Saturday, September 22, 2007

LTTE's Vishwamadu base hit hard

Sri lanka air force (SLAF) fighter jets carried out consecutive air strikes on LTTE's Vishwamadhu base yesterday (21st) and today (22nd). Initial bombing run was performed at 12.15pm yesterday and the base was hit again by SLAF bombers today at around 7.00 am. The second air strike targeted the LTTE cadres who were engaged in recovering usable items from areas targeted in the first raid. As with most air strikes, LTTE casualty details cannot be confirmed as of now.

Vishwamadhu base was frequently used by LTTE's Imran regiment. Several of their ammunition and fuel dumps were said to be located inside the base premises. UAV footage shows secondary explosions after the initial bombing run which suggest that at least one of the ammo or fuel dumps was hit.

Imran-Pandiyan is regarded as one of the most powerful fighting formations within the LTTE. This unit, along with Charles Anthony brigade, has not been used in any major battle since the 2002 CFA. The tigers seem to be keeping their two most experienced brigades in reserve. LTTE is most likely to use these brigades to defend Wanni from a possible army invasion but the possibility of these units being deployed in a major LTTE offensive to recapture Jaffna peninsula cannot be overruled either.

You can see images of Imran regiment here (Released by LTTE photography unit).


  1. Thank you defencenet for the update...Hope our boys be able to defend if LTTE attacks Jaffna again...

  2. Thank you for taking time out to keep all of us updated.
    Related to Imran-Pandiyan,Charles Anthony brigades not getting used while LTTE getting hit badly.. Why would any one keep them just for Vanni.
    If those 2 teams did not get used over 5 years wonder they gone rusty by now !!!!...

  3. Aha, the "Invasion of the Body (likely parts thereof) Snatchers" was thwarted by the PrettyKfir and FoxyMiG birds! LMSSAO!

    Yes, it is highly likely that the LTTE scummies were there collecting body parts of the "leadership" that had gathered for a "military strategy discussion" when the Kfir and MiG birds flew in and crapped all over the “convention!” What a difference a day makes – one day you are a “military strategist” and the next day you are being picked off the ground with a spade! LMSSAO! Whoa, what a load of fireworks…and watching the MCNS video, I could have sworn I saw a bloody ugly, oily, black head rolling up to the sky! LMSSAO! (Agree, only humble OaO Asithri has this kind of twisted vision! :))

    Anyway, all these so called "elite brigades" of the LTTE are as good as the tools they use. As said earlier, the mf's are in severe short supply of arty/mortar ammo and never mind what bloody fancy name a "brigade" has, it will be pulverized by our SLDF units if it tries to attack our FDLs without adequate arty/mortar-backup firepower.

    No patriots, I don't mean to sound cocky and am not advocating complacency on SLDF's part...but this is a fact (at least for now).

    Remember that "sornam brigade" (or some crap sounding name) that was supposedly a deadly unit and many so called military-pundits said the SLDF will never ever take the ThoppiG as that "brigade" will be ready for the SLDF and make hamburger-meat out of our boys? Well, we all know what happened to that "brigade"...if ever there was a truth to that claim. The fact is in the East, the LTTE ran out of arty/mortar ammo and had to tuck tail and run after they buried the arty/mortar launchers (as the SLN did a wonderful job of not allowing any replenishments by sea) and this so called "sornam brigade" (or some crapp) just disintegrated into nothing in the end.

    Once again, this is not to say we can become complacent...more the reason why we should press on with the advantage and hit the maggots even harder now!

    OaO Asithri

  4. "If those 2 teams did not get used over 5 years wonder they gone rusty by now !!!!..."

    No they havent. MI has warned that these units are frequently retrained.

  5. DefenceNet

    The best soldier is the one who knows how to keep learning and stay alive. The stay alive part is provided to them by not being exposed to flying lead, but the learning in that case becomes more theoretical.

    They are finally going to face a highly experienced, lean and mean SLA already warmed up and on the roll. If there's any fat, its gonna catch fire fast.

  6. DefenceNet

    How is E'Pass supplied by the LTTE now that the sea access is denied on the eastern coast? Is is via the lagoon and land route?

  7. The recent SLA attack in Vishwamadu confirms on thing...

    LTTE built their millitary camps close to residential areas to avoid being bombed..(TRO office in Vishwamadu was damaged because it was next to the camp that was bombed)..

    If we go by that theory and can find other TRO offices, then it is likely the SLA will locate other millitray camps of the LTTE.

    Sounds stupid...?

  8. I saw what many of you guys have discussed about fitting MBRLs on naval crafts. I found a site that shows some Russian rocket systems for naval crafts. There are also rocket systems that can counter torpedo and submarine threats.

    Here have a look:

    This one looks bad-ass:

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  10. No doubt LTTE is preparing for a massive attack on Jaffna once again...

    Most of this weeks sunday observer situation report dedicated to this possibility...

    Jaffna will make or break LTTE...

    Jaffna is their last hope and Velu's last gamble...

    It is alarming that LTTE is infiltrating the peninsula for an attack...

    We must prepare for this..


  11. tangara,
    Army is aware of the threat. They are taking every precautionary measure to prevent the fall of Jaffna.

    SLA has started new offensive divisions to beat back any future LTTE offensives.

    57th division- Deployed in Mannar/Vavuniya FDL.

    58th Division- Deployed in Weli oya

    53rd Division- Deployed in Jaffna as a reserve force to be used in an emergency situation.

    55th Division- Deployed in the forward defence lines near Nagarkovil/Kilali/Muhamalai (This area is called the "National Front" (Jathika Pawura), depicting its high significance in a future battle. 55th div units are constantly engaged in small group based attacks on LTTE FDL bunkers.

    SLAF Regiment Special Forces (RSF)- Deployed in all major SLAF bases to prevent any LTTE commando raids.

    "How is E'Pass supplied by the LTTE now that the sea access is denied on the eastern coast? Is is via the lagoon and land route?"

    It's mainly supplied via the land route.

  12. Why don't SLAF hit Elephant pass? There is nothing to "identify" in that base.

  13. It would be of tactical advantage if SLAF can launch the fighters from multiple sites. It will make it difficult for LTTE spies to send information when fighters go airborn. Weeraketiya or koggala should be prepared for jet fighter landing and take off. Unlike someone mentioned, you dont need huge huge landing strips for fighter aircrafts. Remember, fighters like these can land on aircraft carriers. We have to find ways to fool LTTE spies if we need to hit the LTTE leadership.

  14. Defencenet,

    Thank you very much for the answers..

  15. Defencenet,

    Is there any information on the IDs of LTTE killed in Vishwamadu?

  16. DefenceNet,
    Thank you for your comments. Your work has come highly recommended to us. Let's give the guys who read us something none can offer on the www!

    DW,DR,DA & SDS

  17. Golden Eagle,

    If our Navy have at least 3 sea deployable MRLs, it would be a great strength.

    Thanks for the post... that 300mm looks a real beast when it can hit has a Max 70-90 Km range...

    We should have "Radar Homing (2D would be enough)" devices too. LTTE uses small radars located in coaster underground bunkers to track our Navy movements. The Radar Homing devices should be able to take care of them with some BBs or other manner. It will help to identify Sea Tiger bases too.

  18. Onecountry,

    We have to identify Mobile Phone calls that hit Vanni whenever a Bomber has taken off from Katunayake too.

    Also, triangulating both Cellular, CDMA, and SAT phones are necessary.

  19. noltte=peace

    I just found out that the Chinese make a similar MBRL to the Russian Smerch. Its called the A-100 300mmm MBRL(look in sinodefence) and has a range of upto 100km. With that kind of range we can station a few of them in Jaffna and bombard all coastal areas of Wanni anytime! No need for ship based MBRLs to get involved. Most importantly it has the steel rain ability as well.

    China would be willing to sell it to us and it would be cheaper than the Russian version too.

  20. Onecountry, noltte, some good points mates re. the LTTE spies in Colombo.

    As for LTTE getting advance info when our supersonic birds go up in the sky, yes, there are LTTE spies all over Colombo (but particularly in Ratmalana and Negambo area where I hear they scan the sky using high powered binoculars/telescopes and they do relay the message each time when a Kfir or MiG takes off. Yes, we need to trap these maggots with electronic surveillance (no, phone is not the only method they use I hear) and I understand there are measures in place and being augmented. Although it is difficult to seal it air-tight, we must be innovative and resilient in our efforts and those Sri Lankan patriots in the hi-tech, electronics field (no, I am not) who can provide expert-advice must come forward and volunteer their service to GOSL. Even if we move the super-s birds to take off from let’s say the deep south, it will be a matter of time before the spies encroach and it will be difficult to remove the spies without incriminating evidence…remember the hallo-ballo that was created when we tried to remove suspected LTTE agents from the lodges in Colombo? Well, therefore, surveillance is one factor, but we must also not dismiss the importance of the age old, tried and tested, deterrence factor...meaning, once we catch a spy, we should send an "unambiguous" message to the rest of the spies in Colombo what can happen if we catch you (now, you don't need OaO Asithri to go into details how to send this "deterrence" message, do you?) LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  21. asithri:

    Tapping phones cannot prevent such calls. Spies can relay from colombo to trinco to jaffna to vanni and so on. It doesn't have to be a direct call. You can also use email and all sorts of communication methods. We have to be smarter and get the fliers airborn from different locations. Need the element of surprise to score big.

  22. Asithri, Onecountry,

    What you both say is 'we need to innovate'.

    Innovation can bring terror to the terrorists.

    This is a nature's call to our volunteers too! Contact MOD, if you would like to help!

  23. Of all the videos on youtube this one is a great tribute to our forces

  24. ""If those 2 teams did not get used over 5 years wonder they gone rusty by now !!!!...""

    While the Imran Pandiyan & the Charles Anthony (they aren't really brigades, only battalion-sized) haven't been used in unit strength lately, it is quite likely that both formations have rotated sub-units through the East in the recent fighting.

    "Why don't SLAF hit Elephant pass? There is nothing to "identify" in that base."

    EPS is no longer two large bases as it was when the Army held it (the LTTE learned from the Army's mistakes), but a series of smaller inter-locking mutually supporting bases.

  25. It would be interesting to mount MLRS on naval ships, however most ships that carry those weapons are large LST type platforms designed for amphibious attack (although I have seen a North Korean design of a FAC mounted with a Grad).

    Also the rockets for 120mm MLRS and higher caliber is fairly large and would take up a lot of space on board in addition to the launcher itself, so you need a large ship.

    Since the conflict here is now restricted to a fairly small area it would be much easier to buy bigger land based MLRS systems that have longer range, such as 160mm, 220mm and 300mm, rather than getting the SLN to replicate the job of the SLA. Israel offers an upgrade to the Grad type 122mm MLRS to 160mm called the GRADLAR ( which extends the range to 45km and offers a wide range of different types of rockets, that would probably be the cheapest option.

    You now get guided MLRS (GMLRS) munitions using GPS guided rockets, which although expensive, could be used in small numbers to give the existing/upgraded launchers a precision strike capability.

    The SLN needs to focus their resources on further developing its meagre blue water capabilities to restrict LTTE weapons smuggling by increasing the fleet of OPV's and/or buying some modern corvettes.

    It seems that the LTTE wants to step up the naval game with attempts to bring in torpedoes. One torpedoe strike will be sufficient to take out even our largest ships (they can also acquire SSN missiles like what Hezbollah used in Lebannon to cripple a USD 100mn plus Saar 5 corvette). So the SLN needs to equip its larger ships with modern defensive capabilities including sonar, anti-torpedo rockets, decoys/countermeasures and anti-missile defences.

    The Israeli's also offer Spike ER missiles that can be mounted on the Typhoon type stabilised turrets used by the SLN. That would be a better bet for taking out the larger LTTE boats or a torpedo armed boat if they launch one against us.

  26. All,

    There is a note at about the killed terrorists in this attack titled "Four Top Rank Tiger (LTTE) Leaders Confirmed Killed" Hope they are big fish.

  27. There is a flare up in Killali and Mannar...

    According to the LTTE propaganda, SLA major was killed in Mannar...

    Any one knows anything?

  28. Now LTTE is lost, There for we have to finish them as soon as possible with what ever condition.
    Out Leader is doing exactly what sri lankans need.

    Please understand how important our LEADERSHIP to continuous until LTTE is finish.

    We are under top class leadership so please try to protect him to feature country developments also.

    Informations can send through the internet masseges within very short periode.

    Please consider above matter like google talk, massengers etc...

    do not defend only the phone calls.

    Now time to cultivate as much as possible and try to protect our economy as well.

    we are having real leadership so that please come under one roof with dynamic positive minded.

    We are having positive thinking very strong team work who can do together

  29. Shay,

    Your excellent comments noted. What important is accurately reaching the targets.

    If we do not have such mechanisms, there should be a way to utilise UAVs to direct Arti and MBRL fire. A better coordinating mechanism between UAV operators and Arti MBRL teams.

    Else, we would be wasting our rounds.

    Night is a great tool to observe enemy movements using overhead IR i.e. UAV and Chopper mounted ground observing IR cameras. We should be using that to the fullest advantage to pin point fire too.

  30. LATEST REPORTS reaching COLOMBO from the north have now confirmed at least twenty Tiger terrorists were killed and more than ten of their bunkers in and around KILALY Defence Lines (FDLs) were totally destroyed during the pre-dawn exchange of fire that took place in the wee hours on Monday (24) when Tiger terrorists tried to breach the (FDLs).

    The fierce exchange of fire that broke out when valiant troops resisted the enemy push across the FDLs resulted in the death of at least twenty terrorists and destruction to more than ten of their (LTTE) bunkers, contrary to initial reports.

    Two of their dead bodies have been recovered so far by the troops, but distant observations clearly re-affirmed that at least twenty LTTE corpses were found strewn across areas held by terrorists.

    In the wee hours on Monday (24) one more attempt by a batch of Tiger terrorists to infiltrate military- held areas in KILALY was overpowered causing extensive damages to those terrorists. The fire directed by the troops hit their bunkers. (See previous Situation Report titled “ Two Tiger Bunkers Destroyed… on 24th September 2007 ”)

    Terrorist fire caused critical injuries to one brave soldier who later succumbed to injuries on admission to the PALALY hospital.

    Five more soldiers sustained minor injuries in the gun battle.

    anything new abt this battle??

  31. Defnet, Why hit Kilaly now ? This sounds v. similar to E'pass probing attacks in 2000' remember ? Are the tiger guns in Pooneryn still active fellas ? Where's David these dayz ?

  32. I can remember the days that LTTE highspeed boats swish pass Killaly Lagoon. There are many tiger bases in the south-side of Killaly. Rain makes it difficult for anyone in the area for any kind of offensive. However, for a UAV equipped with IR camera, it won't be difficult to spot all the goons and places where activities are concentrated. Then the job should be done by MBRL and Arti fire. It would be a waste for our guys to go an attack their FDL in person.

  33. According to AFP the government troops were attempting to break into territory in Wanni. Is that true?

  34. Hey Tangara,

    Do not believe AFP. AFP is another mouthpiece of LTTE.

    They write what LTTE want to write.

  35. Guys this may have been a probe by the army, given that it is occuring at two ends of the possible west coast MSR to Jaffna.

    Kilali as part of pushing LTTE FDLs further back (away from the A32 ferry/causeway into Jaffna)

    and Mannar obviously the south end of the A32.

    Just a thought.

  36. DB,

    Unless AFP has changed their South Asian Sub Editing Desk in the last few hours, it would be best to find another source for un-biased reporting.

    "AFP is another mouthpiece of LTTE.
    They write what LTTE want to write." is my personal opinion, and it has not been changed yet!

  37. I know it's your personal opinion, Noltte, and I think it's silly.

    All media is biased in one waay or another. But that's a long way from being an "LTTE mouthpiece". To saay so is just silly.


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