Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heavy fighting near Kilali, Mannar FDLs

Heavy fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) ahead of forward defense lines in Kilali and Mannar, yesterday(24th) and today(25th).

Fighting in Kilali was triggered when the LTTE attempted to infiltrate SLA controlled territory in a pre dawn offensive. SLA soldiers deployed in the forward defense lines detected the LTTE advance while it was crossing the no-man's-land and were able to stage a surprise counterattack. LTTE cadres, knowing that they were at a disadvantage, tried to return to their bunker line. However they received casualties while fleeing and at least 8 of their bunkers in FDL caught fire due to small arms fire from SLA soldiers and from artillery fire directed at their FDL from artillery bases in the region. Dead bodies of two LTTE cadres have been recovered by the army and another 10-15 bodies could be observed scattered in the no-man's-land ahead of FDLs. Two SLA personnel were killed and 30 others were wounded in the incident. Most SLA casualties were due to LTTE artillery fire.

Meanwhile SLA launched a small scale offensive in the Mannar region today morning which was immediately met with heavy resistance. Soldiers of the 57th division advanced more than half a kilometer into LTTE controlled territory amidst heavy artillery and small arms fire. Two soldiers were killed and another 14 have been wounded so far in the offensive. LTTE casualty figures are not available as of yet. Pro rebel media were quick to categorize the offensive as "a major military thrust to capture Wanni" but DefenceNet can confirm that this claim is entirely false. The goal of the offensive was to re adjust the forward defense line which was breached in recent clashes.


  1. Will anyone here be able to tell me the answer for this
    Are Sri Lankan mig 27’s armed with these cannons?
    (30mm GSh-6-30 Six-Barrel Aircraft Cannon)


  2. yes,patriot they are armed wit these cannon-(the standard versions,anyway)..although sri lankan mig-27's might have their cannon either disabled or removed to give allowance for a higher bomb payload.the 30mm cannon is for self-defence purpose,anyway,against other aircraft & the mig-27 is a dedicated ground attack aircraft.

  3. LTTE want to show that it is business as usual even though they lost 3 arms ships...

    There will be a day that, their artilery guns will run out of ammo...

    Maintain the presure...That is the way to decimate LTTE...

    As I predicted, LTTE attacked the SLA lines just after announcement of Def. Secy..

    That is how LTTE operates...
    As long as LTTE got weapons to fight, war will drag on..

  4. As far as i know, the 30mm cannon is very good at strafing ground targets. Specially infantry and Light Armour. Use of this weapon maybe effective for close air support missions.

    It maybe a good weapon against LTTE's mobile mortar crews. Maybe even against Sea Tiger boats.

  5. Defencenet, so is this Mannar offensive still on going? Or did troops return to former lines as claimed by LTTE media? Thanks.

  6. http://www.lakbima.lk/articles/news4.htm

    LTTE mole inside CID....

  7. Right on tangara,
    if SLN can curtail most of ltte's heavy arms shipments... it'll be much easier to take them out...
    we need good solid intel and recon capabilities... with that half the battle is won

  8. Look at these cowards, they are now begging the International community to restrain the government.....so much for Eelam War IV haha.



  9. Uthum,

    LTTE have been cowards all the time.

    Whenever they are hard hit, they either declare peace or hang on some international element.

    Now they are doing the same thing bringing false HR violations accusations against GOSL, and trying to hang on to UN tail.

    They are utter cowards with multiple faces.

    They are the biggest violators of human rights on this earth, but accuses GOSL. What a bunch of cowards!

  10. Defencenet:

    I hear there are plans to open a new front in Weli Oya and task is handed down to 58 Division of the Sri Lanka Army to spearhead the military push to the Tiger stronghold in Mullaitivu. Any such move will force LTTE to defend themselves on three fronts. Any thoughts on this?

    Good to hear that Forward Defense Lines in Muhamalai, Nagar Kovil killai are well defended. Repeated attempts to break Northern FDL's can be taken as a strategy to divert attention from a major offensive else where. Then again LTTE’s options for major offensives are limited.

  11. LTTE making a big noise over GOSL HR violations because of the current United Nations General Assembly. This is a good chance for them to put pressure on GOSL and if possible stop the military push for their northern strong hold. They are the most opportunistic organization I have seen.

  12. jack,
    "Defencenet, so is this Mannar offensive still on going? Or did troops return to former lines as claimed by LTTE media? "

    Operation has ended after re adjustment of forward defence line.

    "Any such move will force LTTE to defend themselves on three fronts. Any thoughts on this?"

    Yes. but this would mean that army would also need additional resources. With a significant amount of troops deployed heavily in the eastern province (more were assigned to defend newly captured areas), such a move is currently unlikely. This doesnt mean the SLA cannot breach the FDL and advance from Weli oya, but the issue of defending newly captured areas will arise (as always).

  13. Uthum:

    "Look at these cowards, they are now begging the International community to restrain the government.....so much for Eelam War IV haha."

    Spot on man...

    So much for the empty bravado about "will drench the 'thamihomeland' with Sinhela blood"..."Singhalese mothers, do you want your son in a bodybag?"....etc. etc...

    Bloody big-talking freaking punks! Yo tera-scummie, stand up and fight like a man...ooops, I forgot, how can you, when the fighting is being done by little children and women! Some “liberation warriors” these mf’s are!

    Stay tuned...some nifty SLAF actions are coming soon to a theatre near you I hear...


    OaO Asithri

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  15. LOL damn straight man......and by the way, I read your article on Lankaweb it was a pretty analytical/humorous read...good job.....I submitted one the day before about the US's twisted foreign policy towards Sri lanka, if anybody is interested in reading it heres the link:


  16. Rumor has it that Karuna has fled to the UK.

    Defencenet do you if this is true?

  17. golden eagle,

    Karuna has indeed left Srilanka. But this cannot be called as "fleeing". Internal conflict within TMVP is pretty much settled as of now.

  18. Soosai is alive and kicking!

    However tamil'nut' admits the boat incident.

    Interesting??? coz I never saw them reporting the 'boat incident' when it happened.

    Oh also the Tamilnut reports of a DPU attack that killed a priest.

    defencenet: any info on this?

  19. The following Defence.lk article has lot deviated from typical 'un-professional' defence.lk reporting a well-matured state.


    I would like it's articles maintain at least the same or higher quality in the future too.

  20. Uthum:

    Thanks...I saw your article too earier and must say it was well articulated..so, I do salute you bro!

    So, patriots, looks like a dog's breakfast right? I mean 41 LTTE maggots instantly promoted to "marveerars" in just 2 days! Way to go SLDF!

    Certainly, the "softening up" is happening round the clock and the $million question is where will the SLA punch through...I am sure this guessing-game keeps the aging, bloated, LTTE honchos' blood pressure up round the clock too! Let's hope none of the buggers die in their sleep...and that they stay healthy enough till a Kfir/MiG PGM or a juicy MBRL volley greets them!

    OaO Asithri

  21. "Soosai is alive and kicking! "

    Hi Ares most surprising is that his arms look fine, I thought he had serious injuries. Defencenet any info would be appreciated as always.

  22. Patriots:

    Here's a news item that caught my eye:

    [COLOMBO, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka's Army Commander Sarath Fonseka said Wednesday that Tamil Tiger rebels have lost 60percent of the territory they controlled in the island's Northern and Eastern provinces during the last two years.

    The Army Commander told reporters that the Liberation Tigers ofTamil Eelam (LTTE) have also faced severe internal problems according to intelligence sources.

    "We have killed over 3000 of their cadres in our humanitarian operations while another 1000 of them had been injured," Fonseka said. ]

    OaO Asithri says...

    Well done and also spoken Commander Sarath Fonseka! (Aha , this Sinhelaya hails from our proud South, Balapitiya in our "Ruhney")!

    Well, is it a small wonder now that the bloody Ranil-the-Pansy & co. run UNP "stump" (really a stump as all UNPers of any caliber have deserted to MR GOSL) is now disowning a "federal" solution for SL and they are basically trying to hijack MR GOSL’s agenda to terminate LTTE terrorism – but deceptively!

    RW, this mf went all over the world and preached the merit of his and his Norwegian masters' "federal" system for SL and bloody crassly bad-mouthed the MR GOSL saying it is against a "federal" model and went even as far as to ask foreign govts. to cut off aid (including military support, like in the case he did with the US) to SL due to that reason.

    Now patriots, can you believe what has happened...?

    This same bloody mf pansy has now tucked his tail and changed his mind about "federalism" (after he did all the damage to SL)! Well, it is obvious to us that this is only to win the next Election in SL and nothing more. Once he win, of course, he will go back on his word and hand over 40% of our Motherland to the LTTE maggots.

    So, let’s shun this mf pansy at every turn as if he takes reigns, we can bet our bottom dollar (or Rupee) that thousands of brave SLDF boys will die – by trying to regain the territory he would have given on a platter to the LTTE (like he did in 2001 and the price SLDF are paying today!)

    OaO Asithri

  23. Jack-

    I think tamilnet exactly want every one to believe nothing has happened. That would be the reason they have posted those pictures. There is no way any one can verify when these pictures got done.
    So I would not think those pictures happened to be after the incident.

  24. I think b2spirit is right and
    My belief 30mm rounds do devastations over light armors and vehicles bunkers etc. I personally love the A-10 Thunderbolt which capable firing about 4500 per min, but this Russian gatling burst about 6000 RPM, you need only one shot for so called sea-tiger ships.
    I think either we have not taken them with migs someone might have felt that very costly

    [link for A-10 Thunderbolt video]

  25. Patriot, the cannon carried on the MiGs cant be compared with the A-10's cannon, which has massive stopping power. The A-10's cannon is as big aas a VW Beetle, and each round is the size of a one-pint bottle of milk!

  26. Soosei Article:
    Cleverly done. LTTE itself admitted the boat incident. And Soosei was seriously injured in teh explosion as we reported. But he did not die.

    Main purpose of the story seems to be to show that there is internal conflict. But this is far from the truth. Conflict within the LTTE has deepened more than ever with Prabhakaran trying to give is Son (Charles Anthony) the leadership of the organisation.

    LRRP story is false.

  27. above comment
    "Main purpose of the story seems to be to show that there is internal conflict."

    should be corrected as:

    "Main purpose of the story seems to be to show that there is NO internal conflict."

  28. What wonderful news to read on defense.lk...looks like i will be partying late into the night!!!.

  29. Patriot

    David is right, the A-10 is basically a flying cannon. The cannon is as long as the plane itself, in other words the plane was built around the cannon.

    One of the greatest fears to the Soviet tank commanders during the cold war was the A-10. And for good reason.

  30. According to Defence Wire, apparently this Catholic priest PAKAYA ranjith was a supporter of the LTTE. Wouldn't be the first time that the Catholic clergy have aided and abetted the activities of the Tamil Tigers. I wonder how many of the churches up north are storage places for LTTE arms and ammunitions - all with the blessings of the corrupt and money hungry Catholic priests of course. It's time higher ups in the church did something about this.

  31. "Since Monday, the military has announced that more than 60 rebels have been killed in the fighting.

    The Tamil Tigers said the military was massively inflating the rebels' casualty figures and understating its own." - Associated Press

    How about not announcing any Terrorist deaths at all.

    Because, when every time the GOSL announce terrorist deaths, it makes the international community's blood to boil, and ask for sanctions against GOSL.

    How about not announcing any terrorist casualties/deaths for the next two-years ;-)?

  32. GOSL can always announce captured weapons..

    It will help LTTE to adjust their budget and pass ledger entries to their inventories.

    So, no more LTTE deaths!

    Once the LTTE is over, we can either go to Maveer cemeteries and find out the count or GOSL can release the final count.

  33. LTTE using probing attacks to measure defense strength

    this will continue until someone gives up defending and lead to opening up fronts elsewhere

    as we see the LTTE plan is to use probing attacks to keep pressure on Army units while planning for a much larger mission on Jaffna targets

  34. I think Soosei story in TamilNet infact highlights the internal conflicts within LTTE, rather than a damage control exercise.

    Though Soosei has mentioned MR about bringing his family to politics, it is a thinly veiled attack on Velu for making CA the next in line for leadership. Just replace MR with Velu and his speach make more sense.

    This may be a sign of power struggle within TamilNet also. Soosei supporters have succeeded geting a front page plug with old photos.

  35. Guys…

    Just got off the phone with SL...”inside” info has it that LTTE casualties are much higher than the approx. 60 dead claimed so far - since Monday - by SLDF. The incursions (aha, we will not say by whom!) have been quite intense and particularly, the critically wounded LTTE number is quite hefty according to intel (i.e. they are as good as dead). Allegedly the "instruction" that went out to SLDF was, "go on ops, but keep the "LTTE casualty figures low while not totally denying and losing credibility" while the GOSL delegation, including HE MR, was abroad.

    Naturally, the LTTE is fully cooperating with this strategy (as customary, LTTE never owns up to their true casualties for the fear of disappointing the Tamil Diaspora and risking a funding dry up; naturally, LTTE’s “Illyathan (or some crappy name I can’t remember) said the fighting “was not that severe”). Sweet!


    Scorpion aka OaO Asithri

  36. Defencenet, any news on the sea battle off the east coast?

    The navy is claiming 3 LTTE boats sunk and the LTTE is claiming 3 Dvoras sunk...all we can ask is that you just sink the lies for us :)


  37. Guys, I think Sri Lanka is ably represented in UN forums these days. Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka and Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe are doing a great Job.
    Please read,
    "Diplomatic offensive in Geneva knocks out attempts of pro-Tiger lobbies to censure Sri Lanka"

    And following is the abovemensioned speech of Dr. Jayatilleka.

  38. Hemantha,

    Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe is doing a good job, but yet to match our beloved Kadir.

    Prof can improve in telling what needs to be told DIRECT!

    Prof tries to be too diplomatic and distort the message.

    What we really need to tell the West is, if they are genuinely interested in peace in Sri Lanka, just curb all the LTTE activities in their countries.

    We will look after the rest, and in few months, peace will prevail in Sri Lanka.

    When dealing with Terrorism, you can not avoid violating certain individuals' rights for the sake of majority of peace-loving community. The GOSL has to protect the interests of 19 Million people without giving into bunch of terrorists who represent less than 1% of the population.

    BTW, where is Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala? What has happened to him?

  39. Guys...

    Since the Ceasfire Agreement broke 1,271 security forces, 3,284 rebels and 860 civilians have been killed.

    The kill ratio is 1 : 2.59 SLDF Vs LTTE. That means a Soldier has been killed for every 2 and half LTTE terrorist.

    I do not want to cry out louder either, but the ratio is not a number to be happy about.

    Since LRRP and MBRL, we have not had significant innovation in the battle-field. Small SF teams are a good thing, but it is half an innovation.

    I do not attribute Night operation capabilities of SLAF as 'innovation' either, because it is 30 years late. But, I am wondering why we are not using our Night Operation capabilities?

    Sinking of 9 LTTE cargo ships are great achievements that can reduce battle-field casualties -and one may argue that the recent victories are a result of innovation.

    Improvements in MI can be counted as a huge improvement, but where is the innovation.

    We are still facing LTTE using 'traditional' warfare that was thought by the British sergeants in the second world-war era. The battle-field improvements are not 'innovation'. They have to be significant!

    The KIA 'ratio' is NO GOOD!

    We badly need innovation in how we fight! Some sort of major shift needs to take place quickly in our forces to bring in unique innovations.. They need not be long-term sustainable innovations that provide competitive advantage. They can be 'disposable innovations' too. You will use once and not use them again..

    By bringing in a line of such innovations achieving higher ratios every time you use them, you can easily finish-off enemy strengths within a shorter period.

    Gota...please initiate that shift!

  40. noltte=peace

    What our land forces need is a few more fire-finding radars and MBRLs with "steel rain" ability.

    The Russian Smerch MLRS and the Chinese A-100 MLRS are good options.

  41. noltte=peace,

    Agree with your comment regarding Kadir. But we are so spoilt because of him that we expect everybody to be another Kadir.

    Being a tiny nation devastated by terrorism, we don't have the privilege of being blunt as the rich nations do sometimes. Being able to be very diplomatic at this juncture would strengthen us rather than weakening I believe.

    Regarding Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala, I believe he is a very able guy who wasted his time working with an idiotic president who had no clear cut policies. Following website might give you some current inf. about him.

  42. Sri Lanka Army aims at taking Wanni, says the Commander
    Friday, September 28, 2007, 5:35 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 28, Colombo: Sri Lanka Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka says that the aim of the operations in Wanni is to free the 350,000 residents who are under the rule of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) and to prevent the attacks on border areas.

    In an interview with the government owned Sinhala daily Dinamina, the Army Commander said that the LTTE’s fighting cadre has dropped about 50%. The Army has restricted the guerilla’s territory by 70%, he said.

    The Army Commander further says that 3,000 Tiger cadres were killed and around 1,000 were injured in the recent past. The LTTE has also lost a huge coastal area restricting the Sea Tigers, said the Army Commander.

    Lt. General Sarath Fonseka anticipated that the Army would soon take over the Thampanai area currently they are fighting to wrest control.

    sounds cool.. go ahead

  43. David,
    It became beetle size when it comes with ammunition loading system but
    When comparing The A10’s Avenger and MIG-27’s GSH 6 30 we shouldn’t compare the size (for most of weapons size is not amatter).
    Both have similar mechanism and avenger’s projectile is heavier
    But most cases us military admire being lighter and more accuracy like ak-47 with M16 and saber jet armament with MIG-15 cannon etc.
    I thing we should more concentrate about the type of the war and the usage, my opinion concentrations are rate of fire, damage, reliability and the cost kind of things over other armaments, I think in those aspects the ratio is quite higher

  44. Patriot, my point was that the two weapons systems caannot be compared. The MiG's is for self defence and strafing whereas the A10's is for anti-armour. So though the latter has a much slower rate of fire, each round has massive kinetic energy, far more than the MiG's cannon which has a high RPM to put the max rounds into a target that is in its sights very briefly.

    And the ammo loading system is as much an integral part of the weapon as is the box mag on a T56, so you have to calculaate its size.

  45. http://lankaguardian.blogspot.com/2007/09/sri-lanka-political-party-first-time.html

  46. This is great stuff.. (outside defence)


    We need some paid and unpaid school to churn-out 5000 or more Nurses per annum too.

    The ones who are would be Middle-East House-maids could be trained to be Nurses bringing in much valued foreign currency to the country (that money will help to fight the terrorists)

  47. Sri Lankan military says it sank 3 Tamil Tiger boats in lengthy sea battle.

    any more info defencenet?

  48. A good article.

  49. noltte=peace..interesting comments bro.When estimating the kill ratio 1:2.59 is pretty good! what does it workout to on a monthly basis?..Initially the LTTE were killing 5 troops daily..How many deaths were due to mines and direct face to face engagements..Also with new units there is a "learning experience" involved.What was the kill ratio during the ceasefire agreement?

  50. http://rajapaksa.homestead.com/gota.html..an article some readers may find interesting

  51. Sri Lankan,

    1 to 2.59 is NOT a good ratio..!

    1 to 25 or 1 to 50 may be a good ratio.

    This is what needs to be aiming for.

    Coalition troops in Afganistan is aiming for much higher. Israeli forces are constanly achieving such higher ratios.

    Innovation, intelligence, improved coordination, can take you there.

    When it comes to innovation, you have to look at all the elements of Strategy, Tactics, operations, tools, technologies, systems, and process.

    Process innovation is one of the lowest cost innovations that can achieve higher results.

    Outcome of innovation is 'enemy SURPRISE'.

    Gota.. deliver Surprises to our enemy!

  52. 3 ltte boats were sunk. No harm to sln vessels. 1 sln dead and 3 injured. Yet another ltte attempt to rescue tigers trapped in peraru jungle

  53. Defencenet,

    What is the status of the new air assault division? Sometime back there was a recruitment drive for an air assault division. Is that program still active?

  54. Just a note on the A-10's 30mm Gatling cannon, it fires depleted uranium shells, which essentially are radioactive and are better at penetrating armour. There were various reports saying that Coaltion troops in the First Gulf War suffered from radioactive poisoning due to the use of depleted uranium shells. Some infact went as far as to say that the so called 'Gulf War syndrome' was due to this.

    As far as I know, the shells on the MiG-27's cannon are High Explosive. It can due a huge amount of damage,probably could wipe out a concentration of enemy troops or vehicles with a short burst. Not sure if the SLAF 27's fly low enough to use them. I would think they do, cuz I've seen video footage of low level '27 sorties.

  55. Divaina reports that Anti Terrorist Unit has discovered 50Kg of C4 explosives and large number of war-like material buried in a house in Kotahena. The explosives have been hidden there to make a massive Van bomb.

    A Tamil Customs Officer and a Police Intelligence officer also taken into custody relating to the same.

    The Tamil Customs officer has helped the LTTE smugglers to bring them to the island via Katunayake Airport.

    This is another call to tighten security in the air-port.

    The current Security guys are always harassing the innocent public and collect ransom from Tamil people who travel.

    One day I witnessed for three hours how Katunayaka Airport Security and the CID personnel on duty collaboratively collected more than one hundred, 5 - 20.00 bills in various currencies i.e. $, pounds etc from Tamil people who flew into the country (I made a complain, but do not know whether anything happened.. it is a big mafia there).

    I can explain how exactly they were doing it if anyone interested. The guys who were employed in the bank counters were the custodians of those monies collected.

    One Tamil guy who was with two kids did not have change, but had only Travellers cheques, so he gave his wife's watch to this Security guy.

    They were innocent Tamil people.

    These guys constantly harassed the women who come from Middle East too to get Dinnars etc.

    That is how our national security is compromised in our airport.

  56. When Navy was engaging with the 20 Naval craft what was the Air Force doing?

    This lack of Air Support is an increasing mystery to me.

    No air support was available to rescue Elephant Pass, Mullative, or Killinochchi camps in the early days.

    Is it repeating again?

  57. Guys,
    Following is the Daily Mirror defence column (today). It contains lot of information related to current Vanni offensive.


  58. Hemantha,

    Looks like the person who writes that Defence column in Daily Mirror is taking some effort to report as it is than unnecessary dramatisation as Iqbal Athas does.

  59. noltte=peace,
    I like the way he present the facts. The feeling I have is that the guy is reliable. But I am not sure yet.

  60. Hemantha,

    To me it sounded like another Athas.

  61. We will see Sam. So far I have read few columns written by him and I like the guy. But you never know. I believed everything Athas had written in the nineties too.

  62. Following is a Lanka guardian article written by prof Rajiva Wijesingha.

  63. b2spirit,

    Recruitment drive has ended for the Air Mobile Brigade. (known as "Jangama Guwan Praharaka Bala Aniya" or "Guwan Sankramanika Balakaya" in Sinhalese). This unit is attached to the 53rd division.

    Meanwhile yet another small scale LTTE infiltration attempt through Nagarkovil FDL was beaten back by 55-2 division units 2 days ago. Increase in LTTE small group attacks seem to be the signs of a forthcoming major assault.

  64. Noltte=peace Thanks for your input.I am really saddened about the security situation at katunayake.I hope the tamil people are complaining about this.Sadly this is not the time to investigate corruption..because we cant fight on a 3rd front..what can be done is to contain it until the war is over.It is very difficult to get a good kill ratio because many soldiers are killed due to mines and this is not a conventional war and the army is on the offensive..is it possible that the kill ratio is reduced/surpressed because it is not possible to account for LTTE numbers accurately and this "human rights" issue... ?Thank god it is not the other way round.What must be avoided at all costs is the LTTE going for peace talks...We dont want solheims,his mother-in-laws or his sister-in-laws ltte peace...
    U.S soldiers deployed on offensive ops in afganistan have personal communicators..so that their commanders can direct each soldier more effectively.Does this lead to a better kill ratio?. Do we have the same in the SL army?

  65. Defencenet,

    Do you have any info on the circumstances that surrounded the dismissal of the commanding officer in one of the infantry units west of Omanthai mentioned in the Daily Mirror Def article that hemantha has linked here?

  66. More warlike items uncovered -Batticaloa, Vavuniya, Ampara
    [September 29, 2007]

    The above headline is from Defence.lk..


    There is nothing called "WAR LIKE ITEMS"...

    It is called MILLITARY HARDWARE...

    Why the hell they keep saying these words...?

    Millitary Hardware please...

  67. Thanks Defencenet for the update..

    LTTE might try an attack on Colombo or somewhere else as distraction using people they infiltrated during the ceasefire to various parts of the island

    The weapons for a such an attack might come from the Underworld or perhaps from smugglling directly to Colombo surburbs via the sea route.They might bring in weapons from overseas using small vessels in order to , not to arouse suspiciaon of the SLN.Forces must keep a constant vigil on any suspicious activity...

    We should never forget the fact that LTTE want to commit Mass murder of all DEFENCE personal if possible...

    Regarding Jaffna,

    LTTE might try their biggest gamble on Jaffna with all their resources..

    I guess that cenario is the freakiest...

    May tbe force be with our forces to defend Jaffna and elsewhere...

  68. Ayubo all,
    In response to a last ditch all out suicide air attack (ldaosaa)
    what has the GOSL and SLDF done in terms of preparing, simulating,
    contingency, proactive counter measures etc. etc.?

    What is the impact of the recently complete air defence system in this regard?
    Is it sufficient or not?

    I think there should be a separate body identify probable targets and coming
    up with plans to protect them and overall cover all aspects of ldaossa's.

    I think so far we have successfully thwarted bombs going off in GOSL
    territory. Are we prepared for this? Or are we going to close the stable
    doors after the horse has bolted?

  69. Here's an extract from an article by Col.Hariharan of IPKF fame, regarding the recent military ops by the SLA, which sheds an independent's view of what the Norwegian sponsored peace-process was all about:

    "...What is the impact of the continuing "victories" of security forces on the peace process that has been in coma, and the All Party Representative Committee's peace formulation exercise? Though military gains are valuable to the government to stabilise its parliamentary and political support, each one of them makes it more difficult to go back to a peace process that was designed for an entirely different mindset..."
    Source: [http://www.saag.org/notes5/note401.html ]

    Reading between the lines, the intent becomes obvious; the Sri Lankan voter was expected to bow down and accept a virtual partitioning of the nation in the aftermath of suffering humiliating assaults by the LTTE, while its own defence mechanisms are tied down under 'peace' agreements enforced on us by the international community.

    I for one thought the Norwegians were non-partisan in the resolution process, even while the larger majority were suspicious. Admissions such as these from persons in the intelligence community make it even harder for any independent minded folks to support any resolution involving such tainted parties.

  70. IQBAL athas is the one who accused the UNF Govt of buying USS Courageous (SLNS Samudura) saying that SLN is buying an old rustry US coast gurad vessel and spending unnecessary amounts for its refits. He even claimed that this whole expense was of no use. (People who read his situation report for some time can remember about this claim...) Sure this claims has proved wrong because of the latest deep sea operation that Samudura undertook. Can this same be applied to his claims over the MIG deal. Cos its known very well that the most of the recent SLAF attacks were carried out using the mig 27s

  71. b2spirit

    An Air assault brigade did exist earlier, but I am uncertain what happened to them. They were called the 'Air Mobile brigade' and had one very successful op in which appx 100 troops were ferried by 3 mil-17s backed by Mil-24s to take out a couple of camps.
    That was the only time I heard of an op by them.

  72. Sri Lankan

    I agree with you upto a point. The tamil folks need to be treated better in such events not because we cannot afford to fight on another front, but because they too are Sri Lankans and have equal rights.

  73. I suspect that the LTTE might be planning to carry out a major offensive to help stop the increasing internal divisions and discontent within their outfit.

    I think by concentrating most of their efforts to mount a major offensive against an external foe(SLA), it will put the differing elements within the LTTE in the same boat, for they are now all in this offensive together. This will force them to work together and help control(atleast temporarily) the widening divisions.

    This is what I suspect. What do you guys think?

  74. GoldenEagle,

    Answer is: Cluster Bombs. Multiple munitions air-bursting 20 ft above the ground fired through arti and MBRLs as well as air dropped.

    Then you will ask where was the LTTE major offensive?

  75. N=P,
    Your comments are interesting. Cluster bombs?

    But check this out. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7000083.stm

  76. noltte:
    Re. those clusters...I love it man! :)) :)) :))

    It is possible, but I am not convinced that LTTE will put all their rotten eggs in one basket for a "one major assault" but will do so for a "one major stand" when the SLDF boyz come calling in on Killi and I quite expect them to use some sort of chemical munitions (likely arty shells injected with some type of noxious gas). LTTE has used such in the past (in limited fashion) and this is a threat SLDF should not take likely.

    Sf admirer:
    Great point about Athas…certainly very thought provoking…could it be…just could it be that this guy is in LTTE’s payroll and while he might criticize the LTTE at a lower level (pretentiously), his job is to influence decisions at a higher, strategic level (such as prohibiting purchase of war ships, fighter jets, etc.) in favor of the LTTE? Mmmm….certainly thought provoking. Good stuff man…

    OaO Asithri

  77. About athas et al.,
    In a recent interview given by Maj. Gen. Sarath Fonseka he has given some indications as to the motive of some of these so called defence analysts.

    He said that these DAs have not gone beyond polonnaruwa. I think he specifically mentioned that Atha's has not gone beyond polonnaruwa.

    What he said in that interview was that these DA's are just trying to make a living. Some seem to have personally talked to him and said that "apith jeewath wenna ona ne..". If they don't get information to maintain their columns then they start attacking. That seems to be the modus operandi of these DA's. Indirectly assisting the enemy thereby.

    This is probably the motive behind this sort of behaviour.

  78. Guys,i stil cannot believe u guys attack athas for no apparent reason-DOES the TRUTH hurt so badly??.

    athas's exposures on several corrupt military deals is most welcome.after all,it's our money the government is using to buy antique,outdated,rusty military hardware-at the same time filling up their pockets with ill-gotten wealth,of course!!-

    True,the ex-US coast guard vessel did prove useful(with it's puny 37mm guns,of course).for a ship of that size,bigger guns are necessary..

  79. Hey A ahas is the one who said that the UNF has betrayed the MI in the millenium city in his defence column and he is the one who published pictures how the tigers were un loading artillery in the mulative coast during the ceasefire. So am not quick to jump to the conclussion that he is under tiger's pocket. If we say that there are better candidates for that in lankaenews, sunday leader etc. who write various things against our forces. What I need to highlight here is that there can be a big difference in the real truth and the claimed information in the media. Athas has questioned the deal involving belimissa holding only but not the air capability of the mig 27s while mangala claims that these are flying coffins (which is completely false). WE NEED TO LIVE WITH FACTS.

  80. Also, Maj. Gen. Sarath Fonseska said that it was clearly shown that there were no underhand dealings in the Mig 27 affair.

    However some retards in here abused Gothabaya Rajapaksha in filth accusing him of corruption.

    Somehow I feel like believing the army commander rather than a common blogger.

  81. Yes believing a person who nearly sacrificed his life twice for the sake of the country, who saved the army from the jaws of defeat in 2000 (with janaka perera), who gave the required tough leadership that was lacking for decades in this war is far more reliable than believing few news paper reporters who write for the sake of writing something. SUre Mr athas has tried to expose corruptions in the army but I feel that his cliams have been misused by the people in the main political streams for their advantage who have compltely spoiled the story. Guys like DBS Jeyaraj who have shown a clean face to the readers claiming that he is against LTTE, have clearly shown their hidden agenda in their articles.
    There was a claim that GR has purchased a house in US and even the satellite images were available in pro ltte websites. (Ironically that house was purchased in 1997)

  82. Some punks in the forum blindely follows these so called Defence Analysts...

  83. There is no way we fight this war with the state of the art millitary hardware..

    A brand new fighter with basics will cost us a fortune like, 50 million dollar.

    All who dream of fighting a war with that sort of weapons should go to another blog where similiar things are being discussed.

  84. Rifard,

    [athas's exposures on several corrupt military deals is most welcome.after all,it's our money the government is using to buy antique,outdated,rusty military hardware-at the same time filling up their pockets with ill-gotten wealth,of course!!-

    Anyone with a brain and access to garbage can do Athas job...

    Now here is something for guys like you...

    US millitary is no better when it comes to the millitary hardware...

    Go and read this news item..

    [Wright noted the Air Force's fleet(US) is older than ever before.

    The average age of the F-15 fighters, for example, is about 24 years, while that of the KC-135 Stratotanker, a mid-air refueling plane that is a key element in the Air Force's ability to conduct long-range missions, is 46 years.



  85. tropicalstorm..thanks for your input.what i meant by a third front is the "corruption front".MR must win this war at all costs.Then i hope he will concentrate his attention on bringing the criminal fraternity to justice...I am not speaking about a bank clerk who accepts Rs 1000/- for a favour.Lots of people need to engage in such "favours" to survive and this is a characteristic of the times right now.I am speaking about a group of people who have squandered millions not because they are poor and need to survive but simply because they can and think they will never be caught and have to pay the prize.

  86. Defencenet,

    Please answer where possible..

    There are some reports suggesting that LTTE captured a SLA captain in Mannar a week ago...

    What is really happened in the recent battles of Mannar and around?

  87. As for Col Hariharan...I dont think anyone in the military establishment takes him seriously.He is entitled to his point of view.However he should ask India to allocate an area of land near New delhi for the LTTE.After all it is because of that bitch indira gandi that we are having all these problems.Of course we are to blame also because we had people who lived in SL but thought they were living abroad.

  88. It is not the right time to scrutinse the politician or the Defence personal who fights the war on the ground.

    Defence establishment with the politicians backing appears to be doing a fine job...

    Sure they can do better..

    Sure they can elliminate corruption..

    It is not the time to discuss any of those things..

    Every must support the GOSL and SLA or else don't dig garbage..

    It is no secret that politicans from both camps UNP and PA are corrupt..

    Forget that fact for while , perhaps another couple of years until they turned the LTTE in to rubble..

  89. As long as SLA , SLN and SLAF is happy fighting this war according to some experts , with "rusting weapons" and "flying coffins" then let that be...

    It is not the ordinary politician nor the general public that fights this war..

  90. DefenceNet..(when you have the time)...was a SLA captain captured by the LTTE in mannar?

  91. tangara/Srilankan,

    A captain of SLII (Sri Lanka Light infantry) has indeed gone missing during an offensive ahead of defence lines. Some have seen him hit by LTTE mortar fire. If he got injured behind enemy lines, there is a good chance of the gurillas capturing him. However there is no way to confirm what really happened to him.

    LTTE has offred heavy resistance in Mannar offensive (this was expected). The area ahead of FDLs is full of mines and booby traps and it is not an easy task to advance. Add to this the continuous mortar fire and artillery fire from rebel positions. SLA casualties have occured mostly from these hazards rather than from close combat with LTTE units. So far little progress is seen with the operations but this was not unexpected. As some media claim, this is NOT a major offensive targeting Wanni.

  92. Thanks DefenceNet...May the triple gem bless the captain.

  93. Guys, as I have saaid many times before, there's no point calling every journo who writes aan anti-corruption article a Tiger-supporter. You have to be either a child or extremely naive to believe that there is no corruption in the defence establishment. Many people here on this forum seem to prefer defending their heroes rather than defending the country. If there is corruption, it should be stamped out so that the war effort will be helped. The first step to that stamping out is the exposure of that corruption, and very often it is the media that does it. If there is no corruption, the media will be exposed as liars. So why stifle the voice if there is nothing to hide. The truth will alwaays win out, and it is the dishonest alone who prefer silence.

    It is very easy to say, hang on for two years and the war will be over; then we can expose corruption. That's a load of more naivete. Even if the war ends in two years (highly unlikely), the corrupt will be gone (retired, emmigrated, dead), but the fruits of that corruption (dead servicemen) will remain. Every single one of you here who calls for guys like Athas to be shut up support that corruption and the needless deaths of those servicemen. Remember that.

    And remember that politicians and civil servants do NOT fight the war. They merely direct it.

    Contrary to comment here, Hariharan is well respected in the Asian defence community.

  94. Dear David
    Thanks for your comments.We have lived with corruption for many years.I fear that if corruption is exposed right now (defense est,politicians..etc)the govt may fall which may leave us all in a much bigger mess than before.As for Col Hariharan retired..i have read some of his articles but i hope he does not advocate stopping this war after all this time?.Time for this "peace talk" bshit is over..30 years have been enough for people who are seriously intent on talking.The people of SL need peace and these peace talks wont bring peace.

  95. No disrespect to Col Hariharan.However i will take the Colonels comments more seriously if he has lived in northern Slanka for the past 30 years.

  96. Let’s face it…exposing corruption is one thing, but making mere (wild) allegations of corruption at politico-military leadership that invariably demoralizes the country’s fighting force is another thing – something that directly contributes to the enemy’s success.

    In all what Athas has said, there is not a shred of evidence, but only hearsays, innuendos, and outright allegations. MR GOSL has adequately rebutted even these with specific breakdown of counterpoints and I think it is foolish to be harping here how good or useful Athas’ “exposé” is to the country, when nothing is proven.

    Blacker’s view that corruption in that MiG procurement deal, whereby some are ALLEGED to have pocketed hefty commissions, would result in “extra” SLDF deaths sounds too damn hollow (sounds hollow like a bloody pus-coconut! ). Why? Because even if someone did pocket commissions, the MiGs that were bought were the ones we could afford and not those brand-new, the latest release versions at over 10 times the cost per each, as opposed to the price GOSL paid for these refurbished ones. So, either way, given that this is the type we can afford (as amply well explained in the GOSL’s rebuttal of Athas’ allegations) and even if a certain percentage went to someone’s pocket (remember, not proven, but only ALLEGED), has nothing to do with SLDF boys dieing in the battle filed in any greater number. The MiG’s that have been purchased have so far performed brilliantly (my first hand info. from SLAF) and there is no evidence that they have jeopardized the lives of SLDF boys in failing in any of the sorties!

    In my view, what would surely make SLDF boys die in the battle field in an “extra” number would be DEMORALIZATION.

    SLDF boys fighting this horrific war, utterly demoralized will see the LTTE coming out victorious in the battles. When a solider is demoralized and fighting in the war front (for example feeling that while he is giving his life to the country, his bosses are filling their pockets), he is likely to not skillfully maneuver himself in the respective art of battle he’s been trained on, likely making serious tactical errors exposing his life, and the lives of his colleagues who are dependent on his effort/role, to certain death. Who disputes the fact that an army that fights a war half-heartedly will come out victorious?

    This is why during the times of war (including Britain, the “mother of democracy,” during WWII) nations have strict control over the media as enemy collaborators will use the press freedom, often spewing out mere allegations like what Athas has done, to demoralize the population (from which the nation’s fighting force is drawn from, and consequently affecting the fighting capability of the defense forces).

    As such, it is incumbent upon the government of the day to be vigilant of such attempts and squash them in short order – as the consequence of not doing so can be a colossal loss to the nation.

    This view in no way belittles the vital role the free-media plays in a free-society.

    OaO Asithri

  97. SriLankan et al:

    As for this Col. Hariharan (retired), patriots, I think we should frankly give it a rest. This bugger is advocating stopping the clobbering of the LTTE now that he sees what his incompetent "IPKF" could not do - at least not without the humongous casualties it incurred under his command scoring the wins it did against the LTTE.

    I think we should let this bugger fade away into the sunset and concentrate on what our own military experts, such as Comm. Fonseka, says.

    It is a fact that our field commanders (from whose ranks the present Commander Fonseka rose from) are the best at gauging the LTTE’s threat and the potential to liquidate the mf’s and to do it with the least casualties to our boys. During the CBK (the cow) and RW (the pansy) periods, there were some back-boneless so called military commanders who toed their line of thinking that the LTTE cannot be defeated militarily (begs the question why the hell the bloody rascals would not resign instead of eating pin-padi by staying in the military at tax payers’ expense! :)) but that breed, to which category this Col. H (retired) belongs, is long gone. Today our forces are being led by a younger, a dynamic team of dedicated, battle hardened, men and we don’t need advice from these old crocks from yester year, who have hardly seen likely 1/100th of the action these younger men have seen! (no offense meant here for any older patriot in this blog! :))

    OaO Asithri

  98. Here's a report about another "Athas Canard"...


    This reinforces the key point I made above.

    OaO Asithri

  99. "This reinforces the key point I made above."

    Hi Asthiri, you beat me to the article it seems but for differing reasons :)

    I think the government needs to get its 'media' act together, this is becoming pathetic.

    If Athas is blowing hot air there is no need for the Ministry of Defense of the nation to stoop down to explaining itself to a journalist. This makes the government look weak and is making a martyr of Athas.

    As David said above, if Athas is full of bovine excreta then the truth will speak for itself, there is not need for the government to give him such a podium by dedicating an entire news item to him.

    Sad indeed, seems that Defence.lk has writers who excel at using unnecessarily flowery English, but lacking in common sense!

  100. Jack and asithri i agree with you regarding athas and Mr Hariharan.I think there is more to the story of the govt bending down to explain itself to athas...Is it possible that he has connections with a foreign newspapers?

  101. http://www.southasianmedia.net/cnn.cfm?id=430027&category=Security&Country=SRI%20LANKA
    A definite read for noltte=peace..i just hope it is true bro..and not a media gimmic.These guys if found guilty should be shot after all their ill gotton gains are confiscated..better still a bogambara job..pity this is the 21st century

  102. i would settle for a 4 horses job during the pharoes time.

  103. http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2007/09/30/sec01.asp..general fonseka's comments...

  104. Can you guys remember, some early days no one sold air-dropped bombs to Sri Lanka, and our guys had to build their own bombs thanks to Israel teachings.

    It is time to get that learning back again into practice. We do not need massive bombs to take out FDLs. What we need is something that can provide large area of coverage to clear out areas for our guys to move in.

    We can use the imported BBs etc for strategic pin-pointed target taking and use the home-made less intense coverage bombs to clear the path for advancing troops.

    That means more bombing runs and just-in-time clearing for advancing troops.

    The Yodha Wewa tank area ideally suit for this kind of less penetrating, but with wider coverage bombs. It is the case with other jungle areas too.

    Would suit best for Mullative etc.

  105. First of all, I agree with some posters here in that this war won't end anytime soon. If you believe the "sky in the pie" rhetoric thats claims that the complete end to the war is near, then you are in for a bitter disapointment. And you can't clamp down on the media WWII style because we live in the information age. Its impossible for governments to completely control media unless you go down the clamp-down path of N.Korea. Trust me you don't want that.

    Right now we don't really have the money and resources to mount a full fledged assault to take Wanni. We have to wait atleast a couple of years to gather more military and economic strenght. In the meantime we have to keep the status quo, which is heavily in our favor now.

    If we are serious about bringing about the final chapter to this conflict then we must first gain full control of the seas(to isolate the LTTE from the rest of the world), otherwise FORGET IT!!!!!

    Once we can pretty much isolate the LTTE from the rest of the outside world(remember the sea is their main line of contact with the outside world), then we can advance and chip away at their remaining territory. But we must have post-war plan to help the Tamils in the north and east to rebuilt their lives. Mark my word the post war plan will be more important that the war plan to capture Wanni.

  106. Here's an interesting article by P.K Balachandran re: the UNP re-evaluating its future;


    As the UNP realizes the reasons for the power base shift, that also may lead to conflict within its own leadership, particularly the old guard vs Ranil and the western-lackeys. We may even see a disintegration of the UNP before it re-emerges as a credible political force. I know this forum is more for military matters, but this particular fact may determine the way the nation moves forward and sets a national policy viz-a-viz the tamil whinees.

  107. Why is it that the accusers of impropriety in the Mig-27 deal not required to provide absolute proof of wrong doing, even now?

    Has anyone heard any further developments on this topic?

  108. The most significant part abt the UNP's declaration is an eye opener.

    "...While separatism could be addressed through a widely accepted political solution, terrorism required a military response, the statement said.

    The UNP has clearly taken note of the fact that the majority Sinhala community has endorsed the on-going military action against the LTTE..."

    ..and yet they fail to admit that it was their spineless responses or the lack of any, which precipitated the present dynamics.

  109. tropicalstorm,
    I am pretty sure that they do not have any proofs. All the accusers and parrots are just drifting around Athas's speculations.

  110. Thank you defencenet for the updates...

  111. Way to go MR... this is the way to go..

    " Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa asked the international community to help stop fundraising by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and said his government remains committed to a negotiated settlement to end the conflict.

    Terrorism in Sri Lanka ``is nurtured by funds from overseas,'' Rajapaksa said during a visit to Los Angeles last week, according to an e-mailed statement issued by the government. ``We urge all the friends around the world to help us cut off funds to the terrorists in Sri Lanka."

    "About 54 percent of Tamils, who make up 8.5 percent of the nation's 20 million people, live in areas other than the north and east of the country, he said.

    Military operations which are currently going on in the north are only intended to exert pressure on the LTTE to convince them terrorism cannot bring victory, Rajapaksa said.

    ``Our goal is to restore democracy and the rule of law to all the people of our country,'' he said.


    If international community is genuinely interested in peace in Sri Lanka, what they should do is to stop 'all' the LTTE fund-raising in their soils.

    That would create havoc in the LTTE procurement machine.

  112. we need to add something to our earlier comment about the captain (Captain Alagiyawanna) who went missing.

    SLA didnt just leave him wounded in enemy territory. Soldiers tried to evacuate him but they failed. There were two attempts to advance near his position but LTTE resistance was too high. 22 soldiers were injured in these attempts alone.

  113. Patriots...

    Super-duper...Spot on bro...you said it well...about the cockamamie crap from Athas...Nothing more OaO Asithri can add! :))

    Aha, yes, the "stumpy" RW UNP clan has now shed its "federalist" platform, after seeing (belatedly) that the SL masses are all out for liquidating the LTTE maggots once and for all and that Sri Lankans are not willing to give the LTTE a "federal Tamil state." Patriots, this is what you call "realpoliticking!" RW the pansy-skunk has the gall to drop the "federalist" (aka LTTE's ISGA) platform just like that, with a flick of a finger, after supporting it all along, including through the asinine CFA that saw the slaughter of many innocents and our brave SLA MIs, and scores of anti-LTTE Tamils! This change of tune by this pansy-rascal and his "stumpy" coterie is so damn cheap it deserves nothing but a good laugh!

    The point re. WWII and Britain was to illustrate that even those "eminent democracies who preach the value of free-media to us today" such as Britain has seen it MORALLY correct (never mind the means and technology) to contain run-away media during war times. Of course, this is the info. age and it is not the same landscape as during WWII. The point made was that, no, we don't want a clamp down like N. Korea, but the GOSL should have sued the pants off Athas and his RW-connected news org. for this unsubstantiated "by default" slander against President MR, Gota, and others. I see legal action today is as equally a strong "control" as any other means that was adopted long ago to stifle would be enemy-collaborators.

    As well, on the probability of "tackling the LTTE and winning," many so called military pundits said if the GOSL attempted to take the east (where LTTE had entrenched well in Sampoor, Vaharai and most importantly, in Thoppigala), it would take SLDF at least 4 years and over 10,000 dead! Well, we now know what a load of horse-crap that was. So, while I don’t want to be bloody cocky, I would advise us to not be too pessimistic of SLDF's capability to take the LTTE maggots in Vanni and liquidate/incinerate them. Bro, I do however fully agree with you that, in that respect, we need to control (absolutely and not in half-measures) the seas around that N.W. part of our motherland.

    PEACE to all...

    OaO Asithri

  114. "we need to add something to our earlier comment about the captain (Captain Alagiyawanna) who went missing."

    Defencenet why is LTTE being mum about this? Usually they like to parade captured soldiers, even if injured, like that poor boy from the Muhamali debacle last year.

  115. "No disrespect to Col Hariharan.However i will take the Colonels comments more seriously if he has lived in northern Slanka for the past 30 years."

    Perhaps you should respect him for having actually fought the Tigers, unlike most of the defence experts around here. You caan disagree with the colonel (and I myself disagree with him on many things) without trying to trash his reputation. Attack the argument, not the man.

    "Let’s face it…exposing corruption is one thing, but making mere (wild) allegations of corruption at politico-military leadership that invariably demoralizes the country’s fighting force is another thing – something that directly contributes to the enemy’s success."

    Allegations seem "wild" only til they are proven true. If they are really "wild", expose them as mere allegations. Attacking the accuser instead of the accusation is the act of someone with something to hide. As for demoralisation of the armed forces due to anti-corruption articles, do you have any proof of that? The rank and file of the armed forces will only welcome a stamping out of corruption, just as they welcomed an end to cronyism and other forms of favouritism in the upper ranks.

    "MR GOSL has adequately rebutted even these with specific breakdown of counterpoints and I think it is foolish to be harping here how good or useful Athas’ “exposé” is to the country, when nothing is proven."

    So then why not drop it, instead of regurgitating the same old stuff every other week on this forum?

    "Blacker’s view that corruption in that MiG procurement deal, whereby some are ALLEGED to have pocketed hefty commissions, "

    You should read more carefully before replying, Asithri. I never said that there was any corruption in the MiG deal. If I have, please point out where I've done so. In fact, I think it's pointless us trying to debate the corruption point on this forum. My point is, that accusations must be faced with honest counter-arguments, not threats and slander.

    I'm surprised, Asithri, that you seem so pleased about the levels of corruption in the defence establishment, and that you can't see the harm in it. Let me give you some basic examples of how "comiss" kills our servicemen. There is a budget for a weapons requirement. Which weapons system will fill that requirement is decided by an individual (or group) within the defence establishment. What bells and whistles that system will have is also to be decided. The comiss comes out of that budget, not from an additional source. Therefore, instead of Rs100, the budget becomes Rs90. Do you think you will get a Rs100 weapon for Rs90? I doubt it. So certain components will be subtracted from the weapons system. 30-mm cannon instead of 40-mm, shorter range radar, six mounted weapons instead of eight, rifle grenade capability instead of underslung launcher. And so on. If we're lucky, it won't be a vital component, if we're not, soldiers die. I hope you can still be so blase about corruption, Asithri.

    "SLDF boys fighting this horrific war, utterly demoralized will see the LTTE coming out victorious in the battles."

    Do you actually think that the SLDF personnel are that naive? That after 25+ years of this war, that they were blissfully unaware of corruption in their own leadership until Athas came along? Lol. Back in '90 we knew their was corruption. What is demoralising is to know that you have inferior weapons or insufficient numbers of them, and to know that the reason that is is because your leaders want a new Pajero or want to send their kids to Australia.

    "This is why during the times of war (including Britain, the “mother of democracy,” during WWII) nations have strict control over the media as enemy "

    As has been pointed out many times already, this isn't the 1940s. You don't fight wars like you did then. Not if you wanna win anyway. It is impossible to control the media in this day and age, and to attempt it is foolishness. It has to be acccepted as a force of physics and policy adjusted accordingly.

    "As such, it is incumbent upon the government of the day to be vigilant of such attempts and squash them in short order"

    So shouldn't the UNP have squashed Athas when he called them traitors for exposing the LRRPs? Shouldn't Chandrika have squashed him when he pointed out that she'd been directing the EPS battle from her London flat, resulting in the fall of the base? Don't let your blind worship of this government make you mistake party loyalty for patriotism. The latter is loyalty to your country, the former loyalty to your party. But then I guess someone living in the US would have little idea of loyalty to our country. Lol.

    "This view in no way belittles the vital role the free-media plays in a free-society."

    Really??? Whaat exactly (in your view) is the role of the free-media? Parroting defence.lk?

    "This bugger is advocating stopping the clobbering of the LTTE "

    I don't think he has ever said that. Can you provide a link?

    "During the CBK (the cow) and RW (the pansy) periods, there were some back-boneless so called military commanders who toed their line of thinking that the LTTE cannot be defeated militarily (begs the question why the hell the bloody rascals would not resign instead of eating pin-padi by staying in the military at tax payers’ expense!"

    Because they were weak and corrupt, Asithri, and insteaad of supporting their exposure and sacking, buggers just like you were calling for the Athases of the world to shut up and be patriotic. If the current crop of leadership is as perfect as you make out, they have nothing to fear. They can tell the truth and be believed.

  116. DefenceNet & Others;
    Why do I get this feeling that I have heard this name "Alagiyawanna" before? Did his name come up in an earlier occasion?
    Anyway, my thoughts are with him and I just hope and pray that he is not in LTTE custody, alive! :-(

  117. Jack Ass press freedom cannot be allowed to undermine national security. Sure there must be freedom to write. In the same

    vein all intrests of national security must be "secured".

    If Athas or David Blacker or whoever keeps on writing untruths to the detriment of the moral of the forces and otherwise

    undermining the security of the nation there must be a mechanism to keep these in check while ensuring that there are no

    obstacles to writing with freedom of the truth. Anyhow I believe such issues must not be disseminated in public where by the

    enemy will gain access to much sensitive information. There should be separate bodies with stakeholders from all quarters

    to investigate such defence related matters as is done else where I would imagine.

    In the absence of such mechanisms the right of the bloggers here and writers elsewhere to crtisize Athas or who ever pariah (pariah in the eyes of the critics of course) it is must not be questioned at all, having had the allegations already published.

  118. Asithri

    "As well, on the probability of "tackling the LTTE and winning," many so called military pundits said if the GOSL attempted to take the east (where LTTE had entrenched well in Sampoor, Vaharai and most importantly, in Thoppigala), it would take SLDF at least 4 years and over 10,000 dead!"

    I was never against the conquering of the East. The LTTE was weak and operating in isolated pockets in the east. A quick military truimph was always in the cards. Wanni is a whole another game.

    Right now our army is about 120,000 strong and we need all of them to effectivly control all of our current territory. Thats why we are recruiting to increase the army upto 150,000. We must stabilize the East further and re-build. Make an example of the East for all to see.

  119. Rifard

    "True,the ex-US coast guard vessel did prove useful(with it's puny 37mm guns,of course).for a ship of that size,bigger guns are necessary"

    What did you expect? 14 inch guns like those you see on WWII era battleships?...Good Luck trying to aim and sink a high speed 15m long LTTE muraj boat with a 14 incher.

    Just so you know, even 20mm guns are enough to pierce the hull of an LTTE weapons carrying ship and sink it.

  120. I am a long time reader of the Athas column and regarding the USS Courageous i cant remember Athas critising it, In fact the coast guard cutter was given by the US govt to Sri lanka for a nominal 1$ (yes 100 rupees no tping mistake). THis was during the UNF goverment under Ranil wickramasinghe.

    When the ship was to be given free Navy chief Daya sandagiri was against it because he couldnt collect any commision from it as it was a free deal. This was also written about by Athas.

    Regarding the sale of the MIGs there are valid ponts which athas has raised. If they are wrong the goverment can publish the facts and we will accept it but it hasnt given a reasonable explanation to the points raised by athas.

    The defence.lk webisite is very unprofesionally run i think by Lakshaman Hulugalle a political apointee cum rajapakshe bootlicker. If you have any contact to a person involved with the army stationed in Mannar you can get the true situation from them. There is a hell of a war going over there denying it brings disrepect to guys who are putting their lives on the line for this country.

    Dont get fooled by the govt media blitz.please think before beliving evrything at face value and try to make a resonable assesment of what is "really" happening

  121. cable,
    Thats why we are here in this forum. just to get the truth... that we cnt get from the govt sites or pro rebel sites as well.
    Defence.lk is the first step against the ltte propaganda machine. It might not be that professional but it has done a considerable service to the armed forces, bringing their message to the world. (just read the nation's defence column it has elaborated how the hit rate has gone up and how tamilnet has lost its face over the past time) DOnt look in to the situaation in a green pair of spectacles dude!! true there is a limited operation going on here and most of the casualties are due to the effort taken to survive the captain. This is not a major offensive but alimited operation to secure periyathampanaei area.

  122. If the defence website is not up to the standard, pls lets get our hands together and help the small team who are handling it. I have sent few emails to the given address pointing out the technical mistakes that the site contained such as script errors and they have corrected them. Remember that its the most updated and site containing information about our defence forces so we need to assist the small team not just complain or scold them. (remember that fighting against the LTTE propaganda machine is really important in this struggle) . We must not put our selves in the state of mangala or sripathi. GUYS just think..

  123. SF admirer

    I have no problem with countering LTTE propaganda by defence.lk it's much improved from earlier times when we had virtually no counter
    but now it's getting a political slant which i dont persoanlly dont agree.

    Where did you get the impression that i was looking at this from a green spctacle?

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. The newest article on defence.lk is very severly targeting Iqbal Athas. Without refering to the other points in the articles let me show you the political slant of defence.lk at one point it says

    "Therefore, like for some loony political leaders in the South who had said Thoppigala was "just a big jungle"; "

    I know that all of you would have very strongly disagred with ranil wickramasinghe. it was a statement which did not take into account the sacrifies meade by the boys in the front line just for political gain. I think that any right minded person in sri lanka would have seen for what it was and condemmed ranil but does a site operated by the goverment of sri lanka has the right to call the leader of the opposition (for better or worse) a loony? remeber this is still the goverment of sri lanka not a political party i would NOT have had a problem if this loony term was published in a political party's website but this is published in the official goverment website for dissemenating defence related news. this just shows how politicised this country has become.

    forgive me for posting so much about this I was just trying to make point. lets start talking about defence related matters and let another website handle political matters.

  126. "Jack Ass press freedom cannot be allowed to undermine national security."

    It does not. National security is undermined by politicians and corrupt bureaucrats. Their exposure is the best thing for the nation. Administrations try to fool us into thinking that to oppose the administration is to oppose the nation. This is a lie. If the GoSL doesnt want to undermine national security, it must stamp out corruption, or at least hide the fact that there is corruption. If the GoSL is too inept to hide genuine national secrets from the media it should resign.

    So Kiri, whether you like it or not, press freedom is constitutionally guaranteed, so if you don't like it, change the constitution or resort to the illegal means (death squads, intimidation) thaat many administrations have.

    "If Athas or David Blacker or whoever keeps on writing untruths to the detriment of the moral of the forces and otherwise undermining the security of the nation there must be a mechanism to keep these in check while ensuring that there are no obstacles to writing with freedom of the truth. "

    Really??? So if I get what you are saying, only the truth will be allowed to be published. So how will you determine what the truth is without an investigation? That is all that Athas and other anti-corruption writers are asking for -- investigation.

    Oh, and I'd like you to point out what "untruths to the detriment of the moral of the forces" I have written. Or are you just making up lies as you go along, Kiri, like you claim Athas is doing?

    "Anyhow I believe such issues must not be disseminated in public where by the
    enemy will gain access to much sensitive information"

    Really, Kiri? And where exactly should it be disseminated -- behind closed doors, like the UNP when it decided to raid the LRRP safehouse without checking? Are there any checks and balances you would be ok with to keep govt honest, or do you believe we should have absolute blind trust in the GoSL?

    Or do you mean by parliamentary select committees? That's fine. The reason for the hue and cry is the lack of such a committee.

    "In the absence of such mechanisms the right of the bloggers here and writers elsewhere to crtisize Athas or who ever pariah (pariah in the eyes of the critics of course) it is must not be questioned at all, "

    So you want the right to criticise Athas, but dont want him to criticise the goSL? Lol. The point is, at least Athas has the balls to put his name behind his alllegations, unlike most of you here farting into the wind. Only you get the smell.

  127. Mr Blacker,
    Sorry that you cannot fathom and comprehend what I wrote. You have disjointed my comments and taken each on spin.

    I will answer some points.
    What I said was anyone could write untruths and it could be Athas or David Blacker or anybody else. Apart from Athas I took the other two as probabilities. I do not know whether you write truths or untruths. I took you as a probable example because you seem to publish your writings.

    If one wishes to stay anonymous it is that persons right. The words will speak to as his/her identity.
    Otherwise why do you poke your nose in it and say pooh pooh?

  128. Cable and DB,

    You both have good points.

    1. Defence.LK represents the government and the countrymen. It is not a private property to be used for party politics

    2. Defence.LK runs un-professionally. It looks like, the folks who are running the defence.lk are obliged to publish any substandard writing that harms its integrity. Such un-professionalism was worse few months back, and since then much has been improved. But from time to time, it looks like the old habits are kicking in.

    3. Even though it has been run unprofessionally, Defence.lk fills a void that was long existed countering LTTE false propaganda. Thanks for whoever initiated it.

    4. Defence.LK represents the MOD. An MOD should mainly be issuing official statements. Unless, if it has not been specifically quoted, any article that published anonymously automatically becomes an official statement of MOD. Therefore, the ones who are responsible for specific articles should clearly focus on integrity and professionalism of the articles.

    5. When unprofessional, and uneducated political stooges take over, it makes the demise of any institution. It has been the case of almost all the government institutions in Sri Lanka. Because we love Defence.LK so much, we are talking about it.

    I think both DB and Cable have very valuable points. As SFAdmirer said, we can help Defence.LK to overcome their weaknesses. But, no professional organisation should expect others to 'baby-sit' for them. So, Defence.LK should take the criticism to improve itself maintaining higher standards.

  129. See this article,

    It looks like our latest Defence Spoke-person is learning his first lesson (the lesson is 'people are not idiots'!

    " Outrage over being called Tigers
    Monday, October 01,2007

    COLOMBO: Several political parties have expressed outrage over a statement by the military last week saying that several 'LTTE cadres' had surrendered to the Jaffna Human Rights Commission (HRC) when in fact they were ordinary youth seeking protection from the Tigers and other militant factions. http://www.southasianmedia.net/index_story.cfm?id=430311&category=Frontend&Country=SRI%20LANKA"

    Someone to be a Media Spoke-person that person should have undergone intense training on handling media. They should have a good idea about Mass Communication and PR. The person should be disciplined, and should build lot of integrity overtime. This is a clear example of what could happen when someone who has no such experience or training is put into be a media spokeperson (I do not know this new fellow 'Udaya Nanayakkara' has any such training or experience. However, he showed that qualities in this wee hours of his spokesperson career. Such "Anagenily" is good food for the enemy too.

  130. Dear David,
    Col Hariharan(retd) may have fought the tigers donkeys years ago(no offense to him) however the peoples living in those areas must be freed so that they have the luxury of deciding what they want not Mr Hariharan although there is nothing wrong with him expressing an opinion.The point is should the general public in SL take his opinions seriously and adjust their thinking to suit his?.I dont.I think there should be some kind of case against Athas so that he will get the chance to substantiate his allegations by revealing his confidential sources.If the allegations are substantiated then we will all know at least a semblance of the truth.Since he obviously "has the balls" to accuse someone or people of wrongdoing then i am sure he wont mind defending himself.Will tell you one guy i respect..that english "terrorist writer/journalist/political scientist" called Paul Harris?. who was kicked out by Ranil...Interesting to findout if Mr Gothbaya R attended his seminars.As for these various allegations of the misappropriation of funds by Defense officials during the present govt do you have any proof.Heresay is OK..i am interested.

  131. Defencenet what is this action at the Nagarkovil FDL about? MoD claims the LTTE attacked, but LTTE claims the SLA attacked and they are showing photos of captured weapons and ammo. Thanks.

  132. I read this article with shock..

    Whatever the intention, this reply in defence.lk site is a disgrace..


    The author of the article should have sent it to the newspaper itself, and should not have used defence.lk site as a platform to launch such attack. All what has been mentioned in the defence.lk article may be 'correct', but it makes you lose the standard of the site. It clearly shows that whoever in-charge of defence.lk site has no sense whatsoever of its duty to the nation.

    Why the person who wrote that get it published in one of the Lakehouse papers, if there is a suspicion that it would not have got published by Athas' paper?

    Lakehouse has long lost its credibility and it is not the direct representative of MOD anyway.

  133. "I read this article with shock.."

    NOLTTE, agree 100%, this is like say the current US administration using their government web sites to attack their many critics in local media.

    It is childish and counter productive as it only helps elevate Athas and make it look like there is a personal vendetta against him.

    And whatever the truth to allegations these actions only make the government look like they have something to hide. Like other such blunders in the recent past (Fernadopulle calling the UN rep and head terrorists for example).

    The military is there to serve ALL the people not just those of a particular party in power, politics should stay out of the MoD/MCNS pages.

  134. BTW,

    Another great performance of MR can be found at


  135. Defnet , any truth to those photos on Tnet abt captured weapons at FDL ? Also Jeyraj article on lakbima, So what gives on Soosai ? He looks fat and ugly but, it looks like a prop photo huh ?

  136. Blacker, you can stand your bloody head and scream, but it is evident to us patriots that you are nothing but another "Athas golaya" who is out to discredit the MR GOSL for all the fine military victories it has achieved without your type...i.e. the type that is "green and cross-bearing" (Aha, you buggers are "green" in more sense than one I see! LMSSAO!)

    The question was asked earlier by "Sri Lankan" and I'll ask it again from you more eloquently in the true OaO Asithri type...

    Where were your (or your types’) pathetic bloody protests when your hero, Ranil the Ponnaya, kicked out the British anti-terrorist expert/journalist Paul Harris from Sri Lanka for uttering the truth in Colombo (i.e. the anti-LTTE truth, which was against Ranil the Ponnaya's LTTE bum-sucking grain)? Wow, where was the protest about “media freedom” then from your type?

    FYI, bugger, we may not be "military experts," and we may not even constantly live in SL (but we travel to SL more, much more, than you well-frogs travel to the west I know! I myself travel to SL at least every 3 months and I don’t need to live there to know what agenda your type of RW supporting pansies have for SL! So give this thingy “you don’t live in SL” a rest OK? LMSSAO!), but we certainly have our real military heroes who we respect and are prepared to listen to as they have not only proven to be pristinely patriotic for our Motherlanka, what they say, they deliver! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  137. Air Force targets top LTTE leader; confirms hideout destroyed - Vishvamadu

    who is this person?? anything abt this issue??

  138. Defencenet,

    Can you enlighten us on the report on defence.lk regarding an attack on a hiedout of an LTTE leader? Were any leaders killed in the air strike?

  139. DefenceNet

    Any updates on the KP story?

  140. "Sorry that you cannot fathom and comprehend what I wrote"

    I can say the same for you. Look forward to your attempts at enlightenment.

    "I do not know whether you write truths or untruths. I took you as a probable example because you seem to publish your writings."

    I see. So you assume that anyone who has published writings, probably writes untruths, and is attempting to demoralise the armed forces. Lol. Thanks for clearing that up. So I'll just assume you are talking out of your backside on principle, OK?

    "If one wishes to stay anonymous it is that persons right."

    Of course it is. Provided that person understands that anonymity carries no weight. No one cares if an anonymous critic reviews a movie, or an anonymous blogger makes accusations, or if an anonymous webmaster claims that a casualty figure is such and such. Credibility comes reputation, and you can't have one if you're anonymous.

    "we can help Defence.LK to overcome their weaknesses"

    Noltte, many people I know (including myself) have contacted defence.lk and offered to rewrite their content in a more professional way, but so far they have ignored all correspondence.

    "Col Hariharan(retd) may have fought the tigers donkeys years ago"

    SL, I'm surprised that a man of your claimed middle age refers to something that happened a mere eight years ago as "donkeys years ago". And since you have never fought the Tigers (unlike the colonel) nor live in the NE (unlike the Tamils you are concerned about), what makes you think you know more abbout it than the colonel? And no one is saying that we should all fall at his feet and hang on his every word (as you imply). But only fools disregard the opinions of experience.

    "Blacker, you can stand your bloody head and scream, but it is evident to us patriots that you are nothing but another "Athas golaya" "

    ROFL. Of course, Asithri, everyone who doesn't have his tongue up a minister's backside must either be a Tiger, a foreigner, a UNPer or now an "Athas Golaya". Anymore compelling arguments? Lol. And no one but you is standing on heads and screaming. The rest of us are calmly discussing the topic. Maybe you should unknot your panties and sit down again. You're making a fool of yourself. Again.

    "Where were your (or your types’) pathetic bloody protests when your hero, Ranil the Ponnaya, kicked out the British anti-terrorist expert/journalist Paul Harris from Sri Lanka for uttering the truth in Colombo"

    Asithri, your homophobia is beginning to give you brain block. BTW they say homophobes are quite often hiding just the thing they lash out at. Lol. But back to your question. Actually, Asithri, there were lots of commentries on the expulsion, both online and off. You were probably too young to remember though. And you may repeat your fantasiey thaat I'm a Ranil supporter as much as you like, but it won't make it true.

    "so give this thingy “you don’t live in SL” a rest OK? LMSSAO!)"

    Lol. Touched a nerve, didn't I, yankee-boy. All you white-arse kissing ponneyas can jump up and down and wave the flag all you like, but all you are is a white-arse kissing ponneya in the end.

  141. Leopards return


    Is this a gimmick to divert attention or to spread the SLA.

  142. Dear David,
    Thanks for your comments.The colonel is a nice man as a person..cant say anymore about it:)
    any news about that injured captain..Does anyone know?
    Dear Asithri,
    David could not be an "athas golaya" because if he was he would not have spent some of the best years of his life fighing these "carcass maggots"..with bad weapons,poor and corrupt political leadership.His contribution in even more significant because he is a non sinhala Sri-lankan.This is in accordance with the commonly held belief that Mr Athas is an LTTE supporter meaning on some kind of "commission" from them.Not my opinion.Before i reach an opinion i need much more facts about the case (which are not made public) than mere rantings in newspapers.One fact you can be satisfied about it is that this "LTTE" will come to an end in your lifetime even if not in mine.

  143. Oh... Come on guys
    We know that everyone has their own opinions and we don’t know what is the truth most of the time, it just a reflection of information + our intelligence
    We like to have some information rather than having noting that’s how human, though they are not very much reliable we read em sake of information thirst, we will know the truth when the war is over (it’s one of my most desirable Dreams).
    Most of the journalists are doing just telling the stories they extract from some insiders, here in Sri Lanka , if we have good ones they should work for Island’s interest, when we faced the betrayal of our Intelligence most journalists were there , if those people are journalists (with slight military and defense knowledge ) the could have thought before act
    It’s always better we have our own opinion based on rational facts , rather than bearing the ideology totally based on the media-mafia and we should measure time to time these media person, true information ratio they have provided and strategic capabilities, prediction capabilities, the knowledge of the relevant field. If someone can provided a chart it’s easy to evaluate them and at the same time analyze the threat and provide them sufficient security. Anyway anyone who has some brain knows how media works, what are media units that helping The Island.
    We Sri Lankan have a history, history of that packed with blunders, betrayal and foolishness (As I believe anything harmful for national security is foolishness)
    We have to be very very careful when generating our own ideology and should ensure that is free and intelligent for national interest..
    So we can use this place to gather ourselves and discuss things, we shouldn’t quarrel
    Let the people gather and dismiss peasefully.

  144. Exactly.... We are here because we believe that this is the best plc that we could collect RELIABLE information about the ongoing conflict in SL. We must not fight here to prove our point just because we all come here just to get the covered and misinterpreted that we get from the local media,tamilnet or UNPs media network. All of us here , simply wants to know whats going on... in the battlefield.

  145. Its crystal clear that the weapon procurement is one of the dirtiest businesses around conflict. As far as Iqbal athas is concerned he is the one who exposed the Royal ordarnace 30mm cannon deal which was directly handled by Daya sandagiri and MR ordered that deal to be stopped until the inquiries were over. So he has done some service in that context we can't deny that. But some of his claims are rather vague in facts...
    If we consider the claim that very old fighters were brought, thats a silly comment. He was the one who seriously opposed to the courageous deal saying that we r spending on a worthless rusty old cutter. (All these claims have been silenced with the recent developments in the Navy and SLDF). BUT another point that was critisized in his column, the purchase of a used hovercraft has been proven correct since its been out of the active action for long time. SO its matter of truth and fake and thats what we seriously need distinguish.

  146. SF admirer

    i posted about this earlier but i think you have not seen it.

    Sri Lanka goverment did not buy the ship it was given as a gift by US govt for a nominal fee of 1$

    How can Iqbal athas critizise a thing given free? i have read a lot of athas colums but can not remember seeing any criticisim by him may be i have overlooked it do you have any links to the sunday times website where this can be verified?

  147. Don,

    As the article clearly indicates, Airforce has targetted the 'hide-out' (and NOT the Leader, whoever it was).

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. Relating to the earlier post about Athas critising the gift of USS courageous i did a search on the sunday times website and have not been able to find any article.However he has written very critically against the attempted purchase of 3 old frigates used by the royal navy for a massive amount by Daya sandagiri(1 ship was around 1 billion rupees at that time when the rupee was 98)

    We all know how honest Sandagiri was! Thankfully the deal didnt go through.

    I assume then that sf admirer was wrong in accusing athas of critising the grant of USS courageous

  150. BTW, I read the current situation outline with much interest at Defencewire today morning.


    My salute to you guys,

    DefenceNet, DefenceWire, and the alternative sites of Nay and SLAF that the links are listed in the front page of DefenceNet.

    You guys are also unsung heroes of this war. Keep up the good work!...
    and of course my hats-off to those who cut each others' throat, because of the desire to play your part bringing in lasting peace to Sri Lanka.

  151. NOLTTE=Peace the defence.lk article heading is

    "Air Force targets top LTTE leader; confirms hideout destroyed"

    I kind of doubt they go around bombing empty houses. It's certainly the way to go, cos the LTTE are taking more and more precautions to guard against LRRP attacks. Even the US and Israel usually target insurgents using missiles rather than ground based troops.

    Anyone know who was being targeted this time?

  152. Dear DefenceNet .. pls keep us posted about the captain and the situation in nargakovil.

  153. nooltte=peace thanks for the website.A good read for all

  154. It is still not confirmed whether the target was neutralized in Vishwamadu bombing.

    "Dear DefenceNet .. pls keep us posted about the captain and the situation in nargakovil."

    Status of Captain Alagiyawanna is still MIA.
    There is NO major offensive from/to Nagarkovil/Kilali/Muhamalai FDLs. However army has stepped up small scale group based attacks on LTTE bunkers on FDL. Soldeirs from 55th division (mostly from VIR- Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment) have had success in such attacks.
    The sole objective of these operations is to destroy as much LTTE assests as possible.

    "Defnet , any truth to those photos on Tnet abt captured weapons at FDL ? Also Jeyraj article on lakbima, So what gives on Soosai ? He looks fat and ugly but, it looks like a prop photo huh ?"

    Tamilnet story on captured weapons is false.

    Soosei's photos seem to be authentic. It's possible he made a full recovery. However LTTE media story about an out-of-control boat hitting Soose's boat is dodgy.
    MI has confirmed that an explosion of such degree could not have occurred from a boat accident :)
    Another fact that is quite puzzling is that Soosei never oversees LTTE training exercises with his son.

    "Defencenet what is this action at the Nagarkovil FDL about? MoD claims the LTTE attacked, but LTTE claims the SLA attacked and they are showing photos of captured weapons and ammo. Thanks."

    Once again there was no major operation. LTTE has been pushed into a defensive stance in these areas. This is mainly due to small scale attacks on their bunker lines. Some of the operations were successful and some were not. However the tamilnet article today is false.
    Worst damage SLA suffered from such a group based operation in these areas in recent times was when 55-2 soldiers stormed into one of LTTE main bunker lines. SLA were able to destroy 5 bunkers causing the cadres in them to pull back to second defence line (some got killed). However then the LTTE directed 152mm artillery at the just vacated bunkers causing injuries to 15 soldeirs who had overrun them.

  155. Thanks DefenceNet
    This artillary fire..was it only mortars or field guns?

  156. Hi guys,

    any news about the target taken out today, heard that it was aimed to take out Pottu/Balraj. Pls provide some details.

  157. This article reminded me listening to a cricket match..


    (Lakbima 3rd of Oct 2007)

  158. Just checking fellas , what became of that sandagiri dude or paga king ? Cuz, he was incompetent and shady ! How's Karannagoda ?But, i like the SL Navy today better under him ! Go Navy !

  159. "This artillary fire..was it only mortars or field guns?"

    Hi SL, he said 152mm artillery so those are big guns.

  160. thanks jack..i wonder why the airforce could not take them out.They could not have built underground bunkers for them. (aasuming they were not there before)

  161. Well, well, looks like SLAF might have made another “maveerar” out of another carcass-maggot, and this time a bloated, head maggot! Way to go SLAF! This proves the SLDF’s intel is much, much better now, likely better than any other time since these maggots started waging war.


    Blacker may have served in the SLA (and yes we all know he’s from mixed Tamil and Burgher parentage), but that doesn’t prove anything about his patriotism. Rather, I have seen the opposite. He has never uttered a single good word for MR GOSL in how it has clobbered the freaking LTTE maggots, and on the contrary, has gone out of way to knock down people like Gota and Fonseka albeit they have delivered some fine military-achievements. No true patriotic SLA soldier takes that kind of cheap partisan attitude in my view. Politics is one thing, but the country’s national security is another thing – unless you think like Ranil the Pansy. The bottom line is people have joined the SLA for various reasons, not necessarily due to unstinted patriotism. Some have joined because they could not get another job and it was just a way to earn a pay-cheque and that’s the type who leaves the army at the first opportunity. I have met some very senior rankers in the SLA and when I listen to their stories (of going through frustrations, injuries, interdictions, etc.) I know they had the “real calling” as their strong patriotism was the key driver why they chose to stay in the army and tough it out – and most are glad they did as they are in these high ranks today. I believe a very high majority of our youth who join the SLDF, join out of a sense of sheer patriotism. However, I would not say that about everybody.

    Well, well, looks like the resident drag-queen is having a hissy-fit! LMSSAO!

    Yes pansy…I offended you by telling that you are no different to RW the pansy…and it was intended. I know you pinkys love standing up for each other…so I quite expected your hissy-fit! LMSSAO!

    You said “The rest of us are calmly discussing the topic..” Really? My..my…

    Certainly what’s in your post shows you are anything but “calm”…in fact, it shows me you are in distress…distress as you are now seeing all the military honchos (the real military experts that is) that you constantly bad mouth here (Gota, Fonseka, etc.) are now clobbering the filthy LTTE maggots....ahs, that’s too bad I know for you, but suggest you smoke a cheap joint and go to sleep. LMSSAO!

    As for:
    “yankee-boy. All you white-arse kissing ponneyas can jump up and down and wave the flag all you like, but all you are is a white-arse kissing ponneya in the end.”

    Ho Ho Ho…looks like Sri Lanka’s very own Hillbilly is about to blow a gasket! LMSSAO!
    Listen Scummie: I live a proud life in the US and I ain’t kissing any white arse (e.g. like your dark Tamil mother did by marrying your white-burgher father to create the pathetic scum that you are! sorry, when you dish out insults, you got to be ready to take them too, right? ), but I’ll have you known that it is the whiteys who are kissing the brown arse of this proud brown-boy from Sri Lanka. I have whiteys who even hold Masters and PhD from even the Ivy Leagues working under me and yes, they do kiss my arse as I am the one decided on their career welfare. Sounds, pompous? I bet! Obviously, a Hillbilly like you don’t know what an Ivy League is so I suggest you look it up and weep.

    As I said, smoke a cheap joint and go to sleep Scummie….in the morning there will be more news of another whack on the LTTE maggots by Gota/Fonseka/clan (the clan you hate) and then you can do it all over again, next evening…LMSSAO!

    PEACE to all...

    OaO Asithri

  162. Cable,

    I didn't know that the SLN was looking at buying used Brit frigates (although I did hear they were considering buying a used LST). Please post the link if you have found it.

    Before some idiot starts on it, I am neither pro/anti Athas/UNP.

    However I think Athas is a crap military analyst/journalist and the only reason he's a Jane's correspondent is because there's no one else here who specialises in the field. I have no issues with him or anyone highlighting corruption etc. However his technical knowledge of military matters is generally pathetic and a school kid military enthusiast armed with a few Jane's publications will give a better analysis.

    Now if Athas criticised the decision to buy used frigates, I can guess what his arguments would have been without even reading the article.

    Athas will say that the frigates are 30 years old and are worthless antiques and USD 10 mn (LKR 1bn) is a ridiculous price for an "antique/obsolete" ship. Also he will say we don't need frigates to fight the LTTE (like he said we don't need Mig29 and probably said the same about Kfir's when they were first introduced). If he can provide technical details why the ships are unsuitable to prove his argument thats fine, but he will not be able to provide any.

    Just so you know USD 10 mn for a used frigate is very cheap even if there is corruption built in (a new one is well over USD 100 mn). Check this link, the going price for old frigates similar to what the Brits use is around USD 15 mn today.


    Many navies including our neighbours (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) and a lot of South American countries are still using WWII era ships, so according to the Athas logic all these fleets should be obsolete.

    Also frigates have a similar/greater endurance to our OPV's and are much more capable platforms (most have ASW, anti-aircraft capabilities as well). So if you can get a used frigate for USD 10mn which is only a bit more expensive than a new OPV, on the surface that wouldn't be a bad deal (cant really comment without knowing more details).

    The important thing is that most military platforms are not antiques like Athas claims and can be kept in service almost indefinitely (I can give you any number of examples of US military assets which are 40-50 years old and will be around for a lot longer).

    Now if Athas can argue these matters with facts and technical details, thats fine. But generally he can't. The above is just one example of his amateurish approach to complex technical issues, which he is not qualified to comment on.

    As for corruption, that is pretty much standard in the defence industry (I'm not saying its a good thing). If we bought modern more expensive equipment, someone will make even more money from corruption (i.e. 10% of 100mn is a lot more than 10% of 10mn).

    This article might be of interest if you want to know about corruption in defence contracts.


  163. Dear Asithri,
    Thanks for your input.Whatever the reason David joined in those days the politicians in Colombo cheated these soldiers very badly.There are stories of them commiting suicide simply because they could not claim their "allowance".It was bogged down in miles of paperwork and excuses.Can you imagine those northern debarcles(elephant pass etc).When a man joins the forces (for whatever reason)he expects the CIChief to provide him with the best facilities and provide him with good leadership not cheat him because he is putting his life on the line everyday.If a man decides that he is not being well treated he has the right to leave because he is putting his life on the line.I dont know how old you were at that time but it was awful..really awful..There isnt a greater gift a person can give his country than put his life on the line for it.Messrs Gothbaya and MR are doing a good job but peoples patience is low after 30 years see.You have to understand son.

  164. Asithri..the following webpage gives you constant updates
    Thanks to noltte=peace

  165. This is from the defencewire blogspot: Any confirmation of this?

    "Information relating to the Aerial Strike in Vishwamadu is trickling in at this moment. According to these sources we can confirm that LTTE Leader Velupillai Pripaharan has been targeted in the attack. Whether it was Pripaharan who was killed or his son Charles Anthony Seelan or Internal Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman is not confirmed as yet. What we can confirm right now is that a target was acquired by Air Force jets in the General Area of Vishwamadu following careful verification of ground and aerial intelligence.

    The target, as said earlier, was the LTTE Leader Pripaharan. The Air Force and Army believe that the house targeted had either the LTTE leader or any of the two other leaders mentioned here. This is due to the post-attack reactions of the LTTE. It was observed that the LTTE had moved in its elite riding team (modeled after the Army's Rapid Deployment Force) and its Anti-Aircraft Unit immediately after the attack. The AA Unit has several heavy vehicles fixed with 12.7mm and 14.2mm canons. It is the usual practice of the LTTE to move such well-trained men and hardware in support of Pripaharan, more so than the other leaders.

    The Sri Lanka Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Unit was also lying in wait for Pripaharan in this area on the same day. Both LRRP and the Air Force Number 10 squadron have been trailing the LTTE leader for several months now.

    The exact identity of the leader killed, if indeed he was present at the location, will be revealed through ground intelligence within the next few days. The LTTE usually cordons off the area hit and prevents civilians entering into government areas following such successful attacks for several days to avoid the information reaching the Military. As soon as such information is received, DefenceWire will be there to provide you more details."

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. shay,

    following is the link. this report was written in May 2005 when the CFA was in operation and only 6 months after the devastating tsunami wrecked the island


  169. Island said this

    "Prabhakaran's right hand man perishes in air raid
    Amithab, the leader of the Charles Anthony brigade, one of the oldest highly trained infantry units of the LTTE, died in a Sri Lanka Air Force attack on his hideout in Vishvamadu, north of Iranamadu, deep in the LTTE -controlled territory, yesterday. The air raids by Kfirs and MIGs commenced around 6:30 a.m. and the hideout was completely destroyed, Air Force sources said. "

  170. "Blacker may have served in the SLA (and yes we all know he’s from mixed Tamil and Burgher parentage), but that doesn’t prove anything about his patriotism."

    I don't have to prove anything about my patriotism, ponneya. I fought and bled for this country. I'm not sitting in the US sucking cock while trying to wave the flag and convince us of how patriotic you are. If anyone has anything to prove it's you. Upto now all you've proven is that your an MR arse-licking retard.

    "He has never uttered a single good word for MR GOSL "

    I guess you sucked cock through school as well, Asithri, so you are unaware of basic English. Patriotism isn't loyalty to the president, or a party, or even to the government. It is to the country. That is why you have democracy, so that even a patriot can vote for the opposition if he wishes without being called a traitor by people like you who are kissing suddha arse.

    "has gone out of way to knock down people like Gota and Fonseka"

    Please provide a link to where I've ever knocked down Sarath Fonseka. As usual you have nothing but lies. Lol.

    "No true patriotic SLA soldier takes that kind of cheap partisan attitude in my view. "

    Since you know nothing of either your view is just that of a retard.

    "The bottom line is people have joined the SLA for various reasons, not necessarily due to unstinted patriotism."

    Actually very few join for the above reason. Most join for the adventure. At the end of basic we fill a form for life insurance, and one part askes for the reaason for joining. Half the recruits are ordered to put down "patriotism" and the other half "unemployed", regardless of true reasons. So that's how the Army handles it, and thats what the idiots like Asithri swallow.

    "it was just a way to earn a pay-cheque and that’s the type who leaves the army at the first opportunity"

    Actually, it's the guys who join for the money who stay the longest, holding out for a pension and other benefits. The guys who join out of patriotism leave when they realize no one really cares about their hardship and that the politicians are making money off the war. The guys who are there for the fun and adventure leave when they get bored, or incapacitated. If Asithri actually knew anyone in the Army (fantasies and wet dreams don't count) he'd know all of this. Lol.

    "I have met some very senior rankers in the SLA and when I listen to their stories"

    Did you have to look over your shoulder when listening to them? ROFL.

    "I believe a very high majority of our youth who join the SLDF, join out of a sense of sheer patriotism. "

    Yeah that's what we tell all the groupie civilians.

    "I offended you by telling that you are no different to RW the pansy"

    Actually, I'm not offended. I'm amused by most of your juvenile idiocy, Asithri. Silly kids always amuse me. It's when they grow up to be silly old men that I'm offended. Mostly that they were not straangled when they were silly little kids.

    "I live a proud life in the US and I ain’t kissing any white arse"

    Well if working as a janitor makes you proud, Asithri, good for you. Lol. But then for the son of a Slave Island prostitute, I guess that must be a step up for you.

    " but I’ll have you known that it is the whiteys who are kissing the brown arse of this proud brown-boy from Sri Lanka. "

    So do they kiss your arse BEFORE they put their cocks in, or after?

    "I have whiteys who even hold Masters and PhD from even the Ivy Leagues working under me and yes, they do kiss my arse as I am the one decided on their career welfare"

    My my... such fantasies. I guess you have to compensate for your sad life cleaning up other people's piss all day. ROFL.

    "in the morning there will be more news of another whack on the LTTE maggots by Gota/Fonseka/clan"

    Please send me a link the day Gota actually goes out and whacks a Tiger. Cos so far its us soldiers doing it. While maggots like you just pretend you're a patriot.

  171. Cable,

    Those are not frigates as you claim, they're landing ships (LSL's). Probably the navy wouldn't need those types of ships even though the prices mentioned don't seem very high considering that the ship in question (Sir Gallahad) is a fairly new hull (1987 vintage and the article says the SLN was only "looking" at buying 1 ship not 3 like you said). The USD 1.8mn for an OPV sounds reasonable (even a Dvora costs that much).

    The Vigilante class OPV's are still in production and are not "old" ships. They would have been a good acquisition for the SLN (depending on the price, which is not mentioned) and could have been easily copied at Colombo Dockyard if we acquired a model.


    As for the Serbian (I guess Russian built) frigates, cant say whether the mentioned price of USD 25mn is too much or not, depends on a lot of things (but probably could have got some better used frigates from a western country).

    The link you gave is an example of typical Athas style writing. In the first part of the article he criticises the Govt (UNF) for neglecting national security while at the same time criticising proposed arms procurement because of alleged corruption without giving any specific evidence. He also tries to imply the ships in question are old/unsuitable without giving any technical details whatsoever to back up his argument.

    As far as I can understand, these were only proposed acquisitions (i.e. nothing was finalised, just scoping out). So its highly debatable whether the SLN decided not to go ahead with these purchases just because Athas happened to mention them or because their own technical evaluations/budgetary constraints ruled against it.

    I don't see what the CFA or tsunami has to do with anything especially since Athas himself is critising the CFA in this very article. The tsunami had negligible impact on the SL economy despite the human cost.

    War is an expensive business and there will always be corruption. That doesn't excuse bad quality journalism. If Athas can argue with facts and technical details instead of speculation, I wouldn't have anything against him.

  172. David Blacker,

    Out of many things you said, the below caught my attention,

    "Please send me a link the day Gota actually goes out and whacks a Tiger. Cos so far its us soldiers doing it."

    I am very curious to know if you were in SLA during pre-IPKF time. If so, it is unlikely to hear this from you. Please elaborate how you came to this conclusion.

  173. Hey DB and Asithri,

    Can we cut this name calling out?

    Little bit of friction is a good thing, but when it goes over the top, it is not good for anyone :-)

    Be cool dudes, this is just a forum about unity and integrity after all.

  174. DefenceNet...i think it's high time we place restrictions for using foul language on the blog.
    It destroy the spirit in where we all gather here to discuss defense issues.

  175. Sam, I'm quite aware of Lt Col Gotabhaya Rajapakse's Army career and the fact that he was a battalion commander in the Sinha Regt. I was referring to his current role as DS, not his past.

  176. yeh guys we should keep the integrity of this blog . This is one of the respected places where we can get some real info abt the ongoing conflict.
    BTW, defencenet, is there any information abt the attack on the vishwamadu attack? WHo was the priced target over there?

  177. Srilankan,

    I do not want to take the credit for the link.

    In fact, there is a link to the Defencewire blog in the frontpage of the defencenet.lk forum.

    Both the sites are doing a great job and filling a long due void.

    The other SLAF and Navy alternative sites listed in the front-page also are doing a great job too.

  178. Military Equipment found in Colombo

    and few days back SLDF discovered a suicide jacket and a SALF uniform in a land near Katunayake Airport.

    These are signs of carrying out an attack disguising as security personnel.

    Time to take measures to prevent any disguised attack.

    1. I would love to see all the Ministerial Security vehicles parked either sides of Parliamentary Road to be moved further away from road where VIPs travel, when the Parliament is in session (I have a phobia that one-day LTTE may use a vehicle disguised as an Army, STF, or Ministerial Security to carry out an attack. So, keep eye on Landrover Jeeps, Double Cab pickups etc.)

    2. Government to issue a separate Tel Number i.e. 116 to report suspicious terrorist activity, and issue a public notification of what can be considered as suspicious activity i.e. your newly settled neighbor digging the garden 2.00 am in the morning (may sound hilarious, I agree or recent present of workers in an abandoned house without the owner present etc)

    3. Conduct more pre-dawn searches in the city suburbs

    4. Increase intel in Estates. There are sleeping cells, and tons of hidden arms that were brought in and hidden in the hay days of LTTE activity in the Estates (just offer them financial rewards and absolute secrecy for revealing hidden arms in estates and you may be surprised that how many you would uncover).

    5. The biggest priority that LTTE has is to get rid of MR. MR is their biggest enemy, Gota is the second, and Gen Sarath is the third. The fourth are the SLAF and Navy Hardware. Needs to have absolute high priority on protecting all of them.

    6. MR came out of the Bullet Proof Screen in last Southern Rally to greet the crowd. It is not something to be happy about. There should be few more of those screens covering sides of any public addressing. MR go out to people, when this war is over, and not now!

    7. We do not have a successor to MR, if anything happened to MR. MR, it is time for you to groom your successor now. He or she should have the same or better qualities like you!

    8. Gen Janaka Perera has great strengths. It would be great if we could get him on board at MOD working alongside the other team. His skills can be best used only under MR, not Ranil (hey guys do not get worked-up to call names to Ranil -we all know where he put our defence establishment)

    9. There are still guys in our intel who pass info to the enemy. This happens everywhere in the world (the so called Double Agensts)Bait and catch them!

    10. Innovate in every move! Every angle of doing things! Surprise the enemy! Surprises can inflict 10 time more damage to the enemy than a similar no-surprise move. So, innovation is the key!

    Enough for today!

  179. Shay
    My apologies for referring to LSL's as frigates. My intention was to show an error/mistake by sf admirer where the poster accused athas of criticising the grant of USS courageous. It had nothing to do with buying new LSL's. However a mistake was made is a mistake and I should have checked it more thoroughly.

    I have no intention of defending Iqbal Athas or promoting him since your post was directed at me I need to reply

    You say Quote
    “The link you gave is an example of typical Athas style writing. In the first part of the article he criticises the Govt (UNF) for neglecting national security while at the same time criticising proposed arms procurement because of alleged corruption without giving any specific evidence. He also tries to imply the ships in question are old/unsuitable without giving any technical details whatsoever to back up his argument.”

    I think we all agree that UNF Government did neglect national security but Athas dosent criticize arms procurement he has criticized the absence of a national plan or a national strategy which results in haphazard procurement enabling people in the right places to becomes millionaires and billionaires. I quote below from his article

    “Three years after a ceasefire, it is salutary that the need for military preparedness to counter a Tiger guerrilla threat has dawned on the authorities. That too after repeated reports of a guerrilla military build up. But a nagging question will still bothers a troubled nation - the absence of a national plan or national strategy and a corresponding procurement policy. In the past, it has made millionaires of those in and out of uniform. Whether new moves will see billionaires and place the nation's security interests in greater peril remains a great worry.”

    If this is typical athas writing I say more power to him. He should keep writing like this so that that the tax paying public are made aware of the facts. I don’t think this is “bad quality journalism” as you say but as we have differing opinions let the others decide.

    You also say
    “I don't see what the CFA or tsunami has to do with anything especially since Athas himself is critising the CFA in this very article. The tsunami had negligible impact on the SL economy despite the human cost.”

    I think the context in which an article is written is very important for readers to judge its worthiness and quality that’s why I specifically mentioned the CFA and tsunami. For instance when a ceasefire is in effect can a government justify spending billions of much needed money (especially for giving relief to those affected by tsunami and reconstruction) on buying military equipment haphazardly? My intention was to make the reader understand the situation the government was in at the time the request for these items were made. I specifically mentioned the CFA to put it in context of the situation at the time.

    Regarding the negligible impact of the Tsunami on the economy, well to take one instance is the income which was denied to the tourism industry in 2004 and 2005 negligible?

    My apologies to everybody for the very long post

  180. Oops had to come back as I got a small brain f*rt!

    This is about offering rewards for Estate Workers to reveal info about hidden caches of arms.

    Put out notices mentioning,

    1. Absolute secrecy
    2. Tel number to call i.e. 116
    3. Rewards are paid for weight of Military Hardware i.e. Rs. 1000/- for every Kg of military hardware found. That means 50Kg of military hardware found would earn a Rs. 50,000 reward.

    That reward mechanism is easier to comprehend. Many in the Estate Sector understands 'compensation for weight'.

    It is good for them too in every angle. It will further secure their jobs and livelihoods.

    No offense to our beloved Estate Workers who are a huge part of our economy.

  181. "This is about offering rewards for Estate Workers to reveal info about hidden caches of arms."

    Great idea noltte. It would work in the east too.

  182. Blacker...hey Thupphi-sakkili-karapotta...Ha Ha, I got you on a raw nerve did I not? LMSSAO!

    Thpppahi Asshole, you will never come close to this OaO Asithri...this is a hot-blooded Sinhela dude who loves to chew-and-spit-out unpatriotic motherfuckers like you in the www! My whole heritage is one of supporting the UNP and today I am one who broke away from it (very proudly) and I have adopted a virulently anti-RW stance as I see the damage this bloody ponnaya has done to MY motherland…as for you, you burgher-tamil thuppahi cocksucker, you hold blind allegiance to RW the pany only because you are a filthy bloody anti-Sinhela, anti-Sinhela Buddhist motherfucker who in essence is no different to the LTTE maggots (don’t deny this I have enough posts that I can hotlink to prove this, including your filthy attacks on the Buddhist clergy in SL…as well, many others here too have said this and they too have proof that you are a anti-Sinhela Buddhist racist dog cum-drop). So filthy “cum swallower,” no, I am not a well-frog loser like you in SL who blindly sucks RW's limpy dick and likely licked CBK's a-hole as well, just because they were friendly to the LTTE (i.e. your mother's clan!)

    As I have said here before, you pathetic scumbag of mixed parentage of questionable loyalty to Motherlanka makes my hair stand on its head when you say you served in the SLA! Grade schood drop out, what happend? Had no other job you could get? LMSSAO! Aha, maybe it was you type that contributed to losing the Mullativu, Pooneryn and also EP in the end! You type of pathetic scummies of questionable loyalty to Motherlanka are also what I hear the LTTE’s sleeper agents are all about in the SLDF. I know there was one such LTTE sleeper agent in EP who kept his GPS cell phone on during the LTTE attack so that LTTE's artys could have the coordinates! Now I wonder if it was you motherfucker who did that!

    Anyway, give it a rest fucking Thuppahi Hillbilly…you are just crude, uneducated, unsavvy, and just plain RW + Christian NGO + TNA + LTTE supporting filthy, unwashed, drop of dog cum!

    Ho Ho Ho…I see you tried to bad-mouth Gota here and got caught when someone (Sam I believe) questioned you on it…Ho Ho Ho…was that a sissy back-peddling or waht! Bloody backboneless thuppahiya…come to someone like moi…OaO Asithri…a hot blooded dakuney Sinhelaya to learn what it means to stand by what you write and stand by it with dignity! LMSSAO!

    Aha, go go get lost karapotta…I am done with you! This is my last word…as I don’t need to demean myself to your level of uneducated (unschooled), awajathaka, filth!

    Let it be known…Sri Lanka will be rid of all LTTE supporting motherfuckers, including the likes of you who behind-the-scene rendered supported to further the LTTE’s agenda. This is OUR sacred homeland and we intend to keep it that way even if we have to liquidate every single LTTE supporting filthy dog-cum drop like you!

    DefenseNet…Patriot, my apologies for the choice words I’ve had to use here as it is only a necessary rejoinder to this maggot’s profanity….anyway, this is my last word to this sub-human.

    PEACE to all patriots…

    OaO Asithri

  183. This comment has been removed by the author.

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. Dear Asithri

    looking at your post you make me "really really proud" to be a sinhalese buddhist

    The proud heritage of the warrior sinhala kings and the teachings of the lord buddha are very apparent

    By the way are you from the Mervin-Dutugemnu line?

  186. Ha ha ha. I guess Arsithri forgot his medication today. Don't worry, machang. Suck a few more American cocks and I'm sure you can collect the money. Don't forget to swallow, and get an extra tip. ROFL.

    Your language confirms the fact that your mother's a Slave Island street whore, I guess. You could've asked her for the money, but at fifty bucks a fuck, it might taake a while, no? Lol.

    Don't worry about my nerves, man. It'll take more than a dickless ponneya like you to get on my nerves. You're just a joke. I regularly email your posts to my contact list as a shining example of Sinhala-Buddhism (which you don't even know to spell) and so now you're quite as famous as Mervyn over here. Keep it up, wanker. Ha ha ha.

  187. I guess every site needs its own little retarded court jester. And Ponna Arsithri is ours. Congrats, DefenceNet. Lol.

  188. to be fair.. every site has "jesters" and so does this one.

  189. hey,guys..looks like asithri has just proven his GAYness..LOL

  190. Looks like most of you have proven something about yourselves.

    None of it is any more savory than the other.

  191. To many of the ones who have posted comments;

    Dear Sir/madam
    Why are you all like blood-suckers assist pro-war movement.do you all guys want nothing but bloodshed?Is this the "Dharmadweepa" that we aspired for?May god look at us and stop this bloodshed forever.


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