Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LTTE raid targets Thalgasmankada SLA mini camp

A mini camp of the Sri lanka army (SLA) near Thalgasmankada (south of Panama) came under a LTTE attack at around 6pm today (15th). Unconfirmed reports suggest that at least 2 soldiers have been killed in action and another one was wounded. LTTE casualties are unknown as of yet. A vehicle belonging to the wildlife department has also been damaged by LTTE fire.

It's suspected that LTTE cadres who took refuge in jungles after the fall of Thoppigala carried out the attack. Additional troops that were rushed in when the attack began, have now reached the camp premises and have taken complete control of it.


  1. Maybe this is just coincidence. This is what the poster called "specialforce" on LNP said just six days ago on LNP. He was talking about SLA giving ranger training to eastern cadres in panama jungle.

    [Panama is relativly safe...its clos to yala maybe thats the reason...]

  2. He also said..

    [soon...eastern fighters will participate in ranger ops via north west trincomalee to vanni... ]

    [Special forces ranger units,SI troops,flagship LRRP units,karuna's rangers trained by SLA in kudaoya and panama jungles and karuna's black cadres... ]

  3. Some people with inside knowledge of SL defence establishment saying things in open forums will not help. All must practice utmost confidence when it comes to writing in open forums.

  4. Norway sends aircrafts to tigers
    (15th October 2007 20:20S.L.T)

    The special terrorist unit of Tamil Nadu Police has been able to expose a racket of sending arms from Norway to tiger organization. The racket was exposed when the terrorist unit of Tamil Nadu Police seized a container, sent to Chennai harbor, containing engines and spare parts used for small aircrafts from a Norwegian organization sympathetic to tiger organization.


  5. October 25 in 1995 LTTE has killed, twelve Sinhala farmers in Panama.


  6. Panama Attack and Asian Tribune,





  7. Sla casualty count now stands at 6kia and 2 wounded.

  8. DefenceNet
    Online ltte warriors are having a blast of a time with this attacks and the subsequent pressure mine blast. Tamileditors site has fancy looking naval craft as the supporting picture for their story on the IPC loss..
    you think mini attacks such as this have that much of bearing on the overall strategy for this "new" war.
    Hope SLDF won't loosen the grip one bit but only intensify their attacks when the opportunity presents it's self
    may god bless our boys

  9. Defence

    will U be able to direct this link to someone responsible
    for updating

    we should have some pics and much elegant details

  10. Defencenet,

    Can you shed any light on all of these confrontations that have been occurring near the Vavuniya and Muhamali FDL's for the past couple of weeks? Everyday we are hearing about scores of LTTE being killed in these clashes...are the MCNS casualty figures accurate?

  11. Is there any truth to the story about the tractor transporting the bodies of the killed SL Army soldiers being blasted? :-(
    Looks to me as if the LTTE being unable to take on the mighty force of the Army head-on up in the north, are going for soft targets by way of attacking such mini camps...
    Dont mean to be political, but dont be surprised if those traitors of the UNP use these kind of incidents to argue that the whole WAR is a failure!
    Anyway, looks like we need to send some SF/Commando guys to hunt down these tigers!
    My thoughts are with those brave soldiers who were killed and their families!

  12. Im assuming this kind of an attack is rare. Once these tigers who are hiding in these southern jungles are flushed out and eliminated, then most of the LTTE's effective striking capabilities in the south will be decimated. They will no longer have heavily armed gunman in sizeable numbers going out and raiding SLA camps or outposts. They will have to rely on tit-for-tat attacks such as claymore ambushes and pistol gang killings when it comes to disrupting the East or the South...thats all we should expect. And they can't afford to reinforce these stranded cadres, they need what manpower is left for the battles in the North.

  13. This could be yet another try of redirecting the military concentration to the somewhere else, have to be fully alerted may be they are trying to do something more catastrophic,

    My believe is always we should take the advantage of technology always
    We should stabilize intelligence agency more powerful and resourceful with 24 hour surveillance teams and tracking facilities with low frequency to satellite communication, there should be a method that can compare all the terrorist activities and predict future attacks
    And establish a Rapid development Force + deployment methodology suitable for sri lanka situation
    Surveillance equipment are highly necessary that could give us real-time info in a on going operation
    My personal opinion is(I have once expressed this)
    We should buy a high altitude air-craft(as it’s impossible to buy satellites) with sufficient technology like radar, thermal ,optical etc if government ask for sri lankans who live in abroad or start a lottery or ticket for funding these programs with a some transparency every one would support.
    I think people believe in the government if we finish this war within one and half year (I feel this war will be won by sri lankan forces by that time) country will get a massive boost

  14. patriot the lottery idea is just great.I will buy many definitely and i am sure lots of SLankans will join.However patriot some of this money should be spent on those ex and current service personnel and their families to develop their lives and as a gesture of gratitude to the MIA & KIA..WW2 equipment is ok for now to bring this war to a conclusion..When there is peace we can devote time and money to build a very effective mobile rapid deployment force.Admitted that good fighters (MIG 29?) are needed right now.what we must plan for is enabling a large number of Slankan to work abroad as ther are a large number of tamil Slankans already.

  15. http://defencewire.blogspot.com/
    more on the attack..i hope DefenceNet will post that article here for all to read

  16. Just as I thought..
    We have started search operation, may be ltte too thinking in the same way, this is very dangerous walking along to the pre-assumed path, I feel it could be a one out of series of testing
    If we have the equipment we could have know the ltte movements based on the information/facts we could have react in a different way and we always have to remember how we react last time and to do changes in next-time
    We should always remember ltte is a fast learner

  17. dfencenet, what is the factor that keeps our forces away from attacking LTTE carders stranded in peraru jungle and in ampara district? dont we have enough troops over there? peraru and ampara areas are surrounded with government controlled territory and if so , why can't we go surround them and attack. I am just curious thats why am asking. LTTE has no way escaping other than the sea route which is petrolled by our FACs.

    Do these villages living in the colser by villages help the terrorists?

  18. jst to add some ..... If we are unable to wipe these carders soon it will be a blow to the efoort to bring normalcy to the eastern province.

    AND MORE .... That Sripathi is goign to start yelling once again that due to the mahinda LTTE pact, these tigers have not been attacked by the SLA.

  19. These kinds of sneak attacks on our mini camps will mostly likely continue occur in the East. Other than that the LTTE have a tough time meeting our forces head on in the east.

    I say, if we are ever going to invade Wanni in the future, I hope we will have acquired "steel rain" for our arty units by then. This will make things much easier for our boys. Nothing like instantly saturating large swathes of land with fire power to shatter the backbone of any LTTE offensive against our forces.

  20. Son,

    Do not let the guard down for a moment (when you are at war)!

    Keep your immediate vicinity secure, look ahead and keep yourself focused!

  21. Sri Lanka desperately need SATCOM, HF/VHF/UHF and Radar Triangulation!

    Four towers located in Mannar, Vaunia, Trinco, and Jaffna + a mobile unit can assist the process.

  22. There has been no claymore blast for sometime on troop transport. Without waiting for another one happens, it is time to take measures to build some neat machines for troop transport.

    If the specifications and design were given, the private sector would build the machines.

    I can remember in the early days, Lanka Ashok Leyland gave specs and material to local garages to build the buses. They did a good job.

    (Out of the topic: In 1983, the JVP idiotic leadership destroyed that LAL initiative).

  23. guys...
    It would be nice if we can find a cost effective innovative ideas. Buying more and more new technical materials would be good. But not sure country can afford and has to operate with a given budget.
    Therefore innovation needed to support our heroes in forces.

  24. noltte=peace

    The American Blackwater security firm has a nice APC. Its design is the best I have seen when it comes to protecting the troops. Good protection from all sides.


    If we are going to design a new troop transport, lets use the Blackwater's APC design or something similar to it. Maybe we can enlongate the design to fit in more troops.

    I am sure that our local boys can copy the body of the blackwater APC.

  25. GE,

    Yes.. we have access to all the technologies locally right now.

    Only need to start..!

    Leadership and proper supervision is only required.

  26. Great news, the LTTE have made the front page headlines of the NY Daily News.


    They've also got a great summery about the LTTE in the article.


  27. "what is the factor that keeps our forces away from attacking LTTE carders stranded in peraru jungle and in ampara district?"

    Main reason is these are dense jungles that are spread in a vast area.
    LTTE do not maintain bases in these. They are constantly on the move.
    This makes it very difficult to hunt them down.

  28. Defencenet,

    A UAV with thermal imaging can help to hunt them down!

  29. Gys, was there a SLA airraid on Mullaitivu today on the logistics base ?

  30. Rajarata-

    Yes, evidently, there was SLAF bombing run on a LTTE's munitions depot/logistical base in Mullaittivu and it is reported to have been "completely destroyed." SLAF will likely release a video soon. Certainly, more details are needed.

    It is sad these 6+1 brave men died, but this shows in the East, the LTTE is fast reverting to a classic "bush guerilla army" and this is why it is imperative that our own STF/SF guys go on their LLRP type ops deep into the bush and liquidate the mf's (in the true Green Beret/SEAL fame). Today I talked to a SLDF honcho and was told that since the multiple LTTE bases in Ampara were destroyed by SF earlier, no concerted SF ops had taken place there as much of the concentration was further north, culminating in the Sampoor win. It was known there were some LTTE mf's left in that area (yes, some reports came earlier of certain UNP supporters giving them material support), but the priority was given to capturing the Batti areas including Sampoor (to deprive LTTE of the vital child recruitment pop base – an important achievement).

    Considering that over the past two week SLDF have killed over 137 (including 30 odd just two days ago) maggots (for the loss of 10 heroes), the loss of these 6+1 brave men yesterday is not a cause for concern from any decrease in "military prowess" standpoint. I agree, emotionally it is another issue I agree...however, as we know, war is abject horror and we must be prepared to face such losses on our side while we go about concertedly liquidating the maggots...which by all counts is happening like clockwork (the doctor said "10 a day" and yes, we have been taking "10 a day" quite diligently lately! LOL!)

    May our brave heroes attain nibbana/rest in peace!

    OaO Asithri

  31. You can understand where it is going with LTTE campaigns that are going to come..


    note the terms 'all out war', 'civilian casualties', 'internally displaced people', a Mr. Jeyeraj (fictional may be),

    finally the key message 'In the meantime, displaced civilians are afraid that the lack of international attention to their plight will only add to their misery.'...

    The whole article has been written as exactly as LTTE wants to.

  32. "a Mr. Jeyeraj (fictional may be),

    he is real enough, he is also anti LTTE, but pro Tamil rights.

    he has a page at:

    transcurrents.com and writes for The Nation as well now.

  33. Most of the articles in the "TamilWeek" are written by him. May be he is the owner. And he writes to "federalidea.com" too. He is a strong federalist (same as the most of the other anti LTTE Tamils).

  34. http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20071016_08-An interesting read if true.This MF****R..should be given 20 years in guantanemo, his US citizenship revoked,his name black listed and his name put on a "terrorist list" before being deported to SLanka.This LTTE MFr has probably turned states evidence.Guess he got caughtup with the concept of a "goodlife" and was not satisfied as a baggage handler.

  35. Go to BBC Page


    not only read the article, but also check all the surrounding articles and links.. you will get a good picture of where those BBC (Asithri's adjectives) are going.

    Yes, the article seems to have lifted DBS Jeyeraj's comments out of context.

    LTTE payroll at work.

  36. I am thinking of ways to help the poor kith and kin of the SLA heroes who lost their life...

    If you guys intrested, please write to my email address...

    Wish I can do something about them...

  37. sorry should be ....

    tangaratosla at yahoo dot com

  38. There is a great article appearing in Defence.lk written by Prof Rajiva Wijesinhe

    It has been always a joy to read his articles, which are of high quality and to the point.

    Keep up the good work Prof. Mother SL needs hundreds of people like you.

  39. Do not believe whatever news is dished out from the MCNS.after all,it's head is a convicted CRIMINAL.dont't blindly follow the absolutely STUNNING ltte casualty figures comin out of the MCNS.THEY ARE ALL blatant lies & coverups or else gross exaggrations..remember when elephant pass fell,they said only about 6oo-700 troops were killed when in reality it was closer to 1500KIA.

  40. Yes rifard, you are right.

    We do not believe MCNS at all.

    We just count the head-stones in LTTE war cemeteries.

  41. tangara,
    "I am thinking of ways to help the poor kith and kin of the SLA heroes who lost their life...

    If you guys intrested, please write to my email address..."

    Not a good idea. You can be a genuine guy. Or you can be a terrorist. (In that case I can be a terrorist too. No body knows who we are. We are using fake names here.)
    People, Please do not divulge your information to anybody unless you are 100% sure the guy is genuine.
    Tangara, if you are so interested there are hundreds of other ways to find people to help.

  42. if we believe MCNS, we will not be here...
    And we should remember that pro LTTE media is even worst than than the Govt.
    Remember they changed the pics of APCs claimed to have shot down few migs

  43. The MCNS I think is made of forces boys a civil people too,

    The head of MCNS might be a crook and is probably a political appointee.

    That’s just too bad. The others their might not have a say in who their head is..

    But we should keep in mind that you can’t judge an entire organization by its head

  44. "The MCNS I think is made of forces boys a civil people too"

    correction- and civil people too.

  45. I do not mind if the Head of MCNS being a big crook or criminal, as long as he/she is doing the job.

    The LTTE are the biggest criminals, and all the others are petty criminals compared to them.

    In a way, a criminal can better understand another criminal and launch effective counter measures.

    NCNS has its own weaknesses, but it still fills a great vacuum.


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