Sunday, September 2, 2007

Silawathurei Sea tiger base overrun

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers engaged in an offensive South of Mannar overran the main sea tiger base in Silawathurei region(Silawathura) today. LTTE cadres who were defending the area fled into surrounding jungles, keeping contact with security forces to a minimum. With the capture of sea tiger base, most of the offensive's objectives are now accomplished. However small scale search operations are continuing to hunt down rebels who fled into nearby jungles. At least 12 LTTE cadres have been killed during the offensive (the actual number may be higher than 12 as this is merely the number of bodies recovered by SLA) and 9 army members have been wounded.

The operation involved Special Forces units, Air Mobile Brigade and Sri Lanka Artillery. Before ground troop movement, heavy artillery fire was directed at enemy targets according to intel given by Special Forces long range surveillance teams who had penetrated LTTE defense lines earlier.

Silawathurei was used as a central hub in illegal arms smuggling and was a well known sea tiger launching pad. LTTE infiltrated this region after the 2002 ceasefire was signed. MI has confirmed that several suicide missions too had originated from this base.

Meanwhile pro LTTE media have been blaming the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) deep penetration units for a claymore explosion that resulted in the death of 9 civilians. DefenceNet can confirm that no SLA DPU units were active in the area on the said date.


  1. DefenceNet,

    What news of the Sea Tiger carfts found? any suicide boats?

  2. nemesis,
    3 small craft fitted with low caliber weapons. No suicide craft.

  3. Defencenet,

    Is this LTTE withdrawal similar to the withdrawal in Vakarai, when the the special forces launched a surprise attack, according to the asiantribune, army attacked from south instead from the North?

  4. b2spirit,
    Well sure the LTTE were caught off guard by the army's move here but this cannot be compared to the Vakarai situation. Here they seem to have known that they would have to flee sooner or later but in Vakarai they were there to stay.

  5. Good news..i hope the brave troops are looking carefully for submerged suicide craft.May the triple gem bless the troops

  6. defencenet

    What kind of helicopters(bell, Mi-17 etc) were used to drop troops into battle?

    BTW, how many Mi-17 helicopters do we have?

  7. Looks like Lanka might spend $300 million to buy more equipment for the Airforce. I am surprised that they still want the Mig-29, when the F-7G is a cheaper option.

  8. With the fall of Mannar and losing access to the seas on both sides, the LTTE will gradually become more desperate for a logistics route. This move by the SLDF looks like the final step before placing a strangle hold to precipitate the LTTe's disintegration. This would be a good time for MI to offer amnesties to individual middle level cadre of the LTTe, specially those who have a clean slate so far. This tactic would further velu's paranoia, as the pressure would become higher to test the loyalty of such candidates..

    Does the LTTE still hold the Mullaitivu camp that fell to them some years ago?
    Does the LTTe presence at Elephant Pass, still pose a significant threat to a SLDF amphibian movement towards Wanni from the Northern Jaffna peninsular?

  9. Although not relevant to this thread, here's an interesting article about the Mig deal and the UNP's stand on it.

    As a life time UNPr, I am disappointed at the level the party's remnants have stooped to,for cheap political gain, and the increasingly lunatic behaviour of its pansy leader. What Ranil needs is a strong husband...

  10. "With the fall of Mannar and losing access to the seas on both sides,..."
    Exactly. If SL Army can dominate the coastline from Puttalam to Mannar then SL navy would be able to concentrate most of it's western see bound resources between Talaimannar and the delft Island. Just a 30 mile long strech of see. Lying 15 miles away from the wanni mainland. Would be a perfect blockade.

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  12. All Patriots,

    While you joy this victory, please take a moment to think of the great Sri Lankan soldiers who have sacrificed their future, limbs, and lives to make ours a better future. We, our parents, our siblings, our kinsmen, our neighbors, our friends walk on the streets, go to schools, go to offices, and go to cinema, executing the tasks of the day to day life because of such sacrifices. It is our sacred duty to remember the fallen heroes and take care of their families. If you have not done something yet, please take a moment to open your heart and wallet to help these great Sri Lankans by sending some money to Ranaviru Sevana, Mahanel Mal etc. Show your patriotism and gratitude now. No matter how small the monetary contribution you can make, do it today, do it now, our war heroes count on your heart and your support to make our future a better one.

    Long Live Sri Lanka, Long Live Our Heroes

  13. LTTE disintegration could happen earlier than expected, if any of these reports are factually correct:

  14. Sam

    You bring up a very important point. I know we talked about this earlier also on this forum, and in fact i have featured the seva vanitha links even on my own blogs, but the problem is finding any way to communicate with a person at the other end. I've tried a couple of times and haven't recieved any response.

  15. Sam, Agreed. As long as there is no swindling on anybody part its good. One way is for example to setup a trust fund (Defencenet Trust?)to sponsor kids of servicemen for trips and busaries for thier education.

    The infant child of Inspector D.M.T. Bandara, who was killed in recent battles in the East, clasps the box containing the Desha Puthra Award given to the father at the commemoration ceremony for Speical Task Force War Heroes held at the Katukurunda Camp yesterday. It was a moment of pain and joy for the mother Nirosha Chaturanganie.


    but u knw guys within next two three weeks we can listen nice speech frm P.Ranil uncle. defiantly he ll tell us how valuable silavatura victory is..

  17. tropicalstorm

    It is important to take everything lankatruth reports with a grain of salt. They can be biased.

    Nevertheless I do hope the the internal strife within the LTTE will spell its end.

  18. DefNet and all SL greets to you!

    I did a fair bit of travels in the summer months, hence the reason for being "incommunicado"...but have logged in here to check news/discourse periodically and was happy see it going lively as ever.

    Patriotic dudes, I agree this is indeed heart-warming news re. Silavatura. I have said it elsewhere and I will say it here (in this esteemed Blog of our compatriot, Defencenet) that this is the type of Blitzkrieg we need to liquidate these filthy maggots tout de suite for their good (so that they can go to Hell faster; no different to why one would kill a wounded viper by cutting off its head!) and our good! :-))

    Anyway, want to pass on some curious bit of news...

    Had a chat with one of my contacts in SLDF "establishment" and was told that the SLA DPU "measures" leading up to this have been quite not-so-infrequent and surgically executed (pardon the pun, but "execution" evidently it has been I hear) but nay a word came out from either party when such "measures" were nicely tallying up and finally when the arty & MBRL volleys hit the filthy maggots accurately (no, such accuracy could not have been possible without the help from those DPU advance units), the buggers did not know whether it was coming or going! LMSSAO!

    Anyway, hope all is well with all ye patriots...catch you later.


    OaO Asithri

  19. Welcome back Asithri.

    In the meanwhile the usual born losers like the B'naikes and bitches like Rani(l) and Mangal(ika) are graping at straws trying to topple the govt. These guys are a bigger menace to SL than the sworn enemy, who by comparison appears more respect-worthy.

  20. tropicalstorm, thanks mate...

    I agree there is a "bitches’ brew" happening right now!

    Yes, the LTTE supporting bitches (Ranil, Mangala, and CBK) are now plotting on how to stop the SLDF offensive (geared to liquidating the LTTE mf's forever) and hand back the hard won territory (to LTTE) and go back to the "boundaries" that the filthy Norwegians had demarcated in the CFA that they got the Bunker-Homo to sign (I bet happily, with saliva drooling from his thick lips!) with our own SillyGrin-Homo. LTTE maggot thamilchelvam is already asking that if any "peace talks" are to be had, then SLDF must pull back to the pre-MavilAru "boundaries" and this group of bitches is certainly going to give that concession if it comes to power.

    Luckily, the SL masses are no fools and they will give thumbs down to these traitors.

    Even the last time at PE, the Sinhela masses gave MR a clear mandate (despite that he was from the incumbent govt. which going by tradition should have put him at a sizable disadvantage) and the next time that voter block is bound to increase by many folds given the commendable military victories. In addition, it is a forgone conclusion the majority of the East (now freed from LTTE tyranny and politically influenced by TMVP) will support MR (at PE) or a MR GOSL (at GE). As such, the chances of these bitches running with the cake is slim to none.

    Aha, that feels better!

    OaO Asithri

  21. hey guys can we have your comments on two maps given by the MCNS, If this is really true then we are soooo near to the end of VP..........

  22. Rambukwella says that there are no plans for an offensive to capture the north. This is a wise move, and hopefully give us time to strenghten ourselves economically and militarily before finishing off this war.

  23. @GoldenEagle:
    yep defence spokesperson saying tat coz government have to satisfy foreign community, if not they come out with different different issues to stop military offensives. this is a new strategy :),

  24. Exactly Don.. I am so happy about the way things are handled now. Everybody's foxed.

  25. A newspaper recently published an article about a grand plan by LTTE to attack Jaffna with 20000 civilian casualities..

    I can't remember the newspaper..May be asiantribune.)

    The plan was presented to the LTTE hirarchy..LTTE denied this...
    There is a posibility LTTE will use all crude weapons in their arsenal including Chemical weapons..

    It is necessary to keep LTTE occupied with the Southern FDL's with constant patrols..That it is less likely LTTE will attack Northern FDL's with full force...

    If LTTE attacks Jaffna, I think SLA got some crude weapons in its arsenal to respond in kind..

    Please be ready...

    No one wants a another Delft Island like LTTE advance..

    LTTE has increased no of recon missions around the NORTHERN FDL's.
    That means an attack has already planned and waiting for Intel...

  26. Defencenet:
    Do you think SLA is ready for any LTTE attack on Jaffna?

  27. Defencenet,

    Lanka newspapers site report that troops have taken Kondacchi as well. Can you shed some light on this.

    I thought the objective was to capture Silawathurei.

  28. There are few pictures of our Engineers with captured material from Silavathurra. Nice to see more of them.

    The issue I want to highlight here is the LTTE's claim of "discrimination for Tamils".

    All most all the NGOs and many of Ministers etc has started to talk about a "National Question" and "Aspirations of Tamils". But no one has defined what this "National Question" is.

    We all have aspirations.. Aspirations can exist without any base, reality, or any hope of achieving the same i.e. I want to be wealthy as Bill Gates.. that's an aspiration.

    However, more I analyse about this conflict, what I see is the opposit. I do not see any discrimination in Sri Lanka for people for being Tamil.

    Go to Pettah the Central hub of our domestic economy. More than half of it controlled by Tamils. If you have visited any other private or public institutions in the South, you can find many Tamils in the top posts (at least representing the ethnic composition of the country).

    Tamils can buy land and live in anywhere in the country. I have many Tamil friends and we have equal respect to them as with any other Sinhalese friends. We never realise the other is a Tamil in our inner feelings. There is no "Ethnic Conflict" in Sri Lanka. Just because LTTE being Tamil, there is no conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese. It is the case with almost everywhere.

    But the irony is, for decades Sinhalese have been driven out of North and the East. For LTTE, it has been a crime for Sinhalese to live in the North and the East.

    Now even, Sinhalese can not not go and buy land in the North or East. Not even buy land, but also Sinhalese who have been driven out of North or East can not claim their lost land.

    I can see that Tamilnet is shouting loud saying government is encouraging Sinhalese settlements. The irony is, those were the land once inhabited by Sinhalese.

    When I dig deeper and deeper, the so called National Question is a "Question" to me.

    LTTE is bogusly claim half of the land mass and 2/3rd of the sea area for less than 3% of the whole Tamil population who live in the North an the East of Sri Lanka.

    As I understand, now LTTE controls less than 7% of the land in Sri Lanka. Population wise, those who are under LTTE's direct control is estimated around 2% of the total population of Sri Lanka. Out of that population, perhaps 80% are wanting to get out of the LTTE clutched and come to the government controlled area.

    The current political framework of Provincial Councils and District Councils provide ample framework for each province,or districts to develop themselves.

    This war is a bogus war that is being carried out on false claims. In late 70's India wanted to see SL destabilised and through RAW, they helped Tamil political movements in Sri Lanka to develop armed wings, as it was the trend around the communist backed political arena of the world. LTTE originated itself as a protection group for goods smugglers from India, and when JR opened the economy, they lost the purpose and turned onto government, because of Indian backing and political push by the Tamils political parties (Amirthalingam is the main man, whom later was killed by LTTE, when Amirthalingam realised what his mistakes were). Now, Prabhakaran has sworn to get killed by his own men if he abandoned the idea of EELAM. Now that is a trapped guy who can not abandon EELAM. So, all have to follow his bogus ideologies to keep him live.

    I am still thinking what this National Question is. If the Tamils can earn a living, move, get educated, buy land etc in anywhere in the country, where is a National Question?

    This whole "Ethnic Conflict", "National Question", and "Discrimination" are words of convenience. There is no meat on them. Just bogus creations of words by greed!

  29. noltte=peace

    On contary to LTTE claims, the east is not even majority Tamil, intead it is a mix of all three groups Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.

    The LTTE is out of touch with reality with their claims for Eelam.

    May the Sinhalese multiply like rabbits. LOL!

  30. Associated Press has taken the lead from BBC on being anti Sri Lankan government in their reportings.

    They find many analysts to talk about many things that are wrong or either about to go wrong. Now they silently pulling LTTE lines about "major blood-bath", "civilian casualties" etc.. to prevent any military assault in Vanni.

    Many Anal-ists also said many things about un-winnable Thoppigala when the offensive started.

    And, they insert a permanent clause in their articles saying "historic discrimination by majority Sinhalese dominated governments". I can not understand how they have found concrete proof to say something like that when all the evidence prove otherwise.

  31. Some "Anal-yeast" comments can be seen in typical pro-LTTE articles of Associated Press .. Here is an example..

  32. By the way, someone posted this on, along with an image of the site:

    There are some interesting comments and warnings to tamils, abt DefenseNet in the thread.

  33. The presence of 13 major US warships, Indian and Jap Navies in the immediate region should drive velu's paranoia thru the ceiling.

    It is prime scare tactics time folks, lets hope our intel boys are upto the task. Our guys need to watch for this guy to be very much mobile, knowing that the US force protection assets could pick him as the only identifiable threat....There are opportunities within opportunities for those who looke for them. Perhaps the theart of chemical weeapons in the hands of the world's most virulent terrorist, would be a worrisome development to the US force...

    This also may be a great time to target the big ape.

  34. Goldeneagle:
    You said: "May the Sinhalese multiply like rabbits. LOL!"

    Dude, you got a great sense of humour! I love it...and just passed the word back to my Colombo's "patriotic brigade" to surreptitiously go into every pharmacy/drugstore in Colombo and the South and pin-prick every condom package they come across! LMSSAO! :)) :)) :))

    Aha, then again...given that Colombo is full of LTTE sleeper-cell mf's (thanks to Rani(l) the pansy), who knows what will happen? May be the LTTE in Colombo will multiply at an exponentially faster rate than the Sinheal patriots if the above is done! LOL!
    Yes, what a damn shame it would be...having to liquidate that many more LTTE maggots down the road due a mistake on the part of my own “patriotic brigade!" LOL!

    Anyway, seriously guys...

    Had a discussion re. this possibility of chemical attack from the LTTE…I was told it is entirely realistic, but somehow it appears the LTTE would not have the ability to sustain it…meaning they may fire quite a few arty/mortar shells filled with chemical agents, but would not be able to keep it up (already many of their large shipments to Vanni have been apprehended by the SLA). Either way, it does not bode well for our brave brothers/sisters…some will die from the inhalation of poisonous gas even if the shrapnel spares them.

    However, what I know for sure is if it happens, then the wrath of the SLA will be like a devil who has been disturbed from its nightly feast of dead and living flesh! SLA will show the LTTE what it did to contain the JVP problem (rightly or wrongly is no longer an issue JVP patriots) was really a tea party…yes, if there is a chemical attack against our boys/girls, the LTTE cadres all over will see a HORROR that they have not seen thus far…a HORROR that they have not been trained to handle and will make them kneel down and cry…enough said!

    Aha, par-for-the-course…when one fights TERRORISM I say! Go SLDF…go HORRIFY them I say!

    OaO Asithri

  35. Unrelated, but interesting article:

    Bin Laden Dead ??

  36. Nolte

    Appropos the AFP reports, you are correct. This has been going on for a long time, and they've adopted a few standard phrases that are compulsorily included in each news item about the war.If you'd followed their articles methodically, you'd see that the number of stock phrases are not more than 5, and are used interchangeably.

    About an year ago, I wrote a letter to the SL Ambassador in Washington, DC (I am located in the US) about this particular flavouring of news which is decidedly and deliberately detrimental. Later I was told that it went nowhere by a high ranking friend in the embassy staff.

    Perhaps this is something for local media to pick up on, and challenge the AFP reportage for the absence of fact and being too rich in detrimental, unsubstantiated fiction.
    THis is where those who are located in Sri Lanka can get involved in, to carry the sword to these sob's.

  37. I appeal to some guys in the forum who chide Ranil. I am not a UNP supporter or his fan. He got elected by the people at the time. How do you know what Mahindha is doing will not cost international fallouts later.

    The CFA has helped the military rebuild,refocus and reduce from previous mistakes. Its got Karuna to the government side. This helped get the east. New tactics and weapons have helped reduced casulties etc.

    Remember the SLFP lost elephant pass and the Wanni areas to the LTTE. Lets not have memory loss and indulge in politics as this is a defence blog.

    Its sad that no one here cares of Iqbal Athas. Or is it becuases he exposes Mahindha, Gota, so he must be pro LTTE. The defence news are also doing the same. Its sad that politics is added in to defence reporting by the defence agencies.

    Though I am not discounting that the UNP might do the same to the SLFP when they come to power. That is politics and its should not affect the soldiers or us.

  38. Navindran:

    "How do you know what Mahindha is doing will not cost international fallouts later..."

    True. Then again, if my Aunty had balls, I don't know how she would look like! The point being, let's not dwell on wild suppositions but and let's stick to issues based on evidence and fact.

    It is a fact that Ranil the Pansy gave into the LTTE demands as soon as he was elected (undoubtedly to ensure he's assured of the LTTE proxy TNA's support in the parliament)...he disbanded all SLA tactical-posts every time LTTE complained, pulled back SLA's strategically placed outposts and units back into the barracks, restricted SLN from patrolling our seas but allowed the LTTE to carry out live fire exercises, some even close to SLN camps, allowed LTTE "ponguthamil" rallies in GOSL areas which were nothing more than allowing LTTE to insult and humiliate our brave forces (this is the time these protesters and LTTE cadres would come close to our troops and spit in their faces knowing well that the troops were under strict orders not to react) within our own GOSL areas, allowed LTTE "political offices" in GOSL areas which were nothing more than LTTE arms storage depots that later enabled LTTE to carry out claymore attacks (still being carried out as I write this), allowed LTTE to roam all over SL and bump off brave SLA MI personnel (some even front of their children!) etc. etc. and to put icing on the cake, this ponnaya was going to let LTTE have the ISGA which was "thamileelam" by another name (as confirmed by even foreign constitutional experts)!

    So, please give me a break will ya?

    The break up of Karuna faction is not because of the CFA, but something that was in the works I hear for 3 years prior to that as the Eastern LTTE Tamils had begun to see how they were being shafted (at the expense of Jaffna Tamils coming out ahead in terms of war effort vs. rewards formula).

    Additionally, the crooked CFA had nothing to do with any “tone-down” on the part of LTTE (yes, this is highly debatable if there was a “tone down” ever as the LTTE killed over 400 political opponents and a further 40 odd SLA MI personnel within just 12 months of the CFA!) as in any case, the LTTE was not in a position to carry out brazen attacks against the democratically elected govt. of SL or its civilians in the post 9/11 climate. Therefore, it is incorrect to give credit to the CFA for that perceived "tone down" on the LTTE's part during that time.

    Rani(l) the pansy is a traitor and he should be treated as such...tried for treason, found guilty and shot at the Galle Face!

    Agree, this is a defense blog, but many contentious defense matters we discuss here are inextricably interwoven into the follies that Rani(l) the pansy committed earlier and as such, we have no choice but to dwell on that unpleasantry from time to time.

    OaO Asithri

  39. LTTE to soon attack Jafna story/remour fast spreading internationaly....I got this news from some relatives in USA and UK

  40. hiru,

    Was that you who came up with an identical story some months ago? Can you please provide some source as to from where this rumour is orginating?

  41. LTTE was soon to attack Jaffna from 1995.

    Any all out attack would see thousands of LTTE roasted meat this time.

    They can try at their own peril.

    Having said that, we need to be vigilant about their Arty movements and sea born attacks.

    Keeping a 'bird's eye' is important!

  42. What we should be most worried about is any assassination attempts of President, Defence Secretary or the heads of the forces or any attempts to topple the government in this important juncture of Sri Lankan history.

    The President, Defence Secretary and the Heads of the Forces "should focus more" on their security.

    On the other hand, the patriotic and peace-loving citizens of Sri Lanka should protect this government. After 30 years, this is the best government came to power who can defeat this terrorist menace.

    This government has to shoulder the consequences of 40 years of corruption (why another 10 added? We can remember how Felix Dias gave Luxpray to his Chickens while babies died of malnutrition). The devaluation of Rupee does not directly relate to all the work of this government. That is mainly relating to rampant corruption in the system that is being boiled for 40 years.

    We need to beef up the immediate and peripheral security of our leaders, and fight corruption in the system through creating a "Special Forces Unit/s" to fight corruption. The current "Department to investigate Bribery and Corruption" is not adequate.

    If this "Special Forces Unit" works well, the Rupee would soon be stabilised and money that are being pored onto projects will soon realise their true value. Now what happens is majority of money that are being put into development projects go into the pockets of the politicians and the government officials.

    If this drain is stopped, all the people who want to topple the government will lose reasons for them to topple the government.

  43. Defencenet, are these specialforces troops? If so do they opperate in Colombo on such tasks too?

    Reuters Photo - bomb found in Colombo

  44. Jack, those dont look like special ops troop to me.

  45. Solotution to the country's burning problems:REMOVE THE MR CLAN!!BY FORCE IF NECESSARY(will b necessary).as navindran said,why r some of u guys supportin GOTA & those other DESPOTS! wake up & smell the coffee,guys..

  46. Rifard,

    Remove the MR Clan and put RW Gay Clan (BTW, I have nothing against gays)?

    We saw it when he was in power, the dignity of Sri Lanka went down to zero and heroes were gunned-down on broad daylight by LTTE everywhere in the island.

    LTTE established camps in every nook and corner of the North and the East that time.

    Economically, there wasn't much done either. It was all a dress-up Economically, but Sri Lanka was dragging into the darkest side of the history.

    I respect Chandrika for taking the Defence Ministry to her hands at that crucial moment and dissolved the government, even though she robbed the country in broad daylight in consorta with Ronnie Pieris.

    Now, the country is seeing some light. People in the East are seeing some hope. The Nazi LTTE is out of sight. LTTE is getting more and more squeezed.

    MR and the Clan, finish-off the Fat PIG and his clan, and take even a Billion or two for that service. No one in this country would cry about it.

    The Fat Pig Nazi Prabhakaran is the biggest worry of more than 19 Million people of Sri Lanka.

  47. Jack,

    Have you seen guys on bikes in Colombo. They are them.

    They are there to act on any emergencies protecting Colombo.

    Yes, a Special Forces of a kind.

    Can you remember the incident at the Ayurvedha Junction where LTTE made havoc and the police had to put up a fight until the Commandos come from Ganemulla. Now no need for you to wait that long.

    Now, this Rapid Deployment Force is there at short notice. Another Bravo work of SLDF.

    I would like them to carry Ushi Guns and some other tactical weapons though instead of T-56s!

    We need some SWAT like force to be in Colombo and major cities with such equipment to react to emergencies.

    If we can not afford that we need more and more Pre-dawn Searches in the suburbs. I like to see SLDF knocking the doors at 5 am and check the Ceilings and gardens of Negombo, Ja-Ela, Dehiwala, Kirrillapone, and Wellampitya more often than this.

  48. "Jack, those dont look like special ops troop to me. "

    Ok thanks DB, its just the black bandanas etc I thought only SF troops dressed like that, gets confusing with everyone dressing alike LOL!

  49. you too noltte, so I guess they are different force jsut for colombo area? Thanks.

  50. I have to say that I agree with some of the posters here. The MR clan is the best that happened to Lanka in a long time.

    I don't see why Ranil is so determined to undermine this gov, he is loosing his mind in the process.

    At least with the MR clan the government is moving to get rid of the country's dependance on foreign oil(by building coal power plants and developing our own oil industry) and encourage home grown foods that can save us about $1 billion a year.

  51. Jack,

    They look like Army Special Force. in late 80s, SF was called RDF and they used to travel in motor bikes. Hope you are aware that one speciality of SF is counter insurgency. It seems that we have deployed some SF teams to run the counter insurgency ops in the south.

    Lng Live Our Forces, Long Live Sri Lanka!

  52. Rifard,

    There is no one to carry forward what gota started...

    When it comes to UNP they only know how to back stab properly.

    What is necessary is to implement a solution for the tamils while keeping the presure on LTTE to give up terrorims..

    No one is perfect...MR and company too falls in to that category..
    One thing is clear, they are not insulting the SLDF as the opposition UNP does.

    Take your argument somewhere else buddy...

  53. MR took the war to LTTE..No question about that...But there is the possibility that LTTE might REVERSE the gains of the last one year or so..

    With that back ground it is important to implement a solution based on one country with maximum devolution of power , perhaps a federal kind of system just like in India.If the GOSL can do that, then LTTE will be isolated more under the eyes of International community..

    That is what the GOSL should aim for...Unrelenting war and no solution is not going to work for the Sri Lankans..

    MR and GOSL must understand this basic fact..They should seek the help of the UNP in that regard.

    JVP and JHU needs to think in terms of a long lasting solution..
    JVP /JHU ideas of village councils will not work for the people who fought for a seperate state..

    Under the present circumstances,
    All non - LTTE tamil political parties should support MR to get rid of LTTE then settle for what MR is offering until a different government comes in to power..Then forward a federal solution to that new government to settle the problem permenently..I think that should work.

  54. Goldeneagle, NoLTTE=Peace, and Tangara:

    Patriotic are spot on...the only veritable chance we have had over the past 25 years since the LTTE mf's started this horror, is this present GOSL that can (and will) rid our motherland of these filthy maggots forever!

    I myself once supported the "greens" (as that was the tradition coming down from my clan), but today I am enlightened and would gladly kick the nuts of Rani(l) the ponnaya for what he had done to insult our brave SLDF boys/gals.

    Anyway, as for those SLDF boys in the pic...I got confirmation that they are indeed SLA SF, but they are the "urban guerilla/counter terrorism" force, another brainchild of Gota as he breathed life into what was earlier a fledgling unit. I am told that this is the RDF in Colombo and many other areas of the south that is fully trained to handle LTTE mf's "misbehaviors" efficiently, effectively and more importantly, ruthlessly. These guys also have a heli-deployment side to their ops structure, which I am told has not yet been put into real-life practice. Of course, heli-deployment for the SLA SF is nothing new, but those have been in the war theatres of the N & E.

    OaO Asithri

  55. Tangara,

    You are talking about a maximum devolution of power.

    What does that mean? Why there is a need for your maximum devolution of power?

    Why a small island like Sri Lanka needs a federal state when Provincial Councils and Divisional Councils/Secretariats provide ample power for each province/area of the country.

    What is beyond is about separate defence and police forces, separate legal and monetary (i.e. tax) structures etc.

    Do you really want that in this small island just to satisfy a Nazi bunch of barbarians?

    And is there a real problem to provide a solution?

    If so what is the real problem that Tamils have other than bogusly staged problems for their own conveniences?

  56. @ Sam Perera

    No I can't remember such a comment earlier.
    I agree with NOLTTE=Peace comment "LTTE was soon to attack Jaffna from 1995"
    But that's what I heard from my relatives especially from USA. I was just curious to know whether there had been any new propaganda by the LTTE.

    What I wanted highlight was that we don not have a proper source to take the true picture of north east situation internationally. My brother works for a reputed group of companies with US collaboration. US representatives use to visit here often in the past...but now they have their meetings in India and refuse to come to Sri Lanka as they have been severely warned by security authorities ( I am sure many of you have seen such security reports ). I greatly appreciate what has been done by our forces to liberate the east and resettled the IDP’s. But if you see the international news (especially Al Jazeera) you can see the way such things are reported.
    I know that these are not new…but getting worse day by day. I am sure that we badly miss people like great Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar

  57. All I appealed to is that stop blamming Ranil for all the mistakes in the world. Mahindha was in SLFP when elephant pass and wanni region was lost. Why does he not take responsibility for that. After all if he was digusted with his party, he should have left like mangala.

    Secondly where was Gota all the way. He was managing a 7 eleven. He although an army officer abandonded his country and took up US citizenship. Is this what you call a patriot. Today rules are bent only to allow him to carry a Sri Lankan passport.

    Ranil appeals to the tamils and other minorities. If not for the boycott he would have won. The LTTE played kingmaker to polarise the tamils to accept them as their sole reprentative. They knew Mahindha will attack, create IDPs. How many eastern tamils support Karuna now.

    He rapes, murders and does all the fancies. If Ranil had won and there was peace. LTTE's appeal to the tamils will have reduced considerabily. Today moderates are swinging towards the LTTE.

  58. Navindran

    Athas has been an insidous scumbag for quite a while. I have folowed his twisted and embelished reporting with special interest for a long time. He invoked a crooked admirtration in me for his ability to twist the facts and deliver it in the true cheap thriller style which hooked and mesmerized the Sunday morning English news readership.
    Through the years, his one underlying obvious streak that remained unchanged was the attempt to dishearten the above mentioned target readership, who obviously held command positions in our society. He would raise a level of alarm, a sense of impending disaster and certain defeat of the Sri Lankan military at the hands of the tigers, and proven incorrect over and over, nevertheless repeat similar attempts each and every week. I am sure he had no favored political party, for he did the same thing to all, starting when JRJ was in power.
    But when you cry wolf too many times, things can go wrong eventually. Now the sh!t is in his face.
    Try not to lick him clean son.

  59. navindran,

    Let me say this, what you know about Gota is minimal and what you say about Gota is laughable. While I have no intention of defending Gota, I want to state the obvious. He is not an absentee without leave from the army. He fought many battles against LTTE including Vadamarachchi and Jaffna Fort. He left the forces in late 1980s, probably due to unfavorable political conditions. To say the minimum, he has done his service to our nation in an exemplary way.

    Now about managing 7-11s and US citizenship. What are you trying to say here? Are you trying to say that he made big money in US by managing a 7-11? If so, it is absolutely laughable. As for getting dual citizenship, any Sri Lankan citizen earning citizenship in some other country, looses Sri Lankan citizenship automatically. Then you can regain it by applying for citizenship at Department of Immigration. You don't need any special contacts to get get the Sri Lankan citizenship back, it is a standard application procedure many many have gone through.

    Please check the facts before you publish.

  60. First off, those are NOT Army Special Forces in that pic. One look at their kit will tell you that. The SF would not be using T56s in an urban environment. They would also not have such neat haircuts. These are probably regular infantry, National Guard, or Civil Defence Force. Don't let the bandanas fool you.

    On the MR clan. I think they are a good war government, but no good at anything else. Sort of like Churchill was. So hypothetically speaking, they should be got rid of as soon as the war is over and a economy-friendly progressive government electment. All of that is just theoretical anyway, since the war's not gonna end anytime soon.

    Also, while the security forces should be protected and respected during peacetime, peace should not be threatened by an urge to protect and respect the forces. The forces exist to protect the nation, NOT the other way around. When the time comes, if it is necessary to sacrifice the forces for the good of the nation, so be it. That is why they are there. However, this doesn't mean they must be squandered for no good reason either. But going to war to protect the dignity of the Army is dumb.

    Finally, this isn't really the place to discuss a federal system or devolution or minority grievances. We've tried before and it just ends up in name-callling, so why do you guys keep going back to that?

  61. Sam, yes he has fought battles. You are a soldier and your family are politicians. Unless you have become a politician in the army or aiming to be a politician elsewhere. Hence running off to the US is not the answer.

    I am not saying that he runs a 7-11 and he has become rich. He was a LTC, you mean he takes more pride working as a store manager.

    As far as Iqbal Athas is concerned, whether you like his style, he is a respected journalist in Sri Lanka. He is not a LTTE sympatheizer/supporter and whatever convictions make him write, he has got a column that is widely read. Its the legacy of a democracy to tolerate journalism. Thuggery and Indimidation is a form of dictatorship.

  62. Well done,navindran!hey,tropicalstorm i cannot believe that u accuse iqbal athas,a well respected journalist who works for is janes defence's correspondent as well.why,r u a part of the MR clan & getting a slice of any FAT commisions from MR's weapons shopping list? for the record,during 2000,when elephant pass was about to fall,the then CBK govt censored his articles on the grounds of national security-My ASS!!.all info was widely available to ppl who had access to the was only the ppl in rural/village areas who were deprived of the right to know.

    if there is one complaint against atas,from me it is that he does not publish articles with the same amount of detail as he does in Janes the Sunday Times.

    Keep it up ATHAS!!we r with u,always..lets xpose corruption,at any level,any party & lets TRY to bring long lasting peace to SL..

  63. BDW,could any one give me info or any links on the current exact fleet strength of the SLAF & SLN? it would be much appreciated.tkx & DB,great to see u back in action!!

  64. I am really interested what’s going on about I.Athas reports, well, my main point is this; has any boy done any analysis against his reports so far and if any one can analyse all his reports through out his history;
    I just ask few qus:
    1. Have the reports given true picture about the war (some times he predicts what will happen next)
    2. Did his reports make any good for the country?
    3. How he got these figures & data any link to terrorists (LTTE)
    4. What’s the real meaning of all his reports just a war reporter to give proper picture about the war, or any political advantage to gain?

  65. Very interesting comments...Thankgod MR is there.Thinking that Ranil coming to power will bring peace qnd prosperity to SL in future is such joke!!.The LTTE had many opportunities in the past to join the democratic process but chose the GUN just because they knew that they can kill and get away with it given the state of the armed forces at that time.IT WAS SUCH A JOKE for THEM TO KILL ARMY PERSONNEL..LIKE FOR EXAMPLE CUTTING A SOLDIERS HAND OFF AND DRAGGING HIM TO THE "LTTE AREA" during the CFA.What benefit did this bring to the LTTE except sadistic pleasure. LTTE did not factor in world changes during the past 30 years.IS this maximum power devolution another way of creating eelam?.AS for moderate tamils leaning towards the LTTE..are most of these "moderates" living overseas?.To the LTTE What i say is "you wanted this now face the flipping consequences". Lets see what the eastern tamils have to say at election time first.that will be the best gauge of the MR govt.If i was a cruel person i will give killinochchi a 10,000 gun and rocket salute like gen sukov did to Berlin.I will also revoke SL citizenship of all LTTE supporters.If you got immigration in Canada on the basis that you will be killed if you return to SL..there is no reason to return to SL on holiday 6 months after leaving for Canada is there? many many "moderate"tamils did in the past. But then sadly this situation is not strictly black and white since there are a lot of tamil people who simply had no choice but to agree with the LTTE to save their lives.Cannot iqbal athas immigrate to canada?..He will be much safer there.He will have the opportunity to work in a takeout at least.

  66. navindran,

    "Sam, yes he has fought battles. You are a soldier and your family are politicians. Unless you have become a politician in the army or aiming to be a politician elsewhere. Hence running off to the US is not the answer."

    Who said that GR ran away? Please check the facts before you speak next time. Do you know the time and reason for him to leave the army? probably not. Is he the only officer who retired from army in that time? Please check the facts before you speak next time

    "I am not saying that he runs a 7-11 and he has become rich. He was a LTC, you mean he takes more pride working as a store manager."

    What is your point here about pride? People take pride in doing their jobs. However, working at 7-11 is not one of them. USA or not, somebody needs a job to survive. As far as I know, USA is not a country that offers a dole to immigrants with health benefits. Is it a problem to do a job for survival in your point of view?

    Now what about your previous point about special treatment for GR to get the SL citizenship? As I said in early days, your posts are full of assumption, mostly irrelevant

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Amnesty International is pulling the LTTE line again and call for UN intervention.

    Now LTTE is in a desperate state that they are pushing hard to bring a UN force to Sri Lanka.

    Amnesty International has issued a circular calling for UN intervention in Sri Lanka under the disguise of HR.

    The circular blame the LTTE too; however it is just a mask. The intention may be to bring UN as it was done in Cosovo, and then persuade the LTTE agenda.

    This is what LTTE is going to bet on to survive.

    We will have to expect more disappearances and killings of Civilians and Aid workers in the coming months by LTTE in disguise to pursue this agenda.

  69. Sam

    Quite some time ago I and a few like minded people suggested to the powers that be, to take the fight to those who sponsor and finance terrorism from abroad. Simply file cases on available information, issue summons to appear in court, follow up with warrants for arrest, and then place on an a 'international terrorist wanted' watch list. Next step; ban from flying on Sri Lankan air lines.
    This would have screwed these guys big time. Back ground checks from employers would bring up the data, and other airlines would also be very reluctant to let these people on board.
    The idea never went anywhere.

    Rifard; you are just a ripe fart. If you have a point to prove or substance to deliver, come out with it. If not, just shut up your ass.

  70. It is likely that LTTE will launch a massive attack before Nov. 26.

    This silence on the part of LTTE is very disturbing..If the SLA let down the guard, then LTTE will surprise everyone with a massive attack..That is the worst case scenario..

    As "noltte" suggest, it could be a well planned LTTE ploy to bring the UN in to the country..
    That is really bad at this stage of fight against LTTE terrorism.



    We need 24 hour UAV patrols over the LTTE territory to verify if they are amazing fighters along all our FDLS to mount any surprise attacks...

  71. Since the A9 was closed the mainline of contact that LTTE's Wanni has with the outside world is through the seas.

    We must increase our control of the seas to really batter the LTTE morale. Weapons, money and supplies come to the LTTE controlled regions through the seas. With the full control of the seas the final chapter of conflict will draw closer.

    For all this to happen we need to buy a few more ships and maritime surveillance aircraft.

  72. A fleet of Air Force fighter jets launched a surprise air raid on the Wanni on Wednesday causing heavy damage to the LTTE, the military said. “At least seven MiG and Kfir fighter jets took part in this surprise air raid on the LTTE’s strategically important locations including the Iranamadu runway and several other training bases,” a senior air force official said.

    He said the attacks were carried out on identified targets in Iranamadu, Kilinochchci and Mullaitivu areas, where several

    LTTE military training camps, gathering points and artillery bases were located.

    Ground troops who intercepted LTTE radio communications confirmed that the Tigers had suffered major damages due to the surprise attack. (SJ)

  73. Don,
    If we can get few decent Russian Frigates, then we can counter sea tiger ships effectively and fast. and mind you guys, our maritime boundaries gonna be redrawn in 2009. so we need geared up any ways.

  74. A massive and surprise attack on JAFFNA will ruin any plans by GOSL to end the conflict any sooner..

    The LTTE main forcus and target is Jaffna. The rest is secondary...

    The GOSL must focus everything on Jaffna..Keep ample food stocks in Jaffna all the time..Forces must be fully armed and battle ready..The only thing we expect from them is to defend Jaffna which they have done very well for the last 12 years...All credit must go to those brave men and women on the ground...

    Long live the New Peoples Army...

    You will defend it...We are sure...

  75. ruslan

    Frigates are not much of a help. They are expensive too.

    What we need are more OPVs to patrol the seas.

  76. I agree,

    full-time UAV and OPV patrol could be two of the key factors in keeping LTTE at bay.

    We need UAVs with good night-time surveillances with IR capabilities and Aircraft with IR capabilities, so that as soon as UAV give info the airforce can take out the targets.

    Overall, our forces should develop GPS specialities and incorporate GPS technology to every aspect i.e. when UAV transmitted GPS coodinates of a location, MBRL or Arty teams should be able to take that target right away. That means the Arty and MBRL teams should have GPS enabled maps (at least in crude form) at their hands and know how to use them.

  77. My opinion:
    I dont think a UN peace keeping force will enter SL.The Un peace keeping forces are stretched too thin financially speaking right now. Lets not help anyone/company sell papers.Since the UN is financed mostly by the USA and they are on our side (first to ban LTTE.. as i remember) and fighting several wars at present ,they need to approve which wont happen.Some white bitch sitting in a small amnesty office having a cup of tea and eating a macdonalds cannot necessaryly influence a govt or foreign policy for that matter even if it is her heart felt desire.If the world intervened everytime someone at amnesty got their knockers in a twist then the world will be in flames right now.

  78. This is the idea!

  79. Golden eagle,

    True but a Offshore vessel used more often to counter sea piracy and smuggling. all this time what we did was chasing out the small boats (Trawler Sized) that loads cargo from Big Vessels where located in International Waters. by using Frigates we will be able to Track these Big Vessels and track them faster than OPVs.

    Secondly if we could use a Good Dedicated Maritime Surveillance Air team which includes UAVs and Recon Aircrafts like Beech HISARs then we can effectively Direct Our Airforce Fighters to Destroy These Big Vessels Before Unloading.

    And anyones Knows whether Our Kfirs Capable of mounting any Antiship missiles??

    some interesting articles

  81. silawathurei offensive

  82. sorry

  83. Interesting article from Dinamina. Suggests that Athas is on Norway payroll of Rs. 300000!

  84. the Catholic devotees thanking the army..has made this day a very special one.

  85. ruslan

    OPVs are capable to going out to international waters and sinking LTTE cargo ships(not boats). They can stay out at seas for weeks if they have too.

    OPVs are cheaper to operate than frigates and can give you the same level of maritime surveillance like frigates.

    This is why the navy told the president that we need at least a fleet of 10 OPVs to effectivly shut out LTTE's Wanni from the outside world.

  86. Guys;

    Check these two articles out:

    In particular, note the following 'flavoured' caption, as to how these punk-media men attempt to make fact out of fiction;

    "..Security provided to the Sunday Times Consultant Editor and Defence Columnist Iqbal Athas had been withdrawn by the government, after he exposed the alleged massive frauds in the purchase of MiG 27 aircraft..."

    Here's the point: Either it is an allegation or fact. It is only fact that can be exposed, while an allegation remains to be proven. But by combining the word 'exposed' with 'alleged' the reporter tries to push thru the allegation as proven fact.

    These guys should be sued, because there is deliberately intended insult to the state and its military services.

    The second article which has a deep relevance to this episode is

    Put the two together and you get the true story.

    People who truly feel for Sri Lanka and the need to finish off this terrorist menace need to get actively involved in keeping our people focussed on this priority.

  87. LTTE was caught several times trying to smuggle lorry loads of sulphuric acids to Wanni jungles

    This is serious

    Because they must be having ample stocks of Cyanide which they use for administering 'Ellam pills' to their carders

    That means

    Potassium cyanide+ Sulphuric Acid = Hydrogen Cyanide gas + Potassium Sulphate

    Hydrogen Cyanide is a highly toxic gas, heavily used in the World War Two and was banned later that can kill large no of people who inhale it at once.

    This gas was once tried in 1995 by Japan’s Aum Shinrikyo cult in underground train station. Al Qaeda in 2003 has planned to attack New York railway station with this gas without a sucess.

    And the LTTE being reputed for innovative in devising suicide bombing and mass murder techniques must have already mastered the art.

    These barbarians must stop at any cost before they unleash their chemical war machines

    Therefore Sri Lanka Army must be vigilant about such an attack.

  88. Tropical Storm, you CAN expose an allegation, just as you can discuss a rumour, point out innuendo, etc. It's not contrary. The point isn't whether Athas has the facts or not, but that he's being hassled because of his reporting. If what he saays is a lie, the GoSL should sue him for libel, not threaten him. The GoSL seems very good at creating poster boys for anti-govt action. You don't see Israel fussing about negative reports, do you?

    On the UN peacekeepers, the UN has NEVER sent peacekeepers into a hostile environment without at least the tacit approval of both sides. And they probably never will, so let's just drop that theory. While certain INGOs have been calling for UN intervention, the LTTE has never asked for this, and probably never will. They haven't forgotten their last round with peacekeepers;)

    Also, for UN peacekeeping forces to be deployed, their would have to be genocide on the level of Rwanda, Darfur, or the former Yugoslaavia, and even then it takes time for them to get off their arses.

  89. 100% agreed TrophicalStorm.
    Wild allegations are all over the park. Under normal circumstances these could be considered as laughable. But being so close to crush this terrorist movement, we are very desperate people now. I hate to play behalf of politicians. But the situation forces me to act otherwise.
    There is a saying “No smoke without fire”. But in case of these allegations nowhere one can find the fire. If you try to find the sources (or beginning points) and the spread patterns of some of the major allegations you would find things not so coincidental. Let’s take two examples.
    1) Secretary of Defense Gotabaya Rajapaksa bought a house in 1997 while he was in US. This house is situated in San Dimas California and the value of the house was just below four hundred thousand Dollars. And it had been sold before he came to Sri Lanka in 2005. But few weeks back there was a rumor spreading around that he has bought a $9.5 million house (the house he owned earlier). The implication was that now he was buying real state using the money he earned through corrupted means (Mig deal). Only real evidence which I could see was that when you type his name in yahoo people search it gives the address of the house he owned earlier.
    Please look at the Mahinda Rathnathilaka’s (a UNP MP) comment in lanka news.

    And also read the Blog

    So above proves that the UNP was spreading this lie. So can you guess who the source of it? Easy. It’s LTTE’s Nitharsanam .com.

    2) Now let’s consider this so called Mig deal.
    Starting point of the allegation: Iqbal Athas Sunday times 09 Nov. 2006.

    Let’s discuss his behaviour around that time a little bit. : Iqbal Athas was mostly a pro government writer until the end of Aug. 2006. SL armed forces has been winning all the battles so far namely Mavil Aru, Muttur and Jaffna siege. Then he was away for one month (Sep.). Then he came back with a trace of a different tone. On 11 Oct. SL army suffered heavily in Muhamalai battlefields and on 16 Oct. SL Navy suffered a heavy loss of life due to the truck bomb at Dambulla. That was the turning point for Mr. Athas. Most probably he may have thought the tide has turned for SL armed forces. If that’s the case government bashing would be the most popular option and he started his siege against the government.
    If you follow his articles you will understand that he was against this government company called “Lanka Logistics and Technologies Limited” almost from the beginning. It seems to me that he was prejudiced against this Mig deal from the beginning without many facts. But he comes up with some facts on 12 Aug 2007.
    And UNP makes the same allegations two weeks before him (on 1 Aug 2007).
    LTTE is parroting the above information all over the web.

    If one reads the above articles definitely he won’t be able to get what’s missing. Then he has to read the following two articles to get the Whole picture.

    Considering the available information, the deal looks ok to me. It’s a government to government deal no problem about it. And also I understand the increase of the value due to overhauling.
    UNP(+ Sunday Leader), Iqbal and LTTE are acting different parts in this case too.

    Now the bribery commission is investigating it. And there will be a parliamentary select committee investigation too. I hope they finish the investigations as soon as possible so our forces could fully concentrate on this war.

    I can see many people jumping up and down shouting “Rajapaksa brothers are corrupt”. But non of them are bothering to give any believable evidence. It’s not because they are stupid. They are just following the Goebbel’s advice.

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” --Joseph Goebbels

    I agree with DB's above comment too. The government is acting very childishly in lot of these cases.

  90. If there is any place in the world that might soon the UN forces, it would be Dafur, not Lanka.

  91. Hemantha your an idiot. Blindly believing what the government says is the worst possible form of treason. And please note, we are no where near defeating the LTTE, defintely not in the next year, we would be lucky to do it in 2 years. Iqbal Athas is a well respected international journalist, he countributes to Janes Defence Weekly, CNN, the Wall Street Journal etc. Your assumption that he must have thought the tide was turning after the bomb blast against the Navy is absolutely astounding. Your using your opinion as a fact, which is stupid to beging with, to back up your non-existent argument. I know this is a blog about defence related news but I couldnt not say anything after reading such idiotic posts, and please dont be a puppet, use whatever you have up there and try, atleast try to think before you open your trap and spill out some indoctrinated rubbish from the MCNS or MoD website.

  92. And to Tropical Storm

    Your argument about the way the article was presented in the daily mirror dosnt hold up. What makes you think the writer of the article is fluent and conversant in english that he knows what words to use when? If you ever read, which you probably havent, the article Athas wrote or the ones in the Sunday Leader, there are ample facts to back up the corrupt nature of the deal. So no one was trying to push an allegation through as a fact. All they were doing was exposing facts.

    "People who truly feel for Sri Lanka and the need to finish off this terrorist menace need to get actively involved in keeping our people focussed on this priority"

    While the government and its cronies use the war as a cover to carry out kidnappings murders and in general plunder the nations wealth? I think not. By not observing what is going on around you and believing everything you are told you are making the biggest mistake. We need to wipe out this terrorist menace, no doubts about that, but not the way it is being done now, not at the expense of the countries future. There is a right way to do this and this is certainly not the way to go.

  93. hello would you bring peace to the country...

  94. in my books being corrupt but doing something good for the country is OK.But being corrupt and doing F**K All is very serious.Before i die if i see these LTTE carcass maggots dead i will die a happy death.I would like to see these LTTE leaders families hacked to death as well.If you are a rep of the tamil people you have to share their pain as well.You cant do that studying in dublin or elsewhere.Holding a foreign passport is not a license to commit heinous crimes in SLanka.

  95. David
    " CAN expose an allegation, just as you can discuss a rumour, point out innuendo.."
    There's nothing to 'expose'in an allegation; it is already in the open. If it is not, then it is still not even an allegation, perhaps something yet being concieved within the confines of a convoluted mind. Not to beat the point to death, but just to refine how we communicate, as we all learn something from each other.

    Athas has been making similar allegations even against previous military commanders and the establshment for a long time. He attacked the folks who purchased the Pucaras without any substance. No material evidence ever came up to prove improprietory involvement. Now you could always say 'Ah that's how it works in Sri Lanka..' but we need to base our judgement on the available facts and what's proven. If unproven, the allegation is baseless and potentially malicious fabrication as well. I do not for a moment intend to whitewash any political establishment, least of all the present since I have a deep rooted dislike for the SLFP and all that it stands for.


    "..What makes you think the writer of the article is fluent and conversant in english that he knows what words to use when?.."

    Did you even stop to ask yourself, 'how the hell did a moron who isn't fluent enough in English become an English correspondent?'..
    I don't need your answer. I'd simply like you to learn to think beyond the next unthinking step.

    I do not know how old you are and what your experience with Athas' modus operandi is. I've admired and read him from the time his column began on the Sunday Times. Maybe I've missed a few since moving out of the country, but over the years his insidious nature began to take shape very clearly. In reading thru over a long period, other folks like me who not only read, but also think about what they read, started to see a pattern to his behaviour.He was deliberately targetting a captive and English educated audience that essentially lacked any other comparative fluent and verbose military reporting on matters they can intimately relate to, and was deliberately and systematically driving them towards a accepting an inevitable impending defeat from the LTTE. His reporting took cover under national secirity conseidarions only when it served his own purpose of not having to substantiate what he was writing, all the while successfully creating in the minds of the reader an unfulfilled dependency syndrome. That 'half-starved' readership has now become a fully fledged and addicted following. This may be a crude comparison, but going by the modus operandi, there's a lot of similarity between Athas' business and that of a porn star. They both keep people hooked and coming back for more..

    Even when Athas was repeatedly proven wrong over the years, there never was any reference or correction made to all or even any of his failed predictions. Instead, he would skillfully divert attention from the disproven theory to a larger and newer impending doom.

    Athas was also hassled during the UNP era, by two of the SLAF commanders at the time. But today, the same UNP and the same Ranil (of torture house fame) are the champions of his insidious agenda.

    Athas is not important. He has built a name for himself in an environment devoid of any serious competition in the Sri Lankan English media. To some that could be achievement, but don't expect all to fall into the same category.

    Having said that, I'd reiterate that there is a need to safe-guard media freedom in any country. But that freedom comes with responsibily, which become all the more significant at times of acute danger to the nation.

    Thanks to both of you for your interesting articles.

  96. Also, here's somthing that needs to be remembered.

    Most of these people who talk Human Rights, media rights, corruption etc have been in the political soap opera for a long time. Even the same media persons such as Athas and the 'Ravaya'whatshisface have been in the scene for a long time.

    Most of the politicians including Ranil, had a hand in the attrocities that were committed in the country. I have a hard time understanding how Sri Lankans have forgotten Ranil's involvement in the torture campaigns to put down the JVP. The others are too many and have similar colorful histories as well.

    As for the much admired media personnel, the Ravaya monkeylookalike and Athas both walked on egg shells when the threat against them was personal and real. For those who care to remember, what-if-any do you recall about éxpose's by either of these champions of media freedom during Premadasa the Butcher's reign, when no freedom existed and human rights weren't even mentioned?

    What I'm trying to point out is that these guys enjoy enough freedom to cough in anyone's face and that freedom is now being misused to the level of becoming a threat to our existance.

  97. raptor,
    very mad. Don't you? Calling names etc.
    I don't have to say much about your post. It's just full of rubbish.

  98. well said tropicalstorm...Some media persons have no sense of responsibility to the country.If there is so much corruption in SL why dont these people immigate to greener pastures where no corruption exists?

  99. To liven up our discussion, here's something new:

    "...In a tone of an indirect threat to defense reporters, the Army Commander says, "Mudslinging is not the freedom. If we have such mentality, we can do anything without being caught. What if we use our powers wrongly, like them who use their pens wrongly? They see us as weaklings since we do not."

    The Defense Secretary made a similar threat to media previously stating that they had allowed the editors who criticize them to drive their cars home freely..."

    To me the comments made by the Army commander seems like straight talk by someone used to calling it what it is.

    But the media flavours with two unsubstantiated opinions '..In a tone of an indirect threat to defense reporters..' and '..Defence Secy made a similar threat..'

    In a civilized world, the benefit of the doubt goes to the accused.

    Would like your opinions on this article as well.

  100. Sri Lankan

    Athas would be a very small fish in a country where there is serious competition in the media profession. I live in the US and guys like Athas would be cutting grass, rather than enjoying the limelight available to mediocre sensationalists in an intellectually defunct society such as Sri Lanka's.

  101. Hamantha

    LankaENews is a garbage column. The reportage is poor, literary standards non-existant. The only good thing about this website is its Star Gallery.[Check out the sizzler in the 3rd row, extreme left...]

    Instead of spreading trash news, LankaEnews should air drop its model gallery into the LTTE area as a patriotic act. Once the newly liberated LTTE pups have masterbated themselves into a stupor, the SLArmy could take over the Wanni without firing a shot.

    Guess what? Ranil would be against that too. Mangala would be aghast that no male models were included. And Athas would probably call that too to be 'soooo corrupt..

  102. All,

    Can we just get back to talk about military ops etc?

  103. tropicalstorm... Athas will love it in the US because he will become the spokesperson for the LTTE supporting tamil diasphora.If he finds it hard to cut grass he can always move to Canada where jobs at takeouts are widely available.Is it true that the LTTE broke his legs some time ago?

  104. Thanks for the information TP(By the way I couldn't stop laughing). Now we have at most one reason to visit Lanka enews.
    The sole purpose of the existence of this site is just for political pimping on behalf of the two bitches you mentioned earlier.

    Sorry Sam I think I understand your frustration. But be mindful about the fact that military ops can't exist alone. One has to consider the political and economical aspects too in discussing these matters. (One might add sexual aspect too due to the current environment in SL).

  105. TropicalStorm, well said mate...I commend you for your logical, well articulated points re. the Athas issue.

    Basically, Athas is a washed out nut and I agree he would not stand a chance in an outer room of a respected news organization. I too used to follow his “situation reports” keenly and then gave up as he was becoming wonkier by the weekend. His predictions were nothing more laughable hallucinations (as time and again proven as rubbish) and the military strategic/tactical analyses were also becoming floozy, meaning they were becoming nothing more than kussi-amma gossip, albeit in this case it amounted to kussi-amma gossip about our national security! Now there are allegations being made about the bugger being "gotten to" by the LTTE (being put on LTTE's payroll like many reporters in India have been "recruited" by the LTTE). I will however, hold judgment on this allegation as much as I will hold judgment on the MiG deal until proven. I do however agree that GOSL should not have reacted in the manner it did, to his unproven, unsubstantiated ranting, but rather the Prez and Gota should have sued the pants off the bugger for defamation.

    What’s clear it that there is a massive conspiracy now to bring down the MR GOSL as it is surely going to destroy the LTTE mf’s. The players involved in this make up a bunch of strange bedfellow as they each have different motives, although they are all fully aware that the end result will be the same (defeat of the SLDF and the forming of LTTE’s “thamileelam”). Although the non-LTTE players (e.g. Ranil, Mangala, Chandrika) may have some marginal reservations about this end result, overall they could not give a damn as long as they achieve their own goals of winning power over the rest of the nation. Naturally, the LTTE and their benefactors, the Norwegians and the corrupt NGOs are in the forefront of executing this conspiracy and it is a fact that media personnel (not only in SL) have been mobilized into this effort (undoubtedly through a good measure of LTTE’s vast financial resources). Therefore, while safeguarding media freedoms, we patriotic Sri Lankans must be on guard to spot these mf’s and discredit them at every turn. Of course, if someone is caught carrying out a subversive act that endangers the lives of our brave troops (e.g. like bribing SLA officials for vital/classified information and then publishing it), then I would say such a terrorist-supporting mf must be given a “white van” ride to eternity.

    OaO Asithri

  106. srilankan,
    LTTE never touched him. It was Mr. D.B.S. Jeyaraj. His legs were broken by LTTE sometimes back and he is a tamil journalist living in Canada.
    I don't think LTTE has any reason to harm Athas except in one scenario. Remember the slaying of Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali. LTTE killed him and the whole Sri Lanka thought it was president Premadasa who killed him. That was the starting point of the downfall of president Premadasa and he became so complacent that he had to pay with his dear life at the end. Likes of Atahs may not consider this possibility but they better be if they love their dear life. The government who takes add-hoc decisions (removing security of their political enemies) must seriously consider this scenario too since it may be one incident away from it's downfall.

  107. Patriots,

    Now here’s the primary reason why Rani(l) the pansy is NEVER going to win the election and destroy Sri Lanka:


    84% agree to defeat Tigers militarily
    (06th September2007 10:35 S.L.T)

    A research report reveals that 84% of the populations in this country are in agreement to defeat the Tigers organization militarily. A majority of those that took part in this research conducted by National Peace Bureau and Marga Institute have said that military action should be a taken against Tigers organization.

    Ho Ho Ho ,,,,I love it!

    Patriots, I am sure you get it…

    Here we have a backboneless bloody pansy, leading our Opposition, and this pansy thinks the “southern masses” are willing to appease the LTTE like he is and he has done (give in to every demanf of the LTTE terrorist mfs!) This mistake this bloody wimp made at the last PE and he will make it at every election to come, until the UNP is no more (i.e. all would have fled over to MR GOSL, leaving him alone fiddling with his limpy-dicky!)

    Patriots, it is this bloody pansy who in 2001/2002 let LTTE filthy carcass-maggots come inches close to our brave Sinhela boys and spit in their face and just walk away (as our SLDF boys had strict instructions from him and his equally impotent pansy Tilak Marapona ("minister of defense" under him at that time), to not retaliate for the fear of violating the CFA! Can you forgive this mf? I certainly cannot!)

    Can we dress this bugger in a skirt and send him to Kotahena/Mutuwal where he might have a better success at “selling.”…????


    OaO Asithri

  108. Sri Lankan

    Athas was beaten up by a well known wing-commander and another officer of the SLAF. There was an inquiry and a court case as well over this issue. If I remember right, it was also over insinuations made by this rabid mongrel, which the SLAF officers could not defend themsleves against due to a combination of service regulations and security considerations.

    I did speak with a ranking officer of the SLAF at the time about the issue as it looked like an attempt at stiffling media freedom. But having learnt what was behind the scenes to an extent that was not publicly known nor too secret, I started to see the damage a bull in the china shop like Athas could cause to the security of the country.

    Without a doubt, these men acted in an unacceptable manner in going vigilante on their own. I also do believe they paid a high price in their careers for doing so.

  109. For those who are interested in a professional's opinion of the SLAF Mig27's value to the current conflict, here's a thread to follow:

    Of particular interest are the postings by a US based USAF individual who writes under the name Mig-29C.

    I've compiled some of his postings that are of relevance to the so called Mig27 'scandle' :
    Air-to-air missiles - Sep 11, 2006 - page 5
    Mil 35 in anti-air role - same
    Retain Mig27 until 2015 -Oct 2, 2006 – page 10
    Cluster bombs – Oct 10, 2006 –page 13
    Mig 27 adequate - Nov 14 -Page 14
    Tamil tiger interest in the Mig27 capabilities – Nov 14, page 14
    Air – sea combination important – Nov 15, page 15
    Ukrainian fighter pilot describes mercenary job on SLAF Mig27 Dec 6 –page 21
    Mig27 limited use of fire power by SLAF – Dec 13, page 27

    You'd see how important it is for the tigers to get out of the bind they find themselves in and the role the aircraft has played in making it so.

  110. Guys, regardless of the quality of Athas' reporting, his political leanings, or whatever, you have to remember that he is a Janes correspondent, and I'm sure that no one here would disagree that Janes is probably the world's most credible defence publication, so therefore its correspondents can be taken to have substantial credibility.

    That said, this isn't about what athas is saying or has said in the past. This is about how the GoSL is fucking up a high-profile case. Putting the screws on an internationally recognised defence correspondent (who is perceived to be apolitical) is just stupid. If the GoSL has legit defences aagainst his allegations, they should activate them. Threatening reporters just makes one look guilty and probably confirms to the world that we have a corrupt aand oppressive administration.

    Yes, he haas always made allegations against the top defence brass, and that's the proof that this isn't some crusade against Rajapkse Bros Pvt Ltd. There has always been corruption in the defence establishment, and that is why we've been unable to win this war for 25+ years. We should encourage media investigation of corruption, because if the allegations are true, coprrupt officials should be stopped. The truth will always win.

  111. guys we think LTTE had early information about army's Silawathira offensive. Will add a new article when time permits.

  112. I am just wondering,

    Is there a posibillity that LTTE might use a SUBMARINE for a suicide bombing mission..?

    If this happened like their recent AIR ATTACKS, the SLDF could panic?

    Are we prepared for a sea borne attack like this?

    LTTE sea tiger wing is in bad shape and this type of attack could invigorate the morale of LTTE fighters?


  113. Can't we have a system of checking for LTTE attacks?

    Like the USA's use of threat levels..

  114. "guys we think LTTE had early information about army's Silawathira offensive. Will add a new article when time permits. "

    Hi defencent, couple of questions, maybe your new post will answer them.

    Reading some of the sunday papers etc, there were some points that came up.

    - secrecy - apprently not even the troops involved knew of the opperations and even when commenced different units only knew their particular roles.

    - Apparently decison taken at defence council and conveyed to ground commanders by the Army Chief only day before ( or when he visited).

    - No LTTE casualties at all and minimal to no reistence.

    So how high up could this leak of info be if it was so tightly controled?

    Or was it that LTTE have recon/spotters who alerted them to activities (choppers coming in, trop movements etc)


  115. It is evident the LTTE had some advance info. Re. the SLA movements consisting of infantry and the heavy armour. Although the SF dudes did a superb job of “popping” some of the perimeter area gooks stealthily (that enabled them to encroach into the centre and call in the arty & MBRL strikes), once the main attack forces started moving in, the LTTE got advance info. This is often the case I am told as LTTE has strategically placed “spotters” with all kinds of transmission devices (including satellite phones) in the villages under their control (not only; I hear such spotters are even in Jaffna which is under SLDF control) and any movement of troops (with vehicles, heavy armour, choppers, etc) is bound to be conveyed to the LTTE as soon as it would begun. I hear when our supersonic birds take off from KIA and Rathmalana, these spotters count them and instantly transmit that info to Vanni (and then all the aging LTTE filthy fat-cats run into their bunkers panting and holding their bloated tummies!). According to intelligence filtering in, LTTE is desperately short of cadres to comfortably guard all their vital installations/centers in Vanni, Mullativu, EP, etc. should SLDF mount concerted attacks with heavy armour and it makes sense they would want to minimize casualties as much as possible in these other engagements.

    In this case, evidently the LTTE honchos chose to abandon Silavatura and extract their cadres without getting mauled (would have been inevitable, like in Sampoor, Mutur and Vaharai). Evidently, most have escaped via the sea, in fishing boats pretending to be fishermen from the area, hugging the coast to escape SLN patrols.

    Either way, this appears to be a substantial loss to the LTTE as this area was one of the primary unloading points for arms and supplies. The coast further north is not easy to get into as it consists of the smaller Palk Bay and the entrance to the Palk Bay is through a narrower (approx. 25 mile) sea gap between the Delft Island and the Mannar Island, both under the control of SLN.

    Another death knell for the LTTE carcass-maggots.

    OaO Asithri

  116. Thanks for the input Tropicalstorm, asithri & noltte=peace. David has a good point however my god in times of war..the media should have some
    sense of responsibility to the country..otherwise what is all this for ..are we all going to immigrate by the million??

  117. Sri Lankan,

    How about Norway providing asylum for 12000 active LTTE cadres?

    This would be a very peaceful solution to the so called 'ethnic problem' in the country.

  118. noltte=peace..why not indeed!!:):).If Norway is unacceptable to the LTTE.. what about nahru island off australia?
    On the other hand norway is good because they can have a tamil eelam in the northern part of norway and mathivethanis brothers grandmothers father in law can be the prime minister.

  119. noltte=peace we have an "ethnic problem" in SL.This is because we murder canadian tamils on the streets.This is demonstrated during hindu religious ceremonies when we forcibly drive nails into tamils bodies and hang them in vehicles for display on the streets of colombo.This discrimination is so bad that we have a large number of tamil shops in colombo ...see we are a "sinhala buddhist chauvenistic govt"

  120. David makes a strong case for consideration. As much as the media has a say, so do ordinary people and those who oppose what's being said.

    Keeping a balance will always be a difficult thing specially during a time of war.

  121. Guys

    Check out th picture on today's Sunday Times. The Prez and Ashraff appear to be having a verbal exchange, with no doubt as to who is winning. But take a look at the facial expressions of 'Siripala aiya' caught in the middle...

  122. It seems like Ranil is planning to visit India to "hold talks with the Indian leaders" in the next few days.

    Source: TamilNet

    This loser followed every country that the President visited during the last years and asked them to reverse their support to Sri Lanka.

    This is LTTE money talking on putting pressure on government.

    People should teach this loser a lesson!

  123. noltte=peace

    You are right...Ranil the Ponnaya must be taught a lesson by "the people of SL"...the people who have overwhelmingly (84%) said that they support MR GOSL to wage this war and liquidate the LTTE mf's once and for all.

    This filthy Ponnaya just the other day threatened the HSBC bank that he will not honor any debt that MR GOSL would raise through a bond issue and went as far as to say that he will cancel HSBC's license to do banking in SL and kick them out if they go ahead with it, when he comes to power! Similarly, he wrote to other partners in this bond issue like JP Morgan Chase also urging them to back off. Can you believe this Ponnaya?

    MR GOSL is trying hard to raise funds though this bond issue to get some urgently needed infrastructure projects going and it cannot afford to do it without a debt incurrence as it is a fact that today a huge chunk of the budget goes for defense spending - to defeat the LTTE carcass-maggots. Naturally, Ranil the Ponnaya is an avowed LTTE supporter and hence his opposition to this fund raising.

    This Ponna-bitch must be punished and punished he will be - by the SL patriotic masses at the right time. Have no fear...justice will prevail in the end. As history has shown, we Sinhelas don't take kindly to traitors from within us.

    OaO Asithri

    OaO Asithri

  124. SL, regardless of whether it's war or peace, the media's only responsibility should be to the truth. State secrets should be protected by restricting media access to said secrets, NOT by censorship, death threats, or other unsavory methods. It's a game of sorts, and must be played by the rules.

    Tropical, yes, everyone should have a right to voice their opinions, not just the media. And neither should be suppressed. The best way a ordinary citizen can voice his opposition to the mediaa is with his power of purchase. Don't like what a paper says? -- stop buying it.

    Asithri, Tropical, and the rest of you guys who live outside SL, I don't know how aware you are of how tough it is getting for the common man to survive under these war-induced taxes. Just today there's a report (Daily Mirror) of a planned increase to the price of powdered milk. Again. And at the moment milk is actually out of the grasp of many Sri Lankans. So it's all very well to scold ranil for the HSBC comment, it's a bit hard for us who actually live here to pay our hard-earned money so that MR can take a 75-person (read it and weep) delegation (even the first lady has her own delegation!) to New York and have 'em all stay at the Ritz Carlton. Paying taxes to fight a war is one, thing, but depriving your kids of milk so that ministers can eat lobster and caviar is a bit unfair. Wouldn't you agree?

  125. Anyone with half a brain can see that Ranil is a guy with no balls. Even Chandrika has bigger balls than this narcissitic, hateful little prick. His entire career as a politician has been an abyssmal failure, but he continues to clutch at straws and mouth inanities at every turn. He degrades our security forces, bitches and whines about their advances against the LTTE and then has the gall to claim that the present government had a pact with the LTTE when he himself was busy licking LTTE boots and flying LTTE men all around the country free of charge on airforce planes. If Ranil comes to power he will fuck our security forces over again and will likely revert to the so-called CFA boundaries, all the while claiming to be Sri Lanka's "saviour."

  126. David is right, things are getting tough for the average joe in Lanka. If this contines it will provide the UNP a leg to stand on in the next election. We must all remember that we are a third world country and don't have cash to throw around.

    Thats why we must put a temporary halt to military operations. Lets rebuilt what has been recently conquered by the military and concentrate on improving the economy.

  127. Thanks David for your comments.I am in two minds about the media-truth issue (i am not sure because we are assuming ALL journalists have some semblence of patriotism and is not necessaryly a "jayawewa vaddha" whose alligence can be purchased for Rs 10/-) but a very good point about the Ritz Carlton delegation..I am sure of one fact..these guys who went with the prez were expecting a holiday..but everyone had to work (except perhaps for his wifes people )their A**es off during their stay..On the one hand a prez..he would have gained many more votes by staying in normal accommodations..(so as to identify with the common people) but then how would these "normal" accommodations have rubbed off on the other delegates he invited-diplomatic exercise.He is very mindful of this and i am sure there was a very good reason other than having a "good time" at tax payers expense..This is demonstrated by him asking ministers to take a paycut-even if symbolic to some extent.

  128. My deepest sorrow for the plight this war has put on ALL SL citizens.Ranil(ignoreing his B-shit) was trying to develop the country while placating the LTTE.The question is for how many years could he have done this till the LTTE became so powerful militaryly that they struck a major blow to reverse all the economic development achieved over many years.For the LTTE to gain the most financially & internationally (send their cronies overseas and expand the LTTE tamil diasphora) they have to keep this cycle of war-peace going.There is also the question of what the international consequences would have been if the LTTE held on to simon gardner's "LTTE held areas for say a 100 years?"..would the map of SL be officially redrawn..lots of question..This is why sadly before development or with development this LTTE must be decimated at least in SL..

  129. SL, I dunno exactly where you get the idea that the members of the NY delegation will be working their arses off. I have yet to see anyone in the civil service do that. And this isn't something from the past, it's a delegation that's leaving later this month.

  130. It is pointless to say that during peace time we could have expanded our armed services and given them fantastic weapons..because the point is not to engage the LTTE in an arms-race spanning 50 years with the little Fcurrency we have but to someday use it to give EVERY SLankan a very good standard of living...During Ranils peace time we cannot have even one of our soldiers being brutalised by the LTTE..and what about the long term morale of the troops due to an LTTE placating Ranil W policy.Are you and me going to fight?..if the soldiers say no..?.Althoght lots of people will disagree..i think it was a good idea to give the army back its "pride" although it should not be overdone..May the triple gem bless our brave troops.

  131. Thanks for your comments David..lets see what happens..(i am sure this expenditure will be in the papers-which is what Ranil is waiting for).Did you know that during Pres premadasa's time he used to wake some senior civil servants at 0400 in the mornings..:):).. i can't elaborate ok?:):)

  132. David i know exactly what the civil service is like..when i went to apply for a license the guy at the desk had thrown my pic (and i did not get an appoinment the 1st time)because i had clipped the pic to the application form and not stapled it..It was too much of an effort for this idiot to use a stapler desk.

  133. He was more interested in his "paththaraya" and "thea eke"

    What do the readers think?

  135. The question here is:Who forced/brain washed these young girls and boys to fight..instead of educating all of them at overseas universities..with millions of LTTE dollars?

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Db, what are your thoughts about the latest news that the Philippines will be providing us 'expertise' on a coast guard service? Would such a service really help seal up the maritime borders and prevent LTTE arms smuggling and whether we have the resources in terms of ships and men for this service when the Navy is doing a superb job so far.

    Also Defencenet, is there an update on the suspected leak of information prior to the Silwathurai op?

  138. Srilankan,

    Many pro-LTTE sentiments, including the Anti-Buddhist remarks. Another pro-LTTE classic. Little better than BBC.

    I do not worry much about Prabhakaran's speech. But I am worried about certain things to come, mainly in the 'Human Rights Area'. The attack is highly orchestrated making mountains out of mole-hills. Human Rights is the last resort anyone can conveniently lean on.

    They tried to physically assassinate the Secretary of Defence and the Commander of the Army.. and when they failed, they try to character assassination against the country, the President, the Defence Secretary, and the Chief of the Army.

    It says "Name a Dog Evil and kill it!", that's what happening.

    In addition, LTTE is using RW and Chandrika to politically assassinate President too. Lot of work going on the background.

    We do not have a skilled Foreign Minister or a Deputy Finance Minister or a Secretary of Ministry of Finance. Loss of Kadiragamar is immensely felt now. We do not have another Ronnie De Mel too (I know what many of you tell about Ronnie.. but still 'country also got money too').

    Mahinda can not alone stop inflation. The inflation is there as a result of three four decades of rampant corruption and serving 'ourselves only' policy.

    It will take another decade to bring prosperity to the country, even the LTTE was defeated now. But, LTTE should be militarily crushed first at all the costs. If not the results will be devastating for the whole Sri Lanka in the next few years. It is better to get this psycho led LTTE terminated now than waiting for another few years until the whole country is ruined.

  139. Defencenet,

    Any news from the Madu Operation..

    I heard that there was a limited operation.

  140. If this was true, it is great news!

    "LTTE's international terror chief "KP" arrested in Bangkok

    Reliable sources from Thailand reveal that LTTE's chief for cross border terrorist activities, Kumaran Padmanadan, Alias "KP" has been arrested in Bangkok yesterday (September 10).

    Kumaran Padmanadan is one of the most wanted terrorist by the International Police (Interpol) who has been running the global procurement network of the LTTE terrorists.

    More information will follow."

    However, the LTTE will be offering Millions of $ to Bankok Officials right now!

  141. Top Tamil Tiger arrested in Bangkok

    (, Agencies)
    Thailand has arrested the procurement and finance chief of the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

    Kumaran Pathmanadan is reported to have been arrested by police in Bangkok on Monday evening. He is one of the top officials in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the formal name of the group.

    Pathmanadan apparently had obtained Thai citizenship.

    He continued to run the global network of LTTE offices and its weapons procurement, logistics and money laundering operations.

    He has been on Interpol's Most Wanted list for a number of years. He has also been implicated in several assassinations of political leaders.

    His arrest followed the detention in Ranong province last month of three Tamil Tiger operatives trying to buy guns and 45,000 rounds of ammuntion.

    All four were suspected of running a Tamil Tiger gun-running ring centered in Thailand.

    Pathmanadan, who also had a number of aliases, has recently been the subject of a manhunt that stretched to Johannesburg, Rangoon, Singapore and Bangkok. Police said they believed he had bank accounts in London, Frankfurt Denmark, Athens and Australia and has over 200 passports for his use.

    He and his group are suspected of running weapons purchased Thailand and neighbouring countries to the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. The Tigers have been desinated as a terrorist group by most western countries, but not Thailand.

    A Jane's Intelligence report on the group stated that despite the cease-fire agreement in Sri Lanka, the LTTE continued to re-supply cadres. It said:

    "While Cambodia is the hub of the LTTE East Asia Network, Thailand continues to serve as the most important country for trans-shipment of munitions and coordination of logistics... its excellent communications infrastructure, proximity to former war zones in both Cambodia and [Burma] and its western coastline facing the Bay of Bengal and Sri Lanka beyond have made Thailand the ancient interface between the LTTE's war zone."

  142. Awesome news guys. That was one of the bastards we really needed to get. The government needs to get him extradited ASAP and get all the info they can out of him.

    I wonder how much this has to do with the coup in Thailand last year. Looks like the strongly Buddhist military regime is more willing to go after LTTE operatives in the country.

  143. Have you seen bigger "Naka Dee" than Ranil in anywhere?

    This guy is such a loser, he goes around the world internationalising all the issues that he can not face or solve. He is doing similar damage to Sri Lanka compared to LTTE.

    A true leader will never go around the world asking to solve his or her own domestic issues that can be solved within his or her own country.

    This is such a shameless maggot. He creates more problems than what we have here.

  144. Blacker,

    I don't think MR GOSL is intentionally on a rampage to increase the cost of living and burden the average Sri Lankan with economic misery as that would be akin to committing Hara-kiri!

    You have mentioned the increase in powdered milk as an issue and said it is because of "these war induced taxes" and that is a lot of BULL SHIT!

    The reason for the increase in the price of powdered milk is not because of any war induced taxes, but due to the prevailing world market prices for this dairy product.

    Here exactly is what the Mirror said:

    The milk powder importers yesterday confirmed the need to increase prices of milk powder once again. Brands such as Anchor and Ratti should be increased from the present rate of Rs. 195 to Rs.250-270 per packet of 400g under the present world market situation, they said.

    Corporate Affairs Director of Fonterra Brand Lanka, Roshan Kulasuriya told the Daily Mirror yesterday there is an upward trend in world prices at the moment. He said they had initially wanted the price increased to at least Rs 230, but approval was given to keep it at Rs.195 only.

    “Milk powder prices have been going up since March in the world market. Some local companies have already suspended their imports under these circumstances,” he said adding the company also had a major problem in releasing non-fat milk powder brands at present rates.

    There we have it! This article clearly states that the increase in the powdered milk is not because of any whim or fancy on the part of MR GOSL, but due to world market prices. Further more, it clearly states that the GOSL had in fact restricted the price increase to Rs.195 when the price the importers wanted to charge was Rs.230

    This is the same story I have heard re. the gasoline (petrol) price increase in SL. Even that, which we all are suffering under high prices at the pumps globally due to OPEC oil prices, has also been blamed on MR GOSL!

    This is just Ranil the ponna bitch induced false propaganda against the MR GOSL as the ponna bitch knows it is an easy game to blame every price increas on the MR GOSL! This way the bugger can deceive the masses and come to power and then never mind milk powder, but give milk & honey to the LTTE mf's!

    As for raising an issue re. stay at the Ritz Carlton by the head of state of SL, I think that is a bloody cheap shot. What do you expect him and his team to stay in...Bates Motel? LMSSAO! This is too simplistic and petty minded and I am not sure if it's worthy of any more words, but let me tell that in my business travels I stay at such hotels world over and no, it is not something that is considered "cosmic" any longer...unless you just walked out of a bloody cave or...a bunker! ;-)

    OaO Asithri

  145. David

    The prices are increasing mainly due to the failure of entreprenuership rather than failure of govt. SL does have a democracy (arguable, but true) and a free wheeling economy. In an era of inflation, manufacturers whould be milking profits by the ship load. Instead thet fail to capitalize on the situation due to a the same old management failures that we have had for the past 30 years. I have worked in this field for over two decades and did contribute a lot to rural city areas simply by providing management expertise and capitalization assistance when I lived there. Those who followed the proven simple path did well and in a few particular cases, are even expanding business overseas.

    It has always been easy to blame governments for everything. I also do not like the SLFP dudes for their commie outlook in most things. But I do believe that if the govt completely relinquishes its price controls and lets the demand/supply market forces determine flow of economic factors, the suffering would be brief, potentially acute, but the economy would adjust to a demand driven system with a low and self-adjusting inflation level.

    I was in SL early this year, and in one instance, while speaking with a group of people at a prominant financial institution, I asked them to value the approx 20 - 30 vehicles we could see standing still in the mid-day traffic, visible through a medium sized window. The approximate value of SLRs 50million they told me was staggering since even better vehicles would cost less here in the US. That's how middle class Sri Lanka travels today, while whining about the cost of living.

    I find some of the economic trvails of the country rather difficult to understand, since there appears to be more money in the hands of the people, than ever before. That's a very good opportunity for entreprenurs to step in and make a killing.

  146. Sri Lanka does not have a market economy yet. Almost all the sectors behave in oligopolistic way.

    Whatever the sector, price-fixing is there.

    Each and very sector of the Sri Lankan economy is controlled by few, perhaps less than 10 players.

    If you leave everything to be decided by the market forces, they all will scrape you to the bone.

    It is happening right now.

    The very oligopolistic economy is mainly to be blamed for demise of domestic industries too.

    Farming is the simplest example, when the harvest of any kind of farm product is due, you can find the same product is being imported is made available to the market for a price that was less than 50% of the previously selling price. Too bad for the farmer.

    MR can not be blamed for price hikes. There have been no long-term initiatives to bridge the gap between the rich and poor in Sri Lanka after Premadasa's 1000 garment factories.

    When Ranil was in power, the prices were sky rocketing too. But the difference was he was pawning the country wholesale to LTTE and Norway.

    Because of Ranil, LTTE got stronger and established very well. Now MR has to reverse what Ranil did too. That costs lot of money to buy Military hardware, which in turn inflates the economy.

    In the past, we used to receive considerable amount of aid, as soft loans or grants. However, with LTTE false propaganda and Ranil's effort, we receive so much less than what we used to have. That leads to wider deficit that creates higher inflation.

    The priority should be to wipe out the LTTE maggots and then focus on the economy. In the mean time, MR can do some work to eliminate corruption. Corruption did not allow to reach the full potential of Sri Lanka for decades.

    What MR now face is others sh**t. Those are both UNP and SLFP sh**t.
    As Asthiri said, if UNP were there (not Ranil) they also would be facing the same issues as MR now. But the difference between Ranil and MR is, MR has not given into LTTE and all the other forces that support LTTE. If Ranil was there, whole Sri Lanka would be an LTTE dungeon for the next centuries.

  147. ".i think it was a good idea to give the army back its "pride" although it should not be overdone"

    The purpose of government is not to look after the Army. The Army exists to protect the state. Going to war to avenge the death of a soldier is silly. Israel did it recently in Lebanon and learned a bitter lesson. as for military morale under Ranil, it was mostly the media's hyping of the situation that was putting those incidents in the spotlight, along with MR & the rest of the opposition. While it is true that the UNP should've been more prudent in protecting our int assests, going to war over it wasn't the answer. Right now, more servicemen are dying than they did under the UNP, so numbers of deaths is not an argument. There are many scenarios between the two ends of the spectrum that Ranil & MR are on. For example LRRPs and the TMVP could've carried out tit-for-tat killings.

    As for you & I fighting, that is exactly the scenario we're facing now, wwith no real hope of a solution in sight. Under the UNP there was some possibility, though admitedly not one acceptable to all.

    Oshada, I don't know whether "superb" is the right term for the Navy's operations; they are coping well with a difficult job. Therefore, expertise from a country like the Philipines, which has long experience with maritime and coastal ops, can only be a good thing.

    Asithri, while it is true that milk powder and fuel is going up in price internationaally, I'd like you to please quote a source that can corroborate the fact that milk powder has DOUBLED in price on the international market. It hasn't, but the increase in Sri Lanka is almost double. The reason for this drastic increase is the gradual decline of the rupee. So if milk went up by 50 US cents, it should similarly increase by roughly 60 SL rupees. Instead it increases by a 100 SL rupees. The decline of the rupee is mostly due to economical mismanagement by the GoSL. Try and look at the whole pic (I know it's hard when you don't live here) instead of focusing on one product.

    As for the Ritz Carlton -- can you reaally justify the entire 75-person delegaation staaying in this hotel while the population of the country is suffering immense burdens. Fine, I can understand the prez & immediate family and maybe a few personal aides being at the Ritz. The rest of the buggers can jolly well stay in the Holiday Inn or whatever. Once more, Asithri, focus on the bigger picture of governmental waste, insteaad of trying to debunk individual examples.

    "I stay at such hotels world over and no, it is not something that is considered "cosmic" any longer"

    Good for you, I'm sure the average Sri Lankan, earning Rs15,000 a month is happy for you. You may not think sending 75 people to New York (itself ridiculous), and then put them up at the Ritz Carlton is cosmic, but I do. And if you had to live here and earn a living in SL rupees, you would too. Like the Canadian LTTE backers, you seem to have little knowledge of the realities over here.

    In reality, the SL population is losing money daily. The rupee declination rate is almost higher than the local bank interest. So your money stays the same in value, while prices increase.

    And we're seeing very little for our money. The roads in Colombo are getting worse by the day (it's almost impossible to drive down Duplication Rd, Darley Rd or Union Place without fucking up your suspension). That's a small example, but I'm unwilling to accept the excesses of the government when they cannot provide the basics of infrastructure.

    Tropical, how can you say entrepreneurship is responsible for price increases? Entrepreneurship can only thrive in the right environment, and to describe the SL economy as "free wheeling" is a bit fanciful. Unless by the term you mean "neutral", and I don't see how you can travel uphill in neutral.

    I agree that there's also a lot of mismanagement in the privaate sector and at grassroots level, which can be fixed. However, unless the fall of the rupee and the massive spike in COL isn't arrested, we're in deep shit. Bottom line is the GoSL needs to have an economic policy that will take all of this into account and at least START to provide solutions, and we're not seeing that. Instead we have idiot ministers appeaaring on TV and claiming that the reason for the fall of the rupee on the international market is due to LTTE sabotage at the global exchanges!

    Businesses could milk inflation if the consumer had the buying power. Point is, people are buying less because they can't afford to.

    The vehicle-owning population of SL is tiny in comparison to the laarger population, and maybe the cars parked outside a prominent financial institute would be more expensive. Right now, the cheapest new car on the market is the Maruti (about a million bucks!). The reason people are able to buy these cars are through loans. In the end they are paying as much as 20% more, but they've no choice given the horrible public transport system. If talk to car dealer, he'll moan on about no one is buying cars.

    The money is in the hands of a small number of the people, and how do you expect entrepreneurs to step in when there's no economic stability?

    I'm not asking for the GoSL to wave a magic wand and make everything OK again, but I DO want to see some progress, a plan, a policy. Instead, the GoSL is telling the people, hang in there til we finish off the LTTE and then we'll sort out the rest; giving the people the false impression (as voiced above by Noltte) that the war will be won soon. The war isn't gonna be won anytime soon, aand certainly not before the next general election.

  148. Sri Lanka navy sinks suspected Tiger gun running vessels

    39 minutes ago

    COLOMBO (AFP) — Sri Lanka's navy sank at least three suspected Tamil Tiger gun running vessels off the island's southeastern sea board, navy officials said Tuesday.

    Naval craft intercepted the three craft off Sri Lanka's coast late Monday and carried out the attack, said a navy official who declined to be named.

    He said each vessel was about 70 metres (91 yards) long.

    There were no immediate reports of casualties. Tiger rebels were not immediately available for comment.

    Sri Lanka's navy has carried out similar attacks against suspected Tamil Tiger gun running craft in recent months.

    In March, the navy sank two cargo vessels believed to be smuggling weapons and explosives for Tamil Tiger rebels, according to the defence ministry.

    It staged a similar attack on February 28 and sank an identical craft off the island's southern coast, according to defence authorities here.

    There have been stepped-up clashes between suspected Tamil Tiger ships and the Sri Lankan navy in recent months amid heavy fighting in the island's northern and eastern regions.

  149. Hurraaaaaaaah, the above news is confirmed by,

    What a news, 3 ships each 70m long now at the bottom of the sea.....................

    Well done navy........

  150. We must cut down our military spending now. We have brought a lot of weapons in the past 2 years, there is not an urgent need anymore to buy a lot more. The only area where we might more military hardware is the navy, but it not that urgent.

    We must play defense now. We have been on the offense and bloodied the LTTE's nose in the east.

    Lets now focus in the economic development and reigning in the bloody inflation.

  151. The arrest of KP will decimate the LTTE beyond any repairs...
    Their international arms procurements were done solely by the KP...

    KP is the most wanted man in the Interpol list when considering the no of crimes against his name...

    India will certainly interrogate him for the Rajiv assassination.

    With this arrest, LTTE will be shaken to the core..

    They will try their best to paint a rosy picture as usual..

  152. LTTE ships were carry light aircrafts...

    [Sri Lanka rebel ships sunk
    Sep 11, 2007 9:12 PM

    Sri Lanka's military has claimed a major victory against Tamil Tiger rebels, saying it sank three vessels carrying war equipment including three light aircraft and a bullet-proof car.

    "We consider this is the biggest victory Sri Lanka's navy has achieved so far," Commander Wasantha Karannagoda told reporters in Colombo, adding between 40-45 rebels were also killed in the clash.

    The Tigers, fighting for an independent state for minority ethnic Tamils in the north and east, were not immediately available for comment.

    The navy said the destroyed vessels were carrying three light aircraft, a bullet-proof vehicle for rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and other war-related material.

    The clash was the latest in a spate of land and sea battles, ambushes and air raids between the armed forces and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels.

    "When we challenged these vessels, they didn't respond so we had to follow internationally accepted rules of engagement," Karannagoda said.

    "They opened fire. We had no choice but to fire and destroy the vessels."

    The clash follows a new offensive launched by the Sri Lankan military to drive the Tamil Tigers rebels from the northwest Mannar area, after evicting them from jungles in the east of the island.

    An estimated 5,000 people have died since last year in renewed fighting after a peace process collapsed.

    In the civil war that erupted in 1983 about 70,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.


  153. Hey,asithri.i think its time u got ur shit together.u being in a foreign land & used to staying at hotels like the RITZ does not mean MR & co should do so at the taxpayers expense!.true,MR & a few top aides can stay at the RITZ.the rest could stay at cheaper hotels-and such a MAMMOTH delegation..75 PAX.that is crazy..people in SL are suffering immensely everyday.Earlier,it was the people in rural areas who felt the even people in urban areas have to tighten their belts!!

    So,Asithri,before u make such comments in future,pls think twice & never,ever,jump the gun-coz then u will be facing the Gun barrel,of course..!!

  154. Guys,defencenet,that's fantastic NEWS!! re:sinking of 3 tiger weapon ships & arrest of KP-head of tiger arms procurement.can anyone clarify whether our 2 SAAR4 missile boats were engaged in this op.?Hopefully,they fired their missiles or atleast the main gun?or are these stil malfunctioning?

    the photos seem to suggest that SLAF jets may have assisted the SLN in taking out the 3 ships-is that confirmed,or did the navy go solo?


  155. Bravo.. and congratulations Navy!


    Why should we play defence now, when everything is in favor of taking out the fat pig?

    I certainly agree that it would be great if we could limit arms purchases. However, more we wait, more the expense.

    The best option is to be prepared and finish off the pig and company. We do not need to live as a divided nation. All the peoples can live as Sri Lankans and work as a single nation towards prosperity. Division drag us to the bottom of the dark hole.

    Most of the Tamil community is fed up with LTTE. They have realised that the 'wanna be saviour' (no one knows from what) has destroyed their future during the last 30 years. They have realised that this war is a mistake.

    Now it is time to take out the fat pig and liberate whole Sri Lanka from this curse. Once it was done, rebuilding of North and East should be done. Opportunities should be created for the people who suffered in the clutches of LTTE for the past three decades.

    Two of the biggest economic issues that Sri Lanka suffer are the 'security' and 'political instability'. When I say 'security' it is the 'perceived security situation' of the country in the eyes of the outsiders, mainly the potential investors. 'Political instability' is the huge scene that opposition parties make internationally on domestic issues. It gives a very negative image about Sri Lanka. This put off many potential investors.

    Foreign investments helps countries to develop. Even the developed countries keep encouraging foreign investments. The climate should be right for such investments. What Sri Lanka now attracts are mainly on low-level skills related investments only and Sri Lanka is not a very favored destination for foreign investments. Our infrastructure is comparatively still in a very low level.

    Our educational system needs a big boost. Per head land mass per population is very low in Sri Lanka to engage in agriculture that Australia, US or Canada relies on feeding their population. We do not have great level of natural resources to rely an economy on either (hope we hit oil). However, we have a great asset. It is the 'brains'. What we should aim for is a 'Knowledge Economy'. In order to create a knowledge economy, we need to have a superb educational system. Knowledge Workers earns the highest rate per hour in the world, and the Services Sector earns the highest rate per man-hour. While covering our bases with agriculture and manufacturing, we need to give prominence to create knowledge based service industries that draws income from outside world.

    The private sector can do a lot in this regard from education itself. We need to aim to make every students a graduate either NDT level or University level as the first-step.

    We produce less than 20,000 graduates a year. We need to increase it by 10 times. To make a knowledge economy, we need to create a total 'echo system' that binds universities and the world. Israel is a great example. They do not have natural resources. They are creating the knowledge economy, despite all the conflicts.

    While making more investments in the Sri Lankan free education and the university system, we should encourage the private sector also to take part and create quality private institutions.

    Like private hospitals, we should have private universities too.

    UK allowed Private institutions many years ago. Then they allowed them to be converted to private Universities (however, they mandated all the quality requirements). Now these University turned polytechnics are the biggest contributors to the tech/finance knowledge economy.

    Instead of sending domestic workers abroad, we can turn 'would be domestic worker brains' to 'research scientists/economic analysts/finaciers/doctors etc.. etc. Perhaps 70% of them have the potential to be such knowledge workers. The rest can contribute to the economy in a much higher level than being domestic workers.

    What we had during Premadasa time was a great short-medium term initiative of 1000 garment factories. It was meant only a bridge. But, there were no long-term initiatives. Chandrika did a little by allowing private institutions to be established in the educational sector. But, it was very dis-organised and very little was done.

    While bringing political stability, and security, we need to give a ten times boost to our Educational System. It would take another 10 years to see the results. But, if we do not do that we would always be beggars. And I still maintain that whatever we do, we have to eliminate corruption and inefficiencies in the system. Those two drain all our resources.

    My message,
    1. Focus on education and creating a knowledge based service economy. In the mean-time, bridge the 10 year gap with short to medium term initiatives of job creation.

    2. Get rid of Prabha and company -very urgent! (it devalues our Rupee, creates inflation and lowers country security level)

    3. Eliminate corruption and reduce inefficiencies.

    4. Focus on infrastructure and law and order

    We will be all good!

  156. Hey,guys-are u aware of the ISLAND report that the SLN is to to sell off it's M-10 class hovercraft which was purchased for Rs250mil,during CBK'S TERM.they have apparently got an offer for very much less.did they EVER make use of that hovercraft??

    HMM..I wonder,maybe they used it to take CBK & co on pleasure trips to the maldives or india??

  157. Thanks for your comments guys.noltte=peace i am in agreement with your comments.Sadly when you are on a very low income people expect the current govt to reduce the costOL and are not interested in the reasons.they have to reduce the cost of essential goods such as milk powder etc..THIS IS ESSENTIAL.!!i think they are trying to do this by taking that loan from HSBC.The worst part i think is that the families of soldiers find it very hard to claim these so called "benefits" available to them when they are declared MIA or dead which is tragic.Really tragic...I am looking forward to the day when army personnel take civilian jobs and bring some of that army discipline to the civil service..then at least we wont have to stand in queues for hours at banks until the cashier finishes reading the daily papers before serving us.
    The navy could not have sunk 3 ships!!...because the LTTE's "simon gardner" fast attack squadron would have protected the ships...

  158. adopting a defensive posture..and developing the east alone is not a good idea because time is our enemy both financially(repayments of loans etc) and the well being of the population in general.People have been with this scurge for 30 years!! and their patience/tolerence is running out.However i think those LLRP should be let loose while developing the east to keep the LTTE busy

  159. was it possible for the navy divers to recover any of the weapons on these ships.

  160. What a tragedy..what has beheading an innocent father of four gained for the LTTE...May the triple gem bless his family.

  161. Are all the navy FACs fitted with the new guns..anyone know what weapons aboard the FACs were used to destroy the ships..because looking at the pics there appears to have been large internal explosions

  162. about an australian LTTE supporter.

  163. Srilankan,

    Where is the beheading article?

  164. noltte=peace

    When I said that we should be on the defensive I meant that we must not undertake any major military operations to conquer Wanni. Capturing Wanni will be a bloody affair that will drag on for a long time. Our economy can't sustain such an undertaking right now.

    Its concentrate to propping up the economy while created a successful sea arms blockade. This will weaken Wanni further.

    Its best to stick with LRRP/DPU attacjs and targeted aerial bombings. I agree we should try to kill VP as soon as possible.

    After 2-3 years of playing defense we will be in a better position to capture a weakened Wanni.

  165. The KP arrest issue has too many conflicting information.

    There's the story about the arrest by Thailand, denial by Thai Police, reports of arrest by InterPol, confirmations in Indian media, extradion requests by both SL and India, further denials by Thais.

    Let's hope InterPol has him, rather than the Thais. That would make extradition a mere formality, given the fact that the guy now holds Thai citizenship.


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