Sunday, October 14, 2007

SLN Inshore Patrol Craft sunk near Jaffna seas

5 SLN personnel were killed and a Navy Inshore Patrol Vessel (IPV) was sunk
in a sea battle which took place near Passayoor (Near Gurunagar Jetty)
yesterday. Sea Tigers, the sea going arm of the LTTE, was behind the attack.
It is now known that the sea tigers were able to capture weapons mounted on
the disabled IPV.

The battle erupted when 3 SLN vessels patrolling Gununagar area came under
23mm cannon fire from two sea tiger craft. These were disguised as fishing
vessels and was hidden among a cluster of fishing boats. After the initial
attack, 5 more sea tiger attack craft launched from Pooneryn sea tiger base
arrived at the scene to take on the three SLN vessels. Once of these boats
was a suicide craft and it rammed against one SLN IPV killing 3 SLN
personnel on board and disabling the IPV itself. Meanwhile Sri Lanka
Artillery stationed in Gurunagar area fired at the incoming sea tiger
vessels. One artillery round hit one of the incoming sea tiger craft,
destroying it completely. It is believed that 3 tigers on board the vessel
was killed in the incident.


  1. Heart breaking pics on tamilnet,
    sometimes we can't escape from suicide buggers,somehow well done SLN over last 2 years.

  2. As we have discussed before, this incident shows the need to upgrade the SLN IPCs.

    After the FACs they are the second most valuable and used naval craft in inshore & costal work.

    The current armament of the IPCs of 12.7mm HMGs, 7.62PKMs and 40mm AGLs seem inadequate to effectively engage tiger crafts.

    12.7mm with an effective range of 1000M means that the IPCs would have to get in to gun range of the tiger 14.5mm & 23mm cannon fire. Some back the Navy placed 14.5mm HMGs as the main armament of some IPCs. This should be extended to all IPC crafts.

    Another option might be (if spares and ammo is available) to arm the IPCs with the good old Oerlikon 20mm cannons (which armed the FAC in the 90s). A GD GAU-19 .50 Cal (12.7mm) gating gun could give some serious firepower to mince any suicide boat up to a range of 1km!

    A major problem might be that the Navy has several types of IPCs which make maintenance and arming them difficult. As pre discussed a new improved IPC design might be the answer. One that is more seaworthy (current IPC are only up to sea state 2) stronger (using composite material with fiberglass) and perhaps about 1 meter longer to accommodate a lager weapon system. Increase in speed & maneuverability might also help.

    Nevertheless the NAVY has done well in the last few years. Hats off to them for their gallant silent service.

  3. Hats off to the brave SLN guys...
    Sad to see what happened to the IPC but these are valuable lessons that we collect experiences in this campaign against terror.
    Pretty soon we need another big hit against tigers.(One like the attack on the passing parade)

    in the meantime, media SOBs attached to LeN have started licking tiger.... (Asithri,No Ltte...tangara .. you guys can fill the blanks with what ever words u cn remember)
    See this article how these bastards have misinterpreted the recent SLAF raids which were pin point accurate targeting LTTE goons...
    Reading these type of articles makes our blood boiling (Patriotic duds If u guys have high blood pressure, pls don't visit LeN It will be impossible for you to see how Sinhalese media rascals indirectly help the tigers. This is 5 star media freedom....)
    Any one can understand that the most of the cement and fuel supplies directly goes to the tigers thus resulting these price hikes but not these dollar thirty SOBs...... really pathetic

  4. Nemesis
    Do you think that sln IPC's have enough horse power and handling ability to take on a cluster of sea tiger craft?
    I have seen these IPC's up close and even presumably at full throttle but a 19foot fishing dingy with lots of horsepower should be able to out run one of these pretty easily...
    that's just an assumption after observing the hull shape etc of our IPC's and having ridden a few fishing boats with 25hp...
    IMHO...i feel that we need better IPC's with much more speed and agility...
    Even if we have superior firepower a slower moving craft is vulnerable to a few faster moving boats that might even be lesser in firepower.
    this is just my opinion...what do you think?

    On pics...all the sailors seems to be shot in the head are they???

    Nation should salute these heroes for their brave sacrifices at the hand of a ruthless terror outfit.
    Let's hope that our moronic politicians won't let their sacrifices go in vain :(

  5. Attack is the best could not have said it better...:)
    I thought all the guns on these ships had been replaced with the heavier guns(after who was it that took a commission to buy "bad" guns?).The worry here is that the boat yards producing these "sea tiger" boats have not been affected.It is amazing how a coolie can hide boats at his discretion in a very small area...

  6. Attack is the best defence..No point visiting LEN.LEN like all other papers have only one intention ...that is to sell papers or attend their websites..lets not do so.I am surprised LTTE reps Revy and Mahathanamutta (extremely soft spoken= 1dB or less)did not accompany louise arbor

  7. Ranil,
    No they are not head shots,Look carefully blasting pressure waves caused these wounds.
    To all,
    I must tell this & i have the right to tell this coz i've lost loved ones in my family when they are in action.
    As Sri Lankans & as i think we don't much care about our defence forces,
    Look how Amerians treat their forces.
    (They are still remembering WW2 heroes,still organzn' reunions)
    Look at Russian red army(Then),
    They are still decorating them with colors.
    As Sri Lankans we should consider this thing little bit than now.
    Look at the sacrifice they made and they are making,
    Guys at least don't 4get to give em a smile when u r driving n passing soldiers in the city.
    Thank you.

  8. Bhathiya,

    You are spot on...This is what all Sri Lankans lack...

    My heart goes to all those heros we lost in this war...

    May they never face untimely death in their next lives..

    It is better for the GOSL to come up with a reasonable divultion of powers to all the provinces not just NE.

    I believe GOSL can defeat these LTTE terrorists..But the question is , at what cost?

    The human cost of this war makes me sickenning to the stomach..

    Thinking how fragile is life, when in a cruel moment these men loose their lives...I mean we need a political solution before we advance any further...

    As most none LTTE tamil actors says, we need something similar to the Indian Model atleast something along those lines.

    We need to think beyond LTTE...

    We will never distory the ideology of the LTTE and that is why we need a solution...Otherwise this issue will come up again in another 20 years...

  9. Bhathiya.. there are a lot of people with you (although you may not realize it) that appreciate the sacrifices made by the defense forces.Rest assured that as long as Gen Fonseka is the head the LTTE is going to get it.

  10. There is a solution for the LTTE getting advanced warning of an SLAF attack..

    One method is to station the fighters at two different locations..

    Eg.Imagine we stationed 2 jets at KAB and A'Pura and want 2 jets for an attack over Vanni..This should be the method for a very specific high value target.

    We need to get them airborne at the same time(4 jets)..Mostly LTTE get the advance warning of the attacks based on the ground movements at KAB and not at A'Pura..Once they are airborne we need to assign 2 jets for the attack(say the 2 jets from KAB).
    While allowing 2 jets from KAB airborne for an hour or so we need to get the 2 jets from A'Pura to return to KAB..That way LTTE get the confirmation that the fighters returned to the KAB and it is safe for them to act normally...
    I am pretty sure someone has gone on this path..But perhaps we never tested due to the resources it will waste for such an operation.

    Then after that we need to direct the 2 airborne jets to the target.

    This sounds primitive and stupid...But LTTE might fall for this...

    I remember someone mentioned that LTTE got instruments to detect approaching fighter jets..If that is the case then above scenario is failure.

  11. We need to further strengthen the SLN to counter LTTE's sea tiger threat..

    This war should have been over 10 years ago have we had enought OPV's to patrol the seas around our Country.

    Starve the weapons out of LTTE, the war will be over in 2 years...

  12. In places like Australia People go missing in Every 18 minutes...

    In Sri Lanka may be the same. Some cases may be abductions. It is imperative to blame the millitary for every disapperance of Sri Lankans.Does anyone knows how many people go missing in Sri Lanka annually before this cultrue of abductions?

    Mr. Samarasinghe should mention this fact to the UN human rights advocates...

    Millitary is not responsible for every disapperence...

    It is important to have statistics of past dissapperences specially in places like Colombo, during the initial period of CFA.That way it is easy to identify the average..Then we can see the no of abductions above the average...If there is a surge of missing people , then that can be attributed to the abductions.

  13. Sorry for the multiple comments,

    This is my own experience...

    I recommend few things through this web page which the President has direct access to.. I don't know whether it is a coincidence or not my suggestions were eventually implemented by the government over the last 1 year or so...

    If you need action on anything, please use the following web link to post your comments..

    I am not a party official of any party nor any one directly involved with the government...

    I work from overseas.

  14. As Sri Lankans we need to let loose MOTHER OF ALL WARS on LTTE to defeat it.


    The SLDF is doing the best they can do to defeat the LTTE.

    All Sri Lankans in other fields must match that with the best they can..

    The government needs 110% from all its citizens..

    It is about time all Sri Lankans understand this.

  15. Patriots,

    Take a moment again, think of the loved ones of these brave sons of Mother Lanka. They are at a great loss now. Please place your wallet at where your heart is. In case you have not started something yet, now is the time to make some financial contributions to help the families of these great sons. Be grateful for the sacrifices they made on our behalf. Without their sacrifices, there won't be a country which we call our homeland for us to live or visit. No matter how small it is, contribute something to help the fallen heroes families or help the injured heroes. I am very certain that your hearts bleed when you hear the stories this kind. Please translate the very same sympathy to something helpful to their survivors.

  16. "On pics...all the sailors seems to be shot in the head are they???"

    I have a similar question, if a suicide boat was used the injuries suffered don't seem consistent with such a massive explosion.

    Also how was anything left of such a small boat for the LTTE to recover bodies and guns from? Are we sure it was a suicide attack and not just conventional fire that took out this boat and her poor crew? Thanks def'net.

  17. C'mon sarath & u other guys!!mind ur language..this is NOT a porn blog,for heaven sake.let's keep discussions strictly defence-related..i really can't understand why do many of you'll still enjoy dissin iqbal athas..seems like sarath himself is eyeing Mahinda's butt-hole or arse-crack with much glee..not cable..does the truth hurt so much..of course everyone makes mistakes time after time..even athas admitted as such.however,it seems that exposure of corrupt deals like-mig27,saar4 missile boat,etc..seems to have hit some bloggers in this forum right in the G-spot,aye! why?does the truth hurt so bad?.

    On another more relevant note..guys,i viewed the video of the SLN's fleet review & it showed the SAAR-4 missile boat sans missiles or atleast the launchers.the shot on the SAAR4 was not v.clear anyways.can anyone pls enligten me on where the missiles have gone?also,i read a book recently in which it says that the srilankan SAAR4's have their anti-missile chaff/decoys removed.also,the electronics,sensor systems have been downgraded compared to similar SAAR4'S operated by Chile & South Africa.

  18. It is never too late to commend on something..

    Sri Lankan has mentioned that the President has taken steps to increase the wages of the Plantation Sector workers. It is a great thing. The sector is a big part of our economy and these people should be well treated.

    The irony was, from JEDB days, the Sri Lankan (mainly Jaffna born Tamils) were the big-shots managing the plantation sector. Even after privatization, these big-shots who had all the internal knowledge of managing the plantation sector were in-charge of plantations managing everything from their welfare to overall sector management. Almost all the big corporations in plantation sector in Sri Lanka (with few exceptions) are managed key members of the Board of Directors and other executive positions) by Tamils of Sri Lankan origin. However, for many years, these large corporations have very inadequately treated the plantation workers who are mainly Indian Tamil origin.

    Some interested parties linked to LTTE try to take the advantage of this situation by provoking these innocent Tamil people against the government. It nearly destroyed their livelyhoods in the 80s and 90s when LTTE threatened to poison Tea with Cyanide.

    If it had happened, the whole plantation sector would have been collapsed and hundreds of thousands of plantation workers would have died in starvation.

  19. Noltte=peace the plantation workers wages will increase from the beginning of next month.
    Rest assured that SLanka will be a very different place when this LTTE is finished in SLanka.

  20. BTW,

    The IPCs we have is good for patrolling Colombo and Galle Harbour for any petty criminals who dare to board ships to loot some booty (those happens in many ports).

    But the IPCs we have is no match for LTTE craft, which are of many variants in many sizes, speeds and levels of agilities. Therefore, we need to adapt a homegrown IPC solution. It should be a mix of several type craft working in consort to neutralize terrorist threats.

    BTW, we should be aware that LTTE has SeaDoos, Hydroplanes, and PWCs etc., that can ram into Naval Craft.

  21. hey read defencewire..... The boat destroyed was not IPC it was a fiberglass boat with 3 ARMY soldiers not NAVY.....

  22. so defencewire says one thing and defencenet another..

    all rather confusing isn't it? lol
    i wonder who's telling the truth here?

  23. Related to the discussion about UAVs, the Times of India has reported the government is trying to buy Indian Nishant UAVs. Not sure how much one of them costs, but with a range of 100 miles, 5 hours flight time and zero armaments, it probably wouldn't be too much. We could sure use about a dozen of those.

  24. Guys,
    See this nice lineup of
    F-7,MIG-27 & Kfir with Ammo.

  25. Some People say a Huge sounds around Colombo, Any truth on it???

  26. Ranil & noltte=peace

    Yes, the IPCs need more HP under the hood.
    And as I said in a comment a month or so back, we should change the hull design of the IPC. The navy can look at the 17~22 foot tiger boat hulls (which perform well in shallow water and is said to be a more stable as a gun platform) to modify our IPCs. I do not mean that the Navy should learn from the tigers, but you must take whatever you can from the enemy, to use against him.

    Combined patrols by FAC & IPC might not be possible in the shallow waters off Mannar and close to lagoons. But the SBS Arrow Boats could work with the IPCs well. We should also adopt a swarm attack tactic and formulate new maneuvers around it.

    Swarm attacks are deadly when properly used. But the risk of friendly fire and collisions are high is proper C4I is not practiced and it need the sailors to be well trained too.


    Fully with you mate, yes we need to find homegrown solutions for our defense needs too.

    A local defence industry and mission related tactics is a must. I believe SL has the best Brown water navy in the world. Her “Blue Water” ability (even with the little, ill equipped ships we have) is strongly emerging. But as said before our ASW (under water warfare) has been left to rust for decades.

    Diver delivery Vessels (SDV) underwater scooters and minisubs could be a real problem is we are not geared and trained to combat them.

    I saw recently a decommissioned (1991) Whiskey Class diesel Submarine (13 Kt underwater & 17 no surface, 12,000 miles range and 6- 533mm torpedo tubes) been sold online for $550K. Can you guys understand what could happen if the tigers get hold of a shark like this one.

    I’m sure the Navy must be well aware of all of this, and must be hurriedly doing the needful. If there not, well they should not waste time preparing. I think any future OPVs we build or acquire should have at least a towed sonar system (a hull mounted one would be costly and increase the draft of the ship, limiting access to some shallow areas) and thing weapons like depth charges and Anti-Sub/torpedo rockets like the ones we had on board our sub-chaser.

    It would be great if we could have ASW/ASuW torpedoes on our ships! I’m sure sayura, samudura, suranimala and nandimitha can be equipped with some type of ASW system.

  27. David,

    I saw something ideal for your office table.

    A good ol US GI pineapple grenade with a card attached to the pin which said "#1" no a oak wood stand which is engraved :

    "Complaints department take a number"

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. just heard some LTTE Attack on YALA area. any news abt this attack

  30. Nemesis,

    Your knowledge is highly impressive on hardware. I am just the opposit :-)

    I believe we acquired several missile and radar/sonar systems to counter torpedo and sub surface attacks. They were also upgraded about six months ago.

    There is still some threat to our OPVs when calling into Trinco harbour, as LTTE has artillery positions north of Trinco closer to shore. I am sure that our guys are well aware of the threat.

    BTW, if our OPV cannons are not Gyro balanced, it may be an option to think about. It is no time to waste rounds when fortilla of LTTE boats surround an OPV.

    Out of my curiosity, I saw the following, and thought as neat

  31. Nemesis,

    Are you the same Nemesislk here too:

    Some good discussions. We should invite those guys to Defencenet too. Very knowledgeable individuals.

  32. Army point at Thalgasmankada comes under LTTE attack

    Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said, an army point at Thalgasmankada, in the outskirts of Yala national sanctuary has come under a terrorist' attack this evening. The sources said that the attack has stratrted around 6 p.m.

  33. No ltte=peace,

    "I believe we acquired several missile and radar/sonar systems to counter torpedo and sub surface attacks. They were also upgraded about six months ago."

    Are you sure about this? Any link or anything to where you might have heard about this?

    It would certainly be good if we have acquired some weapons systems to counter the LTTE's torpedo/underwater threat.

  34. I think that we can arm our OPVs with rocket systems that can help it rip swarms to LTTE boats to shreds.

    The Russian A-22 Ogon rocket system is a nice candidate for the job, it has a 4.5km range and the whole system weighs only 2.6 tons. Here have a look:

    The Russian MC-227 is the smaller version of the Ogon rocket system, this system only weighs 1.4 tons. Here have a look:

    The RPK-8 is a good anti torpedo and anti submarine rocket system. Here have a look:

  35. GE,

    Does Chek Republic develop similar stuff to Slav?

    Would be interesting to know.. They would be cheaper than the Russian stuff.

  36. I don't know if anyone saw this article. It was posted on the LNP kfir thread by a fella named Eksath.

    Looks like the army will get $65 million next year to purchase weapons. The airforce will get $60 million and the navy will get $80 million.

    Since it seems that the navy has the highest amount allocated to them, I guess it means we will be planning to increase our blue water capacity. I am keeping my fingers crossed for more OPVs, hopefully made by CDL.

  37. noltte=peace

    To be honest with you, I don't know. I hope Czech makes them, as we already are established customers with them.

  38. Hi to all
    I’ve been a keen reader of this blog for some time now and finally can contribute with regards to some info about the IPC.
    The Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC) were first built in the late 80’s for a unit that came under the navy called the Sea Guards, they were first out fitted with twin 140hp OBM’s. After seeing these boats the navy also ordered them but with inboard Hamilton water jets. They were initially used in the Kalpitiya area for inland patrol duties. The Navy also found a use for them by using them for various odd jobs from patrolling harbour mouths to re-supplying isolated camps. Basically the IPC’s are the primary utility boats of the Navy. The current model which is being built by the navy are mainly armed with two .50’s and when new can do a little over 30kt’s. The hull design is more suited to carry weight and not well suited for high speed manoeuvring. At present the navy is also building some inshore fast attach craft which have been used successfully in the point pedro and pulmudai areas in the very recent past.

    With regards to the pictures in tamil net these may very well be army personnel as indicated on some other sites and not navy personnel from a IPC because in one of the pictures there is a fuel tank from a OBM shown which would most likely indicate that the boat was obm powered. Regardless the loss of these soldiers and the many others who’s pictures thankfully don’t make it on the net are a utter shame but such is the nature of war that people must die.

  39. Welcome to the blog Jonathan Martenstyn.

  40. NoLtte=peace,

    The link you placed on sino-defence in not clear, but I know the system you are referring to.. and yes it’s a improved version of the manual dual 37mm turrets we had on the Shanghai class boats. kafir mishap holds a wealth of knowledge and some fine people commenting too.

    GE & noltte=peace,

    Mates, the Ogon 140mm (MC-227 included) system is a primary assault weapon designed to hit beach heads & costal targets with a barrage of HE Frag/incendiary rockets.
    Though Splav states it can be used to engage surface targets (unless the target is pretty slow and very large) I doubt that it can be used successfully, anyway I have not hear or read of it been used ships or boats in action any ware.

    Using it against clusters of fast moving small boats though possible might not yield the results we require, three problems come in to mind.

    1.The fuzes of the rockets are primarily impact detonation type. The rounds might detonate upon striking the water, but the effects of the warhead will be reduced greatly.

    What we can do is to equip them with proximity fuzes.

    Or we should create a dispersion warhead which we could fire in to the path of the enemy cluster, which will have a cluster of small floating sea mines connected together with cords. These would detonate when they hit a hull, or the cords will get entangled with the propellers, and drag the mines closer to the enemy craft! Just a thought. Lol I’d love to see that work!!

    2.The range of 4.5Km gives only a small envelope of time to engage a speeding cluster. The tiger clusters might not stick to direct approach and will maneuver before attacking.

    3.And we must keep in mind that the 23mm they have are effective up to 2~2.5km.

    The best thing would be to place such a MBRL on a LST/LCU and use it in a amphibious attack landing.

    As for the RPK-8 system, we had a similar (probably a Chinese copy) no board our sub chaser (lost in galle) It was said to be very effective!

    And I don’t think the Czech’s don’t make copies of them! But we should try the Chinese! They copy almost every thing military! :)


    love ur idea of making UAV’s locally, I’ve been voicing this idea for years, but it has fallen on deaf years until recently.
    May be because some, can’t make a buck out of it. This is the enemy within!!! Corruption must be fought in all sectors.

  41. Jonathan,

    Welcome to the blog.

    With regard to the IPCs , What view do you have of the Sea tiger attack boat hull.

    And what fundamental changes do you think could make a new breed of IPCs more effective. Don’t you think in terms of speed surface drive speed boat props would fair better than water jets?

    Yes, it is tragic that people die, and die a horrible death. But mate whether we like it or not, Sri Lanka is at War.

    At war with a determined, immoral, terrorist group who are well skilled and supported.

    Let’s hope that we can end this terror and leave our kids free of the hell we have been and seen in.

  42. Nemesis,

    Thanks for your comments, and I am a strong supporter of locally made UAVs too. It was long long time ago that I went to Ratmalana with one of my friends to fly some Bulsa wood made small craft, actually it was quite a big beast at that time which stood about 10 ft, and stayed for nearly 3-4 hours up in air thanks to our own improvements. We have much talent locally, if there is opportunity.

    I know that SLAF tech committee has such telent who was flying mini Antonov's using his own assembled gear. He was doing it pretty neatly too.

    BTW, a $ 10M missile system or $5M UAV system has the punch of salaries of 20 -30 of $120K engineers, operational costs and whopping 500 - 1000% profit margins built into it. With local talent, we can build less sophisticated but equally effective systems through clever assembly of disparate technologies for fraction of the cost. What requires is a firm commitment and sound leadership. If it is there and if a $ 250K fund was set a side for R&D, our guys would come-up with a fire and forget Missile system to take out LTTE craft, a good UAV with 5 hour uptime and 10Kg payload, + a good IPC design that can be commercialized and sold to Maldives etc too.

    You need the leadership from MOD to start that.

  43. noltte=peace

    agreed mate,

    leadership has to put inplace the ground work and our lads will pick it up and run with it in no time. as you said we have people who can, only problem is who will help them and how?

    We can, We should, We must start to do thnings on our own.

  44. I can remember some notes in the press appearing in the past about a 30-40 LTTE team located in Panama whom have been fed by a UNP parliamentary member. The UNP part may have less relevance, but it seems that this may be the team who attacked the Army post.

    They may have a base deep inside Panama, perhaps towards North West side, as it is thick jungle compared to east or south sides. LTTE tend to camp around big boulders, and it may be wise to search areas with high concentration of big boulders.

  45. Tigers have raided the SLA mini camp South of Panama. 4 SLA troopers killed and around 10 wounded (Casualty details unconfirmed as of now).

    It's suspected that LTTE cadres who took refuge in jungles when they fled from Thoppigala carried out the attack.

    LTTE casualties are unknown.

  46. Hi Nemesis,

    “With regard to the IPCs , What view do you have of the Sea tiger attack boat hull.”

    Well if you go to the link below and on the time line @ 3.45 this craft, I don’t know it’s name, seems to be one of their most used types is very similar to the IPC we have. Actually looking from mid ship to the aft it looks just like a IPC. The difference is in the bow, it is far more pointed and this seems to carry on to the stern which seems to give it far more speed and manoeuvrability. Also bolting on four 200hp engines will also do the trick nicely. The LTTE craft also have far more potent weapons on boat and if a IPC or Two were to go up against one the IPC may not come off the better. The reason for this that most if not all IPC size craft in the LTTE fleet are made to go up against the Dovras and the navy IPC are mainly used as a utility boat which would typically go up against 19to 21 foot boats.

    “And what fundamental changes do you think could make a new breed of IPCs more effective.” The current IPC are just that. They are a inshore patrol craft and it does that job well. Without going too much into details the navy has designed it’s own inshore attack craft by taking design elements from the arrow and some captured ltte craft. The navy has also taken a leaf out of the sea tiger book and also bolted on some serious HP’s.

    “Don’t you think in terms of speed surface drive speed boat props would fair better than water jets?” yes speed wise props are the way to go. The IPC are fitted with water jets because of the various missions it needs to full fill.

    “Yes, it is tragic that people die, and die a horrible death. But mate whether we like it or not, Sri Lanka is at War.
    At war with a determined, immoral, terrorist group who are well skilled and supported.
    Let’s hope that we can end this terror and leave our kids free of the hell we have been and seen in.”
    Know all about this too well unfortunately.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. I am thinking of a design - a Catamaran that is in the size of an LTTE craft

    fitted with 1500 HP engine block to be used as an IPC.

  49. The Catamaran hull is stable, can bear a larger load as well as very agile.

  50. Nemesis

    You make some good points, I agree with you that the rockets won't be much use if they explode upon hitting the water.

    I think the proximity fuzes idea is a good one, I believe the Russians also make fragmentation version of the rockets.

  51. Lets not forget that the one of the main reasons that Sea tiger boats are fast is because most of their boats have fiberglass hulls. This is also their weakness for they can be easily pierced gun fire.


    Does the newer IPC models look sleeker than the older versions?

  52. Oh Man, My sympathies to our brothers in the Army 'n Navy ! But, what happened to those Simoneau class IPV waterjets with the 23mm ? See, they are much better suited for the Jaffna theatre ops than the current IPV right ? Gotta match their fire power ! See Jane's 2007-2008 ! The IPV's dont look that well,packaged, yo can even see the blue fuel barrell ?
    Indians giving us that crap(hate to say that)so we can rely on them ! Bull,their Radar are junk !

    DB .. Thunder.. huh ha ! That wuz funny !

  53. GE & Noltte=peace,

    thanks for your comments mates.

  54. Jonathan,


    I saw the boat you mentioned on youtube.
    The tigers seem to have purpose built crafts, with several types to perform respective duties?

    A heavier attack boat (time line 0.28~ 0.30) seems to have hull design like the Boston whalers (see the two skirts like hull structure side by side of the keel) this might be one the secret of the tiger boat stability.

    What do you think? Boston whalers are capable of op’s in sea state 3, where as our IPCs can be effective only up to sea state 2 right?

    I’m glad that the Navy is building a new class of IPC style boats, about bolting on more horses.

    Why are we using Yamaha OBMs (I hv only seen a few of the others) why not some thing like Mercury Optimax (250~300hp) OBMs? Is it the price factor or is Yamaha as good as the Mercuries?

    A question I have been asking the people in the Navy is why don’t they, up gun these boats? As you said the firepower imbalance with the tiger boats makes it a hard battle. I hope at least the twin 14.5mm HMG or the Russian single 14.5mm is mounted on as many boats or as per required for missions. Do you know if the old Oerlikon are still serviceable?

    And what happened to the two Singaporean catamarans we had as FPC?

  55. Nemesis

    The role the IPC plays is not of an attack craft, it is a utility craft. there is no need to upgrade the weapons on board because of this. it is only in the north west area of operation that the IPC will be used as a attack craft and in this area the LTTE primarily uses modified 19-21ft fishing craft. Unless the IPC get out numbered or surprised it can hold it's own in this area. The Navy is currently manufacturing an arrow type attach craft to handle the LTTE in these areas.
    At present the Navy primarily uses the Yamaha OBM's because of price and availability.

    One of the Singaporean Fast passenger craft was damaged beyond economical repair and was sold as scrap and the other is still battling on.

  56. Jonathan,

    thanks for clearing that up mate.

  57. I think it would be wise to add more HP to our existing IPCs and increase their top speed to 40 knots or higher.


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