Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Did LTTE receive early information on Army's Silawathura offensive?

Few days ago, the Sri Lanka Army launched a medium scale offensive to capture Silawathurei area; a known sea tiger launching pad and a major LTTE supply hub. The operation was a top secret one and was well planned. It went according to plan except for one little unexpected twist; the heavy resistance which was expected from the LTTE was almost non existent. When the army's crack troops paradropped from Mi-17 helicopters, there were no tigers left to defend their turf. They had either fled into the jungles or had mixed in with the civilians. Did LTTE plan their retreat early? Did they receive early intel on a top secret military offensive? These are questions to which we may never know the answers.

When Special Forces reached the Silawathura sea tiger base premises, it had already been abandoned by the tigers. Only around 12 tigers were killed in the entire offensive. However the military was able to recover war related hardware from the base premises:

  • 25 Fiber Glass boats
  • 1 small boat loaded with explosives (possibly suicide craft)
  • 29 boat engines
  • 110  40mm mortar rounds
  • 269 81mm mortar round
  • 5000 assault rifle ammunition
  • 1 suicide jacket

But was this all the LTTE had in Silawathura? We don't think so. They maintained a major sea tiger base and had some valuable military hardware stationed there. The base was commanded by "Nambi" and it was defended by nearly 200 LTTE cadres (approximately 80 sea units and 120 land units). Previous military intelligence reports suggested that LTTE had the following military hardware stationed in the base:

  • 10 small sea tiger attack craft
  • 5 sea tiger craft fitted with 14.5mm cannons
  • 2 sea tiger craft fitted with 23mm cannons
  • 2 supply vessels fitted with 14.5mm cannons
  • 3 explosive laden suicide boats

One might think that the army had recovered all these boats after reading the previous paragraph. Army actually did find 25 Fibre Glass boats in the base but they were not attack craft. They seemed more likely to be fishing boats which the LTTE used as supply gatherers. What happened to the attack craft, weapons and ammunition storage? Did the LTTE move them to a safer location before the army advance? If so, where was the leak? These questions will no doubt trouble army's veteran commanders who planned and lead the Silawathura offensive.


  1. SLN has sunk 3 LTTE vessels in two days. And two of these were quite big.

    Although this wont stop the arms smuggling completely as suggested by Navy commander, it will definitely reduce it and have a major impact on the LTTE.

  2. Defencenet,

    About the Silwathurai info leak..Perhaps money may have talked somewhere. You never know!

    My question is, why there was no UAV observation prior and during the offensive and couldn't we station a Navy craft to monitor LTTE sea movements in the area?

    Would the LTTE craft hidden up in the Malwathu oya?

  3. I DO NOT THINK IT IS UNUSUAL or difficult FOR THE TERRORISTS TO GET early information of the planned attack from the armed forces itself as the forces also have so mean and corrupt officers who will do anything if they get a bribe from the terrorists. There is nothing you cannot do with money in srilanka.

  4. One question is whether LTTE moved thing ahead of the offensive. Did they know the work happening behind with LRRP and DPU? Did we have any air and naval survailance before the attack? What are the routes they can take the boats to Wanni? Are there any hidden bunkers for them to hide the weapons? Many questions for MI to answer.

  5. Defensenet:
    I think LTTE was expecting this move for some time now and made a tactical pull out. But the loss of the base will constrict Sea Tiger operations in the west. Especially movements towards Tamilnadu and Colombo coast.

    Any idea where the intel came from for the LTTE vessels?

  6. There is the possibility that it was pure luck. They could have anticipated that the areas South of Mannar are the least defendable and decided to vacate pre-emtively. That could be their new tactic - pre-emptive vacation :-)
    On another matter, hope our authorities do their best to get KP home from Thailand - he should be a fountain of information.

  7. Defencenet

    There is a report that KP was not arrested in Thailand. The Thai officials deny it.

    Do you know whats going on?

  8. In Thailand you can change man to a woman or woman to a man if you give money..

    Many are corrupt to the root too.

  9. "forces also have so mean and corrupt officers "

    aja this is the problem though, from what I understand only very high level officers and members of the government even knew of this plan.

  10. The SLN's turkey-shoot is quite impressive, to say the least. It is rarely that even in a war involving major sea faring nations that such casualty pile-ups are seen.

    I wonder if the recently concluded naval excercises contributed in no small measure. Usually, with US forces operating in the area, their intel assets could have been the source.

  11. This is a worrying news from Lanka Page

    "Senior Sri Lankan police DIG seeks acceptance for his seniority
    Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 14:14 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 11, Colombo: Supreme Court of Sri Lanka today issued an injunction against appointing a senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police until the end of a fundamental rights petition hearing.

    The Supreme Court panel of judges led by the Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva issued this order today to the National police Commission when a fundamental rights petition filed by the DIG was taken up for hearing.

    The DIG in charge of Criminal Investigation Department D.W. Prathapasinghe cited in his petition that his seniority benefits were taken from him due to political bias and asked from the Supreme Court to order the NPC to appoint him as the senior DIG. "

    DIG Prathapasinghe has been key to many apprehensions that were being avoided by many other in the police.

    Can not understand why he has been mistreated.

  12. Fellas,
    Can ya please explain how, even if that one ship made it, with the bullet proof limo could have unloaded ? Where were they heading for ? But, this really stinks now cuz, that's a lot of loot man ! To unload into what ? Maybe KP could tell MI ! If Thai's dont get chicken feet and play games with GOSL! That bugger KP can wiggle out of these corrupt nations easily. Just watch !But, I hope it's that creep !

  13. Well well well, what have we here...3 large LTTE arms smuggling ships sunk and over 40 maggots sacrificed as lunch for the Indian Ocean sharks! How often does a hectic day ends with such soothing, superb news!

    A couple of us here in NY just finished having some good "pol-pala" at a bar to celebrate this magnificent work by our SLN dudes! OUTSTANDING brothers! Well done MR GOSL! Each SLN cool dude responsible for these Ops that sank these filthy maggots' ships in my view deserve a nice “token of appreciation” by the GOSL (Aha, now some will accuse me of escalating defense expenditure! :)

    Rifard, I was browsing and saw an earlier post from you about our Prez. & Co. staying at the Ritz C and you asked me to get my "shit together"....Aha, being the patriotic dakuney, hot-blooded, but indisputably perverse, twisted, LTTE-bloodthirsty, giving into carnal pleasures at every turn, proud Sinhela cat that I am ;-) ;-) I love it when I come across a bugger who dares to talk dirty! LMSSAO!

    However, realizing that this is the blog of our esteemed compatriot, DefNet, I will cease and desist from going down that garden path that can have no bounds (admittedly, much to my unmitigated glee! Shucks!) LMSSAO!

    So, let me stick to the point…

    There is no confirmation that this entourage is 75 persons (I have only seen Ranil W the faggot spewed out propaganda about it) and even it were true, you need to know the actual total cost of this in comparison to other occupancy-cost scenarios before you start your freaking wimpy croaks! You agreed that as the Head of state, MR GOSL is justified to stay at Ritz C, but did you know that when a dignitary stays at a such a hotel, there is a drastically reduced “group rate” for the rest of the group and that makes it is as economical (or ever cheaper) as if they had stayed at another hotel of decent caliber? In my professional world here, when bookings are made at “group rates,” for even less occupants than the speculative number you have given (for our various conferences and seminars) at most of these high end hotels, we find that the actual unit cost per person is much less than if they had stayed at much lower-star hotel in the same city. In any case, When Ranil and Chandrika used to travel abroad, they certainly took these “entourages” with them and I know at each time, they all stayed at the same type of “ritzy” hotels (no, they did not have some lower-rankers staying at youth hostels and coming into the “ritzy” hotel during the day for business only!). In any case, imagine the disrespect you convey to your entourage (on an important foreign mission) when you split them according to an unspoken “caste system” of rank and send them to cheaper lodgings than yours! Rifart my poor dude…you need to step out into this modern day world and realize what it means to uplift the morale, the team spirit, and most importantly, the DIGINITY of people your work with! You sound like a bloody frog stuck in an excreta contaminated well, so I would urge you to have a more broader mind (politically influenced it may be) and not get petty minded over these “small potato” issue when we have to still kill every LTTE mf!

    So dude, it is my turn to tell you (using your own words) that “ before you make such comments in future,pls think twice & never,ever,jump the gun-coz then u will be facing the Gun barrel,of course..!!” LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  14. Blacker:

    You made a couple of valid points about the Rupee devaluation.

    A country's currency value in the international money markets is indeed hinged on a plethora of complex factors, including that country's national debt, debt servicing ratios, and very importantly, that country's foreign exchange earning power - in SL's case two primary sources being tea exports and tourism.

    While tea has largely held its ground (albeit with some spiky fluctuations), tourism has been hit badly after the LTTE crop-dusters bombed Colombo.

    So, the moral of the story is...as long as this war continues, Sri Lankans will suffer a lower economic standard irrespective of who governs the nation.

    Therefore, more the reason why we should kill every single LTTE mf tout de suite and strike an amicable deal with the Tamil democrats!

    Hang in man...help is coming from our brave SLDF dudes...soon, you'll be driving your beamer down the Duplication road without any interruptions/distraction (except for our pretty SL damsels!) :))

    OaO Asithri

  15. Asithri, thanks for the economics-101, but the waar doesn't have to burden the population down if the economy is managed well.

    Teas is NOT holding its ground btw. I don't know where you heard that. Ceylon Tea has been losing market share year on year for the last fifteen years.

    The lack of tourists can be sorted out if the Ministry of Tourism gets its arse in gear and puts out a concerted as & PR effort.

    Blaming it all on the war is a lame excuse that every administration has played for the last 25 years. The only difference today is that MR & co are instilling the cause with a false sense of urgency, giving the people the impression that they just need to hang on for a little longer, when in reality there's no indication of when the war can be concluded (never mind won).

    As for you Ritz argument, don't make me laugh. You can twist yourself into knots over group rates and upliftment of morale, but you can't escaape the fact that it's money wasted. Every one of those dollars could be spent on this country's poor or (and you probably will be able to grasp this) on bullets to kill the Tigers you claim to be so blood-thirsty for. Hope you can find a few in those NY bars so that you can feel patriotic about yourself.

  16. wrt "Did LTTE receive early information on Army's Silawathura offensive?",

    Maybe a silly question. The area had a population of fisher folk didn't it? Could they have known when LTTE fled and whether their departure looked as if they were withdrawing in haste? Surely if there were that many gun mounted boats, people would know what happened to it.

  17. I hope this is not too out of context to the current topic. A key point that some people in our own country, in the international community and even in this blog are forgetting is that terrorism is a crime. Therefore it needs to be prosecuted by whatever means necessary as any other crime. What does Tamil minority grievances or any other political grievance has to do with the prosecution of criminals or an organization that facilitates such criminals? LTTE may be a political organization but its activities are clearly criminal. Even if they are representing legitimate minority grievances its activities are criminal and thus deserving of criminal punishment. A state has a duty and a legally binding requirement to arrest, disband and punish any individual or organization within its jurisdiction by which ever a means necessary . A political grievance of any kind is not and never is a license to kill.

  18. In unrelated news, Russia has just tested the most powerful non-nuclear bomb ever.

    Its being called the "Dad of all bombs" and is supposed to be four times more powerful than the American "Mother of all Bombs".
    This new russian bomb is said to be relatively inexpensive and have a blast radius of 990ft. It even weighs slightly less than the American MOAB.


    *don't miss the video clip of the bomb on the site.

    I wonder whether we can get our hands on one of these soon.

  19. Are you guys following on the KP arrest/denial scenario ?

    Someone is not telling the truth.

  20. The pro-LTTE lobby is working hard to deny the loss of their three ships.

    Anyway someone lost three ships while providing the SL Navy good target practice.

    No one's heard to be complaining either, which should mean its a win-win situation for everyone.

    This is such a tragi-comedy.

  21. ALL,




    DONDRA HEAD 5.8N 80.5E 1447Z 12 SEP
    TRINCOMALEE 8.7N 81.3E 1502Z 12 SEP
    COLOMBO 6.9N 79.8E 1515Z 12 SEP
    JAFFNA 9.9N 80.0E 1625Z 12 SEP


  24. xcellent news about the ships.I hope the divers are very busy.Although leaking of battle plans is bad now that we have captured the land we must hold on to it.I think there maybe many boats/equipment buried.If the LTTE had advanced warning of an impending attack..why did they not bury more mines to increase casualties and also at least bury some of the 25 boats?.I think they were expecting an attack on this area for a long time...and simply withdrew gradually to conserve their assets because they want to defend killi with everything they have.To be sure we need to ask simon gardner an LTTE confidant and expert.Nevertheless A BIG WELL DONE TO THE SLDF because i am sure the capture of this area was not a walk in the park!!.

  25. Don't think divers can operate at those depths...
    these ships were taken out in very deep seas... SLN would've got very good intel and possibly good coordinates to track these down...
    somebody is helping us to bury the ltte big time

  26. A headline from Asian Tribune,

    "Chandrika runs to India to lobby against Mahinda Rajapakse’s military campaign; Ranil to follow"

    Very nice! What a piece of sh**t she is!

  27. Garrett, if only it were so childishly simple :)

  28. Garrett...i agree with you.Anyway as far as the LTTE is concerned this financial and immigration exercise of theirs i hope produce the results they seek instead of living in ghettos overseas.As far as we SLankans are concerned time for speeches on their part is over...30 years is enough!.Now the whole country is eagerly awaiting the day when the suffering they laughingly dispensed on the innocent citizens of SLanka finally comes to an end.

  29. garrett,

    Well said! GOSL should use such lines when dealing with this terrorist menace!


    I wish I could join you for a drink in NY. May be soon!

  30. Garret, some good points man...


    "LTTE may be a political organization..."

    I implore you...never say it. LTTE is a banned terrorist organization in many countries (agree, not in SL as the GOSL is still hopeful of LTTE negotiating and laying down arms! My fff..foot! :)))

    "Even if they (LTTE) are representing legitimate minority grievances..."

    No they don't! LTTE just wants power for itself, to form a fascist, racist dictatorship that will rule over the N & E poplance forever firstly, and then secondly, form an alliance with like minded mf's in TamilNadu (Translated: Tamil State) so that LTTE's clout and status can be solidified. This is why we need to fight these mf's every tooth and nail and fortunately for us, MR GOSL is doing just that...and some! This dream of LTTE will come true if Ranil the faggy comes to power and that's why we must assure, by whatever means, he doesn't! (no, I am apolitical...if tomorrow MR backs down and Ranil sincerely commits himself to eradicating every single LTTE mf for good, I will be with him!)

    As I said...good points man.

    OaO Asithri

  31. noltte=peace

    Bro, certainly, would love to have that drink with a like-minded SL patriot (will be my pleasure and the rounds will be on moi! lol!).

    We have a tight-knit group of patriots here and we financially support children of those SLDF heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our beloved Motherlanka...so, yes we are into other meritorious deeds other than enjoying a nice drink when our boys beat the fcuking crapp out of LTTE mf's (like yesterday with the 3 ships going down!)


    OaO Asithri

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Great Asithri,

    We also are doing something similar in small scale for the benefit of kids who lost parents owing to LTTE atrocities.

    Keep up the good work!

    I hope that we can have that drink with all our Sinhala, Muslim, and Tamil friends together when we beat that fat pig who destroyed many generations!

  34. Blacker:

    No further counterpoints from me re. the freaking "Ritz Carlton" crap...I have made my point amply clear (i.e. that in state affairs, especially affairs carried out in the international arena, one must rise above kussi-amma level economics! LMSSAO!) and hence, shall not dabble anymore in the obvious.

    Aha, you also missed the bus (or the bloody Bajaj!) on the Tea comment! The point made was that tea is still a primary export (accounting for nearly 20% of the country’s exports and accounting for around 25% of world’s black tea production) and despite LTTE filthy maggots’ attempts to ruin it (with first threats of poisoning SL tea and then goading the estate Tamils to boycott the production, etc.) it has survived, unlike tourism. The garment industry, gems, etc. are also main exports, but I did not comment on them as there was no direct attempt that the LTTE filth made against those industries (I guess the filth could not have a go at them, unlike for the tourist industry and the tea industry).

    Btw, during the WWII, Britain’s economy was in such bad shape, the British govt. had to issue sub-prime “war bonds” to survive and most of the British had to survive on “soup and bread.” The point is when one fights a war, with the consequent hefty war expenditure that takes a huge bite out of the national budget, it is a fact that there will be some “tightening of the belt.” MR GOSL is no different…except some Ranil the faggy supporters like you think the MR GOSL should perform miracles that even other countries like have not been able to! LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  35. Any news on the new Army Offensive NW strip of Land....Saw it on the Ticker ? By the way who's driving that Aston Martin in Colombo ? Just Curious folks nothing personal !

  36. asithri..not only that the brits even took garden gates(steel) for war production.There was also that law where all steel items were compulsoryly acquired!!.Now since this fellow chilcott is so interested in peace/rights why dont you get all the street names fx in london/england in galic and bangali as well..how about tamil names for places in london fx..

  37. Sri Lankan...

    Thanks bro for your views...evidently, you got my message and I agree with your assertion about this Chilcott...assertions that we should make to these white-trashy gooks about human right and freedom!

    OaO Asithri

  38. Rajaratasurfer,

    What ticker r u talking about?

  39. Guys, here is the today's The Island editorial.
    "Why Prabhakaran loves elections

    It never rains but it pours. The LTTE has faced a string of military debacles during the past few months. The sinking by the Navy of three LTTE vessels carrying urgently needed military material and aircraft on Monday and Tuesday is by far the worst ever disaster the outfit has suffered. It is desperate for the replenishment of its arsenal which is depleted as the offensives since the Mavil Aru battle have drained its lethal stocks heavily. Of late, the LTTE has cut down on the use of its big guns and the indications are that it is terribly short of artillery shells, a prerequisite for countering a possible foray by the army into the Wanni. Prabhakaran must be really paranoid with the threat of an onslaught on his stronghold looming large. Else, he wouldn’t have called for three arms shipments simultaneously and put, in the process, all his eggs in one basket, which the Navy crushed in style. The recent downgrading of Sea Tiger chief Soosai’s position following a series of humiliating losses in sea battles and the clashes between the Soosai faction and the gangs loyal to LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman in Norway are indicative of the growing frustration and desperation of Prabhakaran and his loyalists.

    When Prabhakaran had a group of about one hundred naval personnel on non-combat duty killed at a transit point in Habarana by a truck bomb sometime ago, he may have thought he had broken the Navy’s back. But, as the wise old folk say in this country, ‘dawn doesn’t come after just only one dream’. The sinking of the three floating military warehouses has come as a nightmare for him.

    The war may not be over but a cursory look at Prabhakaran’s report card will show a number of ‘Fs’, beginning from the Mavil Aru battle last year. He is certainly in trouble with the myth of his invincibility in tatters. After over two decades of fighting, he has reached a stage where he can neither go on the offensive nor defend himself on his own and is dependent on his sympathizers in NGOs and elsewhere for survival. Some of them, we learn, have gone abroad in a bid to give the LTTE oxygen by generating international pressure to restrain the government from launching offensive operations in the Wanni. Nedumaran is dying to come here with provisions. Reports from India at the time of writing said he had been arrested in that country together with a band of his supporters. The pro-LTTE NGO lobby is busy organising lectures and workshops where foreign speakers try to give the government the jitters and confuse the armed forces. Some western diplomats are running helter-skelter like the ‘canine with petrol poured on their posterior’ in a frantic effort to prevent a full scale offensive in the North. They may claim their concern for the collateral damage as the reason but if that is so why aren’t they trying to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, where a far worse situation prevails? However, even if they succeeded in thwarting military operations in the North, Prabhakaran wouldn’t be safe as cracks have already appeared in his once monolithic organisation. The on-going clashes between Soosai and Pottu Amman are a case in point. On the other hand, with an effective naval blockade scuttling his arms smuggling operations—there may be only a few more of his ships left—he has no hope of regaining his military strength. Worse, the people trapped in the areas under his control are desperate to flee and this will surely compel him to resort to much more repressive methods to make them toe the line thus making himself too embarrassing even to his international allies. How long can a man who is being projected as Sun God go on like that? It is doubtful whether his massive ego will allow him to be checkmated by the government so ignominiously.

    Prabhakaran may not have representation in at least a humble Pradeshiya Sabha but paradoxically he loves elections. For, every deus ex machina for him in the past has come in the form of an election. In the late 1980s, he was saved by the election of the late President Ranasinghe Premadasa, who sent the IPKF home at a time they were poised to take Prabhakaran. In 1994, President D. B. Wijetunge was on the warpath determined to crush the LTTE, when Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga was elected President and a truce followed giving him a breather.

    He must have been disappointed greatly last Thursday, when the government managed to get its Finance Amendment Bills ratified, dashing his hopes of a premature dissolution of Parliament. However, he cannot be bearing the Rathu Sahodarayas ill will any longer. He must be one of their great fans after their performance in the House on that day. Although they failed to defeat the bills in question, they really made an effort to do so even at the risk of hara-kiri. This is not the first time the Rathu Sahodarayas have come to his rescue in spite of their much flaunted opposition to separatist terror. What a battle they fought to chase the IPKF out before it made mince meat of the Tigers! They killed thousands of people and destroyed state property worth billions of rupees to achieve that objective which stood Prabhakaran in good stead. (Ironically, today, they are prostrating themselves before the Indian leaders beseeching their intervention!)

    So, Prabhakaran, wherever he may be, must be hoping and praying that President Rajapaksa will continue to bungle on the political front and get wrong-footed. Hope springs eternal …"

  40. defencenet whtz the true story abt Kumaran pathmanadan alias KP arrest. Thailand deny the SL defence ministry media report. whtz d truth????....

  41. "No further counterpoints from me re. the freaking "Ritz Carlton" crap...I have made my point amply clear"

    Yes, thanks. We should ignore all the kussi-ammas and starving kids and and dying soldiers and pat ourselves on the back cos we have people at the Ritz, right? Perfect.

    "The point made was that tea is still a primary export"

    The point was that the economy is being mismanaged. Saying that tea is still a major export doesn't change that. Tea is less important currently than textiles or manpower, and that's a result of mismanagement of natural resources. The main reason that tea has lost market share is the GoSL fucking up the plantation sector over the last twenty years, not cos the LTTE gonibillah has sabotaged it.

    "Btw, during the WWII, Britain’s economy was in such bad shape, the British govt. had to issue sub-prime “war bonds” to survive and most of the British had to survive on “soup and bread.”"

    Yes, but WW2 went on for six years not twenty-six, and the Allies had a clear strategy with regular progress. Consecutive administrations have been telling us "hang on, it'll be over by Christmas", and that's not gonna cut it. Not without clear strategy.

    And btw I'm neither pro-Ranil nor anti-MR, I think they both have their good and bad points. If Ranil was in power I'd be criticising his faults. This isn't a Ranil vs MR thing, and oversimplifying the issues by an attempt at polarisation just reveals a simple mind that cannot grasp the complexities of the problem. Again, the fact that you're not in SL probably is a reason, but not an excuse.

  42. asithri, are u gay by any chance?coz ur comments sound that way..

  43. asithri,

    Can you just change the sides and support LTTE? Your comments are at best STUPID, EGOSTICAL and POLITICAL.Lotsa people who read this blog for information are talking about your biased , over the top comments which does not add value to anybody. Kind of remind DR.MERVYN SILVA who talks the talk all the time...

    Please spare us of the pain...support LTTE..Then we can bash your stupidty without offending the sri lankan cause..

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. - Please spare details like the following. We are not interested in you having a good FUCK,BOG,BLOWJOB etc. to celebrate any war victory.

    "A couple of us here in NY just finished having some good "pol-pala" at a bar to celebrate this magnificent work by our SLN dudes!"

  44. Kumaran Padmanathan, the head of the department of arms procurement in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), is under "detention", though not "legally under arrest," informed circles in Colombo believe.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity they said that KP was under "heavy surveillance", a term which security experts interpreted as a
    euphemism for "sustained and intense questioning."

    The Sri Lankan authorities who also believe that the Thais had detained KP, felt constrained by the fact that the Thai authorities
    were publicly denying a detention or arrest . "We cannot confirm the arrest until the Thai authorities do so," a top military official told Hindustan Times in Colombo on Wednesday.

    DR Kaarthikeyan, the head of the Special Investigating Team (SIT) which probed the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, believes that the
    Thais have detained KP.

    "It is certain that a person answering to the description of Kumaran Padmanathan has been detained by the Thai authorities," Kaarthikeyan said over the phone from New Delhi.

    Apparently, the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) also believes that KP has been detained, though not "arrested". The CBI Director Vijay Shanker at a press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday declined to use the term "arrest", which is a legal act, and preferred to use "detention" instead.

    But many other Sri Lankan and Indian officials are not absolutely sure that the man in detention is KP. The identity of the detainee has to be established before making a formal announcement of his arrest.

    The Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary, Palitha Kohana, had said that if the identity was established, Sri Lanka would promptly seek KP's extradition.India too would seek to extradite him or question him for his alleged involvement in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the CBI Director Vijay Shanker said.

    Role in Rajiv killing was minor

    On KP's role in the plot to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, Kaarthikeyan said that the arms procurer was not among the 41 "accused" but was among the 20-odd "suspects" against whom there was no clear evidence.

    "The SIT had questioned thousands of people. We wanted to question KP also, because he was the chief arms procurer for the LTTE. There were three other reasons for wanting to question him: firstly, his presence in Mumbai on the day of the assassination; secondly, his disappearance a few days later; and lastly, his telling someone in Chennai prior to the assassination that the LTTE was going to target the Indian leadership. But investigations revealed that his involvement in the conspiracy was minor. Any LTTE person could make the belt bomb used in the assassination," Kaarthikeyan said.

    "Out of the thousands we had questioned, there was evidence only against 41. There were 20 plus others against whom there was no hard evidence and these were listed as suspects. Pathmanathan was one of the suspects," he explained.

    The CBI Director Vijay Shanker however said that KP was a fugitive who was wanted in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case and that a Chennai police station had posted a Red Corner notice for him. Shanker also said that India would ask Thailand to extradite him.

    "We can ask for extradition but whether we succeed or not would depend on how we present the case," Karthikeyan added.

  45. In one place it was reported that KP was carrying an Eritrian passport...In another place that was a Thai passport...

    I smell a rat...

  46. Defencenet,

    Any news on the KP arrest/no arrest situation?

    Do you have any further details of the SLN operation that sank the LTTE ships?

    Some article today said that SLN ships Sayura, Suranimala, Samudura and Shakthi were involved plus two logistics vessels. Shakthi is an LST, can it perform as an OPV?

    Are there any plans to acquire anymore OPV's and/or enhance the SLN's blue water capabilities?

  47. LTTE and Norway...


  48. Rifard,

    What is the problem if anyone is gay?

    How about keeping your discriminatory remarks to yourself?

  49. Finally the police and armed forces are recongnizing the importance of dogs. Sniffer dogs can trained to find explosives, drugs etc.


    There is still no technology out there that can beat the ability of a dog's nose at detecting things.

    If I were in charge, every checkpoint in every city in SL will have a sniffer dog. Its much easier, effective and quicker than have the security personnel go through the cargo of vehicles manually.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Goldeneagle,

    Pigs outperforms dogs in finding explosives many times.

    However, there are few issues with pigs,

    1. they can not be used to sniff personal belongings, because if they smelled any food, it is hard to stop them going for food

    2. Usable lifespan of pigs are shorter than dogs.

    In the developed world, they prefer dogs over pigs, mainly because of higher training cost of trainers (irrespective of whether they trained a dog or pig).



    Long before Israel, Russia used pigs in Airports etc.

    Whether sniffing dogs or pigs, if we would have trained ones, they can be used to preliminarily filter terrorists from civilians too (in round-up situations).

    In Jaffna, there are several who handle claymores at night and work in the shop in the morning.. Good to have them sniffed by either these dogs or some pigs.

  52. BTW, what I could not understand why police did not use Police Dogs to track the killer who recently raped and killed a 5 year old girl in a Tea Estate in Sri Lanka?

  53. Shocking disclosures

    A must read article...


    It also shows what a disorganized Army that the Indian army was.

    BTW, an interesting revelation, RAW has been still arming the other Tamil groups while IPKF was there in SL.

    One day RAW will be the reason that Tamilnadu declaring independence with the help of Prabhakaran.

  54. Thanks asithri for your input.During WW2 no one told the brits..dont bomb german cities with incendiary bombs burning 100 of thousands of innocent german civilians.It was that "we will fight on the beaches" bastard who appointed a monster like air marshall john harris..who was instrumental in this.no one from "amnesty" was present when british troops refused to provide german pows with food and they died due to malnutrition.Wonder what happened to reps of human rights groups.

  55. This is like the govt starving LTTE surrendees.This is like the army rapeing women in recently captured areas..(russian behaviour)

  56. Srilankan,

    Our army is one of the most disciplined in the world.

    As far as treating the terrorists, I think our army is in a very high ground. They treat terrorists as terrorists when it comes to fighting and treating them as humans when they are surrendered.

    I have seen and met in the past some of the surrendered terrorists. They could only be one of the most innocent in their day to day life, unless LTTE grabbed and brainwashed them.

    I know an army officer who trekked through the jungle for 10 days sharing his team's food and water with the captured LTTE men, while the officer himslef skipped the meals to let the terrorists eat.

    In another occasion, the officers died off the seas refusing to drink blood of a sea turtle they captured while lost in the high seas (I can not remember his name.. Maj Rathnaweera or Rathnayake).

    Many raping stories are blatant lies of LTTE. If any security personnel caught or got any complain about any rape, he would be severely dealt with in our army.

    What we are proud of is, we have one of the most civilised armies in the world.

  57. NOLTTE=PEACE thanks for your comments bro.It is nice to know that we have a disciplined army.

  58. seems a flotilla of ltte boats was hit today with air support. any info in this defencenet? sounds big.

  59. The attack in the seas off Mullaitivu looks like another turkey shoot and everyone got to party.

    A case in point about how economies work when exchange rates fall and there's greater internal and external demand and an example of how Sri Lanka can turn the current politico-economic dynamic to its advantage:

  60. A brief write up abt this attack:


  61. Diehard

    Aha, getting personal are we…?

    Can you just change the sides and support LTTE? “

    Sure I can scummy...the day your mother tells you that you really came from the Elephant’s arse! :) Well, seriously, you must be…you sound like another Ranil supporting (and in turn, LTTE supporting) pansy and that appears to be the root of your demented problem with OaO Asithri! LOL!

    “Your comments are at best STUPID, EGOSTICAL and POLITICAL.”

    Aha, getting more personal I see…I love it! LMSSAO! Anyway scummy, I’ll let you into a top secret….I care for your insignificant, irrelevant opinion as much as I care for the air I just passed! LMSSAO! Btw, it is EGOISTICAL and not EGOSTICAL (next time, you should look up the English dictionary more carefully!:) :) :)

    I also wonder if you are a LTTE mf in disguise here (I’ve met many such before and have had a field day castrating them!) I see you don’t like my virulently anti-LTTE and anti-Ranil (both are the same as they are both out to destroy our Motherlanka) comments and as such, you think you can enforce a censorship on me??? Did you just step out of the boat from Vanni to feel you have the power to do that? LMSSAO!

    Either way, go suck an egg scummy…I will talk here what I like with like minded patriots and you don’t have to read my comments (as surely I will not read your comments; that’s freedom of choice in a democracy, in case you don’t know it). In any case, this is not your fucking blog to be enforcing censorship…isn’t it? In case you forgot, only compatriot DefNet can enforce censorship here. I see my anti-LTTE and anti-Ranil comments have hurt your poor tender feelings…poor baby! Go get your diaper changed boy before you decide to get personal with...

    OaO Asithri!

  62. DefenceNet:

    Please pardon the above mild digression…I am merely responding to an “invitation”...

  63. Tropicalstorm

    Thanks for the politico-economic analysis link re. Sri Lanka. This should be a revelation for some “doomsday” cats here who love to bash MR GOSL for cheap political gain, forgetting the fine military victories the GOSL has achieved through policy, strategy and appropriate empowerment of the SLDF.

    OaO Asithri

  64. I'm waiting to see what Athas would have to say about the aircrafts sunk with the 3 ships and then the turkey shoot in Mullaitivu with the Mig-27s. And for that matter what our Rani akka would have to say as well.

    The other day I saw a picture of Chandrika with Ranil and Mangala. The only one with balls in that picture was wearing the saree.

  65. David

    Economies cannot be managed. When managed, they tend to collapse. It is only when let loose to do their own thing that economies thrive. And in that, the strongest do the best, others less while some perish. Such is evolution; the way of the universe.

    This is the most valuable lesson from the human economic history as well.

  66. Who the hell this ‘pea brain’? Don’t you know this place only for Sri Lankan patriots?
    Rifard, Diehard or who ever it is.. just check.. your brain could even rattle in an ant skull. Please let us read those valuable comments in peace.. write your own BULL S**T in some other place.. ask your TNet writer to start a blog for you. guys.. Even Asithry.. stop responding to this S**t headers machang..!
    Sorry guys.. just couldn’t bear the words came out from my mind..!

    Salute to the war heroes!

  67. Asithri,
    Don't wasted your bullets on useless ltte scummies man :) Our forces are doing it in a greater way so best to just play with them here :)
    Sad scene you had to leave LNP... We're still fighting ltte scummies there :)

    Is there anyway to expand this blog into Naval and Air Force related topics also since mostly we get Army related articles only.
    I personally feel that both Naval and Air Force ops are more behind the stage activities and people rarely get the full picture.
    Just a thought :)

  68. Guys,this is a defence blog-so keep it that way.nothing personal,asithri,but i feel ur going overboard 1 too many times..after all,when u happen to be outside SL in any case,u do tend to get worm/tunnel vision.thats understandable.pls stop using your gutter filth in this forum..

    And for the record,i'm neither an MR,Ranil or Prabha supporter(if that's what u were thinkin)i'm simply interested in seeing that SL does not turn into countries like-somalia,eritrea,etc.u get the drift,rite.?

  69. I posted a comment on an earlier thread abt the SLN's planned disposal of its hovercraft which it purchased for some Rs250mil,according to the island reporter.it was never used,apparently!!Now,so called die-hard "Nationalists",do u see the amount of corruption that SL is currently facing?not mentioning other deals like:Mig-27,Artillery shells,TCM-20 AAA,chinese built sub-chaser to chase LTTE subs,according to RAT-watte,etc..

  70. Sri Lankan, there's little point in using examples of human right abuse from WW2 to somehow show that we're better. It is precisely because of the sufferings in past wars that there is now an attempt to reduce those sufferings.

    Tropical Storm, you are probably right that economies cannot be managed, but they certainly can be mismanaged, and the GoSL is doing that.

  71. Asiththri,

    What is OaO and LMASSO means?

    We see these words everyday but I got no idea...?

    Sorry if sounds dumb.

  72. Now to the important stuff...

    I have a feeling that LTTE might fly their planes very soon..(Completely dark night is around the corner)

    They might even try a Kamikaze mission to drum up support and sagging morale of their fighters...


    There is even a possibility that LTTE might use a hijacked ship to bomb the Colombo harbour..I don't know whether SLN board any vessels before they are allowed to proceed for berth..If the SLN is not doing that, it is time for such action..

    Even though they failed today with their mission to attack SLN ships , they could still try another attack using their light aircrafts.

    This is just a thought...

  73. Spoke to a buddy of mine in trinco and congratulated him on the recent navy victories. He was surprised when I said victories… He like everyone else new all about the sinking of the three LTTE ships but was totally an aware of the much publicized slaughtering of 20 odd boats off Mullaithiwu. The LTTE had launched 20 or so boats to try and attack the Navy passenger craft jet liner. When the LTTE boats were detected, Jet Liner headed out to sea and some Dovras formed a defensive line between the jet liner and LTTE at which point the LTTE boats just hung around the coast area and didn’t engage the Navy. As a matter of fact the Navy didn’t even fire a shot. The Navy had then given the coordinates of the area they assumed that the LTTE boats beach at that that was that. While the navy had eyes on the target no Air Force plane was seen bombing them.

    Defence net could you please update us as to what really did or did not happen…

    Looks like a cheap publicity stunt by this government that only succeeds in destroying what ever credibility there is left.

  74. Hi defencenet, I don't like to mix comments from other boards, but on the Lankanewspapers board there is a member who claims to be a specialforces office (he is also a fan of this board) who claimed certainty that KP was under custody. But today the Thai's have again denied it directly to the Indians (Mukherjee) so what is the truth!!!

    Thailand insists Tamil Tiger financier not in its custody

  75. This was news to me:

    "KP was allegedly based in Thailand and Cambodia, but he has operated in dozens of countries. A few years ago, Indian intelligence sources claimed he was receiving medical treatment in Oslo. They alleged that KP, who is on Interpol's most-wanted list, was being given "sanctuary" in Norway, which brokered a ceasefire in the Sri Lankan conflict. Norway claimed it was unaware of his whereabouts. "


    Another story that was circulating in the past was VP went to Norway/Ireland during the last Ceasefire period through Katunayake Airport disguised himself as a Catholic Priest. Anyone has any info about the same?

    About the hover-craft, it has been used quite often since it was first purchased. However, the issue has been with its cost of maintenance and utility. Under the current circumstances, other vessels provide similar utility compared to the Hovercraft.

    If someone has done a mistake, it is time to correct it, even if it is late. If we learn from it, that's what required.

    And all of us know that we pay very high price for a unit of electricity thanks to Rat-watte too (it is like I will approve Rs. 12.50 a unit, you should pay me 2.50).

    No matter what, corruption at any level should be eliminated. It also severely affect national security too.

    Despite all the evidence that the current MIG 27 deal is better than the previous deal, when someone shout, it is not anyone other than LTTE shouting -whether the mouthpiece is Ranil or Rifard.

  76. Dear David thanks for your input.

  77. http://www.defence.lk/pps/waragainst.pdf..a short terror history

  78. Defencenet,

    We have a feeling that you are abandoning the blog....

    Am I correct?

  79. Tangara...
    O&O must be "Over and Out"
    LMSSAO i have no idea :)

    I have seen the hovercraft been used by the navy...once it came to the crowe island navy camp and was a awesome sight... don't know if it has been used in offensive/defensive/rescue types of missions though but it was active

  80. http://www.dailynews.lk/2007/09/14/fea02.asp-sea battle

  81. If economies are managed, they should be managed "bottom-up" and not "to-down".

    Bottom-up management involves lot of facilitation, infrastructure, law-n-order (good regulatory environment), etc.

    When it is top-down, it involves governments controlling everything from the value of the currency to who should do what. Such top-down approaches have been failed world-over.

    However, world examples show that if you are transitioning from an economy that has been long managed using a top-down approach to a bottom-up approach, you should do it gradually too. Else, economies can not bear the quick transition. It needs time to adjust to the new environment.

    This applies to closed and open economies concept too.

    A good examples are JR opening the economy at wholesale thus killing all the domestic industries. Similar in Russia. China is the greatest example of the gradual transition.

    Unfortunately, since every sector in Sri Lanka is an 'Oligopoly', balancing acts should be implemented by the government. Else, few people can extract the wealth of a whole nation very quickly.

  82. I found reference to Prabhakaran leaving the country disguised as a Catholic Priest here.

    "It is also a known fact that the Norwegians disguised Prabhakaran as a Catholic Priest when they smuggled him out of Sri Lanka to travel through Maldives to Norway during/prior to The Tsunami of 26th December 2006. All these events have been reported in the press. Prabhakaran who is a Christian convert, has been protected by the Church right through in their efforts to destroy Buddhist/Hindu hold on our society."


    Another article dating Nov 1987 also discusses about his maestary of disguise,

    " He has slipped past police and soldiers many times – once disguised as a Catholic priest, another time as a peanut vendor. For inspiration he likes to watch Clint Eastwood video cassettes."

    Oh another

    "Why did Caritas remain silent when Norway disguised Prabhakaran the most brutal of terrorists worldwide as a Catholic Priest and smuggled him out of Sri Lanka and through Maldivian Immigration authorities in 2004"

  83. The latest emerging news is that KP was sheltered with the sponsorship of Norway governments in Norway and treated for an illness, before being introduced to Eritrea weapon dealers.

    With the introductions made by the Norwegian agents, KP procured large number of Artillery Shells, Chinese made guns, ammo, RPG bombs, and Russian built SAM missiles from Eretrea.

    In addition, KP holds an Eritrean Passport too.

    We have to thank Norway for their "relentless effort towards world-peace"!

  84. Fighting intensified in the last week. The army was able to detect and stop several LTTE infiltration attempts in the north. The LTTE is trying to do what the army LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) units are doing, by sending small units of fighters into government held territory, to attack headquarters and supply centers. The LRRPs are better trained and more successful so far. The LTTE attempts appear to be with poorly trained gunmen. At sea, the navy believes it has now destroyed all ten of the LTTEs large gunrunning ships, with an air force/navy operation that caught and sunk three LTTE cargo vessels 600 kilometers off the southeastern coast. Nearly fifty LTTE "Sea Tigers" were killed as well. It was believed that three disassembled small aircraft, and much more military equipment, was on the three ships. The government apparently knows where the ships picked up their military equipment, but is not discussing the subject for the moment. Apparently, the investigation into who was supplying the weapons is still underway overseas. Meanwhile, twenty smaller LTTE boats moved out from a northern base, to attack navy patrol boats. Air force bombers joined the navy to sink most of the LTTE boats. The air force also bombed the LTTE naval base.

    Government forces have achieved an intelligence advantage over the LTTE, and used it to foil LTTE attempts to go on the offensive. The losses mount to over 100 dead a week (plus several hundred wounded), most of them LTTE. The LTTE has lost much support from Tamils in southern India, and among the overseas Tamil community. But the LTTE is still a formidable force in northern Sri Lanka, and is trying to get a guerilla war going in eastern Sri Lanka, where the government regained control earlier this year.

  85. $ 20 Mn to free KP...


    May be!

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. First of all we are sorry for the lack of updates. We'll post an article about what happened with LTTE arms ships today or tomorrow.

    Summary is: We got 3, one escaped.

  88. Chbalk, Ranil, thanks for the nice words machang...cheers!

    Yes, I will try to not waste time on these LTTE supporting Shitheaders...but sometimes I love to as I simply enjoy crapping all over them! LMSSAO!

    LMSSAO = My own modified version of Laugh My Ass Off (I will tell you what it is another time, for another round of humour)

    OaO = One and Only
    Ranil: this is a title that was given to me by "Saint" in LNP sometime back. Yep, I too miss some of the nice guys there (like "Saint" "JrJayawardena" etc.), so pls. convey my greets to them.

    OaO Asithri

  89. noltte=peace

    It is beginning to sure looks like the Thai police may have let the KP maggot out of the net! However, India’s foreign minister, Pranab, is in Thailand currently to emphatically ask for KP’s extradition to India (re. Rajiv Ghandi’s murder) and it will be interesting to see what happens.

    So, another 10 LTTE mf’s became “marveerars” today! At the rate our boys are liquidating these mf’s, soon their women will have to star mating with bulls, pigs and goats to try and produce new cadres! LMSSAO!

    Anyway, today Gota said that LTTE terrorism will be wiped out “ within a stipulated time period” and we must salute him for being resolute in that regard (not mere empty words when we consider what LTTE has lost to-date since MR GOSL gave the green light to SLDF).

    This brings to question the post I saw here earlier from a “yankeebalu” (or some crap like that) and he was trying to hoodwink readers here by saying that the SLN/SLAF attack yesterday on the 20 odd LTTE boats and the Mulativu sea tiger base did not happen. This is pure rubbish! After I saw that comment, I talked a honcho in the SLAF and he confirmed that indeed this attack did happen (from both the SLN and SLAF) as described, although casualty reports are not confirmed yet. Then this bugger “yankeebalu” has the gall to say “Looks like a cheap publicity stunt by this government that only succeeds in destroying what ever credibility there is left.” Well, it must be so for this Ranil supporting bloody pansy, but not for us patriots. This govt. has amply delivered in fine results so far in liquidating the LTTE mf’s and it does not need to cook up a story to win credibility! This denial reminds me of how LTTE denied first MavilA, then Sampoor, then Mutur, and then Vaharai! Aha, another Ranil/LTTE pansy, masquerading here as someone else, has been exposed! Patriots, this is something we must watch out for constantly…there are LTTE/Ranil supporting scum who will come here time to time pretending to be patriots, but in effect their mission is to spread false propaganda (like LTTE denials of SLDF’s victories) and turn people off against this GOSL, so that at election time Ranil the pansy can win and then he can give the LTTE the “thamileelam” (aka ISGA).

    OaO asithri

  90. yankeezulu,
    Such an attack did happen. 1 KFir, 3 Mig27s and 3 Mi-24 Hinds took part in aerial bombardment.

    Boats were hit while they were near the coast. But we do not know how many were damaged or destroyed.

    Sea tiger base too was hit and the main building burnt for 1.30 hours.

  91. Thanks Asithri for the info....

    Funny stuff...

  92. DefenceNet,

    About the sunken 3 LTTE vessels.The news told that LTTE brought a bullet proof car in one ship.My question is if they brought a car,how can they take it to the land?

    bcos those ships can't come to shore and u can't bring part by part like a plane or artillery.Don't know whether there is a port or not in the area.They must have some ship(big) to take it.Am i right?

  93. The only way to counter terrorism is to take the fight to those who support and finance it. Sri Lanka needs to act NOW...


  94. nolte:

    The role of govt is to only what the ordinary citizen or business cannot do. National defence, infra-structure, foreign policy are some of those. When govt gets involved in the business of business, invariably it leads to a system of governance that is unhealthy and destined to doom...For greater understanding, refer to the story of the Soviet Union.

  95. noltte:
    Aha, you got it bro! LMSSAO!

    Nice blog bro, dedicated to our heroic SLN! Left a post there...which essentially is:

    SLDF (including STF, CID, NIB, etc.) must start dishing out retribution to not only those hardcore LTTE mf's but to the soft-core bastards who, while not carrying guns, do a lot of damage silently by carrying out nefarious activities to hurt our patriotic cause (like disseminating false and malicious propaganda to hurt the war effort, assembling "peace" movements that are really to give relief to the LTTE mfs, etc.) and treat them too with "extreme prejudice!" I like the measures you mentioned therein.


    OaO Asithri

  96. Looks like again those corruption ridden Mig-27s beat the crap out of the stinky monkies, even though some idiots would not see it that way.

  97. Jack

    Thais will do anything for money.

    What else could you expect from a nation of whores and sons of whores?

  98. Hi TS yes who knows what is going on, interesting article in the nation on the matter, that it may even have been an LTTE ploy to down play their loses of the ships. Now on to that matter (and maybe this will help Kun), there seems to be more to the story on the ships, from Lakbima News:

    "But, there is another version about the third ship. According to, intelligence sources, the third ship escaped. This claim is substantiated by a senior military official who referred to intercepted LTTE transmission between the sea Tiger acting chief Cheelian and LTTE operatives on board the third ship.
    He also quoted intelligence reports, which stated the first ship was transporting a consignment of 6000 mortar ammunition and the other 1000 mortar ammunition plus several heavy mortar tubes. The third ship was transporting fuel. According to the official version, the ships were transporting mortar ammunitions, two speed boats, three light aircraft and a bullet proof limousine for Tiger supremo Prabhakaran.

    This is not to belittle the Navy’s achievements which is commendable by any standard . Yet, it is equally important to be factually correct, both in journalism as well as in military planning. "

    Sooo defencenet please help us clear up this muddle...what the heck is going on exactly!!! :)

  99. So given what Lakbima has to say it seems to make more sense that there was no 'armoured car' to be unloaded in the first place.

    (also bullet proof or not I can't see prabakaran going aorund in one, would make him a big fat target for the LRRP boys!)

  100. A good analysis on current loan crisis that Sri Lanka face can be found here..


  101. Folks,

    If we go by the SLN story, this is what happened...

    True one ship escaped but 3 went down...

    I think that is the truth...

    The arrested LTTE caders in Maldives revealed the cargo those 3 ships were ferrying..

    It is hard not to believe these LTTE caders...


  102. There's a good article by HLD Mahindapala in the Asian Tribune which describes how the UNP and Chandrika n=bent backward to ├žonfidence build' with the LTTE under Norway's tutelage, and how things changed starting with the tsunami in 2004.
    Some of the information therein was new even for me, such as the import of aircraft for the LTTe with the knowledge of the Ranil govt.

  103. I don't understand why SLN leaked the news that these few ships which carried out the attacks against the LTTE ships are returning to Trinco harbour tomorrow..LTTE can devise a plan / (a suicide mission using planes)to attack on their return...

    Why on earth SLN divulge these facts...?

    It is not a good idea to tell the whole thing...Things like how they plan these attacks...

  104. There one thing that puzzels me...

    Of those pictures released by the SLN identity of 2 ships can be revealed...There were no pictures of the third and the final ship that went down...

    That is what I can see clearly.

  105. There one thing that puzzels me...

    Of those pictures released by the SLN identity of 2 ships can be revealed...There were no pictures of the third and the final ship that went down...

    That is what I can see clearly.

  106. "...The truth is as follows. "K.P' is still in Thai police custody and will be released to Sri Lanka shortly. However, no-one by the name of Kumaran Pathmanatha or "K.P." exists any more. No-one by that name has entered an International Airport in the last 20 years. The person in Thai custody is a Swiss Passport-Holder called Peter Ibrahim. He was originally known as Kumaran Pathmanathan or "K.P". So the Thais can claim freely that no Sri Lankan by the name of Kumaran Pathmanathan is in their custody..."


    DefNet: Is this another of your blogs ? The writing style is very similar...

  107. The Sri Lankan forces have just accomplished some of the most impressive fetes in our history and yet Iqbal Athas is focussed on a more important topic that is expected to overshadow anything else.

    Him self.

    Guys; you are witnessing a monster in the making.

  108. Let me explain my last comment;

    " The greater majority of loyal, patriotic, committed men and women in the armed force love Sri Lanka, their only motherland. They are law abiding and feel for the people who sustain them through taxes and unstinted support. They want the truth told to the people. That is why they have reached out to me. I am just one of those conveying it. To try to murder, maim or malign me, therefore, is to silence the voice of that majority..." says our boy Iqbal.

    I see the parallel between that and a certain other person who claims to solely represent all the tamils...well at least the ones who cannot defy his saying so.

    I dislike people who make such sweeping statements, which have no verifiable basis, and serve only to put themselves in positions of unquestionable power.

    This is just another monster in the making.

  109. I think we should ignore what Athas says in his defence lies column....

  110. Kun,

    A long time ago, when I was a kid, I used to travel around SL with my father in his car. I still reember crossing Yan Oya on our way to Pulmodei from Trinco. There was no bridge to cross Yan Oya and it was a very small ferry that took our vehicle and few more people across. That ferry was not bigger than two cars, perhaps a lorry, in length and barely wider than a lorry. Anyway, that is all you need to take a car in water. Given the capabilities of Sea Tigers, I don't think that it is big deal for them to tuck this car in a fishing boat to be taken to Mullativu.

  111. His column has turned in to column of war against the GOSL..

    Just pathetic...

  112. From Island,,

    Missed Opportunity: Three Members Comeback with MT Pockets
    With Thailand’s controversial decision to disown the recent arrest of LTTE frontliner Tharmalingam Shanmughan alias Kumaran Padmanathan alias KP Sri Lanka has missed a golden opportunity to unravel the LTTE’s vast global procurement network built on what a military official called ``a foundation laid by India.’’

    A three- member official delegation from Sri Lanka that flew to Bangkok after reports of the arrest of KP has returned to Colombo with only a declaration from Thai authorities that he has not been "arrested."

    The delegation comprised a senior intelligence official, an investigator from the Criminal Investigation Department and an official from the Attorney General's Department. They were told to proceed to the Thai capital by Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, following reports that Thai authorities had taken in Pathmanathan, head of the LTTE Military Procurement Wing.

    Despite media reports, both in Colombo and abroad about Pathmanathan's arrest, Thai authorities have vehemently denied the incident. The first denial last Tuesday came from officials in the Thai Foreign Office. Joining in later were spokesmen from the Thai Police.

    Both Colombo-based diplomatic and intelligence sources believe Pathmanathan was in fact taken in to be interviewed and the use of the term "arrested" was inappropriate. According to Diplomatic source, "the Thai Government was upset Sri Lanka did not maintain confidentiality over this move until matters were sorted out."

    However , Mr. B. Raman a former head of R&AW and Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, has been questionnaires in his latest article on KP to the Lanka Guardian, “has a similar thing happened in the case of KP? Have the Americans whisked him out of Thailand without his being formally arrested in order to question him on the LTTE's links with Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda jihadi organisations such as the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM) of Pakistan and Abu Sayyaf of the Philippines? In the last two years, two operations of the LTTE to procure and smuggle arms and ammunition, including surface-to-air missiles, from the US have been neutralised by the FBI, which would be interested in questioning KP about them.”

  113. Another article..

    Case of LTTE’s Arms Smugglers –In –Chief:Curiouser &Curiouser
    Has a similar thing happened in the case of KP? Have the Americans whisked him out of Thailand without his being formally arrested in order to question him on the LTTE's links with Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda jihadi organisations such as the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM) of Pakistan and Abu Sayyaf of the Philippines?

    In its official web site, the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry announced on September 11,2007, that the Thai authorities arrested at Bangkok on September 10,2007, the LTTE's chief arms procurer, Shanmugan Kumaran Tharmalingam, also known as Kumaran Pathmanathan or "KP". However, Mr.Piyira Khempon, a spokesman of the Thai Foreign Ministry ,was quoted as saying that the Government was not aware of any such arrest. Dismissing the report, Thai police spokesman Lt General Narong Yangyern was quoted as saying that a thorough check showed that the last time Thai police arrested any LTTE member was in 2003 and he was extradited on August 15, 2007 to Sri Lanka. In a report datelined Colombo, the "Asia Tribune", an online newspaper, claimed that KP had obtained Thai citizenship and was married to a Thai woman.

    The denial by the Thai Police of the " arrest" of K.P. did not mean that they had not informally picked up a person with a Thai passport, believed to be identical with KP, for questioning. It is known that the police forces in South and South-East Asia generally avoid formally arresting a terrorist suspect before investigation is complete because a formal arrest means he has to be produced before a court within a certain period of time. The majority of Al Qaeda suspects informally picked up by the Pakistani intelligence and handed over to the US' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were never formally arrested and hence there are no records with the Pakistan Police regarding their arrest. The relatives of these persons have filed habeas corpus petitions before the Pakistan Supreme Court. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has denied that they were "arrested" and any knowledge of their whereabouts. Some of them are alleged to be in the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba.

    In September,2003, the Thai Police informally picked up Hambali, the then operational chief of Indonesia's Jemmah Islamiyah, at Ayuthya and handed him over to the FBI, which flew him out to Diego Garcia for questioning. He was then reportedly shifted to Guantanamo Bay. The Thai Police have not so far officially admitted his arrest. The Americans did not confirm for a long time that he was in their custody. They did not allow the Indonesians to join in his interrogation. They did not hand him over to the Indonesian Police.

    Has a similar thing happened in the case of KP? Have the Americans whisked him out of Thailand without his being formally arrested in order to question him on the LTTE's links with Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda jihadi organisations such as the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM) of Pakistan and Abu Sayyaf of the Philippines? In the last two years, two operations of the LTTE to procure and smuggle arms and ammunition, including surface-to-air missiles, from the US have been neutralised by the FBI, which would be interested in questioning KP about them. KP is of interest not only to India and Sri Lanka, but also to the US.

  114. Lanka told ‘No KP here’

    is this true?


  115. Eranga,

    Read the following.

    Saturday, September 15, 2007
    More on "KP"

    DefenceWire has received inquiries from posted comments and emails about Kumaran Pathmanathan alias "K.P." escaping from Thai Police Custody by paying $20 million. We an confirm that such a thing has not happened. A certain Sri Lankan newspaper has claimed this today (15/09/07). The story was fabricated by a site called politicsparty.com which was then carried by dailyindia.com and others. Since DefenceWire was the first to announce his arrest in the World Wide Web, it is only right that we make this clarification before any one else.

    The truth is as follows. "K.P' is still in Thai police custody and will be released to Sri Lanka shortly. However, no-one by the name of Kumaran Pathmanatha or "K.P." exists any more. No-one by that name has entered an International Airport in the last 20 years. The person in Thai custody is a Swiss Passport-Holder called Peter Ibrahim. He was originally known as Kumaran Pathmanathan or "K.P". So the Thais can claim freely that no Sri Lankan by the name of Kumaran Pathmanathan is in their custody.

    A High-level Sri Lankan team has already left for Thailand. No Official extradition arrangements will be made between the two countries since Thailand and Sri Lanka do not have an Extradition Treaty . The process will be handled in a different way, which we are not at liberty to discuss here. DefenceWire can confirm that Sri Lanka will be the sole recipient of the arrested, since both Thailand and also India have agreed that he is of worth to Sri Lankan law-enforcement agencies more so than to any other foreign law-enforcement agencies. "K.P" is valuable to Sri Lankan counter-insurgency operations due to the vast knowledge he has in money-laundering, and also in selecting and acquiring the best quality weapons at cheap international prices from Non-State sources and transferring them via floating LTTE warehouses to Sri Lanka. For the time-being the Rajiv Gandhi case can wait in the courts as it has waited for many years now.

    India will not accept him officially. The reason is that India has called on the Sri Lanka government to seek a 'political solution' to the conflict, instead of a 'military solution'. If India obtains his extradition to that country, its external policies will be questionable to the outside world. India will be branded of maintaining a 'dual' policy with regard to the Sri Lankan conflict both internally, by the pro-LTTE Tamilnadu parties, and externally by others.

    Posted by Defencewire at 9:13 PM

  116. Tangara

    You raise an interesting point.

    When the joint US, Indian, Singaporean and Jap navy excercises were conducted in the area last week,I anticipated US intel and force protectition assets to be active in the area, leading to something of this nature.
    This is just conjecture on my part, but it seems possible that;

    The US detenceted the three ships being loaded in (Thailand or even perhaps Indonesia) and exerted pressure for their arrest. Given the level of complicity with the LTTE, the message may have been leaked by the host country and the ships were forced to move before their right time. That would explain the coincidence of all 4 being in the same area at once, an unreal level of risk taking at a crucial time for the survival of the tiger heirarchy.
    And then the major naval forces that were in the area, including the INS are magically moved out of the area where the SLN goes turkey-shooting. And the co-ordinates of the target ships are known to the SL hunter-killers, which is most likely only from satellite tracking, rather than ship-board radar picking the right target among hundreds of ships that ply in the region.
    All this is just too much, for it all to be pure coincidence. There was serious foreign input into this op, even though it is nice to congrat our own lads for doing the important task of pest-control of the seas.

    Another factor is; many global scale threats have encountered their end when they finally come into the radar of one single organization which has crossed borders and eliminated such threats over the past 30 - 40 years. The KKK, US-Italian Mafia, South American terrorists incl Shining Path, Jap Red Brigares, German Baader Meinhof, Jap Yakuzas, Russian Mafia are a list of thugs who became either extinct or survive at the level of endangered species once they came into the radar of the FBI.
    The LTTE's fate will be no different. The FBI has no political leanings. It is the world's most efficient law enforcement agency, and it is designed to win.

  117. Nothing to do with Security,

    But can not refrain from saying a word or two about idiots in our parliament,

    Daily Mirror

    "Last week, Minister Silva allegedly entered the premises of the Canadian High Commission with a pistol in hand despite the security guard’s protests. Later, he reportedly met a Mission official and had urged him to issue a visa to his son.

    Canadian High Commission officials were not available for comment. A senior official of the Cinnamon Gardens Police claimed there was no official complaint about such an incident. – S.A.J"

  118. We need to get LTTE fund-raising stopped, mainly in Canada, Europe, Australia and the US to win.

    Canada is one of the biggest sources.

    Despite all the (cosmetic) bans LTTE is raising millions of Dollars daily in these countries.

  119. defencenet,

    There is another defence blog called defencewire. Anything to do with you?

    Anyway, there is an article on that blog where they claim that the SLN vessels used 72mm and 105mm cannons to sink the LTTE weapons ships. Is there any truth to that? I know that the Saar 4 FMV's originally had 76mm OTO Melara cannons. Have these been replaced by 72mm (is that a Russian/Chinese calibre)?

    Which vessels if any mount 105mm cannons?

  120. shay,

    DefenceWire blog is not affiliated with Defencenet nor it is written by DefenceNet authors.

  121. Let the enemy find out the hard way, rather than we telling them what really happened...


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