Monday, June 18, 2007

LTTE plans major attack in Colombo

Military Intelligence last week revealed a major battle plan by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to cause widespread destruction in Colombo. The plan involved attacking several critical locations in Colombo simultaneously using aircraft, suicide bombers and sea tigers. Targets included the Colombo Harbor, Kolonnawa fuel storage complex and Kelanithissa thermal power plant.

A group of 53 LTTE cadres were given special training for this operation. Part of the group was divided into 5 attack teams each consisting of 5 cadres. The teams were assigned the following tasks:

Team 01 travels to Mattakkuliya from Wanni.

Team 02 travels from Arippu (Mannar) to Puttalama and then to Grandpass.

Team 03 travels to Colombo from Tincomalee by train. They are yo stay in Piliyandala awaiting further instructions.

Team 04 travels to Negombo from Mannar. They will then move to a safe house in Maligawaththa which will be prepared by a Tamil politician.

Team 05 travels to Batticaloa from Wanni. They will then travel to Colombo by train and stay in safe houses located in Dehiwala and Wellawaththa.

In addition to the above 5 attack teams, 3 more support groups were to be stationed in Mount Lavinia, Waththala, Alwis Town, Navinna and Mattakkuliya. Two more LTTE cadres were to be placed in the top floor of St Jones market to shoot down any incoming SLAF aircraft.

When LTTE attack teams launch a two pronged sea born attack on the Colombo harbor, LTTE aircraft were to bomb Kelanithissa Power plant and Kolonnawa fuel storage. LTTE teams were also instructed to destroy containers in harbor. When teams in Colombo attack the targets, LTTE artillery was to shell the Army HQ in North.

After the attack, LTTE units exit through the road near St. Antoine's church, Kochchikade. LTTE cadres who receive injuries were to be treated in a safe house in Alwis Town. Then a Tamil politician will escort the attack groups to a safe house in Navinna. After a week, they will be taken to LTTE controlled areas in Vavuniya.

Lucily for the nation, LTTE plan was busted by Military Intelligence when they captured 'Ariwamoodan' who was tasked with gathering intelligence for the operation. He also revealed that LTTE teams were to approach target locations in an Ambulance and a van used for school transport.


  1. "Hats Off..." to the MI guys for busting this operation! Can't just imagine what would have happened if the LTTE succeeded in carrying out this devastating attack...
    Hope we have taken all the precautions to avoid such attacks in the future.
    DefenceNet, any info. from the battle fronts? Guess our SF guys are slowly but staedily marching in to Thoppigala, right!

  2. Great job SLDF!!.Now we have to keep appealing to the people to keep their eyes and ears open because these LTTE guys are not going to stop

  3. It's the Commandos who are spearheading the Thoppigala offensive now. Somehow (probably via sea based route) LTTE has managed to smuggle in ammo in to Thoppigala. They even fired their Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher in Narakamulla battle. To conserve ammo they only used 4 rockets per round. It must be said LTTE resistance was migger than expected. However commandos overran four small LTTE camps in the battle.

    The only advantage LTTE has in this battle is the knowledge of terrain. There will be bigger battles in near future when Commando units approach bigger LTTE camps such as 'B-route' and 'Baron's'.

  4. Is this major LTTE plan real? correct me if a i am wrong but wasnt this (according to newspapers) plan found in a vcd shop in vavuniya
    If that is the case i find it hard to belive that the LTTE will allow such an important plan to be wriiten down and given to one individual.

    was this (plan) the the reason behind evicting tamil lodgers from colombo? If so has the goverment swallowed the dead rope which resulted in the ire of the international community

  5. Oh ok... didn't know the commandos had taken over from the SF! Thanks for the info. DefenceNet.
    May be the SF was able to complete the specific missions they were assigned to carry out in Thoppigala or may be they have been assigned to specific missions in the northern theatre now.
    DefenceNet, I'm not surprised to hear that the LTTE is putting up a fight in Thoppi and that they have smuggled in new ammo... The LTTE is a ruthless and cunning terra unit and we have to expect this. It might even take long time for our guys to capture this area.
    But what worries me is whether our pundits will start to attack the government for not being able to secure Thoppi from the LTTE so far... and thus turn the people against the government's military campaign...

  6. cable,
    No the plan was not found in a VCD shop. It was revealed when an LTTE member who was involved in operation was captured.

  7. hi Defencenet: how much damage(casualties) did the LTTE do with the MBRL..They have something pretty important hidden in thoppigala..that may bring them a lot of international disrepute???maybe

  8. i am happy that 100 LTTE have surrendered to the troops.

  9. these rockets their using could it be not those in storage-why has it necessaryly got to be smuggeled into thoppi

  10. the best defence now is for ordinary citizens to keep their eyes and ears peeled. even a tiny mistake is enough to thwart the best laid tiger plans. well done to the army!

  11. Another side of the story


    The Criminal Investigation Department toge-ther with top level government officials invented the story of a Tiger plot to attack the Colombo port and skillfully planted it in the media to justify the eviction of Tamil lodgers from Colombo, LAKBIMAnEWS learnt. They had passed the fabricated information to a private television channel generally considered anti-government. This TV station carried the story in its prime time news bulletin.

    None of the top brass of the intelligence arms of the Army, Navy and Air Force were aware of an alleged guerrilla plot.
    Senior army and naval officials who were privy to sensitive security information ruled out the CID story that the guerrillas were planning a massive attack on the Colombo port using LTTE sleepers who have infiltrated Colombo. “This is a cleverly executed psychological operation,” said a senior Naval official. “It is anybody’s guess what their objective is. But the common contention is they simply want to justify the evictions.”
    Some others who were entrusted with the security arrangements for the city were clearly embarrassed by the planted information which they felt had let them down.
    The CID confidently asserted that the guerrillas are planning a major attack on the Colombo Port in the middle of this year. The CID claim further went to state Sea Tiger boats will be launched from Wellawatta, Mount Lavinia and Dehiwala to confront two Dovra fast attack boats (FACs) providing security to the port, thus enabling two Tiger divers to execute an underwater attack on the boats. While the sea borne attack is in progress, guerrilla sleepers in the city would conduct raids on the security forces positioned in the port, it was said.
    The CID also claimed guerilla aircraft would bomb the port. They went on to report that the Tiger plan was to ram a port entrance with a truck laden with explosives. It was claimed the C.I.D. had extracted this information from a Tiger guerrilla who claimed he attended a rehearsal of the attack.
    The Defence Secretary confirmed the story that guerrillas had infiltrated the city. He also said last week: “We can’t arrest 300 people and detain them....So you can tell them, if you don’t have any legal business in Colombo, we don’t want to detain you. You go back to your homes.”


    Then details of another secret discussion held by Gotabhaya was revealed to those present. Gotabhaya who showed a top-secret file from the intelligence units said there was a plan by the LTTE to launch a large-scale attack on Colombo to destroy it completely.

    "Threat" to the city

    Basil observed that by publicising the contents of the file, the people of Colombo would understand the threat faced by the country and that would in turn justify the eviction of Tamils from the city.

    Abeywardena observed that if the news is aired and published by all media institutions, it would indeed look as if it had been planted. He noted that it should be released to a few selected private media institutions, which would even help build the trust of the international community.

    The next matter taken up was to decide on which media institution the "news" should be released to. Finally, it was decided to release it to Sirasa given its high credibility rating and it was telecast on its 10 o'clock news bulletin last Wednesday.


  12. Hoax or not, this is still possible.. I had long thought about this before this news emerged…

    With the current focus on the aerial attacks, the LTTE can make a dummy attempt to attack – like make sure they fly enough so that they are visible in the radars and head back before being chased or shot down. This way the alarm bells would ring in the defense circles. The country and the key installations would go on high alert. Power to the city of Colombo and surburbs will be disrupted. And everyones focus would be in the sky….

    Ideal time for any LTTE ground attack or sea-borne forces to make an attack while our soldiers are scanning the sky or even firing their AA guns… total caught unawares..and with no power – this could be a disaster…

    and the idea to bring down an aircraft from the market - very possible.. the SLAF aircraft fly low in these areas, sometimes... maybe within the range of stinger...

    I only hope our forces and leaders are aware of possible threats like this….

  13. "thus enabling two Tiger divers to execute an underwater attack on the boats"

    Yes I was puzzled by this part of things, how exactly did they envision diviers catching upto an FAC going at 40 knots????

  14. It is a good idea to assume the plan still exists to ensure the greatest intelligence asset we have (the common people) remain fully alert.could the bombs not be fixed to the boats when there is a change of about a small submarine-

  15. I think this news is pure fabrication. When the LTTE attacked KAB in 2001, all the cadres( except 1 or 2 videographing personnel) were killed. The reason was becuase after finishing their mission they knew they were not going back and so some committed sucide.

    The MI leak must be in lieu of the evection of tamils from colombo. Not only international pressure but the government did not expect pressure to come so strongly from the colombo population. This will particularly include the sinhalese community and the judicary.

    Convientely finding a claymore bomb and defusing it, suicide belts and now a plan looks all set to protect gota. He has fumbled by linking such evections to covert operations.

    "The plan involved attacking several critical locations in Colombo simultaneously using aircraft, suicide bombers and sea tigers." The LTTE can come in small fishing boats (bomb laden) like they did in Galle but no attack craft. The LTTE have been very conservative in their use of the aircraft so far. They are not going to risk their present propaganda instrument in broad daylight. If they do another night raid how effective will it be to take out targets who will not be there at night.

    Kolonnawa fuel storage complex was already attacked. You never attack the same target twice in such a short span as the defences will be prepared. The planes were nearly shot down by the SAM that were guarding the place.

    "Then a Tamil politician will escort the attack groups to a safe house in Navinna. After a week, they will be taken to LTTE controlled areas in Vavuniya." From the way its played out, they imply that the LTTE does not know that all tamil politicians are not checked by the military and MI does covertly monitor them? Secondly does the army relax after such an incident or become more stringent that they do not check people going to vavuniya.

    "LTTE teams were also instructed to destroy containers in harbor." What will the LTTE achieve by destroying containers. Its the cranes and other expensive/senstive equipment they would probabily want to attack. Containers might contain rattan ect which has no major consequence.

    "Team 05 travels to Batticaloa from Wanni." I thought the east was 95% clear and LTTE was struggling in Thoppigala. Looks like they LTTE are so entrenched that they have enough people to sent to the east to be further sent for an operation in the South. So who is telling the truth.

    "Two more LTTE cadres were to be placed in the top floor of St Jones market to shoot down any incoming SLAF aircraft." So does the LTTE have SAMs now that can shot KFIRS and MIGS and they can also easily summgle this to colombo.

    "Lucily for the nation, LTTE plan was busted by Military Intelligence when they captured 'Ariwamoodan' who was tasked with gathering intelligence for the operation." Even army intelligence/recce/SF are given limited information when they are sent out on missions. With such a major operation, the LTTE hierachy has divulged all the information to one guy is such a big joke.

    I was laughing at this article as the MI think they are intelligent and that we are idiots. They do not realise that by releasing this information they are shooting themselves in the foot. There are so many things in this article if is true will prove that the government and SLA are lying anput many things to the people.

    Its important to be vigilant but realsing news for self perserverance is wrong.

  16. The news that this is all a hoax is being put out by the LTTE's propaganda machine. The news media that carried this hoax story is a well known UNP/LTTE mouth piece.

    This UNP/LTTE mouth piece is claiming to have interviewed certain Navy officials, but no names are mentioned - Surprised? Wow! Even I can say I talked to a very high ranking LTTE official who said this or that, but does that mean I really did? LOL!

    Yeah, even if the top military brass were aware of this plot, I can see them revealing so to a news piece that is known to be a UNP/LTTE mouthpiece! Right!

    LTTE scum have infiltrated into various news orgs and this is their way of denying the whole plan went poof! This way, the public, the average policeman, the average solider, etc. will not be alert and the next time around, KABOOOOM! they will ensure it is a massive success. Then the gullibles who believed that this story was a hoax and let the guard down will kick themselves for being taken a sucker by the LTTE scum!

    OaO Asithri

  17. it does seem a little convenient..esp. after the evictions last week. either way, this is a good ploy by MI. keep the population alert.

  18. I agree that we should be alert for anything but for me this story doesn’t sound authentic
    Consider (these points are previously mentioned here)
    Every detail of such a complex and important operation to the LTTE is known by an individual outside LTTE controlled areas. I think only LTTE high rankers like Pottu Amman will have such detailed knowledge of the plan. Isn’t this how such an important covert operation is planned? Specific groups have specific targets to take out and if one person is captured the whole mission is not jeopardised. The whole plan is known only to a few ppl like pottu who do not venture outside LTTE areas.

    As was previously written by somebody can Divers attach explosives to moving Dovras

    SL air force has counter measures against SAM 1 missiles. Ltte have not demonstrated that they have acquired SAM 2 even in north east yet. so would 2 cadres stationed on top of the st john's fish market even if they have SAM-1 (which is a vary big if) be effective against SLAF air craft

    Has the LTTE got the resources in Colombo right now to pull of such a complex operation involving 52 cadres. If true this would have been the biggest operation ever in Colombo by the LTTE in history of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Right now they are just limited to taking out soft targets by planting roadside claymores. I think a lot of their Colombo assets have "disappeared". (I am not condoning the abduction of ppl but keep in mind this is what happened during the JVP insurgency in 89. a lot of innocents were killed along with a few guilty)

    Just think about these points and make up your own minds about the "major attack"

  19. Anyway lets assume the threat is real and keep alert.If any of you read few days ago there was an LTTE rally in central london and although the LTTE had asked many people to attend a protest againt the "sinhala-buddhist-chauvenistic govt" only about 30 people turned up..if you believe the article that is. At the end of the day the LTTE organisers were so desperate due to the poor turnout that they had 2 australian tourists hold a placard to show the world that the "white man" was on their that idiotic greek goon in canada who bared his a*s at the govt. Anyway a photograph of this act displays the caption "where is SHRI -LANKA"..ha ha ha...

  20. It is interesting to know who this so called "international community" is as far as the LTTE is concerned... Is it just solheim or his family as well?

  21. digressing...The army has saved a civilian in LTTE a result today is a very memorable day in my life.nearly forgot members of the "sinhala-buddhist-chauvenistic" army saved a civilian.

  22. a bit of breaking news...the new peace envoy to sHri lankaa is none other than reuters very own simon gardner...but only after he has a drink and a packet of crisps

  23. If this was just to keep the people alert, it might end up being like the case of the boy who cried wolf.

  24. I think the forces will probably follow the english motto "shoot first and ask questions later". I would say this time round we are much safer than before

  25. There are few things going bad for Sri Lanka now. Somebody raised in Lanka news this point that the foriegn minister should comment on certain isuues and also a non elected member should know his limits.

    Gota is the defence secetary. He should work towards that instead of working as his brothers propaganda secetary.

    Crying wolf will result in complacency. The LTTE is definetely planning something. That is what is the main focus.

    So people are using fear tactics to stay in power. Marcos asked the army to plant bombs and extended his presidency using emergency powers. It was done by JRW also. The military campaign is of utmost importance. JHU should do what they do best. Too many cooks will spoil the soup.

  26. I think gota is doing a fantastic job.None of the so called "international community-fat women doing 9-5 jobs" want the LTTE to be destroyed for many reasons.However what he should not do often is speak his mind.We dont want the SAS to bump him off.If we destroy the ltte or the military arm of it the next step is to invite international media and have individual people in jaffna and the east tell their stories to the media.

  27. JUst so that many kind people in the world know what tamil diasphora have been financing

  28. Defencenet, this site is becoming a joke. Can't we keep the discussions to the war and not have fantasies about the Great Gota & the SAS.


  30. David blaker nice to see you still make comments. Be my guest with productive comments

  31. david,
    we are aware of it more than anyone else. We'll be making an official request asking ppl to keep the comments non political.

    If that fails, we will have no choice but to enable comment moderation (which we dont want to do).

  32. SL, come off it. You think Gota's doing a "fantastic job"??? He can't defend our airspace so he closes down the airport at night. He can't find the terras so he deports all the Tamils in the Pettah lodges. Think that's dooing a "fantastic job" to ruin the economy and screw up our standing with the UN & EU?

    And do you seriously think the SAS is gonna hit him? At least add some smiley faces so that we know it's a joke.

    DefenceNet, I don't mind the political comments (after all this is such a politicised war), but I don't think it's the place for people to discuss their fantasies and daydreams. Sometimes I wonder what the average age of the posters here is. I hope it's over 16 :)

  33. Of course the SAS is not going to get involved.The british have always been involved on the side of the LTTE.This is a known fact.I can understand how gotabaya feels.Well he should not have deported those poor people if he was involved.But he has a very valid point.Was the airport fiasco due to bad radar which did not detect low flying craft or was the radar switched off... R u judgeing his performance based on 2 events?.NO HE HAS DONE A WONDERFUL JOB.LETS CONCENTRATE ON MILITARY ISSUES.

  34. The EU and UN are not interested in the war in SL!!!.they have more pressing chilcotts interview on these EU goons want this war to go on forever and our children and grand children to die.The EU is only interested in the tamil block vote and selling both GSOL and the LTTE arms to kill each other.Since you dont know who i am keep this 16 yr old crap away from here ok?

  35. defencenet forgive me for this last political comment:Remember the EU is predominantly christian(nothing wrong with that),PRABA is also a christian with vast contacts in the clergy.The real worry the EU has is that the army will invade the wanni-bad for tamil block vote.the only article stopping the army invading this wanni is the defunct ceasefire agreement.See how the govt is playing with this and the response it is getting from the EU?..Mind you i am in favour of a political solution AFTER the LTTE IS DECIMATED.We need to save our hindu brothers.

  36. Ha ha, SL, you're a riot, but you keep forgettting those smiley faces! Do you really expect us to take you seriously when you're trying to convince us that "these EU goons want this war to go on forever and our children and grand children to die." Please.

    Have you ever been to the EU? They don't babies over there.

    So who do you think banned the LTTE in the EU? Gota & Mahinda? It was a Brit-led Brussels parliament.

    Who do you think provided the initial training for the Commandos and STF? Ex-SAS contractors with Keeni Meeni Services in the first instance, and serving SAS in the second. Who do you think flew the first Huey sorties into the Jaffna Peninsula in the '80s? Ex-RAF and Ex-Royal Marine pilots under contract to KMS.

    You need to get a clue before you spout rubbish, SL. Why are you surprised I think you're 16?

    "Was the airport fiasco due to bad radar which did not detect low flying craft or was the radar switched off"

    So closing down the airport at night because the LTTE has a few tin planes is the answer? Why not buy some good radar (which we can if half the defence budget isn't pocketed).

    No, I'm not judging Gota on two incidents, but he's a looooooooong wayy from doing a "fantastic job". He's done a competent one as DS, but he should leave the policy decisions to the politicians. That's what they're elected for.

    Oh, and Prabha's a Hindu.

  37. Oh praba is a hindu-thats news to me.. i thought all velvetithurai tamils were christians.
    David banning something in parliment is like a diplomatic dinner party.But if you dont want to enforce it then banning it is useless.
    David what is stopping ex raf pilots from getting paid to drop bombs on wanni?.If they can earn money propagating a war the british wont stop them.why should they.. provided of course the govt is blamed for human rights? or were the piolts doing it for free.?
    From what i hear the Indian radars sold to us were rubbish (indians are switching to israeli radars) so now the govt is getting new radars from china.
    Personally David i can answer some of your questions in detail but i prefer to maintain my anonymity.
    I am sorry if you have had some bad experiences.
    How do you know half the defense budget is pocketed?.When were you in the army?

  38. What was that about babies? completely missed me,,,


  40. I think praba was a firm believer in hinduism that why he murdered that poor hindu priest with 3 kids

  41. So sorry defencenet:
    LTTE says no kids in their ranks by next year-when all the current 17yr olds turn 18..he he he he...

  42. "i thought all velvetithurai tamils were christians."

    You mean like all kandyan Sinhalese are Buddhists? Oh, but waitaminute!!! They're not... Frankly I couldn't care less whether he's Christian, Hindu, or Zen Buddhist, but yoour logic of pointing out that the predominantly secular Christian Europeans are backing the LTTE is because Prabha is a Christian is laughable.

    Was there a point somewhere in that convoluted para about diplomatic dinners? If you feel that the EU banning of the LTTE is useless, I'm sure you'd be happy to know that people are lobbying for them to raise it.

    "David what is stopping ex raf pilots from getting paid to drop bombs on wanni?."

    Again your plain ignorance of both local history and current affairs is making you look both silly and paranoid. Perhaps you didn't know that KMS was a Brit government-approved PMC, or that the SAS was sent to Amparai by the Brit govt, and that all former Brit service personnel have to have their contracts with PMCs approved by their govt.

    "From what i hear the Indian radars sold to us were rubbish (indians are switching to israeli radars) so now the govt is getting new radars from china. "

    What has that got to do with closing the airport at night?

    "When were you in the army?"

    You ask a lot of personal questions for someone who "prefers to maintain his anonymity". :)


    I had a feeling you wouldn't :)

    "What was that about babies? completely missed me,,,"

    Sorry, it should've read: "They don't EAT babies over there.", and it was in response to your rather ridiculous "these EU goons want this war to go on forever and our children and grand children to die."

    "I think praba was a firm believer in hinduism that why he murdered that poor hindu priest with 3 kids"

    Oh yes? And did Premadasa killed Buddhist priests because he didn't believe Buddhism? Tell me you're not that naive.

    I do hope you're joking when you say you're over 16, because if you're indicative of the SL adult population with access to the internet, it's bloody scary.

  43. PLs post some information about the diferent set of uniforms and weapons that the various SL different units use here.I saw a very unusual uniform in the national security website.(newly established mechanised infantry unit). Usually the SF guys only wear a black cloth around thier hat avoiding the use of protective helmets.IS their any reason behind this?

  44. "LTTE scum have infiltrated into various news orgs and this is their way of denying the whole plan went poof! This way, the public, the average policeman, the average solider, etc."

    Hi asthiri mate I think you are understimating the security forces if all it takes is an LTTE denial for them to let their guard down.

    that said I am still not convinced there is anything to this story, in another version I read they had mentioned this Tamil MP by name, the one supposedly arranging for the safe houses or whatever - so if true why haven't they arrested him yet? Seems a little odd??

  45. Sri Lankan I'm with you on western partiality to Sri Lankan Tamils. There are many minorities who've had a worse rap from govt, but the west never really had a problem with it. If there ain't something to pocket from it, why bother right? No one cared less about Saddam killing Kurds till Kuwait got invaded.

    PS. David you're awfully protective of the content that appears here, maybe even to the point of being labeled petty. Why so keen to censor Sri Lankans views? Oh wait, that must be your army background coming to the fore. Or maybe it's because Sri Lankan represents exactly what most ordinary Sri Lankans really feel, unlike you who represents ...
    who do you represent? The tamils? The english speaking intellectual scene in colombo?

    "I do hope you're joking when you say you're over 16, because if you're indicative of the SL adult population with access to the internet, it's bloody scary."

    You better believe it! In fact it's more the non-wired community that I would be worried about if I were you. And what are you anyway? David Blacker? Is that even Sinhalese?

  46. Although people are lobbying to raise the ban. The ban itself has done nothing to change anything in the EU with regards to the activites of the LTTE.
    I dont think you got my point about the SAS.IF there is anyway for the british to make money from the situation they would.
    About closing the airport at night.Once the airforce has the radars they wont need to close the airport at night to protect civilian aircraft because they can detect the tiger tincans-papers today.
    I do hope it is clearer to you now..

  47. thanks Jiffy.I am an old man so it does not matter for me to waste my time here.But if you have something better to do dont waste your time with this crap .Please go and do it

  48. Hello again JIffy.After this LTTE ban at "diplomatic dinner level" on paper the LTTE are actually making more money because they are investing very heavyly in property-if my sources are right.

  49. Jiffy according to the british newspapers the police dont have enough resources to allocate to controlling the activites of the tigers because tigers are not a threat to the british public-only perhaps to the british tamils.So other than some "cosmetic" token operations nothing is happening.the litte bit that is happening is because of the intense diplomatic pressure the SL govt is bringing.ON a much more pleasing note-3 kids surrendered to the army in thoppi-they were starving poor things-this bastard has not even fed his own troops

  50. Man this blog is really getting out of hand now lol.

    Srilankan can you please try and restrict your comments to the military developments in Sri Lanka?

    Defencenet/davidblacker/navindran, I found this article at ColomboPage and I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter!

    I was really surprised at this!

  51. hello oshade im checking your link now

  52. oshada-Well it seems routine to me.Dont worry nothing is going to happen to him hes a BIG MIGHTY "BRITISH CITIZEN!" AND no one will bother him-he is beyond indian law

  53. oshada-ok ok will limit my comments to military matters-the navy engaged 15-20 sea tiger boats today

  54. Oshada I wouldn't make too much of stories like that in Indian news media. It would be very convenient for them if Pakistan just happened to have trained LTTE pilots. You see the experts comments in the Indian media everyday. Their government is really worried Sri Lanka is straying away from their influence, especially with us depending on Pakistan for lots of military hardware.

    Updates on the sea battle anyone? The MoD says 40 sea tigers killed and Tamilnet hasn't even reported it yet. By the looks of that I would think our guys did a really good job this time.

  55. Tamilnet is going on about how they've been blocked by the government. Are the problems in Sri Lanka accessing Tamilnet only related to Tamilnet, or are other websites affected as well?

    If SLT did decide to block it, good riddance. The government should do everything it can to get rid of LTTE propaganda. It'll be a big blow for Tamilnet too, considering over one-third of all their viewers are from Sri Lanka.

  56. illegal.existence I was not that concerned with the article referring to the Pakistan's ISI colluding with the LTTE. Its natural for the Indian press to infer the presence of its arch enemy along its southern borders. What did concern me was the reference to the Israelli Mosad being involved with LTTE air wing. I knew that the Intelligence services along with the military have had ties with the Sri Lankan defense establishment. What possible advantages are their for the israelli's is supporting the LTTE?

    Regarding the matter of the Tamilnet website being inaccessible in Sri Lanka a lot of people are saying that SLT are claiming the order came from a higher authority.

  57. does anyone know the latest info about the sea battle .. inside info?

  58. Oshada, again I think it's pretty unlikely Mossad will provide any assistance to the LTTE. Especially given the links the LTTE has to the Palestinian militant groups and the suspicions of collaboration between worldwide terror groups. They really can't afford to support the LTTE and have them become a powerful entity.

    Like India, Israel is another would-be "superpower", so they wouldn't want Israel to get too close to us. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason they plant news stories like this.

    Anyway if we are to believe Karuna (not that I really would though), the article is flawed cos Prabhakran's kids are nowhere near Sri Lanka and in no way involved with the LTTE.

  59. Guys please respect the forum. Even when I dabbled in politics I only went to the defence part of it. Like I feel Gota is the defence secetary and his full focus should be that.

    David is one of the few guys in this blog to have served in the military. Hence his views and insights will carry more weight. I might not agree on his points but I have seen his comments on other blogs and he comes across as very sensible person. Alot of people have a belief that this is how the army is etc. You will only know how it is till your serve in. Sometimes you can be utterely disappointed with what you assume and what is reality.

    Charles Anthony is likely to be or is the head of the LTTE air wing. Mosad trains operatives in Sri Lanka and supply weapons like the FAC. I do not think its very likely that they would have trained the LTTE. RAW will be a better possibility. However I guess they got their training in Europe/Canada/South Africa or Malaysia. They are not using supersonic planes and any flight school will suffice. Many locations also are needed to allure suspicion.

    In overseas training they do not need to drop bombs but can just drop dumies. In Vanni they would have used real bombs and their use of rockets in pallai was not as good as dropping dead weight bombs in their missions since KAB.

    As far as blocking tamilnet. There are proxy blocking servers like annoymizer which one can use to access the site. The SL govt is again doing something stupid in this day of internet and communication by doing this.

    Hilter, Mussolini, Japanese Military, Napolean etc often censored pressed. This with all the Happy news made people support the war. However you know what happened in the end. The truth can never hide. Do you think the government is afraid of tamils reading tamilnet or sinhalese reading tamilnet. Eg the Tamilnet website hung when LTTE attacked KAB. If there was no tamilnet, people would have only come to know it was an air attack after a month?

  60. Jiffy, David Blacker is a Christian (Anglican) Burgher. Although his mother is Tamil, he claims that he is 100% Burgher. He has made numerous hateful racist attacks on the Sinhalese (read Ravana's blog), the Tamils (see Indi's blog) and on the Arabic people here on this very blog itself. He also carries a deep seated resentment towards Buddhists for some reason or another.

    He published a book a while ago, and was involved in the Galle Literary Festival.

    Here is his picture:

    And more information:

    (Everything I have posted above is in the public domain)

  61. Sorry, that link to his picture is here:


  63. Navindran,
    I agree on your point about Tamilnet. This is stupid and scary.

    This makes me more curious to want to check Tamilnet to see whether something very bad is happening.

    Furthermore this is censoring the most free medium. This doesn't look good.

    SriLankan, It's an eyesore to see you post, after post after post. This is not like your personal diary you know. Have respect to the forum and other people and keep your posts relevant and minimum?

    Going to try what defencenet suggested to access tamilnet...

  64. I think a lot of you clowns need to chill the hell out. This should be a forum where the 'know alls' help the less informed in a caring and reassuring manner without being pig headed about it. But unfortunately some of you enjoy bagging out people who may not necessarily be privy to all the information.

  65. "Sri Lanka on Tuesday said that it had decided to reopen the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo for night flights shortly"

    Does this means that SLAF has got all the radar equipments and defence systems fully installed to counter attacks any LTTE air raids? Any idea about acquisition of MIG 29?

  66. For one thing David does not hide his name. His ethincity should not be a cause here. Again he has served in the army. Do a forced march for 4km intervals for 24km and all realities of the army come to you mind.

    Alot of my information comes from the net. So if anyone wants to know more make it a point to do so. Likewise been more reserved in your judgements and decriptions.

    Whats the point of calling the LTTE planes tin cans if they can still cause harm. Take a statement like the Heroic SL has defeated the weak LTTE. Does it mean if you do not state that they are heroic means their not and by calling the LTTE weak does it mean they are really weak.

    Some people earlier suggested that i could be pro ltte. If i come in and hog this forum and make it lose it purpose by saying unrelated and unneccessary things, am i not helping destroy the forum. Hence those who are doing so please stop.

    I agree with defencenet that moderation should be a last resort. Its your self respect and that you should illustrate when in the blog

  67. Well, well, what have we here...I see some dead LTTE scummies, numbering almost 40, floating in the deep blue sea!

    Looks like the freakers got whacked by the prowling Dvoras! Aha well, 40 more "maaveerars" but this time to the sea!

  68. Now I saw some exchange earlier about the EU banning the LTTE and some debate thereof...

    Any fool who thinks that the EU (inc. UK) banning the LTTE is real needs to get his/her square head examined! The LTTE theoretician rascal Anton Balasingham (Bala the Para Balla) and his lesbian white-trash Aussie (who was the head of LTTE's women's wing one time; she has been photographed in military cammies in the Vanni) were allowed to live in London and carry out LTTE activities without not a fart being lent by the Brits!

    Besides, in the UK, the LTTE fundraising actually cranked up a couple of notches higher I hear after the so called ban! The Brits cannot demonstrate sincerity like the US FBI although they had enough time and opportunities to do so.

    I see we have some A-grade morons in this blog (like Ranil W the spineless wimp) who would believe anything that a white rascal would utter!

    As for all the so called help the Brits are supposed to have given us to fight the LTTE, that is a load of bull-CRAP! That ex-SAS company called keeny-meeny (or whatever the F it was, I forget) may have made millions out of us, but did not deliver the results. No, they never gave us any help that was decisive in hitting the LTTE hard and fast. These white mf's were just out to make money and it was to their interest to see the LTTE survive as then not only would they continue to make money, but the Brit govt. will have a string to pull on us to assure that it can still continue to control SL like in the good ole colonial days!

    No whatever the success we have had thus far is due to our own resilience, courage and skill in the execution of war and people like Gota R is to be commended. I know there are Ranil W backing freakers here who talk bad about Gota...but that is to be expected.

    Got to go and check how many more dead LTTE scummies are floating in the sea….see you catz! LMSSAO!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  69. well said asithri.

    comrade have you heard this:

    "The ground troops also fired multi barrel rocket launchers while the Sri Lanka Airforce's MI24 helicopter gun ships had also fired at the rebel boats."

    I wonder what the effective range of the mbrls are. From this account it would seem the confrontation wasn't too far out to sea.

  70. Hey i am sure LTTE was yet again using deviation tactics.this time i guess,to withdraw cadres from thoppigala.even slipping in another weapons cargo is a possibility.
    However i am sure this time they got a real bashing by our forces.i heard our guys have salvaged one of their boats and its being towed to the kks.

  71. Asithri,
    well said mate. You posts are sadly missed and :)

    This is one of those great, trusted battlefront info blogs that we have not polluted with useless political arguments. I hope all users will contribute to keep it that way...
    It's sad that anything political in SL is a big joke
    No one have any respect for most of the politicians...

    Anything new from Toppigala? Hope our boys are taking all the precautions to minimize casualties and inflict the maximum damage on the enemy...

    If is telling the truth...that sea battle is one good show. Great job SLN :)

  72. Oshada, it's a bit strange isn't it that that article seems to be accusing two of the countries that are taking military contracts away from India? Now if they haad added China to the equation, it would have confirmed the fact that this is just a bit of smoke & mirrors.

    Israeli military contractors are very closely tied into the Israeli government and it's very unlikely that they would risk their lucrative contracts with the GoSL just to make a few bucks on flying lessons. It's far more likely that the Tiger air wing pilots were trained in South Africa or Southeast Asia. The same goes again for Pakistan.

    "Sri Lankan I'm with you on western partiality to Sri Lankan Tamils"

    Jiffy, western democracies are always partiaal to people who they think are oppressed. Until recently that trend had changed (hence the EU ba
    nning, etc). However, geniuses like Gota are trying to change things back to the good old days.

    "David you're awfully protective of the content that appears here, maybe even to the point of being labeled petty. Why so keen to censor Sri Lankans views? Oh wait, that must be your army background coming to the fore."

    Jiffy, go to the home paage of this site and check out the name. It's called DEFENCENET: DEFENCE NEWS FROM SRI LANKA. Therefore I think wherever possible we should be accurate in the military hardware, terminology, units, and uniforms we discuss. This isn't a fantasy site where we can voice our wet dreams or Bollywood scripts. If you think that's petty, too bad. Have a sob.

    "And what are you anyway? David Blacker? Is that even Sinhalese?"

    No it most definitely isn't Sinhalese. So, Jiffy? What are you -- a spaceman?

    "The ban itself has done nothing to change anything in the EU with regards to the activites of the LTTE."

    Really, Sri Lankan? Do you even have a clue about anything in Europe? Do you think LTTE top brass can travel in Europe the way they used to before the ban? Do you think they can raise funds openly or have rallies like they did? The answer is no. ALL Tiger fund raising now done in Europe is illegal, and LTTEers have been arrested in France and prosecuted. Why don't you actually do some reading before spouting rubbish. And it was Brit pressure on the EU parliament that brought the ban in spite of Norwegian protests.

    "Jiffy, David Blacker is a Christian (Anglican) Burgher. Although his mother is Tamil, he claims that he is 100% Burgher."

    Serendib, I don't mind your amusing attempts to attack me, but at least try to get your facts right. Can't you even get ann insult right? :) I'm not an Anglican and I've never claimed to be 100% Burgher (actually there's no 100% ANYthing in this country). Also, I've never insulted any Sinhalese, Tamils, or Arabs. For instance, I said that those Mechanised troops look like fucking Arabs. That's not an insult to Arabs. If I told you Serendib, that you look like a fucking idiot, would I be insulting idiots?

    "He also carries a deep seated resentment towards Buddhists for some reason or another."

    Again, I urge you to back up your wild allegations with proof. Because you look like a moron if you don't.

    Oh, and thanks for the links to my pic and the Galle Lit. I'm always pleased to meet a fan.

  73. "That ex-SAS company called keeny-meeny (or whatever the F it was, I forget)"

    You seem to have forgotten quite a bit, Athsiri. Been smoking the stuff from Pilawoos again, no?

  74. Sri Lanka military says kills 70 rebels in a day

  75. Sorry
    Sri Lanka military says kills 70 rebels in a day

  76. pfft..david chill out man. so its a defence site. dont you get it yet, the folks in here love the army. they love talking about it. isn't that a good thing? why be so acerbic all the time? instead of busting heads why not tell us what you know..."nicely".

    ps. i dont care if you're not sinhalese but you pretend like you can talk on our behalf- that's what shits me.

  77. "dont you get it yet, the folks in here love the army."

    Jiffy this isn't the site of the Army Fanclub. If it was, I wouldn't bother visiting it. I come here to find out stuff I don't know about the war & the miltary, and I assume you do too. So I'm not interested in smoke being blown up my arse, or hearing what a superduper DS we have and what supermen the forces are full of. It's an Army, not saints in uniform. So I like to get accurate info, and wherever possible I correct the inaccuracies.

    "why be so acerbic all the time?"

    'Cos that's the way (aha aha) I like it.

    "instead of busting heads why not tell us what you know..."nicely"."

    So why not ask... nicely? :)

    "i dont care if you're not sinhalese but you pretend like you can talk on our behalf- that's what shits me."

    Well, if you don't care, why bring it up? And I've never said that I talk on anyone's behalf. I give my opinion. Just like everyone else. If you want to colour my opinion by saying I'm a Burgher, Christian, ex-soldier or whatever, that's your business. All of that's irrelevant (except maybe the last, because some of what I've seen and done gives me a better picture of the war and the Army than that of someone who hasn't been in the Army).

  78. Navindran i did not call LTTE fighters tin cans-i just picked up from davids comments.
    David honestly man for 20 years the SL govt has been trying to ban the LTTE in the u.k (my friends info)and they decided to ban it in...when recently?.when America banned it in 1995/1996?..why this delay then?.Actually Mr balasingham said that the worst thing that happened to the LTTE was the 9/11 incident(u.S).So before 9/11/2001? (lets see-say for 20yrs) the LTTE were a group of nuns? who became a terrorist organisation all of a sudden in 2001?.and this fellow accuses other people of being on substances!!
    the french are the only people taking the LTTE ban seriously(news items-probably because they hurt the french ambassador in a mortar attack).But as for stopping LTTE fund raising NOTHING IS HAPPPENING-BECAUSE THE FUND RAISERS DONT NEED TO TRAVEL-they only need to use the money extorted to purchase legitimate assets whereever they are(the accounting domain)+of course money transactions by these large number of tamil"Charitable organisations" that seem to crop up out of the blue.What is to stop a fund raiser making a phone call(you know about phones i take it) to a second party (not under suspicion) to travel between countries who meets the fundraiser and collects the money from him and transfers it to another country .It has come to light that several fund raisers have absconded with portions of this money.NOW AFTER 20 YEARS 20 YEARS!!! because of this new law which requests you to declare funds when you travel(english press) there may be a change NOW!!.And this fellow thinks not being able to travel is a big hindrance to a hardened terrorist-considering they have robbed a large number of norweigian passports!-So much for living in cloud cuckooland-And this fellow thinks i am spouting rubbish.And i know that there are a lot of innocent christians who dont support the LTTE. I (buddhist) know because i am married to one such person who does not support terrorists!!! .ACCUSINGO OTHER PEOPLE of being on substances-what cheek!!

    Asithri-If you have the time i like to know more about these past
    SAS related dealings where the british make millions from us.

    Serendib-i cannot access picture for some reason.
    Someone said i should limit my comments to defense matters-will do.

  79. Serendib-i got the photo-many thanks for the info


  81. Like a HOAX in computing world, this is also a fiction made by couple of idiots. After looking at the so called strategy of the LTTE, anyone having a little brain can identify the stry behind that.

    These idiots spreading these lies to save their asses and humiliating our armed forces. Normal tactic is not to share such an incidents, findings to the public and organize the armed forces to face such an invade or else eliminate the key personnel behind the plan.

    But these story tellers used to create bogus stories and spreading them among the people to change their arrogance

  82. "David honestly man for 20 years the SL govt has been trying to ban the LTTE in the u.k (my friends info)and they decided to ban it in...when recently?"

    And why should the Brit govt ban them when ecven the GoSL had at various times raised the ban on the LTTE? Have you absolutely no clue about Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan? When the US banned the LTTE in '96, the GoSL had NOT banned the LTTE. But (hello, anyone in there?) you expect the Brits to ban 'em?

    "probably because they hurt the french ambassador in a mortar attack"

    It was the Italian & US ambassadors who were injured, along with the German one. What planet do you live on? Do you really want to continue an argument where you can't even get simple facts right?

    "NOTHING IS HAPPPENING-BECAUSE THE FUND RAISERS DONT NEED TO TRAVEL-they only need to use the money extorted to purchase legitimate assets whereever they are"

    Ha ha, this gets better daily. If you don't need to travel to communicate and gather funds, why did the LTTE top brass travel. Holidays? Why do we need to send ministers and officials overseas when we have ambassadors worldwide? SL, you obviously haven't any idea about government, politics, the military or the war. I suggest you stop getting your info off the net and comic books and start educating yourself. You are making a fool of yourself on this site. The only reason I cann imagine that you persist with this line is because no one knows who you are.

    "What is to stop a fund raiser making a phone call"

    There are many ways to circumvent the law, SL, but that doesn't mean you do away with the law. We all know that LTTEers forge passports and ID cards for travel locally and abroad; so does that mean we should do away with checkpoints and stop checking IDs? You do EVERY little thing to make things harder for the terrorists. When a terror group can gather funds legally or through connected charities, it pays no taxes and takes aa greater cut of the money, but when it has to move money through unconnected third parties (often orgaanised crime) it must pay large amounts to launder that money. I could give you many many more reasons why we have laws in the world, but I'm surprised you can't grasp that basic premise.

    "So much for living in cloud cuckooland"

    So that's your address.

    "And i know that there are a lot of innocent christians who dont support the LTTE."

    Oh wow, thank you for that breaking news. How long did it taake you to figure that out?

    "Asithri-If you have the time i like to know more about these past SAS related dealings where the british make millions from us."

    Oh yes, I can see you've pinpointed the source of all knowledge on this site. Why don't you two exchaange email addresses so we don't have to wade through the bullshit. BTW, don't forget to remind Asithri regularly. He's wont to forget at times:)


    Amateur psychology, now SL? And aat your agge too. Thanks for the sympathy, but I'd appreciate some intelligence and common sense much more.

    I suggest you change your sources of info aand aactually start reading about the subjects you so eloquent but ignorant about.

  83. Hello David i think this is enough

  84. My Dear fellow bloggers. WIth all respect to ur all opinions, pls lets disscuss few issues related to the subject of this blog pls pls pls......
    I have posted a request eairlier so pls be kind enough to post some info if u gys have ....
    THNX ppl

  85. BUT before i stop this: The french ambassador witnessed the event-thats what he said in the papers.
    As for the christian thing men you completely misunderstood me.

    I dont need to play "psycologist" with you men ..i dont know you..what i said was with good intentions..Because as far as i know that battle was murder and a brave soldier sacrificed his life to save a lot of soldiers-i could be wrong-you take it anyway you like..i wonder who is playing "psychologist".
    Ok thats it...Personally i detest reporters..they are the worst kind of scum on this earth.
    Ok i wont be back to this page

  86. Just my 2 bits on David Blacker Vs Others,
    cmon guys David is a guy who has served Sri Lanka and experinced real war unlike i assume the others who post here (going by the posts some are under 18 so they cant help it)

    David also comes across as a sensible person and posts under his real identity unlike the rest of us

    So please treat him with some respect

  87. SL, I'll be happy to stop this exchange and go back to military matters (which was what I was discussing in the first place). However, I see that once more you say "before I stop..." and then go onto a new line of nonsense. So let me have my last word too. Then we caan both stop.

    "The french ambassador witnessed the event-thats what he said in the papers."

    Exaactly. We ALL know that. However, he wasn't injured as you claimed, and therefore it couldn't have been the reason for the French crackdown.


    Really? Let's see the evidence for this story. Your theory's all well and good, but when they're not based on facts, it becomes fantasy.


    What makes you think so? A lifting of the ban will enaable the LTTE to base radio stations and use satellites in Europe, increasing fundraising which will buy more weapons to kill more soldiers. Think that's a marginal difference?

    "Because as far as i know that battle was murder and a brave soldier sacrificed his life to save a lot of soldiers"

    EPS was a tough battle, yeah, and a lot of brave soldiers sacrificed themselves, not just Gamini, who was accidentally shot in the dark.

  88. Blocking TamilNet in SL is a meaningless act. They do not raise funds locally. Even without the TamilNet they can sail over here they will get the support of Tamil minority.

    Some people spreading bogus news such that LTTE doesn't getting any support from the Tamil community.

    But as far as I know and from what I observed during the recent past, they have enough of support.

    It's a simple theory. Even for our government there are opponents in the sinhala speaking community. But we can not tell that majority is opposing them and they do not have a support.

    But our politicians use that dirty political tricks and telling that there is no support for the LTTE from the ethnic tamils.

    Forget that... I am going to talk the point of TamilNet.

    After banning the tamilnet internally in SL, government helped the LTTE.

    Here I am explaining my point. With that ban most of the sinhala patriots can not get any news on what LTTE does and their bogus propaganda. without knowing that they can not protest or they can not correct what they telling over there. That mens LTTE is in safe hands and so as their news sources.

    One Russian intelligence lead advised his men to keep the writers alive, news sources open but eliminate the terrorists using these news sources. I will tell how.

    There is an uniqueness on them. They want to spread a news prior to take it place else ASAP after it happens. They declare most of the hidden story on that.

    After looking at that point, GOSL did bad by killing Tharaki and blocking the TamilNet internally.

    As a person I am against the TamilNet. If you want to block it; blacklist the damn server and the hoster. Hack the server and block it globally. But next same day they will up it and run from some other place.

    Americans never hit Al-Jazeera and they are using them (without telling them) to observe the movements of Al-Quida. But all the brainless people behind GOSL doing the totally oppose to it and taking this country towards darkness.

  89. I agree that killing Taraki & blocking TamilNet are major mistakes. Right now, TamilNet is becoming the symbol of Sri Lankan press freedom (or the lack of it). I hope that the Rajapakses realise that they just made a hero of TamilNet.

  90. Gota is doing a great job. Lets all support him.Maybe we shuld b very of Mr. 10 percent alias Basil R.
    International community make aloud hue n cry against human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.There is only one solution to tht. Institute a legal case against the most ruthless terror leader in the world Prabakaran, the devil incarnated against the crimes he commited against humanity and send a team of SAS soldiers to arrest him and take him to Hague. Only then SriLanka will have peace and prosperity. Anyway I doubt that it will happen as long as the terror backer Eric the SOB Soleim is alive.


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