Saturday, October 11, 2008

Deputy leader of sea tigers killed in LRRP attack

Out of all the units in the Sri Lanka Army, the LTTE perhaps fear the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) the most. Their fears were renewed today when LRRP took a price target deep inside LTTE held Wanni. The target was the deputy leader of the sea tigers, Chelian. Chelian and two others are believed to have been killed when the double cab they were travelling in was blown up in a roadside claymore explosion. The incident occurred today at 6.30AM, deep inside LTTE held territory in Mullaithivu.

Chelian once commanded the sea tigers at a time when Soosei was critically injured due to an explosion.


  1. Well done LRRP.

    Someone was talking about retaliation. I think it was not retaliation but a scheduled task with long term planning.

    Anyway excellent work.

  2. Great work!!!!! We need to take out more of these cancer cells...

  3. hmm lankadeepa says this guy's death is not confirmed

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  6. DN Thanks.

    I like it – Get middle management first, then hit senior management or the boss. Then, the Firm will collapse like a house of cards.


  7. mboi, Independent confirmation will take some time. It's a common thing with these types of attacks.

  8. Also, this moda one shot telling that he also have death treat to him as well...

    Im so sorry about people in Sabaragamuwa, who gave more than 100000 votes for this fool. They also should take the responsiblity of these type of statements and consequences of it.

    im sorry to say this, that people who gave vote for him also consider as damn fools..

  9. Qrious,
    Yes, keep them coming!

    BTW, did you notice any of the following conditions when you met RPW?
    Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia.

    I’m not a medical man, but I’ve been told that this may explain why he now wants to restart talks with the LTTE.

  10. "Deputy sea tiger leader killed"

    a fitting tribute to janaka

  11. "Also, this moda one shot telling that he also have death threats to him as well"

    parliament jokes-2

  12. thanks defencenet. let's hope the bugger really is dead. it's great to hear about lrrp teams doing work deep inside enemy territory.

  13. Way to go! Is the exact location known, Defencenet? How far in was it?

    As priyashantha said, I don't think this is only in retaliation to the recent suicide bombings, but it does give them a very clear message.

  14. unp really is run by ponnayo. ltte just killed off their best hope for a future president and all they do is ask the government to negotiate with ltte.

  15. Wow.... Way to go LRRP... We were over due with a big fish for a while...
    Here we go one of them... all he way from the deep blue sea...


    SLA found a damaged LTTE pickup..

  17. anybody has a picture of Chelian ?

  18. modayas,

    Chellaiyan was actually the leader of the Sea Tigers.

    Remember Soosai fell foul of Pottu back in 2006. Subsequently, there was a failed attack on Soosai by Pottu's supporters. Nonetheless, Soosai was sidelined after that attack and Chellaiyan was made commander.

    LRRP got Col Chellaiyan in Akaraiyan, when he was practising his swimming in the kulam.

    Now we know why DW was missing for a few days.


  19. 'parliament jokes 2' good one moshe

    BTW did you watch the Presidents interview with AlJazeera - a good one must watch.

  20. The Man who called Ruwan Weerakoon again has wrote an article on this incident refereeing Defence Net. This man well known for copy can like other foolish defence journalist in Sri Lanka. I think DN and other web sites must carefully over those businessman. Anith ayage deval wikunala thamange malla purawaganna horun. ( Steals of details without credit).

  21. The Man who called Ruwan Weerakoon again has wrote an article on this incident refereeing Defence Net. This man well known for copy cat and steals deatils from other' articles like other foolish defence journalists in Sri Lanka. I think DN and other web sites must carefully over those businessman. Anith ayage deval wikunala thamange malla purawaganna horun. ( Steals of details without credit).

  22. There is an article in Rivira (Tomorrow) regarding a claymore attack by LRRP. An LPPE double cab was targeted. At the time of writing, the maaveered leader was not identified (Chelian?). It was a 50Kg claymore, therefore the vehicle simply vanished!

  23. shan,

    i viewed the clip after you mentioned it.

    he managed with a minimum vocabulary.

    but he made things very clear. his conviction is simply stunning. i like the way he expects how history would remember him. "a person who loved the country; who loved the people. that's all".

    May god bless him and protect him. Make him the David of Sri Lanka.

  24. According to Tissa Ravindra at Rivira, our SF boys have not left any trace there. Everything including the Jeep Celliyan was traveling is in dust. Probably, Tamilnet will still post a doctored photo of the fat pig paying last respect to his junior terrorist.


    We obviously don't need an eloquent speaker there, instead we need a tough warrior there. As you said, the man is overflowing with hope and enthusiasm to finish off the LTTE cancer. We need men like this to be the future commanders of our army.

  25. Moshe

    the vocabulary or the pronounciation is fine, do the french italian or german leaders speak english eloquently? no.

    The beauty is that despite the limited vocabulary he sent a very tough message to the world that ltte and prabhakaran are terrorists and hands off please while we fight terrorism.

    every answer was to the point and yes the conviction is stunning indeed.

    Sri Lanka's economy has been very resilient and has withstood 25 years of war and terror. It still is despite the melt down in the developed world. If one travels around the country you would see the amount of development work that is being done though the UNP potrays otherwise. it's nprecedented

    If he has the same commitment and pasion to develop the country after the battle agianst terrorism is won, then we will be a force to reckon. t's a much tougher task mind you, toughr than the past 25 years. so many social issues to look at. develop the country with special emphasis on the north and east, pull out the remnants of terror and its; roots here and there, rehabilitate the one time ltte cadres and most importantly (like he said) educate the people who were in the clutches of the ltte for so long - show them the benefits of the modern world.

    every one has the responsibility to protect and support him

  26. Weldone lads!! Good show by LRRP as always.

    Await some new hardware in the near weeks to come :)

  27. mia (only if you are the man),

    I am very keen in reading your eyewitness account of this SF-LRRP attack on second by second basis commentary. I hope that you will publish some photos also along with your commentary. For a starter, you can use the following:

    A few days ago, a very special Special Forces team was sent out my some senior military officers on a top secret mission in Vanni.

    Then you throw in the standard line,

    I get this information right from the horse mouth. However for obvious reasons, I am not in a position to reveal. I have the connections deep inside MI (wink wink).

    At x:xx am/pm, the team left their base from a secret locations in zzzz. However for obvious reasons, I am not in a position to reveal. I have the connections deep inside MI (wink wink).

    They traveled for 19.723456789 hours to the location where Cheliyan was killed. However for obvious reasons, I am not in a position to reveal. I have the connections deep inside MI (wink wink).

    Then they waited there for 36.2345677890 hrs till the area is clear. The clocks LRRP teams are using have the atomic precision and made by a manufacturer in Switzerland. However for obvious reasons, I am not in a position to reveal. I have the connections deep inside MI (wink wink).

    It was not actually a 50 kg bomb. My source tells me that it was. 49.99999 kg, However for obvious reasons, I am not in a position to reveal. I have the connections deep inside MI (wink wink).


    Then the team returned to the base on ____day at xx:xx am/pm.However for obvious reasons, I am not in a position to reveal. I have the connections deep inside MI (wink wink).

  28. Did you guys see this video?

    This shows evidence of another prize taken by our LRRP in an earlier occasion.

  29. Shan

    The SL economy IS resilient, but its continued health is definitely based on invisible funding sources which keep the arms flowing. There are quite a few countries contributing in a number if different ways, some of which are unprecedented in modern political history.

    THere are even instances of donors giving the nod to procure arms from enemies on the political front. For instance, previous Indian assistance financed procurements thru China and Pakistan, with approval. This is a clear example of the fact that no one nation is totally your enemy or a friend.
    SL's economy actually may see a decline once the fighting is over, since at that point the nation will face true global realities and not have anyone else holding the can for us.

  30. See the three monkeys sitting at the table.. Is that the prize?

  31. Speaking of new hardware, have the new Mig-29s been used in ground attacks yet? Or is the Air Force thinking of using them only in the interceptor role?

  32. Sam Perera,

    You can sit comfortably in front of a computer in Hong Kong and type brave stunts. This war is suffered by the people who are unable to leave this country. The upcoming tourism season is going to be very bad and hundreds of thousands of people are going to lose their livelihoods.

    There are more important things than that for instance the attack on Maj Gen Janaka Perera and the refusal to take his body from Ratmalana to Anuradhapura.

    Unfortunately SLAF has few transport helicopters and planes in a functional condition. You know why. Its corruption.

    There are helicopters assigned to transport the VVIPs and the government had refused to use them to transport coffins. Other helicopters also have been labeled for different VIPs in the armed forces and the government. They too couldn't be used to carry the coffins of two war heroes. The remaining helicopters are kept stand by for emergency evacuations. There are many grounded helicopters and transport planes due to lack of spare parts, dubious quality simply unworthy of flying. Millions of dollars have been spent on these and some spares bought in the last three years were found incompatible with manufacturers' recommendations.

    Air Force has a severe shortage of large haul transport aircraft in working order. Troops in Palali are vulnerable to LTTE attacks on supply routes. LTTE only have to attack them and the lives of 50,000 will be in danger.

    The task of a defence reporter is not to pat the backs of parties to the war. This futile war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and it is the poor that suffer most irrespective of race.

    When corruption marries war, their child is disaster. Army is heading to the North-East monsoon season with no signs of capturing and controlling Kilinochchi in sight. Politicians of the government meanwhile are beating their chests and war drums to fool the people for another round of elections.

    Before chapping for war victories please walk into a funeral house of a dead soldier. How many of you paid last respects to Maj Gen Perera? Not many I suppose.

  33. Sniper,
    We need to check the validity of these comments in U.N.P.See these fellows(U.N.P) think this country can be run like GOD sorry..LORD GOD IC .See the "reporter" who wrote this has only one intention in mind..that is to sell papers at any matter the validity of the the meantime lets not break our concentration w.r.t the war..

  34. TS

    I take your point, valid

    let's look at the other aspect - ther'll be quite an inflow of funding for development work in the N & E, as it is evident in the E right now. Wouldn't that hold the economy above water? the benefits would flow throughout the country as well

  35. mia,
    I am sure there many more problems than you mention..This shows you the "miracle"..yes miracle performed by troops."Theruwan Saranai" to all of them..May GOD lead you to victory over this LTTE filth.Way to go LRRP team way to go..
    What am i saying.?..the LRRP killed/assassinated 3 civilians in "cold Blood" who were on their way to a knitting class....Only debris found were the "knitting needles".

  36. TS, Nemesis and Moshe

    what in your opinion would run through the minds of the soldiers in Jafna when they hear the sound of artillery and MBRL' in the battlefiled in wanni. they would no dount be hearing alreaday or very soon

    What would that do to morale that is already high and what effect would it be on the LTTE.

    similarly the soldiers in Wanni would soon be able to hear the big guns firing in Jaffna and may be asisted by them.

    I think the affect on the Wanni soldiers would be much higher than the colleaues in Jaffna -

  37. First If One shot ask for a ceasfire; he is a traitor & should be killed. Cos Einstein said if one does same & expect different results he is a fool, we had ceasfire with LTTE so many time & LTTE took us for granted,,,,so one shot is a fool,,,,,he should have being dead instead of Janaka Perera the Great....I hate that fucker,,,his Aunty Chandrika has sold all LK assets to Businessmen during her time & this fucker talks about good governance...ass hole.....

  38. If this is real MIA (needs to be confirmed or disclaim in Sunday Times Situation Report by the real man),

    “The task of a defence reporter is not to pat the backs of parties to the war. This futile war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and it is the poor that suffer most irrespective of race.”

    Ok, let’s start here. The task for a defence reporter is not to pat the back of parties but to do objective reporting. In case you wonder what objective reporting is, that is to report things as it is, not cooking up stories or preaching the futility of war or trying to demoralize a nation. Should you like to preach, please preach in robe of your choice, don’t do defence reporting.

    Time to time, I hear about futility of war. Guess what, you are preaching to the choir of world. Other than a very few who makes living out of wars including some self proclaimed defence reporters, nobody wants war. However, when my nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is challenged, do you want us to be waiting to be run over by the enemy? When the civilian life of my country is threatened by bus bombs, car bombs, time bombs, suicide bombs etc, do you want us to be waiting to be run over by the terrorists. We have survived as a nation for 2500 years thanks to countless men and women who had the courage to stand up for all the threats, not because of wimps who try to preach bogus peace. Today, we have another set of great men and women who are doing the same for my nation. I am eternally grateful to such men and women who defend my country, most certainly not to a few fake defence reporters who try to glorify the terrorists and demoralize the brave men and women of the armed forces.

    “Before chapping for war victories please walk into a funeral house of a dead soldier. How many of you paid last respects to Maj Gen Perera? Not many I suppose.”

    How did you know that I have not been to a funeral of a dead soldier? Is this you military insider telling you. Just like many followers of your cooked up stories, you assume that all of the bloggers here are dumb and stupid?

    “You can sit comfortably in front of a computer in Hong Kong and type brave stunts. This war is suffered by the people who are unable to leave this country. The upcoming tourism season is going to be very bad and hundreds of thousands of people are going to lose their livelihoods.”

    Once again, is it your military insider telling me that I am in Hong Kong? Is your idea of prosperity to bend backwards for LTTE terrorists to run amok expecting the tourists to arrive in masses? I have met many brainless buffoons like you who think that it is ok to give 1/3rd of our land and 2/3rd of our coast to terrorists as long as we get tourists. What your pea size brain fails to understand is that the LTTE terrorists have no intention of leaving us alone.

    “When corruption marries war, their child is disaster. Army is heading to the North-East monsoon season with no signs of capturing and controlling Kilinochchi in sight. Politicians of the government meanwhile are beating their chests and war drums to fool the people for another round of elections.”

    It is very interesting. Yes only an LTTE stooge like Peter will make this claim. So concerned about the welfare of the Sinhala South and the Sinhala Army in Jaffna, only Peter Ponnadurai will talk like this. You are very good at this.

    If this is an LTTE terrorist agent,

    Please keep in mind that we have survived for 2,500 years as a nation. Your attempts to change the character of my nation is futile by poor stunts like this. We will not give up this land under any circumstance to LTTE terrorists. However, you are most welcome to live peacefully in this country.

  39. samm,
    Well said bro..This is our 3rd task as a country..This bloddy kussiamma thought that you can run SLanka like LORD GOD IC..and sold assets to business which is exactly what should not have been done at least not on this scale..She wanted it to be like singapore.what an idiot...this is the "western way" of thinking..she forgot that our country is a "socialist democracy".

  40. Mia mamma mia here I come again…

    Thanks but no thanks for your doom & gloom analysis and predictions.

    It was your type of doom & gloom prediction that told the East will never be liberated from the LTTE.

    It was your kind who denied it when it was finally liberated (after the bravehearts killed over 4000 maggots and put out of action another 1000) saying that “only a jungle patch” was liberated!

    Yes, it was also your kind that said (after getting your tail back in your arse upon the liberation of the East and evidence it was shown to all and sundry including diplomats and the foreign media), “well, the East is different, but taking the northern province is not going to happen, and let’s see if you can get to Killinocchi”…

    So, pessimistic Maggie what gives here?

    Your pathetic harangue is no different to what RW Ponnaya utters at every moment he gets. Sure there is corruption in the country and we all know it as we all know that corruption has been there in every GOSL we have had. The difference is only this GOSL has done something this substantive to liquidate the LTTE terrorist motherfcukers!

    As for your claim of unusable military hardware in the SLDF arsenal, including choppers etc. this is a fact and there is no mystery about it. What GOSL purchases for its armed forces are often reconditioned/refurbished equipments that have seen use in other armed forces in the world and it is a fact that these equipments will have a certain life span. The alternative is the go for brand new equipments at astronomical costs which the country cannot afford. The point is the reconditioned equipments do give their monies worth while not draining the treasury (which if did happen, will see the economy collapse and consequently MR GOSL collapse and then yes, your idol RW Ponnaya coming to power and handing over the “thamileelam” on a platter to the LTTE!).

    Please give it a rest Maggie…yes, there are SLAF choppers assigned for VVIP transport as today it is highly hazardous to travel by road for these VVIPs as, if the LTTE suicide bombers get one of these VVIPs (which they almost did with a GOSL minister a few days ago) then the huge morale boost to the LTTE is incalculable.

    As such, yes, allocating choppers to VVIPs is the right thing to do and all other imperatives should come next (no, the actual war front is not affected by this as there are choppers assigned today for strict combat-related purposes and as per Gota’s instructions, there are no exceptions to that rule I was told and even witnessed first hand when I was in SL recently).

    The funny thing is during the CFA that RW Ponna struck with the Black Oily-faced Monkey, every LTTE podian “VIP” motherfcuker criss-crossed the country in grand style in SLAF choppers, to go and spread their message of hate against Sinhelas and the SLDF (i.e. attending those “ponguthamil” rallies) in total unhindrance and I wonder where the fcuk were your type of doom & gloom skunk then!

    So, mamma mia…dancing queen, here I go again…until the next time!


    OaO Asithri

  41. Sri Lankan,

    You are most welcome. This can well be a like of Peter the LTTE terrorist. Even if this is not the real MIA, it is very likely that he is reading this blog. Either way, we should let them know how our nation thinks.


    Bless Armed Forces of Sri Lanka!!
    Bless Sri Lanka!!!

  42. Ranil the Ponnaya's political career is hanging by a thread today and the other end of the thread is wrapped around the LTTE.

    The day the LTTE is no more, RW is finished as every prediction he made about "LTTE can never be defeated militarily" would come undone and in sheer shame, he will not be able to face the SL public.

    This is why the Ponnaya is now again calling for a ceasefire with the LTTE!

    OaO Asithri

  43. So the leader of the sea-guppies went up in a puff of smoke uh?

    Wow! This like the Card Magic Show I saw as a moment the motherfcuker is the King of Diamonds and the next moment, he becomes the Two of Diamonds and goes out of the pack!

    Amazing...LRRP boyz, you are real good Magicians...keep 'em coming boys!


    OaO Asithri

  44. Asithri,
    very well said bro..very well said..
    Many thanks for your kind comment.

  45. Asithri,
    Mate the LRRP did not take him i commented earlier they were just "civilians"..actually "metamorphic civilians" attending a "kitting lesson" courtesy of "Human rights"....those guys who shower filth in our direction but ever ever so coy when it comes to Russia..too much big business there as you know..

  46. Sam Perera and Asithri,
    Pls keep in mind that we are interested in the progress of our forces..and..not politics which is what these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons want to convert this blog into..seems like in that respect "history is repeating itself"....seems like thaamilnet is not providing any intertainment W.R.To the activites of the "black tiger/white elephant/bule rhino/pink kangaroo..offensive Divisions..


    1983 : The best thing ever happened us was the exodus into the wide world and see that our capacity, capability being recognized by other world-class communities and envied by the low class uncivilized barbarians.
    So here are our targets for each year this is the target for year 2008/2009
    15,000 Tamil students must enroll in a University
    1000 students to enroll in legal profession
    1000 students to enter Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT etc.
    At least 95% of the 15,000 must enroll in Engineering, Computer Science, Investment Banking, Business Management, Accounting, Chemical engineering and advanced material management. Political Science etc


  48. Matha mate,

    How do you do? Long time no hear! Welcome back. I have been just watching the fun myself. Waiting patiently for 'Nochchi just like we waited patiently for Madhu a few months back.

    After that it will be Mula and after that it will be all over...!

  49. Sam P,

    Your response is priceless, well said bruv! You echoed the sentiments of all sensible people who are patriotic and able to think clearly (unlike those twisted, warped and illinformed creatures who are confused about their own profession).

  50. Asithri,

    Did you see my post about the "LTTE Hero's Day" in tha last thread?

    Posted at October 10, 2008 8:30 PM

    Do you have any more information about this event where you are?

  51. Qrious,

    I believe you stomp the same grounds as Keith Vaz (MP). Any chance of securing an interview?

  52. I am no economist. But...

    Global recession is good for Sri Lanka. Oil prices are forecasted to drop down to 50-60$. If oil stayed at 150$ Sri Lanka was to spent 300 billion rupees for 2009. But now it would go down to 120 billion rupees. The difference is a huge fraction of our small economy. This is just a one factor favoring us. There are many more.

  53. No-mess, perein, pakka_lanka, asithri, mates thank you for the admiration shown about the interview with RW.

    I have a plan to interview a few more before the savages are wiped out. Time is running out for me too!!


    It is hilarious to note the fate of this bastard, Vaiko. He leads demonstrations, organizes a rally, makes a hollow speech, gets bundled up into a van by the police, make the 'V' sign to the onlookers who happen to be his silly followers, scream at the old fox, Karunanidhi and then just have a well-earned rest, until the next bout of pressure comes from Vanni.

    These w****** will never be united to pose a threat to the Central Government. The power brokers in Delhi know that, Tamilnet doesn't.

  54. Norway rounding up LTTE activists on thier soil..says

  55. I was devastated to see a few moderate Tamils who are known to not to agree with the terror group had taken part in the demo on the 6th.Some of their pictures holding banners that were outrageous will be shown to them when we meet someday.
    It is sad to how naive we are as a race to forgive and forget the one time terrorists been welcomed so openly and this is an outrage where they have massacred so many polices officers taken prisoner by them. This shows the weakness of our people and our leaders and we will live to regret it and we owe it to the generations after us.
    It is these one time terrorists who have to prove to the majority that they have renounced terror and are strongly for a united island.Untill that is shown by deeds and not mere words, they should not be given any role in the administration. This is a big mistake and shows our weakness not our strength. Over generations we have put up with them until we had our true liberty in 1815.
    Politicians will come and go, most probably to greener pastures abroad but I shall always stand by the downtrodden innocent citizens left behind to carry the can. They the politicians will do any deal with the devil if that help them to stay in power but these two bit terrorists will be their ultimate end, unless they decide to settle abroad. If likes of Karuna shows true remorse and regret then he should have moved out of the limelight, given up politics and allow others who have no blood in their hand to represent them, just as the IRA has done.IRA terrorists knew it was a lost cause and melted away, though some are still being prosecuted for their crimes otherwise the message we are sending to any terror organization is that if they failed to bomb their way to power then they could ultimately will be accepted by the society as leaders. Then what is the point our brave lads putting their live on the line. Go ask the families of those Policemen who were massacred by Karuna and his band of terrorists. If we only follow the accepted standards known worldwide then these wrongdoers will have some respect for us.Good Night!

  56. SLA ambush killed 18 tigers..Also few vehicles were also distroyed.
    Looks like LTTE had a bad field day.

  57. Kevin

    It is not enough for you to just confront these guys at your level, but you need to go further than that. please do forward those pictures, or the identities of those folks to the SLG (contact your embassy) and pass on their info.
    This may not happen soon enough to make everyone happy, but there's going to be some action taken against those who helped and financed terror against SL once the immediate fighting is over. Any information provided will go a long way towards taking that action, which will set some meaningful precedents.
    Do the right thing. Get that info out.


  59. Trpicalstorm
    People in Srilanka has been generous and hospitable to the minorities and they have no justification claim racism discrimination etc and to continue tormenting this island from the comfort of countries abroad. This is because we have been too soft. We must identify these traitors and ban them setting a foot there. Also our two bit politicians should avoid going to various official events that is been conducted in these countries that harbour these terrorist sympathizers sending them a strong message how displeased we are. With respect to the pictures of that event some authorities are making use of them and deal with according to the law of the land.

  60. //The incident occurred today at 6.30AM, deep inside LTTE held territory in Mullaithivu.//


    You said chelian was eliminated in Nachchikuda. But DN said he was targeted in Mulathiv. Thissa RP (rivira) said LRRP made a jeep into dust in Mulathiv but target unknown. Any comments?//

    I'm afraid, according to our information, reports of the attack taking place in Mulaitivu is inaccurate. He was killed north of Nachchikuda, general area Pooneryn.//


    Any comments?

  61. sam, asithri & srilankan,

    please ignore this maggot. he/she is trying to create divisions among us on a VERY sensitive/controvercial issue.

    i blame sam for crapping here (nothing personal mate). after he crapped, this mia maggot came to eat it.

    don't entertain the bugger.

    just as bogus death threats attract attention from the gullible, giving importance to an impotent maggot will ensure that he/she will continue to come here searching for crap.


    this needs to be put into the right perspective for the record ONLY.

    if he is around 55-58 years old, he would have been AROUND 5 in 1956-1959.

    in 1956, 1958 possibly in 1957 & 1959, there were sinhala-tamil riots.

    many people suffered, mostly tamils NUMERICALLY.

    therefore, what happened to SF is not something different.

    i would have appreciated had he used CALANDER years so that there would not have been ANY suspicion.

    anyway it is great that apart from the SAKKILIYA this statement did not have any adverse impact on anyone. way to go.

  63. Shan,

    that would have a FANTASTIC impact on 53 & 55.

    it would be like "when a different teacher teaches what your class teacher had taught you". it reinforces confidence.

    53 & 55 men would be EFFORTFULLY containing their DESIRES to gang bang tigers!!!

  64. The 'Pride of South' vessel carrying 1400 army soldiers came under attack from the LTTE and Lt. Com M. S. D. Perera was the second in command on board the P462 craft with the P442 to protect the 'Pride of South'.
    Moralesupport spurred Navy on. .

  65. Well.. we have heard of a saying "wedi wedichcha kotiya wage" This time Prabakaran is just like that. He will try to unleash all his wrath in what ever way he can imagine.. Lets pray for this tiger to be killed as soon as possible..

  66. There is a dangerous development that requires containing immediately.

    It is LTTE infiltrating behind our troop lines and setting up claymores etc.

  67. Even non Sri Lankans believes the LTTE should be taken off. How sad it is to see even a few Sri Lankans dont believe in that.
    Tigers have to be totally silenced if Lankan Tamils need their equal rights – Cho Ramaswamy

  68. Ninja -

    //The incident occurred today at 6.30AM, deep inside LTTE held territory in Mullaithivu.//


    Does it matter the area or exact location? Main objective got addressed, that happened to be killing the "Deputy leader of sea tigers".
    Let's settle for that mate.

  69. Velupillai Prabhakaran Will Die Soon: Hindu Astrologer Predicts!

    (October 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A well respected Hindu astrologer from Karnataka, India, Mr. A. K. P. Theventhra Rajh predicts that between November 8 and 15, 2008 is a very critical period for Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tigers, the terrorist group fighting to carve out a separate state for the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. Speaking to some local media people, Mr. Theventhra Rajh has reportedly told that Prabhakaran is seriously ill due to stress caused by the constant fear for his life. Prabhakaran, who is also a chronic diabetic, requires regular insulin shots, which has been disrupted owing to constant change of hideout due to aerial bombing by the SL forces.

    However, Mr. Theventhra Rajh predicts that Prabhakaran’s death will come not from the SL forces, but from a natural cause, more likely due to a heart attack, or stroke resulting from diabetic complications. Mr. Theventhra Rajh has been consulted by a group of LTTE sympathizers in Tamil Nadu, along with several members of the Tamil National Alliance, who had visited the famous Hindu astrologer last week to conduct a Krishna pooja to bestow blessings on Prbhakaran. Following this unexpected discloser of the impeding doom of the LTTE leader, the visitors had left the temple in tears, and had urged the others who were present during the pooja not to speak to any media person. However, it was Mr. Theventhra Rajh himself who later informed the media. Mr. Theventhra Rajh is a very popular astrologer among both Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    This is so funny. Now I understand why TNA proxies/TN vaiko,saiko etc crying to stop 'ruthless' air strikes. So "modaya" is dying every second, natural illness, fear whenever kfir/mig make noise, seeing LRRP boys in dreams,...what a life...SLAF just keep bombing...

  70. perein

    no problem, but DN is supposed to be very reliable source. They need to pay more attention on what they write, every thing they write....becuz we belive them.

  71. TrueSL

    Ya, diaspora must read. (and send some more money to that pooja) LOL
    And I posted before you LOL.

  72. I was devastated to see a few moderate Tamils who are known to not to agree with the terror group had taken part in the demo on the 6th.Some of their pictures holding banners that were outrageous will be shown to them when we meet someday.
    It is sad to how naive we are as a race to forgive and forget the one time terrorists been welcomed so openly and this is an outrage where they have massacred so many polices officers taken prisoner by them. This shows the weakness of our people and our leaders and we will live to regret it and we owe it to the generations after us.
    It is these one time terrorists who have to prove to the majority that they have renounced terror and are strongly for a united island.Untill that is shown by deeds and not mere words, they should not be given any role in the administration. This is a big mistake and shows our weakness not our strength. Over generations we have put up with them until we had our true liberty in 1815.
    Politicians will come and go, most probably to greener pastures abroad but I shall always stand by the downtrodden innocent citizens left behind to carry the can. They the politicians will do any deal with the devil if that help them to stay in power but these two bit terrorists will be their ultimate end, unless they decide to settle abroad. If likes of Karuna shows true remorse and regret then he should have moved out of the limelight, given up politics and allow others who have no blood in their hand to represent them, just as the IRA has done.

    Amen,Kevin! Good post!

    Sinhala society as a whole a weak one. Any society is built on values and principles, if the don't know what are the real values, they are really in a deep dilemma.

    O.J Simpson thought that he escaped from the human verdict when everyone knew he killed his wife and her lover 12 years ago but juries. Now the same juries gave him life in prison for his other crimes a week back. Karuna may think that he escaped from his terror, but it will come back and haunt in tenfold times later on in god's version.

  73. Ninja-
    Mate, I think DN and DW both release the info possibly too much of a confirmation of the area.
    Not to forget none should be reveling the actual area.

    It's our duty to undestand the main tagrget of the bulletin.

  74. Moshe Dyan,
    Many thanks..Keep up the good work..
    good post there.Kevin what you are seeing is Tamil "Racism" in action at a guess..The Jaffna tamils against a batticalo tamil?..At a guess there is much more to this than meets the eye.According to some here GOD will punish Commander Karuna but will accept VP with open arms?..Is it RACISM we are reading here?Your point is well taken..Commander Karuna has to prove his intentions(for a united SLanka)with action and not just words..well leave the latter to journalists of the BBC etc..First we need to finish the war.

  75. srilanka,

    thanks mate.

    now all eyes will be on the political solution.

    BUT we have to be careful.

    no political solution should recognise tamil aspirations crap. if a political solution is going to accpet (even in part) tamil aspirations, this war is futile. this war is NOT ONLY against the LTTE; it is also against tamil aspirations. as long as these shit stays there will not be peace. these ass-piarationists will again concieve an LTTE and we will be back to square one.

    we are better off giving it to VP's team than to peaceful tamil elamists.

  76. Patriots, scroll down to 6th and 7th photos.


    Hats off to all 3 comrades.

    If I’m not mistaken, this is before the Sri Lanka / Pakistan 20 over in Canada, which we lost narrowly. Photos of the pavement folks should be displayed on giant screens at BIA arrival hall (Passport control)….

  77. Moshe,
    Fully agree.The good tamil people of SLanka have to be "Srilankan" above anything else.

  78. Moshe,
    This is what Ranil.W thought.He wanted VP to liberate the northern tamil people his way..afterall they are the "liberators" arn't they?.Moshe sadly these LTTE di-ass-phora fellows NEED trouble in SLanka forever.

  79. true sri lankan,

    A photo of praba's last moment ((c) Apino 2008).

  80. M.I.A.

    I had written a message to you but got no reply. Perhaps you had missed it:

    "The solution Sri Lanka needs is a political one. But to come there a few military strengths are required. This was the plan of Ranil and Janaka. It was not open and obstinate warfare with bogus promises and downplay of own casualties."

    If you are really Iqbal Athas, then you know very well how badly Ranil had neglected the military during the short time when he was in power- you had written about it!! Do you really think that Ranil and JP saw eye-to-eye on security matters???? The same Ranil who didn't bat an eye when Lakshman Algama was killed? **The same Ranil who has not even named the LTTE as the killer of JP?????**

    "They ridiculed the international community and still think they can beat the LTTE without the support of the international community. They don't care to give a political solution. How can you blame the LTTE if they are not given an alternative?"

    The problem with your "political solution" is that as long as it is around, the LTTE will be sure to sabotage that political solution and make it unworkable. That is the golden lesson of the IPKF experience and the ill-fated North-Eastern Provincial Council. And that is why any political solution must necessarily be preceded by the destruction of the LTTE's military capabilities and the recapture of territory.

    The Rajapakses, whatever their other faults, have correctly assessed that the so-called "international community" (defined primarily by your Western patrons) will always insist that the LTTE be treated as a partner in peace as long as it has a credible military capability. That was the golden lesson (#2) of the CFA. Do you think that the SLA would be knocking on the doors of Kilinochchi, the LTTE's "de facto state," if Ranil had been running the show?

    Contrary to what you imagine, practically the entire world outside of Norway has condemned the LTTE as a terrorist organization. The recent murder of JP only strengthens that perception, regardless of what the Rajapakses do. It is bad enough to be labeled as a terrorist but it is far worse to be labeled as a terrorist who is getting his ass kicked in the jungle.

    "Janaka didn't want defected LTTE cadres to take east. He didn't want clandestine operatives to attack the LTTE in its territory."

    Then please tell us what would JP have done???? The SLA may have been able to take the east without the support of the TMVP, but it would not have been able to hold the east without this support. And why the hell would JP have opposed using long rangers to kill off LTTE leaders??? Respect for Eelam sovereignty??????

    "Janaka captured Rohana Wijeweera in 1989 but didn't kill him. He was a deciplined man."

    You're not making any coherent point. JP may not have killed Wijeweera but somebody else sure did. As a result, the JVP in its militant form collapsed. Are you arguing that Wijeweera should have been spared?????

    "My only worry is that there is no capable individual left to salvage the country and its armed forces."

    My worry is that if you are indeed Iqbal Athas and have no clue about the fruitlessness of a political solution sans a military approach, then there is no capable defense analyst to salvage the pitiful quality of media reporting on this war.

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. No_MESS,

    Thanks for the pictures.

    It's wonderful to see at least one true Sri Lankan girl living in Candada among thousands.

    I think that Tamil people in that picture are doing their JOB. If they didnt do that, how they can live in Canada.. They living there as refugees, by marketing the name of Sri Lanka as a horibal nation. If they didnt do that, most of them have to come back to Sri Lanka.

    However, I believe more Sri Lankans could join with this girl. One true factor is we are lacking patriots living in western countries. Most of Sri Lankans are selfish.. they do not think about their mother country..

  83. Srilankan
    If I can get your post right that there are people in power expect GOD to punish the wrong dowers. I can’t blame that good gentleman for saying that because that’s the way he has been brought up and he can say none other.
    This new breed of guys in the arm forces have got their mind set right. that is no compromise with the terrorists and these brave lads gave their lives and limbs to clear the EP for these racist scum and now they are down and out, we is the government should be able to call the shots in the newly liberated areas without giving one time(failed) liberators a new lease of life. That’s not the way it’s done in the real world. I would prosecute VP for starting this fake war to ‘liberate their people’ from what, as some of our best jobs were given to the Tamils more in proportion to the majority race with respect to their host countries who constantly preach to us on human rights while the official policy blatantly discriminate the people of the unfortunate countries of the non white people. Try go to Canada without an visa with a Nigerian or SL passport while anyone from other white world is allowed. So these terrorists who brought this catastrophe on that innocent country should be made to account not reward them with government ministries. In fact we must take some of these countries who harbour these fund raisers to international courts and ask for compensation. Just imagine a group of refugees living in SL and colleting money to blow up places in US, will the American government just standby? They will divert the Seventh fleet and land their marines in Colombo and rightfully so.

  84. I think there should be a way to capture these Tamil people who participated into these types of acticities, which harm to the goodwill of our mother nation and take legal action once they come back to Sri Lanka in future.

  85. Guys,

    In the absence of military news for obvious reasons, I just thougt of talking about something serious that stares in our face, quite menacingly on a different front. It is much serious than terrorism.

    The Long Over Due Correction

    We thought he is dead and buried - the caricature of the bearded socialist who used to wear red shirts while shouting the well-hackneyed phrases that demonized the capitalism. We not only loathed the folk, but ridiculed at every opportunity because we all suffered at the hands of the tight state controlled mechanisms and the new breed of bueraucrats. Any folk who had unpleasant experience at state run banks a simple service like opening a bank account to withdraw a meagre sum of money, don't want to see the clock turning back.

    Unfortunately, people who forced us to embrace the capitalism ditching much-loathed socialism, now embrace the very thing, not because they love it, but as the last resort, because a complete meltdown that could spark off riots of the calibre of the French Revolution.

    The global banking system is in chaos: they don't trust each other; very cagey about cash; the well-paid over-rated bankers hide under the tables; millions of jobs at risk. The happy lending is over. The stocks are in freefall as if gravity had suddenly becomes stronger by ten fold. Companies consider 3-day-a-week scenario to cut down on expenditure. Oil prices are at a record-low. To sum up the bloody unprecedented gloom, you just need one frightning statistic: the shipping outward traffic from china, the warehouse of the world, has dropped down to a shocking figure.

    Our folks in Sri Lanka are quite laid back on the issue which I find very intriguing, given our dependence on loans, export market and of course employment opportunities.

    Everyone, from politician to the clergyman, scratch the head to find why it all went wrong in such a short time. At least, they have understood that the absence of the ethics factor is the lowest common denominator.

    The leading business schools coined the term, risk factors, and another layer of useless burecrats called risk management was born, in addition to existing useless layers of management. We now see the way they manage the risks.

    In the leading European countries, the banks are nationalised and the government has takent up the big stick. They not only are about to bring in more legislation to control the top management, known as fat cats, but also, are prepared to sit their own men in the boards for supervising. In short, the banks can't operate as independent entities any more. They are under government control.

    If wealthy Europe can't look after itself, we can just imagine the poor countries which depend on their assistance.

    It is reported that countries like Pakistan, Ukraine, Romania - of course Sri Lanka as well - could go bankrupt. The ugly signs of defaulting on loans are beginning to surface. This scenario itsel can create a catastrophe on its own. Just imagine the case when nuclear-armed Pakistan does not have enough credit to import oil from the Middleast. Thye will be forced to sell only thing they have - the know-how of bomb making.

    We saw the ugly facets of socialism and kicked it out. Capitalism came in as our saviour and bred excess after excess to the brink of its collapse. So, now we are forced to cluth on the other extreme - the straw of socialism. Unfortunately, we have no choice now.

    Being in a small country surrounded by rich tropical sea, most of our folks can't afford to buy a kilo of fish at a reasonable price, becaue of the mania of export. This is one trivial part of our uncontrolled capitalism. It is high time ugly things were cut down to size by circumstances.

    Since the socialism is back, don't be surprised if you spot a new wave of bearded undergraduates near your local universities. They know that their time has come - unfortunately, again. You are going to hear familiar slogans agan, folks; brace yourselves for it: 'death to capitalism; death to America; rob the rich; revolution is the ultimate goal; kill the mosquitoes; crush the bugs in the mattress'

  86. wijayapala,

    I find your political views to be very interesting. I understand that you are a Tamil Sri Lankan? If you don't mind, I would like to know your general political affiliation as far as the current war is concerned.

  87. Wijayapala,

    Man what a reply to MIA.

    infact I had to re-register myslf to let me applaud your effort.

    thanks for taking the pains to do it.

    Thanks again.

  88. That chick facing upto the protesters is a hottie. Cheers, sista! You've got more balls than many men I know..

    Once I told a moron holding a placard in Washington DC with the words 'Genocide..." that it really is "Gonocide" because we are killing a bunch of "gon-nammbas" and "gon baduwas". So to get his fcking spellings correct. Or whether his momma didn't teach him how to do it right..

    The bugger turned purple and started mumbling something..He could not speak in English!!!

    At that point it really truend ugly because i called him an Arab terrorist, an illegal, a tamil tiger, and a "pundai". My wife later called it cruelty to animals and shameful behavior in front of her fake boob friends etc. Though i didn't get laid for a few days, it was cruelty I could totally enjoy.

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. The southern commands of the Navy & air force are weak, in light of this fact; relevant steps should be taken to prepare for a repeat of a "galle" incident.

  91. [Since the socialism is back, don't be surprised if you spot a new wave of bearded undergraduates near your local universities. They know that their time has come - unfortunately, again. You are going to hear familiar slogans agan, folks; brace yourselves for it: 'death to capitalism; death to America; rob the rich; revolution is the ultimate goal; kill the mosquitoes; crush the bugs in the mattress']

    I said # of months ago that 700 year old capitalism will see its end in few decades, but I haven't thought that it will start that quickly. Everyone thought that former US fed chairman, Alan Greenspan, is one of a kind genius. In fact he is one of the main culprits of current crisis by favoring the deregulation of derivative market in Wall street. He whines now that problems is not with the deregulation of derivative markets in Wall Street, it's with the people who used the derivative market got greedy- in his words gun did not kill the person, but whoever operated the gun killed the person. Well, if you issue the guns in the ghetto street, what will happen? WS bankers were already greedy ones before the gun which is derivative market issued to them, and they maxed it out in their favor. Thanks Greenspan for your legacy.

  92. Guys,

    CollapseComments 0.0.1 is ready

    Its a FireFox extension that can selectively collapse (and expand too) comments based on nicks and profile ids.

    Extension is hosted at and you can install it by visiting the following URL.
    CollapseComments v0.0.1

    This will allow you to automatically collapse comments by impostors and spammers.

    For more details visit

  93. Anyone interested can have a look at the source. Use the browse box at the top right corner to traverse through directories. You will need a addons.mozilla account.

    CollapseComments 0.0.1 is still in the sandbox, meaning its still in the experimental state.

  94. bhairav

    You are my long lost brother.

    I've been trying to make some people here understand the same thing abt Greenspan. These guys still seem to think Greenspan's argument that the debt created by living off the future doesn't really matter, since the money with which it is paid back will be worth less. That mentality and attitude led to low quality debt creation which easily soared beyond repayment capacity not only at an individual level, but at a national level. Some lending papers I saw in a US bank never even referred to 'Repayment capacity' which is a fundamental that cannot be violated in lending someone else' money to a third party. These first line lenders created a garbage heap and thought they were loading into a sinkhole without a bottom. Well the bottom was in the exchange rate, which soon needed fancy footwork by the lending nations to keep afloat. Again the argument was that the 'gradual' depreciation is "not really a free fall" and as long as liquidity is available, there would not be a bottoming out of global economics. After all the western nations were enjoying their today at the expense of all those third world sweatshop labor.

    Alan Greenspan floated this spit ball which became a mountain above his head. So he jumped ship leaving Bernanke to keep blowing as hard as he could, or perish when it falls on his face. The Cheney lobby even has a noose ready to lynch Bernanke when it does fall, after all Greenspan is a buddy and sidekick in the screwedup campaign to bring in McCain into the White House. These guys politics are as dirty as any third world country's, if not worse.

    Your analysis is brilliant and spot on. But you won't find many western pundits agreeing with you.

  95. qrious,
    Well timed article from you. Sri Lankans seems quite oblivious to these global crisis. They probably are waiting till it comes to their doorsteps. People are withdrawing their cash and hiding them under the mattress. Its the quite opposite of what FDR said when he came to power 'money is safer in banks than under the mattresses.
    Soon we will be planting manioc in our back yards as my farther did during seventies.

  96. “We cannot forget the Sinhalese fishermen. It was divine providence. They came when our trawler was drifting after it developed a technical snag,” Adhimulam, speaking to this website's newspaper, quoted Vinoth as saying.

    After developing a technical snag the trawler drifted in mid-sea for about 17 days. On October 6, the Sinhalese fishing trawler found them, shifted them to their boat and gave food. The Indian trawler was abandoned.

    6 Indian fishermen found in Sri Lanka

    Who will run this story first ?– Tamilnut or BBC Sin

  97. Tigers are bloody lucky every time they on the verg of being defeated. Is the credit crunch their saviour this time around?

  98. The financial crisis cuts both ways.

    If it hits SL, then it will also hit the Tamil Diaspora who live in the west. They are the funding backbone of the LTTE and they will face financial hard times when people spend less money in their shops and get their work hours cut....or even being laid off their jobs.

    So less money flow of the LTTE in the future.

  99. Tropicalstprm
    I honestly think this sudden crash of the stocks is a well planned conspiracy of some sort. Real victims seems to be up and coming Indians and Chineese.Biggest loser we know is Laxhmi Mittal losing 20 billion dollars and China’s assets in the West has almost disintegrated and the and the people in chare are play acting, pretending to be a crisis. The clever crooks sold their shares well ahead, which may be illegal thus crashing the stocks worldwide. TV is interesting when I tried to buy a particular stock after staying on line for over 2 hours that they could not execute my order due to a malfunction in their system. This happened to my friends as well though I was able to buy shares at rock bottom be cause I had a standby system where I could buy on line. I had a feeling some unknown people wanted the stock to go down further so that the villains that sold the stocks prior to collapse will buy cheap the stocks that was dumped by poor panic sellers. A clever move by the guys who sold before the crash and buy now to making a thumping profit. Governments that put their money in billions to support the banks should have bought the stocks that were sold buy the poor pensioners and pension funds. Lets hope I will be able to make a bob or two out of this crisis. Just now the EU people are saying on TV that they will only support the investments of EU citizens so the rest of the overseas investors are you see what I mean. So the crooks from the third world who have deposited investments in these countries are losers? Sin aney! Is there any other way to grab the moneies of the emerging counties like India and China?I would urge them to put their trust in gold.

  100. Kevin,
    Fully agree bro..My comment was that some of these LTTE di-ass-phora "figure"..a lovely new english word like i "reckon" that GOD will punish Mr Karuna but grant VP a place in heaven.GOD will be partial.Bro they wont be punished because there are countries in this world that allow every terrorist group and odd body to immigate in order to keep control on the home country.Some of these lunatics still imagine they own the whole world or a large part of it.
    If it is proven in a court of law(evidence) that xyz participated in funding the LTTE we DONT want them back.They can enjoy the ever ever ever so wonderful life overseas permanently...which is why they really immigrated isnt it?..other than the good tamil citizens who were forced to flee in 1983.

  101. Kevin,
    Hold on bro..lets see what happens.

  102. Srilankan
    Yes! We must welcome good innocent Tamils who fled fearing for their lives in ’83.though India should have been the likely place of refuge they managed to get to West as refugees not because they had less protection in India but they went for better prospects which I don’t blame them as anyone would have taken that chance. These good folks have a home or two in Colombo have their old parents settled in SL.I know quite a few of them in Colombo and my friends keeps an eye on their assets. We welcome them as brother Sri Lankans and they are mostly engaged in looking after their day to day affairs in life, just as any other person. We must protect them and make them feel that they are part of that island, but show no tolerance to idiots who still band together, fundraise to torment that country. It a big business here and they got a fake cause that created a rallying call and the dirty politicians have been subjected to their block vote.

  103. Kevin,
    Bro Very well said..I just hope there is some easyway to sort out the good from the "bad,evil and ugly".
    One of Vp's objectives in life has been to involve poor innocent people(from SLanka)on various operations(overseas)on the promise of a loan for example on a house overseas.In return the recipients work for the LTTE(overseas) all their lives paying back the loan at a "very high interest rate" set by the LTTE of course.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. There are positive moves by Karuna as stated by him in the local papers. He wants his armed cadres to join a civil defence force(CDF) which is a positive sign provided the gosl have complete powers and control. He also wants to change their tiger label. But still a long way off to prove that they have renounced violence. I still thinks ex military men does not make good politicians.

  106. the financial crisis has a HUGE global defence implication.

    US defence spend may well be under tremendous strain and so will be european. but hardest hit would be russia if oil prices collapse.

    chinese economic GROWTH has reduced but still will be growing. TF its defence spending will continue to rise UNABATED. simila situ in japan. mostly similar situ in india.

    it will be intersting to see the relative strengths of each superpower and groups (NATO) when they emerge from the economic crisis.

  107. qrious,

    appreciate your comments mate.

    but nothing wrong with capitalism AFA i can gather. business cycles are here to stay and sometimes the (dips and peaks) are lower/higher than normal.

    the system itself corrects when capitalism falls to the level of a dog fight.

    but i agree socialism will again look more attractive than it was a few months back. but that is not likely to stay long.

    whenever economic growth rate goes negative, it is VERY EASY to have a positive later than otherwise.

    e.g. if the US economy was US$15 trillion for argument sake b4 recession. becomes US$14 trillion within a year of recession. it requires only to be US$14.5 (example only) trillion the year after to stimulate another growth spur. note that 14.5 is STILL LOWER than 15!!!

    this is the beauty of capitalism which socialism cannot match.

  108. Kevin

    This is no conspiracy, neither was it engineered. Of course some people made good money betting on the lower side by short selling, which further precipitated the collapse. The long term undermining of the currency as a result of living beyond means laid the foundation for this collapse.

    Actually this is also a time of re-birth, and a time to plant the seeds as is the rule of the natural world. If you have disposable money, a good time to invest in the long term. definitely not a good time to sell anything you've bought high.

    We are on the threshold of yet another era of another industrial revolution, where new and green technologies will emerge. The start may be slow, but ten years from now, the world as we know it now, will be barely recognizable.

  109. Moshe

    The problem with capitalism is that someone else has to pay the price for others' wealth. Often it is the Third world, even though the economists claim capitalism is not a zero sum game, and trickle down economics benefit all. It does, but not unless there is some measures of governmental oversight to maintain some equilibrium.
    Pure Capitalism, is fashionable to support, but like all extreme theories do not benefit the most.
    Today's crissis is a clear example of such failure.

  110. So, what have we here...

    DN, it appears your blog has been hijacked by our patriotic catz to discuss the pros and cons of Capitalism vs. Socilism vs. Anarchism vs. Nudism, etc. etc!


    Way to go SL patriots...just like us Sri Lankans...when the going gets dull, the dull goes for the free-sex and raunchy! This is what I love about Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans! They know how to stay "engaged" (no, I don't mean "groupies" that yours sincerely OaOA loves to honor by partaking now and then only under duress!!! ;)) ;)) ;))

    So catz, what gives...

    The LTTE bitches/bastards are becoming instant "maaveers" these days...a minimum 30/day and it makes we wonder which Tamil racist mother and father is "going at fullspeed" (i.e. I am told faster than rabbits!) to try and produce would be racist Tamil children to replenish the dieing, brainwashed killers...didn't someone tell them that it takes a minimum 12 years (that is, in LTTE's case!) to produce a child and bring him/her upto the age where he/she can carry a T-56 or strap a suicde jacket and jump at at a explosive-proof SUV? LMSSOA!!!

    Yes, you can go at "it" like rabbits, but it still takes that long to replenish one dead Tamil child!

    Admittedly, this is also true on our side, but where the equation differs is our vastly superior percentage in the population and as such, where we can draw recruits from (now almost 40:1 in our favor in SL), it is not the same grave (pardon the pun; not intended) concern on our side (stil, yes not to say it is NOT a concern).

    Hey PakaL... apologies...didn't see it earlier...yes it certainly was a good one about the N Tamil populace licking the VP stamp on the face side instead of on the glue side! LMSSAO!!!

    Well, in a to take part in a midnight pongu-thamil rally in our local chapter...and we are told to come prepared with loose-fitting clothes and a sharp object having a diameter of 3 inches! Mmmmm...rather unusal request, but I must comply being the faithful pongu-thamilian that I am...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  111. TS,

    agree. that's why i said "the system itself corrects when capitalism falls to the level of a dog fight."

    govts, democratic elections and strong legal systems are also very much part of the system.

    domocracy never held strong in societies other than capitalist ones. so, unlike in socialism, there are checks and balances in capitalism to re-energise the system. same about the legal system.

  112. LT

    India's Advisor for National Defense M.K. Narayanan has told Sri Lanka's deputy High Commissioner for India Palithe Ganegoda that military and other aid from India would be stopped if the operations being carried out in Wanni are not stopped immediately.

    Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu government K. Karunanidhi had informed Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that their support to the Central government would be withdrawn if India didn't stop the attacks on Tamil people by Sri Lankan Security Forces in Wanni. As such, the talk that is going round diplomatic circles is that a powerful official from India would arrive in the island soon to convey the Indian order to halt Wanni operations immediately.

  113. Kevin,
    Bro.. on the other hand ex-military men may make good politicians because they have witnessed/participated in the dreadful side of life..just depends on the particular individual concerned i think.As For Mr Karuna he will be happy if there is development in the east..At least i hope so..only time will tell..

  114. Sri Lankan
    IMHO if karuna tries to mess things up... GOSL can easily bump him off and make it look like ltte did it so chances are that Karuna and PIlliyan both will try to stick within a democratic process and win the people over than revert back to warfare...
    I'm sure they would know by now living a normal life out of war is far cooler than playing soldier boyz for VP

  115. Sam,

    If you want to find out who I am, read what I write rather than what others write about me.

    My political affiliation: anti-retard.

  116. "India's Advisor for National Defense M.K. Narayanan has told Sri Lanka's deputy High Commissioner for India Palithe Ganegoda that military and other aid from India would be stopped if the operations being carried out in Wanni are not stopped immediately."

    If Narayanan really told that to Ganegoda then he's an idiot. What's the purpose of offering military aid that can't be used??????

  117. Moshe,

    I am for capitalism, hate socialism and loathe socialists who often wear beards to emulate comrade Castro.

    The point that I highlighted was the inevitable come-back of this damn thing, against our wishes.

    Everyone is nervous in this part of the world about their jobs, savings and homes. The banks are nationalised yet it has no positive impact on the stock market; share price is in free fall. That means things will not end at a point we all wish it would. The European union looks like just another myth. Countries are going their own ways that has caused a lot of dissension among member states. In short, we see the tip of a very large iceberg.

    What I pick on to blame are the excesses of capitalism, not capitalism as a concept. We all thrive under it. The excesses got us where we are now.

    Unfortunately, the government have been forced to act - more and more regulation with an iron fist. Gone are the days of free flow of transactions of credit. At the moment, cash is the king.

  118. Jayalalitha Jeyaram

    I can't understand this woman and wonder whether any one can except Peeter and late MGR who made her an ex-virgin.

    She made quite a stir in the state of Tamilnadu against the military operations which in turn prompted her arch-rival, Karunanidhi to follow suit - saree, to be more precise. He made the same noise and even threatned to bring down the central government on this single issue, that has nothing to do with national politics. Even he retracted some of his rhetoric blaming it on media.

    We are lucky that this pair in our neighbourhood will never be united on anything. The tug-of-war between Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi keeps things at a manageable state.

    Jayalalitha says she never supported the LTTE and Tamil militancy. There is an element of truth in it; she is a pro-India politician. However, her ex-lover, the film legend MGR, was a staunch supporter of the LTTE. Her relationship with the brutes during that period is a mystery; she may have loathed the rascals then as well while pulling wool over MGR's then ailing eyes. A Brahmin by birth, she may not have been comfortable with what she sees as low-brow Srilankan Tamils. However, her stance on the LTTE after the death of Rajiv Gandhi has been consistent up until now; she used to brand them as terrorists.

    Karunanidhi is the one who blows hot and cold over this issue. When Thamil Chelvem got killed he wrote a poem on his behalf saying that he doesn't go brotherless. A few months later, he said that the Tigers are terrorists who face ignomnious defeat at the hand of Sri Lankan security forces. He even went on to say that the fight against Tigers is not a fight against Tamils.

    One thing is clear; neither gives a damn about the Tamils in Sri Lanka. If they really care about them, the first thing they should do is setting an example by looking after the folks who are already there as refugees. They suffer day in day out due to discrimination at all levels: they can't own a house; find jobs and under constant surveillance. It is hillarious to shed tears on Tamils in an island when there are Tamils in your own backyard under worse circumstances in terms of wealth, education and health.

    The volatile nature of these two persanalities in Tamilnadu shows one thing: the LTTE lobbies are in full swing to turn the tide against Sri Lanka using all their financial might.

    The Indian Express suddenly carries out a survey and found 51% support the LTTE. What an astonishing number - exactly 51. This itself speak volumes about the undercurrents.

    If it was 49%, that would have interpreted as lack of support for the brutes. On the other hand, if it was, say 60%, noone would have believed it, as thre reality is far from it. So, to strike the right balance they chose - 51%.

    One aim of this collective effort of the lobbies is to create a safe haven for thousands of LTTE supporters, including the TNA folks, in Vanni who do not stand a chance of living peacefully there, once Killinochchi is taken. The Tamils will turn agaist them for abducting thier children and abusing their contacts with the outfit. Where else are they going to go, unless they choose to jump into Indian ocean to commit collective suicide?

    Both Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi are caught up in this storm.

    Jayalalitha's saree is going up and so is Karunanidhi's veitte. We see them in true colours now. They both wear pampers underneath their expensive garments. The childish behavior of both is explicable; the pair are kids inside.

    I wish I was an archer with a quiver full of arrows. I want to pierce the pampers pronouncing Vellupillai Prabhakaran - one arrow for each letter.

  119. qrious,

    i know, mate.

    "I wish I was an archer with a quiver full of arrows. I want to pierce the pampers pronouncing Vellupillai Prabhakaran - one arrow for each letter."

    LOL! LOL!

    you will end-up having a KEBAB party for dogs!!!

  120. I'll be changing my nick to 'sithsala'

  121. Qurious,

    Castro adopted the beard from Marx while WBahu got his pipe !

    Whatever is the system, it works on plans. On one hand there is planning by the central commitee and on the other the planning by private companies.

    The question is whose plans are the best, who is able to take into account maximum number of relevant parameters.

    For example, USSR pumped the waters from the Ural sea to irrigate cotton plantations. It worked well during 50 years till the sea dried up together with all the plantations. Now the whole are has become a barren land, a desert.

    If the Brit capitalist had their way they would have made whole of Ceylon a tea plantation which would have lasted not more than 60-70 years leaving us the inhabitants a parched land with no rains because central forest hills are the catchment area for all the rains we get.

    Whatever the system, excessive greed leads to misery.

  122. qrious

    good one - the arrows


    for once you've got one over qious

    a kebab for dogs

  123. Hi Wijayapala:

    I sent you an e-mail to the e-mail address once you gave in the blog.

    Could you please check it.

    The purpose of the e-mail was to appreciate your arguments and balance AND
    express disappointment with you occassional insults. If you have facts and logic and right emotions why try to emulate others. Thanks!

    Baleema Saha Dakeema


  124. Sorry!

    It shoud read "your occassional insults"


    Baleema Saha Dakeema

  125. Shan,


    any news, mate?

    we seem to be lagging behind in news. suddenly there was the news that 58 has reached jayapuram which is 7 km north of nachchikuda.

    looks like both and tn are waiting for something BIG to happen.

  126. Ranil,
    EXactly.No we should not even imagine killing them at any time..The simple fact that 2 tamil people are in the govt willing to listen instead of take up arms allows us to throw shit at the ever ever so very noble GODLY "human rights" dog shit for starters..Will it make LTTE-di-ass-phora fund raising a little harder do you think?.No dont misunderstand me I WANT these LTTE di-ass-phra buffoons to raise funds and for VP to use his agents(overseas) to "threaten" them if they dont agree overseas and collect their money just for him.Afterall he is this "liberator" isn't he?.Lets see where "revenge" gets them..

  127. Ranil,
    I always remember a saying from LORD GOD IC-"You reap the seeds you sow"

  128. MathaMathica,
    Very well said.We are a small country and cannot let excessive greed rule us.However there is nothing wrong with business as it will provide jobs and a connection to the rest of the wider world.

  129. mathematica, Shan

    I agree with you; unless we curb the excesses of capitalism who put forward the well-hackneyed argument - investment, investment and then jobs, jobs - it is inevitable the socialism will be back. I hate it so do most of the folks here.

    All rich countries which now struggle were champions of market economy; they are not short of investments or capitols. Yet, they are on their knees.

    Some of the folks here highlighted sometime back the way the buildings in the Galle Fort were sold to foreigners, especially during Ranil's reign. I just wonder how prosperous Galle has become since then, if the buzzword is long-term benefits - a decade is a long time, I suppose.

    Our small country has an ocean full of fish, yet our folks - not just the ordinary people, even middle classes - cannot afford to buy a kilo of fish, thanks to the over-enthusiasm of promoting exports, at the expense of the nation's basic needs.

    What we see across the globe is the much-needed correction. Let's hope our folks emulate the right things of the capitalism, not its ruthlessly stinking bad bits.

    The sooner the we change our attitudes, the better. At least, the reserves of the rich nations can bail their institutions out. Who is going to bail us out, if we are pushed against the wall?

    This is not defence; but in the absence of defence news, there is nothing wrong in discussing something topical. Otherwise, we are going to fight each other over silly little things, when get bored. Boredom is as dangerous as terrorism.

  130. Sri Lanka can avoid its staggering annual fuel bill its paying right now by swithcing to sugar cane ethanol.

    If we grew sugar cane in 65,000 hectares it will produce about 370 million litres of ethanol per year. This is enough to COMPLETELY replace our current petrol consumption.

    BTW, 65,000 hectares is about 1% of the total land mass of the island.

    So if we put aside 1% of our land to grow sugar cane for ethanol, we can get ourselves off foreign oil which is costing us close to two billion dollars per year.

  131. Hi Moshe

    its' not no news, it's a lot of good news not told...troops din't reach jayapuram overnight, if you get my point.

    we have to be contended with that for now. as you sau we are lagging behind news and i'll add saying not lagging behind in terms of action on and off the battlefield.

  132. Guys.. Posted this cos this is vital for Sri Lanka as the tigers are playing on this too..
    Sri Lanka asks EU to extend GSP Plus trade deal

  133. Moshe

    an interesting piece on defencewire last year on The LTTE's North Korean Connection which is a hot topic nowadays

  134. Horoscope analysis of: Velupillai Prabhakaran

    I am a qualified Astrologer and a Palm Rader.

    Just by looking at some one’s palm I can tell whether he is a w@nker or not! If any of the blogers wants to know, pls scan ur right hand palm (if ur a left hander pls scan both palms) and email to me and I’ll let u know how u r going with ur monkey business.

    On Astrology, once I went to a joint in Wellawatha where poosary from India would read ur “life book”. Many Intelligent Tamils were there to see whether their son’s and daughter’s will get 8D’s and 4A’s and lot of them interested in finding out whether they will get “Refugee Status” in UK, Australia, Norway and Canada.

    Anyway, on that day I found out I have the ability to predict and I am a qualified Astrologer. I paid Rs.1000 and waiting for the poosary to tell me whether I will get to hump Michelle Reimers and is it worth spending Rs. 5 to 10,000 for a 1h on her?

    Poosary took his time and as u can imagine I was horney and poosary clearly didn’t had any idea of what I am looking for. So, I told poosary :

    AG: Poosary machan, don’t talk fcuking BS. I am not interested in a car accident. Pls give me my money back.

    Poosary: I don’t understand Sinhalese!

    AG: U fcuking smart ars@, I am talking in ENGLISH to u! not in Sinhalese! If u don’t give me my money back, then according to ur “Star Sign” I am PREDICTING a “Massive Astronomical Object” will go up in ur ars@ soon.

    Poosary: (speaking in Sinhalese) machan, pls take ur money and pissoff will ya! (Thambi… give him his money…fcuking pain in the ars@ ) Don’t come back ok?? I have enough customers! …ding…ding…ding…ding… next…

    AG: Huk@pan poosariya! (and I took ding-dong – bell he use- with me for the time wasted)

    So, as u all can c my predictions were correct! Here are my predictions on VP!

    VP: Born on November 26, Pirapaharan is a Sagittarian! Lord of the sign Sagittarius is Jupiter! Number of Jupiter is 3! And it is very important VP to protect his 3 (2 Ping-Pong and the Chinese Roll)

    MONEY: As a Sagittarian, VP is careless and irresponsible with money. So better to leave it with Die-Ass-Pora and refugees in the West and Tsunami Funds agencies. The credit crisis going to have a massive impact on funds as lot of people canceling credit cards. Funds for the Dawarak’a dowry and funds for Charles joy flights and wife’s shopping need to be tightened.

    EDUCATION: Fcuking hopeless! Only chance of further education looming is in unlikely event of VP manage to catch an Indonesian smuggling boat and drop in Darwin or Perth. Then he can be enrolled (die-ass-pora will pay fees and arrange a Granny Flat to stay) in to do a “Bakery Course” in a TAFE to get PR.

    EMLOYMENT: currently unemployed and living on Government Assistant, Tsunami Funds and die-ass-pora funds. Possibilities of changing work environment looming and could end up getting a job as a dummy to test Landmines. I strongly advice die-ass-pora to keep pumping money if u want to keep his un-employment status. Major obstacles of getting a job are his elusive life, unethical work practice, high possibility of fraudulent activities, suicide nature and dumbness.

    MARRIAGE: Only possibility is to ask Adele Balasingham or her sister to marry another patient this time chronic diabetes. Current lady keeping in the jungle was not legally married and still have that complain made by her father of kidnap and rape to the police station.

    ROMANCE: Planetary positions suggest that he is romantically involved with all women Suicide Cases and VP get an instant BLOW when he heard of them blowing up!

    FUTURE: As a Sagittarian VP is blindly optimistic about wining his racists 2 acres. And looking forward to enjoy the day when he get to live surrounded by the Intelligent Tamil race. It is ironic that the Intelligent Tamil race only hope is uneducated VP.

    HEALTH: Very superficial and do lot of sacrifices to fcuking monkey god (ancestry of ITR – Intelligent Tamil Race) for better health with blowing up pregnant women, disable women, virgins, young men, children and mass scarifies of men, women and children in public places.

    LIFE Expectancy: His eighth house as well as his ascendant (Lagna) shows the likelihood of short life just like the short man himself. His “Best Before” used date already past and expiry date is set to 01.01.2010 unless his ninth house moved to eighth house and some one give real time ground information to SLAF.


  135. Heros' Day Message by Vezapille Pirapaharan

  136. very interesting clip from the norther front. aren't these guys brave

  137. This is as usual Indians conniving to hijack the "tamil cause" only as a political platform, and to keep it at that level. This is similar to stage managed wrestling games. each side clearly understands how far each will go and will stop short of making moves that will be disadvantegeous to India.

    It's all a circus. they continue to get paid by the LTTe at the same time

  138. The Eelam bubble
    The Tamil diaspora still talk of winning the "Eelam" war, of seeing "the light at the end of the tunnel of a mythical Tamil state" , even as six elite army divisions strategically lay siege to the Wanni heartland. As it is there is a light, that of a fast-approaching express train that would steam roll the "Eealm" myth to the sun baked Wanni floor forever.

    from 'Six Silent Men'


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