Friday, August 3, 2007

LTTE infiltration foiled : Mannar

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers manning the forward defence line bunkers in Wanni region thwarted a multi pronged LTTE attack on Wednesday. LTTE cadres launched what seemed to be a pre emptive strike to disrupt limited operations carried out by the army in the area. The attacks which was launched on two fronts was beaten back by the army.

Nearly 20 LTTE cadres are said to be dead according to intercepted LTTE communications. This includes one Lt.Colonel ranked cadre who is believed to have lead one fighting formation into the battlefield. Precise intelligence information was the key to army success in the battle.


  1. Good News Mates; Defencenet Davidblaker any updates. It seems Lt.Col also there..

  2. Two Suspects Arrested with 700 Detonators -


    Abstract of the Disclosure
    An apparatus for electrically blasting a number of electric detonators arranged at a plurality of working faces, including a single controller having a power source unit for supplying a D.C. voltage and a plurality of ignition control units for selectively applying the D.C. voltage; a plurality of oscillators each arranged near respective working faces, the number of the oscillators corresponding to that of the ignition control units, each oscillators being energized with the
    D.C. voltage to generate a high frequency current and being connected to respective ignition control units via an electric wire bundle; and a plurality of lead wires each connected to outputs of respective oscillators.
    Loop-like leg wires of electric detonators are electromagnetically coupled with the lead wires with the aid of transformer magnetic cores.

  3. Intel is the Conner stone! With it you can build well, without you crumble!

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  5. Guys,

    Tigers are innovating.

    In mannar they have set off a mini claymore mine hidden in a COCONUT!! Injuring a sailor.

    Reminds one of the disguised explosive devices made by OSS & SOE of WW2.

    I know it sound hilarious at times but these stuff kills so keep your eyes peeled! :)

    MCNS reports:

  6. Lots of good news early in the morning!!.Fristly the LTTE mannar attack failed.Secondly Tamil people in trinco helped the navy identify 2 extortionists.It seems like the LTTE is trying to test army formations possibly before a major attack?
    DefenceNet-(when you have the time)How many army casualties?

  7. Hi David,
    I agree with all of the points you've mentioned about MBRLs.

    Can I ask a question?

    Most of the SLDF casualties on the battlefield seem to be coming from indirect fire. The LTTE have managed to cause this much damage because of the accurate ground intelligence to locate and their ability to redirect fire in real time using 'infiltrators' with GPS sets.

    The army relies on intelligence of variable quality to target 'terror movements' and new LTTE bases. To a non-military observer like myself it looks like they are simply firing salvos into vast swathes of jungle! The LTTE is aware of the precise location of all the critical bases of the SLDFs and I don't doubt the level of occupancy in each as well. My question is that with this information at hand, would not the LTTE be able to cause severe damage in lives and material with a captured MBRL?

    I know the government's air superiority is a critical factor to negate such a possibility but I have to stress that the LTTE's capacity for ingenuity should not be underestimated!


    Final year project for an eng. under grad?

    How difficult can this be?

  9. Intelligence op. led to missile recovery – Military
    Source: Sinhala Net

    Contrary to reports, Monday’s recovery of a heat seeking surface to air missile, believed to be of East European origin, was facilitated by an intelligence operation, an authoritative military official said.

    Acting on specific information, the SLA had found the 22.7 pound SAM-14 (aka Strela 3) buried in the Thoppigala area. "It had been buried separately," the official said, asserting that a routine search operation would not have unearthed the weapon.
    But the SLA did not find the gadget needed to activate the missile. The official expressed belief that the LTTE cadre tasked to fire the weapon or a senior cadre would have retained the firing mechanism.

    Strela 3 is the successor to the SAM 7 (Strela) It has a larger warhead (6.5 pounds, twice that of the SAM-7). The IPKF recovered a SAM-7 from an LTTE hideout during its deployment here. The LTTE had shot down several SLAF aircraft including an Argentine-built Pucara deployed purely on anti-insurgency role.

    The SAM 14 has a maximum range of 4.5 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 9,900 feet. The seeker of the SAM 14 was designed to go after the smaller engines on slower moving helicopters.

    The official claimed that the LTTE had three SAM-14 missiles in the East. They had fired one missile at an SLAF aircraft during the eastern campaign, he said, claiming that one missile remained in the enemy’s hands after Monday’s detection.

    The US recently thwarted an LTTE bid to acquire shoulder-fired surface to air heat seeking SA-18 missile, also of Russian origin.

  10. Oshada, what you're saying is correct in that the MBRLs can be used for nuisance value. If the MBRL crew has the exact range of an Army base and were to fire a salvo, they might not necessarily hit a building or bunker with every round but are quite likely to kill and injure anyone standing around.

  11. Does anyone if the SF was involved in this scuffle?

  12. SLDF technical superiority over LTTE is at the largest GAP ever now. I think we need to capture Wanni before LTTE regroups. This is our chance to bring peace once and for all.

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  14. Any one here knows about the LTTE hiarachy? Does SLDF know the top 10 tiger leaders? This so called Lt.Cornols in LTTE are what level of leaders?

  15. ccc-The only leader we need to watch out for is this guy charles A.This fellow has had an education is one of the major terrorist hubs of the world-ie the UK-(where u get russian traitors& crooks,LTTE,armenians,other ex soviet bloc terrorist groups etc).So we are about to see new fresh LTTE tactics.this guy is trying to convert the LTTE from a fighting unit into a sicilain style mafia with enormous LEGITIMATE wealth.

  16. srilankan,

    What the **** are you blabbing about?

  17. "Tigers are innovating."

    From suicide bombings, Baba Mortars to Pasilan 2000, LTTE has always innovated. That's what has made them the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

    "Does anyone if the SF was involved in this scuffle?"

    Yes they were. But the bulk of the work was done by regular units manning FDL bunkers.

    "Does SLDF know the top 10 tiger leaders?"

    MI has pretty solid information in this regard.

    But intel on their hideouts are inadequate. Senior leaders often change their safe houses in fear of air/DPU attacks.

  18. Defence Net, Is the following story true?

    [COLOMBO, SinhalaNet 2007.08.02 02:34PM] Alert military police at the Palaly army base caught red handed a major with 108 compact discs (CDs) containing sensitive security information.

    He was nabbed in the process of trying to hand over the items to the LTTE for a huge sum of money. The CDs - packed in his wife's name - had military maps of the North, video clips of security points, arsenals, information on troop strength, vehicles and other data.

    The suspect was handed over to the Palaly Police for futher interrogation.

  19. "Baba Mortars to Pasilan 2000"

    Defencenet what are these?

  20. Colombo, defencenet already confirmed that it was true about the major in the previous posting.

  21. Jack, Thanx, I didnt see that posting!

  22. It looks some in US administration wants the seperation of this island on the terms that it discriminates Tamils..Behind the scenes this group is very active.If not for the Iraq war we may well be having Ealam by now in the North East..If not for President Bushes war on terror we would have been a divided nation..

    Even with North alone LTTE can setup Ealam..
    Only one country needs to accept the Ealam proclamation..

    What I am talking about is Taiwan style cessation..

    Guys this is real..

  23. Decline and Fall
    August 2, 2007: Troops in the north are expanding the area they control, and are finding major enemy weapons caches (thousands of grenades, bomb components and large amounts of ammunition). Radio intercepts, plus prisoner and defector interrogations, indicates that air attacks are becoming more effective. The bombers often catch their targets by surprise, inflicting higher casualties because the LTTE rebels do not have a chance to take cover.

    The fighting on the ground is small scale, with army and police patrols being ambushed, or running into small groups of LTTE and firing on each other. Casualties amount to a few hundred a week, mostly wounded, and mostly rebels. The LTTE troops are not as enthusiastic or resolute as in the past. Many simply flee when they encounter the army or police.

    The number of defectors from the LTTE combat forces, and civilian population, are increasing. The defectors report low morale, and increasing efforts to mobilize a military force that can defeat the government. More suicide attacks are planned, but recruiting people to carry them out is not as easy as it used to be.

    August 1, 2007: Police in south India (Tamil Nadu state) detected and arrested four Sri Lankan Tamils who were trying to recruit Sri Lankan Tamils in refugee camps, to go back and join the fighting in Sri Lanka. The four were deported back to Sri Lanka. The government is receiving more and more reports of the LTTE forcing Tamils to join combat units for what is seen as a "final battle."

    July 29, 2007: In the north, police found two suicide belts and six bombs hidden in a Hindu temple. Many more weapons are being found in the east, where LTTE resistance has apparently disappeared, despite the fact that prisoners indicate there are still a hundred or more LTTE regulars in the area.

    July 28, 2007: The navy caught two LTTE boats, some 200 kilometers off the northeast coast, and sank them. At least six LTTE rebels were killed. The LTTE continues to smuggle weapons and ammo, and some of those ships are making it through. The LTTE boats try to pass themselves off a fishing boats, before making a run for the coast.

  24. I just posted in case you missed it.

  25. Is anyone of you live in Australia?

  26. Tangara

    I doubt the US will interfere with our conflict. The LTTE are known as terrorists and Americans hate terrorists. The word *terrorist* carries much weight these days in the U.S. Any US politican who tries to advocate for Tamil Eelam in the US parliment must be willing to end his political career. If he or she happens to be a democrat then the republicans will slam him or her as a terrorist supporter, if he or she happens to be a republican then the democrats will him or her as a terrorist supporter.

    The Democrats and Republicans are locked in a vicious struggle for power in the US congress, especially since last year's november elections. Each side is trying to project their side as the side that will keep Americans safe. SAFETY and SECURITY, thats what Americans want more than anything else in this post 9/11 world we are living in.

    Then there is the small matter of India. India will not want Tamil Eelam to be formed. If a tamil eelam is formed then India can kiss goodbye to Tamil Nadu cause there is a good chance armed militant seperatists will rise in Tamil Nadu to advocated for the independance of Tamil Nadu.

    Many of you probably won't know this but Tamils is India are also discriminated against. They are considered a "monkey race" by many North Indians who look down of them. This discrimination against South Indians by North Indians is a hot button issue in India even today. There are many Tamils in Nadu that think that Tamil Nadu will be better off as a seperate nation and see not point in taking orders from New Delhi.

    So if Tamil Eelam is formed then Tamils in India will see light at the end of the tunnel and try to Push for their independance from India. This obviously is the last thing India wants.

  27. Goldeneagle,

    I don't think the Americans want to set up a presence because of the LTTE.

    It is to do with the Trincomalee port and the factor which is discussed in this video. Play particular attention to the boys wearing the black masks!

    Btw I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the Indian factor! India has become part of the American alliance with them progressing to share nuclear technology! An American presence in the region will not be as bad as before these developments.

  28. LTTE used, abused, killed, and trying to use the Muslims in Sri Lanka again.

    The government could not do much for them in the past, because of the issues with the East.

    However, none of the successive governments in SL did not do much to any of the peoples of the country.. and the same plight is heard in almost every village in SL.

    It is good that US keeps tabs on Jihad developments in SL. The last thing we want is another group taking up arms.

    It is easier for people to pushed to take-up arms when they do not see opportunities.

    Therefore, we should be creating opportunities for all the peoples of SL. That's where the West can help..But, mainly our politicians should be cleansed...Else, it would be a never ending circle..

  29. The way the world is changing, very soon there would be a new generation that does not see the ethnic, religious and linguistic differences in people the same way previous generations did. This is the gen that is now reaching pre-adulthood, and are more in line with each other on a global basis, with no visible consciousness of borders of any sort in their communication and comprehension of each other.

    That is what will wipe out the divisions in Sri Lanka though it will not heal the festering wounds. Instead, the wounded will fade away leaving the earth to the healthy minded eventually.

  30. "Defence Net, Is the following story true?"

    Yes and jack is correct we confirmed it on previous thread.

    ""Baba Mortars to Pasilan 2000""

    These are names of Mortar launchers locally made by the LTTE.

    "Baba Mortar" was very popular in the early 90s ("Onna baba enawa" was the phrase used by SLA when Baba mortars were fired). It was a fully mobile artillery piece. LTTE was known to quickly change the position of artillery after firing at army bases to avoid the counter attack. This was easy because of the Baba Mortar launcher could be carried around in a wheel barrow. However it was rather inaccurate and had limited range.

    Pasilan 2000 was a much improved version. It was far more accurate than the Baba Mortar and had increased firing range. It is said that LTTE uses these rounds to date (conventional mortar launchers outperform Pasilan 2000 all the same).

  31. defencenet

    I once heard that some members of the famed Mahason brigade have killed over 300 LTTE cadres. Is this true?

  32. We must curtail Saudi influence in Lanka, those madrassas they fund to build are spreading the radical wahabbi version of Islam. The last thing we want is a mini taliban like state in the East.

    noltte=peace is right we must provide more opportunities for them is the east. Nip it off at the bud I say.

  33. That traitor "major" should be sent in front of a firing squad. he's such a low life to be able to "write off" the lives of his fellow soldiers all for cash...he doesn't deserve a human trial.... shoot the bugger in such a way that he dies slowly...suffering the same pain others would've if he had given those info to tigers

  34. Is the name of this LTTE LEADER known?

    4 Aug 2007 - 10:25

    JAFFNA: A SENIOR LTTE LEADER WAS KILLED when troops engaged a group of LTTE cadres preparing to mount an attack on the NAGARKOVIL forward defence line around 8.45 a.m. last morning (03). Troops confirm that a senior LTTE cadre was gunned down in the confrontation.

  35. Another interesting article from down-under:

    Tiger ban could bite Howard in his seat

    Cameron Stewart and George Megalogenis | August 04, 2007 /THE AUSTRALIAN

    THE Howard Government risks harming its re-election chances in two marginal Sydney seats, including the Prime Minister's electorate of Bennelong, if it moves to list the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organisation.

    Research obtained by The Weekend Australian highlights the danger of an ethnic voter backlash if the Government proscribes the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

    The Tamil Tigers are banned in the US, Britain, Canada and the 27 countries of the European Union, prompting speculation that Australia will also ban the group.

    Legal preparations for a possible terrorist listing have been under way in Canberra, but the Government says it has not made a formal decision.

    Any move by the Government to proscribe the LTTE as a terrorist group carries an electoral risk among the estimated 30,000 Tamils in Australia, most of whom strongly support the Tigers' separatist struggle for an independent homeland in Sri Lanka.

    The largest grouping is in the marginal Sydney seat of Parramatta, where almost 1100 residents nominated their ancestry as Tamil, based on census tables supplied to The Weekend Australian. Parramatta is held by Labor, but is a notional Liberal seat after redistribution of boundaries. Labor requires a swing of just 0.9 per cent, or about 700 raw votes, to retain Parramatta.

    The other politically sensitive concentration of Tamils is the 300 in John Howard's Bennelong. His seat would fall to Labor with a swing of 4 per cent, or more than 3000 raw votes.

  36. My opinions:
    Tropical storm-The next generation will face a much bigger menace than the LTTE(the previous generations had)-That is climate change.Signs of what is to come evident already.
    GEagle your right-We cannot have Islam creeping through the back door.But this is all due to poverty.Once we recover from war hopefully things will iron themselves out.Mind you keep in mind that ancient muslim civilisations were not all bad.some were very good.FX all the architecture we see in southern spain f example.
    Ranil i agree with you regarding the major.Although selling secrets to the enemy cannot be justified under any circumstance sadly this is partly due to the lack of financial help for the soldiers.The Slankans abroad can really help here.This is why VP is so dangerous-According to the LTTE "everyone has a price" and the LTTE have much more money than they need if newspapers are to be believed.

  37. A great article at Defencenet.

  38. "I once heard that some members of the famed Mahason brigade have killed over 300 LTTE cadres. Is this true?"

    Well goldeneagle no one can confirm that. Mahasohon brigade operated like a true covert ops unit should operate. Only the top army officials knew about its existence until the very end. Initially even the LTTE (and most people in the army) did not know what hit them.

    On some nights, members of the mahasohon brigade would suddenly disappear (even their closest friends in the army were only told "Machan podi wadakata eliyata gihin ennam"). No one knew where they went, no one knew what their mission was. Several days later, news will break from uncleared areas that a tiger convoy was hit by a claymore mine (sometimes they used Thermobaric weapons). That was how Mahasohon brigade operated. Exact numbers of LTTE killed or never revealed. They never bragged.

    Unfortunately it all came to an end after some traitor raided the safehouse (with plenty of help from irresponsible media reporting).

    But now LRRP units are returning to their former glory with a series of successful attacks in the Wanni heartland.

    Here again the media should be careful in reporting; Special Forces Alpha Squad information was revealed in government media itself.

    1. Mahason Brigade followed the footsteps of Maj Nilantha Sirimanne of 1 commando regiment .

  39. DefenceNet-(when you have the time)who betrayed the famed mahason brigade.I have heard stories but dont know for sure.

  40. The famous mahasohon brigade was betrayed by a traitor called Kulasiri Udugampola who was actually the head of the division of Police dogs in Kandy. That person suddenly got a tremendous boost after the UNF government got elected and that idiot went on to arrest captain nilam and his colleagues who stayed in the safe house of the Millennium city.There were pledges from the higher ranks of the army not to expose this but all went to deaf ears and the people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the motherland had to stay in prison for few days until the army commander himself came to their rescue claiming the identity of the safe house.Before that the government and the unf biased media filled their prime time news bulletins with the pictures of the weapons and the identities of the people who were captured in this successful mission and the proud leader who led the mission (Udugampola) and that bastard claiming that this was an attempt to assassinate Mr Ranil wickramasinghe.
    After this most of the people were either killed or they had the leave the country due to their security. Nilabdeen was one of them. Officers like muthalif and mideen were gunned down. More than 50 tamil spies who worked with the army had to pay the price.
    There were reports that a defector from LTTE was given a weapon training in panaluwa, by the authorities related to MI and an army officer related to UNP has passed this information to the higer ranks of UNP thus enabling them to order udugampola to go ahead with this mission.
    WE know that MI has recovered well after this unfortunate incident and now thye seem to be doing well and most of the LRRP work is going full steam ahead now. There is a certain possibility of an election soon and UNP coming to power again. Lets hope that they will act with sense this time,if they come to power.
    Allt he information posted here were things that I read from articles in the web,papers and information from friends from the SL army. If something here is wrong , Defencenet, DB and all who have better understanding on this unfortunate issue, pls correct me

    1. LRRP operations were carried out but great officers and soldiers from the commando regiment . Well before special forces was formed . No country will publish these info in media . Formally known as RSF was the back born of these so called LRRP missions . Later these missions were mostly carried by 3 SF members. The commando regiment is still unable to recover from the losses it incurred during Jayasikuru Operation.

  41. Srilankan...
    DefenceNet-(when you have the time)who betrayed the famed mahason brigade.I have heard stories but dont know for sure.

    You can read the full story ("A total betrayal and absolute treachery to the nation") in LankaLibrary in the following link.

    A list of LRRP men who were tracked down and assassinated by LTTE after this also posted at this sites:

  42. Many thanks Colombo and Sf admirer

  43. According to the list of LRRP killed by LTTE they all seem to be exclusively tamils or muslims.

    Is the current LRRP also having only tamils / muslims?

  44. KIri..better not ask brother..we dont really want to know their identites do we?

  45. USA, Canada, UK, Australia and EU countries (their politicions) act favouring LTTE (or not helping GOSL) is mostly due to politics. There are a lot of tamil voters in all these countries and unlike white people their votes are kind of "sure". And it is a critical factor most of the time to get these tamil votes for winning. So LTTE agents manage these vote banks very well and get done things.

    Besides this it is understood all this developed countries (and india) like to see two weak (federel) administrations in SL rather than one strong SL government so that controling/managing is easy for them.

    Regarding that betrayel of Mahasohon Brigade;
    According to defencenet posting the crucial info was leaked by an SLA officer who is beleived to be an UNP supporter. Probably he has done this for promotions etc from then UNF government. (or for private issues against Nilam and his men.) It may be the case he created that story - giving wepan training to a tamil to kill ranil- and all our stupid media did the rest.

    I watched in TV at thattime even an ex-officer like Jayavi Fernando (unp supporter and well respected commander in SF as I heard) denied this allagation.

    So you told only few SLA officers knew about this mahasohon brigade. Do you say even the then president was unaware of it? Is such a way possible?

  46. DefenceNET

    who is top LTTEguy died yestrday ?

  47. In addition to sound defence policy, the SL government should have a sound media policy also to deal with this kind of false information.
    "Tamils, who have suffered decades of discrimination by majority Sinhalese-controlled governments, consider Jaffna their cultural heartland. The military has controlled the region since 1995, but the rebels operate underground and carry out frequent assassinations and bomb attacks there." -Associated Free Press

    It looks like the AFP sub edit desk is clearly has become a false propaganda relay station for LTTE terrorist.

  48. noltte=peace,

    "In addition to sound defence policy, the SL government should have a sound media policy also to deal with this kind of false information."

    You should read this article:

  49. Guys,

    The Sunday Times reports on a JDW article with regard to a proposed $ 70 million+ multistage boost to the SLAF.

    Plans are afloat to buy Chinese “F-7GS” (No documentation can be found on the GS version may be some can enlighten us) Mig-29SM and 29UB, Beachking recon and SIGINT birds, UAV’s and AN-32B are also in the tube.

    A long felt need is also to be addressed; a repair and overhaul facility for Mi-17 and Mi-24’s to be set up.

    link :

  50. DefenceNet,
    Any news on the proposed boost?


    Mate, looks like your cat is out of the bag: JDW. Anyhow I can see why you kept it under your hat!
    This is a good strategic and tactical boost!
    Finally the Gov. may be on the right track with getting what we need.
    Hope no one tries to line their pockets as usual.These corrupt types must be treated as traitors! Hang them I say.

  51. nemesis

    I think that the idea of buying more hardware for our airforce is great but we have to keep a few things in mind.

    First of all we already have 3 types of jet fighters(F-7B, Kfirs, MIG-27s) operating in our small airforce. In my opinion adding additional types of fighter jets will only lead to an expensive maintenance nightmare for our airforce in the future. Our airforce has a fairly small budget.

    If I were in charge of the airforce I would gradually faze-out the F-7B fighters cause they are faily old. So we only have Kfirs and MIG-27s for attack purposes. I would only buy the MIG-29SM fulcrums when our airforce starts to faze-out the Kfirs and no sooner. We need to save money where ever we can when it comes to defence spendings.

    I have never heard of the JY-II mobile radars that the article speaks of, maybe it is talking about the Chinese JY-11 radar(cost:$5million) but the JY-11 radar is not mobile as far as I know. I think we already brought a JY-11 radar and a second one for the northern part of Lanka won't hurt.

    The purchase I like the most in that article is the two Beech King aircraft fitted with maritime surveillance radar. These two aircraft if brought will be very helpful in making it very hard for the LTTE to smuggle weapons into Lanka. Plus a helicopter repair facility was long overdue.

  52. nemesis

    "Mate, looks like your cat is out of the bag: JDW."

    What is the JDW?

  53. GoldenEagle,

    I agree with you to some extent.
    Yes we have too many different AC which cause a logistics, engineering and training nightmare!

    With regard to the F-7BS (GS being a type I have no heard of) we should face them out, but I think what the proposed acquisition of F-7GS is a stop gap measure. We have pilots who are used to the F-7 and we are in need of an interceptor fleet ASAP!

    So I guess the new F-7 type (i hope it’s at least up to the Pakistani F-7PG standard) is a cheap alternative in the short term for the Mig-29SM which costs a ton.

    Then again we are in this mess because of short term scrappy acquisitions aren’t we?

    I’m fully with you to having only two types of Jets (The Kfirs will have to go soon too) I would say the Mig-27M for CAS and Mig-29SM for CAP/Multi-role work. I wish we should at least have a full squadron of each.

    The gov. best decisions as you said is to get more BeachKing SIGINT and Maritime birds, and the fact that many AC types are to be overhauled and that more AN-32B might be in tube. The acquisition of Spike ATGMs for our Mi-24/35 will give them a stand off distance and the ability to take out those fast Sea tiger boats at night! Lol I’d love to see that!

    More important is the establishment (proposed) of a repair/overhaul facility would keep our HC ready round the clock and save us some $ in the long run. And as you rightly said it is over due!

    Getting TUAV is also great, but I would also prefer if the AF did some solid R&D and teamed up with a company to make them here.
    JDW is Janes Defence Weekly. Thanks

  54. "Defencenet,
    So you told only few SLA officers knew about this mahasohon brigade. Do you say even the then president was unaware of it? Is such a way possible?"

    The president knew about it of course.

    The hardware you quoted from the newspaper article are indeed planned to be added to SLAF inventory in near future. But deals are not finalized as of yet.

  55. nemesis

    I know that the F-7G is supposed to be superior the the F-7PG used by the Pakistani airforce. So maybe the F-7GS is another variation of the F-7G, I am not sure myself on all this myself.

    You are absolutely right in that we should have at least 1 full squadron of each of the fighter jet types.

    If we are able to ink the deal with Israel to get the SPIKE ER missiles for our Mi-35s it could very well could be a day to remember for our Navy. Cause it will give us a huge edge in the naval confrontations with the sea tigers. Each Mi-34 is capable of carrying upto 8 of these missiles, so who knows maybe on a good day a single Mi-35 will be able to return to base after sinking 8 LTTE boats. All in a days work. hehehe.


    In the sundaytimes article it says F-7GS. Could this be a typo by Iqbal Athas? Did he mean to write F-7Gs(plural of F-7G)?

  56. GoldenEagle,

    Machan, Don’t forget that we can mount Spike-NT on the typhoon mounts of our Shaldang/Colombo class and Super Dovra MK-2/3’s too!!
    Then we can give uncle phraba’s sea pussies a blow that’ll send them to a watery grave!

    About the Radar: Yes we could do with one or two more. We also need an Air defense coordination network. And better day/night AD training for our gunners.
    Would be great if we could get some thermobaric cluster bombs too!

    It about time we got all our birds IFF transponders, we can’t risk and friendly fire situations.

    I wish we also had long rage maritime surveillance radars along the coast too.

    Thanks DefenceNet,

    keep it up

  57. nemesis

    I am still wondering what those secret expensive systems that are installed in Jaffna that noltte=peace was talking about.

  58. Defencenet:
    Any chance which sort of LTTE leader below article discuss ?
    Why would we hold leader's name?

  59. "In the sundaytimes article it says F-7GS."

    Yeah it should be corrected as F-7G.

    Here is a picture of the F-7G aircraft which China donated Bangladesh.

  60. thanks to nemesis-shows short term arma purchases

  61. According to the papers some NGO's
    dont like their development activites in the east to be carried out with the consent of the army.I wonder why...

  62. Does anyone know why our airforce would consider buying two(F-7G, MIG-29SM) new kinds of jet fighters?

    Are they both supposed to be used for the interceptor role?

    Can't we just buy some Brazilian Super Tucanos to hunt down the LTTE Zlins?

  63. goldeneagle,

    Good question about the Super Tucanos. They would do COIN duties well too.

    But they are slow (compared to jets) like the Zlins and can be hit with AAA easy, not to mention MANPADS. They also lack Radar thus would have to guided to the target (in a Air to Air situ). They lack payload to carry many bombs.

    I personally would like to see a good number of them in a dedicated COIN/CAS role, we should to train them to use highways and Grass runway like the Swedes do.

    We never know when or main runways will be hit by air or mobile Arty/mortar do we? (I hope this never happens)Then when our boys need CAS the jets will be unavailable. Small COIN props like the Tucanos and Mi-24 would be a blessing then.

    Just my 2 cents.

  64. Apparantely, Soosai escaped unhurt despit the earlier report of him being critically wonded:

    Defencenet, anymore news on this?

  65. tharaka,
    According to our info, he was injured but is recovering. IF we get any contradictory news we'll update.

  66. Media reports a death of a senior LTTE leader at the Nagarkovil FDL. However, no body identifies the senior leader by rank or name. Any idea who this leader is?

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. After seeing the ST situation report today, I too was a bit disappointed to see that the Air Force still wants to proceed with the Mig29 deal.

    Some of the blog members have pointed out that the purchase of the Mig29s should be viewed with optimism because it illustrates the progressive thinking of the military brass. But let us think this through! The Mig29 is an Air Dominance Fighter designed in the Soviet era to counter the formidable F16 and the supremem F15. The need of the day is for a supersonic interceptor aircraft to secure the air space. Furthermore, we need them in sufficient numbers to secure ALL of the air space.

    Now consider the threat - an unknown number of propeller driven aircraft.

    With this mind in mind, wouldn't the Chinese aircraft be sufficient to fulfill the air force's requirements of the day? Bear in mind that the total value of the requests of the Air Force is $300 MILLION for THIS YEAR ALONE, and this is without factoring in needs of the Army and Navy for the future confrontations with the LTTE. To put it simply, WE CANT' AFFORD to build a conventional Air Force to deal with external threats with the Mig29s at the moment!

    Those of you who keep an eye on financial matters will now that the government just recently readjusted the budget to reduce spending on planned infrastructure projects citing higher than anticipated current spending and delayed or cancelled foreign aid. These infrastructure projects, as you may well know, are badly needed and with them being postponed it is a possibility that the economy will not achieve the predicted growth rates and unfortunately, inflation is set to rise still further.

    That said, there were certainly some planned procurements that were heartening. The Mi24/35 maintenance facilities were definitely a sign of progressive thinking and the possible upgrades with SpikeER missiles will certainly be good news for the Navy as well. The recent visit to Israel by Mr. Palitha Kohona might have been related to these future deals.

    On a side note, those of you who favour the rumoured American presence in the East, I wanted to put forward a couple of pertinent observations. The most recent Al Qaeda videos have made it clear that any and all countries that help the US in its 'War on Terror' are legitimate targets in its Jihad. This would include countries with any kind of US military presence whether it be medical or Intelligence! Now considering the Sri Lankan situation, if the US does proceed to deploy their military in The East, would not the Muslim extremists easily infiltrate the country from Pakistan and Afganistan? If the US wants to show its support to Sri Lanka, they should be advised to provide material and monetary assistance to the rehabilitation work that has been planned! Not to mention that the US always leaves a trail of destruction wherever its military goes and would it not be simpler to have a dialogue and address the grievances of the Muslims in a fair and just manner?

  69. Does anyone know how many troops are recovering in hospital at the moment.?

  70. Looks like the commis kaakas r back again!! we all r aware of the corrupt deal with the MIG27'S.the details r in the ST.those shittin arseholes in the govt-MR & co,nonetheless!

    Howevever,certain deals seem to be a step forward(with commis of course!) like the maritime patrol beechcraft,night-vision upgrades for HINDS,Spike stand-off missiles & an overhaul/repair facility for choppers.

    Deals which i feel should not go thru include-F-7G purchases-r we going for 70's-era cold war fighters?,MiG 29's-maybe the LTTE has got some jet fighters?& its too expensive anyway.Also,the K-8'S-what for?more training?that can be done with the respective fighter trainers-Kfir-TC2,MiG-23UB.Do we need more advanced UAV'S-why cant we manage with our existin SEARCHER 2'S(which our fellows operate clumsily,thereby lettin the tigers shoot them down)!!these are not toys,for heaven-sake!these r expensive,vital assets,second only to combat aircraft.

  71. rifard-does Stimes have a list of people who took commissions and how much over the years?

  72. is STimes publishing this article now?

  73. In my opinion, the mig 29 deal is not worth it. One of the main reasons the AF tries to justify the purchase was its look down shoot down capability. But with a well coordinated Air Defence structure, mobile AA weapons including MANPADS, Land based RADARS will be enough for the job.

  74. * Nine Tiger cadres killed in Eastern Sri Lanka
    Sunday, August 5, 2007, 15:17 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Aug 05, Colombo: Sri Lankan troops confronted and killed nine Tamil Tigers in separate battles in the North and East yesterday, the Media Centre for National Security said.

    Special Task Force commandos confronted a group of Tamil Tigers hiding in the jungle on the Kachikudichchiaru area in Ampara yesterday and killed six Tigers in the battle ensued. One STF officer was wounded and had been admitted to the Ampara hospital.

    A subsequent search operation in the area recovered a large haul of arms including T-56 weapons, a large amount of ammunitions, hand grenades and RPG bombs.

    In another incident, three Tigers were killed when troops confronted a group of Tigers yesterday evening in Periyathampanai in Vauniya.

    Another cache of arms was recovered in Jaffna by the Army troops acting on civilian information. The consignment included one Claymore mine, 22 detonators, four Claymore devices, two AP mines, T-56 ammunition, six rounds of 40 mm grenade launcher and other devices.

  75. Srilankan,

    You claimed before that the kill ratio was more like 14:1 (more soldiers dead) in this war. Are you sure you didn't mean it the other way around?

  76. I agree with some of the posters here. I think buying the F-7G and MIG-29SM now is not a good idea. These things will cost us a lot of money, money that could be used
    to buy our navy better OPVs so they can carry out effective maritime surveillance.

    I heard that the Kfirs take over 20min to warm up the engines before it can fly off to chase a LTTE aircraft. In that case can't we send some of our Kfirs to Israel so we they can be fitted with a more advanced engine? One that doesn't take over 20min to warmup.

    What do you guys think?

  77. goldeneagle,

    I heard that the K-8 Trainer aircraft has a limited a A to A capability. Actually it was reported that the AF launched a K-8 20 mins after the LTTE attack on KAB. It has the night attack capability as well as the ability to carry A to A missiles. However it does not have a RADAR. So it needs to be guided to the target. But i still think its better to have a land based RADAR network and K-8 for AD role apart from the AA Guns and MANPADS.

  78. The Mig-21 is the world's most successful aircraft undoubtedly. There aren't any others that match it in sheer versatility, ease of training, ease of maintenance, endurance and upgradability. The F-7 that's on the cards seems to be a specilized ground attack version that can pretty much do the job the Kfirs and the Mig27s do, at a fraction of the cost. Keep inmind that though the F7 is a clone of something which originated a few decades ago, technological improvements since then put it in an entirely different class. We needn not be put off by any considerations other than whether it would give us the 'most BANG for the buck'.

    If it does, then all comments and apprehensions by all and sundry(including me)about shady arms deals would be somewhat addressed.

    The Mig29 seems a luxury that can wait, especially given the fact that we are facing a decisive battle which will decide the war. At times like these, good decisions are very important, and time will tell if the present government has been capable of making such decisions.

  79. What we really need to counter Slin threat is an aircraft that can be instantly taken into the air and engage with enemy aircraft. That does not need to be a super fighter.

    In addition to the above, we need few good bombers that can accurately hit the targets both the day and night. These aircraft also should fly above the SA-14 manpad zone.

    What my real worry is that one of the foreign governments that are sympathetic to LTTE would 'indirectly' take part in letting LTTE acquire SA-18s.

  80. The defence budget for 2007 was at $1.3 BILLION dollars. We can keep that up year after year. I think that the defence budget must be set for a max of $1 billion annually for the next 5 years. After that we can raise defence budget because the government will take in more revenue due to the economic growth that has taken place in the previous 5 years.

    I do think that we will need a fighter in the class of the MIG-29 in the future but not now. Right now we can't afford 4 MIG-29 fighters and 1 MIG-29 trainer aircraft that will cost us about $70 million. That kind of money can be better spent elsewhere.

    I am not sure if our economy can handle another military operation this time to conquer Wanni. Wanni will be much tougher nut to crack cause the LTTE are much stronger there than they were in the east. Conquering Wanni will take a much longer time than conquering the east. Can we sustain a long drawn out campaign to conquer Wanni while avoiding civilian casaulties? I don't think so.

    I think we must start the operation to capture Wanni in 2-3 years time. This will give us enough time to rebuild the east and strenghten our grip there with more security personnel on the ground. Plus in 2-3 years time our army, navy(with more OPVs) and airforce will be better stocked up on supplies and raring to go.

    I respect MR, but I think that he is trying to do too much too fast by trying to capture Wanni in quick succession after the East.

  81. Guys I read this about Gota and Basil from the Pro Ltte Nitharasanm. It states that both of them have multi million dollar houses in the US.

    ($14-Million =1,566,600,000.00 LKR) $4.5-Million Dollar Home for Basil in California $9.5-Million Dollar Home for Gotabaya in California -- Look it up Yourself.

  82. Navindran,
    I think they all take commissions.
    (Mind you, it's a pro ltte website and we don't know how true that claim is.)
    But I prefer the one who takes commissions and get the job done to one who takes commissions and DOES NOT get the job done (and probably help the enemy).

  83. GE,

    The gap between SLDF and LTTE is at it's LARGEST ever right now (technological, morale, #cadres, quality of leadership). This is the best time to attack Wanni.

    LTTE is recruiting several civilians right now, and these people won't be ready to fight for at least 6 months. If we wait 2-3 years, the LTTE will have regrouped and probably bought good SAMs.

  84. Navindran,

    I typed "Chamal Rajapaska" into Google Maps and it shows him having a $20,000,000US house in Washington, DC.... here are the screenshots

  85. kbs

    The LTTE only controls 8% of Lanka now while we control 92%. They used to control about 15% but with the loss of the East it came down to 8%. We need to first soldify our hold on the newly captured territories, so that we will control them with an iron grip. The LTTE will probably try to carry out an insurgency in the East to distrupt the rebuilding process, so as a precaution to that we will need a beefed up security presence in the Eastern region for at least a year.

    If we start an offensive into Wanni we will stretching our troops too thin. And that can come back to bite us in the rear. Right now there is a recruitment drive to increase the army by 25,000. This is mainly because we need more boots on the ground to guard and patrol the East. The 25,000 new recruits won't be recruited and battle ready over night so we need to give the army at least 18 months to get the job done. Then and only then can be begin to plan our conquest of Wanni.

    You are right, the LTTE is probably dying to get their hands on SA-18 SAMs but it is much harder for any terrorist organisation to get their hands on ADVANCED SAMs like the SA-18 because the U.S. is leading the charge to make sure that no terrorist organization can get advanced SAMs. The CIA already has large numbers of secret cells all over the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia to monitor these types of sales activities by terrorist organizations. It won't be easy for the LTTE.

  86. India supplys Lanka with more radars.

  87. Defencenet

    Can you confirm if the JY-ll mobile radars mentioned in the sundaytimes article yesterday are the same as JY-11 low-altitude 3D air surveillance radar made by China?

    BTW didn't we already recieve a JY-11 radar from China?

  88. Hi DEFENCE

    i wonder what happend here,
    we have our Navy and all other intelligence and more control over the area, right?

  89. Oshada, the Mig-29 is not solely for air superiority. The Su variants (starting with -27) are the true air-superiority fighters designed to go against the F-15. The Mig-29 is a multi-role fighter.

    I used to be opposed to the idea of the airforce purchasing expensive jets such as the Mig-29. Now I am not sure. I cannot think of many alternative aircraft that fulfill all the criteria.

    the JY-11 deal. From what I know, we were supposed to get two. One was going to be installed north of Colombo in a "secure" location. I believe we received it in June or early July. I think this is the second. If I remember the story I read correctly, India didn't want us to receive the JY-11 because of an overlap with their airspace so they gave us some lower range fixed radar platforms. These were operational for a few months but on the night of the first Zlin attack, the Colombo sector radar was not working.

    When the second Zlin attack took place, we went ahead and ordered two JY-11 anyway.

  90. I dont care if messrs gothbaya and basil own the whole of california and have a harem of 100 women each-i am sure we all want to have these houses/facilities.It looks like they are doing a good job for this country by mass murdering the LTTE in cold blood.They are doing the right thing by TERORISING THE TERRORISTS.I always remeber these massacres where innocent civilians were murdered and their kids heads bashed in or alternatively urinated on while dying by i repeat myself-dirty black faced filthy LTTE pussies with bad body odour(im sure).OK what i dont want is a wimp of a president/decsec who is going to propagate the suffering of the masses(including future generations) for the next 10 decades which may lead to foreign intervention.When i think of these filthy dirty black faced LTTE female pussies urinating on an innocent dying child it makes me throw up.LTTE wanted a military atruggle as opposed to a plitical struggle for whatever reason so now they have got to live with the consequences-even if a lot of toher factors contributed to this situation they have to take a certain share of the responsibility.

  91. Well since we are highlighting peoples assets-how about ranils & vps assets.Any websites giving details of these-I am interested also in the income the LTTE make from brothels in norway-any websites anyone?

  92. David and DefenceNet dont tell me the 4 injuries were due to a takarang bus again!!-God bless you both

  93. srilankan,even i share similar sentiments regarding the tigers.they are indeed a bunch of barbaric,murderous sub-human,if u like organization.but u must remembr that what MR is doing now(although much better than CBK)is making SL a warzone.U should watch the movies-"sometimes in april" & 'hotel rwanda',about the genocide in Rwanda in can make u literally cry.

    Abductions r on the increase,roads r mostly deserted at night,COL is going up daily,& ppl r generally fedup wit politicians in general-be it MR or RANIL.

  94. Rifard-I know the feeling and agree with you but i am praying that the current situation is a ray of hope at last.Rifard there is untold stress on the current govt because it is trying to give power to the people not a few politicians and business people currently they have to rely on to keep the country steady.In MR's speeches read between the lines when you have the time..Lets wait and see..I wont get into politics here but if the govt changes you are looking at untold agony for all the peoples of SL not seen before because of spiralling commodity costs.That fellow JR could have sorted it.Do you know that when this flared up he told his driver very casually "i did not think this will start so soon... " He did not take it seriously at all.. was only thinking of how to hold onto POWER.

  95. Rifard.. i am sure you know this already.Mrs B tried her best to change SL..she couldn't but could have if the "current world situation" was available to her in the 70's.Corruption reached a peak during JRs time.During subsequent govts the money in the country moved much more from the common village folk towards a few very rich people.So MR is trying to give the money back to the villages.If he does his job properly he deserves The whole of californiyeee ..1960's:))-lets say that his price or "profit" for converting SL to what it should be..

  96. But then SL is finished if the average "Jayawewa" donkey lifts his "attha" for Rs 100/- without using his brain at election time.There is no going back this Flipping LTTE menace must be sorted out now militaryly.

  97. Some LTTE teenage cadres seem to think that while they are young they can kill troops -"schoolboys type antics with toy guns" then when they are young men and get married they Leave the LTTE and dont face punishment for crimes committed.?.that is not permissible-see the barbers recent comments-" oh the army is using terrorist tactics against us"-what does this lunatic think this is -" a effing football match?.

  98. sri lankan,

    Calmn the **** down. You're blabbing again.

  99. " oh the army is using terrorist tactics against us"-what does this lunatic think this is -" a effing football match?. "

    Where was this SL, do you have a link to the story? Thanks.

  100. Jack sorry i cannot remember this was about a month back-Tselvams comments to someone from IC.If i do will let you know.


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