Friday, October 26, 2007

Tiger ambush in Hambanthota a fiction

Several pro LTTE web sites yesterday spread the news about an alleged guerilla attack on a SLN convoy in Hambanthota district. According to the report on Pro LTTE web site, an elite commando unit of the tigers ambushed an SLN convoy near Thissamaharama at around 4.30pm yesterday, killing 6 soldiers and wounding 12 more.

According to our information, no SLN convoy has been ambushed in the said area. In addition to that, no LTTE presence was detected in the area although a joint search operation was conducted by the army and the police. A rumor about men clad in black seen entering the jungles near Thissamaharama was the primary reason for conducting the search operation. However it was later discovered that 3 lumberjacks clad in black clothing were mistaken for LTTE cadres by several civilians.


  1. 1.0 Checking ID cards

    It is now revealed that name matches of one black tiger and one work as construction labarer at AAB. Security has checked only the ID cards as usual when they entered for work.
    I can't understand how can our security people ensure the security by just checking ID cards. Also It is no big deal to make a fake ID card. LTTE intel tiger can go any where with an ID card. I think we need to computarise all these ID cards and and linked them to all police stations. Atleast we can verify fakeness of IDs and may be find reliable info soon for suspected person. But we need to find a better method apart from checking ID cards.

    2.0 Plan B

    I think every base has a standard plan to protect the place from enimy from both conventional and unconventional attacks from the enimy. We need to continously moniter and improve our plan. Also it is good to have a plan of defence for "IF enemy has the map or info in the base or If an enemy agent exists inside the base". I think we missed that part at AAB.

  2. ninja bandara

    I have also advocated for a digital computerised security card sytem that can weed out the trouble makers. You are right regular ID cards can be copied.

  3. Gentlemen the bottomline here has been very lax security.Lets hope we have learnt something this time at least.Thankgod it ended this way.i envisaged a much more deadly scenario.

  4. Guys, Sirasa SuperStar is today.Be alert.

  5. Defencenet;

    Can you please confirm the below story from

    Mannar tiger intelligence leader nabbed
    (25th October 2007 06:55 S.L.T )
    S.L. Navy has been able to arrest a tiger intelligence leader who had been active in Mannar area. Vivekanandan Vijayakanthan was arrested with five more tiger terrorists.The arrested terrorists have been handed over to the Mannar Police for further investigations.

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  7. Thank you Defencenet.
    Good to hear we are hitting the top of the ladder all the time. Hopefully this arest should help us to get more info out of enermy.
    Sounds like during the hard times also our boys and girls are doing a greate job.
    This is a very plus side. Priviously when things are not going our way, all the heads were down.
    Keep up the good work.
    Theruwan Saranai.

  8. Guys,
    Sorry I have to bring this up again for the 3rd time, but please consider this as important...

    I posted a comment on 2 previous threads that we need to set up a "Defense Fund" to be primarily used for purchasing military hardware, for the public to contribute.

    If successful, it will ease the burden on the government and the defence ministry on trying to find funds to purchase much needed hardware for the forces. The government is already facing criticism for not being able to counter the high COL. But can you actually blame the government because it also has to allocate large sums of money for the war against the LTTE!

    The people need to understand that no foreign country will donate arms & ammunition FOC to us... Therefore, it's high time the public too contribute generously in the fight against the LTTE! There is no point in just sitting in front of your TV each day and watching the news to see how many LTTE were killed and how many LTTE ships were sunk! Lets actively participate in this and free our country from terrorism!

    A dear blogger, "Jack Point" replied to my comment and mentioned that there is indeed a fund called the "National Defence Fund", which was set up by Lalith Athulathmudali in the 1980's.
    So can't we at least re-activate this fund again... PLEASE!!!

    Dear DefenceNet & Others, is there any chance that you could draw the attention of the relevant people in the government or the military to this proposal...

    If we can at least cover the losses incurred at AAFB attack with this fund, we might be able to think that it was not a major set-back after all..... don't you guys think so...

  9. Nija Bandara-
    What you are writting is true points.
    However it's easy you and me to point out those points than pointing out solutions.
    As a group what we should do is trying to point out some sort of solution/s than questioning all the time.
    I'm sure forces as well as country will benefit from that.

  10. DefenceNet

    Y cant we have well trained special forces group in all the air force bases and other major target. At least well trained 10 of sf guys can handle these basteds. Why don’t we do rehearsals at lest every months to prepare for a attack like this???

  11. Hey DefenceNet

    Have u seen this website … its got good information regarding LTTE propaganda and activities …
    Are they part of Australian SPUR organization?

  12. Below link has a intesting article.
    If those LTTE's cannot pay mortgages for the buildings, must be very short of funds by now.
    With this rate if we can keep the good work up for another 12 months, international funding can be killed !!

  13. I like this "National Defence Fund" idea. Maybe we can re-activate it or create a similar one that is directed towards the global Sinhalese diaspora.

    Sinhalese from Europe, US, Australia and Middle East could chip in. Even the smallest amount of money will help.

  14. GoldenEagle,

    Dont you think we must always use Sri Lankan to refer to Sinhalese? Singhala assos. may be written as Sri Lankan(s) Assos.

    For the next few years, we have to win over Batti Tamil Bros. They must also feel proud of being Sri Lankans.

    Why not promote learning Tamil also. If more people speak Tamil, intelligence gathering will be easier.

    There is a very good free interactive CD for learning Tamil now in circulation in SL.

  15. We should create a fund to help the families and heroes of the armed forces serving,MIA and KIA. The govt can manage the purchase of weapons.Another way is to create a fund to educate sons/daughters of war heroes abroad and create a chain reaction.

  16. mathematica..tamil CD a very good idea so is an english CD.

  17. Set up the fund and we will donate very generously, the only reason the sinhalese diaspora don't donate now is because we fear it may fall into corrupt political hands to be used for purchasing lux cars for their sons and daughters.

    please set one up specifically for the SLDF and watch the numbers roll.

  18. "At least well trained 10 of sf guys can handle these basteds. "

    Hasalaka the problem is 10 SF guys, however well trained, would not have been enough to prevent the Anuradhapura attack. For one, you can't assign 10 people to a base and expect them to be on guard all the time. They need to take leave and regular breaks. To have prevented the attack, we'll probably have needed 40-50 specially trained troops stationed at the base, with about 10-15 of them on alert at all times. But that also would have meant the LTTE will have sent more cadres to counter them.

    So the question comes up, how many troops are we willing to dedicate to defending all our bases across the country?

  19. Puffy,

    The National Defence Fund is administered by the Ministry of Defence.

    It does not have seem to have its own website but it is referred to here:

    I thinkthe fund is is still operational, contact teh ministry for further info.

  20. The problem: not protecting our bases at root of problem: complacency

    as long as our boys dont believe they are protecting our nations dreams and hopes as well as our tax payer money they will not be serious!

    why cant the guards give the same attention to protecting bases as a guard who is guarding a money vault does?

    it is simple

    and who in the hell did cut the electricity off to the electric wire that was in inside the perimeter wall at anuradhapura base?

    this was definitely an inside job!

    tigers used 2-3 months of intel gathering to attack this base thats all...

    LTTE as we know are having intense training routines for certain operational preperations. We knew they were training intensely but we did not know it was to attack certain key military targets.

    the next attack will come against our naval ships and attack aircraft.

    There always seem to be a neutralizing force helping to keep LTTE on par with SLA

    did the westerners help this?

    we know ranil took power after the loss of Katunayaka airbase attack...perhaps this was also done to exact the same damage?

    the loss is close to 50 million US, or close to 6.5 billion SL Rs.

    when will all just think...for one moment do their jobs as if they are doing something important?

    Duty to your country above family and yourself!

  21. Puffy, we already pay our taxes. I don't really want to pay more money so that the ministers can use the original taxes for pajeros, or for us to have a Ministry of Buffalo Curd Development, or to have civil servants and their catchers living in the Ritz Carlton. This GoSL has more than enough funds if it cuts down unnecessary expenditure. Or for ministers wives' mobile phone billls to be paid out of my hard earned money.

    "Y cant we have well trained special forces group in all the air force bases and other major target."

    Hasalaka, the SLAF has a special forces unit for just this purpose.

  22. "Israel is the ONLY democracy in the ME. The others are all ruled by despotic, corrupt, and oppressive royal families. Most SL Muslims just blindly support anyone who's a Muslim, no matter how bad they are, from Sadddam Hussein to Ghaddaffi to Idi Amin, as long as they are Muslims they are ok, no?"

    What a load of rubbish. Israel is a racist, illegal state that was established on Palestinian land by a few countries in Europe. It is also an apartheid state. It has carried out more human rights violations than any other country in the Middle East and treats the Palestinians and Arab citizens worse than dogs. Sri Lankan Christians like you are pro-Israel because of some silly Bibilical prophecy and because much of your holy land is found there. It's the same sort of Christians in the USA who are supporting Israel while it goes on its killing spree and illegal occupation of Palestinian land.


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