Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Human Armor"

LTTE's recent attack on Anuradhapura airbase has somewhat overshadowed the continuous fighting that has been raging along the Mannar-Vavuniya defense lines. LTTE fighters and the Sri Lanka army have been locked in sporadic firefights in the region for the last 4 months. During the initial period of fighting, the army moved ahead of their defense lines on three fronts and captured a significant amount of rebel territory. However the LTTE launched a counterattack and the army lost the territory gained on one of the fronts within a day. After this incident, the army deployed its elite fighting formations such as the Commando regiment and the Special Forces in the area. These units, along with the 57th division have been launching small scale group based attacks on random LTTE bunkers near the frontline for the past month.

During one such attack two weeks ago, soldiers of the 57th division stormed into one of the LTTE bunkers from which the tigers had just been forced to flee. Inside the bunker, along with a few military items, the troopers found a diary. Following is a translation of one of the entries (it is believed that the diary was written by a female LTTE cadre):

"I have been stuck here for a month. The condition is getting worse. I want to go home. I want to see my mother".

In another such attack, SLA soldiers were able to recover 7 dead bodies of LTTE cadres in the general area of Vilathikulam. One of the rebels who got killed in the battle had his diary with him at the time of his death. One of the entries in it read:

"Today we were told we could have a bath but I don't think we'll get the chance. I haven't had a bath in 10 days. Promised supplies are not even here yet."

By reading above entries, one might think that the morale of LTTE is at an all time low. However this is not the case. LTTE cadres who are deployed Vavuniya-Mannar frontline bunkers are not from LTTE's hard core fighting formations such as Jeyanthan, Imran-Pandiyan, Charles Anthony or Victor. Most of the cadres manning the first bunker at at Vavuniya-Mannar border are inexperienced, young fighters (female cadres included). They are controlled by experience LTTE cadres who are in much safer defensive positions. LTTE gains two primary advantages by adopting this strategy:

1. Inexperienced cadres act as a human armor. Even though they are inexperienced, they are capable of offering plenty of resistance to the army and they cannot flee as the senior cadres are stationed to prevent such an act (fight-to-death scenario). Even if the army managed to breach the first defense line, experienced cadres manning the secondary defenses will meet an exhausted enemy.

2. Losses to LTTE's elite formations will be minimal. Even if the army launched a massive operation which the LTTE cannot sustain, elite cadres and secondary leaders will still be able to flee without being harmed as the 'human armor' will buy them time. This way the LTTE will save its elites for a more decisive battle (i.e- Mullaithiv, Kilinochci,etc.)

Although this method has so far worked well for the LTTE in most of the battles in Vavuniya region, its stability will be tested in the coming days. The Sri Lanka army too is using an effective strategy to counter this threat. Launching of small group based attacks instead of major offensives has increased the enemy's frustration.


  1. Everyday 5 10 15 LTTE carders die. Well at least that is what the MOD says. Are these casualty figures correct? Also army casualty figures seem low and international news agencies claim that the military downplay our casualties. Generally, in the past 4 months, during these fighting how many of our men scarified their lives?

  2. Is there any innovative ways we can use these diaries to get the human armor to surrender? They are most certainly left there as cannon fodder. We should try to send these messages to others in the same positions.

  3. We need to persuade these children to surrender.These guys seem to be using the stalinist tactic of shooting their cadres if they vacate their posts instead of fighting.

  4. defencenet:

    You mentioned that one area that we gained after weeks of fighting was lost within a day to LTTE. How come LTTE can swiftly move in while we take it days? Is it because LTTE use more landmines or other passive defensive measures compared to our tactics? When we storm in like that the result is ugly because we get in traps and minefields. Can you shed some light? Thanks!

  5. This tactic used by the lTTE reminds me of a similar ones used by the Romans over 2000 years ago

    You see the Romans usually put in their rookie soldiers in the front of the formations when going into battle, the battle hardened warriors occupy the rear of the fighting formation cause they were more valuable.

    Only the most gifted and determined rookie soldiers survive many battles, and after a fews years of battle they join the other battle hardened warriors in the rear of the fighting formation. This was the Roman way of weeding out the weak and it was one of the reasons their armies were dominant in Europe for so long. The weak dies, the strong live.

  6. What happened during that so called day, the LTTE sent hundreds of fighters to face SLA which didm't expect the tiger move...

    There was artillery battery that caught fire when a ammo dump exploded in the vicinity...

    SLA withdrew after that...

    I think LTTE infiltrated the area of the said Artillery gun position before they called in the tigers own artillery on SLA positions..

    This is what I read on that incident.

    I guess, this will happen again..

    SLA must very carefull, that their is a possibility that Tigers will boxed them in one area before massacaring/capturing them like muhamalee...


  7. At this stage,
    SLA must avoid another Muhamalee type dibacle at all costs...It could be a disasster for all Sri Lankans..
    That will set a negative trend on all SLDF operations in the future..


  8. It is quite possible , LTTE is trying its best to inflict heavy damage on SLA to distroy the SLA morale..

    They must be even planning a mass murder of SLA,SLN,SLAF men like they did in Digampathana last year.

    SLDF must be very vigitant about LTTE...

  9. What the army needs is a larger calibre MRLS system with the "steel rain" capability. The Russian Smerch or the Chinese A-100 will do fine.

    If we had these then the Muhamalai battlefield would be littered with grilled LTTE bodies within 30 minutes.

  10. Onecountry, the main reason was that sla were thinly spread over captured territory. Other than that reasons mentioned in tangara's comment played a part too.

  11. Million Dollar question is to how to bypass the human armor and tackle the real fighting formations of LTTE. In other words, how to draw out LTTE hard core formations to the front. We, most certainly, must engage in psy-ops with the cannon fodder cadre. What we need here is to send these diary stories to the front line bunkers along with the possibility of having a better life on our side of the fence. Do these cannon fodder cadre carry any com sets. If so, that may be the easiest way to talk to them. How about some kind of a radio broadcast with such stories? Concurrently, we should engage in arty and air attacks on 2nd /3rd line fighters, i.e. the real formations. Perhaps, we can use that time window to spread the message to the front lines and also to give the front line the opportunity to cross the line unhindered by the 2nd/3rd line cadre. A fake full force frontal assault can bring the real formations to the front. For sure, this is not a game of chess. Any ideas folks?

  12. Also, we should establish fake arty, armored cars, heck even soldiers hiding behind bunkers and bushes. All these can be made inflatable. How about some simulated sounds of MBRL, gun fire, mortar fire, tanks rolling, vehicles moving to confuse the enemy? Heck we can use little bit of pyrotechnics to create fake audio-visuals of fire power. We can do this with relative cheap loud speakers and amplifiers.

  13. The most sensible article about A'pura Air Base attack (that I have read so far) came from someone least expected. The writer is Ranga Jayasuriya who writes Lakbima Defence Column. Until recently he wasn't that reliable. But it looks like that he has improved a lot.
    Athas lovers, please compare his column with that of Athas's. His logic doesn't look as weird as Athas's.

    Ranga Jayasuriya article:

    Athas article:

  14. Sam,
    "Also, we should establish fake arty, armored cars, heck even soldiers hiding behind bunkers and ..."
    Great idea man. Haven't anybody tried those in the front line before?

  15. I am all for decimating the black tigers (i wish some of them had surrendered as well) but the army must avoid killing the frontline cadres whenever possible (force their surrender)even if easier said than done because we are trying to save the people in the north not butcher them.How can we save them if each family in the north mourns a loved one?.This is what VP wants.when we finally move into the north if each family has suffered a multiple loss we would have lost.In the east there is relative peace now but there are a lot of old and infirm who dont have their sons to help them meaning a great tragedy for both them and us.If they suffer that means we suffer because they are our people also.There is an article about airbase attack in a pic of the damaged m-24 gunship.

  16. Hemantha i read athas article.the aircraft listed as destroyed/damaged are different in number to just wish for once that will give the true figures.Athas is a good reporter (even if somewhat LTTE biased )and his reasoning cannot be discounted offhand until there are credible facts from to dispute his figures.

  17. Defencenet,

    Great writing, many thanks.

    As GoldenEagle said, it is not just the canon fodder. It is an efficient filtering/training process.


    Sam P. said:
    Also, we should establish fake arty, armoured cars, ...

    What about making pulp or fibre glass fake air crafts, MBRLS, … and such items and place them among real ones.

    Certainly, loud playing of MBRL fire to fake attacks can soften the morale of the canon fodder.

    If you can get them to believe it is a real attack and the attack is not coming, they will crack and then is the tim to go in.

    Also diffuse beautiful music, love songs, love sounds, beautiful pictures…+ psy texts .



    Many MM Interactive CDs are available for learning English.

    If you have time to make one English thru Singhala, have a look at:

    By changing the language of the data files associated to .js files, you can change the language thru which you learn.

  18. Guys,

    There is an intersting video clip in showing the gradual arrival of normalcy to the East. It is very encouraging, especially during a gloomy period like this. The achievement of the armed forces is significant; let's hope the faint-hearted elements in those institutes will not let pale that into insignificance.

    The problem with the analysts is that their trade have trained them to go from A to E, via B, C and D. But in reality, for inexplicable reasons, things can go from A to E bypassing B, C and D. Analysts in any field get things wrong all the time; the volatility in financial markets is a case in point;same with weather and diseases. Too much logic is sometimes a hindrance.

    The vision of the generals on the ground, defies logic - for that reason defence analysts too - when they are motivated by duty for the motherland.

    That has been the watershed of any decisive battle that humans ever fought. We can breathe a sigh of relief that at present, our armed forces are led by men of that calibre.

    Let's bless them in this crucial hour!

  19. Hey guys, As we all know The impossible happened in anuradhapura and there is no guarantee that our airbases are a prime target and the VIP convoys too.
    Is there a possibility that the tigers using a fake VIP convoy as a mask for a major attack in the city. Look I might be telling impractical things but u cant take anything for granted now. For a masking attack like this, they only need few motor cycles, 1 0r 2 tinted glasses BMWs and few defender jeeps. Is there any contingency plan to face such a situation (IF SO NO NEED TO EVEN DISCUSS HERE... these plans must be carried out in total secret manner as u all know)
    REMEMBER THAT TIGERS ARE MASTER PLANNERS AND ALL THE TIME THEY HAVE USED NEW TACTICS AGAINST US so please be aware of this threat as well. IF someone who is related to the national security is reading this pls make this to the notice of our security policy makers.(If measures have already been taken ....WELL DONE!!)
    REMEMBER we need to think ahead of our enemy

  20. tiI believe the monsoons have started. Despite this, according to pre emptive operations are going on and in wevnimava and other areas. The monsoon season is considered as being disadvantageous to SLDF. The reason I believe is that the mobility of heavy weapons get affected because the terrain gets extremely muddy.

    What sort of innovative ideas can we come up with the overcome this?

    Would hover crafts become useful in these situations? Can we produce hovercrafts is mass quantities and cheaply locally to cater for such demands?

    Also coming to basic physics if the suface area of contact points with the ground can be increased bogging down of vehicles could be reduce and even prevented. Can we do this to our vehicles that move around heavy weapons? For example with some modifications some sort of cylindrical attachement can be fixed to wheels or axels that can facilitate this.

    Any comments on this? Any other ideas?

  21. Kiri, hovercraft would be impractical in any sort of rough terrain no matter how level it may be, which is why they are used on water.

    As for the surface area I believe the APCs have the ability to lower tire pressure in such situations to make the tires more squishy and thus present more surface area as you explained to get across boggy terrain.

  22. I came across an interesting article in the economic times.
    LTTE manipulating Colombo stock exchange

    28 Oct, 2007

    COLOMBO: The roller coaster ride of the pivotal Colombo stock exchange despite the overwhelming success of the governments $500 million sovereign bond has raised fears of a possible manipulation of the bourse by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

    In the backdrop of the Sri lankan Central Bank warning that a person failing to report a suspicious financial transaction could face a fine of up to one million Sri Lankan Rupees, a former Secretariat for Coordinating Peace Process (SCOPP) official has revealed the possible participation of the LTTE in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

    The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is the only stock exchange licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.

    Shanaka Jayasekera, a researcher of the Centre for Policy, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism of Macquarie University, Australia has alleged that it was revealed by the SCOPP of the "possible participation of the LTTE in the CSE".

    In his research paper, the expert said that with LTTE's main supply and procurement lines disrupted by the Sri Lankan Navy with its 10th -- floating ware house -- ship sunk south east off Dondra Head recently, the tigers were being pushed to find new avenues of raising finances to continue their arms conflict.

    In this backdrop, investment in the CSE provides a good opportunity to raise funds for the rebels to fight the government, Jayasekara said, adding this allegation had come to light during British investigations on the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), a known LTTE supporter.

    As part of moves to tighten the screws on money laundering and terrorism financing, the Sri Lankan Central Bank is considering extending the mandatory reporting requirement on financial transactions to cover banks and other financial companies including insurance corporations.

    A noted terrorism expert and a former additional secretary in cabinet secretariat in the government of India, B Raman, says organised criminal mafias, terrorists and intelligence agencies seek to covertly use the stock markets for earning funds as well as causing economic instability in the target country.

    "They generally use two methods for this purpose: stock market operations and stock market manipulation. Stock market operations help them to earn money and launder black money and stock market manipulation helps them to earn and launder money as well as cause economic instability," Raman told an international conference recently.

    "Jayashekara during the recently concluded international Conference on combating terrorism held here demanded a probe into such transactions of the LTTE.

    If I remember correctly Tamilchelvan said that the LTTE will try to hit the economic targets in order to weaken us. I really hope our government gives a real effort to protect the stock market this kind of terrorist threats.

  23. Defencenet,

    One way of shortening the life span of the LTTE as a single group is getting rid of VP as soon as possible which will certainly trigger off the disintegration of the movement into manageble sizes.

    Yes, the challenge is locating him precisely. Our intelligence services have not been able to do that for decades and neither have the Indians. The excessive reliance of high-tech methods is partly to blame.

    I have been living in Europe for well over 15 years and have been following the media about how well-known intelligent organizations in the western world work - they think out of the box. They try every possible method, some of which, people of our generation laugh at, that includes hiring even mediums - the penakarayo, as known in Sri Lanka. It is not officially acknowledged for obvious reasons and I heard they have been successful on some occassions like solving murder mysteries.

    Shouldn't the Air force try something like that too, at least as a last resort to target this guy?

    We have been too conventional and rational on this issue and the progress is painfully slow and cost is spiralling out of control.

  24. We should model our military efforts after the Israelis, those guys know how to fight wars. And their experts at revenge attacks and hunting terrorists down.

  25. I Think we should merge Air force with Navy.. for a small country like us why we need a Airforce..? if we can cut down LTTEs Arms smuggling.. then we should be able to win this war efficiently, don't you think guys?

  26. Just noticed clicking the picture of Parami Kulatunga on the front page of directs you to a Tamilnet article. Those guys seriously need to get their act toghether.

  27. Patriots: Now here’s proof – again – of what many of us patriots have been saying for a long time:

    Ranil Wickremesinghe jumps out of the declaration to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka

    Mon, 2007-10-29 12:12
    The leading opposition party, the United National Party led by Ranil Wickremesinghe, has not joined in signing the joint declaration of 16 other political parties to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka. This declaration also noted that it is responsibility of the government to ensure “the legitimate aspirations” of the Tamil-speaking peoples, which includes the Muslims. Among the signatories are SLFP, UNP Democratic Group, MEP, LSSP, SLMC, UPF, NUA, CP and JHU. Taking a dim view of the UNP’s refusal to sign the joint declaration, commentators said that this would reinforce the public opinion that the UNP is a tool of the Tamil Tigers. They added that the UNP never had a comprehensive strategy to combat Tiger terrorism and this will be viewed by the majority as a another concession by Wickremesinghe to win votes in Tiger-controlled areas at the expense of peace and the victims of Tiger violence.

    All RW supporting pansy-gooks here: Eat your heart out you pathetic scum! You are as good as the filthy cesspit LTTE maggots! Your cheap politicking, by covering up for Ranil at the expense of our
    national security, makes me want to puke – in your filthy face!

    Aha, OaO Asithri is angry…small wonder why! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  28. Illegal.existence,
    I don't know why they take a pic prom tamilnet.Don't they have their own images?

    Anybody see these pictures,

    The question is how they got these pictures.

  29. Kun the first two are directly from the Sunday Times article online. The 3rd pic is photoshopped.

    Asithri I wouldn't read too much into such events. All those who signed the deceleration are constituents of the government. 15 years ago when the UNP were in power fighting the war and Chandrika was proposing peace talks, the exact opposite will have been taking place. That's just how politics is in Sri Lanka.

    What's more important is what the UNP's stance will be if there are elections anytime soon. After Ravi Karunanayake's statement that they're dropping the Federal system and want to renegotiate the CFA, the UNP has been deadly quiet about where they stand with regard to the conflict.

  30. qrious,

    You have very valid point...

    I think clairyonts are being used as a last resort in places like US to solve murder mysteries...

    I think we need to try everything...


    The greatest blunder of the SLAF...

  32. Thus this one raid has greatly reduced the reconnaissance capabilities of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Before the raid, the situation looked very bleak for the LTTE, but now the LTTE has a chance to rebuild, unless the government quickly replaces the recon aircraft.

  33. The above statements are from strategypage...

    I have that bad feeling...
    All the gains we had during the last 2 years will be reversed because of this single loss...

    I think, GOSL need to buy another recon. plane like the distroyed beechcraft without wasting more time...

    Do it now , else we will be facing more determined AND armed LTTE at FDL's..

    That is my fear...

  34. attack is the best defense said:

    "Is there a possibility that the tigers using a fake VIP convoy as a mask for a major attack in the city"

    yes the chaser tried this and got away with it too (you live in aus right?)! if it worked during apec, it could work in sl.

  35. jiffy and attack is the best defense very true on the possibility of a fake VIP convoy.

    Some interesting things I have notices here in SL are the lack of checking of these convoys in the designated checkpoints manned by the SLDF.

    - VIP convoys are not stopped checkpoints. Unless its a VVIP the soldiers would know the convoy approaching. but these are mini 2/3 vehicle convoys who would be going around unannounced. I for once noticed a soldier stopping a tinted glass jeep to be stopped, but the guy in civvies in a backup vehicle (defender) asked the driver of the lead jeep not to stop and to keep preceding... the soldiers were perplexed - what do we do ? only for the convoy to proceed. No one bothered to check its authenticity.

    I doubt soldiers would stop defenders/mercs/bmw with WPC registered number plates. You would see most of these vehicles in the convoy have no proper number plates, this is a short-slightness. These number plates could be easily forged - how are we going to check them after an incident?

    Another interesting observation that I have noticed, is riders on trailer bikes. Usually white trailer bikes - no proper registrations. The rider and pillion are in civvies, usually a darkened (black or blue) jackets on and they drive like crazy - who dares stop them ?

    Some of the convoys the security personnel’s are in civvies. How does one verify their authenticity ? Remember the general public need to know whether they are genuine or not, after all they are the eyes of the SLDF in all fronts.

    This is a disaster waiting to happen and waiting to be exploited. Yes our VVIP have to be protected, but let’s not make them use this defensive measure for their offensive techniques. !

  36. Defencenet,
    Can you set the record set? How many air craft was destroyed in the Anuradhapura air force attack?

    Lots of rumors floating around (guerilla marketing?) as to the number.. 8... 17.. and even 24..

    Could you please confirm??

  37. Are we confused or what?defencenet/guys can u please shed some light on the actual losses?apparently the government doesn't feel like including the UAV's in the 'loss' list..

    Another interesting fact is,in an earlier thread,goldeneagle,i believe said in response to my request on whether we have received the Blue horizon-2 UAV's from illegal.existence confirms that we have indeed lost 2 Blue horizon UAV's(iqbal athas's sitrep also confirms this fact)
    Moreover.d.b.s jeyaraj has indicated in THE NATION paper that we operate RQ-2 Pioneer UAV'S as well..can this be confirmed?

    So,basically what this means(if i'm correct,is that we WERE operating the following make/model of israeli-built UAV'S?

    Hopefully,some light could be shed on this..By the way,how much would a US-bult PREDATOR uav cost us,& will the US sell them to us?

  38. My guess,

    LTTE is working around the clock to knock out the SLN vessels...

    Unlike us , LTTE not wait for the most opportune moment...

    They now see a window of oppurtunity to take on the SLN..

    Another commando raid may be around the corner...This time it is going to be the SLN...

    Once they knocked off our SLAF and SLN assests..It will be a walk over for their black tigers on our FDL's..

    Please be ready...

  39. As important if not more important is that we secure and build our economy. We should build our economy with the same vigour as we fight the war with.

    This should enable us to mitigate considerable losses which we cannot rule out. We can't expect to win each and every battle.

    So what's the real number of air craft destroyed?

  40. Kiri,

    Take what government announced as the right figure of aircraft losses.

    If the government has not announced the actuals, that means there is a reason for the same.

    This forum is for Sri Lankan patriots to discuss defence matters and should not be a place that jeopardies the very same.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. "Take what government announced as the right figure of aircraft losses. If the government has not announced the actuals, that means there is a reason for the same."

    dosent this defy the very reason that this blog exists ? we should stop visiting this blog and listen to Rupavahini & ITN

  43. Cable,

    Are you here to fish or feed?

  44. DefenceNet,

    Was the Mi-24 that was destroyed the upgreaded night attack type?


  45. Defencenet,

    The fate of VP and that of LTTE as a single outfit is determined by three little facts - the coordinates of his hideout. If we get this right, it will be the turning point of this menace.

    It is higly unlikely we get them from ground intelligence gathering; we are far from infiltrating into theirs, although they have been able to reciprocrate it, on many fronts, leaving us at a dangerous disadvantage.

    If a committed soldier who studies the maps in Iranamadu / Mullathivu area dedicates himself to this noble task - day and night with laser-beam concentration and optimism without a match - he might get these coordinates in a flash;

    Famous peopele, mathemticians, physicists attribute their success to the faculty of intuition that brings in pleasant surprises of a time of its choice not ours. This is the famous Eureka effect.

    We should not ignore or rubbish it. It is real and must be nurtured. A good soldier can get these vital numbers in a brainwave and will deal the ultimate blow to the outfit.

    I can understand the enthusiasm of the guys in this blog to see the end of the suffering of our people of all races. However, going high-tech alone will not bring about the breakthrough. I am from a technical background and well aware of their pros, cons and limitations.

    The US and Nato have all these things at their disposal, yet they cannot spot Bin Laden.

    An addinional approach, not an alternative or substitue, is needed to make the progress faster. Intuitive approach fills the gap.

  46. qrious,

    well said...The human factor and its dedication matters a great deal.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. noltte,

    "Are you here to fish or feed?"

    neither i am here to accquire independent info about the war which I think is the primary concern for any citizen of sri lanka

  49. coordinates of VP hideout via intuition after long hours of looking at satellite images?

    What are you talking about? VP's hideout is probably deep underground and safe from bombing. And he probably has several of these between which he rotates between. Bombing VP from the air is going to be near impossible.

  50. "The 3rd pic is photoshopped."

    IE, not photoshoped but probably a Mi-24 from the various 'tiger meets'

    Its not an SLAF one, take a look here:

    Czech Republic Mi-24

  51. KBS, the intuition by its very definitions is a spontaneous thing. It will give the vital information at the time of the need.

    He may have hundreds of hideouts, but the intution will provides - to the dedicated man at the job - the coordinates related to his postion at the time of the hunch. So the number of hide outs or VP's choice is irrelevant in this regard.

    Yes, VP may be deep underground; The book written by Adelai Balasinghham sheds light on that; in a certain chapter, she says that she was in a bunker when the IPKF was bombing Iranamadu and VP was on a level, even lower than that.

    However, they are neither deep enough nor sophisticated enough to withstand modern bunker busters. So, an the coordinates revealed by an intuitive thought can still do the job.

    With regard to LTTE's so-called invincibility, I like to point out that we had been told about the impregnable jaffna fortersses too, before the army took them on. But they proved to be a cross between the pigments of imagination and propagnda of Nazis calibre. This information must be cut down to its size.

  52. Cable,

    Access to information is one thing, jeopardizing national security in the name of access to information is another.

    It is everyone's responsibility to make-sure that the sensitive security information does not get leaked through open forums like these.

    LTTE may be using this site for fishing expeditions, and do you want them to get the vital information from here, otherwise not known to them?

  53. You're talking about magic, not intuition.

    VP is not invicible, but the method you speak of is useless (which was my point).

    Unless he comes out in the open for a long period and we have "ground intelligence" of where he will be, VP can not be killed from the air.

    His underground hideouts are probably VERY deep and well fortified. Even if the magician can somehow give the SLAF the magic coordinates, and the SLAF can magically hit the EXACT spot above VP's compartment, I doubt it will lead to his death (the guy is super paranoid, he will have spent a lot of money to build the best possible hideout).

  54. Qrious,

    I agree with you too.

    If you would take locations from Mannar to Mullative, there may be only few places that VP can hide.

    A dedicated team should be able to find that few.

    I do not want to go here saying how. But it would not be 'impossible'

  55. KBS, the aim of an argument is not victory, but progress.

    I know how to distinguish between magic and intuition. In the short sense, Intuition is a faculty and magic is a performance. To explain in detail, it will take years.

    I live in Europe and know how it has been using in buisness, defence world and many more fields. Unfortuanately, everyone is not gifted with it. But the gifted folks know its value. The great thing is that it has nothing to do with ones education.

    KBS, I doubt you ever had an intuitive hunch. I have had plenty of them and they proved to be correct and accurate; they defy logic and reason. I am a mathematician myself and do not glorify my intellect - simply because it is finite.

    VP must be using this faculty too. He had been surprising us for well over two decades. If we do not adopt his technique, we may not catch up with him! VP is not renowened for his education and lack of it has not been a hindrance for him for this long.

    There is a danger of relying on human intellect alone. It is limited and people who think it is the ultimate strenth are just arrogant.

    Scientists, mathematicians, brave genreals, musicians and even buisnessman talk about the 'special moment' where they got the flash of inspiration, sometimes out of the blue, that in the short run made them heroes and in the long run shaped our destiny as a whole. To call it magic is pretty ..... - I do not want to insult my friend KBS!

    Taking measures that eclipse the involvement of the human factor is pretty disastrous. The attack in Anuradhapura is a case in point. We relied on sound mines to alert the camp and Tigers removed them as the firt priority, on arrival!

    Our DPU surprises the enemy from time to time; that is human factor at work.

    Guys, let's strike a balance when it comes to high-tech factor. Nato still battle it out to find OSAMA; they are not short of technology.

  56. Is it good to make VP a martyr ? The thug might already be a spent force.

    However, by whatever means we have to destroy the LTTE intelligence arm, staring from the moles on our side. The consultants must not be forgotten.

    Who did the mockery of Parami image linked to LTTE website? Why no action has been taken yet? Incidents like this must be used to track the moles.

    Then our army web site had a writer “bumping off” our own soldiers. Any tracking done yet?

    It is time to inculcate into our people that death is better than a job ill done.

    Simply the putting in to practice of “pamado machchuno padam.”


    Certainly we must use all means for tiger hunting, occult powers, paena people, Wedda people, … and crosscheck that info with pure logic on the ground.

    Pure logic is necessary but not sufficient .

  57. noltte,

    "LTTE may be using this site for fishing expeditions, and do you want them to get the vital information from here, otherwise not known to them?"

    If LTTE was weak as using internet sites like this one to get intelligence you and me would not be having this conversation they would have been wiped out a long time ago by SL Army.Are you forgetting about Anurahdhapura attack these buggers knew where the damn mines were buried inside the camp and the electricity was convieneintly turned off in the electrice fence.

    No offence but the number 1 terrorist organisation in the world using this site to gather intelligence is rather laughable

  58. I do not advocate murder; but an instant demise is good for VP too; he knows that he will never be able to live in peace, judging by the atrocities he committed on so many fronts. He is not getting any younger and the struggle he goes through to hold the outfit together while making sure his own survival is not at stake must be bloody harrowing. His size reflects that is on the expoential increase reflects the trend.
    He is in a corner and may wield a number of sticks when the going gets tough. I do not think he wants to live like that; it is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity, for him. He himself may be without a clue how to get out of this mess that he himself created. He has aged faster than he thought he would.

  59. cable,

    Every info help, despite the source.

    Any successful intel gathering relies on multiple sources.

    Many captured LTTE intelligence operatives have revealed that how much intel that they have collected through newspapers and other publications.

    I have seen people coming here to fish for information that would have no relevance to defence side, but would be highly important to the enemy.

    There are many here in this forum who have inside connections with the defence personnel, who would reveal some inside info thinking that it would not reach the enemy. Then, if that info has been published, that means giving out otherwise should be confidential info.

    Sites like these are publication mediums. Any publication medium should act responsibly when publishing sensitive information.

  60. Guys one word...MUNICH! I watched it when it came out a year or so back and then I watched it again last week when it was on HBO or showtime. Thats not my point... My point being why can't we target some of these LTTE top operatives in the West? I mean KP is in South-East Asia but he get the money from mainly the West from so called LTTE tax collecters. We should target them!

  61. noltte

    "Many captured LTTE intelligence operatives have revealed that how much intel that they have collected through newspapers and other publications."

    when has this happened are you refering to the hatchet job done by ratwatte in the chandrika era when the goverment at the time gave much publicity to the confession of an alleged LTTE cadre who said that prabhakaran gained information by reading the situation report of the sunday times? I cant remeber any other instance

    "There are many here in this forum who have inside connections with the defence personnel, who would reveal some inside info thinking that it would not reach the enemy. Then, if that info has been published, that means giving out otherwise should be confidential info."
    if any defence personnel in a high enough postion talks of sensitive intelligence matters to a person who will blab about that on this site then that person is walking disaster waiting and a dumb mutt who is not worth of his postion he is occupying. please keep in mind that i am not talking about information that everybody in a particular force knows but real sensitive stuff. LTTE dosent need to come to this site to get general information known by everyone they can get it from thousands of sources.

    Dont think everything said by armed forces personnel are sensitive information no disrespect but when SOME forces personnel talk to civillians they also like "groupie mentality" showed by the civillians and talk up everything. ppl who hear these think that it is a secret and tell it to their freinds/collegaues to show they are important. Again no disrespect intended to the security forces personnel who put their lives on the line but that is human nature and it will be present as long as humans are around

    "Sites like these are publication mediums. Any publication medium should act responsibly when publishing sensitive information"

    Publication mediums as you call it should NEVER publish sensitive information. Isnt there a official secrets act in Sri lanka?
    But trying to cover-up irregularities,corruptions and mistakes by putting up the banner of national security should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

    Going by the past actions of POLITICIANS in this country i will never subscribe to your view of

    "Take what government announced as the right"

  62. Cable,

    Read the following article for the time being... a simple example.

    "So I was sent to the intelligence-gathering camp." There, she claims, she spent her days clipping newspaper articles on the conflict."

    BTW, I respect your desire to have information. And I am against corruption too and also against using national security as a cover-up of corruption.

    And you have brought out a valid point of having an Official Secrecy Act in Sri Lanka, and making sure that everyone is well aware.

    My request from everyone who publish here is not to reveal anything relating to SL defence forces that is not in the public domain.

    This forum should not be a fishing ground for any kind of such information.

  63. NOLTTE=Peace,
    "This forum should not be a fishing ground for any kind of such information."

    We can promise you that this wont happen.

  64. defencenet,

    Since you are not editing others' posts before publishing, you can not give a guarantee that others' will not do that.

    Therefore, it is up to the individuals to be responsible in what they are posting.

    I would suggest if possible for you to keep a "header" posted reminding individuals about their responsibilities .

  65. Despite all the attacks, raids and suicide bombings carried out by the LTTE, they still have to show they can conquer fortified army territory and hold it. This is what need to do to achieve Eelam. They have not been able to do this since 2000. This is because the army of today is much stronger, more high tech, better trained and better led than the army of 2000.

    VP has promised the diapora that this will be the final war to win Eelam, so he will be hard pressed to deliver results. If the rumors are true that this is supposed to the the last money collecting drive the diaspora will be subjected to, then VP better deliver

    So far all major attempts by the LTTE to conquer new territory have resulted in them getting a bloody nose.

    So I am eager to see how VP will tackle this issue. All those flashy air raids, surprise attacks and suicide bombings will only get them so far.

  66. "dosent this defy the very reason that this blog exists ? we should stop visiting this blog and listen to Rupavahini & ITN"

    I couldn't agree more, Cable. If everytime something supposedly sensitive comes up we're gonna go "shhh, shut up, Tigers are listening", then we might as well shut down the site and sit at home speculating. What exactly is the point of this site -- cheerleading for the armed forces?

    "He may have hundreds of hideouts, but the intution will provides - to the dedicated man at the job - the coordinates related to his postion at the time of the hunch."

    Qrious, I think you'll have better luck with a ouija board. Staring at a satellite photo in the hope of a brainwave is patently unrealistic. Study of topographical maps and geological surveys might help one shortlist some possible locations for underground complexes, but beyond that you require hard int in the form of low-level aerial recce, agents, and ground recce. Are you going to risk the lives of soldiers and airmen on someone's hunch?

    "I live in Europe and know how it has been using in buisness, defence world and many more fields. "

    Intuitive decisons can be made where broad strategy is concerned. For instance, Hitler's attack on the British Isles was an intuitive one, aand not based on any firm strategic or tactical needs. He had to decide between a truce or an attack, and his hunch was to attack. However, such intuition (which is certainly unreliable, hit or miss) cannot be used well when it comes to detailed specific actions. For that you need hard int.

    "Our DPU surprises the enemy from time to time; that is human factor at work"

    The DPU works on hard int, with well-rehearsed tactics. Not on someone's whim.

    "Who did the mockery of Parami image linked to LTTE website? Why no action has been taken yet? "

    Don't mistake ineptitude for treason.

    "My point being why can't we target some of these LTTE top operatives in the West?"

    We don't really have the logistics capability and expertise, Ares. Before we can carry out hits in say Europe, we must have a base of int operatives in those countries, who can then springboard a mission by specialist military personnel. If you take the Mossad ops that followed the Munich massacre, the Israelis had many agents conducting ops worldwide, so it wasn't difficult for them to then deploy Sayaret Matkal guys to do the killing. It's like the arms industry -- you can't start manufaacturing tanks until you can make reliable trucks and bulldozers. You have to start with the basics.

  67. Rifard

    The original Predator UAV costs about $4.6 million each. The newer Predator B UAV costs about $9 million each.

  68. David Blacker,

    Since you brings up so many impossibles, how about hiring somebody to take care of our interests? I am pretty sure that there will be lots of complications but, it is an avenue somebody should explore.

  69. I agree we should hire some global mafia groups initially to do the hits for us on LTTE terorrist in the west until our inteligence apparatus is in full strength in the west.


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