Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Five police posts attacked : Settikulam

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters attacked five police outposts along Mannar-Mazda route, injuring five police officers. The attacks originated early morning today.

It is believed that the LTTE did not want to capture territory as the attacks were carried out in a hit-and-run style. Madawachchiya-Mannar route has been used several times by the LTTE to smuggle explosive items in to government controlled areas and the police posts have been useful in detecting such attempts.

Madawachchiya-Mannar road was recently re opened to facilitate transportation to pilgrims who wished to attend the Madhu festival. Both parties had agreed to a temporary ceasefire in the are till the religious festival is over.


  1. This trend could grow...

    The police and Civil Defence Force(home guards) have become soft targets for the LTTE. Better trainig, coordination and jointly maned post with the Army or STF would help.

  2. Srilankan
    [Tangara pls lets not waste our time answering comments written by some norweigian LTTE teenage donkies.]

    I agreed with you..However I just wanted simply push these LTTE diehards in the forum to vomit with the information they have..
    Now this guy went out and disclosed his other handle "sdsdas".. Then he further mentioned that Soosai is not dead...Which is what I wanted to know from this looney..
    Then he spills more beans about the clashes of LTTE gangs in Norway..If any Norwegian security official monitors a website like defencenet then a handles like sdadas helps them with additional information/avenues to pursue..

    Overall I guess my simple observation/speculation paid off..

    I believe this is how we should fight LTTE scum..

  3. http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070814_08

  4. Tangara..thanks for your comments.

  5. any truth to this defencenet?


  6. uthum,

    According to MI's latest intel reports the articles is true. Thyagan (3rd in command of sea tigers)
    Two LT colonels and one captain are believed to be among the dead.

    What happened was that the Navy had a surprise waiting for the sea tiger flotilla. Navy had more than 20 gunboats waiting in the region to welcome a sea tiger flotilla of 15 boats. Tigers didnt expect such a large number of FACs would be in the area. MI did a good job once again.

  7. so what was the idea behind this? Did they use these attacks to force the guards at the posts to 'keep their heads down' while other LTTE infiltrated across the FDL?

    Tangara while I understand your idea, I doubt any real LTTE operatives are hanging around here giving out info. This whole Norway thing seems to be just a gang fight being used as a propaganda tool, but the government should be careful in this climate not to cry wolf too many times.

  8. Guys,

    I think that SL’s relationship with Pakistan goes beyond the current war back to the Indo-Pakistan War in 1972. Sri Lanka provided refueling services to Pakistan Military at CMB those days. We as a nation earned some goodwill from Pakistan in that incident. Sounds silly, but little acts of goodwill go long ways and Pakistani’s in general started treating us like brothers. When JR visited Pakistan in early 80s, Ul-Haq reminded how SL helped them. I hope that David (were you trained in Paki?) can remember how Pakistan helped us during EP debacle? Yes there are lots of financial dealings going but everything is not just money there. Lesson here is that we should build goodwill whenever possible because they go long ways.

  9. Guys;

    Here's an article that is very useful. Also read the other recent articles by Col Hariharan on the same topic.


    For those who may have followed his writings over the past few years, you'd notice a clearly visible change from his earlier thinking and forecasts; the possibility of a military victory for the SLG over the LTTE.

  10. The heroic tamil e-lam navy beat the sinhala terrorist boats into hiding in the Trinco harbour - says one of the gook publications.

    Its a howl how these guys love to fool themselves.

  11. Defense,
    Honestly I have know little about sea battle,
    What I feel is we need Navy jets or A-10 sort of planes to carry out attack for the runaway boats, because they could try more to help and save own navy guys rather than air force.
    I wonder the mig-27 has a good gatling gun which capable of firing more than 4,500 rpm
    Why still the air force is not capable of operating them in such a way,
    Would sea missiles helpful coz once u fired them that’s it, isn’t it rather beneficial than chasing and firing them for hours

  12. Tropicalstorm an "infomed source"(reuters) said "The victoriuos Charles Anthony brigade killed 100 troops (comprising senior citizens( over 70) and children) who were equipped with state of the art weapons (lunch packets and school books) on their way to launch an attack on a LTTE held area (childrens school).

  13. DefenceNet.. In the sea engagement did we destroy only one LTTE boat with 20 FACS?.I wonder if the FACs that engaged the 15 LTTE boats had been refurbished with better weapons.?

  14. Thats a nice one from manmohan singh...HE says india should fight poverty(the poor banladeshis who arrive in tamil nadu),Ignorance(Brutally killing and rapeing a SL buddist family who refused to give up their land to the "upper class" in the village,disease(dont tell me since you have to get 50 injections before you travel to india)>Now if the Indians had spent their time and effort concentrating on these 3 evils and not replaced it with a 4th evil(LTTE)30 yrs ago i think the people would be far better off now.I admit india is a very large place.However is useless to have a modern satellite system next to a village full of huts with no sanitary facilities and drinking water.War sadly is outdated.The cost of occupying even a very small country is just too great.So much for indiaaaaaa!!..

  15. Looks like we have got the needy BBs.


    Note the photo has been cropped to avoid revealing what are in either sides.

  16. noltte=peace.. that is not a bunker buster...if that is what you meant.simple floor about 1ft thick

  17. Recent detection of Sulphuric acid bound for Vanni was alarming.

    The LTTE's are again up to NO GOOD..

    Must probably they are eyeing dirty chemical bomb..

    Large quanitity of
    98% Sulphuric Acid for batteries? Alarm bells must be ringing in the relevant places.They are most likely building something massive..

    The LTTE once used Chemical weapons..

    Looks like they want something unsucpicious as a bomb..

    Please dig deeper in to this detection..

  18. "Must probably they are eyeing dirty chemical bomb.."

    Let's not get carried away, Sulphuric acid is used for many many things, common items like batteries for example comes right to mind, but it is also used in the manufacture of regular explosives. But I don't see what kind of chem bomb you could make with it.

  19. If you google "Sulfuric" Acid and "Bomb" you can find many answers to why LTTE wanted Sulfuric Acid.

    An example: http://www.hyscience.com/archives/2006/08/acetone_peroxid_1.php

    Just inhaling sulfiric acid can burn your Air Tubes and lungs.

    If someone wants to kill, you can find millions of ways to kill, but the most difficult is the other way around.

  20. pretty cool article:


  21. BTW, we disucussed in the recent past that how the SL Port has become an entry point for Warlike material.

    Recently, the President has given instruction for the Port Authority to increase security. Port Authority has announced using Scanners to X-Ray all the containers (btw, we already have these scanners, but up to now, they have only being used as show-pieces).

    If you have access to Divaina.. there is an article mentioning the same http://www.divaina.com/2007/08/16/news09.html

    It is a need of the hour, and I am glad that the President has taken some actions.

  22. SL NAVY has launch there new look website guys .. have a look

    well done boys .. proud of u

  23. noltte=peace..i agree with you Ranaviru apparel.. why should we outsource at twice the cost when they can produce it very cheaply.I hope they will employ more disabled soldiers/officers.What a good idea!!

  24. Hasalaka.. very nice!!thanks for navy website

  25. I suggest Harsha International to employ Disabled Soldiers too in making Bullet Proof Vests.

    This would allow them to overcome the obstacles placed by 'certain dirty elements' (most of us know who these were) of the forces, who refused to buy them in the past.

  26. Interesting APC made by Blackwater which is a private military company which has its own mercernary force.


    Interesting design nevertheless.

  27. Hey guys, Just imagine if they use those Sulfuric acid, Just to spray on an Army camp, using those toy planes, the effect will be devastating than a bomb, won't it be?

  28. I think that our forces must keep their guard up when operating in or near Wanni.

    We all know that the "special weapons" that Balasingham talked about were chemical weapons. I say it would be a good thing to get gas masks for every soldier operating the the FDL and the Jaffna peninsula.

    I think in the future if the LTTE is corned and their defeat is imminent I bet they will go out in a bang and use chemical weapons. So its better to be safe than sorry.

  29. LTTE will use everything in its arsenal achive their goals..

    They killed head of states, ministers , opposition leaders...you name it...

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Don't you ever forget,
    We are dealing with the most rutheless terrorists interprise in the world..

  30. There is a commendable article about a Suicide Bomber at

    or http://tinyurl.com/2ogeka

    Two of the main takes for me there include,

    1. Why an LTTE cadre would not escape. She says,

    "But even if I could have escaped, who would have taken me in? I was an economic burden. On my own, I would have starved.”

    SL need to have an "Escapee Protection Scheme" for those who escape from the brutal clutches of LTTE. It should be widely publicised too. We can get International Help to run such campaign (as many countries and organisations are there to genuinely help such initiative). These escapees should be given training and education. Should be put on with special programs to rebuild their lives.

    2. About Intelligence Gathering.
    Collecting Paper clips (means Newspapers may be giving away lot of information to LTTE). Also, the Defencenet Blogspot may be another favourite too.

    The government should carryout a proactive campaign to rescue many of the brainwashed souls and give them promise and hope.

    Once there is such program, brochures should be created (at least one-pager) and the material should be laminated and sprinkled on LTTE held areas from air and to their jungle camps.

  31. GoldenEagle,

    I like the APC...but do not know whether it would withstand a land-mine.

    Our Sri Lanka built APCs are great.. but the initiative is still in the same place.. It needs to be evolved.

    And the gentleman who initiated building APCs in SL is now in a very top position, and he can take this to the next-level.

    I think that someone should remind him how much we appreciate his initiative and encourage him to take it to the next-level.

  32. GoldenEagle,

    This is relating your post, and saw it in YouTube and got shocked.

    The Blackwater Masonaries.. See how they slaughter innocent people..

    Is this happened in Sri Lanka.. what would happen?


  33. noltte=peace

    That video is sad. I hope Iraq sees peace soon.

  34. check this out:


    Are these babies expensive?

    I mean just look at the sheer volume of damage they are able to deliver. The AF and the army can definitely put some of these things to use. Man it would be awesome if we can get them on our Bell's and Hinds. They don't look all that complicated either in terms of design. SL should start to build it's own small arms at least. One thing is for sure these kinds of weapons will definitely strike fear in the hearts of bata-slipper wearing sarong-clad LTTE conscripts.

  35. uthum

    No question the minigun is a fearsome weapon. I don't really they are that expensive since its only rapid gun tech.

    BTW, our airforce has recently brought a new weapon to be fitted on our Mi-24/35 gunships. Its the AT-6(9K114 Shturm) ATGM, they were brought a few months ago from Pakistan and have a range of upto 5km, we haven't used them in battle yet. But the real cool thing is that we got the thermobaric(FAE) version on the AT-6. We also brought thermobaric unguided rockets for our gunships as well. Our airforce brought these to be used in the northern front.

  36. Guys

    The issues between Soosai's clan and velu's henchas is heating up in many places including the streets of Norway. There's no doubt as to who will eventually survive, if that status quo isn't leveraged by us in some way. Perhaps it is time for us to use some muscle at home and diplomatic leverage and covert ops abroad to let soosai's guys survive a bit longer than they would otherwise.
    In the end it really doesn't matter who fries who. They are all monkeys anyway.

  37. Guys;

    Take a look at the last sentence in the para before the last in this Sunday Times article, where Athas proudly proclaims how they divulged the LRRP ops cell located at Athurugiriya.

    There is a clearly defined line between responsible journalism and espionage. This guy is starting to cross the line and is even proud of the damage caused by his organisation under the guise of reportage.

  38. "The Blackwater Masonaries.. See how they slaughter innocent people.."

    I"ve seen that footage before, and that's not Blackwater -- it's a British mercenary unit contracted to the US government. When the US government was questioned on the action, it stated that it had no control over non-US citizens.

    All Coalition vehicles in Iraq carry a sign prohibiting trailing vehicles from approaching within 100m, clearly stating that they will be upon if they do so.

    Aside from the fact that there"s no clear sign that those cars were carrying "Innocent people", at least one of them continues to approach well within the 100m zone even after being fired at. Also, on at least two occasions you can see that the bullets are going into the engine block and tires and not into the windscreen, and you can aalso see the people getting out after the vehicles stop.

    So get some perspective, machang.

  39. Any confirmation on the tigers capturing an MI-24 or 2?.apparently the pilots are safe & are used to train the air tiger pilots.

  40. Rifard,

    Earlier you wanted an Army coupe.. Now you want LTTE helicopters..

    What's up buddy?

  41. DvidB,

    Thanks for updating on 'masonaries'..

    I still wish they shoot the cars with non-leathal bullets with Visuals...i.e. a tracer or smoke type.. so, any unknown tresspassers could get out of the way without any harm.

  42. How will you stop a suicide bomber with rubber bullets? These can't stop a vehicle and can only be used for crowd control. Also, you don't get rubber tracer rounds as the phosphorous that creaates the trace will probably burn the rubber and destabilise the round as well as cause burns to the target.

  43. DavidB,

    I am no gun expert. But the reality is, if I was driving on highway and if someone started shooting at me using a normal gun (either it is an automatic or manual), I would not notice that for some time (because of many distractions).

    Therefore, a different type of gun and ammunition is needed to warn anyone not to approach.

    The gun should deliver Noise, Visuals when it was fired, then travel, and lastly when it hit. The round should be non-lethal too.

    If you really care about protecting the innocent, then it is important not to fire at them using live rounds.

    You may need two guns in such situations. 'Depending on the situation', you fire using the non-lethal visual weapon, and if no response, then you should fire using the lethal weapon.

    It can save lives. Both on Paramie Kulathunga and Daya Sandagiry incidents, the squad did not fire, because they only had lethal fire. There was psychology involved (i.e kind of should we fire or not kind of hesitation on the minds of squads, because they carry only the lethal weapons). However, if they had the 'NoLTTE=Peace's non-lethal waepon' ;-), there won't be much hesitation to fire the warning round.

    In addition to the non-lethal weapons, the VIP squad vehicals should be fitted with Light Emitting Electronic (programmable) Message Boards that can select and display certain key words in all three languages (i.e. Keep distance, disperse, STOP etc).

    In the US, Canada, and UK Police use vehicles fitted with such message boards on highways to deliver specific messages to masses.

  44. Little bit more on the "NoLTTE=Peace's" Non-Lethal Visual and Noise weapon,

    Will say a suspected suicide bomber is approaching.. you observe the movements and body language and use one or two non-lethal rounds.

    This can 'Stun' the person, and if it was a suicide bomber,

    1. either s/he would prematuarly explode themselves or

    2. constinue despite warning and get shot using the lethal round


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