Friday, August 31, 2007

LTTE heavy artillery gun spotted near Madhu shrine

Previous military intelligence claims of LTTE having placed a heavy artillery gun inside Madhu no-war zone have been confirmed by civilian eyewitnesses. At least one artillery gun was visible to pilgrims who visited the sacred Madhu shrine during recent days. The gun was placed in close proximity to the shrine. Air strikes and artillery strikes on the known gun position have been withheld in fear of civilian casualties and damages to the sacred shrine.

It is believed that the artillery gun is an 122mm which has a range close to 20km. Initial MI warning of the gun emplacement came as the LTTE shelled the Pompaimadu artillery base several weeks ago. LTTE cadres effectively used this gun in a major offensive that helped them recover recently lost areas in the Thampanai region. Their three pronged assault backed by artillery support was able to breach the army FDL at one location but the army was able to defend the other two fronts.


  1. Sorry this is not directly related to the immediate topic, but please be aware of these -

    1. US report stating possible support of LTTE by Eritrean government:

    2. Ethiopia expelling Norway diplomats for supporting Eritrean government to create instability in Ethiopia:

    Possible Norway support to LTTE indirectly through Eritrea?

  2. Lankapura,

    "Possible Norway Support to LTTE indirectly through Eritrea"

    Mmmm! This sounds similar to how Ex Norwegian Navy Seals found training LTTE men in Thailand, and how the wires of the MBRLs brought from Chech republic got cut while they were out of everyone's sight in Azerbaijan.

    ..and to add training given to LTTE in Norway Special Forces camps etc.

    Why can't Norway be a good citizen?

  3. BTW, SLAF does not need to fear about the pilgrims, as the guns are more than 300 M away from where the general public is.

  4. Defensenet,

    How about the situation in Vavuniya FDL?

  5. SLA have carried out a pre emptive strike on LTTE positions north of Vavuniya. Intel indicated about a LTTE offensive towards army FDLs so their hideouts were targeted. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the operation was successful. Casualty details of both sides not available.

  6. Kun,

    Can you hear the F-18 practicing when you post?

  7. article..very important body parts are non functional....gods justice for a sadistic mass murderer...wonder where all that bravado is now...

  8. Nolte.....can ya eloborate F 18 man ?

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  10. Norway is probably the world's most discredited 'peace-merchant', particularly in view of their attempts to undermine Israeli security by providing gradual and systematic strategic gains to Palestininan terrorists.

    The Norwegians were successful in their role and even managed to bring in hostile UN intervention into Israeli territory at a time when Israeli economy was struggling under appx 1000% inflation. But fortunately for Israel, their US backing remained unfaltering thru all the years and finally they managed to kick the whole lot out.
    Today the Palestinians are left to decide whether they want to belong to civilization or not. Having been militarily decimated, these folks are starting to merge back into main stream life in a more peaceful way. It is more than likely that it will take another generation to build their society into a coherant and viable one, but the elimination of terrorist leadership has created a conducive environment for the seeds of progress to take root.
    The Norwegians are parasites of a wierd kind, and are as desirable as convicted paedophiles in a neighborhood. Sri Lanka must develop a stance that would counter their influence in the international forums.

  11. Looks like the offensive to capture Wanni will be put off for a while.

    I think this is a smart move. We need to be better prepared(militarily and economically) than we are now to carry out a possible long bloody campaign to capture the LTTE's final strong hold.

  12. The US involvement in the Somali government restoration with Ethiopian military force and the new accusations against Erithria in which the LTTE connection is prominant are indicators of things yet to come.

    If you study the Ethiopian foray into Somalia, you'd realize it was a proxy war for the US, and in fact one in which again we see the clash of Judeo-Roman religions. However, it is also a clash between religious fanaticism versus moderate secular government, Lawlessness versus fragile democracy. In that fight, for once the secularists and the good guys appear to have won. Erithrians are predominantly Moslem and are becoming an extremist nation which is now coming right into the cross hairs of the US led war against terror. What's most interesting is the rhetoric, in which the alleged Erithrian support for the LTTE is suddenly considered a world class crime.
    Those who support LTTE terror may want to watch this unfolding sequence of events very carefully, for when it becomes dangerous for entire nations to support terror, the consequences for individuals need not even be explained.

  13. "Looks like the offensive to capture Wanni will be put off for a while."

    GE, same news here too:

    But only a few days before SEC DEF said that North will be liberated.

    I for one hope that this is part of keeping everyone guessing. Not that I think an immediate offensive is needed - but nobody needs to know when it will come. Least of all international media. The government should keep saying they are ready for peace-talks till the day before the offensive.

  14. military officials announced that they have started a new humanitarian mission to liberate "silawatura" area which is currently under LTTE territory.

  15. Defencenet,

    Any news on this Tamilnet story:

    Also on the new Mannaar offensive

  16. Yes a medium scale offensive has been started into Silawathurei area and it has been met with heavy resistance (as expected). However the op is not halted as pro rebel media claim.

    News story about DPU attack on civilians is false propaganda.

  17. Hi Defencenet, this area seems to be below the Vavuniya - Mannar road, I didn't realize the LTTE held territory there? How long have they been there and what do they have there?

  18. i hope the troops discover the aircraft(i mean the LTTE 1st squadron)..seems like they are protecting something other than the LTTE girl guides(brothel for tiger bulls)

  19. Jack the LTTE had control of that area below the Mannar-Vavuniya road and above the Wilpattu jungle since the start of the has a good map of the region

    The Air Force has routinely bombed the area after hostilities restarted.

    I'll be a great if we take it cos Silawathurai is one of the major LTTE sea tiger bases in the Western coast. Put it out of action and we'll be able to curtail their arms shipments a lot more.

  20. Looks like militant Wahhabi Jihadists is creating terror in the East. MR and the government must wake up to this issue and make sure that the Saudi funded wahabbi rats won't be able to spread their influence further into SL's muslim population.

    Next thing you know, music is banned in parts of the East because its "un-Islamic".

  21. Looks like militant Wahhabi Jihadists is creating terror in the East. MR and the government must wake up to this issue and make sure that the Saudi funded wahabbi rats won't be able to spread their influence further into SL's muslim population.

    Next thing you know, music is banned in parts of the East because its "un-Islamic".

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  23. Guys I know these Jihadi's are real bad news....but think about it this way. Their beef is not with us. They are targetting extremist Tamils (LTTE & TMVP & their proxies) to get revenge for over 2 decades worth of persecution and aggression hurled at them (The Muslims) for appearently no reason whatsoever.

    So.....we can use these people to keep a good balance of power in the East....keep Karuna at bay and keep the LTTE out for good.

    However....this will probably backfire on us and like dogs of war these people will eventually turn against us....just like Al-Qaeeda did with the US. In case this happens we can use the threat of Islamic radicalism destroying our country to furthur solidify international support......especially from the US......that would definitely mean weapons and money.

    ...Im just saying, these people are sweet and sour...but strengthened ties with the US can definitely be a plus for us.

  24. Jihad...


    Infilterate, identify, eliminate...

    Good for everyone..!

    Else, Muslims also would be facing the same fate that Tamils face, because of maniac VP.

  25. "How long have they been there and what do they have there?"

    They've been there since the CFA and they have sea tiger base complex there. It's a well known sea tiger launching pad.

  26. unofficial media releases said tat silavatura area has been captured by SLA. anything new abt this mission ??

  27. As the LTTE continues to crumble, from declining Tamil support and much reduced cash and weapons shipments from overseas. Unable to deal with the army on the ground, the LTTE is increasingly returning to terrorism. The latest alarm in that department involved fears that poison gas terror attacks were in the works. The LTTE are supposed to have supplies of cyanide and potassium for this purpose. These poisons are believed to have been brought in some time ago. Currently, the efforts of the Sri Lankan and Indian navies makes it difficult to smuggle anything in with any degree of success. Moreover, Indian police are arresting LTTE operatives, and not allowing them to discretely go about their business.

    In the last 22 months, government forces have lost 1,258 men (soldiers and local militia/village guard), while the the LTTE has lost 2,000 dead, and many more captured and deserted. Over a thousand civilians have also died as well. There are still several people a day being killed, and over a hundred casualties (dead and wounded) a week. This shows no sign of declining.

    The government is playing down any prospects of a major military offensive in the north. But in the meantime, there is constant pressure on the LTTE. This takes the form of daily patrols, and attacks on LTTE facilities using artillery and warplanes. Then there are the Deep Penetration Units, which no one will officially say much about. These commando type units go deep, and do a lot of damage. The government is apparently hoping to weaken the LTTE in the north, until the organization collapses. Meanwhile, in eastern Sri Lanka, hundreds of LTTE fighters who fled the army offensive, are now waging a guerilla war against the rebel LTTE Karuna faction, and government forces. The LTTE apparently hopes to regain some control over the east via a guerilla campaign.

    Police found and disarmed a large bomb that had been hidden in an area where a large Buddhist festival was to be held. While the LTTE is non religious, most of its Tamil supporters are Hindu, and the religious angle is pushed by the Sinhalese Buddhists, who are the most rabid nationalists.

  28. SLA juggernaught is rolling like no other time..

    May the FORCE be With you forever...Bless you...

  29. Uthum,

    I believe that when you say 'Us' in there, you should be considering Sinahelese, Tamils, and the Muslims when you say "Their beef is not with us".

    Any armed group other than a legitimately elected government is BAD for the society.

    All those 'balance of power' stuff is unwanted trouble for anyone.

    Protection of Civilians should be in the hands of the Government, and not with any other group.

    Those groups should be disarmed at the earliest opportunity.

    This Jihad is rising-up, and TMVP is phasing down...

    TMVP has announced to disarm themselves once the LTTE is threat is over.

    However, this Jihad thing is going to be another menace. Government should take steps to take out the roots.

  30. Large part of Silawathurei is now under SLA control.

  31. It is great that SLA captured the sea tiger base. The Army had to face heavy resistance from LTTE and fierce battles were fought.

    BTW see how BBC suckers report it,

    "SLA 'captured' LTTE sea base

    Fishing boats in Mannar beach
    SLA claims capturing Sea Tiger base in Silavatura, Mannar
    The Sri Lankan army (SLA) says it has captured a sea base from the Tamil Tiger separatist rebels, on the second day of an offensive in the north-west of the country.

    Military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said five boats fitted with guns and a large quantity of anti-personnel mines and detonators had been found at the camp near the village of Silavathurai in Mannar district.

    He said several thousand civilians would now be resettled in the areas cleared by the Sri Lankan military.

    There has been no word from the Tigers, who were said to have withdrawn without a fight. "

    The LTTE Payroll suckers at BBC want to somehow put a word or two to undermine whatever the efforts made by SLARMY or the GOSL.

  32. All,

    There is a nice article about Silavatura operation at

  33. Defencenet,

    According to the Asiantribune article, the SLA has surprised the terrorists by making there move from Mannar South to West? Can you elaborate further on how the operation was carried out. Also there was a mention about troops being rope landed into the jungle using helicopters, was the airmobile brigate involved in this operation?

  34. b2spirit,
    The disadvantage LTTE had here was that SLA had too many fronts they could use to launch the offensive from. LTTE expected the attack to originate from SLA territory North of Arippu where there was high troop concentration. However a last minute change in the battle plan rendered LTTE defensive positions useless. Instead of using the Northern fronts, SLA used the front East of Arippu to launch ground troop movement.
    See map:

    In addition to ground troops, air mobile units were dropped into the surrounding jungle to shut off exit routes. However a few cadres managed to escape into unsecured areas and search is still on to hunt them down.

  35. DefenceNet,

    The MCNS reported that a 66mm Anti tank "gun" was found.

    Is this really an anti-tank gun or a 66mm M72 LAW rocket launcher which the tigers have been using for a long time? and what are Aru Bombs? is it a large IED?

  36. nemesis they are probably talking about a recoilless rifle, such as these:

    Recoilless rifle pic

  37. DefenceNet

    The only thing I am restless about is how the SLDF is spreading thin, due to territory holding, in a fight against a guerilla organization. This is at the same time while the tigers are coiling together and possess a greater ability to carry out concentrated attacks on selected targets.
    Is there really any sense in ground holding unless we are going to push thru for the grand finale at the same time?
    Strategically it doesn't make any sense..

  38. Article on Mahason Brigade:

  39. Rajaratasurfer,

    Sorry I did not see your question about F-18s.

    They are in the East of SL on a joint Indian ocean Naval exercise that India, Japan, Australia, US, Singapore, and Sri Lanka take part.

  40. Topicalstorm,

    The article on Mahason Brigade,

    one of the most poorly written pieces .


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