Friday, August 10, 2007

Sea tiger leader recovering

Unconfirmed intelligence reports from uncleared areas in the north have suggested that the LTTE sea tiger leader Soosei is recovering from the injuries he received in the boat explosion. Soosei was critically injured when a boat near his vessel exploded during a sea tiger training exercise. He received minor injuries to his chest and his left arm was seriously injured due to shrapnel damage.

Soosei is currently being treated in a hospital in Mullaithiv area under the close observation of sea tiger cadres loyal to him. The incident has further deepened the conflict between Soosei and the tiger supremo Velupillei Prabhakaran. Cadres loyal to Soosei strongly believe that the explosion was planned by the LTTE leader to get rid of Soosei once and for all. The conflict between Soosei and Prabhakaran originated when Soosei supported Ramesh's (eastern LTTE commander back then) opinions on breakaway Karuna faction.


  1. Assuming Praba ordered the Soosei incident, I would like Soosei to survive.
    Then hopefully Karuna can have a sea unit surely....
    Game has just begun. Every day the movie "Bye Bye Praba" getting closer to the end.

  2. VP seems to be in a tough pickle these days. With the loss of the East which caused the LTTE to be boxed-in in Wanni with only 8% of Lanka under their control. Add to that, this newly widening rift between him and soosai.

    Can VP manage to keep the LTTE together or is another split in the LTTE eminent? That is the main question that everyone should be asking.

    If Soosai and his cadres are really more mistrustful of VP, then our forces must not attack Wanni now. Attacking Wanni now will only push VP and Soosai closer together in order to survive the GOSL invasion into Wanni. I say lets wait until the rift between Soosai and VP widens. The wider the better. What do you guys think?

  3. just need to ask a question from the experts here about the SF and commando units. The concept of 4 men team has worked really well for us in the near past. DO you have any idea of the different combination of weapons that a team carries out in a mission and the different roles that are carried out by those 4 men?

  4. It's not a good idea to hold back our planned invasion in to wanni just because of this incident. But if there is really an issue between VP and Soosei, then may be we can alter our battle plans to get the support of the cadres loyal to Soosei. May be the MI guys can start working on that...
    But in the meantime, we need to keep the pressure up so that VP and Soosei don’t even have time to think straight.
    Besides, we have the upper hand now since the LTTE is minus one of their experienced leaders (at least temporarily).

  5. SF Admirer;
    That's something I've always wanted to know... :-)
    I kinda assumed the 4 to be as follows;
    1. Path Finder
    2. Explosives Guy
    3. Sniper
    4. Heavy Machine Guy

    May be my assumptions are wrong. I guess we will find out soon...

  6. Defencenet

    Any truth to this article in Daily news.

  7. GoldenEagle
    By continuous attacks towards Vanni now could be the ideal solution. Soosei got blown out by Praba, could be due to heavy attacks by SL forces and Soosei having different opinion of running the things. So there wont be any chance of former lovers like Praba and Soosei to patch the things.

    Is there any truth about Praba appointing his son as the LTTE Sea wing leader?

  8. folks, just to clarify something - this incident is attributed to the LRRP/DPU team right? or is it some internal issue?

    Can someone shed some light on this ?

  9. My opinion:
    Small Effort:very small scale decapitating attacks in wanni based on good intelligence(we want to save our troops lives)
    Big Effort:Destroy LTTE from within-ie forment mistrust & treachery among its high rankers-forcing them to kill each other
    No point wasteing our soldiers lives on this rabble.

  10. The DailyNews Article


    "The LTTE also experienced a severe blow to its logistics support as they lost almost the entire Eastern coast which was frequently used by the LTTE to bring in their logistics supports by ships and boats.

    With the loss of Eastern coast, the LTTE sea operations are now confined to a 47 kilometre stretch from Kokkuthuduvai to Nagarkovil severely affecting their sea operations. Therefore, the LTTE now has to totally depend on the Western Coast for their logistic support. "

    It is therefore very important to secure our Port through inspecting and X-raying containers that are suseptible in an accurate and efficient manner.

    We can also expect LTTE to use small fishing boats and trawlers in smuggeling weapons.

    Right now, they have enough stocks of weapons for more than six months than their manpower can handle. But it is vital to keep the pressure on constantly.

  11. It's fantastic to hear about the disagreement between VP & soosai!!.now is the time for the navy & airforce to combine & launch a massive onslaught on sea tiger bases.maybe we can even carry out psy-ops,as well.when the operation is ongoing,we should jam all ltte signals so that they cannot call for reinforcements!like what puffy said,i think its a good idea.

  12. we must be careful not to use too many of our bombs right now...since these are very expensive.Currently the navy+airforce are launching attacks based on intelligence(through civilians,UV,etc)which is excellent!! They ensure that each bomb dropped does maximum damage in the way of killing as many LTTE cadres as possible hich is what we want.

  13. Once the LTTE cadres retreat we can move in and unearth all their weapons buried.A long time ago among some LTTE supporting tamil diasphora there was a joke that the army supplied the LTTE with all the weapons they needed.IT seems that the exact reverse in happenning now.Perhaps the ARMY should forward a list of weapons requirements to the LTTE.

  14. maybe he's a karuna in the making? should the govt help him out?

  15. Everyone,

    It is better not to discuss matters relating the SF brigades of the SLA..
    More you discuss about them, more you divulge facts about these heroes..

    The last thing we want is another
    disaster like the Millenium city fiasco..

    I guess the previous article by the defencenet was shocking...

    Please don't discuss the SF matters in public forums..

  16. Very good point Tangara. Fully agreed with the comment.

  17. Be sensible, if we know information about the SF, its a damn good bet the LTTE knows about it too.

  18. What i said is public knowledge/guesswork.I agree that we should not jeopadise the lives of our soldiers by discussing what we think are their tactics here.Wht i just said was the overall strategy the LTTE have already guessed only too late in the day.If they had before they would have gone into guerrila mode much for the "fantastic" fighting force you see pictures of in reuters

  19. I don't think and discussing things like the composition of SF teams and the items which they carry is a threat to them. The real threat will be to publish their names, relations and spy networks, pictures and tactics ect...
    What happened in millennium city was duly due to a SOB (sorry I need to call him in that for the task that he undertook) who wanted to get a promotion. An unfortunate incident like that will never happen unless some traitor again performs the same act with mere political view points (ex-kirielaa)

  20. Just curious. Is there a rough estimated date when the troops will start pushing into wanni? The relative calm these days is driving me crazy. Feel like ltte is planning something nasty :S Hope our intelligence units are on top of their game as they have been recently.
    I have also feared a ltte attack on jaffna. How plausible is this scenario?

  21. Raptor
    [.. if we know information about the SF, its a damn good bet the LTTE knows about it too. ]

    Not necessarilly...

  22. sf admirer...the biggest traitor..if you can call it that is
    LTTE money which they are using now to bribe politicians...also anyone know about this gnanakoon?

  23. The basic breakdown of the SF & CR 4-man team is three riflemen and a machine-gunner. Other weapons will be mission-specific. There won't be a breakdown of sniper, pathfinder, etc as that's too dedicated a role. That sort of breakdown will be in the 16-man troop or patrol group. But realistically any info on SF & CR teams and especially on LRRP/DPU units can be useful to interested parties, though I don't know if any info on this forum is unique.

  24. If we can get soosai to cross over hmmmmm ? Possible ?

  25. Thanks for the comments regarding my suggestion...

  26. Darren,

    LTTE needs to get it RIGHT only once where as the SLA needs to be RIGHT from the start to finish..

    My guess is, LTTE will is planning something massive.There is no doubt about that. Only thing is not clear is when and where..

    There immediate priority is to halt the Vanni offensive..

    To do that they will choose targets carefully..

    Colombo is the no.1 target..
    Then Jaffna,Manner,Trinco and Vaunia. They had successes in Mannar sector.They might opt for a big push along the Western seaboard towards South...Same could happen to the Trinco...

    Jaffna is high on their RADARS too. Their recent raid on Delft island was not an exercise..

    They may be even planning to kill large number of Security personal outside of Vanni with a massive explosion..

    There is possibily that they will bring their SA missiles close to Colombo to fire at Sri Lanka Airforce..

    LTTE is a group that knows hundreds of ways to kill people..

  27. For the history buff, this is how every gangster lord comes to perish. Though never an equal for the absolute master of genocide, velu's demise follows a familiar pattern to that of ol' Adolf Hitler. Gangsters breed a smiliar following and the second tier usually gets cocky to the point where they tend to challenge the big ape for leadership. Power is heady wine to the low breed, it brings out the animal and leads the way to self-destruction sooner or later.
    Next on line for a bullet is the barber whose big bark has been somewhat silenced because he's also on the same target list, for obvious leadership ambitions.
    There is obvious potential for the LTTE to join mainstream politics and regain international recognition if the 'moderate' tamilchella becomes the leader is the message to shout about..for those who get my drift.

  28. Soosai has been dead meat for quite a while, since he went into conflict over pottu's appointment to a position over him. It was this situation which the SL put into very good use to decimate the sea tigers and wipe them out at a time when there was least cooperation among the monkeys. Good intel, good thinking, strategy, speed and perfect execution. There is nothing like hitting your enemy when he's got no friends. Works every time. There's very little chance that pottu is going to allow soosthi to again become a challenge to his position by being able to pull off anything spectacular. The SLG does not need him either. He'd get bullet in short order, make no mistake. However, it is better to leave him where he is, with some ability to hit back at the people who killed his child and tried to kill him too. What, if anything, better can we achieve even by killing the ape, other than ease the stress he will now cause on the already psychotic velupillia ?
    Let velu now watch out for an enraged enemy within his own ranks.

    By the way, does anyone know whether we control Karuna's former leutinent pillian or whatshitsface?

  29. Guys

    I think another split in the LTTE will do harm to their organization than an immediate army offensive into Wanni.

    Conquering Wanni is not going to be as easy as the east. I am sure the LTTE has turned Wanni into a fortress with countless landmines, booby traps etc. If we start an offensive into Wanni soon we will be stretching our troops too thin which could cause us huge casaulties. We first need to wipe out the remaining remnants of the LTTE in the east. We must tighten on grip in the east and rebuild it.

    The campaign to capture Wanni could drag on to well over a year or two of consant heavy military action. A prolonged military campaign is expensive and that coupled with a few successful terrorist attacks in Colombo and other major cities will send our economy into a tail spin. I agree win many of the posters here that no doubt the LTTE is planning some sort of big terrorist attack(s) in colombo and other cities.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we must never ever attack Wanni, cause we must attack Wanni in the future to win this fight. I say for the time being lets keep a strong army presence in the Northern FDL bordering Wanni. This will keep the LTTE on their toes and an army invasion into Wanni will always be on the top of their minds.

    I think that our main objetives FOR NOW should be:

    1) Recruit more troops to strenghten our grip in the East and to twhart the LTTE insurgeny campaign to distrupt the rebuilding process.

    2) Increase security in all major cities in hopes of thwarting an LTTE attack. (I think we must have bomb sniffing dogs in every check-point in major cities)

    3) Keep a beefed up presence in the Northern FDL to keep the LTTE on their toes.

    4) Strengthen our navy (buy more OPVs and maritime survelliance aircraft) and continue to hunt and sink every LTTE weapons carrying ship, trawler and boat we can.

    I think after we achieve all four goals stated above, then we can move into Wanni and capture it much more easily.

  30. Eagle

    I doubt if we can afford the kind of heavily armed waiting game. There is a massive amount of pressure on those who stay stationery in a war zone, mainly because you cannot humanly maintain a high alert level over the kind of time periods you are speculating on. They'd become easy targets after a while, as we saw in the previous wars. I doubt that the SLA will ever resort to that kind of old fashioned conventional doctrine. We've grown up and moved into the big league.
    This war is already into the final phase. The psy-ops is already on, SF attacks moving deeper into gook-terrain. This will be a war of attrition, which will have to be wfaught carefully to minimize civillian casualties.
    Again, targetted assasinations will need to become a major strategy in this stage, and it will exert a high degree of immobility on the tigers who always were thought to be the more mobile force.
    The body count is going to go thru the roof anyway.

  31. tropicalstorm

    The recruitment of additional soldiers to increase the size of the army has already begun. The army is set to expand by 25,000.

    In my opinion, a long drawn out military campaign to capture Wanni is more expensive and could stretch our current troop levels too thin. Once our troops are stretched too thin then it will much easier for the LTTE to attack them.

    We have captured the east, but we haven't had time to solidify our grip there, and that needs time. It we can successfully defend and rebuilt the east and its communities then we will win the trust of the people there, and they will start reporting any suspicous activities to our forces. In other words the people there will start helping us identify and root out the LTTE infiltrators.

  32. During this year SL army recruited around 20,000 soldiers so far (I believe).During the same period strength of the Gramarakshaka Balakaya was increased by 16,500. I don't know exact numbers about the Navy, Air Force and the STF. So I don't think we are stretched too thin. Sorry for disturbing your nice conversation.

  33. GEagle-We cannot maintain a massive army for long unless some of them are employed by the UN(as David suggested).Our problem is TIME(finances) because the people have had enough with the C.O.Living. Some time in the future if part of this money is spent on the people (including the betterment and retraining of our soldiers in civilian jobs)that would be the best situation.As for wanni what i said before applies.

  34. Tnx for the replies for my earlier post DB & SL
    Defencenet, There was an allegation by a UNP parlimentarian to Mr Gotabhaya and the Govt for purchasing old Migs (They called them flying coffins) >Is this allegation is true. What is the status of the Migs now? I have heard that Migs have done some precision level attacks in the eastern province (eg- swarnam base attack) and Migs have been known for thier ability to take off from relatively small and rugged runaways unlike the kaffirs. According to these information, I feel that Mig 27s are ideals for SLAF to combat a terrorist outfit. Am I correct and what do you think abt this allegation. Is it a baseless one or did the govt bought some flying coffins as stated by the UNP.

  35. Srilankan

    Adding 25,000 to the army is not going to cost us that much.

  36. SFAdmirer,

    Flying Coffins means when MIGs are in action, LTTE needs to fly-in Coffins using their Slin planes.

    We know that the MIG deal has some flows, and sometime back the MOD and the Airforce had publicly answered the questions.

    The Arms Dealers are not clean and they are one of the dirtiest in the world. They also make even the cleanest people dirty too..

    The relations between Arms Dealers and Defence officials are always complex.

    Even the cleanest Defence Officials can fall into traps of the dealers.

    MIGs are a huge expense on our country's budget. Yes, if we could do without MIGs, it could have been great. But, LTTE gave the pressure and now we are in even on the expense of cost of living.

    As someone said, I am happy with someone who takes a $1B bribe and eliminate this LTTE Nazi menance than living under constant threat.

    What you CAN do is not to whine about a MIG deal, but to take some actions to STOP LTTE fund-raising abroad. That will help to reduce our Defence Expenditure dramatically.

  37. GEagle-What i am saying is that in case we need to downsize the army they need to have civilian jobs to get into.After all their sacrifice we dont them to be destitute walking the streets.In this context they should be given priority for entrance to universities and other institutions of further education and also jobs in the public/private sector.The govt should provide free training for them.

  38. Srilankan,

    Can we put our energies into the immediate challenges we may have than worrying about civilian jobs for Army?

    Why I say is that there is plenty of time to consider the same, but there are many other issues need to be taken care of by the government.

    An example is how to take care of the IDPs if GOSL decided to take out the Tunnel Rat?

    Another one is how to handle PR, successfully countering LTTE false propaganda?

    How to take care of the families of the fallen and disabled soldiers?

  39. noltte=peace the families of the fallen heroes were very much on my mind when i made that comment.
    The IDPs wil be ok when resettled in their villages.This LTTE false propaganda cannot be tackled successfully because LTTE money is being used to create this and they have enough money to continue this for the next 100 years.What we can do is what the govt is doing right now...showing IC the development of the eastern province.There will be a point in time where no one will be able to deny what they can see in front of their eyes!!.this recent British BA**a*d holmes is towing the line of that coolie chilcott.Why because as long as Commander Karuna has weapons the LTTE is going to find it difficult to infilterate the east and create mass panic...Have you asked yourself this question:Why does chilcott,homles and the LTTE want the same thing-decommissioning Karuna?.

  40. I agree that in the future he needs to hand in his weapons/...surely they are only about 300.. why are they such a threat..why does this SLMM want the same thing?.take the landmass of the eastern province and divide it by 300 cadres.then you can findout how many SQ miles a single cadre covers...

  41. I think the LTTE is worried that when his cadres come across commander Karuna they may defect to his side.or not putup a convincing the LTTE may be forced to send either wanni cadres or very experienced ones leaving eastern cadres guarding the wanni or inexperienced ones.Good luck to SForces.

  42. Guys, the military has found 'gas bombs' in Batticaloa. Defencenet/DB/Navindran, are these chemical/biological or Propane/LPG bombs?

  43. Guys, there is a good article in the Nation today and one of the points was this:

    "Unconfirmed reports have it that the LTTE is in possession of an MI 24 gunship, which could support the cadres in ground combat."

    How and where could the LTTE have obtained a MI-24?

    Is it even possible to bring something so big by ship without a proper port facility?

    Or is this an SLAF one that they have repaired??

  44. Jack which SLAF one you are talking about?

  45. BTW, anyone got any comments about this Video?

  46. "Jack which SLAF one you are talking about? "

    Not anyone in particular I know a few were shot down in the past, so not sure if any of those could have been recovered by the LTTE and made air worthy again? Or did they get a 'new' one from somewhere.

    That is of course if this is ever confirmed.

  47. Nolte

    Interesting videos. It is one thing to shoot up an 'unsuspecting' piece of drift wood, another to take on, say, our Special Boat Squdron. These are gimmicks the gooks are so badly in need of to keep up the morale of their johnny battas whose morale is sagging like velu's diabetic dick.

    Jack; Do you have a link to the article abt the Mil24?

  48. Sri Lankan

    Karuna has always been bad news. Simply because he changed sides for his survival, it would be fatal to assume that he's our friend, or less of a monster than what he's been. This is a cold blooded killer who's responsible for the slaughter of over 600 unarmed police men who surrendered to him at one time. This bastard is on borrowed time and needs to be put down at some time or another for what he did.
    The LTTE and the UN reps views are parallel by mere coincidence. We need not make enemies out of civilized beings, in order to safe-guard the monstrous doings of the uncivilized, who currently pretend to be our friend, just for his own sake.
    I am all for taking him down once his usefulness is over.

  49. "Jack; Do you have a link to the article abt the Mil24? "

    here you go, from The Nation:

    Tigers enhance firepower

  50. Guys read this article from Yahoo news. Then you will understand why I say that we are not in a position to capture Wanni.
    "Rains, troop shortages hit Sri Lanka push against rebels

    by Amal Jayasinghe
    33 minutes ago

    COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lanka's military has been unable to push into Tamil Tiger strongholds in the north due to the threat of monsoon rains and a lack of manpower, defence officials and analysts say.

    The government had hoped to build on recent territorial gains in the east of the troubled island by going after guerrilla bases in the northern Wanni region, where the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) run a mini-state.

    "Inter-monsoon rains start in October and it will be difficult to move tanks and heavy guns in boggy conditions," said one field commander who asked not to be named.

    "But in the run-up to the monsoon, there could be smaller-scale operations."

    The LTTE last month admitted losing its final bastion in the jungles of Sri Lanka's Eastern province, but vowed to keep up hit-and-run attacks in the area.

    One senior officer attributed the victory last month to a combination of superior tactics, firepower and guerrilla-style attacks behind enemy lines.

    "What they used to do is send small groups to harass us. We had to tie up a large force to hold our static positions," he said, requesting anonymity. "This time, we infiltrated their lines and kept them on their toes."

    But for defence analyst Namal Perera, that success may require the deployment of a huge number of troops if the military wants to maintain control over the areas wrested from the rebels.

    "With the manpower commitment in the east expected to be very heavy, it will be a challenge to deploy more men for a new offensive in the north," Perera said. "It will be difficult at this time."

    "As long as the army is tied down in the east, the LTTE knows the military will not make a new push in the north."

    LTTE spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiriyan admitted the rebels had suffered a setback with the loss of territory in the east, but said the Tigers were bolstering their defences in the north.

    "Militarily you can't call this an advantageous situation," Ilanthiriyan said. "Because, if you want to control one region, you may have to lose control over another region."

    The Rivira newspaper reported that the Tigers had withdrawn cadres from the eastern front and sent them to the north.

    "The next battle which will start in the Wanni will be decisive for both parties," the paper's defence analyst Tissa Ravindra Perera said.

    The military has suffered heavy losses trying to break into rebel territory in the north of the island in recent weeks, while the Tigers have experienced similar setbacks trying to gain a foothold in the army-held Jaffna peninsula.

    A recently retired senior military officer predicted that government forces might not be able to replicate in the north the tactics used in the east because the terrain was different.

    "In the east, there are no clearly demarcated areas of control and that helped us to sneak into areas dominated by the Tigers," said the retired officer, declining to be named.

    "In the north, there is a physical boundary and getting through that is not going to be easy. We have already lost a few groups that tried."

    A February 2002 truce arranged by Norway is in tatters and some 5,200 people have been killed in fighting in the past 19 months alone, according to government figures.

    Sunanda Deshapriya, director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, an independent think-tank, said neither side was keen on returning to negotiations that collapsed last October and predicted the "war atmosphere" would continue.

    The rebels are fighting for an independent homeland for the island's minority Tamils. More than 60,000 people have been killed in the conflict since 1972."


    Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to bring everyone here down. I also wish like everyone that our army can march into Wanni and finish these blood thirst LTTE thugs once and for all. But is it really worth the rish of a long drawn out campaign that can affect our economy and cause huge casaulties on the army.

    Don't worry our time will come to capture Wanni, just not yet.

  51. Going by the nation article, I would say a suicide mission on Colombo harbour, Katunayake AFB, Rathmalana AFB, Trinco Navy base or Palli base is a very high possibility...

    Next time Tiger flies that means it is going to be a suicide mission. They might not go for a long distance suicide mission because of the risk of detection.In that case, Palali, Trinco and A'pura is the most likely targets.

    We have to maintain a 24 hour surveillence on these targets.

  52. Going by the nation article, I would say a suicide mission on Colombo harbour, Katunayake AFB, Rathmalana AFB, Trinco Navy base or Palli base is a very high possibility...[Katunayake AFB is the no 1 target for a suicide mission couple with a ground attack. There is a check point close to the end of the runway at KAB. I am not sure how secure the section of the defences around that area. That part is in complete darkness at NIGHT and Tiger frogmen can easiliy penetrate these defences.I am praying the Airforce is guarding the perimeter adequately.Another attack on AFB is what the LTTE is counting on.]

    Next time Tiger flies that means it is going to be a suicide mission. They might not go for a long distance suicide mission because of the risk of detection.In that case, Palali, Trinco and A'pura is the most likely targets.

    We have to maintain a 24 hour surveillence on these targets.

  53. Best defence against tiger aircraft is to hire adequate spotters around their territory.
    In 2001 , Pakistan Airforce fighters shoot down an Indian Airforce UAV close to their borders thanks to the pakistan ground observation points ..We need to hire Sinhalese settlers in border villages for this purpose. Every movement of Tiger airforce must be monitored.

  54. Tropicalstorm killing the 600 cannot be forgiven.however i am in 2 minds about Karuna.Lets wait and see.Dont think this IC is on "our side".This guy holmes(british im sure)agrees with his ambassador chilcott.I wonder why.With tregard to Karuna i smell a rat on the side of the IC.Tstorm i am 56..can i ask you how old you are pls?

  55. AGAIN!!!Another 4 soldiers dead+3(seriously injured likely to die im sure or probably already dead)..why are we sacrificing our soldiers like this without providing them with better transport?

  56. I am waiting to see if Karuna does what he says he is going to do..disarm when the LTTE is no longer a threat to him.

  57. **** you. Srilankan, where have you been when I was posting articles the last couples days about LTTE losses. Suddenly you jump up and complain when some soldiers die.

    Death in war is inevitable. Much more LTTE are dying, and we're winning all the big battles. Relax.

  58. Colonel Soosai succumbed to his injueries today. FUCK U SINHALESE U WILL PAY EVERY BLOODROP FOR THIS.

  59. test you need toask VP about soosai?

  60. test,

    What did you say test? it was the handy work of Pottu to kill Soosai like this. If what you are saying is true, then Pottu must be a happy man today that Soosai never woke up to avenge his son's death in the hands of Pottu. DPU may be good, but they can no way be this good.Don't mourn this early for rumors, Soosai may well be recovering from his injuries.

  61. Soosai will take the revenge on Pottu and VP. Tamil Selvam will be with Soosai as always!

  62. noltte=peace,
    what are u speaking about-who is going to cut hair for the ltte ?

  63. Guys.. Can anyone tell me what this gun is (at 2:51 minute to the Video)?

  64. Kbs..dont you know.. i have been ****ing you

  65. Defencenet

    So is Soosai dead or recovering?

  66. Geagle.. have u checked

  67. SriLankan

    Just went there and checked it out. Its a pretty cool website.

  68. Srilankan, please watch your language. Lets try to keep thing civilized here.

    GoldenEagle what's your point? That we should hold off on launching an offensive in Wanni? Foreign media interviewing "analysts" about the situation is fine and all, but don't take their pessimism too seriously. All throughout the eastern campaign we heard how stupid the decision to take military action was, and how the government and the military would soon be taught a lesson in the East.

    Case in point, the following exert from an "expert opinion" written on Aug 5th last year, about the government's decision to take on the LTTE in Mavil Aru.

    ...the government seems to have miscalculated in its estimation of the LTTE's military capacity in the east. Karuna's exit might have weakened the LTTE, but it seems to have recovered considerably from the loss.

    The gains the LTTE has made - it is reported to have captured large parts of Mutur and several army camps - have taken the armed forces by surprise.

    By taking on the LTTE in the east, the armed forces might have walked into the Tigers' trap. The LTTE is keen to attack army camps in the east. This is where its nemesis Karuna and his fighters are being provided protection. Under the ceasefire, the LTTE cannot attack army camps. A Tamil journalist said in June that the capture of army camps where Karuna's fighters are staying and the elimination of the Karuna threat are the LTTE's immediate objectives, and this will be the focus of the LTTE when war breaks out.

    The government might have scored points with the Sinhalese hardliners with its muscular response to the water problem in the east. But by escalating the conflict, it has provided the LTTE with the opening it was looking for. The government has bitten off more than it can chew.

  69. As much as the monsoons make it difficult for heavy armour, it does not handicap the SLAF. Perhaps it is time we levelled the 4 story building in K'chchi, approx 100 feet under which velu's hidey-hole is said to be. It would be nice to kick the ape into the jungle to feel the pain of the kids they've forcibly recruited to die for them. He's also known to be abjectly paranoid to the point where he needs 300 bodyguards at all times. That's considerable body heat for infra-red targetting. Open them to a communication, logistical and sheer survival nightmare..dramatically increase successful targetting probabilities by decimating survival infra-structure. Keep in mind these guys have too many enemies right around them.

    It is time to take this game to the higest level, total war, where we open the animal to all his enemies. It is time to bust the leadership's confort zone...

    Just imagine the schizoid ape in a dark jungle, surrounded by 300 armed folks, not knowing which one of his trusted aides would put a bullet in his head when he took a nap. Then there's Karuna's infilteration, tamilchella's angst, folks pissed off abt soosai.. and our own Long Rangers...Driving velu into panic and pandemonium is not difficult to achieve. Of course there'd be a short term international hiccup over the building...all the dead will mysteriously become instantly civillian and innocent etc.. Nothing we cannot weather, since we already know who the whiners are most likely to be....

  70. To summarise, the idea is to make a successful leadership struggle more promising. Let's take a lesson from history folks, and make the evolving dynamics work for us...

  71. illegal.existence

    I always thought that we should clear the east first. Frankly I knew our forces had the tools to clear the East efficiently with minimum damage and casaulties.

    If we were ever going to bring Wanni our control we had to control the east first, otherwise had we gone into Wanni with the LTTE still thriving in the east then we were going to get outflanked in the east and would have had to fight in 2 fronts.

    Now that the East is conquered the danger of fighting battles on 2 fronts is gone.

    Wanni is indeed a different beast than the east. The LTTE cadres in Wanni are heavily armed and supplied, and know the terain very well. Wanni is a fortified fotress, with an insane amount of booby traps and landmines. Now that the LTTE is boxed-in in Wanni they will fight their hardest when cornered.

    I am not saying that our current armed forces are incapable of taking Wanni. Trust me, the full firepower of our armed forces(especially the airforce) has not even been revealed yet.

    There are a few problems that will occur if we rush into Wanni now, and they are:

    1) We will have to move troops to the northern theater to push into wanni, then we will be stretching our troops too thin. This will make our troops more vulnerable to surprise attacks.

    2) More troops in the north will mean less in the newly captured east. The LTTE will see this opportunity and will most likely carry out their promised insurgency campaign in the East. Chaos in the East could negate the a lot of progress we made there in the last few months and could seriously hamper the re-building process as well.

    3) The LTTE will use human shields in Wanni so that any mistake on our part resulting in civilian deaths will be get us a scolding form the IC.

    4) Any battle in the North that causes large casaulties among our troops, and the UNP will jump at the opportunity to convince the people and everything is doom and gloom.

    5) The LTTE are well supplied in the north, and their flow of weapons through the seas still continues. We need a better navy to effectively cut off their flow of weapons and ammo. A weapons starved LTTE will be a more timid LTTE.

    6) The Wanni offensive could very well drag on for a long time. This will seriously hamper economic growth. We need to keep our economic growth going. More economic growth means more revenue for the government, and more revenue for the government means bigger military budget for the future.

    In other words my main points are: concentrate to rebuild the east, buy more OPVs for the navy, keep economic growth going.

    After 2 years of doing the 3 things mentioned above then we are in a better equipped to hammer Wanni and conquer it.

  72. goleneagle,

    I think that we should resort to LRRP attacks and Air Attacks meanwhile to soften LTTE targets. Yes, that is while we strengthen the navy. Also, the east should be given a chance to get stabilized and prosperous.

  73. Whatever we do, we should make sure that we target only LTTE, and minimize civilian casualties.

    The civilians in Vanni are living in hell right now under LTTE control. Many of them want to be out, but they have limited options.

    In the past, when there were GOSL offensives, LTTE masacred their own people for pity PR gains. We can expect this happenning this time too. Therefore, we have to take extra precautions.

    Intel is key to get the bunker rat out.

  74. Things are getting very interesting. It looks like the tigers are killing each other. When would be the day just the tails are left?

  75. Sam Perera

    I agree with you 100%.

    LTTE only control Wanni, to fully isolate this troublesome area we must also gain full control of the seas.We are blessed to be an island, maritime borders are easier to control than land borders. Any country with land borders will tell u that.

    Can you imagine if Lanka shared a land border with India instead of the palks strait? I shudder to think about that.

    We must also make sure that there is minimum stress on the economy so that it continues to grow. The LTTE now realised that economic growth means a stronger well funded military. Thats why Tamilchelva said after the thoppigala defeat that the LTTE will also go after economic targets in the future. So our government must make sure that the LTTE fail in this regard.


    Sea battle? Anyone have further news on this?

  77. kbs

    It seems that the sea tiger tactic(reported in Asian Tribune) of drawing the attention of the navy away so that another group of LTTE vessels can pick up fleeing LTTE cadres has not been so smooth this time.

  78. sorry illegal.existence-my sincere apologies.

  79. kbs, fantastic :-D
    Norway and Solheim should learn some lessons they never forget.

  80. lankapura sadly (norway) and solheim (his wife is tamil)are only doing this because they are being paid by the LTTE.They dont give a Sh*t if the whole of SL sinks tommorrow.For them it is one place where they can murder someone and get away with it because they understand the mentality of some of these LTTE freindly scoundrals in SL who may come to power soon.

  81. Those 2 ministers should be given a special honour for refusing gnanakoons $1M/per head to topple govt

  82. [Colonel Soosai succumbed to his injueries today. FUCK U SINHALESE U WILL PAY EVERY BLOODROP FOR THIS. ]

    This is from the handle 'TEST'.

    I am just thinking ..What this guy says might be TRUE infact..The clashes in Norway is a direct result of the death of soosai. ..

    Just my guess...

  83. tangara...I will believe it when i see pics of a funeral in killinochchi(courtesy-reuters).with this guys carcass in it. Just think..if he has got citizenship of the whole world and can live in any country he need to burn himself or undress at airports!.A fat lot of good it will do now for this murderous animal.

  84. tangara-

    "[Colonel Soosai succumbed to his injueries today. xxxx U SINHALESE U WILL PAY EVERY BLOODROP FOR THIS. ]"

    Where did you get above from please? Interested to track that conversation and find more details. Oslo clashes could be leading to some possible Soosai news.

  85. DefenceNet,
    Can you please confirm whether Soosei died!
    If so, then I guess it's up to our MI boyz to get in touch with the Soosei faction and get them to fight against VP... Hope we will exploit this split to the maximum and hope we will be able to deepen the split more... ;-)

  86. puffy if we can accomplish what you say it will make my day mate.I will host a party for my family with all the works!!

  87. Intresting point from

    In 1987 when JR’s troops took Vadamaratchi and were ready to take Jaffna India engaged in the famous airdrop to deter that. In 2000 when VP’s boys took Elephant Pass and were ready to take Jaffna the same India exerted its influence and stopped that. Kadirgamar then convalescing in New Delhi played a very important yet unpublicised role in that. But the powers that be wanting to show that it was the “might” of the armed forces who prevented Jaffna falling did not highlight the India factor. The tigers too kept mum for obvious reasons.

    Wonder if it means India decides whether the war will end.

  88. ROFL Col. Soosai is not dead. My source failed me. He is still injured but not dead.

    And rofl lol its so fun to see pathetic traitortamils and sinhalese trying to connecting every tamil happening to a delusional beef between VP and Soosai. VP and Soosai are friends and will always be. Together we will fight the occupants from our motherland. There are 80 million tamils in the world. We will not stop until our goal is achieved.


    The oslo-clashes, I know more than Asiantribune cuz I live in Kalbakken (the city where the clashes took place) it was just random kiddiefight. Not political relations. Fight about power and who has the bigger penis, that is. And it was actually tamils that had come from France and Germany that had drawn first blood.

  89. Navindran,

    LTTE always used India and it is still the case.

    There is no otherway around.

    LTTE does not bow to India.

    LTTE was defeated last time when they invaded Jaffna, because they lost more than 2000 owing to MBRL fire.

  90. noltte=peace r u sure that it was 2000?

  91. Sri Lankan, some reports over 3500.. some says over 2000..

    Army disposed about 1500 bodies of LTTE bodies scattered around. Many were badly mutiliated or shredded to pieces.

    There is no actual figure..

  92. Test,
    [The oslo-clashes, I know more than Asiantribune cuz I live in Kalbakken (the city where the clashes took place) it was just random kiddiefight. Not political relations. Fight about power and who has the bigger penis, that is. And it was actually tamils that had come from France and Germany that had drawn first blood.
    Fights ending in Deaths..Do you call that kiddie figths?

    Get a life dude...

  93. Test,

    Go and write your crap some where else, you tiger moron..

    Your LTTE mother funny buddies are dead...

  94. Test,

    I got it, it is normal for LTTE diehards to kill each other after

  95. " Fight about power and who has the bigger penis"

    Lol ya like thats the truth ain't it mate?.. guys with big sticks are few in the Pro Tiger lot eh? :)

    Whoooa yaa.. may be we should send you guys some Lol

    And with regard to "power" yep, you guys are losing it so i guess u fifgt over what is left of it??

    Get use to it mate: What gose around come around....

  96. He he .... cool pic.
    (Caution: This is adult material.)
    I wonder what that bundle of $ denote.
    I like the way Mahinda has hanged his sataka on side... ha ha...

  97. navindran

    India did not have much to do with the repulsion of the LTTE from Jaffna in 2000. As many pointed out here, the MBRLs grilled the LTTE alive.

    The only thing that India offered was to transport our trapped 40,000 troops in Jaffna to safety. That was a humiliating offer for our army. Thats the price you pay when you don't keep an army well trained, supplied and equipped.

    India is having less and less influence over this conflict. As the years of war rolled on, India's influence over this conflict declined because our army has grown so much stronger. Our forces now have a stronger say in which way the path of this conflict go.

    During the CFA the army underwent a huge transformation and emerged as a well oiled hard hitting military machine.

  98. Geagle.. Thankfully the army has people who have faught in battle leading it now.
    Tangara pls lets not waste our time answering comments written by some norweigian LTTE teenage donkies.
    Nemesis...hmm these "LTTE bulls" penises need to be branded like people do with cows.
    We need to decimate this LTTE

  99. The batticaloa market coming to life..what a feast for the eyes after 30 yrs for me..specially because there appears to be so much happiness in the eyes of the people!!



  101. Very FRESH news:
    Col. Soosei is back in business. Not fully recovered yet though.

    and yes I am the same user as 'test'

  102. Soosei is not dead (at least according to our latest information)

    Meanwhile LTTE tried to evac cadres trapped in Nayaru jungles today but the attempt failed.

    Sea tigers who came for support were routed by the navy. Pro rebel media claims of 3 SLA FACs damaged are false.

    LTTE casualties cannot be confirmed,

  103. BTW,

    Did LTTE try to acquire Sulfuric Acid to make Chemical Bombs?

  104. The Sulfuric Acid has been 98% Sulfuric Acid..

    "The truck which was carrying 90 plastic drums of 40 litres of 98% sulfuric acid in each with a motor cyclist providing security in the night hours was attempting to by-pass the road block, the Police said."

  105. So there was a Navy battle off Pulmodai to block the ugly buggers from escaping to Wanni ? Did we sink a ltte vessel too ? good job ! Can we discuss how the reported " Ltte having a Mi 24 ?" came about ! No Way !

  106. I am worried what Airforce was doing when Navy was batteling with LTTE for 4 hours.

  107. Navindran,

    Cheers for that article about our late foreign minister. Indeed I was only aware that India only offered to evacuate the troops in Jaffna as an act of mercy and nothing more. If what the article is justing is true and that India still retains its influence over the LTTE then it is deeply worrying. As Sri Lankans we should be all be proud of Mr. Kadirgamar's efforts to bring New Delhi and Colombo closer together. However, I must admit that I have always remained pessimistic about India playing a role in the resolution of this conflict. How can a country with a government supported by some Tamil parties supportive of the LTTE's aims and a sizeable Tamil population ever help to bring about an equitable solution that would satisfy all communities concerned?


    I too was a bit worried about why the SLAF didn't join in to the fray! A 4 hour battle is no small skirmish. I can only think of 3 possible reasons:

    1) According to Tamilnet over 20 FACs were involved in the fight. (I know it could be a fabrication but it gives us a measure of the scale of the engagements). Combined with the land based troops, they might have assumed that those forces already involved were sufficient to deal with that level of threat.

    2) Operational commanders might have been holding them in reserve to engage boats that might have succeeded in joining their land based comrades, or even a 3rd flotilla that might have joined later on.

    3) Since the discovery of LTTE MANPADS, commanders might be reluctant to expose the gunships to the possibility of being shot down.

  108. That was a great opportunity to neutralise a big part of LTTE sea squadrans..

    Well, we need some cheap IR homing or laser guided missiles to take them out..

    Then no need to keep endlessly firing.

  109. Defencenet

    I am confused why SL AirForce can't help most of the sea figts.
    Is there any reason for this, in my mind it should be very clear what the enemy gunboats and what the Navy gun boats!!!

    Please explain!!!

  110. Norway seems to be getting a taste of what's to come..

    Velu is on a killing spree and that guarantees only one thing; this is the end of any pretexes to moderation. Only the estremists are left. That would make the only likelihood for the future one of unconditional war. Guess this was what the best of eelam intelligensia wanted to deny for a long time, but now the cat is out of the bag. There won't be anyone to wear business suits and shake hands and pretend to be civilized.. Only monkeys armed to the teeth...
    The only certainty now is absolute war.

  111. India has always played a significant role in Sri Lanka. Neither the LTTE or the Sri Lankan goverment will go against India. It spells trouble for both sides. The main operator is RAW. It functions like the CIA and does dealing with the LTTE etc with or without the Indian cabinet knowledge. Thats because RAW sees itself as the protector of Indian Interest.

    The only reason Pakistan helps Sri Lanka is because the Americans are using them to exert proxy control over Sri Lanka. Pakistan will sleep with anybody if asked by the Americans. Thats why Musharaff is still in power.

    Now that relationship is thawing between India and the US, the Americans have started to establish a foothold in Sri Lanka. However they are doing so cautiously with India's indirect blessing. Likewise GOTA is an american. Hence he is probabiliy an American laison to his brother and vice versa.

    Indias recent ranting to Sri Lanka of not buying weapons from others was targeted at China. Both India and the US see China as a major threat. China has bought its influence to keep india within this region. It trains and supplies weapons to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mynmar.

    The establishment of a chinese base in Sri Lanka has pissed India. This is because such bases can easily be converted for spying missions. Furthermore for long time Indian defences are concentrated in the North. This forms an unecessary problem for India.

    The recent deployment of radars in tamilnadu was for this. India can be the least bothered about the LTTE air wing. This is because the LTTE would never attack the tamilnadu.

    The influence of the tamil parties in the federal goverment is also limited as DMK does not have an outright majority in the Tamilnadu assembly.It depends on congress support. If congress alies with ADMK and others it can change the government.

    Furthermore the Tamils in tamilnadu have always been sympathetic to the Sri Lankan cause. Only a small percentage go beyond verbal support. This is because the estate tamils have not been involved in the war.

    Even the seperatist DK could not defeat congress. It was only when DMK was formed splitting from DK did they get elected. This was also after campaigning on a non seperatist platform.

    The LTTE should continue to have clandestine Indian support. The only issue is when Sri Lanka succumbs to US or China influence, then other people like Al Qaida will penetrate the local muslims like India used the tamil problem. They can use them to attack american establishments.

    It makes you wonder how some people can own big houses in the US.

  112. Test

    We are happy that soosthi is alive.

    Guess whose ass he's got his eyes on boy?

  113. navindran

    You are right, the RAW has always been a problem in this conflict. But also understand that the Sri Lankan military has turned a corner. It is much more advanced and lethal than it was 10 years ago. This means only one thing, and that is the SL military has more control over which direction this conflict go than ever before. India has noticed this too.

    The Sri Lankan military able to turn this corner with the help of China/Pakistan and Israel. India is very worried about the influence and weapons from China and Pakistan coming into Lanka. Thats why they are trying to win us over buy giving us discount radars etc. Lanka has become wary of this new "sweet talking" India, and judging by India's past behaviour it is easy to see why.

    "The only reason Pakistan helps Sri Lanka is because the Americans are using them to exert proxy control over Sri Lanka. Pakistan will sleep with anybody if asked by the Americans. Thats why Musharaff is still in power."

    I don't think that the Americans are using Pakistan to exert proxy control over Lanka. It doesn't make much sense to me because the US is hoping to win India over to their side(to counter the rising power of China and the resurgent totalitarian Russia), and using Pakistan as a proxy to exert control over lanka will only piss India off, and it has.

    I think the main the reason Pakistan is eager to help Lanka, is because it will give them a foothold close to India's southern zone. This is important because then they can easily fund resistant groups(like Dalits naxalites and other discriminated groups etc) in Southern and Central India. This is just another chapter in the long running proxy war between India and Pakistan. Just look at whats happening in Balouchistan and Kashmir or what happened pre 9/11 afghanistan war between Norther Alliance(India/Russia/Iran backed) and the Taliban(Pakistan backed) and then people will get a better picture on whats really going on.

    China also likes to get a foothold in Lanka, but not to carry our a proxy war, instead they want better control of the Indian ocean, spy on and curtain India's rising Influence. Lanka is located in a strategic position.

    The US and EU is also watching these clandestine struggles in S. Asia, and are now cautiously backing India more firmer in an attempt to win India over to the Western side. India is treading carefully with regards to an Alliance with US and EU. This is because an outright alliance between the West and India could cause a Islamic revolt in India. If that happens then Pakistan will jump with joy.

    We must all realise that countrieshave no friends, they only have interests.

  114. GoldenEagle,
    Israel and Pakistan have and will be doing US bidding. The US does not want to get directly involved. Post 9/11, US has been leaning more towards India. This is because they need Indian influence. Pakistan is US lap dog.

    Notice not a word is uttered by pakistan against the proposed nuclear agreement. Of course the US wants to please its pet and hence put in some clauses to the dismay of the left in India. Ironically the congress has always been against the US. Having an Italian leader does change their prospectives.

    Even in the Indo Lanka accord Sri Lanka was against it. However India mastered the situation to force Sri Lanka to agreement. Hence even today just like Operation Poomalai, India can do what she wants as she wants.

    Being patriotic and saying the lanka will stand up agianst India is foolish. India will do a Bangledesh style operation if required in Sri Lanka.

    Its ironic to state this "This is important because then they can easily fund resistant groups(like Dalits naxalites and other discriminated groups etc) in Southern and Central India."

    Its the same that India has been doing with the LTTE. Hence its morally wrong for Sri Lanka to allow it. Furthermore with the extremist comming to east where they will train, they will also influence the people there. Then a muslim praba is likely to emerge.

    The EU is generally politically neutral and unlike the US is not foolish to be the big brother. Thats why the Euro is 36% stronger than the US dollar. Hence the US is a collapsing Star and trying its best to drag anyone and everone into the blackhole its creating.

  115. Hahaha..good one tropical storm!! seems that this guy sdaddas/test has been a frequent visitor to the site run by mr brown.Looks like he has been on messenger too long as well.As for this "LOL" we all know where he can stick it.
    As for india doing a "bangladesh" on us ..lets wait and see..I think sadly indias days as a regional superpower are over..its china now

    Article on karuna's comments to holmes accusations .

  117. Navindran, to say that Israel & Pakistan will "do US bidding" is naive. In fact, it's downright ridiculous to even compare those two nations. The relationship between those two countries and the US is completely different. Pakistan is a US ally (not even a friend), and the relationship is strictly of mutual benefit. But the US and Israel are like brothers. The ties run as deep as blood, and goes beyond the "policy" relationship most nations share. A good example is that while the US might abandon Pakistan if circumstances require, it will never abandon Israel, no matter waht, even to its detriment in international relations (as we have long seen with the US' relations with Arab nations which it in fact needs far more than it does Israel). Also, Israel's dependence on the US is far less than Pakistan's.

    Also, to say that the US has leaned towards India post-9/11 is untrue. It has never taken India's side against Pakistan on the J&K issue, and in fact allowed Pakistani military personnel serving with the Taliban to be airlifted out of Afghanistan over India's protests.

    The world has changed since '87 and the Indo-Lanka Accord. India will never again be able to force the SL to accept such terms because SL isn't as isolated as it was ten years ago. So to suggest that India can "do a Bangladesh" is unrealistic. Chiefly because China will not allow it. China requires its oil supply lines from the Middle East to remain free, and an Indian-occupied SL will threaten that. Also, with the US and EU attention on South Asia at the moment, there will be too much outcry. Bangladesh happened at the height of the Cold War, when both the US and the UN were occupied with SE Asia and Africa respectively.

    Finally, to say that the US is a collapsing star is premature at the least. Regardless of the strength of the dollar, the US is at the height (if no longer the peak) of its power and influence. The EU's internal fighting on economic issues makes sure it can still not match the US in that area, and in no way can approach it in military power. And that, my friend, still counts.

    To add to GE's comment about nations not having friends but interests, I think it's time SL (like Israel) stopped having a foreign policy and replaced it with a defence policy.

  118. Navindran

    Pakistan is only important to the US only because of the global war on terror. This is not so the case when it comes to India. Pakistan is no fool, they know this reality. Pakistan only real ally in the region is China and always has been China.

    India just can't throw its weight behind an alliance with the US because there are 120 million muslims in India who will be pissed off(Pakistan will be keen to inflame the situation). Plus, Russia will be pissed off with India too if India crosses over to the US side. Russia has always been in India's corner during the cold war. India remembers well, that during the war that liberated Bangladesh the US send a nuclear powered aircraft carrier fleet into the Bay of Bengal to send a strong message to India. President Nixon supported Pakistan. It was the Russians who came to India's aid and sent their own nuclear powered submarine fleet trailing the US naval fleet into the Bay of Bengal. It was this incident that finally convinced India that they needed nuclear weapons and Russia was all too eager to help the Indians develop them.

    I agree with David Blacker, in that we need a strong defence policy.

  119. David, The reason Israel has strong US support is because of the zionist influence. 10% of the US senetaors for example are jews. Likewise many bussiness leaders etc. Israel is dependednt on US aid. During the battle for the suez Israel was forced to withdraw on trumans orders. This was even though the americans knew nasser was leaning towards USSR.

    The relationship of Israel to US is no different then the relationship of the tamil dispora to the LTTE. The LTTE is not a servant of the dispora but needs to accomodate the dispora. This is because both Israel and the LTTE need the financial backing. Israel cannot sustain its economy without the US.The US uses israel to control the arabs.

    As for Pakistan, the US is definetly moving away from her towards India. This is because the opnion that India can be subjugated has changed since its possesion of nuclear weapons and the economic growth.

    If india attacks Sri Lanka, Pakistan will be prevented from entering the war by the US.

    China is building a pipeline from Iran for oil. Secondly it has heavily invested in oil in Africa. China has susbtiantial intrest in oil fields in Indonesia,Vietnam and Australia. All ships do not use the palk straits, the sail below sri lanka. Hence no problem.

    If india does not want to go in directly, then she can supply weapons to the LTTE. She can also do what the Pakistani did by sending in south indians soldiers to become LTTE and fight with them.

  120. Navindran

    India won't be able to do as it pleases, the world has changed as David said before. China and Pakistan won't idly standby as India attacks Lanka. They will fund and arm Lanka covertly to make life for the invading Indian troops hell, and they will also covertly fund and arm seperatist groups within India which will weaken India's central government and all this chaos will severly affect their growing economy. Also the US and EU will take actions that could affect India's growing economy.

    In others words, invading lanka is just not worth the consequences for India and its economy.

    China is investing in lanka because of its strategic location. Its all part of their "string of pearls" strategy. Why do you think they are so eager to fund the Hambantota harbour? Because the Hambantota harbour is looking straight out into the middle of the Indian Ocean.

    The Indian Ocean is a very critical waterway for global trade and commerce. Half the world's containerized freight, a third of its bulk cargo and two-thirds of its oil shipments travel through the Indian Ocean. It provides major sea routes connecting Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia with Europe and the Americas and is home to several critical chokepoints such as the Strait of Hormuz and the Strait of Malacca.

    The last thing China wants is India to have control Lanka, which will effectivly shut China out of the valuable Indian ocean and its trade routes. China needs to establish control over the Indian ocean, and Lanka is the perfect candidate to do so.

  121. Guys
    I think most of you are so keen to out-think India, you've started inventing reasons and angles even the Indians aren't aware of.

    To understand the Indian interest in the final outcome of this conflict you only need to look at the direction and personification of its leadership, strategic impetus and general inclination of its influential population is heading; it is all towards building an economically strong and internationally powerful nation which eventually replaces the US as the dominant democratic force in the lesser capitalistic (mixed economic) world, which pretty much encompasses all nations except the US itself. To India, the SL conflict and tamil aspirations are simply an itch in a bad place, which it does not want to scratch in public any more. That is why they've already neailed the coffin by endorsing a US supported covert war to eradicate the LTTE, while knowing fully well that they would in the same way they could arm twist any subsequent SL government to adopt a devolutionary package that would be complementary to their liking. I would not be surprised if within the next 20 - 30 years we become a total Indian dominion to the extent of even adopting the indian ruppee. That would even make sense by that time, even though some of us (like me) would resent the idea for purely nationalistic and irrational reasons. But India will overwhelm Sri Lanka in many ways, to the extent that we will no longer be distinguishable as a group with a unique identity.

    No matter who we consider are our best friends, India has already done the greatest favor for us. They've also establishhed their own dictum with the major world powers (excl China) that it is their wish that comes true in the Indian Ocean. And they've acheived all that without any fanfare, or publicity. Not even the media seems to have picked up on that fact, going by the large scale contemplations you generally see in many so called 'strategic' forums. I consider their greatest achievement in this particular instance to be the relative anonimity with which they've stage managed the present course of outcomes thru various willing proxies.

    Simply look at it this way; who'd stand to gain the most from eradicating terror in the is no doubt India. a worrisome thought; who'd stand to gain the most from continued chaos in Sri me it looks like Pakistan...
    We should watch who we trust...

  122. When the status-quo isn't great, you change the dynamics supporting it.

    We are looking at taking the vanni from the conventional perspective.

    hasn't anyone heard of thinking outside the box? Or 'paradigm-shift', the fancy word that took the management world by storm in the 1990 and faded into nothingness since then? It does apply here.

    We are thinking of wiping out LTTE military power. For what?..what would be the catalytic event that would precipitate such an outcome? Realistically that would be velu's death..!
    But we are still thinking of going about it the old fashioned way, the way of the second world war..

    Let's look at it differently; how do we approach the catalytic event directly and allow the fall-out to burn the rest of the scum into oblivion? Head shot.!

    We need to make velu and its cahoots into IDP's. Let their comfort zone disappear and make their daily realities become those of ragtag bandits. Keep in mind that this is a mind game, where perception is reality. When there's nothing to show for 25 years of fighting, how does one recruit followers other than by force?
    It is time to program the 4 story building in the vanni to the Kfir's targetting computers....

  123. "David, The reason Israel has strong US support is because of the zionist influence."

    That just supports my point about the huge difference between the relationships Israel and Pakistan have with the US.

    "During the battle for the suez Israel was forced to withdraw on trumans orders"

    Of course. I'm not saying that the US blindly backs every move of Israel's. There's often been criticism and tension (as there is with even brothers). In the case of the Yom Kippur War the US was worried that the war might escalate into direct intervention.

    "The relationship of Israel to US is no different then the relationship of the tamil dispora to the LTTE. The LTTE is not a servant of the dispora but needs to accomodate the dispora. This is because both Israel and the LTTE need the financial backing. Israel cannot sustain its economy without the US.The US uses israel to control the arabs."

    This is totally unrealistic. The LTTE rarely attempts to accommodate the diaspora, mostly because the latter has never articulated any need other than that which is set as policy by the LTTE. Diaspora funding amounts to 30% of the LTTE income and has never been threatened. Israel's biggest trading partner is not the US but the EU, which is also the biggest contributor to the Palestinian Authority. The US cannot use the Israelis to control the Arabs because Israel is the reason for tension between the US and Arab nations. The invasion of Iraq was the US attempt to control the Arabs (and particularly Saudi Arabia). Israel is the US' weakpoint in the ME, and without it US relations with countries like Jordan and Egypt would have been used to build on and esteblish a dialog with the rest.

    "As for Pakistan, the US is definetly moving away from her towards India. "

    I'm sorry but there's no evidence of this. The US continue's to bend over backwards to accommodate Musharraf, when in reality it should've been carrying out ops on the Pkistani side of the border, regardless of local sensitivities.

    "This is because the opnion that India can be subjugated has changed since its possesion of nuclear weapons and the economic growth. "

    It's unlikely the US ever thought it could subjugate India.

    "If india attacks Sri Lanka, Pakistan will be prevented from entering the war by the US."

    Regardless of the US, it is unlikely that Pakistan would directly intervene. If there was any direct action, it would come from China.

    "China is building a pipeline from Iran for oil. Secondly it has heavily invested in oil in Africa. China has susbtiantial intrest in oil fields in Indonesia,Vietnam and Australia. All ships do not use the palk straits, the sail below sri lanka. Hence no problem.

    Don't be silly, Navindran. Regardless of pipelines and Indonesian oil, shipping will still be the major oil route to China. And you don't have to be using the Palk Straits to be threatened by Trinco! Why do you think the Japs bombed us in WW2?

    "She can also do what the Pakistani did by sending in south indians soldiers to become LTTE and fight with them"

    Highly unlikely after the IPKF disaster.

  124. Hey,why u guys suddenly praising karuna?have u forgotten his role in the cold-blooded slaughter of over 600 policemen in the east?man,sri lankans really have short memories!!

  125. Guys

    There is a part of the equation that a lot of people seem not to notice; that is, as far as this conflict goes, the majority sinhalese have demonstrated the most single minded and united front to terrorism. To the observant outside world it sends out one clear message - as long as even one sinhalese lives, there'll never be a seperation of sri lanka.

    Where there is too much uncertainty, the most certain factor dominates the reality, right or wrong.


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