Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Suicide attack on KKS – One ship damaged

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched a sea borne suicide attack targeting two merchant vessels Ruhuna and Nimalawa near KKS (Kankasanthurai) at 5AM today (22nd). Three explosive laden boats manned by suicide cadres were engaged in the attack. SLN personnel on board Nimalawa and Ruhuna successfully engaged the suicide boats and destroyed two of them before they could reach their target. One of the destroyed boats exploded near Nimalawa, causing damages to the ship. The other boat engaged in the attack was captured by SLN. According to our information there are no SLN casualties in the incident.

At least 3 suicide cadres are believed to be killed in the attack. Search operations are continuing in the area. Both the targeted vessels were transporting food to the Jaffna peninsula by sea.


  1. says, Both ships are sinking.

  2. News is sketchy still. We'll know in a day or two.

    This is desperation at its heighest. The LTTE wants the civilians to starve so that the Indian monkey circus can continue.

  3. Hi,

    India agrees to send food to Wanni Tamils & support governement to fight LTTE manamohan has told

    Good news

    Suren , Only one ship is sinking

  4. Hi,

    India agrees to send food to Wanni Tamils & support governement to fight LTTE manamohan has told

    Good news

    Suren , Only one ship is sinking

  5. Hi,

    India agrees to send food to Wanni Tamils & support governement to fight LTTE manamohan has told

    Good news

    Suren , Only one ship is sinking

  6. Was it with Mi hardware. If so, how they got the info. Looks like SL gov send hardware on merchant ship to avoid the attack??
    Some on on LTTE payroll must have leaked the info!!

  7. for security reasons govt used the merchant vessel...?

    DN news is what went on sirasa in da morning.. same like the island attack in jafna...

  8. suren, is your site. Cut the act i have been observing your comments for a while now.

    "Was it with Mi hardware. If so, how they got the info. Looks like SL gov send hardware on merchant ship to avoid the attack??"

    Does this mean you weren't even sure of what you were writing about?

  9. Panhinda,

    I also work in a similar setup.

    And thanks for the review.

  10. DN you have to report something deference than the Defence ministry News men.. As usual IT'S CRAP

  11. earlier your posts are our Key.. Now seems weened or some one else publishing on behalf of you since u busy..

    Since we know its not your priority..

  12. Tamils should have sunk Vijan's boat. We would not have this much of problems now.

    These criminals took our island and now made us as minority like Red Indians in America and Aubergines in Australia.

  13. LTTE is yet to release details on the attack!

    Yea, we do like another hanky panky video of suicide training :O for DiAssPora! lol!

    Understand the reality guys. LTTE is loosing big time! Desperation is understandable. Just watch what happens!

  14. Puli,

    By saying 'Tamils should have sunk', you are making the extreme majority of non violent tamil population, LTTE terrorists supporters.

    Don't do this as it helped your people for near extinction.

    Understand the fact that terrorism won't solve problem. It will increase problems and would exterminate races.


  15. Tamils should have sunk Vijan's boat. We would not have this much of problems now.

    So historically you have failed too.

    Have you ever asked your self what if you give a book to a kid what s/he would become rather than a Gun?

  16. Saman, Why you post same thing again and again?

  17. Tamil's generosity and their endurance made them to this state.

  18. I accept with you guys. State terrorism does not work. Thank you for making Tamil Nadu to give their full support now.

    There is a news for you, LTTE and RAW made a deal. To deal with Pakistan and China, India made a deal. It will make the present situation upside down.

  19. Why LTTE deny the food supply to wanni? many be they want to take a chance to get help from Norway with weapons!!! what you think?

  20. Perin,

    you(sinhala racist state) made us to fight for our right to education and give our people education to fight.


    Tamil Nadu and the LTTEby Stephen Long, Los Angeles

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi addressing a massive public rally demands decisive action on Sri Lanka.

    An exclusive private meeting that was held in the early 1980s in Sacramento, California, has recently come to my attention. This gathering of approximately five hundred wealthy, influential Tamil expatriates from around the world charted the course for the LTTE, and developed a strategic plan for using it as a vehicle for establishing a Tamil homeland. The motivation was the fact that there were nearly one hundred million ethnic Tamils scattered throughout the globe, but alas, there was no independent sovereign state they could call their own.

    These members of the elite Tamil Diaspora felt that they were "step-children" wherever they lived, and their low collective self-esteem determined that it needed a nationalist sentiment with which to identify. They decided that only by having a separate, mono-racial country could they improve their self-esteem, regardless of the fact that all of them were successful professionals who had made material fortunes in their adoptive countries. They felt inferior as "second class citizens" and they wanted a piece of the global pie to make them feel equal and whole.

    They chose to take on the struggle of the LTTE against the Sri Lankan government because they couldn’t find another solution anywhere else in the world. Even though Tamil Nadu is the real ethnic homeland of the Tamils, a civil war against India for a secessionist state held no hope at the time. They also realised that to go up against the governments of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, or any of the European countries would be futile. The very thought is ridiculous to the extreme.

    By proximity and by opportunity, they focused on Sri Lanka as the place where they felt they had their best chance to fulfil their nationalist ambitions. By "opportunity" I mean that the conditions were better there than anywhere else. There was the general disorganisation of the Sri Lankan government at the time, and the fact that Sri Lanka had been home to tens of thousands of ethnic Tamils for nearly one thousand years. They also knew that they could take advantage of the existing bitterness between the Sri Lankan Tamil factions that were based on caste and education.

    Religion played its part in this decision as well. The Catholic Church had long been the religion of many of the Jaffna Tamils, and a large percentage of the priesthood was made up of men of Tamil origin. This elite group in Sacramento knew they could get support from this ecclesiastical organisation if they promised some sort of reciprocity as part of their end game. Catholic Church history is filled with similar arrangements that closely mirror this model, and many of the members of the Tamil Diaspora were now assimilated Christians in their new countries. Fundamental Christianity also played a part in this developing drama, but at a later date with its marauding missionaries.

    I have begun to suspect that the meeting in Sacramento went a step further in identifying its real end game: a unified Tamil Eelam with pieces of it in both Sri Lanka and India – in Tamil Nadu to be specific. If the LTTE was able to establish a separate, sovereign Tamil state in Sri Lanka then it would be a perfect launching pad for coordinating the same thing in Tamil Nadu. Funds and arms flowing into the region from other countries could be supplied to Indian rebels over the Palk Straights unobstructed and with ease from a Tamil state in Sri Lanka – much in the same way weaponry and financial supplies have flowed for the past twenty five years, but in the other direction.

    Ethnic conflict in India could be easily fomented with enough arms and money pouring in non-stop and un-curtailed from wealthy Tamils around the world, and the Indian government would be faced with a situation similar to breakaway civil wars in other parts of the globe. Tamil Nadu could easily become another Pakistan or Bangladesh. Perish the thought.

    The current furore over the Tamil Nadu political position on the war against the LTTE in Sri Lanka is easy to figure out when you think about it. It is to the best advantage of the Tamil Nadu politicians to keep the war going, and to have the Indian federal government step in to persuade the Government of Sri Lanka to halt its operations – ostensibly for peace talks and humanitarian concerns. As in the past, this would give the LTTE an opportunity to re-load for yet another assault on the people of Sri Lanka, and the world goes round and round.

    The establishing of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka is crucial if this idealised, unified Tamil end game is to be realised. The only way this will happen is if the GOSL succumbs to Tamil Nadu pressure and halts the war, or if the federal government of India succumbs to Tamil Nadu pressure just to keep its fragile coalition alive. Or, both. The two sovereign governments need to stay their course at this point, realising that ending the war against the LTTE is in both of their best interests for both the short and the long terms.

    I hope that the Prime Minister of India might consider the possibility of an eventual Tamil Nadu uprising, and by doing so realise that if he wants to keep India in tact, the LTTE insurgency in Sri Lanka must be crushed. I also hope that Dr. Singh will begin investigating possible links between the LTTE’s assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, and the Tamil Nadu politicians headed by Mr. Karunanidhi. I feel that looking for these links has never been taken seriously, but the time has come.

    I congratulate Mr. Rukman Senanayake, the president of the United National Party in Sri Lanka on subscribing to the GOSL’s position on finishing the war against terrorists, and for his opposition to the popular Tamil Nadu political perspective, which is pushing for a halt to the war. I admire him for putting country first – and party second. I hope that Mr. Ranil Wickremesinge will wise up and follow his party president by adopting this intelligent view.

    Peace has never been so close. I urge the Government of Sri Lanka to continue its excellent job of ridding the country of terrorists and their merciless suicide bombers. You’re getting closer than you ever have been before. Be strong. Don’t give the LTTE a single inch. Get Prabhakaran.

  22. Dear Suren

    Yes both ships sinking but unfortunately for you it's your Tiger boats sinking not ours!!

    Check out the photos at the link below.

  23. Pulli-
    If Sinhalese are rasists, why do not we live together in up north?
    you need to grow up and see what you can do to protect some other person's life with out getting LTTE to take them away.
    Since you are safe out side SL, do not think you should push others into LTTE's failing missions.

  24. Hey All,

    Can you guys guess where should we go with our next humanitarian missions After Liberating North???

    Humanitarian Missions Canada, UK, Norway..etc.

    To wipe out all these bloody racist Di-Ass-Poras like puli, shyam and all these drop kicks.

  25. all these done to divert MI attention to northern sea area.they must be planning some suicide attack in southern srilanka

  26. Its a good news that LTTE have done a mission very close to KKS ... what the SLPN were doing during the LTTE travel through such a larrge distance through sea ...

  27. Six members of the
    Black Sea Tiger suicide squad.....(AFP)

    This lot can’t arrange a Piss up in a brewery.

  28. Thanks DN.

    The LTTE suicide attack seems to be a 100% success. I. e. all attackers were able to fully kill themselves with complete success.

    This demonstrates the highest level of training suicide cadres receive and decimates any doubts regarding the LTTE suicide cadre being able to kill themselves (for nothing) with 100% success of attaining Poo-lam.

    R.I.P - May they Rest In Pieces!


  29. they attacked the ship with humanitarian aid to Tamil people of Jaffna.

    Much funny

    See what the tamilnet says

  30. Pakka Lanka-

    The LTTE suicide attack seems to be a 100% success. I. e. all attackers were able to fully kill themselves with complete success.

    Disaggreed mate.
    2 of them failed to blow up. Navy killed them. Therefore only 33.33% sucess they had.

  31. they attacked the ship with humanitarian aid to Tamil people of Jaffna.

    Much funny

    See what the tamilnet says

  32. suren,

    No ships were sunk/sinking.

    If it's the same don't bother coming here just go and read MOD. And we cant make up stories just to please you anyway.

    "Its a good news that LTTE have done a mission very close to KKS ..."

    How the standards have fallen. Now you folks consider even going close to KKS a victory.

  33. Puli, you made my day, so the indigenous Australians are called "Aubergines"? Did you read that in a book in the Jaffna library?

  34. Tamilnut is reporting 100% truth as the sole voice of LTTE. The suicide mission was ultra successful. The pictures posted on are photoshopped fakes, the ships did sink and one is heavily damaged, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di'Caprio were onboard too.

  35. //Puli, you made my day, so the indigenous Australians are called "Aubergines"? Did you read that in a book in the Jaffna library?//

    Thank you for pointing out the mistake. It should be read as Aboriginess.

    Grow up Mohammed, how it made your day. Do you have any mother tongue?...might be sinhala. Do you worry when you make mistakes in your own language. NO...why Still you are in a slave mindset and you see English as measure of knowledge. Its just a forien language.

  36. Thambala
    Very well explained.

    ‘Funds and arms flowing into the region from other countries could be supplied to Indian rebels over the Palk Straights unobstructed and with ease from a Tamil state in Sri Lanka – much in the same way weaponry and financial supplies have flowed for the past twenty five years, but in the other direction.’

    This is exactly our problem now. Some countries in the develop nations are cashing in on this problem just to disintegrate India thus impeding the economic progress. Some are interested in splitting the island so that the unaccountable fascist rebels would allow these people to siphon the oil off the Mannar basin. There are too many factors involved with this conflict.
    Most wise thing for India is to support the SL government to evict the rebels out of the island and keep a close watch on the Tamil Nadhu leaders who may try to breakaway from the sub continent. This conflict has nothing to do with any ethnic conflict.

  37. Puli, still wrong, its not "Aboriginess", its "Aborigines". Did you also know that they are your cousins, its has been genetically proven.

  38. Yes, They have a history not like you. Even Allah cannot save you!

  39. @ Perein,

    You’re quite right bro but let’s not split hairs about the percentages too much. It all depends on how one interprets the events.

    They may have “pretended” to be shot at by the Navy (dishum…dishum….) or may have put themselves in the line of fire to be 100% successful at achieving Peelam in case their explosives go “poof” instead of BANG!

    But the best joke is the “Vumbatu” story our MZ has shed light on...hilarious...:)))

  40. Hi Kevin,
    Nice to see you after long time.

    This article needs exposure. Plese do the needful.

  41. What a joke these pussy cat supporters are!!! All these days defeat after defeat they silent as kittens. But for mere suicide attempt that also a missed opportunity jumping like monkeys.. Even the monkeys would be offended for comparing these sub humans.

    Once again the pussy cats have shown the world that they are only good at attcking civilians, food convoys and non military assets. what a shame!!

  42. Yeah ! these days when LTTE themselves blow up their own asses, these filthy Sakkilyas jumping like they achieved their ultimum Kakkussi Peelam !

    He he he .... Ohoma yan . . .!

  43. Vambutu Puli,

    First, I never asked Allah to save me.

    Second, the "Aubergines" are a peace loving, kind, generous and warm hearted people unlike your monkeys in the Vanni and TN. They probably migrated to Australia as they couldn't stand the sight (and smell) of the other Dravidian tribes (especially Kamikaze's tribe).

  44. []

    This his more clear and large pics...

  45. Pakka,

    Enough vambutu jokes, you are making me crave for vambutu moju!

  46. Thanks DN for update .

    in short

    Now even LTTE's Suicide carders are very low in quality and our armed forces know how to react Suicide attacks instantaneously .

    So be proud to have a armed forces which reduced the success rate of even suicide bombers .

  47. Pakka-Lanka
    Yes... Joke of the day should go to the "Vambatu" story.

  48. Karuna said that the best suicide cadres came from the east, present suicide cadres are northern and vanni recruits, this explains why the recent suicide attacks have gone up in smoke, literally!

  49. Perein, from here on Puli shall be known as Vambutu Puli, along with Shyam - the one ball terrorist, they make a good pair.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Note that Tamilnut hasn't published pics of the suicide cadres, they are probably ashamed of the mission.


    Indeed the vessel is "singing" and was "severally" damaged.

    Vambutu Puli, is it you running the website?

  53. @ All,

    While on the subject of sinking ships and murdering the queen, please take a look at this clip. Our Vambatu friend will most definitely benefit from this.

    Must won't regret...

  54. Sri Lankan government minister says India has a right to intervene in the ethnic crisis


  55. Mohammed,

    72 virgins are waiting for you in your slave island.

  56. That's 73 virgins by the way, the 73rd is your wife.

  57. In Afgan War!

  58. ....greaaaatinggggs weeeeeewaaa!

    ...indiya saranaai!

    umbala VP aasaranaii!

    VP-express halted!..y?
    Ass-strike postponed indefinitely..y?

    VP retired?..

    ammapaa! umbla ta punakku nam mokada? needa?

    yakunee! VP's Ass blasted! damaged! out of service!. do not float any more!companderr??!!

  59. the Full Documentary clip of Genocide of srilanka...Which made Karunanithi to Cry

  60. Mohammed Zubair said...

    Perein, from here on Puli shall be known as Vambutu Puli, along with Shyam - the one ball terrorist, they make a good pair.

    tsk, tsk... I just have no respect for dim-witted fools who come up with insults that can be beaten by a child.

    Therefore, visiting your level...I think....Mohammed Zubair's wide open mouth, and my phallus inserted deep in it would make art. Then I ask you to pronounce my name "Sharp" then...Zubair (a.k.a SunniHair) would gag and die.

    and it's nice to see all of you too.

  61. ......greaaaatingsssss weewaaaa!

    ....tamil selvam pihitai!
    umbala AAAsaranaai!

    ..."Eeelam is sinking"...AFP -NEWS!! Ammapaa!

    as i said before, entier Peelam is sinking!
    "Peelam-express halted! Ass strikes are ban by beloved VP!

    kollanee, Tamil Nut, is doing great job! plze do not discourage him!!if u boys and gals harass TN or question his accuracy of his article he will certainly sink all of ur punnakku and piduru supply just like that!

  62. Sharp,

    Your phallus isn't long enough to even pass my front teeth.

  63. Fighting continues as troops make more inroads in Wanni

    Looks like Nachchikuda is now cut off also from Veravil.

  64. Pakka

    This is even better.

  65. Vanni Meheyuma 22/10/08

  66. reo mag forver

    I left a respose to our discussion in the previous thread.

  67. Folks,
    Following analysis (By Hariharan) looks accurate.

    click here.

  68. Well done Sri Lankan Navy

    If American Navy were at KKS results would like this

  69. Well....the ships the gookNet media sank have un-sunked themselves.

    Kotiyas are becoming 'Pissu Pooso'

    when they are all gone, we will miss them. There's never a dull moment with these monkeys around.

  70. Ok, Mohammed,

    As per your request, I have arranged a halal pork curry party to celebrate the incident.

    Definitely we are singing about sinking.

  71. Puli (to Mohammed)

    [Definitely we are singing about sinking.]

    Surely this singing is not about the double-penetration/sinking your LTTE whore-mother had yesterday night from our SLN ArrowBoat squad?


    OaO Asithri

  72. TS

    [Kotiyas are becoming 'Pissu Pooso']

    I second that motion!

    Kotiyas are today behaving like the in-heat alley cats…yes, they will try to “pootu” with anything that comes their way, including with thick-gauged-hulled huge merchant vessels that simply refuses to sink today!

    Fcuking sinna podiyen soon they have come to realize the difference between “state-actors” and “non-state actors” (who most, including the IC, wouldn’t give a flying fcuk about today!)!!!


    OaO Asithri

  73. To all the die-ass-pora clowns and Intelligent Tamil key board worries in this blog! There is a Position Vacant for u or for ur mother or sister or wife.

    Position Vacant: Deputy Commander of the Sea Tigers' female wing (to apply this job u MUST be depressed, retarded and suicidal).

    Land your DREAM job in LTTE & be part of this fast-paced, deadly, retarded team.

    Embrace this exciting opportunity within LTTE Terrorist Organization, the pioneers of Pregnant Women suicide cases and explosive lifestyle.

    Be a part of the “Kill urself and others” process and see how it all comes apart.

    We are looking for a self driven female suicide case who can direct a TNT full of rubber dingy into a rock or to the path of firing SL Navy and become a pivotal member of our Tamil Net “recently killed by SLDF” team. The role will play an important part in supporting retarded Prabakaran’s Tamil Only Tamil Eellam Dream.

    The successful applicant will have outstanding “ramming” skills, both uneducated and dumb and the ability to satisfy a massive D#ckH@ad and think on their ars@. Training of internal systems will be provided.

    This is a great opportunity for a moronic and self depressed individual to progress their career in suicide industry.

    Occasional night time work of spreading legs to the Thaleiver or to the deputy Pottu and on the weekends to the Norway Peace brokers will be required.

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    This is a once in a life time (literally) opportunity to work for a terrorist Organization of this caliber....don’t delay, apply today for IMMEDIATE INTERVIEW and to get killed soon!

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  74. The Tamilnadu circus is now being seen for what it is; a secessionist movement with a long term plan; start by creating a safe haven in Sri lanka, and then import terror into Tamilnadu.

    SLG needs to point this out to the Indians and the greater IC loud and clear, since a destabilized India would be an unimaginable disaster for the whole democratic world and teh global economy.

  75. SL must continue to handle India's issues 'pro-actively", which also means talking to others like the US to have a word with India.

    We have friends who have friends...

  76. "Mohammed Zubair's wide open mouth, and my phallus inserted deep in it would make art.
    Then I ask you to pronounce my name "Sharp"

    "Shart" would rhyme better with art and would come closer to what you and other LTTE supporters are (btw you are a disgrace to the gay community out there).

    What is a Shart?

    1. shart- a small, unintended defecation that occurs when one relaxes the anal sphincter to fart (blend of "sh!t" and "fart")

    3. shart- To Accidently Sh!t While Trying To Push Out A Fart..In Other Words To Gamble And Lose
    (very telling about Eelam struggle eh??)


    Thalaivar upon hearing of defeat after defeat on the battlefield began to build up a fart to blow in LTTE supporters' faces (i.e. story about sinking SLN ships). Thalaivar did not know that His Fat Ass was full of sh!t. LTTE supporters were eagerly awaiting the Leader's gases only to get a mess on their faces. Thalaivar had just sharted on them.

  77. Crimewatch,

    If you don't mind me asking, who are the people in your profile picture? Family?

  78. "What we've got here is failure to communicate.
    Some men you just can't reach...
    So, you get what we had here last week,
    which is the way he wants it!
    Well, he gets it!
    N' I don't like it any more than you men." *

    Look at your young men fighting
    Look at your women crying
    Look at your young men dying
    The way they've always done before

    Look at the hate we're breeding
    Look at the fear we're feeding
    Look at the lives we're leading
    The way we've always done before

    My hands are tied
    The billions shift from side to side
    And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
    For the love of God and our human rights
    And all these things are swept aside
    By bloody hands time can't deny
    And are washed away by your genocide
    And history hides the lies of our civil wars

    D'you wear a black armband
    When they shot the man
    Who said "Peace could last forever"
    And in my first memories
    They shot Kennedy
    I went numb when I learned to see
    So I never fell for Vietnam
    We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
    That you can't trust freedom
    When it's not in your hands
    When everybody's fightin'
    For their promised land

    I don't need your civil war
    It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
    Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain't that fresh
    I don't need your civil war

    Look at the shoes your filling
    Look at the blood we're spilling
    Look at the world we're killing
    The way we've always done before
    Look in the doubt we've wallowed
    Look at the leaders we've followed
    Look at the lies we've swallowed
    And I don't want to hear no more

    My hands are tied
    For all I've seen has changed my mind
    But still the wars go on as the years go by
    With no love of God or human rights
    'Cause all these dreams are swept aside
    By bloody hands of the hypnotized
    Who carry the cross of homicide
    And history bears the scars of our civil wars

    "We practice selective annihilation of mayors
    And government officials
    For example to create a vacuum
    Then we fill that vacuum
    As popular war advances
    Peace is closer" **

    I don't need your civil war
    It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
    Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain't that fresh
    And I don't need your civil war
    I don't need your civil war
    I don't need your civil war
    Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain't that fresh
    I don't need your civil war
    I don't need one more war

    I don't need one more war
    Whaz so civil 'bout war anyway

  79. wijayapala..

    Its me and ma daughter..

  80. Nade-sun crying

    //P.Nadesan’s interview appeared in 19th October issue of the Tamil language biweekly magazine called “Junior Vikatan, from the “Ananda Vikatan” Group from Chennai. It was “Ananda Vikatan” recently conducted a survey in Tamil Nadu and came up stating that majority of Tamils in Tamil Nadu overwhelmingly support the LTTE.//

    So this is lakehouse-minister type interveiw. Still the stupid cop can't answer the question asked or give stupid answers. As a SL citizen I know our cops are kind of dumba**s. And Nadesun is no exception as a former SL cop. Living with a 'sinhala modaya' woman has made him even dumber. If Balasingham read this article in hell he would commit suicide immediately.

    //..P. Nadesan, head of the political division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam said, “Only an independent Eelam is safer for India.”//

    This is threatening India; => if you don't allow a seperate tamiz ezham India is not safe.=> LTTP will kill Indians like RajivG. => Tamilnadu too will become seperate tamiz-nadu.!!! LOL

    //In the interview Nadesan has pointed that today prices of essential and scarce commodores has soared. He said the price of a matchbox in Eelam (Vanni region under the LTTE control) is Rs.20/-, 1 kg. of rice - Rs.100/-, 1 liter petrol - Rs.1,000/-, 1 liter kerosene – Rs.450/-//

    OMG! Who is managing tamiz ezham economy? Diaspora should appoint our economic expert col. Navindran as finance minister in peelaam.

    // The Sinhala nation cannot defeat us until we have the support of World Tamils.”, Nadesan said.//

    Now what's the problam 'world tamil' having with 'racist sinhala modayas' in SL? He is also saying to EU/Canada/USA LTTP still get money from diaspora and please work on it.

    We should thank vezapillao for appointing s stupid cop as head of political division after the barber. It seems nadesun has become another "asset" for GSL as same as vezapillai and potta amman.


    Never under estimate tamilnet. This tamilnut editor so far has gunned down 3-4 kfirs amd migs. (Of course, diaspora celebrated that very well.) So sinking ships is not too difficult for tamilnet editor.

    (A ship million $ worth object and there is no way you can hide it if it is sunk. Also a ship is very large - 200m long object so there is no way you can hide it is not sunk. But what to do??? Satisfying the inteligent diaspora is one of the primary jobs of tamilnet editor. He knows what to write.)

    SLN said they destroyed 2 boats and arrested 1. (For the first time in history SLN has arrested a suicide boat.) I guess "black sea tiger Lt. Col." Ilakkiyaa, (the deputy commander of the Sea Tigers' female wing) had sex with the "black sea tiger commando Lt. Col." Kuperan in one boat after moving one tiger abondening one boat.

  81. [Its me and ma daughter..]


    And all this while I thought it was a pic of Ranil's buttocks!

    :(( :(( :((

    OaO Asithri

  82. A single person can't be an expert on every aspect; economy, defence, education, science, international relations etc. So a leader of any country can't be expert on all of these things. So when it comes to defence matters he need to get information and be consulted by defence experts. In this case intelligence service of the country has some power. So when it comes to defence can intelligent agency control the political leadership of a country? In SL this may be not true as our intelligent agencies are well controlled by politicians. How about USA/CIA, Russia/KGB, Israel/mosad, India/RAW?

    It is said in 83 some stupid UNP thugs burned the vehicle of an employee of the Indian embassy in Colombo after pulling over the tamil person inside. And this guy was in fact a RAW agent and later he worked against SL for revenge. It is also said a RAW high ranker, a tamil worked against SL, supporting LTTE by convincing India/IndiraG. I have seen this kind of stuff in movies. Can this happen in reality?

    Once SLA cleared upto poonaryn west coast will totally come under SLN. Can SLN protect our seas now? It is said even now 25 LTTE cadres are treated in tamilnadu hospitals. (S.Swami) I think we need to increase SLN strength both in terms of man power and resource drastically.

    Is India honest? Is RAW behind our stupid JHU/JVP? Is RAW behind UNP? Is RAW behind tamilnadu?

    If tamilnadu CM says they will withdraw and there by UPA/congress falls what happen next? Can BJP come to power without help of tamilnadu? If that is the case there is no meaning of tamilnadu threats. So that means tamilnadu should support BJP and BJP should do as tamilnadu says. This means no matter who is in power in the center thay have to do as tamilnadu say. Can this happen?

    When is the next TAF show? LTTP has at least another 5 more planes.

  83. Oh dear asithri...

    Its clear you cant see an icon properly.. Potta asithri.

    for info


    Here it is............


    It's Here..........


    This is the Link.........


    Ths one can be found here.........

  85. Acid, Base and Litmus Test

    The drama in Tamilnadu shows no sign of abating. On the contrary, it gets warmer and more intense by day - that means funnier.

    There are two groups of players in the present pandemonium - those who support of break-up of India and those who oppose it, at least publicly.

    Jayalalitha Jeyaram, who was instrumental in triggering off the Srilankan issue in the first place, while catching her arch-rival, the sunglass-wearing Karunanidhi, napping, has suddenly switched both her tone and stance to a diametrically opposite corner.

    The octogenarian, battered by the loss of memory and commonsense owing to old age, has walked into a well-laid trap, only to get enmeshed in a series of ill-timed statements of self-contradiction, that placed his political credentials beyond repair.

    What started as a concern for 'suffering Tamils', has evolved into its true ambition - the break-up of India for a Dravidian state. The ruling elite at the centre – the northerners - who were always suspicious of the motives of the southern bunch, may have feel vindicated for taking up a cunning stand - giving military aid to Sri Lanka while parroting that there is no military solution. The rhetoric from the centre outwards is slowly losing its spark leaving the old fox - Karunanidhi - in a very awkward lurch.

    Politics in Tamilnadu has always been all show and no substance. The politicians take the masses on an emotional rollercoaster from time to time on various issues - and then dropped them on a platform of perpetual frustration. Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi takes turns in managing the despicable ride, while cashing in on the ignorance - and of course innocence too - of majority in the state. Hundreds of thousands of deities, who are supposed to look over the state, surprisingly turn a blind eye to this exploitation on a mass scale. Unfortunately, the celestial creatures seem to be on the side of politicians, not that of the people. There is no other way to explain the success of the politicians at the expense of the miserable lives of ordinary people.

    M Karunanidhi & Co are engaged in international politics when the state has to grapple with serious problems of its own. The power crisis and the shortage of water are on the top of the agenda, in addition to hunger, malnutrition and poor healthcare. The issue of water gets intense up to a war-of-words with a neighbouring state, when drought sets in, much more frequently than its natural timing.

    It is unfortunate for us to live in the shadow of these bogymen.

    However, there is a ray of hope: the politics in Tamilnadu is divided along political equivalent of pH scale: one camp is on the acid side and the other on the base side.

    Unguarded display of political vulgarity by the clowns like Vaiko and Nedumarn represents the litmus test of the sentimental acidity.

    When they get together, the inevitable neutralization occurs leaving us in peace. What we witness now, after days of commotion, is just that. The caring for the suffering Tamils has fizzled out and in-fighting has taken its place.

    Praise the Brahma for the creation of jokers – of course, in complementary pairs.

  86. Photo exhibition in London, Organized by the Sri Lankans Against Terrorism – 22nd October.
    Good to see that there’s some activity in the UK to counteract the LTTE propaganda. Could someone please confirm whether any of the (PRO LTTE) UK Members of Parliament on the 3 clips below, bothered to attend?

    British Parliament Debate on Vanni Situation - PRO LTTE:
    Clip 1

    Clip 2

    Clip 3

    One chap even quoted General Fonseka!

  87. another good one qrious after a lapse.

    what may have happened to kasippu joseph, the real one????

  88. Vaiko arrested for pro-LTTE speeches

  89. Vambutu Puli,

    My favorite dish indeed is pork. What's yours? Maggot Vadai?

  90. ....greaaaatinggggs weeeeeewaaa!

    ...indiya saranaai!

    umbala Vaiko saranaii!

    Vaiko umbata VP saranaii!

    Any ithin VP ubata kage saranada!

    Matath ithin kage sanadooo ..

    mage Ass eka ridenavoooo

    VP-express halted!..y?
    Aiyo ridenavoooo, ridenavoooo

    Hi hi hike hooo

  91. Ade appa

    assassinrajive, what happend to you. He must be mad, MODA Hu**ek.

  92. Media watchdog, Free Media Movement, has expressed serious concern on the news item which appeared in state controlled daily Dinamina on October 18, titled "Information about ten journalists who work for Tigers exposed". The news story had the by line of one Wijayani Edirisingha.

    The FMM said this story was given wide publicity by state controlled electronic media as well.

    According to the news item National Intelligence Division has uncovered information on 10 journalists who disseminate news and photographs internationally giving distorted interpretations on the humanitarian operations the government is conducting in good faith to liberate Tamil people from the clutches of terrorism.

    FMM strongly believes that journalists and photographers have a right to report the war independently and disseminate information locally and internationally.

    The Media does not have to stick to the interpretations of the government nor of the rebels on any issue.

    Media is duty bound to report facts accurately and cover all sides in a fair and balanced manner.

    At times it may hurt the government and at times it may hurt the rebels.

    Yet, these rights are inviolable.

    This attempt through a Dinamina journalist, the FMM firmly believes is an attempt to create an environment to hunt down more journalists.

    It intends to create hate and suspicion on journalists who wish to report independently on the war.

    This spiteful news report was backed by several hate mails against journalists and media organizations.

    One such news story which appeared on June 23, 2008 said the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) had sent 8 Tigers to Norway.

    But, none of those journalists or media organisations has been charged for any related offences so far, which proves these stories are planted by intelligence agencies through State controlled media to first discredit and then to hunt down independent journalists and the media.

    The attempted abduction and beating up of journalist Namal Perera, Manager Advocacy, SLPI by goons in a white van, is clear proof.

    These planted news stories also provide the State an excuse to arrest journalists for "further investigations" as they say, and journalists would end up like Tissanayagam, whose release is still being deliberated in Courts.

    FMM hopes the President who projects a very close relationship with the media would immediately censure these cooked up stories in his own State controlled media and instruct his own media authorities to refrain from such low practice against journalists.

  93. Chennai: In a sudden development, Marumalarchi DMK (MDMK) General Secretary Vaiko was arrested on Wednesday for openly supporting the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and favouring 'secessionist moves".

    The MDMK leader, a staunch supporter of LTTE, was arrested at his Anna Nagar residence this evening by the Tamil Nadu 'Q' branch police, dealing with extremists and terrorists outfits.

    The Police action followed Mr Vaiko's fiery speech at a public meeting here on October 21 on "What is happening in Sri Lanka".

    Vaiko had declared that he would support even an armed struggle for the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Amidst high drama, Vaiko was arrested at his residence and whisked away by the police. It was not immediately known whether he is being taken to a court for production.

  94. Mohammed,

    so you can celebrate this with a halas may get angry if I make mistakes in English....halal pork curry.

    Am I right Shyam?

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. (Vambatu) Puli,
    With brinjal curry.
    Now start washing the toilet to fund my war.

  97. so you can celebrate this with a halas may get angry if I make mistakes in English....halal pork curry.

    Am I right Shyam?.....

    yeahh ...but only Sunnath people allowed for the party ...

  98. The wheels are coming off the wagon….
    Free Media Movement (FMM) spokesman Sunanda Deshapriya in a statement last evening has denied making the comments for which he was quoted by Daily Mirror website yesterday.
    The Daily Mirror strongly stands by the story and is shocked by the turn of events. We maintain that the whole episode leaves a big question mark on the
    of Free Media Movement as a media rights group.
    Mr. Deshapriya however has admitted speaking to Daily Mirror yesterday.

  99. Yes Vambutu Puli and One Ball Shyam, I accept your invite for a Halal Pork Curry and Brinjal Curry party. Let's have it in the centre of Kili town when our boys arrive sometime next month, preferably in the dining hall of your "peace secretariat". Please invite Shavendra Silva and Chula Dias and some SF and LRRP boys, Norweigan pansys are not invited!

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Defence column, Daily news. Forces brave incessant rains, breach Tiger obstacles in march towards Kilinochchi

  102. E.T. Bailey Column.

  103. Moshe,

    Thank you for the compliment, mate.


    Tamilandu is back in square one; the aliance against Sri Lanka is in disarray with Vaiko-the-Psycho being arrested.

    Jayalalitha did a wonderful acrobat to turn the tables on Karunanidhi.

    The old fox has lost his gene for consistency: a few day ago he praised Vaiko for getting his two MPs resigned; today, he ordered his arrest.

    This bunch of Tamil politicians clearly shows the caring they have for our Tamils. Fighting each other is the best way to win the trophy for the noble task!!

  104. Folks,
    Please have a look at the following video. Troops are moving forward towards the Northern Kilinochchi district. Jaffna Lagoon (Nallur) is just 12 km away (may be less). LTTE is retreating without destroying the infrastructure as they used to do in Vidathalthivu etc. I would love to know the reason. Concentrated resistance cannot be expected until the troops are closer to the lagoon. Then it would be too late for the LTTE. Only thing they can do is, counter attacking with everything they have and hope for the best. But I doubt this is going to be the case. Are they giving up Poonerin gradually? I think that is the case. After the earth bund is penetrated things are moving in a rapid phase. Evolution of Northern war so far was very interesting. We could always observe a qualitative jump followed by a slow quantitative decimation. So, the earth bund is conquered. Qualitative jump should be expected. The prize catch might be Pooneryn and Nallur.
    It looks like that 58 div is not making a concentrated effort on capturing Nachchikuda. I thought it would make more effort in that regard due to logistic reasons. May be it has other means of transportation (other than using I-32) and are making maneuvers for a bigger fish, as a result Nachchikuda will automatically fall on it's lap.

    It looks like we are going to weather the Tamilnadu storm. Interesting and decisive times are ahead on the war front.
    click here.

  105. Where is the bogus Human Right god "Mano Ganeshan" -the LTTE gook when LTTE attacked the supply ships to Jaffna?

    Isn't that genocide by LTTE -denial of food to Jaffna Tamil people?

  106. ENDGAME is now on.

    The LTTE were counting on their fall back option working; forcing the Indian govt to call off the military offensive, and provide them a chance to counter-strike effectively against a stretched out force which has historically proven weak in defensive posture.

    Had the Indians been capable of stopping the offensive, SLG wouldn't be capable of mounting another all-or-nothing assault again for a decade.

    The Indians decisiveness in this stage really wraps up the game.

    By the way, there's a USN battle group in the neighborhood too, keeping an eye on things, being the
    'international players...' the Indians are concerned about.

  107. Tamilnet in an act of incredible stupidity is right now committing political suicide and threatening India with TN secession. Vaiko's arrest must be really hurting.

  108. what IS that language our soldiers speak on TV?

    Sounds strange and funny.

  109. The Tnadu monkey mob is in for a surprise.

    The center is about to twist their mangy balls into syrup.

    This is what we've been waiting for; an admission that the creation of a seperate state is to be the first step in carving out Tamilnadu as a seperate state. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is important to keep on reminding the Indians and the world about it on a regular basis. Let's hope our media and politicians are upto that task. bloggers can do their part too.

  110. TS,

    i noticed that too but i view it differently.

    indian authorities know fcuking well of the danger. that's why they banned the LTTE, not bcos of a single assassination.

    we should give them (tamil seperatists) enough rope to hang themselves. as napolean said when your enemy is making a mistake DON'T DISTURB HIM. let THEM take on india FURTHER b4 we jump to the middle.

    this is high fun. repetition of 1987-1990 events within a few days!!

  111. Civilian casualties: setting the record straight

  112. With a shirt like that, no one is going to take this obscure "scholar" seriously.

  113. Guys,

    The Taminadu drama is now transforming into open warfare. Jayalalitha now wants to arrest the old fox - Karunanidhi. The union against us in disarray. What a bunch of jokers!

  114. said..

    The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the reporting of all casualty figures in relation to the ongoing counter terrorist operation in Wanni. This is in consideration of the continuing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may impede the successful accomplishment of the mission.

    Time to shift gear to more appropriate “war reporting”. Well done Sensitive information should not be in the public domain at times like this. The enemy certainly should not know any details - except that they are getting an unforgettable hiding from SLDF.

    Suffice it for now to know that our brave SLDF are doing a great job sacrificing life and limb. Suffice it for now to know their sacrifices are achieving tangible, verifiable, sustainable and consistent RESULTS in the quest to free our Pukka Land from LTTE terrorism.

    The respectful blessings of all patriotic Sri Lankans are with you SLDF. Go get 'em...!!


  115. Hi Guys hope you saw this

    The Editorial Board of has decided to temporary suspend the reporting of all casualty figures in relation to the ongoing counter terrorist operation in Wanni. This is in consideration of the continuing advance of the security forces there and the need for operational security, whereby such reportage may impede the successful accomplishment of the mission.

    Is it bcos our casualty figures are high or is it bcos to not hurt di ass pora daily

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Please read these comments
    who think Tamil Nadu is truly love Sri Lankan Tamils...

  118. 2 hot news for the Sinhala Diaspora....

    The 64 Km highway filled with the Eelam supporters in India which make the party leaders to discuss ...

    The second one is with the y'days attack ...The Ship Nimalhe(Or wt eva) totally damaged while the other one is not totally distroyd, SL says

  119. LTTE spoke person R.Ilanthirayan says, SLF are very scared about LTTE counter attack

    if any SLA wounded in Wanni FDLs its takes 3.30 hrs to brig him to the hospital ...ant it may increase the casualty figures..

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. India continues crackdown. Tamil movie director arrested on sedition charges

  122. As in 1999, the LTTE's true fighting capacity is not known with certainty. That they have not resisted the SLA more strongly thus far is being interpreted as weakness. Yet it can also be argued that the LTTE strategy is more in line with a protracted 'war of the flea', with a strategic stalemate as the goal.

    EVENT: The Sri Lanka Army is poised to capture the key rebel town of Kilinochchi, an army spokesman said yesterday.

    SIGNIFICANCE: The army has advanced along the western coast to within two miles of Kilinochchi, the administrative centre for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The capture of Kilinochchi would inflict a significant blow against the rebel group, prompting the government to say that it may soon win the three-decade civil war.

    ANALYSIS: The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has been significantly strengthened since the last phase of the conflict against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which resulted in a battlefield stalemate. It now says that the rebels are on the verge of collapse. The government in Colombo, which since mid-2006 has made crushing the LTTE its priority, also says that that the Tigers will soon be wiped out and the war over.

    The recent advances follow two years of intense campaigning -- first in the island's east (in 2006-7) and, since 2007, in a four-front offensive against the LTTE's northern stronghold. The rebels have been running a mini-state from the town of Kilinochchi, the largest town in the Vanni region, for over a decade. Its capture would be a major blow to their cause.

    Yet the LTTE show distinct signs of resilience, and a more realistic outlook is for further protracted and sustained conflict. The government's planned increases in defence expenditure and the military's fresh recruitment drives suggest that preparations for this eventuality are under way.

    Questionable claims. Government assertions of imminent victory are based on equating the military's recent territorial gains to LTTE weakness. However, the SLA has made similarly impressive territorial advances before without conclusive results. The Tigers have appeared on the brink of defeat on other occasions, notably in 1999, but later proved able to blunt the state's offensive and inflict serious defeats.

    There are a number of reasons why government hopes of an impending, strategic victory are unlikely to materialise:

    1. Tactical difficulties. To destroy the LTTE, the military must achieve several goals:

    It must steadily advance into the rebels' longstanding jungle base areas in Mullaitivu, in the eastern Vanni.

    It must maintain effective control over previously captured territories -- including the sprawling eastern province and the Jaffna peninsula.

    At the same time, it needs to protect Colombo and the south from bomb attacks.

    A conclusive victory would require fulfilling these objectives simultaneously, which is a tall order.

    2. Prior experience. Given these tactical needs, the military's recent territorial gains are inconclusive. When the LTTE launched a counter-offensive in 1999, the military controlled more of the Vanni region than it does at present. It held the ground from Kilinochchi's northern outskirts through Elephant Pass and all of Jaffna, and was advancing steadily up central and western Vanni. The LTTE then controlled only Kilinochchi town (which it recaptured in 1998, having lost it to the SLA in 1996) and part of Mullaitivu district. Nonetheless, in that limited space the rebels were able to mass sufficient troops and material for a significant counter-offensive, recapturing the entire Vanni area and going on to overrun Elephant Pass and southern Jaffna.

    3. LTTE tactics. The SLA has significantly expanded in recent years, both in terms of numbers (from 100,000 to 160,000) and firepower. Yet the LTTE have done likewise. They had just two artillery pieces in 1999 but now have several more, as well as a large number of heavy mortars. They have also expanded their naval wing and acquired a rudimentary air force.

    As in 1999, the LTTE's true fighting capacity is not known with certainty. That they have not resisted the SLA more strongly thus far is being interpreted as weakness. Yet it can also be argued that the LTTE strategy is more in line with a protracted 'war of the flea', with a strategic stalemate as the goal.

    Resilient LTTE. The military is already facing significant troop shortages. Casualties and desertions are increasing, especially in key front-line units. Civilian hospitals in Colombo and the SLA garrison towns of Vavuniya and Anuradhapura are handling a steady stream of seriously wounded soldiers.

    At the same time, guerrilla attacks and bombings are increasing in government-controlled areas. Although each individual attack may not be serious, large numbers of military personnel are tied up in efforts to pacify and/or protect these areas:

    A recent attack in Anuradhapura killed a prominent former general together with 30 civilians, demonstrating the LTTE's ability to strike a key logistical and operational town for the SLA.

    There are persistent reports that hundreds of guerillas have re-infiltrated the east, from where they were driven out after a year of campaigning by the SLA.

    There have also been regular attacks against troops, police and Sinhalese civilians in the south, including occasional (albeit small) blasts in Colombo.

    Difficult terrain. The military has had to work unusually hard to secure territorial gains on the northern battlefronts. In principle, its new assets and simultaneous assaults (on the Mannar, Jaffna, Vavuniya and Weli Oya fronts) should have delivered quicker gains.

    Moreover, it is significant that Mannar is the only front where the LTTE have fallen back. A marshy area that is short of drinking water, prone to flooding in the monsoons and parched in the hot season, it is particularly harsh terrain for a protracted war. Until the LTTE's strongholds in Mullaitivu are captured, the SLA will need to hold Mannar -- especially since the government has made much political capital from its gain there.

    Rebel staying power. The Tigers are suffering casualties, but the numbers are much lower than the government claims. More importantly, they are neither unprecedented nor intolerable for the rebels, who have previously demonstrated an ability to sustain high attrition rates:

    The government claims that the LTTE have suffered 8,000 casualties this year. Yet examination of the data together with local press commentary and LTTE statements indicate that this is an exaggeration. A more credible estimate of LTTE losses in 2008 is approximately 2,000.

    Even in 1997, the most intense year of the earlier phase of the conflict, the LTTE lost almost the same number. This represented more than 10% of the rebels' numerical strength that year. They nonetheless proved capable of a major counter-offensive in 1999 and 2000.

    Crucially, while the military's 'teeth' units have been campaigning relentlessly for over two years, the LTTE's core forces have yet to be committed to battle. In the past year of resistance, the rebels have mainly deployed units of new recruits, including those withdrawn from the east, stiffened by a few experience cadres. Where core units have been committed, especially in Jaffna, SLA advances have been quickly stopped, often with heavy losses.

    CONCLUSION: The military has made impressive territorial gains this year, but this does not amount to a strategic weakening of the LTTE. Similar territorial gains made in the late 1990s against a much weaker LTTE were swiftly reversed in a year-long counter-offensive which the exhausted military could not resist. In assessing the LTTE's capacity for survival, the rebels' present territorial confines should be compared to those of 1995-1999, rather than that of the 2002-2006 ceasefire period. A swift victory by the military is highly unlikely.

  123. More stupidity by LTTE supporters:

    India will just increase their crackdown. Sorry, creating violence in TN and threatening an insurgency will not make India pro-LTTE. A bully should not target someone much stronger than themselves.

  124. India continues crackdown. Another film director arrested for sedition.

  125. Following on from the British Parliament Debate on the Vanni Situation (see October 23, 2008 4:00 PM above), it is good to see a comprehensive reply from the SLG SCOPP.

    The Best of British Bluff

    Now we just need to forward it to our local MP by fax, email, post or in person – especially if S/he is one of the people from the clips above.

  126. At October 24, 2008 8:36 PM We have:
    What’s missing (well, other than the left ball).
    The Source

    Not a typo…the story is repeated on DW also.

  127. Hak Hak Ha Our new defence expert shyam reminds me Wikramabahu Karunarathne who writes political column in which the SL "working class' is just about to chase this capitalist government. click here for the "shyam's original post"

  128. Military solution in Sri Lanka very difficult: U.S.


  129. We are glad that India is cracking down on the supporters of the tiger terrorists in Tamil Nadu if not unchecked this will gather momentum and set ablaze the southern parts of India. One must not ignore the misguided US ambassador uttering to the effect that SL cannot militarily defeat the terrorists before a solution. Is it ok for USA to put down terrorists 7ooo miles away from their home, thus sacrificing their young while poor SL is advised to stop the war against its terrorists that have killed their President and many minsters and leaders ? These Ugly Americans are a shame to that great country says many ordinary Americans I meet daily and they will give their verdict firmly on the 4th of Nov.We are all dismayed by the recent utterance of the US ambassador out of all places but in Madras where these corrupt politicians are creating so much pain to the central government of India. I wonder this outgoing American government is trying to cause mischief in up and coming India?

  130. Tamilnadu was the last resource we could not handle effectively to yield long term impact, for a long time and until now. Then the prize just landed on the plate, with psycho Vaiko going ballistic with the threat of seperation of TN from India. That truly nails it because now the Indian fears have found a firm ground to grow.

    In Kashmir, the war is almost lost to Pakistan, northern border with China almost undefendable and dependent on 'understanding' reached with the Chinese, who are much better warriors in that terrain, and now the biggest body blow potentially coming from Tamilnadu which could cripple India seriously for decades to come.

    Mishandling the SL problem was an undefined issue whose real parameters were difficult to identify for long. While suspicions always lingered that a seperate, uncontrolled territory adjacent was needed for a successful armed insurrection in Tamilnadu, the Indian political heirarchy was unable until now to define it clearly as a seperate state in SL. Now the fears have been realized, the mirror cracked and the bell rung.

    There will be no repairing the mirror of mirages or unringing the bell which tolled for the ferryman. India has had her death knell sounded and heard it clearly ring "eelam".

  131. Kevin

    The reason the US and western nations tell SL to negotiate is because they themselves always negotiate with those who they can't beat in war. Ex: North Korea.

    It will continue to happen each and everytime our political leaders whine to the west whenever a bomb goes off. That is why it is better to use brute force instead (ex; Israel) and have a different dialogue. Then they tell the terrorists to negotiate, like they did with the Palestinians.

  132. Tropical storm
    The above presentation by me was prompted by a member of an American family who is having dinner with us here in London. We were watching a true documentary of a real fire fight of a US rangers in Afghanistan where they were dispatched to a mountain top to rescue a US Seal(special forces) trooper was fallen off a helicopter in to hands of the alkida terrorists. These special forces rescuers’’ two Chinook helicopters were shot down on top of the freezing snowy mounted top surrounded by the well hidden Alkida terrorists. They were fighting for their lives at the top of the mountain while another rangers rescue party was pinned downed by heavy mortar fire. though the Americans put every thing at their disposal like the F15s giving covering fire,F 16 dropping bombs which fell off mark while an untried pilotless predator managed to zero in on one of the terrorist bunker with a Hellfire missile and second rescue party crawled up the mountain with mortars falling all over and wasted the bunker that had the unfortunate Navy seal who was murdered by the terrorists. When these brave American young were fighting for their lives their command centre could not spare another rescue helicopter until dark.Alqkida was gathering more forces around the mountain where the heavy B52 dropped tons of bombs reminding of a similar situation of the Vietnam battle in khesan where thousands of AVN was annihilated by the fire power and the US forces were spared at the mountain top..
    After dark these brave us rangers were rescued by helicopters along with 8 dead.
    This republican supporting American family was dismayed and disappointed to see on the internet that their country’s ambassador is uttering something so different and contrary to the belief of the American public, specially after 9/11.They said the Republicans does not need enemies as they have got it with the likes of this Ugly American. This their words not mine. They are from the state of Nashville where Elvis Presley was brought up.
    Iam nevr an anti American and I do admire their tecnology and larger than life lifestyles.

  133. "It does appear that the armed forces could repeat the same strategy regarding Kilinochchi also. Instead of getting tied down to the Akkarayankulam – Old Murugandy – new Kokkavil front or walking into a politico – military minefield by attempting to take Kilinochchi town the armed forces can duplicate their previous strategy with appropriate innovation.

    If the armed forces can take the Mannar – Pooneryn road and then the Pooneryn – Paranthan road they can reach Paranthan four miles to the north of Kilinochchi and nine miles to the south of Elephant pass. The forces could then gradually expand an arc of encirclement around Kilinochchi forcing the tigers to withdraw. But then this requires an extended time – frame that may not be feasible."

    D.B.S. Jeyaraj Column

    click here.


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