Monday, September 17, 2007

"Blue Water Navy"

Sri Lanka Navy's (SLN) latest mission to thwart LTTE arms smuggling will no doubt be recorded as one of the most successful Naval missions of all time. This is not only because the mission caused the destruction of 3 large LTTE vessels in less than 24 hours but also because it demonstrated SLN warship fleet's ability to engage in deep sea missions.

  Image: SLNS Sayura Offshore Patrol vessel

Naval intelligence had previously collected information about 4 LTTE arms vessels which were bound to Sri Lanka. Their destinations were Mullaithiv, Challei, Alampil and Chundikual beaches. However the tigers had devised a new plan to avoid detection. The large vessels full of weapons were never to be beached. They were to stay in deep seas acting as floating warehouses while LTTE cadres used smaller craft such as fishing trawlers to smuggle the weapons in to their territory. This method not only reduced risk of detection but it also acted as a damage control mechanism; If a trawler was hit, only a small portion of the cargo would be destroyed. The rest would be safe in the main vessel. Unfortunately for the tigers, locations of the floating warehouses were picked up by naval intelligence.

Following the intel warning, SLN command dispatched four warships to investigate the targets. These were SLNS (Sri Lanka Navy Ship) Sayura, SLNS Samudura, SLNS Suranimala and SLNS Shakthi. One highly trained Special Boat Squadron (SBS) attack team was on board each of the four ships. Their mission was to board the enemy vessels and take control if the sea tigers surrendered.  Two supply ships (A520 and A521) were sent to resupply the warships if needed.

Although the intel information was correct, it took 10 days to find the first LTTE vessel. The detection was made in international waters 1200Km away from Colombo. LTTE's 50 meter long Manyoshi vessel was surrounded by two SLN warships. However the vessel opened fire on SLN ships using 5.0mm (commonly known as "five zero") weapons and tried to flee when they were asked to identify themselves. Manyoshi was sunk on 10th of September at 10.30 am local time.

The second ship too was detected in the same area several hours later. 50 meter long Sishin was discovered by the other two SLN warships. It too tried to flee and was sunk in the battle on 10th of September at 5.30pm.

3rd LTTE arms vessel was discovered 80km off the location where the second vessel was sunk. By this time, the two warships that destroyed Manyoshi had joined the rest. LTTE's 70 meter long Koshia arms vessel was now surrounded by four SLN warships. By this time, naval intelligence picked up a message to Koshiya from Wanni command. Message sender was Chelian; LTTE's new sea tiger leader. LTTE cadres on board the Koshiya were instructed to fire at SLN warships using 3 heavy 120mm mortars on board the ship. After firing several rounds, sea tigers reported back to their leader that it was impossible to get a clear target because of the rough seas. They were then ordered by Chelian to commit suicide and avoid capture. Koshiya too was sunk when it was hit by 76mm, 37mm, 30mm 25mm and 23mm cannon fire from SLN warships.

If the LTTE had the chance to upload the cargo on these ships, it would have been devastating for the army. On board were a large amount of 120, 122mm, 130mm and 152mm artillery shells, a fast attack craft of unknown type, a bulletproof vehicle, engine and spare parts for 3 light planes and a large collection of various weapons and ammunition including even torpedoes.

Meanwhile military intelligence has confirmed that a 4th LTTE arms ship bound to Mullaithiv had fled  after the destruction of the first 3 ships.


  1. Defencenet, could you comment on Lakbima item that claime the 3rd ship in fact got away as well they one that comms was interceptedwith Chilian, and also that the cargo was not as reported by the government but ammunition and fuel for the most part.

    COuld they be mixing up this fourth ship that got away? And what was that carrying no mention of it any where. Thanks

  2. Thanks Defencenet for the article...

    I think we should keep the secrets as secrets...

    After 48 hours of this massive operation, SLN disclosed almost every detail how it was done..

    I don't understand their line of thinking...

    Why they indulge the details in such a manner.?

    There is no way for the SLN to repeat another similar operation, since LTTE now knows how to avoid the SLN trap next time.

    This is what happened in the case of the arrest of KP..

    He was arrested , no doubt about that..Then something happened due to the GOSL disclosing the closely guarded secret..

    I really don't understand how they are going to win this war.

    [I think if the GOSL has plans to invade North, it is better they abandoned that.The reason is, if the LTTE make a comeback and distroy our assests during the Northern campaign, there is a huge prospect of losing the Eastern Province after that..LTTE caders in Eastern province are keeping a very low profile expecting a debacle from the GOSL.Therefore it is better to hang on to the current policy of kill a 10 per day, rather than an all out war...
    Some will argue my point saying that GOSL can defeat the LTTE in Vanni..But it depends on lots of ifs...We should prepare for the worst, if we are to engage LTTE in North.

  3. Thanks Defencenet,

    Can you comment on the claim that the LTTE ships were carrying some torpedoes intended for the Sea Tigers?

    What type of torpedoes would be available to the LTTE in the black market that can be launched from their boats? Presumably the torpedoes would have been intended to target our larger vessels, OPV's , FMV's etc. Can they be used against smaller FAC's as well?

    Do the SLN vessels have countermeasures/decoys to detect and avoid torpedoes?

    Tangara, I don't think there was anything that the SLN disclosed which the LTTE could not have figured out themselves. The LTTE would obviously know that the SLN had uncovered their strategy once the 3 ships were sunk. How exactly would the LTTE hope to avoid the SLN the next time if they intend to keep transporting weapons by sea?

  4. Shay,

    Things like no of vessels involved was one such thing..

    Then they mentioned that some vessels were sent out to avoid suspicion?

    There are many other things that I can't recall..

    I think we shouldn't be disclosing things that help the enemy..

  5. Let the enemy find out the hard way, rather than we telling them what really happened...

  6. From another blog, this time...

    Military planners were better at sorting things out. But they had to be, and they had plenty of practice. Secrecy was necessary to make military operations effective, and that secrecy meant not telling the media, or anyone else, lots of interesting things. Despite that restriction, that's a lot that is known via open sources.

  7. Weldone NAVY!! Few more tiger arms ships sent to a watery grave.


    Small error in the article.

    "five Zero" is not 5.0mm its 12.7mm (0.50 inch) hence called .50Cal. fondly referred by our boys as Five Zero.

    With regard to the SBS units onboard the ships? Was an attempt made to board the tiger vessels? If not why did it not happen?

    I wish we had a helo onboard the OPV, at least the Indian Chetak. SBS boys could have been inserted via rope from the helo.

    The need for more OPV's and maritime patrol aircrafts are highlighted by this event.

    As it has been pointed out with the expansion of the EEZ in late 2008 SL will have a large sea area to control. So better OPV’s with longer endurance, Surveillance EW equipment and better armaments would be needed. I think in the long run we might even need a fleet replenishment ship!

    CDL & the Navy should try to build a long endurance OPV with foreign assistance locally. Wonder how big the proposed ship yard and dry dock will be, in Hambanthota?

    Any ideas?


  9. I heard that the LTTE are developing a human-torpedo weapon. In which a sea tiger sits on top on an LTTE designed torpedo and steers it towards the target.


    Do you by any chance know if the torpedoes in the sunken vessels were these LTTE designed human/torpedo contraptions?

  10. Isn't it awesome that there was absolutely no secrecy regarding the felicitation ceremony for the sailors in Trincomalee?

    In the past, everytime the President or high officials go to the northeast (or even elsewhere), it's a closely kept secret. No one knows the officials will be there until they actually turn up. I thing someone criticized the decision to go public about this event in the previous blog posting, but the point is, the military command is in a position where they could let the LTTE know all their plans, yet be confident enough that the LTTE couldn't do anything to disturb them

    This why we're fighting this war. And this a good indication as any that we're doing damn well in it under the current administration.

  11. Keep up the good work Navy!

    Navy chief need to take precautions and increase his peripheral security too.

  12. The fourth ship has slipped to African waters!

    There are few ships belonging to LTTE operate in the Black sea too. There are LTTE agents residing in Ukrain operate these ships.

    They certainly engage in Human Smuggling (i.e. unloading picked human cargo from Black Sea ports to smaller boats at Mid sea), and also engage in arms smuggling.

    Their existence and services are open secret in the region.

    Odessa is a central hub of LTTE human smuggling and weapons operations.

  13. Sometime back I met a former KGB guy who has come to Sri Lanka to buy Tea.

    He knew much of the LTTE operations in Odessa and Black sea.

    I asked him to contact GOSL, and he said that he did, but nothing happened.

    It was the Ranil era and a day after Paul Harris was refused visa by Ranil Admin.

    Still there are many former KGB guys who run security companies/private investigations companies in Russia/Ukrain etc, and for few bucks it is possible to get all the information about LTTE operations.

    They know all about their ships and shipping networks.

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  15. Good works SLN good work Boys ! But, like jack said... why no photos of 3rd ship ? Anyhow, now go bust Chilians balls as a bonus !

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Well done SLN boyz! Outstanding…simply outstanding!

    One thing that is heartening to note is our SLN attack ships are today (finally) equipped with the right armaments, including 76mm and 37mm cannons! It’s truly marvelous to see what a long way our Navy has come to be the lethal fighting machine it is today, from the mere ceremonial Navy that took on the LTTE “sea tiger” mfs not long ago!.

    .Nemesis, good point man…about CDL/SLN building up on the deep sea offensive capability. This magnificent victory certainly shows it is a venture that’s bound to pay off in handsome dividend. I too think we can do it with some foreign involvement. I hear today there are even Dvoras being assembled in Colombo, with the hi-tech components from Israel, but most other components, including armor plated thick gauge steel plates turned out locally. We Sri Lankans are a race of “innovators and improvisers” (I remember years ago going with a buddy to a place in Colombo to get a locally turned out part for his vintage Volkswagen Carmengia as the part was not available in SL and it would have taken 4 months to get one through the agent. He bought the locally manufactured part and it worked damn well for over 5 years, till he sold the vehicle!).

    Well done SLN boyz! Outstanding…simply outstanding!

    OaO Asithri

  18. rajarata:

    The first two ships were destroyed in day light(one at 10.30am and the other at 5.30 pm) And the third sip was destroyed at around 3am next day. So they couldn't take quality pics of that ship, but they had given a pic of the third ship from a video taken from gun mounted night vision Cam. You can see it in and MCNS webs. BTW they should have video footages of those attacks. But I think they are not giving those to keep what they did, and the wepans used as secrets.

  19. Does anyone if the SLAF played any role in this ?

  20. heard a story that the LTTE ships may have been detected by the US navy while they were conducting exercises (with India) and they tipped of the SLN. Any truth in this?

  21. DNet,
    Anything happened at Kotahena Area?????

  22. Guys,defnet.i know that one of the SAAR4 missile boats took part in this about the other one?is it in operational condition & is it seaworthy?also,why din't the SLN fire any of its onboard missiles-i understand they are expensive,but they atleast could have tested the standoff capabilities of the missile in action..

    Another point i want to figure is why din't we try to capture atleast one tiger vessel,maybe by sending a boarding party alongside the vessel-risky,i know,but our Navy SBS guys are trained for such things,much like the US Marines.

  23. guys, Videos of this attack are now available at and websites...........

  24. Great work...

    May the force be with you forever..

    If we can capture these LTTE ships with the cry, it is going to be a tresure trow in many ways...

  25. jack,
    "could you comment on Lakbima item that claime the 3rd ship in fact got away as well they one that comms was interceptedwith Chilian, and also that the cargo was not as reported by the government but ammunition and fuel for the most part."

    No two ships did not get away. 3 were destroyed and Koshiya was among the destroyed ones. Only one ship got away. Contents on that ship are still unknown.


    "I think we should keep the secrets as secrets..."

    Agreed without arguments.

    "After 48 hours of this massive operation, SLN disclosed almost every detail how it was done.."

    Well the information released were not classified. Operation details were kept in utmost secrecy till the moment it was launched. After the launch, LTTE intelligence immediately gets all these details plus more from sea tigers on board the ships (this is usual for many ops).

    "Can you comment on the claim that the LTTE ships were carrying some torpedoes intended for the Sea Tigers? "

    Yes this can be confirmed. In fact this was double confirmed both by MI contact (he was not able to identify what these were at first) and by naval officers on board the warships.

    "Do the SLN vessels have countermeasures/decoys to detect and avoid torpedoes? "

    Revealing information in this regard on a public forum will not be ideal. So we will skip this question.

    ""five Zero" is not 5.0mm its 12.7mm (0.50 inch) hence called .50Cal. fondly referred by our boys as Five Zero."

    Thanks for pointing it out mate. Our mistake. In fact it was 12.7mm fire which was directed at SLN ships.

    "With regard to the SBS units onboard the ships? Was an attempt made to board the tiger vessels? If not why did it not happen?"

    No attempt was made. They were to board the ships if LTTE cadres on board were willing to surrender. But since the ships fled without stopping, there was no way for them to board the ships.


    "Do you by any chance know if the torpedoes in the sunken vessels were these LTTE designed human/torpedo contraptions?"

    The make and model of the torpedoes are unknown. Determining the make and model without seeing them up close is almost impossible.

    "Isn't it awesome that there was absolutely no secrecy regarding the felicitation ceremony for the sailors in Trincomalee?"

    Morale booster for the entire Navy, a slap in the face for tiger propaganda machine.
    But doing this type of thing all the time will not be very healthy.


    "why no photos of 3rd ship ? "

    Werent they posted on Look for greenish images they were taken with night mode on.

  26. Hi Guys,

    Do you notice.. there is another round of false HR Violations PR round is carried out now against GOSL.

    All the usual Pro-LTTE media are high at it right now.

    The government is doing hundreds and thousands of good deeds in massive scale to uplift the lives of affected who were under the bloody boot of LTTE. But, they go un-noticed.

    All the utter violations of HR by LTTE go un-noticed to these parties who shout loud. The suckers are at it high time.

    They all seem to be very uncomfortable that LTTE going to lose under the current GOSL leadership.

    UTHR also has joined the bandwagon now. Some of the partakers include, HRW, Amnesty International, BBS, AFP, Daily Mirror, Tamilnet, Nithasaran, UN Office in Sri Lanka, and many NGO shackles that have been put up to absorb foreign funds.

    In addition, thousands of overseas based LTTE front organisations churn-out false articles, lobbying papers daily against GOSL.

    Our foreign service should be more active than now to combat these false propaganda. They are mostly sleep and I have not seen any of our embassies issuing any circular denying LTTE false propaganda.

    The GOSL also do not have a person who can superbly handle these false propaganda. Have you seen our Minister HR handle English. Utter nightmare. We need some intelligent and eloquent persons in foreign and HR departments. I dearly miss our late Mr. Kadiragamar.

  27. what might be the wider effect of a successful military opp (like the one in question now) on our international stakeholders? will such successive achievements cause these countries to soften their tone on the rajapaksa govt? will they grow more convinced of the ltte's weaknesses and thereby give the govt breathing space to "clean up"?

    i wonder.

  28. Jiffy,

    My point is, why when it is really obvious that Sri Lanka is suffering from 3 decades of a "Terrorist Problem", no developed country take the severity of that into account?

    See how USA and Britain try to suppress terrorism, but totally opposite in relation to the terrorism that is being faced by the legitimately elected government of Sri Lanka.

  29. Check this guys out guys..

    See how the LTTE writer AHILAN SIVAGANESAN has grossly misrepresented facts there.

    This is the type of misrepresentation that GOSL has to face day to day.

  30. "Check this guys out guys..

    See how the LTTE writer AHILAN SIVAGANESAN has grossly misrepresented facts there.

    This is the type of misrepresentation that GOSL has to face day to day."

    guys in the US: we need to counter this article... IE... you should stop wiki and start writing to proper papers.

  31. Power struggle among thugs,prtpage-1.cms

  32. defencenet thanks for the long update, making up for missed time eh :)

  33. Tropicalstorm,

    It is evident that Pottu is building his own empire.

    VP's son will have 'NO CHANCE' at all with Pottu.

    What Pottu doing is building his financial network now.

    His main obstacle is securing Ayiyana Group under his wing.

    VP may be doing all his best to distance Pottu from LTTE finances.

    Once Pottu secured the financing network, there will be no need for Pottu to rely on VP.

    In the past, Pottu has tried to directly take control of international fund-network. However, Anton Balasingham has been an obstacle for him. Anton has specifically asked VP to separate Pottu from LTTE finance network.

    Now Anton is not there. Pottu is using his network of Tocie to probe on all the financial dealings relating to international network. This may be a learning process as well as to understand every corner too.

    Thamil Selvam is like a small bitch in front of Pottu. Thamil Selvam has no network as Pottu has. Pottu is the man!

    What I predict is, VP will get 3rd in line to Pottu to counter Pottu. The second in line is too close to Pottu.

  34. velu has too many problems and is doubtful whether he is really in overall command of the organization at all. Pottu carries a major burden of keeping things in line, and is the de-facto (the word the AFP guys like so much) ruler by the sword.
    If either one perishes, the tigers would be left on one leg. That knowlwdge is likely to play a role in keeping them together even if thier ultimate goals are inimical to each other.

  35. Defencenet,

    As far as i know the Fast Missile Vessel used by the SLN does not use its missile launchers. What are the weapon systems used by the FMV at the moment?

  36. b#1,
    In Kotahena forces have found 11 Claymores. These were found after the information given by a guy that was arrested from JaEla area with communication sets bound to LTTE.

  37. Guys,

    Is it possible to carry Bell Twin Twelve in Deck on Samudura? (Ex: USCG Cutter? Originally it can Carry a HH-65 Dolphin Helicopter).

  38. A great news!

    Kotelawala Defense Academy of Sri Lanka to be elevated as a university (LankaPage).

    We need another 20 universities (for civilians) in the country that can house at least 10,000 students each.

    I would love to see a "Military Technical College(s)" also being established. One could be established in Anuradhapura, while the other could be established in Hambantota (next to the newly built Harbour). It should provide NDT level training in Ordnance, Information Technology, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics etc courses. These technical colleges should be opened to the non-commissioned ranks of the forces.

  39. One year service extensions given to Army and Navy Commanders

    His Excellency the President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa today (September 19) extended the service of Navy Commander Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda and Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka for one year.

    Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda assumed Command of the Sri Lanka Navy on 1st September 2005. In the 55-year history of the Sri Lanka Navy, he is the only officer to be considered to the highest seat of the Commander of the Navy straight from a Naval Area Command. Under his leadership navy has been able to break the backbone of LTTE's gunrunning mechanism by sinking nine LTTE arms-carrying ships. In addition, navy has achieved unprecedented success in keeping terrorists' sea units at bay by destroying large number of attack-craft including suicide craft in many sea battles.

    Admiral Karannagoda's extension comes in to affect from 22nd November 2007.

    Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka who is known to be one of the most battle hardened officer in the Army and an exemplary infantryman became Army's chief on 6th December 2005. Under his leadership, Sri Lanka Army has been able to turn tide in the Sri Lanka's war on terror by liberating the Eastern Province from terror clutches. Starting from Mavil Aru in mid 2006, army has achieved historic victories over the terrorists at Sampur, Vakarai, Thoppigala and Silavattura battles. General Fonseka sustained serious injuries when the LTTE suicide bomber attempted on his life on 25th April 2006.

    Service extension given Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka comes into effect from 17th December 2007.

  40. Don,

    I would say that Fonseka and Karangoda have reached the legend status in SL history, alongside with Kobbekaduwa, Wimalarathne, Janaka Perera etc. Therfore, I believe that extension of their tenures are justified.

    Matter of fact, the performance of our forces, specially the SFs, are arguably unrivaled, except for the times of Dutugemunu, Vijayabahu, and Parakramabahu by a slight margin. Hopefully, our boys will write their names in SL history with gold ink.

  41. Hi Guys,

    There is an excellent article in Asian Tribune and some excellent comments. Asithri, your comments also noted.

    It is very much clear that the US Senate is acting on LTTE originated misinformation.

    Another note, it was also heard that the Sri Lankan envoy to the UN was given only 7 minutes to answer about HR violations. This looks like a HUGE conspire against Sri Lanka is going in the background.

  42. Patriots, greets!

    Did you guys see this news:

    COLOMBO, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a Tamil Tiger rebel base in the northern Jaffna peninsula on Wednesday, defense officials said. Air Force spokesman Group Captain Ajantha Silva said that a base of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) sea wing at Pooneryn was the target. The target was successfully taken as fire balls were seen emanating from the target, Silva said.

    Aha, what does this tell you...? May not be anything…but….

    To me, it looks like our boys are beginning the push into Vanni and it could well be from a post-pulverization of Pooneryn (no, I won’t go into any more theory here for good reason). Yes, there are interesting theories on where and how the SLDF pincer attacks will come from...and they must remain theories and nothing more for now. When the time comes, SLDF will roll the juggernaut and crush these mf's by over-running their defenses like a falling deck of cards, like they did in the East. I hear the MBRL units are now augmented by many fold and will be ready for the pulverization! Don’t you love this!

    Until then...the million dollar question is where will the SLDF pincer attacks come from?

    LTTE mf's...hope you have sleepless nights trying to guess that!

    OaO Asithri

  43. Sam:

    "I would say that Fonseka and Karangoda have reached the legend status in SL history..."


    Cheers, OaO Asithri

  44. Somewhere around 2nd century AD Sri Lanka was a major sea-faring nation and commanded the king's ransome from many of the nations in the region. At some point, history speaks of the King of Burma refusing to pay his 'kappam' as usual, which led to an assault by a naval force on his kingdom.

    It is said that the Sinhala king dispatched a force which lost half of its ships in the storms in the bay of Bengal, yet managed to land an assault force that marched thru hundreds of miles to conduct an successful attack Rangoon.

    Our history is more colorful than our present.

  45. Late Lt. Col. T.N. Muthalif... another LEGEND!!!

    and lets not forget our Air Force Commander Roshan Goonethilaka who has also done a tremendous job!!!

    Ya, the extension was the right thing to do, 200%.

  46. LEGENDS...
    Late Lt. Col. Fazly Lafir!!!

    for those who dont know, he was the CO of the SF (correct me if I'm wrong, pls) and was killed during a rescue mission during the Mullaitivu battle...

  47. Puffy those commanders are DEFINITELY LEGENDS..I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ROADS named after them.i hope this will be done.
    Hello asithri...thanks for your input.Now VP is trying to create an LTTE 2nd generation..This means that he may be under the impression that the LTTE will never be destroyed.So he has one final card that will guarentee the continuance of the LTTE.What do you think?

  48. WHY DIDNT LTTE's "Simon Gardner" fast attack squadron defend these ships.I mean we see 100s of mpg files of LTTE kids blasting FAC's with smiles on their what happened this time.?Lets ask those pricks revy,sdadas and mahathanamutta and simon G.

  49. We have approached a critical time in the conflict. Timing the next offensive is the key. Two strategies need to looked at.

    1. Continue with low key operations and allow LTTE to crumble itself with internal conflicts etc. But, the risk is that LTTE will be able to smuggle in arms and can be stronger.

    2. Use the window of oppertunity and attack while they are down. Their supply lines are hurt at the moment. It is a matter of time they patch those things and rebuild the logistics.

    Military planners have to look at both options and plan carefully.

  50. Speaking about legends..every soldier present and past who has put his life between the LTTE, mines and innocent civilians is a legend also.No point having just commanders who are legends if there are no disciplined soldiers to follow his orders.

  51. srilankan,

    Lets not get too carried away. For sure, every soldier is a hero of our time (except for the traitors) for putting his/her life in line of fire for our tomorrow. Matter of fact, most of them are unsung heroes. When they get enough publicity, they become legends like Cprl. Gamini Kularathne of Hasalaka. People up in the chain of command get more publicity and hence they become better known, i.e legends. For example, Generals Lanakpura and Kiththi of Nuwaragal (from famous Devanagala inscription)of Parakramabahu fame are some of them. They commanded the expeditions to South India and Burma. For sure, they couldn’t have achieved anything without the dedication and talent of the lower ranks. For sure, behind every legend, there is a bunch of unsung heroes.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. I was just wondering, it says the 4 Navy ships sent out were the SLNS Sayura, SLNS Samudura, SLNS Suranimala and SLNS Shakthi. What of the SLNS Nandimithra. Why wasn't she avaliable for this operation? And can anyone tell me what class of Chinese ship is the SLNS Shakthi?

  54. Indunil,

    Shakti is a Chinese Type-74 Yuhai class LST(Landing ship Tank) she can beach and un load tanks, APC, trucks troops and corgo.

  55. Pic of the Shakthi


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