Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Cheliyan" declared as new sea tiger leader

Military intelligence have confirmed that "Chelian" has been appointed as new leader of the Sea Tigers; the sea  going arm of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Former leader Soosei was critically injured when a vessel near his exploded in a sea tiger training excercise.

After Soosei was injured, Thyagan (Sea tiger 3rd in command) and Chelian were tasked with leading the sea tiger outfit. However, Thyagan was killed in a confontration with the SL Navy near  the seas off Polmoddai last week. LTTE Intelligence wing (TOSSIE) leader Pottu Amman had announced Chelian's new leadership role when Thyagan's funeral was held in Puthukuduirippu, Mullaithiv.


  1. Defencenet:
    Chelian was the 2nd in command or is he one of Praba's right hand men?
    Any smell of Sea tiger split?

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  3. "Chelian" where do these guys get their names from?
    Defencenet, any more info on this guy will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Smart move by VP.

    He knows that having an injured possible foe within his ranks would spell his doom.

    Now the question that beckons is......Whats next Soosai? After all the man lost his son, and he won't forget that as long as he lives.

  5. kill,
    What do you mean by this? Can you elaborate?

    "Dear DefenceNet Readers,
    Be warned!
    David Blacker once wrote a sh**y boo of "fiction" that had a SLA MI linked para unit (i.e. LRRP) that was so out of control, SLA itself had no option but to kill it's CO (i.e. Major Gen. Muthalif). He is shot by a gunmen on a motorbike while he was been driven to work in his car. The story also mentions how India pressures SL government led by a man described to have similar features as Ranil W. And the reason for this pressure: a horrendous act of terrorism by the LRRP, of course.

    This is the world Blacker lives in. Be warned!"

  6. David Blacker is a Sri Lankan "author" who wrote a book about the war between SLA an LTTE. I see him posting comments on this blog that's why I posted this info.

    His book starts off well enough giving SLA credit for some good counter terror tactics. But the book ends with a para team linked to the STF (made up of tamil ex-LTTE caders now taken in by STF) hijaking a candian plane and staging it as if LTTE had done it. India finds out this was done by STF and forces the GoSL to peace talks with the tigers. SLA furious of the consequences has the CO of the para team (LRRP) killed. Blacker's description of the assassination is identical to the way Muthalif was murdered.

    The book came out months after Muthalif's assassination. Ranil's government was in power and the ministers of the government were declaring LRRP as terrorists (remember those days? Rajitha was the main vocalist back then).

    The book was nothing but a ass-wipe that tried to white wash the Millennium City debacle and the UNP government's handling of it. David Blacker is the absolute scum of this earth.

    Whtever you do don't buy Blacker's books or attend his propaganda events. If you come across his books, burn them.

  7. Kill can u elaborate further.I dont know the LRRP story..but.from the little i know... whatever said and done.they were and will always be heroes.The only donkey here is Ranil and his pathetic leadership.I would say..the LRRP tried to do their JOB but were hindered by political donkeys.What is so special about a canadian plane anyway?.They are not gods..just people like u and me..Definitely no need to look up to them..i am not saying you do.. look i am not being cynical here..

  8. sldf..these guys have been watching "robinhood and the price of thieves" too much.The name and "military exploits"(ie:attacks against helpless villagers) helps i am sure a single LTTE cadre gain a "wife" once he leaves the LTTE.

  9. "Whtever you do don't buy Blacker's books or attend his propaganda events. If you come across his books, burn them. "

    Kill it seems you have some personal matter with DB, I am not sure this is the best place to air it out. What I do know is that DB actually put his life on the line so in any democratic nation I think he has all the right to write what he wants about his experiences and thoughts.

    In fact your post makes me more curious about his book than anything else. Anyway lets stay focused on topics of interest. Cheers.

  10. Has anyone read the Article on Nation on Gen.Chandrasiri's visit to the FDL's ? V. disturbing !

  11. Intresting, apparently the recent strike on Palaly came from the Sea not Land:


  12. "Intresting, apparently the recent strike on Palaly came from the Sea not Land:"

    Yes I was asking defencenet the same question in the previous posting.

    Is this an error in the Dm article? I mean even on a muraj boat there is no room to secure an artillery gun let alone having a stable platform to fire it. And I am not sure how the recoil of a heavy gun would affect the firberglass boat.

    or was it not artillery and something else they used???

  13. Guys I have had differences in opinion with David Blacker but he served in SL forces and I did not. Hence I always give resoect to his opinions. He is not selling SL like all the so called JHU and other patrotic forces seem to say.

    Even recently, Mahindha is supposed to have passed a message to prabha.

    How do you guys know if there was no geninue attempt usinf rouge military elements to kill Ranil. UNP seniors could have tried it. In Sri Lankan politics every man is for himself. Why does Mahinda family control 70% of our budget.

    Everyone is out to swindle the country. The soldiers are scraficing the lives. Some have seen the game and feel they too should profit and sccumb to the LTTE money.

    No politician will want the LTTE eliminated. In the long history, its one of the best tool to make money and stay in power.

    The east celeberation could have been scarficied and the money gone to the Post traumatic stress unit that was closed down. However if they do that, how can SLFP and Mahindha win the next election. After all the traumticised soldiers can be easily manupilated to be the hencemen to politicians and thugs like kidnapping bussiesmen etc.

  14. Dear all,
    Thank you for the interest in the David Blacker story. Here are some responses on my part:

    @srilankan: There's a lot about the Millennium City incident and the then governments handling of it that caused a huge uproar in SL against the UNP. Since it's been a few years now, most comments by UNP politicians have been forgotten (especially now that most of them are with the government). The refernce to the Canadian plan is from the book. Of course the LRRP aren't Gods :) but they are not homicidal maniacs that DB makes them out to look like.

    @jack: when somebody insults the forces, it becomes personal. I don't know about you, but that's how it is to me. But if you want to read that garbage, post your mailing address and I'll mail that book to you. Don't let him make profits by selling a book that paints the STF/LRRP as barbarians. I already made the mistake of buying the book. There's no reason why you should make the same. Since we are friends, I don't think its illegal to share :D

    @navindra: Absolutely true. But don't think Blacker is a poor soldier who was bought for money. He's not. He's selling the SLA out for his political views. And it's true; JHU, Mahinda, Chandrika, UNP are all bastards. And if someone writes a book to white wash them and paint them as saints you'll find me venting my fury about that. Anyways, now that you know who DB is, treat him accordingly next time he speaks.

    Btw, the last time I exposed DB, he logged in with a woman's name and left some ugly remarks on that "forum". At least he didn't try to write a book about what kind of an a** hole I am :D
    Anyway, look out for that too :D

  15. navindran,
    Do you want LTTE be eliminated? Why?

  16. The attack being launched from sea is highly unlikely. It would require a large warship to mount a 130mm gun and our information suggests that the attack originated in LTTE's Pooneryn base. Army retaliation also targeted LTTE positions in Pooneryn.

    On a side note, please take personal matters and discuss them outside this blog.

  17. Chelian was a close friend of Pottu Amman (and he was a senior in LTTE outfit). Pottu had a dispute with Soosei and wanted him out.

    It is believed that Chelian got the leadership because of Pottu Amman.

  18. An airstrike was carried on Pooneryn yesterday. Success or failure of this attack cannot be confirmed as of yet.

  19. Guys, I have posted responses to Kill on the thread where he started it, the one on the LTTE arty attack on Palaly. Most of his post is rubbish -- there's nothing in my book about any attempt to kill Ranil or aany other local politician except by the LTTE.

    When my book came out he wrote a so-called review on his blog (which no one visits and all the comments are by himself). I guess he's pissed that no one's interested in his blog so now he's posting here. He also had a thing for a general's daughter who basically laughed at him, so he hates anyone who was in the Army and tries to run 'em down.

    If you don't wanna read the book, that's cool, but I think you can make up your own minds, and not follow the advice of someone who has a grudge.

    He says it's personal -- now you know why.

  20. With Mig's both Sri Lanka and Ukraine are winners..

    Opposition leader must something else to blame now..

    [MiGs That Earn Their Keep
    August 22, 2007: Sri Lanka was looking for more than low price when they bought eleven MiG-27 fighter-bombers. The MiGs were not only cheaper than the more capable (on paper) Israeli Kfirs they had also purchased, but the MiGs were cheaper to maintain and, because of their swing-wing design (similar to the U.S. F-111) able to hit targets more accurately at low altitudes. The MiGs were also better at avoiding, or absorbing, enemy ground fire. That's what the MiG-27 was built for. Moreover, at the 300 kilometers ranges the aircraft had to operate (flying from bases in the south to enemy targets in the far north), the Migs could carry more bombs (usually eight half ton bombs) than the Kfirs.

    The 20 ton MiG-27 is a ground attack version of the MiG-23 (which was the Russian successor to the MiG-21, and influenced by the American F-4 and F-111). The MiG-27 carries a 30mm cannon (with 300 shells), and up to four tons of bombs or missiles. Sri Lanka also has a dozen Israel Kfir fighter bombers (an Israeli design based on the French Mirage 5). Israel stopped using the Kfir in the 1990s and has been selling them off cheap. The Kfir is a 14 ton aircraft with two 30mm cannon (with 120 shells each), and can carry up to five tons of other weapons (at short range). Sri Lanka has been using the Mig-27s and Kfirs to attack LTTE rebel base camps and artillery positions. The MiG-27s proved to be decisive weapons, given their ability to get down low, survive enemy fire, and accurately deliver bombs.

    But how did Sri Lanka get their MiG-27s so cheap (about $2 million each, versus $3 million for a Kfir). Ukraine had lots of old, Cold War era, MiG-27 fighter bombers. These were well worn aircraft, with only about a thousand flight hours left on them. But the Ukrainians were willing to sell them cheap, and, as a bonus, offer inexpensive refurbishment services, that would add 2-3,000 flight hours to the aircrafts life. The first batch of seven MiG-27s (one was a trainer version) were bought between 2000-2003, for an average $1.72 million each. The aircraft performed well, even though two crashed and one was destroyed on the ground. In 2007, another four, of more recent vintage, were purchased, for $2.5 million each.

    Ukraine had inherited thousands of warplanes (including hundreds of MiG-27s) in 1991, when the Soviet Union was dissolved. The dissolution deal had military equipment belonging to whatever new country the stuff was in, when the Soviet Union broken into 15 new countries (including Russia, and Ukraine). For decades, Ukraine had been the major staging area for a possible invasion of Western Europe. Thus lots of warplanes were parked there. Ukraine had no need for most of these, and there was not a big market for second hand Russian warplanes in the 1990s. But some of the better stuff was kept in decent shape, so Sri Lanka was able to get some proven combat aircraft at a fraction of what any alternatives (new or used) would cost.

    That said, Ukraine could have sold the aircraft for less, and still come away with a profit. These aircraft were headed for the recycling facility in a few years anyway. And the refurbishing contracts meant months of well paid work for hundreds of Ukrainians.


  21. Awesome! So DB, finally you admit that it was you who started posting comments under a female name. Man, and you talk about balls =))

    What the f*** man? You talk about hiding behind names. What the hell were you doing hiding behind a pair of boobs :)

    And weren't you just claiming you didn't hide but was openly posting as yourself. Oh why don't you post another comment saying that was your sister, and she did it on her own free will.

    I was trying to get you to this point, where you blabber this out. Didn't think it would this easy and this quick. Retard!

  22. DB,

    Are any of kill's claims true? Unfortunately I have not read your book. Is his claims regarding the rogue LRRP elements carrying out terrorist attacks true?

    On a side note, what are your thoughts about the daily mirror article that claims that the artillery attacks on Pallaly came from sea not land? Btw I posted the article in an earlier post.

  23. Defencenet:
    It seems LTTE is effectively using their arty guns at its Pooneryn base to attack Palaly. This could have devastating effects on SLAF and troop operations in and out of Palaly military base and when attacks on Northern FDL's intensify in the months to come. Also it seems SLAF attacks to neutralize these arty positions have not worked either. What are your views of this threat; can SLA effectively counter attack to neutralize LTTE arty guns in Pooneryn?

  24. I think LTTE realized the gem they had, I mean the "long rang artillery from Pooneryn to Palaly" situation.

    They have probably invested heavily to build mechanisms to make these artilleries hard to neutralize. There are probably a network of undergrouns storage facilities, with "tracks" that can be used to roll/take the artillery out and move it back in fast. The artillery are probably back underground safely as soon as the jets are heard nearby (they probably have ppl listening for the jets from miles away, so the know the jets are coming well in advance).

  25. "It seems LTTE is effectively using their arty guns at its Pooneryn base to attack Palaly"

    From what I understood their guns even the longrange 130mm could only reach Palaly from K point (Kalmunai) and not even Pooneryn itself, so there is a very limited area from which they can fire. Also if you look at the satellite images of this area, it is quite open with not a lot of trees, but it did take some effort last time to take out the two guns that were here, so not sure how they manage to hide and fire them in such an open space.

    But maybe this time they did fire from Ponneryn and that is why these rounds fell short, but they would know that already so it doesn't make much sense for them to try in the first place?

    Any ideas guys?

  26. Guys, Too many hard feelings? Isn't it?
    Let's have little bit fun.


  27. I think def net talked about the LTTE artillery guns in pooneryn. They seem to be keeping them in underground hangars, with an opening to fire the gun. So the gun stays underground all the time. This seems to be the reason why the SLAF cant take out these guns. The option only option might be to use the expensive bunker buster bombs.
    I believe that these guns should be neutralized at all costs before making any advance from our Muhamalai FDL.Without the arty support, it would be difficult for the terrorists to hold off the Army.

  28. Looks like the SLAF sent a warm welcome to the new sea-tiger leader.

    Here's an interesting picture on a communique published by the SL Permanent Mission to Geneva regarding the attack. The picture is small, and therefore difficult to say whether the aircraft in it are SLAF assets. The AC in the front is rather interesting, because if this is an SLAF pic, what exactly is the jet ? Have we already inducted the Mig-29's ??

  29. http://www.lankamission.org/

  30. Here's a very good article, though it emphasizes only what's obvious and unavoidable. Yet I thought it was worth reading for the way it generalizes how the larger outside world thinks this war would unfold.

    That got me thinking that the SLDF wouldn't be thinking the same way. Now that's something to think about over a beer...

  31. TS the link doesn't work..even when I pasted all three parts together :P

    But if its the article on the strike in Mullativu, then the jet in front is a Mig 27.


  32. TS,

    Chaeck this site


  33. TS, I dont think the picture is an SLAF picture. The 2 mig-27s does not have the SLAF logo on them. The other aircraft seems more like an F-15 rather than a Mig-29. Probably a Photo Shop job.

  34. jack

    You can pull up the following link and follow the story on Mullaitivu:

    My q? was on the fighter in blue camoflage. Definitely not a flogger. Nose looks more like the Mig-29, plus it has twin tail.

  35. Why would the SL mission go to the extent of using someone else's pics? Makes us look amatuerish..

  36. Thanks Sam

    So it was an Indian AF picture.

    The SL mission obviously hires morons, which is nothing new..

  37. Its really amateurish. Actually the photo contains 2 Mig-27s and an USAF F-15. So its not a photo shop job. I found the pic in the link given by Sam.

  38. "My q? was on the fighter in blue camoflage. "

    Ah yes, my bad, I thought you meant the one right out in front, but seems others have already answered, yes definitely an F-15.

    Cheers (and sorry for assuming you didn't know what a Mig 27 looked like!! LOL)

  39. Kill, I've visited your site once after someone pointed out your rantings to me, but I've never posted on your site (where did I say I had?), nor did I see any comments under that particular blog post of yours (least of all by this fantasy female of yours). I did, however see a couple of your own responses (under other blog posts) where you pretend to be other people and pat yourself on the back (your grammar and syntax is so bad that's easy to see it). And btw I don't have a sister. I'd aask you for yours but she's probably as ugly as your mum.

    This was all more than a year ago, but I can understand your bitterness over your failed writings, love life, and general appearance. Get over it. Move on. Life's too short to be a cunt all the time.

    Oshada, most of Kill's allegations are outright lies, a few are exaggerated, and some are taken out of context. He's also unable to understand that my novel is fiction. He's convinced that I'm attempting pass it off as a military history. It isn't. It's my imagination, and I've clearly said this in the afterword. I've answered his accusations in detail in the thread about the LTTE arty attack on Palaly (where he first posted), so if you're interested, check it out. I don't feel like repeating it here.

    Basically, the guy's a sicko with a grudge against soldiers, so it's upto you who you believe.

    On the Palaly attack, since the shells came across the lagoon from Pooneryn, the SLMM probably thought it came from the sea.

  40. We need to have at least 1 permanent fire finding radar in Jaffna. We need to eliminte these highly guarded artillery pieces before we can adance into Wanni in the future.

    BTW Asian tribune reports that armed Jihad groups have killed 2 Tamils in the East. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a Jihadi trend about to engulf the East.

  41. Tropicalstorm,

    Those were 2 Indian MIG27s and F15 of USAF. that was during the COPE India Joint Exercises. trust me guys the results were awesome. it is said that US lost for India's SU30 during the Exercise and made them to re-think about Pilot Training program.

  42. Muslim Jihad...

    Another last thing we need

  43. The Muslim Jihad is going to destroy their community as LTTE has done.

    This Jihad should be trashed at the earliest opportunity in its roots for the good of all the peoples of SL and the region.

    Else, it will be another LTTE that will not easily be eliminated if grown.

    Hunt-down the leaders of this Jihad.

  44. noltte=peace

    There is already an armed Jihad group called "Jihad" in the East. I think their ideology has its roots from the Saudi funded madrassas in the East that preach the extreme Salafi version of Islam. For those of you who don't know, Salafi Islam was founded by a fugitive cleric 300 years ago in Saudi Arabia. The Saud tribe gave him refuge, some how he managed to convert the Saud tribe into following the Salafi brand of Islam. Later on the Saud tribe ascended to power in Saudi Arabia(named after them) and became the Saudi royal family which now run the country according to the strict Salafi guidelines.

    This new armed Jihad group seem to have a goal of carving out a Muslim state in the East. This is the last thing we need. Already one can see women dressed in niqabs walking on the streets.

    Here is the Asian Tribune article:


  45. Generally, Muslims in Sri Lanka are very moderate and well integrated to the general society. We also know that some of the best and the bravest soldiers we had/have in our forces are Muslims. Therefore, the best solution we can have for fundamentalism is to promote and elevate non-fundamentalists, not to go on a path of aggression. This is a very delicate situation we need to handle with utmost care.

  46. "launched from the Sea" Maybe the buggers got a mobile platform for the 130mm guns in Pooneryn ! It explains only 10 rounds were fired huh ? Fire 'n Scoot ? So is it true Indian AF conducts high altitude over flights over Jaffna ?

  47. Defencenet,

    Can you confirm this incident with the Jihad group in the East?

  48. Firing 130mm cannon from sea is LTTE propaganda.. just to divert efforts...

    If Indian AF flying over Jaffna, we should be seeing them on our new radar.. This is also LTTE smoke, trying disparately to create tension with other countries.

    LTTE spread a rumor in the past saying Charles Anthony was trained by Mossad. It is also was to create friction.

    The MIG 27 deal, Gota's house, etc etc all are part of the same smear PR.

    Now you can hear Army Coupes.. etc etc ...All just bulls-sh**t.

  49. Took this from LNP

    Pedestrians walking the busy and crowded Armour Street in Colombo were in for an unpleasant and surprising experience at around 10 a.m. today (August 22nd).

    They were unceremoniously shoved into every available corner - shops, alleys and even into drains - by armed soldiers. Even respectably dressed ladies were not spared, as all these people were subjected to incomprehension, shock and humiliation.

    When one of them broke the silence and inquired as to what was going on, he was rudely told to shut up and do as he was told.

    Also, the people who were jam-packed into shops, alleys and drains were given a warning not to look towards the road.

    Upon hearing this, one person advised his fellow sufferers against disobeying the order, saying that he had a similar experience a few days ago in Kollupitiya, where a soldier had kicked a man for looking at the road.

    The enraged, but helpless pedestrians were kept like this for nearly half an hour, before several sleek, black, and luxurious vehicles flew by, escorted by security backup vehicles and motorcycles.

    Afterwards, they were allowed to proceed on their various ways, just like a group of prisoners freshly released from a detention centre.

    It is reported that the personage that had been escorted in this style much to the chagrin of the common man is none other than Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who attended the inauguration of the Armed Forces? Athletics Meet at the Sugathadasa Stadium this mornin

  50. Putting a MBRL like what was caught in Thoppigala on a boat is not difficult. How many rounds they can carry is a question. Further more just like in Vietnam, the LTTE maybe using modified artillery guns on their boats.

  51. Well said Noltte=peace. They are very good at this mind game mainly due to the support they are getting from some sections of the south. That's unfortunate.

  52. Took this from defence.lk.

    Web news item on his escort troops a fabrication

    - Defence Secretary
    Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has denied and declared as false, a news item published today (Aug. 22) on www.lankadissent.com about his escort allegedly harassing pedestrians in Colombo this morning.

    The news item titled "People Shoved to Ditches to Make the Way for Gotabaya" refers to an alleged incident when the Secretary Defence travelled on Armour Street around 10 am today, on his way to attend a "sports event at Sugathadasa Stadium".

    On inquiries about this news item by defence.lk, Mr. Rajapaksa expressed his surprise over what he said was a completely false accusation directed at his escort troops, about an incident that never took place. He said he treats this false report with disdain as yet another attempt at character assassination directed at him. He said this news item was a complete fabrication as he had not attended such a sports ceremony at the Sugathadasa Stadium today.

    The officers in charge of the Defence Secretary's security detail told defence.lk that they had not arranged any movement in the said area today. They further confirmed that the Secretary had not attended any sports ceremony held at Sugathadasa Stadium today.

    Pro-terrorist elements in the media have been targeting Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa in a concerted campaign of character assassination since he took bold actions against LTTE terrorism. Defence observers said it is well known that there are some individuals and cells in the media are engaged publishing deliberately false news to bring the security forces and key personnel in the defence establishment into disrepute, to serve the purposes of the LTTE in whose pay they are believed to be in. These anti-national elements appear to have been infuriated by the Defence Secretary's unwavering commitment to free the people and the country from the scourge of terrorism, these observers said.

  53. Guys; The Jihad phenomenon has a longer history than is evident from the present media reporting. The same organisation had its inception and active presence in the Beruwala area during the JR - Premadasa era, when they were armed and used by the UNP's muslim parliamentarians to counter the JVP threat. These guys were supplied modern automatic weapons and did kill many sinhalese youth in the area at random. Their 'counter' terror campaign was very effective in some ways. How the movement later became dormant, only to raise its head marginally at times of communal tension is unknown. But it has been in existance for a while and is also making its presence felt in areas such as Thihariya, near Yakkala on the Kandy Rd.

  54. I have doubts about the news from defence.lk. For example in this article http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070824_02, The first part is okay. In the second part they say UNP clearly and also Ranil. Why do this. Its shameful the way the defence personnel is being abused by Gota. I am not a UNP supporter, however its not the defence organisations job to state things like this.

    As I mentioned earlier, now top post in the military and in the media need to be running dogs of the ruling party. This will not change whether UNP or SLFP are in power.

    JRW was destroying the economy with his policies, so he smartly blamed the tamils like hilter blamed the jews for every problem. Today Sri Lanka is having a LTTE problem because of this.

    Cheap poltical gimmicks like Janna having a ceremony to commerate the dead soldiers who liberated thopigala earlier. The SLFP condeming this is also shameful. It was their prusiut to get Jaffna before the next election that was why the east was lost. Today they critize Janna for holding such a ceremony.

    Is it because its belittling the soldiers today. Of course not. Its because the big ceremony of liberating the east is an achivement of Mahindha. Just like Jaffna is Chandrikas achivement. If anything SLFP should have remebered those who were scarificed in the earlier battles and in other battles as well as in the east.

  55. I don't think this Armour Street incident refers to "Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa" rather it is to the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. Can anyone confirm this ?

    As for the plight of the pedestrians , I think the soldiers have a duty to do and they don't take any risk.

    Whether the facts presented in the news are true or not - I dont know. What I do know is when a VVIP convoy is going on the road, the roads are cleared of all vehicular and human traffic. There are soldiers manning all by lanes, major entrances to the road and no one is allowed to enter the road.

    There is a fine line between civilian convenience and security of the convoy (VVIP). And given the current country situation this line is fading away....

  56. sldf,
    "can SLA effectively counter attack to neutralize LTTE arty guns in Pooneryn?"

    Well mate it will be very hard to do so. We have tried few times before and have had little success. SLAF will have a better chance with the guns when a major offensive is going on (when tigers will be forced to use the guns, rather than them using guns according to a plan and hide them right after). Last August, when the rebels fired at army frontlines simultaneously with the land/sea assault, SLAF did score on at least two guns at Pooneryn.

    "Putting a MBRL like what was caught in Thoppigala on a boat is not difficult."

    Yes but to place a heavy arti gun on a boat would be impossible. Rounds that fell near Palaly were fired from 130mms. So it looks more like propaganda (but you never know with the LTTE, they've innovated before).

    "Can you confirm this incident with the Jihad group in the East?"

    Well we cannot confirm if it's actually Jihad or not but there as been some trouble with Muslim gangs (not with ALL muslims) for a while. This has been going on for several years not exactly a new development.

  57. Attacks on aid workers are a growing problem in Sri Lanka. In the north, the LTTE will terrorize or kill aid workers if they believe the relief work is helping the government cause. In the east, where the government recently regained control, a few hundred LTTE guerilla fighters, and a few bandit gangs, are attacking aid workers, mostly to steal valuables. Meanwhile, the fighting is becoming more intense in the north, as the army shifts more troops up there. Although the LTTE only has about 6,000 armed fighters, these have a big advantage because they live among civilians, and cannot be easily found and attacked when they are off duty. The army, in contrast, must devote a lot of its manpower to protecting its bases from guerilla attack. But the armed forces have over 200,000 troops, and about half of them will soon be in the north. Already, the growing number of army patrols are forcing the LTTE to stand and fight (and usually lose) or abandon control of territory (and villages where their fighters could live). The LTTE controls territory inhabited by about half a million Tamil civilians, and the army will have to take this back a village (with a few hundred people in it) at a time.

    Air force bombers have been diverted from their attacks on LTTE naval bases, to search for LTTE artillery that has become more active in the north. The LTTE don't have much artillery ammunition in the north, largely because of the navy effort to stop the smuggling boats from India. Ten shells were fired at a major base in the north. But the LTTE apparently did not have an observer near the base to adjust the fire, and the shells hit nothing of value.

    The law and order situation in the east has been made worse by the appearance of Moslem death squads, seeking revenge against Tamils because of previous LTTE violence against Moslem Sri Lankans (who were forced out of what the LTTE considered Tamil areas.)

    Troops discovered a second hidden LTTE hospital in the east. Part of it had been burned, and medical treatment had been given there until quite recently. Lots of medical supplies were still there, and many appeared to be foreign aid stolen by the rebels. Indian police arrested several Indian fishermen, who admitted they sold fuel to LTTE "Sea Tigers" and weapons smugglers.

    The air force announced that its new air defense system, featuring radars purchased from India, was 80 percent complete. The new radars can spot low flying LTTE single engine aircraft, which have been used for two ineffective, but embarrassing, night bombing raids. The LTTE have long used such light aircraft to move leaders in and out of the country, and to smuggle in vital spare parts and medicine.

  58. Any terrorist outfit should be crushed and made it disappear as soon as it started. Else, it would become a cancer to the whole society around it.

    Lee Kwan Yu did the same, and Singapore is what it is today because of the same.

    China trashed the student uprising and despite all their other weaknesses they are doing better day by day.

    Terror is a thing of the past. Suit to yesterday's world than today. Terror destroys communities and generations.

    A baby who was born 18 years ago in the North of Sri Lanka has no much future today than wearing suicide belt and taking up a T-56 thanks to Prabhakaran. Their future has been destroyed by terror hungry maniacs created by greedy Tamil politicians and Indian interests in the late 70's.

    Now Velupillai Pribaharan has no other exit than flogging the dead horse of terror. However, many who has realized that VP is wrong but still sympathetic to him taking up huge off the terror campaigns to save VPs rear end.

    These "rear-end security detail" of VP have realised that their most immediate threat is MR, Gota, Sarath Fonseka, JHU, and JVP. That's why they are carrying out consorted personal smear campaigns and created the terms like "Sinhala Buddhist Chouvenist government" when the government consist of Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslims, as well as people with all the faiths.

    The same elements have realised that they cannot win against the legitimate government of SL until the SL government is economically strong. It results in doing all what they can to discredit the government and to economically harm it. That's why Thamil Selvam came up with "hitting the economic target slogan". Also, these 'rear end protectors of VP' try hard to get UN against SL government through false accusations and propaganda. The elements in the UN office in SL also hard at work to make it happen.

    All what they do is protecting terror. That's why this terror needs to be counter through terror in one side and counter through many other means on all the other fronts. The peace loving general public and the SL Embassies can do a lot. But few is happening.

  59. "I don't think this Armour Street incident refers to "Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa" rather it is to the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. Can anyone confirm this ?"
    If not both of them then it must be Mahinda Rajapaksha.

  60. Hemantha,

    There was no such incident. All made-up.

    However, certain measures are taken when VIP convoy's pass. It is the case in any country which has terrorist threats.

    The story was a fabrication and sensationalisation of a quite normal occurance of any kind of VIP protection.

  61. noLTTE, thanks for waking me up.

    I felt that I had to qoute George Orwell here.

    A family with the wrong members in control; that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England in a phrase.

    All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.

    It is almost universally felt that when we call a country democratic we are praising it; consequently, the defenders of every kind of regime claim that it is a democracy, and fear that they might have to stop using the word if it were tied down to any one meaning.

  62. I thought a special and seperate mention is required for these quotes.

    The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.

    Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception.

    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

  63. Velu's future cause of action and GOSL's avoiding a blood bath.

    Velu has one goal..To establish ealam..He will sacrifice anything to get
    this even his own people. Death of hundreds of tamils to curve out
    ealam is not an issue for him..He will never give up...

    I am not a pyschologist..

    But I can tell you this..

    From the very limited insight into his personal life, one thing stands out
    prominently from the rest..That was his marriage to mathivathani.
    The incident itself was bizzare..Velu met would be his wife only once.The next day they were married
    .Intrestingly mathivathani was
    resisting a call for a strike by the LTTE. Velu was at the Jaffna university and mathivathini was a studnent leader.
    she was against the strike call and openly asked velu to give up the idea.The next day Velu forcefully took her to his bunker.

    This shows one thing..Even though this meniac is ruthless
    he got his own fears..The constant fear of failure burns him inside out even though he portrays
    a strong character infront of his own people..Still simple things might shake him to the core..

    This meniac cannot survive if the GOSL can create another Velu that is going to stand against him.
    By making Karuna or someone else a strong tamil leader , GOSL can achive this. But GOSL must make sure
    that , the future tamil leaders would not take up arms against them. Otherwise this conflict will never end.

    If the war starts in Vanni, Velu will fight to the death..Make no mistake..Velu is a person
    who is dreaming of martydom and living with suicidal mentality.
    He will openly direct his fighters to distroy anything and everything that comes in their way..
    We can expect a real bloodbath with multiple strikes throught the island by the LTTE.
    He will use all his resources to do this.

    The only thing I cannot certain is how effective they will be.We can expect hundreds of suicide bombers..

    In this whole cenario hundreds if not thosands of sri lankans will die, mostly tamils.

    Because of the above cenario, it is better NOT TO SEND THE SLA to Vanni..

    But if the unthinkable happens, GOSL must make sure that they distroy all the resources that LTTE will use
    to achive this..Bombed them relentlessly before sending the army.Distroy every asset that is dear to
    them and usefull against the SLA..We cannot looose this war..If we loose it...Then Ealam is irreversible..
    That is worst case cenario for the GOSL..Imagine loosing thousands of men to the LTTE barbarians..
    LTTE will try its best to BLUNT THE SLA offensives..

    GOSL must keep the guard up.

    Greater devolution of power to the tamils will weaken the LTTE. The unitary character of the country is not important. What is important, is to solve this
    issue permenently.With a poultry devoulution package the GOSL is thinking of giving to the tamils will not end the war..The war will continue.
    The tamils cannot be satisfied without a full devolution of powers..EVen With a full millitary victory over the LTTE the tamils desire for greater
    rights will not die..The struggle will restart again may be in few years if not from months..

    GOSL cannot get two things wrong.

    1). The final battle..
    2). Full devolution.

    Without those two things Sri Lanka will be DOOMED.


  64. In the above back drop , I want to see the JHU disbanding itself for the sake of BUDDHISTS in Sri Lanka and world over.

    They are a disgrace to the peace loving buddhists all over the world.

    Sorry I cannot stand by them.

    They should better change their name too..

    The buddhists must openly condemned these monks..

    Avoid them as much as possible..

    Monks must be banded from the parliment.

  65. This is sort of out of topic.
    I thought of posting this since this thread will end soon.

    Sorry guys.

  66. Hi guys,

    Lot seems to be happening on the blog these days :)

    Some interesting news surfaced on defence.lk about possible future use of chemical weapons by the Tigers..

    Link: http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070825_02

    I remember that the tigers used chlorine gas back around 96~98 to attack a camp in the east. Recently the Iraqi Militia groups have begun to using chlorine in VIDE (car/truck bombs) around urban areas….results have been quite horrifying to say the least. It is not the number of dead..but the sheer volume of panic and terror it causes in those who face it.

    Link to Janes : http://www.janes.com/news/security/countryrisk/jid/jid070724_1_n.shtml

    CBRN seems to be one of those areas given less thought by our forces and defence establishment. But the tigers in desperation would exploit this very eagerly.

    I don’t think our forces are trained or geared to handle a CBRN situation, nor is our civil medical establishment ready to face it. (I hope I’m wrong & we are ready)

    But its never too late…India and Pakistan both prepared for WMD use in a future war, Singapore is well prepared (I think Singapore has one of the best Civil Defence systems in the world) China also have expertise that we could call for, and the new defence agreement with the US could come in handy for SL to make ready at least a few small first responder teams and decon teams to face such a threat..
    but the medical community must be briefed and trained as well.. like in any Civil Defence scenario training drills and mock attacks must be done with the involvement of the general public…

    I seriously think a civil defence booklet must be made available to all citizens and Civil defence taught to kids in schools….

    Just my 2 Cents….

    Your views please

  67. Hey,David! i went to the art xibition @ barefoot,saw ur work.man,u r really gifted.the work OVERRUN especially was pretty good,including ur paintings!! even ur colleagues work was really inspiring.keep it rockin,david!.got a copy of ur book as well.Cheers.

  68. Tanagara

    I do not agree wth your comments on whether the SLA shud go to the Wanni. Your's is identical to the rhetoric of two decades ago regarding Jaffna, and other places. Wars cost resources, the biggest sacrifice being human. This one will teach all Sri Lankans a good lesson.

    I am totally with you re: JHU. These monks are an abomination and need to be weeded out. Their very existance is anathema to everything the Buddha stood for, and these characters are nothing greater than thugs in yellow linen. The Sinhala daily 'Lankadeepa' coined a perfect term to descibe them; 'Cheevara-dhari' by which they clearly identified the individual as someone simply dressed in a robe, leaving its implications open to individual interpretation.
    It is about time the senior monks and concerned Buddhists acted in concert to implement a code of conduct that would difine the role of the buddhist clergy within buddhist writ, clearly differentiating it from contemporary history.

  69. Systematic annihilation within the LTTE over the past two decades:

    The LTTE leader's survival has necessitated the systematic slaughter of the second tier throughout the past twenty some years. I've lost count of the names (who wants to remember these baboons anyway) but the same trend still continues, while the average tamil fails to see it for their own selective perception reasons.

    The only one to escape the systematic elimination was Karuna, perhaps because of his value to the SLA. Inmore recent times, Mahattaya was another guy who had potential to play a significant role for the movement, but died once he got disillusioned. After him, it was Karuna, the one who got away.
    The next tier at that time was dominated by Sornam and soosai, both of whom are now heading for the slaughter house.
    Next it will be tamilchellan, and right now we are seeing pottu reaching for a position that will soon become unhealthy for him; for velu only sees his son in the role of solitary heir apparent. Any threat to that pipe dream would be eliminated.

  70. I heard that Karuna also telling SLA shouldn't go to the Wanni bcos it's useless(very hard by attack in ground).

    read this also


  71. We must move into Wanni if we are to win this war. But not yet.

    We need to first gain FULL CONTROL of the seas. If we succeed in this endevour then Wanni will truly become a speck of land isolated from the the outside world. This would weaken the LTTE in Wanni considerably.

    Then and only then can we move into Wanni, but each soldier must carry a gas mask, cause you never know what will happen in Wanni.

  72. Tropicalstorm,

    We need a political solution in place before we move in to Vanni..
    The present govt. got non in the pipeline, except for telling that country will be unitary.That is joke man.

    What the International community wants now is to allow the RULE OF THE JUNGLE to prevail upon GOSL and LTTE. i.e. whoever powerful wins the war. My argument is, what if we get the war effort wrong by sending the SLA to Vanni..
    Then Ealam is already defined.

    That is the worst case cenario for the Sri Lankans.

    That is why I am telling , we need to make sure, if we are not 100% prepare to win the offensive, then don't go there.

    What I want is a full devolution package on the ground before anyone moves.If the GOSL can do that, then let the SLA do the needful..

    But right now is not the time.
    We got no such political solution..

    The GOSL shouldn't be potryed as conquerors rather than liberators.

    It is not the usual rhetoric...
    No one can gurantee that Muhamalee style dibacle won't happen during the campaign for Vanni..
    What we are looking at is about 2-3 years of constant war/terrorism..(It took us 1 year to liberate East..The reason for that , is LTTE withdrew without putting up a fight..That cannot expect in Vanni).

    Can the country with stand that without runing it?

    Can you answer my "RHETORIC"?

  73. It will definitely be a war of attrition, which even by the SLA's admissions would take at least 2 years.
    The greater emphasys is likely to be on access-denial for the LTTE by the govt, with assistance from the international community. The focus would be to move the civillain population from the higher density areas into other areas prior to a fully fledged confrontation. The strategy may be to precipitate an organizational 'implosion' which the LTTe already is on the brink of.

  74. Tangara

    We also don't want to offer the LTTE any face-saving ways out of this situation.

    They started this war, with clearly declared intent. To agree to their terms would give them a way out. There's a need to balance strategy between velu's ego and his uncanny guerilla thought processes. Give him one chance to tell the overseas financiers that the next move is another 'strategic' stall to regroup, re-equip for the Grand-finale, and his propaganda outfit will perform the convincing part.
    In war, when the going is good, you really want to keep up the momentum and not lose the advantages that are within the current dynamics. Having said that, there is little to no chance that the world's perspective of what the tigers are and terrorism in general are going to change that much over the next few years. Even then, for velu, who has his ass to the wall right now, it would be another life line. To offer such a way out would be suicidal.
    Take a step back and understand where the international backing comes from. It arises from the international guarantees Ranil's govt got from the US and other nations when signing the CFA. The IC sees nothing illustrious in the MR outfit, but are bound by their undertakings in the face of the war being the initiative of the LTTE. Let us not un-do that nice package.

  75. This is from another blog...
    I guess, SLA got different ideas about how to end the war..

    After 24 years and over 70,000 dead, the Sri Lankan civil war is approaching its end. The LTTE separatist rebels still have a population of nearly 500,000 Tamils under its control in the north (out of a total Sri Lankan population of 20 million). There are about 3.5 million Tamils (whose ancestors came from southern India) on the island. Most are tired of the violence, so the LTTE has to use increasing amounts of force on the Tamil population. After three years of a ceasefire (during which 130 people died in combat anyway), and failed peace negotiations, the fighting resumed two years ago. Since then the 215,000 man Sri Lankan army has lost about a thousand dead, while the 12,000 LTTE forces lost about 3,000 dead, and another 5,000 men who surrendered, were captured or deserted. The army suffered even more desertions, but has been able to replace them. Because of declining popular support, the LTTE has had a harder time recruiting. Many, if not most, of their new troops are young teenagers, enticed or coerced into joining. The LTTE is believed to have about 7,000 people under arms full time. But they are mobilizing another 30-40,000 fighters from among the population they control. How useful this last group will be is unknown. The the LTTE has increasingly been using coercion to maintain support from Tamils, and has been known to shoot their own fighters to prevent or discourage desertion.

    The big problem for the LTTE is the loss of over 5,000 fighters, and control of over a million civilians, in eastern Sri Lanka. Large quantities (over 10,000 rifles, and many tons of artillery shells, grenades of explosives) of weapons were lost. There are still stockpiles in the north, but not enough to arm over 30,000 mobilized civilians. The civilians up north get training in how to use rifles, and basic military techniques. But without weapons, a lot of the mobilized civilians can only help by carrying ammo and other supplies for those who are armed, and digging fortifications.

    The LTTE navy is used to make suicide boat attacks against the navy, and supervise the smuggling of weapons and ammo into LTTE territory. The LTTE still has over fifty speed boats and at least a dozen smuggling boats (often rigged to look like fishing boats). The smugglers try to mix in with the hundreds of Indian fishing boats that operate off Sri Lanka each day. But the Sri Lankan nave has gotten better at detecting these efforts, and more of the LTTE boats being discovered and sunk.

    The final battle has over 100,000 soldiers facing as many as 30,000 LTTE fighters. The army wants to avoid a bloodbath, and so is taking its time starting the final offensive, and apparently plans to be slow and methodical, giving the shaky LTTE force plenty of opportunity to surrender or desert.

  76. Tropicalstorm,

    I am no way telling, that the present strategy be abandoned.That is not my point..

    We need a political solution to commensurate with the Vanni offensive to keep the Tamil people happy..GOSL must show the bonefieds to the tamil people..

    We must remember the LTTE is just an organisation. GOSL need to focus on two things. A political pacckage and the war..That is what I have been telling..
    We must not allow LTTE to get away from this trap.My concern is the human cost..We need a political solution fast.

  77. I remember telling that LTTE was upto NO GOOD with Sulphuric Acid.
    It wasn't a rhetoric.

    [LTTE plotting to use chemical weapons
    LTTE's plot to utilize chemical weapons in their future battlefields has been tracked by the Intelligence sources.

    There is enough evidence available to prove that the LTTE already has built up stocks of Cyanide and Potassium during the ceasefire period, the Asian Tribune reports.

    The security forces were able to find 3,600 liters of sulfuric acid on 12th August 2007 in Anuradhapura north - Medawachhiya. The occupants of the tipper vehicle which carried the acid were handed over to the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) and it was reported that the suspects had past records of smuggling explosives to LTTE controlled areas, as well as from LTTE-controlled areas to government controlled areas.

    It is revealed that the LTTE has an underground laboratory in the Adampan area bordering Mannar - Kilinochchi districts. This suggests the LTTE are planning for chemical attacks in the near future.

    The tiger terrorists have set up laboratories, motor factories, as well as well-equipped hospitals. In 1989 they made mortars called Arul Mortars with a simple method of filling chemicals to rockets with which to fire toward Army camps.

    The intelligence sources states that LTTE is planning massive genocide in the future because they have lost control of the Jaffna peninsula and the East and as Sri Lankan security forces have confined Prabakaran and his cadres to Kilinochchi, Mulaithivu, Mannar North and the Wanni North.

  78. LTTE planned had a microlight planes factory..It was distroyed by the IPKF..
    Their idea was to carry out a suicide mission using a guided microlight plane with atleast 15 Kill grams of C4 explosives.
    This way they can still avoid detection.

    Did the SLA check their radars for microlight planes.

  79. Tangara is absolutely right. Lets say we burst into Wanni and with luck on our side and we conquered Wanni in a flash. Then what?

    Conquering Wanni could be easy compared to holding onto it. Our soldiers could face an Iraq style debacle and it would get real ugly real fast. Ofcourse it that happens, then the UNP lead by RW will jump on the opportunity to convince the people that MR and the SLFP lead Lanka astray etc. You guys know how the politics work.

    Thats why a political solution package is a must before we march into Wanni. Our soldiers can defeat the LTTE in Wanni but it will take time and money.

  80. Thanks Goldeneagle...

    I am hoping that we get a package ready quickly to be accepted by non LTTE tamil political players..

    That is the no 1 priority for the GOSL..

    Otherwise Iraq style bloodbath cannot be avoided..

    Why the GOSL is getting into a trap that US led coalition got into?

  81. Tangara,

    What kind of political solution are you talking about when LTTE is not agreeing anything else other than EELAM?

    LTTE duped GOSL for not less than 16 times pretending to be negotiating a political solution.

    I can not understand what kind of political solution out there to a bunch of terrorists led by a mega maniac, when they account for less than .01% of the Sri Lankan population?

    Current GOSL and the military leadership has non-politically motivated plans to put an end to this LTTE menance.

    We should let them handle that aspect. In the mean time you and me can help GOSL by trashing out LTTE false propaganda, and international fund raising.

    If you have ever lived in Sri Lanka, you may know that no Tamil is discriminated because they being Tamil. If you go just outside the capital, you can see how many people live in utter poverty, because they have been discriminated out of the system. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. The discrimination of greedy politicians feeding themselves for decades is equally effecting all the peoples of Sri Lanka.

    Just because the 1956 government created universal franchise for everyone by taking off special franchises given to Tamils exclusively by the British, they have not been discriminated.

    This whole discrimination stuff that LTTE cry about are all smoke.

    Get the LTTE out of the system, all the peoples of Sri Lanka can co-exist peacefully.

    Much of LTTE strength is hype than reality. What is really important is intelligence, and coordination of all the five forces. SL Army showed LTTE how to fight an urban battle recently in Muttur too. It may be difficult in Vanni, but the smoke will be stopped with less human cost than you and I may think.

  82. Hi defencenet, there was an article today in the Lakbima news that the LTTE did indeed hit palaly base, with two shells directly hitting the runway. And that shells landed even further north in Maylady where a soldier was killed despite the government claims that all shells fell short. Now the key part of the article was that they suspect or the military does that the LTTE now has extended range shells.

    Do you have any info on whether this is acurate? Thanks.

    Do Tigers possess Extended-range artillery shells?

  83. Good point jack,

    DefenceNet do you more of this?

    NORINCO is known to make extended range 130mm rounds for the Type-59/59-1 guns, including rocket assisted rounds which could reach 37Km!

    Also 30km range extended range HE and 32Km range ERFB rounds are also said to be made by NORINCO.

    BTW any chance the tigers manage to mount/couple a 130mm piece Caterpillar type big bulldozer to make an Improvised Self Propelled Artillery gun? I know they tow the guns behind tractors and backhoes.

  84. nemesis, yes indeed its serious on two counts one this extends their reach quite considerably in Jaffna if true. Second it means they have got in some new shipments of arms, that the navy missed!

  85. one frm the net.


  86. NoLTTE,

    What kind of political solution are you talking about when LTTE is not agreeing anything else other than EELAM?

    The political package is not for the LTTE...The package is for the Non-LTTE tamil leaders..If the GOSL can pleased them , then we have situation where we can isolate the LTTE..In that scenario the International community too will look at the impending offensive on Vanni in some what positive angle..They have no choice but to support the government..
    The International community , specially India want Sri Lanka to address the TAmil political rights.
    The India and the International community wants to isolate the JVP and JHU inorder to get a reasonable devolution package.

    If the GOSL fails to offer a reasonable package to the Tamils, the International community will condemned the Vanni offensive.GOSL cannot act like terrorists..

    In that background if we loose the war, then forget about Sri Lanka being a single country..
    Accept the fact that Ealam is on the map..

  87. Guys

    No where in the world has the majority culture taken a step back from what it is in order to accomodate the whims and fancies of every minority.

    It is about bloody time the majority told the minorities in SL that they need to learn to live with us, while having the freedom to practice their own religion, language and whatever else, except buggering with kids. It is upto them to integrate into our world.
    That's how it works everywhere in this world.

  88. TropicalStorm that comment sounds soooo much like the rhetoric of the early 80s when UNP politicians were going on about not waking sleeping giants. I think we're way passed that now.

    Like it or not, the fact that we need to cut off popular support for the LTTE amongst the Tamil population means we have to bend over backwards to accommodate their "whims and fantasies".

  89. Iqbal Athas needs to be saved from Mahindha and his goon brother. Using threats to kill silence him is shameful. The fact that there is so much of dirt on this people and they are unable to tolerate this is evident.

    Maybe some white van will come soon or the (Karuna group) blaming the LTTE will kill Iqbal.

  90. Guys I don't think that the Tamils are asking us to give them special treatment. The majority of Tamils already abandoned the dream of a seperate Eelam a long time ago. What the vast manjority of Tamils want is to live in peace and treated as equals.


    I know that the colonial British rigged the system to favor the Tamils over Sinhalese. But way we Sinhalese reacted after independance to solve the problem with riots, burnings and rampant racism was not right. The Tamils became second class citizens over night.

    What we should have done was to make sure that every one regardless of race was treated equally. In other words we should have followed the path taken by Mandela and the blacks in South Africa. Mandela & co did not dismantle the SA governmental establishment but joined it and changed it to give all SA citizens a fair chance at a good life, and it was done with minimum hassle and in a fairly short time.

    We should have curbed the privileges the Tamils enjoyed peacefully and grant more privileges to Sinhalese at the same time, then in about 5-10 years we would had Sinhalese and Tamils have equal rights and privileges. Instead we tried to create was a Sinhala centered nation and the country suffered(still is) for it. The Sinhalese are not wholly to blame for the war we face today, the British are Tamils also share the blame.

  91. As far as bending backwards. Lets look at Singapore. In Singapore in 1965, 75% where chinese, 15% were Malays, the remainder 10% were from the Indian sub contient and Eurasians (Burghers) etc.

    However the National anthem and national language is in Malay. The official language is English, Mandrin and Tamil. The original flag design was red, white and 5 stars. However the cresent moon was incoporated to appease the Malays who are muslims.

    After 42 years of independence the president of Singapore is a tamil. All the currency notes have the photo of the first president who was a malay. The stability of the currency is due to a Sri Lankan (tharamn shangmuretnam) who is a minister. The Singapore dollar is one of the most stable and strongest currency in the world.

    Remember nobody takes up a gun because he feels like it. Take that circumstances from him and the problem is solved. Sri Lanka's problem has been that its been led by power hungry politicians with their own short commings.

    In all multi ethnic countries, a balance must be sort to appease minorites and the majorities. Minorities need not be race. It could be religion, sexual orientations etc. Often politicians create and use the terms which suit them In Sri Lankan its started with race then moved on to religion.

    The United states became a superpower because she recongnised the rights of her black people. Today a black women is one of the most powerful person there. Their coporations value diversity. You cannot discriminate based on race, religions, age,gender etc etc etc. Old people are also a minority. The handicap are also a minority. However often we do not see these aspects.


    "Using donor aid, Dayaratna helps war veterans living in specially designated communities called Ranaviru (war heroes) villages, integrated with neighbouring villages, and is even trying to establish contact with disabled LTTE members."

    Here an ex army soldier is trying help the LTTE disabled. Why, because in a way he realises he and those LTTE are suffering a similar plight and they are a minority.

  92. SWRD stands for Solomon Wesely Ridgeway Dias. He uses his abbrevation becuase he did not want the sinhala masses to know his familys love for the british. He converted to buddishm only becuase of politics. Ironically he was killed by a buddisht. His wife gave away 1200 acres of plantation they owned. However why did he not give it up. How many people like him among the sinhalese community benifited based on converting to chritanity and adopting english names.

    The east india company are like any bussinessmen, they wanted to maximise their profits. They only entered Sri Lanka due to the disunity of the people.

    Why blame the tamils for the situation. Example two students are studying in school. One does more homework etc and comes in 1st rank and the other ends up 2nd rank. The system does not favour anyone. However student number 1 comes from a poor family and needs to do well. Student ranked 2 comes from a rich family and does not.

    Hence does student 2 worry. No because student number 1 will one day still be his labourer. Student number 2 is worried only if he becomes his competitor.

    Does anyone care about the upcountry tamils. What is the difference between them in 1948 and now.

    Stop believing in the HOG wash that politicians are pushing into your minds and also in the education system. In Indonesia they blame the chinese, while the rich Indonesians (Javanese) who swindle the country and by wealth(unofficially) are richer than the chinese. The chinese close to the top Javanese in the government were unscathed by the 1997 riots.

    Just like JRW in 1983, the Indonesian economy mismanagement and following collapse was blamed on the chinese who do not hold a single government or political post. However just like JRW was a tamil desendant, so was suharto a chinese desedant.

  93. Navindran,

    It is extremely funny to think that SWRD hid his first names. One thing for sure, lots of people from that generation had Anglican names. Therefore, there was no need to conceal his name. Perhaps, your grandfather can tell you a few things about that era.

    It also funny to see you giving full credit to US civil rights movement for the super power status of USA. That is a one hell of a stretch. You may have to study an abbreviated version of USA to gain a better handle on this topic.

    I also notice your recent attampts to bring in Karuna to a discussion without a substatial basis.

    Well, keep posting your thoughts.

  94. Thanks, Rifard. Glad you enjoyed the exhibition, and I hope you like the book too.

  95. http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070827_01

    Though some people claim that the East was captured during their time too, they were not able to retain control of the East.

    Come on Gota, Its the SLFP who wanted Jaffna that they lost the east. Mahindha leads the party and was in it when they lost the east. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  96. Sam I am not trying to offend christians or anybody else. What my point is that, many opportunist use a particular race like Hitler. Hilter was Austrian but claimed he was german. Now germany is planning to revoke the german citizenship he was given.

    I do not want to go into a political debate as this blog is not for that. However I wanted to set some things stright.

    Forgive me but whenever i think of a henceman to do a covert job Karuna comes to mind.

    As far as the US is concerned it was its liberal attidutes to minorities that has made it a superpower outlasting USSR. Today some many doctors, proffessionals in the USA are indians. The US is also considering to allow 6 million illegal aliens to be allowed to stay permenately.

    Its a chnage in mindset that is important. The sinhala only policy benifitted Singapore alot. It kept the tamils from returning to Sri Lanka. Most of them wanted to and later waves of tamils came in. Today Singapore continues to welcome talents.

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Navindran, you are trying to simplify economic prosperity by relating it to diversity. You can find examples and counter-examples either way. Japan is a non-diverse community that is prosperous, while India is a diverse community that is not prosperous.
    Malaysia has an explicitly discriminatory policy towards Tamils and other minorities - but the minorities keep quiet because they are economically well off.

    So there is no point in looking at others for answers - a home grown solution is needed. A federal solution is dangerous - it will just encourage non-LTTE separatist to accept a solution as a stepping stone for separation.

  99. How will it encourage them, Lankapura? there are maany models of federalism.

  100. Yes, there are many models - but the concept is of separate entities coming together.
    So for parties genuinely interested in uplifting the standard of living of everyone the label 'federal' has no importance. You can devolve and decentralize power to a maximum within a unitary state, with no possibility of separation. The label Federal and its implication is important to people with a hidden agenda.

  101. lankapura, where am I suggesting federalism. Anyway why compare Sri Lanka to Japan. Japan was homogeneous. Singapore is not. Malaysia is sucessful on two counts, one is oil which will they are going to be no longer self sufficient in oil. Gas are reasonable for export for some time..

    Malaysia like India is a federation. Its first leader was very enlightened. He was a prince. However non malays like mahathir (who is indian) masquarading as a malay and abdul razak (bugis) spoiled the show and in 1969 malaysia had very bad riots like in 1983 Sri Lanka.

    Today the offsprings want to make malaysia a Islamic state when it is meant to be secular.

    Ironically Malaysia was having a communist insurqency from 1948-1960 from the mainly chinese population. Sri Lankan Buddisht monks were brought into to teach buddishm to the chinese. Today substantial number of chinese are buddisht.

  102. Why should there be an additional possibility of separation under a federal system thaat isn't already present under the current system?

  103. you could dance all you want around this issue...but the sinhalese are in the position they are today because of the racially motivated policies of the past. was it unfair? of course. but it did manage to radically reverse minority influence in the country (to supposedly balance the wrongs under the brits). i find it amusing then that sinhalese people today, whose education (opportunity to get into uni for instance) was hinged on those racist policies can today preach about the grave mistakes of the past. umm...as a sinhalese person i think this is a little hypocritical. a lot of our parents generations got the chance for social mobility under those policies.

    but my point in this: what happened in the past is bullshit, and we now need to move on. the sinhalese need to realise they gained in some regards and lost in other ways (our country is still poor as dirt). the tamils need to realise they overreacted to the nationalist zeal of the sinhalese and have spoiled it for everyone since independence. personally i regard the tamils as spoilt brats. they had developed an over inflated ego during brit times and weren't willing to adapt to sinhalese rule. but they have now learnt the error of their ways (one hopes). i mean, are they any better off since starting this war? no, i dont think so.

    wrongs were committed, but the sinhalese benefited in some ways. we should keep this in mind as sinhalese instead of always looking back with a 'bad attitude'. we like blaming our politicians, but in some ways they were only acting out what we wanted. the buck must stop with all of us. as i said earlier, we wouldnt have the same level of ethnic domination over our country's various social and economic institutions without the policies of the 50, 60, 70s. of course in RETROSPECT we are all POORER for it, but as far as giving sinhalese citizens a bigger stake in running the country..no one can say otherwise. ironically in the pursuit of doing this, foreigners now have the biggest stake of all of us! meanwhile many tamils are living abroad enjoying better lives in the west than your citizen perera in sri lanka. so in some ways the whole project backfired. heck, this led to war, and we're all worse for it.

    but lets get something clear. the sinhalese are the dominant group in all areas of society today because of the political actions we now love to hate. if not for those policeis i dare say there would be as many sinhalese in the top posts in sri lanka. yes,..that also includes a lot of the parents of people here who got their degrees because of the language policies..

    anyways, that's my particular take on sl history.

    its a bloody catch 22.

  104. what im saying is this. we need to take responsibility for our actions..as individuals and as individuals belonging to ethnic groups. we cant blame politicians all the time (as if these mofo's just landed off a flying saucer). we put them there and on the whole it is our values they represent. if we are serious about rebuilding sri lanka then we will need to begin by looking inwardly- at ourselves- rather than at pollies.

    and one other thing. if you have a reasonably large section of the population well fed and looked after, feelings of a communal nature tend to get less important. people become more individulistic and selfish--- they dont feel its worth their time fighting for various causes like separate states. if ethnic identity can be watered down with something fickle like how well off you are , then its probably not something worth fighting about. saps fight for these stupid ideas. im a sap..but apparently the new generation of sl kiddies just want an ipod.

  105. Even when CBK was in power, she proposed a Federal System and LTTE rejected it.

    The current Provincial Council system provides more than ample power to provinces to develop themselves.

    But LTTE and LTTE led Tamil politicians reject that for an EELAM.

    You have to be insane to carve out a separate country from a small island like Sri Lanka and give up 2/3rd of Sea and more than 1/2 of land mass to bunch of terrorists who represents less than Approximately 525,000 (the Tamils who live in the North and the East of Sri Lanka) of the 20 Million population of Sri Lanka.

    Even out of that 525000, a very small percentage is supporting LTTE.

    LTTE does not represent the Tamils in the East, and they are not the 'only representative of Tamils' either. LTTE killed as much of their opposing Tamils and hundreds of moderate intellectuals, but still LTTE has failed to be the 'sole representatives' of Tamils.

    Majority of Tamils live outside North and the East of Sri Lanka, among Sinhalese. These Tamils are more comfortable living outside LTTE clutches.

    South of Sri Lanka is a great democracy, despite a 30 year war declared by VP against Sinhalese majority. Despite all the attrocities directed towards Sinhalese (ethnic cleansing, village massacres, massive bombs etc etc), Tamils thrive in the South amongst Sinhalese and the others. There is no discrimination whatsoever for Tamils being Tamils.

    They can buy land and settle anywhere in the Island. However, if a Sinhalese go to North, he or she would be a dead meet. The Nazi LTTE has declared that the areas they control are only for Tamils and kill any other who step in there.

    Just because LTTE has taken up arms, a 20 million population can not give into them.

    Over 30 years, LTTE destroyed their own population and many generations of Sri Lanka.

    Just because Prabhakaran has vowed not to abandon EELAM (he has asked to shot him, if he has ever done that), now generations of Tamils and other ethnicities suffer. VP can not give up EELAM, because he will be shot. VP can not still go out without his sea of body guards, because he knows that one of his own men would kill him too for the crimes he done against his own people.

    Mahattaya, his one time deputy understood the destruction that VP has caused to Tamils, and declared that he will not be part of the destruction. VP brutally killed Mahattaya and his men. The same faith was suffered by his one time Political Head 'Yogi' too.

    This wet-dreamer and his immidiate circle should be eliminated for the good of all the people.

    Mahinda, Gota and the heads of the forces are doing a great job in liberating all the peoples of Sri Lanka from this maniac. They should be provided with all the support to get rid of the LTTE Nazism, and destruction.

  106. Jiffy,

    It is true.. We need to create more opportunities for everyone to shine.

    For long periods, almost all the rural areas of Sri Lanka have been neglected. These include areas where Sinhalese, Tamils, or Muslims dominate without any discrimination.

    Greedy politicians used that under-development to their advantage. That's why there was a JVP uprising in the South too.

    Now what has happened is, LTTE has hijacked the situation portraying as it is unique to Tamils. That's total bullsh**t.

    The discrimination is there and it is not on ethnic lines. It is common to everyone across the board. That's what we should get rid of by creating opportunities for all the peoples of Sri Lanka.

    We should not ethnically divide our selves more and more. We should unite more and more and work towards building a great Sri Lanka. Unity has power than being separated.

    The 60's ideology of 'revolution', 'armed struggle', 'naxalite', 'che-guera' are not suited to today's world. We have past that decade.

    What we need is 'unity', 'good governance', 'infrastructure', 'law and order', 'access to quality education', and 'equal opportunities'.

    We have to get rid of 'bribery, corruption, political favorism, cast or religious or ethnic hatred'.

    We need a society that provides opportunities for all the peoples.

    The south of Sri Lanka is getting there slowly. But, we need to stop this war.. and the action of the maniac first to find more monies to be rightfully invested. In addition, we have to do lot of work to eliminate rampant corruption rooted in the system. Especially starting from the politicians whether Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslims.

  107. Hope everyone has noticed the paid advertisement of LTTE being displayed by Associated Press on every article they produce about conflict in SL.

    "The Tamil Tigers have been fighting since 1983 for an independent state in northern and eastern Sri Lanka for minority ethnic Tamils, who have faced discrimination under years of majority Sinhalese-dominated governments."

    Earlier, it used to say...""The Tamil Tigers have been fighting since 1983 for an independent state in northern and eastern Sri Lanka for minority ethnic Tamils, who claim they face discrimination under years of majority Sinhalese-dominated governments."

  108. yeah noltte, exactly. good governance and an end to "past grievances"..this bullshit past grievances is going to cause more grievances in the future as we waste more and more lives on this pointless war between working class people on both sides.

    reconcilliation needs to happen with actions. as much as im against federalism, if that's what it takes..then so be it. i just wonder what those dead soldiers will think about all this. they have every right to be pissed off (wherever they are). somehow their sacrifice seems to be in vain. why did we wait so long? they might have been around if this was done sooner.

    it irks me as any other sinhalese person that we've been "served" by the tamils. but in some ways..the tamils got served too. they're not exactly living on cloud 9 right now. internally displaced, forced to migrate out, demeaned, humiliated.. i hope they realise the folly of their past collective sins..and that also goes for the sinhalese. we got our way in the ethnic sweepstakes..but at what cost to the economy. there's a moral in here somewhere.

  109. "yes,..that also includes a lot of the parents of people here who got their degrees because of the language policies.."

    i should add not just language policies but also the ethnic quota system for universities (im not sure if this still exists in some form or another). we sinhalese gained a lot of social influence through the AA policies of the post independence period. sure, it also pissed off a lot of tamils, but we shouldnt forget what the changes meant for socially isolated people (the rural south etc).

    i dont know what to feel about the past. on the one hand as a sinhalese i'm glad our govt put the sinhalese "on the map" after the humiliation we suffered under the brits. all sinhalese know this history, even though it is fashionable nowadays in certain quarters to forget this and concentrate only on the tamil suffering. sadly, we did to the tamils what the british did to us, and for our zeal we inherited a ethnic problem. i would not be so quick as some ppl here to criticise the politicians of that era. in that situation, given the sort of mandate they receieved from the rising sinhalese masses..would we have done any better?

    i cant change the attitudes of ppl in power..but i can change my own attitudes. despite what they as a community have done to sri lanka, the countless humiliations they have brought on her by their overseas lobbying, the tamil people are more or less just like us. they baked a cake and now they're eating it. it's clear the tamils are just fighting for pride. knowing this, we should be kind to them. we should give federlism or whatever ism they want a chance. lets not make peace with the ltte, but lets be kind to the tamils. as the majority only we can provide this. really this war will only end if the sinhalese community takes the first step. the best way to do that now would be to have a referendum on this issue in the south. i feel many ppl may come out in favour of some compromise.

    if they dont, well..let all of us eat cake. we deserve whatever we get.

  110. Jiffy

    Do not fret brother. Most of the so called 'tamil grievences' are there because these people are given to excessive whining no matter where they are. At least to some extent you see less of it in the present day gen. But the older folks were a pain in the ass to listen to, simply for the amount of whining they'd do as a life style.
    Sri Lanka has a lot of faults, but it has been a place where those who want to get ahead could always do so, if they were prepared to work hard. I have seen many who were born poor and helpless do really well, simply because they had enough commitment. Similarly, there were numerous others who were born to greater resources who ended going ape, simply because they lacked what it takes to grab life by the balls.

    There is no need to make concessions for whiners. It's a lot easier to let them take up arms and then shoot the bastards.

    We are a nation that needs to move beyond our past. The only way to do that successfully is to let only the successful survive. Screw the failures and the whiners, irrespective of who they are.

  111. Guys;

    Here's an important article from Jane's Def weekly.

    Overseas Sri Lankan groups need to harness resources to keep up the pressure on thier resident nations to maintain and tighten the screws on tiger fund raising. Talk to your closest friends and see how you can help; a simple call to the local area senator goes a long way.


  112. Very scary article about the rising Jihad threat in Eastern Lanka. This is a MUST READ.


  113. Guys, to break the montony of debate, a slight decresion. Defencent excuse my one post. Here I thought of posing the same question to prabha and Mahindha and wanted to see their replies.

    Where does your funding come from?

    Prabha: From expat tamils.

    Mahindha: From expat Sri Lankans

    Why are you living in luxury bunkers and fat? Does this mean your are soiphoing the monies?

    Prabha: I am a simple man wanting to free the tamils from state terrorist. All the luxuries you say I have is false. We are so poor the my son was sent overseas on a Tamil eelam military scholarship. Its the selective genes which has made my son qualified to go overseas. It has nothing to do with who I am.

    Mahindha: I am a simple man wanting to free the Sri lanka state from terrorist. All the luxuries you say I have is false. We are so poor the my son was sent overseas on a Sri Lanka military scholarship. Its the selective genes which has made my son qualified to go overseas. It has nothing to do with who I am.

    Is it not true that people are suffering under you rule?

    Prabha: False, go to kilinochi and look for yourself.

    Mahindha: False, go to hambota and look for yourself.

    Why did you lose the east?

    Prabha: Thanks to the traitor Karuna.

    Mahinda:Thanks to the traitor Ranil.

    What is the problem with your naval arm chief and army arm?

    Prabha: My navy chief is always at sea, so he has to sends his deputies to go for meetings with the army chief.

    Mahindha:My navy chief is always at sea, so he has to sends his deputies to go for meetings with the army chief.

    Do journalist like me face dangers asking questions like this?

    Prabha: No comments, Pottu Amman will have a reply for you soon.

    Mahinda: No comments, Gota will have a reply for you soon.

  114. If you want to compare the guy who tries to blow up the Perahera, who uses countless child soldiers, who has killed thousands of civilians by bombing places like the Maligawa, the central bank and the Dehiwala railway station, who ordered the massacres at Aranthalawa, the Sri Maha Bodhiya etc. you should seriously go fuck yourself, along with all your terrorist brethren.

    People like you living overseas or in the safety of the south amongst Sinhalese will be spared, but the end is fast approaching for your people in the north.

  115. TropicalStorm my point again, your comments sound rather like this

    "If we are governing, we must govern. If we are ruling, we must rule. Do not give into the minorities. We are born as Sinhalese and as Buddhists in this country. Though we are in a majority, we have been surrendering to the minority community for four years. Let us rule as a majority community".
    - Sinhalese parliamentarian, July '81

    What I'm trying to say is that we've already gone through the "we've given in way too much already" phase. The last 25 years have shown it just isn't going to work.

    The LTTE loses support among the local population, and their entire campaign implodes. If we need to bend over backwards to achieve that, then that's what we have to do. I'm not talking Federal solutions here, and how we do that is up for debate. But the East is anything to go by, it's all about money. Provide rapid development, good jobs etc. and make Tamil people feel included in the future of the country, and our problems may start disappearing sooner than most people expect.

  116. ditto ilegal. well said as always.

  117. Good points. It's time for both the Sinhalese & Tamils to realise that the paths we've been following over the last 25+ years haven't really worked.

  118. "Screw the failures and the whiners, irrespective of who they are.

    Tropical Storm, i agree with this statement wholly, but if we consider the situation of a ltte cadre or an IDP...they're victims/saps of an ideology that promised them everything and has left them nothing. should we feel sorry for them? i can't answer this. a part of me feels no pity for the tamils. indeed a part of me feels no pity for the sinhalese either. i dont think it's that easy to pass moral judgement over people whose situation we've never experienced first hand. it's not black and white, which is why it annoys me when ppl always only talk abt the suffering of the tamils. many sinhalese people suffered too, and we're still suffering- where is HRW and the IC to talk about these things?

    secondly it's hard to know what the 'enemy' is thinking. i really don't believe many rank and file tigers are there by choice. it's more a predicament they see no escape from. now if the GOSL could give them an 'escape clause'...maybe they might see a way out. i think for the most part the tiger cadre realises better than most the error of his ways...he just cant get out of it. their extremism is driven by revenge and honour (misplaced honour). it is in other words driven by a need to give meaning to the massive losses they have inccured over the years. how could they abandon eelam when so many have already died? we sinhalese are also caught in a similar predicament. if we hand over power, on whatever limited scale that may eventuate to, it would still appear as an abberation from the ideal of a unitary state for which so many sinhalese lives were sacrificed.

    but then what is the alternative? that we keep losing more lives? david pointed this out to me sometime back, and whatever said and done, i agree with him on this much. if we really love "our culture", "our people"..we just cannot stand there and watch more of em die.

    i agree with all that you say about the minorities TS, but maybe the real test of character will be who is willing to first lay down their arms and welcome a dialouge. we as constituents of the south have a real chance of showing the tamils and the world that we are willing to do just that. it may seem like defeat, but perhaps the best thing we can do for the families of those dead soldiers is to ensure their kiddies will live in a sri lanka worthy of its heroes (to borrow an american catch phrase).

    in 1948 the sinhalese were a majority without the power akin to a majority. the same is not true in 2007. let us now be benevolent to our minorities. that is all i am trying to say.

  119. Illegal existence, your comments are unwarranted. I meant my posting as a joke. Mahinda is no saint either. None of what i paradied as a joke is a lie. It was to show that both goons are doing the same thing. Its Sri Lankans in general who are suffering. Maybe thats why they decided to have a pact.

    As far as the situation today goes its sad if you talk about race. The globalisation has made Sri Lanka prone to be exposed to the world.

    What are you doing to prevent foreign invasion of Sri Lanka through foreign coporations. Are you going to whine again 20 years down the road when you are having Indian CEOS or Japanese CEOS.

    Remember multi ethinic US defeated the monolithic Japan and Germany. There is no such thing as superior race. All human beings are inteligent. Japan treated her fellow asians like animals. End result she was not given the dignity of a fight and bombed like a common animals. Go and look at american 2nd world war propoganda videos to theor soldiers. They clearly highlight the german origin americans who were high ranking generals.

    Germany was bombed to smitherens. The nuclear bomb the brainchild of a German Jew, Einstien which help win and end the war. Had the nazis not carried out their anti jewish program, things would have been different. The jews was extremely patriotic to Germany. However the patriotism was rewarded by the gas chamber. Hitler used the folly of few jews who profited after first world war to brandish the entire jewish comittee.

    The gas used in the gas chambers to kill jews was the invention of a german jew. In a comprimise Hilter was willing to let him stay but all his lab assistants who were jews were asked to leave. The jewish inventor also left. Hilter will never talk of all the jewish help and it would destroy his aryan myth and german superiority.

    Most of the Bolshiveks in the russian revolution were jews.They wanted to end capitalist oppression. Hence Hilter 15 years later claiming that all Jews were money minded is another lie.

    Its unfortunate that out of this hatred of jews by hilter it gave rise to the zionist(who were a minority) who like Hilter has capitalised on a race during its point of weakness.

    Anyway this is a defence blog please stick to that.

  120. Guys anyone knows about what's going with Air force purchasing s?

  121. Hmm a bit of good news..http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070828_01
    I am just elated and going to open a bottle of wine.Do these filthy coolies want us to "feel sorry" for them now?

  122. defencenet: Any news on whats happening on mannar border? LTTE claiming that they killed 3 soldiers when they tried to breach FDL. What is happening there?

  123. No need to take killinochchi right now.Lets wait for them to kill as many of each other as possible.Then fewer to defend ignoring the senior citizens

  124. Hey,guys how many of those Blue horizon uav's are we going to purchase? & the price as well.nway isnt the xistin searcher-2's good enough? no way!!how can we build more Access towers & drive Hummers in sl?he.he.time for more kokkis,oops commis!

    Ok,what abt the Mig27 deal.the other day,there was an interesting protest close to iqbal athas's house AGAINST disclosing the corrupt Mig deal!! how low can MR & co go.i feel the short term solution would be to overthrow this govt(if the military has real balls,that is).lets c.

  125. Some stuff in the recent news article relating to Pottu Amman has another dimension too.

    I believe it was about three-years ago that our intel revealed a 'private army' is being built by Pottu Amman, which then extimated to be 600 - 800 cadres.

    As then understood, this private Army of Pottu Amman has been concentrated in four different areas of North and East. Even though Pottu Amman has provided arms and training to these men and women, they have never been deployed in any military activity. They have been doubled as Intel gatherers for Tocie, but mainly have been developed for the security and assurance of Pottu Amman himself.

    It was suspected that this group to be responsible for recent killings in Vilpattu Sanctuary.

    Pottu Amman may need funds to up keep his private army.

    ccording to the way that current things are happening, it is increasingly evident that Pottu Amman's hand is extending to control all the LTTE local and overseas fund-raising operations.

    What he may has learned from Karuna's departure was Karuna's in-ability to secure overseas fund-raising. Pottu Amman is most likely to prepare his grounds, if in any event, if Pottu Amman requires to break-away from LTTE to secure his survival.

    Prabhakaran is a just a trapped man. He has no control over LTTE, but almost all the control is mainly with Pottu Amman. Even the big shots of LTTE is afraid of Pottu Amman. LTTE guys breath according to how Pottu Amman wants.
    In the other hand, Pottu Amman has been a servant of Prabha committing all the attrocities that have been ordered on him. There may be a day that Pottu Amman also get enough of it. So, he may be wisely planning a secure exit/exist.

  126. I think Blue Horizon 2 UAV coats about $5 million each. It's a very good UAV.

  127. Thanks noltte=peace for that info.That LTTErs irish connection interests me..

  128. There is a great editorial about Ireland Training given to LTTE in the today's Island...

    Small snippet is below,

    "The knee-jerk reaction of the British authorities may be to claim that they only complied with a request by the then UNF government which, Vinodkumar has said, facilitated the Norwegian-sponsored training programme. But, the fact remains that in obliging the then government of Sri Lanka and the Norwegians, the Labour government committed a willful violation of the British law. "

  129. Somebody would have pointed out this article earlier. If not just have a look. It is sad to see that wrong/bias information information go internationally.


  130. im pretty sure the MI guys would exploit a possible fracture between praba and pottu. you'd hope so anyway.

  131. http://www.stratfor.com/products/premium/search_new.php?searchStr=%2Bsri+%2Blanka&page=10&limit=5


    I found this from the web..However to read these articles, you need to buy them...

    There is one headline within these situation reports..

    It says the following..
    Sri Lanka: Tigers Shoot Down Bomber (Sitrep)
    2007-07-12 17:09:00

    Any ideas?

    Over to you for comment...

  132. Tangara, that probably refers to this joke


  133. http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070829_11

    a "brutal act" by the sinhala buddhist chauvenistic govt...ideal material to submit to canadian immigration

  134. Al Jazeera produced the Part 1 and 2 of the following program


    And since then, it is believed that rather than going on war path against Al Jazeera, LTTEE went there through proxies and fed with barrage of usual LTTE false propaganda.

    Now, Al Jazeera is producing programs to fillin LTTE agenda.

    Much of it call 'masking'. You mask bigger issues by highlighting smaller issues i.e. LTTE has nearly 2000 child-soldier on UN records. But still UN and all the NGOs shout about Karuna's child-soldiers, who may be less than 400 in number.

    Another example is to focus on media blockade in reporting about war by the government, when LTTE is killing any journalist who write opposing view to them, or not allowing any journalists to enter they held areas.

    Always brain-washing can go a long-way.

  135. Guys;

    Don't assume I am unsympathetic or ignorant as to the root of the monster we are now dealing with. My observations go beyond the reach of idle speculation or reactive hardassness. Here's what my observations are based on;

    No matter what the incumbant govt does in the aftermath of a potential and significant marginalization of the LTTE, the political opportunists are going to look for a strike opportunity at such a time. Take the case of Ranil, who has virtually committed political suicide, the disenchanted JVP, the discredited JHU, the tarnished and jaded Bandaranaike siblings and the other miscellaneous political miscreants who would immediately pounce on any opportunity to declare a siginificant political settlement as a sell-out. There is a down side to winning wars; the human cost of war must be justified. The parents of those who died fighting this war over the past 20some years will also tend to see things from the point of view of the extremists at a time where they'd just begun to think that their child didn't die in vain after all. Leave it to the aforementioned illustious gathering, and you'll see it happening very easily...

    I don't think there's any need to beat the point to the death, but the only solution that's going to work, for the simple fact that it is based on the future rather than the past, is one which leaves the remnants of the past, and takes all of us into the future with no consideration of ethnic, religious differences. That very importantly means there would be no concessions on any such basis either.

    If what it takes is to call the past a thing of the past that's best forgotten or deliberately ignored for the sake of the future, then that's what needs to be done. People and nations which are incapable of brutal decision making to leave a hard past behind, never reach for a successul future. The stars are within the grasp of only those who manage to shake the dust of the ground off their feet. There's no room for sentiment here because the risk of failure already is drastically much greater than even the short term benefits of absolte success. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to make a thesis out of my thinking, but I'm sure most of you are capable of connecting the dots to form the bigger picture.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Golden Eagle.. A MIG 27 Fighter costs US$ 2.5 M, and why we would need to pay US$ 5M for a UAV?

    We could buy modified MiG 27s to do the recon too?

    i.e. carry a smaller pay-load for long-endurance..

    (BTW, I understand that the UAV may have a low operations cost)

    Correct me if I am wrong, or if your price per UAV is wrong.

  138. noltte=peace

    This is the price that my sources says. The Blue Horizon 2 UAV is a fairly new machine. Don't be surprised that Western UAVs can cost a bunch, afterall the American Global Hawk UAV cost $80 million.

  139. $5mil for a new Blue Horizon II UAV maybe accurate, cos the 100 Searcher IIs India bought cost over $7mil a piece. But it's unlikely we'll be paying that much for a UAV, so I guess if the SLAF does get them, they'll probably be used/discarded ones or the deal will be subsidized by some foreign government.

    NOLTTE=Peace I don't think it's viable to use a fighter jet for recon for a number of reasons. Speed, cost of maintenance, cost of fuel, increased likely hood to be shot down, flight time etc.

  140. Just a comment about Ruslan comment

    Guys anyone knows about what's going with Air force purchasing s?

    My opinion, the less people know about it the better. Frankly I don't care if we bomb an LTTE base in the Vanni with a Kfir or MiG-29. The government just need to get the job right. And letting the general public know specific details is nowhere near top priority.

    Releasing information about stuff the LTTE already knows about is fine (what happened in a battle etc), but the government should do everything it can to prevent sensitive information like details about military purchases, or info on new battalions from getting out. Hit them hard with something they don't even know exists. Just what we did with LRRP before the CFA. That's the way to go.

  141. Even 5 million for a UAV vs 2.5 million for a modified Mig-27 is no contest. It should be the UAV, every single time.

    Why? The number of pilots who can fly a Mig are very limited. Training pilots costs lots of time and lots and lots of money. It is impossible to jump into a plane and just fly it. Even with all the pilots in the SLAF, the number capable of being jet pilots is very very low.

    In a way, it is like selecting people for special forces. Less than 1% of the regular army have the abilities and the reflexes and the mindset to become a good commando or special forces operative.

    A good pilot is worth much much more than the actual price of the airframe. When you fly recon missions with a real pilot, you double the risk because you may lose two assets, the pilot (with all the training hours and money) and the airframe.

    The new UAVs are equipped with ordnance so that bombing raids and cruise missile attacks are also possible. They also have very sophisticated waypointing and some autonomous flying and targetting ability. These are the main reasons for the expense.

    Getting UAVs to do bombing is the new trend. What I hope the SLAF will do is to buy up the old recon-only UAVs for almost nothing. We need them and we can probably get them cheap.

    illegal.existence: jets are faster than UAVs at peak speeds, but they do not have anywhere close to the endurance.

  142. Scorpio2nd,

    I like your comment about buying 1st generation UAVs for nothing..

    At least if we could get them for a decently low price, Army can use them to point Arty and MBRL fire.

  143. BTW, Defencenet.. any news? This Chellian thing is too old now!


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