Friday, August 17, 2007

LTTE infiltration attempt halted : Manalkadu

Two LTTE cadres who attempted to infiltrate into the Jaffna peninsula via sea were shot dead by the army and navy today dawn. It is believed that the LTTE cadres were engaged in an intelligence gathering/sabotage mission.

Navy's Fast Attack Craft patrolling the seas off Point Pedro were the first to make the discovery. The small boat carrying LTTE cadres was moving north hugging the coastline. Upon detection, Navy's Special Boat Squadron was deployed to neutralize the enemy threat.  SBS fire instantly killed one cadre but the other managed to swim shore. He was later killed by SLA ground forces deployed in the area.

The actual target of the LTTE cadres is not confirmed as of yet.


  1. I gotta say, I am very impressed on how far our special boat squadron as grown in power.

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  3. Yes I have seen some pics of them and my god they look impressive and mean. These type of hard hitting specialist are keen in our fight against LTTE.

  4. Hi Defence,
    I have raised certain questions in last news item
    but have not get a answer, will you be able to give me some sort of answers or ideas?

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  6. When SL Navy has to face the threat of LTTE boat squadrons i.e.

    We have to have small naval missiles i.e.

  7. Where do they get the large base for their attack boats?

  8. Guys, lets get a good idea about this so called Mig deal.

    Allegations from two fronts.
    1)Iqbal Athas-Sundaytimes

    2)United National Party

    Ministry of defence posted two articals rejecting those allegatons.


  9. "Where do they get the large base for their attack boats?"

    Many of them have been brought down from Indunesia. Almost all of the big craft have radar in them.

    We need to have some simple Radar Homing Missiles to take them out. Better than exchanging fire.

  10. nolte....ya got it right mate ! The only way Sea Tiger Craft can be sunk TOW style missles from our choppers if we can afford it ! Is it true ltte still smuggles arms even though SLN has a blockade ?

  11. reply the dumb jaguar

  12. Our Heroes

    we like to hear more about them Defence..!

  13. Defencenet,

    Sorry , out of topic..
    The link for AHRV, which is pettioning the Japanese govt. to stop aid to Sri Lanka...

    Please pass this to SPUR in Australia....

  14. Looks like Northern offensive will be delayed more...

    Fighting Fire With Fire
    August 16, 2007: A final offensive against the remaining LTTE bastion in the north is being delayed by the rainy season, a shortage of troops, and a determined foe. Many soldiers are still in the recently liberated eastern province of Sri Lanka. There are still several hundred LTTE gunmen gone underground, and threatening guerilla warfare, and many arms caches to be found. These hidden supplies of weapons, munitions and bomb making materials have to be found, otherwise LTTE, or criminals will find the stuff and use it.

    The army has also found that that tactics it used in the east, don't work as well in the north. The army destroyed the LTTE in the east by fighting a guerilla war against the LTTE, using an advantage in air power and artillery to support small units of troops sent into LTTE territory and terrorizing the terrorists. But the northern territory is not as wide open as in the east, and the LTTE troops are more experienced, and thicker on the ground. Small army units trying to replicate the tactics used in the east, have gotten beat up pretty bad, and forced to retreat. But the aggressive army patrols have succeeded in locating more LTTE bases, and these are being destroyed by artillery and the air force.

    Meanwhile, the LTTE in the north continue to conduct their own guerilla campaign, although they are taking heavier losses than in the past. Where the LTTE is most vulnerable is at sea, and its "Sea Tigers" force is being hammered more than at any time in the past. In the last week, two leaders of the LTTE sea smuggling force were killed in clashes with the navy. The interruption of smuggling boats by the navy this year, has forced the LTTE to use their ammo reserves, and not fire as many artillery and mortar shells. This makes life a lot easier, and safer, for the army, which has plenty of ammo to fire back at the LTTE. But the army also knows that the LTTE hard core is in the northern part of the country, and this crew has said it will fight to the death. The army generals believe the LTTE will put up stiff resistance, and are not about to rush into a final battle without taking every precaution. That could take another year.

  15. tangara,

    I strongly believe that we do the right thing by waiting to soften up the Vanni LTTE targets while replenishing our forces. I value waiting one more year than sacrificing the lives and limbs of the best and the bravest of my country in a hurry. This is the smart thing to do. Yes, softening up targets with DPU units, reconnaissance missions, UAV missions, and naval surveillance, and air sorties can play a significant role in this matter

  16. tangara,

    Also, we should make it untenable for LTTE to have any kind of administration in Vanni

  17. Fully agree...

    I think we should NOT advance ...We need to distrory all LTTE assests from air, just like the NATO did to the Bosnians..Sea blockade must be stepped up with more OPV's and maritime surveillence..

    LTTE will crumble in no time..

  18. Yes these steps were not followed when the jayasikuru operation was carried out thus enabling tigers to obtain military hardware by sea. In our defense budget its absolutely necessary to increase the number of FAC s and gun boats to cover more area and with the assistance of UAVs and beech crafts. Using the colombo class FACs seems to be the ideal solution in terms of cost and durability. Its happy to know that the navy after years of delaying, have equipped the FACs with 30mm cannons the handle the sea tiger threat.
    With out crippling the sea tiger wing and a harsh naval blockade, capturing the northern sector would not be possible.

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  20. Hey Guys,I heard that bribery commission started inquiry about the MIG27 deal.They may make a full report about it but what happened if these info leak to LTTE???? Isn't it a problem to the country's security?

  21. Now LTTE has the biggest RPG and LMG concentration in its history + artillery gun pieces.

    Need to have a strategy to counter the same too!

    Blocking the sea supplies are the key in reaching more hardware to them.

    Now they have started using fishing boats to smuggle arms.

  22. If someone can finish off this LTTE menance, I do not mind that person taking all the MIG 27 home.

  23. I am glad, that many people hear understand why the northern campaign will be delayed.

    To capture Wanni and hold it in the long term we first need to bring the sea under our full control. Control of the seas will control the direction in which this conflict goes.

    I hope that MR will buy more OPVS in the next 2 years to come.

  24. Hemantha

    Thanks for bringing in both views on the Mig-27 deal. That is the correct way to go about keeping a discussion within the intellectual realm.

  25. Guys;

    Australia is currently evaulating the LTTE ban, and it is open to public opinion. I found this link on a LTTE related website, requiring their follwing to 'do the needful' which usually means they will canvass hard to prevent it from happening. Until now, they've always had the initiative in such matters, but today there's greater potential for us to counter-balance their efforts. After all, the LTTE are the terrorists and have the uphill task of convincing the Aussie govt that a ban would be inimical to the now non-existant 'peace process' which they never respected even for a day. But we need to understand the importance of public opinion in these matters, which have little to do with who is right. It is who makes the most calls and noise that wins in such situations. Please make this issue known to other concerned Sri Lankans and take part in canvassing to push the Aussie ban through.

  26. Here's the link again:

  27. tropicalstorm..i dont think the aussie ban will be implemented.I hope it will be.. but then that is sacrificing the tamil vote.on a happier note..According to mr Ranawaka(JHU)..the ltte is in trouble..soosei(blowjob lips) is being replaced and VP (apparently in tears) appealed to his ground commanders to capture an area in jaffna so he can be buried there sooner than later.

  28. Hemantha, I read the article too. The comparisons with the previous deal were very enlightening. It is easy for anyone to show one facet and a certain set of numbers to support a their argument; the UNP report seems to have manipulated the numbers just to discredit the government.

  29. SL, I'm sure the army would provide some ground in Jaffna if VP wants to bury himself :-D

  30. Here's a nice pic of a bomber

    If we simply had more of these deployed, the LTTE would simply give up fighting and surrender within 24 hours..

  31. Hey Topicalstorm,

    Those are Indian bombers, and India has clearly declared that they will not provide us any killer weapons!

    BTW, VP has no use of them ;-) ...perhaps you may momb with more Thamil Selvam grade bombs.. i.e. RW, MS etc.

  32. BTW, here is a thought about how to protect innocent when giving VIP protection.

    It is believed that LTTE has brought in several Motor Cycles fitted with explosives to un-cleared ares.

    Suggest that they are been hidden around major city suburbs.

    In order to avoid innocent civilians being victims of mistaken fire, VIP protection squads should have designated non-lethal "Warning Round" "Marker (Marksman or Markswoman" or two.

    If someone is suspicious and approaching closer or making any suspicious movements, the Non-Lethal Markers should fire at them. If there is no response for one or two rounds, then quickly others should engage.

    If we did this earlier, we could have saved Gen. Paramie Kulatunga's life.

  33. Thanks Tropicalstorm. Thanks Lankapura.
    He (Gota) has done a great job in fighting this war. I want him to be clean. But if he is not I don't want to prove he is.
    When I read first time that he is having a $9.5 million house in California I thought it was true because it was presented in such a way that most would have believed it. But later I was able to find out that the news was a fabrication authored by LTTE.

    After considering the facts available so far I believe these Mig deal related allegations are mostly politicaly motivated. I hope I am correct in this regard.

    Gota gives the political leadership to the military. If the guy is successful, it's bad news to LTTE because the eelam is going to be just a dream, bad news to opposition because they would be in the opposition for very long time. So it's understandable that they would want to destroy him. It looks like now they are fighting for their survival. They almost killed him physically once. Now it looks to me they are trying to kill him politically. The fight is going on everywhere, in TV, radio, political circles, web sites, blogs, etc. If they were able to make some doubts in the minds of our people who believe in this course (defeating terrorism) then they are going to win. So it's our duty to demand these people who make these allegations to prove them with correct facts.

  34. This may idea sound crazy.......but can't MR, Gota, Fonseka etc, hire Gurkhas to guard the around the areas they live in or visit. Gurkhas are highly unlikely to take bribes.

  35. GE, why on earth do we need to hire Gurkhas when we have highly skilled, highly motivated and 100% loyal sri lankan boys in our armed forces. Make no mistake that not all security forces personnel are given the chance of protecting highly valued VIPs such as MR, Gota, Lt.Gen. Sarath Fonseka etc.

    One has to prove himself to be worthy to be picked for this role. And you can be sure that if the authorities have the slightest doubt about any soldier, then it's a NO!

    Cpl. Yakandaawala was one such guy who had a clean record! And we have enough and more such guys in our forces!

  36. Yeah, why do we need Indians or Nepalese? At least SL bodyguards don't shoot their own PM.

  37. Tropicalstorm, no wonder the LTTE leadership keep their cattle under tight control.. they wouldn't want to fight if they saw such good bombers :-D

  38. It is believed that none of the VPs bodyguards have the chance of visiting their families nor can marry. VPs bodyguards have been brainwashed prisoners.

    We must protect MR, Gota, Gen Fonseka etc.. etc, because they are the only persons with a backbone who answered this LTTE menance successfully.

    RW is pulling LTTE agenda, and one of the meanest guys that I can think of. Who else would go arounsd the world and ask other governments to stop aides to Sri Lanka, when the government is fighting a difficult war against a well-funded terrorists. The damage that this su*ker is doing to Sri Lanka is next to what Prabhakaran is doing. People of Sri Lanka should never forgive that traitor.

    The whole Mig 27 allegations first came from and behind CBK, and now it has been directed towards Gota. This is a whole unnecessary exercise of all the investigations, when it is clear that the allegations are only there to support LTTE.

    Gota, do not bow to the terrorists! Keep up the good work. Take care of yourselves!

  39. GE, why do we need foreign body guards?

    Aren't they doing a good enough job? They only protect VIPs against the most determined and innovative terrorist organisation in the world.

    DB, you are being sarcastic right? It so damn hard to tell with you lol

  40. No, I'm serious. Ha. Indira Gandhi was topped by her own Sikh BGs. That's never happened here so why do we need foreign BGs?

  41. Our soldiers are great... The VIP squads are the best. But it does not mean that we vigilance about them to be lowered. We all are human, and personal needs can go beyond national security sometimes.

    What we need is a multi-facet program to look after the families of fallen war heros, disabled soldiers, and the welfare of the families of security personnel. Eventhough they are on active duties, being long away from homes create enormous difficulties for soldiers in many fronts.

    We also need a higher education institute for lower ranking security personnel. That institution should provide opportunities for lower ranks to further their prospects.

    Children of disabled soldiers, and fallen war heros should be given higher preferences at university entrance.

    It is a great thing that we created a school for the kids of security personnel.

    We need to take it to the other cities too i.e. Anuradhapura and surrounding is a town with one of the highest concentration of soldier families.

  42. Also, the medical needs need to go beyond the physical. Last year the Military Hospital shut down the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder wing. It's bloody ridiculous. Thouands of servicemen (serving and past) are suffering from PTSD, and the MoD needs to take care of them. Many of the soldiers who are now criminals aren't doing what they do just 'cos they can't get a job. Some are so traumatised by combat that they just can't a hold a proper job anymore.

  43. I think the LTTE will do us a favour by gettin rid of fellows like GOTA,MR & the joker RANIL!these fellows only serve to put SL into further ruin!!we need a military coup,loke in thailand!

  44. DB,
    What are your thoughts about the recent captures of Sulphuric acid consignments?

    I know that it is commonly used in car batteries to re-charge them. Could it not be used in a weaponised form? For example could they not modify one of their small turboprops or even a helicopter to essentially act as a crop duster but instead of using pesticides, could they not spray sulphuric acid over military installations?

  45. Rifard,

    What are you going to do with a Military Coupe?

    What do you look in Thailand?

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Rifard, what exactly will a coup achieve?

    Oshada, I know sulphuric acid is also used in the manufacture of explosives, so in addition to recharging batteries maybe the LTTE's using it for that. I'm a bit skeptical about its use as a chemical weapon. To do a crop-duster type mission, the LTTE aircraft would have to fly low and slow over an Army base, leaving a nice targetable trail. And I don't reaally know how harmful a thin mist of the acid will be, or even if it's really practical to be dropped in this manner.


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