Sunday, June 3, 2007

LTTE launches massive counterattack

Following the heavy artillery strike yesterday night, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched a massive three pronged counter strike on army FDL positions in Vavuniya. Tigers have launched the offensive to recover the ground lost due to army offensives in the past month. Current SLA casualty count stands at 25 killed and 50 injured. Although an actual LTTE casualty figure cannot be presented, roughly 25-30 LTTE bodies could be observed scattered near the FDLs.

Advancing LTTE units have overrun one FDL position (Mullikulama) but the SLA 57th division has been able to hold off the tigers at the other two fronts. LTTE's objective of restoring their previous FDL will not meet if the other two fronts are not overrun. Capturing only one front will enable SLA to box them into conquered territory and easily rout them causing maximum damages.

Heavy fighting is still going on near the two defended FDLs and MBRL rocket fire was hitting the FDL position that was overrun.


  1. Update: 10 Squadron has joined the battle.

  2. Who is the 10 Squdron? Please elaborate.

  3. I'm Guessing its the No. 10 Fighter Squadron. Is there any chance that Tigers would be able to overrun any of the other two FDLs ? and who was defending the fallen FDL (are we allowed to know that ?)? RIP to the Fallen Soldiers :(

  4. sam,
    sjinadasa is correct. It 10th fighter squadron of SLAf; Kfirs.

    "Is there any chance that Tigers would be able to overrun any of the other two FDLs "

    It's too early to tell.

  5. Sounds like a major offensive..

    It may be highly likely that there could an air assault too. I am sure they are planning for something very big with the capture of 1000 odd kgs of C4. We need to be really vigilant about any threat.

    Please keep updating latest situation

  6. axe the bastards. Godspeed 10 Squadron

  7. My 2 cents at this moment is to attack some other identified critical tiger concentrations or assests and take the initiative away.

    I am sure that they will attack on several other fronts preventing concentrating on a single location. Probably the explosive detection was a prelude.

    Any such places that could be attacked through air ground or sea?


    President, Basil, Lalith and PB named in statement

    Tiran reveals details of Tiger deal

    Former Airport and Aviation Chief Tiran Alles last week revealed details of the pre presidential election deal with the LTTE and informed the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) that he was requested by Mahinda Rajapakse as prime minister to establish a link with the LTTE to co-ordinate the presidential election strategy for the north-east.

    Alles made his revelation in a statement to the TID at the Nawaloka Hospital on Wednesday (30) prior to his arrest.

    The former airport chief was arrested for allegedly funding a LTTE intelligence wing member identified as Emil Kanthan.

    Alles in his statement also revealed that he at no stage was informed by Sri Lankan Intelligence that Emil Kanthan was a LTTE member and that Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapakse, President's Secretary Lalith Weeratunga and Treasury Secretary P.B. Jayasundera had also in his presence had discussions with Kanthan on matters agreed upon prior to the presidential election.

    It was further said that Basil Rajapakse had several rounds of discussions with Emil Kanthan.

    He also told the TID a full affidavit revealing the entire sequence of events was sworn by him on February 12 and that he would furnish it to the TID for further investigations. Alles had further said he would make a more detailed statement once his health condition improves so that the TID could carry out a comprehensive investigation into the whole issue.

    Alles who was credited with securing the deal with the LTTE for Rajapakse prior to the presidential election had maintained silence throughout the controversy over the secret deal which led to the Tiger enforced boycott of the election but finally broke his silence on Wednesday.

    Earlier ousted Minister Sripathi Sooriyaarachchi went public with the secret deal with the Tigers and alleged a large sum of money had changed hands.

    Attorney General C.R. De Silva who was contacted by The Sunday Leader and asked whether the statements of those mentioned in Alles' statement would be recorded in furtherance of the investigation said, "It depends, on the facts and circumstances of each case the investigators will decide how to proceed."

    The UNP is this week expected to raise the issue of the secret deal with the LTTE in parliament

  9. sdadas,


    Spreading false information in this forum will not be tolerated. Just a warning :)

  10. Defencenet,
    Is it possible to moderate or ban certain members from posting? A pinch of control will be good for this blog..

    So what's new on the situation?

  11. According to ITN news just now..
    52 Terrorists dead, 10 Soldiers dead. Terrorists have fled leaving a large number of weapons. Also large number of children were used by the terrorists for front line offensive.

    How true is this?

  12. its absolutely correct if
    terrorists = SLA
    soldiers = LTTE

  13. sdadas,
    that is a big IF..

    It is very clear that LTTE==Brutal Terrorists!

    Defencenet we seem to have a mischief maker here. I think we need some action..

  14. sdadas,
    We visit this blog for relaible information.WE have no faith in tamilnet or mcns reports so its the responsibility of all the bloggers to keep the integrity of this blog.
    As usual we are waiting for defencenet's report on this issue.

  15. sdadas,
    You might be a LTTE supporter. Thats ok. You have the right to do so but present your point in a more graceful way.Dont post abusive language to present your ideas here.This blog is there to discuss military related issues in Sri lanka and remember this is not a place like (I think you might be a regular visiter and a keen member there).There were lot of heated discussions in this blog but for now we all kept a respective attitude.
    The battle is still going on.. remember..

  16. Guy's for a defensive operation like this wouldn't our Mi24/35s be of greater use as close air support just because the fighting will be in close quarters and the gunships an remain in the area for longer?

  17. sadass,

    Can you please take your comments elsewhere? This is not a place for your type of comments.

  18. This link has more pics.

    Just ignore this sdadas.

  19. defencenet, We dont want a crazy dude to come and post stupid comments here. This forum is to discuss about the military issues in Sri Lanka. PLS protect the integrity of this blog.

  20. Defencenet,

    How long you want us to see this ghemkhana of sdadas?

  21. During the Jaffna battle , SLA withdraw about 800M from the Muhamalee FDL..
    I guess they are following a suite this time in order to call in MBRL barrages.

    What do you think guys?

  22. Vauniya is Mavilaru II for the LTTE..

  23. Heard that the baberians have been boxed in a newly consolidated stripe of ground.Is this true. If so just need few salvos of MBRL to fix them for good.No POWS

  24. EASTern front was a lottery for the SLA when LTTE started attacking them last July..

    Now they are boxed in Thoppigala..

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  26. The army is going to entrap the LTTE units that broke through, because the LTTE failed to overrun the other tqo FDL positions that surround the captured position. We'll probably see a very big tiger blood bath pretty soon. If they are entrapped they will have no where to go, they will be bombarded from all sides. And yea, we need to definitely get those Mi-24's up there right now, this is the perfect time to use them.

  27. MBRLS and MI24s soon. 20 years after the aranthalawa massacare.Need to give them some gift to remember the event.

  28. In this pic one is wearing a helmet.
    Is he a SLA soldier ?

  29. So what sdadas. You win some, you lose some. That's what battles are like. Ebb and flow my friend.

    The important thing is that we're winning the overall war. I don't see any reason to be disheartened by minor setbacks.

  30. NO DUMBFUCK, I said the army is "GOING TO" those are the key words, the LTTE better retreat now before the noose around them tightens for good hahaha

  31. sadass,

    I like what you say:


    This is a reiteration of the fact that Velu and his followers are racists to the end. You ask for a part of the country you don't solely own. You will not get it and keep on dreaming like you do right now until you get "EELAM."


    Keep on dreaming.

    1 LEADER (VP)

    Keep on dreaming.

  32. That comment is for systemx, oh my bad, i meant Sadasswhipe or w/e his name is.

  33. Hi Guys lets keep the integrity of this blog.Since this blog has been created it was like that. Now some bootlicker has appeared and we ned to just ignore him, the intention of us is to get the correct information about the battleground and to discuss the military issues not to praise a baberian or say songs about a dumb barberian organization.In front of an unsivilized terrorist we must not loose our focus and convert this blog to another LETS have mercy on him. Day dreamer about eelam koolam. Mental patinets need good care

  34. why don't we just ban him?? Then our problems are solved. This blog is not a stupid free for all, it has rules and regulations and they must be followed. Defencenet, believe me when I tell you that this guy is going to come back everyday and post his garbage, its best that we just ban him here and now.

  35. he'll probably waste his life giving money to the tigers who will never win peelam and then he will become depressed and die on European soil like he said hahaha

  36. Guys, ignore the little fag and he'll find something better to do. Best not to waste your time on vermin. The mods will probably ban him when they get back anyway.


    Better soon dude. Shall we send u some cynide.


    oh my god........ what a pity bootlicker..
    "kale maruunata kotiyage pulli wenas wenne na"

  38. The MoD has revised their LTTE death toll upto 52 now. They also claim to have "seized a hoard of military hardware" and broken the LTTE offensive. Hope that's true.

    But I wouldn't surprised if the LTTE captured the Buffel and some military hardware and moved it back to area under their control before retreating, just for propaganda purposes.

  39. Just interested to know if some of the LTTE carder's are still boexed in a captured land stripe? Is this information true?

  40. It think LTTE has captured 2 APCs

  41. Bless the great Sri Lankan (Sinhala, Tamil, and Moore) soldiers fighting against the worst racist scums of the earth Velu, LTTE, and sadass. Hope both Velu and sadass will reach the maveer status soon.

  42. Retreating is fine because it is just a battle and as long as lives were saved and the war is generally going our way at the moment. Even the loss of APCs are not too much of concern.
    However, what I am concerned about is the fact that some of the LTTE photos of the captured fire-bases show numerous documents strewn all over the place. I just hope and pray that when we did withdraw we took things like code books, maps of future offensives and communication equipment with us.

  43. I think other one is the pulling vehicle.Does any body know how they captured the buffel?wasn't there any driver?

  44. Akon

    if you look at this photo you can see that the Buffel is being towed, so not sure whether they captured two and are using one to tow the other, or brought in their own one to tow this one away.

  45. guys-
    Ignoring "sdadas" and moving to next comment is the best of all of us. If we know this guy going to waste our time, why do we bother.

  46. bootlicker again..
    u mean the 2 152mm artilaries found in vakarei when there was a tacticle withdrawal?

  47. jack you are correct.
    Check this more pics

  48. sdadas!!
    Pls dont spoil this website. Its intressting to read. I have been reading this for sometimes.
    There are lots of experts.
    To the subject!!
    I think tonight is a big night for both sides

  49. As another person pointed out, this forum is meant for passing on information, not random bickering like is going on here, and certainly not to encourage the liberal use of profanity,

    sdadas, if your studying at the best university in Europe then you must be at Cambridge, well done to you. If your not at Cambridge then your lying, and your not the only one at a good university, there must be lots of people out there. And your choice of language and your line of argument certainly dosn't show you to be educated. If you want to support the LTTE, go ahead its a free world, but dont come here and degrade this forum. If you want to argue, your welcome to argue, but in a decent and civilised manner, obviously too much to ask of a 'highly educated' individual like you.

    Defencenet, I think some moderation is required here, I propose we ban users who swear and insult fellow forum users.

  50. Racism will not be tolerated and such comments will be deleted.

    Please keep the discussions civil and within topic. Thanks

  51. Some areas captured by LTTE have been recovered. However it's still early to tell the outcome.

    Both parties have suffered heavy casualties.

  52. defencenet, why u keep censoring me?
    you claim to be independent yet you keep providing SLA victory punnakku.

    Afterall, you're just being a part of GOSL propaganda. No liberal thinking.
    Everyone who reads this is just caught in a virtual glory world where GOSL is winning. Only when your closest ones die you will realize the reality.

  53. Any idea. DPU and LRRP will be stuck in the middle?
    I am not a good milatray expert. just a regullar reader

  54. sdadas,
    We already gave you a warning about racist comments and civil discussions.
    Yet you ignored it and posted more than 10 comments which contained offensive language and racism (Ex- One Race etc...). Thats the reason for censorship and nothing else.

  55. "A joke used to do the rounds in Colombo, during a previous phase of Sri Lanka's interminable civil war - that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers) must surely have already been wiped out entirely, given the numbers of rebels the military said it was killing."


  56. sdadas,
    A person who is learning in the highest level of a University and getting high marks should be a good thinker and a he should answer and argue in a professional way.In this forum we had a guy called Navindran who is a tamil but expresses his opinion in a very demanding and productive way. U accuse defencenet of lack of liberal thinking but wut about your comments? are they liberal.They are filled with abusive language, and bootlicking comments.You dont know the meaning of being liberal you dont know how to behave in a community. But u claim to abtain the highest marks. You might be a bookworm i guess lacking any respectability and calmness.
    Its free world and there can be LTTE supporters but any human being needs to understand that there needs to be some kind of discipline when working with others. JUST browse through some old blogs and see how navindran has behaved and take an example of him. Tamils are a very intelligent and good people to be with but people like you are the once who are ruinng that reputation.

  57. sdadas!!
    i agree with what bbc says.
    its a joke, GOSL making us to belive the war is over, and people are suffring day by day.

  58. Any idea, when can we finish this war?.Any expert comment!!
    3 years or 5 years. or more.
    How many can we kill per day. and how many can we lose per day

  59. Navindran was labeled by most of them as a tiger simply bcz he was a tamil. His comments were so usefull.

  60. BBC is biased, and both sides inflate each others casualty figures. Its a direct result of not being able to independantly verify casualty figures. This is a consequence of war, it happens everywhere.

    Its a case of pot calling the kettle black. sdadas if your going to post here dont post random quotes, go to they will welcome you with open arms.

    And savelanka, the war cannot be won by military means, there has to be a political solution if the result is going to be long term. Lets face facts, no government in the world is ever going to give up to a seperatist organisation, its is impossible. The aim of the government maybe to weaken the LTTE enough militarily to force it to the negotiating table.

    My personal view is that the LTTE cannot be trusted, and needs to be weakened substantially militarily before a solution can be found. I understand that many tamil people feel a great deal of bitterness due to past events, but the LTTE will not best serve the needs of the tamil people. I am not saying the government will, what is needed is a framework that brings in many different tamil leaders, with moderates beinig central, without having one organisation dictate terms.

  61. One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter.

    VP till I DIE


    There is no need to point out why VP and his LTTE is uncivilized, but I think your claim above need more clarification.

    If you think civilized means getting best mark in the best univ. in the Europe, I doubt the claim that u study in the best univ. Anyhow, if it is the case, you are definitely just a parrot in that univ. When people go in to higher education they must be able to think logically and think out of the box, but you still don’t know the difference between civilized and getting good marks! It is not difficult for one to think why you are supporting a robber like VP and disgraceful organization like LTTE (which couldn't exist in civilized world)

  63. I agree with you raptor, and I just like to remind you guys that this war was not initiated by the SLGovt. If you can remember, during the peace process time, there were no army activities, questioning,or even road blocks.Still LTTE kept their way. Thye used these liberties to kill army officers in colombo and the trend continued. They forced people to thorw stones to army camps and go and demonstrate in front of the camps even showing thie rprivate parts and yet the soldiers were ordered not to act. They killed Jaffna Chief Police Director Mr Chales WIjewardana and Kadiragamar and all. They stopped the voting of the NE people @ the presidential election and cut of the hands of a poor woman who dared to that. Then they started exploring IDEs against the army killing number of soldiers YET army was not acting.The army resumed attackes after the assasination attempt on army commander. So as raptor said these baberinas can;t be trusted givne that sort of commitment by the govt and army. They need to be militarily weakened and the final result should be a political solution.

  64. sadsad and savelanka and others of their kind have succeeded already.

    They are dragging this forum to the point where we are debating about things which are out of scope of this forum. What we want is to know what is happening at the battle front and discuss issues relating military affairs.

    Please take your debates elsewhere.. someplace like lankanewspapers will be ideal.

    Others please extract relevant information from sadsad and savelanka et al, and IGNORE the rest.

  65. typical sinhalese to call another moderate sinhalese (savelanka) for TIGER

  66. What's latest from the battle field?

    (Get my drift guys? :) )

  67. latest news is that LTTE stays at the captured areas.

    death toll:

  68. Yes we are keen to know the developments of the battlefield. The pro LTTE website clamis can't be trusted.(Just remember their false claim of mig being shot down over kilinochchi that fell down to the sea he he .....)
    He he lets ignore the bookworm..

  69. sadsad,
    "latest news is that LTTE stays at the captured areas.

    death toll:

    what is your source?

  70. kiri this is a website that posts new stories, and the forum is there to discuss them, and in discussing them we are not strictly limited to what is posted as news items. Constructive discussion about the problem as a whole is acceptable. If we start arguing about the price of eggs then we have gone beyond the scope of this forum.

    And sdadas what are you trying to say?
    'typical sinhalese to call another moderate sinhalese (savelanka) for TIGER '

    Are you saying savelanka is singhalese and everyone is calling him a tiger? I cant see anyone labelling him a tiger and how do you know hes singhalese to start off with? Use all your 'Europes best university' honed interllectual skills to come up with a constructive argument without making random comments and sniping.

  71. Ignore the bookworm and lets wait until a confirmation is posted by defencenet.

  72. There is absolutely no updates anywhere about these confrontations going on at the moment. There is not even a whisper in Google news, AFP, CNN or BBC considering the number of possible lives lost.
    Tamilnet is claiming that LTTE has ambushed a DPU unit in Paalamoaddai in Vavuniya. Defencenet, is there any truth to this?

  73. Don't try to reply sdadas.Just ignore them(him).

  74. Sri Lanka fighting kills at least 43

    From correspondents in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    June 04, 2007 12:00
    Article from: Agence France-Presse

    AT least 25 government troops and 18 Tamil Tiger rebels were killed in a heavy battle in northern Sri Lanka, military sources and the rebels said.

    Military officials said the bodies of 10 soldiers killed in the fierce five-hour battle that raged until early this morning were recovered by security forces while the Tigers said they captured the bodies of another 15 troops.

    The guerrillas in a statement over their Voice of Tigers radio said they had lost 18 of their combatants.

  75. kiri, do you ask the user called 'defencenet' for source everytime he spits out some numbers?

  76. sadass,

    "kiri, do you ask the user called 'defencenet' for source everytime he spits out some numbers?"

    This is the blog of Defencenet. If you don't want Defencenet posting anything, please go elsewhere with your Oxford degree (proven by your use of Oxford style English) in your fantasy land. Otherwise, please go ahead and give your life for the fantasy Eelam. I wouldn't be happier when you do that.

  77. For years I thought that Oxford is a very respectable place that has created lot of world leaders.I was not aware that now there are terorists in oxford as well.

  78. COLOMBO (AFP) - Tiger rebels destroyed army bases in northern Sri Lanka leaving 82 combatants dead according to both sides Sunday as the island's main aid donor, Japan, was set to launch a fresh peace bid.

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) said they launched attacks along a broad front in Vavuniya and Mannar districts.

    They captured armoured vehicles and heavy weapons after destroying long-range guns belonging to the military. They also said they destroyed four or five gun positions.

    The Tigers said they killed at least 30 security personnel in a five-hour battle to capture several gun positions and military detachments. The Tigers also released pictures of an armoured carrier and bases they captured.

    The Defence Ministry said heavy fighting raged in the area, but claimed that the military had beaten back a guerrilla offensive by killing at least 52 Tiger cadres.

    Neither sides' claims can be verified but the guerrillas said they were planning to return the dead bodies of 16 government soldiers through the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    Tiger spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiriyan said that the guerrillas had established a forward defence line in areas previously held by the military following the commando-style attack which began Saturday night.

    "The LTTE troops are consolidating their positions in the recaptured area," Ilanthiriyan said in a statement. He said a military artillery unit was also "completely destroyed."

    Sporadic artillery exchanges continued in Vavuniya district, which borders rebel territory, the military and rebels said Sunday. Residents and officials said they had heard heavy shelling since Saturday night.

  79. The sad thing about all of this is that we may never know the true cost of life in this engagement. The LTTE may exaggerate their kills and down play their losses; but for their movement a cadre is another stepping stone to achieve their ambitions.
    I think our MOD's habit of down playing losses is a mistake and some may say and insult to the soldier and their families. These guys left everything that knew, and went to places where none of us dared to tread and I think that says something about them and their sacrifice which more often than not remains another casualty of the propaganda war.

  80. Yes sad thing here is that MOD and MCNS websites have been put to the status of tamilnet and other pro LTTE websites in terms of reliability.Wins are losses are a part of any war but false propaganda is not going to help the cause.

  81. some people ignore the correction when they do a mistake and repeat the same mistake again.

    others take it with a smile and corrects the mistake.

    IMO both are acceptable.

  82. Yeah, I'm completely for putting a positive spin on things, even when they aren't going so well, but government media campaign crossed the line ages ago. It really looks bad for the military when the defense websites go on their weird rants in really bad English.

    Along the same lines, I'm just curious as to why the government doesn't report - and prevents other media from reporting - about the offensive in the North. It's not like it's a big secret of anything, which they are trying to hide from the international community, because pretty much anyone with the right contacts can find out what's going on. And it can't be for "national security concerns", because I'm pretty sure the LTTE knows what's going on already.

    The only result of this seems to be when the LTTE does launch an offensive, like this one and the attack on Delft, it's given wide coverage in the media and could create the perception that the LTTE has the upper hand in the north.

    Sadly I don't think we've anywher near mastering the art of propaganda yet.

  83. I accept the mistake...sure but that doesn't change that u r a bootlicker

  84. Quit the SMS-language (ref. 'u' and 'r' instead of 'you' and 'are').

    After all I thought this was a forum for educated people =D

  85. "sure but that doesn't change that u r a bootlicker"

    this sentence need be corrected.
    Something like this fits better:

    "sure but that doesn't change the fact that you are a bootlicker"

  86. mbrl machan, my suggestion, ignore scum like this. It's not worth your time.

  87. Sensorship is an old idea in this open information world. Since the LTTE propaganda machine has lost the faith, what the govt information providing resouces should do is to be more consistent and provide the truth with facts to win the medal of relaibility. I read a newspaper article in a weekend newspaper critisizing the role of MCNS. They have been provided with lot of resources but the web and the content of it is rather plain and pathetic.

  88. a little typemistake in my last post but I'm sure mbrl can understand what I wrote.

  89. He he he illegal existence Thanx mate..
    We'll try to have a valueble discussion here until defencenet fix him for good. He he he ....

  90. may I know why "defencenet" has to fix me for good?
    Did I break any of the rules?

  91. Yes you broke the rules, you swore and made racist remarks. Secondly, but unrelated to breaking rules, you are not in anyway making any valued arguments, just making yourself a pest by targeting forum members for abuse. I'm pretty sure you have an anit-social behaviour problem. Be careful, you can be arrested for that in the country where your 'Best university in Europe' is located.

    It would be best if you contributed to this forum in a constructive way. Didn't they teach you anything to do with social cohesion at the 'Best university in Europe'? The lofty status you have accorded you'r university is certainly in question if they admit individuals like you.

  92. "Liberation Tigers counter-ambushed a Deep Penetration Unit inside their territory in Paalamoaddai in Vavuniyaa Mannaar border Sunday evening around 5 p.m. The DPU unit suffered casualties and withdrew leaving behind a dead body, four Claymore mines and a T-56 rifle.
    The DPU unit withdrew from the area with further casualties, according to Irasiah Ilanthirayan, the military spokesman of the LTTE.


    Any truth to this guys?

  93. sadass,

    "may I know why "defencenet" has to fix me for good?"

    For that matter I am not sure if anybody under the sun can fix you. However, for sure I know that you need some serious help. On the positive side, there is little chance that Oxford University mental health counselor can help you. It is a service available to all Oxford students at no cost to the patient and fully paid by the government.

  94. Guys I was happy when I saw 100 comments on the blog today. However I realised it was countering some stupid goons. I would like you guys to ignore those idiots.

    I have not been able to read that guys comments either then what you reproduced. Now that only you comments are left, it does not make you look good.

    I suggest that if some stupid comments come in, just inform defencenet to remove the comments. I have repeatedly appealed to bloggers to keep the blog based on defence issues.

    The ability of email creation will allow for many people to continue to come and go. Just let them be blocked. Eventually when no one pays attention to them, the will go back to lanka news forum which might also reject them.

  95. sdadas if you wish to support the LTTE its your perogative but use decent language and also bring out facts. This is not a blog for frustrations.

  96. I am guessing few things for this attack.

    1) LTTE wants to restore its previous positions
    2) They want to divert military attention to the South before they attack Jaffna.

    A suprise attack will have intial sucess but if its sustainable its shows the level of prepardness of the military. I guess the fighting will die down soon.

    Honestly whether child soldiers ect are used by the LTTE is not material. Its important for items like the Buffel to be destroyed before the army pulls back. Its shows that the LTTE did take the military by suprise.

    The military should take the intiative and launch an offensive now.

  97. Defencenet in your last post you mentioned that the artillery guns were brought in during the CFA. I have no disagreements with that. The CFA made it easier for the LTTE to do things.

    However the LTTE did bring weapons during the SLFP rule etc. If the SLFP continues to state this then why do they not null the CFA. Its normal for politicians to blame each other for the present situation. The question is if the UNP did not come to power would the SLFP signed a similar agreement.

  98. Navindran,
    Yes we do agree that artillery were smugglen into the country during the SLFP govt too. Ever since the war began that has been happening. CFA just escalated the pace and made it a cakewalk for them.

    Another thing which we need to change is the behavior of Media Center for National Security (MCNS). As a govt owned media, they should avoid meaningless rants and denial of losses. Doing so only has disadvantages.

    Countering false propaganda is one thing and spreading lies to do so is another. It is a disgrace to the heroes who gave their lives for the motherland. is operated by terrorists and is famous for misinformation campaigns. But a responsible govt should never descend to that level (Still MCNS articles are bit more closer to the truth than tamilnet's ones so it can still be recovered if MCNS uses their heads).

  99. Some new pics here.

  100. You're doing a great job, DefenceNet. In regards to the problem of 'sadass'- the discussion has gone of the right track.
    Have you investigated into a way of banning him/her? I am pretty sure there is a setting in which allows the author to preview comments before publishing them.

    I hope and pray that this war will be over and people will be able to live in peace.Terrorism is an evil and unjust illness that ruins so many lives on both sides.

  101. Any updats on the latest situation?

  102. This new LTTE offensive on army FDL positions in Vavuniya has 23 objectives in my view.
    1) Try and recapture lost ground. 2) Boost the morale of the LTTE cadres.
    3) To try and relieve some of the pressure in the East by trying to lure the SLA into re-enforcing the Vavuniya positions with troops pulled out from operations in the East.

    If the LTTE manage to capture any more FDLs, then they will most likely be in a position to threatn Jaffna once again. Whatever happens, the SLA can not afford to pull back any further. They must hold the LTTE back.

    IF the SLA manage to inflict a lot of cassualties on the LTTE, it could severely blunt the LTTE's ability to launch any further large scale operations against the SLA, at least for some time. Now is the time to throw everything avaliable into the fight. This is a battle the SLA can not afford to loose.

  103. Guy's Just ignore the SDADAS, It's a waste of time and it shows another frustrated uncharacteristic person. By the way have we lost two Buffel Armoured trucks with our lives ?

  104. I think the other buffel is an old one ( may have been captured in a previous battle)

    Even tamilnet has published that they have captured 01 buffle

  105. It does not matter if the buffel is old. It could have been together with the new one.

    The LTTE is not revealing all they took. I guess the mortars would have also been removed but they are not declaring it yet.

    They definetly want the army to spread their forces. With C4 found in trinco, i guess the LTTE with or without the RLO(who will be ever willing to take responsibility for any attacks) will attack the army all over.

    They want to reduce troop presence in the east also so that they can start to carry out gurellia attacks. With troops more spread out they would likely achieve a higher sucess rate.

  106. I disagree about the artillery guns being brought in during the CFA. Artillery guns are heavy items, and unloading them off a ship requires proper equipment like gantry cranes. Basically a proper harbour is required. The heavy artillery that the LTTE have are captured army guns. I remember that in Mullaitivu (96) Killinochchi (98) and EPS (2000) they managed to capture some guns. Mind you in most news stories, motars are referred to as artillery. It is quite possible the LTTE managed to bring in 81mm or 120mm mortars, but big 130mm and 152mm artillery guns, no way. Its the same reason they cant bring in tanks, they are too heavy and need a purpose built port to be unloaded from.

    Think about it, the main way the LTTE unloads its weapons is mid sea, it would be impossible to do this with an artillery gun. The only way they could have is if they smuggled them through the Colombo port, which I doubt,

  107. Tamil Tigers regrouping in the east after the split in Karuna group
    Mon, 2007-06-04 14:41

    Colombo, 04 June, ( Tamil Tigers are making a desperate attempt to re-establish their lost position in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka after the split between Karuna and his army commander, Pillaiyan, weakened the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal.

    It is reported that Col. Ramesh of the LTTE, who was earlier in charge of Vakarai, has managed to make an amphibious landing in the Vakarai - Kathiraveli sea coast with nearly 100 of LTTE cadres with the main objective of disrupting the orderly resettlement of the thousands internally displaced persons (IDPs) that is being painstakingly carried out by the Sri Lankan Government officials.

    Sources told “Asian Tribune” that 100 LTTE cadres are engaged in planting claymore mines to disrupt settlement of IDPs and shell indiscriminately army camps in the hope of driving the IDPs back to refugee camps. The Tamil Tigers use the refugees as human shields.

    Though there are about 300 LTTE cadres holed up in Thoppigala LTTE jungle base, Commanders Jeyam and Nagesh who fled from Vakarai after its fall are preparing mobile groups in Karadiyananaru, and Kokkaddicholai jungle terrains in the Batticaloa district to fire artillery shells and destabilize those areas that had already fallen into the hands of the Sri Lankan Army.

    “Asian Tribune” understands that earlier, before the split in the TMVP on May 4th, Pilliayan planned to march into the jungles of Thoppigala and attack the Tigers bases in that area. But the TMVP forces were weakened after the split. Karuna group is left with nearly three hundred cadres, out of which 180 of them are child soldiers below the age of 18 and are under the command of Jeeventiran and Thileepan.

    Karuna is badly in need of cadres to man his military wing and it is reliably learnt that he has now taken into active service those LTTE cadres who fled from LTTE during the Vakarai battle and surrendered to the TMVP.

    Recently Karuna’s cadres while riding in two three-wheelers from Amparai to Pottuvil in the Amparai District were waylaid and attacked by the LTTE cadres.

    It was reported in that attack TMVP cadre Supithan and the three-wheeler driver Seenithamby Anbalagan from Kaomari were killed.

    After attacking the TMVP cadres an LTTE group leader in the Amparai district telephoned Iniyabarathi, TMVP Commander for Amparai district, and has aasked: “Machchan, how is our adi ? (assault).” They further told Iniyabarathi that this is the Pilliayan style of assault and this will continue.

    Inniyabarathi complained to Karuna that Pilliyan’s people has attacked and killed his people.

    In the meantime, after the fall of Vakarai, Vanni Tigers has dispatched Colonel Ram back to the east. Earlier he fled to Vanni from the East with Bahnu and Sornam. He too is tasked to launch guerilla attacks in the East to disrupt the peace in the areas captured by the Sri Lanka Government forces.

    Ram has managed to enter Amparai with 60 of his cadres from Vanni. Ram has began organizing mobile groups of ten cadres in a group in the jungle areas to attack the TMVP bases, cadres and also shell the Sri Lanka Army bases and to lay claymore mines to target Sri Lankan Army and Police.

    In the meantime, it is reliably learnt that the former TMVP commander might move from Trincomalee to Batticaloa south with his men to attack the LTTE converged in Thoppigala jungles as already planned by him.

    - Asian Tribune -

  108. I have seen large trucks (I mean really large) carrying some kind of military equipment some time agao. Could these have been artillery pieces? So prompts me to think that it is possible to transport artillery pieces by land (once they are on land anyway..). It must be possible, otherwise you'll have to build canals to access all army camps.

    And was the mention of bringing artillery pieces with reference to the LTTE or the Army? I think it was the Army..

  109. Opps sorry, I have mixed up bringing artillery pieces during the CFA and during this battle..

  110. Sri Lanka's rebels claim to recapture lost territory; military denies

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) - Sri Lanka's separatist Tamil Tiger rebels claimed to have recaptured a piece of territory Monday from government troops, after losing it in weekend battles that both sides say killed 82 combatants.

    Rebel spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan said that the guerrillas have retaken about 7 square kilometers (2.7 square miles) along a northern de-facto military-rebel border in northern Vavuniya district.

    He said the piece of land had been taken by the military in the past few months.

    «We are holding that place and consolidating our positions,» Ilanthirayan said.

    Lt. Col. Upali Rajapakse of the Defense Ministry information center denied having retreated.

  111. What happened to all the talk about three FDLs being attacked one overrun and the other two holding and that they would be boxed in to an area and attacked?

  112. Regarding Asian Tribune article about LTTE infiltrations to the east, I think now the STF should really come in to their element. These are the specific scenarios where STF should address isn't it?

    It might also be a good idea to stop resettlement for a while if what is being said is true.

    Anyway all and extreme measures must be taken to ensure that the Terrorists will not be able to disrupt the east again. Secreat civilian committies must be set up to provide intelligence. The participation of the people is extremely important I think. I have seen that there is a special security programme to thwart these infiltrations like issuing special identity cards to the displaced who are being resettled.

    Anybody know what other measures are being taken? What else can be done to ensure smooth functioning of east?

  113. Once on land the artillery guns are towed by trucks, we dont have tracked artillery pieces.

  114. I have to say that the Asian Tribune article concerns me. In the East I think the SLDF are following the US strategy of clear-hold-build. Now this as a initial step is fine. But the demanding stage of this doctrine is the holding of ground.
    The SLDF have a huge ground force component but using it to simply hold ground is a huge disadvantage when we are faced with a guerrilla type tactics by the enemy.
    The LTTE only has to set off a couple of claymores and shell a few bases in the east for the armed forces to be diverted from active operational areas to the east to simply hold ground.
    I know the STF are specially trained in counter-insurgency warfare but our achilles heal has always been intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence is virually non-existent. The STF relied heavily on the Karuna faction for ground intelligence and with them fighting each other at the moment this is an opportune time for the LTTE to counter attack.

  115. The LTTE uses tractors to tow their guns. Most guns neeed to be towed. However the more expensive guns like the howeztiers have self propelled versions. Its like a truck with a gun.

    The LTTE has captured several guns but their aersenal seems to have grown. The left 2 152mm guns in the east when they withdrew. This shows that they must have a number of guns else they would have saved it at any cost.

    The guns need to be broken down to be shipped. However the LTTE should have the capability to refit the broken pieces on land. Its possible as the barrels of the guns have a limited life span and need to be changed. Hence there is the possibility they could have brought in broken pieces and could have got someone with the know how to help them fix it back.

    The main reason the SLFP and certain elements blame the CFA is purely political. Its like saying that the UNP created this huge blunder and not for us more damage would be done so vote for us in the nation election or you are doomed. Alot of UNPers who endorsed the CFA are now part of the SLFP.


    Looks like a successful hit...


    India is dragging its feet like no other time...

  118. No updates from both LTTE and SLA.
    What is the situation now?

  119. The Type-59 130mm guns and Type-66 152mm guns used by the army weigh around 6-8 tons. Yes it is possible that the guns were dismantled and brought in, but again, to transport parts mid sea would require proper equipment, unless the ships were beached and then unloaded, which is unlikely given that the guns would need to be transported in deep draught vessels which cannot beach.

    It is unlikely that the LTTE has more than 10 big guns, and these are more than likely to be captured army guns. They may have substantial amounts of lighter 120mm artillery and motars.

    Neither the army or LTTE have self propelled howitzers, they rely entirely on towed artillery, except for in the case of the army RM-70 MBRL's.

    Regarding the guns captured in the East, the fall of Vakarai happened too quickly for them to move out their guns, plus from what I heard, the guns were burried? Possibly to hide them and recover them in the event of a succesful counter attack.

  120. There was a picture of an artilery gun unloaded from a ship posted in the situation report by Iqbal athas.It was published in 2003 I guess. In that article he emphasized the fact that the tigers are bringing heavy firepower to the country.Can you guys remember this story? Am not sure about the dates pls correct me if am wrong.

  121. LTTE attack army bases, 82 killed

    Just Chk... It seems bit heavy fights going on.


  123. defencenet,

    What is the latest apart from this air raid?

  124. can anyone tell me the situation with 10 squadron at the moment?

  125. yeah mbrl, I do remember that article shame the sundaytimes doesn't have a news archive to do a search. If I remember correctly there was some excitement in the media when one of the commanding officers of a Dvora attack craft was denied permission to engage one of the ships that was unloading heavy weapons during the CFA. Am I right or am I imagining this?

  126. I think you are not imagining it. The news was that there were 11 ships worth of aramaments undloaded during the CFA. Whether it was artillery pieces or mbrls is anybodies gues.

    Also I think 50 tonnes of explosives????!!!!!!!

    So the SLFP or JVP or whoever had all the makings to make the CFA a nice piece of political artillery with real good reasons.

  127. Sunday Times Online has an archive going back to 1996, with all the Iqbal Athas situation reports included.

    I cant remember him specifically saying they were unloading heavy guns, maybe motars but he didnt mention 130mm and 152mm guns.

  128. As a matter of fact LTTE did smuggle in 130mm artillery during the CFA. This fact has been confirmed by MI.

    ""Regarding the guns captured in the East, the fall of Vakarai happened too quickly for them to move out their guns, plus from what I heard, the guns were burried? Possibly to hide them and recover them in the event of a succesful counter attack.""

    The guns discovered in Vakarai were not usable. Once they determined they couldnt escape with heavy guns, they set off explosives which rendered the guns unsuable. SLA discovered the destroyed guns which were buried.

    Also the serial numbers on the Vakarai 152mm guns did not match with any of those which SLA had.

  129. According to my previous experience... East was a heavenly area for SL Military units.

    North was a graveyard for them. North is the LTTEs strong-hold.

    Even under Mr.Ratwatte's political leadership, SL Military gained huge land during the CBK's era.

    I don't know whether you guys aware of the Jaya Sikurui operations.

    SL Millitary from Jaffna and Vavunia marched towards Killinocchi. But ultimately LTTE able to send them back 40 to 50 miles back. At that time we lost some of our renowned military establishments such as elephant pass. thousands of our children (military personnel either lost their lives, got disabled else marked as missing).

    Even at that time SLAF had sophisticated items such as MI 24 and 35 hinds plus. Whole lot of Kfirs and Migs.

    But LTTE's used their canny tactics to thwarted the military operations.

    I am not against the terrorism. But war is not the only answer. Ewen we can not rely on Mr.Prasad Samarasinghe's reports as well as what is available on tamilnet. Casualties are very high compared to what we seeing in news items.

    Its true that we are fighting against LTTE. But please keep it in mind that this is not a war against tamils. Therefore do not spread the haterad in the society. We are fighting with our own brothers and sisters. There should be a way to pass them the message that, this war will destroy the future of this tiny island. While we are at the war-front, so called politicians ruins the country from one end to another.

    First we have to stop this war and we have to create a place which allows all of us to live in peace. Then we can chase out these corrupted politicians from this land.


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