Monday, June 4, 2007

Heavy aerial bombardment on LTTE positions in Vavuniya

SLAF MiG27 fighter jets pounded newly established LTTE positions in Vauniya region throughout the day. LTTE retook some 6square kms of territory which the army captured from them earlier this month, after a fierce battle. Tigers were also able to capture 1 SLA Buffel Armoured Personnel Carrier and a small amount of low-medium calibre weapons.

SLAF MiG 27 fighter jets ran no less than 5 sorties during the day targeting newly established LTTE defences. Heavy barrages of MBRL rocket fire were also directed at LTTE positions. However, damages caused by these remote attacks are yet to be verified.

SLAF UAVs could be observed in the skies over Vauniya during the day.


  1. Why havent the SLAF committed Mi-24's yet? The Hinds should have been the first aircraft on the scene.

  2. DefenceNet, you said yesterday that the LTTE had tried to overrun three FDL positions. And it succeeded in overruning one position.

    Is the position still the same? has the LTTE been able to overrun all three positions?

    What is the true casulty count?

    Please tell the truth, since everybody else involved are lieing.

  3. I also wanted to know yesterday whether the SLAF had committed the Mi 24/35s into providing close air support while the SLA were entrenched in the FDLs. I wonder if they were worried about AA fire from the heavy calibre machine guns the LTTE have got.
    With the situation as it is now I would think the Mig-27 are the best bet because you wouldn't want the Mi-35 going into enemy territory for bombing runs.

  4. I Smell Fried Meat!! :o) Keep up the good work guys!

  5. Anymouse,
    SLA had to pull out of some (but not all) positions to break a certain LTTE formation. But then they advanced from another front to maintain FDL. Altogether a total of 6-7 square kilometers were lost to LTTE.

  6. MiG27s were used today. They are effective for low altitude bombing runs.

  7. I think the army did right to pull back and save army lives.territory can be captured another day.What is ver very worrying is how many innocent people who have been reselltled are going to die because of this terroiist infilteraion in the east

  8. I also think someone provided a bait for these guys by giving them a nice APC they can easily capture.This was in order to kill as many terrorists as possible

  9. COLOMBO (AFP) - Artillery and mortar battles between government troops and Tamil rebels raged in northern Sri Lanka, the day before an attempt by top donor Japan to revive the tattered peace process.

    The clashes followed on from fierce hand-to-hand battles over the weekend that left scores of combatants dead along the front lines that separate government areas from the mini-state run by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    "The army conceded the territory they had recently captured along the Mannar and Vavuniya defence lines," a top military officer who declined to be named said of Sunday's fighting.

    "Security forces were too thinly spread when the Tigers attacked," he said.

  10. how does a large no of terrorists approach a defended perimeter without being noticed even in the night

  11. Check this out. NTT news in english.
    Video shows the APC and the captured SLA positions.

  12. i am looking at the website. Why in gods name is this reader trying to put on an english accent and making herself a laughing stock or is it that she is trying to identify with the british? if so it is ludicrous.. .she sounds like a right royal you know what (6 letters). No the army withdrew to give the planes a "field day" or should i say an open bombing run.My heartbreaks for those poor tamils in the east who have suffered so much as opposed to this women living in a semi detached in the west i suppose.

  13. Gen Fonseka wants to kill as many LTTErs as possible..he does not mind the loss of a few armaments..
    May the triple gem bless him

  14. Great find with the NTT vid there akon. They are claiming 300 soldiers have died so far. I just don't know what to believe any more!

  15. just ike a german general did to part of sukovs army when they were about to advance into berlin WW" He drew lots of russian troops into a pocket and his artillery and tanks klled a 100,000 of them if i remember right. Obviously sukov was furious needless to say

  16. yes The action seems so unreal.Today the Rupavahini news claimed that the army is making arrangements to hand over the bodies of dead LTTE carders. Is there any further news about this? Everytime LTTE has used army soldier's bodies for thier propaganda when they were able capture even a single body. Its true this time too.If you guys can remember the muhamalai attack, LTTE presented close pictures of the wounds that the killed soldiers have faced. Thier camera's were focued on those areas. They presented the soldier's identification documents specially the once with blood stains.
    But when army was able to capture the bodies of the LTTE carders, there were no images available on any website.Even when the bodies were handed over to the red cross, they were covered with white clothes. Is this true professionalism of the army, or is this a tactic or Is this becuase of the regulations imposed by the government? DO u guys have any clue?

  17. ""Is this true professionalism of the army, or is this a tactic or Is this becuase of the regulations imposed by the government? DO u guys have any clue?""

    The army will not descend to LTTE level to gain propaganda. And LTTE claims of any body capturing without photographic evidence has always been false.


    In Muttur attack, LTTE claimed to have captured 40 SLA bodies and declared they would be handed to ICRC. No photographs were given.

    It turned out to be an entirely false propaganda.


    There was no word on what happened to those 'bodies' after that.

  18. Good find with the video Akon, yes why is she trying to put on an accent, she sounds so damn annoying.

  19. But did you notice the supposed eelam map?

    Is that extending near Colombo from west? The area looks close to 50%. There maniacs will not stop at nothing to get this. And then probably a protacted war to annexe the hill country.

    It is best to assume that eelam already exists and keep fighting for our dear lives.

  20. For the time being the war is going our way but the thing that will beat us is TIME. With the current developments it shows that we are getting bogged down again. I really don't want to be right here, but I think this will go on back and forth for a couple of years with no decisive victory and the unimaginable might happen. The UN will get involved with direct or indirect action leading to a partitioning thus eelam being created either way

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  22. I real think that the SL special forces units can accomplish a decapitation strike like tamil seva and soornam but the SLDFs weak point has always been obtaining reliable intelligence from the ground.

  23. Wow someone on this blog told me this was something else than Lankanewspapers and only high-standard people were using this site, yet we see members like 'Srilankan' proving the opposite.

    1 leader....

  24. lets put this another way: Dont conscript poor tamil kids or have them hold placards at LTTE rallies while yours are in England(oxford) or in IRELAND or in AUSTRALIA for that matter.

  25. Consequent upon attacks launched by the LTTE in the Vavuniya District opposite Madhu Security area , it is reported that over 100 soldiers are missing. Of them bodies of two Officers and 18 soldiers have been recovered.

    Above is from Any truth to this unp article?

  26. Quite possible, although I think 100 is a bit of an exaggeration. If the army does not have the bodies, the soldiers are officially classed as MIA, only bodies are reported as KIA. Sounds a bit like political propoganda to me. At the end of the day there is no point in listening to either the army or the LTTE when it comes down to casualty figures, you know both are going to inflate them.

    And please people keep focused on the topics, srilankan we dont need to descend to sdadas standards. Ignore him. If random posts and insults are the only kick he gets out of life, who are we to deny him of his fix? We should all feel sorry for individuals like him, its quite evident he has wasted his education at the 'Best university in Europe'

  27. Its quite sad really, I don't think that there is any country in the world where the opposition party of a democracy will propagate inaccurate casualty figures of their own army to gain political mileage. Can you really see Britain's conservative party or the Democrats of the US ever quoting exaggerated casualty figures of their troops?

  28. if 100 soldiers died i hope they took at least 1 LTTER each but the truth will come out soon enough.

  29. sorry raptor will do my best to keep my comments focused

  30. Dear srilankan,
    Please refrain from posting racist comments on this forum.

    As we have said before, not every Tamil is a terrorist. Do you know how many Tamils risk their lives to help the army by collecting intelligence?

    Another Black July is definitely not what we need.

  31. Did you see tamilnet they have 10,000 makkal padai? All young boys and girls. They want us to kill them so that the U.N will intervene. I guess any of them dont deserve a chance to graduate from oxford

  32. defensenet you completely misunderstand me

  33. i never said every tamil is a terrorist.

  34. reducing 100 of these guys although a small number will prevent a few more poeple of S.Lanka (Sinhala,tamil or muslim) from getting kild.

  35. My heart bleeds when i imagine a battle hardened serviceman coming face to face with a 12 yr old conscripted and violated tamil child carrying a submachine gun. What is the serviceman supposed to do?.what thoughts must be going through his mind.. he has no time to think and only a split second to react before he pulls the trigger or dies like some soldiers in the past.

  36. i have really enjoyed this forum

  37. somebody is really annoyed at recent successes of sl military. seems to have lost his/her mind in the process by the number of inane comments he/she posted above.

  38. Yeah this blog is getting a little weird. We need to stick to the points.

    Anyway I'm still wondering why the government failed to disclose that the Army initially captured this (and hopefully other parts of) territory from the LTTE. The LTTE claims to have retaken a 7 sq. km. area from the Army which they lost a few months back. Why wasn't the "loss" reported, and do any of you guys know if we took any more area over the last few months?

    All the gov. is doing is losing the faith of the masses, cos the misconception could arise that the LTTE is doing better on the Northern battlefront. That could easily lead us back another UNP administration and further "peace talks".

  39. LTTE and army reportting false casualty rates can be understood. LTTE needs to keep the morale of thier supporters in europe and usa where their financial lifeline is established.Army wants to keep the morale in the south. Both these objectives can be understood.
    What I can't understand is this. Why these political goons do this and what they want to achieve.If they expolode any claymores in colombo, the steelballs will claim the lives of UNP,SLFP and all supporting people.There is no thin line between terrorism and vandalism. Imagine if UNP is able to gain power again soon,What is their solution. All their political gimmicks won't do a thing because LTTE will not be moving from thier primary objective of EELAM. When will UNP understand this?

  40. I appreciate if web warriors stop verbal war here. Instead, let's keep the blog short.

    Is there any news on the thoppigala operation? LTTE goons are spreading propaganda saying that 150 soldiers went missing in Thoppigala.

  41. Unneccesary headache for the SLA. Why is Asian Tribune publishing such articles

    Tamil “liberators” having a grand time with forbidden girl friends
    Tue, 2007-06-05 07:13
    Colombo, 05 June, ( The plight of the Tamil community is illustrated in the following story: Thileepan, one of the commanders of TMVP, appeared in the east as a “liberator” to save the Tamils of the east from the oppression and discrimination of the Jaffna-dominated Tamil Tigers in the north. They were initially welcomed by the eastern Tamils. But soon disillusionment set in. The TMVP group proved to be as bad as the Tamil Tigers: they have no qualms about indiscriminately targeting the Tamils for their political and personal survival. After the initial period of honeymoon Thileepan too turned into an oppressor more concerned about his survival than that of the Tamils.

    Now he is having a grand time, spending his time with his girl friend and in the spare time abducting people and collecting ransom. Yesterday he received rupees one million from the Tamil Grama sevaka (village servicing officer) as ransom.

    According to an internal circular issued by the TMVP leader Karuna, any illicit relationship with females is forbidden and will be severely punished.

    A few days ago former Tamil Tiger cadres who now work with the Karuna group abducted a Grama Sevaka officer from the suburbs of Batticaloa. He was held at Meenakam, the district political office, of the TMVP located at the Govindan Road. Thileepan is the head of the political office.

    Sources told Asian Tribune that Thileepan demanded Rs.2.5 million for the release of the Grama Servaka officer (name withheld for security reason.). Relatives pleaded with Thileepan and at last agreed to hand over Rs. 1 million.

    The full amount was paid yesterday by the relatives of the Tamil Grama Servaka Officer to Thileepan and his prisoner was released.

    When Karuna was the LTTE’s commander of Batticaloa and Amparai districts before the split in 2004 April, Thileepan was one of his close associates. After the split Thileepan fled to France and sought asylum there.

    Last year Karuna invited Thileepan to come back and join the TMVP. Accordingly Thileepan returned to Sri lanka in October 2006 and was made a commander.

    Thileepan and Jeevaranjan (who returned from Qatar) began forcibly recruiting underage children. According to a report they have between them nearly 180 underage children as armed cadres.

    TMVP cadres are also concerned about Thileepan violating the internal circular put out by Karuna. It says specifically that no TMVP unmarried cadres should not visit the houses of girls, or have illegal affairs with them. The internal circular threatened serious consequences to any cadre seen with girls, or taking them to restaurants, parks and hotels or to any other secret places for illicit affairs.

    Asian Tribune received two photographs of Thileepan and his girlfriend taken in a secret hideout enjoying leisurely. Velupillai Prabhakaran too issued a similar code of conduct for his cadres. But he was the first to violate his own code by making advances to pretty Tiger cadre, Mathivathani, whom he married later. This created a big row in the LTTE and it was resolved with the intervention of Anton Balasingham.

    We give below photographs of Thileepan, unmarried, seen with a girl friend in a private house. The girl friend is lying down on a mat and Thileepan is seated by her side enjoying some pleasurable moments.

  42. This news report says 15 killed and 15 SLA missing in Vavunia.

  43. I kept warning that Karuna was a problem and all this uneccesary headache for the SLA and the govt is comming now.

    Police point fingers at Karuna in Red Cross killing

    In the latest twist to the abduction and killing of two volunteer workers of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, police yesterday said they suspected the vehicle used in the abduction belonged to the Karuna faction.

    Sabaragamuwa Province DIG Sarath Perera said they had identified the number of the vehicle used in the abduction and suspected the vehicle was being used by the Karuna faction. Police also said the vehicle had been seen in the area on the day of the crime.

    However the Karuna faction denied any hand in the killing and claimed one of the Red Cross victims was a close relative of a high ranking official in Karuna`s Colombo office.

    Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pullikal (TMVP) peace secretariat Chief Mahesh told the Daily Mirror Mahadevan Chandramohan (27) was his cousin. The victim who earlier resided in LTTE controlled areas in Batticaloa had later moved into cleared areas in Chenkaladi and joined the Sri Lanka Red Cross (SLRC).

    `He was my mother`s sister`s son and was the only boy among seven in the family. I was shocked to hear of his untimely death and am grieving together with my family. We don`t know who did this but it has become an easy route for many to blame Karuna,` Mr. Mahesh said.

    While condemning the brutal slaying of his relative together with another colleague, both who were Tamils and residents of Batticaloa, Mr. Mahesh admitted as the TMVP had many enemies the crime could have been committed by anyone. He said the TMVP was also trying to identify the perpetrators.

    The latest enemies of Karuna is the group led by his former `supreme commander` Pillayan following a bitter split between the two sides but Mr. Mahesh did not point fingers at anyone over the killings.

    Meanwhile the CID recorded statements from four fellow workers who were with the two victims at the Fort Railway Station when the abduction took place. They were waiting for the Batticaloa train after participating at a workshop for Red Cross workers at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

    The victims were abducted last Friday and their bodies with gunshot injuries were found on the following day dumped in a tea estate in Kiriella.

    The witnesses stated that five persons claiming to be CID officers arrested the victims and took them in a white van. DIG, of the Criminal Investigations Department W.B.Prathapasinghe who denied any involvement of the CID in the arrest of the victims said a special police team was sent to Batticaloa to record the statements of the witnesses.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa and opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe were among those who paid their last respects to the victims whose final rites will take place later today.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. That LTTE newsreader is hilarious. She probably learned English from a Norwegian. I can't stop laughing... Let's Kfir her out.

    Interesting news about the two redcross workers.

  46. Can anyone pls tell me wat is xactly the truth....some say we ve lost 300....100....30...wat r the damags that we ve evrything ok....thanks

  47. No one knows the body count for sure. The LTTE is forcing us to engage them before we build up a substancial force

  48. Dont blame Karuna too much...He may not be conventional but a true national hero

  49. By the way everyone is lying or keeping quiet this looks like another Muhamalai or something close to it.

  50. Where is the inside information that most of us are here for to get the correct idea?

    Nobody here who can tell what has happened exactly?

  51. how many people here are in the age group 20-30?

  52. Lt. General Sarath Fonseka speaks...

  53. Sri Lankan,
    You can count me out.. I am 35

  54. LTTE annouces that they have lost 19204 since 1983 till May 15.

    District Number
    Jaffna 6929
    Batticola Amapra 4894
    Vanni 2809
    Thirumalai 1742
    Mannar 1099
    Veli 327
    Total 19204

    Black Tigers, Land 80, Sea 236
    Total 316

    Border patrol 279
    milatia (civilian) 457

    That works out to a total of 20196 plus plus if you include may 16 till today I guess 20300?

  55. Navindran,
    What's the source?

  56. Actual body count is between 30-50 KIA+MIA.

    100 MIA story is entirely false.

  57. A police chief inspector was killed and his sub-inspector wounded when they were ambushed at Kokkadichcholai in the district of Batticaloa, 300 kilometres (190 miles) east of the capital Colombo.

  58. anymouse,
    This is nothing like the Muhamahai debacle. It was a disaster for SLA.

    In this the SLA were defendants and their losses could have been worse if not for some wise decisions by commanders. And in this, the LTTE suffered too; LTTE's main offensive formation in Vauniya has taken heavy damages due to army retaliation.

  59. yeah thanks defense net. i was wondering what the 'birds' were up to. this was a chance to show up the ltte. i think its safe to say they can never do an 'elephant pass' on us again as long as those migs are there. but im wondering what the migs actually hit yesterday. do our migs carry out 'carpet bombing'? can that be done with the few planes we have? im not talking about the ethics of this, im just wondering if the term carpet bombing can be used to describe the air activity of the slaf? my guess is no. the ltte are too spread out for that to be effective. plus we dont have enough planes. am i right in saying all this? as a novice i'm just curious about what can be done to utterly obliterate these goons. but like someone said, a plane is only good if you know what you're after. that explains the UAV activity today.

  60. Kiri, it was published by the LTTE and is in

  61. Muhamalai was tragic but it proved one thing that the nobel sri lanka army were not scared to fight and die a mith previously propagated by LTTE.The death of these high ranking police officers is very worrying..seems ike a campaign to kill top brass in the east -see asian tribune article yeterday

  62. carpet boming foolish idea..too many repercussions but what about using incendiary devices (can get cheap ones from WW2)on large Tiger formations..?.i wonder.. i think what MR Gothbaya R has been shopping for

  63. why do i get this feeling that another offensive is going to open in jaffna soon.. the EELAM 2 to the power nth war

  64. what i understand about incendiaries is that they have a sticky substance that ignites while sticking to the skin ...other than the fuel explosion...

  65. SL air force fighter jets this morning (05th) bombed a gathering of LTTE leaders In Mankulam area, defence sources said. The air raid launched at 9.20a.m has targeted an LTTE military location in the Mankulam area. The attack has been carried out on extensive surveillance and real time ground information, the sources further added.


  66. jiffy you are right for one thing the Migs or any other aircraft the SLAF have cannot carry out carpet bombing simply because they do not have the payload capacity to carry enough ordnance. For carpet bombing you need aircrafts like B52s/B1/TU22/95.
    What the SLDF can do with the capacity that it has is to use incendiary weapons like fuel air explosives and a recent expose by a local newspaper about Gotabhaya's shopping list showed that he was interested in procuring them. Again the Migs/Kfir may be only able to carry one of these and they are very effective against infantry and lightly armoured vehicles but poor against fortified positions. The US used these type of weapons in vietnam where they were of limited effectiveness because for best results troop concentrations need to be identified prior to a strike.

  67. i am so sorry defensenet,
    Karunakaran kandasamy pleaded not guilty to using diaspora money to fund the LTTE.instead he pleaded guilty to buying way too many hambergers


  69. Tigers doing a fine job spreading information on victories on battlefield. sankathi web site has pictures of 15 body bags of fallen soldiers being handed over. too has to do something similar. Otherwise there is no credibility of what they report.

    On a seperate note to fellow posters.. Please dont make this site like a chat room. Pls stick to the subject.

  70. thanks kanishka/sri lankan. i appreciate the info. so incendiary bombs include fuel air and napalm type weapons? cool. do we have enough in the stockpile ready to go?

    kanishka i though fuel air bombs were more effective against fortified postions because the shockwave could bend around obstacles along the ground. plus the sudden vacuum created by the aerosol combusting is said to cause asphyxiation in closed spaces (like a well fortified bunker or cave). i could be quite wrong here, but its just something ive heard before.

  71. Depends on the type of fortified positions. Knowing the tigers their vital installations will be underground to house key bits of military equipment (AA missiles) and leaders. Fuel air bombs will be useless for these unless you someful manage set off one at the entrance lol

  72. yes the bomb need not hit the target as such an explosion closeby will suck out and explode all the are in the bunkers through ventillation shafts

  73. Looks like almost 30 KIA on the amry side confirmed with the handing over of the bodies. It possible we could be looking at a total of nearly 50 killed in this attack. Surely there must have been a way to realise the tigers were going to launch an attack. If they massed cadres in a particular area it should have been noticed. This was not an amphibious landing so it couldnt have come as a surprise like the Iyakachchi EPS attack, nor was it a siege. Disappointing intelligenece on the army side.

  74. Lakshman Kirialla says 156 SLA killed in Vavunia.

    So many different numbers. Whom to believe?

  75. Lakxman Kiriella has acted like a real traitor here,

    "He said that 95 of the bodies were scheduled to be handed over to the ICRC this evening. He said the LTTE has taken away 2 army tanks and destroyed weapons and ammunition as much as ten container trucks."

    He's said thing not even Tamilnet has gone on to say.
    Since when did Buffels become 'Tanks'?
    And even Tamilnet says 13 bodies and wonder how Kiriella came up with figure 95.

    It's about 50KIA from SLA side.

  76. LTTE seems to be good and logical compared to this UNP goons.LTTE's claims were 40 soldiers killed and according to UNP its close to 4 times more. As we have been aware that around 50 of the both sides have been parished in these wave of attacks its no point to even read about the comments by the politicians.Its a tragic situation.Can't really figure out the real motive behind these claims.

  77. shame to be a voter of this country where politicians are acting like that!!

  78. According to the latest report on lankapage the MOD has only accepted 2 of the bodies handed over by the LTTE citing that only those two were actual army casualties.
    I really hope this is actually true and pray the remaining bodies were not accepted because they were unidentified and not because the MOD is not willing to acknowledge the losses.

  79. if they killed 156 then they will have say 4 container trucks..I think there are 2 wars here. vouniya and thoppigala.. am i right?.now the chances are the casualties in vuniya may be light but in jungle warfare thoppigala it could be heavy.what this kiriella? fellow is trying to do is provoke a statement of casualties from the MOD.But putting tanks jungle country is stupid whose idea was this anyway?

  80. i think the LTTE wont destroy weapons & ammo they need them too badly..

  81. why in gods name do people vote for this is because of them that the country is ruined.Or is distributing a loaf of bread at election time sufficient to make people change their vote?

  82. These goons wait in colombo waiting until the SL Army death count is published to make comments.I was just listening to the BBS sandeshaya where he compared the contry to a grave yard.Its easy to understand this sort of comments against the army from an LTTE bootlicker but its frustrating to have these sort of comments from a Sri Lankan. I have never seen this type of a scarecrow in any other political stream in this world. This idiot needs to understand that if by any chance the baberians had achance to form the stupid eelam up to the limits close to negambo, the fate of the country would be even darker.

  83. No he would be happy because the norweigians are paying him to distupt govt. he will get a large sum of money and a house in norway

  84. i think in the thoppigala operation these guyd should be starved out.Too many mines for infantry to risk.then u say will give u bread if you surrender.

  85. Everyone put your comments in context. We have no idea of knowing what the exact casualty count is to know who is lying and who isn't. The LTTE may not be claiming so many have been killed because they dont have the bodies. It would be stupid to claim 100 KIA if you dont have the bodies. Also I am sure naive Sri Lankans call any armoured vehicle a tank, and if the LTTE really destroyed tanks they would show the pics like in Muhamalai. So this comment can be attributed to him being naive. The KIA figures are contentious, it could be to get political milege, but it could also be true. Given the absolute dearth of fact backed evidence we are never going to know who is lying. My personal opinion is that he is lying, just trying to stir up something, but we are never going to be able to prove anything. If he is correct, he is doing a service to the people by telling them what is actually going on. Be careful before you label anyone. Sri Lanka has a dangerous culture of 'guily until proven innocent', which is half of all our problems.

  86. This party are dishonest.This guy is not doing this out of a sense of fairplay or compassion.He wont do it unless there is something in it for him.If they were honest and "with the people" SL would be a very different place now.But then there are those lovely apple farms in Australia who can resist them.

  87. i dont know my mind goes back to the era when a maggot like this betrayed our country to you know who

  88. Update on SLA casualties:
    KIA = 35
    MIA = 15
    Injured = 75

    LTTE casualties cannot be verified as of now.

  89. Defencenet

    A question...

    How is it that SLA casualties are "verified" by you and not the LTTE casualties. Afterall, GOSL/SLDF has admitted to a far less number of casualties than what you have given here. Your SLA casualty figs are pretty much identical to LTTE's and frankly, I am confused!

  90. asithri,
    SLA casualties is inside information we got directly from the army.
    We cannot obtain such information from LTTE as we are not connected to them in any way.

    However according to MI LTTE has lost between 50-60 cadres and unnamed number are injured. They are facing a severe blood shortage to treat the injured.

  91. how is it that after so many hours of fighting the ltte losses are only 50-60?

  92. i mean one MBRL round will take out about what say minimum 5/?

  93. DN, thanks for the clarification.

    I too suspect LTTE casualties are much higher than the 52 that GOSL has estimated. With the artillery/MBRL + SLAF bombings raining down on them, I expect their casualties to be high. This is what happened in their attack on FDLs on Muhamalai (last year) and at Sampoor and Vaharai too. In each of those occasions, GOSL actually underestimated LTTE casualties until the bodies that were strewn around were actually collected (one contact in SLDF told me it was like picking up cockroaches after bug-spray!)

    Bear in mind that after each encounter, the LTTE says only a "handful" of their terrorists died, although now they admit over 20,000 have died in this war! If you added up the "handfuls" over the years, by now, LTTE's casualty figure should be no more than 800 tops!

  94. LTTE loss are 20. SLA loss are 69.

    Accept the defeat instead of brining "inside" hoax news.
    I know it's hard but it's the bitter truth. Defencenet you're doing a good job boosting your soldiers morale in this down period but you fail to bring the facts. Everyone who contradicts your government and army is a Norwegian bootlicker and a traitor and why not "on LTTEs payroll".

    What a shame, you're no different to those on Lankanewspapers.

    Save some tears for Jaffna, when it falls very soon.

  95. sri lankan mate, yeah you might be able to kill about 5 LTTE if you asked them politely to stand in a nice tight group and our guys are good enough to land the rocket in the middle of them.
    MBRL are used to saturate whole areas at a time with fire now if the LTTE are not concentrated in that area then there will be fewer kills.
    Also it depends on the type of rocket used bu our guys: anti-personnel fragmentation warheads/high explosive.

  96. SriLankan

    You are right…the RM-70 and earlier GRAD version of MBRLs the SLA possesses are not just pretty machines.

    For example, when a RM-70 40-tube MBRL volley lands (40 shells in 20 seconds!), it pulverizes everything inside of one acre! Not even a field rat survives.

    Aha, those horny MBRLs...ever ready and deadly! It was these babies that pulverized the LTTE first in Pallai (in 1996?) and then in many places over the past year (Muhamalai, Sampoor, Vaharai, Mutur, etc.)

  97. isfuglen mate, the battle, according to your'll might have been lost by us, but the war is far from lost. A battle is but one, a war consists of many battles. In the last year we have won many battles, more important battles than you have. Mavil Aru, Muttur, Vakarai and soon Thoppigala. I have Muhamalai out because the LTTE attack was defeated and so was the army one, with no momvemnt of the frontlines. So in time we will see who wins the war. I can guarantee to you now, if you think winning the war for you will be achieving eelam, your'll will never win the war. Only we can win it. In essence its there for us to lose, not for you to win.

  98. LTTE casualties are evidently serious.

    I too just heard that LTTE in Killinocchi are forcing Tamil civilians to donate blood! (talk about a bunch of vampires! LOL!)

    This is the same they did after they tried to overrun the Muhamalai FDLs last year...then they not only "stole the blood," but also chased away all the civilian patients from the Killinocchi and other hospitals in the Vanni area!

    News about heavy casualties are now leaking out of Vanni...

    As such, I guess we will have to wait for a few more hours/days for "Jaffna, when it falls very soon" (as some joker said here!) LMSSAO!

  99. defencenet

    Daily News says that,

    "“The Security Forces retaliated the attacks successfully with artillery and mortars destroying an LTTE artillery gun and causing heavy casualties on the enemy”, the Brigadier added."

    is this true?

  100. Many thanks asithri for your clarification.kanishka misunderstood what i wanted to find out.Asithri normally are there people who direct rocket fire at particular troop concentrations.o another note this fellow VP wants us to kill a child from every family so then even if we win militaryly these poor folk who have suffered so uch under him will never forgive or forget. have to find ways to make these kids surrender. dont forget he has 500,000 cadres(the entire population) at his disposal.This fellow VP is following stalinistic policies

  101. I wonder what this LTTE hierarchy will feel if some tamil man who has lost his family due to forcible conscription by the LTTE and whose daughters have been molested by the LTTE actually kills them say by a hand grenade or cuts them to ribbons even if they are in IRE.UK or AUS

  102. Sorry I misunderstood you earlier srilankan, my bad for trying to update multiple forums at the same time! lol

  103. what i am going to say now has nothing to do with the war per se.
    in i find a lot of young sinhalese boys wasting a lot of their young lives trying to outdo these strong tiger supporters (who are in very good jobs ,have colllected pots of money ,put their kids into the best unis in the world) and are using the srilankanews website as a "hobby" wasting the time of young Sinhala boys whose brothers,fathers and maybe sisters are defending the country when our boys should be studying

  104. it maybe a good idea for each of us to concentrate on bettering ourselves academically and devote our time to our families. let these tiger fellows chat among themselves

  105. one day when SL in a free counrty this tamil diaspora will return to a certain extent maintaining their duel nationality status.Partly the reason they are going to the best UNis in the world in preparation for the day of piece.Also consider their investments in these area like colombo where they are "seriously discriminated and tortured with cigs". So it is back to the good old days of the british. Why dont we give these fellows some competition?

  106. by studying very hard and aspiring for good overseas jobs in the future?

  107. isfuglen,

    "Accept the defeat instead of brining "inside" hoax news.
    I know it's hard but it's the bitter truth. Defencenet you're doing a good job boosting your soldiers morale in this down period but you fail to bring the facts."

    First of all we are not boosting the morale of anyone. How many soldiers have the time or resources to read a blog? This time around, GOSL didnt accept army casualties but we have. And we are sorry we cannot bring any facts throgh a blog. What we post here is the truth. But we believe that LTTE is a terrorist organization and as Srilankans, we are happy to see it go down. But that doesnt mean we'll trick ourselves by posting hoax info in this blog whenever SLA faces a drawback. SLA had heavy casualties and lost territory to LTTE in this battle; there is no denying that. Which part of this report looks like a hoax?

    "Everyone who contradicts your government and army is a Norwegian bootlicker and a traitor and why not "on LTTEs payroll"."

    Shows us one quote when WE (we are not responsible for comments others post, they are entitled to have their own views) ever said that to anyone.

    "What a shame, you're no different to those on Lankanewspapers."

    We respect your view. If we are no different, why bother commenting here?

    "Save some tears for Jaffna, when it falls very soon."

    Trash talk is embarrassing mate.

  108. Defencenet, you guys are doing a good job and trying to keep things real. If the people are not happy with the standard here, then go ahead and start your own blog and do your own feildwork.

    I hear a number of people calling the LTTE a terrorist. Well the main thrust of this name calling started after Sept 11. However the Sri Lankan Govt as well as the American and British Governments have exhausted the significance by crying wolf.

    I was talking to an American yesterday and he told me that its likely that up to 4000 are dead. However what he said that there are an estimated 20 000 maimed ex servicemen. He mentioned that these losses of the dead were less because of better rescue and life saving devices then in Vietnam.

    He said that while travelling in the town and villages (most of whom are no different from your typical Sri Lankan small town/villager) that many people are against the war. He also mentioned that it was unlikely that the Republicans will win in the next election.

    Furthermore he said that the democrats will withdrew from Iraq. I gather from by readings that both Musharaff and Mahinda will lost American support.

    I sometimes visit some blogs and I read that a star rugby player lost both his legs while fighting with the SLA. I felt very sad. Sometimes the maimed can also become war dead if they are forgotten.

    In Muhumalai, the LTTE claimed that nearly 200 soldiers loss a leg or arm. I do not know wether its propaganda or the truth. Those who feel strongly of the SLA on your part and have employment opportunities ect, do reserve a place for these guys or their family members.

  109. All the frustrating comments by the LTTE bootlickers are due to the irresponsibility of the government handling the propaganda and the comments bade by the crazy dudes like kiriella.
    Even a die hard supporter like isfuglen claims that army has lost 69 while kiriella cliams to 160.(He is better than the that unp dude that means..)The army propaganda machine worked bit ok in the battle of wakarei but the other victories specially the trashing at the muhamalei FDL last year, when they tried to overrun it to capture Jaffna. In some cases whole platoons who tried to cross the kilali lagoon and tried to land on beaches were decimated by the severe MBRL fire but even in that sort of aswift victory, they didnt publish any of the pictures in thier websites or the information was rather vague.Its useless to have 3 websites and spent a considerable money to them if thier information is inconclusive and if they are unable to highlight the victories, and provide inconclusive information, imagine the situation whan army has faced a setback.

  110. The SLA on its part should come forward and publish its total war dead since 1983. The fear I believe is that the political establishment will face the consequence of such a revelation.

    The LTTE by revealing its figures gives the organisation a certain amount of legitimacy to their supporters.

    The SLA on its part should accept all bodies and verify it by DNA. They should have medical details of all soldiers. Although both sides claim higher casualties, they often hand over lesser bodies.

    There is a possible reason is because bodies are handed over after fighting has subsided. Some bodies are blown apart to such a state that its possible to put someone hand and give it to some other body. Secondly they have to take care of their own injured/dead. Hence the best id to bury the bodies which are in bad shape because it is also a source of diseases.

    As defencenet, the UNP has also insiders in the armed forces. After all an ex military commander is now their party. Hence if they reveal information, there might not be entirely false.

    There are few possible reasons why information can go to UNP. One because of friendship and respect to their ex commanders or colleagues. Secondly SLA men indentifiead a UNPers being sidelined want a change in government. Thirdly disgruntled officers who feel they are being used to fulfil somebodys military ambitions or the unneccessary operations to meet someones birthday, party anniversary etc. This resulting in failure and some unfortunate people being scapegoated. Hence the UNP might or might be true to the figure.

  111. Defencenet, Thanx for all the relaible information when the propaganda war is running at its highest phase.
    Most of the people here are posting thier comments in this blog because they believe that the information here is much more consistent than the government or LTTE propaganda.If someone dislike it, dont blame the author, pls go and find another blog or create your own one.
    Ive had agreat faith in this blog and will continue with the interesting discussions in the future too.If anyone dislikes, pls dont be a pain, find a plc where your interest can be fixed.

  112. Navindran, I dont know about the real truth about your comments but sir... You put your ideas in a very logical way and thats what its good about your comments. PPL who come here to blame the blog can take agood example from you.

  113. MBRL, as I say I am no expert and I myself carry my own biases sometimes. However I try to be neutral to both sides. Getting emmotional does not help the debate.

    There are many guys in the blog who have more/accurate information then me and if they do disprove me in a logical way, I am more then glad to admit I am wrong.

    Even if defencenet or anybody like me is not correct in what we say, dont bash us. Rather use logicial counter arguments with a military basis. If there is some political reasoning behind the military debate, its okay as in Sri Lanka for both sides the lines between the military and politics is often blurred.

  114. Jaffna must not fall.After all this hardwork and sacrifice cannot give the LTTE a large pool of human resources to prolong the war.

  115. "i mean one MBRL round will take out about what say minimum 5/?"

    What sort of logic is this? In that case, if a 7.62-mm round can kill one Tiger, and a soldier fires off a T56 mag, he should've killed 30 Tigers, no?

    I think everyone should just take a chill pill til there's some real info available without reacting to every little bit of news and asking dumb questions about tanks in the jungle.

    Someone asked why int didn't detect the attack earlier. It's a war, not a cricket match. You can't predict every move of the enemy. At best you might get part of the picture. This is the first big LTTE offensive this year, so it must've been well planned and so we should expect casualties.

    Someone else asked why only 60-odd terras have been killed. Do you think they're standing in rows holding signs saying SHOOT ME? You guys are watching too many Hollywood movies.

  116. Navindran, the Army has a policy of not accepting unidentified bodies because it has no dental records to help in identifying. It does have fingerprints of all soldiers (I remember being fingerprinted during enlistment), but since it's not computerised, I doubt it's practical. I don't think DNA facilities are available either.

    While the policy is there to prevent the LTTE handing over its own dead to gain propoganda mileage by boosting Army casualty counts, it also means that many families of dead soldiers live in a long and horrible limbo with their loved ones listed as MIA for many years. When Lt SU Aldeniya PWV was killed at Kokavil in '90, he was listed as MIA for almost five years. A guy in my platoon had an elder brother MIA for four years with 4/GW, and his reason for joining the Army was to find him.

    Navindran, the Army has at least twice released full lists of its confirmed KIA since '80. When the Army celebrated its 50th anniversary and published its official history, it gave a complete list. It goes on for pages nd pages, and is quite moving to go through. Recently a war memorial was set up somewhere close to Kandy (haven't been there, so I'm not sure exactly where) and all the KIA names are there carved in black marble.

  117. ""When Lt SU Aldeniya PWV was killed at Kokavil in '90, he was listed as MIA for almost five years. ""

    Lt S.U. Aladeniya was one of the bravest SLA had. He was told to evacuate the besieged camp but he downright refused to leave his wounded soldiers. Instead he fought till death and took as many terras as he can with him.

  118. ""Recently a war memorial was set up somewhere close to Kandy (haven't been there, so I'm not sure exactly where) and all the KIA names are there carved in black marble.""

    It's (The statue of the army soldier) built near the Gatambe grounds. Aka Gannoruwa Junction.

  119. how can "hundreds of tigers" approach an artillary point without been seen.I always thought there are look outs with Night vision binos which are essential for anti terrorist operations.

  120. why am i getting this sick feeling that some of the brave army folk were deliberately sacrificed to drawout the LTTE giving them a "soft target"

  121. i appreciate they were being shelled as the tigers were advancing.but to take land you have to be a certain distance from that land since these terrs are moving by foot.they cannot move move 10 miles in 2 secs unless all or most were killed by artillary fire

  122. which is most probably what happened given the condition of the bodies.These terras just walked in

  123. David Blacker Absolutely Right !

  124. Please stop finding numbers.
    Lets go together thinck together fight together.
    This is our country. we born here our mother father born here and life end also here.
    Please standup together.
    fight together and try to finish LTTE as soon as possible.
    Please do not depend on the India they do not help us.
    Our cultivate facility should be improve otherwise we cannot face the war.
    Please understand this is not relavent topic but this is very important fact.
    International people do not love or they do not want to protect us. We should be cunny enough to identify the people who is going to help or not.
    Our Rules and Regulation shall be function properly, their for President shall be very strong enough to do that.
    Now time time is so critical we should go under one roof and finish LTTE as soon as possible.

  125. algamroad..very good point but too late to finish them off now....Right now in the USA there are LTTE representatives trying to make sure that bush does not win the next election. Next us govt may not support us because the LTTE will say we are killing Tamil people in east..So instead of spending all our money and trying to kill them off right now better have the east as an example to show the whole world how we are treating our tamil people. then we will have the time and money to buy more MBRL ..which VP like us to use frequently

  126. "It's (The statue of the army soldier) built near the Gatambe grounds. Aka Gannoruwa Junction."

    I thought it was some sort of a park, not just a statue. I'm sure I saw it on TV.

  127. Sri Lankan, you are a true sri lankan indeed! i agree with what you say about the amount of hours wasted talking with die hards online. better to show one's patriotism with deeds, not words. not all of us will (or for that matter want) to be dodging enemy bullets. that takes a lot of guts and you need to be physically fit (that or a severe lack of job prospects...sorry, but had to be said). but there's more than one way to skin a cat, and educated sinhalese with good intentions for the people (yes, even tamil people) can do much to save the country...

    if that's what you really want.

    nationalism/ethnicity is a bit old fashioned, but i think its good for people to feel strongly about something bigger than themselves (wouldnt you agree?). for a lot of 'us expats' our lives are so mundane and unsatisfying that coming online and venting our frustrations at the problems in sri lanka is something we actually enjoy! which is not to say we dont really care for sri lanka, but part of it is just 'us' feeling weak and downtrodden in our adopted lands (agreed expats?).
    but yeah, nationalism is ok. we'd be such selfish people otherwise. communal selfishness is so much better right!? but as an expat ive learned to not care so much. is your life worth the cause? is land worth killing for? fact is we must learn to love these tamil buggers. one way or another. very hard! especially if you have friends who openly support the LTTE and invite you to their fundraising events! I have been tempted once or twice to go just to see what happens!

    but no, for all my dislike for this ethnicty bullshit, im still a prisoner of my race. i'll probably take that racist attitude to the grave with me, try as i might to be open minded.


    I know this has got nothing to do with the military tech talk that goes on in here..but sometimes its just good to take a step back and see yourself in the mirror. mbrls are great...MiGs are great...but at the end of the day you're just a killer like the rest of em. offense intended defencenet.

  128. " offense intended defencenet"

    None taken mate.


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