Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SLAF targets LTTE safe house in bombing raid

SLAF bombers carried out a bombing raid on a LTTE safe house in Vishwamadu yesterday at around 6.30 in the morning. This safe house is known to have been the meeting place of top tiger leaders. Fighter jet pilots have confirmed that the targeted location was successfully hit but we are unable to confirm if any LTTE leaders were killed in the incident. Possible targets include LTTE's elite Charley Anthony brigade commander Amithab, LTTE intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman and LTTE IT division head Charles Anthony (son of Velupillei Prabhakaran). Ground based intelligence sources have still not confirmed the status of the attack and LTTE communication interception has proved to be difficult with the base maintaining radio silence ever since the bombing raid.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Army has increased the number of small scale operations on LTTE defense lines in Kilali, Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Thampanai. The purpose of these small scale offensives is to destroy as much LTTE assets on the frontline as possible. However no major operations have been launched so far by the SLA into the LTTE controlled Wanni heartland. The operations near Nagarkovil, Mahamalai and Kilali are undertaken by soldiers of the 55th division. Operations near Mannar/Vavuniya defense lines are undertaken by soldiers of the newly created 57th division , Special Forces units and army commandos. Capturing ground has never been an objective of these small scale operations so far. Instead, the SLA is targeting LTTE's military assets on the frontline and the morale of its cadres deployed in FDL bunkers.


  1. Guys, following is a section of an article published in "The Christian Science Monitor"

    "We should not give them the time or the place to regroup," says the much-decorated soldier, as he sipped tea in the Army headquarters in Colombo. Predicting that the northern campaign would be "similar to that in the east, but more intensive," General Fonseka says the rebel heartland could be won, "in a year, maybe less."

  2. According to Reuters the US is considering providing Global Hawk UAV's to a number of Asian countries, including Sri Lanka. We could definitely use this piece of hardware. Fingers crossed...

  3. The Global Hawk costs $80 million per plane. If anyone thinks that our airforce will buy it even if it is offered must be dreaming.

    The Beech HISAR that the airforce uses is the same system that the Global Hawk has as far I know. The Beech HISAR (plane + system) costs less than $10 million. We need to buy a few more Beech HISARs.

    I think that the Israeli Blue Horizon 2 UAV($5 million) is a better option for our forces.

  4. GE,

    It will be very nice if we can afford a Global Hawk with a hellfire missiles to take he bunker rat out.

  5. Patriots...

    Not defense news per se, but this news is important to know that MR GOSL will likley be re-elected to do a complete sweep of liquidating the LTTE maggots:

    "President Mahinda Rajapakse tops the opinion polls

    Thu, 2007-10-04 04:53
    Colombo, 04 October,

    ( The latest opinion poll has placed President Mahinda Rajapakse on top with two-thirds giving him thumbs up for his performance as President.

    The poll commissioned by the popular business magazine, LMD and conducted by TNS Lanka indicates clearly that the relentless anti-Rajapakse campaign run by the pro-Ranil Wickremesinghe Leader newspaper and also partly by the Daily Mirror-Times group has failed to convince the public that Mahinda Rajapakse has failed.

    Aha, this will be a bitter pill to swallow for those unpatriotic, RW+LTTE supporing gooks who come here and utter unsubstantiated criticism against MR GOSL (despite its indisputable, fabulous military successes against the LTTE).

    OaO Asithri

  6. MR has only been successful in the war front and in all other aspects he is a failure. On the other hand RW would have been successful in all other aspects but most probably not on the war front. Basically one man’s heaven is another man’s hell…

    Militarily we can only put down the LTTE but never find solutions to the root cause of the Tamil up raising. There is no point in defeating the LTTE and then shoving a solution down the throats of the Tamils. It will only lead to a further uprising later on.

    Basically MR is totally incapable of finding a long term solution to the grievances faced by the Tamils but will most probably defeat the LTTE in the short term. End result is that the country will continue to suffer but MR’s family wealth will prosper.

  7. In spite of the constant appeaals to keep this defence-related, people seem to insist on bringing party politics onboard and praising their gods. Its not surprising that the site's being pulled down to a shoddy mud-slinging match. But I guess no one cares really. Lol.

  8. yeah guys can we cut down on the political praising and discuss only defense issues :)
    there are other web spaces like for that :)

  9. OaO Asithri

    As a long time reader of this blog, I feel I must draw exception to some of your comments.

    Criticism of MR or the GOSL does not make one a traitor to ones country or a mindless RW supporter.

    In some instances (and especially on this blog I have noticed individuals such as Blacker) have made criticisms that are valid and which are motivated by what is best for the country and our gallant forces.

    As opposed as one may be to VP and his bunch of terrorist buddies, this is not a reason to follow the GOSL or MR blindly and excuse the mistakes that have been made (and are continued to be made). And if we do that, then we are no worse than the misguided LTTE diaspora, laying at the feet of their sun god.

    So my advice - cut your mindless rhetoric (entertaining as it is in on occasions), and stick to valid debate and exchange of information, in the finest traditions of this site.


  10. anyone can update me,
    what happened to Col.De Silva commanding officer of the SF?

  11. yankezulu & cakeboy

    Totally agree with you guys

  12. Yeah, Our Forces are doing very well with highly improved leadership. Boys are going to front with high moral and no chance to LTTE Terrorist.
    Team work is great then history. All sri lankans should support to finish LTTE as soon as possible. We should keep on eye inside terrorists and foreign treats to our great Leadership write now.

  13. Defence,
    why the hells the Government cant punish Ranil and all those bastards who have betrayed the Military intelligence for "high treason"?

  14. Hello patriot..Due to the current situation it is dangerous to start punishing people like Ranil for curruption since this will open up a "third corruption front".Lets see what happens after this war.No doubt MR's family have done a great job so far.If bombs were to go off in Colombo on a regular basis we may not have the luxury of critising any govt.

  15. According to some sources, there was a flare up in Vauynia..

    One reason for this could be that ,LTTE caders were fired up after learning that one or more of their leaders died in the recent SLAF attack..

    The other thing that concerns me the recent finding of military equipement in Colombo. This says that LTTE infiltrated the Colombo and may be planning something massive..LTTE want to stop the SLA advancement in North..Only way they can achive this through a massive operation..
    We have to protect the Colombo and environments with everything.

  16. Some LTTE supporters from another blog claims hundreds of SLA casualities..

    Any truth in those claims?

    Thank you defencenet.

  17. Guys,i would like to know why are we still going ahead with the purchase of expensive MIG-29's?why cant we upgrade our existin Kfirs to C7/C10 standard with sidewinder/python air to air missiles..or purchase new kfirs.

    Even Bangladesh,which purchased these advanced figther jets soon realised its folly & now their Mig-29's are stored & up for sale,apparently.bangladesh is going for the upgraded F-7(Mig-21) version fighters..

    The SLAF is going to face a maintenance nightmare if they purchase the Mig-29..not to mention the VERY attractive commis that's for the taking thats gonna create more & more millionaires & billionaires driving around in Chrysler-300's?? out of the topic,a bit,it's quite interesting to notice quite a lot of Jeep's & expensive american vehicles plying our roads-not to mention Aston Martin's & Hummers-..

  18. This is great work! We should create opportunities for people. It will wither away terrorism..!

    [Sri Lanka government to set up an industrial city in liberated Eastern Province
    Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 20:58 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 04, Colombo: Sri Lanka Ministry of Industrial Development has taken steps to set up an industrial city at Kappalthurai in the Eastern Province that was recently captured from the Tamil Tiger rebels. ]

    My issue is, why international agencies who talk very loud about HR are not supporting such efforts?

    Where are those countries who want to spend Millions of Dollars to 'resolve conflicts' when LTTE had the upper hand?

    BTW, another thing we need to prevent is for LTTE to take control of such technical colleges and start using its machinery to produce motar bombs, as it happened in the past.

  19. Guys,chk out the link below.can anyone tellme whether this is A BMP-2 or BMP-3

  20. About the UAVs.

    We have few high-end UAVs. Now we need to have few low-end ones.

    Every MBRL and arti unit should have their own mini-UAV observing where their rounds fall.

    You can buy such mini UAVs with thermal imaging for a price tag less than $15,000. Some can carry small payloads too.

    We need about 20 of them.

  21. Not directly related to Defence, but would like to mention here some good stuff happening for general consumption,

    [ Legislation to outlaw monopolies in Jan
    Thursday, October 04,2007

    COLOMBO: The Government will present the new Consumer Affairs Authority Act before Parliament as a matter of urgency to protect consumers from unscrupulous traders and trade practices. The Bill will be presented before the House at the first sessions of Parliament in January. The Bill will also incorporate provisions to deal with unfair trade practices and the elimination of monopolies. ]

    Prima is one of the biggest monopolies that have been widely accused of bribing government officials to keep their monopoly. The people of the country suffer a lot because of the same [not only arbitrary price hikes, but also denying Sri Lankans with any wholemeal wheat]. Needs to open this market for foreign and local competition.

    Every other consumer goods sectors is a virtual monopoly in Sri Lanka other than Soap, Toothpaste etc.

    An apple bought for less than Rs. 1.00 is sold in Pettah for Rs. 15.00. The majority of profit is with the three major importers of Apples. Dried Fish, Garlic, Onion, Rice also have the same faith. There are other hundreds of examples can be shown. These oligopolies and monopolies should be broken to bring the prices down.

    It will provide a healthy atmosphere, where people would not mourn about defence expenditure.

  22. Patriot

    Col Prasanna De Silva is back in business. It took intervention by the Prez to get the hard headed Army Cmdr and the Colonel to get back into the more important business of fighting the war. It obviously was the awareness created among the civillian population by the media including websites such as this, which prompted the pressure and good decision making. As much as the present govt has a good focus on the war, the increased civil awareness is a much greater asset in times like these.

  23. Yankeezulu

    I respectfully disagree with your comment that the prez is unable to provide a solution...etc.

    People who need solutions and progress, first need good leaders. It is the responsibility of each community to produce leaders that can take their cause to a successful conclusion. Today the tamils and everyone else hold the sinhalese responsible for their failure to produce such leadership, and fail to blame the tigers for slaughtering the ones they had.

    And these people think the sinhalese are stupid, as they have been fond of saying for so long. What they fail to understand is that the sinhalese, even in an absolute crunch, will not bother to take anyone else's issue as their own and solve it. Hell, we don't solve our own, for that matter...

  24. I agree with cakeboy.

    no=ltte I think that already manufacture low end mid sized UAVs. I bet we could get our guys to build a similiar UAV with thermal immaging just to help the artillery and MBRL battalions.

    I disagree with some of the posters here who say that MR has been a big failure in the non war issues. Sure he is not perfect and has a lot of flaws but I think his greatest strength is his foresight.

    After he came to power he pushed through with building coal power plants that will take Lanka off expensive oil powered plants to generate electricity. Before that all the politicians did were debate around in circles whether to switch to coal or not. Switching to coal will save us money(should have been done 20 years ago). We are also now actually also going ahead with the oil exploration project, and if it turns out as good as they say it is, then Lanka will have enough oil for 15-20 years. This will save us a mad amount to money that normally would flow out of the country. In other worlds our budget deficit will greatly reduced or will dissapear altogether.

  25. Here's a guy who makes good sense in his own unique way;

  26. Highly appreciate about talking Leadership.
    Duce to British foreign power from 1815 to 1948, Englishmen never allow to produce or available Real Leader for sri Lanka.
    If good Leadership in sri lanka means that they cannot force us to do the things accordingly their vision and master plans.
    Our educations do not make excellent Leaders over here, because foreigners decide our educations directly or indirectly through varies NGO. But fortunately we are under real improving Leadership with very wast eye. (Proven in UN Meeting and Against LTTE Terrorist)
    We have very strong Leadership team under chief in commander.
    Only two sides in sri lanka at the moment
    Sri Lankans and LTTE Terrorist
    Sri Lankans : Need to protect Sri Lanka from LTTE Terrorist as soon as possible
    LTTE Terrorist and Their Supporters : Totally depend on USD and need to they are in power to become them to power over here
    Directly or indirectly support to Terrorist means that he or she is Terrorist and they are real mistake to Sri Lanka.
    We should understand that we were very strong Nation in history and should archive those condition immediately.
    Now professional team is doing correct things against LTTE Terrorist right now.
    Please support them to do that and bring this massage among all sri lankans.
    Always highlight good things and talk effectively to bring those practice manner

    Why we still delay to bring Mig 29 ? We should bring that no need to wait
    Mig 29 is a real fighter against Terrorist and it will help to advance our boys.

    1) Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the way to do it. Believing in a solution paves a way to solution, eliminate “impossible”, “wont work”, “cant do”, “no use trying”from your thinking and speaking vocabularies.

    2) Don’t let tradition paralyze your mind. Be receptive to new ideas. Be experimental. Try new approaches. Be progressive in everything you do

    3)Ask yourself daily. “How can I do it better”? There is no limit to self-improvement. When you ask yourself, ”How can I do better”sound answers will appear. Try it and see.

  27. DefenceNet

    Is there positive ID of the target?

  28. Cakeboy...

    Re. "In some instances (and especially on this blog I have noticed individuals such as Blacker) have made criticisms that are valid and which are motivated by what is best for the country and our gallant forces."

    I couldn't disagree with you more. No, these individuals are NOT motivated by what's best for the nation nor for our SLDF boys. Rather, they are just playing politics by blindly supporting the RW's re-entry into power for personal reasons. Others, while being RW supporters, are also outright anti-Sinhela Buddhists and they work with the anti-MR GOSL NGOs to ensure that MR GOSL is removed from power so that RW the pansy can step in and give the LTTE the "thamileelam" on a platter.

    It is true that there is certain corruption in MR GOSL, but what GOSL have we had that didn’t have corruption. Once LTTE is liquidated, then we will have MR GOSL answer for the corruption and will dismiss it from power as warranted. Until then, if we are patriotic, MR GOSL needs our support as we have no alternative leadership to take over this our own “war against terrorism.” This does not have to be anymore complex than this.

    So, let's not be damn foolish...

    What's the point discussing what fighter plane, what artillery unit, what MBT, what navy battle craft, etc. is good for our forces when we all know that irrespective of what fine armaments we have, it is not robots who make the decisions, but our political leaders. The Commander in Chief of our SLDF is the President of our nation and let's not forget about that when we naively say here "let's not praise political leaders and only stick to war issues!" Therefore, in this respect, if this is a “defencenet” dedicated to SL's "war issues," then it is also an inalienable fact that those who are in war decision-making capacity is invariably going to enter into our discourse, as one is inclined to comment on how good or bad such political leaders are in executing the war against the LTTE. Let's be real...wars are not won not by machines, but humans who provide strategic direction, tactical command, and who valiantly follow such tactical command and use the fine machinery.

    Let's assume today we had the best armaments we could have had, and RW the pansy was leading the nation. Now in this scenario, we would see hundreds of our boys dieing today due to LTTE attacks and RW the pansy not doing anything and the best armaments just rusting in storage. This is what happened after he signed the CFA with the fat black oily pig with Norwegians' trick. At that time, LTTE maggots not only killed a whole contingent of our valuable SLA MI operatives, but at a basic level, they used to humiliate our brave SLA boys by just walking up to them and spitting them in the face - and just walking away as the SLA boys could not even utter one word in protest (leave alone use their guns) - as strict orders from RW pansy was to "do not retaliate against the LTTE."

    So, let me get this straightened out once and for all and that is...for certain, I will NOT standby when I see comments in here (or any other forum anywhere else for that matter), that are just regurgitating of LTTE/TNA/RW/RW-LTTE biased NGOs and anti-Sinhela Buddhist propaganda, that are designed to give the country back to RW so that he can deliver 1/2 of it on a platter to the LTTE. If these traitors have the right to spew out this vile propaganda, then I too have the right to disprove them and expose them for what they are. In that case, to me it is not a case of "playing politics" or "blindly standing up for MR GOSL," but rather it a case of dire national security, an issue that touches on our very survival as an independent, proud sovereign nation!

    Peace to all patriots...

    OaO Asithri


    President could get Nobel Prize if he stands for a peaceful settlement! � German Ambassador

    (04th October 2007 23:50 S.L.T)

    If the present President Mahinda Rajapakse stands for a negotiated settlement to the national question he could be awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in 2011 predicts Jurgen Weerth , Ambassador for Germany in Sri Lanka

  30. Iceland apologizes to Sri Lanka!

    (04th October 2007 23:50 S.L.T)


    "According to Foreign Ministry sources government of Iceland has apologized to Sri Lanka government in writing"

    The reason for the apologize is Jani Westman, a representative of Iceland�s foreign ministry had illegally entered tiger held areas in the Vanni and met S.P. Thamilselvan, the leader of the political wing of the tiger organization.

  31. Concept of Ealam no longer valid!
    � Subramanium Samy

    (04th October 2007 23:50 S.L.T)


    "The concept of Ealam is no longer valid and it is not a reality says Mr. Subramanium Samy",
    President of Indian Janatha Party and former Minister of India.

    He has said this when JVP Parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayake met him In New Delhi during the 53rd summit of Commonwealth Parliamentary Union held between 24th and 29th of last month.


    If fairy gives permission I’ll teach English to Sri Lankans! - British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka

    (01st October 2007 06:50 S.L.T)

    If a fairy gave him permission to make a change the first he would change would be the Sinhala only law in Sri Lanka says British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Dominick Chilcott. Speaking at a ceremony held in Colombo British High Commissioner said if he was given this mandate by the fairy he would change the Sinhala only law and make English the working language of the country.

    - President at UN General Assembly -

    We launched military operations only to exert pressure on terrorists in order to convince them that it will not be possible for them to obtain a military victory. Our goal remains a negotiated and honourable end to this unfortunate conflict. I must say that the All Party Representative Committee is working successfully towards it.

    - President at UN General Assembly -

    “Terrorism anywhere is terrorism. There is nothing good in terrorism. Sri Lanka has taken an upfront position in the global community’s efforts to deal with terrorism. We have become party to 11 of 13 UN Conventions for the suppression of various acts of terrorism. We think that the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, which in our view remains a priority, is only limited to endless discussion. I emphasize that we must conclude these negotiations soon.


    - President at UN General Assembly -

    Sri Lanka’s ancient civilization was rooted in the Buddhist principles of Metta and Ahimsa. Metta is loving kindness to all living beings and Ahimsa is a deep respect for life. Human rights have been an essential part of our great cultural tradition for millennia. It is therefore nothing new for us to protect human rights. Women in pre-colonial Sri Lanka enjoyed rights that are prescribed under CEDAW [Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women] – including rights of property ownership and inheritance rights. It was certainly not an accident that Sri Lanka produced the first democratically elected woman Prime Minister in the world in 1960.


    - President at UN General Assembly -

    In these sessions, I believe that our obligation as global leaders is to commit ourselves to programs that will eradicate terrorism, establish human welfare oriented development, establish democracy and ensure there is hope for lower income groups for economic development. Accordingly, I appeal to the global community to make the 62nd session the beginning of a new chapter rather than just another session.
    May the Triple Gem Bless You.

  37. DefenceNet,

    Is this news true about Gadaphi?

    Any new news about Oct 2nd attack?Is there a video of the attack as mention in Daily news?

    Thank you.

  38. "No, these individuals are NOT motivated by what's best for the nation nor for our SLDF boys. Rather, they are just playing politics by blindly supporting the RW's re-entry into power for personal reasons."

    Leaving aside the silly presumptions you are making, Arsithri (based on ignorance), what is the problem with anyone support a particular politician. You do it daily with your arse-licking of MR but somehow take offence if good things are said about the opposition. I myself am NOT an RW supporter, and if you'd been literate at the time he was PM you would've read the criticisms I'd made of him regarding the war. If you want to be MR's butt-boy, that's fine, to each his own, but even your boneheadeness should be able to comprehend that this mud-slinging goes nowhere, and while it's in progress there's almost o discussion of defence-related issues on this site. So what's the point talking politics here. And contrary to what you are saying, you are NOT deending MR. Each week you bring up the topic, just as you did in this thread, without any provocation. You maybe MR's self-proclaimed defender, but you're coming across as a teenaged retard aand an embarrassment to true loyal Sri Lankans. You are to this site what Mervyn Silva is to the GoSL, and like MR DefenceNet seems to pretend you dont exist. Lol.

  39. Guys, can we stick to ONLY defence related issues in the blog please !

    Thanks !

  40. Rifard,

    If you want a discussion on what type of aircraft Mig29 / Kfir etc is most suitable for Sri Lanka, you can read the very famous thread on LNP given below. Its now very long, but the first half of the thread is very interesting with lots of technical details especially the postings by some guy with the handle Mig29c who seems to work in the defence industry.

    The Kfir has many limitations and both the Mig27's and Kfir's are now showing their age. So maintaining them will be increasingly challenging in the years to come. So thats why the SLAF were considering a multi-role variant of the Mig29.

    The fact that the Bangladeshi's have problems with their Mig's should not really influence our decision. Bangladesh cant even maintain their national airline (some countries just have bad aviation industries). Many other countries that operate the Mig29 including India and South East Asian countries etc are not having any major problems.

    The F-7G (upgraded Mig-21) is designed mostly as a basic interceptor. It cant carry much payload to be effective in the ground attack role in this type of conflict.

  41. c'mon guys...cut the foul language.

    asithri... good to see making an effort not to use foul language in your last reply.
    c'mon guys....keep this place clean and decent

  42. Anyone have a link to download Video of Wishwamadu Air Strike ???

    as mention in Daily news, its very interesting to watch.

  43. Dear Mr. OaO Asithri,

    I was reading this blog for a long time, thought of posting this comment after seeing repeated rhetoric’s of Mr. OaO Asithri .

    It’s natural that you might feel that you are the biggest patriot when you are away from your country. But please do not think that people who remain in Sri Lanka are not patriots. Please remember that half of countries population voted for UNP during last presidential elections. So if you are to call all these people in our country “LTTE maggots”, you need some serious psychological consultation.

    But rather than shouting empty political rhetoric slogans I wonder whether you could talk any substance. For instance what tangible supports you have extended towards SL ? Please exclude any money you might have given to MR during last pres elections. Also kindly exclude acts like eating/drinking “Pol Pala” when our brave forces hammer out the terrorists.

    For instances Mr. David Blacker who comment on this blog has mentioned that he served for the forces once. I think that’s a good contribution towards the country, and I myself regret for not being able to serve the country in such a manner. As you see Mr. OaO what matters in substance.

    Do you have anything to say in this regard?

    Saluting our brave soldiers !!

  44. Hello Observer,
    It is good to work abroad like many Slankans do (fx:house maids in the mid east).Hopefully Asithri may be in a position to bring some much needed foreign currency(FC) to SLanka in the future and highlight the plight of our country and make a contribution that way like many tamil-slankans have done.

  45. What Asithri has done is very credit worthy.What we dont want is a repetition of 1948 where you have Slankan tamils holding the so called top jobs (due to their education at "top" universities abroad) and the Slankan Sinhalese limited to the role of house maids/servents/drivers etc.In a cosmopolitan society there must be some degree of healthy competiton between citizens.

  46. The video clip of the air strike is now on the website.

    Its interesting, unlike the previous video clips you can see the aircraft fly over the target and they seem to be flying pretty low.

    Note the first bomb at around 0.47 and then a Kfir flies over the large dust cloud at around 0.51. It seems that the first bomb throws up a much bigger cloud of debris than the subsequent bombs (even taking into account that the video clip has been cropped).

    Also the craters left after the attack look fairly deep.

    Does anyone know if they used some special munition like a bunker buster? Or is it just a big bomb?

  47. Video of the Vishwamadu attack is on the If you look close, you can actually see the Kfir's flying at what looks like a ridiculously low altitude. Maybe the tactics are come low, hard and fast. I always assumed they flew at high altitude to avoid the SAM threat.

  48. generally you fly high to avoid AA guns....flying low at high speeds doesn't give that much of time for and AA gunner or even a MANPAD operator to get a lock on the jets since the jets pass over their range at a much faster rate...

    Talk of the town is that low end bunker busters were used... don't know if these were laser guided or free fall bombs

  49. Raptor,
    i didn't see any jets flying at low altitudes or whatever in video. it just shows footage taken off the UAV.
    UAV's equipped with pretty neat optics so they can zoom in on a target without getting into low altitudes...
    is there another video clip that i missed out on?

  50. All,

    Check the video at 0:43 moment to top left. It seems that there was another bomb dropped ahead of the particular target.

  51. Ranil,
    This Vishwamadu attack looks very similar to how Soornam's bunker was attacked in Vakarai. That attack was based on 100% reliable ground intelligence and the target was hit with great accuracy. This was later confirmed when our forces entered Vakarai. Therefore, I'm 100% sure that the SLAF used a laser guided bomb at Vakarai, specially cos the target was high profile and they wanted to do it right the 1st time. May be DefenceNet can confirm this...

    Going by that attack, I will be surprised if we didnt drop atleast one or two laser guided bombs in to Vishwamadu!

    Btw Guys! I'm going to go crazy if I dont get to know the name of the LTTE leader who was killed... :-@

    Anyway, great work by our 3 forces!

  52. Asithri,

    I salute you for your last posting and for its improved language. Will keep things in this forum the language at least that way.

  53. The LTTE Micro Pistol Gangs seems to be in action in Colombo again.

    It is time to use pre-dawn searches and police dogs, pigs, Bees, or Mice trained on finding explosive residue. Mice are very good in finding explosive residue i.e. hidden used micro-pistol in ceiling of a house.

    Two army soldiers injured in shooting incident - Colombo

    Two army personnel clad in civil dress were shot and wounded by LTTE pistol man around 2.30 p.m in Colombo today, October 05th.

    According to the available information the incident took place in the close vicinity to the Darusalam School in Maligawaththa.

    Two victims were rushed to the National hospital Colombo for immediate medical attention, sources further added.

  54. noltte=peace the cid has to make sure that the attack was actually that of a LTTE pistol gang.It could be someone trying to discredit military victories or people these 2 men had a beef with.
    For the LTTE all this is a case of too little too late.

  55. Came across this site too

    TS, thanks for sharing the following link,

    John, I like your ideas. Keep up the good work!

  56. Sri Lankan,

    If the shooting was done by LTTE, it would make their peril rapid.

    We have a no-nonsense Commander.

    Remember what happened to JVP.

  57. guys,i saw the video on seem to be equally good at false accusations & blatant LIES as well..cos i saw the way that they are trying to put down Mr Athas's reporting..defencenet,can u please confirm whether's claim about athas giving false info is correct or not.thanks

  58. Eventhough I don't post comments,I am reading this blog for long time and my salute for all guys helping to eradicate Tiger Terrorism..
    (Asithri,Illegal.existence,john,Sam Perera,Srilankan,NOLTTE=Peace...)
    Guys u should understand after long period of time we have visionary leadership in the country what ever political party he is representing.
    I had same hate feeling like asithri and other patriots, after pansy RW & team let to kill our patriot MI assets.
    RW lovers are waiting him come to power for declaring TAMIL EELAM..

  59. noltte=peace the LTTE is trying to instigate a backlash against the tamils similar to 1980's.This thaaamilselvan must not be allowed to transform the LTTE into a "political party" at any cost.Time for these "talks" is over.Lets say its past the sell by date.

  60. rifard...
    i'm not getting into details cos there are posters with better knowledge to do that here...but Athas assumes too much with what little he knows about the ground situ... The current military structure is such that even the high command doesn't directly micromanage every little operational details...
    I used to trust Athas's column like the the gospel until i got to know better more solid hand on info which proves athas to be rather un-professional and immature.

    It's never too late for ltte and don't ever underestimate them. they only have to get "lucky" a few times and that's not the case for us. they've got nothing to loose. And even within our ranks we have traitors at the highest level so each of these little incidents should not be taken lightly. After all the beating their getting these days i bet their not just gonna go down without a fight.

    we all hate ltte and wants to put and end to that and there's no argument there, but i don't think MR is doing a that great of a job as a "visionary leadership"
    look at the corruption, they way mp's and their sonnies are running riot in colombo even threatning the judiciary, look at jumbo cabinet for such a small nation and all the benefits enjoyed by them. They abuse their powers in the open but what has out "visionary leader" done to make things better for the people. They are using the war situation to fatten themselves...
    look what he did with sending his son to the navy...that guy walked away to UK with a scholl that should've gone to a more deserving sailor... all because that pops was the prez... i don't think that's how you should lead...
    he's better than RW in the way he handles the conflict and hats off to him for that... but the sad reality is that the man has got a golden opportunity to set the country on the right track and he's not doing it as well as he should...
    that's my opinion.
    I will support SLDF to the best of my ability but i will not blindly follow a leader just because the man is very good with propaganda

  61. Air Force targets top LTTE leader -Vishwamadu Air Attack

    VIDEO LINK ---->>

  62. Ranil..i agree with you.In the north the army is flushing them out which is wonderful.The worst scenario for the LTTE is for them to have to confront the army at a time of the army's choosing not theirs.Sadly i know there are traitor in the south who will betray the country for Rs 10/-

  63. My heart wept seeing this photo..

    When the ministers are incapable, this is what happens.

    The governments are there to create jobs, by creating an atmosphere that is conducive to start business.

    1. I know an incident where a Russian guy came to start a Saline bottling plant in Sri Lanka. He has been asked a $2M bribe by the Minister at that time to guarantee buying some portion of his production for consumption of the local hospitals in SL. The guy went back not to return.

    2. Another Russian guy came to start a Fish Canning factory. The Minister Mahinda Wijeserkara went there and laid the foundation too. Next week, the investor openly accused of Mahinda Wijesekara for asking a bribe and folded everything and went back.

    3. Boeing wanted to start an assembly plant in Sri Lanka few years back. They came and met with the government officials. Finally, they met with the respective minister and learned that some money needed to be exchanged on the side to get the land, permits etc, and folded off the project.

    4. A Flour Grinding company came to Sri Lanka when Chandrika was in power as the exclusive contract with Prima was about to be expired. Thilan Wijesinghe had asked a bribe of $6M to offer the permit. When exposed (his hand-writing etc), he mentioned that only $1M for him and the rest was for Chandrika. Chandrika hurriedly renewed the Prima Exclusive contract just after the same. A golden opportunity to break Prima monopoly was lost. Chandrika may have become further rich.

    5. We started paying more than Rs 12.50 for a unit of electricity, when Ratwatta signed contracts with Diesel Mafia, when it was about 7.50 a unit in the world-markets.

    You guys too may know many such incidents. This is how we promote more and more investment in our country. Any thief can set-up any venture. With bribery they get exclusivity to bank loans to land for pennies. But those crooks only do something crooked to further deprive the country and leave after sucking as much blood as possible. The genuine guys are left at limbo.

    This all relate to Defence too. We do not have money to fight and finish off this LTTE menace, because of these institutionalized corruption of the country that ran for few decades. We should be happy that we have got a country left, after such Billion and Billion $ corruption.

    Making 'corruption fighting' independent as possible from the politics would make things better. It is another Judiciary that we need to create.

    Latest COPE report has highlighted that we could have saved 150 Billion Rupees, if the corruption in the limited institutions that they investigated was prevented. Those are the money that could have been invested for the betterment of people.

    If I was the Minister who was in-charge of Tharuna Aruna program, I would have put these graduates on six-months internships at private institutions. They would learn a skill as well as may have the chance to get absorbed.

    We are in this sh*tty situation with LTTE, not because of anything else, but because of corruption (and the lack of leadership we had). Hamilton, Cecil, Daya many faces come to my mind too....

    Hey needs to sleep before my blood further boils!

  64. david blacker,

    "and like MR DefenceNet seems to pretend you dont exist. Lol."

    First of all david it wasnt only Asthiri's comments that were not deleted (and yes most of his comments were offensive). Even your own comments contained offensive language and yet we didnt take any action to delete them so Asthiri alone didnt enjoy special treatment as you suggested.
    Lack of attention to comment moderation and site updates is due to us having not enough time/proper access to internet (for example, comment moderation is not easy when done through a mobile browser).


    "what happened to Col.De Silva commanding officer of the SF?"

    He's back with the Special Forces.

    "Some LTTE supporters from another blog claims hundreds of SLA casualities..
    Any truth in those claims?"

    This claim is entirely false. We do not know if they are talking about army casualty count for a long period of time coz we havent seen the article. But we sure can confirm that SLA didnt receive casualties in such large margins during current limited operations.

    We cannot see the linked article. It asks for a subscription. We assume that the Gadafi you are talking about is Imran Pandiyan leader? There are rumors he was in the base when the attack took place but these are unconfirmed. At the moment his whereabouts are unknown.

    In Vishwamadhu safe house bombing it is most likely that a senior LTTE leader got killed and another one got injured (high chance of victim being the leader of Charles Anthony brigade). But we cannont 100% confirm these reports yet.

    And in 99% of sorties Kfirs do not fly in low altitudes. SLAF uses MiG27s in low altitude bombing runs.
    LTTE does have 14.5mm and 12mm anti aircraft guns and a low flying Kfir will be moderately vulnerable to AA fire from these guns.

  65. Thank you defencenet for the updates.

    [Latest developements in and around Colombo is not a good sign...It gives the impression that LTTE infiltrated it recently or hidden sell got activated for an attack..Next time they attack, most likely LTTE will use their air assets..We neeed to keep in mind that, LTTE wants to mass murder our SLA boys..

  66. Defencenet,

    Was there a leak somewhere from our side that exposed the 2 Army Intel personnel who were shot at Maligawatha yesterday?

  67. Nolte

    About 5-10 years ago, 30 graduates were offered the kind of opporunity you are speaking of with the Keells group. All except 1 failed to perform to standards required in their management Trainee program. The major reason for the failure was unwillingness to follow instructions; in short Bad Attitude.

  68. Thank you DefenceNet.I also don't have a subscription.

  69. Take a look at the vicious pro-tiger attacks against reports in the strategypage.

    This is a clear example of how these guys attempt to divert the topic from what it really is; by attempting to formulate excuses which do not look like excuses for terrorism. Click under the resposes to access them, following the article.

  70. Thanks DefenceNet.Noltte=peace good article on corruption!.I hope that all these crooks will be persecuted and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law AFTER ALL THEIR ILL GOTTON GAINS ARE CONFISCATED!! EVEN IF they hold FOREIGN passports.

  71. Telling the CID "Anee mahaththaya i had to do it " is not a defense.


    [It is important that the SLA determined the time of death of these brave sons of Sri Lanka..That way we can confirm whether LTTE killed them after capture or got killed in the confrontations..Like in the Muhamalee bateles LTTE hand over 76 bodies of soldiers and no postmortam was conducted to reveal they were murdered or got killed in the war..The families of these war heroes must be hailed and supported in every possible way..
    Hope this war ends soon , rather than late..


  73. Tangara according to "informed sources" these soldiers were killed in the most brutal way possible after LTTE female cadres did some kind of a dance akin to an african tribal dance.?.Does anyone know if the SL army have flame throwers?

  74. Defencenet is the officer returned by the LTTE the captain who went missing? Thanks

  75. Thanks Srilankan,

    We have to accept the fact that if any SLA men goes missing as Killed..Their is a 99% probability that LTTE will murder the Prisoners of war..

    We can expect any better from the most ruthless terror outfit in the world.


    As far as I remember Defencenet in another article confirmed the previously missing Captain's name is different to the one they hand over the body of the Captain Souiza.

    My guess we shouldn't disclose the names of high ranking officers going missing or captured..May be these captured men don't want to reveal the true identity unless LTTE confirmed that from another method like this forum..
    Just a thought.

  76. We have to keep in mind the extent of information these brave men had to divulge to the LTTE when captured and take remidial action to prevent any fall out from that.

    It is most likely LTTE will try their best to get all the information from these men before killing them.

    It is likely LTTE will get to know the no of troops, types of weapons used and their locations within the front lines..

    We have to keep this in mind before we move further...

  77. I am not a millitary man, but this I can guess like Athas do.

    Long live those Brave SLA boys in the front lines..

    We will never forget your sacrificies...

  78. Guys, Following is a part of the "The Island" political column. it gives a lot of details of the discussion between Wimal Weerawansa and the American ambassador. By reading this one would get a better insight of the way the US approaches this LTTE problem (I think ).

    "Weerawansa meets Blake

    Last week, the American Ambassador Robert O. Blake, met JVP parliamentary group leader Wimal Weerawansa for a one to one meeting to discuss the current situation. He arrived punctually for the meeting at the JVP’s Pelawatte headquarters. This was the first time that Blake had met the JVP firebrand. For a while, the ambassador had beaten around the bush talking about the economy and the cost of living and the issue of corruption and even the COPE report. Then finally he had got down to brass tacks and asked Weerawansa about the change in the UNP’s stance on federalism and the feeling among people that this was an attempt on the part of the UNP to win over the JVP. Weerawansa had responded that the Ambassador should know much more than he (Weerawansa) about the UNP’s change of stance because the ambassador had met the UNP leader soon after the UNP announced its policy shift. Blake said he does not want to comment on what transpired at that meeting with Wickremesinghe.

    Weerawansa had then dismissed the UNP’s change of stance as eyewash. His argument was that if the UNP has really given up the federalist stand, then they should have declared in favour of the unitary concept – which they have not done. Weerawansa had stated that the UNP will not be able to deceive anyone with such tricks. Blake had then asked Weerawansa about plans to topple the government at the budget. Weerawansa stated that the UNP no longer speaks of toppling the government at the budget and that it is only the media that speaks of this now. Blake had then said that the war was escalating day by day and that this was going to affect the economy and that it was best to come to a settlement with the LTTE. Weerawansa had stated that no political solution is going to work without the LTTE being defeated militarily.

    The ambassador had then pointed out that war destroys lives and property and that it causes the displacement of people. Therefore he could not agree with such a stand. Weerawansa shot back that the American invasion of Iraq had caused loss of life and the displacement of large numbers of people. Why were the Americans not swayed by such considerations when they decided to invade Iraq? Blake had responded that Saddam Hussein was a mass murderer and that he had even used chemical weapons. Weerawansa had said that Prabhakaran too is a mass murderer and that he had carried out ethnic cleansing in the north by expelling all Muslims and Sinhalese, and that he had wiped out the entire Tamil leadership and that he had even murdered Rajiv Gandhi.

    Weerawansa had asked the ambassador what was wrong in conducting military operations in order to liberate the Tamil people of the north and east from Prabhakaran the same way that the Americans wanted to liberate the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein? The ambassador had then pointed out that America was spending a great deal of money to rehabilitate and build a new society in Iraq. Weerawansa had pointed out that this is exactly whet the Sri Lankan government was also doing in the east after liberating it from the LTTE.

    Blake uses the ‘un-winnable war’ argument

    Then the ambassador had said that the war had been going on for 25 yeas but that the government had not been able to defeat the LTTE. Weerawansa had pointed out that people had tried for many years to send a mission to the moon but that despite setbacks they had persevered and finally they succeeded. Had those people adopted the ambassador’s attitude, the Americans would never have landed on the moon. Then the ambassador had said that if the experience of the past twenty five years is anything to go by, it has been proved that this conflict could not be resolved militarily. To which Weerawansa said that if the experience of the past twenty five years of peace talks and negotiations is anything to go by, it has been proved that Prabhakaran will never agree to a negotiated settlement. Ambassador Blake had then pointed out that powerful countries like the USA had intervened in this problem and that Prabhakaran will not be able to escape that easily from peace talks this time,

    Weerawansa had shot back that these so called powerful countries had been on the scene when the ceasefire agreement was signed in 2002. But from the day the agreement was signed the LTTE went on a killing spree, bumping off Tamils opposed to them, including Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgarmar. Yet these powerful countries could do nothing. The ambassador had then said that even so, Prabhakaran was weak now and that negotiations were now possible. Weerawansa had said that if Prabhakaran is weak now, it is entirely thanks to the military operations that have been conducted against the Tigers and that this process of weakening the LTTE should be taken further because in the ambassador’s own reckoning the weaker the LTTE is, the greater the possibility for a solution. The ambassador had then said that his country could not provide money for this purpose. Weerawansa countered that if the war is being conducted properly, the people of this country will even sell their valuables to fund the war effort.

    Ambassador Blake had then said that this issue could not be discussed in just one hour. Weerawansa had replied that America is a democratic country which is why he had spoken so plainly. He made one final request of the ambassador that at a time when the LTTE is weak, not to give them a chance to regain their strength by pressurizing the government to have peace talks. Weerawansa said that on every previous occasion when the LTTE was about to be defeated, peace talks were begun and they were given the opportunity to regroup and continue fighting.

    The ambassador had pointed out that capturing Killinochchi and Mullaitivu will not be as easy as capturing the east. The LTTE is well armed and that they have kept back their best cadres in reserve. Weerawansa said that they had heard that argument before and that when the government went into Sampur that was said to be difficult. When they went into Vakarai, it was said that Vakarai was not going to be as easy as Sampur. In any case, the Sri Lankan security forces were not there to do only easy work but to do difficult assignments as well. The duo parted company at that, having decided to meet another day.

  79. "As far as I remember Defencenet in another article confirmed the previously missing Captain's name is different to the one they hand over the body of the Captain Souiza."

    Tangara thanks, that is what I thought too, but couldn't find that post to confirm.

  80. I have never been a 'JVP Supporter', but hats off to JVP for the great service that they are currently doing to the nation with regard to the LTTE. Thanks Wimal for this great discussion with the American Ambassador.

    The other great service that JVP did to the nation in the recent past was filing the Supreme Court Case to disintegrate the North and the East that integrated in the past in a bogus manner.

    JVP is earning lot of respect from common people, as long as Somawansa Amarasinghe does not open his mouth.

    But the biggest mistake that JVP does is creating trouble in Universities. That is one of the biggest sins that JVP is continually doing. Stirring universities has destroyed the future of many generations of this country. They better stop doing that somehow pretty soon!

  81. Good news,
    SL Navy destroys 10th LTTE arms vessel in high seas!!!!

  82. Thanks for the inf Bhathiya. Well done SL Navy.

  83. I've never supported the JVP either, but damn Wimal did a good job in his discussions with the ambassador. Credit where credit is due!

  84. And oh, David Blacker? You're a cocksucker. Most half Tamil half Burghers like you are.

  85. Bhathiya

    Where did you find the news regarding the 10th ship sinking?

    Pls post a link.


  86. SL Navy destroys 10th LTTE arms vessel in high seas [1st lead]

  87. dodol

    Could you chill it pls?
    There are many and diverse opinions in this forum, but by and large the majority of us respect others' opinions even when we do not agree with them.

    The least you could do is refrain from objectionable language.


  88. [
    We can expect any better from the most ruthless terror outfit in the world.


    It should be written as

    We can expect any better from the most ruthless terror outfit in the world.

  89. The Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon, just south of India) civil war is staggering to a finish. After 25 years, and over 70,000 dead, the rebels are fading. The cause of the war was ethnic rivalry. Hindu Tamils are a minority (18 percent of the 18 million people on the island) and were originally brought in by the British as agricultural workers. There were always some Tamils on Sri Lanka, for the Indian province of Tamil Nadu is just across the 29 kilometer wide straits. But the large number of agricultural workers settled in the north and along the coasts, where the plantations were. The Tamils formed all Tamil communities and maintained their ethnic identity.

    The majority of Tamils have long felt they were discriminated against by the majority Sri Lankans (Sinhalese, who are Buddhist). Not surprisingly, the native Sri Lankans took a dim view of all these foreigners the British had imported. There were tensions. In 1972 that anger began to get organized when Velupillai Prabhakaran formed the Tamil New Tigers (TNT) movement. In 1976 the, TNT renamed itself the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). This was more than a name change, for the TNT had become, as the LTTE, a very disciplined and fanatical terrorist organization. The LTTE began using suicide bombers about the same time Islamic terrorists did, and more effectively. But the war in Sri Lanka never made the news much in the West.

    The war had its ups and downs, and even an Indian intervention, with peacekeepers, in the late 1980s. Nothing worked. The LTTE wanted to partition the island, and by the late 1990s, had effectively done that. The LTTE controlled the northern tip of the island, and most of the eastern coast. In response, Sri Lanka recruited more troops, bought more weapons, and kept fighting. In 2002, there was a ceasefire, and a serious effort to negotiate a peace deal. Talks dragged on for three years. Two years ago, the violence resumed, triggered by growing refusal, by the Sinhalese majority, to even consider partition, and a split inside the LTTE. One faction of the rebels wanted to settle for more autonomy, but the hard core insisted on partition, or a fight to the death. But too many Tamils were tired of fighting. The renewed fighting has the government helping the rebels within the LTTE, causing the LTTE to lose control of the east coast. In the last three years, the LTTE has lost 60 percent of its territory, and about half of its best fighters. The government now has the initiative, and is picking apart the remaining LTTE force.

    The violence could go on for a few more years, since the government does not want to get a lot of its soldiers killed in order to stamp out the LTTE. Moreover, the rebels still have an edge when it comes to fanaticism. Everyone remembers battles in the 1990s, where outnumbered, but more determined, LTTE fighters routed the army time and again. Until the LTTE organization on the island is taken apart, the Sinhalese majority cannot rest. But the current situation is the best the government has been in since the early 1980s.

  90. Maintain the status quo, we can finish the war..

  91. Defencenet:
    Hoora... Bingo.... Jaya wewaa..

    is this the one got away last time
    Keep up the good work. Theruwan Saranai.

  92. Add to that, while maintaining the status quo we must also strengthen our navy simultaneously. Cut off the LTTE's main line of contact with the outside world which is the sea.

  93. Perein

    OPVs can be worth in weight in gold when it comes to surveillance of the seas.

    We need more of them.

  94. dodol,

    Please refrain from racial attacks and foul language.

    Please learn to respect all the humans. No-one is above or below you by birth.

  95. Tangara,

    The Strategy Page article seems to be written by someone has no clue whatsoever about the Sri Lankan conflict.

    However, I saw the comments in that article that have been monopolised by LTTE version of twisted history of Sri Lanka.

    The comments have been written as they were true credible academic material. But utter false stuff.

  96. Guys

    We need some participation in support of Strategy Page, who has been our friend so far. The only support has been from an American guy who has spent some time in SL and knows the truth.

    Let's help a bit here shall we?

  97. Hooray indeed! Got the sucker that got away on Sept 11th! (Aha, remember that day will go down in history as LTTE’s own 9/11! LOL!). I am sure LTTE supporting Tamil expats must be having diarrhea seeing how their hard earned money is rapidly vanishing into the bottom of the sea!

    Hell, would be an occasion to get together with some patriots for a good “pol pala” (I love it how this “pol pala” thing has grabbed some RW-pansy supporting dudes here by their nuts! Truly LMSSAO!) for some celebrations, except it is still 11am-ish here! Shucks! ;-)

    Hemantha, bro, that is indeed a good interview Weerawansa had with the US Ambassador. It is truly heartening to see that there are individuals in SL’s political scene who are now not afraid of calling these white hypocrites at their own game. MR’s speech at the UN was one such and the other one I have come across was the speech given by Dayan Jayatilleke. I too have never been a supporter of the JVP re. thier political ideology (heck, my whole clan has always supported the “greens” and most still do passionately (yes, even with RW the pansy!) and I am the “black sheep!" LOL!), but I certainly have admired their patriotic stands (from the time they brought down RW the pansy and his coterie of idiots who were out to hand over ½ the nation to LTTE maggots, to the time they recently challenged the merger of N & E provinces and got them de-merged). As you say, they just need to cut down on some of the unreasonable protests, in my view especially some of the trade union protests that bring hardship on the common man/woman and when I was in SL last year, I tried to get the message out to some JVP high-rankers on the need to move away from their remaining old baggage of Marxist/Communist/trade unionist/ type of platform boards and start embracing a “social-conscious market economy.” Here I said “remaining” as it is true that they have largely shed their hard-core old Marxist baggage, but in my view, could still improve.

    Dear Mr. Observer …I just saw you have left me a comment, so let me provide a response…

    You said: Dear Mr. OaO Asithri, …. “But rather than shouting empty political rhetoric slogans I wonder whether you could talk any substance. For instance what tangible supports you have extended towards SL .. Please exclude any money you might have given to MR during last pres elections. Also kindly exclude acts like eating/drinking “Pol Pala” when our brave forces hammer out the terrorists? “

    Gladly my man/woman (assuming you are not another LTTE supporter masquerading here as someone else – as if you are, then my response below would not be the same):

    I have, but have YOU?

    1) Personally attended LTTE propaganda meetings/conventions no only in the US, but in the EU as well and challenged them by standing up and asking embarrassing questions from the LTTE panels or their so called “experts” that they fly in to discredit GOSL and the Buddhist-Sinhela population in SL?
    2) Been accosted and threatened with physical harm and death by these so called “peaceful Tamil human rights activists” for challenging and embarrassing them and looking them straight in the eye and telling them to basically “f-off?”
    3) Lobbied vigorously politicians in N. America by not only in writing, but personally meeting them (with other like minded SL expatriates) to get them to adopt a “balanced perspective” vis-à-vis Sri Lanka and its own “war against terrorism?”
    4) Actively taken part in fund raising drives to supply badly needed/in-short-supply items to the Army hospital and have them air freighted from the US/EU?
    5) Adopt singularly and jointly (with other expats), SLA war-orphans to give them a hope in future?
    Well, I can go on, but the above should suffice to answer your question. BTW, I commenced on the above much long ago, prior to MR or even CBK assuming the Presidency, so that should make it clear that I am not "into SL party politics" in these things that I do re. my beloved motherland. Anyway, no further comment needed…I have consciously chosen to not dignify your sarcasm with a truly “OaO Asithri” style rejoinder. LMSSAO!

    PEACE to all patriots…

    OaO Asithri

  98. war..such a terrible thing. yet everytime a tiger dies, i celebrate. strange that, that someone's suffering should bring me joy.

    all the same, the navy is doing well. a proud day for the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka and all her citizens..though i somehow doubt this news will be overwhelmingly joyous to the nation's tamils.

  99. My friends, the former comander of special forces Col. Silva is now a Brigadier and doing some behind the scene oprations for special forces......

  100. "First of all david it wasnt only Asthiri's comments that were not deleted (and yes most of his comments were offensive). Even your own comments contained offensive language and yet we didnt take any action to delete them so Asthiri alone didnt enjoy special treatment as you suggested."

    DefenceNet, I wasn't suggesting any special treatment. My comparison of Arsithri to Mervyn and you to MR was this: just like Mervyn's an embarrassment to the GoSL, Arsithri's an embarrassment to this site; however, like MR you do nothing to control him, in spite of the fact that he regulaarly instigaates shit-slinging maatches by bringing in racism and politics into a site (supposedly) devoted to defence-related matters. Appaarently MR's excuse is that Mervyn has his uses. Does Arsithri have his uses too? Is this site also dedicated to GoSL and MR propoganda? It has aalready been claimed in a threaad here that this site is run by Lakshman Hulugalle and is merely a GoSL propoganda device. DefenceNet, I think you should clear this matter up if you want this site to retain any credibility. It has already lost most of it, aand many people to whom I reccommended the site (many of whom are in defence-related jobs) no longer bother visiting.

    As for the offensive language isssue you have brought up: I agree that my laanguage has matched Arsithri's, but I am forced to use such language or choose to take his abuse. It seems that protests come up only when Arsithri's fire is fought with fire. Why not stop it when it starts? But I guess that's just wishful thinking as this comment by Dodol proves :

    "And oh, David Blacker? You're a cocksucker. Most half Tamil half Burghers like you are."

  101. Guys-
    Why can not we leave the personal comments behind.
    If you can not discuss somthing together have no idea what's the use.
    I'm sure Defencenet goes extra few miles to keep us all posted while he / they have extemely busy schedule.
    If we can not assist the Defencenet team with at least following the rules, please do not be here.
    I have alreay started to avoid reading (Only a quick scan) David B's and Asthiri's.

  102. Our response to the Norwegians regarding the LTTE ceasefire proposal should be as follows.
    “ GOSL is currently overwhelmed with providing security to the SAARC meeting from the islands terrorists. GOSL is willing to discuss the ceasefire modalities with the LTTE terrorists once the SAARC meeting is completed without any security mishaps”

  103. One of the things we must do now is to activate and relentlessly pursue the high treason charges punishable by sinhalese "dasa wade" to all the traitors. The guy on the top of the list has to be the all time traitor and the idiot of all times (If you are reading this blog read again you asshole. You are born to a thousand sakkiliyas and it will be our pleasure to piss on your grave after we have made sure that you have served our true sinhala 'dasa wade' on a sharp pike to ream your gay asshole while you die a thousand deaths. The second on the list has to be the smelly cunt who was a former president (Cant even remember the bitches name. pussy stinks so much) who legalized these bogus TAMIL/LTTE MP’s. Pretty soon we will take care of those entire LTTE ass liking tamil parasite MP's. who roam around the Globe with GOSL perks while pooping on the hand that feeds the bastards. I am sure you and your pimps are reading this blog and you know who we mean.


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