Thursday, October 9, 2008

Suicide bombing in Boralesgamuwa, Minister safe

A Tamil tiger suicide bomber detonated an explosive laden suicide jacket targeting the escort of government minister Maithripala Sirisena. The minister has not received any injuries in the incident but one of the vehicles in the escort was damaged. 3 security forces personnel in the vehicle were injured in the blast and one civilian was killed.

The incident has occurred at 1.15PM, near Piriwena junction in Boralesgamuwa.


  1. Thanks for the quick update DefenceNet.

  2. May GOD grant the injured a speedy recovery.So now it is a case of killing VIP's..Trying to scare us..LOL..LLOL..LOLOLOL..LLOOLLOO..Dont these LTTE buffoons understand that we have been living a nightmare as far as security is concerned for the past 60 yrs..since 1948?..LLOOLLOOLLLLLLL!!!...ahh they want to kill Hon President because they know the 2nd phase of the ATTACK on the LTTE is (education)to create more competiton for jobs overseas..for these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons want to preserve their "advantage" in life..for the next 2500 yrs..
    But i dont understand it..since as of today..forces casualties=10,000
    LTTE=0..according to thaamilnet @ puthinam..

  3. this shows that LTTE is throwing all the cards.

    Ministers and commanders must be very much carefull because our trust is with them.

    Thanks god for saving lifes of many.

    We must be more vigilant and act more against these bloddy LTTE.

  4. Get some; miss some. Justice may be delayed, but it won't be denied.

    Peter Ratnadurai

  5. So far 5 people admitted to hospital. It looks like a female suicide bomber.

  6. I'd say another lucky miss...

    but what we need to remember is that the LTTE will keep trying...
    They need a BIG kill soon!

    I dont like MR and SF going around too much! They are taking too many risks...

  7. "Get some; miss some. Justice may be delayed, but it won't be denied. "

    Dude, Every time you try, one of your kids blow up. Do you even care about that or is it just another 'miss' for you?

  8. A very interesting link for all modayas:

  9. "Dude, Every time you try, one of your kids blow up. Do you even care about that or is it just another 'miss' for you?"

    Rich talk from people who want to "liberate" Vanni by sending young Sinhala boys to an early grave.

    Ohh, I forgot, Sinhala kids don't die in this war.

  10. DefenceNet,
    I am truely sad for the injured/dead..may GOD grant them peace.Looking at this from another angle..does this not give us a few more clues as to where to look for possible cadres/explosives that were hidden during this ceasefire?this CFA.

  11. Peter Ponnadurai!

    Watch your back! Yes one day you will also pay the price for this! even if not in this life may be in the next life.

    your ponna site shows how idiot u!

  12. I wish speedy recovery who were injured ...LTTE is doubts…we have to believe our forces to end this war…wish them all protection…
    May the triple gem bless you all…

    We must protect all our politicians …including opposition leaders who have some brain to understand the real enemy… LTTE (Tamil extremism) long term objective is to kill all emerging Sinhala or Tamil leaders and make anarchy in the country where no leaders left to lead the our we must be every careful to protect all leaders and intellectuals in our country…

  13. Feel free to go and add comments

    Heh heh....

    Peter Ratnadurai

    Very happy ponna Peter

  14. This Peter guy don't care who blew up. He will ask even his mother to blew up to extend his refuge visa.

    Nodakin me wage kaalakanni jaatiyak

  15. ape lanka,
    Dont waste your efforts mate.This is teabreak/lunchbreak chat now..nothing serious just a few provocative statements within a period of 30 mins to bring many responses..

  16. soorapappa,
    mun okkoma kalakanniyo unnuth innawa..mun than eke vinasa wenawe..eta passe api okkomala rata yanawa munge rassawal ganne.

  17. Tangara said:

    "Good to have you back Kaati. MZ is deluded in his thinking. Maybe the fasting during Ramazan affected his judgement?"

    First of all I don't fast coz I am not a practising Muslim. Secondly however, I consider you comments as racist. I can't believe that you are taking racist potshots at a time like this when all are united againts the common pig enemy who just killed and maimed innocent civilians today.

  18. hmmm..
    I guessed yesterday there will be a blast but i thought could be MR.


    yesterday i was listening to TNL radio in the morning that Panditha Rathana Hudson stated that there is a scenario (kurahan some thing) is gonna happen in ingiriya and Presiden is going to start dig (English may be wrong)the paddy field etc etc and the event details. and he was proud about MR's Developing plans (Sangwardana selasum)

    so i remembered the promotion was given to Late Ferdando pulle during the new year Avurudu Uttasawaya... This may be the reason to reach the target...

    Ape Moda heththama thamai ape ayata wala kapanne..

  19. Srilankan,
    I agree. There are good educated guys in other countries (Majority of them don't support LTTE). But most of the di ass pora guys are under asylum visa. As soon as this bloody war is over, they have to pack their bags and return to their original toilet pit Jaffna. So these guys are very scared.
    You can feel their upset, even some of the guys in European countries even talk to remove VP and replace him with pottu (I'm in UK and I know their behaviour). Recently in Switzerland, two of their gangs had a fight over this matter.

  20. pls don't drag race in any way.

    we have ppl of all races supporting the war effort. that's how it should be.

    all peace loving muslims (almost all) are dignified ppl. b4 bashing a muslim brother think of fazly laphir RWV....

  21. What percentage of Sri Lanka's population are Muslims?

    What percentage of Sri Lanka's armed forces are Muslims?

    Mohammedans are free riders.

    Everyone knows that poor Berava, Durave and Batgama boys pay a disproportionate price in the war.

  22. @ Peter: What percentage of Muslim businesses' taxes pay for the war? PS, did you think the weapons brokers for the SLDF are poor Batgama, Durave and Berava boys as you put it? Guess who these brokers are.

    PS, no one reads your blog, so please stop promoting it here.

  23. peter,
    With you and other retards like you, the problem is always with a race or a caste. You will never understand that a person's actions are not determined by his race or caste, but by his own choices.

  24. Muslim businesses pay the same percentage of earnings as tax as any other business in the country.

    Your comment of weapon brokers, and of course the associated kick-backs, only go to show the 'cherry picked' involvement of the Muslims in the war effort.

    Look at the number of soldiers, ministers and 'perk-filled' professionals from the Muslim community relative to their composition of the population.

    P.S. A stat-counter does a better job than you; so, thanks, but no thanks.

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  26. Mohammed Zubair ....

    We know you guys just play the brokering ...So you three quarters playing as Pimps to save your asses ....

  27. @ Peter, I sense jealousy here. Why, are concerned that the arms brokers for the LTTE are paid lower than the ones for the SLDF?

    PS, shouldn't you be shagging your thangachchii till Kingdom comes instead of blogging? That's what I would do if I were on an oil rig for three months. Or did you have enough of same sex action with Philipinos on the platform that your dark oily haired thangachchi doesn't appeal to you anymore?

    Shyam, you don't have the same level of intellect as Peter, so I am not going to waste my time replying to you. You better go back to serving your customers at the grocery store, there is a long queue.

  28. Mohammed Zubair ....

    Ho ho ho man you better go to the cut the meats and serve your Kanchi customer ...

  29. So who do we have here..a guy who thinks we are going to engage in race wars now..lets limit this to the military campaign..of course he would since we are all "modayas".I am waiting to see the LTTE "green dinosaur" crack commando division in action..What about the ever ever so good LTTE "middlemen" dealing with arms...i see they give their income to charities..
    Thanks for your comment..
    These guys are never going to return to SLanka...if they are forcibly evicted they have several choices..fasting to death, taking clothes off at any german airports..guantameno photos of sacred hindu fetivals of how they are forcibly strung on wires etc..what did the swiss do?..other than buying them cheese and chocolate?

  30. Now look who is being racist. I wasn't even being racist towards MZ when I mentioned fasting, it was a joke. I can see that he has been racist towards Sinhala, Demala and Philipinos in the above posts. Pot calling the kettle black.

    PS, I am Tharanga, not Tangara.

  31. Peter-
    "Get some; miss some. Justice may be delayed, but it won't be denied. "

    When is your turn, surely never... Because you are safe some where else.... Stop funding to kill your own people.
    Shame on you.

  32. Love the way you are diverting towards profanity.

    Any kick-backs to the LTTE goes back into the same LTTE pot; hence, wastage is avoided. Same can not be said of Sri Lanka's procurement method, where individuals stand to gain. As your previous post suggests: Muslims, being disproportionately involved in procurement, enjoy a majority of the kick-backs.

    While I may not agree with the Sinhala war effort, I do have every respect for them for fighting, for their believes, with their own blood and sweat. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the Muslim community.

  33. Of course there is absolutely no oversight of any kind for how the funds LTTE collect is used. Such conditions always create large scale corruption. So I would not be surprised if only a very small portion actually goes to LTTE operations. Like 10% or or so. The rest being lost due to corruption in various stages. There are probably a whole industry who have gotten very rich or at least have a comfortable employment due to collected diaspora money. In fact, some of the LTTE supporters on the web may be that so because of this money who makes them rich and for no other reason.

  34. Yes, there is "a whole industry who have gotten very rich", its called the KP Branch, BTF, White Pigeon, TRO, TYO, Tamils for Justice etcetera etcetera.

    PS, Is this the official pick on the Thambi day? I had enough of that growing up so I know how to deal with it.

    PSS, I turn to profanity whenever I am racially attacked, its a defensive mechanism. Also you are deluded if you think the Muslims are not helping the SLA, who do you think comprises the intelligence units?

  35. Guys can we please keep the race off the topic here. Its purely a legitimate gov. vs a barbaric terrorist battle here. Every person who thinks, acts and supports to defeat terror is a patriot and vice versa. It doesn't matter which race u belong to.

    Thank u very much

  36. Don't waste your mood on Peter.

    I am sure he is unemployed(thus trying to get traffic to his blog to make few quids)or maybe he is on public benefits or is too old to get a job.

    We are all trying to get this problem sorted. I learnt to speak tamil by writing tamil words in Sinhalese or English. I am proud to be a sinhalese and as much am proud to have a lot of Tamil friends and Muslim friends. There is no point in us fighting. I support the war as this seems the only way to get rid of the terrorists(after trying all other alternatives). Let's face it.. it is not a possibility to devide a country which is the size of the smallest state in india. We have to figure out ways to get rid of this terror menace and live in harmony. All other options(including many ceasefire/peace talks) ended up with no results and in most cases the GOSL implementors/leaders of these peace efforts perished at the hands of this terror outfit.

    Supporting the war does not mean that I am against TAMILS. Just like the majority of common people in the world we dont like terrorists. I agree as a result of the war the government and the Army may have had to take harsh actions towards Tamils and maybe interogated the innocent but that happened and will happen in any warring territory/country. If you are a muslim with a long beard you will be considered suspicious and stared upon in western countries. Is that correct?? I dont think so but since a minority of muslims are doing terrorist activities the innocent religious muslims are affected.

    I wish there will be peace and harmony in Sri Lanka very soon.

    Engalaku thamil kuutaal wum wendum Muslim Kuutal wum wendum.

    - Sinhala Demala Muslim

  37. Off topic:

    Is there a war in north?! We don't get any news!

  38. Tamilnet sayrs

    Eezham Tamils not abandoned by Tamil Nadu, says LTTE

    BBC Priyath Liyanage says
    Tigers thank Tamil Nadu political parties


    This man who is supposed to serve Sinhala Nation ... he is just use BBC as a LTTE terrorist mouth piece..

    Money can do a lot of thing...but not for forever..

  39. Interesting developments for the 58th. They took 3km2 yesterday. The Commander, Wanni , Jagath Jayasuriya, made a surprise visit to the frontline which may be seen as encouragement for work well done. The terrain is fairly open now. When they reach the A32, then LTTE may have to evacuate Nachchikudha since the last major road for supplies will be cut.

  40. Get ready for a rice and parippu bag drop, another Vadamarachchi on its way:

    I knew this was going to happen, the Indians cannot stand to see a stable and united Sri Lanka, they need us in turmoil and will do everything to ensure that we remain in strife. Qrious the All Seeing, All Knowing Being pointed out that Indian intervention may never happen, but this has now become at least a possibility.

  41. What about sending all those who wants Parripu to Tamilnadu?
    First they would need to come out of the area....
    Well as for Shyam and Peter the terrorists, they get burger and bacon....

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. We'll take steps to ban MDMK, says Jayalalithaa

    Ban MDMK, says Union Minister

  44. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  45. If people like Mr. Vaiko, who glorified a terrorist and criminal like Prabakaran, were allowed to make statements in support of the LTTE, it would corrupt the mind of a whole generation. The LTTE was a terrorist organisation and its leader, Prabakaran, was a proclaimed offender in the Rajiv assassination case.

    Answering a question, she said she was not involved in any way in the Sri Lankan peace process, but she had warned the Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, in her capacity as a good friend that the LTTE was ``unreliable.'' Groups such as the TNLA and the TNRT gained a new life because of the support of the LTTE, which had links with the ULFA and the PWG.

  46. Man india twisting this in every direction.. two days ago they were supporting the cause and today they try to ban one of thr political parties..

    A real political soup.. as long as they play amoung them self and leave us alone thats more than enough

  47. Dont speak rubbish men...If you feel better with these thoughts when you sleep at night so be it..I dont need to use profanity men..for 30 yrs it is not me who started with "the singhala buddist chauvenistic govt"..and associated bullshit.AS i said before one of the sacred sayings of your GOD IC is "you reap the seeds you sow"..remember it..dont forget!!

  48. Mohammed Zubair,
    If a rice and parrippu drop occurs(which i seriously doubt)..cant we specify the types of rice we want?..just in case the forces overrun those locations....

  49. Perein,
    Bro you cant send everyone who wants parrippu to can we??..That is the responsibility of the LTTE "saviours"..not us..who are defending the tamil people against the wrath of the "singhala buddist chauvenistic govt"..of course it is O.K to send kids to face MBRL fire..thats O.K...
    Very well said bro..very well said!!..

  50. So no one was dead? ecxept the stupid suicide bomber? Then sad day for peter the modaya. As some one hinted is that true that the dumb suicide bomber is peter modaya's mom?

  51. // A stat-counter does a better job than you;// LOL stat counter=number clicks from DN and DW bloggers LOL

  52. So called intelligent people (Tamil)

    Dog Marriage

  53. asithri

    If MIA stands for Mohamad Iqbal Athas, then it coulbe be him. Otherwise, it is very difficult to make out who the bugger is.


    What can India achieve by dropping parippu into Vanni? We have to take into account the geo-political realities while envisaging such a hypothetical eventuality.

    If they drop dhal, they have to keep dropping that. What is their stance on Tigers - a banned terrorist organization in the country? Our army is technically a guerilla force now. Pakistan factor and Chinese factor in terms of our strong relationships with them are significant too. We are the best mate of all SAARC nations. Besides, when the Vadamarachchi case took place, the Prime Minister was a young inexperience hot head - Rajiv Gandhi. He just wanted to flex his muscle for fun and then paid a heavy price. Dr Manmohan Singh is not a war monger - a decent intellectual. Don't forget the real player is Sonai Gandhi who pulls strings. It is beggars belief that she wants to save the murderer who robbed her of her husband in his prime.

  54. Two days ago ZTPE killed the democratically elected (in fact, getting the highest number of preferential votes) opposition leader of NCPC, Janaka Perera.

    (It is kind of sad that every one forget this part. JP has the right to be a part of democratic system and he was no more military man at the time of attack. Still BBC and other HR champions mentioned allegations made by LTZE against him, which were not proved, and skipped the part that he was a politician work in a democratic system, in their reports.)

    Now LTTZ targeted another democratically elected politician and minister. (Of course, Maithreepala Sirisena also got the highest number of preferential votes in Polonnariwa district.)

    Thus within four days LZTE targeted two politicians who represents public. What has done by the so called INGOs/ NGOs/ western diplomats/ Robert Blake etc/ HR champions and all those who fight, protest and crying for democracy? Did they find LZTP’s method of killing civilians using suicide bombers is any more democratic than what SL have now?

    When LZTE killed RanjanW some people said Premadasa did it. When LTZP killed GenDenzilK and others some people said Premadasa did it. When LZTE killed LalithA some people said Premadasa did it. When LTTP killed Premadasa then also the same people said Premadasa did it. (SLFP politicians included.)

    Now when LZTE targeted CBK UNO said she did it. When LTTP killed LakkiA UNP said PhilixP did it. When LTTP killed JanakaP UNP now say GR did it. Now when LTTP targeted MaithreeS UNP will say MR did it.

    LTTE is not just the most dangerous and ruthless terrorist organization in this world. It is the luckiest terrorist outfit too.

    We will see more stupid suicide bombers blow up within next couple of months. It is our (public) vigilance need to make sure they will die just killing only themselves. I hope in either case it will be a pleasure for diaspora. (well, we don’t need to say ‘diaspora modayas’ as any one who support LTPZ willingly must be modayas.)

  55. MohammedZ

    Assalamu alaikum brother….

    Kudos! You indeed spotted the “stripes” (could be “Federal green stripes” lol) on that Wesa-balla and yes, as you rightfully said, the motherfcuker has endless historical references he quotes frequently – knowing well that most here would not know it anyway and the rest would not even give a rat’s arse about what he quotes!

    In short, this bastards job is to cut into the patriots lot (Sinhela, Tamil, Muslim) and cause disharmony…and that’s why often he plays both sides (the bastard is very fond of this “AC/DC”…and that tells me the bugger must be of “that” persuasion!) LMSSAO!!!

    I think this bitch is really not a Sinhela (as he takes great pains to repeatedly say that he is...which any true patriotic Sinhela would not have the need to do herein as what he/she says alone will identify that fact).

    Keep up the good work brother…do not be dissuaded by unintelligent, cheap-bigoted comments from any motherfcuker here (could be from LTTE-MF or RW-MF camp for all I care!). Give the bastards a good lashing whenever they utter such anti-Muslim bigoted ka-ka and watch how the vermin tuck their tail and withdraw to their shit-holes!


    OaO Asithri

  56. Qrious (Really “OaO Qrious” it should be and no doubt about it! Any imposters, I suggest you throw in the towel right now! LMSSAO!)

    [If MIA stands for Mohamad Iqbal Athas, then it coulbe be him. Otherwise, it is very difficult to make out who the bugger is.]

    :( :( :(

    Yes, this is an issue I concede.

    However, matey...

    A slogan from the Vietnam era US Marines just popped into my mind and I say it is equally apt in this (our) context today and it is:

    "Kill them all and let God sort them out"...!!!

    I love very apt I think!


    OaO Asithri

  57. Boys and Girls and anyone in between (nothing wrong being in between anyway)!

    I have a dilemma!!

    As Sri Lankan we used to say “Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burgers ect. As some one posted earlier new SL population senses shows Muslims population have out numbered Tamil population? Correct?

    Then, as Tamils always asked for the recognition then we should recognize Muslims achievement. So, now in Sri Lanka when we referring to the communities we should use Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils ect. From now on! Am I correct?

    Regarding the Muslim issue, this what Arthur C Clarke said: “Historically, Islam had a great deal of tolerance for other views and offered the world its priceless wisdom in the form of astronomy and algebra. And, as you know, Islam helped rescue Western civilization from the Dark Ages by preserving classical texts and transmitting them to the West. We, on the other hand, burned the library at Alexandria. If Islam hadn't fallen into internecine warfare and had gone on to conquer the rest of Europe, we'd have avoided a thousand years of Christian barbarism.”

    I grew up in the wonderful town of Galle and lived 15 to 10 minutes off the town on my Chally Bike (guys remember Chally bike mania we had in 1990’s??? of coz I didn’t had a license as I was underage and hardly wore my helmet as I didn’t want to mess up my nicely gelled hair ! lol)

    We lived in a street (Kinnda “T” junction and Sinhala families lived in the bottom part of the T and it had a “dead end” and Muslims were on the top part of T. So, if the wanted they could have cornered us and beat the sh#t out of us) where Sinhalese out numbered by Muslims! Yes, true! But we had a wonderful relationship with them.

    We had our moments, when Sinhala and Muslim fist fights broke out in SL (mid and late 80’s) we were bit cautious as we were out numbered. But as usual, my father said “no way these people going to attack us! We are friends! But my mums elder brother was a nut case. Ex. JVP (1970’s when he was young) and big timer in civil service but still had his connection with “friends with weapons”! Only thing my father would do on these times was to call a friend in Army or Police and get an Army or Police Jeep to come with 2 of them and hang around our street.

    But every time something brewing my uncle would come to our place and put a contingency plan to my mum as my father have no interest in weapons and petrol bombs but my father always gave up to my mums nagging!

    Boys, don’t ridicule me on these and say BS as these are best times of my young life! My uncle would bring his “friends with weapons” and taught kids in the street how to make a “Perfect Petrol Bomb”. And he would proudly show my father the weapons he brought to protect us and as usual my father would say “show it up in ur ars@”!. Yes, we as kids loved it and I (think) still can make a “Perfect Petrol Bomb” but I have never got to throw any of the PB’s I made! So, I still don’t know how good my PB’s were! lol

    Anyway, we never went to war with our Muslim friends! Only war we had with them was monthly Cricket match. Sinhala boys Vs Muslim boys cricket match played for a “Tin of tennis Balls (4)”. Winn to loose ratio was about 40% to Sinhala boys as frekaing Muslims boys were too good.

    One guy stands out! Captain of Muslim Boys team.. fcuking Sumsudeen! He was short guy (bit like Kaluwitharana) bat 1 down or 2 down. He would come to crease wearing his “Sarong” and take it off on the middle of the pitch and hand it to umpire (ofcoz he had a short underneath)! On a bad day, he would smash quick 40 or 50 in 5 to 10 overs! In a good day, he is a fcuking pain in the ars@! I was one of the younger boys to play for our team and had a good reputation as I played bit of cricket for school team. One of the Sumsudeen’s bad day, fcuker smash me for 4 sixes in one over! So, Sumsudeen… if ur reading this (hope ur doing gr8) I am still looking to k#ll ya! : ))

    I remember on Ramadan period, every day we get our share of delicious “Muslim Kanda/kanji”. For the whole fcuking month they take turns to send us our share. And on the last day we get plates and plates of Muslim Rice/Burriyani and so many other delicious and wonderful foods! I still recon those were the best food I ever had! Thanks for that my friends. And Two Hoots for those beautiful girls on veil (only top of the head ofcoz not the whole face like fcuking Thaliban) I had massive crushes (u girls still comes to my dreams time to time lol).!! We returned favor on our New Year!

    And last not least, Three Cheers to all the Muslim boys who hang around (smoke and drink and other sh#t too!) with me/us on after school, private classes and played Cricket and Rugby with me/us and played soft ball cricket in Galle Fort Rampart and had a swim with me/us in Galle old Jetty ! Hope u all doing gr8!


    P.S. Tamil terrorists and LTTE di-ass-pora: pls don’t use my feedback as launching pad to repeat the 100milion+ times repeated 83 story!

    Boys, hope I have not wasted ur time and space! If I did, then I am really sorry!


  58. Dear Asithri,

    "I see you undercover RW=LTTE motherfcuker, you are missing your filthy momma today boy uh? Is that why you are picking on OaOA?"

    No, I'm picking on you because you're a liar, and a dumbass liar at that.

    "Well, you filthy bastard you certainly came to the right firing range…I’ll say that much as your humble OaOA is all game to castrate your type of undercover, RW=LTTE motherfcuker and stick the “cut-off” from your very anatomy right in you your anus! LMSSAO!!!?"

    Wow, I sure got you foaming at the mouth! You're like a dog that can only bark and howl when thrashed with a stick, not capable of any sort of human reaction. Quite pathetic.

    "Listen arasehole…"

    Haha, listen "arse-ithri-hole"... (must have been terrible as a child to be called that constantly)

    "If Kadirgarmar had lived, it is more than likely he would have been the PM (even the "extremist" JVP was for it!) and yes, later quite possibly, could have aspired to be the Prez of the nation too.

    Prime Minister yes, because that is a pretty hollow, useless position like the US Vice President (that's why McCain chose Palin as his nominee). President no, because Kadirgamar simply did not have the right "touch" with the masses (i.e. nobody would've ever called him "ape Katharagama").

    If you think Kadirgamar really had a shot at being elected President, then kindly explain why he could only be elected to Parliament on the National List? How come he did not have a constituency?

    "The difference is Kadir thought and acted like a “Sri Lankan” and not as a racist Tamil."

    Kadir was not a racist Tamil and he still would never have been able to become President. On the other hand we have had plenty of racist Sinhalese like Cyril Mathew and Dinesh Gunawardene who have been gifted with ministries. They certainly did not believe in the "Sri Lankan first Sinhala second" concept.

    "Yes aresehole, so why don’t you challenge me on the notion about Germans in Germany and French in France too"

    Because, my dear Arse-ithri-hole, Sri Lanka is a far more diverse country than either Germany and France (and you sure picked a poor example with Germany and its racist legacy).

    "As for Sarath Fonseka being from Ambalangoda (vs. Balangoda as I misquoted in my original post), it was immediately corrected and owned up to by my typo when a blogger pointed out."

    Actually you weren't very clear what exactly you owned up to. Balangoda is not in Ampara District either but in Ratnapura (my own hometown), so your idiotic screw-up was not simply a matter of a typo.

    "Listen arsehole, I know this man and know all about his background as we are all from the same proud “Ruhuney” clan"

    Listen Arse-ithri-hole, you don't know shit. You didn't even know what part of Sri Lanka (Eastern Province vs. Southern Province) Fonseka was from. That demonstrated that you are a dumbass. Then you fabricated a story about Fonseka being chased into the jungle by Tamils. That made you a liar in addition to a dumbass. Is this what you're owning up to?

    The fact that you misplaced Balangoda or Ambalangoda in Ampara District clearly proves that you are NOT of the Ruhuna clan (I can only imagine Fonseka puking at the thought of being even remotely compared to you). More likely, you belong to the Ponnaya clan (now that we've established that "Ponnaya" is not an anti-Tamil term...). After all, this is the sort of mistake that a half-witted LTTE bootlicker totally ignorant of the South would make.

    "As for the rest of your cockamamie post, I would not dignify with any more of an answer"

    That's because you're a dumbass (or "dumb-arsithri," whichever you prefer), as we've already established.

    As always, you are free to attempt to refute what I said, but there is nothing you can do to undo what you had previously written. I have proven with your own words that you are a lying moron. All you can do is continue foaming at the mouth, which is what I entirely expect you to do.


  59. Katch,

    "Even though I don't necessarily agree with everything u say, let me commend the gentlemanly way you present your side of the case."

    Thanks, but what do you disagree with? What have I got wrong?

    "I wish that kind of culture to prevail in our country."

    Ain't gonna happen as long as there's Asithris out there who lie in the dumbest way possible and think that they can get away with it.

  60. more suicide bombings, only killing the innocent civilians. How pathetic has the LTTE come down to training,brainwashing innocent tamils to kill themselves, but not only themselves, but anyone that is around them. Not by hanging themselves, but by strapping a bomb. Do these peole still believe in Hindu as their religion, before they go out and blow themselves up? What a sad destruction as humans, these people have come to. Imagine if the more terrorists use only human bombs, this world will not live long.

  61. Asithri and Wijayapala

    Your personal insults will not add any value to this blog, rather it will become like "kiri kalayata goma damma".

  62. hey motherfucker wijepalam,

    Sri Lanka is much more diverse?

    Fuckin idiot,
    lets get facts straight.

    The country (THE SINHALESE) and fought against tamils invaders for centures. The sinhalese has its own culture, its own history and its own religion(buddhism) that has been practiced for ages.

    Sinhalese population of overall country is 75% That is a huge majorty.

    So the rest of the 25% is not much. Obviously, the country is a sinhalese country, but no one says if your a non sinhalese or a minority that you cannot live in it. Just like Italy, there are plenty of "italians" but there are other minorities that speak other language other then Italian. We should of called Sri Lanka "sinhala" cuz MAJORITY of sri lankans speak Sinhalese.

    When people ask me what langauge Sri Lankans speak, I say Sinhalese since that is the most wide used language as well as English. Tamil, German, Arabic, all those languages are not as much used as English and Sinhalese is.

    Your a dumb fuck who cant accept Sri Lanka as a Sinhalese Nation that built the county from ground up. We are unique. India however you can say a very diverse country because they have over 50 diff languages.

    Japan belongs to the Japanese (as well as any other race that wants to live in it)
    China belongs to the Chinese(as well as any other race that wants to live in it)

    Italy belongs to the Italians (as well as any other race that wants to live in it)

    Germany belongs to the Germans (as well as any other race that wants to live in it)

    Sri Lanka belongsn to the Sinhalese (as well as any other ethnicity that wants to live in it)

    YOU FUCKTARd, using a sinhalese name.

  63. Wijayapala,

    What you say about Kadirgamar is totally racist.

    "President no, because Kadirgamar simply did not have the right "touch" with the masses"

    Thamuseta mantal da?

    He had it FYI.

    (i.e. nobody would've ever called him "ape Katharagama").

    Why fucking not? What's wrong with him. I call him my own Kadirgamar. Many people do.

    "If you think Kadirgamar really had a shot at being elected President, then kindly explain why he could only be elected to Parliament on the National List?"

    An MP is appointed not elected from the National List. What does that got to do with becoming the president?

    "How come he did not have a constituency?"

    How about Ranil the ponsiya? Does it have a constituency? It had one in Biyagama but it was chased out from there and how the fag doesn't have a constituency.

    It seems that Asithri has touched a nerve of our dear friend. Call him a Sinhala modaya as you used to call people.

    "That's because you're a dumbass (or "dumb-arsithri," whichever you prefer), as we've already established."

    Since when was this got established? Is it established that you are wesha-balla?

    BTW what do you think of Maj. Gen Janaka Perera? His feats in Welioya, Janakapura and Jaffna? Alternative views with the right spirit are always welcomed.

  64. ninja,

    At least we can establish phoney people like wijayapalam, a tamil whose acting like a sinhalese, critizinig everything which we dont care for his opinion and aruging tamils have their phoney homeland in sri lanka and not tamilnadu.

    mene hagay muna goma thamai
    kaluma kalu hama
    demala parayek! (foreigner)

  65. its funny how tamil terror supporters often use the word "modaya" as if its a huge insult to us lol....little kids use that word. i mean the word "sakkiliya" is a better word to use then modaya lol fukin idiots

  66. wijayapala,

    looking forward for your personal information buddy! hopefull you make enough money to "donate" for the "cause" , those posters in that room won't help.

  67. SL,

    He uses two profiles. Possibly more.

    A serious retard case trying very hard to pretend that he is Sinhala.

    Now trying to change Kadirgamar's name into Katharagama. LOL!

    Wesha-balla doesn't know that Hon. Kadirgamar never had his retarded sickness of changing Tamil names into Sinhala ones.

    Pathetic! See a doctor Wije. You have the male-female-shemale disorder in your brain.

  68. Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

    "Wijayapala, yes we didn’t had a Tamil PM yet. But we came close to having one, Lakshman Kadirgamar. If LTTE didn’t killed him he could have being the first Tamil President of Sri Lanka (I would have been happy as a pig in a sh#t hole if it indeed happened)."

    I would've also been as happy as a pig in an asithri-hole with Kadirgamar as President, but things are not so simple for the reasons I gave above. The simple fact is that since independence, we (Sinhalese) have never elected a Tamil to any kind of seat. Kadirgamar got into Parliament through the National List, meaning that he had to be appointed by Chandrika more or less.

    You are correct, though, that eventually we will solve this, just as eventually the US may have its 1st black president.

    "Don’t forget our last king was a Tamil! Even though he was imported!"

    And that last king was defeated because the Kandyan nobles got jealous and conspired against him, basically choosing British rule over having a Nayakkar as king.

    "Ambalangoda and Balangoda two different towns! lol I don’t know where Aisithri pulled the story out but Fonseka may have lived in Ampara when he was 5???

    I can understand getting Ambalangoda and Balangoda mixed up, but what kind of dipshit would believe that either town is in Ampara?????

    Even if Fonseka had lived in Ampara when he was 5, there were no Sinhala-Tamil problems at that early date. The first violence against Sinhalese caused by Tamils came in 1958 (as a result of far far more massive anti-Tamil violence), but Fonseka had already begun his studies at Dharmasoka College by then.

    "Hey mate, may be u have missed my req to u on DW yesterday. It was about u stating Pottu as a liability to LTTE. Can u make it clearer for my info pls???

    Sorry about that. I'll get back to you on DW.

  69. Ho ho ho Wesa-balla…

    Santa Claus is coming to town – soon! LMSSAO!!!

    So Wesaballa, you undercover Tamil racist Motherfcuker (shamelessly coming in here with a “Sinhela” name) looks like I castrated you ponsy for good and shoved that maggot-infested “thingy” of yours – up your where sun does not shine! Ouch! LMSSAO!!!

    Hey cheap imposter…what’s the matter you racist Tamil cunt…you didn’t/ couldn’t quite get used to the name your racist Tamil whore-mother gave you? What a pity! Is that why you keep coming here under a Sinhela name? Phew! Shows that indeed a certain but very marginal segment of our SL society does have an identity problem – they are fcuking ashamed of who they are, who they were born into!!!


    OaO Asithri

  70. Ninja,

    "Your personal insults will not add any value to this blog, rather it will become like "kiri kalayata goma damma"."

    This blog had already gone down the tubes before I had even gotten here. There's no serious discussion of the war or the best way to defeat the LTTE, just a bunch of expatriate "patriots" chest-thumping and calling each other "Ponnaya." Every now and then a pro-LTTE dimwit like Peter or Shart flitters in, but there's nothing really new.

    I could ignore Asithri this long because his writings are normally undecipherable rubbish. But when he cooked up the story that Tamils had chased young Sarath Fonseka into the jungle, I couldn't let that go because lies like those were used to justify violence against Tamils, leading to this current war.

  71. Ho Ho Ho...I can't LMSSAO!!!

    Hey arasehole Wesa-balla...

    See the patriotic, anti-LTTE Sinhela fervor in this blog...? See the comments from warriors like "sl" and "priyashantha" that basically go to cut off your scrotum too (that yours humble OaOA spared when he castrated you - with unmitigated glee? LMSSAO!!!)

    Yup, sankara, racist undercover LTTE sakkiliya...I suggest you take a about asking your equally undercover LTTE whore-mother about "another best use for a raw lime fruit" – a fancy game that yours truly here thought her last night?


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Ho ho ho...mother-doer, you certainly appear to have bitten more than you can chew uh? Welcome to OaOA Rehab Clinic

  72. Wijayapala,
    "I could ignore Asithri this long because his writings are normally undecipherable rubbish. But when he cooked up the story that Tamils had chased young Sarath Fonseka into the jungle, I couldn't let that go because lies like those were used to justify violence against Tamils, leading to this current war."

    The story is true. You are acting pretty dumb.

  73. Dear patriots,
    We are almost done obliterating (Sa)Killinochi shanty town. Lets finish this quickly and establish a 'Novus ordo seclorum' - a new order of the ages like our great kings Abaya Gamini and Wimaladharmasuriya did.


  74. Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo. Iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna. Iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.

    "The great order of the ages is born afresh.
    And now justice returns, honored rules return.
    Now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven."


  75. Hema

    [The story is true. You are acting pretty dumb.]

    Bro, I would not try to convince this undercover, LTTE=RW sympathetic, anti-SF motherfcuker about this point (it’s like pouring water on a duck's back!) he is a mole here who "plays both sides" to win over patriots before going in for the how he is now on an attack against SF!

    Yes, this aresehole is a mole who is determined to destroy SF's character as SF is today hammering his kind in the Sakkilinocchiya. This is bad for his Tamil racist interests as well as it is bad for RW the Ponnaya’s interests (kind of similar as we know).

    Naturally, when humble OaOA stood by SF's comments (which have been context-clarified over and over by now one would think), he went ballistic and attacked poor, humble OaOA! LMSSAO!!!

    Yes patriots, this bastard is a Trojan Horse! Beware!


    OaO Asithri

  76. SL

    Just becuz one criticize sinhalese he need not to be tamil. There are so many sinhala people (eg. WikramabahuK, SunandaD, VictorI, and many 'leftists') who do this and stand for 'tamil rights'. I know we get this 'feeling' someone is LTTE more depending on what they write. For me, I feel same for sajiv, lasantha (came after JP killing), crimewatch, renegade, mrbrown.

    But this is a blog and you don't need to reveal your identity. So it is better to look at the facts, arguments they give rather than finding ethic identities.


    //This blog had already gone down the tubes before I had even gotten here.//

    Well, I didn't say you started it but I say you can end it.

    //But when he cooked up the story that Tamils had chased young Sarath Fonseka into the jungle,..//

    So is this true or not I don't know. As asithri said if the parents of SF were teachers and they worked in Ampara its possible SF to be there in holiday months. And it was usual villagers went to jungles to sleep in some time in Ampara.

    If DN can confirm this is true or not it will help.

    //The simple fact is that since independence, we (Sinhalese) have never elected a Tamil to any kind of seat.//

    This is false. Jeyaraj was the most popular MP in gampaha district.

    Well, under current system a 'seat' is a district and you elect around 20 MPs for that 'seat'. And if you check/analyze you can find majority of preferential votes for jeyaraj comes from sinhala voters as majority of tamils (in Wattala) vote for UNP.

    Same is true for Phausi. He gets majority of votes from Kasbawa, Maharagama seats where >95% are sinhala voters and get low votes from Central Colombo as almost all the tamil and muslims vote for UNP.

    SInhala people really don't care about the birth. What matters is how can a politician get close oto and win these people.

    So when it comes to Kadiragamer problem was he was not a 'original politician'. CBK got him as a professional and he did his job perfectly with IC but he never went to the ground level and build a relation with mass. So SLFP didn't put him in district list where you have real competition and rather put in the national list. In simple words, SLFP didn’t let Kadirgaamer to context becuz he didn’t have a moth like Jeyaraj had.



    DN do this blog may be even risking their lives. If you guys use this blog just for personal attacks it is an insult to DN guys as well.

    Well, as human we no one is perfect, we all have weaknesses. So time to time we may see these kind of personal attacks. But the important thing is not to drag them and come back to the right track which is defence related discussions.

  77. LTTE arms ship on the way

    LTTE now bye arms on debt!!! If tru WTF MI do with media. Just give the news after sending it to the bottom of sea.

  78. Ninja,

    1. Jeyeraj Fernandopulle
    2. AHM Fowzi
    3. Imitiaz Bakir Markar
    4. ACS Hameed
    5. MLM Abusally
    6. M Cader
    7. MH Mohammad
    8. Mano Ganeshan (There are Sinhala people who vote for him)
    9. Thondaman (There were Sinhala people who voted for him)
    10. Anjani Umma
    11. Dr Rajah Johnpulle could have definitely become an MP if he survived.
    12. If Murali contests an election (I'm sure he will one day but he has rejected recently) he will win.

  79. Ninja,

    Asithri has kindly proven my point in his last 2 posts. If you're able to translate any of it into readable English, I'll concede the point.

    "Jeyaraj was the most popular MP in gampaha district.

    Was Jeyaraj a Sinhala or Tamil (or something in-between)? And what about his electorate in Negombo?

  80. Ninja

    [As asithri said if the parents of SF were teachers and they worked in Ampara its possible SF to be there in holiday months.]

    No, Sarath LIVED in Ampara when he was a very young lad with his parents - going to the same Sinhela village school where his parents taught. This is the village where the attacks took place - as per Sarath himself and this is not OaOA saying (as Wesa-balla keeps insisting like a moron! LMSSAO!)

    Later, his parents got transferred back to the south and then Sarath continued his education in Ambalangoda (his hometown), at Dharmasoka, prior to going to Ananda.

    This not rocket science to understand...except if you are an undercover Tamil racist MF (like this wesa-balla) who will refuse to believe that indeed, in SL, racist Tamils too have attacked Sinhelas long before the LTTE MF’s came into being!

    OaO Asithri

  81. OK, got to go and milk my cow draped in red & yellow and waiting all ready for me...LMSSAO!!!

    Have a good day/night patriots...

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Wesa-balla:

    A warm thanks goes out to you MF! Rarely do I get to have this much, uninhibited fun (as rarely do I come across your type of an obsitnate moron too!) LMSSAO!!! btw, let me know what your mother told you about the "raw lime fruit" story that humble OaOA taught her...truly LMSSAO!!! Byeeeeee!!! :)) :)) :))

  82. A 15 year old sinhala guy used to do the Suicide mission on Janaka perera and the others ...

    S.P says.....

    Sinhala suicide soldiers ....

  83. Wijayapala

    //Was Jeyaraj a Sinhala or Tamil (or something in-between)?//

    Actually I thought writing about Jeyaraj's 'tamilness' as well but thought you will not ask that stupid question. But you proved I am wrong. LOL.

    I don't know your definition for tamil or sinhala. But I know, for the voters in gampaha district Jeyaraj was another 'demala'. But they loved him due his talks.

    //And what about his electorate in Negombo?//

    What do you mean?


    Your list have recent non-sinhala politicians. Actually if you check all election results since 1948 you will find a lot of such people.


    //The simple fact is that since independence, we (Sinhalese) have never elected a Tamil to any kind of seat.//

    Given your ability to give facts regarding history your this statement was surprising to me.

    What do you say about the same for tamil side? I mean tamils voting for sinhalese as MPs?

    Well, now you can question me how can I confirm it is really the sinhala people who voted for these tamil politicians (in Priyashantha's list and not in his list). In SL vote is secret and I can't prove it. That's why I indiacted the 'seats' where Jeyaraj and and Fausi got majority of their votes. An answer in advance.


    Regarding SF; You said one thing and wijayapala said it is false. Both of you made a statemen but none of you gave a proof. (I mean you can't prove this on a blog.) So I need to verify this by myself and find what is the truth. (I am waiting for DN response. DN confirmation will make things clear.)

    //This not rocket science to understand...except if you are an undercover Tamil racist MF (like this wesa-balla) who will refuse to believe that indeed, in SL, racist Tamils too have attacked Sinhelas long before the LTTE MF’s came into being!//

    Well, I don't 'beleive' things just becuz its displayed on a computer, unless I have to. I am LTTE mole or not...I don't try to prove it otherwise. You can beleive whatever you like.LOL. The last part is true. Tamils were attacking sinhalese from elara's time.

  84. There was a live report from front line. on Isira TNL (Hadson - Shan program) today. According to that a massive operation is currently on going in Vanni targeting Sak-kili.

  85. WAR CRIMINAL Sarath Fonseka OPENLY told Minorites must b eliminated

    The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) is deeply concerned by and strongly disapproves of statements made by the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army, General Sarath Fonseka, in an interview with Stewart Bell of the National Post newspaper of Canada, published on 23rd September 2008.
    In this interview, General Fonseka has made some disquieting observations of a highly political nature. Among other things, General Fonseka has stated that,

    "I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people...We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country...We are also a strong nation ... They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things."

    These sentiments, which General Fonseka has made public on several other occasions in interactions with local and international media, are cause for alarm in at least two respects. Firstly, the fact that the Commander of the Army feels free to represent his personal opinions and enter into public discussion about policy matters that are constitutionally the proper domain of the political executive, and indeed is allowed to do so repeatedly without any restraint by the political executive. Secondly, the highly contentious and insensitive nature of what is apparently an ideological perspective that is held by General Fonseka about the nature of the Sri Lankan polity, the political anatomy of the conflict in Sri Lanka, and the means of its resolution.

    In regard to the first concern, it should be noted that while constitutional practice in Sri Lanka leaves much to be desired from the perspective of both democratic values and postulates of constitutional government, one cardinal principle of democratic government that has at least hitherto been adhered to is that of civilian control over the military. Thus policy-making and the political direction of any governmental programme involving the military are matters for elected officials of the executive, who are, moreover, responsible and accountable to Parliament and the people for both such policy and the conduct of the military within the framework of government policy, the law, and the Constitution. A necessary implication of this principle is that members of the armed forces desist from engaging in political debate through public expression of private opinions. The military is enjoined

  86. COMMANDER OF THE ARMY Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka in his message on Army Day (October 10) and its 59th Anniversary paid a glittering tribute to all heroic soldiers who defend their beloved Motherland at the expense of their own lives.

    Here is the full text of his message;

    “I am delighted to issue this message as Commander of the Army on Army’s 59th Anniversary and the Army Day.

    You, as members of the Sri Lanka Army and as brave and patriotic sons and daughters of Mother Lanka, have now entered an era where responsibilities and tasks, enshrined in our Constitution are put into proper action.

    When the Army’s proud history and progress is viewed in retrospect as I emphasized earlier too, the services rendered by you, as a law-abiding professional organ, free from corruption, fraud and indiscipline, have made satisfactory progress in all fronts.

    Well perceived of the Army’s role and tasks, you are dedicated to protect and foster human rights and freedom of your countrymen while ensuring the creation of a peaceful land for all our people of different ethnicities resident in all corners of the island. This commendable achievement has come in for praise of all the Sri Lankans and people overseas.

    Security of a country means security for its people. In order to provide protection to a Nation, one has to safeguard cultural and social values, closely interconnected with the Nation’s very existence down the ages. The Nation on the other hand inherits all those values from respective religions. This is common to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and all other religions. It is therefore our duty to protect and foster all religions by creating conducive environment for them to thrive.

    Sri Lanka Army, geared to protect the territorial integrity of the motherland is well aware of the importance of those treasured religious values and has taken steps to improve and renovate places of religious significance after giving the highest consideration. Renovation of the holy Madhu Shrine, offer of a gold-plated fence around the Kelaniya Bodhi and such assistance given to other faiths, etc are among a few projects, hitherto carried out by the Army in the most recent past and contributed to by all of you. Your cooperation given in this regard has received commendation.

    All your efforts, as members of a diligent and valiant Army, meant to liberate people of all ethnicities of different religions, affected by the barbaric cycle of terrorism, have received blessings of all the religions and the masses alike. The Army’s glory has now reached the apex of victory after capture of Mavilaru sluice gates, Liberation of the east, Mannar District, 14 Base in Mullaittivu and with the spread of its dominance up to Nayaru lagoon and Murukkandi Kovil in Kilinochchi District. These gains testify to the courage of our valiant soldiers.

    I am also encouraged and delighted to mention how you all while fighting the enemy for near three decades contributed to fulfillment of humanitarian needs, despite constraints, suffered as a result of ceasefire agreements or cessation of hostilities, etc.

    Yet the Army realizing its role and responsibilities has acted with restraint mustering commendation from all quarters of the world. I feel happy about it.

    The Army troops now serving UN peace keeping operations were in for praise of the foreign nations and I would like to recall their dedication with pride and dignity. In the same way, the Army has produced excellent sports men and women of international standards, able to represent the Olympics as well. This is another achievement.

    On this important day of our 59th Army Anniversary all sacrifices hitherto made by those valiant soldiers including those who went missing in action and laid their lives for the defence of the motherland, are remembered with appreciation and gratitude. Their beloved parents, sons and daughters are also warmly remembered and let me convey my best wishes to all of them.

    Let me also pay my tribute to the welfare role, played by the Seva Vanitha Army Branch President and her organization for the benefit of soldiers injured, members of their families, members of families affected by loss of their beloved ones, and all other War Heroes. The Army is an organization which receives respect and commendation of the public. You are all part of that disciplined organization. Achievements we have so far obtained should therefore be further defended at the risk of our lives in the future, too.

    May you have all strength with the blessings of Triple Gem, Sri Dalada Himi, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and all Deities to preserve territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. Let peace prevail in the Motherland !”

  87. praba,

    seems you are right.

    an indeed MASSIVE SLAF attack has taken place around paranthan today morning.

    a nice way to celebrate the army day!!

  88. tti,

    i personally disagree with SF on that. but giving it too much of an importance by TE racists is not acceptable.

    how about hundreds of other statements SF made?

  89. Even I believe that Most parts of Sri Lanka do belong to the Sinhalese. The Northern and eastern should be under the governance of the Tamils.

    Muslims are just illegal immigrants who came over from a wasteland called arabia and soon we will be fighting them when they build up numbers and go for a jihad.

    Anyways the only thing I don't like is the methods used by Prabhakaran and the fact that he hasn't developed our people and has instead got us killed in a useless conventional type war.

  90. Guys,

    give it a rest.

    Everyone has a stand in this conflict. its not the same for everyone.

    If someone thinks another has lied, they can contradict with facts. If you don't have the facts, then you better not.

    If Wijayapala thinks that GenSF was not in Ampara so strongly, he should prove it. I'm not asking Asithri to prove it because he came up with it first. Anyone can say anything, but if you want to contradict you need facts.

    None of us can be 100% sure about what others are writing, even DW and DN. But overtime, we see things falling in to place and a trust is build.

    So, if you think someone is cooking something, you better have the facts straight before opening your mouth.

    And ppl should not gulpe down whats posted in these blogs, or any other media for that matter.

    Wijayapala's posts (i don't know who he is) are mostly on the fence like, but there are lot of interesing stuff. He did stumbled from time to time, just as everyone would.

    I remember him saying that majority sinhala community should have stand up against the 500 odd goons in 83, and someone asked why the 200000 tamils couldn't stand up against VP and his braindead. I'm still to see a answer for that from Wijayapala.

    However that does not make me label him as a racist/imposter/terror supporter/ wolf in sheep skin/..., according to my way of thinking, which of course does not need to be the only way of thinking.

  91. And look at Kaati, whose posts I always read with lot of interest. He has a certain stand with regard to this situation and our country. It need not be 100% correct, those things can be sorted out overtime.

    Some ppl thought Kaati and Wijayapala are the same. From what it looked, I was concerned about Kaati's security due to the questions asked by Wijayapala about his rank and file.

    Kaati it would be nice to see more posts from you.

  92. @ kaati,

    dude , in my experience, SL Muslims are some of the most laid back and easy going ppl ive seen of any country.
    perhaps there's a personal reason for you to hold such strong views against Sl Muslims,

  93. Guys,

    Europe at War

    Socialism is back; All the banks in the United Kingdom have been nationalised. And the rest of the Europe is about to follow suit.

    Iceland and the UK are at war. All the assests of the Iceland in the UK have been frozen.

    The member countries of the European Union go their own ways displaying true colours - protectionism and patriotism are more important than 'unionism'.

    More bad news is on the way; all the measures taken so far have been just square plugs in round holes.

    It is certain; we are heading for a global recession of unprecedented repercussions.

    It is high time the war was brought to a close as quickly as practicable.

  94. DefenceNet,

    We are waiting to hear some hot news from you.. Any news from the battle fronts? How far is it now to Kilinochchi?

  95. Guys,

    This is Karunanidhi again:

    When the feelings of Tamils in the State on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue can be understood by Sinhalese, some spiders and foxes here are not able to comprehend them, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has said.

  96. kaatikuddupaan.
    Katti i think that it is a good idea to judge each person on an "individual" basis instead of "painting" them all with the same brush.If i was prabha i would have done EXACTLY what you suggested..Ask yourself why he hasn't with all the money at his disposal...At the same time if it were me i would concentrate on improving my own life..fullstop.

  97. Has any one seen my son Peter....(Half brother to Charles Anthony)
    Pete.. Wanga pulleee... Wangaaa...

    Wanga to appa pulleee..

    Hi..hi... He..he

  98. The simple fact is that since independence, we (Sinhalese) have never elected a Tamil to any kind of seat.//

    Laksman Kadiragamar was good enough to hold the Prime Ministers post. Thats why LTTE assassinated him.

  99. Guys,

    With two brave generals seeing an early grave on his watch, I was tempted to ask our Opposing Leader about his mode of thinking these days: I dedicate the interview to the last remaining LTTE sympathisers in this blog, on whose behalf, our leader speaks from time to time.

    Here are the excerpts:

    Q Rious: Good morning sir! How are you keeping?

    RW: Very well, thank you Q Rious. I am busy with funeral arrangements.

    Q Rious: Sir, you look like someone sucking a lozenger;

    RW: No, no, that is how my tongue and cheek function. It has been like that since the birth.

    Q Rious: Tongue-in-Cheek from a very early age, then?

    RW: No, no, only my enemies pick on this. How come you spot it?

    Q Rious: Just pulled on the leg. Sir, critics say it is you who brought the two generals - Janaka and Lucky - to the brink of the grave. What do you say to it?

    RW: Well, I deny it.

    Q Rious: That won't silence the critics.

    RW: You know these are conspiracies; there is no easy answer to them.

    Q Rious: Keeping mum and spreading the news that you are too distressed to talk, can be a part of that strategy.

    RW: It is not a special strategy; yes, I am too distressed to talk to the media or my members.

    Q Rious: So, you are in mourning and it is official.

    RW: You hit the nail on the head. What do you think about it?

    Q Rious: I felt like hitting the head on a rock; still a bit dizzy at the response.

    RW: In very difficult times, we should stay calm. No point in going emotional.

    Q Rious: Being under distress is something else then.

    RW: A form of defence - a well tested method.

    Q Rious: Sir, you didn't answer my question. Why did you bring these two brave men to politics that in the end ruined them?

    RW: The answer lies in the question itself, Q Rious.

    Q Rious: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    RW: Because, they were brave; he he he; mh mh mh.

    Q Rious: How do you sleep with your conscience?

    RW: I sleep with Maithri.

    Q Rious: You draw spiritual solace as well, among other thing while sleeping, then!

    RW: That is why I waited for so long to have Miss Right.

    Q Rious: Congratulations on that decision. You got Miss Right. But the masses are pretty disturbed with your alleged association with Mr Wrong - Velupillai.

    RW: Masses should not be unduly alarmed at my association with that man. It is more or less seasonal.

    Q Rious: Chirstmas time?

    RW: No, just the election time.

    Q Rious: Do you have a role model?

    RW: Yes, Rosy.

    Q Rious: Not that Sir; I mean in political sense.

    RW: Oh yes, my late uncle, J R Jayawardena.

    Q Rious: How do you emulate him?

    RW: I take the criticism on the chin

    Q Rious: Can your chin withstand it? Criticism against you is a growing mountain - by the minute

    RW: Tissa is here to share it.

    Q Rious: Your late uncle was a master of divide and rule. How did you adjust it for the 21st Century?

    RW: I keep dividing the party without ruling it. That leaves me alone well away from headaches.

    Q Rious: You are a serious politician in the land; you must have political goal.

    RW: Q Rious, I am a true Ceylonese. I believe in serendipity.

    Q Rious: So, you wait until a happy discovery by accident?

    RW: Hik hik hee; yes yes. Don't underestimate my silence.

    Q Rious: It sounds more than golden. Any past pleasant experiences in that regard?

    RW: Q Rious, you seem to be having a short memory. How did I become the Prime Minister for the first time? It followed an accident - an explosion, to be more precise.

    Q Rious: You mean, the death of President Premadasa.

    RW: Of course. Do you think it is just a coincidence?

    Q Rious: Big stroke of serendipity!!! Do you think, other politicians should think along this line?

    RW: No, they can't. It is a gift.

    Q Rious: So, serendipity can bring you more luck in due course.

    RW: That's why I want to lead this party. Some fools don't get my point.

    Q Rious: Some say you belittle our armed forces.

    RW: I say the intellectual level of those who criticize me is skin deep.

    Q Rious: You have to spell it out, sir.

    RW: When I belittle them, they fight harder through thick and thin and bring in more victories.

    Q Rious: So, the credit must go to you for the recent successes!

    RW: Of course; but I don't want to make a politcal capitol out of it. That is why I keep quiet.

    At this point, I had a strange feeling which cannot be classified as something related to serendipity. I thought it is high time the interview was stopped without damaging my own psyche. Anyway, I wished him good luck with his brand of serendipity.

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Moshe Dyan said...

    an indeed MASSIVE SLAF attack has taken place around paranthan today morning.

    a nice way to celebrate the army day!!......

    Be proud of that u terrorists have Killed innocent Civilians ....

    Looking for a Breaking news

  102. The Tamil diaspora has been informed in advance of the heroes day theme this year, the theme is expected to be “our land may be taken but our aspiration cannot be defeated”.
    Time is right for Bhanu to defect and save lives

  103. DN

    I guess 55D has 3 brigades, all are infantry. What about 53D? Do they have 3 infantry brugades and air mobaile brigade and mech. brigade? OR mech. brigade, air mobile brigade and jus one infantry brigade?

  104. Qrious-
    Thank you for spending the time with RW.
    What a cracker ...

  105. sham,

    only 2 civilians died but 6 livestock died in the attack!

    so it was successful in a mythical country where tigers are treated as livestock!!.

    6 tigers, only 2 civilians. not bad.

  106. MD

    6 livestock = 6 tigers !!! (tamilnut way of reporting to diaspora??)

  107. ninja,

    adiyaatha maadu padiyatha!!

  108. May be LTTE will take out some distinctly modaya livestock over the weekend.

    Only god knows!

    Chapter 2

  109. pee-ter,

    for each kill this side, we will kill 10 livestock and 2 civilians in your side.

    given the smaller numbers, you will be wiped out sooooon.

  110. “Little Sarath too went to school wearing a sarong and a shirt carrying a slate in his hand cutting across paddy fields, ponds and jungle patches, with his parents travelling over 25 kilometres daily in a bullock cart to the school which was located between Ampara and Akkaraipattu”.
    “I can still remember how the villagers used to run to a rocky cliff when Tamils attack our village”

    Any problems with the above, talk to the

    Sunday Observer Lawyers

    Don’t bother us.


  111. Hi Guys,

    An interesting article from Dushy Ranatunge. He had to have a body guard to protect him from ltte goons in London because he exposed some of there scams sometime back.

    Sri Lanka is a Republic, not a Sinhala country.

    by Dushy Ranetunge in London

    (October 09, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ven. Ellawala thero’s comments about Sri Lanka being referred to as a Sinhala country is interesting.

    But the interpretation of what was meant by the term “Sinhala” then and now should be made clear.

    Today the word “Sinhala” has a ethno-linguistic meaning, similar to the word “Tamil”.
    But in the past, and for most of our history, the word “Sinhala” had a completely different meaning, similar to Chola, Pandya, Kerala, Kalinga, Sinhala etc. referring more in terms of a Royal house/kingdom.

    Under this Royal umbrella, the people would have identified themselves under various tribes, clans and castes. For example the people who built Buddhist structures in Tissamaharama would not have identified themselves as “Sinhalese”, but as “Nagas” or some other tribe, as Magama and Kelaniya were known ancient “Naga” settlements. Tissa we are told is more a “Naga” name than a “Sinhala” one.

    The Mahavamsa refers to the Naga’s defending the Western gateway into Anuradhapura and sitting on a throne, equal in size to the Sinhala king.

    Dutugemunu carried the Royal standard of a Lion, but this Lion flag did not signify an ethno-linguistic race, but the Royal house, under which various tribes would have united. This perhaps enabled a Tamil Buddhist Velu, also known as Velu-Sumana to fight under the Lion flag, together with many other tribes such as the Nagas.

    This concept also enabled “Sinhalese” generals to fight in Elaras army and for “Sinhalese” people in Anuradhapura to love and respect Elara as a just ruler. Of course they were not “Sinhalese” people in today’s sense, but various tribal inhabitants of Lanka, identifying themselves under the royal patronage of Elara and Dutu Gemunu.

    This concept also enabled “foreigners” from South India and “Catholics” to sit on our throne as the “Sinhala” king enabling present day tribalists to misinterpret the meaning of “Sinhala” and to celebrate these “foreigners” and “Catholics” as champions of the “Sinhalese” ethno-linguistic identity.

    So we have a “Tamil” Perumal who become a “Sinhalese” Sapumal, a “Sinhala” champion who invaded Jaffna and built the magnificent Nalur Kandasamy Kovil in Jaffna. A Buddhist monk even wrote Sandeshayas to his glory. Even to this day the Kattiam at the Nalour kandasamy kovil mentions his name as “Sri Sangabo, Buvanekabahu”.

    Don Juan of Austria, a baptized Catholic is also celebrated as the “Sinhala” champion, Vimaladharmasuriya I of Kandy. He was married to the Catholic, Donna Catherina, the Empress of Kandy and the mother of Rajasimha II, another champion of the “Sinhalese” who besieged Portuguese Colombo. His brother Prince Kumarasimha was also known as Xavier Kumara Banda, a baptized Catholic.

    Significantly, the Mahavamsa refers to “Lanka” rather than “Sinhale”. “Hela” or “Sinhaladvipa”, terms which are given disproportionate publicity for mischievous reasons, by present day tribalists, who are trying to give a particular tribe in Sri Lanka some kind of pre-eminence.
    This same evolution of the word “Sinhala” from a Royal/kingdom identity to a narrow ethno-linguistic identity has taken place with our flag.

    The Lion flag is the royal standard of the Sinhala royal identity and not of any ethno-linguistic Sinhala tribe. The Kings of Sri Lanka carried this Lion standard and they, and the Lion flag, commanded the loyalty of all the many races and inhabitants of Lanka.

    But since the demise of the Kandyan Kingdom and the rise of tribal nationalism in Sri Lanka, the relatively new concept of the Sinhala ethno-linguistic identity has taken sole possession of the Lion flag as their own flag, excluding all the other peoples the Lion flag represented previously as the flag of the Royal house.

    So today we have to accommodate the other inhabitants of Sri Lanka, outside the Lion flag in terms of a green and an orange strip.

    From the time of Dutu Gemunu to Sri Vickrema Rajasimha, the Lion flag also represented those who are represented today by a green and an orange strip.

    The evolution of the identity of the Lion flag is the tragedy of Sri Lanka, of alienating some inhabitants of Lanka based on the new European concept of ethno-linguistic nationalism. Europe has defeated its demons and moved on, while we are still stuck in old outdated nationalist concepts of a colonial era.

    The concept that from the moment that Vijaya landed, we were one cohesive group of inhabitants identifying ourselves as of the Sinhalese tribe, living in Sinhale or Sinhaladvipa is a mirage, far away from reality.

    Being an island, Sri Lanka had a constant stream of settlers, from various nationalities and tribes, enriching our culture and nation. DNA testing may prove that most of us, including our present political and military leadership are of South East Asian, South Indian and European descent.

    The passport that Rev. Ellawala carries identifies him of not as being of Sinhale, Hela or any other classification based on a particular tribe, but as a citizen of Sri Lanka, a republic, which functions on the foundations of equality and citizenship and not of any particular tribe.
    The constitution of Sri Lanka and parliament functions on this basis.

    The concepts of Hela, Sinhale, etc as narrowly interpreted by present day ethno-linguistic tribalists never existed in our 2500 year old history. Those who advance such misguided theories share the limelight with the likes of the KKK, the British National Party, the National Front and even Adolf Hitler.

    Germany for Germans and the Jews for the gas chamber? No…no… we are more respectable, so we will let the Jews live among us, as equals, but remember, Germany for Germans.

    It is incredible that at a time that we are fighting to defeat Tamil Eelam, some others are advancing perceptions of a Sinhala Eelam, “Sinhale Ueber Alles”.

    For those who are confused let me gently remind them that we are not living in Hela or Sinhale, but in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, constituted under law under the concept of equality and citizenship. - Sri Lanka Guardian

  112. Patriots, their is this article from Kusal Perera in the Daily Mirror, that deserves a comment from you all. I've done my part as well as I could.

    Thank you.

  113. Roaring Roy, don't worry too much about crackpot UrinePee supporters like Kusal Perera. People have learned to ignore the unpatriotic blatherings of pro UNPers. Even UNP stalwarts have lost faith in the leadership/

    Anyway, did anyone see the pics of the dead mother and daughter in TamilNut, its disappointing and disheartening if MI had identified inaccurate targets. Was it poor targeting, equipment failure, poor flying skills or a bomb gone astray (due to weather conditions)? Not happy to see civilians dead. Only one of the few stories from Tamilnut that has evoked my sympathy (there aren't that many). It maybe collateral damage, but its unacceptable. This is what turned even anti Saddam Iraqis againts the US Forces, collateral damage! SLAF needs to get things right first time.

  114. At last, here comes counter propaganda that was lacking for a long time from the GOSL'S side.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. Mohammed Zubair, for all we know they were some of the black tigers in training from the black tiger camp that was bombed.

  117. LTTE arms ship sailed from Kampuchea

  118. Yes Mohammed, you are right. But I get this itching that I can't resist, when a moron like him writes such bull shit.

  119. Don't waste time on DailyMirror. They moderate comments. It is very easy to make a dozen comments on one thread, and all will be published as long as you write what they want to read.

    UNP supporters have always had a laugh at the expense of poor SLFP farm boys. You will only be giving them more comdey value.

  120. [Even I believe that Most parts of Sri Lanka do belong to the Sinhalese. The Northern and eastern should be under the governance of the Tamils.

    Hmmm... who decided this? Pipedream rides again?

    All ethnic communities are 'privileged' to live and prosper in the south and the west... but the north and the east are confined to Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans only?

    Why the hell is that?

    This misconception has to be faced head-on and cleared.

    Nope... it's time for change...big change. Rich north and east land has MUST BE wholly Srilankanized.

    Had we done that for the past 50 years would the LTTE be around today?

    What is good for the west and the south MUST BE good for the north and the east.
    A good start is to allocate free land from the north and the east to the true liberators of the areas… THE PROUD DEFENCE FORCES OF MOTHERLANKA…

    I know at least one true Sri Lankan leader would be bold enough to bring this change.

    Why not? Is ‘fear’ a factor in implementing our solution?

  121. hey here we go

    wikataya no: 1 ( he just got up)

    let's start the peace talks then...


  122. @ Infinity: What were a mother and a daughter doing in a black tiger training camp? Also it says the other members of the family were injured when the house was bombed (most probably a dubious claim). We must own up when our bombs go astray. Its a waste of precious life and ammo. The dieasspora uses situations exactly like this to get mileage and sympathy from the IC. The dumb pansy Norweigans and left wing liberal IC are so taken in by LTTE propoganda that uses these incidents to accuse us of targeting civilians, they swallow LTTE bait hook, line and sinker. We must try our best to avoid hurting innocent civilians.

  123. Mohammed Zubair, we do not know if they were really related. LTTE often use women as suicide bombers. They have used child soldiers as least as young as ten years old.

  124. @ Infinity: Partly agree, what were they doing in Kili when everyone else has fled, they could well be family members of LTTE leaders. Anyway, its a waste of precious inoccent life which I personally don't approve of.

  125. If the LTTE cared about the civilians they should at least allow all children and old people to leave instead of hiding behind them which inevitable will cause civilian deaths.

  126. Good morning/afternoon/evening all terra-bashing, peace-loving patriots,


    The terrorist leader’s birthday (aka LTTE “Hero’s Day") 27th November is fast upon us. I wonder what type of gala celebrations and presentation they have up their sleeve for the world this time. Live broadcast speeches? Progress report on soon-to-achieve Eelam? Fire-works display (courtesy of SLDF!)? Can’t wait. Those who live in the UK/USA/EU please book early to avoid disappointment.

    I hear that the main feature of the show is the latest Eelam map enlarged to almost life-size to show the magnificent grandeur of Tamiz Eezam – printed on the back of a Eelam Rs.5.00 stamp.

    BTW, did you know when the first Eelam stamp was released it had the visage of none other than the “sun god” himself (before he became fat). However there was a general complaint that the stamp would not stick properly. Upon investigation by Eelam police chief Nadesan they found out why it wouldn’t stick – Vanni people spat on the wrong side!

  127. Upon investigation by Eelam police chief Nadesan they found out why it wouldn’t stick – Vanni people spat on the wrong side!

    Way to go Amma G/G....
    That was the starter.. looking foward to read rest of the day's comments from you after that start...

  128. Pakka-Lanka,
    Hero’s Day - what type of gala celebrations and presentation they have up their sleeve for the world this time. Live broadcast speeches?

    As we say over here, you got a good point ( IYKWIM ).
    They could:
    a) Ask Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa for a special pass to visit lost cemeteries. With BBC Sin and AI backing of course.
    b) Say “Due to Atmospherics, this year’s broadcast is coming from 40ft below”
    c) Or say, “By popular demand we bring you the 2005 event”

  129. Mr Nivard Cabral of CM should be ahead of the western countries by saving our stock market prices going down further, that may affect the saving of pensioners by buying the stocks of some of the most popular blue chip companies in SL creating a bit of a scarcity thus a demand for the remaining rest. We will be ahead of the other countries and further bonus to us is a relative high Rupee against the other major currancies.Perhaps the Central bank might make a big profit when the share market regains next year. Sorry to go out of the defence related topic.

  130. [New LTTE Front for Obama Campaign]

    Well... someone is going to get rich! Stupid WE Tamils... answer that door.... THE COLLECTION BOYS HAVE LOT OF FAIRYTALES TO TELL!

    As far as we the GREAT Sri Lankans are concerned... we will fight the LTTE terrorists wherever they are found... to the end of time.

    And get theis... We don't need anyone's (including Obama) PERMISSION to fight LTTE CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS...

    Go ahead... MAKE OUR DAY!

  131. PETER just think how your mum & sister get sh*g*ed by Praba in every hole?
    king donkey PETER from now on that will be picture in your mind every time you think about LTTE or PRABA,

  132. we must find all true identities of LTTE supporters like peter , kuttu etc. and past it on to srilankan intelligence so they can catch them in the airport when the come to srilanka. They can do something useful for a change to the world at the detention centre in CHINA BAY by getting them to work as slaves in the dry fish industry forever.

  133. No mess

    Thanks for the link.

    //“I can still remember how the villagers used to run to a rocky cliff when Tamils attack our village. We spend two to three days there until the situation comes back to normal’’, says the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, recalling his bitter experience as a five year old who was caught in the web of communal ill feelings some decades ago.//

    So now I think Wijayapala better apologize to the blog for saying Asithri's above claim was false OR prove observer or SF himself was lying.


    //adiyaatha maadu padiyatha!!//

    What's this?

  134. All,

    While we are proud of our respective ethnic heritages, we should look beyond our past to build a new Sri Lanka identity. We should consider us to be Sri Lankans first and then what ever our ethnic origin.
    This is another great step to bring all communities together. Give our best help to the heroic youth from the Eastern Province to be a part of this historical war against LTTE terror and to reinforce our Sri Lankan identity, yes just like our cricket team does.

  135. STF said...

    "we must find all true identities of LTTE supporters like peter , kuttu etc. and past it on to srilankan intelligence so they can catch them in the airport when the come to srilanka."


    You forgot that money moves mountains in the banana republic.

    My Web-log

  136. peter the LTTE terrorist,

    Before you talk big, can you please open your blog for uncensored comments? While you pretend to be talking about freedom, unlike Defencenet, DefenceWire, Long Ranger etc, you don't have the balls (pun intended) to open your blog. Of course, this is typical of LTTE. There is not even a single LTTE terrorist supporting web page with the ability to post comments uncensored. I guess that you are wimpy mind is afraid to see your blatant lies ripped apart.

  137. STF / SamP

    When you live in developed, europian countries you have very high freedom of expression. But only thing our diaspora able to say is 'modaya, modaya and modaya'. Modaya may be the sinhala word they like most.

  138. April 20, 2000..SLA lost EP garrison..
    General Janaka Perera was given the task to save Jaffna..

    Some like SF from LNP says he didn't play a major role in saving Jaffna with 32000 troops.

    Read the story here.
    Click here

  139. [PETER is a MAKU GUY, like most LTTE diaspora]


  140. "Maku Guy" is a catch phrase in Tamil specially with the Diaspora.


  141. [PETER is a MAKU GUY, like most LTTE diaspora]


  142. too much lump rice and arrack

  143. R.A. Sarath Weerasekara's security removed
    Hard to believe

    It is now said the bomb exploded such a way it destroys all around 360 degrees. All earlier cases were to destroy the front side - 180 degrees. It is hard to beleive LTTE wanted to kill all the civilians, JP's wife etc. So it is highly likely this bombers initial target was SF and many other seniour officers who were there two days ago for SLA annivasary.
    First 360 degrees bomb
    I think we need to seroiusly reconsider 'annual' events until war is over. Feb4, May1, Bandaranayaka evenet- Horagolla, SLDF annivasaries etc. As LTTE knows exact time and location it is not hard for them to plan number of years ahead.

    MaithreeS is one the country's/ SLFP/ sinhalese front line leader. He is close to PM post as well. It is surprising to see he didn't have a bulet proof car and the loose secutrity he had.

    SL supported palastene continuously but LTTE got training from there fightes in 80s. We need to manage both Palastene and Isreal as we don't want Palastene militants support for LTTE and we need the support of Isreal.
    RanilW with Abbhas

    GSL should not make the same mistake with TN. It may be harder than do nothing strategy but GSL need neutralize TN factor.
    TN factor

  144. vigilante

    can you give the link for 'SF said JP did nothing in protecting Jaffna'.

  145. PETER the moda LTTE pussy cat you will be making mountains of money for the srilankan government by making karawala(dryfish) in China Bay when you go to srilanka and get caught. Your prison uniform will be the amuday , or might get you to do the job that you & your LTTE brothrs good at climbing palm trees to get thal toddy.
    At least we are proud that we have our own mother land srilanka.WE kicked most of the LTTE dogs out of srilanka. One example is you.
    you are nothing but a refugee in a forign country. you and your family means nothing in western country as they still call you REESH OFF THE BANANA BOAT FROM JAFFNA as well as your money that you earn by cleaning toilets & credit card fraud.
    So if you try to insult us don't forget just like throwing stornes at us when you live in a glass house.

  146. No mess:

    Mate, thanks very much for posting that link which gave details of SF’s childhood, which corroborated what I said in this blog (based on my first-hand knowledge) and what the Wesa-balla aka “Wijepala” argued with me until the filthy bitch was blue in his face and arse too! LMSSAO!!

    Yes, this ponna-bitch kept attacking poor, humble OaOA on this without checking facts!

    This goes to prove what I have always said in this blog…

    That this Wesa-balla is actually an undercover Tamil racist motherfcuker who is masquerading under a Sinhela name (and falsely portraying an aura of academic learning in history) and his mission is to demoralize the patriotic Sinhelas here – while of course bashing the pro-LTTE Tamils too, which is of no consequence as he knows LTTE is all but finished now!

    Yes, his ploy is…

    If he can sow the seeds of discontent within the Sinhela patriots, I am sure his type of Tamil racist motherfcuker’s thinking is that yes, MR-GOSL can be defeated in the near future AND once RanilW Ponnaya comes to power, well they – the Tamil racists MF’s – can recommence their agitation for separation all over again and yes, likely win it then!

    Nice try…but one flaw in the vile plot…didn’t expect the likes of OaOA to “see through it all” in one glance and expose the MF! LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

    The link (scroll down to the bottom):

  147. Q Rious: How do you sleep with your conscience?

    RW: I sleep with Maithri.

    And poor, humble OaOA hackles from the Gallery:

    Sure not with Mangalia too – on alternate day?


    Qrious, man I loved it…one of your best!

    Keep ‘em coming brother…you are a maestro!

    OaO Asithri

  148. No_Mess,

    Thank you for sharing the link. I now have a better understanding of where Fonseka comes from. I appreciate your opening my eyes and showing me the truth.

    Asithri, I apologize for calling you a liar. You did not lie when you said that Fonseka and his family in Ampara had been terrorized by racist Tamils when he was 5.

  149. Vigilante,
    "April 20, 2000..SLA lost EP garrison..
    General Janaka Perera was given the task to save Jaffna.."

    Correction: Both Gen. Sarath Fonseka and Gen. Janaka Perera were given the task. SF went to Jaffna on the same day and JP went three days later. JP was the overall commander. SF was the security forces commander. As I heard SF was on the front line, moving from bunker to bunker and was encouraging the soldiers. And JP was doing the same from behind. People like Wijayapala who like to discredit SF always ignore the role played by SF. They praise JP not because they love him but because he is not a threat any more.

    Please read the following paragraph written by Dayan Jayathilaka.

    "On the battlefield the turning point came at Kilaly, when a 7,000 strong joint force under General Sarath Fonseka held the line, beating back the Tiger advance. That was the point at which the Tigers were unable to capitalise on their offensive momentum and go on to capture Jaffna. "

    click here.

  150. Great work!!!! We need to take out more of these cancer cells....
    Deputy sea tiger leader killed

  151. Wijayapala,

    Good move apologising for your mistake buddy. Very few can do that here.


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