Monday, June 25, 2007

LTTE advance halted: Vavuniya

Initial wave of a fresh LTTE advance on army's forward defense lines west of Omanthai was neutralized by SLA Special Forces units yesterday. Initially, 2 LTTE cadres who were trying to infiltrate into the army controlled area (probably for artillery spotting) were shot dead by the security forces who were manning the FDLs. LTTE's main advancing body disintegrated when small groups of Special Forces units carried out a pre emptive strike to halt the advance. 13 LTTE cadres are known to have perished in battle.

Small groups of Special Forces units ventured into the 'no man's land' between army and LTTE FDLs west of Omanthai to repel the LTTE advance before it could reach the army's frontline positions.

Special Forces are now been deployed in the Vavuniya - Omanthai region where heavy fighting has taken place in the past month. SLA lost approximately 6 square kilometers of territory to LTTE when they launched a three pronged offensive few weeks earlier to recapture  areas lost to army offensives.


  1. Keep it up boys..

    What type of equipment were the two tiger "Arty Spotters" carrying?
    They must have had hand held GPS and Com units. The Army should carry out RF directional finding along the FDL areas.

  2. Guys,

    Here some of the captured stuff from Bata Slipper Gang :))



  3. "LTTE cadres who were trying to infiltrate into the army controlled area (probably for artillery spotting) were shot dead by..."

    Could these be 2 of those so called 'champion' cadres? what a sorry situ for these jokers!

    "Small groups of Special Forces units ventured into the 'no man's land' between army and LTTE FDLs west of Omanthai to repel the LTTE advance before it could reach the army's frontline positions"

    Looks like another timely detection by our MI guys... :-)

    Well, the reasons for pulling out the SF from Thoppi seems to be clear now... the army is about to open up another major front in the north... guess the SF does not have to worry about Thoppi since the commandos too seem to be making the LTTE piss in their pants... ;-)

  4. Defencenet:
    Can we please find out bit more updates related to below article.

  5. Re: (commented by ccc in the previous DefNet update - '2 Commando Regiment approaches Beiruit camp : Thoppigala')
    From The Island
    Lanka concerned over Chinese-built LTTE arms
    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    I am bringing this article to the attention of the other blog members as this was not discussed in the thread that it was originally posted and I feel it is too important to ignore.

    Am I correct in assuming that most of the weapons used by both parties in the conflict are Chinese in origin?

    Whenever I have seen pics of sea tiger boats/LTTE ground forces I always see Chinese made weapons. Why is this article specifically asking about the recent weapons seizures from the captured sea tiger boat?

    Surely the presence of such weapons does not necessarily imply that the Chinese are aiding the LTTE! Furthermore, couldn't the LTTE obtain such weapons through its usual supply channels in SE Asia (especially Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand) and even troubled areas such as the states of the East African coast?

    I would be grateful if some of the more informed members of the blog could comment on the article.

  6. any news of the 73 captives in thoppigala-(sorry this should be on the other page)

  7. All the 73 captives were murdered on the 21st.

  8. Can anyone tell me current total population in North & east separately please?
    I just want to know the man power availability for LTTE, just to get an idea.

  9. lankaputhra you could get the individual districts population off the Census department website here. You could do the math from there :)

    Srilankan is it confirmed that they killed all their prisoners?

  10. Found this video on YouTube
    Looks like the Air Force is trying to get in on the propaganda war.

  11. Love the SLAF video....nice !abt. Chinese arms...they are galore anywhere in S. E Asia for sale for the Highest bidder. Burma,Camdodia,Laos even Veitnam mate.Hongkong has a major transit point for arms smuggling just link the traid gangs. Ltte arms chief PK...he's connected to all the mobsters in Asia.But,those Chinese made guns on the Seatiger boats.... have to be captured SLAF stock from previous battles right DB ? But, what's the story abt.the Mossads assistance to ltte ? Hmmm, isnt that the old Victor Ostowski's book allegations ? Anyone ?

  12. The vast majority of small arms used by both sides in SL are Chinese (T56, T81, T562, Chicom version PK family, Chicom version of RPG family, etc), and in fact a lot of the former commie bloc weapons in SE Asia are too. So while most of the LTTE weaapons are captured GoSL stuff, even small arms they've bought are likely to be Chicom in origin.

    SL military tracked armoured vehicles are fairly evenly divided between Chinese and East European.

    I think where the concern starts is when it comes to more sophisticated battlefield support systems such as radar and weapons systems such as AA missiles and dedicated anti-armour missiles. These are rarer in the market, and are more usually tracked by manufacturers. However, it still doesn't mean the Tigers are buying from the Chinese.

    As for the Israeli connection, I feel it's a load of BS. As I said before, it's a conspiracy theory being cooked up by the Indians in an attempt to secure some of the defence contracts (especially SLAF ones) that the MoD has been awarding to Israeli firms. They've also tried to throw suspicion on Pakistan (for obvious reasons), and I won't be surprised if the Chinese arms story is now given a lot of media time in India.

  13. Guys can across some intresting info at

  14. Japanese suppliers?

    17 Sinhala Tigers of "Revolutionary Liberation Front" further remanded till July 9

  15. DB, cheers for your input there mate. I was wondering whether I can pick your brain on a another matter. Overall, I understand that the cheapest weapons come from the Chinese.

    In the past I heard that some of the weapons in the SLDF inventory were of questionable quality (eg. fuses for SLAF free fall bombs).

    In an ideal situation, if you had the option of buying weapons from any source, out of India, China and Ukraine, which one would you prefer if you were opting for quality alone?

    And, would anyone happen to know whether Sri Lanka produces any weapons in terms of small arms ammunition locally?

    Furthermore, after reading the news today, I have seen that there is a great deal of interest surrounding the Japanese made radar unit that was salvaged from the sea tiger boat. My understanding is that this is impossible to stop because these transactions would have been perceived as being civilian in nature and eluded any control measures.

  16. navindran,
    Tharavikulam LTTE base does not have 520 cadres as mentioned in the quoted article. A large number of LTTE cadres in east were either killed in battle or have escaped to Wanni.

    However the Military claim of '98% of Thoppigala captured' too is false.

    Only around 75-80% of the area is captured and the upcoming battles will be decisive (and more fierce) ones.

  17. Hmm regardless of the number of cadres in tharavikulum it should be assumed that each and everyone of them is a "suicide bomber".

  18. "In the past I heard that some of the weapons in the SLDF inventory were of questionable quality (eg. fuses for SLAF free fall bombs)."

    Oshade, there was such a story, yes, but the fuses were Pakistani not Chinese.

    "if you had the option of buying weapons from any source, out of India, China and Ukraine, which one would you prefer if you were opting for quality alone?"

    It varies, epending on whether you're talking about small arms, aircraft, tracks, or weapons systems.

    If it came to small arms, I'd opt for Ukranian or Chinese, because these are Commie-bloc weapons, fairly basic, and the process has been in place for decades.

    Aircraft would vary again. India doesn't manufacture any, and the Ukranians and Chinese don't have the same types. Ideally I'd get the hardware from Ukrain and the systems from China or India (if compatible).

    When it came to tracks, I'd say Norinco because they've proven to be world class and can give you the whole package.

    For weapons systems, I'd say China again because they'd be more consistent than Ukraine, but probably India would be OK too.

    There's no simple solution, but if money and after sales was not an issue (which it always is), I'd buy all the small arms from China and everything else from the west.

    "And, would anyone happen to know whether Sri Lanka produces any weapons in terms of small arms ammunition locally?"

    Not that I know of.

  19. I wonder if there is some way of targetting the LTTE food storages only and tageting them only...and starving them out...couldn't uavs detect very small fires even if they may get shot down?

  20. Sri Lankan, The LTTE also has combat rations. In the jungle there are many things which one can eat to survive on. Hence targeting/blockading their food supplies will help but it will be a prolonged item. If you notice that rice bags were found as being used in lieu of sand bags. You should realise that they are also prepared for a long hual isolation.

    Defencenet, How about the cadres who are reported to have reinfiltrated by Asian Tribune.

  21. Do you know how much a UAV costs? We don't have an endless supply of them.

  22. Thanks Navindran and David.Yes i know UAVs are expensive.God help the govt because time is not on our side financially speaking.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Anyone know more details about

    Claymore Mine in Commissioner’s Double Cab Detected in Time

    OVERWHELMING PUBLIC SUPPORT against LTTE’s terror acts was once again demonstrated this afternoon (26) when the Police swooped on a courtyard of a house in OBEYSEKERAPURA, WELIKADA, RAJAGIRIYA and unearthed a 20-kg claymore mine that was transported to COLOMBO, concealed in the diesel tank of a double cab, belonging to Local Government Commissioner in KILINOCHCHI.

    Alert civilians having observed a hasty change of the diesel tank of a double-cab that has come from KILINOCHCHI inside a garage in WELIKADA have entertained suspicion and alerted the Police afterwards.

  25. folks, something relvant to what b#1 reported from the story..

    The England cricket tour of Sri Lanka is scheduled at the later part of this year. We are expecting a huge number of English supporters, notably the 'Barmy Army'. This is something our tourism industry is looking forward too.

    I wont be surprised if the LTTE tries thier dirty tricks before the tour... instilling fear on the English team and their supporters... and thus abandon the tour...

    We need to be vigilant on this..

    FYI - This tour will also mark the return of the Galle Stadium after the Tsunami Disaster... so lots at stake folks...

  26. I was browsing the net and found this.

    In the meantime special commando units of the LTTE have overrun the naval bases at Kerativu and Sangupitty in Chavakacheri sector and recovered a huge haul of arms including sophisticated radar equipment.

    I guess this is one of the many possible sources for LTTE radars

  27. The way English plays the cricket I wont be surprise if they pull out using any excuse. With the rate they would just need some shooting in Topigala to pull out from the scheduled matches.
    However if the event go ahead should see how can we market the tourism.

  28. lol perein very true bout the Brits. And if there are any explosions in Colombo the LTTE lobby will be working overtime to try and get the tour called off.

    By the way guys, the Air Force just carried out a raid on Silavathurai. Anyone know if the military has any plans to clear that area as well? It is a major Sea Tiger base, and given the proximity to India it's probably one of their transit points for supplies from India. But there's been practically no reported fighting in the areas south of Mannar.

    You would think the situation there is similar to the East where the LTTE cadres are largely cut off from reinforcements from the North and would be a lot easier to defeat than in the Wanni.

  29. LMAO I would have to agree with you on the matter of the Brit Cricket team.

    For if the Brits do badly during the odi series (I honestly feel that their performance will be a lot better this time around), the visiting team may even bugger off following minor attacks carried out by the LTTE.

    Who knows, the Brits may be so grateful that they may even think about de-proscribing the oraganisation as a way of returning the favour.

  30. The way the LTTE seems to be capturing our(All Srilankan people) equipment/...its as if they just walk into camps and take what they want..


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