Monday, October 27, 2008

Army to deploy Task Force 3 to Wanni battlefront

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) will soon deploy Task Force 3 (TF3) to the Wanni theater of battle which is getting heated up by the day. TF3, which is raised with both offensive and defensive capabilities in mind, will mostly likely be deployed in areas recaptured recaptured by the army’s 57 and 58 divisions. Deployment of TF3 will no doubt increase SLA’s ability to defend a possible LTTE counterattack similar to the unceasing waves.

Meanwhile the operations to capture Kilinochchi and other areas are continuing at a slower pace, partly due to torrential rains and due to heavy resistance from the tigers.


Image: Transportation of supplies to the frontline and casualty evacuation have become difficult due to torrential rains

Despite the bad weather, soldiers are determined to continue their advance, even at a slower pace. Fighting erupted yesterday (26th) north of Akkarayankulam, Adampamudai, Kalmadu in Kilinochchi (58 division), general area Kokavil (57 division) and north of Andankulam in Mullaithiv (59 division). Increased CS gas attacks by LTTE on advancing troops could be observed in the past two weeks, specially on Kilinochchi front. More than 50 soldiers were affected by these attacks and around 20 had to be hospitalized for further treatment. There were however no deaths from gas attacks, contrary some media claims.

Meanwhile military intelligence believes that senior LTTE leader Bhanu suffered minor injuries when his based in Kilinochchi was hit by SLA fired artillery shells yesterday (26th). At least 5 other LTTE cadres are believed to be injured as well. This report however is not confirmed as of yet.


  1. Yes it is good to keep up the pressure and not give the LTTE any respite, any breathing space to regroup.


    With most of their supply routes blocked and their floating warehouses sunk, how is it that they are able to sustain a siginificant level of resistance in terms of arms and ammunition? Your informed response would be most enlightening.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. @ Kevin, Perein, MZ,

    How is it possible that in the UK the LTTE front organisations could meet and hold meetings so freely? Is the HC doing anything to highlight to the UK authorities the forthcoming LTTE event on the 27th Nov?

    I hear that any promoting or glorification of terrorism is a criminal offence in the UK? People are not allowed to display a "swastika" (the Nazi symbol) or pictures of terror leaders such as Bin Laden. How come the authorities allow VP's visage/speeches, LTTE flags and other propaganda/glorification of LTTE to be displayed publicly and via satellite TV channels? Are the LTTE exploiting some sort of legal loop-hole in the UK or is it just the apathy/ignorance of the UK authorities they are capitalising on?

    If it the latter, then the Sri Lanka HC in London has the arduous duty of giving a good "kick up the backside" of UK authorities to wake up and change the double standards they are displaying towards this banned terrorist organisation. They must do everything to stop LTTE Satellite channels being broadcast to UK and stop or minimise any organised LTTE activities on its soil.

  3. they will have huge stores of arms and ammo piled during ceasefire period.

    Also they will still be getting small shipments from Indian warehouses.

    Also don't forget that a lot of LTTE ordnance is made in Vanni

    Also LTTE doesn't fire as much as army during battles.

    Even to fire an rpg shell, permission must be obtained from higher command.

  4. if SLA really wants to remove LTTE's fightiing strength then stop sending kerosene to Vanni.

    Almost all the petrol engines for motorbikes, generators, tractors e.t.c is being run on kerosene.

    Remove the fuel and attack the fuel dumps.

    Then they can't move large number of cadres and earth moving equipments for building bunds and trenches.

  5. At least LTTE cadres have Bata slippers. Look at the poor Sinhala chaps on the photo; they are barefoot.

  6. P L
    I will e mail you about the situation in UK.

  7. peter ponnadurai the LTTE terrorist,

    No shoes for SLA soldiers?

    India has already declared that they will support the elimination of LTTE and your last hope Karunanidhi has pledged not to destabilize India on behalf of LTTE terrorists. To make things better, SLA will deploy the new 63rd division to support 57 and 58 in the moment the latter have gone beyond the stupid wall of Peelam.

    As a result, we don't expect anything less than wailing from an arrogant LTTE buffoon terrorist like you in this moment.

  8. DN,

    thanks for the update.

    this photo appeared in many sites. appeared in MOD a long time ago. i recon it is not a good idea to publish these in the first instance.

    why should we show our vunerabilities. tigers are also suffering but not as us bcos they use lesser number of heavy equipment.

    we know the terrain advantage to the defender and the terrain is known very well by the LTTE. we should not give any more credit to them, me thinks.

  9. Sinhala stupidity at its best !!!

    Bodu Bala Sena to teach a lesson to Indian imperialists that they would never forget even for another hundred years! click here

    1. We need to deal with Indian center 'diplomatically'.
    2. This kind of protest in front of Indian high commision, against Indian cenrer is not good.
    3. WHoever protest first need to seperate Indian center and TN. Even in TN you need to seperate pro-LTTE elements, anti-LTTE elements, tamil racists and neutral people/ parties.
    4. Indian intervention is agains all Sri Lankans. Any protest should be from Sri Lankans; including sinhala, tamil, muslim, buddhist, hindu, cathalic, leftist, capitalist ect all.
    5. I highly suspect JHU/JVP was handled by RAW.

    Climate has changed from 88 to 08 drastically in India regarding SL. This kind of stupid protests will only help pro-LTTE elements to presarise the center to diviate from Colombo. It is ok to show support for president but we should not critisise Indian center directly.

    I saw TMVP held protest against TN. It is said they were under pressure from MR. That's the way to go. MR should use TMVP/EPDP etc to protest against TN. At the same time MR should consider paying some money to JHU/JVP just to stay home and not to protest.

  10. DN

    Contrary to you, when you said SLA progress slowly, I think after passing the trench they advance kind of speedy.!!

    Also, can you give casualties as GSL don't give any.

  11. Thanks for the update. If the policy of not crossing the A9 continues I guess that TF3 will be placed along it like TF2. This would presumably free the troops from the 57th now stationed along it.

    The big question is the two offensive divisions in Jaffna.

  12. ninja,

    I agree totally with you on "Bodu Bala Sena." This is idiotic. However, this is only a minority who does not represent the views of southern masses. Either way, they need to leave foreign relations to the elected government.

  13. Nija
    You are spot on! JHU and the other lot shouldn’t have protested outside the Indian high Commission. As you mentioned it should have been a multiethnic or a pure Tamil protest would have strengthen the hand of the central government of India. India is in a precarious situation where terrorist lobby representing nearly 65million Tamils are breathing down the neck of that country and it’s leaders. India will never help these terrorists and we must help them and give them strength and reason to deal with these roguish tiger lobby in TN.One must remember the average Tamil in Tamil Nadhu does not bother about our problems and neither will they ever support these terrorists.

  14. Even in the height of tamilnadu involvements almost two decades ago (before teh gandhi killing) there were never more than 20-30,000 people supporting the LTTe in South Indian agitations.

    In one which consisted maybe 5,000 low income nattamis who joined in for a meal packet and Rs.10 (which was a big deal those days for half a day's effort), the media reported it as a major event. They walked down a main street shouting slogans and headed towards a ebach from which these idiots were threatening to launch boats to invade SL. Obviously as pre-planned, the TN police appears from somewhere and sends everyone home, and arrests Vaiko and a few others who are later released after tea and buiscuts in the police station.
    They are playing the same creaky old record again.

  15. SamP and Kevin

    Yep. We know they are < 1% extreme group. But when it goes to media pro-LTTE BBC,AFP etc will report as they like; "Sinhala party backing Rajapakse condemn India...". Then other int. media follow them.

    What we need to do is help Indian center to help us. This kind of acts exactly do the opposite. Even if center want to help us this will force them to think twice.

    I guess situation is similar even in TN. Vaiko, Ramdos, Nadumaran etc are < 1% parties. But media helped them to become like 100% of TN.


    There are two claims.

    1) India created LTTE to keep SL under their control. Thus even now India don't want LTTE to be annihilated. They rather prefer GSL and LTTE both esixt under their control. And it is the center/RAW who use/let TN against GSL.

    2) If India helped SL to annihilate LTTE, after that SL don't need India. SL will open the door to China and any other big powers in the world. Thus India will get nothing or even a threat if SL ends the war. Thus India should not support GSL.

    I don't know which one is true. But no matter what above kind of protests only make things worse for SL, make MR/GSL weaker and put India/RAW in a commanding position over SL.

  16. Kaati,

    "if SLA really wants to remove LTTE's fightiing strength then stop sending kerosene to Vanni."

    That will never work. If we cut the kerosene then the LTTE jackasses like Shart and Petey Ratnadildo will start crying about genocide. Then again they're crying about that right now so perhaps it won't make any difference. We'll have to see whether Mahinda takes that step. The Tamils in the Wanni will suffer more, but if it makes the war end sooner then it might be worth it.

  17. Another man is destined to be in garbage bins of Sri Lankan history. His name is Vajira Abeywardena and below is an excerpt of what he says from Island.

    "Asserting that problems couldn’t be solved by military means, UNP MP Vajira Abeywardena recently attacked the ongoing military campaign against the LTTE. The Galle district MP emphasised that wars wouldn’t produce any winners. Addressing a public gathering at Kaduruduwa Methodist Church, at Akmeemana, he said that only idiots and lunatics would believe in a military victory."

    Very recently, he joined the other UNP spineless monkeys like Ranil Wickramasinghe, Lakshman Kiriella, Jayalath Jayawardena, Oneshot Ramanayake on this untowardly behavior. One time these monkeys challanges our forces to attack Kilinochchi saying that any donkey can take Thoppigala. Now when our boys are at the door steps of Kilinochchi, they are trying to demoralize our forces. It is proven over and over by the public in Sri Lanka that the monkeys like this is the minority. Either they learn the lesson and mend their ways or the people of south will vote him to oblivion. Anyway, Vajira Abewardena is another man destined to be in the unamrked graves reserved for traitors of Sri Lanka. I want to make it my personal quest to defeat these monkeys in the next election, regardless of the party they contest. When will these idiots and lunatics learn that LTTE run by Prabakaran will never settle for anything less than Eelam?

  18. Dear Shart,

    "As in Jaysikrui, several hundreds of SLA falling like cow dung near Tiger lines despite copcat tactics of Tigers."

    Actually the current war bears little resemblance to Jayasikurui. The SLA is not advancing along a predictable route (A-9 road) and more importantly it is not having problems with recruitment like it did during JS. That means that for every soldier who gets killed, there are 20 more to take his place.

    How is recruitment in Eelam doing these days? Why do you duck away from this simple question my little Shartey?

    "But you are dealing with the teaches when you deal with the tigers...who have adapted to all forms of new tactics by the SLA..unfortunatley for [(YOU)]."

    Actually it is unfortunate for the LTTE that it is not adapting to the SLA in the current fighting. Senior LTTE leaders have to cower in bunkers and not see how badly the fighting is going out of fear of the LRRPs. If you want to shart that the LTTE has new tactics, you'll have to back it up with more solid (ahem) evidence.

    "however you can depend on the foolishness of the new SLA recruits who aren't afraid like the generals and battle-hardened soldiers who have experienced the brutality of the tactics and skills of the Tigers."

    If there's one thing that Fonseka has demonstrated, it is that he is not afraid of the LTTE.

    "Unless you haven't realised it... Tigers are still on the "defensive" and carrying out defensive counter attacks."

    Wrong- the LTTE is not conducting any sort of useful counterattack. Read the following excellent analysis by the Long Ranger:

    Counterstrike: The last gamble of the Tamil Tigers

    When Operation Jayasikurui was inching ahead along the A9 with heavy casualties the Tamil Tigers prior to recommencing their ceaseless waves series of attacks, carried out a series of six devastating counterattacks on SLA defences. These operations were less known since they did not involve holding land, but to incur maximum damage to the foe and to stall the main advance and drive the focus of the battleplanners away from their main objective.

    When SLAF for the last 6 years have slowly increasing its capabilities to counter mass waves of Tamil Tigers and its support fire, so has the SLA with almost triple the amount of artillery assets and fire locating radars than it previously had during the late 1990s and early 2000. The most notable of the additional assets has been the RM-70 MBRL with its superior rate of fire it can suppress enemy fire and movement for a considerable period. The lack of any successful military campaign since the capture of EPS in early 2000 especially the battles to capture Jaffna in September 2000 and August 2006 speaks great volumes of the effectiveness of the new fire power of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

    The other dimension to the Tamil Tiger failure on such a counterattack has been its lack of leadership and SLA's pursuit of eliminating key Tamil Tiger field operatives.
    Not all commanders have the ability to lanch a counterattack battleplan. As much as a commander that leads an offensive into enemy territory needs to be dynamic and bold, the commander who launches the counter strike needs to be even more dynamic and even more bolder often because he himself has just suffered a defeat and he’s just got to take on an enemy that’s just won a victory and exploit a certain success that might not be eagerly apparent to him. What he needs to do is to move quickly, he needs to be fast and above all, he needs to throw caution to the wind. With the Tamil Tigers losing its premier commanders with the likes of renegade Karuna, Balraj, Charles, Thamil Chelvan etc it is unlikely that the replacements will be able to emulate and deliver the same dynamic bold feats and charisma of these late commanders.

    "Sadly, you just don't know what is impending...."

    Looking at what you write, you don't appear to know what is impending either!

  19. The pay-off worked in Tnadu.

    The monkeys just wanted more banana.

    No matter what the Sl tamil lunatci fringe threatens with Tnadu consequences, none of it is real. Prez Mahinda figured that out quite well, though even among the local tamil population there are people who still think the Indian tamils really care about them. The Indians don't care enough about the millions without drinking water and the thousands who die each year due to poor hygene related desease.

  20. If you watch the "new" rhetoric, the difference is unmistakable.

    Even the US Ambassador says 'a military victory is VERY Difficult" ...but not 'impossible'.

    THe guys who said impossible have now gone back to cleaning salmon left-overs from more successful diplomats dining tables in Oslo.

    It is do-able, perhaps difficult, and needs to be done.


  21. sam,

    "I want to make it my personal quest to defeat these monkeys in the next election, regardless of the party they contest."

    love to be part of it.

  22. Sam and tropical storm,
    Yesterday I was very critical of the US Ambassador’s comment but on the second thought could it be that he knows something that we don’t know. Perhaps it is ‘not impossible defeat the tigers with the weapons that the Americans posses while our less sophisticated army could not. Americans and the Israelis are sophisticated enough to know the strength of the parties in conflict due to their sophisticated intelligence gathering.
    I am a bit sceptical about the victories we have claimed to have had. No doubt we have gained a lot of land areas of the terrorist without diminishing their manpower or capturing their weapons after a battle. Recently overrun bunkers resulted in no more than a dozen of dead tigers and do we expect them to carry their dead to their lines at the back when helicopter gunships are in persuit?We hardly captured any combatants dead or alive after overrunning the siege in Madhu.did the tigers vanish into thin air?
    During the fight at toppigala we saw some of them as many as two dozens escaping along the main road from manampitya to mayangana,saw no roadblocks or sign of our security forces. Could it be that there will be a real battle in future where these escaped ones will come into reckoning? Are we prepared for a major battle in near future with their hardcore still intact? Perhaps a series of attacks in the south like in the harbour and KAB possible? I think it’s too unwise to lower the guard or claim victory and to underestimate the capability of these conniving tigers. If some one in a party says that it not possible then he could treacherous, ignorant, stupid or even knowledgeable enough to talk their mind and in a free society I am sure they are free to say and we must be good listeners as well and judge to ourselves by facing the true reality and facts as we see.

  23. Food to hoodwink, war to continue
    [TamilNet, Monday, 27 October 2008, 01:00 GMT]
    The voice of Tamil Nadu people has certainly shaken the power centres of India, but what they really heard or orchestrated was the US ambassador's voice. The establishments are not prepared to change course immediately either on stopping war and military assistance to Colombo or on coming out with meaningful political solutions to Eezham Tamils, but rather the 'machinations' are to bring in a wedge between the suffering people and their fighters, said a Colombo based political analyst

    Best part here is "Colombo based political analyst".

  24. aney taminut ekata giya kala

  25. kevin,

    By no means this will be over after completion of territorial control in Sri Lanka. That is when the real game starts for our SF, LRRP, and MI. Anyway, we need to achieve political and economical stability first. That is where the current phase of war is significant. Along with this phase, we need to introduce ways to devolve power in a decent way. In that way, we should be able to break the will of LTTE to fight by removing the perceived cause for fighting. It is very naive assume that LTTE will be gone after a few years, this will take at least another 20 years for complete turnoff. As I mentioned over and over, we need lots of Tamils in our forces for this to work. Concurrently we should improve our MI, SF, and Commandos, Navy SBS, RABS etc as pre-emptive stike forces against remaining LTTE. e may even have to design a new counter terrorism task force. The three key words here are intelligence, intelligence, and intelligence. While we improve the above mentioned units, we should improve conventional forces also expecting foreign interventions. In a world of scarce resources, we have to prepare ourselves for next threat. Our first and foremost ally is India. We should not do anything against India's national interests for the reasons that Instabilities in India can be our too. However, we should counter any one track Indians with our great friends in the region, China and Pakistan.

    Steps in summary:

    1) Reduction of LTTE conventional forces (currently happening)
    2) Introduction of decent power devolution
    3) More Tamils in our forces
    4) Vastly improve our special units to preempt any further buildups of LTTE or a derivative.
    5) Improve our conventional forces to counter foreign threats.
    6) Improve our relationship with India and don't hurt India.
    7) Maintain/improve our relationships with China and Paksitan always.

    One more thing, Pakistan is one of our very loyal friends. Don't even dream of giving the finger to them. They have helped us in many difficult moments and we should return the favor whenever we can.

    As for Robert Blake, he used the most inappropriate venue to express his views.

  26. Guys,

    Any of you have any idea about this news?

    "T'Nadu 'Liberation Tiger cubs' fighting in north in support of LTTE"

  27. G~u~s

    TNadu obviously was gearing up for their own insurrection, once the north of SL was made into a base under the control of the LTTE. Seperation has always been on the cards and the proof is now quite obvious.

    Also obvious is that none of these guys are a match for our boys. That must be a major itch in the crotch for the whiny LTTE and Tnadu bitches.

  28. All Patriots,

    Please sign this petition against LTTE covert acts to get help from Barak Obama,


  29. Food to hoodwink, war to continue

    dear tamilnet, this was the idea anyway.

    now who is screwed, SL, india, tamil nadu, tamil ppl or the LTTE?????

    rajapakse brothers flicked the tamilnadu delivery over the boundary for SIX!!

  30. Two people who deserve recognition for working to get advanced training and arms for SLDF before the fighting started were the former US ambassador Ashley Wills and our own Milinda Moragoda.

    This foresight is bearing fruit today in spectacular form. Amb Wills described the training and re-structuring of SLDF as 'capability that will put SLG at a decisive advantage'. No sht!

  31. Of all the hot chicks in his school here in the US, my teenage son has the hots for a tamil girl from SL...

    Life has a way of teaching everyone a hard lesson, and this looks like my one for being a racist.

    At least her dad drinks and mom has bouncies under her shirt and nice rear view....

  32. //Best part here is "Colombo based political analyst".//

    //rajapakse brothers flicked the tamilnadu delivery over the boundary for SIX!!//

    huk huk ha

  33. #Beating the odds in silence - Heroes for ever
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  34. [Just wanted to answer your comment Bahirav. I believe you thought I'm making a fortune out of this. Anyways I appreciate your comment and thanks for reading my blog.]

    Defence column,

    No worries mate. I was just curious that why someone is posting links religiously. If I get a chance, I will click your links.


  35. If anyone want to partner with me for creating a state of art web site which will feature anything about Sri Lanka, plz let me know. The website will be created on sharepoint.


  36. Pakka-Lanka said...

    With most of their supply routes blocked and their floating warehouses sunk, how is it that they are able to sustain a siginificant level of resistance in terms of arms and ammunition? Your informed response would be most enlightening.

    ANS: SLA gives it to them and runs away to wash their spoiled pants.
    hhhaaahahh hi hi hi hak hak puff!

    TropicalStorm said...
    This foresight is bearing fruit today in spectacular form. Amb Wills described the training and re-structuring of SLDF as 'capability that will put SLG at a decisive advantage'. No sht!

    - Same thing said by US military experts about Elephant Pass defence of SLA. - NO SHIT INDEED!!
    hhhaaahahh hi hi hi hak hak puff!

    you funny little turdy scumbags.....


  37. bloodyrav,

    i sent you an email with unpublished pix about 15-20 years old for your website.

    but you will find better pix at


    Over here.....

  39. #US Ambassador’s perspective on Sri Lankan ethnic conflict
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    #A scorching love affair
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    #India should lift ban on LTTE, says Prabhakaran
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    #Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanithy should urge LTTE to release innocent civilians detained by force in areas under their control
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  40. Prabakaran said..

    "Jayalalitha had also voiced her support. But, if she has changed her stand now, what could we say about it," he said replying to a query."

    Now what were the thoughts ringing in his head while his mouth said this???

    .... I'll bloody send a suicide bomber to finish you off and teach a lesson not to disobey me Jayalalitha!.....

  41. Again Prabhakaran said

    "We do not carry out attacks on innocent Sinhala civilians."

    over here....

    Aaaaaahhh haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa!!!
    Buwaha ha ha haaaaaaaa haaaa!!
    Uhuuhaaa haa haaa haa a a a aa aaaaaargh!!!
    Help I am dying of laughter!

  42. Dear patriots,

    Please let me know how I can donate Bata slippers to the brave lion hearts on the photo.


  43. I think Sri Lankan LTTE sympathizers never understood the Tamil Nadu factor. If you talk to moderate educated Tamil who enjoyed and integrated with Sinhalese he or she will tell you the difference between Tamil Nadu Tamils & Sri Lankan Tamils. This is what LTTE got wrong. The fact is, on going war made VP isolated and what he needs now is to find a way to escape present situation and live some more years. The truth is Sri Lankan Tamils always enjoyed high standards of life (Education, social and cultural) than they are in Tamil Nadu. The war dragged whole country back for 20-30 years or more. Because of Black July in 83 Tamil extremism grabbed moderate hearts and minds for their cause and made whole country bloody war which made country so poor and helpless. Also Sri Lankan Tamils (moderate) must encourage their people to integrate with other people in Sri Lanka. In the same time we GOSL must see proper devolution of power with northern & eastern Tamils. Tamil Nadu will never genuinely help Sri Lankan Tamils also India will never allow Eelam in Sri Lanka either.
    Fortunately for Sri Lankan and unfortunately for VP, Kauranidhi’s political stunt is over again and will resume soon with different label.

  44. "Please let me know how I can donate Bata slippers to the brave lion hearts on the photo."

    dear peter,

    please send your female family members each carrying a box full of slippers. sla is sooooo desperate that they don't mind bata or anyother brand.

    thankk you for the offer. you are a true son of mother tamilelam.

  45. lankaputra,

    vezapillai knows this and all SL tamils know this.

    why vezapillai got their help was bcos he is so desperate. mark my word, TN will not be the last.

    depending on his level of desperation he may even join with islamic terrorists, SL politicians, etc.

  46. @ Kevin,

    Thanks for the emails. I have replied.

    @ Katti,

    Thanks for the useful info.

  47. pakka-lanka,
    Re:your first comment.It ALL about votes!!.votes,votes and even more votes!!...There is only one way to really hurt these LTTE supporting di-ass-phora buffoons.(Our fight is not with the peace loving tamil people).That is education.We need to cultivate good relations with everyone who wants to be our friend.Seems to work between india-pakistan-china doesn't it?.What do you think indiaaaaahhhh would do if we were at odds with most of the neighbouring countries around us.??
    Best of luck to you and your family.
    It is nice to read your posts bro..always..i am pretty busy these days.
    May GOD lead our forces to victory with minimimum loss of brave lives from this LTTE filth which has monopolized our country for the past 30 yrs.

  48. @ Srilankan,

    Thanks for the response. If you have more info, please feel free to email me. The address is in my profile. Thanks.

  49. High drama ended this way! What a joke
    Just like Koolywwod film !

    DMK drops Sri Lanka resignation threat
    By S. Murari
    CHENNAI (Reuters) - The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), a key government ally, has withdrawn a threat to stop supporting the coalition over the escalating conflict in Sri Lanka, Minister of External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee said on Sunday.
    Mukherjee was given reassurances by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi whose ruling party had threatened to pull out in protest against the Sri Lankan government's intensifying offensive against the LTTE.
    "The Chief Minister assured me that he will not precipitate any crisis in the UPA government," Mukherjee said.
    Withdrawal of support could have forced a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government, ahead of elections due in 2009.
    Mukherjee flew to Chennai from New Delhi to brief Chief Minister about his earlier discussions with Sri Lankan special envoy Basil Rajapaksa.
    Karunanidhi's DMK has demanded a ceasefire between the Sri Lankan government forces and the LTTE, a militant group that has been fighting for a separate Tamil homeland since 1983.
    Mukherjee called for patience, and ruled out any Indian involvement in solving the conflict, which the government says must be solved through dialogue.
    "The problems, which are continuing for more than several decades, are not expected to be solved within a few weeks," he said.
    n talks with the Sri Lankan envoy, Mukherjee stressed the need for an immediate "real devolution of power" for Tamils in areas cleared of the LTTE as a confidence-building measure.
    Mukherjee said the Sri Lankan government had promised to give aid relief to an estimated 200,000 displaced Tamils, and said the Indian federal government would provide 800 tonnes of relief materials as well.
    The escalating war in Sri Lanka has roiled Indian politics and prompted heated diplomatic exchanges between the neighbouring states.
    Hundreds of Tamils marched in the streets of Chennai on Friday in a protest organised by the DMK, while two Tamil politicians were arrested on Thursday by the Indian police for speaking publicly in support of the LTTE rebels.
    Experts had described the threats to resign as political posturing.

  50. kaati,

    there are many ways to stop the tigers using kerosene.
    as some others pointed out,not sending kerosene will be viewed with a humanitarian spin on it.
    solution is simple-- dilute with diesel.
    this is guaranteed to fuck up any and all engines that use kerosene for good.
    i think its high time, MI looked into active sabotage of their assets.

  51. Looks only the Orangutan's daughter Kamikaze committed political suicide, no other MP resigned, she is not likely to win that seat again!

  52. Spontaneous Combustion – is this Velu’s fate?

    My late grandma used to scare me with all sorts of things when I indulged in naughty things to cause unbearable mischief. For instance, I may use a pencil for secondary purposes while showing contempt for its primary use - the drawing; I used to stab my contemporaries, whoever were unfortunate enough to sit next to me, until he showed some signs of pain, before I gave up in fear of consequences or an overly-alert older folk twisted my ears.

    When I used to get caught in mischief-making, very often red-handed, I often lied about my involvement in the offence, but to no avail. But I kept doing the same during my early junior phase of my earthly existence.

    For instance, I may hurl a stone at a hapless stray dog until it makes a pathetically feeble single noise – buk – to attract the wrath of my pious grandma in ear-piercing decibels.

    According to her analysis, I committed two sins: the act against a defenceless animal and the denial of the obvious.

    The latter, the denial or blatant lying, was her focus of attention. She hated lying and being lied to. The consequence, she warned, would be that the earth would split up to drag the offender to the burning lake of hell. In actual fact, what she said was not her own invention; on the contrary, something handed down the generations as a form of gospel truth.

    The earth splits up during earth quakes, even if it is a minor one. People get burnt in an inexplicable ways during a strange phenomenon called the spontaneous combustion; it happens suddenly and the hapless folk just evaporates leaving a heap of ash. So, there is some truth in what my grandma says, although statistically speaking, it happens very rarely.

    All that happened during a time when I used to go under the bed when thunder occurs while enjoying the brilliant light that precedes – an act that I found out as sheer stupidity after mastering physics.

    When I looked at yesterday’s news, one thing puzzled me to the core; a grown-up man in his early fifties has just started doing exactly what I used to do in my pant-wetting days. He is none other than our love-or-loathe Velupillai.

    Velupillai started doing exactly what I used to do, ages ago. He denied the killing of Sinhalese civilians – and he wants us to believe it. He even went further, outsmarting toddler Qrious; he denied even suicide bombings. He didn’t stop at that: he kept denying all the wrongdoings attributed to his enviably humane organization, the LTTE: he didn’t kill Rajiv nor did he kill Premadasa; he didn’t kill Neelan Thiruchelvam nor did he kill Amirthalingham. Was partial spontaneous combustion staring at this man?

    People have been unfairly tarnishing this man’s image by attributing killings to his name. What a mistake! What an injustice!!

    It was reported that he conducted a very strange interview; an interview by email. During all these years in my IT career, this is the first time, did I hear something like this.

    An interview by email creates the exactly the same chilly feeling, when you have a shower wearing a rain coat. It is very funny indeed.

    Velupillai is funny, anyway. The man who offers his subordinates the rank of Brigadier following the death, when the size of that particular army shrinks to a few hundred is, in fact, notoriously funny.

    His motive to replace terror with humour is a mystery; we have to be on our guard, folks. Has he got a few tips across the Palk Straits from his movie contacts on the other side?

    An eminent astrologer has recently said his death will occur in November, but not necessarily by the bombs of the Sri Lankan army. He could be right.

    Velupillai has started lying under his breath as never before. Is he paving the way for spontaneous combustion? It may be the case.

    If the seismograph of the meteorological department in Colombo records a minor tremor – may be 3 to 4 on the Richter’s Scale – in November, it will indicate a gap created between two tectonic plates to take Velupillai to his favourite destination that he had been modelling on earth – the hell.

    If he experiences the spontaneous combustion before that, he can congratulate or salute himself before that, for being very lucky – for postponing the eternal torture for another day.

  53. can anyone explain why SLAF halted Air attacks/raids???

  54. San,

    The weather is not good for bombing runs for Kfirs and MiGs. Mi-24s are providing close air support on a daily basis but not much is being said about these missions due to operational reasons.

  55. #India and the weather slow down troops
    Click Here
    #Troops continue to dominate north of Akkarayankulam- Kilinochchi
    Click Here
    #Troops stick to the mission; offensive march kept on - Kilinochchi
    Click Here
    #Troops dislodge more terror bunkers in continued counter terror offensives - Mullaittiuvu
    Click Here


  56. According to SF @ LNP, over 80 valient SLA men were perished while LTTE losses were 140.

    He says the battles at Akkarayankulama has been bloody...

    I hope War will be over soon...

  57. SF@LNP

    Ltte used 3 different types of gases...but the casualties were not due to that effect alone.battles in akkarayakulam were bloody and crucial.

    india will watch the fall of kilinochchi ponneryn and EP...with a paralyzed tiger the likely hood of initiating a dialog will be explored.the govt of india wants to ensure that the tiger leadership is cornered and will not be able to consolidate and exploit the conditions of the mean time the long range units of the govt forces will continue to hunt down tiger elements in mullaithivu thus continuing the winning momentum of the war...n other words the shadow war will continue against the tigers giving no room to consolidate...

    the attacks could always be accounted to karuna...wink wink...:))...:))...

    if VP wishes to flee the country india will facilitate the mission through a third party country...

    have a nice time VP...:)...

  58. qrious

    you are back to your best today

    VP in spontaneous combustion ....LOFL

    ther is also another type of combustion, if i may, that is when something powerful backfires and it id for velu in TN...

    ohhhhh my sides ache...

  59. Sam Perera
    Read your presentation briefly due to I being busy on a Monday. Recent events in Tamil Nadhu must be a wake up call where our communal minded Tamil politicians have the allegiance with. They think that they are more accountable to Tamil Nadhu than to the government in Colombo. This attitude was true in 1962 when I worked in Jaffna where the average business man had much closer links with TN than with Colombo. This is because we had very little contacts with Jaffna. The only connections we had was their cigars sold in corner shops in the south and the Tamil government servants came down south to work.
    We must detach our selves from the Tamil Nadhu influence with a hard-line approach. For a start we must stop talking about devolution of any powers, federal system etc as these will lead to alienating the communities within the island that might lead the country to be exploited by the Tamil Naduhu politics, specially their kin are in the central provinces.
    Srilanka will shrink rapidly with the future introduction of highways and high-speed rails that will link places like Mathara to KKS in a matter of a few hours then we could have our administrative centres like registrar general’s office in Jaffna, registrar of vehicles in Trico and various ministries and departments in key towns in the island thus integrating the country. We should have our garrisons in all these disputed lands to give security should the dark forces of separatist politics raise their heads again. Government in power must disassociate in their bias towards the main religion as it is not the business of the state to indulge in religious matters as this is very devisive.Any religion in the state affairs can impede progress and affairs in Kandy is a good example. Some exploit any religion to rally support, make money and to offend non believers so why give prominence to it?

  60. kevin,

    Is there a way to reach you by mail?

  61. Nemisis
    Sorry not at the moment!

  62. Brother Peter,

    Don’t fall into Moshe Dyan’s trap, if you really want to donate Bata slippers to the brave lion hearts, I will tell you how to do it this is how you can do it.

    Take a one Bata slipper, roll it nicely until it become a shape of a pancake, then apply some “TalaThell” around it, then slowly put it in your mouth, I mean not the real one, the one you have close to your Balls (oh sorry it has to be ‘your Ball’). Be careful, push it gently until it disappears. Now take the second Bata slipper do the same thing, this way you can go up to any number as you wish. But I think it is better you don’t do it more than 20.

    Now go to the battle field form VPs side, don’t worry Lions won’t do any harm to you, now bent in front of Lions showing your back and immediately release all the Bata slippers from your, (you know what)

    Please thanku me for the tip

  63. Pro-LTTE BBC sinhala changing the tune at least for muslims

    After 18 years now they are talking ?

  64. Pro-LTTE BBC sinhala changing the tune at least for muslims

    After 18 years now they are talking ?

  65. #UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena. “the Vaiko of Sri Lanka ”
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    #Hot Money-Sri Lanka says squeezing funding key to combat terrorism
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    #India, Sri Lanka are 'genuine friends': President Rajapaksa's adviser
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    #Balancing Act-The times of India
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    #Sri Lanka sees LTTE at the end of the tunnel - The Japan Times
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  66. we need to do something against tamils for obama... this looks like an ltte front and obama might win the election... so we need to act on behalf of our government since they dont seem to care... our FM is a fucked up asshole!

  67. Why orbat and cyber maps are not updated for nearly two weeks?

    Orbat was last updated on 13/10/08 and cyber map is updated somewhere between 15-20/10.

    Is it lack of info?
    Are we really bogged down?
    Advances already made are not solidly secured yet?

    Could somebody give us a clue?

  68. #Tamil Nadu should not be an obstacle to India's emergence as a world leader ?
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    #Does India - U.S. alliance threaten South Asia?
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    #Gotabhaya says war to end terrorism must continue
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    #LTTE suspect commits suicide
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    #India, Lanka to maintain constant dialogue
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    Click Here
    #Prove LTTE is a terrorist outfit – Aussie prosecution
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    #West 'interfering' in Sri Lanka
    Click Here

  69. Tamils for Obama and Tamils for McCain phishing expeditions looking for info on LTTE connected parties in the US ?

  70. *** India Can Never Solve SL Problem ***

    Hi Friends - Pls pass this over to as many of your associates here and

    Below are the points.

    1) They may be strong in armed forces but still they can't find a proper
    solution to Kashmir Problem (neither military nor political).

    2) No matter how strong they are they still have terrorism problems like
    Chain Bombardments in Dilli and attacks even inside their Parliament.

    3) With all the technology to win space and with all the high tech gadgets
    in nuclear weaponry they took more than 30 years to capture a single jungle
    thief Veerappan.

    4) As a nation, collectively they are unable to derive a proper political
    solution to have a good relationship with Pakistan for more than 6 decades.

    5) Their politicians are still unable to convince Indian Muslims and Hindus
    to live in peace and harmony.

    6) India had to draw back their RAW (Research and Analysis Wing - Indian
    intelligence) wing due to their unsuccessful interference in SL that
    resulted in sacrificing their prime minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. So they have
    been unsuccessful in this matter once. SO their predictions are not always
    correct even though they pretend to think so.

    7) India is one of the major parties who aggravated this problem. They
    trained LTTE terrorists initially in south India including Prabakaran, Pottu
    Amman and Karuna Amman. They air supplied food stuff in the past to LTTE
    when were terribly in need. South India continuously smuggle combat stuff to

    8) As a nation no matter how hard they try to display a big image of their
    selves they have critical issues in thier own country. They have racial
    issues, religious issues, economical issues, social issues and political
    issues. It is not the country we see in Bollywood films. Besides it is
    highly unethical to interfere the matters of another independent nation
    because we don't ask them what to do next. India simply don't have rights to
    do that.

    9) South Indian politicians can come to SL and travel through out the
    country to see where ethnic cleansing is. All the southern cities and all
    the offices there have Tamils living and working in harmony. But any of the
    nothern cities don't have a single Sinhalese. So where is ethnic cleansing?
    So better not use unknown matters for their personal political gains.

    10) We Sri Lankans don't have any other country to live in other than SL. So
    if anybody wants to give Tamils a seperate country please seperate south
    India(Tamil Nadu) from what we currently call India, just like Pakistan and
    Bangladesh, and create a separate state for Tamils in the world. Tamil Nadu
    has all the necessities for them.

    Spread Out the Word...!

  71. UPDATE:

    1200 APPROX. SLA killed/unjured in last week alone. Therefore, completion of deployment for new brigade has been expedited to cover man shortage.

    Similar casualties are expected for Tigers, but less likely since hardcore weapons are not being used due to the uneven terrain( due to rain), however gun battles are proving Tigers to be superior with minimal casualties.

    Panic runs rampid amongst government leaders currently facing extreme hardships in terms of organisation and the overhead of the loss of GSP benefits and pressure from India.

    Emergency meetings have been arranged with all possible former generals/leaders in Jaysirkrui as another division of SLA seems to be collapsing. Concurrently, heavy LTTE infiltration into Colombo has been discussed along with other items in recent security meetings at the Colombo headquarters.


  72. according to SLAF inside informations Air Attacks over wanni stopped because of indian pressure.this means our soldiers have to sacrifice more.we must organise some rally infront of indian high commission against indian intervention on srilankan affairs

  73. Any one who wants to know of India's real intentions in SL needs to get the intel hierarchy to publish Devananda's report on what exactly happened at the Bangalore training camps. If any other Tamil says it, most Sinhala will dismiss it as pro-LTTE propaganda.

  74. Vanni Meheyuma
    See the the villages in Killinochchi?

    Map of Killinochchci

  75. According to Tamilnut this was destroyed and sunken.

  76. Sharp said,

    "1200 APPROX. SLA killed/unjured in last week alone."

    Is that a dream or is that a wish?

  77. This is USA (the world will never change)

  78. peter said,

    Any one who wants to know of India's real intentions in SL needs to get the intel hierarchy to publish Devananda's report on what exactly happened at the Bangalore training camps. If any other Tamil says it, most Sinhala will dismiss it as pro-LTTE propaganda.

    At last he admits that there are certain things called intentions and they can be real too. It is not too late for him to understand what matter are real intentions too.

    Decades of false propaganda could not hide real intentions from the world, nor did it bring in the desired result, glorifying bloodshed and mayhem.

    When the outfit is in the process of winning a synonym for barbarity, in the dctionary of the civilized world, the real intentions have indeed almost reached the pinnacle.

    Yes, after all real intentions do matter. Those who have real intentions never take a foot forward only to be forced to take thousands of them backward. That sums up the outcome of a struggle that ran for thirty years.



    Thanks for the comment on my thought - spontaneous combustion.

  79. Is this Tamils for Obama or Tamil Tigers for Obama???

    here you go..

  80. Looks like these Tamils have already elected Obama as president...

    "We urge the 44th president of the Unite States, Mr. Obama, to bring the Tamils and Singhalese to Canton, OH like we did with the former Yugoslavians, and force a solution on the Sri Lankans.".....

    The 44th US president

  81. Guys

    a word of acution when divulging information. very few in a blog know each other personaly. you only know people from the username they use and the type of posts.

    some people may pose off as patriots (in this case) and make themselves known and can lead others to a conversation and elicit information.

    There is sensitive information divulged here at times.

    Do we know who others are when we are lead to a conversation?

    people please be alive to this fact, sensitive information should not be divulged especialy at a crucial time when even the state agencies try not to.

  82. Air strike started again. Good time to buy a bus ticket.

  83. Troops dislodge LTTE defences during steady advances in Wanni

    Interesting map. When the army reaches that causeway the entire LTTE west coast and Pooneryn will be cut off.

  84. Teach the World to conduct Humanitarian Wars
    #Task Force 1 spearheads Kilinochchi battlefront
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    #2 pistols found in IOM office - Mannar
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    #LTTE kills 4 members of Tamil political party, TMVP- Batticaloa
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  85. Tamils for Obama in the US is another LTTE front end organisation set up to hoodwink the US.

    People should be well aware of these LTTE terrorist's 'modus operandi'.

  86. Impact of Monsoon Rains on Eelam War
    #Sri Lanka From Here To Eternity
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    #Muslim eviction from the north marked
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    #Leave the Lanka problem to the Lankans
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    #The LTTE again uses food as a weapon
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    #"Sri Lanka on road to perdition"-From a traitors mouth
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    #Financial aid for Lankan Tamils pouring
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  87. SLA crush LTTE defences: fall of Nachchikuda imminent

  88. Air strike started again. Good time to find a Rat Hole.

    From TamilNut

    A 50-year-old mother of three, a 38-year-old father of one and a 41-year-old father of two, were wounded Tuesday morning around 11:00 when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers attacked two civilian settlements in Ki'linochchi and Paranthan, medical sources at the Ki'linochchi hospital said.

  89. 9000 Children in Vanni under military Training –UTHR (J)
    #Right of the Sri Lanka government to reclaim its historical sovereignty over North of Sri Lanka
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    #Tamil Nadu actors don't want new troubles
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    #TULF leader Sangaree rebuked Bharadhirajah for wrongly proclaiming “Prabaharan as Valliant leader of Tamils the world over."
    Click Here

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Folks it looks like LTTE air attack in Thalladi SLA base


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