Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SLAF gunships raid LTTE targets in Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi

Offering continued support for the ongoing ground offensives, SLAF gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron attacked at least 5 LTTE targets in the north today (8th) and yesterday (7th). The targets attacked today include LTTE gathering points west of Nayaru lagoon, Mullaithiv. An LTTE build up north east of Akkarayankulam was attacked yesterday.

While the air strikes are continuing, ground troops are preparing for a major push towards Kilinochchi. It is expected that the LTTE will dig in and fight to prevent their de facto capital from falling and casualties are expected for both sides. Fighting raged across the FDL south east of Kilinochchi today and yesterday when LTTE launched counterattacks on SLA units on the front line. 12 SLA soldiers were killed in these battles. More than 25 LTTE cadres too are believed to be killed and an unknown number have been wounded. The LTTE has captured a small quantity of arms and ammunition from the SLA. Tigers have deployed its hard core formations on this front in a last ditch effort to save the town from falling. SLA Operations are still continuing despite resistance.

Meanwhile intelligence units report that the Kilinochchi hospital (which is now void of civilian patients) is now entirely being used by the LTTE to treat its cadres wounded in fighting with the SLA.


  1. Its true Sri Lankan malli, LTTE does not represnt Tamil Community. LTTE should represent all the freedom fightors in the world.

  2. Eezham Tamils not abandoned by Tamil Nadu, says LTTE
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 08 October 2008, 13:55 GMT]
    Expressing gratitude on behalf of the Eelam Tamils for the solidarity shown by the leaders and the masses of Tamil Nadu, the Political Division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE), in a statement issued on Wednesday said that Tamils, facing an onslaught by the indiscriminate shelling and bombardment by the Sri Lankan forces which were supported by all the Sinhala parties in the south, were inspired by the expression of solidarity that had come from all the political leaders of Tamil Nadu.

    The LTTE statement described the plight of the thousands of Tamils uprooted from their homes and villages and forced to seek refuge under the trees due to the "genocidal war" launched by the Mahinda Rajapaska regime, said the solidarity expressed by the political leaders in Tamil Nadu carried a significant message. The voice from Tamil Nadu has come at a time when the Rajapaksa regime is "conceited in its military aggression with the thinking that there is no one in the world to voice for or extend their support to the Eezham Tamils."

    All the Sinhala forces and parties were giving support to the war being waged by the Rajapaksa government with a wrong assumption that even Tamil Nadu would not come forward to voice for Eezham Tamils, the statement signed by LTTE Political Head B. Nadesan said.

    Countries opposed to India were militarily assisting the Sinhala state and some countries of the world were providing financial support, the LTTE statement charged. "Making use of the inter-state diplomatic relations, the Sinhala state was engaged in focusing all of its efforts to crush the just freedom struggle of the Eelam Tamils."

    The Eezham Tamils hoped that the solidarity extended by all the leaders of Tamil Nadu would transcend into a practically sound political support, the LTTE statement issued in Tamil further said.

  3. Thanks DN.
    How big is the LTTE gathering points usually?
    Are those 50+ or less?

  4. Thanks for the update DN.

    It looks like the LTTE will use babies to keep the Kililochchi Hospital open. And of course with a little help from BBC Sin who have just discovered a ‘ humanitarian


    in wannni region’

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  6. Hey puli,

    Thats why TTE has chewed all the other parties and groups those were representing Tamils.

    I agree with u on

    "LTTE should represent all the freedom fightors in the world."

    After it is wiped put then there will be no one to represent Tamils.

    Hoo Hooo Hoooooooo

  7. no_mess,
    "BBC Sin who have just discovered a ‘ humanitarian crisis"

    I guess it's like "Who discovered gravity?"
    By answering that, some forget it was there all along.

    The same answer should be given to this "humanitarian crisis" bs. It's been there all along.
    SLG is trying to help those people with a humanitarian mission.

  8. What will modaya do in Killinochchi?

    Put up another oversized statue of the Buddah, like they did in Trinco?

    Stupid, ruining the image of a good man.

    chapter two

  9. Many LTTE supporters calling Sinhalese Modaya in English terms stupid …well I believe stupidity will not come with anyone’s race or nationality …I have my own experience working in UK where a lot of Tamils work with me. Many of them work as cleaners for many years some more than 10 years with British Passport. Even though they have been in UK so many years they are not able to speak or understand any English. Is this because Tamils are intelligent or they are reluctant to learn or integrate? In this scenario I do not want to emphasise that learning English makes someone Intelligent what I want to say is if anyone is saying Sinhala people modaya (stupid) we assume that the person who called us more intelligent than us…
    if you take politician out of Sinhala community Sinhala nation is one of the greatest nation in the world who gave so many invaluable history to the world.
    With the help of British emperor Sri Lankan Tamils got a chance (when Sinhalese rejected them) learn English and take all jobs away from majority Sinhalese. In fact Tamils from India were sent all over the world for agricultural work by British Emperor as they are intelligent?. I believe that Tamils are equally intelligent to any other nation except cultural differences.

    Finally sinahla population in the world 18 million & Tamil population only 65 million.

  10. perein,
    "How big is the LTTE gathering points usually?
    Are those 50+ or less?"

    Less, most of the time (unless its a major counterattack - which these are not). Around 15-25 mostly.

  11. puli

    Eezam tamiz not abandoned by say?

    why is thy funky verbosity halfbaked, funky monkey?

  12. puli

    by the same verbiage you should be 'puzi' instead...

    are you an 'eazy puzi'...?

  13. TS

    Is it puzi or puzhi?


    Are there any more trenches after this in Poonaryn or K'chi?

  14. DN

    It is said 22-3 brigade give side support to 59D. I think 22D is a defensive division. located in Welioya? Are they now in offensive?

    Also, we alwyas see MI-24 gunships attacking. It is said SLAF has MIG29 and MI35 too. Why they don't use them?

  15. Hey Guys,

    Out of topic. But worth reading this is ..

    I reckon that Top Leaders of our nation should pay attention to this ASAP.

    Preparing for the Next Crisis: When the Troops Come Home

  16. Top of the morning to all!

    I work up to wired and wonderful world of TamilNet! The LTTE terrorists in the jungle managed to count how many SLA dead but no LTTE Terrorists casualties. May be they are still counting how many LTTE terrorists dead! May be too many dead and LTTE Terrorists having trouble counting!

    “onru; , irandu; , moondru, ...oh fcuk I missed one…back to first one… onru; , irandu; , moondru …. Who the fcuk shooting at me??? …Sh#t I miss one again… onru; , irandu; , moondru ….Hi thangachiiii…. I am the captain… wanna quickie?....oh fcuk me dead… I lost count again… oh fcuk it! I can’t count again.. ..just make it “aayiram LTTE terrorists dead”!” aayiram??? 1000??? Yeh, WTF we all will be dead soon! I am just practicing “Short Selling”

    Anyway, big thanks for all the feedback boys! Apino: it would be wonderful if some one to forward the Real Ravana story to my email address one day!

  17. ninja,

    i think we use Mi-35s but their "generic" name is still Mi-24.

    russian names are HIGHLY misleading. better use the american name - "hind".

  18. Sujeewa: wonderful!

    U have stole some of my thunder as I also wanted to do a bit about Intelligent Tamils race calling Sinhalese moday!

    Intelligent Tamils race calling Sinhalese moday as same as all the Indian and SL people living in Australia calling Aussies “dumb” and calling themselves the Intelligent ones! I know Aussies are laughing their ars@ off for that!

    Other thing I noticed about Di-Ass-Pora morons who do some feed back in DN and DW are all ways short of ideas and topics! But they are very good @ repeating same BS over and over and talk about 83, language policy and mythical and racist 2 acres.

    This “Intelligent Tamils race” thinks that Sinhalese are modays and they were born to educate Sinhalese. I would say “go jump to an open pit toilet”. How u going to educate some one else when ur short of wisdom and being spoon fed so much crap from the cradle and lacks the lateral thinking.

    And other thing this “Intelligent Tamils race” often do is bragging about is their academic skills. This is the same thing Indian and SL community in Australia doing today. But, who runs the country? Aussies!

    I always had a high regards towards Tamil Business community in SL. They run about ¼ of the countries economy and very smart! But most of the Tamil Academic community in SL (and even in overseas) in the other hand nothing but winghers and traitors! All they have is a just a piece of paper and access to a key board!!

  19. DefenceNet,
    I dont like these major offensives..what do you think?..we need to bleed these LTTE bastards badly..mind you i am all for forcing the conscripts to surrender so that we can return them back to their families..

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  21. //“onru; , irandu; , moondru, ...oh fcuk I missed one…back to first one… onru; , irandu; , moondru …. Who the fcuk shooting at me??? …Sh#t I miss one again… onru; , irandu; , moondru ….Hi thangachiiii…. I am the captain…//

    Ha Ha Ha words...

  22. When a Fox and Vixen are in the Neighbourhood - only chikens are at stake

    The tireless traveller, Marco Polo, left an indelible footprint in the sand of time, by doing, what was during his time unthinkable - crossing the hostile and almost barbaric frontiers on foot.

    In the case of modern traveller, the motivation could be money, fun, fame or bit of each. There is no evidence that Marco was prompted by any of these; may be he had an irresistible urge to take the plunge.

    He was plucky enough to set his foot in the Indian sub-continent too and had made some interesting observation that border on intrigue.

    The old geeza, Marco, has come across folks in this part of the world with heads that resemble those of dogs and foxes. Apart from this anatomical anamoly, they, according to this travelling legend, were true human beings: they ate as everyone else; breathed throgh nostrils not the pores of skin; deprecated in the open while chatting to each other, something you still find in the rural part of India; and above all, produced offspring.

    The mutterings that come across the narrow Palk Straits remind us of the existence of that particular offstring still in the southern tip of Bharatha.

    Their behaviour in recent days sums up who they are: they never say what they do and never do what they say.

    All of a sudden they notice the extermination of their kind, next door. They want us to believe this particular species are well looked after in their own backyard in the same way as the citizens of Utopia. Among those who make ripples, a fox and a vixen stand out.

    The fox, who wear sun glasses even on New Moon day is an atheist; he mockEd Rama last year for constructing a bridge across sea without any qualification of civil engineering. Hiding behind the dark glasses is a figure who had created a cult of himself as a sustitute to existing countless deities. Mocking age-old gods and goddesses is one way of directing traffic towards himself. In his hey day, he used to write scripts for movies which became magnets for the poor illeterates to suspend their daily struggles temporarily; the educated middle class folks found these movies gut-wrenching and sheer garbage.

    The vixen, on the other hand, acted in movies with a chap called MGR, who was an actor-turned former chief minister - a phenomenon in his own right. Born in Hatton Sri Lanka, he suffered from Cliff Richard syndrome: embarassed to be associated with his motherland. Sir Cliff Richard, who sang hits like Congratualations and Summer Holiday, did not want to be known that he was an Indian. MGR acted in hundreds of films, taught the vixen how to act and keep acting at the expense of his legal wife, Janaki. MGR is the first known financial contributor to the Tigers - a collosol sum in cash. He was so rich and powerful that money was kept in cellars instead of banks to fool the taxman. During his dying days, he realized the futility of the savings and huge chunk was given to Prabha. Go down the page and you see the pair: Prabha did look like the schoolboy who got caught pinching the ball of his friend.He may hav e thought he made a contribution to a liberation struggle; what happened is MGR made a shortcut to hell.

    When fox and vixen unite, we hear the scream of mating. However, as far as this pair is concerned it is tall order.

    Instead, they started exploiting the plight of a section of people they say they represent, for their mean political games: one is sending telegrams and the other goes after the highest court of the land to grab islands.

    We are grateful the great traveller Marco Polo for giving us the insights about this strange creatures. The fox, vixen and other like species behave exactly as Marco depicted - carry human bodies with strange heads. Lack of consistency in anything they say or do is ample proof that they are the descendants of what Marco prompted to write in earnest upon observation.

  23. I often see many of our political leaders (eg.SB) and many so called educated sinhalese say "we all came from India, so SL belongs to all of us, all are same" etc. OK. But the problem is they start like that but end justifying federel system or 'tamil demands'.

    Well, legally every person has equal rights and must be treated same way. Then how come one specific ethnic gruop can get any thing special? Gen SF's recent statement which was subjected to critisism from all like UNP/hakeem co. made me think about what he said.

    He said SL belongs to sinhalese. He didn't say SL doesn't belong to other Sri Lankans. OTOH does not SL belong to sinhalese?


    "Sinhalese came to SL from India."

    Firstly, We use the term 'India' to refer the land/kingdom esixted at that time as 'barathaya' or 'dambadiva' or parts of it. Since present India is a product of British, technicaly its history started as a British colony.

    If sinhalese came to SL from India there should be sinhalese living in India at that time. But this is not true.

    Truth is some people came to SL 2500 hundred years ago and after 2-300 hundred years they establish a new langauge known as sinhalese today togther with a culture and political identity uniqe to them.

    Some people treat sinhales as forigners saying real local are 'vaddas'. (Real motive realtes to tamiz eezaam rather than 'vaddas'.)

    We note that after they came to SL no matter what they didn't go back to where ever they came. This is in contrast to south indian invaders. Even after ruling few decades from Anuradapura south indian invaders went back to south india when they were attacked later by sinhala prices/kings.

    Even today you can see tamiz refugees leave the 'homeland' and go back to tamilnadu (they know from where they came here) while 'sinhala invaders' dying in the sinhala soil no matter what happan, simply due to there is no other extra homelands for sinhalese to run back.

  24. Boys, sorry about my spelling! Should be ” I woke up to… “

    I am a dyslexic anyway ! : )) or a modaya !

  25. Ninja

    The Mi-35 actually is an advanced version of the Mi-24.

    Often it is difficult to differentiate between them due to similarity in appearance. Both variants are in use.

    We have not heard of the mig-29s going into action yet. These are said to be capable of both fighter and bomber roles. Let's wait and see.

    Personally I am not convinced that these are the best thing we need right now.

  26. PakkaLanka

    [MIA = ATHAS = WP Asithri, you are spot on mate. The unholy trinity is now trying to untangle themselves (itself?) by trying to contradict or disagree with each other]

    Yep bro, at times these undercover terrorists sympathizer-MFs do go on unnatural sex-orgies where they tangle their evil bodies so intensely that they find it a very onerous to untangle in a hurry!

    Qrious - any expert opinion here would be most welcome!


    OaO Asithri

  27. PakkaLanka

    [MIA = ATHAS = WP Asithri, you are spot on mate. The unholy trinity is now trying to untangle themselves (itself?) by trying to contradict or disagree with each other]

    Yep bro, at times these undercover terrorists sympathizer-MFs do go on unnatural sex-orgies where they tangle their evil bodies so intensely that they find it a very onerous to untangle in a hurry!

    Qrious - any expert opinion here would be most welcome!


    OaO Asithri

  28. Sorry DN about the dupe computer just froze (at a YouTube flic VP on top of a Jaffna goat going at full speed!)... apologies...

    Yours humble,

    OaO Asithri

  29. Peter

    [What will modaya do in Killinochchi?]

    Good question my beloved son-of-whore…

    Well for starters…how about…

    The modayas will first “do” your Sakkilinocchi LTTE mother up-side-down before they go “down-side-up” on her …???

    After all, I say anything to solve this damn “ethnic issue” …what say you SOW?


    OaO Asithri

  30. "Sorry DN about the dupe computer just froze (at a YouTube flic VP on top of a Jaffna goat going at full speed!)... apologies...

    Yours humble,

    OaO Asithri


    LOL, so from this we can see that ass studies Pirabaharan more than even a common Tamil man. LOL.

    I guess you respect him more than you do yourself or any other person your similar.

    To All, sorry I had been away so long but I had been busy with many things.

    May the Triple Gem bless my ass.

  31. Shar-up yo-arse

    [May the Triple Gem bless my ass.]

    Very touching wish...however SLDF boyz are just about 1/2km from your Sakkillinocchi and when they get there, your maggot infested ass is gonna go up on burning Kelani tires - guaranteed!

    Want me to remind you of how another era's tire-burning went? Ouch… I guess not uh?


    OaO Asithri

  32. scrap said,

    "May the Triple jumper bliss my ass."

    any triple jumpers to screw sharp in his arse???????

  33. Dear Peter,

    "I work on oil rig. Three months work and three months home."

    That explains your problem with basic chronology and keeping up with events. You come back not realizing that you lost the entire Mannar District while jacking off to photos of your roommate's sister at sea. Well, please accept my condolences for such a shitty work setup. I'll try to be more patient with you from now on.

    "Please send me more copies of Mahavmsa, so that I can take another break."

    I'll do better, I'll show you where our previous conversation left off, and then we'll all see what you'll pull out of your ass for an answer:

    "If that is what you have been taught in the name of ‘history’ then carry on believing so. As a Tamil, I can say that we relate in no way whatsoever to the Mahavamsa.”

    Somehow I had the feeling you would give a dumbass answer like this. As it turns out, I was not “taught” that the Tamils revered the Sinhala historical chronicles, because the Sinhalese generally are unfamiliar with Tamil literature and are ignorant of the pre-colonial Tamils’ notion of history. I had to read the Tamil literature myself and be surprised by the correlation between the Sinhala and Tamil versions.

    I wrote the following last year, with key excerpts:

    Vijaya in the Tamil Historical Tradition

    Perhaps the most well-known Tamil literature dealing with the origin of the Jaffna Kingdom is the Yalpanavaipavamalai (YVM), written in the 18th century CE by Mayilvakana Pulavar for the Dutch Governor. The text itself was derived from four preexisting texts: Pararajasekeran-ula, Rasamurai, Kailayamalai, and Vaiyapatal, although only the latter two texts have survived to modern times.

    The YVM opens with a brief account of the Ramayana, and then proceeds to give its own account of the Vijaya legend which is very similar to that in the Mahavamsa.

    The Tamil chronicler appears to have gone to lengths to associate Vijaya’s faith with that of the majority of Jaffna Tamils and to illustrate the first Sinhala king as an exemplar devotee of Shiva. If some of us in modern times do not see how the Vijaya legend, even if taken literally serves the cause of Sinhala supremacy, it is quite clear that the Tamil chronicler Mayilvakanapular did not either!

    Vijaya’s legacy in the YVM does not end here. The story continues to King Ukkirasingan, who may have been the same as Kalinga Magha of the Culavamsa in the 13th century CE and is credited for establishing the forerunner of the Jaffna kingdom. The chronicler appears to have noted that Magha had originated from the same part of India as Vijaya, and thus he describes Ukkirasingan as a descendant of Vijaya’s brother who had remained in India. Ukkirasingan’s ancestral link with Sinhabahu is further demonstrated in his leonine face, which he cures at Keerimalai, and the chronicler establishes Ukkirasingan’s identity with the Tamils by describing his marriage to a Chola princess.

    At this point we must again stop and ask why the Tamil chronicler would want to identify the progenitor of the Jaffna kingdom with the descendant of a lion and a human being—which the Tamil chronicler appears to have genuinely interpreted as a lion-human miscegenation ? For what reason did the lineage of the Jaffna kings have to be traced back to Vijaya? Is it possible that the chronicler acknowledged Vijaya as the original ruler of Lanka, and thus any legitimate claimant to that title had to establish some connection with Vijaya?

    The Jaffna chronicle is not the only medieval Sri Lankan Tamil literature where Vijaya appeared. The Mattakalappu: Purva Carittiram, a collection of ola leaf texts from Batticaloa recently edited and published by Mr. and Mrs. S. Kamalanathan contains several sections on “Vicayan” and his origins. The narrative begins with his mother Sirimathi of Vanga and her half-lion children Singavaku and Singavalli, and continues to his exile in Lanka, meeting Kuveni, and becoming the ruler of the island. Like the YVM, the Batticaloa chronicle also describes “Kalinga Makon” and his conquest of the island, although the account more resembles that of the Culavamsa.

    My article goes on to describe the Sinhala chronicler’s familiarity with Tamil, particularly Chola literature, as well as the Mahavamsa’s confirmation of key events and locations in Tamil history.

    Now my dear Peter, if you dispute anything in the article I invite you to write a rebuttal, complete with appropriate references to the Tamil literature. If you lack the basic familiarity with medieval Sri Lankan Tamil literature to provide a response, you will have to live with the fact that you had to learn about your own written history from a Sinhalese.

    “WWII was initiated by German attempt to occupy other people’s homeland. This included the actual occupation of France’s landmass from May 1940 and an air superiority campaign over Britain, with intent to invade.”

    Eelam War I began when the LTTE, a substate actor, detonated a landmine in Jaffna, which is internationally recognized as part of the sovereign state of Sri Lanka.

    Going by Peter logic, the Allies should have stopped fighting when they reached the German border. Instead, they pushed on until the Fuehrer killed himself in his bunker. Similarly, the SLA will push on until Thalaivar kills himself in his bunker.

    “When was the first LTTE attack in south? When did Sri Lankan soldiers enter Jaffna?”

    The first LTTE attack in the south was the murder of parliamentarian M. Canagaratnam in January 1978 in Colombo, followed by the bombing of a passenger aircraft at Ratmalana. Up until then, the task of fighting Tamil militancy solely fell on the Jaffna police. It was only in the following year that the govt. authorized the SLA to crack down against the LTTE.

    “When did Sri Lanka Army establish a base in Elephant Pass? When did the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) establish a base in Karainagar?”

    Every country has military installations in various regions. You will not have a credible argument unless you can show either that 1) the military had a stronger presence in Tamil areas than Sinhala areas OR 2) that the SLA/SLN garrisons somehow imposed themselves on the Tamils or obstructed Tamils’ livelihoods.

    The fact is that the SL military was so small that it could hardly have imposed anything on the Tamils at that time; the combined number of Tamil militants by 1985 outnumbered the total Sri Lankan armed forces.

    “Hmm, so you tell them that their voluntary adult men just didn’t have what it takes to fight against abducted children and grannies?”

    The Granny Brigade is a relatively new formation within the LTTE and demonstrates the organization’s increasing problems with manpower. The civilian auxiliaries lack the training and willpower to face the SLA, and they are getting slaughtered in the battlefield.

    Child soldiers on the other hand have been the mainstay for the LTTE since 1990s. It is a fact acknowledged by Western militaries and scholars that child soldiers are a dangerous combat force- they are cheap, easily indoctrinated, and are hard to demobilize/reform. P.W. Singer has written an excellent (though depressing) primer on the topic called Children At War. Charles Taylor, a convict who escaped from a Massachusetts prison took over the entire country of Liberia with just child soldiers. The RUC in Sierra Leone was annihilated twice by a private military contractor (Executive Outcomes) and a coalition of African states (ECOMOG) and bounced back each time through recruiting child soldiers. A group of child soldiers called the West Side Boys severely thrashed an elite British peacekeeping unit in western Africa.

    “By your argument no country would have gained ‘independence’ form an occupying force; the occupier could have always claimed that the ‘resistance’ force would need to maintain ‘perpetual state of war to justify its existence.’”

    You failed to take *proximity* into account. The European powers were able to separate from their colonies because they were separated by thousands of miles of ocean; India leaving the British Empire thus did not sour relations between the two countries. However, Pakistan splitting from India has produced a 50+ year cold (and sometimes hot) war in the Subcontinent involving both nuclear weapons and terrorism. The conflict in Sri Lanka is a separatist war involving adjoining areas, NOT an anti-colonial war.

    “LTTE is a product of 30 years of Sinhala rule. The Thimpu principles, which the LTTE wants recognised, are for the protection of the Tamil people.”

    Funny that you mention the Thimphu principles which were constructed by a coalition of Tamil groups including the TULF. The LTTE was not the only group which benefited from the 1983 violence; there were other groups which also arose only to be decimated by the LTTE.

    Wijayapala said: “nearly all of those 72,000 Tamils would be alive today if the LTTE had vanished at the beginning of 1984.”

    Peter said “I think you are in Lala land with that opinion. The Sinhalese who had made a habit of slaughtering Tamils en mass since 1958 would have had a sudden strike of enlightenment?”

    You are surely in “Lala land” stating that the Sinhalese had made a habit of slaughtering Tamils en masse since 1958. If there had been a systematic campaign of violence against the Tamils before 1983, there wouldn’t have been any Tamils left by 1983.

    “The fact is, more Tamils were killed in each successive round of 'ethnic riots'; this I call gaining of momentum.”

    You don’t gain momentum if there are breaks in the process (more or less wide gaps). The number and frequency of this violence indicates that they were tied around political events and personalities, as opposed to being part of a large trend. And more people were killed in the 1958 violence than in 1977.

    “Perhaps you should make an effort to read the Vaddukoddai Resolution. In fact, the resolution was used as the TULF's election manifesto. TULF won 18 of the seats up for taking in the NE, based on the resolution that read: “This convention resolves that restoration and reconstitution of the Free, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist State of TAMIL EELAM, based on the right of self determination inherent to every nation, has become inevitable in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation in this Country.””

    I know quite a bit more about the unsavory world of Tamil politics to recognize Vaddukkoddai for what it was- a political gimmick intended to sucker the Thamil Manavar Peravai generation of Tamil youth. TULF won the seats primarily because the Tamil vote had traditionally supported its predecessor, the ITAK. If the Tamils really supported separatism, they would’ve backed Tamil parties with an older and more sincere commitment to a separate Tamil Eelam.

    The best example is the case of the Suyatchi Kazhagam led by V. Navaratnam as a breakaway from ITAK in the late 1960s on the platform of a separate Tamil state. SK did not win any seats in the 1970 election, and in 1977 it competed against TULF claiming that unlike TULF, the SK would take immediate steps towards Tamil Eelam. TULF activists countered that voting for SK would be “treason” against the Tamil cause (!!) and that anyone supporting SK would be a thurogi (a term faithfully picked up by the LTTE and its acolytes).

    “Only a Sinhalese would be able to justify the mass slaughter of 3,000 unarmed men, women and children; the displacement of quarter of a million people; and the destruction of billions of dollars worth of property, as a 'normal' reaction to the killing of 13 soldiers.”

    I don’t see anything in my post that justified the killing of Tamils (and I also don’t see anything in your posts condemning the violence which the LTTE committed against thousands of unarmed people of all ethnic groups). I simply pointed out what had triggered the violence. The LTTE had only 30 members by July 1983 but mushroomed to 1,500 by the end of 1984. Given this outcome, the LTTE unsuccessfully attempted another anti-Tamil backlash by massacring 200 Sinhalese Buddhist pilgrims at Anuradhapura in 1985.

    It is an undeniable fact that the LTTE would never be what it is today if it hadn’t been for this violence (a fact which you’ve tacitly agreed with). That is why I argue that there will never be peace in Sri Lanka as long as there is an LTTE.

    “The fact that the president of the time and his ministers fuelled Black July means that Tamils can not trust the leadership of a centralised system of governance to represent their welfare.”

    I would have no argument against a well-designed system of devolution intended to improve governance at the local level. However, that is not what the LTTE is fighting for.

    “And if it wasn't for the Indians, there would not be any Tamils left on the island.”

    You must be thrilled that the LTTE repaid the Indians not only by attacking the IPKF without provocation but by murdering the Indian PM. That sure puts current Indian military assistance to SL in perspective!

    “I am a Tamil, and while I may be residing outside the Tamil Homeland, I still have siblings in the homeland. Are you attempting to tell me that you know the aspirations of my siblings and my community more than I do?”

    Let me put it this way: a mentally-handicapped paramecium probably knows more about the aspirations of the people living in the N-E than you do.

    “Point taken; there was an anti-Tamil riot in Trincomalee on April 2006.”

    I am glad you acknowledge that the LTTE has not prevented anti-Tamil violence from taking place and has ruined the Tamils through 25+ years of war.

    Wijayapala said “The reality is that Tamils who live in Sri Lanka are not pro-LTTE and for the most part do not want to waste their lives to achieve a "Tiger Eelam" for the entertainment of diaspora Tamils. For the most part they live peacefully in government areas, whether Colombo or Eastern Province.”

    Peter said “What do you call the results of the 1977 elections?”

    See above. The results of the 2008 local and provincial council elections in the East speak for themselves, where the Tamils achieved a turnout comparable with the rest of the island. Ditto for the 2005 presidential election where Tamils in the east and in Vavuniya and Mannar defied the LTTE “boycott” to vote.

  34. There was someone who had posted disappointment about Fonseka's recent comments to the Canadian National Post. I agreed but did not have time to post. Here's my response to some really dumbass comments that asithri made defending SF's statements:

    "From the time that Sinhela civilization began on this nation 2500 years ago, it was the Sinhelas who sacrificed themselves (mainly) at the battlefield to maintain it as an independent country. If not, SL would have been another sub-province of TamilNadu long ago!"

    This is actually not entirely true. Many Tamils were part of the Rajarata armies under Sinhala kings. Prof. Indrapala mentioned the velaikkarar warriors who were renowned for their loyalty and given the task of protecting important sites, such as the Temple of the Tooth Relic. The Akampatiyar warriors were royal bodyguards, and the Erivirar protected urban centers.

    Secondly, Tamil Nadu was not one single entity until recent times. It was divided into 3 kingdoms which had different relations with the various kingdoms in Sri Lanka throughout history.

    "2) SF said yes, the majority of the country is Sinhelas and as such, having a predominant Sinhela character in the nation’s fabric (like having a predominant “English character” in England) is not something anyone needs to have an issue with or be ashamed of. Today there are many Irish, Scot, Welsh in England including in the government, legislature, and even in the armed forces, but they do not get offended by the special place accorded to the English culture or even the English icons (such as the Queen)."

    Another shitty example. The Irish had fought a war to separate from the British, and the English could not insist that they deserved the preeminent position in the United Kingdom. The British have had a large number of Welsh and Scottish Prime Ministers. We haven't had a Tamil Prime Minister yet.

    "4) SF made it amply clear that all minorities are an integral part of Sri Lanka and have the same rights as Sinhelas and as such, no, they do not have the right for any “special” or “reverse-discriminatory” privileges – such as having their own racial enclave!"

    Actually SF was not very clear. If he believes that all communities in Sri Lanka are equal, he should have simply stated, "we are fighting to establish a society where no community will be discriminated against or oppressed."

    Instead he seemed to be arguing that the island of Sri Lanka is a "special enclave" for the Sinhalese. He should have closed his mouth and concentrated on the war.

    "5) In short, this man made it abundantly clear with his statements (not necessarily with every single word I concede) that NO, it is NOT a shame to be a Sinhela in Sri Lanka"

    If there is any shame to be a Sinhala, it is due to the racists who have hijacked our identity for their own personal benefit and who pushed the Tamils into war in 1983.

    "6) SF is no stranger to the anti-Sinhela racism AND violence from the rabidly racist Tamils. Evidently, when he was a kid of 5 years in Ampara (yes, he was born in Balangoda in our Ruhuney), there were many occasions where he had to run into the jungles with his parents and hide when racist Tamil mobs would descend upon their impoverished Sinhela village - where both his mother and father were school teachers – and loot and set fire to houses. He remembers vividly the sheer fear and misery he experienced seeing the houses go up in flames and wondering if the Tamil racists would come into the jungle too, to kill him. So, when SF speaks the way he speaks, one must understand the context before prattling criticism!"

    Asithri sure doesn't know shit about Fonseka's life more or less Sri Lankan geography. Fonseka's hometown Ambalangoda (not "Balangoda") is in Galle District, NOT Ampara District. Anyone who has been to Southern Province would know that there aren't any Tamils there who would've been in a position to push Sinhalese around. Fonseka was never chased out of his home by Tamils. Asithri just pulled this entire story out of his ass.

    The above crap really makes one wonder whether Asithri has anything useful more or less truthful to say here. What would he say about the thousands of Tamils who had been driven out of their homes in the riots prior to the war. Would this qualify as "understanding the context before prattling criticism?"

    It's this sort of rubbish peddled by racists that have led to the current mess in Sri Lanka.

  35. Wijayapala, yes we didn’t had a Tamil PM yet. But we came close to having one, Lakshman Kadirgamar. If LTTE didn’t killed him he could have being the first Tamil President of Sri Lanka (I would have been happy as a pig in a sh#t hole if it indeed happened).

    Considering we only had 50+ years independence from Brits, I guess it was not long enough to pass the batten (it is about time anyway). US took 200+ years to come close to having a first Black President!

    Don’t forget our last king was a Tamil! Even though he was imported!

    Yes, Ambalangoda and Balangoda two different towns! lol I don’t know where Aisithri pulled the story out but Fonseka may have lived in Ampara when he was 5???

    Hey mate, may be u have missed my req to u on DW yesterday. It was about u stating Pottu as a liability to LTTE. Can u make it clearer for my info pls???

  36. Wesa-balla

    I see you undercover RW=LTTE motherfcuker, you are missing your filthy momma today boy uh? Is that why you are picking on OaOA?

    Well, you filthy bastard you certainly came to the right firing range…I’ll say that much as your humble OaOA is all game to castrate your type of undercover, RW=LTTE motherfcuker and stick the “cut-off” from your very anatomy right in you your anus! LMSSAO!!!

    Listen arasehole…

    Who said a Tamil cannot/should not aspire to the PM or Prez status in SL? If Kadirgarmar had lived, it is more than likely he would have been the PM (even the "extremist" JVP was for it!) and yes, later quite possibly, could have aspired to be the Prez of the nation too.

    The difference is Kadir thought and acted like a “Sri Lankan” and not as a racist Tamil. True Britain has had a few Scott and Irish descendant PMs, but predominantly, the PMs in Britain have been English. Besides, all those Scott and Irish PMs in Britain thought and acted like “British” and not as a Scott or Irish National…and in England today predominantly the semblance, including the icons, are English and that reflects the rightful majority English composition…deny this as you might, but that is the truth! Yes aresehole, so why don’t you challenge me on the notion about Germans in Germany and French in France too…aha, as usual, you just grabbed at the short end of the stick and lost I see! Phew! What a fcuking ponsy-pansy!!! LMSSAO!!!

    As for Sarath Fonseka being from Ambalangoda (vs. Balangoda as I misquoted in my original post), it was immediately corrected and owned up to by my typo when a blogger pointed out. However here’s the kicker for you motherfucker….ha ha ha…the last laugh is on you! Get a load of this patriots…

    Arsehole, what you don’t know is Sarath’s parents, both being govt. teachers, were once posted to teach in a govt school in a Sinhela village in Ampara and that’s where the racist Tamil motherfcukers repeatedly attacked them (and their whole village). Listen arsehole, I know this man and know all about his background as we are all from the same proud “Ruhuney” clan (unlike your type of bloody RW-sankaraya!)…yes bloggers, I invite any one of you to go check into this story with either Sarath himself or even with a close confidante of him and it will be verified.

    So, Wesa-balla, you thought you got me here uh? What a bloody laugh!!! Looks like it is I who got you by your flea-infested balls uh? LMMSOA!!!

    As for the rest of your cockamamie post, I would not dignify with any more of an answer…as the above alone should suffice to prove what a prize fcuking imbecile you are!

    Nha, a bloody RW=LTTE minion like you I tend to have for breakfast everyday…so do me a favor and go check on your momma…I certainly did her the “Am-para” last night!


    OaO Asithri

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. @Wijayapalanthan:

    Your tiger stripes are beginning to show again. At one point you almost had us believe that you were anti LTTE, but your multiple gaffes in this blog show otherwise. Asithri stood by his assumption that you were always a Kotiya and he has been proven right, some of us were not so sure till now.

    Also where is Kaati? I am beginning to suspect that you and Kaati are one and the same. This is not just a wild guess, your posts immeadiately followed his and he went at length to answer each and every one of your questions. Therefore Wijayapala = Athas = MIA = Kaati. I add one more Pukka's list.

    PS, no one reads your boring blatherings about Mahavamsa, Tamil Chronicles and what ever other stories you cock up and cite from dubious sources.

    PSS, I respect Shyam, Peter, Thiru, Sharp and Kuttu (oh dear old Kuttu, where are you?) more than you as they don't hide their allegiance.

  40. Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

    Wijayapala, yes we didn’t had a Tamil PM yet. But we came close to having one, Lakshman Kadirgamar. If LTTE didn’t killed him he could have being the first Tamil President of Sri Lanka ). ....

    ahaaaaa..this is why He killed by the Vedhdha gov barbarians....

  41. Kaati is just being a silent observer. The war has progressed so much that any info that I can give is now outdated as LTTE is not the same as it was when I was in it.

  42. Wijepala,

    Even though I don't necessarily agree with everything u say, let me commend the gentlemanly way you present your side of the case.

    I wish that kind of culture to prevail in our country.

  43. Good to have you back Kaati. MZ is deluded in his thinking. Maybe the fasting during Ramazan affected his judgement?


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