Monday, June 18, 2007

Difficulties in accessing ?

We've been getting a lot of emails from Srilanka based readers regarding difficulties in accessing is a pro LTTE web site which acts as the official mouthpiece of the tigers on the web.

We are not able to determine the reason why Srilankan users are unable to access Tamilnet. But here is a workaround to access Tamilnet if you are from Srilanka.

1. Open your web browser and log into any of the following web sites.

2. Type in the 'URL to browse' field.

3. Press the 'Begin Browsing' button and web page should load.

(A big thank goes to our friends at the FILEnetworks Blog for the support.)

Even though it is a well known fact that is a highly biased (pro LTTE) web site which has published many entirely false articles, there are people who read it. We hope this post was helpful to all such readers.


  1. This is most probably a technical fault at SLT's end coz several other sites (which are not connected to LTTE in any way) are not working as well.

  2. Yeah, For Example "" not working as well.. I'm accessing it through "" which allowed you to login as well..

  3. Never mind about the TerroristNet (aka Tamil Net), compatriots, what is the latest from Thoppigala?

    I read an account that the LTTE maggots are surrendering by the handfuls daily (over 100 so far) and SLDF dudes have killed over 200 over the past two weeks.

    However, I also came across an account that says the LTTE maggots have started escaping through jungle routes to Vanni and this is a disturbing piece of news to say the least.

    How can the filthy maggots escape when SLDF had months to prepare for interceptions/ambushes? I admit that most routes out of ThoppiG are blocked by the SLDF dudes, but still, how come the LTTE maggots found a route or two with no blocks by the SLDF to escape?

    Any insight into this puzzle is appreciated/

    :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  4. Well now Tamilnet is saying that the GoSL is actually blocking the site???

  5. war is not the solution for the ethnic crisis in srilanka. The need of the hour is political will.I feel that GOSL is killing innocent people in the blanket of antiLTTE operations. No democratic govt in the world uses air raids on its own territory. Remember India never used air force in Kargil conflict.This had earned a bad name for GOSL in international diaspora. Reports say LTTE is preparing for an EELAM proclammation and there are countries which could readily recognise it.They may even bring an UN resolution in favour of Eelam.

  6. I do not feel that GoSL is killing innocent people as 'radhakrishnan" feels. since I live in Sri lanka and I know what the condition is in Sri Lanka. LTTE is killing civilian in suicide bomb attacks and other forms of bomb attacks in public places and buses. GoSL is really trying hard to protect people of Sri Lanka from LTTE attacks and really,these acts of LTTE is DISGUSTING!

  7. I also agreed with dreem hackers comment.As we know those bugers LTTE are killing innocent people including babies .So they don't have any excuse from their conscience .

  8. Well the sinhalese are supporting their gosl, so tamils are supporting their group. the dudes asithri mentions were maggots sometimeback & will most probably become one soon. i think the gosl has a history of killing the ethnic minority & treating them as 3rd class citizen.soLTTE was born. In a struggle all things happen.
    But gosl is going to be in deep shit soon..see that. then u guys will realise being progressive & inclusive in ur countries growth wud have been better. Firehorse


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