Thursday, September 20, 2007

SLAF raid targets LTTE ammo dump: Puthukuduirippu

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets carried out a bombing sortie today morning targeting a suspected LTTE ammo storage located in the Mullaithiv district. The raid involved Kfir multi role fighters and Mig27 ground attack aircraft.

Suspected warehouse was located in the Puthukuduirippu area which is a core part of LTTE operations.The target had been monitored by military intelligence for a long time and was the target of multiple aerial surveillance missions. Judging by the secondary explosions which occurred after the initial bombing run, it is assumed that the ammo dump was successfully destroyed. However this is yet to be confirmed by ground intelligence and enemy communications intercepts.


  1. Thank you defencenet for the update...

    LTTE will definitely carry out an air raid.They might target a person like President and bomb the presidents house itself.

    LTTE wants something spectacular to convince their supporters.

    A Kamikaze mission would just do that...

    Please be ready...

  2. Why not bomb other big camps including elephant pass and mulathiv camps? I think we have a window of opportunity and should take advantage of that.

  3. This was one of their underground ammo storages.

  4. The below is not directly related to Defence. However, it will help us to defend our country both militarily and economically from any type of invasions in the future. This is about economically being strong, so that we can fight any kind of terrorism without relying on foreign aid (see what is happening now.. we are being squeezed of aids when we try to defeat LTTE terrorism).

    As you may all know JR left a legend in the history of Sri Lanka by creating an 'Open Economy'. It was a great thing that he did, however I certainly do not agree with 'how he did it' i.e. opening the economy at once in wholesale killing all the domestic industries, and creating an import dependent economy. JR did great things like Mahaweli Development and Sri Jayewardenepura too. Certainly, helped the country economically. Mahapola scholarships are another great thing that JR admin did with the brains of Lalith Ethulathmudali.

    Then came Prime Minister Premadasa who became a legend of initiating Gam Udava. Then as the President Premadasa he again made Sri Lankan history (not by creating most the Clock Towers in Sri Lanka's history), but promoting the 1000 garment factories. It was a great short to medium-term bridge that held the economy strong.

    Then came Chandrika. Even after 16 years, she failed to create any legend except one. It was one of the greatest in Sri Lankan history. It was taking back Ministry of Defence and dissolving the Parliament and Ranil's leadership when Ranil was giving away the country to the LTTE wholesale on a golden plate joining the buffet with Norway,….and when hundreds of our valiant forces were gunned down like dogs on broad daylight even in Colombo itself.

    In my personal opinion, the much of the sins of robbing the country wholesale with Rat-watte, and Ronnie Pieris (remember Ronnie’s and Balapatabendi’s were mysteriously taking all the big or non-executed multi-million dollar contracts…. remember the incident that Thilan Wijesinghe openly said that out of the $ Five Million bribed asked from the Flour Grinding company, only $1M for him and the rest is for the President.. and the hand-writing of the bank-number matched with Thilan,… remember Rubber development incident which wiped out Rs. 650M without a trace, remember signing of Diesel Generator agreements for Rs. 12.50 a unit when it was 7.50 a unit in the open market for Diesel Generated electricity, .. remember how the whole country’s best assets of Petrol distribution was given in a hurry to Indian Oil without any due diligence … the list goes on) washed with Chandrika’s action of taking back the country from the LTTE alliance at the very moment. At least it saved the country for another generation of Chandrika’s and Ministers to rob.

    Now it is Mahinda’s turn to leave a legend.Despite few severe mishandling of countering LTTE false propaganda, for short-term economic ills, and failure of Foreign ‘scene’ management, Mahinda has shown great statesmanship up to now. I blame the ills of Mahinda administration for not having competent persons around Mahinda. However, I am happy that President has a great asset at his disposal, non other than his Secretary, Mr Lalith Weeratunga who can advise the President to avoid potential mine-pits laid by various parties.

    Back to the topic,
    Mahinda has two great parallel opportunities of leaving a legend,
    1. Militarily defeating LTTE (this is one of the great things can happen to Sri lanka)
    2. Creating an ‘Educational Revolution’ in the country (this could be one of the greatest of all-time, which would last another centuries)

    The guys who are here can talk hours about militarily defeating LTTE and bringing peace for everyone to live under one flag and shine as a great united nation. I will write a little about the second aspect, that is creating an “Educational Revolution”.

    This education revolution should aim to churn-out 100,000 undergraduates and 30,000 postgraduates, and another 100,000 NDT level graduates by 2011. This is doable. If there was a climate of ‘relative peace’, this initiative will create the biggest economic revolution in the country by 2015.

    This University Education can be started right after the students sit for O/Ls. At schools, while studying for A/Ls, students can take university first-year subjects of their interests in parallel to their A/L. Once the A/L is completed, either students can further complete 2 years to get Bachelors level with an Industry Placement or get the NDT level after 1 year of technical college and 1 year of Industry Placement. This will allow potential students to graduate before they are 21 years old.

    We have to groom our education for future and not for the past. Therefore, new curriculum targeting emerging and demanding industries should be introduced. Following is not an exhaustive list, but I want to give the idea. The courses could include, Bio Technology, Genetic Science, Information Security, Management, Information Technology, International Marketing, International Finance, Financial Markets, International Trade Management, Hospitality Industry Management, Medical Robotics, Polymer Science, Nano Technology, Insurance Industry Management, Wealth Management, Commodities Market Management, Pharmaceutical Engineering etc etc.

    Implementation of this mega project can be done through many ways and means. The end goal should be to churn-out 230,000 Bachelors and NDT level graduates per annum with a growing trend. We have to finance this effort through multiple means. Private Sector Participation is one of the key. Another is to open the universities for fee-paying students that include ‘Foreign Students’. The Fee-paying students, Foreign Students, and Scholarship Students can be the mix of this new breed of Universities. Each of these universities should be linked with both the local and foreign industries.

    There is a great model of education being practiced at Maharishi University in the US (i.e. and many other Universities in the US, UK and other countries. Amongst other good things, most of the students are put on university-sponsored industry placements, where the placement pays itself for their education (this going to be the standard of University education in the future) . Linking both the local and foreign industries with the universities will be a key success-factor of this effort.

    There could be thousands of challenges on the way when implementing this project. Mahinda will need to take ‘bold-decisions’ too (and JVP needs to grow-up to the realities too). However, the end results would be very sweet. There will be always ways to overcome them if there is a will.

    On the other hand, Prof Warnapala needs to wake up to the realities too. We cannot live in the past! Our higher education system is still in the ancient times. We do not want a minister to take the same past to the future, which is what happening right now.

    We have to realise that ‘effective Education is the Key to a Country’s Economic Success’

    This is a Mega Project similar to 1 Million Housing Project undertook by Premadasa. But the pay-off would be thousand times higher .

    I do not want to further monopolise this Defence Forum by talking about a Mega Education Project. My apologies from the folks who got offended seeing this mega ramble.

    However, this is our only and best exit from foreign aid dependency. Even if we depended on foreign aid to implement this mega-project, later it will itself help us to get out of that dependency. When that dependency was broken, we can face any threat, as we want it, securing the interests of the masses.

  5. Defencenet,

    What type of weapons were used by SLAF to attack these underground facilities?

    I believe that bunker busters were used to attack these underground facilities.

    Am i correct?

  6. Guys,
    You all know that sea tiger leader Soosai was critically injured on 19th of July 2007 due to an explosion. During the following two weeks everybody was talking about it. Now LTTE has confirmed it according to Daily Mirror.

    Exactly 10 days after this incident here is what Mr. Iqbal athas said.
    “In addition, reports say, the Sea Tigers are also enhancing preparations. The western seaboard has seen enhanced Sea Tiger activity which senior security officials believe related to smuggling in military hardware, some of them from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Radio intercepts have revealed that Sea Tiger leader Soosai (Thillaiampalam Sivanesan) who was operating from his "headquarters" somewhere near Kilinochchi had been speaking to installations of his sea going arm at Pooneryn and to boats operating in the Gulf of Mannar regularly in the past week. Similar radio conversations had also gone on this week.”
    Sunday times July,29,2007

  7. Here is another Daily Mirror article.
    "Tigers facing serious ammunition crisis"

  8. Tamilnut would come out with an explanation such as " SLAF bombed a home for the aged, and secondary explosions were observed when the cholesterol in their arteries caught fire..."

  9. b2spirit,
    "I believe that bunker busters were used to attack these underground facilities. "

    No bunker busters were used. Looks like the standard payload did the job (or LTTE's "underground" is not very deep :) )

    "SLAF bombed a home for the aged, and secondary explosions were observed when the cholesterol in their arteries caught fire..."

    They've done it. This time a "TRO office" was hit.

  10. Guys,are the 2 chinese-built HY-2 radars now operational-have they been installed? i heard a rumpur that we are going to purchase a few SA-6 SAM batteries.don't you think these are outdated now..

  11. SLAF destroys key LTTE base - Mulaithivu

    SLAF fighter jets destroyed a strategically important LTTE facility in precision air strikes carried out at 12:15 p.m. today (21), at Vishvamadu in the Mulaithivu area.

    The air sorties were carried out at a LTTE base complex consisting of large arms and ammunitions dumps which was also said to be a harbouring location for the LTTE's special "regiment" (Imran Pandiyan). The air strikes were based on accurate air and ground surveillance information, a defence official said.

    SLAF sources said strikes were also launched today on a LTTE gathering point in the area, where high raking LTTE terrorists meet. This LTTE facility was a regular visiting place for key terrorist leaders.

    Air Forces officials said the target has been hit effectively inflicting heavy damages to the terrorists. The pilots have reported there were many activities going on in the terrorist camp at the time of the attack. Simultaneous explosions were observed from the site, following the air raid, pilots confirmed. However, the exact number of LTTE casualties is yet to be known, the sources added.

    Vishvamadu area has been identified as a key LTTE activity area, defence officials said.

    More information will follow.


  13. Sorry for the last posting...
    It looks to me that Millitary is expecting a push to the North and the increase air activity is a precasure to that...

  14. From another blog

    Small clashes continue in the north, causing several dozen casualties a day. The LTTE continues to lose support among the Tamil population. As a result, there are more LTTE terror attacks against Tamils, in an effort to restore discipline. But this has just led to more Tamils passing information to the government. This, for example, resulted in air force bombers hitting an underground munitions storage depot in the northeast. The resulting secondary explosions were large, loud and spectacular. This is a big deal, because the navy has cut LTTE munitions imports considerably. That, plus the increasing attacks on munitions already in hand, has resulted in far less artillery and mortar fire from the LTTE in the north, and fewer bombs being used for ambushes or terror attacks.

    The LTTE now admits that it is fighting a defensive war, and trying to hold on to the territory is still controls in the north. The army does not want to make a major push, and incur thousands of casualties. Instead, pressure is kept on the LTTE, in the hope that rebel morale will continue to slide, and ultimately result in LTTE collapse, or the rebels will agree to resume negotiations.

    Police in the capital arrested two suspected LTTE terrorists, and found a dozen bombs that had apparently been smuggled into the city and hidden in a building. The LTTE has been trying to organize a major terror campaign in the capital, in order to demoralize the armed forces.

    Government officials accuse Norway and Eritrea of aiding the LTTE weapons smuggling effort. Eritrean ports tolerate all sorts of shading shipping activities, and the Norwegians have had close relationships with the LTTE, as part of an effort to get the rebels to negotiate a peace deal with the government. That has led to many Sri Lankans believing the Norwegians favored the LTTE. Government efforts to halt LTTE arms smuggling has brought unwelcome publicity to ports in places like Cambodia, where gunrunners can bribe local officials to ignore the illegal shipping of weapons.

  15. GOSL should not abandon the tamil population no matter what...

    The best weapon the GOSL has with them is the tamil population of the North itself. Keep them happy while taking care of LTTE terror masterminds...GOSL strategy of not sending the SLA to North will inventually works...Leave the LTTE to abandon the struggle..

    As the previous article suggest, LTTE will collapse if the GOSL maintains the status quo..

  16. tangara,

    "GOSL should not abandon the tamil population no matter what..."

    I agree. No matter what, everybody is a citizen of SL and we have to protect them. We should not hurry into Vanni at all. While our forces destroy LTTE targets in Vanni, the political situation in the east must be improved. Karuna needs to be given a helping hand to be an elected leader in the east. Also, we should take the best effort to minimize the civilian casualties, which our forces are doing a decent job currently.

  17. "Karuna needs to be given a helping hand to be an elected leader in the east. "

    Sorry Sam I think Karuna needs to be given a helping hand out the door, his thugery is just growing in the East by latest reports and the government could do without his stain on them. If he can't shape up he needs to be shipped out!

  18. Guys, The latest video of sinking of the LTTE vessels is amazing and much better in detail..

    It runs longer than the previous one...

  19. Rifard,

    SA-6 are not effective with LTTE's takaran planes as the Takaran planes are low flying. After LTTE was caught trying to buy missiles from USA sources, now they may try to acquire SA-6 type missiles from other gray sources relating to former SSR.

  20. LAST Stand of LTTE...

    I am in the habit of speculating the next move of LTTE time to time.....

    I have a feeling , LTTE might resort to the same tactics of SLA...(They are already adopting our strategies one by one, though they are failing)

    SLA captured Thoppigala and it bought with it a tresure trove of weapons to go for another 1 year or so.

    LTTE might do the same to the SLA ..There target will be Jaffna...

    If they capture Jaffna with all SLA weapons, then GOSL will be facing A formidable threat..Most probably we have to give up the idea of capturing Jaffna again..

    Even though threat of this happening is becoming low, LTTE might still stage a massive attack just as a gamble...They might plan this as the last stand..They will combine this with an exit strategy for Velu and his terror masterminds , failure would see them leaving Sri Lanka...A win over the SLA in Jaffna make them once again invincible...

    SLDF must think on those lines...

    This is the LTTE's LAST STAND as I see it...

  21. Continue...

    The last time LTTE attacked Jaffna, We lost around 400 men at FDL's before they were routed...

    The next time , LTTE will bring in their light aircrafts to stage a suicide mission..LTTE needs to be successful in only one mission...
    (remember LTTE successfully brought in Artilery fire on one of our Artilery batteries in Vaunia..
    )..That sort of a cenario cannot be ruled out in Jaffna...
    This is what the LTTE is hoping for...Massive explosions within HSZ in Jaffna will cripple the SLA...When you are talking about the LAST STAND of LTTE, this is what come to my mind...

    I am sure our millitary planers are looking into every possible thing to avoid the blood bath...

    I remember LTTE had a plan about 6 months ago to attack Jaffna..

    According to their estimates 20000 civilians will die...

  22. LTTE to attack Jaffna, they have first cripple our Air and Naval Support capabilities. In addition, they will have to capture at least one of the MBRLs with enough ammo to go with it.

    LTTE's best bet is to acquire SA-18 missiles and Torpedoes (or they may send 10 to 20 suicide craft at once to attack our Naval craft) [and capture an MBRL]

    We have to avoid this happening at any cost. MBRL Transport, location and security should be a high priority. In the mean-time, attack like Katunayake should be avoided.

    What we traditionally lacked in our forces was "war-ready mind". Almost all the occasions LTTE succeeded because of our retard mentality on LTTE attacks. Everyone was thinking that it was the other persons' job to take measures. Otherwise, we could have made roast meat out of the LTTE who came to attack Elephant Pass, Mullative etc camps. It never happened to everyone's surprise.

    However, we have to think of a way to fix MBRLs to few Naval craft (this is an innovation that I am talking about). The initiative will come really handy if there was any difficult attack from LTTE. If this was done, Navy will have lot of fun roasting terrorists who are hiding in areas that can not be reached through land positioned MBRLs.

    How about developing a Fast Attack Barge (FAB) :-) (instead of FAC) with MBRL fitted? A Modified Barge (a very stable platform to withstand the recoil) fitted with 1000 HP engine block (4 X 250 HP). Take it out to the sea with a FAC or two for further protection, and terras will hide without raising heads.

  23. Tangara is right, if we maintain the status quo then the LTTE will start to deteriorate. We must make sure we again 100% control on the seas.

    If the LTTE is planning a thrust into Jaffna I would be surpised. Jaffna is much better defended than it was 8 years ago so it would be a very risky and bloody gamble for the LTTE. But you never know with the LTTE.

    If what Asithri is saying is correct in that were are planning to buy more MBRLs then I hope that we are going for a bigger calibre like 223mm, 275mm, 300mm etc. Such an acquistion will give us "deep strike" and the much feared "steel rain" ability. Steel rain is so destructive.

  24. defencenet,

    There are reports that states a bombing of a gathering of LTTE leaders.

    any more news?


  25. This is an excellent article. Truly underlines and elaborates into the true goals and aspirations of the LTTE.

  26. View the video.. you can see that "civilians" are hit and exploding with multiple secondary explosions ;-)

  27. It seems the link is being cropped.
    I thought I just paste it . I am going to e-mail this to everyone I know.

    Motivation, Greed or Grievance?

    Theorists have examined the motivations underlying the creation and sustenance of rebel groups by their leaders. Paul Collier[1] argues that rebel groups are motivated primarily by greed. Collier attributes this concept to a theory of predation where rebel groups engage increasingly in criminal activities based more on greed than grievance. An analysis of rebel groups like the LTTE confirm that rebel groups are indeed raising funds through criminal activities and that part of these funds are filling the coffers of its leaders. The LTTE is estimated to be raising between $100-250 million annually through drug-trafficking, smuggling of contraband goods and arms trafficking[2]. Reports also indicate personal enrichment by the organizations leader, including evidence to suggest that at least one of his children has been educated in a western country.

    However, many of the rebellions under study in other scholarly work seem to describe rebellion as a reaction to political or societal conditions (grievance). Ballentine and Nitzshke [3] argue that the question of greed versus grievance must be approached based on a political economy approach. They claim that although rebel groups have engaged in criminal activities for self financing, there is no conclusive evidence demonstrating a mutation of motives in rebel organizations from political aims to economic aims. The argument is based on an analysis of nine rebel movements in Angola, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Kosovo, Sri Lanka and Burma. Ballentine and Nitzshke however state that in a rebellion political and economic agendas can be mutually reinforcing. Therefore it is safe to conclude that rebel organizations could have two agendas; one political and the other economic. Hence they could have both political and economic interests in sustaining conflict.

    Unfortunately, and particularly in the case of Sri Lanka, it is often the grievance/political reasons that are commonly highlighted for the emergence of the LTTE. The greed/economic reason for rebel groups to sustain war is often completely disregarded. On the other hand, for a democratically elected government, sustaining war is an economic burden. Although a few rogue elements may make a ‘quick buck’ through arms procurements, a government as a whole will hardly gain any economic outcomes by waging war against a rebel group.

    [1] Collier. P. (2001). Economic causes of civil conflict and their implications for policy. In Crocker, C., Hampson, F.O., Aall, P. (Eds.) Turbulent Peace (pp. 143-162). Washington, D.C.: United States Institute of Peace Press. 145

    [2] Bhatt, S. & Mistry, D. Cost of Conflict in Sri Lanka. Strategic Foresight Group Report. Ehsaan Prints, Mumbai. 2006. P 65

    [3] Ballentine, K. & Nitzshke, H. (2003, October). Beyond greed or grievance: Policy lessons from studies in the political economy of armed conflict. IPA Policy Report. International Peace Academy.

  28. Garret,

    Triple Click and copy any links appearing in this Forum and you will be tru.

    The "Innocent Civilians Exploding" URL is

  29. Thanks, It does get little use to .

  30. Guys

    Whether this current war is faught to a conclusion or not, the mind game is already over. We've established that the idea of a seperation of the country will never happen, and the whiny pussies of tamil kolam can't piss far enough when it comes into a contest. This lesson is established without any doubt even in the minds of the most ardent keyboard thumpers who support tamil racism.

    All we need to do is keep up the pressure while cleaning up the human rights record which kinda looks soiled. There are ways and means to fix that and the talent that can deliver the solutions are available for the govt.

    Tamilchella is barking again. The guy sounds funnier by the day and obviously has someone glib to hand over the important sounding stuff he says.. Between his tactical withdrawals to patience to defencive war, back to patience, it is the most comical performance one would expect from a thug. But with pottu having a bullet with his name on it, this guy must be wondering how he can make a deal with the SLG as well.

    And then there's soosthi, who's also gotta be re-evaluating his own personal belief system, and who his real friends and enemies are.

    Right now, there's just so many different ways to skin a cat...

  31. Shocking news guys -

    LTTE prison break thwarted

    Tiger detainees dig 200m tunnel beneath Kalutara prison wall

    Have they been watching shawshank redemption :-?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Greets guys..

    Well, well, what have we here...?

    Looks like the SLAF is trying to out-beat the brave SLN boyz in sitting-duck-shooting! Bravo! SLAF has taken over 4 main targets over the past 72 hours and I am told 3 were definitely bulls-eye hits...especially the hit on the ammo dump at PuthuK.

    Patriots: Do not be fooled...No, the Intel from SL is LTTE is thinking mighty hard "how to survive" at this time and not about waging a "final assault" on Jaffna or anywhere else for that matter!

    The bloody mf's are, according to the intel, shell-shocked that almost 85% of their arms-floating-warehouses went to the bottom of the ocean in just 24 hours (This actually is LTTE-separatist Tamils' 9/11 as it started on Sept 11th 2007 and by 4am Sept 12th 2007, the three floating warehouses were sunk!

    No, the bastards are deeply worried now and are reportedly scrounging around to beef up with arty ammo as they are in severe short supply and they know no replenishments are coming (at least not in the near future!).

    No, they are not in a position to launch an attack anywhere, anytime soon...which is why there is a school of thought (to which humble OaO Asithri belongs) that we must now capitalize on our advantage and whack the maggots and push in for more gains. Whereas the LTTE mf's have lost their arty ammo supply, our MBRL launchers and rockets I hear are doing just fine...actually reeeeaaally fine I hear. LMSSAO!

    So, let's see what is going to be the next move of our fine SLDF! One thing I can bet on is, it is going to be another milestone when it is toast (i.e. that's why this softening up and neutralizing ammo-dumps from SLAF). No guys, we are not going to see another Muhamalai II type loss when the SLDF goes rock & rolling this time I hear (mark my word).

    noltte: I love your suggestion of mounting MBRLs on barges and bringing them (escorted by Dvoras) to coastal areas and pulverizing the LTTE mf's from all different you are a genius! You should be in MOD!

    Tropicalstorm, Tangara, GolendE, Garret and al: you guys have made some useful discourse here I see...some very interesting angles. Keep it up guys....

    Jack: GOSL needs to assure that it props up Karuna Faction and try to shape it up for something workable for SL's democracy. Bear in mind that K-F played a very important role (with “inside” intel) on liberating the East (that drastically eliminated high SLA/STF casualties) and it is only the right thing to do by reciprocating that allegiance to GOSL/MotherLanka they rendered by supporting them to stand on their feet and be counted in the forthcoming governance unit for the East. I know K-F is rough-round-the edges, but if we disown/neglect/renege on K-F what kind of message are we sending to any future LTTE breakaway individuals/factions...that GOSL is just opportunistic and cannot be trusted and that GOSL will throw the breakaway dissidents back to the LTTE tiger pack mercilessly? Nha, I say that sort of reputation is not good for this business of fighting LTTE terrorism and our goal of liquidating every single LTTE mf (who refuses to lay down arms) with "extreme prejudice."

    OaO Asithri

  34. LTTE Prison break..

    Can you remember the Clint Eastwood Movie?

    Prabhakaran is a great fan of Clint Eastwood movies..

    Here is the inaction..

  35. Noltte=peace,

    thanks for some good read machan,

    about your FAB idea sounds very interesting.
    How sea worthy is a barge? Sea state 2?
    Navy mounted MBRLs on boats already, remember the PPD kill?

    we could also try to make a 2-axis stabilization mount with a per round calculations fire control system for the MBRL(lets say the 12 tube 107mm for starters)[this could also come in handy for our RM70 land MBRLs] and mount them on our big ships.

    Having proximity fuzes for the MBRL rounds would increase its destructive capability.

    The Chinese have now placed on board some LCU and LST 122mm and 140mm MBRLs!!

    The new Chinese LST and large landing ships all are capable of having 122mm and on some 300mm MBRL!
    NORINCO also makes extended range pre frag cluster 122mm rockets which can reach 30Km (our MBRLs fire rockets up to 21km)

    Btw what happened to that barge found a drift in galle?

  36. Asithri,

    If your assessment is right, Velu may seek refugee status in Eritria or Norway soon. However, I am more inclined to think that LTTE is stronger than ever, and attack/defend accordingly. In that way, we can reduce LTTE threat faster than ever. Underestimating our own abilities is always good to take remedies before the real action.

    You are on the dot about Karuna. I need not to say anymore. Anybody who gives up separatism and terrorism should be given a helping hand to be an accepted part of the country.

  37. All,

    SLAF ran another round of sorties at the same location of Vishwamadu to stop LTTE from recovering the remnants. Is there any chance they are trying to recover the body/bodies of senior leadership?

  38. Garrett,

    Thank you for your very informative academic piece on 'greed'. In my opinion, the greed of Tamil politicians to find a cause to stay in power in the 50s to 80s was a big reason for existence of LTTE. They fueled LTTE, which was then a 'protection ring' for smugglers of Indian goods who lost their purpose when the economy was opened up in Sri Lanka. Then it was India's greed (or I will call 'Envy') of seeing how Sri Lanka was 'developing' (even though it was a little pseudo development, as we were dragging into an 'import dependent economy') made India to provide training and support for Sri Lankan militants. Now then youth Prabha is trapped in his own swearing to be killed if he left EELAM. I believe that after 30 years, almost everyone who has sense in LTTE have realised when they come to he middle-age that what they fought for is totally baseless. But, now VP and the leadership have no other exit than hanging into the worthless piece of EELAM.

    I am not intellectual enough to eloquently express what I understand about LTTE. In layman terms, I think that what now holds LTTE together is 'shame' than 'greed'. The 'shame' keeps them going. They know in the back of their mind that what they did was an utter waste and a HUGE mistake, but they can not come out of it. But I take my hats off to Karuna, where Karuna realised the same, and he had the guts to admit the mistake and depart.

    I agree with you, Karuna should be protected and applauded for his courage and vision. He should be helped to come into the democratic process. I have such respect for Mr. Douglas Devananda, and Mr. Ananda Sangaree too. They are exceptional people of our time (and I have not forgotten Mr. Kadiragamar, whom I wanted to be the President of Sri Lanka one day - at least the Prime Minister).

    MR needs some deputies under him to handle the "internationale". If he can not find some smart guys, at least until he finds some, he needs to elevate G.L. Peiris to handle some international affairs in a 'true diplomatic way'.

  39. Asithri and Nemesis,

    Thanks for the praises bros. The idea is to take MBRLs to the sea when we want it.

    We can try by tying an existing MBRL mounted vehicle to the deck of one of our OPVs.

    I like your idea Nemesis man..."Having proximity fuzes for the MBRL rounds".... How about Air-bursting frag MBRL rounds 50ft over the heads of LTTE boat-clusters? Whoa!!! That gives me some relaxing feeling!

    Actually speaking a Medium scale Catamaran also can be used instead of a barge (there are many types of barges and catamarans, but we should be able to find a low-cost one with stability and agility), and cats are faster on water. Else, fit one to our Landing Craft and try.

    BTW, SL Navy needs to protect the craft from LTTE Frogman Attacks too.

    LTTE have brought many of the below,

    With these units, you can travel several miles underwater.


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