Sunday, June 3, 2007

LTTE shells hit Pampaimadu base

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fired 130mm artillery shells and 120mm mortars at the Pampaimadu army base yesterday evening killing at least 2 army personnel and wounding another 10. SLA had placed long range artillery guns in the base and one such gun too was damaged in the attack. Although the SLA retaliated with 152mm/130mm artillery and 81/120mm mortar, damaged caused to the LTTE cannot be verified as of now.

It is believed that LTTE has moved several of their long range artillery guns near the forward defense lines making several SLA bases vulnerable to frequent artillery strikes. Military intelligence had previously revealed that most of the 130mm artillery guns were smuggled into the country during 2002-2005 period under the cover of the CFA.


  1. As usual Tamilnet is claiming they have killed more soldiers than the official government claims.
    They are also claiming to have captured a Buffel APC and some weapons. Apparently they will post photos.
    BREAKING NEWS - Two Red Cross workers have been shot dead by gunmen claiming to be Police (Sky News)


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