

  152. India asks Sri Lanka to stop military offensive against Tamils


  153. Tamil Nadu stand on Lanka could endanger India unity: Newspaper


  154. @MZ,

    In my opinion, the Indians have to “say” something to keep everyone happy. So I am not surprised. It is a bit like NATO, (No Action Talk Only) Push comes to shove, they may even “do” something (like a parippu drop)l to convince they mean what they say. But under the surface they want GOSL to wipe the LTTE out.

    Sorry brother, the Indians may drop PORK buriyani because pork is cheaper and there are no muslims in Vanni after VP ethnically cleansed the area sparing no mosque...

  155. Sri Lanka seeks to avoid spat with India over military drive


  156. today or tommorrow ltte may launch air attack on our troops FDL


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