Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tigers sink to a new low as endgame nears

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) identify themselves as freedom fighters and as sole representatives of Tamil people. Their actions however depict them only as terrorists. After cowering behind thousands of civilians in the government declared safe zone, tigers have sunk to a new low.  Their latest tactic – shed the LTTE uniforms, disguise as civilians and fire at the incoming troops while hiding inside civilian tents. Either way the LTTE military machine has no hope for survival as these tactics will prove useless against elite troops of the SLA who are highly trained at hostage rescue and anti hijack missions.

SLA is now in a position to deploy over 6000 elite troops to the rescue mission if the need arises. This figure includes units from 4 brigades of the special forces regiment and 4 brigades of the commando regiment and does not include units from the Air Mobile Brigade and the Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Further information pertaining ongoing military operations cannot be revealed at this time.

civillian rescue

Meanwhile the total number of civilians rescued from the grips of LTTE has risen close to 200000. Although the government is doing their best , it’s no secret that attending the needs of over 107000 new IDPs is a herculean task. So please do whatever you can to help these fellow Sri Lankans who are in greater need than most of us. Food, medicine, clothes or anything else that you donate will help fulfill the basic needs of innocents who have suffered countless days of starvation and oppressions at the hands of Tamil tigers. You are more than welcome to use the comments section of this article to share info of/organize relief attempts.


  1. By the way folks the behavior of international media though this ordeal has been nothing short of shameful.

    Sri lankan troops 'rescue' .....
    Top tigers 'surrender'...
    The military says they 'liberated'...

    'independant confirmation of the military's claims were not possible. Both sides have been exaggerating...'

    if both sides are still exaggerating, how come the LTTE which never accepted any military defeat in the Eelam War 4, is reduced to nothingness and the SLA stand tall with 6-7 divisions in reserve?

    It's bullshit actually. Even CNN has joined the bandwagon.

  2. By the way today is the 3rd 'anniversary' of LTTE's attempted assassination of Major. gen Sarath Fonseka. Should not have done that :D

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  4. How to sponsor the education of a child of a fallen/disabled soldier

    We have details of over 200 children of Sri Lanka armed forces members who have either laid down their lives or have suffered physical disability while defending our motherland. Please show your gratitude to these heroic men and their families by sponsoring the education of their children.

    * Stipulated monthly amount is Rs.1,000 (~US$ 10). You are welcome to donate more if you wish.

    * Your donation will go directly into the child’s or guardian's account.

    * Recommended period of scholarship is 4 years. You have the flexibility to decide on a longer or shorter duration based on individual needs.

    * You could either make a one time payment of Rs.48,000 (or more) or make monthly donations over the duration of the scholarship.

    * Bank account number and the contact details of the child and the family will be provided by the SLAF Seva Vanitha upon submission of application. If you wish you can contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

    Please visit to download the application form and a detailed description of the procedure.

  5. Thanks for the update DN.

    Keep them coming..

  6. Thanks DN,

    We miss your no-drama posts these days. Please keep updating regularly.



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  8. This is a great opportunity to show our support to our brothers and sisters from north. Lets celebrate the wesak month in a meaningful way by contributing as much as possible for their immediate basic needs. I know many companies in colombo had donation drives yesterday and sent their contributions to the collection centre at the BMICH. Its time for everybody to do their part...

  9. as i said some months back, Tamil tiger terorists might fake kill their leaders and BBQ them beyond recognision to allow this merder clan to escape without notice.

    They might put some FatPigs belongings/hair etc also to the BBQ site to misguide the investigators.
    we have to be very careful of any claim comming out from NFZ, if our army is not witness it.

  10. DN,
    Thanks for the update.

    Those brave hearts can make sure Major Gen. SF will get the ultimate gift tonight.

    Does not matter what LTTE supporters do to get their money back, there is one way for them. That's the total defeat.


  12. Breaking News …

    Head of the Eeelam Land, VP has just announced, that their organization is willing to pay US$ 2,000,000 to anybody who can provide correct information of the person who opened the MarvialAru Gate. You can send the information to following e-mail address ASP.

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  14. 100% accurate story from

    "Sri Lanka Army chief says victory date now mid-2009

    Sometimes, inadvertently, they can't help it.

  15. Friends,

    Please read following article as well.

    The most striking part of the article as follows

    "There are LTTE operatives within these LTTE camps. We were approached by one who warned that the whole of Sri Lanka would burn soon ! There were several others- men and women- who could be easily identified as LTTE operatives. I am sure there are hundreds of LTTRs roaming free (the silent cells) outside these camps. Is there an alternative to high security and vigil being maintained in these camps? Who will be answerable, if people get killed in these camps,? If it happens, would not the government be accused of mass murder by the very same people who are complaining about the barbed wire fences and high security?

    A UNICEF officer (a foreigner) working in this camp tried to encourage us to be critical of the government, when everything we saw and heard suggested otherwise. His Sri Lankan counterpart – a Tamil, was aghast at what he was attempting. It is at this moment that I understood why the government was suspicious of INGOs."

  16. # Sri Lankan spokesman in London Tv debate says it is ridiculous to ask for ceasefire for defeated terrorists
    Link# Army Chief of Staff appointed as competent authority officer for IDP welfare
    Link# Commander evaluates last leg of the humanitarian operation
    Link# TF-3 uncovers more LTTE war materials - Oddusuddan
    Link# TF-8 confronts with LTTE terrorists - east of Puthukudiirippu
    Link# LTTE attacks Sri Lanka Embassy in Berlin for the second time


    Would this help our boys?

    How expensive this thing is?

  18. # Group of priests seeks security forces protection - Puthukkudiyiruppu
    Link# End of the War
    Link# A reply to the Secretary of State from USA Citizens
    Link# UN humanitarian chief to press SLanka on civilians
    Link# Crouching Tiger
    Link# G8 condemns use of "human shields" in Sri Lanka

  19. Folks

    I was at the main relief collection centre at BMICH these past few days, the quantum received seemstotally inadequate.

    Very few people trickling in. Corporates bring in volume but wholly inadequate. Nothing compared to previous relief attempts like the tsunami which broght in a tsunami of stuff.

    we should show more compassion and give with more commitment.

    Can everyone send e mails to friends, that'll cascade to a lot of people. Please help obilise support

  20. soory, typo on the previous post. should read as


  21. # Forces missed Prabhakaran by whisker: Lanka army
    Link# Anticipating an end to Sri Lanka's war
    Link# Letting the tiger loose
    Link# Sri Lanka rebels forcing children to fight, UN says
    Link# Father's assassination made me furious: Priyanka Gandhi
    Link# Only Prabhakaran can explain the surrender of his political wing members - Yapa

  22. # No Indian call for true - Govt
    Link# Mano counters Wimal & says won't flee country
    Link# Hilary Clinton’s hundred days as Secretary of State off-handish and callous.
    Link# Fools
    Link# Malini Parthasarathy: The Mirage of Eelam
    Link# Obama White House urges halt to Sri Lanka fighting

  23. Sri Lanka actually should mobilize volunteers, particularly those who poossess organizational, analytical and decision making skills to help them manage th evolving situation. Not all of these folks need to be at hand.

    They can be senior diplomats, private sector executives, senior bankers and others who are skilled at strategic decisions, whose recommendations can be obtained by the government to not only deal with the immediate short term needs, but also to formulate long term policies for the entire region.

    Given the cruicial situation most of these people would obviously volunteer their time and efforts, if only the govt was to ask.

  24. thank you for the update...
    hets offt o our brave hearts for liberating this country from the hands of filthy lpte terras...
    as for the suffering poor civvies... all in better positions should do all they can to help...
    collection centers are setup and most ordinary citizens of this country and spearheading their own efforts to drive collections...please contribute...

    on another note of foregn media..
    as much as i hate them for going far too soft on lpte... we too haven't really done much to help our cause... whent the opportunity is there we should allow reporters to go in and get whatever little info they can first hand... we gotta have them on our side cos right now most of them are on ltte hands... the way i see it is that ltte is giving them the inside scoop with footage etc from the NFZ... those blood thirsty reporter fellas love footage of folks suffering and bleeding etc... we gotta play the game a bit smarter... like we played it to root out world no 1 terras...

  25. # US envoy to Sri Lanka named to top South Asian post
    Link# Peacekeeping Force Not Warranted says India; Emissaries say Rajapaksa was ‘receptive’
    Link# No adequate international access to IDP camps in North Sri Lanka – U.S: There is access, they are at work already - Sri Lanka
    Link# Instant reactions to Malini Parthasarathy’s Mirage of Eelam
    Link# Clinton has flipped the flop; if not hollow then it is ominous
    Link# Tigers sink to a new low as endgame nears

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  27. How Sri Lankan expats can donate goods for the releif efforts

    Keels Super allows you to order goods online and then be picked up by the recipient from the store. This facility is available for all the stores.

    1. Goto Keels Super Online Select an outlet nearest to your friend or relative

    2. Order following goods and pay with credit card

    Fresh milk, Bottled water, Dry rations, Food items (biscuits), New clothes, Other sanitary items..etc

    3. Get the friend/relative to collect the items and handover to a collection centre

    (Or you can arrange the goods to be delivered to a selected address for an additional Rs.350 delivery charge)

  28. /The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) identify themselves as freedom fighters and as sole representatives of Tamil people./


  29. There's a global response to the request to help civillians escaping the tamil tiger human shield in the hostage zone. As the hostage zone gets cleared gradually the tigers are getting more desperate and are said to be resorting to arbitrary killings to display a high death count, while their suporters in the UN and other paces attempt to white wash the fact that these are massacres being committed by the LTTE. Instead they feed carefully selected information and words even to Clinton stating the 'civillian death toll has risen'..etc.

    THis will not end until the entire hostage zone is cleared of civillians and terrorists eliminated.

  30. Reading from different sources I can conclude that,during the last 24-48 hour period large number of LTTE cadres perished with their leaders.

    You will get the big nenws soon.


    As the war in Sri Lanka grinds to a conclusion; the flare-up in protest activities is a natural outcome. It could be seen as a displacement activity and a rejection of an unpalatable reality for many Tamils. Imagine a Tamil immigrant in their 50s who gave a child to the movement and contributed thousands of dollars over 30 years; now imagine how desperate they might be to avoid seeing the cause come to an end and all their sacrifices come to naught.

    For many of the children of Tamil immigrants, their idea of their Sri Lankan Tamil identity was entirely defined by the Tigers. The heroes they were encouraged to emulate were LTTE veterans at the Diaspora’s "Martyr’s Day" celebrations who paraded under the Tiger flag in their old uniforms. They cannot accept that the Tigers were ruthless killers under the control of a pitiless sociopathic leader.

    The problem for Tamils in the Diaspora is that they cannot really fit into their new societies as long as the Tigers exist and influence their lives. The problem for Sri Lanka is that it can never realize its true potential, as many other Asian countries have, so long as the Tigers remain. The LTTE arose as a radical response to a situation that existed decades ago, and it has long outlived its time.

  32. Saul (aka Wijayapala aka WesaBalla)

    [It's like my having learnt two words on this blog: Moda Banda. Yeah, great, now I can insult Lankans by calling them Moda Bandas, without understanding the context, the culture, the changes, the nuances.]

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  33. “US calls on LTTE to surrender to a third party” - Robert Wood

    I agree.

    I suggested (to a US official) LTTE surrenders not to SLA, but to SLN.

    LMSSAO!!! Fcuking LMSSAO!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  34. And the fcuking moron thought I was serious and said "yes, perhaps" before the tube-light lit in his stupid brain and the moron started laughing...ha ha ha...

    Nothing like having some fun at the expense of LTTE momma-fuckers uh?

    Sure it appears this Obama Administration is full of idiots...well, appointing Hillarious Clinton to that vital position alone proves that!

    Good lesson for the Sinhelas who I have argued - until blue in the face - to look beyond "Bush-bashing" for the sake of our motherland...often it was to no avail...the myopic stupids went ahead and voted for this Obama Administration - and now the myopic stupids are giving me embarrassed glances! ha ha ha...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. not that the Sinhelas vote in the US would have been a "king maker" but at least now I have the satisfaction of saying to myself, no, I did NOT get sucked in for a half-baked set-up that is now out to screw my motherland. Eat your heart out you Obama/Clinton Sinhela suckers!!!


    We lost several elites in the recent battles.

    I hope this will be over soon..

    May they attain Nibbhana...

  36. Bro Ananda...give it a rest man.

    There are no "Indians" here, but the same old undercover Tamil racists like "Wijayapala" aka WesaBalla who is now trying out a new angle of attack to demoralize us Sinhela patriots.

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    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  37. A new article dealing with ceasefire cries and treachery of Opposition
    is carried by Asian Tribune and published Rovers' Terrain.
    The Masterpiece of the Masters: Tail Metamorphoses into the Dog, Dog to the Tail.

    Swarnajith Udana

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    Oh yes, bro I know the lately "Sinha" for sure :)) :)) :))

    (did you say I have "an unerring nose" for detecting such things, yes brother humbly I admit I do! :)) :)) :))

    As well, I hope you have seen the helpful posts from one Dr. Venkat Krishnan and Prof. Naiya Patawanawa (who are my good "Indian friends" that I have asked to post to help our cause :)) :)) :))

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

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  44. Guys

    Remember that there is tremendous pressure on the govt not only diplomatically.

    There are external forces gathering just below the horizn right now.

    A ship each from a certain western naval force and regional are lurking closeby while US forces are at a distance, but on alert as well.

    So be patient. The final game is on. It could be over in hours or at most, 2-3 days.

  45. Sorry I cannot divulge anymore in detail.

    But do go ready for a party.

  46. # Valayarmadam Liberated; more hostages rescued
    Link# Govt. rules out deal for LTTE bosses to surrender to third party
    Link# U.S. diplomat backs Sri Lanka’s hostage claims
    Link# A stable peace opens up investment and trade opportunities - Prof. Peiris tells Hungarian business leaders
    Link# Temporary cesefires don’t work says Dayan
    Link# Pause in fighting hurt civilians: Army

  47. # India makes rather a hash of things – again
    Link# The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam: Essential Points
    Link# The casualties of Sri Lanka's brutal civil war
    Link# Solving THE problem
    Link# What do we do about the tears, post-LTTE?
    Link# Raising the ante

  48. # UN Security Council under fresh pressure to place Lanka on its agenda
    Link# John Holmes arrives in Sri Lanka
    Link# Pranabh, Puthikudiyirripu and Prabha - what an explosive mix
    Link# How they planned to exile Tiger Supremo in Idi Amin fashion
    Link# Only if Prabha is killed or captured the LTTE will die
    Link# My first person account of haunting Puthukkudiyiruppu

  49. # NOW HE TELLS US: Daya Master says LTTE did nothing for Vanni wretched
    Link# There will be no peace after this battle - His wish I suppose
    Link# Should the Norwegian Embassy be closed?
    Link# In India, D is for diarrhoea, not diplomacy
    Link# Elusive Prabha, will he be caught alive?
    Link# The world’s largest operation to rescue one Vellupillai Prabha...

  50. # Surrendered Tiger cadres say they saw Charles Anthony
    Link# World aid pours in
    Link# Tigers in Malaysia despite denials
    Link# Kattankudy sends 40 cooks to feed IDPs
    Link# To Russia, with love
    Link# Beginning of the end

  51. # Whither moderate Tamil sentiment?
    Link# Biggest hostage rescue in military history
    Link# LTTE top brass : No surrender to third party - Defence Secretary
    Link# Lankan officials paint true picture in Geneva
    Link# Tiger sports chief shot dead
    Link# Minister plans rehab programs for ex-LTTE cadres

  52. # People of all walks join in relief operations
    Link# Devananda appeals to UN officials: Consider ground realities
    Link# University for Lankan expats' children
    Link# Watch out for Prabhakaran - people say
    Link# Prabhakaran guilty of atrocities against his own people
    Link# A tribute to our Security Forces

  53. # World community should be realistic
    Link# The largest hostage rescue in the world’s history
    Link# Tears for your eyes...: Agony of terror
    Link# Post-conflict phase: Govt. working closely with UN, other agencies - Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe
    Link# Rapid development: Restoration of East - valour of troops
    Link# Mega development plans for East

  54. # Crushing of most ruthless terrorist outfit: SL Army shows its class to the world
    Link# MIGs, Catalyst in air superiority
    Link# LTTE announced unilateral ceasefire
    Link# No halt in operations: Gotabhaya
    Link# The dark midnight is over, they watch for the dawn
    Link# On the verge of watershed victory

  55. # Sharing the blame
    Link# India trips Lanka at winning post?
    Link# LTTE Announces Unilateral Ceasefire
    Link# Grant Amnesty To Most Tamil Tigers - The Tokyo Co-Chairs
    Link# UN humanitarian chief arrives Sri Lanka: Called on the LTTE to let out the remaining civilians and lay down their arms
    Link# Landslide victory for President Rajapaksa’s ruling party in the Western Provincial polls.

  56. # President Gaddafi supports Sri Lanka’s humanitarian mission in rescuing civilians from LTTE strongholds
    Link# Indian Polls: Jaya asks vote promising to work for Eelam for Lanka Tamils
    Link# USA and India are both in very bad shape
    Link# The Masterpiece of the Masters: Tail Metamorphoses into the Dog, Dog to the Tail
    Link# Helping the displaced
    Link# What do we do about the tears, post-LTTE?

  57. This is indeed a very crucial time in our countries history. We have to play the cards right to solve this issue and to make sure the issue is solved in a way that it won't come back.

    From last week onwards, I am seeing more and more comments by "so-called patriots" and "certain diplomats" that are made without thinking twice. (Allowing their feelings to take over reasoning). Please do not make such hasty comments!!

    Today we saw that LTTE has again made an offer of ceasefire to allow for civilians to be taken out. This should now be allowed!! and we should point out to the international communities and HR-Champions ( :-D ) how the LTTE used ceasefires to strengthen them selves and used those civilians to
    dig bunkers and tunnels. Make them aware that only a handful civilians escaped during the "2009 New Year Ceasefire" and how thousands were able to escape before and after that ceasefire (it is when the carders defenses are distracted that the people can escape).

    Now the LTTE is saying they are welcoming foreign NGO and media personnel into the NFZ. Why now? Why didn't they allow this before?

    They do not have have any trumps to play with at this point of time. Are they planning to use these journalists and NGO personnel as bargaining chips (together with civilians) to make their escape?

    Having said that please show the journalists (who are already visited the IDP camps) how the people are treated at the IDP camps and may be allow for "screened interviews" of some of these people. Simply emphasize the good things we are doing with the rescue and after rescue, and even welcome MP's of TamilNadu to donate food, tents to their brothers in IDP camps.

    Do not mind the comments by the TN MP's during these days, they are just election gimmicks. But do not make hasty comments on them either. Do not make comments that would interfere with Indian elections either, cause the more support we have it will be more easy for us to finish this issue.

    Hopefully we will be able to finish this war by mid may.

  58. Ctd from my previous comment!

    If the GOV did not care about the Civilians the LTTE is over by now. It is because of the restraint of using the Heavy Weapons and Bombs that the WAR is still going on.

    If the government did not care about the civilian casualties the fat pig would be lone gone by now.

    It is because of the maximum restrains of our forces that we were able to rescue 100,000+ civilians (with minimum casualties). Anyone saying otherwise does not know the facts or are playing dumb.

  59. # Sri Lanka’s Entebbe
    Link# The approaching end of a dreaded Tiger
    Link# Desperate Tamilnet becomes ridiculouser and ridiculouser
    Link# 500 meters from Sri Lanka's last battle zone
    Link# Sri Lankan Tamil civilians relate tales of horror
    Link# Tamil Tigers leader Prabhakaran 'will fight till death'

  60. # Libya to support Sri Lanka
    Link# 27 arrested for trying to burn flags of India, Sri Lanka
    Link# Sri Lankan army chief visits northern battle front
    Link# Four things done, Four things undone: The self-immolation of the LTTE
    Link# BJP tells LTTE to stop using civilians as human shield
    Link# UN to press Sri Lanka for access to war zone

    Link# Jaya's poll vault: 'Tamil Eelam' only way out
    Link# Committed stubborn disciplined
    Link# Cornered Tamil Tiger leader has god-like status
    Link# India upset with China over Sri Lanka crisis
    Link# From Sandy Strip of Sri Lanka, Tales of Suffering as War Traps Thousands

  62. # Princess to reign the northern rails again
    Link# Don’t write the Tigers’ obit yet
    Link# Navy thwarts LTTE bid to attack ground troops by Sea
    Link# Congress slams Jayalalitha's Eelam talk as 'irresponsible'
    Link# Sri Lanka rejects Tamil rebels' ceasefire
    Link# Sri Lankan army 6 km away from last LTTE hideout

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. # Rajiv Gandhi assasination hatched in Paris hotel: Website
    Link# Fatal hammer blows await terrorists: Chidambaram
    Link# Sri Lanka rejects LTTE ceasefire
    Link# LTTE cadres, including child soldiers surrender in large numbers

  65. GOSL should tell LTTE that we are not here to send journalists or anyone for that matter to NFZ when they tell. We would do it on our own terms if we want to once the LTTE is wiped out.

    The foreign ministers who have visited Sri Lanka should be made to meet the Tamil civilians who escaped from the LTTE clutches.

    Under no circumstances, we should stop the remaining part of the operation of rescuing the trapped innocent civilians.

    Can't believe that how much trouble they go into trying to rescue the world's most ruthless terrorist. Unbelievable, whether we live in the civilized world?

    We may or not capture Prabhakaran live or dead, but at least we should find his ashes in the next few days to end the suffering of millions of people.

  66. IDPs – Something we could do after attending to their immediate needs – let’s say in two or three week’s time:
    Some of the funds raised, could be used to manufacture clothes locally - free clothes for the IDPs, whilst at the same time keeping the hard hit garment factories operational.

    So that,
    · 150K IDPs who lost all their belongings after being taken hostage by the LTTE will benefit.
    · Sri Lankan garment factory workers and the local economy will be helped.
    · Foreign journalists could visit the temporary IDP camps and see how we look after our own.

  67. Jayalalitha's Principled StancesJayalalitha made it clear her political model - not once, but many times: the frequency at which she changed her sanitary towels before menopause set in.

    The woman who has been bashing equally funny octagogenarian, for Karunanidhi,for forcing the Centre to put pressure on a sovereign nation, they suddenly did a U turn to support an Eelam. And she got thumbs-up from the usual suspects - Ramados and Nedumaran.

    She was immediately rebuked by the Foreign Minister for being both anti-national and irresponsible.

    But she would carry on. That is the only way she can grab her share of votes at the expense of Karunanidhi who recently put the LTTE at two diametrically opposing points in a matter of 24 hours.

    Tamilnadu politics may be the funniest in the region that is operative purely on emotional grounds.

    It may sound alarming in the short-run, but in the long-run just rings hollow. No one remembers what they or others say in a few months time.

    Eelamists relied on Tamilnadu factor too much to the extent in the hope of their mediation at the crucial hour. What they didn't know was the way these folks can change when the situation is in favour of one camp over the other.

    As the politicians cash in on the illiterate and ignorant masses, both the Centre and its southern neighbour can find solace in the fact that the situatiom may not change in the forseeable future, as long as Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi are politically active.

    So, jayalalitha's resurrection of Eelam dream will be another hollow gesture to the gullible.

    We can derive some fun by setting these two against each other.

  68. Dear DN, I will post here everything that I post in DW as I hold the utmost regard for you and value your Blog...a Blog that I will always remember as one where the opportunity was presented to SL patriots to voice their sentiments - at the expense of defeating LTTE whores' machinations to demoralize Sri Lankan population and ultimately, the SLDF.

    Kudos to you brother(s) for hosting this Blog.

    OaO Asithri

  69. Max the Fuckhead

    ha ha ha…why is it that even on Sunday I have no quiet time? My BB just went off with a “monkey alert” saying there is an undercover Tamil racist whore named "Max Fuckhead" here…so I checked and viola! It was true! What a pleasant surprise!!! :))

    So, filthy fucking Tamil racist whore…you said:

    [The GOSL is going to be undone because they are waging the war for an agenda that is really not in interest of the people of Sri Lanka.]

    Really? ha ha ha…I love it!!! Check the election results yesterday whore-bitch…if this GOSL is not on an agenda that is in the interest of people of SL, you think this, our modern-day “Dutugamunu regime” would have won the way it did? OR, maybe you Tamil racist whore knows best for us Sri Lankans – more than what the masses decided??? ha ha ha….a good one!

    [Can you please tell the Army top brass not to delay]

    ha ha ha…another good one! You want the SLA to start using artys/heavy mortars, MBRL once again and cause mass slaughter of innocent Tamils so that such horror will bring in the Indians and the IC – militarily to SL? Nice try momma-fucker! Your colors certainly coming out rapidly with each sentence…


    [Most of you folk will think that I am out of my mind to say this]

    Yes we do. But we know you are an undercover LTTE whore…a product of a racist Tamil whore who likely was fucked in the arse by a IPKF…the kind of Tamil racist Cocksuker we should shoot and burn at a tyre if we are to have lasting peace in SL. Speaking of your whore-mother…aha, I hate to do this, but I must…has she been to a baseball match?....does she know the dimensions of a baseball bat? I would like to let her “feel” the dimensions of it rather than “seeing” so let me know you Tamil racist whoredog…it can be arranged in no time.

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  70. Thushitha

    (to Max Fuckhead)

    [Who is going to rise up? Nobody is going to push us to the Sea. Looks like you are a tiger supporter.]

    Well said brother…yes, this is yet another undercover LTTE whore here. I just replied to him very gently…hope he gets the message.

    Greets bro…

    OaO Asithri

  71. Ninja

    [I think it is time for us to add Ranil W. also to the list of Traitors./ Not really. Perhaps to the list of joker]

    I beg to differ.

    This is no simple minded joker.

    This motherfucker tried his best to breakup our motherland and hand over a part of it to a murderous LTTE momma-fuckers. When that failed he tried his best to villify the popular GOSL under MR/GR/SF et al. that was out to liquidate the LTTE momma-fuckers. This motherfucker went took trips to the important western countries to campaign against the MR GOSL, just so the LTTE momma-fuckers could have some breathing room.

    No, this whorebitch is now toast. Yesterday's election results amply prove it. Time will tell what happens to him... ;) ;)) ;))

    OaO Asithri

  72. SL, good to see you too brother...

    I was busy earlier at a Canadian news journal site, National Post, and I invite you patriots also to do the same...Canada has a large LTTE supporting Tamil whorebitch clan and I was told to apply my efforts in countering their propaganda there...


    OaO Asithri

  73. Srilankan

    [yellow walrus LTTE infantry division...]

    ha ha ha...yes I remember! OR the "red bird treatment" that LTTE whoredog "mahen" used to promise us!!!

    ha ha ha...what a pathetic fuckedup bunch of morons...if only they got their head out of their arse, they would see realty!!!

    Greets to you brother...hope things are well in your life... I am doing fine...really fine in my professional/academic sphere (I mention this only because I recall you always used to advise me about not neglecting that side - thanks!)...

    OaO Asithri

  74. Anymore LTTE whores lurking in the background wanting a lashing from this humble OaOA?

    Calling once...twice...thrice...GONE.

    Catch you patriots later...I got to go now to milk the cow and force eject the eggs from the hens...

    OaO Asithri

  75. LB007

    [Seems like party has started already...]

    Just got off the phone with "Colombo"...yes, you are right bro.

    SLA has made some nifty maneuvers over the past 48 hours and now they are ready for the final crap-shoot.

    Mark my word patriots, when this is over - SOON - you will wonder "oops, when did it began"...ha ha ha...that is the strategy that's in place...and LTTE VP momma-fucker honchos will not know what hit them!!!

    The expectation will be that VP Wesigey-Putha (VP W-P) will never be found...he would have "perished in the final assaulat to ashes"...ha ha ha...

    So anyone who has an expectation of seeing VP W-P is quite likely to be dissappointed...ha ha ha...

    Yes, we don't need martyrs...especially fucking cost martyrs at that do we? Our great king Dutugemunu built a monument for the invading Chola king Elara, but bear in mind Elara did not kill innocent Sinhela civilians by raiding Sinhela-farming villages and hacking all to piece, including women and children, blowing Sinhelas off wholesale in buses, trains, office buildings, supermarkets, etc. etc.

    So, anyone who thinks that we must pay the same homage to this whore-dog VP W-P is sadly mistaken...

    ha ha ha...I love it (what I heard)! But I will not say more okay!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  76. Is international community ignorant or blind to the truth
    & What the International Community should know
    The people who cry at the top of their voices and shows a concern about the current situation in Sri Lanka should understand few basic facts about this conflict

    the lessor known facts behind the crisisDinky winky

  77. Combat operations reach conclusion, priority to rescue hostages' - SL Government

    What the fucking hell does this mean??

  78. "Government of Sri Lanka has decided that combat operations have reached their conclusion. Our security forces have been instructed to end the use of heavy caliber guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons which could cause civilian causalities".

    Tigers are confined to a 8sqkm area, which can be easily covered by ground forces and the navy. We can go for heavy weapons and airforce for a quick finish off at the expense of the civilian casualties. Although this may take more time it will dramatically reduce human causalities. Therefore I believe this is a sensible move.

  79. No Hurry dear security forces! We waited decades to get rid of these communalist thugs of the island. Take your time without giving up any more of your precious lives.IC can go to hell, IC that is harbouring their supporters of terror in their lands as bogus refugees to secure their votes.Good luck!

  80. Guys,

    I assume there is a Plan-B, if the pressure from the what we call international communitiy is to become unbearable.

    I am glad that we live in a region where there are more than one dominant player.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed; conscience is on our side.

  81. "Combat operations reach conclusion, priority to rescue hostages' - SL Government "

    what's the fuck is this. I hope SL GOV.

    I hope we finish this soon ....

  82. "Combat operations reach conclusion, priority to rescue hostages' - SL Government "

    I think it is a either clever or bad usage of English.

    It does not say "Combat operation reached conclusion.

    If it meant to say "Combat operation reaching conclusion" then it is obvious that it has not yet concluded.

    How about "Combat operation nearing conclusion"?

  83. # Kerala and Tamil Nadu states on the look out for fleeing LTTE terrorists
    Link# Secretary of the Ministry of Defence tours the Ipalogama housing scheme
    Link# 'Sarath Fonseka has displayed qualities of a great military leader' says Indian express
    Link# Lankan expacts donate USD 50,120 for 'Api Wenuwen Api' housing project
    Link# LTTE must surrender - Defence Sec.
    Link# Another 3000 civilians rescued, LTTE intensifies violence against civilians to win international sympathy

  84. # LTTE is dangling 'ceasefire' carrot to International Community
    Link# Rebels lash out at India
    Link# Lanka issue: Karunanidhi calls off fast
    Link# Sri Lankan youth wear love for the soldier on their tees
    Link# Rs. 2 million as emergency relief from China
    Link# Mental health care program for IDPs

  85. End the civilian suffering in the hands of LTTE.

    GOSL, please finish off the job quick!

  86. # Correcting misconceptions
    Link# UN, Sri Lanka to harness international support
    Link# Karunanidhi ends fast after Sri Lanka says operations have concluded
    Link# Sri Lanka to stop airstrikes, shelling of rebels
    Link# Sri Lanka President impeaches international community: Sri Lankan Patriots in US follow suit
    Link# Pulicats become pussycats and see how they all run!

  87. one thing is obvious from the western governments (including USA)reaction to the looming destruction of the LTTE.


    we must follow that EXACT example to the letter.


    the new venue will obviously be tamil nadu. sri lanka can give advise & make the occasional contribution on how things how matters should be handled at the new venue.

    while obama is fast turning out to be a wimp at the mercy of white terrorist lobbies russia & china (not india) are proving how reliable they are as allies.

    this will be the new world order to come. make no mistake.

  88. # Media bytes on Sri Lanka
    Link# Analysis: Stark end game for Tigers
    Link# Sri Lanka’s war of attrition - Church ignited and fueled
    Link# Is international community ignorant or blind to the truth
    Link# VIDEO - Buddhanubhawena - Nanda Malani
    Link# VIDEO - Maw Bime Namayen Nirosha & Billy from ELAKIRI COM Original Video
    Link# VIDEO - Pranab Mukherjee on the Lanka Crisis
    Link# VIDEO - Navy thwarts LTTE bid to attack ground troops by Sea 26th April 2009

  89. # UN to donate US dollars 10 million for the welfare of displaced Tamil civilians
    Link# LTTE Terror supporters in London attack Indian and Sri Lankan High commission buildings
    Link# “Some countries who oppose talks with Taliban,propose talks with Tigers! ”
    Link# Safety of trapped Tamils a top priority, UK told
    Link# Are these westerners concerned for the loss of innocent lives or their loss of business?
    Link# Q+A - The last days of Sri Lanka's long war?

  90. I hope M R would understand how important Russia & China to SL. hope we are doing everything that we can to keep out friends happy.

    "India is not a friend they are a backstabbing friend"

    ...I hope we play this correct to the end...

  91. # Sri Lanka did not act under Indian pressure: Congress
    Link# EU appeals for cease-fire in Sri Lanka
    Link# Sri Lanka block access to civilians in war-zone:UN
    Link# Sri Lankan Tamils vandalise Indian High Commission in London
    Link# VIDEO - Wanni Operation 27 th April 2009

    Link# Karunanidhi assured of ceasefire, ceases death fast
    Link# LTTE criticises India
    Link# India grants rupees one billion for refugees in Lanka
    Link# UK commits £2.5 million humanitarian assistance
    Link# JHU vows to take Britain to INTernationaLCourts

  93. Comeon, DN I told ya guys 2 yrs. ago... abt. ltte idiots who work for BBC WS,CNN & ABC..these morons twist the news so bad it's even comical. This happened so many times !

    Look a US Sec Of State, she has pro. ltte (at least 2 Tamils)who push propaganda daily. So it's no suprise fellas ! I have seen personally !Even though US govt released those Sat images to let GOSL know even though lack of access doesnt mean no ones watching ! Well, I like to remind the US State Dept. , 05-09'..... 87,215 iraqis have go figure !

    Second,these foreign Warships monitoring Sri Lanka off the coast need to go fight Piracy in the Gulf of Aden.Plus China & Russia has 2 Frigates in the Bay of Bengal & Arabian Sea. So forget any intervention or rescue of Fatass VP !

    Third there's no ceasefire fellas, ya crazy ? Now, it's a classic Special Forces & Commando operation due to terrain ! I know our SF' s WILL get those ltte idiots , who casused all the misery. So hangon to ya Kohones boys ! Now begins the fun part !

  94. # Oil tanker rescues two Lankan Tamils mid sea
    Link# Tamil youth held near venue of ‘Ranaviru’ show in Paris
    Link# Six held for doctoring clips from Tamil films for Lankan cause
    Link# The greed for the peace pie
    Link# Rescue mission continues
    Link# Sir John Holmes meets President:

  95. # Kouchner, Miliband arrive tomorrow
    Link# ‘Facilities in IDP camps very good’
    Link# SL Ambassador briefs Iran : Catastrophe avoided Only a humanitarian situation
    Link# Get your humanitarian paws off my country
    Link# No tears for LTTE
    Link# EDITORIAL: Washington Times: Let Colombo finish the job

  96. # Union Home Ministry alerts Kerala and Tamil Nadu states: Look out for fleeing Tiger cadres
    Link# Lanka rules out any talks with defeated Tigers
    Link# "Like a Burning Log Snatched from a Fire…" II
    Link# What Matters in Sri Lanka
    Link# GENOCIDE: ‘the end of imagination’
    Link# Win their hearts and make an undividable homeland for all – II

  97. # Terrorists and pariah states
    Link# Resettlement of IDPs in the shortest possible duration is a high priority of Sri Lanka - Minister Rohitha Bogollagama
    Link# Was Prabhakaran taken for a ride by the Tamil Diaspora?
    Link# Why do Co-chairs want Lanka to negotiate with LTTE
    Link# Vile vituperation of a man called Brian Seneviratne
    Link# Cessation of hostilities: Did Chidambaram jump the gun?

  98. # Obama only hope for Lanka issue: Vaiko
    Link# 'Prabhakaran will try to flee, not commit suicide'
    Link# Ready to extradite Prabhakaran to India: Rajapaksa
    Link# To get attention, you have to shut the street, Tamils decide
    Link# We will leave no scope for LTTE revival, says Sri Lankan Army

  99. # Turn from conflict concerns to the humanitarian relief mission
    Link# Human Rights Watch uses barbed missiles against Sri Lanka
    Link# "Role of the troops will be remembered for generations" - Army Commander
    Link# Humanitarian operations continue: 53, 58 Div troops advance through mined earth bunds
    Link# The Notion of Citizenship and Political Stability
    Link# UN releases US $ 10 million to relief fund

  100. # A Sri Lankan Offers Advice To Barack Obama
    Link# Tamil Tiger supporters attacked both Sri Lanka and Indian High Commissions in London
    Link# U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake nominated for South Asia Bureau in Washington
    Link# U.S. encouraged by Sri Lanka decision to end combat operation
    Link# ILO urged to take measures against all forms of terror - President Rajapaksa
    Link# Sri Lanka denies entry visa to Swedish Foreign: Sweden expresses annoyance

  101. # UPDATE 3-Sweden recalls Lanka envoy after minister barred
    Link# U.N. tells Sri Lanka president of casualty concerns
    Link# Sri Lanka's denial of entry of Swedish FM "grave mistake:" Czech FM
    Link# In Tamil Nadu politics, wheel has turned full circle over Sri Lanka
    Link# Troops continue sweep of LTTE-held areas to rescue people
    Link# Without the Tigers

  102. # Lanka rules out any talks with defeated Tigers
    Link# LTTE’s Explosive Laden Lorry Blown Up as Troops Capture One More Bund
    Link# Australia donates Medicine worth Rs. 300 million
    Link# JHU says will protest foreign intimidation
    Link# What matters in Sri Lanka
    Link# 58 Div troops liberate Rektavaikkal: Operations continue to rescue remaining hostages

  103. # Multiculturalism on the Retreat
    Link# India anxious over Tiger chief's fate
    Link# VIDEO - Sri Lanka Humanitarian Situation
    Link# VIDEO - Sri Lanka, Living with Terror - A look back to 2001 for some perspective - Part 2
    Link# VIDEO - Sri Lanka, Living with Terror - A look back to 2001 for some perspective - Part 1
    Link# VIDEO - US, UK Should Mind Their Own Business. Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa

  104. # Protect United Kingdom - Stop the Tamil Tigers

  105. SL Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa threatens. US, UK Should Mind Their Own Business.

    April 28, 2009 8:35 PM

    we all proud of you hon def sec Gotabaya.
    you are correct UK, USA mind your own fucking business.

    For all our muslim friends around the world we are sorry for what UK & usa do to you. It is very clear that UK & USA are not fighting against the terror in the world but they They are fighting against the MUSLIM world for personal, financial reasons in the name of Al-Qaeda.
    If UK & USA can act on behalf of a bunch of animals like LTTE and their uncivilised supporters they should listen to people in Iraq & Afghan as well.
    1000's of innocient civilians are killed by UK & Usa bomings in those parts of the world.
    There are enough muslims in UK & USA to protest & bring all their capital cities to a standstill untill they pull out all their troops from Iraq & Afhianistan.

  106. # Protect United Kingdom - Stop the Tamil Tigers
    Link# Sweden dismayed
    Link# No escape for Prabha
    Link# Karuna says Prabha hiding in jungle
    Link# Lankan refugees on Kerala trawlers
    Link# Tigers forcibly enter Toronto consulate

  107. # Maori MP blocks motion on Lanka
    Link# Wimal protests visit by UK, France
    Link# Sri Lanka's ambassador to US briefs congressmen
    Link# LTTE explosive laden lorry blown up
    Link# David Miliband and premier prospects
    Link# Will Prabhakaran’s death impinge on Sonia’s campaign ?

  108. # President's resolve against foreign interference
    Link# Northern resettlement begins
    Link# New promise of freedom
    Link# No visa denial for Swedish FM
    Link# Sri Lanka Embassy in Myanmar organises get-together : Foreign dignitaries up dated
    Link# Fast opposite embassies - NFF

  109. # 'Prabhakaran wants to rule as a dictator'
    Link# A reply to The Economist: Sri Lanka’s war - Dark victory
    Link# Double standards of international community
    Link# Another LTTE earth bund captured
    Link# Lanka rules out any talks with defeated Tigers
    Link# SL won’t allow any move to resuscitate terrorism Holmes pleased, offers $ 10 mn

  110. # Troops zeroing in on NFZ in bid to rescue trapped civilians
    Link# President Rajapaksa assures India of political package for Tamils
    Link# India request to extradite Prabakaran renewed
    Link# Sovereignty And Duplicity
    Link# Big guns silent but war is on
    Link# Like a burning log snatched from a fire…" — III

  111. # We want to catch LTTE chief alive: Rajapaksa
    Link# Interview: 'Colonel Karuna'
    Link# End-game in Sri Lanka?
    Link# Capture Prabhakaran alive, India to Sri Lanka
    Link# Many paths in Colombo's victory push
    Link# Maori Tamil stand angers Anderton

  112. # Captured senior Tamil Tiger urges rebels to surrender
    Link# 'India did not supply offensive equipment to Sri Lanka'
    Link# Rumblings from the battlefield

  113. Protest in front of UK embassy Sri Lanka

    Very Peaceful and orderly

    A very simple messege

    Milband keep out!

    Fantastic !

    Dinky winky

  114. Guys,

    I wathced a clip of a discussion with George Master. It is pretty impressive performance given his rapid rehabilitation.

    Since he is on our side, I think he can play a better PR role than our pathetic bores doing our missions abroad to counter the adverse organize propaganda.

    It is not only the command of Sinhala and English of old Geeza, but also his ability to mix that gift with the correct amount of emotion at the right time that struck me.

    Of course, there will be folks who want to exercise caution; fair enough.

    George Master is too old and exhausted to make another switch of loyalty. He just wants to live in peace the rest of his life. He seemed to have had enough.

    He is a brilliant communicator in all three languages in the land.

    If a political role cannot be assigned to him at a sensitive time, George Master should be used to train our civil servants in the art of communication without making the intended audience bored to the core.

    Long live George Master!

    Long live Daya Master too!!

  115. # Captured senior Tamil Tiger urges rebels to surrender
    Link# 'India did not supply offensive equipment to Sri Lanka'
    Link# Rumblings from the battlefield
    Link# 57 Div troops uncover AP mines, suicide jackets during search operations - Puthukkudiyirippu
    Link# Maori party MP blocks pro LTTE motion in New Zealand parliament
    Link# Dialog Telekom Donates Rs. 3 million rupees to "Api Wenuwen Api" Fund

  116. # 'LTTE beat or shoot at Tamil parents, snatch 12 year olds' says London Guardian
    Link# 58 Div captures another earth bund: March-on to rescue remaining civilians
    Link# Navy thwarts LTTE offensive bid: destroys 5 LTTE boats off Mullaittivu
    Link# Alert sounded on South Indian coast to prevent LTTE infiltration
    Link# Warnings of blood bath unreal - Sri Lanka Foreign Minister
    Link# Operation to rescue civilians continues, while Praba and his senior leaders plans to flee

  117. # 25 Sea Tigers killed in a sea confrontation: SLN
    Link# War analysis by Tiger-hugging Economist a total farce
    Link# Britain, France fail to win Sri Lanka truce
    Link# 'Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman hatched Rajiv killing plot'
    Link# Miliband, French minister meet S.Lanka war victims
    Link# Sri Lankan Navy foils Sea Tiger attack; kills 34 rebels

  118. # Tamil defector claims Tigers killed 200 civilians
    Link# 'British Tamil protesters should apologise to India'
    Link# 'We want to catch Prabhakaran alive' says President
    Link# Sri Lanka urged to halt offensive
    Link# Ottawa to speed up Tamil family immigration
    Link# 'Why they lie in the name of .....?'

  119. Scum of Sri Lanka

    Highlight of the Day
    The top scum Ranil Wickramasinghe

    Copied below is from Daily Mirror for your reading.

    "Ranil meets UK, French Ministers

    UNP leader Ranil Wickramasingha says he is “ashamed” to say that he was able to get a first hand assessment of the situation in the north from two foreign dignitaries-the visiting British and French Ministers –as opposed to the Sri Lankan government."
    This may be the only man in Sri Lanka who is not aware of the situation in North. Showing his true colors, he worships his white masters to get the information about North. Having lost elections for the umpteenth time, this monkey refuses to understand the mind of the common Sri Lankan citizen. This anti Sri Lankan man is a threat to national security of Sri Lanka for the reason that he reduced the opposition party in to an anti Sri Lankan and pro-LTTE organization.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe
    Lakshman Kiriella
    Ravi Karunanayake
    Vajira Abeywardena
    Jayalath Jayawardena
    Mangala Samaraweera
    Rauf Hakeem
    Wickramabahu Karunaratne
    Kumar Rupasinghe
    Jehan Perera
    Sunanda Deshapriya
    Sunila Abegunasekara
    Mano Ganeshan
    R Sampanthan
    K Sivajilingam
    G.K. Ponnambalam
    other TNA sakkiliyas
    Duleep Chikera
    Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
    Rohan Edirisinghe
    Mithra Fernando
    Tisaranee Gunasekera
    Priyath Liyanage
    Rayappu Joseph
    Rosy Senanayake
    Sonali Samarasinghe
    Nimalka Fernando
    Sirithunga Jayasuriya
    Dayasiri Jayasekara
    Iqbal Athas
    Lal Kantha
    Anura Kumara
    Malik Samarawickrama
    Lalith Kothalawala
    S.B. Dissanayake
    Brian Seneviratne
    Sisira Jayasuriya
    Johnston Fernando
    Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe

  120. Qrious
    I beg to differ about Daye Master or George Master. During this military onslaught these guys knew the end is in sight for that moment and decided to jump ship get to Colombo, repent a bit fool everyone and bolt to Australia or Canada and start all over again. So you are warned.
    I too have lot of anger the way we are treated in the island by the people who run the country and I see no justice for any of us and today our collage grounds were taken over by the mahanayake of asgiriya which is not fair at all, but revenge and intolerance by a leader who is suppose to lead people in practice of tolerance and understanding and this brings the anger in us and likes of Daya master is the symptom of our ills in the nation. One may just eliminate the tigers but the cause of discontentment and injustice will be there for a long time. Do you expect these guys to stay put in the island but to escape to another country by seeking refuge in an embassy unless they charged with war crimes?

  121. Sam, it is a shame that some people of srilanka are grass eaters & still vote for Ranil. These people must be mentaly ill.

    Power hungry traitor like Ranil should be given an old fashion death sentence.

    Can anyone suggest any?

  122. # 'SL Government fighting with LTTE, not against Tamil people' says Kouchner
    Link# Over 200 doctors volunteer to serve N & E hospitals
    Link# Eelam in Wembley
    Link# 'Wanted for aiding and abetting terrorism'
    Link# French & British Foreign Ministers visits welfare centers
    Link# Government extends invitation to Sweden

  123. KevinDon't take me too seriously about George Master matter; I just pulled patriotic legs to fight off boredom.

    Yes, religious division is the last thing we want now.

  124. # Independent state not the solution - Australia
    Link# Govt. strongly rejects a ceasefire: Keheliya
    Link# Ceasefire not our aim - Miliband

  125. # LTTE unilateral ceasefire a bluff - Keheliya
    Link# Surrender, Daya Master tells LTTE cadres
    Link# Stunning revelation by The Guardian
    Link# Kouchner, Miliband condemn LTTE
    Link# Freeing civilians, Government’s key objective - President
    Link# Foreign media hypocrisy

  126. # Can BJP call for sanctions on Sri Lanka?
    Link# EDITORIAL: Canberra Times: Truce hope as Tigers defeated
    Link# LTTE orders civilians to burn boats
    Link# Victory without humanity can be no triumph
    Link# LTTE misled diaspora, kept them in dark to exploit them says Daya Master
    Link# Sri Lankan issue

  127. # Access to NFZ not feasible: Rajapaksa
    Link# ‘LTTE readying 6 large boats’
    Link# Is Toronto Tamil Eelam in exile?
    Link# SRI LANKA: Conflict timeline
    Link# The inside story of the LTTE 'regime'

  128. Kevin,

    .today our collage grounds were taken over by the mahanayake of asgiriya which is not fair at all.

    Asgiriya Mahanayaka, told The Sunday Times the Trinity College lease on the grounds expired last year..


    This seems like a normal lease procedure..where at the end of the lease period the lessor has taken over the property...

    any way as far as I know the ground was mainly maintained by SL cricket funds.

  129. Guys, take a minute and
    read the main article, which is "Tigers sink to a new low as endgame nears"Now come back and read your comments such as Asgiriya Mahanayaka thera story. Now think for a moment, does it have any conection to this topic?.

    Come on guys stay focus here.If you dont have anymore defence related comments, just dont comment. Please.

  130. Ogres comment published @CeylonDefence

    --Prabhakaran plans mass murder-by Ogre--

    ||::CeylonDefence::|| updated

    Click here....................

  131. # Access to NFZ not feasible: Rajapaksa
    Link# ‘LTTE readying 6 large boats’
    Link# Is Toronto Tamil Eelam in exile?
    Link# SRI LANKA: Conflict timeline
    Link# The inside story of the LTTE 'regime'
    Link# Jonathan Kay on the Tamil Tigers, and moral rehabilitation of the Liberal Party

  132. # "Some countries who oppose talks with Taliban, propose talks with Tigers! "
    Link# Haul of bombs, explosives uncovered by 57 Div troops - Puthukkudiyirippu
    Link# LTTE unilateral ceasefire a bluff - Defence Spokseperson
    Link# U.S. Government program strengthens local authorities in the East
    Link# 'Threat to Tamils in Sri Lanka is posed by the Tigers themselves' - National Post
    Link# Civilians trapped in Mullaithivu evacuated with Naval Assistance: 195 more civilians rescued in Special Naval Rescue Mission

  133. Hi Guys,

    One of my patriotic friends in the US, Dr. Thrishantha Nanayakkara has the following appeal to help the IDPs in Sri Lanka.

    Please visit the following site to make your contribution,

  134. It's the Nazis againEven if only 50% of Tamilnut's claims are true, GOSL must get right the basics of caring for these traumatised people. Fellow citizens of SL on whose behalf the final offensive is being fought.

    The article has all the key words for an emotive hit against GOSL military campaign. 'Nazi', 'Concentration Camp', 'Starvation' etc.

    Pictures of food and supplies being thrown at grasping crowds of refugees only suggest one thing. The authorities distributing the aid haven't had the foresight to set up proper queues because they don't care about the people.

    it gives further credence to GOSL's enemies in the West, including the Human Rights brigade to push for intervention. But most of all, if true, its bad because it simply is.

  135. Guys,

    The stupid idiot who was on a bogus hunger strike in London has ended the act and all he got was torrents of insults.

    He may have thought London is Chennai; women wailing at his plight; men shout slogans; people stop working to show solidarity.

    His fast is as comical as that of the old Fox in Tamil Nadu.

  136. Guys
    It was very depressing to witness the parliamentary debate in Westminster where a democratically elected government of Sri Lanka had no friends among these politicians there, but I can assure you that the people of UK wants that country to fight the terrorists that have killed that country’s top politicans.Man/woman in the street here says that they wouldn’t dare side with the terrorists in disguise of HW if these terrorists have done these atrocities in UK reminding us the treatment their terrorists got in Gibraltar in 80s.

  137. Let us all pray to the triple gems to grant nibbana to the navy personnel on the two Dvoras that were sunk today:

    May the triple gems have mercy on their souls.

  138. Pundeyeelam
    It should be part of the defence strategy of the island to maintain ethnic and religious harmony and that means all the people must work together for better Sri Lanka.By using ones religious position to bring unhappiness to others is not the way to go. We as old boys are historically attached to that grounds and that collage and there is a deliberate sinister move to break them up instigated by the person I mentioned with the help of some disgruntled people around him. So to have a fair and just society is paramount.Must get back to work……….

  139. Bad….
    So two Dovras Sunk? Must be planning to flee by sea.

  140. Miliband the British clown & also the forign secretary to LTTE has been Humiliated & Ridcule him self infront of our great Defence secrity

    War won't stop until Prabhakaran is taken, dead or alive' says Secretary Defence

    "My problem is not what the LTTE will do to you," the Defence Secretary said, "instead it is that should such a thing happen, we would not be able to take Prabhakaran as planned!". He said after thirty years, the time had come finally for Prabhakaran and other terrorist leaders to be captured dead or alive and the government would not stop until that end was achieved.

    Defence Sectary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday(Apr 29), rejected visiting British Foreign Secretary David Miliband's call for a ceasefire, and told him that the government would not stop its war on terror until the LTTE was crushed and its leader Prabhakaran captured, dead or alive.

    Briefing a British delegation that included the British Foreign Secretary, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Dr. Peter Hayes and two other diplomats, at the Foreign Ministry, yesterday morning the Defence Secretary did not mince his words, when he said it was Sri Lankan troops and civilians who had perished in the conflict and therefore the government was determined to finish off the LTTE. He said humanitarian concerns were only a ploy employed by some people to extricate Prabhakaran and his top leaders from the mess they had got into. He said a truce would only help the LTTE to regroup.

    "The only person who could stop this war," a plain-spoken Defence Secretary told the British dignitaries, "is only the President of Sri Lanka." The military had orders to either capture or destroy Prabhakaran and other top LTTE leaders, he added.

    Mr. Rajapaksa told the British delegation that since March 2009, over 200,000 persons had been rescued by the army. "On April 20 alone we secured the release of over 100,000 men, women and children from the clutches of the LTTE," he said promising to rescue the others shortly. He said the whole world had witnessed that rescue operation that the army had conducted without firing a single shot.

    When Miliband interrupted him to say that Britain had information that civilians had been harmed due to the army's firing, the Defence Secretary said Britain should not be duped by the disinformation campaign the LTTE was carrying out. "Even BBC is dishing out LTTE propaganda material without verification," he told Miliband.

    Miliband said his claim was not based on BBC reports but credible information elicited from sources in the LTTE-held no fire zone. Apparently annoyed, the Defence Secretary said anyone who knew the LTTE would not believe that any reliable information would emanate from that area under its jackboot. All the stories that were disseminated from the no fire zone, he told the British delegation, were all doctored by the LTTE for the consumption of the international community and the western media. "Do you think a terrorist group like the LTTE will allow anyone to express independent views detrimental to its cause?" he asked.

    The Defence Secretary said it was up to the British delegation to decide whether it should believe what a terrorist group said or what a responsible officer of a legitimate government told them. "The choice is yours," he said.

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner requested that the UN be given access to the civilian zone held by the LTTE. The Defence Secretary said no one was safe in that area and the government could not guarantee anyone's safety. Kouchner replied that he was prepared to visit the area himself. He said he would take the risk and go there.

    A smiling Rajapaksa told the French Foreign Minister that the LTTE was so desperate that he, too, would be taken hostage. "I don't mind that risk," Kouchner said.

    "My problem is not what the LTTE will do to you," the Defence Secretary said laughing, "instead it is that should such a thing happen, we would not be able to take Prabhakaran as planned!" He said after thirty years, the time had come finally for Prabhakaran and other terrorist leaders to be captured dead or alive and the government would not stop until that end was achieved.

    Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, Attorney General Mohan Peiris and Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona were also present at both meetings.

    Courtesy : The Island

    Related News >>
    'We want

  141. Qrious,
    Heard that "The stupid idiot" has given up his holiday period.
    Wasting UK public money as well as every once time.

    Hope all of them will jump to Thames soon.

  142. Below article in gives us good undestanding about NFZ remaing area.

  143. Miliband's RevengeSo, now we see how that little gerbil Milliband intends to get his revenge on SL after being bitch-slapped by GR.

    He's going to try for a Security Council resolution about SL.

    Time to wheel out our Russian and Chinese heavy artillery

    From a recent interview with the Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka:

    "Russia is concerned about the fate of the civilian population of the north as much as any other country in the world. But at the same time, we are realists and we understand that under the present circumstances, when the resources of the government are quite limited and after the 26 years of war, it is not easy to solve all problems within a short period of time.""That's why I think the international community should pay more attention to providing assistance for the government of Sri Lanka than to criticizing what is not done or what is not good enough.""But an important thing is that we should never give equality to a democratically elected legitimate government of a country on the one hand and a terrorist organization on the other hand. This is not only in Sri Lanka's case, it's for any country. We should see the difference very clearly."Spassibo, Russia.

  144. # Sovereignty and Duplicity - Opinion
    Link# Practise what you preach
    Link# Sweden snubs Lanka
    Link# Not giving in to world pressure: President
    Link# Akashi here again
    Link# Troops further consolidate territorial gains in North

  145. # Will send Indian Army to create Eelam : Jaya
    Link# Britain wants probe on any crimes against civilians here
    Link# Suspect remanded in banned chemical import
    Link# Trade Unions willing to support President to eradicate terrorism
    Link# Lanka should be on UN SC agenda- Miliband
    Link# Visit to IDP camps in Vavuniya restricted

  146. # India to deliver another shipload of family kits
    Link# Govt. only concerned with delhi
    Link# Gordon Brown to go?
    Link# The humanitarian warfare
    Link# Lanka launches angry attack on Miliband

  147. # Army website hacked
    Link# U.N. council sees no need to punish Sri Lanka
    Link# Prabhakaran could not have escaped from Sri Lanka
    Link# ‘No question of ceasefire’
    Link# Northern resettlement begins

  148. Most of us are tired now of hearing the accusations made by these bogus HR Champions.

    We have assisted for tours of IDP camps, and liberated areas so that they see the on-ground situations.

    We have even facilitated interviews (journalists, NGO and foreign GOV reps) with civilians on IDP camps as well as people who were re-settled; provided them with confessions of surrendered LTTE carders.

    And yet they still say these are not credible information? What more as a country have we to do? Total BS if you ask me.

    Which other country has tolerated this kind of accusations? Which country has gone to this length to satisfy these people/accusers?

    Unfortunately most of these people have their own agendas.

    1. People who are in the Payroll of the LTTE
    2. No other means of surviving other than getting hooked up with a third class NGO. (Blue-chip NGOs, even though a handful; have been quite conservative and have provided us with much needed help)
    3. People who have to appease the vote base back in their country/county/province
    4. Politicians who want to make a name for themselves in the global arena.

    Haven’t Diaspora people seen how the people of this country are rising up to the occasion by donating food, water, clothes, toys, medicine etc? Have the Diaspora sent a rupee to assist in the rehabilitation/resettlement of their brothers? Have the Tamil-Nadu puppets send a dime? Have these people visited any of the IDP camps? Or even been to Sri Lanka?

    With all these difficulties we have to keep our cool and counter these accusations with proper counter statements for the time being.

    I also find it funny how the shut mouth UNP politicians (the likes of Ranil, Tissa, Mangala and Kiriella) are coming up with new accusations. It is really a very sad story that we have an opposition party like this in our country. All these sins will haunt them (this life or the next) and follow them like the cart wheel that follows the ox.

  149. "LTTE resorts to cyber terrorism; hacks army website"

  150. # Tigers confined to three sq. kms
    Link# Speedy resettlement for all IDPs - Dr. Kohona
    Link# IMF loan in final stages
    Link# Outsiders and organisations not allowed to enter Vavuniya IDP camp
    Link# Hailing War Heroes
    Link# Sajeevan (13) and Sujeeva (11): A tale of two brothers

  151. # LTTE divided
    Link# Major influx of Sri Lankan refugees to India unlikely
    Link# President’s May Day message
    Link# Jail guard paid by Tigers
    Link# Govt. expects to get Intl mine clearance accreditation soon
    Link# French govt. provides field hospital to Chettikulam

  152. # The responsibility of Sri Lankan citizens
    Link# Criticism as a fig leaf
    Link# Break-away LTTE commanders get high positions exchange for combat support – US Terrorism report casts aspersions
    Link# Misinformed New York Times and Sri Lanka’s failed overseas public diplomacy
    Link# Australia opposes the establishment of an ‘'Independent Tamil State in Sri Lanka'
    Link# Liberals and NDP in a race to inherit Tiger legacy in Canada

  153. # Sri Lanka President mandated by the people to get the LTTE
    Link# Who wants Prabakaran alive or dead?
    Link# LTTE forgot it was not a regular army
    Link# Two emissaries from UK & France twist their purpose of visit to Sri Lanka
    Link# Can there be a permanent political solution under Pirapaharan’s leadership?
    Link# Can there be a permanent political solution under Pirapaharan’s leadership?

  154. it is now confirmed that the western powers never wanted sri lankans to live in peace ever. instead they want sri lanka divided into pieces & killing each other forever so that they can get us into debt thru war, blackmail us, give us loans & live comfortably off the interest. this is their stock development plan for the third world. good riddance western powers. welcome eastern power bloc.

  155. # What was said three years ago about dealing with the LTTE
    Link# Sri Lanka says Counter-terrorism must top NAM agenda
    Link# Bogus ‘Tamil’ politics
    Link# Architect of the CFA fouls up the CNA spirit
    Link# Is ‘Tamil Eelam’ a Christian agenda?
    Link# UN council sees no need to punish Sri Lanka

  156. # Lankans in Qatar to help war displaced
    Link# LTTE resorts to cyber terrorism; hacks army website
    Link# Sri Lankan minister launches angry attack on David Miliband
    Link# Sri Lanka: Maori Party raises a very valid point
    Link# Shape of Sri Lanka's future
    Link# Sri Lanka stance earns plaudits

  157. is back.
    however is pending with updated version.




  161. MAYBE A BIT EXAGERATED & DRAMATIZED to sell the video. but most of it makes lot of sense.

  162. Kevin,
    It's easy to understand why Gota thought that Milliband's UK constituency had Eelamtards. All the Labour MPs demanding a ceasefire are doing so because they rely on their ethnic voting bloc (Eelamtards) to keep them in power. As Milliband's demanding the same, Gota, quite reasonably assumed the same.

    As much as I loved seeing Miliband being bitch-slapped by GR, this will come back to hurt us, in the long-term. Miliband's probably the worst Foreign Sec, the UK's had for a long, long time. He has an exaggerated sense of his own brilliance and morality.

  163. Mango
    Milli is a young turkey fighting for it’s survival and it seems Brown seems to have lost the plot and clutching straws by speaking for this cunning Diaspora whose numbers are increasing. Diaspora seems to gather in some constituencies in the West thus influencing a few politicans.Their votes and their money seems to have the desired effect and only way to face this is to clean our own backyard in the island doing everything possible to bring ethnic, religious harmony. Allow every possible opportunity for the private and public sector to flourish. Must get rid of large-scale corruption and inefficiency in the country. I am an victim of this and I have complained to the highest except God himself. One of the biggest culprits are the lethargic judiciary where innocent victims wait for justice for decades, thus allowing and encouraging thugs and wrong doers to grab properties and homes. I am also a victim of the local and the national tax man who is trying to tax me twice, seems like they are expecting bribes to stop any action. Besides tackling the terrorists these problems that had been there since 1948 has never being tackled by our leaders. There’s one legacy that was left by the Colonials which I don’t agree at all is to transfer public servants from one town to another thus causing so much hardship to families where a young wife have to look after her children alone for 5 or 6 days per week while the husband away paying for a second accommodation. This is a defence blog but problems such as this does not help the country’s progress or stability that has a bearing on our defence against the powerful outsiders who have got their own agendas. If SL could be transformed into another MUBAI or Singapore then it brings it’s own international safetynet.We know the terrorist lobby is doing overtime to discourage meaningful investments to the island, perhaps in a strange way they might encourage donors to give us unnecessary credit in large sums to shackle us to a debt burden for generation or two.

  164. Kevin,

    The good thing about this whole business is watching New Labour implode. A truly disgusting, unprincipled slimy bunch of corrupt politicians who'll do anything to remain in power. No, I'm not describing the SL political scene :)

    UK NGOs should also be very carefully vetted before being allowed into SL. We already know how they've helped the LTTE to gain supplies etc.

    I know what you mean by your problems relating to various business issues, in SL. Surely if anything unites all Lankans, whether pro or anti-LTTE, it is their experience of govt machinery!

  165. Our promise is to deliver news, when the news drought hit the web.
    So please stand by.

  166. # AIADMK spreading rumours on Tamils for political gain: Congress
    Link# Protester ends hunger strike over Sri Lanka
    Link# Swedish FM tried visit without informing govt. - Divaina
    Link# Sri Lanka rejects growing calls for cease-fire
    Link# Sri Lankan, Tamil Tiger protesters draw Capitol police sniper teams
    Link# "We are against double standards" - Russian Ambassdor

  167. # Army Chief appraises troops involved in rescue operations
    Link# Navy continues its Special Rescue Mission in North-eastern Seas: 355 patients and civilians were evacuated on board ‘MV Green Ocean’.
    Link# 57 Div troops uncover more LTTE military items
    Link# Navy foils LTTE Sea Tiger suicide attack in Mullaittivu: 03 Sea Tiger Boats sunk and 23 Sea Tigers killed
    Link# Sri Lanka urges civilians to flee war zone
    Link# Sri Lanka troops tighten siege of Tamil rebels

  168. # 'Prabhakaran still in Sri Lanka'
    Link# 23 Sea Tigers killed as Sri Lankan Navy foils break out attempt
    Link# Sri Lankans tire of foreign meddling
    Link# Gimme more
    Link# Over-tolerant police
    Link# Sri Lanka IMF bailout; UK to look at 'situation on the ground'

  169. # LTTE won first round in the cyber war: Hacked Army and Lankapuwath websites – Army site restored
    Link# VIDEO - Chris Ryan Elite World Cops: STF pt. 5/5
    Link# VIDEO - Global TV: Canadians losing patience for Tamil Tiger protesters
    Link# VIDEO - Documentary on LTTE Lorry Bombs - Part 1
    Link# VIDEO - Documentary on LTTE Lorry Bombs - Part 2
    Link# VIDEO - Disarm and surrender. Not opportune for ceasefire: President 30/04/2009

  170. HAsn't the SLG heard of a thing called a fire-wall?

    Could someone here teach them how to instal one?

  171. In this picture, the joker Milband looks at Kouchner saying "you f&cking traitor, I can't believe my eyes compared to what we agreed on the flight..see how you cuddle to Mahinda"!

    Any other thoughts?

  172. # Address by President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the May Day celebrations held at Temple Trees
    Link# Japan donates US$ 4m for Northern IDPs
    Link# Special Japanese Envoy meets with Secretary Defenc
    Link# Children recruited by LTTE surrender, reveal horror stories
    Link# UNOSAT Data on Sri Lanka: Interpretation not substantiated with out ground verifications - Says Remote Sensing expert

    Link# Fierce sea battles off Mullaitivu
    Link# US report gives details of LTTE funding
    Link# Norway pledges US $ 10m for displaced in North

  174. # Five-member UK parliamentary delegation arriving
    Link# FM contacts his Aussie counterpart
    Link# Tamil student ends fast after Miliband's assurance
    Link# No way for Prabha to escape from Lanka

    Link# Lanka war CD impact worries Congress
    Link# Government summons UN envoy over "leaked" images
    Link# No foreign powers could dictate to us
    Link# Providing facilities to civilian influx : Govt has full potential

  176. # Troops advance further south: Another earth bund captured
    Link# AIADMK spreading rumours on Tamils for political gain: Congress
    Link# Japan donates US$ 4m for Northern IDPs
    Link# Tale of two brothers
    Link# Abusing international conventions
    Link# Partisan politics on Lanka

  177. # Listen to Sri Lanka’s mandate for change
    Link# Dealing with terror firmly but decently
    Link# Retiring the LTTE: Ending the Conflict in Sri Lanka
    Link# Jonathan Kay on Tigers, and Michael Ignatieff’s: Moral rehabilitation of the Liberal Party
    Link# An act of cyber terrorism
    Link# Army Chief inspects IDP facilities

  178. # Mahathaya’s wife and children surrender
    Link# Let Sri Lanka have IMF loan – UN Security Council
    Link# Sri Lanka says counter-terrorism must top NAM agenda
    Link# Civilians dying in war is a sad reality – Col Hariharan
    Link# India lacks sound counter terrorism measures: US
    Link# Rescue of people comes before political solutions War is nearing end, let’s build the economy – President

  179. President has requested the remaining civilians to come out of the NFZ.

    I would like to see it being taken a step further. Last couple of days we saw how army officials use loud speakers etc requesting the civilians to come out of the remaining land stretch.

    Instead we could play recorded requests made by surrendered TOP LTTE leaders, surrendered child solders, and community leaders (which those people still trapped are familiar with).

    We also saw how the people in the IDP camps were entertained by showing Tamils films etc. This is good, but it would also be nice if they were shown Tamil news telecasts showing surrendered LTTE leader confessions, statements made by child solders (how they were treated by the LTTE), and how the country as a whole are participating to provide food and cloths to the people in the IDP camps.

    Involve some of the able refugees (provided they have a good record with in the camp) in the construction efforts, so that they learn something while serving to their own community.

    Hoist the national flag in each of these camps, so that they feel they are part of this country.

    We have had some very bad/biased press reports and accusations made by politicians/other officials in the past couple of days. But we have been able to counter all/most of them successfully. In some rare occasions we counter them by pointing the finger back at them by using topics such as Iraq, Afghanistan etc. I believe we should not sink that low (you don't bark back at the dog) in our counter measures.

  180. # Dying tigers bring new tourism
    Link# Dry zone colonisation and myth of demographic displacement of Tamils
    Link# International Nosey-parkers in a Twist!
    Link# Flashback to a psycho's killings
    Link# A Poll on Prabhakaran: Is his end nears?
    Link# Sri Lanka: Terrorism retarded development, brought human misery also challenged peace and stability

  181. # Sangaree's desperate plea to save the remaining IDPs
    Link# Sri Lanka: UN Sends Emergency Team As Residents Return To Former Battle Zone
    Link# Sri Lanka - China's Israel in Indian Ocean
    Link# Three decades of incessant conflict
    Link# Time to win the peace
    Link# Colonialism, Human Rights, and Scoundrels

  182. Thank you China.

  183. # The Trauma of the Thamil Diaspora: Quitting the "De Facto Eelam" (DFE) to hide in the "No-Flee-Zone" (NFZ)
    Link# India to send de-mining teams to Sri Lanka
    Link# Kelly McParland: The Tamils' tin ear
    Link# Chinese billions in Sri Lanka fund battle against Tamil Tigers
    Link# Ruthless, dedicated Tamil leader faces final assault
    Link# Kids recruited by LTTE surrender, reveal horror stories

  184. # Sri Lanka: what needs to be done
    Link# Singapore: S'pore contributes US$30,000 in aid of Sri Lanka
    Link# Sri Lanka: UN sends emergency team as residents return to former battle zone
    Link# Sri Lankan forces poised for final assault on LTTE
    Link# Sri Lankan govt. promises to hold elections in North
    Link# UN images show Sri Lanka damage

  185. # Swiss grant emergency aid for Sri Lanka
    Link# Defeat of Tamil Tigers
    Link# Tamil protesters moved off street
    Link# Tamil protest tiny price for freedom
    Link# Why is the world trying to save the Tamil Tiger terrorists in Sri Lanka?
    Link# Military vs political means

  186. Blogger NOLTTE=Peace said...

    In this picture, the joker Milband looks at Kouchner saying "you f&cking traitor, I can't believe my eyes compared to what we agreed on the flight..see how you cuddle to Mahinda"!

    NOLTTE= peace you are spot on. This clown Milaband thinks what you written above.

  187. Uk is becoming very unpopular & losing respect of the world because of the likes of Miliband has done a significant amount of damage due to his amateur approach.
    Their war legacy has gone down the drain as a result of failed war operations in Iraq & Afghanistan.
    certainly they do not know to pratise what they preach.



    DW, greets mate…

    Now you know I have the utmost regard for you and I do come here to get good info. about this anti-terra war….

    However, mate, I must disagree with this post of yours.

    This is not true… at least NOT ENTIRELY true.

    True, 12 SBS heroes died, but not the way you described it here.

    Let me only say that LTTE momma-fuckers HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

    That’s all I can say as the rest of the info. I garnered I promised the “source” to not divulge in public as evidently, it is bound to have strategic/tactical value to the our momma-fucker-enemy. This info. I garnered from a “very-very high” source so I have the fullest faith in it.

    Anyone who still doubts my assertion here is invited to go check with their own “source” in Colombo, but it must be at a fairly high level (either in MOD or SLN) and you will hear the same as I did (provided they trust you).

    So, DW, this is not to discredit you (you are doing a darn good job here; a job I myself will not be able to do), but only to apply a much needed correction.

    No, the badly mauled LTTE momma-fuckers are beyond the kind of stunt you described…although I concede the point that SLDF must not be complacent now.

    A word for the LTTE supporting momma-fuckers: male-whores: if you are wankering and female-whores you are dildo’ing yourself with glee at this incorrect news that 12 SBS were taken out by your LTTE momma-fuckers, keep doing but do not climax…

    OaO Asithri

  189. # Navy bids adieu to 12 valiant SBS braves
    Link# Let us salute the great nations that genuinely helped us fight terrorism
    Link# Sri Lanka rejects evidence of civilian bombings
    Link# Slain former LTTE leader's family seeks refuge with Govt.
    Link# 'LTTE killing people from arms bought from diaspora money'
    Link# SLanka's top Tamil ally urges surrender of Tigers

  190. I’ve been doing some research during the past weeks.

    These are the discoveries.

    1] THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR BY THE WEST. It’s all prime BS & a cover up. At least most of it. They are in iraq for the oil & Afghanistan for the heroin. It’s all about grabbing wealth of others. They are fighting Taliban for control of the supply of heroin & other illegal drugs. They want to destabilise asian & african countries by sponsoring terror on one hand while pretending to help on the other hand. Thus the deep concern for vesapillai’s pig life. All this is done to get us into debt & wield the western economic clout. Does not matter how many thousands die elsewhere as long as the west can enjoy a lazy dole guzzling life. Well all that is going to end soon. Karma will take it’s toll & catch up on old deeds.
    2] by around this time next year USA & UK would be stone broke & the dollar history.
    3] the US federal reserve (which is neither federal nor a reserve but a private bank run by a mafia headed by ben bernanke, 5 powerful wall street banks & their greedy lunatic cronies) will run the American economy & themselves to the dust. With that the American living standard will go southward ho. This same wall street click is behind all the fancy foreign wars & the robbing of iraq & Afghanistan. The US federal reserve is issuing billions of paper dollars like crazy & robbing it in broad daylight. Nobody knows anymore how much money is being printed or where it’s going. It’s all top secret. The rumour is that the wall street bankers are hoarding it in Israel. Recently the Israel govt. lifted extradition laws. This will give protection to these jewish wall street crooks inside Israel. Obama is not really the US president but only the smooth talking spokesman for these lunatic wall street crooks who wield the real power & take all the important desicions. Same with both the bushes & bill Clinton too. So this has been going on for about twenty years & the grand finale is arriving at a terrible cost to USA. It’s amazing that the Americans who send space shuttles outer space are powerless cos they seem to be taking all this lying down. Thomas Jefferson (?) has specifically warned in the US constitution that the BANKS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RUN AMERICA.
    4] the USA is over 2 trillion in debt to china & germany. Both countries now suspect that the Americans are trying to default by printing billions of worthless paper money to devalue the $ & may soon ask for payment in gold bullion. This if done will be a great economic fireworks display. America is getting deeper into debt every minute to china. China is now suspecting that the Americans are planning to default the debt. They have warned America already to meet its obligations. If it happens this will be the biggest default in human history. Some us experts believe that states like California which are already broke will have no choice but to ask direct aid from china. This will threaten the economic unity of the American states. They may use their constitutional rights to push for more independence. What will china ask in return?
    5] the dollar will lose its place as the world currency soon to the Chinese yuan. The yuan is controlled by the Chinese central bank (a real central bank) & does not fluctuate like the wild donkey US dollar.this will help exporters to plan their exports much easier without losing too much sleep & having nightmares.This move is aggressively supported by Russia & other eastern & African countries including oil rich libya & iran. Iran has a plan of setting up its own oil exchange further eroding the damaged dollar & US global position. USA & Israel is upset that this will threaten them & is all out to stop it. Their excuse is that iran is building a nuclear weapon.
    6] there will be a massive shift of the western wealth to asia in the next decade. This will happen slowly but surely bringing down the quality of life in USA & the west.

    I am an admirer of both America & Israel. It’s a pity that a bunch of wall street crook/lunatics are allowed to blatantly rob the entire world & the tax paying US citizens hard earned money thru unending bailouts.

    These are facts based on leading American economists & investigative reporters. Not a figment of my imagination.

  191. # Sri Lankans critical of envoys
    Link# Sri Lanka IMF loan would not be delayed on politics: central bank
    Link# Awaited "end" of LTTE brings "new" tourists to Sri Lanka
    Link# Rejecting Bildt, one way winds and concerns over conflict regulation
    Link# Troops on Search Operations Find Terrorists’ Useable RCL
    Link# Sri Lanka chairs NAM Ministerial Meeting in Havana

  192. talking about the no fire zone i just saw the UAV videos of LTTE artillery & suicide boats having a free ride in this zone.

    can't we declare them as a threat & announce that they are going to be wiped out. so be warned? cannot SLAF hit them accurately? the targets sure look juicy & tempting like a malathi brigade virgin. (oops! mistake. there is no such thing as an LTTE virgin. just like the unicorn. ha ha ha!)

    if we deprive ourselves of the use of heavy weapons why should we tolerate same of lunatic & merciless LTTE sakkiliyas?

    it plain beats me.


    one of the best articles ever to appear on

  194. # House of Commons debate on Sri Lanka
    Link# Buddhanubhawena - Nanda Malani
    Link# Maw Bime Namayen Nirosha & Billy from ELAKIRI COM Original Video
    Link# Wanni Operation 1 st May 2009
    Link# What will end game of Sri Lankas war mean for civilians?

  195. Vellubrabakaran
    I fully agree with you about USA.I too is an admirer of USA and Israel but the blind and stupid arrogance of the Americans will lose many friends and will diminish their economic clout. We hope Obama will arrest the rot and I wouldn’t want China to be too powerful as it will bring forth other problems. One must remember the world’s biggest massacres happened there as for Japanese they to have an very brutal Past and none should become too powerful. My relatives lived under terrible brutality of the Japanese people in Malaya and some were brutally executed in front of their own families and we would prefer them to be an economic power without any military ambitions and this goes to the Germans as well.


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