Friday, August 31, 2007

LTTE heavy artillery gun spotted near Madhu shrine

Previous military intelligence claims of LTTE having placed a heavy artillery gun inside Madhu no-war zone have been confirmed by civilian eyewitnesses. At least one artillery gun was visible to pilgrims who visited the sacred Madhu shrine during recent days. The gun was placed in close proximity to the shrine. Air strikes and artillery strikes on the known gun position have been withheld in fear of civilian casualties and damages to the sacred shrine.

It is believed that the artillery gun is an 122mm which has a range close to 20km. Initial MI warning of the gun emplacement came as the LTTE shelled the Pompaimadu artillery base several weeks ago. LTTE cadres effectively used this gun in a major offensive that helped them recover recently lost areas in the Thampanai region. Their three pronged assault backed by artillery support was able to breach the army FDL at one location but the army was able to defend the other two fronts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

STF captures 8 LTTE child soldiers: Ampara

Special Task Force personnel engaged in a defensive operation inside Kanchikudichciaru jungle were able to capture eight young combatants who had been forcibly conscripted by the LTTE. STF personnel ambushed an LTTE movement near Akkaraipattu- Pothuvil main road. Children were rescued once the senior LTTE cadres fled into the dense jungle nearby. All of the eight rescued children except one are below the age of 18. They were armed with explosives and light weapons at the time of capture.

Kanchikudichciaru jungle was once a major hub of LTTE operations but situation changed drastically with the success of operation "Niyathai Jaya (Definite Victory)". However small groups of LTTE cadres are still operating from within the jungles and they are still carrying out guerilla styled attacks against troops. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Cheliyan" declared as new sea tiger leader

Military intelligence have confirmed that "Chelian" has been appointed as new leader of the Sea Tigers; the sea  going arm of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Former leader Soosei was critically injured when a vessel near his exploded in a sea tiger training excercise.

After Soosei was injured, Thyagan (Sea tiger 3rd in command) and Chelian were tasked with leading the sea tiger outfit. However, Thyagan was killed in a confontration with the SL Navy near  the seas off Polmoddai last week. LTTE Intelligence wing (TOSSIE) leader Pottu Amman had announced Chelian's new leadership role when Thyagan's funeral was held in Puthukuduirippu, Mullaithiv.

LTTE artillery attack targets Palaly Military Base

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam fired their artillery guns targeting Palaly Military Base and Kankasanthurei harbor area today morning. As much as 10 shells have fallen inside the Palaly HSZ (High Security Zone) but no damages were caused to buildings, military hardware or to the lives of security forces personnel.

It is believed that the tiger artillery fire was directed from Pooneryn where they maintain a major military base. Pooneryn base has been attacked by SLAF bombers several times in the past but the tigers have so far been able to protect most of their artillery guns and ammunition. It is believed that they use decoys (fake guns placed to mislead aerial recon) and underground hangars as basic protection methods.

Palaly military base is the largest military complex in the Northern province. The base hosts a runway which is used by SLAF to deliver supplies and facilitate transportation. Army's main military hospital was moved to Palaly military complex after the fall of Elephant Pass in 2000. Area surrounding the military complex is declared as a high security zone where civilian presence is prohibited.

Friday, August 17, 2007

LTTE infiltration attempt halted : Manalkadu

Two LTTE cadres who attempted to infiltrate into the Jaffna peninsula via sea were shot dead by the army and navy today dawn. It is believed that the LTTE cadres were engaged in an intelligence gathering/sabotage mission.

Navy's Fast Attack Craft patrolling the seas off Point Pedro were the first to make the discovery. The small boat carrying LTTE cadres was moving north hugging the coastline. Upon detection, Navy's Special Boat Squadron was deployed to neutralize the enemy threat.  SBS fire instantly killed one cadre but the other managed to swim shore. He was later killed by SLA ground forces deployed in the area.

The actual target of the LTTE cadres is not confirmed as of yet.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Five police posts attacked : Settikulam

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters attacked five police outposts along Mannar-Mazda route, injuring five police officers. The attacks originated early morning today.

It is believed that the LTTE did not want to capture territory as the attacks were carried out in a hit-and-run style. Madawachchiya-Mannar route has been used several times by the LTTE to smuggle explosive items in to government controlled areas and the police posts have been useful in detecting such attempts.

Madawachchiya-Mannar road was recently re opened to facilitate transportation to pilgrims who wished to attend the Madhu festival. Both parties had agreed to a temporary ceasefire in the are till the religious festival is over.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sea tiger leader recovering

Unconfirmed intelligence reports from uncleared areas in the north have suggested that the LTTE sea tiger leader Soosei is recovering from the injuries he received in the boat explosion. Soosei was critically injured when a boat near his vessel exploded during a sea tiger training exercise. He received minor injuries to his chest and his left arm was seriously injured due to shrapnel damage.

Soosei is currently being treated in a hospital in Mullaithiv area under the close observation of sea tiger cadres loyal to him. The incident has further deepened the conflict between Soosei and the tiger supremo Velupillei Prabhakaran. Cadres loyal to Soosei strongly believe that the explosion was planned by the LTTE leader to get rid of Soosei once and for all. The conflict between Soosei and Prabhakaran originated when Soosei supported Ramesh's (eastern LTTE commander back then) opinions on breakaway Karuna faction.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Special Forces Alpha Squad details revealed by media

Several days ago, a government television news bulletin showed a group photograph and accompanying video footage of a Sri Lanka army (SLA) Special Forces units who were engaged in the Thoppigala offensive when it was in its initial stages. We were shocked to see the footage because it showed images of the Alpha Squad of 2SF and clearly mentioned the names of its commanders. Alpha Squad was used in Long Range Surveillance (LRS) missions in the first phase of Thoppigala offensive.

Image: Special Forces cap badge. The four arrows depict the 4-man team regularly used for covert strikes and its DPU capabilities

Alpha Squad is a covert ops unit attached to the SF. Its soldiers are used to penetrate enemy lines and gather intelligence for air strikes and artillery strikes. Information about such units should never be exposed in media as the enemy intelligence in constantly on the lookout for them. Previous media debacles where sensitive information about covert units were publicly revealed ended up with the intelligence personnel paying with their lives. (best example would be the millennium city incident, where several newspapers irresponsibly published a full list of names of personnel involved in the clandestine DPU unit nicknamed "Mahasohon Brigade'). Although credit should be given to soldiers who put their lives on the line for the motherland, media should be careful not to expose too much specially when the enemy is the LTTE.

Friday, August 3, 2007

LTTE infiltration foiled : Mannar

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers manning the forward defence line bunkers in Wanni region thwarted a multi pronged LTTE attack on Wednesday. LTTE cadres launched what seemed to be a pre emptive strike to disrupt limited operations carried out by the army in the area. The attacks which was launched on two fronts was beaten back by the army.

Nearly 20 LTTE cadres are said to be dead according to intercepted LTTE communications. This includes one Lt.Colonel ranked cadre who is believed to have lead one fighting formation into the battlefield. Precise intelligence information was the key to army success in the battle.