Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tigers sink to a new low as endgame nears

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) identify themselves as freedom fighters and as sole representatives of Tamil people. Their actions however depict them only as terrorists. After cowering behind thousands of civilians in the government declared safe zone, tigers have sunk to a new low.  Their latest tactic – shed the LTTE uniforms, disguise as civilians and fire at the incoming troops while hiding inside civilian tents. Either way the LTTE military machine has no hope for survival as these tactics will prove useless against elite troops of the SLA who are highly trained at hostage rescue and anti hijack missions.

SLA is now in a position to deploy over 6000 elite troops to the rescue mission if the need arises. This figure includes units from 4 brigades of the special forces regiment and 4 brigades of the commando regiment and does not include units from the Air Mobile Brigade and the Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Further information pertaining ongoing military operations cannot be revealed at this time.

civillian rescue

Meanwhile the total number of civilians rescued from the grips of LTTE has risen close to 200000. Although the government is doing their best , it’s no secret that attending the needs of over 107000 new IDPs is a herculean task. So please do whatever you can to help these fellow Sri Lankans who are in greater need than most of us. Food, medicine, clothes or anything else that you donate will help fulfill the basic needs of innocents who have suffered countless days of starvation and oppressions at the hands of Tamil tigers. You are more than welcome to use the comments section of this article to share info of/organize relief attempts.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Troops rescue over 30000 civillians as suicide tigers attack

The Sri Lankan Army has rescued over 30000 civilians forcibly held by the LTTE within the course of a single day. This is the largest number of civilians freed in a single day in the history of the Eelam War. There are however heavy civilian casualties as three Liberation Tigers suicide bombers detonated themselves in a bid to halt the mass exodus. The civilian crossover was triggered when SLA units took control of a 2.5km long earth bund at Puthumathalan early morning today. In addition to 30k civilians who crossed over via land, over 1000 who escaped via the sea route were rescued by the SLN. Article will be updated later today..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Several photos of dead LTTE leaders released

Since some of our readers were skeptical about the claims in previous article on senior LTTE leaders being annihilated by the army, here are some photographic proof to back up those claims. More pictures will be released to the media once preliminary investigations by a special MI team are over.

LTTE Special Commander Theepan – Top right corner of the image shows Theepan with members of the SLMM (taken several years ago)

vithushaCommander of LTTE’s Malathi brigade – Colonel Vidusha – Top left corner of the image shows Vidusha at an LTTE ceremony back in the good old days  

Photographs were captured from the SLRC new video uploaded to YouTube by lkwebnews. Full video can be found here.

Entire PTK area captured, Senior LTTE leaders killed

Offensive formations of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) delivered yet another killing blow to the LTTE as the tigers lost the entire Puthukuirippu area today. SLA has recovered close to 250 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with a large haul of weapons of ammunition in today and yesterday’s fighting alone. Several high profile LTTE leaders have also perished in battle. According to our information female LTTE leader Vidusha, black tiger leader Durga, former eastern leader Nagesh, PTK east commander Theepan and Prabhakaran’s personal bodyguard Gadafi are among the LTTE leaders slain by the army. According to reports yet to be confirmed, senior LTTE leader Bhanu has also suffered injuries.

Troops surrounded the last 700 square meters held by LTTE in PTK three days ago and fierce fighting have been raging in the area since then. Close to 450 LTTE fighters were trapped by the army’s tactical maneuver however the LTTE leader Prabhakaran managed to flee into the No-War zone hours before the army moved in for the kill. A total of 420 bodies of slain tigers have been recovered by the army from PTK in the last three days.

SLA formations that surrounded LTTE in PTK include the 58 division, 53 division, Task Force 8, 1 Special Forces (1SF), 2 Special Forces (2SF) and Air Mobile Brigade.

Next phase of SLA operations will take the form of a massive hostage rescue mission aimed at rescuing several thousands civilians who are being forcibly held in the No-War Zone by the LTTE.