Monday, April 20, 2009

Troops rescue over 30000 civillians as suicide tigers attack

The Sri Lankan Army has rescued over 30000 civilians forcibly held by the LTTE within the course of a single day. This is the largest number of civilians freed in a single day in the history of the Eelam War. There are however heavy civilian casualties as three Liberation Tigers suicide bombers detonated themselves in a bid to halt the mass exodus. The civilian crossover was triggered when SLA units took control of a 2.5km long earth bund at Puthumathalan early morning today. In addition to 30k civilians who crossed over via land, over 1000 who escaped via the sea route were rescued by the SLN. Article will be updated later today..


  1. There is heavy deployment of SLA elite troops at multiple locations along the borders of the no war zone with several special infantry teams operating inside NFZ.

    59 division too is expected to actively join the battle after being primarily on the defensive for over a month.

  2. Guys,

    This is great.

    SLA did it.

    I am over the moon.

  3. DN, Thanks for the new thread.

    Here comes the best joke from toiletnet.

    it says it warned Colombo of dire consequences if the war is continued. "The LTTE and the fight for our freedom will also continue. The methods may vary but Sri Lanka will never be able to live in peace as it imagines a military victory will bring.US is supporting to these kind of Basterds.

    The letter is from :
    Political Head Quarters
    Liberation Tigers of TamilEelam

    He He.. Where does it exist???

  4. Historical day for both SL and tamil eelam...

    HA HA HA...

  5. "we are absolutely sure that the tamil tigers are responsible for the suffering of these people" - UN rep in colombo speaking to BBC just now...OH.MY.GOD. i must be dreaming..aunty beeb and the UN bagging the tigerS! i didnt think id live to see the day

  6. Guys.. This is great news in deed..!!! LTTE is doomed..!!!
    Check this out - An areal footage:


    International media should see this video.. Clearly proves how barbaric LTTE bastards are..

    [Updated :: 2009-04-20 16:50:06 Hours || Home]

    MULLATTIVU: SRI Lanka Air Force helicopters, irrespective of the risks involved in the decision, flew into the “No Fire Zone” itself Monday (20) afternoon and rescued as many as two hundred LTTE injured Tamil civilians who were fleeing from the LTTE grip.

    Air Force helicopters have by 16.00 hours (local time) Monday (20) brought down as many as some two hundred badly injured civilians two VAVUNIYA and ANURADHAPURA hospitals for immediate treatment after they were fired upon by terrorists while escaping the LTTE grip. Among them were several men who had received injuries in LTTE suicide attacks earlier on the day. (See Separate Situation Report).

  9. Watch out for a FAT civilian!

  10. How do you take Bees out from a honeycomb? (of-course without permanently harming them)

    Answer: Smoke them out

  11. We are proud of you SLA...

  12. Guys,

    It is likely LTTE would still target the capital Colombo with bombs.

    Then might even try to attack Colombo amid the celebrations.

    Everybody be on the lookout.

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  14. Now US threatens to block IMF loan facility to demand ceasefireToday's response was fucking wonderful.MR officially told USA to go fly a kite.

  15. well done brave brothers and sisters!

  16. Finally! The irony of the LTTE using their trademark suicide bombers to kill the people in whose name they've fought for over 30 years will never be forgotten. Disgusting and completely predictable.

    I'm sure that GOSL diplomats will ensure that the last-ditch LTTE supporters in the UK Labour Party including the ridiculous Foreign Secretary Milliband, are given personal copies of these news videos.

    [Sri Lanka Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka has issued a final order to his Ground Commanders, 58 GOC Brigadier Shavendra Silva, 53 GOC Maj. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne, Task Force 8 under Colonel G.V. Ravipriya and Special Forces Brigade as well as Commando Brigade Commander to launch the largest ever civilian hostage rescue operations in the world.]

    We love it..

    SLA rocks...

  18. The best Army in the world brothers , we are proud of you .

    and MR thanks for telling the US to fly a kite . or may be he should ask the US to negotiate with the taliban . He He .

  19. Two priceless quotes from Eelamtards currently demonstrating in front of the UK Parliament:

    Hunger striker: "There are only two ends: ceasefire or my death,"
    Unfortunately that means his imminent death as a ceasefire looks pretty unlikely.

    "I want freedom [to] go back to Sri Lanka, I want to go freely anywhere and do anything freely."Further comment is unnecessary :) If the GOSL is clever, they'll buy him a ticket to CMB today and then escort him to the edge of the NFZ.

    Met Police (now a sub-division of Eelam Police) "The reason we allowed the demonstration was because it has been so peaceful. Dispersing the crowd would have been an inappropriate use of force." So, lesson for Al-Quaeda sympathisers in the UK is, as long as your demo is peace, its' legality is irrelevant.

    These words from the Met will come back to haunt them. The Police is meant to be impartial. If the law is broken, they're meant to take action.

  20. well done SLDFs.

    this is without a doubt world's largest hostage rescue operation.

    puthumathalan and amplalavanpokkani are towards the middle of the NFZ. so they did the trick the way we discussed. they have sliced the NFZ into 2 pieces now.


    seperately 55 has rescued an additional 1,000 ppl from the northern front.

    can't get any better than this.

    follow the same tactic until the BIG FAT pussycat is busted.

  21. Ado Peter, Upul wera are yu all,

    come to me Iam in trobol now, at leest come to my Peelam now, without barking from NO(r)WAY.

  22. DN,
    Thank you for that update.

    We are waitting to the last few days of terror in Sri Lanka.

  23. Breaking News:

    A Western country has privately informed Mahinda Rajapakse, his brother and sarath fonseka they will face criminal proceedings at the international criminal court, Hague if they defy world calls for ceasefire.

    Also the same western country (US) had contacted Sri Lankan Friday and mentioned it will effectively block any potential IMF funding.

  24. Threats lead to outburst by Mahinda:

    "Therefore, to the countries that ask for days of ceasefire from me, I say first ask for a single hour from Prabhakaran. They try to brand me, the Defense Secretary and the Army Commander likes of Hitler and to take us to international court martial. The gentlemen in the Opposition look for evidence for it. May be to hang me or to seat me on that electric chair. (Addressing the Buddhist monks in the front row) It is much convenient going to gallows than betraying this country."

  25. Ado Upul,

    I dont mind about Rajapaksa or IMF, iam worrid about my LIFE now, so come to my Peelam ASP you donky.

  26. # The End Of The UN Is At Hand
    Link# LTTE Video Footage Reveals the True Face of Mano Ganeshan and TNA MPs (English Version)
    Link# 58 Div troops uncover a large stock of LTTE military hardware - Anandapuram
    Link# LTTE suicide bomb attack targets Tamil civilians - NFZ
    Link# Sailors join hands with soldiers for rescue mission; over 1500 hostages seek refuge with Navy sea unit
    Link# World's largest hostage rescue mission becomes success; over 30,000 rescued

  27. Bravo SLDF!! Weldone!!!

    This is a bigger victory than Anandapuram!!

  28. What a great Day. it is not over yet. next 48 to 72 hours are most important....

    Our Country finely over thro the LTTE terrorist.

    go and crush the LTTE ... finish it off

  29. See how fast people run.. they want to run before being caught by LTTE.

    Three Brainwashed Tamil terrorists have wasted themselves by blowing themselves into pieces in the midst of fleeing civilians. What a cowardly act of liberation.

    This is history in making. 40% of the hostages have been freed. GOSL expects another 30,000 to be still trapped.

  30. This shows a great leader!

    I mean a leader we did not ever had before!

    "Puthe Umbatath Rajek Ethe!"

    "Therefore, to the countries that ask for days of ceasefire from me, I say first ask for a single hour from Prabhakaran. They try to brand me, the Defense Secretary and the Army Commander likes of Hitler and to take us to international court martial. The gentlemen in the Opposition look for evidence for it. May be to hang me or to seat me on that electric chair. (Addressing the Buddhist monks in the front row) It is much convenient going to gallows than betraying this country."

    Ponna F&ck Ranil and UNP, at least join hands with this president at this critical hour to safeguard this moment from foreign invasions of various forms! Otherwise, you will permanently be branded scum of this nation!!!

  31. # Thousands more civilians rescued- Palamatttalan
    Link# Civilian exodus spells defeat for Tigers: S. Lanka
    Link# 35,000 civilians escape, LTTE complete defeat imminent - President
    Link# Sri Lanka military helps 35,000 civilians flee
    Link# Sri Lankan troops seek to open new road access
    Link# Oprah Winfrey Says No

  32. Sri Lankan Troops Breach Rebel Haven
    By MARK McDONALD 35 minutes ago

    The Sri Lankan defense ministry said 30,000 people sought to escape the fighting inside a no-fire zone, when troops broke through defensive earthworks set up by the separatist Tamil Tigers.

  33. # How low can they go…
    Link# Govt does not expect int'l intervention
    Link# Costs of policing Tamil protests raises concerns
    Link# Karunanidhi now says LTTE is terror group
    Link# Karunanidhi trying to exploit crisis, says furious Lanka
    Link# Tamil demonstrators block streets

  34. Have a look at tamilmutt photos.

    Can you see this woman is smiling in the pic?

    few mins ago there was a different pic of that woman (also smiling). Tamilmutt editor has replaced it with this.

  35. Ladies,
    There are some government seniors having a meeting with higher level Ambassadors currently.
    Wonder they all watching the IPL or some old movie!

    Any guesses young ladies?

    Answer will be in EFT soon.

  36. # 'Thousands flee' Sri Lanka combat
    Link# Sri Lankan Troops Breach Rebel Haven
    Link# Ask for a day from Prabhakaran before calling for days of ceasefire from me
    Link# VIDEO - world,s largest hostage rescue operation in sri lanka(2009-04-20)
    Link# VIDEO - World's Largest Hostage Rescue Mission Launched 2009 04 20
    Link# 35,000 confirmed escaped. Thousands more follow

  37. This is LTTE showing their own kill

    The UAV footage showed the civilians' fear towards LTTE. Their running speed was a good example.

    The UAV footage showed LTTE guns firing at fleeing civilians.

    They inflict injuries on civilians and show them to the world saying it is the Army. But, when you speak to civilians who escaped, they tell the truth.

  38. Blessings of the triple gem for our noble soldiers of Sri Lanka.

    As Rohan Guneratna has said, our Special Forces and Commandos are the best in the world. That also goes for the regular army.

    Needless to say, speed is of essence in this situation before the humbugs in TN and the false do-gooders in the West try to save the terrorists.

  39. We have details of 200 children of fallen/disabled soldiers. Please show your gratitude by sponsoring their education

    We have details of over 200 children of Sri Lanka armed forces members who have either laid down their lives or have suffered physical disability while defending our motherland. Please show your gratitude to these heroic men and their families by sponsoring the education of their children.

    * Stipulated monthly amount is Rs.1,000 (~US$ 10). You are welcome to donate more if you wish.

    * Your donation will go directly into the child’s or guardian's account.

    * Recommended period of scholarship is 4 years. You have the flexibility to decide on a longer or shorter duration based on individual needs.

    * You could either make a one time payment of Rs.48,000 (or more) or make monthly donations over the duration of the scholarship.

    * Bank account number and the contact details of the child and the family will be provided by the SLAF Seva Vanitha upon submission of application. If you wish you can contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

    Please visit to download the application form and a detailed description of the procedure.

  40. # Sri Lankan Troops Breach Rebel Haven
    Link# Ask for a day from Prabhakaran before calling for days of ceasefire from me
    Link# VIDEO - world,s largest hostage rescue operation in sri lanka(2009-04-20)
    Link# VIDEO - World's Largest Hostage Rescue Mission Launched 2009 04 20
    Link# 35,000 confirmed escaped. Thousands more follow

  41. # President orders relief
    Link# Tamil Civilians held hostage: 35,000 civilians rescued today- Prabhakaran can now do is to surrender – Sri Lanka President
    Link# The end has come
    Link# Has Karunanidhi the guts to tell Sonia Gandhi that his friend Prabhakaran is not a terrorist?
    Link# Sri Lanka opens eye in the sky on war zone
    Link# Sri Lanka opens eye in the sky on war zone

  42. What a great, great, great day. Man, I'm speechless.

    අපේ කොල්ලන්ට යෝධ බල යෝධ වීර්ය ලැබේවා

  43. tamil terrorist dumbos mustn't have thought that foreign ambassadors and defense attaches would be
    shown live UAV footage. ha ha ha.

    All terror supporters and peace niks, you've been royally f***ed.

    දැන් හිටපල්ල ඇටි කෙහෙල් කාපු උගුඩුවො වගේ.

  44. 3:09 of this video is for Robert O' Blake, Navi Pillai, David Millband, and Richard Boucher to watch

    It made my heart weep.. put yourselves in the woman that weeps!

  45. சிவிலியன் சனியனே.
    அந்த மக்களைத்தான் விட்டுத்தொலையேண்டா..

  46. # Defence Wire - Update 1
    Link# VIDEO - Wanni Operation 20 th April 2009 (English Version)
    Link# Sri Lanka's army helps thousands flee battle zone
    Link# Noose Tighter on Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers
    Link# Petition seeking release of Nalini not maintainable: State
    Link# Tigers attack fleeing civilians

  47. # “Karunanidhi stand on ties with Sri Lanka bid to get votes”
    Link# SRI LANKA: Supporting returnees in Mannar District
    Link# Canada calls for Sri Lanka's warring parties to resume humanitarian pause
    Link# Sri Lanka: Ban welcomes civilians’ escape from conflict zone
    Link# India silent on Lanka ultimatum
    Link# The UN Has Failed – Has It Not?

  48. # Norway eats "American Pie"
    Link# Sri Lanka calls for world pressure on Tamil Tigers
    Link# Why is Sonia silent on Karunanidhi’s LTTE remark: Jayalalitha
    Link# Great escape
    Link# President offers to rehabilitate Prabha
    Link# Safe Zone timeline

  49. # Tigers vow to fight on but ready for talks
    Link# Health of women fasting on SL issue deteriorates
    Link# Karunanidhi’s comments on Prabha unfortunate: BJP
    Link# Canada discusses Lanka with US, UN
    Link# Protest against Norway…
    Link# Veni, Vidi, Vici

  50. What fantastic news..wonderful..It is our responsibility to ensure they are given a lot of help and support...Let these LTTE di-ass-phora paka hutthas..f off from SLanka permenently.They are citizens of " paradise" now and not our problem.. the 2nd step of this offensive is to make these LTTE di-ass-phora fellows lives in paradise as hard as we can by revealing all their private details in newspapers..names of their kids..which schools they go to ..where they live etc...

  51. # External meddling is unwelcome
    Link# LTTE warns of dire consequences if war continues
    Link# Only few civilians remain - Army Chief
    Link# Both sides must meet humanitarian obligations – Canada
    Link# Human Avalanche
    Link# Just half an hour!

  52. # New 24 hr ultimatum to LTTE
    Link# Monumental rescue mission
    Link# Call for pause, giving equal status to the terrorist flag!
    Link# People hail mass rescue
    Link# President tells LTTE: Lay down arms, surrender
    Link# At SLAF operations room: Foreign diplomats, media see exodus from NFZ

  53. # President’s Kilinochchi visit : Morale booster for rescue mission
    Link# 'Prabhakaran a terrorist as far as India is concerned'
    Link# Over 35,000 civilians freed in Entebbe style dawn Op
    Link# Rambukwella reminds Karunanidhi
    Link# Tiger chief can bite the thing dangling from his neck – President ‘We’ll first hang him and hand him over to India’
    Link# India launches round-the-clock eye-in-the-sky satellite

  54. # Stocks rise on military gains
    Link# TDD to channel funds from Tamil diaspora to rehabilitate IDPs
    Link# LTTE and Tamil People: Setting the scene–I
    Link# British MP wades into muddy the waters against a sea of terrorist flags
    Link# Checkmate!
    Link# Karunanidhi backtracks on LTTE, faces flak from Amma, Vaiko; Cong feels relieved

  55. Thanks DefenceNet.

    What a day. Over 35,000 Sri Lankans freed in SL.
    180 LTTE protesters arrested in Paris – France 24 TV.

    Paris, London, New York?

  56. # No Shame Norway & failure of LTTE’s bid for Tamil Eelam & its relocation
    Link# Karunanidhi’s shocker
    Link# A force finished in Sri Lanka may flourish on foreign soil
    Link# Who killed or may have killed SSP Jamaldeen
    Link# VIDEO - Tamil tiger ganster capture in police london
    Link# Rescue operation an unexpected success!

  57. Bravo. Outstanding job, our brave SLA chaps! You can see how relived and grateful these poor people are to have been rescued from this murderous gang of swine.

    Hopefully our chaps have dropped leaflets to instruct any swine who want to surrender what the proper protocol is. They should obviously drop their weapons, raise their hands and approach a member of SLDF, stop at 200 meters, and lay flat on the ground face down. The hands should be clearly visible stretched out in front. Any deviation from the protocol the swine should be popped right between the eyes.


  58. he he he…

    What a turn of events…the Tamils, the SRI LANKANS, just abandoned the LTTE whore-bitches as soon as they were sure the SLA was at hand and took flight like rabbits!!!

    So much for LTTE supporting fucked-up, racist Diaspora’s protest cries of “Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka”…so much for the “fast unto death, but will eat at the last moment” hunger strikes…so much for taking time off work (from janitorial work)… taking kids from school…and going for “protest rallies” in the winter-cold in the Western capitals…ha ha ha…what a fucking circus that was…what a fucking moronic bunch of idiots…ha ha ha…and then I heard that these pathetic motherfuckers even went and defecated in a public garage in Ottawa Canada because the local restaurants would not let them into their rest-rooms (as they just about had it with these smelly, ugly, motherfuckers!!! LMSSAO!!!) I nearly had a fit!!!

    Yes, can you believe it…fucking Tamil racists went and shat in a prime area in the capital of Canada, Ottawa!!!


    Yes Canada…you finally got your ultimate expression of gratitude from these bogus refugees motherfuckers…the ones you let in by the planeloads…admittedly not by the current Harper govt, but by the former LTTE sympathetic Liberal kook-fucks...

    WOW...Ottawa…does this mean I have to bring my own gas-mask when I visit you next?

    ha ha ha…

    ha ha ha...

    ha ha ha...

    Yes, I am truly LMSSAO!!!

    Fucking stateless, anti-social whores…whores who simply cannot learn to fit-in and live without racism wherever they inhabit…whores who live in mythical dreamland and shit wherever they can!!!

    ha ha ha…ha ha ha....ha ha ha...

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. ha ha ha ...ha ha ha...fcuk, excuse me patriots…I cannot control my laughter…this is too much!

  59. Mama meyka kiyann issara wela siyalu deshapremingen samawa illasitinawa,

    Ambassador Robert Got-My-Bu__-F__ed Blake

    I hope that you read these blogs in the time you don't do the monkey dance to intimidate poor countries.

    Any way this is for you and your friends in Monkey Department including Ms. Cankles with kind regards from Sri Lankan citizen Sam Perera.

    ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

    ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

    ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

  60. TropicalS

    Well said mate...

    Yes, Obama is a big-talker and nothing more...however, the venom from the "Obama administration" comes from Hilary-I too-will-buy-cigar that pathetic cow was bought over by the LTTE in the US during the Democratic Leadership campaign...

    Yes, LTTE whores in the US lavishly contributed to her campaign but later she had to return the money as there was a such a loud cry from SL expats (including yours truly here) in the US about "Clinton takes terrorists money"...

    However, it is evident that this Obama is nothing but a docile uncle Tom...a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil type of a do-gooder (basically a white-missionary wannabe with a dark tan!:-)) and today he is letting this Hillary-cigar-where-art-thou run away with the the most important foreign policy decisions of his administration...

    During the election campaign I told this to many number of people, including our own some brainwashed "liberal minded" Sri Lankans in the US, but they all were more interested in the favorite Bush-bashing of the day than seeing the Obama/Clinton-cigar-where-art-thou for what it was...a weak liberal setup that was going to be the "prayer answered" of the extremists of this world...ha ha ha...Now I say to them "did I not tell you so?"

    OaO Asithri

  61. This hostage release commenced with yet another "earth bund" clearing by the Commando/SF and today I was told that as soon as the op began around mid-night yesterday, the well positioned SF snipers, with special long-range, night-vision weapons not hitherto used in this war (a special-gift from a very friendly country I was told, donated especially for this hostage release op) were able to take out around 30 LTTE whores in in like 20 minutes, in the pitch-dark night...I was told the momma-fuckers did not know where the hits were coming from and some of them blidly started shooting at the sky (thinking that's where the "God's Wrath" was coming from! :-)) :-)) :-))

    Imagine the terror of the LTTE whores would have had...not knowing when they were going to get popped in the dark...and despite best possible cover they took!!!

    I loved it!

    More to follow...stay tuned...the NFZ-ghosts have only just had the appetizer!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  62. Snipers followed by pin-pointed heavy MG fire...then there was a pause by SLA - for about 10 minutes - before the lethal firepower opened op from the omni-present heavy MG positions, like from ever 8 feet! wow!!!!

    However, what is noteworthy is that near 10 minute pause...where the screams of dying & wounded LTTE whores pierced the was really eerie I was told...such screams of agony in the night not heard before as a participant had reported...eerie cry of wailing and how the night sea wind was carrying it back and forth like a fcuking wicked joke...agonizing cries calling for reinforcements and med-evacuations which never came (as the back-lagging LTTE fuckers were equally terror-striken in the dark, not knowing what/when some ungodly deadly-bullet will hit them)...

    ha ha ha...someone should one day make a movie out of this "worlds largest hostage rescue"...(perhaps this humble OaOA might do it!)...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  63. Got to run...

    Just got the news that LTTE has recaptured MavilAru as promised by the fat-ugly-mommafuck.

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  64. Supreme heroic LTTE tactically withdrawn to approx 12 sq/km area.

    Soon the heroic supreme LTTE will all crowd into the ass-hole of the supreme heroic Velupullia god of the sun and depart to set up eelam in another galaxy.

  65. Inviting foreign diplomats to watch the operations live from UAV cam was a master move. Lets watch what they now have to say.

    THere's a clear lesson for SL's foreign policy here; we should always maintain strong ties with the Russia, China, Pak set up.

  66. eelam was shrinking like velu's diabetic dick sometime ago.

    Now its shrunk to the size of his left ball.

  67. TS,

    to add alittle bit.....

    "we should always maintain strong ties with the Russia, China, Pak"

    and also,

    1. us, uk, france, india, japan
    2. influential islamic countries
    3. other temp UN secutiry council members as they change

    the non align movement has died. but still is there in its fluid state for those who want to tap it.

    unprecedented moves even kasporov would learn!!!

  68. Truth about LTTE barbarianism revealed.

    Have a look at the videos.

  69. TropicalStorm mate,

    You got it all wrong. Velu hasn't got any balls left.


  70. Submarine manufacturing plant for LTTE found in Thailand.

    Thailand Government is not doing anything about this. GOSL has to do something about this

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. A Special Cellestial Event - the death of a starIn our secondary school, we were told the death of a star is a spectacular event indeed.

    It, said my physics teacher, swells, became a red giant - as if seeing red - became paler and then the grand finale - the burst.

    We are about to witness a model of this event on our motherland within the next couple of ours.

    The star in this case, a star attraction - the famous sun god.

    His Excellency has to put his special powers to the test now, at least for the sake of his blind followers.

    Of course, he can vapourize into thin air without trace using one of his gifts that he had been boasting to possess.

    Alternatively, he can bite the dust as we bite our finger nails to witness the finale.

    However, we know he is not going to bite that capsule.

    Oh dear day-dreamer! what an end!! What a waste of donkey years!!!

    Extreme cynics on my side say you are an incarnation of wrong form of Dutugamunu; because you just came to kill Tamils en masse - and you only achieved exactly that goal.

    My Punjabi friend's old father, who loves to slurp his hot tea, is over the moon about this outcome - "Terrorist is a terrorist," he sighs, fingering his long beard.

    History will prove old Mr Singh is right.

  74. Ladies,
    Please be ready for the next article.


  76. 00:26 into the video, It clearly shows that LTTE cadres are firing closer and at civilians to prevent them from leaving NFZ.

    Click here

  77. if any of you missed watching lord naseby, watch it.

    at the end of all this he should be bestowed the highest honour of the nation

  78. Vigilante,

    Keep up your good work and bring us more and more knowledge!

  79. according to NDTV india LTTE has made a statement saying that they will never surrender & that prabhakaran is directing the battle. he is apparently not in the NFZ according to the LTTE.

    if not from where?

  80. # Sri Lanka rebels ignore deadline to surrender
    Link# Some people misinterpret ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka: PM
    Link# Saving civilians from Tigers and Crocodile Tears
    Link# Nation Building Tax would utilize to rebuild North
    Link# Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese celebrate New Year in Toronto despite threats
    Link# TamilNet cannot see the real from the false – as ever!

  81. # Ottawa demonstration – News Flash
    Link# Douglas Devananda addresses UN anti-racism conference
    Link# Lanka offensive against LTTE puts India in a bind
    Link# French arrest 200 protesters in Paris Tamil demonstration on Sri Lanka
    Link# Both personal and political for me, so won’t comment on LTTE: Priyanka
    Link# Tamils put away Tiger flags and promise larger protest

  82. # Editorial: Last hours of Tiger prowess
    Link# 53 Div makes-inroads as LTTE face last stand at Mullaittivu
    Link# 58 Div troops rescue fleeing civilians: destroy LTTE cab, 4 terrorists killed - Puthumathalan
    Link# Army enters vacated areas of NFZ; save thousands of civilian lives under terror clutches
    Link# "Not to bow down to international pressure for a ceasefire" - Canadian Tamils Peace organization
    Link# LTTE’s Era of Sea Piracy Has Ended


  84. # India can never forgive Prabhakaran: Priyanka Gandhi
    Link# UNHCR responding to large civilian movements in Sri Lanka's north
    Link# Put pressure on Sri Lanka to halt war: Karunanidhi to Centre
    Link# Tamils try to pressure Ottawa
    Link# AL JAZEERA VIDEO - Time running out for Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers - 21 April 09
    Link# Sri Lanka troops move in on Tigers, 52,000 flee

  85. # INTERVIEW - Tamil Tigers vow no surrender to Sri Lanka military
    Link# VIDEO - Part 1- 5: Panel Discussion Sri Lanka War - Press TV
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    Link# VIDEO - Part 4 - 5: Panel Discussion Sri Lanka War - PressTV
    Link# VIDEO - Part 5 - 5: Panel Discussion Sri Lanka War - PressTV

  86. good job SLA, good work...fellas we, want to stop those ltte faggots from appearing no Oprah at all cost with there BS. But, Homeland security has plans to detain them at the broder near chicago anyway ...thanks to our Embassy in DC.

    I really hope 58th div wipesout Fatass VP & Pottu for all the misery they caused us.

    Fellas, check The ltteinsider on blogspot 'n tell me whatchathink ok !

    As for the Norwegian Govt.....ya can kiss my candy ass ! Idiots !

  87. # Jayalalithaa lashes out at Karunanidhi on Sri Lankan issue
    Link# Two Sri Lankas Struggle to Tell Their Tales
    Link# Govt. firm against Special Envoy – President tells Brown
    Link# Western Hypocrisy and LTTE Terrorism
    Link# Sri Lanka's war may finally be over – but no one is celebrating
    Link# Today only the Tamil Diaspora struggles for Tamil Eelam

  88. # Canada must pressurize the Tiger lobby to demand civilians be released
    Link# Another TamilNet lie exposed
    Link# Mass Tamil exodus from rebel area
    Link# Pause in military action unnecessary, Sri Lanka tells Britain
    Link# LTTE is a terrorist outfit, says PM
    Link# China backs Sri Lankan fight against LTTE

  89. # Police take softly, softly approach to London Sri Lanka demonstrations
    Link# Q+A-Is this the endgame in Sri Lanka's war?
    Link# Express exodus
    Link# Kohona visits Malaysia to monitor LTTE’s networks
    Link# Intl community; Time for action not words
    Link# Prabhakaran and his Tigers last gasp

  90. # Mockery of international calls for a ceasefire
    Link# Tigers fail to surrender
    Link# Lanka slams UN over British envoy
    Link# Prabha is getting it back: UNP

  91. # Police pin down 13 SL team attackers
    Link# Avoid civilian casualties: US to Sri Lanka, LTTE
    Link# Showdown with the world’s biggest hostage crisis
    Link# Norway’s role has no way ?

  92. # SL Gov video - civilians escaping LTTE
    Link# Freedom at last
    Link# Basil to visit India
    Link# Role of the UN
    Link# Forces will decide Prabhakaran's fate in next few hours
    Link# Govt will not halt rescue mission - PM

  93. # Key LTTE leader Nishanthan killed
    Link# Govt did not allow EU probe - FM
    Link# MP Sri Kantha an LTTE spy – Hemakumara
    Link# A win, not a draw: Blocking intervention, getting Prabhakaran
    Link# Killing them softly
    Link# Tigers collapse

  94. Regarding the on going protest in London.

    Can't blame the police for not maintaining capital's traffic flowing, after what they had to face for G20 policing.

    I suggest two easier ways to disperse this crowd-

    a) Arrest two of them while on live-TV and transport them towards Heathrow airport, 'pretending' to be deported for supporting a proscribed organisation in UK.

    You would see the roads get cleared within an hour.

    b) Bring in some HomeOffice officers backed up by police and start checking immigration status of the protesters.

    Number of protesters will be reduced to a manageable level within 15 minutes.

  95. And that hunger striker in front of British Parliment should be a Saint or something.

    After 14 days of starvation he still is fine and well. Shaking hands and giving interviews.

    But he should be really careful. LTTE badly need a 'dead body' for their propoganda in Europe. You never know what/who will be sacrificed for that purpose.

  96. muru,

    even if the worst happens, that does NOT matter.

    obviously SL & india don't care.

    and westerners have a different value system to go by. according to that, hunger strikes of this sort are not the way to do things. its irrelevant.

  97. The main reason there aren't any sinhalese is that none have proper papers, showing sinhala names etc....

    many sinhalese also fradualently switched names to tamil and claimed asylum mention army harrasment, murder of relatives.. its hilarious what the sinhalese would do to get into the west. i knew of one such chap personally...

  98. sinhalese men by their very natures are scammers.. good for being pimps and sinhalese women have apparently perfected handling business in red light districts...

  99. only the LTTE diaspora is struggling for tamil elam today!!how true???

    tamil madu has given up.
    in SL, tamils have given up.

    LTTE diaspora - stateless fools!!!

  100. u-fool,

    bullshit as usual.

    a blogger by the name prof suppiah ponnalingam has done some research into it. (no joke) he published it in DW or DN!!!

    he had googled "sinhala whore" and got about 50 results.

    when he googled "tamil whore" he had got about 1,000 results!!

    didn't check it though.

    its NO reflection about the races obviously but it disapproves your bullshit theory.

  101. moshy,

    sinhala whores go for the bottom trawlers... thats why they don't have websites...

  102. u-fool,

    that is applicable to all whores regardless of race.

    why always have a race based point of view???

    anyway the google serach is representative of the TOTAL number differential.

  103. excellent news!

    US position on SL has changed."By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press Writer Desmond Butler, Associated Press Writer – Tue Apr 21, 6:04 pm ET

    WASHINGTON – The State Department released satellite imagery Tuesday of tens of thousands of Sri Lankan civilians squeezed into the last small strip of land controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels.

    The State Department said that a recent image shows about 25,000 tents packed into a coastal strip about 8 square miles large. Based on the number of tents, they estimate that about 125,000 people were in the conflict zone before about 60,000 civilians escaped over the last two days.

    Human rights groups say the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are holding many people in the enclave against their will and using them as human shields. Those groups have also accused the government of indiscriminate shelling in the region. Both sides deny the allegations.

    Thousands of civilians also fled in packed small boats, and they were picked up by navy patrols and transported to camps where Tamils who have escaped the war are being held. More than 2,000 people in about 100 boats were picked up Monday.

    The U.N. and others have called for a negotiated truce to allow civilians to leave the rebel-held coastal strip.

    But the Sri Lankan government has refused to heed those international pleas to halt the fighting, saying it is on the verge of crushing the separatists and putting an end to the 25-year-old war.

    The U.S. government appears to agree with that assessment.

    "We see the potential for major developments in the next 48 hours," said Michael Owen, acting deputy assistant secretary of state.

    The State Department urged the Sri Lankan government to exercise restraint.

    Earlier, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is considering how the U.S. can help Sri Lanka rebuild and move forward once the civil conflict is settled."
    nobody bets on a losing horse!!!

  104. DefenceNet
    Is anything reportable known abt the role of TVMP moles from inside the Hostage zone?

    We know that some of the easily identifiable TVMP guys like karuna's BIL moved out before the civillian group could be corralled by the LTTE.

    Some specilized equipment supplied by a friendly nation (China or Israle) is said to have played a decisive role in the initial strike. What were these toys?

  105. As long as tamil=LTTE, the issue will drag on. If it remains protracted, eventually sinhale extremism will win, and tamil culture itself will be eliminated.

    Wondr who will be appointed to manage the area; whether the military or a civillian administration.

    Preferably a professional group which works directly with the DoD and Treasury and answers directly to the Prez at least for a period of one year should be a good outcome.

  106. # It was a famous victory
    Link# Prabhakaran and Manic Depression
    Link# LTTE and Tamil People: Setting the scene–II
    Link# Prabhakaran's Golden Key and investors
    Link# US urge Sri Lanka to allow observers
    Link# French police to charge 184 Tamil rioters

  107. # Mayuran Mahenthiraja - London Tiger Terror connection
    Link# Sananthanan Subramaniam - Terror Leader in Toronto Canada
    Link# Prabhakaran’s thirty four years of horrendous terror
    Link# Tamil protest jams Canadian capital
    Link# Bitter end for Sri Lanka's rebels?
    Link# VIDEO - Sri Lanka fighting traps civilians in no-fire zone - 21 Apr 09

  108. # US releases satellite photos of Sri Lankan war
    Link# Will Indian agencies help Prabhakaran flee?
    Link# LTTE cornered but still covers behind civilians

  109. Vote to YES

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Ladies,
    Would you like an extra day off?

  112. The Times of India - poll
    Do you see LTTE chief V Prabhakaran as a terrorist?

    Guys.. Vote yes to this..!! Currently there is only 24% YESs.

  113. Daya Master surrenders

    Former LTTE media spokesman and media coordinator Daya Master has just surrendered to the army along with George, the traslator of former political head Thamilchelvan, military sources confirmed. They had reportedly come to the cleared areas along with fleeing civilians.

  114. Good on you Daya Master.. Hopefully the rest of them will start surrendering too.. Probably a big fat one as well..

  115. The Times of India - poll
    Do you see LTTE chief V Prabhakaran as a terrorist?

    Guys.. Vote yes to this..!! Currently it has gone up to 36% from 24% about 4 hours ago.. We need AT LEAST 50%+..

  116. PeAcE,

    Soon pig will become a dead pig. Polls won't matter then.

  117. Strange as it may be in the modern world, we at last have success story in the war against terror.
    The sovereignty of Sri Lanka is complete and rebuilding can begin.
    Sri Lanka are you ready?
    Go to Sri Lanka, every one!

  118. Editor Badrinath AKA Daya Master has surrendered!

  119. Muru,

    Oh .. I enjoyed your post so much!

    It is highly logical and would have 100% success!!!


    Regarding the on going protest in London.

    Can't blame the police for not maintaining capital's traffic flowing, after what they had to face for G20 policing.

    I suggest two easier ways to disperse this crowd-

    a) Arrest two of them while on live-TV and transport them towards Heathrow airport, 'pretending' to be deported for supporting a proscribed organisation in UK.

    You would see the roads get cleared within an hour.

    b) Bring in some HomeOffice officers backed up by police and start checking immigration status of the protesters.

    Number of protesters will be reduced to a manageable level within 15 minutes.

  120. # Indian PM reiterates LTTE a terror outfit and its Chief a proclaimed offender
    Link# 'Who then is a terrorist?' - The Hindu Editorial
    Link# "Sural Nada" in Kuwait in aid of "Api Wenuven Api"
    Link# LTTE suffers heavy losses in desperate bid to halt army humanitarian operation
    Link# Over 122,000 Wanni civilians seek refuge in Government
    Link# China backs Sri Lankan fight against LTTE

  121. # Prabhakaran spurned chances for pardon - President
    Link# Daya Master and George seek refuge with Army
    Link# A long match! Freedom from the Tyranny
    Link# Trapped civilians vital for Prabhakaran’s survival, Dr. Michael Roberts
    Link# “Victims of War” exposes in Geneva
    Link# This is the end of blood-thirsty brute Prabhakaran – President Mahinda Rajapaksa

  122. # I can’t be ‘comedy star’ by entering into a debate – President Mahinda Rajapakse
    Link# Rs. 01 b went to destroy 2 LTTE craft - govt.
    Link# Tigers collapse
    Link# Rajapaksa, LTTE not heeding to our call: U.S.
    Link# No sympathy for terrorists in Sri Lanka: Pranab
    Link# Sri Lanka: Masses Flee, Many Still in Danger

  123. # Canadian Tamils put pressure on feds
    Link# Take UN into confidence on evacuation, India tells Sri Lanka
    Link# Sri Lanka says collapse imminent as LTTE functionaries surrender
    Link# France Seeks To Launch Sri Lanka Relief Operation With UK
    Link# Sri Lankan war in endgame, 100,000 escape rebel zone
    Link# Two key Tamil Tigers 'surrender'

  124. # As Lanka closes in on Tigers, boat with refugees lands in TN
    Link# Five women on fast on Lankan issue taken into custody
    Link# Parties divided on general strike on Lankan Tamils issue
    Link# France condemns Sri Lanka rebels, wants UN meeting

  125. why SL government interested in surrendering of Praba. He finished our food ration, he may finish sinhaleese ration, if he surrenders. President Mahinda should feed poor sinhaleese and tamil only, not the big fat wolfs.

  126. I live in canada I am sick of these protesters and Puli supporters. I lived in Sri Lanaka up to 1999 (last 9 years in Mount Lavinia). Many tamil left Sri Lanaka never lived with Sinhalese or know their culture. Among sinhalese there are many Human right operators, excellent cricketers, teachers ( Like Rohan Perera for Accountancy). UNP and SLFP should have done something to protect minority from various fatal incidents, but that is not the execuse to support tigers, who are gross human right violaters.

  127. Hilary Clinton is now cashing the checks she received from the group called Tamil Terrorists for Hillary. The more she cash the checks the more she blather.

  128. Hillary Clinton has started speaking for the entire world all of a sudden as a result of money given by Tamil Terrorists for Clinton. Who gave this woman the right to speak for the entire world. Is she aware of our previous efforts to end this conflict with LTTE through negotiations. We must say in the loudest possible terms that the entire world is disappointed about her pro terrorist rants these days. Practice what you preach Hillary, you are not welcome in Sri Lanka.

    ""I think that the Sri Lankan government knows that the entire world is very disappointed that in its efforts to end what it sees as 25 years of conflict, it is causing such untold suffering," Clinton told lawmakers, referring to the thousands of civilians trapped in the war zone."

  129.'s good to see some old timers here..TP,Vig.,Asthiri,MoDe. ...nice...where ya been fellas !

    Tropical St...those toys from China 'n Israel....? Red Arrow(Bahktiar Shakan ) strikes & Israeli "Shipon" bunker buster missiles.Which are creating havoc among Sea Tigers & MG nest near civilians(See one firing on Flickr Rajarata,page 1)

    Showing the Diplomats the UAV footage...priceless in fact, we could have before but, the Norwegian idiots,tipped off ltte in the past ! So now it's a good on sight proof !

    Anyhow,This is Fall of Berlin Part II ! I cant wait to see what Fatass VP & Pottu's remains !

    I think US SEC state has ltte diapora pressuring her & that's why they asked MR spot further assaults on NFZ ! But, we'll make sure Obama stays on the same page on "Fighting Terror" Look at the ressurgance of Taliban 60miles from Kabul ! USA needs GOSL to fight terror in Asia folks.. cuz, our SLDF next to IDF are theeee most combat experianced in the world.Even US army in colleges SLDF has many followers ! No BULLS ! US sends most of their Delta & SF members to get their feet wet in assignments to Colombo baby !

    As for those ltte morons in London,Ottawa,Sydney & Oslo...I wish they all fast to bettah for the free world !

    Laters... gettahs ;p

  130. Rajarata

    US Special Forces are trained in Fort Bragg, NC close to where I live. Each year we've had SL special Force guys come in for training here. Most of the time our boys have out-performed the Americans.
    In fact one of the most prestigious awards at the institute is named after a SL special forces soldier.
    Maj.Lalith Jayasinghe who virtually castrated the LTTE intelliegence wing by decapitation strikes was also trained here.
    The fact is, they didn't really learn anything new, though they showed the Americans how to fight, some of which the US soldiers even resented.

  131. The Clinton bitch has a problem. in fact more than one.
    According to those in the know, she doesn't get laid often enough. It is a joke in DC. Not getting oiled regualrly can make things squeak and break down. That's issue one, which may never subside.

    Plantation Hillary now has to work for the house nigger. That's prob Two. So what is a nice white girl from the gentle south to do, in order to aspire to the seat that even a nigger could get into? Start working on own presidential campaign right now. No one is too little when it comes to supporters and Plantation hillary knows that the sinhalese Sri Lankans will never vote for her. So, bandwaggoning with the stinky monkeys who will kiss ass is a logical alternative.

    Hillary will continue to push her agenda, irrespective of what professorial 'O'mama wants. In fact O may live to regret the day he got her in tow.

  132. I think Mrs Clinton is getting a huge egg on her face for supporting LTTE terrorists, because of listening to their front organizations and false propaganda.

    I do not want to insult women, but when I hear about her antiques, I have to say the Sinhalese proverb of Women's brain and the length of the Stem of Spoon!

    I wish a person like her did more research about the conflict and the false propaganda of LTTE i.e. through HRW, Innercity Press, AI, UN, Dr. Vartharajah :-)) etc.

  133. This comment has been removed by the author.

  134. TropicalS

    [The Clinton bitch has a problem. in fact more than one. According to those in the know, she doesn't get laid often enough. It is a joke in DC. Not getting oiled regualrly can make things squeak and break down.]

    How true! This is exactly what I have heard in my "Washington circles" in NY!!!

    The blood bitch is trying to stab the "brothar" in the back by setting her own agenda for this US Administration...she got the whiff of LTTE money (a little late after she got the whiff of Monica's pussy from the "used" cigar I must add)...and now she is going for the kill....this Cunt must be exposed at every turn...yes, she is a disgrace to American Democracy that I believe in...and disgrace her we will...there are plans under way!!!

    ha ha ha...all those Sinhelas in the US who were more interested in Bush-Bashing...ha ha your heart out now IDIOTS!!!

    OaO Asithri

  135. Wow! No, I should rather say WOWWWY!!!

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    Errrr....sorry patriots, I just got carried away...

    I just heard the "inside story" of what happened to the Puduma-Athey LTTE run hospital...!!! WOWWWY!!!

    Without getting into unnecessary specifics, can I just say that the LTTE terrorist-whores "were taught a lesson that they will take to their next world"...uh? What a fucking jamboree it was I heard...WOWWWWY!!!

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. # Minister to visit Sri Lanka as violence rages
    Link# Navy continues its special rescue mission in north-eastern seas
    Link# Why UNP has a distinct responsibility to help Vanni people at this hour of need?
    Link# U.N. council voices "deep concern" about Sri Lanka
    Link# LTTE and terrorism
    Link# Weerawansa challenges US ambassador

  138. Ooops a typo

    "The blood bitch" should be: "The bloody bitch"...well, unless she is having irregular menstruals from getting arse-fucked by rich Tamil Terroirst agents in the US.

    Sorry...apologies all round...

    OaO Asithri

  139. RajarataS

    Good to see you too mate...We are almost done brother!

    As Blue Eyes said " I did it my way "...yes, our weera-leaders from the South, with the help of ALL Sri Lankan kollos/kellas did it!

    Fcuk, I am everyday now going after work for parties of "liberation celebration" and I love it!!!

    Even now I am at one such (it is 10pm in NY on Wednesday) and am writing herein with my BB (so pls. excuse any typos)...

    PEACE to all my patriotic bros/sis here...

    OaO Asithri

  140. # Emotional scenes in Anuradhapura hospital
    Link# New life for woman fleeing tiger grip
    Link# Sri Lanka rules out amnesty as troops move in for final kill
    Link# The end is near
    Link# Daya Master and George surrender
    Link# Tell the world people are with Govt.–President

  141. # Manmohan convenes special meeting on SL
    Link# UK minister to visit Sri Lanka
    Link# Wimal claims moves to rescue Prabhakaran
    Link# Malaysia to help Lanka monitor LTTE networks
    Link# Fight against LTTE: China backs Lanka
    Link# Welfare centres opened in Mannar for IDPs

  142. Amazing how the LTTE Tamil Terrorist, the rabid anti-Sinhela whores like Upul, Peter, Mahen, Thiru, etc. etc. have dissappeared from this blog uh?

    Wonder if any of them momma-fuckers set himself/herself on fire alive at one of those futile protests all over the western world (where they are also known to have gone and shat in public places, like in Ottawa, Canada)!!!

    Pity if they didn't do that in my to live in a No More LTTE world for these anti-Sinhela Tamil racist whores will be very agonizing...well, cyanide capsules were invented by the Fat Momma-fuck for no small reason I believe - to take your own life when your mythical "thamileelam" is getting flushed down the toilet!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  143. # Basil as special emissary to India
    Link# PLOTE congratulates Govt. for successfully releasing civilians
    Link# Of Diasporas and ‘that’ international community
    Link# Two LTTE leaders gunned down
    Link# Army knows where Prabha is- Army Chief
    Link# Air Force assists in hostage rescue mission

  144. # Northern people free of Prabhakaran's tyranny - President
    Link# Arrest TNA MPs - Weerawansa
    Link# French envoy expected to be summoned over Kouchner’s claim Some escapees are drowning – France No truth in the claim – Lankan military
    Link# If Prabhakaran and men don’t surrender they’ll be wiped out : Keheliya
    Link# Tamil protesters give up red tiger flag for black banner
    Link# Tigers in sheep's clothing

  145. # Open letter to US ambassador
    Link# A high level meet in Delhi on ‘Wanni catastrophe’, DMK calls a general strike, BJP for UN intervention
    Link# Dr. Swamy condemns Karunanidhi for calling bandh today in Tamil Nadu
    Link# Prabakaran hiding, taking cover among civilians – Sri Lanka Army Commander
    Link# LTTE leaders in disarray
    Link# Hunger strikers should have first demanded Prabhakaran to let the people go

  146. To call the area where the civillians are held by threat of bodily harm or death a 'no fire zone' is a travesty of justice to the victims. It is a 'hostage zone' and the Sri lankan govt and media should call it so.

    Let's stop screwing with words. Call a spade a spade.

    Its a fcking hostage zone, which means shooting is legitimate to rescue the victims.

  147. Sam Perera said...
    Hilary Clinton is now cashing the checks she received from the group called Tamil Terrorists for Hillary. The more she cash the checks the more she blather

    patriots in america..try and approach the republicans to expose this duplicity..Try and contact Rush Limbaugh..He holds significant clout in the party and would love to know taht the neo-liberal Hillary is comitting fellatio for a banned terrorist group..

  148. # Prabhakaran’s Escape
    Link# A 9 road reopened yesterday
    Link# VIDEO - Sri Lanka: Remarks by the President of the Security Council
    Link# VIDEO - Sri Lankan civilians 'escape' rebel stronghold - 22 Apr 09
    Link# About New Wars How Sri Lanka Beat the Sea Tiger’s
    Link# VIDEO - UN Security Council briefing on Sri Lanka - April 22 2009

  149. # VIDEO - More civilians flee the No Fire Zone 22/04/2009
    Link# VIDEO - Northern Battle Front 22 nd April 2009
    Link# VIDEO - LTTE Cannibals in Sri Lanka parliament
    Link# Tamil protesters leave Ottawa
    Link# Army elite search for Prabha and other leaders

  150. # BBC - 'Barefaced' Broadcasting Corporation

  151. When talking of the diaspora supporting LTTE, I think we are ignoring a vital aspect of it. When I see the conditions most people in the LTTE has being living in, it is hard to imagine how these people had been going to UK, US and other Western countries in the first place. They can hardly manage to educate their kids in SL, or afford a decent life under the LTTE. The way those that did manage to leave SL would only have been able to, with the help of the LTTE for both money and forging of documents etc.

    It just shows the two tiers of society under the LTTE. The majority that we see being rescued by the army seem to be the serf class that were used by the LTTE without giving them anything in return. The upper class has been funded by the LTTE initially to reach certain goals of financial status and in return provide the LTTE with a portion of their returns. This second segment (mainly the diaspora) has a need to protect the LTTE due to the fact that they are living in western countries through the deals they had with the LTTE. They owe what they have to LTTE, and therefore their loyalty is with the LTTE rather than the overall tamil population.

    I believe this reason, that the loyalty of the diaspora is with the LTTE for the above reasons, must be emphasised by our diplomats when responding to their charges. Showing this situation to the tamil civilians who have been suffering under this system in SL and getting their support in it's exposure could also do wonders to correct this injustice against a large group of helpless people by few benefiters as well as improve the image of SL abroad.


    47% yeses now.. Keep voting against the fat pig..

  153. Some Tiger supporters still believe the news from TVI and other tiger medias. One of the supporters said " Government is lying and all these people shown as rescued by government are not from Wanni.All from Jaffna and the Government just doing a show"

    I didn't say anything. If I say something, I may become a Tamil Traitor. LTTE is look like a sports club and it has lot of hooligans.

  154. # BBC - 'Barefaced' Broadcasting Corporation
    Link# LTTE shoots hostages at hampers transportation of patients
    Link# National programme for assisting rescued civilians
    Link# Sri Lankan troops encircle last 8 sq km in war zone
    Link# SLanka: Tigers resisting despite surrender call
    Link# Sri Lanka war politics shuts down Tamil Nadu

  155. # Indian envoy to Sri Lanka meets Pranab, Menon
    Link# UK discusses Sri Lanka situation with India
    Link# Tamil protesters pack it in after weeks on Hill
    Link# Total influx from Tiger zone 170,000:
    Link# Prabhakaran will kill himself: IPKF officials

  156. Ladies & gentlemen

    we all need to send in supplies to IDP's, a wave of support very important.

    The warmth and hospitality of the Sinhala people (not being racist here but terminology is such since it concerns the Tamil and Sinhala people)should be felt by the Tamil citizens of Mother Lanka. This will heal even the most sore wounds and show the proper situation to thos ewho have been brainwashed.

    So let's all contribute with conviction, not only the extras but let's sacrifice some of our creature comforts in this hour of need.

    Our forces have sacrificed their lives so why not us, let's forego a bottle of beer, a scotch or a dinner out, any extras is all we need to miss for a day to make a difference

  157. DN, Boy...ya guys are on the money here....has anyone given thought to this strange surrender of Daya master 'n george ? I the only one here that smell a rat ? 2 Propaganda chiefs from ltte surrender ? There is someithing wrong with this scenerios fellas ! No other highrun ltte have giveup only these 2...I think GOSL knows what I'm talking abt ! Think abt. it fellas !

    It's time SLA started a GBM strike on Fatass Vp & Pottu ! Did ya see that Red Arrow shot on Seatiger craft ? Nice see Flickr Rajarata page 1 !

    BTW: In Iraq 85 KIA today...Amb. Blake, are ya with us fighting terror or playing games here ? Dont even think abt. indicting Gen Fonseka or MR or our DM !!!! That's hypocrasy folks plain 'n simple !We are the only friend ya have in the Indian Ocean, look ....there has never been one US fatality in Lanka by local violence ! Got that ? So be there for us !

    Go SLA..... ;)

  158. # The mirage of Eelam
    Link# SRI LANKA: Mass exodus leads to massive humanitarian need
    Link# Sri Lanka's war - To the bitter end
    Link# Sri Lanka's war Dark victory
    Link# Tamil Nadu strike on Sri Lankan issue passes off peacefully
    Link# M K Narayanan, Shivshankar Menon to visit Colombo tomorrow

    Link# UN to send team to Sri Lankan "no-fire zone"
    Link# Sri Lanka struggles to cope with war zone refugees
    Link# Tamil refugees flee to India to escape fighting in Sri Lanka
    Link# MPs to debate Sri Lankan conflict
    Link# India sends 40,000 assortment of packets as aid to Lanka

  160. # Colombo rejects UN civilian plea
    Link# LTTE keen on a BJP victory
    Link# Embassy attack in Oslo: Seven suspects quizzed
    Link# No special envoy to India: Govt.
    Link# JHU charges western nations interfering in Sri Lanka
    Link# Mano calls on Weerawansa to prove ‘LTTE connection’ claim

  161. # Hillary Clinton Vs Sri Lanka
    Link# Army teams hunt for Prabha and Pottu
    Link# Hostage Rescue Operation
    Link# Indian Anti-Terror Front felicitates President
    Link# Lankans in Canada hold peace rally
    Link# Lankans in Canada hold peace rally

  162. # Historic hostage rescue operation : Sri Lanka Army writes glorious chapter
    Link# Time to unite and help civilians
    Link# *False claim of escapees drownin - Rohitha to talk to Kouchner
    Link# Masters to be grilled
    Link# Mahinda Rajapaksa – a brave President who gave leadership to eradicate scourge of LTTE terrorism
    Link# Tiger confessions and intentional ‘blindness’ of the West

  163. # Are we still under the British?
    Link# A major victory on the diplomatic front
    Link# Is LTTE only a Sri Lankan phenomenon and its demise highly exaggerated?
    Link# UK is ready to help Sri Lanka reach a political settlement, says British Prime Minister
    Link# France Contemplating Military Intervention?
    Link# Art of War

  164. @ Defence Column

    You must be working hard to collect all information from all over the sources.

    Great work friend.

  165. So France’s Foreign Minister Kruchner wants to intervene in SL? Does this stupid donkey thinks that the Security forces of SL is simply stand by allowing these twits just to walk in to a sovereign country to rescue a bunch of terrorists that have murdered the Prime Minister of India, President of Sri Lanka,the foreign Minister of SL,etc?They to have to recon with India who may not idly stand by.
    Security authorities here are sick and tired of these bogus asylum seekers milling around in the Parliament square disgracing the country and holding up valuable police resources. If the politicians won’t come to grips with these people whom they have been supporting against a sovereign and democratic member of the Commonwealth they will pay a price at the next election. Indigenous people are fed of these people and very much angry with the politicians running the country and the other politicans of the opposition who have been continuously supporting the Diaspora to gain cheap votes thus sacrificing the good political principles that is normally offered to another sovereign nation who is blighted by a powerful terrorist lobby operating and agitating from their own boarders here in UK.

  166. So this Clinton Woman is disappointed with the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka for 25 years of suffering in the island?
    In one of my businesses in London I have the privilege of meeting and having a fireside chat with so many different people, complete strangers who are from various professions in their own countries. An American intellectual from Ohio state Uni brought the subject over the demo in the Parliament square and then on went on to the statement made by Clinton with respect to the conflict in SL.He says that she is not aware of the real facts in SL and to speak in favour of these terrorists in the light of US forces are battling terrorists in Afghanistan is folly and she should immediately recall Blake to Washington as he had not properly briefed her department.
    Also the Demo in the Parliament and else where in the Western capitals are opening the minds of the indigenous people who are naturally against those lobbying for these terrorists in their own countries and seeking asylum while fuelling a terrorist situation in another country.By the way I am a supporter of Obama but not Clinton..

  167. I would be aware of Daya Master and he may be misinforming about VP’s whereabouts to keep everyone guessing that VP is still fit and well and fighting for their lost cause, a kind of a morale booster for the stupid diasspora.Perhaps he is in the south or already dead.Daya master must be locked as a terrorists or some foreign embassy will give him protection and take him out of the island to further prolong this agony. Now the IC is gunning for India using these terrorists to bring unrest as up and coming India and China is an economic threat to some.

  168. we bisected the NFZ into two (inequal parts). by yesterday the northern piece has been cleared fully. refer to news reports and the map (may be a bit outdated).

    as i pointed out b4, the NEXT round will be more difficult of the SLICE/SPLIT strategy. yet i recon that is the way forward. (slice the next piece into two)

    but looks like SLA is trying a north to south move. according to bbc, the LTTE bund running along the western border of the NFZ extends almost to the full remaining NFZ under LTTE.

    breaching this would be difficult and there is an expanding waterbody (towards south of where we breached the NFZ) making things difficult for a similar strategy.

    refer the mapthere is another intersting thing which i'm SURE our battle planners looked into. it has something to do with the MOON!!!


    (at least i would have looked into it for timing to SOME extent if i were planning)

    on sunday 19, monday 20, tuesday 21, wednesday 22, the difference between the low tide and the high tide became smallest. this definitely helped civilians and forces alike.

    look at the low/high tide figures from sunday 19 to wed 22. (may not be exact for the natikandal lagoon but indicative).


    mon-low-0.6 (morning & evening)

    tue-low-0.5 (morning & evening)

    wed-low-0.5 (morning & evening)

    this would again happen in about TWO WEEKS!!

    the difference may reach a high of,

    on some days and would have affected our plans if we didn't plan properly. but planning was perfect!

    ((c) md(j)) lol!

    historical use of tidal movements in war...

    The tides of war; D-Day's lunar connection - moon phase and tide considered in planning of 1944 Normandy Invasion

  169. "National Security Adviser M K Narayanan"

    I thought India sacked this pathetic joker after the Mumbai attack.

    This joker has a phobia about Sri Lanka. He sees Sri Lanka coming to devour him while in his sleep, and thinks that destabilizing Sri Lanka is the most important duty he has in his mandate.

    I am not sure what he wants to pull out from his hat this time.

    God bless India for keeping this kind of otherwise unemployable people on payroll.

  170. i just want's to confirm has the government gone in to a pause on the was again for 48 hours ..?

  171. # Minister Devananda meets UN High Commissioners for Human Rights and Refugees
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    Link# Navy arrests 20 persons illegally bound for Australia off Galle coast

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    Link# A flashback of Kilinochchi (1988-2008)

  175. Guys,

    The government must take steps to feed these innocent people first of all, before hunger and thirst take their toll on them.

    We must do everything to shorten their sufferings; they had enough. We don't want to wrestle with our consciene again by the plight of them.

    It is a good move the appointment of Major General Chandrasiri as the main coordinator bypassing the civilian folks to cut through the red tape.

    The influx is unexpected and that is why the government is struggling to cope with it.

  176. # Sri Lankans in US outraged over Clinton remark on Sri Lanka
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  178. # VIDEO - WANNI OPERATION 24/04/09
    Link# VIDEO - Indian Defence Watch Expert on Sri Lanka Situation 23rd April 2009 - Ret General Ashok Mehta
    Link# VIDEO - Update!Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers refuse to admit defeat
    Link# VIDEO - Update!Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers refuse to admit defeat

  179. Can someone comment on the VP escaping by submarine story ?

    I have many photos of ltte subs on flickr: rajaratasurfer

    It's time for all of us to show our true colors by helping the refugees coming thru NFZ !

  180. I remember when these LTTE di-ass=phora f**Kers were promising us 10,000 body bags and the complete annilation of the forces by VP's crack commando divisions..where the fuick are these LTTE fellows and these LTTE crack commando divisions?..i mean the yellow buffalo division?..the violet elephant div..where are they you fuicking LTTE di-ass-phora men?..where are they?.i mean other than up your arse?

  181. Clinton bitch practice what you preach. First stop killing civilians in Iraq & Afghanistan with your bombs.your mouth works faster than your brain.

    Link# Rajapaksa ‘receptive’ to India’s concerns
    Link# ‘No peace-keeping force needed’
    Link# Mirage of Eelam
    Link# U.N. council to Sri Lanka: Let U.N. into conflict zone
    Link# Shed no tears for Tigers

    Link# Troops continue operations to rescue civilians
    Link# Menon, Narayanan hold crisis talks with President
    Link# Army recovers 82mm mortar bombs
    Link# Prabha still in North

  184. # Legal action against ‘Masters’
    Link# France to provide 100-bed field hospital
    Link# Holmes to visit Sri Lanka today
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  185. # An appeal to the Tamil diaspora in Canada
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  186. # End of the War
    Link# LTTE should surrender to a third party: US
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    Link# UN Men To Meet Prabhakaran?
    Link# Parable of large dog and 10 cats applies to current Jaffna scenario
    Link# Petrol Bombs thrown at SL Embassy Berlin (updated)

  187. # Sri Lankan spokesman in London Tv debate says it is ridiculous to ask for ceasefire for defeated terrorists

  188. shinhale radicalists you know what, all this what you all are doing to day ...the result will come later , so srilanka never will be in peace.. do you think 63 millions tamils in the wold never forget how you all are killing the tamils in srilanka and try to manipulate they are terrorists...

    we are watching all....remember tamils are international international community ... what is going to come next have to know

  189. A win/win prisoner release for Sri Lanka?In the 1980s, Cuba opened its' jails and allowed its worst criminals to seek asylum in the US as part of the Mariel Evacuation. The Americans had no choice but to accept them, as they'd been preaching to Cuban government to let their 'dissident' leave.

    Disapora Eelamtards in the UK have threatened to commit suicide in case of deportation back to SL. The High Court has now allowed them leave to remain in the UK to avoid breaching their 'human rights'.

    SL should select the most intractable die-hard Eelamists and murderers currently held at Boosa and other jails and send them to the UK.

    A team of British MPs is currently on a fact-finding mission in SL. Let them take them with them on their return :)

    As the UK govt appears to just love Eelam and Eelamtards, let them take them all.


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