Sunday, April 5, 2009

Several photos of dead LTTE leaders released

Since some of our readers were skeptical about the claims in previous article on senior LTTE leaders being annihilated by the army, here are some photographic proof to back up those claims. More pictures will be released to the media once preliminary investigations by a special MI team are over.

LTTE Special Commander Theepan – Top right corner of the image shows Theepan with members of the SLMM (taken several years ago)

vithushaCommander of LTTE’s Malathi brigade – Colonel Vidusha – Top left corner of the image shows Vidusha at an LTTE ceremony back in the good old days  

Photographs were captured from the SLRC new video uploaded to YouTube by lkwebnews. Full video can be found here.


  1. Bravo, SLA, outstanding work. The end for Eelam monkeys couldn't have come in a better fashion.


  2. From Puligal:

    Peter said,

    No injuries to Col. Theepan, Col. Vithusha or Col. Thurga.

    April 5, 2009 9:42 AM

    hak hak hak...

    I think the peelamists are in a denial mode..from their heads they know that Peelam is done and dusted...but their hearts say otherwise..thats why the cyber net peelam warriors wants to keep the peelam flame burning..and they try to convince other peelamists, that everything is ok..have no fear..and all is going as per the master plan of Vihilu...which started from appointing MR as president..

    hak hak hak...

  3. Col. Vithusha 5 years ago:

    Decide for your self if today's photo is her.

  4. ohh..these chinkalam army are lying..

    see...all peelam leaders are ok and giving their speeches...for the PTK warriors...

    chinkalam lies..

    hak hak hak...

  5. @ Sniper,

    Peter said,

    No injuries to Col. Theepan, Col. Vithusha or Col. Thurga.

    Yes, It's true. According to PEE-EATER, Maavil Aru gate is still closed.

  6. Editor: "Badrinath",

    Yes there is a huge difference between those two photos. In the photo you linked to Vidusha is alive. In the other she is slain like a wild animal. So yes to your eyes which are specially trained live in 'denial' yes it may not look like the same person.

    Vidusha is as dead as a doorknob. Posting bullshit on internet blogs is not going to revive her so take it like a man and learn to live in reality.

  7. Horrible thought, but nevertheless...

    how do we know these are not stills from a porn she made with velu?

  8. WOW DN.. I like your reply to Donkeynath..

    Can anyone PLEASE this monkey a table to hide?

  9. Supreme coolie supreme intelligent supreme leader confirms that it was Colonel Brigadier supreme comannder having an orgasmic moment.

    The supreme eelamistani republik is doing well and is well on its way to uplifting the world economy.

  10. Lol. Defence modaya resorts to cussing after seeing just one photo. Sorry for spoiling your day.

  11. Wow DN, you dah man. Tell it like it is.

    Any info on those who surrendered?

  12. Looks like the tiger pundais got the ass-kicking of their lives in Australia when they tried to screw with a bunch of Sri Lankan youth.

    How d' you like being ass raped, wanni fuckfaced monkeys?

  13. A BIG one is ready to surrender....

  14. Photo Editor: "Badrinath",

    Why all the hatred with this 'modaya' talk man? Anyways you don't have a clue on what happened at PTK - your cluelessness is written all over your replies to fellow assbandits at Puligal.

  15. Sorry for spoiling your day.

    I feel really sorry for the dream world you are living in.

    Don't wake up. It's a Nightmare.

  16. phaedrus

    They are singing like canaries in a cole mine...

    There are apparently scatterings of gooks gone underground among civies in other areas, who are now being flushed with help form MI and other anti-LTTE friendlies familiar with the terrain. THese guys haev long held grudges against the LTTE and are the ones who are making the gooks disappear.
    Maybe the govt should stpe in there and control the arrest process, but for now it works well enough and will limit the unnecessary crowding of our prison system.

  17. So what do we do with all those polished stone slabs from the cemetaries in the gook land?

  18. Ediot or "birdinath"

    No peelam monkey can spoil our day when the tough SL army get going.

  19. @TS
    Return of gonibilla under more agreeable circumstances?

    Let's hope so.

  20. DN,

    Ah at last the pix have come out..awesome stuff by getting so many leaders in one encounter!!..the recovery of the Anti-aircraft gun is especially looks like 1 20 or 23mm weapon and not 14.5mm as reported in videos show that the Tigers have removed all 4 gun barrels,probably for use in ground role??

  21. Does anybody know the model/make and country of origin of the Anti-aircraft gun recovered?

  22. Wow, the whorebitch looks as sadistic and ugly in death as she was in real life...

    I really hope some shrapnel went right up her rotten pundey before she died (as a well deserved payback for sword/axe hacking captured SLA soldiers and making them bleed to death - her "specialty" that she was famous for).

    OaO Asithri

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. As for the "Deepan" cocksuker...

    wow, I have seen prettier looking gorillas! Sorry animal lovers, I assure you I did not mean to offend you.

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  25. DN, what is your opinion?

    I think SKR got it wrong, the dead female tiger leader is definitely not Vitusha (Yarlini), I think it is Duruga (Thurga), here is a picture of Duruga (the one on the left):

    The dead woman resembles Duruga.

    I am almost 100% certain it is Theepan that is in the video.

    As I mentioned, identities will only be confirmed after MI team from Colombo completes their work, thats why is not publishing the pics.

  26. [Does anybody know the model/make and country of origin of the Anti-aircraft gun recovered?]

    LTTE whorebitch, I do.

    I found out by looking inside your mother's sari...suggest you do the same.

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  27. Mahen,

    I have the same suspicion that it is Thurga. However, The skin tone and the face metrics changes drastically in death. Anyway, lets wait for MI to confirm it.

  28. well well if isnt for asithri the mentally retarded fellow..poof i say!! use talkin to these type of low-life buggers..:>

  29. Renegade the Retard,

    Do you want to see more photographic evidence?


  30. [TamilNut, Sunday, 05 April 2009, 15:45 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Army (SLA), which has been blaming that the Tigers were using civilians as 'human shields' on Sunday contradicted its claims saying that main LTTE fighting formations were inside a territory outside the safe zone, besieged by the SLA and claimed that the area has now been brought under its control, causing heavy casualties to the LTTE.

    Tamilnut lie factory didn't catch the part about cowardly fat fellow hiding behind civilians and sending his brain washed minions to fight the brave SLA in Pumpkin Patch area.


  31. konappu bandara,

    Look forward to celebrating the total annihilation of LTTE soon.

  32. hiding Vihilu and pottu getting harassed by a peelamist monkey (Bhairav) keep on asking where's my peelam???

    hak hak hak....

  33. Sam P,

    I think it is Duruga too. Face metrics and skin tones do change during rigor mortis, but it cannot look younger? Yarlini is in her 40s, this dead woman is mid 30s, I think its Duruga. Let's wait and see what MI says.

  34. Look forward to celebrating the total annihilation of LTTE soon.

    Sam Perera, dear chap, I want to see fat fellow executed using our time honored methods of executing criminals. My preferred method would be tied to a post and torn limb from limb by an Elephant. However some have suggested impaling on a metal pike and left to die in agony.


  35. "...Forgive me. This is it. Everything is beyond my control..." Pottu was heard to have said.

    Do monkeys know how to forgive?

  36. Where’s Moshe – we had a bumper harvest and now Mahen’s having problems grading the produce.

  37. Remaining civillian head count is anywhere between 10-20,000 in the safe zone.

    Before last night's battle, the LTTE had a hardcore of appx 600-700, out of which at least 420 have been killed over the week end and 110 surrendered.

    That leaves abt 100-200 more to guard the entire area and also prevent the civillians from escaping.

    There is a chance of an Indian military team taking part in the final thrust to take Velu alive. The Indians have a legal right to participate in such an action since there is an outstanding court warrant on his head.

  38. Nearly died laughing over how that Sri lankan chick tore off the banner from the tiger supporter in the car in Australia.
    Monkeelamistanis are getting a rough message...even from Pottu;

    U R f----d! [fill in the blanks using the following letters; u,c,k,e]

  39. Sam,
    This is the photo at the end of your Swarnavahini video. I wonder how many of them have reached eelam today?

  40. DN after a while...

    Any idea how LTTE has so much fire power even after being surrounded for months?

  41. sam perera the fag retard wasup?

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Ranilb5

    [Any idea how LTTE has so much fire power even after being surrounded for months?]

    It was really not "so much firepower" I heard...even the 130mm arty gun just went silent after firing for a short time as the motherfuckers used the limited stock of 130mm shells they had when they fired that gun laterally.

    Anyway, you point is thing the LTTE whores did was to cart away everything they had scattered around Vanni to PTK when escaping the SLDF...

    so, on a concentrated basis, this is no surprise that they appear to have "so much" firepower...yes, there have been some accounts of limited supplies getting through to the LTTE from the NE coast, but those have been very much limited given the 5-ring SLN blockade.

    OaO Asithri

  44. Renegade the LTTE scum,

    Your are nothing more than a subhuman terrorist scum. You too have a place in the unmarked graves in Sri Lanka reserved for faceless terrorists. Please spend your remaining days in a way least harmful to the humanity.

  45. Renegade aka Rifard aka Cable...

    ha ha ha...I see you are now truly squirming around like the fucking bug that just got sprayed with insecticide!


    Keep dancing monkey-bitch...we love to see you LTTE motherfuckers do the last "squirmy-dance" and then roll over and die!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  46. Some more good news for Renegade the subhuman LTTE terrorist scum.

    "Leader of LTTE’s RADHA Regiment SEELAMBARASAN, his deputy ANBU, the terrorist in charge of mortar section GOPAL, the terrorist in charge of mines section ASMI and a leader of LTTE’s SODIA Regiment MOHANA were confirmed killed in the gun battles."

  47. LTTE whorebithes...

    I know some of you are thinking/hoping that this is not the END and that you will continue with your program to capture a part of Motherlanka...

    ha ha ha...if only you know what we know...ha ha ha

    Little do you whorebitches know that once this is over, a major part of the SLDF will be transforming into a "precision strike force" with the best of the best Intelligence as well as highly sophisticated data/electronic warfare and surveillance...meaning you motherfuckers will not have prayer in hell of ever starting this "thamileelam" nonsense ever again in our MotherLanka...get it? Good!

    OaO Asithri

  48. War Without End In Sri Lanka
    April 5, 2009: In Sri Lanka (the island nation off the southern tip of India), three decades of bloody civil war (between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils) is coming to an end. The destruction of the rebel (LTTE) fighting force does not end the war (which has killed about 75,000 people in 25 years), just the period of major combat. There are still a lot of angry, armed and anti-social Tamils in Sri Lanka. There is still the tension between the Tamils (about ten percent of the population) and the Sinhalese (81 percent). There is also a large (eight percent) Moslem minority with some grievances. But nothing like the anger many Tamils and Sinhalese still feel towards each other. It's expected that there will be a lot of low level terrorism between Tamil and Sinhalese extremists for years to come. The LTTE has been trying to partition the island to give the Tamil minority their own mini-state, and now that effort has finally been defeated.

    In an effort to keep the hate alive, the LTTE forced nearly a hundred thousand Tamil civilians to remain with the few thousand LTTE fighters still holding out in about 20 square kilometers of forest and brush land on the northeast coast of the island. The LTTE used these civilians as human shields, and employed force and intimidation to keep the civilians with them. By early 2009, the LTTE was screaming "massacre", and demanding a ceasefire, all the while using force to try and prevent their human shields from escaping. By April, over half the Tamil civilians had escaped the LTTE.

    While the Tamil civilians were not opposed to the LTTE, they were not eager to be human shields. Most have been trying to flee to government territory. Meanwhile, army artillery and air force bombs continue to hit the LTTE fighters, even with the civilians cowering near the rebel positions. Thus with over 600 people a week dying in the continued violence, over 70 percent are civilians (and most of the rest LTTE fighters.) The LTTE uses these civilian deaths, which the rebels have arranged, as part of their propaganda to rally support from the millions of expatriate Tamils (in southern India and the West), and a desire for vengeance on the part of those who have lost kin in the fighting. For the LTTE, they can't lose with this tactic. If the Sri Lankan forces don't fire on the Tamil human shields, the LTTE will continue to hold out. That's because international aid organizations insist on continuing to send food and medical supplies to the trapped civilians. Naturally, the LTTE fighters make use of this aid to maintain their own strength.

    This forces the Sri Lankan government to choose between letting the LTTE hold out indefinitely, with their civilian hostages, or continuing the attack without regard to the casualties among the human shields. While some Sir Lankans favor a more peaceful (expensive and lengthily) approach, most Sri Lankans want the war to end, and after 25 years of Tamil violence, are willing to let the Tamils take most of the losses for a change. The LTTE believes that this attitude will eventually motivate the Sri Lankan Tamils to back another effort to partition the island. So while there will be peace now, eventually there will be war without end.

  49. above from

  50. Bugger! What happened to great state of Peelam? Map

    Ill-gotten gains seldom prosper. Like Marcus Tullius Cicero, the great Roman philosopher, said 'Male parta male dilabuntur'.


  51. EuroVision

    I have always been critical of our missions abroad for not playing their role in defending the country on the diplomatic front, especially in the face of the determined campaign to discredit the country by any means by the brutes.

    They have had infiltrated all the major news organizations and managed to keep some of our self-righteous journalist on pay-roll or offer santhosam in various forms.

    Against this backdrop, there are slight changes in the right direction in the pipeline, which is very encouraging.

    Our diplomatic mission in London, United Kingdom seems to have dusted itself off and done something good.

    Last week, a journalist from the Sunday Telegraph paper was allowed to visit Wanni and he wrote a good article in favour of us while pour scorn on the lies already spread by the brutes.

    Although, a journalist from the Telegraph was welcome to the country, a visa for a journalist from its arch-rival, The Times, has been turned down - and again and again. So, they are upset and fully deserve it. This is the paper which was instumental in the mis-information campaign while getting battle statistics from pro-LTTE diaspora. In short, The Times lost the opportunity for what the journalists called scoop and are very upset about it. They may keep appealing and the High Commission in London may keep rejecting them.

    Those who run The Times may lose sleep over the fact that the Telegraph was allowed while denying the same for them.

    Our credit goes to the folks who came up with this ingenious idea - and at long last.

    This, in effect, is setting the rivals against each other and it serves our purpose.

    Now the authorities in these missions can extend the experience of this noble adventure to Televison too.

    Since BBC has been giving us a hard time, it is high time we turned to its rivals in the UK - Sky News or ITV. We can offer the folks visa while denying the same to a journalist from the BBC. Let the BBC keep appealing too. That means we can set them against each other too.

    This is Eurovision in full swing. Whoever come up with this is a genious, as these things are not in text books to learn from.

    Let's hope other mission abroad adopt similar tactics rather than closing the stable when the horse flees.

  52. Dear chaps, the great Marcus Tullius Cicero must have had an inkling about the fat thug when he said 'O praeclarum custodem ovium lupum!'.

    An excellent protector of sheep, the wolf!


  53. again tamilnet is avoiding my challenge.

    "The area littered with mangled bodies, torn limbs, and blood soaked soil appears more horrific than what one finds inside a butchers shop," a lady medical staff working out of a school-building converted into the temporary primary surgical care centre at Puthumaaththa'lan, told TamilNet Sunday" - tn

    where the fcuking hell are those pictures????

    tn has published more gruesome pix b4. so why not publish them without tampering with the LOCATION of the attack???

    it is bcos the location of the attack was a BIG tiger military complex!!

    i renew my challenge to tamilnet. show the LOCATION of the "carnage" when "civilian" casualties are reported.

    BTW if an area is "decorated" with the remains of LTTE terrorists and their other militias, that is a reason to celebrate!!

  54. vidusha on the mat!!


    thanks for the update DN.

  55. ZPU-4 was made in the soviet union. discountinued later.

    LTTE could have got it either from the eastern europe or cambodia/vietnam/laos region or north korea.

  56. MULLAITTIVU: Five more LTTE leaders were among the senior terrorists killed during confrontations in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU north area Sunday (5).

    Leader of LTTE’s RADHA Regiment SEELAMBARASAN, his deputy ANBU, the terrorist in charge of mortar section GOPAL, the terrorist in charge of mines section ASMI and a leader of LTTE’s SODIA Regiment MOHANA were also confirmed killed in the gun battles.

  57. looks like more big fish were netted than was first thought.

  58. to all stupid LTTE Supporters out there.

    Still think LTTE is going to save the day for "Elam" not by a long way.

    SLA has proven it's ability. now to wipe out the rest of the idots.

    GO SLA

  59. the much speculated "new tactic" to be used to save civilians is the EXTENSIVE use of man-to-man combat. a VERY large number of SLA fighters will storm LTTE held territory armed with RPGs, machine guns, hand grenades, etc. from a few points SLICING the 12 km stretch into manageable blocks.

    when a human body is dismembered, it is ost effective to do it along joints. the same principle must be applied to the slicing of the 12km stretch.

    the distraction is the concentration of civilians. IF SLDFs use the level of concentration of civilians in a particular area to guide the strategy, it will end up in disaster.

    instead if large LTTE positions are used as "joints" to sever, things will be easier.

    civilians BEHIND the advancing troops are IMMEDIATELY taken to safe areas.

    BLITZ is the name of the game. but the LARGE SCALE use of the mechanized infantry should be mooted.

    luring & marshalling tactics should be used on civilians. the use of LOUD air dropped explosives is a good start. they will also demarcate the "joints". it is also a morale destroyer for LTTE fighters who are anyway at a very low level of confidence. this can reduce resistence.

    anyway this is what i think (so no harm in saying it) and the actual strategy would be different.

  60. TS,

    "big fish". no doubt, but the middle and operational level management to be precise.

    1. the top management (VP, KP, PA, CA, BN, soosai (??), etc.) is still in tact.

    2. apart from a few, the CIVILIAN-LTTE linkages (some arseholes. there are NO OTHER links now) are also alive.

    systematic elimination of these lumps of shit is critical now.

  61. Patriots and Eelamists,

    What is left of LTTE today, it is a very lethal force for us to watch for. These BT sleeper cells can be activated any moment now.

    (Thanks Apino)

  62. Karuna the Jedi
    I strongly believe that Karuna has the Jedi instincts to leave LTTE several years ago. Perhaps, he could see the future of the Eelam project better than Sumanadasa Abeyagunasekera.

  63. Asoka S says in LANKA WEB‘
    The reason is obvious. They all rob the country together and nailing corrupt individuals will open a gigantic can of worms. Secondly no party leader wants to touch this issue with a six foot pole for fear of losing his office.

    The end of LTTE is around the corner. President Rajapaksha has immense political capital right now. Why not use is it to clean up the political playground as his next main push in the agenda.

    President Rajapksha has earned his place in history for defeating the ruthless LTTE. His name can truly be written in gold if he takes upon himself to clean up the corruption mess. He don't need to worry about the 500 rupees petty bribe takers at the Immigration or the Kachcheri. He need to chase after the big dogs who steal millions that belong to the Lankan people. They have taken the oath to serve the people with honesty and dignity and we have handed over our democracy for them to protect (or more like to rob?)’

    Above is written by Asoka.S in LANKA WEB

    If we are to bring peace in the country and the lives that are sacrificed by the brave young for our tomorrows mean anything, this ever increasing nagging problems have to be arrested by the people running the country. Our investments in SL is under threat and in a few hours my dear life long business’s partner’s sister will go to courts to get the criminals (a murderer who murdered a whole family to grab a property) be evicted from her only house where the court case will be postponed for another day continuing for a decade or two and there are similar cases. Our own valuable land is encroached by a powerful man with no end in sight to the court cases and every attempt to develop is blocked by various authorities.
    Next phase of the country’s strategy must be to tackle the corrupt practices of the people in power.
    The present terrorist problems will be continued from Tamil Nadhu and unless there’s justice and fair play in the country the people will not be with government in power. The biggest robbery and property grab is done in the fiasco of the GK and only history will reveal who was behind the purpose for which it was allowed to fail and who will ultimately benefit out of it.

  64. sam,

    the karuna episode started at least during the jayasikuru op. it again came up in the failed LTTE assault on jafna in 2000. i'm sure he understood the inability of jaffna tamils and eastern tamils to coexist in an independant nation without another major community.

    BTW who the hell is sa??? someone of ossie abeygunasekera??

  65. kevin,

    agree broadly. but taking on corrup ministers is not the right thing to do now.

    it is good to take on politically less powerful corruption for the time being.

    e.g. the inefficiencies of the HUGE public service. this is corruption and it is BIG.

    also i don't believe in punishment as the BEST cure for corruption EVEN if we manage to actually frame some BIG corrupt MFs which is VERY unlikely. the president cannot punish them. making corruption 'UNDOABLE' as much as possible is the way to go.

  66. What do you guys think about the

    1. Scenario of a Nordic country sending a submarine and VP gets a transfer to the submarine in the middle of the seas (escaping the NFZ using one of the LTTE submersibles)?

    Certainly, the Seatiger boats will play a diversionary tactic in getting VP out.

    2. Scenario of VP get on the remaining Zlin and get dropped to the middle of Seas and picked up by the Submarine of a Nordic country?

  67. Moshe,

    It should be read as Sumanadasa Abeygunawardna.

    Link 1

    Link 2

    link 3

  68. noltte,

    #2 is VERY VERY unlikely. too risky pack all thier "eggs in one basket". a norwegian or sweedish sub cannot loiter for too long in the seas south east of india. planning an escape at that short time makes it riskier for vezapillai.

    SLN OPVs can fire at the plane, SLA can fire and SLAF too can bring it down easily.

    zlins generally don't have gear to land on sea. dropping vezapillai from a prachute to the sea is not going to happen.

    #1 is possible. but high risk of getting intercepted by SLN. if managed to escape SLN, then it is perfectly safe to get into a third party sub/ship FAR AWAY from india, SE asia, SL. this means the ship/sub can adjust a few days/weeks here and there.

  69. Blogger Editor: "Badrinath" said...

    Lol. Defence modaya resorts to cussing after seeing just one photo. Sorry for spoiling your day.

    You have some nerve oh gutless little eraser of posts. You don't have the balls to let anyone go to your propaganda fest and point out the nonsense you try to to pass off as fact but you happily pollute other blogs with such obvious and puerile tripe... I suppose that is what sad boys in Scarborough do when they don't have the nuts to actually back up their words of forced conscription with a trip over-seas and a few days in a gun fight.

    Your Eelam dream is now a nightmare. Face the facts Mr. can't get into York because my marks weren't good enough... the LTTE are getting what they richly deserve...


    Now if only your kings of cowardice would do the right thing and release the hostages before the GoSL loose patience at the cost of further innocent civilian losses.

    One last bit of advice Badrinath... tonight try your other hand... it will feel more like when mom does it.


  70. How to sponsor the education of a child of a fallen/disabled soldier

    1. You now have the oppertunity to show your appreciation to our heroes by sponsoring a child of a fallen/disabled soldier through the Seva Vanitha scholorship program.

    2. You will be sending your contribution directly into the child's account (It does not go into a fund and there are no involement of 3rd parties)

    3. Stipulated monthly amount is US$10 (Rs750-1000). You can contribute more if you like.

    4. Duration of the scholorship can be decided by you.

    5. Sevavanitha will provide you with the child's details along with contact info. You can contact the family directly and verify all the details yourself before depositing funds. Process is very transparent.

    Please visit to download the application form and a detailed description of the procedure.

  71. sam,


    certainly KA knew it better than SA!!


  72. Miss Information

    That was hot.

    Would you marry me?

  73. Blogger NOLTTE=Peace said...

    What do you guys think about the

    1. Scenario of a Nordic country sending a submarine and VP gets a transfer to the submarine in the middle of the seas (escaping the NFZ using one of the LTTE submersibles)?

    Certainly, the Seatiger boats will play a diversionary tactic in getting VP out.

    2. Scenario of VP get on the remaining Zlin and get dropped to the middle of Seas and picked up by the Submarine of a Nordic country?

    Hello? Earth to NoLTTE... what colour is the sky in your world?

    Not only is there no interest in the Nordic Countries to see VP escape there is no such capability you describe. What... that big old Norwegian Naval presence that stretches from the Arctic Circle to South Asia?


    Please... you sound like those Puligay nutbars when you postulate such ill-considered non-sense.

    Sit back and enjoy the Military victories but stop typing without your brain in full gear.


  74. 2000+ civilians storm in from NFZ after PTK was liberated..


    Nidahase Awrudda!!!


    Peelam is done and dusted...

  75. It is very unlikely that Velu or anyone could reach far enough into the seas withut being detected, unless they use a paddle boat on a moonless night.

    The unpaved road which runs thru the area however may be suitable for an ultra-light to take off. Even then, a combination of naval and ground radar, spotters and readiness to attack would nake it very vulnerable to either ground based or air-borne attack. It's a safe bet that the SLAF already has man pads located in the area for exactly that eventuality.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to try locating a huey (Bell helicopter) on board the US built OPV.

  76. The retired 'kossa' from SL police turned instant celebrity police 'Chief' in Monkey-lam Nadesan has had yet another one sided diatribe with 'Solly-boy' Solheim.

    Nadesan said his piece and Solly told his piece, by all counts.

    That tells us why the Norwegians are so attarcted to Nadesan's ilk. They think they've found remnants of a neolithic culture. The neanderthal looks could decieve anyone...

  77. the retard looking "vanni civilian leader" is in the news again

    i noticed that this carion bird comes whenever there are LTTE carcasses about in large numbers.

  78. "LTTE's back is broken" say commentators in foreign defence forums.

    Uncle Velu can do his broke-back mountaining in a prison somewhere, if caught alive.

  79. Moshe

    It's case of monkeys confering titles to monkeys.

    They must be running out of titles, to go for something as unimaginative as a welfare society boss. Wonder what happened to all the death donation societies, since death is all that has happened in the area for the past 30 yrs.

  80. Now that SLDF's have reached the boundaries of NFZ,they need to put highly skilled personnel handling the SAM's

    If reports of one Zlin/Bell still existing are true,the big fish will definitely try to flyout.

  81. From near the arctic in Canada, to almost the Antarctic, Sri Lnakans on the American continent are congratulating Sri Lankan armed forces.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. ["- your cluelessness is written all over your replies to fellow assbandits at Puligal."]

    Shhhh. Don't admit you are reading my blog and my replies.

  84. Once the conventional war is over this conflict will go in to a "cold war/insurgency" phrase.

    To stop this we need to go after the LTTE's money trail.Finding, following, and freezing LTTE Finances should be the next step.

  85. sniper,

    vezapillai did NOT help MR at the 2005 election. he POSITIVELY helped ranil.

    the election was not held in area controlled by VP. if large numbers had crossed omathai, EPDP and TMVP would have got alerted to do "certain things" to nullify the effect. that is why VP didn't try that this time.

    jaffna and batti (most parts where ppl lived) districts (the ONLY districts that show a reduction in votes as per one analysis) were under govt control.

    LOW voter percentage is the NORM in these areas at presidential elections after 1983. 2005 was no exception. it was not bcos VP did something special in 2005.

    the same analysis said how wellawatte, etc. recorded HIGHEST EVER voters percentage in history @ 2005 PE. VP's cocksuckers were busy asking ppl to vote for ranil.

    so the bottomline is, VP and his other sakkiliyas (mano, rauf, chandrasekaran) tried fcuking hard to get ranil elected but failed.

    OTOH basil might have got the LTTE not to do anything SPECIAL at the 2005 PE. that credit (if so) goes to basil not VP. in that case screwwing VP had started even before MR became prez!!

    also i don't think karuna would have actually broken away from the LTTE with cadres if the parliament was not dissolved in 2004. he would have done it later.

    if these were not planned by our guys AT THE RIGHT TIME, it must be God's hand trying to save SL. God's plan certainly included the tsunami too that delayed LTTE plans by 1 year.

  86. Badrinath,
    More material for baking punnaku pies for diasspora.

    Achieve The Perfect Pie

    You may spend the rest of your day looking at and counting the guns here making sure the "modayas" had got the count right!

  87. bn,

    yes but there is nothing more we could do to stop it than now. they collect money for "charity".

    after the war, they will collect money for "rebuilding".

    it is actually very easy to go round the law in western countries bcos restricting groups, funds collection is not the norm there.

    also when the LTTE's military wing is gone or almost gone, these countries might lift the ban. (not the US and india though)

    i agree we should stop it but it will be almost impossible without FRUSTRATING THE TAMIL ELAM project. if it can be frustrated (obviously in SL), that will put off the die-arse-pora (+RAW, + norway, + NGOs, + other jokers).

    it is like an unflushed toilet that attracts greenflies from far away. (they are in the industry!!!!) flush it and soon the flies lose interest. that means flush the TE project down the toilet.

  88. Moshe,

    we must also thank god for the Supreme Court’s verdict on the PTOMS.

    that saved few hundred of SLA and civilian lives for sure.

  89. Moshe,

    I know it is hard under foreign law.

    Yes we must do what ever we can to 'frustrate the TE project' at home. and that certainly is within our power/and reach.

    But mate, by hook or by crook we also must see where those money machines are!

  90. # VIDEO-Wanni Operation 5 th April 2009

    # Outraged Pro-LTTE elements attack people and damage Sinhalese owned shops

    # KDU Founder Gen. Sir John Kotelawala remembered

    # Patriotic Sri Lankan expacts pays tribute to valiant troops

    # UN special envoy praises facilities at civilian welfare villages in Vavuniya

    # 2127 civilians flee LTTE tyranny: seek protection with security forces - Mullaittivu

  91. # LTTE's days numbered as troops make final move to free civilian hostages in Mullaittivu

    # Top LTTE leaders felled, says Sri Lanka

    # Senior policeman shot dead

    # Lankan groups clash in Melbourne

    # Bridge the trust deficit, a Tamil diaspora leader tells President Rajapaksa

    # Khalil and family off to Sri Lanka : Pakistani bus driver to be honoured in Colombo today

  92. I'd say, this.has to be the WORST debacle suffered by the ltte after the famous Welioya debacle where they lost close to 400+ cadres in just few hours of fighting, thanks to late M.G. Janaka Perera.

    However, considering the circumstances, this PTK debacle seems to be the "Killer Blow" to the ltte, all thanks to our great General, Sarath Fonseka!!!

    With such a great loss, Im seriously wondering how they hope to hold on to the NFZ any further?
    I believe that the SPECIAL FORCES are the most suited to carry out the rescue mission because they are capable of
    "Godin, Diyen saha Guwanin satanata awatheerna wee" attacking the enemy.

  93. oh no! tamilnet. this is not going to help.

    we need DIRECT photographic evidence of civilian casualties AT THE PLACES such alleged casualties occured.

    otherwise it is BULLSHIT.

    ""It has become a routine for the makeshift hospital at Puthumaaththa'lan to receive high number of civilian casualties each time after the ICRC ship has transported patients from here, on the same evening or the following day, " observes K. Tharmakulasingam, an administrative officer of Mullaiththeevu Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) Sunday told reporters at the hospital."

    don't keep patients in the "make shit" hospital. transport them in the ICRC ship!!!!

    so you are getting our message. sorry, this communication media is a bit bloody. unfortunately terrorists only understand bloody modes of communication.

    "The people who come here ask as why they are being attacked within the safe zone," he said after witnessing at least 20 seriously wounded civilians to succumb to their injuries at the hospital Sunday morning alone."

    bcos LTTE TERRORIST COWARDS are hiding behind civilians in the SAFE ZONE!!

  94. # Prevail on LTTE to allow the Civilians to go for safety- MEPs Urged

    # Tigers lose leaders, weapons

    # No hurry for ‘no-fire zone’: Gota

    # President calls on Prabha to surrender immediately

    # TNA again calls for ceasefire

    # Rule of law must be brought to North: CJ

  95. # Bodies of 11 LTTE cadres buried in Moneragala

    # SLR launches first express daytime train service to Batti

    # Sangaree wants red rice for idps

    # Some EU parliamentarians are ltte apologists: sri lanka ambassador to Eu Aryasinha

    # Making mission possible in Mullaitivu

    # Woes of the Kokilai fishermen

  96. Badrinath:

    "Shhhh. Don't admit you are reading my blog and my replies."

    Why wouldn't we? After all you spammed the link several times here on DefenceNet begging for traffic lol. Anyway have to agree it's a good read as comic relief.

  97. Defencenet, this is not a picture of Vidusha. I think it's of Durga. But it doesn't matter because both those whore and dead and that makes me happy :)

  98. Well folks it's still not over yet. LTTE has enough arms and ammo to quip a large number of forcible recruits. These of course will be no match for the army but they dont deserve to die just because they were forced into the FDL at gunpoint.

  99. "Defencenet, this is not a picture of Vidusha. I think it's of Durga."

    Yeah it looks that way. We;ll edit the article when we get the time and more confirmation.

  100. Editor: "Badrinath" said...
    Sorry sinhala modayas, no sinhalaya posters allowed here.

    April 4, 2009 11:33 AM

    The above comment is from Badrinath (17030941526579143296), who's the author of puligal.

  101. # Ending the Sri Lankan Conflict

    # Puthukudiyiruppu: LTTE last bastion falls Tigers retreat to No-Fire Zone:

    # LTTE is immune to international pressure

    # Para-military operative escapes from Jaffna prison

    # Mahinda W ready to leave hospital

    # Congress slams distribution of CDs by LTTE supporters

  102. Defence modaya wrote:

    "Yeah it looks that way. We;ll edit the article when we get the time and more confirmation."

    Lol. What happened to this statemet of yours where you got angry for me pointing out it wasnt Vithusha, and then you started cussing:

    "Vidusha is as dead as a doorknob. Posting bullshit on internet blogs is not going to revive her so take it like a man and learn to live in reality."

    Modayas never learn.

  103. Badrinath is blocking the pro-Sri Lankan bloggers who interrupt their one sided conversaion. (In which they are trying to convince themselves that everything is A-OK in PTK and no leaders are dead).

    Badrinath, dont you find it bit funny after blocking Singala bloggers from your blog you yourslef still come here repeatedly to post your usual crap?

    DN, please dont do the same mistake which DW has done. Let the monkeys comment in your site. This gives the opposing viewers the oppertunity to counter their crap and drive some sense into the monkey's heads (a herculean task, I must admit).

    Besides, its quite boring without the monkeys

  104. Badri,
    "Vidusha is as dead as a doorknob. Posting bullshit on internet blogs is not going to revive her so take it like a man and learn to live in reality."

    So? Vidusha is still dead and she aint coming back. Whats your point?

    I'm not Bhairav,
    We will not be blocking anyone coz we dont have anything to hide and we dont live in a virtual reality.

  105. ok ASS we will give you brown rice instead of white rice.

    "He also charged that a certain Minister from the North was visiting the refugee camps regularly with the intention of advertising himself as the next Nothern Province Chief Minister."

    what is wrong with that?? he is a minister and that's what a minister should do, visit his ppl.

    ASS has a new party. a racist one again.


    his old party.

    TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL united liberation front.

    time you shed racist politics ASS. there will NEVER be a TAMIL NATION certainly not democratically. the only difference between TNA and DTNA is that TNA has seats in parliament!!!!

  106. # The biggest hostage rescue operation in the world

    # Arundathi's ranting and raving

    # Only Prabhakaran and under 100 LTTE cadres left- Military Spokesman

    # Completely shaken Prabhakaran sighted in the midst of the IDPs in the No Fire Zone - Update -3

    # Capture of Prabhakaran, only a matter of time- Defence Secretary - Update - 4

    # An open letter to Arundathi Roy

  107. Badri, why dont you publish a recent picture of Vidusha in action so DN can eat hisr own words?

    Take the challenge man. We know you can do it!!!

  108. we have a problem here.

    "A total of 2127 civilians including 919 children have fled from LTTE hostage and sought protection with 58 Division troops at Ampalavanpokkanai, Mullaittivu yesterday (April 5).

    According to military, the civilians belonging to 503 families included 429 men, 779 women and 919 children. The civilian exodus triggered on Sunday (5) hours after security forces crushed last LTTE resistances at Puthukkudiyirippu, security sources said. "

    779 women
    only 429 men.

    where are the other 350 men??? OK given the small men : women ratio difference the number of men would be smaller than the number of women.

    in that case, where are the other 300 men???

    LTTE has more men than women in its fighting cadre. TF they are in the LTTE. at least in the "Civilian militia".

  109. "I'm not Bhairav",

    By knowing DN's style, they never object to anyonce comments.
    Historicaly DN had more visitors / comments than DW. Due to DW's regular posts users switched.

    However DN's credibility or actual users never lost, unlike DW's time to time "Some Surangana Katha".

    It's time your team to carry out educating every one like old days.
    Can you please take on the challenge !

  110. ["So? Vidusha is still dead and she aint coming back. Whats your point?"]

    You can't even identify her from a photograph, yet you want to pretend you know inside military information.

    ["By knowing DN's style, they never object to anyonce comments."]

    Correct, he will just edit the articles as his mistakes are exposed.

  111. badrinath the vp ass licker...

    mate just accept the truth....lot of ugly worms got perished..we dnt care if its vidusha or any bitch..any work that fights for LTTE needs to be wiped out thats it...wut happend to ur great leader theepan..special commander ah... have a life looser..

    ur blog is apiece of shit..stupid articles comparing T 56 and T 56 1 s stupid idiot..
    just dnt waste time writing crap. u can earn few Canadian dollars by washing more toilets in that time... do something useful

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. 450 LTTE bodies recovered, but they only show a line of 20 bodies on the news? Just remember, your own military says there are only 100 LTTE fighters left (15 of whom are senior leaders). After 1 month, lets see what you say.

    85 fighters are holding back either 50,000 to 150,000 civilians (choose whatever number you like).

  114. Forgive Me, Everything is beyond my control...

    Indeed! We told you so, Pottu.

    You miss Vidusha, don't you? You are not well-known for shedding tears, but you did and we interpreted it.

    A classic case of saving cadres for the safely of individual commanders.

    Soosai is the architect of this strategy who refused to use his cadres on ground operations.

    If I were Durga, I would have spread the legs for Theepan and let Pottu hear moan on airwaves - to complete the betrayal!

  115. her bade arina atthe....

    follow this link...

    3rd picture to the right...

    have u gone to school....u knw how to count...I am 100% sure u know only up to 15 ..
    ondru irendu .muunu...

    have some crap and bulshit will nt keep diaspora with u..

  116. these peelamist are so stupid.. still they are waiting for the counterattack (TM)

    poor idiots..

  117. All,
    Why do we still trying to answer LTTE terrorists in here?

    We got nothing to prove while get them to verify all relvent details.

    If any of those are live get them to come foward and show their smiles.

  118. perin is correct..mee gon harak sakkili ..well let them to live in thier peelam wet dream.btw peelam has to be relocated to malaysia or norway now.....he he

    adios..ppl great work SLDF..

    end is imminent badddarinorth aka peter north....

  119. Chena Boys,
    We hear some one been striping his well known uniform.
    Wonder who it is !!!

    Please give it a guess... DN aunty also welcome.

  120. why does web masters cannot update the map?
    SLA does lot of hard work during last few days
    5 web masters wake up.

    Dear Defence Secretary,
    Can you please create a daily check list for those 5 web masters. If you need some help, we can easily list few.

  121. Wow badri is in the counting business. Did you count the guns bardi in the link i previously posted for you?

    I'm not Bhairav said...
    Badri, why dont you publish a recent picture of Vidusha in action so DN can eat hisr own words?

    Take the challenge man. We know you can do it!!!


    hahahaha...badri, keep counting all the dead bodies and guns!

  122. patriots,

    i hear the MUCH ANTICIPATED LARGEST EVER humanitarian operation has begun JUST NOW!!

    May God bless our soldiers and bring them home safely.

    this is the most decisive moment in SL history in recent times.

  123. MD,

    Your link does not work

  124. karu,

    sorry mate. there is no link. i should not have used "a" tags.

  125. DM,

    Are you talking about the news at

    or do you have any other info?

    It is really interesting to see what would be the next step taken by SF. I am sure even superpowers are eagerly watching the situation. So far it has been simply brilliant.

  126. Perein,
    I agree with you, baldrick should be treated just as in Black Adder: ignored most of the time / occasionally kicked but no long conversations with it.

  127. thanks for the link.

    i received it from another source. still can't figure it out what EXACTLY is the plan though.

    i was thinking something like blitz attacks obviously changed to suit SL ground conditions.

  128. civilians had said tiger recruitment has increased.

    looks like vezapillai is not going to give up without MORE violence.

  129. Sometimes I wonder whether there is some truth in Mahen's Pottu story. After all it was pottu who facilitated the most bountiful harvest!!

  130. karu,

    apparently he had broken down! may be for the first time.

    SLDFs planning is at a very high level. yesterday tigers were bashed totally and today the long planned op has started as planned!! no holding back, no postponing, no resting.

    like clockwork!!

  131. no holding back, no postponing, no resting.

    That was the hallmark of the entire operation. The only holding back was for 48 hr period. We know it was disastrous. I am sure SF did not like that 48 hr business at the first place.

  132. Ratnam master is dead, according to tamil civillians from teh no fire zone.

  133. Moshe and Karu,

    According to DW, LTTE was getting ready for another attack when we trapped them. Just like what they did in the last 48hr humanitarian ceasefire, LTTE may have planned this attack to use the time when there was a rumor about an unconditional ceasefire to get the people out. As usual, LTTE tried to hoodwink everybody but failed this time. No more pauses of ceasefires should be there to reinforce the terrorists. At the same time, I am surprised how our aerial surveillance did not see when LTTE moved their fighters across the lagoon. Are there any tunnels in this area? Otherwise, LTTE may have not moved these weapons and fighters to NFZ at all.

  134. Sam

    They may have moved them in much earlier.

    Real time info led to the routing of the LTTE

  135. Moshe

    While the nattami circus was masterbating gleefully claiming entire divisions of SLA had been wiped out, these forces were allowed to rest and retrain for the next phase.

    Obviously the special forces and commandoes goin in have recieved in depth training, have been rested and are ready for the fight, while the LTTE is still reeling and looking for its left ball inside its own ass.

  136. Are the Melbourne attacks the beginning of an era of international terror by teh LTTE targetting sri Lankans abroad?

    This could very well be the case.

    For many years the LTTE held sway with its bunch of overseas diaspora spreading false rumors against sri lanka. This effort fell apart as a result of the higher educated Sri Lankans abroad getting involved in a sustained effort to counter the malicious propaganda. This is a movement the LTTE and the tamil extremists did not recognize as formidable enough to become a major stumbling block to their agenda. However, it did.

    Today the LTTE knows that they cannot win militarily against the SL forces. Instead the efforts need to be shifted to the international arena and there they need to confront the motivated, yet barely organized pro-Sri Lankan diaspora.

    The LTTE understands only one way of dealing with dissent and opposition and that is with violence. If Melbourne and attacks elsewhere are a sign of anything, it could be the beginning of a sustained campaign of violence to intimidate and overwhelm all opposition to its global campaign.

    Sri Lankans abraod will do well to keep that it mind at act with restraint and use all legal means in the countries of their domicile to expose the tiger activities and neutralize them as soon as possible.

  137. Fighting has erupted inside the no-fire zone as ground forces are pouring in.

    This should be over soon.

  138. TS,

    I assume that 55,57, and 59 are breaking in this time?

  139. # 18th batch of patients and civilians trapped in Mullaithivu evacuated with the Naval assistance

    # Civilians flee as Sri Lanka enters last fight

    # Sri Lankan president says rebels must surrender

    # Tamil cause consumes and divides brothers

    # Tactical manoeuvre launched to free civilians: Sri Lanka

    # Sri Lanka braces for final battle against Tigers

  140. No hurry for ‘no-fire zone’: Gota

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, in an interview with the Reuters news agency said that troops were in no hurry to proceed to the ‘no-fire zone’.
    Soldiers would not be in a hurry, especially when intelligence reports show dissension against the LTTE brewing in the area, he had said.

    “Time is not a factor here. Our major concern is to get these civilians out of the LTTE-controlled area. Very soon, you will see a lot of civilians coming out and making the task of the military easier,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.

    - Daily Mirror


    It's true that we don't like to hear this and with all of you, I too like to see the Pig face of Praba really soon (Like we saw Theepan s').

    We cant go by the heart always, there are times where we need to use our brains.

    I see something big behind Our Great Gota s' statement. He is the Director of this Final episode.

    Lets see what is going to happen.

  141. Melbourne Attacks!

    This is a good cause for peace-loving Sri Lankan patriots to flock together more and organize against the LTTE mafia in respective countries.

    It is important that peace-loving patriotic Sri Lankans to help and cooperate with the law-enforcing agencies making sure that the LTTE culprits get apprehended.

    CCTV systems, Video Footages, Photographs are now low-tech and highly affordable for individuals and businesses. Therefore, they can act as deterrent as well as tool for apprehension of culprits. Use them well.

    Also, work closely with the Sri Lankan Embassy. I agree that it is tough given that they are considered a 'cocktail embassy'. But, they will facilitate some important discussions which would take place to safe-guard peace-loving residents of Australia.

    .. and our MI at KIA is always waiting for photographs, names, and other info of overseas LTTE die-hards (when landed in SL, who becomes pussycats).

    So, you will know what you need to do!

  142. # Tiger goons flee in underwear from incensed Aussie Sri Lankan women

    # My leader is still deeply committed to the freedom struggle -Nadesan

    # The last straw

    # 'Party stands for ceasefire'

    # A snake without a head

    # Prabhakaran’s deadly dream is almost over

  143. ....................

    --SF starts first phase of 'the operation'--

    ||::CeylonDefence::|| updated

    Click here


  144. ....................

    --SF starts first phase of 'the operation'--

    ||::CeylonDefence::|| updated

    Click here


  145. Patriots,

    According to Ceylon Defence, the today count has risen to 525. I hope that we can find few hundreds more under those demolished bunkers.

  146. I think this might interest fellow bloggers:
    Watch LIVE TV on the Wanni Situation:
    Ranaviru TV Live

  147. [Several photos of dead LTTE leaders released]

    This the appropriate time for those who ever believed that there was a 'Tamil issue' in Sri Lanka.

    Internally in general and externally in particular, so many folks criticized the Sri Lankans about an 'ethnic conflict', 'hatred of Tamils' and 'not offering enough autonomy for Tamils'.

    Need Sri Lankans offer more evidence than this to prove that from the day 1, Tamil terrorists’ sole activity has been to go on SUICIDE+HOMICIDE missions?

    Cowardice and stupidity of Tamil terrorists seem to be limitless... They are now hiding in NFZ among the civilian hostages, firing on the advancing troops, crying ‘genocide’ and then expecting International Community to believe them!

    Tamil terrorists must be killed to the last one... if Sri Lankans want peace and prosperity in their country.

    Let's us vouch on this auspicious day... NEVER TO DEVIATE FROM THAT PATH.

  148. Blogger Editor: "Badrinath" said...

    450 LTTE bodies recovered, but they only show a line of 20 bodies on the news? Just remember, your own military says there are only 100 LTTE fighters left (15 of whom are senior leaders). After 1 month, lets see what you say
    " Bendrinath " the dumb fuck eiter you cannot count or blind. At least I can see 200 dead LTTE monkies in those pictures.

  149. Recovery of LTTE Corpses Rises to 525

    MULLAITTIVU: SEARCH and clear operations being conducted by the troops in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area recovered seventy-two more LTTE dead bodies on Monday (6).

    Latest recovery amounts the number of dead bodies so far found by the troops from the area since 1st of April to five hundred and twenty-five (525).

    # This is after SLA recruiting "Badrinath" to count all the dead tigers. DiASSpora can send an email to Badrinath and request all the 525 pics with exif data. HIKZ..

  150. ["" Bendrinath " the dumb fuck eiter you cannot count or blind. At least I can see 200 dead LTTE monkies in those pictures."]

    The latest pictures contain 60 LTTE bodies, most highly decomposed from previous days of fighting.

    The original picture they showed had 20 dead bodies in a single row. The next day they added other photos showing 60 bodies. There is no where near the 525 bodies they claim to have collected.

    60 bodies over 4 days of fighting is just 15 bodies a day. The LTTE has been losing 15 fighters a day for almost a year now.

    The Sri Lankan army saved up 4 or 5 days worth of dead bodies and showed them at once. It obviously worked because you are all wowed.

  151. ["Fighting has erupted inside the no-fire zone as ground forces are pouring in."]

    Fighting has not erupted in the no fire zone. Stop spreading rumors, and present some facts for the modayas.

    Further operations won't begin till all the laptops have been cleared from PTK.

  152. Editor: Monkeynath,

    Congratulations! You have been awarded the prestigious award once given to Joseph Goebbels and Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf.

  153. Go back to swearing at me. It will make you feel happy and everyone will congratulate you.

  154. All ya ltte I have always said yrs ago...can now kiss my candy ass ! Wait till those poor SLA soldiers from the south ya insulted 'n harassed, get their hands on fatass VP & Pottu ! Forget....trials baby......stay tuned. Ya can fool folks sometimes......but, not all the time ! Ya idiots !

    Good Job .....SLA ...pound the rest of 'em to bits ! This is Fall Berlin Part II.

    Good job Defnet & fellas.. Loved the Aussie video nice work boys !

    I'm still looking for those 6 SL Navy seaman captuted a fews ago ? Also, the 2 Robinson Choppers !
    Anyone ?

  155. Peter Puthey....

    This is your sister...


    Come to me brother!

  156. Editor: "Monkeynath"

    For the ones who care about freedom to express opinion, can you please stop deleting the others views not favorable towards the terrorists cause?

  157. What is this Editor Badbreath guy up to?

    Is he trying to convert us to be eelamists or what?

    Too late for that mate!

    Your boss thought along the same lines: the earth is flat; sun is the centre of the universe and he sits on it; the race he belongs to is the most superior one; the news of blowing innocent men, women and children without the slightest involvement in military affairs does not go beyond northern shores and the list goes on.

    Try to market optimism in capsule form and you can make more money than an editor does in his life time.

  158. Guys,
    With victory we need to come forward with dignity and respect for our soldiers as well as dead enemy cadres. Whether it's for the right reasons or not, they have made an ultimate sacrifice, so have some respect and dignity for other human beings. (At the same time screw Praba for not surrendering and saving these lives).

    I think war is going to end pretty soon. For this victory to become a successful one, we need to look forward to our future in one Sri Lanka with anti-racism, anti-discrimination and equality. Lets stop abusing pro-ltte voices here.. We don't really have any threat from these guys anymore.. They are absolutely powerless anyway..!

  159. PeAcE,

    Have we crossed our paths elsewhere? Your views about pro LTTE voices and what will happen next is naive beyond belief. This is not going to be over for another two decades. Please feel free to relax personally. However, I know that most of the blogger here will not. We have a country to defend until all the Eelamists and separatists are eliminated with their ideology while the politicians do their part to build peace. Even then, we have many more other threats coming up and we don't want to be caught off guard next time. We need to evaluate future threats continuously based on the social and political issues in and off shore. Next phase is to expand our military to face many other potential threats.

    "I think war is going to end pretty soon. For this victory to become a successful one, we need to look forward to our future in one Sri Lanka with anti-racism, anti-discrimination and equality. Lets stop abusing pro-ltte voices here.. We don't really have any threat from these guys anymore.. They are absolutely powerless anyway..!"

  160. hey Pukkanath.... never displayed all pigs they killed it's not the job to do that...just shut the fck** here and give some more poonnanaku for Coolies in abroad ..they are so upset by now as they lost all hard earned (cleaning toilets)money...thanks anyway for arms

  161. I Agree,the war will not end for sometime. we need to plan for future threats. and access them & take action. next target's will be people who funded the LTTE & main supporters of LTTE. we need to destroy the roots.

  162. Straight in to the Sri Lankan history's unmarked graves reserved for faceless terrorists (check 2:05).

  163. PeAcE:

    [ We don't really have any threat from these guys anymore.. They are absolutely powerless anyway..!]

    I'm afraid I cannot agree with that. Tamil separatism+ terrorism is a huge challenge for the Sri Lankans and Motherlanka, most extreme action is needed to face it. See what a roller-coaster ride it has been to corner the Tamil terrorists!

    Also this 'Tamil' issue was, is and will be used by many foreign vultures to create trouble to us, weaken us, divide us, control us and finally kill us. That is written on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF MOTHERLANKA, so don’t contest that.

    So... in order to BREAK FREE...we have to take the threat seriously and never allow them to even THINK... that they would succeed. This is what we did in the last three years.

    Most extreme measures are the KEY... Tamil speaking brothers and sisters among us are nothing to do with the sinister plans of the Tamil terrorists and their sponsors.

  164. Hi Sam.. I agree to what you're saying.. (Sorry for sounding naive but I think I made a point)..

    The only way we can stop future uprisings is not by more war.. There were reasons why this war and terrorism started.. There is a reason why there's a diaspora whose supporting terrorism..
    Of course as Sinhalese we made mistakes in the past..
    Now is the time to correct these mistakes.. I think this needs to be addressed constitutionally. Look at countries like Australia, where literally hundreds of different cultures living together in one country in harmony. I think we need similar prospects for our future and our children's future in Sri Lanka..

  165. "Most extreme measures are the KEY... Tamil speaking brothers and sisters among us are nothing to do with the sinister plans of the Tamil terrorists and their sponsors." -- I completely agree Gringo..!

    I agree there are extremist terrorist idiots still all around the world.. I am not saying ignore other forces of future/potential terrorism. We need action against them..

    But our biggest duty is towards our tamil brothers and sisters who suffered the most during past 30 odd years.. We need to help them, give them dignity and respect and make sure they feel equally important as citizens of our mother lanka..

  166. PeAcE,

    I whole heatedly agree with you on this. I am a firm believer of equal rights and equal responsibilities. I think that most of us are on the same page with you here about supporting our peace loving Sri Lankan brothers and sisters well while doing the very best to eliminate future threats. Now, don't forget that many of our Sinhala and Muslim brothers were affected by LTTE terror also. Therefore, our compassion should include all ethnicities in Sri Lanka, not limited to one.

    "But our biggest duty is towards our tamil brothers and sisters who suffered the most during past 30 odd years.. We need to help them, give them dignity and respect and make sure they feel equally important as citizens of our mother lanka.."

  167. PeAcE...

    Sri Lankans' strength is THEIR DIVERSITY... There are legendary Tamil, Burgher, Malay and Muslim defence folks who sacrificed their lives in this fight against the barbaric Tamil terrorists.

    They died for our country… not for their ethnicity or religion on whatever. Without them our present victories would have been impossible.

    But hey... there are many more of them ACTIVE behind the scene...

    These folks always remember… when they kill Tamil terrorists like dogs.... the Sri Lankan pride goes in... before the bullet comes out.
    That's the quiet Sri Lankan style.

  168. Gringo,

    "Sri Lankans' strength is THEIR DIVERSITY... There are legendary Tamil, Burgher, Malay and Muslim defence folks who sacrificed their lives in this fight against the barbaric Tamil terrorists."

    Speaking of legendary Tamil, Burgher, Malay and Muslim defence folks, one day I want to settle the score with those Sinhala bastards who gave our most valuable LRRP assets to LTTE on a silver platter. These were the very best Sri Lankans we had in that time and we turned the tide of the war due to their heroism. Many such heroes made the ultimate sacrifice due to these bastards and these bastards and their political bosses needs to pay the ultimate price for this act. Most importantly, we need to honor these heroes by taking care of their loved ones.

  169. For those of you who think the fighting ends the violence, you may be in for a disappointment.

    There's every reason to expect systematic targetting of sri lankan civillians abroad by pro-LTTe groups, in order to intimidate and silence dissent in preparation for the next stage of their seperatist dream. They need an overseas audiance which hears only thier litany of discrimination, genocide etc stories told and re-told until the most blatant of fabricated lies become accepted as fact.

    It is the Sri lankan groups abroad that stand in its way.

    So the attacks can be expected to intensify. They've started already.

    This is why it is important that all Sri lankans opposed to terrorism anywhere, stand firm and report any acts of intimidation or violence against them to the authorities and follow up until these acts are dealt with. Unlike in SL, western nations do have effective law enforcement agencies who also have the abillity to deal with terrorists.

  170. TS,

    good observation.

    BTW what is going on in the NFZ is a hostage rescue operation not war.

    tigers bastards are lambasted by the SUPERIOR intellectual skills of SLDFs headed by gota (MSc++++). they would not know what struck them and what is awaiting them!!

    excellent planning and STUBBORN execution.

  171. Sam

    You make a valid point.

    There are many sri lankans and groups who actively help families of our heroes.

    In fact we are currently in the process of setting up a financial assistance program for the yet unborn child of one who did yeoman service for the nation and died without seeing his own first born.

    Folks like you can get involved in promoting the sentiment and also making it happen. Of course there's more talking than action in SL.

  172. patriots,

    this is very important. most of us are actually unaware of these DETAILS. it is good to know.

    from by gomin dayasiri (a lawyer i think).

    click here

    a summary

    possible action against SL and how they fail

    action #1.

    However to the advantage Sri Lanka holds unlike in the ongoing Gaza episode, there is no punitive blockade. On the contrary the civilians crossing the line have been welcomed with secured safe passages; the civilians are fleeing from terror and the LTTE are indulging in cruel preventing measures to build a soul shield for their own defence. There is no possibility of raising the "shock and awe" doctrine because the State has been providing food medicine fuel and other provision to civilians for years in LTTE controlled areas at state expense including those presently in the NFZ and beckoning them to cross. Medical facilities are provided even to injured of the LTTE.

    These humanitarian acts of wisdom comprehensively eliminate the attraction of Articles 33 and 55 of the Fourth Geneva Convention relating to the treatment of a civilian population and Sri Lanka emerges triumphantly against charges for possible violation of such humanitarian laws.


    action #2.

    Diaspora cannot turn to the International Court of Crime since neither Sri Lanka nor the LTTE are affiliated to its jurisdiction. NGO pressed hard for Sri Lanka to become a member trying to lobby the garment sector with a tariff exception cherry but the President stood firm notwithstanding pressure brought by interested parties from within the Cabinet.


    action #3.

    The establishment of ad hoc international criminal tribunals as in Serbia and Rwanda by the UN Security Council is out of reach because of support received by Sri Lanka from within the UN Security Council and the veto power of China and Russia. The support extended by Asian giants China and Japan at critical times is of much value.


    action #4.

    It is possible in view of ground work by the NGO community to invoke, without justification, the claims of universal jurisdiction inherent in national municipal courts on vague allegations of war crimes. This has been resorted to in Britain, Spain, US, France, Germany and Belgium. There is such legislation presently in 12 countries.

    The dictator of Chile, Pinochet, was indicted in a Spanish High Court and detained in Britain. The Law Lords of UK upheld the right to extradite, but instead he returned to Chile on the ground of unfitness to face trial, due to extreme illness. Spain has also indicted several Israeli military officers on human rights violations, but they never marked an appearance.

    German courts refused to press charges against Donald Rumsfield on torture charges despite strong evidentiary basis and non prosecution by the US authorities. These are opportunistic ventures to attract high profile publicity and as a deterrent of possible claims of detention and prosecution to inhibit travel plans of military personnel.

    This is a most unlikely procedure as extradition cannot be sought by governments as the LTTE is a universally acknowledged terrorist organisation holding the civilians against their will in NFZ and preventing their departure by cruel methods for their own survival.

    This is still more difficult as the voice of responsibility have called upon the LTTE to free the civilians. In a criminal jurisdiction there is no upper guardian.


    action #5.

    The final opportunity could be convening a non governmental civil society tribunal with symbolic legal authority. Bertrand Russel took the lead to establish the Russel Tribunal on the Viet Nam War. The Permanent Peoples Tribunal based in Rome has organised inquiries on 20 international topics. The unofficial World Tribunal on Iraq held in Istanbul under the chairmanship of Indian novelist Arundhathi Roy issued a Declaration of Conscience condemning the US and Britain.

    Therefore Diaspora which funded the LTTE may fund a sponsored after dinner theatre presentation of a soap box opera named 'Crimes against Humanity' as a requiem for the many Tamils killed by the LTTE? At most it would be a pantomime, at the least a vaudeville in style of the Wild West.


  173. Charlie; dada it hurts..

    Velu; I know baby, it's those shingalam bastahs..I will fuck all of their mommas soon..

    Charlie; But can you, when they already kicked your balls up your own ass?

    Velu; Now, now, is that the way to talk to your own ol' man? Is that how they teach you to be disrespectful in the fancy college you studied with our patriotic assholes' money? ..

    charlie; but papa, when are you going to get your balls back?

    Velu; I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, Pottu was supposed to find 'em for me, but the fucker ain't here still..

    Charlie; papa, now why would you even worry about not finding your balls anymore?

    Velu;..Because you sumbitch, thash how your momma got little chcken shit...

    Charlie; ..but'fair. You say momma got me from you, but why do I look more like uncle pottu then?

    Velu; ..aaandawaneyyyyy! $&^%*%&* somebody get my blood pressure pills...and get this #f$k%$@g piece of shit to a hospital in malaysia...

  174. It’s amazing that some of the ellamists who were at the demo yesterday still thinks that their eelam is one day achievable, but none who we manage to speak would like to go back and live in their Eelam.I think they are just shouting for the cunning fund raisers who rarely be with these front line terrorists supporters.


    All packed for the cruise ship - all my sexiest dresses and make-up. Really excited.

    Entire day at sea, beautiful and saw whales and dolphins.
    Met the Captain today - seems a very nice man.

    At the pool today. Also some shuffle boarding and hit golf balls off the deck. Captain invited me to join him at his table for dinner. Felt honored and had a wonderful
    time. He is very attractive and attentive.

    Won $800.00 in the ship's casino. Captain asked me to have dinner with him in his own cabin. Had a luxurious meal complete with caviar and champagne. He asked me
    to stay the night but I declined. Told him I could not be unfaithful to my husband.

    Pool again today, got sun burnt, and went inside to drink at piano bar for rest of day. Captain saw me, bought me several large drinks. Really is charming. Again asked me
    to visit his cabin for the night. Again I declined. He told me if I did not let him have his way with me he would sink the ship. I was shocked.

    Today I saved 1,600 lives.

  176. peace,

    the war/LTTE is NOT the problem. it is ONLY A PART of the problem.

    the problem is TAMIL ELAM.

    after the war, SL should use political, economical, cultural, social, etc. means to FRUSTRATE the tamill elam project.

    that UNFORTUNATELY is going to hurt A LOT of tamils. but it can't be helped. it MUST be done for their own long term good. their next generation will love us for it.

    some ppl hold the BLOODY FOOLISH attitude that "the war hurt the tamils therefore we should make them happy in the short term by pandering into "tamil demands"" which is DESTRUCTIVE.

    clearly the long term welfare of tamils (and other SLs) contradicts short term satisfaction of tamil (tamil only) aspirations. but we should be focused on the long term betterment of SL.

    its like ranil's peace verses MR's peace. one is short term (playing to the gallery) and the other long term and decisive.

  177. Guys,

    I interviewed Mr B Nadesan - and for the last time. I dedicate the interview, our latest tormentor - Editor Badbreath.

    Q Rious: Good Morning to you, Mr Nadesan. How are you keeping?

    Mr Nadesan: Good morning; How am I doing? - not allowed to talk about that, I am afraid.

    Q Rious: There were reports about you being in chains. Any comments?

    Mr Nadesan: Because, I am a slave.

    Q Rious: Means?

    Mr Nadesan: I am a slave in my own country - as simple as that.

    Q Rious: Who made you slavish? You are the political head.

    Mr Nadesan: Who else? the Sinhalese.

    Q Rious: I thought it was Prabhakaran who made the move.

    Mr Nadesan: He won't do it to me; I am his cousin.

    Q Rious: We heard Prabhakaran has no emotions; so he wouldn't spare anyone on sentimental grounds.

    Mr Nadesan: I disprove the mud-slinging against my leader: he fell in love; got married; had sex regularly, before a medical condition set in; made three kids; cries when dear and near ones die; shakes with rage, when his motherland is being invaded.
    Are they the reactions of a man who has no emotions? Bloody slandering.

    Q Rious: You have a point, Mr Nadesan. Vidusha, Kamalini and Durga gone.

    Mr Nadesan: Volunteered to take a break. But live among us in spirit.

    Q Rious: Your enemy is almost on the doorstep.

    Mr Nadesan: We are always a step ahead - in the backgarden. Hak hak hak haa.

    Q Rious: Civilians have harrowing stories.

    Mr Nadesan: Bloody cowards.

    Q Rious: You have plan B, I suppose.

    Mr Nadesan: You mean the Beach, I suppose.

    Q Rious: Well, it is open to interpretation. You are allegedly stationning civilians close to ammunition dumps and explosives.

    Mr Nadesan: It is for their own safety. The enemy must think twice before taking actions.

    Q Rious: Your boss is reportedly in civies. Any comments?

    Mr Nadesan: He is not a naturist, just because he is close to a beach.

    Q Rious: Will the boss renounce violence for a surrender?

    Mr Nadesan: I categorically deny that he is violent.

    Q Rious: What is his survival secret?

    Mr Nadesan: He applies grease over the body.

    Q Rious: If you spell it out a bit?

    Mr Nadesan: He just slips out of danger.

    Q Rious: Any news to the affected families?

    Mr Nadesan: F*** them o**. Sorry for my language.

    Q Rious: Thank you Mr Nadesan; see you soon.

  178. Military insider expects endgame in hours, and the count down is on.

    Currently there is hand to hand fighting going on in the civillian zone against a collection of personal body guards of velu and remnants of soosai's sea-tigers.
    The focus is on killing as many of the front line defenders to facilitate en masse liberation of the civillian human shield. Once that is achieved, the thrust to nail Velu's scalp to a stick will proceed at full throttle.

    In the meanwhile, there's no news of Pottu's whereabouts. He may have defected to the SLG.

  179. kevin,

    but some GENUINELY believe in it. reasons...

    1. stupidity

    2. racism inculcated in them for 80++ fcuking years by RACIST political parties and racists. if you look at the history of north east politics, UNFORTUNATELY it was DOMINATED by tamil racists.

    e.g. TAMIL united liberation front, TAMIL national aliens, democratic TAMIL national aliens, all ceylon TAMIL conmen, illan-kai TAMIL arse kachchi, liberation tigers of TAMIL elam

    3. only sinhalas they know are AK-47 carrying army guys from the time they can remember.

    4. not lived with sinhalas and muslims either for the whole life or most of it.

    5. mono-ethnic life style in the north for decades.

    6. racism is inherited by some born in foreign countries.

    so you can see that MOST of these are beyond their control. the moment we frustrate the tamil elam project, they will give it up. (no problem if they don't as NOTHING will happen!!)

    day-to-day physical and human ethnic integration in the north and east is the solution.

  180. Thousands of Tamil protesters have forced the closure of London's Westminster Bridge

    Bugger! Tamils have been living on Westminster Bridge for at least 2500 years. Before the racist Poms named it Westminster Bridge it was known to Tamils as WezzaMizza Bridgam. Fighters from Liberation Tigers of WezzaMizza Bridgam have launched a fierce Pumpkin Pie attack on the Britt Nazis and driven them back 2km.


  181. kb,

    the funniest part is.....

    Eight rescue boats were called amid fears demonstrators would jump en-masse into the Thames if they could not speak to Prime Minister Gordon Brown!!!!

    they should have let them jump.

    what a set of losers!!!!

  182. Tropicalstorm,

    I am honored that, as you see, I can motivate people to help our heroes. In my real life, not the virtual life, I have my very personal contributions in my own way. I have been doing this for a while, not because I am looking for some credit but I believe that I can die like a free man once I do my best to take care of fallen and injured heroes. It is that simple, I do it for my personal happiness. I am of the view that no hero of Mother Lanka shall be forgotten. I am also of the view that those who acted against my country in this historical moment shall be held accountable for their crimes. Without any appreciation for acts of heroism and with forgiveness for acts of treason, our country can't stand up. We have to make sure that all the heroism of minority ethnic members of military members are recognized in the best possible way. That is a big part of national integration.

  183. Good to see the crowd coming back to DefenceNet.

    Breaking news - LTTE protestors block roads.

    A tribute to LTTE loving diaspora.

    Paraduna nisa maha kaelaye mala kotiyo
    Kulappu wela paarata waetila pisso
    Elam kolamen maga awahira keruwo
    Yana yana thaena rena rena kaetha sakkiliyo

    Where is my buddy Wesaballa alias Wijayapala alias Echolalia alias Whoredog alias Sumanakka? I'm beginning to miss the Whore.

  184. [they should have let them jump.]

    Moshe Dyan, dear chap, certainly. These stinky terrorists need a bath for sure. We can smell them all the way across the pond.


  185. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  186. DW close the shop. Some are at DN some are at EF. DiAsspora tactically withdrew to begaltoday. Some disappeared.

  187. Editor: Bad-rila-nut (Bad Crazy Monkey),

    Rila = Monkey

    Sad no? What to do. They fuckked things up.


    "Good old days..."

  189. Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

    Highlight of the day

    Rauf Hakeem.

    This scummy riding on the vote of the Muslims Sri Lankans aligned himself with LTTE. When LTTE expelled peaceful citizens from Muththur, he did not say a word. However, he blamed SLA for disturbing peace when we took Muththur back and helped our Muslim brothers go back to their homes. Having lost his terrorist overlords now he wants to ridicule the greatest warrior of our time, General Sarath Fonseka. We are deeply saddened that we don't have outstanding warriors Col. Fazly Lafir and Lt. Col. Thuan Muthalif among us today to see the results of their heroic patriotism. LTTE terrorist lackeys like Rauf Hakeem is an insult to our great heroes Lafir and Muthalif. It is the time to put this anti Sri Lankan monkey in to the garbage bins of history by voting him out.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe
    Lakshman Kiriella
    Ravi Karunanayake
    Vajira Abeygunawardena
    Jayalath Jayawardena
    Mangala Samaraweera
    Rauf Hakeem
    Wickramabahu Karunaratne
    Kumar Rupasinghe
    Jehan Perera
    Sunanda Deshapriya
    Sunila Abegunasekara
    Mano Ganeshan
    R Sampanthan
    K Sivajilingam
    G.K. Ponnambalam
    other TNA sakkiliyas
    Duleep Chikera
    Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
    Rohan Edirisinghe
    Mithra Fernando
    Tisaranee Gunasekera
    Priyath Liyanage
    Rayappu Joseph
    Rosy Senanayake
    Sonali Samarasinghe
    Nimalka Fernando
    Sirithunga Jayasuriya
    Dayasiri Jayasekara
    Iqbal Athas
    Lal Kantha
    Anura Kumara
    Malik Samarawickrama
    Lalith Kothalawala
    S.B. Dissanayake
    Brian Seneviratne
    Sisira Jayasuriya
    Johnston Fernando
    Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe

  190. If LankaENews says is true, then Rathnam master is also dead. May be it was April 08 Sumanadasa Abeyagunewardena was predicting about not March 08.

  191. Sujith Vithan Pathirana of ITN interviews some of the soldiers who were involved in killing Theepan.

  192. Military in new ‘tactical manoeuvre’ to free civilians

    Buries all 525 LTTE bodies as no one to receive them

    The Military is to launch a decisive ‘tactical manoeuvre’ to free over hundreds of civilians held hostage by the LTTE in the thin 17sq. km. coastal land strip in Mullaitivu, the Defence Ministry said yesterday.

    The Defence Ministry said the operation would be the largest humanitarian intervention by a conventional military force in modern times.

    On Sunday, the army completed the capturing of entire Puthukkudiyiruppu after fierce battle that lasted for more than three days, killing more than 500 LTTE cadres, including second level leaders of the LTTE. Now the remaining LTTE leaders and cadres were confined to the No- fire zone, where some thousands of civilians were being trapped.

    Meanwhile, five more LTTE bodies were identified as top level leaders of the LTTE. Among them head of the Artillery Brigade – Manivannan, head of the Mortar Brigade Gopal, head of the Radha Brigade Seelambaran, head of the Jeyanthan Brigade and former Batticaloa intelligence head Keerthi and senior leader of the ‘Sodiya’ Women Brigade Mohana.

    The ministry said that search and clear operations were being conducted by the troops in Puthukkudiyiruppu area recovered 72 more LTTE dead bodies yesterday, brining the number of LTTE bodies to 525.

    In addition, troops uncovered a fresh haul of arms and ammunition from the same area yesterday during extended search and clear operations.

  193. sam,

    a small correction.

    muslims have rejected the hakeem PIG ALREADY.

    bugger was NOT elected in 2004. just crept form the SLMC list. now the PIG is from the UNP national list.

    this SWINE contested from kandy first then jumped to ampara like vezapillai jumped from jaffna to kili to mula and now to the thames!!

    ppl have rejected this SWINE but still UNFORTUNATELY the SWINE is breathing.

    let the SWINE be dead.

    IF the SWINE continues to live and mislead people, i propose we should give him a PIG BLOOD BATH that will PERMANANTLY seal his political fate.

    hakeem SWINE is an avatar of SATAN.

  194. /Buries all 525 LTTE bodies as no one to receive them/

    What about Badrinath, Upul, Peter..? HIKZ


    Seems some area still cot cleared except safe zone.


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