Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is Velupillai Prabhakaran alive?


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Note: images may be disturbing. Credit to original uploader.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The End

The war as we know it, is over. The conventional fighting force once known as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and it's elusive leader has been eliminated.

It remains to be seen whether or not the LTTE can survive as a guerrilla outfit, carrying out random terrorist attacks in the country. This however is unlikely now with the top tiger leadership being killed by the army.

"Awi gaththo awiyenma nasithi - those who live by the sword, die by the sword"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

History in the making

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has just completed the largest hostage rescue mission in modern times with outstanding success. Last of the civilian human shield that protected the LTTE leadership thus far is now being evacuated from the conflict zone as we speak. Irresponsible international media reports that maintain 30000 civilians are still trapped inside LTTE held territory will soon have to eat their words. DefenceNet can confirm that almost all civilians held hostage by the tigers have now been rescued by the army. Search & rescue operations are continuing in search of the injured who are unable to move out.

Several tiger armories located in the new war zone close to civilian shelters are now blaze. The LTTE controlled territory in Mullaithivu district has now shrunk to less than 1square kilometer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

False propaganda reaches new heights as LTTE faces imminent defeat

With Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam facing imminent defeat at the hands of the Sri Lanka Army, tiger propaganda machines have kicked into high gear, screaming about civilian massacres by SLA. The very same web sites that used to boast about military victories by LTTE in the not so distant past have now turned into whinefests calling on the international community to save the civilians. Official online mouthpiece of the LTTE, Tamilnet.com is now full of fabricated stories and doctored photographs along with some staged drama.

Anyway DefenceNet can confirm that SLA had suspended all shelling and heavy weapons fire by now. However, limited air strikes had been continuing until recently but the targets were highly fortified LTTE hideouts where no civilian is permitted to go. Any shelling on the very small uncleared area surrounded by SLA units at this point would cause casualties due to friendly fire anyway.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Troops capture grounded ship Farah-3

A major headache for the army ended today with the capture of the grounded Ship Farah – 3 located around 500m from the Kariamulliwaikkal coastline. The wrecked ship has been used as cover by LTTE units for so long and has been a priority target of the army. Although the ship was subjected to an aerial raid by SLAF and was rendered unusable, LTTE cadres had used heavy machine guns and other medium caliber weapons installed on the ship to assault incoming SLA units. Farah –3 was a merchant vessel that ran into trouble in seas near LTTE held territory back in 2008 – the crew was rescued by the navy.

Meanwhile two loud explosions were reported from the civilian safe zone today evening. The source of the explosions and the damages to any LTTE units/civillians is not known as of yet.